Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, August 29, 1867, Image 3

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    xTb CAL.
Si ortjmf c , Lxecu lion, Ker,l evi ns,
k h,7. jt, . aAb. for iale at thistle.
ijKTUf -
t a.,
VLo If the e'Lo'
entU st. Louii for tU taper, will attend to.
collection end rebates la that Citr. CJ.ct
kett Srtel, N. E. cor. Btk.
;teL&dies cf the Episcoral Church
ve Hali in the S'ar Hotel, ou i ed
jay evening, September llih. TLe
l c are invited to attend. Admission
c Annual tiectlou of Hie Xcma
a Coaritj Agricultural Socletj.
Tie cfiitcrs and nitnders ot the Nem
j County Agriculture Society are re
eled to iet at the county cl rls of
a ia BrcADville, on the first Saturday
Sepien.Ur, for .he puipo- of eleciicg
""prs of ib st-cieiy fur riixt year.
iy crdcr bt the
Land Entries lor July.
TLe fo'l,J'? 138 corrcl au-'ijf-nt ol
rUei.end in the Nvir.aha Land Dis-
-irttttbe cliice id ihis cry during the
',fl-.h of July. f"r which we are indebt
to Geo D'iy, f ihe firm of -Dor-7,
Hundley & Djr:cy, Land Agents m
Mcf.y: ,
For H.ine?t?ads,
With A?. Col- Scrip,
' Wiib Warrants,
12S44 50
33 971 66
1.017 IS
57.S33 63
InprOTCniCLU . Last week we
-oa)iec) to get a list of the residence im
rorements bi-sun in our city since our
sence cf two weeks. !
la North Brownville we notice a cl
'e going up, ud on en(iuirit learn
at M. Earroda is the proprietor.
One block south of this S. Seemnn is
vin; the fouadaiioo for a neat &ubs;aa
:.l dwelling on the corner cf Cad and
Ii;souri. . Senjn s a iinjle man.
T. C. Hacktr ccmuirnced reoodel
residence cn Nelrc&ka eircct .
:d has succeeded ia liilJiaj a fine
story stud a half residence.
Charles McPherson, anouhcr single
an of cotuedy built end fmple means,
1 buildiog a ne-t retidenca ca Kecras
a between 2nd tr.d Si'd; It is a de
';biful titwtiiso. too nice f.r Lira alone.
; A. W Morgan is bmldirg a residence
3 3rd between Nebraska and Nemaha'
reels. It h z Cat location and the ecl
t"e becomes it v.ell.
A cew ieeiJeacci rrmkin its appear
C0tiud fceiwet n re.Tiaha and N
atU greets. We rre told L:i T. W.i
'"dferd isproprievor. -Though ecin'nly m his f :: 'e tleiedness, there
t still bope ia his case.
: John Henderson has elected a cottage
uay up ca the Lill beyond biailuid s
oidence. The site ii a romantic one,
nd John is doubtless open to the ccn
iciion ibat it is not pood to live alone.
Ve Lave a notion' to cor raiulate Lim,
George Be.LU y's ref dt r.ce on the hill
a niiddle Brownville, e noucvd last
A residence is oir up apparently cn
Atlantic street Lear 9th. We have not
'earned who is its proprietor,
i Nate Sedoras, e learn, is build icg a
residence on Atlantic, between 7ih and
R-J. Whitney'6 two story residence,
3 Ly GO, cn Main between oh and Gth,
:i p;roa(hing- completion, and will be
taoroament to that prt of town.
Jas. Dye is about erecting a cottage
n tbe hill west of R. V. Hughe, in
middle Brownville.
O. B. Hevettf. residence, cn 4th
''feet in middle Brownville is approach
2j completion, and makes a fine appear-J-ace.
George Dorsey is building a fine two
-cry cottage residence ca Atlantic he
Jeen Gth and 7th. It makes a fine
ppearauce and an ornament totheci'y.
Jasper O'Del has just coc-leieJ a
residence on the mill uact, iutt south of
Tina McLaughliQ'8 residence. It is
beautifully situated and commands the
country for miles around.
George Nealy is building cn Water
nreet, ca a part of the mill tract.
' Samuel Somers is "breaking ground"
'ar a residence oq Richards street, be
leen 1st and 2nd.
Mr. Marion has the frame work cf a
age residetce crccttd cn. Water
Elreet near levee.
Joseph OTelt has a cottage residence
-farly completed on the corner of 2ad
od Nemaha streets.
These are all residences bvgjn within
AuEjon-U. and are budt becaute of tbe
Sreat demand for houses.
