Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 19, 1868, Image 3

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t R VVlLLlAMS.M Chetinvt St,Ar. E.
hre the author ied Agent in St. Louis
Street and
cor. 6th.
for this
will atteud to making collections and purchas-
laibe Oty St Louis.
I WILLIAM HOXBY is cur authorize Agent to
receive subscriptions for the AJoertiter in N'cma
ta City Precinct.
a TIawlet is our authorised Artat to receive
,nhscript" tor the Adeertitcr, t Cliitou.
A Bare Chance
i . -
; fOR MANUFACTURERS of Farming Imple
' peots, Nursery Men, Sewing Machine Merchants,
Book Venders, Merchants, Lawyers, Doctors, and
fcU Tenders of wares and merchandise, to advertise.
: fe bare contracted to and will issue one
; thousand copies cf tLe Premium List of the next
v.roaha County Agricultural Fair, in Pamphlet
form, to be distributed among the farmers cf this j
md "sdjiinii-g counties. Lnder the contract
re entitled to a few pages for advertisers, whict
offer on the folic icg terms. For one page ol
i fc 7 inches square f 15. For one half of a pag
a Fnr-V-ftortb. of a page 5. All advertise
ments m ustcraty th 20th of April next.
' SCHOOL LlW. We bavo published, In pam
phlet form, tor gratuitous distribution, to all inte
ttttei the School Law of Nebraska. We bare
oblubedMn this form for the greater convenience
of the public.
To be bad at this cfice or City Book
TISDEL bas Studebaker Wagons.
BLISS has Dry Qak wood for sale.
FOR Rxk Jiland Hows go to Den's.
TLSDEL has Two Dorse Corn Planters.
OSAGE ORANGE SEf'd at McCreery's.
MUSLINS Full stock at Rainey A Lewis'.
THE RIVER fell ore foot at Omaha yesterday
DORSEY A BROi, keep a full stoch of Clothing.
jjHOWVS Illinois Corn Planters forsale at Den's.
' FREH Garden Seeds and Onion Setts at Bliss'.
STATIONARY, Blank Books.ctc., at McCreery's.
. H . C. LETT, Land Agent, Brownville, Nebraska.
TRE beet Tea Imported can be had at Swan A
FIELD and Garden Seeds, full stock and fresh,
at McCreery's.
TICKLES, Sauees, Currants, Raisins, etc., at
Swan A Bro's.
J0I1N DEERE'S genuine Molina Plows, ,00 at
Tho. Hill A Co.'f.
ONION SEED One bushel Large Red Weathers
'eld at Teare A Co's.
OXE Dwelling IIoubc for sale cheap ; also, one to
rent, at Bliss's P. G. Sore.
Smith A Co.'s make at Theo. Hill A Co.'s.
i niUNKERHOFF'S Corn Sheller the best in the
-it -on baud and for sale at Wm. T. Den's.
- r. nuved t j Tipton, Ilewett A Church's law oEce.
KUMi;US wi!l End it to their interest to stop
.. . . .t r ;n.
tt tLe Mar notel uncn tncy come 10 wmuiuw.
TLAKL' A CO., have just received and opened up
t pc' and .Wuiid lot of Lry Goods. Call and see 1
JOHN BF.-NT received a very large andchoice
t f pee luirlei 'at Monday for his new house.
P.VINTK. Oil. 'V-nishei, Drugs. Medicine
l.itijiTo. jq baiiJ aJ -roirg at McCreory'a.
k''pf I'jO liff't.
IK jo.; w ant sp.ol arti"ie of Fitmi!y Flour. leave
y -r fr iers at Bliifs'e P. rt. Flor-:, he knjti the Lett
TilE K"'irrt J'.urunl is a new paper published
lu tbii city y IJlacl-urn A U:l,to iuauco imn.i
igratioii. The idea is a Jo-e.
BOSTON CASE COLLARS, faced with wool ;
sue 20 to 21 inches; price $6.01) each, at
23-3t Middliton'b.
BUCKWHEAT Flour, Corn, Oats, Hay, Corn
Meal, Bran, Shorts, Cob meal and Wood , for sal at
ths P. O. Store.
I AM prepared to do all kinds of Stone Mason work
in this city or County. My work for individuals and
the county is my reference. Tim McLArrt hmn.
I XEED MONEY, and those owing me will con
fsra great favor by paying immediately.
23-St J. W. Middleton.
TIM MCLAUGHLIN hu purchased and is now
fitting up for store room and offices the Blake build
ing on the oorner of Main and 3d streets.
FINE DELANES, Fine Prints, Fine Muslins and
a truly fine stock of goods, in variety and abund
ance just opened and for sale by J. L. McGoe A Co.
X CHOICE Lot of Dried Fruits counting of
Peaches, Blackberries, Cherries, Apple, Raspber
ries, Dates, Peeled Peaches, e to., at Swan A Bro's.
