Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, December 31, 1868, Image 2

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v ; J. . CHURCH, Edlto. -
Geo. Francis Train has arrived
New York City frona Liverpool. ,
Tt5 Public Debt ttaUrmeut for De
rtrnbif trill show a decrease In the
foil cf 3,000,000, for the quarter.
The New York Herald la of the
opinion that the Financial and Indian
question will go on to the next adiaau
Jstration. The Fremont Tribune desires the
legislature te appropriate lauds for
building a bridge over the Platte river
at or near Fremont.
M. B. Koxle, formerly of Des
Moinea, and Marshallton, arid Special
Agcn t In the I n ternal Re ven ue Servi ce
Las removed to Lincoln,-Ntbraska,
there to practice law
m m
A deputation ofcitizens in England,
have informed Reverdy Johnson that
they wish to found a colony in Ne
braska, Johnson is understood as en
encouraging the enterprise.
Mr. Broomall'8 resolution in the
House of Congress, declaring against
ell forms of Repudiation received
seven negative votes, all -Democrats,
and one hundred andf fifty-four affir
mative votes.
The Commonwealth, at Lincoln, ad
vocates calling constitutional con
vention for the-purpo3G"of erecting
mere Judicial District, giving larger
salaries to State officers,- increasing
the length of sessions of the Legisla
ture, &c
Gen. Butler, of Massachusetts, by
the death-bed request of Thadeus Ste
vens, now occupies the desk at which
th great Pennsylvania commoner sat
during bo many tventful years of his
xassiorable life. ;
JTbe Postmaster General has order
ed that on and after the lstday of Jan
uary next the registration fees upon
registered letters or packets addressed
to any cart or the united states or
Territories, and to Panama, New
Grenada, shall be fifteen cents instead
of twenty cents, as at present.
XIr. Johnson of Omaha, while at
tempting to build a Are on last Thurs
day morning, by throwing on "Kero
eene oil from the can, got badly burn
ed. ' Thfrfire followed the oil Into the
can, when it exploded. The flames
enveloped Mr. Johnson about the face
and arms. He-is considered in a dan
gerous condition by his physicians.
, Mrs. Augustus N. Dickens, widow
of Augustus N Dickens, a brother of
Charles Dickens, the celebrated nov
elist, committed suicide in Chicago on
the 23 Inst., by taking an overdose of
morphine. Mrs. Dickens has suffered
much of late from poverty, being de
pendent almost entirely upon her
friends for the necessaries of life.
It is asserted that Messrs. Be ward,
McCulloch, and-Evarts urged the
President to omit that part of hid last
annual message which countenances
repudiation. He rejected their advice
and replied to his distinguished conn
ectors that before three years had
passed over their hoary heads it would
be the most popular measure ia the
country. ' '
1 The drawing for lots . in the new
town of Meridian on Littlo Blue, in
Jefferson County, coma off last week.
The Record says that the new town
lias a splendid water-power already
Improved, with - a substantial fctone
dam and Baw Mill in operation, ami
a Flouring Mill nearly completed,'
The town la upon the Hue of the
Atchison Railroad, and within thirty
miles of its western terminus as now
, Tho recent unexampled cold wcath
cr took the people in the western part
of Kansas so by surprise, that most of
what they haddepended upon for sub-j
eistance taroagn the winter, was rro
zen solid. It also caught many with
out wood. Terrible suffering from
cold and hunger has been the conse
quence. Wood at so mo points is said
tu bd worth $23 per cord, and at many
houses cone at that. Charitable Asso
ciations have been organized to send
. We condense the following relating
lo the killing of Early by Green, from
the Et. Joe Herald: Jas. J. Early
wrote a newspaper article to which
T. A. Green replied in very abusive
language.. On Wednesday last the
.parties meeting. Early, demanded re
traction of Green, which was refused,
.whereupon, Early struck him, ith
-the butt of a revolver, and repeatedly
with his fist, and kicked him in the
bowels and stomach. They were sep
arated by parties standing near. Ear
ly then picked up Green's cane and
ttruck him with it threo or four times,
calling him a liar and thief. Early
was about to strike Green again, when
Green drew his revolver and shot Ear
ly in the left eide, from which he died
in five minutes. Green Is now in jail
Buffering considerably from wounds
received ia the affray.
The Haeonic Festival, held at the
lUlLcn last Saturday evening, was a
vtry pleasant gathering of all the ila
eouio fraternity, their wives and
,dfJ-hUra, belonging to the Nemaha
Valley Lode. The music furnished
by the Dye Brothers was most excel
kat and entertaining. They are ex
celled but by few performers in this
. ikpaxlmeni of the fine arts. The In
et&U&tlaa of the officers was followed
peri or rserit. It was highly spoken
;cf by all present, aRcr which was
tpread before the waiting audience in
lLe L&il, a euperb supper, consisting
rf cvcrvthlcrr that xxuld temnt the
IjaUta of the most luxuriously dined
'epicure. Ail being satisfied from this
; t -nt!.'-! eupply, the cloth was re
Kovci. 3 "3 si-Iid fcocia-
. .T..y si " -. : r
I ''lx.'."h on the Babbath. Such re-V-icrs
tre fcts for the soul, mind
' 'irdTtko body, making merry the old,
c i more youthful the youns.
Amnesty Delicately Ccnevred.
The President's mercy towards the
very chief of rebels has been fully ex
emplified, and rfrt, forth !:. hU late
proclamation, to be found u this issue.
He handles the subject very delicately,
not once mentioning but stated $0
generally tA tv in; IjideMhe- wIk"?
