Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 19, 1868, Image 6

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    ' - Oar Aattaortird ARtmlt. - . -"Wat. Nemaha City; :
. It. A- liAWLF.Y, at Clifton.
Oeo. U. START, sit Afl'inwa'u , v; ; i
, pnr AdvertUlng Agents. ('
FnrrTJxn F.ato, 1-24 llm-al., A.
J. H. Wilujims, Jr7 Chestnut
K. M. rETTiNiiLi :57 l'ark flow, N e w a orK.
Jcue URAri;nF.Arx,Ht Jopli. Ma,
Cvrw.'cowrjiN Tayhor, Cinciunati, Ohio.
KIT. Vaiivin. Cincinnati, Ohio.
A. F. I .ioox fc Co., Boston. Mnws. ; i
Arrival an Departure of MsUla.
fioJSTi-.U Arrive, at .goVtock
NortberaA vr1"" t 'cl.?ck f
, -, if"" Uearu at . a 3i
Itulo,' Arrives at 8 o'clock, ax ;
- lvparMalit
rfju,Ariimtl2 p
IatrlcArrlvr Mcmdnys,, WtKlnosdays and
Fri.Uy, at 12o clock J
Depart Tuelays, Thursdays and
Saturday, at 1 o'clock r M
Grant Arrive Fridays at 4 o'cl.x k r at
1 mparts Tnui iwlayn at 8 o clock A M
Pott onlv Jlourt1 o -clock, a m to 1A 11
" rr'v D. .M Alls II, Tost Master. .
St. Joarpb ndConncll Bluffaliailroad.
Going Xprth. "
Ft. Joseph 8 Wa rn.
Ainlrxma.- H il '
NoJawav , 8 42
Forbes 9 (V
KortClty' J
UieHovr la M
Craljr JO 40 -Coming
11 04
rtw.-jjxi it j
Wataon l2o.ip.rn.
Itamhunr 12 :u
doing South.
Tlainburg ' 1 50 p.m.
Wataon 2 15
Piielps 2 JO
Corning 3 18
CralK 3 40 '
)U;ljW 4 W)
Keren City 4 W) -
Forties 5 15
No la way 5 3
Amazona . 6 ftl
St. Jowph 6 lf
" J". I Colliapp, Editor,
Snowed UcdrLocala.
Tor your Roy's and Ladles Skates, go to the
I'louee JMova Store.
Keep Yarm! Buck Giore, Heating
Stove and Overshoes jtlvcn away it Wra. T.
Den's rioncr Store, Oo and see him.
Iadies rurtTAt Iini's.
r . . .i - - r-1
Wm. II. Hoover, Ilfal Estate and Insu
rance Agent, In prepared ,to make out all pa
pers necessary to the conveyance of Real Es
LnXe. .OflJeCourt Room. BrownvUle.- - .-
... i . : : . : . vi jIJI - r a ti
J. 8. Church has not yet returned from Iowa
Jjoat. On Saturday morning last, a Black
Jet Rreast'ln, In the ahape t a cross, lor.
tiered uitlf jroldt'witb a xearl 1ft the center.
A li'oeral rtwad will be given the finder hy
reWiraiufi IheVame to Mint, LHuruColiift.
"Win. Small baa hia-new houso on r'Bird'a
Point,- In this city, finished.
-- ;
Tbosa wishing Magazines, Papers, and Pc-
rlodicalJTPISC9 will please remember now Is
the time to Knbscrlbe, thereby receiving the
benefit of Club Rates, and also the January
numbers, as florae of the magazines ore pub
lished a moath in aiTauce, A. D. MARSH.
Jas. Dya given a iUiging exhibition at Mt.
Zion Churcli, on Monday evening, 2T.rd Inst,
JL Phisician whose skill -can be entirely
relied ujoaia a blessing to any community.
This isemlneully true of Doctor AVhittier, of
XL Louis, who confines himself to the treat
ment of tihronii and blhar-claw' of disease
mentioned in his card, appearing In another
eolumra . -.
i"eroa' Xial l b-Jng plastered,
and v.liea compU ted will beoijc of the finest
lmjhe Lfa - a : -
"Wintert with its cold seiffrhing winds nnd
now, its stoppage of all out duor employ
ments entirely, ayd Jn-door vork to a great
extent, la upon us. Io our mid,st are some
jersons who may suffer fnin want. Forget
not that fortune's reverws bity drag theo
down to A0t apd aow "reiuemlertlic poor."
7oodl VacuuHi Oil U gotnl for Harness,
for Hoots and Shoes, Buggy Tops, etc. It Is
good ! ! I For sale at J. W. M id JleUja's.
Our Farmers are finding almost a homo
market for their surplus corn to farmers in
the itiierktr, who axe loll almost destitute by
the drmrt h fcnd grasKhoppirs. A great many
loads of corn changed hands on our streets
within the pt week, being emptied out of
ouo wagon Into anothci, and hauldd back
into the interior.
as II. Dye will sell and deliver flrsl c!;s
Pianos and Organsin Southern Nebraska and
Atchison County, Mo., for the Emilern Retail
Price, and warrant the Mime for five years.
"See the new advertisement of C. O. & G.W.
Dorsey, Real Estate and Land Agents, in to
day'jpaper. Their iM Ilitltai for the business
engaged n are vnKurpassed bynnyflrjnon
Uie Missouri river; and tlu-Lr names, m her
ever known, are a aure guarantee for fair
dealing. Thoi An waut of land, lots, orln
formaLlou as (o hie lands iiYtlils District, can
do no letter than address Ihom or, take the
UcPherso&'s : Skating Rink is already
quite attracllv to small boys, who on
U walk impunity, and dip up wrnie Limea.
The ice is hardly stroug enough 5'at for heavy
- o ?
The bslas-t cmr tAty, aoiing tlie pres
ent season now drawing toa close, we believe
Is almont doulIe that of any former season.
The cJXorhs of our mercliaubi to draw the trade
naturally tributary to this K)tul, have been
Ignalrynec'ssful, and mnst rontinue so, so
loug as their present spirit of fajrnes to cus
tomers continues. We believe ' the talk of
goods sold in our city daring this season wlil
double -that qT aay farrfjcf one, with fronts
less than any year since' ci. Yet, in view of
the permanent drift of trade hitlerward, all
conclude that they have done well mui Uy
havt. "
' Touni snrely think you're In the sky,
. , , Oa such downy ted of wa . ,
Whtcb at McFall & Go's, you buy ;
They cannot ia to plcaiic.'
- - ..',T1 "
' Oodeyi Lady's Book. This tine old stan
.dard periodical for December, is on Land, and
is the best, in point of literary material and
beautiful iliystnulons, that w have ever
even. The ftmhlon plaies not only very
elegant designs, but usually line specimen
qff ertpart Vxlorlng. A chief excellence and
attraotton of the Lady's Book consisU of the
pure morality Inculcated by its replug mat
.tcr. No s'iitenee is ever found in its pages
that would bring a blush to the cheek of the
ex for whota It is especially Intended, and
?-ery portion pf lis variey conveys a icsvm
of morality thai Is calculated to teach iu
readers the beauty of virtue and goodness,
. Waated-AU i:e giwie lu Ue country,
iicb as Ducks, Prairie Chickens,
Qualla,' Tp.rkcy lUbbits, Sqnlrrrts, 12k.,
Xw and B.ualo,at the City Meat Market,
wes the hhost inaa ket price in .cash will
e paid.-
Wo would eiAl attention to the advertise
ment of C. W. WkeeWr, Bridge P.uUdcraad
Sole Agent fvr toith' I'atent Truss Bridge
r Nebwinka and North Misaouri. U W.