."Srouud i
broke" lor several more ct
I TK j
? feranaestic.provem.ntof Vn, all
"id thrums I
.iOt, ea wi.iih tLe
L"tk woik is done to the tr-p of the sec-
feloiy- This will be about as fine a
bail J i
Q? as Nebraskcao boast of.- The
front'nP .; 1 11
i.uiu 'iQciujin the ccumy
fcuiHt-wiU caver the front of half
. '''hullJ.ngWio- SO ftet deep.
liiree .tone's Lish. The plan is tasteful,
y tubaiactia and Till thow to a fine
-r0 Gc
Salt at C i per larrcl for sale by
Sugar Cured Hams, Srcclei Eeef and
Torque at
The Florence Sewing -Machine,
J. jr. I1E.YDERSOX, Jgcnt.
500 Jcha Deere's Celebrated Moline
Plows. TIIEO. HILL & CO.
' A CI: 0 Ice Fralt Earra for sale. En-
qaire of . J. W. ELISS.
Grain! Grain !!-Bdford & Co,
ray ca-h for all kinds of Grain, Bacon
and Lard.
EtllS Warm cr Cold soft water
o'J cts. at.
A full sleek of Self-Sealing Fruit Jars
and Cans of the latest improved paterns
ScIiOOl EcokS Ju?i received
large and complete stock at
Levee street. It tweeu Main and Water
is a stench in the nos'rilof the pullic.
Is the city having it ihd with manure ?
GOO'J TeapClarS. We are pleased
to t-ee that ari ttl'ort is be in? made to
organize a Lodge of Good Tt-mplard in
this city. God peeJ the work.
Hartf'are. ShellenLargur Bro's
have comiri a complete ouirV ot Hard
ware of all kinds on the way from New
York, St. Loin's and Pittsburg. They
buy only from manufacfurers.
By special request we re publish ihe
Premium List cf the Nemaba Co. Ap.'
Fair cu our first page. Read it end pre
pare something for exhibition.
.7 II IlCCrCCry has just received an
assortment of pure, unadulterated Drugs
.d Medicines. Wrhat he sells you is all
right; ture !
For Liquor's at Wholesale crany eth
er, go tD
Opposite tha New Post OJice.
Gm!n WailtCCL I will pay the high
est market price for WLed, Corn, and
A WJIoran, is rapidly pushing the
Baptist Church building ; he has already
the bulk of the material ou the ground,
and informs us that he will be forced, in
a few days, to call on the subscribers for
funds to go aheud wnh. All should
respcad promptly.
- We hare received asking for an cs
chitte the PscvTii cfi,'.c Tines, publish
ed at Wilks-Barre, Pa. It is a welcome
visatcr lo or sanctum, and thoroughly
Republican. Of course we'll exchange.
A fine shower visited this sectbn last
Sunday, and we believe was duly appre
ciated after the long dry spell just pass
ed. The clej k of the weather has our
thanks for the same.
Sam'l Merrill has been nominated for
Governor, and Col. Scott, for Lieut.
Governor, by the Republican Convention
of Iowa.
Worthing Wilcox are paying the
highest price in cash for Wheat, Corn
ana uats.
1 r-t '
Dr. I!. P. narley. Hnmopathic
Physician and Sunken, Oflice at the
residence of S. P. Tuttif. E-q., South
East coaner of 6ih, and Main Streets.
44 tf.
All persons indefted to the firm of
Atkinson fi Co., either by note or ac
count, will p!ase cull and pay the same
All notes or accounts unpaid by the
lo:h cf September will positively be left
with an Attorney for ccllf-dion.
Grade growlers are numerous, "as
critics all are ready m:de." Would it
not be well to "dry up" about matters
you cannot belter. Give Ccuncihnen a
little peace, their salaries are not sutTi
cient to pay ih-in fot being made "gene
ral jackasses" of for everyone to bore
at. The contracts are let and tha work
will no ca.
News a:: 3 Book Depot No. I.
A. D. Marsh, the old and reliable News
and Book Dea'crof this, city is still pre
pared to fill all arders for Books at the
Post Office. Newspopers from all parts
of the habi'able Globe. Sanders and
McGrfiy's School Books on hand, and
all otheis scca as they can be brought
TCarC u' CO., are still on hard with
as choice a stock of Goods ns can be
found west of the Missouri, and are con
stantly receiving more to keep their stock
full. Their - goods and prices are such
that theyare drawing to this point a
greater trade thnn it has eer had be
fore. 'IcPall & Co., d( aler :n Furniture,
Upholstry. etc., are meeting with hat
success which their enerc? and nccom-
luoj3lion d
esrve. They hsve had to
renew their IfirR stock f.v iutip within
the put four mcrrr Tl-rv keen all
kinds of pouda. plain hd fancy, with full !
sf ts at reasonable rates.