BIBLES A large lot of rplenlii Bibles have
just been received from the American Bible Socie
ty at the City Drug Store, their Depository for this
JAMES nOUGAN, of St. Joseph, invites the
trade of ibis section through our columns to-day.
Call and see him when in St. Joseph, or tend your
BUILDING ROCK. Already we see numerous
pHes of building rock piled up in different parts of
our eity. We believe this season will eclipse the
last in bui'.ding improvements.
BRICK. We . lean that Henry Shaffer will
eemmenoe making Brick at his yards in Middle'
Brownville, so soon as the season will permit. Qe
understands his business thorough! .
TRADE during the past weak has been lively,
pi ae than any spring within our recollection.
with many others predict for Brownville a
Ivger trade this season than any previous year.
CASHMERE MUTTON. Col. Furnas placed ns
Jader obligation during the past week for a leg of
Mutton from a half blood Cashmere Buck. It was
delicious meat as we ever ate, "tender and true."
THE Land OSce in this eiiy has beon literally
swarming with Homestead seekers , contestants and
others during the past week. The figures for March
loom up well, especially on Homesteads located ,
BAY FOR SALE. Persons desiring to buy Hay
can procure it of the undersigned at his resi
nce three miles west of this city on the Tecum
Ka. U. O.MIN'CK., 1SC8. y-tf
A BUSY isCENE was our Levee last Monday
horning. The steamers Sunset, Jacob Sass atd
ft. Joseph landirg, within a few hours of each
.other, about thirty ton of freight for our merchants.
RESOLVED, That the Republican Club of the
pity of Brownville extend a cordial invitation to all
Republicans while in the city to visit their Read
tv? nl enjoy its privileges; and to meet with
"Ktn when convenient.
THEO. KILL A CO. have just received i Urge
id varied stock of Dry Goods. They are deter
ttiaed to ake this line of business their specialty
. rfter, and to this en J select with great care
W.'ouiy from rst hand.
THE LAND OFFICE. - .nvinr the whole
lower flooof the building jait vacated by Dorsey
4; Bro'i Clothing Store, has been fitted np in a com-
modiom and comfortable ityle. Register Atkinson
will have things comfortable and neat.
TO ADMINISTRATORS and Guardians of Ne
maha County, Nebraska. You are requested -to
come forward and make settlement as the law di
rects and as the tenure of your bond requires ; by
lo doing you will save cost of citation.
A. W. MORGAN, Probate Judge.
A. u. ilAli;LI is now prepared to furnish any
thing in the Book, News or Periodical line. He has
already a superior stock, yet, in a few days, will
receive a large addition thereto. The City Book
Store rent must be ad heard to its prices will con
tinue. The "further notice" mentioned previous
before is therefore given.
RAINEY A LEWIS hare just received their
New Goods. This stock selected with a view to
the wants of this market, and purchased and paid
for seme time previous to the recent great rise in
Dry Goods, will ensure to the numerous cus
tomers of this houso a glorious "chance to select
choice goods at most readable rates.
from the School Board that the Spring Term of the
Brownville Union Digh School will commence on
Monday, April 6lb, under the charge of Mr. J. E.
Moore, as Principal. Mr. J. S. Schenk will have
charge of the Grammar School Department, assist
ed by Miss Mprey and Ml Johnston.
the following vari-
ties of Seed Potatoes for sale : Pure Peach Blow,
Early Dover, Early June, Mercer, Fluke, Early
Miller, Coppermine, Buckeye, White Peach Blow,
Garnet Chili, Prince Albert, Cusco, Rusty Coat.
Applv at too Furnas Farm near Brownville, or by
mail to ISAAC BLACK,
Brownville, Neb.
March 12th, 1868. 21 3t
A REGULAR MAN-OF-WAR has re:eptly ap
peared in this city, at McFall A Co's Furniture. It
is ns beautiful as a picture, wi:h masts , spars and
rigging complete, as beautiful a specimen of work
as we ever saw. The builder, Mr. McFall, is looking
every day now for the arrival of the cannon and
other fixtures to place it on a war footing, to cruise
in the war against high prices for Furniture.
J. E. CHA FFE, prpprietor of the Brownville
Rectifying Establishment, is prepared to supply the
demand, to any extent, for pure, unadulterated
Liquors. Being thoroughly conversant with tho
business and haying the latest and most approved
apparatus, he can warrant what he sells as pure
and true to the brand. Those buying Liquors will
find it to their advantage to call on Mr. Chaffe. tf
MILLINERY. Mrs. Schenck announces 'to the
Ladies of Brownville that ebebas just received erh
first stock of Millinery Goods. The latest styles of
Hatjand Bonnets kept constantly on band. She
also has the latest styles of Dress Trimming and a
sett of Illustrated Patterns an 4 is prepared to do
Dress Making. Ladies, please call and see. Shop
front room over City Drug Store. 21-tf
SOLD OUT. During the past week the Adeer
titer firm sold to A. D. Marsh all its right, title and
interest in the City Book Store, and all the appur
tenance thereto belonging. The retireing firm
take this opportunity of thanking the publio for
liberal patronage, and, also, to recommend to their
favor the in"coming man,"' the Pioneer News Deal
er of this District, who will continue the business
at our old stand.