Wheeler has built five of the Smith Truss for
our county t his year, and they arronouueed
ly all who st4 tbia to lxt b; b.t hridye uomt
' 1r?i-. rhemaricerjn Jhejposu and
braoea are arrange eflectually i-revvnu
them from spliUlng. thus giving the entire
cohmlve 8trtngU of the full size of all the
Unibers, w.loh renders to almost iuipoible
for any of Uiem to-give way, the fibers of the
XlinU hATing to bo separated they
cam do n. Blng entirely of wood, exeer
iiiclhroogb bolt, this bridge U -vrholly free
from the ill efTecUof expansion and contrac
tion It U the only bridge now in use that
aas a perfect cross brace to prevent careening.
ThU is a mat ter of great importance. It has
the bU-l bottom latteral brace." This bridge
has unequalled length, with much less
material than U ordinarily used. This ren
ders ii era bridges of longer
rpan than can be done ou any other plan. We
believe thein to be the best wooden bridges
built, and worthy of genera! adoption by all
deeirlcg a cheep, aroBg, neat aadubeUntlal
tructurf. ---- - .
The beet Teas In the West, at Hill A Co ,
nour-prlng and FaUhoat, atIcGcc'a,
at reduced priors.
A. No 1 4 year old Her for' al&;
quire at thJa office. . - .
John Deere'a genuine Slollne Flows, JWO
for sale by Xbeo. IHU A Co
Gent's Piece Goods. Greatest variety In
th market at Hill & Go's. c .
t -
Fekin Breaking Plows 200 T.'&U.'femitb
i Co s make, for sale" by J. C. Deu9cr.
The fulles stock of Hard axe "West .of the
Mississippi, at Shcllenberger Ero'a.
Bpring Wheat Flour Warran tod ood
and satisfaction guaranteed, at the Red Store.
45 pieces Merrimack Tri nts and 30 pieces
CocheoTt Pilnts ju6t ojiened at ; Tlito.
mil a co's. . 4 '
fI200 aad All Expense Paid! $3e ad
vertisement of American Shuttle Sewing Ma
chine In our advertising columns,
Chester 'WhitVPigs'.'-One pair pure Ches
ter White Tigs, three months old ; price, 120.
Apply to XL VT. FTIiNAS, Erownvllle; '
Llis iiarjr 'najUtonTresia'c'nce" corner of
Atlantic and 4th Ktrec-tsTls- prepared to do all
kinds of Stitching, Braiding, Silk embroider
ing, etc., on short notice and rea-sonaljle terms.
Our style of Job Work lawgiving very gen
eral satisfaction, and encourages us to say
that we can do nearly aa neat a Job as St.
Louts or New York can turn out, and within
an ace as cheap.
5000 Peach Trees.-1-!' have for -Sale 5000
one and two vear old Seedling Peach Trees,
grown- from choice selected seed. Price, 510
per 100 or $90 per HWO. R. W. FURNAS,
4-2 , Brownvllie,
Bee the advertisement in to-daya paper of
"scaled prepoaals for printing," for the State
of Nebraska. This is a big thing for large
offices who can turn out work rapidly, but is
severe on country ofileeacurtaUlcg tbopat.
ronage that should fall to them 4y a great
many dollars.. Its a uepuoucan move, aim
we've nothing to-say.
Ladies and Gent's Shawls at Den's.
f -
" FalIs Citt, Neb., Nov. 13th, 1SCS.
trot' James R. Dye : - - -
Dear Sih : I take much pleasure in saying
that the Piano that I purchased from you re
cently, of the "New York Union Co's" manu
facture, has be'en thoroughly tested by eom-
polaut mosiciAua, and has proved t be an
Instrument of superior qualities.' I "have no
hetdtation in recommending these Pianos to
all persons who wish to buy musical Instru
ments of this kind, as the best, cheapest, and
most reliable of any sold in the western
country. Verytruly.&c,
" " 'IsriAM-KEAVIS.'
' ' -,. . v v ' ,
Do rou want a cood Mattress? Go to Mc-
FallACo'B.' ----i-V7 J,r
Why 6t save twenty-tl ve per cent, by hay
ing vour Toilet articles and Fancy Notions at
the City Drug glora, i .
The Concert of Vocal and Instrumental
Music at Albany, Kansas, on the night of the
10th .inst, .under the direction of James R.
Dye, tf Browirvllie, Nebraska, vos a com
plete success. Men, women and childrcu
turned out from every direction, and were
highly pleased with the entertainment. The
proceeds were applied for the payment of a
BurUelt Organ purchased for the Cougreja
tional Church. The organ gavegencrat satis
faction. G. W. BROWN.
Geesaare Just now migrating frequently
and in numerous quantities.
Pillows, Comforts, Mattresses, and all kinds
of Furniture in full assortment, at McFall &
The National Debt. There are various
.schemes and speculations in reference to Uie
public debt, Let after all their figuring an i
theorizing, this vast amount of revenue must
be raised by taxation ; and we say to one and
all, if you would be the better prepared to
meet this heavy expense, purchase your Dry
Goods at A. May's Price Regulator. He gives
the best bargains Jn that line, and if the peo
ple could do as well in proportion, with all
their other purchases, M'e could congratulate
them on soon being able to liquidate the na
tional debt and never feel it,
Pillows for sale at XcFall Co's. , ,
. .
Boots & Shoes are selling unprecedentedly
low at Hetzel's. ' . .
This Is truly the "ageof progress," and the
American people are, beyond , .doubt, far
abcad.of all others. This Is itearly demon
strated by the Sewing Machine which is,
strictly speaking, an American invention.
In this branch of manufacture the Empire
Sewing Machine Co., office M6 Broadway,
New York City, stands pre-eminent. Their
Improved Manufacturing Machine" has no
rival. It is built on sound mechanical prin
ciples is simple in construction easily un
derstood, and not Uable to get out of order.
Its sewing qualities, particularly on cloth nnd
leather, cannot be equalled: and as such we
recommend it towit friends- aud the public
generally. See advertisement. .
Choice Fruit and Fany Candies, at Allen's
City Bakery. . -
!Extras. A full supply kept constantly on
hand for every machine sold by F. A. Tisdel
tCo. ,,.! , ".rv ;
Extraordinary. This age is remarkable
for extremes. The development of science
and art Within The past few years Is a wonder
lo the world; the great degree of enterprise
anj fommercja! Improvement In our country
is without a parallel ia history, and yet, with
all of these marks of pre-eminence, there is
nothing more gratifying and directly inter
esting than to know that our city and vicin
ity are blessed with the best Clothing store In
the Wea vBt goods and at lowest pricus,"
is the lhotto of this' establishment," tmd all
will know, without designating It, that of A.
May's Regulator, i7 Main street' ' Verily" the
world moves. . w.
Sibenaa'Sauirrel and'ftfney Furs nrnill
t Co's.
Hanniford &. Hughes' Fall stock of Fur-
ldture has arrived, aud contains everything
in that line. Go and sec 'em.
Iwllbonru, Jrnklua Ce.--Manufac
torers' and' WWflcMile and Retail dealers in
all kinds of Pine Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Picket. ch,. Blinds, Poors, Battens, etc.
Office and Lumber Yard, corner 4th and Main
at reel. Braaoii YajLitriirirs ..City,MIssKJii.
We manufacture 'our'oWu liiauiial ill the
l'inerius of (lOitU. Wis., where wc liave
in operation one of the largest manufactures
of every thtng made in Piue in the Morld.aud
obtaining our Lumber direct from theUte,
as we do, we can sell at lower rates lhan any
LuiiiUt Yard in the West which pays one
wholesale and one or two retail profits. We
6hall always keep on hand a full supply ot
everything In our line, so that those in want
muy always rely upon getting. what tlisy de
sire. We simply ask alltoexamiaeourslodi
aud prices before purchasing elsewhere, as we
can ensure satisfaction in both.
JJ C Lett, Land Agent, Brownville
Sugar Loaf Drips, the finest article in
town, at IliU & Co s. .