Democratic party, 'and such cthers,f
any there be, "who were engaged, or
in any way participated in the late in
surrection or rebellion," granting to all
such, "full pardon and amnesty for
the offense of treason against the Uni
ted States, or of adhearing to their en
emies during the late civil war," We
suppose that during the remainder of
his inglorious administration, he will
devise the "waya and means" by
which he may further proclaim a par
don to thtso persons who "participa
ted" and.thcso who "adhered", for
causing the nation to go to such vast
expense to prevent the "participa
tion," and to circumvent the "adhere
ing." The great mass of voters can't
overlook this great crime in those two
parties, and while they work and la
bor to pay the enormous taxes thus
made necessary by the wrong doing of
these two parties, who, otherwise
claim to be Democrats, they are con
tinually reminded that, had they not
"participated" and "adhered,", this
enormrrus public 'debt would never
have been contracted, nor these enor
mous taxes levied. Perhaps a procla
mation may wipe all this out of the
minas or tne present, or succeeding
generation of voters, so that future
historians may not record what great
political party it was that got up, , or
carried cm, and gave aid and comfort
to "the late insurrectionists," and
thus made necessary the creation of so
great a public debt for their suppress
ion. Yes, Andy, another proclama
tion is necessary. Democrats groan
terribly under the odium fastened up
on them by this debt, and a pardon is
imperitively demanded. So let it
The Christmas Festivities
the Episcopal Church.
Ms. Editor: -1 seldom cross the
threshold of any place of worship, but
the remembrance of many by-gone
Christmases hovered over my memory
last Friday evening, and I could not,
without feeling the writhings of a
wronged conscience, absent myself
from the crowds of worshipers who
were hurrying to the different church
es of the city. I set out alone, fori
was a stranger, and sooil found myself
in front of a neat brick edifice. The
sound of children's voices, mingled
with tho notes of an organ, welcomed
me as I entered. w
"Carol, Christmas Carol !" '
It might have been fancy that told
ma then, but 1 thought I had heard
the song in the days of my-boyhood,
and my heart beat faster at the sweet
recollection of the time when I too
had sang before a Christmas Tree.
The distribution or tne guts came
next. ' Each child had something
hanging from the green limbs for him
or her no disappointed faces. Each
came forward when named, and re
ceived tho present with thet glow of
delight which only passes over the
face of a child.. The tree was soon
stripped of its varied fruits, leaving
nothing but the brilliant tapers. For
a moment I - forgot that I was but a
stranger nothing for me! As the
last notes of the closing carol sank in
to silence, 1 left tho church, with the
feeliags-of one who has been forgot
ten. -. Traveler
Berry Hall,
.Brownville, Dec27, lies.
Jarvi S. Church:
, Dear Sir I have the honor to send
you the request of the Berry Wash
ingtoniansof Brownville, that you de
liver a lecture on the subject of Tem
perence, before them In their Hall, on
next Sunday at S o'clock P. Id. . If
yon accept their invitation please no
tify the public through thedi'erriser.
I am, my dear sir, most respectfully
yours, . W. H. Small, .
. - . . . Pres.
To W. II. 8m.aH, President of the Berry Wash-
ingtoruan Astociatitn, iirowntuie;
You can announce to the members
of your association that I will be pres
ent at their meeting on next Sunday,
but am sorry to say, that owing to the
shortness of the time, and tho many
other duties claiming my attention
on the eve of my departure for the
Legislature, it will be without prepa?
ration for the task assigned me.
I am, most respectfully, your obe
dient servant,
. . ' - JabvisS. Church.
The Rev. Geo. 8. Alexander, of Ne
braska City, will deliver a Lecture up
on the subject of2asonry in the chap
el of the Normal School Building, at
Peru, on the evening of January 18th,
next Alexander is an able
speaker, and his address on the occa
sion will be well worth hearing. j
The Central and Erie Railroad war
has been adjusted, suits withdrawn,
aud both companies secure and un
broken connection with the west.
The two roads by this arrangement
be xme8 allies, both cjTeneive and de
. The Council Blnffii &, St. Joe Rail
road has purchased the right to run
their cars over the river Into Omaha,
where they are erecting a ware-house
on the levee at the foot of Douglas
street. Its dimensions arc 40x150 feet.
The London Times says thati the
Widow of Mr. Augustns Dickens lives
in England, and has been supported
by eharles'Dickens ever sinee Augus
tus went to Chicago with the woman
that lately committed suicide there.
A Conference of the Great Powers of
Europe will commence in Paris soon,
and Turkey and Greece have been re
quested to suspend hostilities until
after the meeting. '
Jas. G, Bennett of New. York, and
Mr. Asbury of London, are getting up
an Ocean Yacht' race. Bennett with
the yactDauntles3 proposes to beat
Asbury .with his yacht Columbia
. The Fef4ans of Omaha received Geo.
F. Train at tho N. Western depot and
conducted him to. the Cozens Hotel,
where the reception speches'were
Report of the Secretary of the
" Treasury.
The Secretary favors an early return
to specie payment. ' He believes with
Daniel Webter, that nothing but gold
au I silver can be a constitutional ten
der in payment of debts.
The rece ipts from customs for the
year nuinji j ane 81), 1 -i...
:ntt-mai revenue
Bank circulation .
JAfiZ 1,774
. . 1,259,
, L8H4.'i4
P.ank Deposits
Jtank Capital
Kail Roads '
Interest on railroad horui ,,,,
iros reeeint of silron(u
Insurance Companies
Telegraph Companies
i.xi'i-es-t companies.. ,..
lie ven ue stains .. .
Proprietary stamps ..
Income .
Articles In schedule A ..
JSpoctal taxes....
1 U tail dealers-
K'Ha U liquor dealers ....
Wholesale dealers
Wholesale liquer dealers................
Cotton . ,
Cigars ......... '.
