Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 19, 1868, Image 3

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. Ln. Tfcajci left ca ILe 14th for
Tlie Unite J Btatos hare recoil 2 cd
the free Goverement Juet e&tatliihci
by the revolutionists in Spain.
The LaptUU of Salem, Neb., ure
crcctinsr a church. D. A. TUdel U
abort to lay out a S. E. Addition to
t-w ioWfl-
.Dr. V'ni.'ll. Uaily, formerly of this
ccrur.tylhj abeurned charge of the
Arro Southern Xcbrasklan. .Success
tilcsiLira. - , " -
LL LouI haa voted down the rop
c it: to take 2,000,000. stock in the
EL' Louis, " Chillccotbe and Omaha
.The IT. Y. Herald contains long
creation accounts of a Cuban Cllcbus
ti rlngxpeditlcn. The Tribune don't
believe a vrord of it.
.The Liberal Government in Spain
have taken measures to stop the un
just vrarg waged by the crown ujon
the South American States.
The Chicago & Northwestern Kail
rvti. have made arrangements toth row
a temporary bridge across the Missouri
river at De Soto, thus making direct
connection with the Nebraska Air
Line." - . -
The new R&ilroad Bridge at Quincy
was crossed by a train for the first time
on the t)th'. A locomotive, tender and
twcntythreo -cars were -nearly two
hours In crossing, the bridge showing
scarcely a preceptible tremor.
The Washington ovationi-U were
considerably disappointed last Saturn
day by Gen. Grant's arrival in V(ft, A
ingtoa, so unexpected and quiet that
he reached his home befofe anyone
hardly knew he was in the city.
,Yt learn from the St Louis Demo
crat that the American Express com
pany and the Merchants' Union Ex
press company have become consoli
dated under the name of the Ameri
can Merchants' Union Express com
pany. .Tn United States Senate, after the
th of March next, will be divided,
Iol!tlcally : Republicans, 6S ; Dcmo-cj-aU,
10 ; three States unrepresented.
6 ; trhole cumber of Senators, 74. Of
three, 16 are from the reconstructed
HUte; Including Tennessee.
' Gen. Howard reports $3,977,000 ex
pended for' the Freedman'a Bureau
duiing the past fiscal year, and recom
mends ite discontinuance from Jan
uary 1st, 1S69, yet recommends a con
tinuance of Freedmmans Hospitals at
Washington, Richmond, Sandueky
and New York. .
Omaha feels comparatively "tig" if
-re may judge from the number of
comparisons: Thus the Republican
copies the vote of some smaller city
than Omaha with the Omaha vote, and
remarks complacently "Omaha still
ahead." It has not yet compared
yr ith the vote of Brownville !
The ten Western States of Ohio, In
diana, Illinois, Michigan, "Wisconsin,
Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas
and Nebraska, gave a majority of 2S3,
000 for Gen. Grant. These States,
vhlch contain more than one-third of
the population of the Union, voted
olid against Seymour and Tcndleto
nianism. 1 The financial stringency produced
Jn the money market by the copper
head scheme to produce a panle La
more than ceased, as gold is lower
than when the attempt waa made ;
and the peoples emphatic endorse
ment of "Let s have Peace," has
ttrcngthened the credit of the Nation
the world over.
The cfUcers of the Grand Lodge of
L O. of O. F. chosen at the recent ses
sion of the Grand Lodge for the ensu
ing year are as follows : Alvin San
der, Omaha, G. M. ; J. M. Hacker,
Rrowuville, Dp. G."M. ; Dr. Aug. Ro
der, Omaha, G. W. ; John Evans,
Omaha, G. Sec. ; D. C. Sutphen, Oma
La, G. Treas. ; Jonas nacker, Brown
ville, G. Rep. ; F. Tcmplin, Neb. City,
(J. Orator.
railroad "lectin? at Falls City.
Editor Nebraska Advertiser:
At. the Railroad meeting at Falls
City, Richardson county, on the 14th
Inst., quite an Interest was manifested
on the part of the people of Richard
ton and other counties In favor of the
"Great Nemaha Yalley Railroad."
Remarks were made by several of
the' leading mea from counties along
the 'proposed road in favor of imme
diate action. A motion to organize
was adopted unanimously.
A committee consisting of lion. Ish
a'ca Reavis, Major Sargent, YV D
Scott. Hon. Hlnman Rhodes, J.
Holt, and Hon J. J. Gardner, was Ap
pointed to draft articles of Corporation,
and report at next meeting.
. A committee of seven was appointed
to prepare resolutions expressive of
the sense of the meeting, consisting of
V. D. Scott, Maj. Sargent, Hon. J. J.
Gardner, Hoa. Ishara IUavia, J. W.
Holt, and Geo. Abbott.
' Secretary was instructed to notify
the citizens of Richardson, Pawnee,
Nemaha, Johnson, Gage, Lancaster,
Seward, and other counties Interested,
of the ccxt meeting.
Ajourced to meet at Tecumseh,
Jchctca county, oa Saturday, Novem
ber Hit. . '.:
A j;rc-t deal cf interest was manifes
to 1 and a dciire on the part of all prcs
?::t p--h forward .the enterprise.
Th2 r-'-T'" c Great Nemaha Val
Icv ere wlio awake to their Interests
s-i will now'ttrike for the 'develop-x-"-.t
cf Ecuth-c-'cra Nebraska, and
to iVis end they cna & portion
v, Lcdi.- The counties of
i-v.T.c a Johnson, Gage
; VT 't:rarc till; o interested in
1 ' " " ' r - v, i 11 ru&h forward
'lea, th9 "Gre:t
l.C "
The result for IleprescnUtives in
Congress in rotate
Is as follow:
thr; ha"
tatn. rtop. Dcm.