The Noj'ewber nuMilxf of Teter'sU. S. Mu
sical JJevbjw, contains the followiug choice
new music: -A h-rt that beats only for
thee , and -Wtwn I went home with Belle,''
two Jjewsongsby tleauthorof "Nora O'Neal"
a siu'red nong by ' Bishop, entitled 1eek and
ye shall find; "Pleawint Thoughts Mazurka,"
by Cha. KlnktLaad "Loves of tlie Augels,"
a beautiful Mu-ch hy Packer. Ths music is
written especially for the Review, and is pub
lished in sheet form at a cost of ji.40. In ad
dition to the music, the followiug reading
matter appears: Pwetry Autum Festivals,
and Nellie; Soldiers' Music; Popular Son gs ;
Early Years of Meyerbeer; What are the
Bells Raying; Our Village Annals; Music in
Pocrj; fL-tlkiTic Woman-; v Muf,lc; Re
view, etc. making in all thirty-two largo
bages. The Review is published ty J. L. Pe
ters, 19J Broadway, New Tort, at tl per year.
8its3ple copi C5 cent". t
"Seeds, for AtialiiiagT
. The Commibiicner ofgJloilturehas made
application to iae for specimens of Corn, Oats,
and Wheat from Nebraska, for analyzing pur
poses. If some of our farmers will'W good
enough to furnish me with one or two pounds
each of the' above darned grains, it will te an
accommodation all around, and may result
in great good. Send or bring soon as possible.
Specimens from both trpland and bottom
would be desirable;- . R. W. Fcka
. Prest.8t Bd. Ag.
, ' t
' Furs All klnuat Iflll & Co's. '
A full etoclr rf Harness at Baner -
i. '
Tasty. Thliose Otter noods at Iim !fc Co.
Ladies' Furs. Mink and Fitch, at Hill &
Co's. - . i I " J-
A Splendid assortment of Albums cheap,
Jutt received at City Drug Store,
, t , t ..... . ,
Stoves are a very necessary article In every
well regulated fonily, and the Sh'e'Jenberger
' S, J
. We learn that A. S. Holladay is about to
i-envive his Drug Store to the CULand Office
Building, to make room in his building for
a Wholesale Liquor Store., v t ,Y;, ,
i The Holaday'a are coming USot nice and
appropriate presents go to A.Pkil2iLh's.
Teare & Co., makejt a speciality to keep a
full Stock of choice, staple and Fancy Gro
ceries. ' ' -
Prof. Docker The most polite and oblig
ing gentleman in this city,, is now presiding
at-tho counter of Teare & Co., which fact,
warrants us in saying that there Is where you
get your true accommodation.
" I Mean Business, I Do. I am selling my
splendid 'stock of Mufflers, Scarfs,-Gloves,
Mitts, Ovrrshoes, etc, etc., right down and no
mistake- Call and be convinced, at J. 8.
Hetzel's, No TO McPherson'a Bloc! :. " , - '
'" v -''
. Ermine Fure At Hill Co's.
Notice The Berry Washingtonlan Asso
cWion will ieetiext Sunday. Nov. 22d, 1808,
at S o'clock, over theold Land Office Building.
Comfortable seats and good fires. All are in
vited to attend ; especially new members with
the necessary qualifications.
W. II. SMALL, President.
. p - , -.
Latest Lady Washington jicayci Hoods,
atlltll&Co's. . . iij 1; j Vr4
Ho, Stop! Stop!! Stop !1! Go and try
netzel's Pulse Warmers, Scarfs, Waterproof
Boots, Artie Over Siloes, Fur Caps, Fur Gloves
Lamb' Wool Glovcs.Xaaib's.Wool .Mitts
Lamb's Wool Undershirts andDrv!crs.; Th
good -time has come. J. .S. HrtaoL No. 51
McPhoi son.s Block. t
i u
Beautiful. Those Queen Elizabeth Beaver
Hoods, at Hill & Co's.
- Gold Ears. Not a plcaanW.-thing, nwty.
time; bat when the car isxpo&cd,to the plcaX
winds of a Nebraska prairie they are liable to
become frost-bit ten. Hetzel, at NoTO, Mc-
Pherson's Blo:k, has a preventive consisting
01 jiumers matte or Heaver, otter, Alius and
Coon Fiira. Scarfs frompure wool. Call and
see.' v 1 I'.-' X ,: '.:: ' i.h f f
The attention of qur roaiera is caBed to the
advertisement of Coe's Dyspepsia Cnrein an
other part of this paper. This truly Valuable
Mediclue Is recOiru-riJed by ajl who Usot,
tteau uie certincaies.
I seen her at the window, ' "
It was my dear Lucinda, . . r .
She looked so sweet. . . .
And dresseil so neat, i. C
I'd gin my life to have been dah!
Why? she buys. her dress goo d
and trimmings at Teare & Co'.
. All kinds of Woolen. Goods.uost se:ison
able at Teare & Co's.
G. S Beall, opens up this evening in our
High School building, a temporary Business
College, teaching Penmanship, all style.
Book Keeping, etc. II U method iscsentudly
his opu, mid possessed points of advhtittL'e
whicla thijse desiring to improve tltc-Ir lidtnd
vrite; b? 1-Jarn Book Keeping, should avail
themselves of at once.
The river is nearly closed at this point with
mush ice, and running very slow.
You have a desire to do well in this world
as most people have, and desire of eoure to
make your money buy you as good an article
as the market affords at as low rates as possi
ble. This can be done at the wholesale and
retail dry goods store of Theo. Hill & Co., who
keep nothing but what they can warrant, and
can and do fell at as low rates as any house in
the west. Our word for Jt, you will save
money, by dealing willHhem. ,
"For Bob Sleigh Hhoca and Sleigh Cutter
Wood Work, go to the rioneer Stove fctoi-e.
''Blow, blow thou wintry wind, .
Thou art not so unkind
"'" As friends rememU'red not
' And that man certainly ihis qwn greatest
enemy who doth not cloth himself from that
magnificent stock of Clothing, Furnishing
Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoenf-Mitts, Gloves,
Rubber Goods, Muflers, Scarfs, Overshoes, etc.,
which is being told cheaper than thecheapest
all on the eastern one price systrm, at No, 70,
McPherson's Block . .. : .
A few of the choicest Orocerhsy the sun
ever shone on, nt Tlieo. Hill & Co's.
. Hale's Patent Meat C'ltter and Staffer,
for sale by Shellenbcrger Bro's, 'la the most
complete thing of the kind ever invented. It
works more toadiIy and- easily than other
meatuttcrs, doing, with the same amount
of povert four times the amount of v.urk ;'if
custthc wicHt without, tearing if;' it ennjbc
easily kept clean j the knife ia kept sharply
the action of the rollers; with stufier attach
ment it btufis with greater rapidity and uni
formity than any .other stuffing, macldne.iu
use, and the work of botli done ut one
operation! C
For Bots and Shoes that will' wear, and
at prions a Io as any, go tsiireare A Cq?. . .'.
m , -T .
I Will venture the assertion that no live
man in America can sell No. 1 Clothing, Hats
Caps, Boots, Shoes and Fur G'tods clieai-er
than J S Hetzel, No 70 McPherson's Block
He believes tljai ftoYtfirable competition Is
healthy and therefore fists nooddVof any man,
belleveimz that he louirlit as cheap asany one
could buy in tha Je' Yoj k jTinricet fojr c'aili,"
he, .VfiJUofct v;irat pr blr, dcf.esfa'llV'iOVl-;
nations orcoijipcUtionand hss Uid du Itj
to etui yhere Uu-y inay non p mrotig.y d
t-ntlre'stock free of eharg6.Boy where Tm
can da the best, a,t J S Hctzen's, McPherson's
iij l:
j n.
Old Ladies, fluting a soft fit over
their corns nicely, will calf at' McUibbous"
store, where they will find just the thing.
They nre so nice,
Final Restilt ! irt rex-elvedat the Red
Store :
Dry Beans,
Hominy... , ., .