Fermented liquids . ...
Dlstillod npirlts....
Total Revenue
Expenditure far same time.....
32,0-7,6! 0
' 15,!j,313
Surplus 31,09,71i
Since the war closed there has been
paid off and canceled, $30,000,000 of
the public debt, and at the same time
the taxes have been reduced by $157,
000,000 per annum. "'
The pubiie debt on the first of July,
1SC8, amounted to: '
Del)tt)eiirlng interest In gold.-... $2,0?,0a"?,rai
44 ' " 44 currency 12H,22s,790
' 44 44 no Interest - 4ui,447;4
Matured debt not prewented..... 20,527,3U2
Total... ....:......'.. $ftW.3C,0
Goldand currency in Treasury.. 13J ,ixxi,ii2
Debt less cash on hand. ....... ..' f 2,-j03,'200,517
Debt same time last year....;.... 3,522.06:,
The expense of collecting the rev
enue is $9,327,301, or nearly five per
cent, of the amount collected.
Week of Prayer.
The following is the list of topics
proposed by the Evangelical Alliance
as suitable for jrayer and exortation
on the successive days of the Week
of Prayer.
Sunday Jan. 3. Sermons- Subject:
The intercession of the "High Priest
over the House of God." the motive
and model of united prayer. Heb x
19 22.
Monday Jan. 4.. Confession of Sin
and Thanksgiving, for special and
general mercies during the past year,
to Nations, Churches and b'amUies.
Tuesday Jaiw 5. Nations: For
their temporal, and spiritual prosper
ity; edifying intercourse and the man
tainance of Peace; for increased ope
nings for the Gospel; for the removal
of social evils; for the better observ
ance of the Lord's day; and for Kings
and all in authority. - . -,
- Wednesday, Jan. 6.1 Families; for
children of Christian Parents: for a
blessing on home influence; ? for all
Seminaries of Christian learning; Uni
versities; Colleges; Schools; for Sun
day Schools, and private instruction;
for our Youth abaoad; and for a bless
ing on christian literature.
Thursday Jan. 7. The Church; For
more knowledge of God's Word and
increase of spiritual life; for sound
aud faithful preaching adapted to rich
and poor; growing love to Christ; a
more earnest love toChristians of va
ried name and of all nations; and for
the sending forth of more Laborers in
to the Harvest.
"Friday Jan. ftMissions for the
Conversion of the-Heathen and Mo
hommedatisfor the growth of miss
ionary zeal; for the removal of hind
rances to preeching the Gospel among
ail Nations; for recent converts; and
for ali; who are suffering persecution
for the truth.
Saturday Jan. 9. General: For the
Coversion of Israel; for the circulation
of the Holy Scriptures; for Christian
and Philanthropic Societies; and for
the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on
Christians and Christian Unurehes
throughout the World.
Sunday Jan. 10. Sermons. Sub
ject: The duty of the Christian Church
in relation to the religious Wants of
the World.
Arrangements for observing the
Week of Prayer in connection with
the Christians throughout the World
will be made in Brownville and an
nounced on next Sabbath.
Report of the Executive Com
mittee Relating: to Lectures
tit the Several Districts ia the
. County. .,
Your Executive Committee would
submit the following Programme of
visitation of members of the Associa
tion to" the various schools in-the
county. '
Addresses to be delivered by the
members named at the places speci
fied, on such evenings as they may
see proper. -
Notice will be given the district of
the time by the member assigned.
Brownville F. M. Esterbrook.
Nemaha City Prof. G. B. Moore
and W. D. Blackburn.
Peru Prof. Deniuny and Dr. Mc-
London Prof. J. M. McKenzie and
Miss A. Moorhead, '
Highland H. Roberts and Geo. H.
Lashe's Miss Illinois Tate aud Dr.
Glen Rock O. B. Hewett and J. S.
St. Deroin Prof. Moore and O. B.
Hewett. ' i t
Hillsdale W. S. Blackburn and J.
8. Church. '
Larkin's Prof. Moore and J. S.
Higgin sF. M. Deninny.
Sherman P. O., Randall.s and Bed
ford Care Of F. M. Deninny.
Marlatte's and Fairview J. B.
Church. -: " l
W. P. Mclnlnck's O. B. Hewett.
Svkes-W. D. Blackburn. !
Hlinois'. Mr. Black's and Phillip
Starrs Care of Mr. Black.
Steinmans' and Stovers' H. Rob
erts and K- M. Williams. '
Harman's and Dundas' Prof. J. M.
McKenzie. .
The above is substantially the re
port of the committee.
The reason given by the Chairman
of the committee for not publishing it,
Is that the Association did not pass
anv special resolutions to that effect,
and his respect for strict parliamenta
ry law did not allow him to publish it
without., nence I have taken the
fearful responsibility to send It for
publication without the authority of
a resolution. J. M. McKexzie.
The following persons will be in
stalled on the second Saturday evening
In January, as officer of Peru Lodge
of A.' F. & A. M :
Dan Cole, W. M.
Wm. Basely, S. W.
narlan Edmonson, J. W.
John MUler, S. D.
, Orsey Root, J. D.
A. II. Gillette Tres., .
. M. S, Perry, Sec. .
David M. Reynolds, Tyler.
J. A, Whitehead, clerk of the Union
Pacific Railroad freight office, in
Cheyenne, was robbed of $9,000 on the
l-5th while on his way from the depot
to the Express office. The robbery
was perpetrated by three men, who
held a pistol to Whitehead's head,
walked himiialf a mile out on the
prairie, tied, gagged and robbed him.
The robbers were not disguised.
They have nbt yet been caught.
Amnesty Proclanmtf..