Maine 5
Vermont 3
MaHnachusTttilO ...
IlhoJp Island .. n .:.
Nct York - 13
IVuttfyivania.15 9
pclaware.. . 1
Maryland 4
N. Carolina.. & j.
8. Carolina S 1
1 uiilani , ,, I 4
TfiMw T - 1
Kentuckj-.. 8
ArkRna 2
Went Virginia, S - - .
Sew -J. 2 I
na . 1
?' ..jiin 'i
? .oi... 1
i(Xnsln..- &
Juinnesota.. 1
Iowa-....... 6
Mlssonrl... 0
Kangaa 1
Nebraska.-... 1
California 2
Oregon ... .
Republican raHjorlty,7".
. - . Pcnnsylrania OClcIal. :
. The full official vote of Pennsylva
nia 1? received and announced.
result is:
-r firant
or Seymour.....
Granfa majority..
iotal vote...
...... ..(kXhUb'S
Four years ago the vote stood :
For 1,1 n roln
Kor McClrlUa.-.
Lincoln's majority.,
loihi vote...M
Increased vote In four year... b'2,?ti5
The Republican Inajority In October
was 0,677, which shows a gain of 1S,
221 votes for Grant. Mostof the frauds
perpetrated In October were prevented
in November, which accounts for half
Uhe inajority the Republican gain In
Philadelphia alone being over 5,000.'
KaIIoaarp and Down the
SUssourl Klver. '
Editor Xvbraka Advertiser :
The bulk of the wealth of Nebraska
is contained in the counties laying
along the Missouririver. 'Now what
shall th river counties do in regard
to building a Railroad up and down
the Missouri river, from the Kansas
line to Dacota, Nebraska? All the
trade of Nebraska will he on the line
of this road. . The grain of Nebraska
comes to the Missouri river. How
shall we send this, grain jind produce
westward? I answer, by the Union
Pacific Railroad through Omaha by
means of this roatf up and down the
Missouri river. Let politicians look
to this matter. Observer.-
Editor Nebraska Advcrti$er:
Last week I visited the town of
Gallatin, Daviess County, Mo. It has a
beautiful location on the high prairie,
overlooking the great valley of the
Grand River, with plenty of building
material close at hand. . ' - : - - '
Our former friend and fellow-towris-man,
Hon. R'. L. Dodge, is perma
nently located at Gallatin, and has just
been elected as Judge of Common
Pleas, with Probate Jurisdiction. His
many friends, and! former patrons of
Nemaha will rejoice to hear that bis
legal ability and unswerving integrity
is appreciated bf thc"good people of
Daviess county. '
I had the pleasure of being present
at a railroad meeting In Gallatin, held
for the purpose of voting $150,000 for
the Chillcothc and Omaha Railroad,
which runs up the valley of the Grand
River, within three-quarters of a mile
of Gallatin. The meeting was ably
addressed by Judge R. L. Dodge, Mr.
McGce, State Register Elect, - and
others of Daviess county, and by Hon.
Joel Aeper, Representative to Con
gress, of Chilicothe. C. W. W.
Tbe Result In Nebraska. -
Majority for
Grant. Seymour.
Douglas county 372
Otoe . " -r3 .
Nemaha . " fclO
Richardson " ' 421
Pawnee " 445
Lancaster " 204
Cass " 341
Hall " 134
Platte " 3S
Cedar " 27
Burt " 1B2
Dakota 3.
Cuming " 32
Johnson- " 235
Saunders M 78
Dixon " 5-.
L'EauqC't" 21
Dodge 171
Washington" 315
SUntoa " -5
Gage " . 25
Seward " G5
Butler 45
York " 5
Merrick . " ' ; 36
Sarpy " ' ;
Madson "
Jefferson " 75
Grant's majority 42S3
The Adjutent General of tho Army
has made his annual report to- the
Secretary of War. The actual strength
of regiments In service on the 30th
of September Was 43,741 men ;
besides there were 4,340' men more in
the Eugineer, Ordnance and other
hrnnrhi of the service. An unusu
ally large number of discharges have
been cranted during the year on indl-
vidual application, ana unw,,""
the ordinary discharges and casualties,
arPMniiiiv riimiaishin? the retriments.
except cavalrv, which are necessarily
kept In force because oi inaian opera
tions. . .'
It Is stated that 4,500 men will be
.Ispharced before New Yearbvreason
of the expiration of their terms of en
listment. The number of desertions
last year were 2,700 less than the pre
vious year. The number of deserters
arrested was nearly 1,000. mere, and
the proportion of losses by d: rtion to
the strength of the army w c iidera
blo less than last year. In order to
still further reduce the expenses and
strength of the military establishment
the detach mentis at the reerating de
pots have been reduced osmuchas
Eossible, and schools of instruction
ave been suspended. No recruting
of any kind but for the Navy has been
going on since tho end of last July,
und there are only five station for re
cruting in this arm of eerviee. Reg
iments oa the Pacific coast have, as
far as was possible, to avoid tho ex
pense of tranFportaUon, been suppli
ed with recruits obtained In Cahkr-
nia. The strength of all colored regi
ments in the service U nearly up to
the required standard.
Wm. J. Abbott Post Master at Lin-
cola, Nfcb., has beta arrested upon
charcre of robtinz tho mail; valuables
havinr been lost at dircrcnt limes U-
tween Nebraska City and Lincoln for
a yc-rpast.-.- Abbott was formerly a
resld :at of Nebraska City. He is now
und.Tr arrest tt Omlha. The penalty
upon .conviction for an offense of ,th:.i
kini is tn vtan in the rcnitcntiary.
V, . i ' . .....