Dry Apple, t ;
Dry Peaches,
Dry Currants,
Dry Cherries,
... . ..
Pry Black berries,
Dry ljucklberrles,
Pearl Barley,
Cove Oysters,
Can Peaches,
.Can Strawberries j
' Can Black6Jrries,"
Can Teas,
Can Corn,
r Can Quinces,. . a
' Ciiri TomatoiV,
Mustard in Jars,
M ust ard i u glass bottles
' Mustard Dry, .'
Black Pepper,
White Tepper. f
' Itemoved. The Por?ry nfo shareTemov
ed their Lund Office to McPhersoa'a Blotk v
They net upon the frt.ntdooranalj CG A.'.
Where softly phone the moon,
.. And listeneil to the music that
Catne from the benr saloon.
His manly aria did rouud her twine,
,, Their lips In kisses met; ,
And when he asked, "Wilt fhoube mine?"
She said, "I will, you bet "
Arid as they heard theliitlodeOus call,
- For lager beer and brelzelsf " '
Says h, You look so swutLatli ni L
In those clothes you bought at Hetzcls."
' . - , , . . lrOXAl.l o -r -s :"
Bmembcr, jonng man, ad yoa etrlve for
love,1 ...
. i rTo "Tt jthers make the ttrrytl JT.!
So buy yor goods of IloUel, . --
: And yeu'U tlwaya be j rcerred. ,
FLOUUt-WI nerv sack-,..-., .SI.OO
CORN iAiHikCv old, , 14
MEAI t1 ' s' 1 ....-...--
BACON i".. .?j:a...-.i.-...w' xi
. " Siioulders V i,
' " Sides V-if --4, ,r,
LARD Cauned Vti......
SYRUP Uolden . gal
" 1 Su-r-jr House V cat... -
COFFEE J i vav lt..
RIO?- ?
CHEESE iew York f actory lb
. Cuntrv -f. lb ...
TEA Trnpt:1il J &
" Black m - -
" You ocr Hyson , It
CA!N'DLr'tar V
-2 23
. 1 '
, 2 W
Tallow P. f..,
APrLES-i-D.ed V fi
" (j.reen'f' bushel
PEACHES Dried r.
I-OTATOES-New tmshel..V;...:.
" ; bweet pounds. .
COAL OIL 'f gallon
2 00
- 2i
- TO
HONEY-? -ft -
ONION V bushel
SALT per barrel
LUMBER Cottonwood per
1 25
.-. 4 30
' ....2 W2.2 25
5 i0
' . ...8 00
Oak ....
AVnlnnt .......
I'ine :j..-.'...a.
SLlIINOLES Cottonwood-per IO00.....2 w
Cottonwood per 1.J0.J...,V - ' x
Pine .' ,:.J
Ml-OOD Irr Harl per cord..;...,. ' 6 "
HID1 Dry per .-Ti rrr;..r. : ...ft..r.r.n
j. ling
WOOL per pr.;.::r..u.....?...f.r.v3!gVJ
j :i.nv :K oj S y.
No. 59 Main Street, Brownville. .
lias. tus--V.rvfenel, aud, will constantly
la-nf"f ti h.-isi.l s larte and well aborted
.tr.-lr oi' ir'iniiii n.i tJc.l.. in his liittH i :
Repairingrof Cl-cks atelieaand Jew-J
al y-1 rn f TAiV i rtV ar- - j.- -
pin0Ceiling, in abundance
ivEiawfrrTEt: & eIrsman
Brownvllie City Meat Market.
. " No. 60 Main Street. ' ' ':
. TT77; pay the hirf Vr.i rket price for good Beef
VoL"tr, vilvci, tShcrp nnd Hogs. -
FemaJe, owing t((be peculiar and laipnrtanj re
Iatii4 uhlcVthey wiWaiiK" their pc!ia irn-
IzatUiu, and theofflces tfcey perrorm, sreau'yecv t
iuany suBerings." ffeeluin fri.m tfiee coi.trTbuTe
in no small decree l th pit bapptnesa and welfare,
for Done can be happy who pe iot "JJ ,bat
no one of these various leuiaio coaipiaiuts can long
be tuarei to run on without ir."olvicg xba geue.-a)
health of the individual, ai d ere long produce perma
nent sicknwa and permature decline- '"r is I. piei.
aat tocutiKult a phyajclaa
k"foTtili.reael dCthwcM
s, ndnJj .uj.oa the inosi j
various dedicate aQcctions,
tirceDtnece.-sitv will a true to tar sacnuce
her greatest . chariiui to do tiiis. The tex wiinnen
tlianlt p lor placing ii'i itie.rTiantl-, siniple .'pecifls
whith v.-i!f be ertlcaci'.n's in reKt ving 'aiid
rnr1n3 hTfr:?"fT ni n f .rB'.-iiff rn'nh !P WBll. eTTni
plaiui-ptf4-iii-t'v!46 s)u . -r- V
. lietMcei iTJLaf jo. i-tcac-BjfcaJ'aJs
sufler o iu siience, audiiiiuUicd otoUiei.s apyly
vaimy to druj;pi.sts ni.d . ctors. who ei'lier niere.y
taaiailie' tliwu wd's le tips' f6i 4urV rTajij
renieoiei ..wnich loal.e ,11 o.-Trsei i
wiu tl .4ft anyWirf ilavv01l, 4 idjJdcJ t.
the afflict(dT)ut I ahfuBneatosartTiat-hrnirjugn ir
may be produced frm--'-es.-i exhauMl n 01 ihe
1 powcisof lite, b ia&utyon 'dnii'lovmpiit, uiiwhol
CHouie air and food, profuse niensu uaiioii, jttio u.-e
ot tea and Mllee.' aill fM'.jirteDKa.ridttrJ.'fi is tar
of.eni-r capsf-d by direct irritatiop, applied to the
uiutLUs uieuib.aue yf Afie i!ii-i:ial.oif ;
We reviaw ihecau-e o'" tbse distre -Bing "coin-
pUtfajtf," H lv must piiful ft toiHemp.iite lAtl at--)
teudant evils fii,-Hxi p KUlieas.' Ii is but timy
pie justice to tbe subject tu enumerate a few of the
many addiIlol cases wh c4 so lalSKly afTect tha
life, beuMli.t baj pmess of woawia tn au clHs-e f
society, aud wj.itii Owns, yuimt y, aQect mote ot.!ec
direciiy, the we.tare of ihe entire haiart f.imlly,
Tbe mania exis.s r,n prec -civ us eiucaiton and
mar b?e cause-ihe y ar 11, ai nature designed t'iX
t'rp4;al deve.op.'ienl ta bu ws.t'd and pe. verted
in ihe e-t. aiu.s 0 d. es.,ibe ai ly i.tiiKnieui U
Clluvl) anii pppecialiy in ih; uiibea.lj) l'
01 tbubal.-rvou) Tuu, w.ili .Te tt -dy b Jl-tio Urd-:
and ts.p nniid iiud iiy exuied ly iIc,:ui e, pirvcr
tiug a iM!n:gbi :vei tbeUi.uro ..e.Mg .id oy u.n. if
tr sleep aud rest, the wui oi uenurucuuii is ba f
in coneqnence of this esrly slrain op ii tie' system-
uin-tces.-ary- eff ort is rt-qui ed bv the deiicn
vi taito reiiin, lu-r fuuMi.m mfh t)T"at a later
d'a4bust ati;rvaa4iig ih-vri AVut-a u eacite
intiit is over, aii.j her in pnispective cfT" the mind
ia.'i Liii.9 ct m-i JTe tu imp e i tt.e nov
ci.uuti.ietrHiut of. r-i 'n e e)r, lately
fen bidaii. the exe cise ind.tspttnsibie :o liie aitain
ment and rt-teuln.n f v.-f pic health aud strei.g n ;
the exposure 10 ngbtair; ti.e tuddeu chive f
leniperatu: e ;tbe cuta.rete pruFtrnti- n prauced byi
txce-sivc dai.tii g, UiU.t, i,f-aeentuy puMiuce tt.e.