Tcr.?orIa!. Ve are pleaded to call
attention to the Card of T. V. Smith,
a jrii na r ena liairdteer, in to-Hay pa -
rv i . .
i per. Hp i? a ihom-i-'h wurS. r.-.r.a in evcrv
denartment of hU i,ui,,fi9 .,rd , ,n;
, ritr UH i tiMtus. ana ii
nently worthy cf ihe patrca-c of the
p.Uc. Qive hia a call.
Bedford L Co. Lave a few
at cost !
Lumber at City Mills for 2,00 por hun
drcd feet, Shingles S2,0 per thousand,
H:ur at 4,-jO f er hundred. Highest
market price paid for Wheat and Corn
ia Ca.h.
Better in B:;atru?tcy. Weare
rleased to learn that Hon. S. M. Rich,
cf thi3 city, has been appointed Register
in Bankruptcy for the District comprising
all cf Nebraska South of the Platte
river. Mr. Rich is eminently qualified
for the position and the appoitment is a
good one.
tfoI'Jlcr'3 MeCilng !-There will
be a meeting of Soldiers' at the ofilce cf
R. V. Hughes, Esq., on Friday evening
the 30th int., to take into consideration
the propriety of organizing a post of the
G. A. R.
The above notice was handed to us by
Lieut. Win. A. Polock, a friend of the
soldier, than whom no one knows better
the true position a soldier should cccupy
in civil life. We are pleased to see him
take the lead in this worthy enterprise.
Osasc Graeme Plants. As the
authorized Ajreht of W . .11. Mann, of
Normal, 11!., 1 will take orders fcr Fall
or Spring delivery of these Plants in
Nebraska. W II M'CREERY.
A meeting cf the B. B. B. Club will
be heli tin Friday evening next at 8
o'clock a; the office of Win. H. Hoover.
A full attendance is desired as business
cf importance will be brought before the
C. G. DORSEY, President.
TlZIWarC We have been at some
pains to examine the large and complete
stock of Tinware kept for sale at Shell
ebargar Pro's shop ia this, and must s::y
it is as complete and as good ware as we
ever saw. They buy only the best Tin
in the market, and have a No. 1 mechan
ic, just frcrrr Philadelphia, to make it up.
Their stock comprehends everything, and
they are prepared to do all kinds of
Spouting, Guttering and custom work,
on short notice and reasonable terms.
Ornamental Shells. J. V. D.
Patch lias a beautiful collection of mot
rare and beautiful Sea Shells, -on exhi
bition and for sale at the Cincinnati
Branch Clothing Store in this ciiy. Thi?
collection computes the most beautiful
and rarest specimens from the coasts of
China, India and the Mediterarnean aod
Black Seas. Mr. Patch is determined
to closs cut his stock by I riday evening,
and is really selling them below eastern
prices. A chance like this was never
olfereJ here before, and we know our
peopla will avail themselves cf it ia time.
TiiroY It'to the Dogs. If every
housewife will throw her cheap, worth
less kinds of Saleratus and Soda to the
dcgs, and use only the Best Chemical Ssl
eraus, there vill not be so much yellow,
heavy bread and buiscuit to be saen,
and consequently not so many dyspeptic,
ailing persons. Get a paper and if it
does not suit, your money will be refun
ded." John C. Denser has in store the
largest,rnost complete arid latest improv
ed s'ock cf Cook Stoves, ever brought to
this market. For sale cheaper than the
cheapest, for cash only. Also a late i:n
proved horse power Corn Mill, to cruih
the corn, cob and all. The Victory Sor
ghum Cain Mill, Cook's Evaporator. AH
sises of Sheet Iron for sugar boilers,
large Cast Iron Kettles from ten to forty
rations. Pon Autrers, Fence Wire, &c.
All' Cheap for Cash.
New Cliarcli Edifices. The Bap
tist deno'hinaiiou ore already at work at
their new church 00 ihe corner of Atlan
tic and 4ih. The lumber i ou the
grouud, thrt old brick are being cleaned
up, and everything shows a determination
to comple'e the building yet this fail
The Episcopal denomination of thi3
city have determined to build a new
church, and according to their usual
plan, will not do things by halves, but
intend Uiildior a church second to but
few in the State. Thir site is on the
corner of second and Atlantic. We will
speak more cf this b'.iildiog hereafter.
ClllVCriS. The late rain has dam
aged considerably the culvert on second
between Main and Water. We do not
believe that anything less solid than
stone will answer on the branch which
this spans.