BUILDING. Wo notice several new buildings
going up in different forts of the City. A. W. Mor
gan has just erected a cottage on his property cor -ner
of Nemaha'apd 3rd streets. R. W.Furnas is
building a new stable in the rear of his residence.
E. H. Wilcox is bas built a neat sizsd stable just
north of the Star Hotel. Besides these many others
are building and many are putting up new fencos
or mending old preparatoy to gardeciog.
MARRIED Col. IIixjian Rhodes, of Tecumseh,
Nebraska, to Miss Jlta M. Maxlove, of Rush-
ville, Schuylar county, 111, on the 5th inst. The
Colonel is one of tho prinoipal merchants at Te
cumseh, and is a real live business man. By this
the greatest enterprise of his life, he has in3reased
his opportunitiei for usefulness, and if we mistake
not be will leave his mark upon the records of
Jvhnson County. May prosperity attend them in
their journej of life.
PERU ITEMS. The Annual Conference of the
M. E. Church of Nobraska will convene in this
place, Thursday, April 2nd. Preparations will be
made to accommodate all who may attend.
The Bell for the Normal School is n its way from
West Troy, N. Y., and is expected to arrive during
the present week.
The firm which bought out Messrs. Majors has
just received a very heavy supply of new Goods,
dui&tless the largest ever opened in this place.
THE SUNSET, commanded by Cap. Emmons
landed ber secor I cargo of up freight at our Levoe
lastMondiy morning. This is a Brownville Boat
owned, commanded and manned by Brownville men.
The Captain reports an abundanoe of water and
freight, and a good season for business. Wo shall
be gird to accept the Captain's invitation to take a
trip to S t. Joseph during the season. We hope our
merchants a nd business men generally of Brown
ville and the county, as well as the traveling pub
lic, will patronise this boat.
NEMAHA CITY ITEMS. Some rascal, with
malice afore t nought and incendiary proclivities, on
the evening of the 12th, set fire to a stack of hay
adjoining the stables of Burrel Hoover near the
Hotel. The fire was discovered abou t 9 o'clock and
it was only through the utmost exertions on the part
of the citiicnc, continued till late in the night, that
further destruction than tho bay stack was pre
vented. ' Some burgler entered the store of Johnson
Hoover la?t Sunday tight, carrying off a little
money and afewartiolcs cf cutlery and notions.
take pleasure in announcing that there wnl be a
meeting of tbecitixens of this place aj Harmonia
Halloa to-morrow riday evening. The object is
to take steps on the part of our citixens, in con
junction with the German Association, to organise
an Emigrant Aid Society in this oounty. The sub
ject is an important one to ns, and we hope the
ci titans will generally turn oat. A meeting wai
held at Harmonia Hall on Tuesday evening, which
was attended dy a number of our prominent citi
xens, and a general and lively interest manifested.
SACRILTGIOUS and dasterdly is the ao t of
defacing the beauty of a Cemetry. We learn that
some person bas been cutting out the timber out of
the streets which bound the cemetry an d bas broken
the fence ia several places. We have also hpard
many complaints about persons plucking off twigs
from evergreens, flowers and shrubs, and in some
instances plants have been pulled up by the roots
and left to die. Such acts are punisnable by law
with a severe penalty, and we are assured by several
cf ourcitisens, whose privatejots have been greatly
damaged by this wanton practice that it only
remains for them to catch the perpetrators to make
an example. ' " .
Washicgton, tie past winter, I procured from tt
Agricultural Department some Seeds for gratuitous
distribution among the members of the Nemaha
County Agricultural Society. They can be bad by
calling at the store of Kob't Tears, A Co, Brown
ville. It is not the i ntention of the Department to
furnish individuals with a ttock of Garden and
Field Seeds, but simp'y small supplies with which
to experiment. It is hoped those desiring so to ex
periment, will -all and get Seeds, and be careful to
observe, preserve and report results to the Society.
R. W. FURNAS, President
Nemaha County Ag. Soc'y.
COCNTl ,NEB. Uemberi will meett Harmoni
Elall, McPherson Block, Brownville, at I o clock,
P. M., Thursday, March 19th.
V.u.u&w 5.1 1, r. u.
"W. A. Blackburn, P. A. ' " '
SIDEWALKS. Weare pleased ty note that
Ab. Gates and Dr. ThurmutT have graded down
the sidewalk in frontef their property on the north
side of Main street. With a few exceptions this
side of Main street is graded, and as Louis Hill and
Evan Worthing have graded up their sidewalks on
the south side , no ood reason exists for delaying
the paving of the walks acq guttering the streets
According to our City Charter the owners of a ma
jority of the lets bordering on any street or alley,
not lees than a block, may by petition to the City
Council, have the said pavements, streets, or alleys,
graded, paved and guttered. We hope the rosi
dents along Main street will awake to the import
anco of this work, and have it done this season.