lepsli'lrtiCit vflott At iast. an :aro"u)arrlaj ai
theiitij-.'l'inise:y. and the- rui.iaie pte,
hubtr.o m Utterly regard ts, of the 1 d.cletes
ai.d rrm.riiMraf.ces of her dai.'cate alure. beo.nies
an ui.wil ina mbject of mcdual treainivnt Ttns is
but a tT-itr,ui -c.itfji of 4Ue experniiueo 1 h u-i-aud.-of
'u'r young VJuiiieu -
I.01 g te abi.iiy t exercl-e l c functions
i f the ;enei alive oigans 1 eqnn 8 an eduoaiioii
of their icuiiar nirv.iu- sjteni, c ui, osc of
is called the iiisoe, f, in coiauijii with the
teuiale tronrt and lips, evident ly under the Control
of menial etu-nloris and assoc atiuns -at an earjy ptf.
nd of me; aud. as we s..a:l subseatiiuy see,
tlifte em Hons, when excessive, leJ, long before
pdii nty, to babils which sap the very life . f thetr.
victims ete uaiuie u-s toif-coinpieted tbear dcvel-
oitnent. " "
'or Female hps ness and Debility, whites 0?
beacon bu-a Too Profuse ileusli ualioti Cxbausltonn
Too Long Coiitimied reriods 1 for Proiapus and
i aring ..wu. or i-roiapsua 1 ipn, w.o.ur tlie
most perfect spec ttu kn..u : HtLMBOLU s to.vf-
roiNu txmct OK KctHB. JJirev-.ious fur u e.
diet, and ad ice ate jiiipaiiy - -
Females 111 every pe.iou of life, from infatcy to
ext. erne old ge, wil H.kI it a r jrueily 1j aid nature
in the discharge f i luncijons. isireng b is the
klry of niaobomi and. woman Uovd. i 11 E1..mdold'4
Kxtkact Beiliu. Is More stieDgiheiung than any
cf ihe urepai aiiona of Bat t or Irtu' in Unit el v a:er:-
and uiore a.. hut Hn.MRm.i.a tvnurr 1:11
cha- bavts received the indorse mi ni of the m.i.
p.Tiiineot phf-Uiana in tbe Ctiiicd Btaies, is now
uerifl to sBlicted human. ty as a certain Cure Io
I'.e f. Mowing diseases at.d j mpioms, from wtiat
fcer Cause r gmaiing; General Debility Mtuia;
uarnysicai repression, imuetimy, DeLtuuiiiaUcn
tt tia 0.1 to tae Uead,-kMv.ufe i.Jas, tUf.teT'ia
General Irritability. lie?; lOssness aiid 6 eepie-S-ness
at Nigut, Abetice of Muscular Htc euc, Loss
of appe-jve, fHrsvfn, S'eticijiiiou Jw spirits,
DlSor!aiaIlur or'earalysrs of-the ffganstif Gen
eration, Palpilaliuk-vC. It e Jieatt, abd, in fact, all
tbe concomitants of a nervous and Debi ilated state
efi iheyu-ai. To insui ihe Ketiume, cut this ur.
tor llEtMLD 1. Take no other. Sold by
DiBfgtnta aial Vea.era eVf.ywtrere " Price $1 0
per 4o;li"e, fcr his buttles fov-,60. Delivered to
ony addiec.v Describe ympioms:in all conimuni
caUMi. Addre.- H. T 11 alUa ISOLD, Ding and
Chemical W rehouse, IVt B.oadw&y. Ne 1'orh.
Huiia are peuume utiles done oft iu ateei-en
pravtd wrapper, with fac-anuile ut my tlwmical
Warehouse, and sici.ed H T. HKLJfUOLD.
A Lecture to Youug Meii,' ..
Ar'S ojtv ri icot-h ceuis. , ,
A Lecture on the ' tfatnre. Treat
ment aud Radi.-al Cui e ot Siermatvrrha-a or sema
nal weaknets. luvoltintary K.i. 1st. lots, Sexural
DehillryAautf linpe irments io Maniage generaiir ;
Xerotstjen, Coueumptioii, alpilcpsy,. aud- Pita
Afei.tal attd Physical ncaoa-iita resotin (torn Self.
Abtise, lcc -J- ay KOBtHtT-J CCLTKRVi;i.a,-41 D..
Ailr-of the tirevalijok " &.e. " :.
'ibe-Worlrt re no w ii a J anihjr. ia this admirable
Lecture, clearly proves from oia t-wu apt(rieuce
that the awful eotiseqa,-nce or Se f Atimg may a
eltHCtu .iy removed wi.nout,' ati4itrc
odl aii(reaus urgital operat lojrsi.-.btuKi. inasrn
nittitt, rmiiii, or cordia.s, pouitlnf ui a.tmsae of
cure at Uc4,iin eflactaai, 'bywbich every
caiieiei, uu iiuiui o. ui jukii 40W uiay he niav
ly. privately,- and ' radically
Tina Ltfu km, ill rau K a BOUN-tu Tiluu
SeM under eai,'t oi.y address, in a plain tea led
ettvek.pft.orf the iectia:f siVceau, ariwo pwy
tauip-. also DrtCulvrwelt'H' arriag OaVle i
price -JiteLta. adi e . ful. twts 14 I. t-'.-y
40-ly "'l?lBoMfPK r. -tVIp O 4, 586
. t
t- -. Good Kcitt (o the AfflUcfied ,A
'Five 'years' an-, while travel: thtut,Ss..afrf
Arencx lor my halih 1 His-Mvered a r. med.Vwh ch
win penna' tr.tiy cure any 'rase of 8;,erm io"rlea
fniuiaf,wcaktfeH, Cain-ed by se;f kbwe' or sexual
excess m -mature jeais, in firm wo t . weess
It can c usu wttbout the know e .pe t ai-y one.
bent .stcjre.y seaied tr.m oiiservat:ou. 'ttnd warran
.ed to effcci a permanent cure or money refunded
Pice, ft ve Packaija surtiwciH. if, cure the mL in-
veteiaie case
Air leiters of inuanV f.eirfiiir
atiswttied.. Addie-
12 Juli.V
N B. W1LTUX, S' Louis Mo.
. To tho Colored. People.
I have discovered a preparation to straiiibteT the
u... i sue. Lu.r.mffl
my preparation
sir.iFLjMi U-emost inkr i,a,r ou anj person f0
as it win Lf as si an;bt as the tair of an Indi-in,
nnners have used it wiih u.ves- Wa-raated to
gire et-ti-e naiisf act aa o a what u
iu be above m ail ase.-N ,!-fi,i m ,)aiJ uh iu-i
dire ti, us fur ut aAJraog te..p. f Dr c.
)ne.bott efr. iJ1.5o or tw.. f...r$Jf-o. Oneb-itle
wij;. aiw.wef h " a 1 arsoj, ut -etT-lg Tf Rf,i
f.. ever A.loess . . V. KLSEa',heanl7 9 O.ive
a 'u-z-f .Bridoend 'f
Esays for y. unij m. n cm th inierest ir.rila
ti.v,Vf Brtfenr.: .. Bn4 in tne ins-jrHfj-.n . f
Mh nce a i.uide to the niatriinoiiial felicity aud
true happi ess. sent by inu m f,,.d
"1"!" ee of ehrvv Ad et. IIOWaSU asso
CIATIOX, B x P., PUiiadeh-bia, Pa - , u"
. . . ," i .