The f lowing is PresL ait John
son's at . oesty proclamation. "-n
Now, therefore, be it known that I,
Andrew Johnson, President . of ,the
United States, by virtue of the power
and authority in me vested, ly the
Constitution, and in the name of the
sovereign people of the United States,
do hereby proclaim and declare, un
conditionally and without reaervntion,
to all and every person who directly
or indirectly participated in the late
insurrection or rebelion,- full pardon
and amnesty for the otlense of treason
against the United States, or of alter
ing to their enemies during." tha lati
civil war, with the restoration of all
rights and privileges under the Con
stitution and laws, whieji have b?en
made in pursuance thereof." - A
In testimony whereof I have signed
these presents with my hand and
have caused .the seal of the United
States to be hereunto afiixed.'
Done at the "city of Washington,
this'tiOtlr day of December, in the
year of our.Lord one thousand eight
hundred and sixty-eight, and of the
Indepehdence of the United States of
America, the ninty-third.
Signed ) Andrew Johksox.
By the President.
F. W, Seward, Acting Secretary of
State-. . .
Grant and Xapoleon
When Napoleon I, returned from
Elba, nothing could exceed the con
tempt and virulence' with which he
was mentioned by the Moniteur, the
liurbon organ in Paris.- -As he ad van
ced, however, its tone gradually
changed and when he entered .Paris
it became even laudatory. Here is
the way in which it veered; about :
First . Announcement 4 March.
1815, . . ;
The monster has escaped from the
place ot his banishment ; he has run
away from Elba." Second 44 The
Corsican ogre has landed at Cape Juan.'
Third 44 The ogre has arrived at Gap.
The troops are advancing on all sides
to arrest, ins progress, lie will con
clude his miserable adventure by
becoming a wanderer among- the
mountains ; hecannot possibly escape,
lourth ,4 The monster has really
advanced as far as Grenoble ; we know
not to what treachery to ascribe it
feixth 44 The usurper has ventured
to approach the capital within sixty
hours' march." Seventh 4, Bona
parte is advancing by forced marches.
but it is impossible he can reach Paris."
Jbightu Nafoleon will arrive un
der the walls of Paris to-morrow.'
.Ninth 14 The Emperor Napoleon
feat Fountainbleau." Tenth 44 Yes
terdaj' evening his Majesty the Em
peror, made his public entry and ar
rivea ar. me l unenes; nothing can
exceed the universal joy."
In a similar manner the democratic
organs treated Grant during the re
cent canvass. .They describe him as
a sot, a fool, a liar and an imbecile
Now they are trying to make out that
is ji uumei Aeiuocrut, a sagacious
Conservative, and lias all the virtues
and talent that, can reasonably be
called for in an American President
-Dubuque Times. ". '' 'J
From the Pawnee Tribune we take
the following items:
The Pawnee Coal Mining Company
are aoout to commence work.
The large Stone Store of Curtis &
Peavy is finished and filled with goods.;
ine Masonic Hall is also completed.
The contract for building a Stone
Court House in Pawnee City has been
let to Messrs. Curtis & reavy, for $14,
0-30, to be completed by next . Sep
At a Railroad meetincr. held Decem
ber 6th, in Pawnee .city, resolutions
were passed, looking to raising by sel
ling county bonds, thesum of $150,000.
payable in twenty years," and give the
saute tn-lhe tlrst railroad coining with
in one half mile of Pawnee City. G
M. Humphrey, D. R. Dungan and N.'
II. Curtis were selected to go to Lin
coln to secure to such a road, a just
proportion of the State Lands, and de
claring that it is not for the interest of
the county to aid other roads.
Alexander H. Stephens. Dur
ing the contest between the Ameri
can and Democratic parties, some
years since, Colonel Andrew H. H.
-Dawson, then a young lawvor. had
the nerve to meet the great Georgia
orator, Stephens. In reply to the
earnest appeal of the great statesman
that the South should support Mr.
Buchanan, Mr. Dawson said i "My
friends, we once had a great Whig
party, and in this state Mr. Stephens
was its great leader. The - Whig
party has gone to Hades We have
now the great Democratic party, and
in tills stare Mr. Stephens is it3 great
leader. If he will only land the Dem
ocratic party where he led the Whig
party I shall be perfectly satisfied 1"
Harper's Magazine. ' '
The Springfield (Mass.) Republican
says a highly important movement of
the recognized kings of express com
panies is going on. Among those en
gaged in it are the managers of the
late American Express Company,
R. L. Johnson, f Albany ; W. N.
Melcher, of Boston, and Col. J, M.
Thompson, the original proprietor of
Thompson's Express. .
It is understood this combination
with their associates meet at the solic
itation of a large number of the' busi
nessmen, not only of New England,
but of the entire West, to establish
express facilities throughout the terri
tory now occupied by the American
Merchants'" Union Express Company.
In his speech atj the banquet at
Philadelphia on Saturday night,
Speaker Colfax said, relative to the
incoming - administration, that the
most searching retrenchment, honesty
efficiency, and high character in all
connected with -the public 'service,-' a
rigid guardianship of the; treasury
against unwise and extravagant
schemes, and a financial policy which
shall maintain our credit untarnished,
appreciate our currency, and place us
on the firm rock of specie payments,
would oe the policy.
Altitudes. The highest point on
the Central Pacific Railroad is the
summit of the Sierra Nevada, it being
7,042 feet above the level or the sea.
and the next highest is 1'epuop Pass,
6,180 alove the level of the ocean, and
541 mile3 east of Sacramento, iu the
Goose Creek : range of mountains.