PUBLICAN CLUB -Club met in regular session
alonaay evening, ilarch 15, laba.
J arris S. Church called to the Chair.
On motion of A. W. Morgan it was expressed as
the sense of theCIubthata Convention be called
nd that a straight Republican ticket be nominated
or the City Election to be held April 6th.
tin motion of b. M. Kich it was ordered that a
Convention to Nominate City Officers be called to
raoet at the Law OSjo of Tipton, Hettt A Church
the evening of March 25th.
After the transaction of tbe business of the Club
On motion adj-urned to meet at the said Law
Office on the evening of March 26th.
J. S. CHURCH, Chairman.
J. L. poLHAPP, Sec.
PERSONAL. During the past'week we haye
received a friendly visit from Nathan Blakly, of
iscatnee, wn o reports matters in that section in a
flourishing condition.
Hon. Lham Reaves, District Attorney for this
Judicial District, and one of its leading lawyers,
gave us a call.
Capt. Carson and J. L. McGee returned to their
homes in this city during the past week. Both
have been rusticating in Pennsylvania, among fam
iliar scenes, friends and relatives, and return with
renewed zeal to build tip their adopted home, Ne
braska. Rev. J. R. Hoag, of Rochelle, 111., dropped into
our sanctum yesterday. He is still engaged in the
noble enterprise of advertising this Land. District
and securing for it settlers from among the true
men of his acquaintance.
Financial and Commercial.
. March, lgth, 1868.
Gold has declined 12 percent, during the
past week. Governments are a fraction higher and
more active. In financial circles there is a more
confident feeling, the decline in the premium on
gold in face of the impeachment proceedings having
reassured tne more timid.
Much has been said and written about the pub
lic debt) jet few persons who have not given much
study to its complicated movements have any dis
tinct notion of the embarrassmentsand responsi
bilities which its vast and nnweildy dimensions
have imposed a t various critical times, and espe
cially at the close of the war.
The Financial Chronical gives the following
comparative statement cf its condition, (1) as it
stood at the close of the war; (2) six months later,
and (3) on the 1st of February last:
We find from the debt statement of 1st of April,
1S55, tho aggregate debt was 2,421 millions of
which only 1,100 millions were funded into long
bonds. Tbeunfunied debt was 1,323 millions.
A glance at this aggregate shows three very
troublefcroe classes of obligations. First there
were" oto hundred and fourteen millions of audited
accounts which had been suspended for want of
means to pay them. The next item is 221 millions
of temporary loan and certificates payable on call
or after a hort interval. Besides these thcro were
over 400 millions of other manufacturing claims.
To meet tne accumulated demands we had no more
than 56 millions of cash in the Treasury. The rev
enue from customs duties was falling off, that from
internal revenue was uncertain ; almost everybody
was gifted with the spirit of prophecy, and was an
ticipating a financial crash like that which followed
the war of 1812,0!'ly tenfold worse, bcoau33 our
credit system was now mre inflated, and ourpape:
money frightfully depreciated and redundant.
Such was the condition of tbe Treasury in the
cpring cf 1865.
A month ag", on tho first of February, the seven '
thirties outstanding wero only 215 millions, and
the aggregate of the debt stood at 2,651 millions,
of which 1,634 millions were funded. The unfun
ded debt was reduced to 717 millions, the whole of
which, with the exception of the greenbacks, the
fractional currency aad the gold notes, are so ar
ranged as to be readily funded. In scarcely any
conceivable contingency can any part of the unfun
ded debt cause embarrassment to tbe Treasury',
unless, indeed, Mr. hhermtn should succeed in
passing the singular measure on which, totwith
standing its unpopularity and its mischievous char
acter, be once more ventured to address the Senate
on Thursday.
To give a more perspicuous view of the move
ments of the aebt since the close 6f the war, we
have compiled the following table: '
March 31. '65. Aug. 31, '65..Feb. 1, '68.
Millions of dollars. Millions. : Millijns.