Snperftaoaa HaH
HmoVc.i ;f6'A I'j Face, Fo ehead. or any other
part of ihe body, in Ct m nut., wi!hout iniu'r
p.tbe.tiu, by U-e Oiieoal Kusma. Warranted
12-43 ly
- St. bonis, Mo. '
Student.' and other
f r- ' . -
-Tea diem.
aad. Wumas
aad- Wumau- i.n basiaess pai inj $1 t.. 8200 per
montb., acaJia to ab..itr.Fr!-id.
Ck. 111.- " . . . .-.rL, cfst !
Til e h iw o e H Id of Pa;r.t Medlclces
Ptrfumery, Teile, - ,!, C, - ..Wiif s, tv
dial. Soap?, Hair lives. Gu's. D'u.J:r!s; Po
made, CurljtiTlOI'ts. Hiif-Sotd Perc5pt. nd
httndreds ofi art' Jr- !'.riii!y "Ufl; eartly .
niaiie, aodel at prui'. s. It ca all -jbe
derful V'O o. Tbin
rd i.i.Uuu. F.f'V tU..ujnd 1-
ready tola.
Pcs: paid to ary a.llresi InrfiOcsuU
St . 1 tna, 114.1
DWTWWtt's Conception Preventive .
1i fwKl by over three hutt'lrti il"09isi!adja cf
the AUojeKute6 alone, an.) t. a larse a .raber in
Hie rvV "tn would not be wuho-H it Tvr ten
tiroes It cast. It is to tbls Preven'ive iiat . tlia
biotb tbose Sl'k owe their tmrnnntty from
JirFSiauiUies. It tsaholotoly certain, c .nrpnient
lo oe a" J withal benpacial t.t Lea th. a l,rtfji is
cnniina- then oe'meanj perevt!y ui.rsl and
proper-" Send (tamp lor cgmplilet. coutalaitij
rBllrrt,;Vu,r. Address
bR. i. G. ' WILBER, . .
(P O Io"509i)
JU at. Charles street.
St. I ons, Ma.
Dai?? Catarrli, Conanntption and
Cancer Cured.
A ffHffij on DernP, Caiarrli, Consumption
and Janrwf their .-causa. uieinf pedy relief
and uUr'e cure. Uy a Pupil of the Academy ot
MeiJi.-inejE'arl-; fU'.n to gi;y adf res lor 10 cents.
Letter from Rob't MciFily, I) O-, LL.O.tGi aja.
Preike'tJSrand Eucampment o C, 3,, ami Jiuiior
ot the Sa.tional Free naon ; -:. 1..
New Yohs. S?pt. 17, 1E67
Drf iyL5iL was :i, charge of Grace Church
Hosi4l. AixiidriaVa , duriuavka war. lit
ueul y,aldtH.Jldai!',.r ii! whs, Tisiled-Uifs fiu"-.
lital, and had every m-wans j wii g his rapuu
tioa ivr 5Frici.scyiiid skill. It vu of ibe
iiio ''cie2Ti'at:e char.jteriHiid bis aucce4 In tLs
tf eatmeut of patieutS"- is r.; mr hie. i
i i k max acvfR.'arv. i
pertej't ioU,muvei tinging nouet in f he htad,
euaoiesdeaf persuus thfardL,Mrirt!y atchurchand
putnc,aseaibjies. This totruu:)C wiiref taa pr
ducer('?W afrftost niiracu Wus and "Tricjl.-ia ase
of loogltaufflrtti death (?., i Will relieve in a hort
time. It muy be adjjitted'- 'Httf-tije t apec
til! be profeTsfonalry at 81
East Watibington place, Univeriijr-Mu;Jdiupst K.
I., aanj, iu to 4, except Tuesdays." Wliru be wi
, Vi - v. ' -
I i 1 m ' - -
Atfann Vxr 1.1 clean face or arm ?
yhefffntf Rj. eCs lr.fali.,t ie Depi atory tor
removing all KperrlBu hair f rum the body ithort
pain or injury to iue skin. The most ibstitiate
casec1jy:e.ti)i,ir"Ui tP to flfieen days Thuusa-Is
hava'jfcjimuth sifcoess. Price per package $110
or tvv.j tur i2,23, sent vost p.iid to any ad!.-e-s with
full directions for uaaou receipt of price Address
F- 'iiOitoSbenitft 4i:9 Olive St. St. Louis Mo.
Dr. tVIiittler
i Has been fcpfef .eBgaietrTn tho treatment of
Chronic, 8;4aJ wid li-'ci'u Disease Uiaa an;
o'aiit.MaMia .. - .
syptnrrrTn att it - frrms. Gonorrhea, Gleet,
Stn-ture, OrchiiiiY'thKbrrMTMiii ait atJeotiinB of
the Urinary andtjexeai tngati, are treated with
the ifTeaiir eTjwea.- - - - - - -. -,
Spermatborrhea, Se-yja.1 ncbij.iiy and Imprdeocy,
the result of teir-iud ini youth, f exuai ex
tesses in maturer years, 'rtiirh proltce-8oni
the tolli-wing eriect, as blotches, debility, dizzi-
w. .1 ..t jcrlii ii&i'uj.ii.n .1.1 iil- -mvl
fi.f etidlnf-.aei4ioitt society uf emaie, lossof
Dlmrf anfsexdaf jiower, apd rendering aiarriage
receiving a radical cure.
j Particular attenticn given to all Feitisle C di
piaints; lullaninjalion aud L'lreratuii ot tho
Womb, Leucorrhea, Chlorisi. Stwri ity, &.c. Most
eatetxattfre MEp?riy trp d.aTtattutacu ureriew,
at:d m jlcirtes wnt by cije r txpreso, securU free
from observt;on. Cc"i.julti;a nylotierartUotBce
rREE j. Ctiu-gss msdaraua a!:dctM"e.-jaiaxruxeed..
53Of1ce, witli hospital accommodation lor pa
tiouis. Xo. 617 ii street, beieeu Sixth
and Sevonlh, St. Louis, ilo.
i Kverybody can pet, in a sealed envelope, my
tbcorj uudt.eaent ol-fao. a:iti-V4;iary Dis
eases, coritainipp rtiil syrn.'.tfrd lists, for two po
jase 8taus;"a"l?'o7tfty t'apPrTrtatinf"fo Ctronli
and Kc-inalC Complaints, for a three cent stamp.
12al7 ly . .
j Slmllla Slinilibu Curaniur.
i numphreys II tiia p.ith c Speciiics have proved,
from the lu.-sf aiupie expui u-nce, an entire siirce.-s)
simple, prompt, eu H' ut ad reliable. "Tl.ey 'ire
the only iuc.1 iPrl'eetiy adafTpd to'TT-jAiArti?r'
so s;inpieihal m .-l.iKes cai'iu-i be uiadi; iu using
tum; so harmless as-to be-4 ee lr. m duge
6 .rpoiTito atwajs' rmKbie. . lLey bave
rjs' '&-f b ' e i-iiii.-ii iatiu ttoai ai., and Wil
afwayf'uaiVt sUt.sfLctioa: '- -' ' " ----s
1 CiiresVerrrs, Congestions, Inflimstion 25
2 cures Worms, Wiru Kvrr. Worm C..1.0 -J"
'i cures UrymR-co.ic or Tetjiii.of o: lui.iiij 2 j 1' rsrrho-o! chiidrepor adl s ,..5
ft cures lysi..taryiripiiig or co.ic.;....26
Scuruslh l ra-Vii roij Voniiliag...., ;.aft
? ture. CouAsc.Us. Lrinctutui , ...K5
b cures Neu. aV'ii,' looibachf,-' face che 25
JCcu t s ncudj.ii). ;Cii beai'U-'l
Idwcures l.y.-pep.i, Hi lions s4..e
heai'U'he, vertigo.... 5
liLcu.res ly.-pep-,i, Hi lions s4..cuch.
If cuics iii presiie" or pa'inlai perwdi.;
lcures Whites Wkj prol use periods
ljxures Croup, c ti.k, difficult bi eatUing....