The highest points on the Union Pa
cific are Green River, 6,145 feet above
the level of the sea ; Benton, 6,605 ;
Laramie, 7,175 ; Sherman, 8,424 : and
Cheyenne, 7,040. ' ' ' :
The Sublime Port refuses to partic
ipate in the projected conference if the
Cretan question, is to be discussed. ,
Livery, Sale, Feed and Exchange
Corner Main and Levee Streets,
Brownville, IJebraslxtu
Buys, Sells and Exchanges
Has Large Stock Corrall close to Steam Fer
ry Landing. Stable accommodations, for
Single and Match Horses, Buggies aid Car
riage always on hand for eale. 40-ai
By R.eV. Hughes, J., P. Dec 2ft Carles
Keiswetter aud Catharine- Schrin . , -olU of
this city. i
Charley hot sore lHg g"'art
Ere er el j'i.g&.runc :i hot
That is : . , ' , s
He was so Ion 1 n getting f!!ss S
K!ss S !;riner,
' wtl i find I t.
That we thought he ne'er
Shop on First t.,tct. Main and Atlantic,
----- (0VCTF.A.Tfcdet'sAgTiromriStOT.)
. Has constaatiy on hand a full assortaientof &U
liuidf and Tar.'-U'S"of Zephyrs, fen' her Braid.
Star Braid. Sinn's Down, Litdir Mohair Ceils and
Curls, . liatiihu, TriBiminics,. etc Dresses iuZ
Cloaks made in Uie latest st yie.
The public areir.vittd tottU, - , 13-12-y
No. 29 ilain Street,
.i Are prrard to Art H tin df HJ.rre?RBjr'for
Gents ud Lathes. As Iiaiburstlieyarei;o.l. Aim
old clothes renovated on reasonable terms ; -boo W
blacked at all hours; and washing and ironing done
e shen Botie '- -. '! n-lL-y
otice of Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership herMofore existing between Co
lumbus B. lla-uk t-.nd N. M. Holtaimrer in the 'Whole
sale and Retail Uroo Vy hnni uass it Uii.tay diMved
bv mutual cottsent, N. M. Htrftzinser purcliaMine the
ehtii-e ii.teres.tof Columbus B. liauk in the stocit
and accounts of said lirni. The business will bcoo-tmut-d
t the old Miil iw N. iS. Httltuinrer. All
persons indebted to the late firm areinvited to square
their account, and those having bills UKain-st said
tirm are .requested to present the same lor settle
in ent.
Brownrille, Neb., Dec. lath, ll-3t
Acents Wanted for
For full, free, fiowinit, clear, sparkling, pure and
gracefal stvle; for poetic genius: for beauty of
thought and rich plowing imagination; for nice an
alysis of character, graphic delineations and ripe,
scholarship; lor life-like pictures, glowing word
and happy illustrations, tiiis work has no equal.
Suoh commendations, as the above, have been re
ceived from Bishop Simpson, Rev. Albert Barnes,
Noah Porter. D.D., LL.D., W. A. 8tearns, D.D. Geo.
Duna Boardman, D.D., I. W. Wiley, D.D., Samuel
W. Fisher, D.D.,LL.1., and leading Clergymen and
the Press of ail Denomination. Send for Circulars
containing the same. Agents areeverywhere meet
ing with unparalleled success. It is a most beauti
fully illustrated and elegantly bound book, and
pleases everybody!, . r - . r .-- - -
according to ab ility an d energy. Address,
- , . . . ZIIXJLER. McCTJKDY 4 CO., -miiladelphia.
Pa., UncipuaU, O., Chicago, 111., or
St. Louis, Mo. - - ' - - - 11-Bn
To Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be received up to February
1, lw, for opening up Main street to western limits
of city, and to put the same in a traveling coedtsion.-
10-8t Mayor City of Brownville.
Horticultural Record.
f 1,50 per Annum, in Advance.
Single Copies. 20 cents.
To subscribers wishing tTtay at the end of
the year, S-', if ordered by January 1, Istid.
Address, " 1 -
The Whitlock Exposition and Ex
" change Company,
. - - 2io Broadway,;, Y.
The cheapest Journal of the kind published,
and the only Due giving the price list of trees,
vines and plants m "All .Nurseries in Oae."
It also contains a list of the betrt implementa
tor farm. Garden ani liouselio Id; aal its
pages are tilled with articles from the best
horticultural and agricultural writers in the
world. As a special inducement, we otter to
send one plant of either of the following va
rieties of lrults, to all whosendin their liains
with Sly50. .
Clarke Raspberry, Davison's Thornless
Ka.splK.Try, . Ellisdale Raip!erry, Missouri
Miuuruoth liiackberry. Clioice Gladiolus.
Choice Japan Lily, lorut Grape Vine, or two
Jr.ariy Wilson JiiacK-berry. two Kittatinny
liiackberry. Or, to any one who will send ii
cents extra, to pay postage, we will send
' J OAA lmliid of Edrly Rose Potatoes. : !
The plants will le carefully packed and sent
by mail, post-paid, as early in the Autumn,
ui -cpiiug, lis piuciicauie. t-ll.
The- immense success aitending oar busi
ness in HUSTON the past Ave years, h;is in
duced us to establish a Branch store In Chi
cago, rendering it more accessible to the
Western people, and also saving a large Ex
prcssiige Our goods are all newand received
direct from the Manufacturers, consisting of
nearly every article desired for family use,
such as Dry and Fancy Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Jewelry, Plated Ware, etc., etc. All
articles sold for
Ouo Dollar Hach,
and not to be paid for until you know what
you are to receive. CHECKN, describing
goods, sent at the rate of 10 eents each, to pay
for postage, printing, ect. Presents froru $3
too i00 sent Free to Agents. We are Agertts
for ail the best Manufactories In the countryi
Circulars sent free Agents wanted in every
town. Address FARR & iXr., 158 Dearborn
St. Chicago, 111. P. O. Box SiTJO. 8-12t :
Atfy atLaw. . , r, ,i
C. O. & O. W. DORSEY,
AND!.! -
1 I-
Dealers in Iitiiid "Warrants.