Funded debt -1.100 1,109 1,931
Unfunded debt 1,323 1,736 '717
Total 2.424 2,845 2,651
Cash in treasury 5tt 83 121
Suspended claims- 114 2
Temporary loan and
certificates-v 224 192 29
Greenbacks . 433 433' 355
Fractional currency- '24 23 32
Intcrst bearing note? 527 25,0 4
Total Government
currency - ....... S84 710 434
Crow nTlIIc Markets,
Flour Winter sack $7 00$9 00
- Spring sack." 5 00 5 50
Buckwheat fc '' 8 10
Meal bushel 65 75
Bacon Hams $ lb 15 17
Shoulders $ ft- 12 15
Sides lb---i I 15
Canned Lard $ lb 12 15
Golden Syruptf gal 1 50 2 00
Sugar House Molasses gal 1 19 1 2o
Sugar-New York A. $ ft 18 20
Brown ft -r tr 1 18
Coffee-Java $ ft -
Rioftt ' 27 33
Cheese N. Y. Factory ft ....' 25 30
- Country? ft-- Ijj ,20
Tea Imperial ft 2 50
Black $ if- ...'.... 1 t5 2 25
Young Hyson & ft-" v 2 25 2 50
Candles $ ft ...V..... 20 - 25
Apples Dried ft 2 15
Green bushel-., - 2 00 2 50
Dried Peaches V ft 18 20
Potatoes?? bushel--'' i 75 0J
Coal Oil V gal 9A 100
Eggidoi 12 15
Butter J ft .. r..V. 25 35
Honey V ft " 25 30
Onions bushel ' 1 SO 2 00
44 Setsqt 10 J5
Beans? ft '8 10
Salt $ ft - 3 4
Picke.s ?doi-... 10 15
Lumber Cottonwood " 1000 20 09 25 00
Oak - 45 00 50 00
Walnut -45 00 50 00
Fine 45 00 85 00
Shingles Cottonwood 1000-.. 3 00 "3 00
Pine 9 00 9 00
Lath Cottonwood ? 1000 50 7 00
" Pine $ 1000 ...V... 8 50 V 00
Wood V cord 4 00 S 00
Hides Dry? ft i'. - ' 14 15
Green 5 6
Iilarriage and Celibacy.
An Ess at op Warxinq axd Ixstrcctio: por
Yoxco Men. " Also, Diseases and Abuses which
permanently prostrate the Vital Powers, with sure
means ofrelief. Sent Free of Charge, in sealed
letter envelopes. Address,
Howard Association, Philadelphia, Par
Jannary. 1st 1867. 1-y - -
Natural Leaf, Fine Cat, Grape Juice and Navy
Tobacco, at SWAJi A BRO'S.
f m l n a w a naan nrmrin s arwdw
hliiea causes, and whose cases require prompt treaU
men to render existence desirable. It you are suffer
ing or cava sneered from ii. voluntary discharf es. what
effect does it produce upon yourg:saeri uoaun vo
tah feel weak, debilitated, easily tired?. Dues alittle
extra exertion produce palpitation of the heart? Does
your liver, or urinary organs, or your kitlneya. fre-
quantly Ret out of order ? Is your urine svmetimes
thick, milkv. r flockr. or is it ropy on-setting? Or
does a thick scum rise to tbe top ? Or is a sediment at
tbe bottom after it bas stood awhlre? Da you have
spells of short breathing or dyspepsia? Are your
bowels const! oated P Do you havo spells of aiming
or rushes of blood to the bead? Is pour memory im
paired? Is your mind constantly dwelling: upon this
anbject? Do you feel dull, listless, moping, tired of
company, or are vo pou wisn io oe ien aioae, to get
away from everybody? Does any. little thing make
you start or jump ? Is your sleep broken or restless ?
Is tbe lustre of your eye as brilliant? Tbe bloom on
your cheek as bright?; Do you enjoy yourself in socie
ty as we. I? Do you pursue your business with the
same energy? Do you feel as much confidence In your
self ? Are your spirits dull and flagging; given to fits
of melancholy? If so, do cot lay U to your liver 'or
dyspersta. Have you restless nights ? Ton' back weak
your knees weaz,; ana nave tut 111119 apeuie, ana
you attribute this to dyspepsia or nyer complaint?
Now, reader, self-abute, Venerial diseases badly
cured, and sexual excesses, are all capable of produc
ing a weakness of the generative organs. The organs
of generation, when lu perfect health, maketht man.
Did you ever' think that those bold, defiant, energetic,
persevering, successfnljbusiness men are always those
whose generative organs are in perfect heat !h ? Ton
never bear such men complain of being melancholly, of
nervousness, cf palpitation of the heart. They are
never afraid they cannot' succeed in business f they
don't become sad and discouraged ; they are always
polite and pleasant in the company of ladies, and
look you and them right in tbe face none of your
downcast looks or any other meanness about them.
I do not mean those who keep the organs Inflamed by
running to excess. These will not only ruin their
constitutions, but also those they do business with or
How many men from badly cured diseases, from
the effects of self-abuse and excess, have brought
about that state of weakness in those organs that has
reduced the general system so much as to Induce al
most every other disease idiocy, lunacy, paralysis,
spinal affections, suicide, and a 1 most every other form
of disease which humanity is heir to, and the real
cause of tbe trouble scarcely ever suspect et, and have
doctored for ail but the right one.
Diseases or these organs require the use of a dioret
the great Diuretic, and is a certain cure for diseases of
the Bladder, Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy, Organic Weak
ness, Female complaints, ueneral Debility, and all
diseases of the Urinary Organs, whether existing in
Male or female, from whatever cause originating and
no matter of how long standing.
If no treatment is submitted to, Consumption or In-
safiity'may ensue. Our flesh and blood are supported
from these sources, and the health and happiness, and
that of Posterity, depends upon the prompt use of a
rename reraecy.