Ovr3ml.--:oni .
t ' "Is1 .;ta"; the ;d
ec vti .-aw.'.imefth Col -ui; n
er tht year, ineludi: - those ith
wi. .oirw 'sioner:- Anger .ud
Cullcn. ouTif? led, nui ering in Jhe
agsrregi : 3 tic:.:.y. 0 boOI; -ra at
pc;i rt moving to, o s Jrtady t,i, the
reservations set apart Tor them and
are not disappointing the expectations
and hopes of the Commissioners. On
thecomrarjvthe Kiowas, Camanchcs,
Arrapahofs ami Cheyenne, cumber
ing Home 5000 or COOOmen, wonicrfand
children,.. erer upon the war ;patb, them a considerable army is
now operating' for a non-fulfillment
on the part of our treaty stipulations
with these Indians. - , - z.
The people" of Nebraska City and
Otoe oounty appear to have a "'White
Eleph'snVon their hands, in the shape
of tW "Midland. paciac. It. R. Co"
The people voted to a it the compa
ny to the amount of $loO,000 In countv
bonds, to be used In conjunction with
an equal amount of jnoney furnished
by the OA.,' and tc be issued '-in stated
surus. The company done a little
work a?id then the Democratic County
Commissioners issued them the whole
S150,C0'J in bonds.-, -The, popld begin
to see where they can pay a large
amount of interest, but the hittle f
the locomotive appears a long way otf.
We are of the opinion that the Com
pany have builtaboutall the Railroad
they intend tor at present. Plattz Tho New York Tribune criticises
Mr. Reverdy Johnson's courtesies to
Laird of England sharply, and says
"he has shgjvn himself a, tody and a
snob, and unworthy to be the repre
sentative of true .American citizens;
and we shall feel as long as he remains
at the court of England that this . na
tion is not represented there, but dis
graced." r
Gen. Grant, while on his way to
Washington, made but ona'. speech
thus, at Belleville, Illinois: "Gentle
men : I sec many of you in uniforms.
You laid thim offthree years ago,'you
can now laj' them off. again, . and we
M ill have ?ace. Good night."
A new Post 01S?e'ha9 been estab
lished in Haline . County, between
Swan City iind Big Sandy. The name
of the office is Equality P.M., Mr. A.
Dike. Blue Valley Itecord.
The M. U. Ex. Co. have concluded
to open an office at Pawnee City,
Atfy atjjaw. ... i. ;
C. O. & G. W. DORSEY,
f ' A"D . ' i
Dealers in LandAvarraxits.
Cny and Sell liVaVlLRtatc and
Land lVarrants. .
Select h Locate GDvenunent Lands.
A large qmintttj' of First Class Lands fbr
sale In Nemaha, Richardson, Tawnce, John
son and Gage Counties, Nebraska, to which
the attention of purcliaBers Is'VpecIally Invi
ted: " , '
Branch Once -BEATRICE, NEB.
- - : -
, . . . . YESTEUI
i P. L. niTYZTT & SOIT,
No. 9 Fourth Street, ; .
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
- r
Chickering k Son's Pianos
. Which trere aTrtrdai the .
Cress cf the LEGION of H0N0E,
: , . ALSO
W1I. KSADE & CO., .
l alnna!, Combination & Cabins!
'llason & HaxnUn's .
Cabinet; Poirtablo,
- -: :-' . and " 4
' ' - . f , ' - '
Metropolitan Organs: -
. i
All ihouli bo addrewsei to
v JAIIS3 n. DYE, Act, - -
.-. ; . 1 - . - . vw - .
. Brownville, rsTcl
C'OAA JIOyriT .'Remember, It so.
p-Uli AeenJjJ can make it. l-'axmera' sone.
any person enn doit. We have a new cheap,
lioened lwina: Machine, the let ver macie.
It will aew, fell, bem, tuck, braid and ein
broirter.anddoaa work done by highly prl -ei
rcaflilnea. .CosU only SIS; think of that !
fide One agent wanted for every conn! r.
Snjn;Ie machine at lees Uian reeular prke to
one t rent. Bamrl-of work, U-xms, 4c, free,
XlilB U A new thiES. Send and eje aompies.
A.P.TTtTiilA')T S. 11. COMPANY " "
Zh?m - -Hujedala. IS. II.
i vay of
) OX the
J;ig and
Li ourt 1 vi pra..
; i '-ovf the ople c t .h t -, y thelf
Lo SatU! , lav t-n;i ' - U;at ,"1 r " ' ;,,vrr
- nail, " p- lamuo ,srtn, . ' V
. ,.i-chyt..r as a Liy i solemn t . .
tUi.Hk skiving t Almighty OoJ for ,Uis Lies
lnira to ua aa a fctate and Nation. f
A'ow.therffwe, earnestly m-oondln thl ac
tion of the I'resldent, and cheorfuUy ptving
voice to the will of the rxph,T?lJtri 1-ut-ler.
Governor--( (Stai of NeWraka, io
hereby mil -npon Ell -within the borders of
thisHtoto citir.rotd itrnxinr-rn. to aist-ilu
from thflr secular nvorations, bn the 2ali
day of November? vrnl t ssemble ia the
cus-tornary places rf woishlp and bftore
Goda altar recount !vlt!i,thark.5lvlrg the
manybleslnt;s,inatf r!;il and spiritual, which
have leen bestowed-ui)ou. us as n people.
And while ensatced In ihese gratefnl devo
tions let 11 beiiold howeoBstant has been the
Hand that protect and blesses, to tho end
that as InvlaualB and as a nation all may be
imbued with the spirit of humble yet Implicit
trust in thelrd.
. I further call-upon the citizens to charac
terize the dajr by k'ttin? pratltude find ex
jiresslon In Ieeds of bri4iTolenoe as welt'as
in word of thanksgiving., EypeeiRlly do I
call upon them to seek out and minister to
Uir wants of the poor, the needy, rmd the
Buifering, those made- so by tlie wars for on r
country. 1 call upon them to seek out all
that are' In distress, from whatever,
and bear to them relief that the land may be
filled with gladness that every heart and
dwelling:, on that day, be converted into a
temple of thanksgiving and praise.