Ruy and Sell Real Estate and
' " Land Warrants.
Select & Locate Government Lands.
A large quantity of First Class Lands for
sale in-2C6otah, lUcbardson, Pawnee, John
son and Gage Counties, Nebraska, to which
the attention of purchasers Is specially invi
ted. - , - ..'
Office--BKOWrTniLE, NEB.
13-6-tf - f- - - 7
Manufacturers and Dealers In Native Lumber
of all kinds, length, breadths aud thickness,
They own and run one of the best Saw Mills
In the State, and will furnish , , ,
with a bill of Lumber of best quality, on
short notice, at the Lowest Market Price.
Lath and. Pickets.
": . : ! Always on hand tar fjide,
- They also sell chens tiiefr store In Hills
dale alVstapre Dry iooda ami Groceries, and
sucli articles as are in general use.
Remember tho business, the men, and the
place. ' - 1-Iy
' ' " JOHN L.' CARSON,
Exchahere Boucht and Sold on all the prin
cipal cities. Also dealer in Gold and Silver
Coin, Gold Dust and
Deposits received. t)arable atelffht. Interi-
est paid on time d-poUs by spec-iaj agree
ment. Taxes paid for non-residents.''
All kiniis of IJ. 8. liouds wanted.
Ko. 3 1 Cvr. ltin i 1st Sts. (. positeCit y Prug Store.
WILLIAM ALXEN, Proprietor. '
Pics, Cakes, Fresh ' Hread,
Confectionery, I,l?!it and
Fancy Groceries
Constantly von - 'Hand 1 !
Tresa" Bread Delivered Daily 1 1 !
First CIam FauBilylloaLr "W'arranted.
Fre E ress rans for the benefit of my Customers.
Second Street, bet. Main and Water.
' Wlhes to'Jnform the tadles of Brownville
And vicinity, that she has a first class
niLLniEIiY shop!
Where work will be done with great care and
neatness, and after the latest Eastern style.
Beaching done in the very latest styles, aud
on short notice. .
Latest styles of Ladles and Children's Hats
and Bonnets constantly on hand. Also latest
patterns of Ladies Dress Goods, Cloaks, and
Cnudnm'a Clothing cut on h?rt Bottee.
s M ; - -' ' ' . .
i C: H'S'COlGIi UA"',-3AZ :.
-; A STOE KE3TEUT FOK . .. 11
Colds, Cou?!i. Croup, Influcn-
cbiistTiiPTivi cbtf gh.
For years -1 "km beea bous.?Uald mwiiclne and
mothers, anxious for the safety of their children,
and ail who sutler rom any disease of the throat,
litest aiid4anta,.-imtot aCurd so b alihoot lu ia
addition to tne ordinary (our ounce so lonjr in the
market, we now furnish our mammoth family siza
bottles, wak'lt wdl, in- conu&ut wiUt tae Jier aiza,
be found at all Drug b torus.
For Croup,
The Balsam will' be found invalu&bl. and may 1
way be relied upon to th most extfem ca . .
,f ! vie.;,
i'.T 1.3
" f ' TFlioopIn Coagli ; '
The testimony of all who have used It for this ter
rible disease during the last ten years, is, that it in
variably relieves and cures ik
Sore Throat.
Keep your throat wet with the Balsam taking
little and oiten and you will very soon find raiief.
Hard Cold and Couglisr
Yield at once to m steady use of this great remedy.
It will succeed in giving relief where all other ram
dies have foiled.
Soreness of the Throat, Chest
and Lungs.
Do not delay procuring and Immediately takfnf
Coe's Cou)?h Balsam, when troubled with rtr of to
above named difliculties. Thev are all premonitory
symptoms of Consumption, and If not arrested, will
sooner or later sweep you away into the yalley of
shadows from which none can ever reture.
In Consumption,
Many a care-worn suffe rer has found relief and to
day rejoices that her liie has been made ay anil
prolongedby the use of Goe s Cough Balsam.
Among the IHny Testimonials la nr
Posaeision, we have only room
- - - for the following i
New Haven, Conn, Oct. 17. 1860.
Messrs. C. O. CXark A Co.:
Oe.vtlsmss,-I feel it a duty and pleasure to glva
you the benefit or my experience in the nse of (Joe's
CouKliTJalwim. From taking heavy cold, I was
taken down with the congestion of thelunes. and
continue to fail, under the- best care until! wna
to die. There seemed nothing but strangulation anJ
aeam oeiore me. l was tola that rurther medical at
tendance unit medicine was useless, and f was re
signed to death, wtien a friend, who-had been preatly
neiineu uy usinR ine Daisom.orouKntmea bottle.
This was al ter I hal done with the doctor and medi
cine, ana i continued to improve, until my cough
Stopped, and my lungs healed, and got wU. I used
ten Dotues. J. remain, gents, wah treat respect,
' Your Obt serv't, JOHN WELLS,
-''' ' 2W Washington St., New Haven, Ct
; " In Short,
The people know the article, and it needs no com
ment from us. It is for sale by every Druggist and
xretuera 111 jueuiciues in uie uniiea ouiiei.
' Sole Proprietors, New Haven, CL
TTi f q rtrruKr..!ri fa m-nnnnn nsrT it Tin m m r-T i i n
the only known remedy that will surely cure that
aggravating and fatal malady. F or years it swepl
jxii if tarl'i 1 1 tiJo famvin KuTomi ft- m.
grave, ita millioas of sufferers.
Coe's Dyspepsia Cure ha come
- to the Rescue.