Helmbold's Kxtraet Buchu, established upward of
IS years, p repared by
BI . T. EKLMBOLD, Druggist.
694 Broadway, New Tork, and
104 South ipth St., Philadelphia. Pa..
Price $1.25 per bottle, or 6 bottles for $6.50 deliv
ered to any address. Sold by all Druggists everywhere.
A Treatise on Deafness, Catarrh,, Consumption and
ancer; their causes, means of speedy relief and ulti
mate cure. By a Pupit of the Academy of Medicine,
Paris. Sent to any address for 10 cents.
Lett or from RoU't Mcllurdy, D.D., LL.D., Grand
Prelate of Grand Encampment of U S, and Editor of
the Rational Freemason ;
ttcw Yohk . Sept. 17, 1867 Dr. SxtLLwELL was in
charge of Grace Church Hospital, Alexandria, Va.,
during the war. I frequently, almost daily, for months,
visited this Hospital, and had every means of knowing
his reputatiou for efficiency and skill. It was of
the most creditable character, and his success in tbe
treatment of patients was romarkable-Robert
Organic Vibrator.
It fits into the ear; is nof perceptible. remove$ ting
ing noie in the head, and enable deaf persons to hear
uistidctly at church and public assemblies. This in
strument will often produce results almsst miraculous
and indeed in cases of long standing deafness, it will
reneve in a short time. It may be adjusted with the
ease of spectacles.
DR. ST1LLWELL will be professionally at 31 East
Washington place. University Buildings, N. T., daily.
10 to 4, except Tuesdays, when he will be at his rooms
1032 Piue Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 12-16- ly
HAS been longer engaged in the treatment of
Chronic, Sexual and Female Diseases than any
other Physician in St Louis. ' " ,
Syphilis in all its forms, Gonorrhea, Gleet.
Stricture, Orchitis, Diabetes, and all affections of
I the Urinary and Sexual Organs, are treated with
the greatest success.
Spermatorrhea. Sexual Debility and Im
I potency, as the result of self-abuse in youth, or
; sexual excesses in maturer years, wnu;u produce
I some of the following effects, as blotches, debility.
'tlir.ziness, dimness of sight, confusion of ideas, evil
forebodings, aversion la society or remaies, loss or
meuR.ry and fexnai power, auarenaenog marriage
improper can be cured. I
Persons suffering from Consumption, Dyspepsia,
Chronic Diarrhea, Liver Complaint, Hernia , Rup-
I iture, or any other chronic affection, may rely upon
'roceiving a radical rure.
Particular attention given to all Female tern-
I! plaints; Inflammation and Ulceration of the
! Womb, Leucorrbea. Chlorisis, Steriiity Ac. Most
cases can be properly treated without an interview,
hand medicines sent by mail or express, secured free
from observation. Consultation by letter or at office
free. Charges moderate and cures guarrautied i
BjOftlce, with hospital accommodations for pa-
tieuts, No. 617 St. Charles street, r-etween Sixth
and Seventh, S t. Louis, Mo
I! EVERYBODY can get. In a sealed envelope,
'my Theory and treatment of Sexual and Urinary
Diseases, containing full tymptom- lists, for twe
I postage stamps ; aUO, my Paper relating to Chronic
and Female Complaints, for a three cent stamp.
1217-ly i
A eentleman who suffered for years from Nerv
ous Debility', Premature Decay, and all the effects
of youthful indiscretion , will, for the sake of suf
fering humanity, send free to all who need it .tbe
receipt arid directions' for making' the simple rem
edy by which be was cured, buuerers wishing to
profit by the advertiser's experience, can do so by
addressing, in perfect confidence,
34 lyP 42 Ceder Street, New York
The REV. EPWARD A WILSON will" send
( free of charge ) to all who desire the prescription
with the directions for making and using the sim
ple remedy by which he was cured of a lung affec
tion and that dread disease Consumption. His
only object is to benefit the afSicted and he hopes
every sufferer will try this prescription, as it will
cost them nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Please ad dress. REV;'EDVARD A WLSGN,
No. 165' South 2nd St., Williamsburg," New York
- -1
IS used by over three hundred thousand ladies in
the Atlantic States alone, and by a large number
in the West, who would not be without it for ten
times its cost. It is to this Preventive that the
mothers ot those States owe their' immunity from
iarge families. It is absolutely certain, conrenient
to ut e and withal beneficial tf health. Abortion is
criminal, then use means perfectly moral and pro
per. Send stamp for pamphlet, containing full
particulars. Address,
Dr. A. G. TVIlber,
(P O Box 3092)
71? at. Charles itrret,
St. Louis, Ho.
Information guaranteed to produce a Inxuriant
growth of hair upon a bald head or beardless face,
also a recipe for the removal of Pimples,- blotches,
Eruptions, etc., on the' skin, leaving the same soft,
and beautiful, can be obtained without charge by
addressing. ' THOS. F. CHAPMA N , Chemist
! - 823 Broadway. New York.