; In testimony whereof, I have hereunto net
my hand and caused to be affixed the Great
Seal of tlie State,, this 7th dav of November,
133. , DAVID BUILElt.
By the Governor: " ; -
T. r. Kenjjakd, Secy, of State.
Proposals for Printing
Material, Folding, Stitchingand Bind
ing for the State of. Nebraska.', -To
l'rlnters and others : '
Under the provisions of an Aet of the Leg
islature of Nebraska, approved Jnnn 18, iSiJ.
of which the following is an abstract: , .
Section 1. The Kerretaro of State, Auditor
and Treanuer, shall, beginning in thefli-st
week in November, "lSJlS, and everv2d year
thereafter advertise thirty day for PropMils
for State I'rintlng, fortwo years from the 4th
Tuesday in December next following.
Sec. Deibues thelabor and material to be
bid f)r,as eomiwMiitlon. paperand press-work;
requires the ortieers to publish an abstract of
the Jaw; and describe the manner of deter
mining the lowest bidders in certain eases. .
Sec. a. Classifies the several kinds of con
tracts. Sections 4, 3k 8 and 7 Define tlie styles of the
different kinds of printing required.
Sections 8 aiyl 9 Directs how composition
and press work shall be measured.
Sec 10 Requires contractor to dellyerprint
ed matter to the Secretary. of State.
Sec 11 Requires each .successful bidder to
plve bond in not less than $2,ii()0 or more than
.",000, for the faithful fulfillment of his con
tract. Sections 12,13,11, 15. 10 and 17, make pro
visions for receiving bids, and contractiug
for folding stitching and binding printed
Sections IS and 19 Provide the manner of
making out bills and adjusting accounts un
der this law.
Sections 20 and 21 Provide for the payment
of contractors hereunder, ,
Sec 2 Provides for penalties for delayg in
executing work. "
Sec 23 Reqnires fleer era ry of State t$id
clerks of thslloufe of the Legislature to fur
nish to the printers true copies of all matters
to be printed. '
See, 2t Jieqnlres Secretary of State to class
ify the laws frr publ i rtion and prepare ln
dexes to laws and journals.
Sec 2-" Provides for re-letting contracts In
case of failure of contractors. - r
-See, 'id. Relates to printing done in 1868
: The undersigned will reeieve proposals for
furnishing ' paper eoniposltlon press-work
folding, stitching and binding, for the use of
the Legislative and Kxecntive departmeats
of the State of Nebraska, for two veara frrin
Tuesday the 2d day of Decern ber,A. D., lfit
Such proposals will bo recieved until "12
o'clock, noon, on Monday, December 7th, A.
D. 18(3, at the ollicc of the Secretary of Staie.
in Lincoln, Nebraska. .
The classification Of work will be fotrnd
hereiJi-below. Each class will le tho subject
of a separate cent ra-t. The estimate for re
termining the lowet bid Will be made upon
the basis of theschedule of classes following:
. Bids will b made in the following form j . :
I or we) propose and wilUnnd to furnish
thework and -mateil.Tls required to lo the
printing in Class No. , at tlie friowrng
rates ; specify only the kinds of work, or ma
terial in Wie class bid for.
cents per 1000 rms for composition. '
quire of paper.
" " quire of 24 Impressions for
pres-s work.
- - lfto sheets for folding.
" M m sheets for stltehlng.
" . " loOpjiperfcovers for pamphlets
to Include composition sjf dJ
. " 100 paper covers for' Laws and
Journals inclusive of compo
fcttion aud press work.
" '- 100 copies for stitching, blndlns
:!. and lettering Laws and Journal
-In law sheep.
And further agree that all work shall
be done In the best style, and all materials
furnished shall be of full weights and quali
ty as contracted for; and that all work shall
be executed and delivered at the times men
tioned In and required by c6ntract.
'r . Bidder.
Such bid shall be acoompanled "by a guaran
ty na follows:
We hereby guarranty that who propose
to perform labor and furnish material under
a contract for printing In Cltnw No , able
to carry out fully 6uch contracts as ask
for, with the State of Nebraska; and that we
will enter into bonds, as sureties ror tnesaia
for the full and faithful performance of
their contracts.
Signed ....w,.. ....... ) Proposed
Proposals must be sealed and endorsed
"Proposals for State Printing." and deposited
at the office of the Secretary of State before
12 o'clock m.. on Monday. D6e. 7th. 168.
The successful bidders will bo notified 1m-
mediiitel.v after a decision is made, and they
will bereouired to enter Into contracts and
give the required bonds on or before Monday,
Dee. 2ist next tollowlng.
The con tractors will be paid for their work.
r naving aepositea ineir accounis, wn
srKH'lmens. vouchers and orders, they shall
have been certified to by two of the contract
ing officers, by. A editor's warrants upon. the
state Treasury, on or before tne 4tn luesaay
In December in each year, following the date
oi me contract.
Bills and Jiesolutitxs in Bill Form.
ems composition, email pica type, per
quires flat cap, Ulb to tho ream.'
ouires of 24' impressions press work-
ems composition, pica, yea and nay
ouires flat can. cut for yea and nay lists,
quires of 24 impressions each, oi press
. '' CLASS No. 2.
Senate arid House Journal, Governor' t if essa
get, OUUccr' Reports in the Journals. Super
Hoyai Octavo form.
ems long primer composition. ' - '
quires paper 40 lb to ream,.
quires press work (21 impressions.)
Reports, Cbmmunications and Pamphlet Docu
ments, separate from Journals. Octavo.
ems long primer composition-
quires of paper 40 B to ream.
quires, 24 imp. press work.