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Sourness
or Acidity of Stmach, Rising of Food,
Flatutency, Lassitude, Wea
rinetaJlnaiZi terrains-
'i - i ting- in Dead, -
Are as sorely cured by this potent remedy, as the
patient takes it. Althoueh but rive years before the
peopie, what is the verdict of the musses? Hear
what Lester Beiton, of atilwaofcee, says :
Frem Lester Btttes, f MttwaidcecJ
itrxwiuxri, Jaa. 21, UTS.
Messrs. C. 6. Clark d: Co.:
Both myself and wife have wed Gee's Dywrp'a
Cure, and it has rroved Mrfectlv satafacterv aa a
remedy. I have no herniation in wyinc that we have
receivea great oenent irom its use.
Very respectfully,
'"'A Great III ess In 5.
From Rev. L. F. Ward, Avon, Lorain Co., O.J
Messrs. Strong fc A rmstrong.
Druggists, Cleveland:
GrxTLKsr It gives me preat pleasure to itate
thftt my wiie bas derived j?ret benefit frm theune
of Coe s Dyspepsia Cure. she has beea for a number
of years greatly troubled with Dyspepsia, accompa
nied with violent paroxysms of connlipatiori, which
so prostrate her that she wan all the while, for
months, unable to do anything. She took, at your
Instance, Cfx's Iypespia Cure, and has derived
GREAT BENEFIT FROM IT, and to now compar
atively well, bfie regarcls this medicine as a great
blessing. Truly yours, .
Jau. lh, 1668. L. F. WARD.
The Rev, Isaac Aixtv, of Allocaany. UtMm
that it has eured him, alter all othsrrtuxuedies had
failed. '
Any drurrtrt In the country will teU yea, If ytfc
take the trouble to enquire, that every on that buys
a bottle of Coe's Dvspepsia Cure rrem them, "peaks
In tl mod aiuuliued praise of its great madicinal
virtues. . -
.i." I 1 .:
Coe's Djupeysia Cure
Will aWbe found Invaluable ia all cae of Dlarrbsa
Dysentery, Colic, Hummer Com plain t, oripia?. aad
in fact every disordered condition of thesuma:h.
Sold bv Dnipgists in city or country -iywhsre.
at l par'bottla, or by application to
BntePmi'ilcteia. Kew Hsvea. Ct.
;p CiOTT'I""".
i'Vevr &sd Taslilanable stock of!
(NO SIIODDT), U now oCcred to the Pablle at
Mb. TO Ilaia Street,
who I
to the interest of the pnbllc ; and having pur
chased my CLOTHING, (made under my own
supervision) exclusively for cash, I can sell as
Jor, If not lower, than any
In the Town or Comify. I beg. to call your
attention to say
selected stock or
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
as can be
Here Is a chance for the best bargain, as I
have no dead stock on hand, all being; entfrely
new. The pubiie are Invited to oall aad ex
amine for themaelvee.
JlcPbereontfs Block,
wherfi werytlilas la the (Sotting Ilae can be
foan(L ,
r J. 0. HETZZL.
trail, sorter .
Cvardlaa of Heal I'tara.
Ia pnrs'iaflce of n Or'1'r of the XAMrf Conrt of
tLe County of mh anl me s-tave of Xfric
exeou?d on th day ef Ljec-iuhwr. ad. 144. J
thect.y of i rowriviii. 111 d.i.- i;rMf' l. ( w.;
oiler fof sale t public auction or ven'!uon 1 iZTimr
the ilMt C y f Jnury, a. a. i-i. at t o'cfoclt, at the
d'Xr of Ui fjourt Ii'u.e ia mh1 Nemaoa County
tho followmjr decr;bl Tal e'a' s.tiis' in tho
Couny .rTin in the of N -hrsn. vsn'
IxitNo. it inliHX-li N. Uv in lite vii..aeof Peru
wiUttUo appurtei-anc tnre'o belonjsiLjt Teraii
made know n oa t;i uy ' n -WljLLIAlt
(innrl :in of IrraUouir
T)eForret Porter. Attormy iVr '.i.utiian. lijt
Frobate Ntice
Elat4 of Richard W'tyliirfi. TnxrrJ ...
Notice i heby iven turtt the PvnRt." Cnnrt of
Kemaha County, Nrbrankit, ha ar-nointwl Ui ins
y of Jan. the (i.y of July, and tht.i Dar of
Alijr t, A. l. 1t, a-( the Ikiwh f,,r htmnne clairr.
a?int the owtfUe of Richart W.xhirl, iw 0f mh'j
MiHrty ef Nwmha, dufinwi, Th in-r"j totair
piace at tlm Ourt tum ia Rrwniu' n , a
county. All rt w n..t prnte.f hv the' Uwt div
above ar'xNnti. shall b forever barred.
Dated icember is, isx ,
A.W. MOWAX Probate Jcdsr
CaLVTM K. BaKkr, Adiv)!iitrtr.
Strayed La. Aacastt
Trom the nndersfOT. one Roan Hef: rCs'f tit
la the left ettr, crp orf of rxht ear, line bm k' or
year old. Tne finder or- anv person known',? 0t
the whereabonfs of the seaie wi.1 be si!'aMy r
waHed by lettmc me know : er, I win prr-ve tha
taker op 1 he don't advertise nr bnn tn'f
'--tf d. it. i; Ca i ( ; k inr.
Stray Notloe.
' TXen up on my fhrn fn r rj ptveinct, Pe. 3Cth,
three rmlt-s north-woMt uf pen.'nne fl ve rwroid
red bull, with some white in r.i!v. branded" wita a
c-t joii; CT,
Stray Notice.