Drs. . Wesley & Pierce
Have f r many years treated Private Diseases with
! unexampled success, having hadHwlenty years ex
! perlenoein the Hospitals of this and other coun
tries. They have devoted their whole time and
energy to the treatment of private complaints;
their success in the treatment of those long stand
ling and difficult cases auch aa were formerly con
sidered Incurable, is sufficient to recommend them
i to the public aa worthy of the extensive patronage
I which they have received. The universal and un-
failing success in the treatment adopted by them,
bas proved, beyonda doubt, that a permanent core
I for tbe worst cases of Constitutional Syphilia, Gon
orrhoea, Stricture In any form, all Mercurial affee
'tions, diseases of the Sain, Kidneys and Bladder
can be obtained.
Also, the effect of a solitary habit ruinous to
body and mind, producing Liotcbes, debility, im po
tency, dizziness, dimness of sight, &c, 4tc, and
rendering marriage improper, which annually
sweeps to an untimely grave thousands of young
raea of the most exalted talent and brilliant intel
lect, may rely upon a permanent cure. No charge
for advice or consultation. All communications
strictly confidential. Send two three cent stamps
tor treatise' relating to ail private diseases. No
Mercury used. Office hours f torn 9 a. m. to 7 p. m.
Sunday, 10 a. m. to t p. ra. Office 413 Oiive St.
Address all letters to P. O. Box 2603, St. Louis,
Mo. 12-16 ly
Beans, Homin Meal. Potatoes, floor Apples Jt
Manufactured and Sold by
THE trial of this machine at various County and
State Fairs, and the Judgement of everyone who
sees and uses it, unite in pronouncing Brin kerhoofTa
worn Sheller the best ever invented with it a man
can shell his crop of corn at bis leisure without an as
sists nt, and thereby save in a short time more than the
costtpf.. a Sheller. i
TBia corn Shener nas taken the nrst premium for
three years past at the! New Tork State Fair, when
bnt partially perfected, tit baa since been brought to
a degree of perfection, wMcb makes it complete.
The following :iis the report of the Judges on this
machine, at" the great trial of Agricultural Implements
held at Auburn, N. J. In July. I86f. under the aus
pices of the New York State Agricultural Society : '
Among the machines on exhibition was a Hatfd' Corn
Sheller, Separator and Cleanei, exhibited by J. Brink
erhoff, Auburn, N. T We have carefully examined
and thoroughly tested this machine, xnd have no hesi
Utlon in pronouncing it the BgST CORSf SQELLXIl
wk JCYKK saw. ii reaaiiy auapts itself to ears of
any sise. or shape, shellsclean, and with great rapidity
and ease, and the same operation separates She corn
from the cob, and the Aaff 'from the corn, and delivers
the corn ready for market J and it requires but the la
borof but one person to operate it. The whole affair
ia simple In construction and durable.
J. S. GOULD, Prea N. T. State Ag. So.
B . P. JOHNSON, Sec.
S. BOBISON, Ag. Ed. N. T. Tribune,
8. E. TODD, ' Times.
Report of Agricultural Fair Committees, and opin
Ion of Agribultural and other Journals, might be cited
at great length, but wecontent ourselves with toe fol
lowing letter as capping them all :
Copy of Letter from U. S. Agent for Paris Univer
' sal Expotitwn). '' ' ' ' -
U. s. Agency ror Puns Universal Expositien.
No. 44 Park Bow, Times Building,
New Tork, Dec. Qth, 1S66.
MR. J. BRINKEUHOFTYEsq.':, Dear Sir : My Ad-j
yisory Committee, appointed to select Implements for
Exhibition at the universal Exposition in Pans, in
1867, have selected and recommended to me,your
CORN SHELLER as tbe best in America.
. 'I have accepted their report, and will forward your
Sheller, if delivered here, ready for shipment on or
before January 1, 1S67. Tours Truly,
J. O. DERBT, U. S. Agent, &c.
Price cSSSIS 25.00.
Sample shelters shipped on receipt of tbe price and
warranted to give satisfaction, or tbe Machine will be
taken back and the money refunded upon notice within
a reasonable time. Address
WM. m DEN, Ag't,
lS-23-dnmf Brownville, Nebraska.
"if? P
ii ii
Quickest Time!!
We retnrn thanks to our friends and
. the trading public for the libe
ral patronage they hayQ '
tl)us tar extended us.
Our aim shall
be to so
our business
as to nierit the ?
-, i :
confidence of our
customers. . All represen
tation sguarrantied. VYe keep
on nana a complete spopK 01 ail
kinds of goods required for this"
market, and as to prices
W Will Not be Undersold I
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes .
Hats, Caps,
&c. &c. &c.
AH kinds of Produce
. -
TAKEN in exchange for Goods, for which the highest
maikel price will be allowed. r
Corner Main and Second Street
January 1st; 1863.