. CLASS No.4.
General and Local Livs, Joint Resolutions,
Memorials, in one super royal octavo volume
ems long primer composition.
qniressuperroyal. 40 lb paper.
quires, 24 impressions, press work.
CLASS No. 5. ; ! :'
Letter 7ieads,bla!ik anl circulars, - '
; ems of composition; brevier measure
ments for letter heads, circulars and all
ruieu Dianks. , ,
quires 1 sheet letter 12 lbs to ream.'
. full r
'. , press work on letter heads.
" Hut letter, lOlhs to ream for bl'ks.
14 press work on letter blanks. ' ,
" flat cap, 14x17, 14 lbs. -
' " " " press work. - M .
" 44 folio past 17x22, 16 Rs. , ... .
press work.
" note 8x10, 5 fts.
- " press work. ,
'.' reil blue ruling one dirt c.lon.
NOTE In all the above classea niile work,
or figure work In columns without rule iil
be measured one and a half tunes lor coni-
Biiiua; nuu ruie anu ugure ur& mice.
' ; ' CL-SS No. 6. ' ' fc
fbldino and stitchina bills and resolutions, and
folding and stUchiug of patnpfdet docuiie,Us,
and covers, ... . , .
sheets fold, per 100 sheets.
7 " " " " stithel per 100 sheets.
paper covers for octavo amphlet8. In
cluding composition, paper and press
work, per luO covers.
covers put on such pamphlets, per 100
sheets folded octavo (four time) pep 100
" bheeUi. . .
CLASS No. 7.
Folding, slitchitiff, covers aud binding for Laws
nd Journals.-
she tsj folded octavo, per 100 sheets. ;
IMir r covers for La ws and Journals, in-
eluiv( of papers, composition and press
. . work, UHt covers.
copies biuding of Laws and Journals, in
paptr covers, includins stiUdilng, per
lmi copies.
rj-ios bindirig of Ijiws and JonrniTs,
tn law sheep including material, etitoh
inj; and letieriiig. , "
..... ' "State Treasurer,
: State Auditor.
5-5 1 -Secretary of State.
ine Plooring, full stock, at
PLnc Slilngles and Lath at - - : "
. . . 1(7. II. SMALL'S.
SilllFOOO "i lit :JR
nave celytl tt . ' ,
Largest an Ilcsi A. 101 ac
, ad-'J .... S51 , .
apvii f i w
' : ever brought to the city of . ,
- cons'.stlnj of ' ' ' : 1
" " " ' r . '
Sofas, Folding; Lonnscs,
Secretanes; and Book -Cases
OIuc Desks. Wash Stands,
Narse Rockers, Dining and Breakfast Tables
Office, Parlor and Dining Room Chairs, and
everything usually found In a -' '
coixEECTiorsEizY : :
No. 31 Cor. Main lstSts. (opposite City Dreg Store.
WILLIAM ALLEN, Proprietor.
. . i
lIes. ' Cakes, Fresh 1,1 Dread,
ConfcctloneiT, L.l$nt and
Constantly ; on Hand ! .!
Fresh Bread Delivered Daily t !
First Class FatnUyFlour Warranted.
Free Express Hun for thebencjit of my Customers.
i J. K. SHOOIv & BROS., '
iJanufaeturers and Dealers In Native Lumber
of all kinds, lengths, bread t lis and thickness,
: : . . ''AT- "'
They own and run voof the best Saw Mills
in the state, aud will furnish
with a bill of Lumber of lest quality,' on
snort nonce, at iu-Mwei9HV(ArKei .rrice.
X&thJanc Pibliet3
. . . . Always on hand for sale.
They also sell cheap at their store In Hills
dale all staple Dry Goods and Groceries, and
such articles as are In general n?e.
Remeaiber tlie business, the men, and the
piace. ... l-jy
Scientific!," KatienaHv. Safef
Compound Extract of
Recomincnded by
Remedy yet Discovered
Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidney
Purifies the Jjlood, . '
Jmproves the Appetite, .
Aids Digestion, ,
' Corrects the Secretions,
And Imparts Tone, Strength and
' Vivacity to the , Whole System.
So that persons using it feel that they enjoy
an entire new lire.
Is Iiecommended by the ' ' '
Best Phyidan8 Everywhere.
Da. F. Olix Danxelly, now of this City
Formerly ProfeKsor of Phvsiolocv and Path-
olotrical Anatoiov in tile Middle Georgia
:uemsl Coiled t'hM'i ire State-o HouUi
Carolina, during the war, Vice-President
Georgia Medical Association r
-Mr, Laurence: I hara care&illv xamlned
your formula forthe KOSADLIS, and recom
mended it to several of my putieuts. The
combination is a happy one, and must prove
a potent remdv In all uibeases requiring the
virtues of a great alterative medicine. I wish
you success.
Ealtimore, April 22, im.
Baltimore, Md., March4, 1S'.
I believe Dr. Lawrence's "ROSADALIS
to be the Beat Alterative in Use, and there
lore cheerfully recommend it as snob, - . .
i .. : . THOMAS J. BOYKIN, SI. D. .
'y! - Bat.timoke, Febuarj- 10th 13. i
1Jr' . lxtwrcnce- liearSir I tflkepleas
urein reconnnending your ROSADALL3 aa
a very powerful alterative. -
1 ours truly, li. w. CARR, M. D.
e know Dr. Lawrence's Rosadalls to 'be
a sate and reliable Alterative, Ac, and take
pieasare In recommending it to the profess
ion and public.
J II Moor M D,
E Barnes, MD. .
K W King. M D.,
S Woodward, M D,
W T Brewer, SI 1)
J II "Winstead, M D
R II Barham, M D,
W G Duggan. M D.