H-curea Salt ihuuie, t-rjtipelaj, crnptious...
16 cures Khcuniatisa, rhifuuialic .kiis,
lt-:u'es Kevcr and aue,. chil I fcVcM , airut..
17 cures blind i.r .7........'..
lS.cuie.s Uptbaiiny. ail.! Siite or we.ilt eye
19 cures Cataih. accute irba :c
ittcures vt boopiiig-CjDsi. vjleut e-.,i:ghs
iTcures AslLma pprt-ss. iUUi.eatliiiig.....J...
"i sures Kar d.scbai fit's. in4.rou it-ai ing. ......
vd cuies crolUia, eu.a. gedi :uds, sweiUogs
21 cures (ieuerai tieui Itr .hjs.caj weakness 60
25 cures Dropsy, ai.r! pii.iy secreiniis... .6d
2curcSea-o:ilir -s, S:Cfcne.-s from riUluj ......60
22 cutes K.ntne.. -diseases. tiraeI.,i-........-.....:.fttf
2S cures NtrroUa dcbiiny, seminal ennssioUs, in
voluntary discha. ges 1 00
29 cures sne mouth, tanner 50
30 Circs L'nnaiy wcakuxss welling btd 50
3 cures Painful periods, with spa-ins 50
ii cures biiHei it ts at chance of life 1 00
AS cures Kpiiei sy spasms, fat loo
J cures Dip.hena, u:triltlrMM' tLroaL... ....., L.50
toiiiny cses of a5 to U targe vials.- on.i-
Kcc- or losewo. dTSsf rentafrtTi ?
sceciiU- for every ordinary disease a
rVifisTi .i....V......t..,..i....,.-$oto$3d
SmaHer Fihl.y'i..rr''CasC?, with ' -
20 toiri via!.-, from 9 to S3
Speciiics for an Pnyaie . both lor
Curing and Pre enttye 4'reatateut, Iu. j
via ;s and packet cases $2 to $5
1 Pond'i lUtracl cures Bm us. Hi uises. bamene.-s,
Soreness, Sore Taroal. Sprains, Toothachf", Karaclie,
Keura:?ia, Itlieumatism, Lumbapo, Piles, Boi.s,
$uua..ii4tre Jiyvs liietduii of the Lungs, Nose,
Stoiiuch, or of Piles; t'onis, Ulcers, oidaores.
AtT Price 5d els lo $1,75." l .
. These Remedies, except Po..d's Extralf by the
case or single box, are sent to any pan or tSe coun
try, ty mail or express, tree if charge, on receipt of
th.- liMce. r
Ad:3isTI1Mtji'eT,s spryprrcs-i v- rr f
' u ti ii ;' a iasc iitimtNatca . 4
Office and Depot N". oiii Bmadway, . Y
! Dr. Hunu hrev is cousuitid dai.y at his
s oilice, per-I
j .o
Sonally or Ly letter, as above, for ,!
.im For sale by -'.
AicCynAS a CO.,
' j.y J BrotvuviJe, 'eb".'
Van Solon' Papulehn Lotiou.
Tbe greatest remedy ever discovered fur1he dif
eascsof ti.e Skin, t.urcs eveiv kiud ot unsightly
e uptions of tl.e fat e. 4oin ves,. wiibout. fail,
Pimplit. Freckel. Moth JiUtches, Comodine or
Wack ivorms Tan. 4c, and as a fcear.liuer it baa
n-j i qual . For pent 'eincn after shaving it is inval
Oab e Ladies, alter trying it, will use dj otiier.
Papuican Loiioii" is the only re iabia retuedy
for di ee.itVlem:s!ies of the SJtui P. ice one
dollar. Prepared uu'y by
5r V.IJ COI.t7., Ol. LUIII', Jill.
For Bale by Diug?i-ts gene'ally.
r '
i Corner Main and 3d Street,
Fancy Gbod-S aifcITJolIons,
V.'iiich ehe will sill nt reaonr.flo prices.
.-".'i-. is ii.ntan!if in recti rt oi -m;v. una
y.tut Patterns for -. -'. .
DiesT and Cloak Making,
tovhich she peys'purticular attention.
V-f :
Flutins, 5 ' : 'ibis's Stitcltins, Eraid
tic, doaa t order.
. 4 ... ...
' t
at all the principle Fairs in ihe World,
ery Machine warranted for three years,
strtrfttons free. ; - 1 ; ' - - -
injprarir anf. eticearj rf , ( SI ;
feii,i?u!'9!B4;rtc,ai C-'Usetr ptfi.ti yspepsia,
CUrolMilJlaiilA iift A.l!;.aio-J Uetru,iiiup
tue or 4 ny other chr6nlialfecrlo'n,"U'Ta,reiy upon
jf t . " l -l- i i vr.-"
f 4 -"- 4
8 0 0 DS
cf tho
Just Received by
i ui a
3i?Plj ci son's JUock
Iva!er3 In
lajdie's, G'.n'.t"A Cldldrens'
' Forming, perhaps, the
Most Complete j
ii ;r:xtciiiic stock j
offered to
Wioleaale-or- Retail
Yv'est of.the Missouri River.'
Never having hem out-;
done for extent of stock or
Fair Uacalimc, thwiment the
coufidoiiee a.'id palronr.goof
AL L !
Our C'X)ls wer nil
Ai:d wean
On tlie Casli Sys fcein
, To give the-Public sush bargains as will
From any sotirse I
Call and Examine
- ' Cuntilfting of - -
-. i
Glass, Putty and Cement,
iofflce r-1
p " V" of. TBE itlkh!.VTED i f
r . - J s.. . . : . "
T7 Arc n'T
made by the ,
i f- P 1 1 P !
ziiiyr. vrrt r-known a:
I LA K CO 'KlNvi alOVF..S havo h-r-u before ti
-. in- since lssi. acfl fUi-oreiiin)f vear has ad.tet
' toe ir p.iilantv, until thu n:i.".- litis b-CfR.e la in every household ia ti.e West and ."-otita
lie tSi-niiiinl f'.r oi:r
Vow Olin.-1'tei Osil
ist ve;ir t'veatt-r than weeii!'l s"ip!'Jy with th
tt-s t:i n!j antieiiMiriaj; srul j?rer de
i-iiidiai"i2 5ttj pres'-nt vear, we b:iv; mH pat fr sf .-.-r:il a.'. l;ti.n.l si-s, an-i are prejiaretl
i tn.intii:M-t.ii-e l'20to i:U
n!V day, of
T W IZNT Y-KI 1 1 r 1 I r FEIt ENT S 1 Z F.S.
V'e jruavantie the operation of every stove w j
la.i'ifit.-tiHf, and o.ler as ri-ii-rence any one oi inc
ijt.- Ui .n-a'.i'U that have been sold, uherevet
rv'n.av !. io.iii l Nelth-r labor r-r expanse has
eii stinr.-lt.i:.:-.i.e war NEW C1IAUTEB OAK
,1 rv oSVr it t tli- trade rs the DEST CON
rnr.TKi, MOS'I" DL'l!i!LK and CXliOUil
i.eitift CUKIiAji- l'iVK in t.'ie mark. t
I-, ., ..i.tio.i t . ir K Yri.N-l K IU K BLSI
"5S re ure pre -art.. i fit.Jer to Stve Dealer
atiaoiUlh nd Us, trade, thclarci: and
enip.t'i' t- a'iieut t" Metals an i lmuers'
j.J.iWaipW 'i.tii;-;:n v'vr.:ii'.e n t.rive liljeml
.... iX ...fverj of i'KKN'CH fcl-VSirEDl
'INt:: liMN'iVAUK aiH Iiat-rs' supplies.!
ivtn-x i"-.-:-)'::V.- r-'-.Tii --1 "he pri -t oftS articles oil
trir.VV SI Ni'K (. IL'UK, webciiev-iteaiersaDd !