Dealers in
Ladies' Gent's an
Forming, perhaps, the
most complete an t ex
tensive atock tffered to
Wholesave or Ketail
purchasers west of the
Missouri River.
Never having been
outdone for extent of
Stock or rair dealings,
they merit the confid
ence and patronage ot
i Qnzpx Loaf Syrup, SorjbuiD. and 5.0. llolasaea
14 I .
f n n r ' jl 2tj
7 i , imn, CD
FT- A V !
1 , 1 . 1 ; 1
Slain Street,
- -
Pealpra in Men and Boy'a
1 t
Furnishing Goods
WIS, Mill
Blankets and Umbrellas
Have just received and will keep con
stantly on hand a large and well assort
ed stock of the above, and all other ar
ticles in their line, which they offer to
tne public at
At the Sign of tne
Big used Stead.
la the place to bu y
Keep constantly on hand a oompleta assortment f
Springs beds,
What Nots
Rocking Chairs,
Wash Stands
Hat Racks,
and -Parlor
ter Tabls
ble ft
S lands
Swin Cribs,
OHice Chairs,
Kitchen Safes,
Plain SUnd3 ;
Rtckin? Cribs,
Bed Springs,
Children s
Cabs and Gigs,
Tiano Stool?, Teapoy Stands,
Gilt and Rosewood Moulding, Sheets,
Pillows, Pillow Slips, etc., etc., etc.,-etc.
h ow Cases and office vcork made (o order
And anything and everything required to set up
pi.. in' or fancy housekeeping.'
All of their ware is either manufactured or put
np under their special superintendence, which
enable them sound articles at smaller prices than
eastern manufactuted goods'. " ' '
is at the service of the public at any time it may
be needed, and is gotten np in' as ne style as any
farther east.
Hetalic Burial Cases,
of all sizes conitantly on hand, at eastern prices.
- ,
We are doing business on strictly cash principles,
At a nmill profit, and by attention to business and I
the wants of tne community, expect in the futura
as in the past to receive the patronage of the pub
lic generally.
Be. Eooias. R. w. ruasAs.
Livery, Feed;andSale Stable,
Main Street
Dealers in all kinds of Stock Horses Bought,SoM
'and Eichaneed. Stock boarded' by the day or
' The Proprietors have recently erected an entire
new, largo and commodous Stable on Main Street
near the old Brownville House. Their Stock is all
fresh and Vehicles new. The public can be accom
modated at all hour?, day or niut.
A Stock oorrall with an abundant supply 'of
pure water atached to the Stable. 41-ly
WE are selling Sllkt, Shawl, Dry and Fancy
Vioode of every deserip'ion, also, SChr
Ware, Furniture, kc. Valuable Pretentu, from $3
to f.500. sentre of charge to agents sending clubs
of ten and upwards.
Circu lars sent free to any address.
42 llanotr St.,HoitontJUan.
r.O. Box 2931. 12-13-6m
couiirny rnciiAnTS.
oxsicji toua
norst GINSENG,
ueneral (0
ommlssloa iilcrclaiit,
42 VFasIilnton Street,
And receive his weeklv Price Currant
cf Produce and Groceries the mosi
complete Price Current publish
ed in the United States. S'-
Marking Plates and Cards 7arnlssed Free.
Liberal Advances made on Consiiinent3
Established, May at, 1860.
First class Reference given uften reqv ireJ.
Main Street between First and Second,
LWould ReSDectfuIiV inform tint ("itiiima f
Brownville, and surroundinir eountrv that I 1it
just received mj fall Stock of Goods, consisting of
Of the latest styles and best quality. Mens heary
calf Boots, double soled Hoots. Fine KiD Boota bova
and childreas Boots and Shoe. All kinks of La
dies' Boots and Shoes of tha finest and bestquality.
India Rubber and Buffalo 'Over Shoes
s? .1' 1 T ' .1
tor oenuemen ana Lacies
Groceries of Everv Kind.
vyopden ware, atone Ware,
"' The Bost Quality of
Tbe bet Woolen Lndor and Over Shirrs,
Of all kinds, Wholesale and Retail.
MAKERS can rely upon having their
orders filled promptly on short notice
and reasonable terms. Call before pur
chasing elsewhere'.'
All of which he offers at the lowert prices, deter
lainednot to be undersold.
my mm
Embracing all the Qyjy of the Season.
Also, a large and well-selected stock of
Gents Furnishing Goods,
-A .VD-
Our Goods were bought of first hands, and we
think we can offer such inducements to purchasers
is cannot fail to suit those wishing to buy. Call
nd see for yourselves.
All kinds of Pro'duce taken in exchanga
for Goods ' " 50
Llerchant Tailor,
Main Street oppotitt MePherton't Block,
Irs France, Smith tt Co's It KN ICCICY lOTTEBT, drw
tr.u the middle and last of each month, during the jer
Send your adress for a Circular. Address
i 24 3t COT1XGTOX, KT.
f5 L"3
' " - 7 ,',
3 ( iW )
P3 rUv. ;