J liUUOCK, iv
WILSON, C- JannarvTth. isftt.
For Testimonial of Remarkable Cukes
. liosaOalis Almanac" for this year-
. . epared at the Laboratory of " :
Dr. J. J. Lawrence & Co.,
BaUimorre &'reeir BALTIMORE.
' , cnrrn cz, dtyeh; ;
General A
b tales, to whom orders should be addressed.
no-t ia . ; -
Pne Siding, a choice and full stock, at
Queensware, largost assortment eve In this
cllr. at .... Mil. U SHALL' 9.
1 1
ITc icD "to tb Pr " li
, . . .
, v..
rJeir and Taslilonalble sJocIi of
(NO SHODDY), Is now offered to the Fublic at
No. .10 liaia Street, . .
' who Is a
to the Interest of the public ; and having pur
chased toy CLOTHING, (made under my own
supervision) exclusively for cash, I can sell as
low, If not lower, than any . . - . v
T-7 . A
- J
in tho Town or County. I beg to call your
. . -:. siienuon o lay :
Large & Well
selected stock of
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
as can be
sU J--
Ilero Is a chance for the best bargains, as I
have no-dead stock on hand, all being entirely
new. The' public are invited to call and ex
amine for themselves,
! Ml
- Mcriiersoiis'a Block, "
tDiJ ill? V 6iJlVj
everything; in the Gothicg lino can be
. " coirs
: V . tt
MSI (ill.
cOfi'S dtspkpsm rnts.
coys pysri.rsrA ctsk.
-- t
This world rtaowned rtote-ly far Uis anajllcf
ar of ,
. . . i' ' r r
Indlrcslioa, Sicli Stomacli,
Sourness or Acidltjorstom
acli, Illsins ofl-'ood, Tla
tulcncy, Iassitude,
Weariness,' LJil
llonsncss, and
all disor
ders or
TIlo Slcmacli and Eorrels,
Is nritd two thetiotioQ nd trial f iufffTer,
from ibt nost horrible of all disari. Dyspepsia
bows its ravages in a thousand different turtua,
tach as Sick Hewlaiba. Hertba, Depretsioa, gen
eral senn f uneDess aiul raeiiotc that too arc
not well. Fi'Ot d.stres?e you, rises and soars uo
your stomach ; breath l bad ; skin at times I nasbeJ
and hot; don't reel as' tt yes could move or stir
abunt. and worreof all. Indigestion or Constipation,
are noihlnn more f le tbao Dyspepsia. Thou
sands npon ihouanils softer and die tbi way, and
neither el mi nor their physirUns know what
alls tbem, except that they are surely dying.
Searicr, we repeat it. this is ail Dyspepsia. If
too would have proof or our statement, if yon would
save yoarxelves tnd children from au early grave, if
yon won id have health and energy and strength,
again we les yea to try one bottle or
Toawi!) see how soon it illdl?pel yonr bad feel-
lh and gloumy foreooums. now soon it will
cltae away any specie of Dypepia. Bow soon it
willfcive yon new life and vigor, and how toon It
will wake a wed man r woman of yoo. For yonr
own sake, fur tbe sake of everybody soflering, we
teg, we enti eat yoa to try it.
For Liver Complaint and 1211-
, . lous Derangements,
It is a l'of erei?n Remedy, while for Fever and Agne,
aud all those ilmtwes which are generated in a mi-
s aiatic climate, it is a certain treventative and cure.
Jr Lester Sexton, a ichofesale mer
chant of thirty years, in Mihcaukce,
dne6f the" mist reliable and" cafeful
men in the State, says, under date,
: v. .Milwaukee,, Wis., j,a. 24. 1SC3.
Messrs. C. G. Clark, it Co., Neic Uaven, Ct.
Jlolb myself and wtfe have used Cue's Dyspepsia
Cure, and it has proved PERFECT LX satufactcry as
a reiueay. I ihve O be-ittion in faying ttiat we
have received GH2AT BSSEP1T from lu use.-''
s . Very respeewily.
, . LKoiaa 5SIT0X.
. t
A Great Blessing,"
From Eev. X. F. WARD Avon, Lor-
ainc Co., O. - ' "
Mesrs. Stboho a AKY1THO50,
Prnggists. CSevelamL 0..
Gentlemen : It give me great pleaxnre to slate
that my wife ba derived great benetlt from tbe nse
of Cue's Pynpepsla Cure. Sbe has been for a nam
ber of year greatly troubled with Dyspepsia, ac
companied wiia violent r-sroxysnis of constipation,
bicn so prostrated er mat ue was all the while.
for mouths, nnable to do anything. Sbe took at
your lftntam e Oe's Dyt.pepla Cnre. and has de
rived GREAT BENEFIT FROM IT. and Is tow com.
paratively well. She regards this medicine as a
great Dlesslns.
Truly yenrs,
L.T. WA&D,
V"" i is a
txireme tase tiirea.
From Eev. ISA A C AZKE2 Alle
gheny, Pa.
Joscrq TlejkIks, Pnigsist, ;;.
. 804 Market St., rutsbnrgb.
Sir; 1 fke treat pleasure ia stating that, after
bavin sneered iron Djspepaia for about at teen
years, li nm periods much more thin otbtrs. I
have been entirely cured by tbe n of Coe's Dys
pepsia Cnre My (riendx know that of late years
my case nas neen an extreme one. I bad great sir.
f B' log from eating my kind of food and un an aver
age woald vomit about onh.thtrd tf my meals. In a
sour muisei'iioie ni. wben tbe severe attacks
would some, I would loe all strengtb and beetterly
helpless. S 'me of tbe attack would b se severe
that for days together 1 would not retain anything
on my stomach, save a little dry toad and tea. For
years I knew not wbal it was to i ass flveo nsectivo
hours wi'.i ont intense pain. From tbe time I t" k
the flrst doie of this me'iicloe 1 cesed vomiting,
gradually all soreness pawd away, and flesh and
strength returned and ever since I have been able
to eat any kind of f.jod set upon the table. Six
monins nave now passed without any symptoms of
the return of tbedisease. My case was considered
by all, even physicians, so marvellous, thai for a
tins it was feared it might be fictitious ; but I am
noWso well convinced, that I have been not merely
reuevea, out permanently cured, tbat I can con
scientiously recommend Coe's Dypepsls Cure tt
in victims or dyjyepsla.