Taken upon the pfem'ses, one mile west of Enm
Jilie, on oralxMit the l.Hh of l)ecemfr. one Rd B-'l
0w, me white spt. poinw of hrrn awtt riT.
Crop oiTieitear, elip in ritrht &ffwwi in Neicht
or nine years old. IS-04 M. Md t)MA.
Stray Notice.
Onlastrprinrwftfteculf, red ear and neck, U
kn up November Ui, Iji-s on mv fami in lxm;!iia
qrecinct 11-6-pd DANIiX BBJKDA.N'.
Estrmy Notice.
Takes trp on th srm rf the unbscriher, tir
mileji nortft-wwt of Brownvtrie, Vi -r, r-r L
f, with Mwk!n oars.
II . P MA.I.U.
aoi'k and lorn. I0-6
ESTRA r NOTICE. Taken up by the sub
scriber, on his farm on Uie httlt) Nemaha
river, in Lafayette township, Nemaha -ount v
Nebraska, one Lritcht buy mare, with white
right hind foot aud small star la forehead,
and ahnut three years of ana. Theowner by
proving property and paying chants, can.
have ponmKii-rt. - -ot JuIlN DKLAY. '
I7STRAT NOTICE Taken up by the on
J deigned, llvintr thrfe miles north vrt
of Brownville, on the ah of November,
a red heifer cif, with a leather trav around
Its neck when to en up. No mark or brands.
a-"t-pd O. W. ilUNKU.N.
I7ISTRAT NOTICE-T&ken npbvthenn
J derslKned, on the )th day of November
l?o8, living aboat three miles went of Lob? s
Brldae, a sorrel rllley. two years old past. No
marks or brands not h-enbie.
Nov.2Mh,ltiS. 8-5t-pi JOIIN'LOVO.
ESTRA T AOrC;-Taken up by the on
derlnt'd, livins? two and a half mvn
west of Brownville, October J'th, three heifer
calve ; one a lisrht red. with foar white fcet,
a star In the forehead, and a bit of white a
der the beUy ; one a red calf, with s few whtta
spots on the belly; both sprint? calvesl The
other is a yearlins? red calf wiih white laee
a 1 itt 1 white on tne bel 1 v.
8-6tpd GEORGE EMFS05T.
p. i HtrvirrT l. soir,
- - - . -
Ko. 9 Fourth Street,
ST. JOSEPII, 31 0,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Chickering & Son's Pianos
"CTLlch were- awarded the
Cress of the LEGION of HONOB,
-f- ' - Ataar
National. Combination & CabinBi -
JIason & Kanilln'i
Cabinet, Portable,
Metropolitan Organs.
All orders should be addressed to
Iirovvnvili', TSc,
Leave ofT Coin? I hat Poisenom
- seei, Tobacco.
One box of De Witt's prppsratfon Is warranted to
destroy the appeut ft r t.;jucx-o in any pcmrn. no
cnaiter how strong the tabtt mv h. it it fi:s in
any eatw ch niooey will rfnntt, HaiMrMls
have iHfti it who are wi'.lina to hear witn-w to Uia
fact that IeWit I'rewirnt on romptertv drtTmi
Uieapptit for toiuMX-oanrl leaves t.j pri!i as f-i
from any d-sire fr itan oe.'ore becumnieaoxi :w rae.
it is priwily witt and harmiwi in aiicaws. 1 bo
preparations a-t.s il.r-jctly ukou tiiesiueitiands and
secretions ar'W-tt-1 by t(.?)i-ro, and thrf,MK!i thwm
opoo the biixKl. thomuhiy cleantnsr th. !.ison ot
4mrr from ba inwin. No mnm haotcnn af
ter umng iMsWiU s I'revaraiiuu. iU.-coIiect it is war.
ran led. . .
The folio wirir are a ftsvr Bel:tad from th. mnlti.
tude 0 ricoiutaeuditt.oxM iu our pjnseabiLu ;
From C. A. Rodgerst. Louis, Mo.
fT. Uji i, Io., April V., 16.
I her(-by certify that I have u.-a-i L,.hx,-i-i. w.r tu,n.
ty yars pat, and for the l.t ten yfjus I have uxd
imj'uiu. moarn. I J!ive mai at'j?n:ptBto
leave rff at tiflrwm tuna. I hr inrt. of .11.
at a time, but always rnt1uud to hanker afier 16
until I used iJeWiu Preparation, wbu-h him com-
piewir curtd me of tiie ai (-:.- for ti-hai-vo. I
would re-)Uiaieni! all u tui a.; ai'.w!! -.:a-.ij ter
rible habit to try Ui ivparaiiun.
From John Jtalp, St. Lon.'a. Mo.1
.. , . r. w. June t. IX.
This is to cert fT that T hva r.,s-.-.. (.., - -H-
ten m): tnel mji v LknM l., lv. ,.rT k.., kh
suderel m i:jori from a dizzimm tn my bt-a.1 and
guawuiai 01 v niomtu-h thutl have. n fiven up
Li nti vnur r.rct M.-a
lion, and it coxnjletey cured sue
fFrom W. A. Smith. Columbus. Ohio.
1 hereby certify that one box of yixir Pxr-arauoa
entirely rvinovwl aU ua u tobe-co.
From VTio.Ipy,Spr;agneM,i:i5s.J . .
I need One BOX Ct TOUT I'miiaxaiion and it ram
1 merely rive ttwwa as aiwrnnle of whi I m
c4T!B diiy. W-i:n of in-kry ,t!rV,iy aa-
- - . rjjir-'uri, per ,x. u to be
sent by mad. 35 cents i Liiin.i f,.r pjtjra. Mas
ey seal by mad mr rt. a-!
Cil AX.I.iA V XT. ruafEtet. -