.:-ei-e:-.wi:i nl it to ii-it.. ia'Teit to send
"Ca.i-.jue .ia i i'.-ve' .a:i K ourpricea
. -.iiv!..-i.!-r e:i-ni h- ft. A';;-i ;j
: t i:iigii sjAXUFi cp.,
. ... tt. Louis, liissjuri.
Brvv-'nvUl'?, y:h.
worth oi
iTlieo. Ill & Co.,
m .x e -n. ,ir .
jj. T8.
liooas ciri
. tt rdr--A
a. MAirs colu2H7.
. ; . . - - - -
V HO, m21.
To all old Friends and Customers and
he Pnblic generally, fur all
' . time to come.
IejiodeIIiti goods
On any article ia our line. We will sell for ca..b to
On Credit to Nobody. '
We buy forcasii. and we .stall sell for ensh. Aud
, bsving no bad tlebts, we j.r. p sf Xi give
our customers the benefit
arising frr-m
In Low prices and Sect Goods.
We shall keep a fu'I a-nortmini. of sta
fancy Go-ids. Nolion. etc., and while e sh
S'aplesas low ss any hou.e in the c--un(rf , all fell
not char? 25 per cent, more for II. sery, we ihaU
it;., than they are worth, to "averag? pr.tiiNoiions,
Haa on exhibition Uie greatest variety cf
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods
l p .
c a e j? le t s
Ot sayhooaeia tl.e trade, and Mi arrangetnetiU ;
" . j
as tfcry rrr JTeTTork a'asost Jai'.y.
SheHenberrer Ercs
3!cXhrrso:i;?. Illotl,
Ira'.ri ia
llctrdirrfrc A':"' "., J';' ",
" f'tnre
P(-!l?,vr.j 1 wtd X'.d-,
ntfslmrtf .-on .-: Sxi's,
mtsbur-j Iron im! Xtt:!,
Meet-, ante's
! Charter Oax F'evc;,
Charter Oo.k stores,
Charter Mk
r.'"8.'dt a'fal! .T;sor1mf nt f every lulu;
.' in a ;:r4 do. . .
lioili;L.,:iii iiiiU UlUli.
STOBE! . '
Which tv ill Ir. ',: r-j loi? a the laved
To a'l u-Iioji:'-r va ivlih a call.
No, 4D, .
i ttAt rxn is '
st a pzj: a .y . i yc i
Embraclii idl tlio Ncveltlcs of tae
Also ft l;irs."- -tn I v. r: sr !-vVl ito-Ii of
Quccr.jV.'r.rc, Hardrraro,
dhir Onntli vcrr lv rht of f rat hand,
and it e third; (': cr:'.i t-JJ'cr uc? induce
mcnU lo j: v, cr s "? cv.rnot fail to
mil iho-r :.: , ij Call and see.
for' 0t'y'.!:r -
All KlniTu c-. Prodnca taliea in Ex
CLAiir;? for"GooJ3.
.11 tlie Szn ol tlie
ii V.a .i-X"0 to b'tv
K.v -p . o: h ,-.; 1 y. emnpl.-to a-jjort-
l:.-.l .'.'
Snfe., 2l .'. i: i '-r It'itr.trcj V.',
H-irfi:i, i'.ocki t'hixi-t,
W.' -Vo.'j. JUt Ractt.
KiUlen - ...w. Kitchett
a.:d t. """ ani
Pari r ' , '. . . Parlor,
ikal'r, . ' Tattle.
Tc; r. Vs.--rT .;'? Tablu,
Standi, '; s . . .. ' Iamhj
t" ' "ti . " ' 1 ..
Ln-m-jiZ , - . . t i"tn. . ' ' - " " Crib.-,
Pl.i::l If, Ctldirt.
l.lnds VJ - fomCnrft.
Standi. scr - Cornfurtt,
Muttrr'-.-j. Titr-ttttt,
B. i Si -l i- 'i Vi ;'.'.'. '. C'"'' c-.-f 6'tji, .
(j'lf ix.J--VJ.'J ':"I-.UJ,
S.:;-f. r.'o',-:. t'Utcuf
Aud f. tliii'L; i.n 1 ( vfi.vlhiii ryi nire-J to SoJ
up 1 Im.i .it.-;. I.. t..- kci-jfiti
All cf Hi. '.c .vi I.- i i .- it; i"";.i:i:iuf.cturel of
I pat u; ui. ti.t ; : . -.A .-..erlntendeneo,
wiileh eii'tl.l. s: t!.v: - U s .r.nd nrtlt-Ic-s at
riiiaKr r p.kv.s th:.:: I';; .'.vi u luau'ifactutcd,
, poikR ,
Ouv ILearso
" - A ,
f'- .....
.'. 1 '- -r
1. ii'. the s.Tvi -L- of t!u.- nny tttne It
mnylieti'-e'li- l.tutd ;.;- tt. tM'p Intu fluestyl
a.i any Lutht r L- t.
. . of u!! hi'.-s cor. :t:i:.t!y h.-ittd, '
t 11 tV t ii V tl 1 i'ittt'Hf ,.
W :.rt- .! ii:: t ' i'.sin v o.i '
stiuctly ca:;;i rni:;ciPLE3
a r a '
Si vi u 1. 1 Profit;''
aril iy ;ittT-.ii t 1 - w.-,l tlicwonN,f
tin: o, ,!;;, .u :.-y. . x ;,t t ,;i i-a'sr.ijk. in U. "
I a-t to r.-c: iv- t!.u l ;.!r ,u,-.o t.t t.'.c pu'ilia
gr;nr.rnlly. JIrALI, ft CO.
V w . . J , ,
F.xehtit'-e i: .uu'-.t iv..-i s..: ! i.t, v. A th o .rln-'il-i-l
it . -. A: ., :..,. iu U4-I bdwt
Coin, Co:-! 1".: i
Peps't.-, r.-- ; . . !'. ut -U'.f. Ir.t-o-
i-rst pnid ti to ; .s ii.H lv s .;i,'il ajree-ru.-ut.
T ., -. ; ; i , .,-1, m,;i Hi s.
A!! J: r t r. i-n. S vt.-.).
I have thi.j -L:vs ,;i ,-. ,- ,.,,-in, iu,..-tla
the j.air.r i"..:'-:! , . T. .'.V'r. 1. Thank- ' '
Inii iv n;- u,r V.-'-r-A i-i'ror-aire N.
tui.A o;i rie t;..s --at t!cv. u y.-ar. I .'
ltops t .' ' i... ". i . i " r : ., j .,ir:i: to my suc
et' in h.isn:'-., : ' i .itz is nn c x p-r-rnv
.1 p::r.r.r, -r.,.-.-.t-rjt t r.f-rf-.m nil
work c :tr.;.i'.'-i ti i.'i.i in a w.i kmaaliko
nir.un.T, ui.i iv;.,:ia;:y redm.-l c:iii
t.-'P !.-.
Alt f n ...-,.., v,.. rTr.tAvt- IrArtAtd
.:iastl.;,;( I-,,-,. !.'-. i.'i., V.'AEUTEitj
Crjir.miirJ, Painting.
Guildi, Glatln?, Pape rlianliig, ,.
17c. 15 Zliia Street,
tO:..k. ..-t, ' fir .t IT..-!?zI:izt.T
-- ii'if-h" .-nro i:i l (jr-vtry .store.)
! buow:: vi lli;, :;j;i)r.ASKA.
t. iv. iiri yry:.
rJ Ntf
Tbti . rrwvruyilb Transfer Lins,
1 r;":"6;;1"
Btov-.t-siileto iie RailiOsidTcrminn
' of tbo C.-'trte.l 0 uinis . J.-?eph Baiirosd
At Ilortll Star, TIo.,
iwoJti,ei!icra3io..-.:l.j.i xwft.i SiarVeny
! Gorrl Oaiiiiljassci. Clo,. C junction
i .