Late Pastor ef the Beaver St. M. . Chnrch,
,t, Alleghany.
Homo Testimony.
Ni HAVE", Ct., June 1,1867.
Messrs. C. G. Claek it Co. '' '
Cents: Being anxious, from the rreC hnflt
aerivea to assist in spreading tha fame of Coe's
lryspepsts Cnre, I woul' slate) my case. Some
thing over a year ago, I had a violent attack f Dt.
arrbo?a, which lasted eifht weeks, daring which
Usa t employe tires rnysuias. bst wUhoat re
lief, until I tried Cie's Ev-eDsia Cure. The flrst
dose helped me; f it tnree times a day for a
wees, ana was ennre'y cured; and 1 believe to
day tbat it saved tny life. Being attacked in a sim
ilar wax this season, 1 i-r i ! doee, wnia pul me
ail right. 1 would .!?; ry fauiilv to keee it
on baud ready tr imrr.t.&.a -so, iu case of Sam-
mer or sowei complaint.
The above Mr. Pr.rn i In ortr eplny, and wecan
vouch far tae above staigient hem? trae -
X. A&SQLD it CO.
Will a 1m be found invaluable iaall cases of m.r.
rboea. Dysentery, Colic, Summer Ccmplaiau, UrW
ami in tact every disordered condition of the
Sold by Dnuaist io dtv or eoantrv srmiiita
A$l per bottle, or sy spplicatioa to
. C. O. Clarli & Co.
Sole Ercpriccors, Xcui Haven. Ct.
i.iyteen. . . -
IN District of '
.At t
i cfNov?ir..
The irndr.-Hl rr.fd Yr? -
r., "'ecf fcii
Washington Ii,. .- -.athw,of
ljudgt a takr' w., owVr. r
by tll,, Li: (.H.. J r..V.-lOQ,
KJt ... v.-I. IL i: ' j v v "
VTO TICK OF A rrr'TNZZArpr) I vrvT,
j" "ay oi ' oveai br,Xi
Tl;e OT5rTerirzne.I hrj Pt: ....
appointment as A-r f Njc r l 1
sell. of N-brakn-v, Ci-v Countv
Jad-jed a ban krupt upon h it wn pi
the Di5trict C"irt of saM I ki'ot by
iL' l-r TT 1'...... , ..
Iim-'avi'Io Uio r.1 day it jj ;t-'' "f
The nndersirrmxl hereby r
arrlntmcnt us Asijtneeof;g!nonil -Wm
v. ..v . . . v . ' . . . i . ( efr".
within naid District, who has twn ic-'rx&aZi
n bankrupt upon a creditor's petition, by fhi
tWC V 11. XLUVYKH. Am!i..
. -t--
Porsey, under the firm name of Itorurr
Iloadley t Co., haj fhi),ivriisoIv,l bv mal
tual consent. GK'OIICK v. iH'jfsftv
- ' - ' " M'THK!! IfO mr rv '
6-t-pd IHAKIJr.H (1. 1XJ1WEV.
IJSTRAY XOTICE.-Tzken up by tho an.
li dersisned, at Sherman, Nemaha county
Nebraskit, on the Jbih dy of tvtooer, lx
one UeU Cow, with crop oJot Unh ears.
Also, at th KnnA tim( rn.l t.' - t i .
Pprini; Calves, both, heifei-, nv: NifhsMtia
iitc irn ritr. jg. i t, V A 111.
-- - " - - r v.. va iw ' I J
the I H-4t frfH i 'nllFt, f t h I Vtir t .f V.'Am,w
-. - - - - - xva u fcj r .ClUCilJI
and the State of Nebraska,, (trnnted on the
of IimwrrvirV r.rr th rt-iia ifn..... i t
offi-r forsU at pibilc auction or vendue on
Ti. . V , 1 . . .1 . . t i . . T
at 1 o'cloek. p.- a., np the premises, the foil
lOWlriS fiOSTfll rO!ll iltn.l. I .
County' of Nern.?l;i and S-iate of Nebraska.
."-.. . . .. li.....! cn nuai lit in in north
rat quartet and lot live (iiand eight (iv. cf
the north east fracUnal ti muter of aeetion
fifteen (15), township Are .,,, north f rmnM
fonrteea (lit, east, contaiain H" ivi'M acn-a.
tUi AliUWU Jl U.AY Ot
I? w XJfn it l-.'v
AdmTnlstrator of the iitate of Wiiuan St a-
V?TRj? Y .frja-T-fcea up by the sm-
I J dersimeL living fnnp vv..i. .
.. ... " a, ui m- wv
of Brownville, on the 2d dav of October la
a Bar Horse Pony suppoti.-d to be fro year.
TfSTRA T A07CL-Taken by th iub.
I J aexUinr. on hia farm i C-
elnct, one t wo year old Kxl Heifer, a slii in
t t V v. as. A . A lli.lll V lilLt lill f HT B n .1 . I I
I ASTRAY AOrCaTalcen up bTthwtm
J dersignefl, living in Ctien Rock Pre-inn
a Brown or Biack Ure Pony, suppow to b
one year old. star in forehead ; was taken uo
on the 4th of this month.
Meader,deceamd. Notice Is hereby ifiven
that, the Pmimtm '-ii r.r v..i.- ?..
. . ......... . . a ..viuda ,)unij
State of Nebraska, has appointed t hit Court
ivwiuui miiu couniy as inepiaoe, and the fol
lowing timt-a, to-wit:
r.ignrn uav of .Marcli, l.i.
Tv elfih day or April, h j, n 1 '
Tenth dav of M.i v I.: ) t u . . . r
each said days as the time for the barter ex-
allowing or ujsaiiowtnc all
claims airaintt h oifit.n :i.
der, deceased, late of Nemaha Coanty. Ne-
All 11fllTftm ll I.M.A.fn.1 . , .
I- ... . u mi. wuLni i v t.i uax
above appointed shall tx forever barved.
Dated N oveni ler 7 1 b. l-.
a. s . .HUJKiA N, rrolaU? Jwlx.
Natttzx V. MtADtM, AdminUtrator. -lV
PROTtA TENVTTCir-rW.e of IT. C Walt,
deceased. Notice it hereby :lven that
the I"rohuf IVturr u x-
nraxKana appointed Srah Wait adminis
tratrix of the estate of Hiram t'. Wait, de
ceased, late ofsa.i'1 ec-uatv of Neinsha; aud
that the said court has aj rx int.ii Jx-fmber
ltP' Arr11 12xh' lUh' Jnn
JaiIv 12th. l,-;, at 10 o'ci-k a.m. a the time.
and the court room in i!rnri.m. .v..:
. . - r -' ' ..... i . "U 11 1 , 9
plae, for examining mi l allowinx claim
ra!nf mM esrate. Those ha vinsr kik h claims
are rerjuire.1 to present thera to wild court on
u tZ. r . aooveanpoinuxl or thy
oi:i;a v
Probaus Jud
1?STIlArX0TTCEL-Tafn up br the on
J dersiznedat Hickory (Jrovp. In Waalnz-
fourteen mile West r.f BrT,wriville. on hlsj
i.rrmfv on ine lit n tiny of Oefober, Wa. on
Iron tr:lV- M1PP Tur V., iil. I .....
mane and tail, no other murkt rre--ivttM.
QtTRAY NOTICE. U herehw yn
Q. tlath undersizned. llvinj? In lifora
ireclnct, Nemaha County. N.braskn. haa
taken-urt. on tha bnh ,r iw..i... i. .
Iron Gray Filiey, one year oid pnst! '
i JAZits itATIN.
iiEii or - our. DAY..
Tlie men who govern onr roantry, make ita
laws, have fuu!it iU bittle, charm. -o
with tlieir elooiini fM,n!.i
control oar nuiroa.U. manufaetwltn, a jnr
nuf. iiv8 VClllillP, fUJl Of V IVid
interest, life-like illustration and character-'
iwtio anecdote, &y; well-Ciled pagej flna
stwl portraits, and the lives of over 50 men .
Price low to suit th t!ni..u tv, i, . r
well as the most lnteretinr book cn'-.'!shei
....... ,.t, .rri,,. mieti iT.mpnw, .very
body want to know the in htr kL
men. tend for circular to
Phi adelphia, I'a.. Cincinnati, a, Chicago, IIL,
1-1-1 or St. Louis, Aiow
1m ml-llrf mt . r.p.A .tv:K . v. .
-- - -""" m icacaor ail.
LOCK STITCH (aiike en bom aid.), kaa a sel
adjaaiinf tension, and can do every vartatv f
sewmg Itwiiihe,retl nd, cord,, aim.
well o silk, bnen, w-o,.a or c.tun
ilk, lioea. or ceitua threads
S ewingMacliine
Warranted for Five Years
ia m uniii IDatbae th a feed w. ...
to sell a first clas SnfTTLJ! MACHIN I at a very
, low pries, on account tfiu Simu-ictt.
quent low e.,.t of Mim.'.ctcrtD, la ctmfintoS
whh Coxj?!.cated M scjiaes. ' - f
W . wl.V I. ....... :
" iiiiwhii Agenu. maiearfernale,.
to represent the Araerlcaa Sauttle Se wing af-cHia.
is l each State, Coonty, and Tow la tse UaiUwt
- - iau pariicsiaxs. ae ls Sai-rr
or CoiuiuiMioa. sdxsw . . . . 7
. ; : . . Detroit. ZLi?
If. B- Fir tha bereft f .n, v
raosed wita r.r. mn h... i ...... .
' MachiB lems t sell. w i , e j
BOclOFSAili. , acd fsil par Hen 1 ar s o rer. t
of one red Stat. .tr.. r: v u .v.,
General Agent. r.t,' it CtV'
ErowxtTlJlD, r;cbrssr
The Erownville Ferry Company taVo Cj T
North Stir and Phelps City, Zlot,
the new and eommot lies Steam Ferry
This bont is entirpl v' n . -ov
capacity to err, everything Uuu mm
in any weathtr. 5 TOIa.
i. -"v-. n j; v ;itiie into or on r f v . v
erected at the st I. r. ri " LT.
this the most r, K?Z ---
ia-a-ly -'i.uvu. rrj
VA ana tor &ae at iiniooirpf
f "U3iOg LUi.1 t
Notice is h-reby given that the co-prt.
ner-'hlp heretofore existin? between tj7f
V. Dorsier, I.uther iload.ey and C harlp-
of ,h. v s 11 b "PPll dapllc1e part,
i ,?'rMcb'n-' cse ef accident. It uakts f e-
a'wrn lu ,UtCh m,',(, bT th" a'r "-. Wheels
WTrlT. T.taa r'rnc M:bines. It has
the Cader-feed. like the best.f high-pricj Ma
cbine,sod lathe only low-ortr-rt .,,
, .