The buxing for a Dew wooden culvert
is no'.v io position on 3rd between Msia
and Water, and the work cf placing the
dirt cn it will soon be commenced if the
weather remains cooh ensuring another
guod . street connection with middle
The late rain washed oat considerable
dirt fiom around the culvert on Atlantic
between 3rd and 4 h. This can alone be
remedied by filling ia the pavement, fin
ishing the grading and conducting the
water oa the north side cf Atlantic to
Xllia. This has become a wcrd sig
nifying "fcafety from ruin by fire," and
has been made so by the promptness, re
liability and integrity of the ,l'Va'v
suranct Company, cf IJarifcrd, Cc?m.,
a Statement cf the financial condition of
which will be founJ in our advertising
columns to day. Though we geneially
favor, the bu!.iing up of western inSiitu
liens yet in this case, where absolute saf
ety against ruiu by fire is the main ob-
ject, we must recommend the JEtna as
unequalled in the West and unsurpassed
in iht-East. Ourci izens will but con-
suit ,u-.t tr iMr . . , v ratPmrT;n.T
; ',,..! - .
. as us rate are rtaliy notni.o? coniparta
J - r
j " is.urance received. Charles G.
( Dorsey, Agent.
DlF.n Aarui 2Iit Artscr Ecsaxz
Cocetket, itlan; Sua tf H. V'. asi M.T. I'eilcorJ
aged, ten iaoati.t sod ci.-.t uajs.
TO QZllllilp.
Oh river Jcrlon dark, coU rlrer,
Will Lever sain, look uark to me,
A ibiniEg path of little fuuLitejrs
From hore to f'aore, toward Getbiemiri3,
Footitep of my darlic Ceaia - .
Across the river si 1 the wr.y ;
Brighter than Golconda'i diamond, .
. Ia refaSent beauty, are thej.
Oh I my darfin3,-coulJ t catlyoa,
Hack ono moment ; tack ia to me ;
Could I pre?3 the to my bosom .
Wildly throbinj Oh : what bliss would be,
To feel thy lovely presence nearme,
. Corer it o'er with warm caressing.
Oh I what j.y, what life 'twonld giv me,
Oh my Ucu:.e 1 Ch, my blessing I
Bat alail that cold dark river,
Between U3,iu tarbii waters lay,
Icincotftow.cross over to you,
U or you , come btick ain this way ;
Eat thy shining litt le footsteps,
They, will ft!wvtj9dar!ing be to ine,
As a beacon light, to guide uie,
Flow to find my way dear oue to tlee.
Darling Genia ! blessai Seraph ; ,
Bright Acgel 'mid that Heavenly Choir.
Wiit, the Anihems thou art siDging,
And come back to meonee more,
With thy golden wics outspreading, '
ia thy raiment pure and snowy wl ite,
Let ite see thoe, in the tp'rit,
Little darliug Genie, every eight
Urownville, Aug22, 1SG7.
a f ft i x
f That'd SO. "People loog ago must
have had an mcout fluent time of i:.
Jut think, no railroads, no steamers, no
,g.s, no friction matches, no telegraph, no
enpreii, 120 sewing machines, uo Charier
Oak Stoves. How on oarth did they get
aloiiiT ? Over one hundred thousand of
the celebrated Charter Oak Stoyes are
now m daily use throughout ihe West
and South ; and no economical house
wife, with the least rejection, will think
of using any other. . '
sole Agents, Brownville Nebraska. Sold
Wholesale and Retail by Excelsior Man
ufacturing Company St. Louis.
A Stimulating Tonic Lite Bit
t iks. Good health is a blessing. The
way to enjoy such is to lake a wine glass
full of Strickland's Lite Bittee two
or three times a day. They create a
good appetite; they strengthen the stom
ach; they cure habitual Consumption,
Nervousness, and Heeadache ; they
make the old feel young.- If you wish
long life and good health, use Strick
Li'sD h Lite Biitek. For sale in bot
tles by Druggists, and by the drink at all
saloons and groceries. - tf '
Dr. Stricxland: Having used your
Anti-Cholera Mixture during the chol
era epidemic last summer, "and induced
others to do the same, in case that had all
the cholera symptoms, in every case it
promptly checked ihe disease. I believe
it's the best remedy known for cholera
and diarrhoea of every form, and advise
those afHicted to try it. -W. Bahbeh, of
the firm of Barber, Choate & Naber,
Cincinnati. ,
A C00d Tiling. We hive just
learned of a new plan adopted by H. C.
Lett, of this city, to induce-immigration
into this Land District, by which persons
desiring to settle here may .become pos
sessed cf choice lands and clear titles at
Governmert price. To many of our
eastern readers this may seem impossi
ble, considering the rapacity cf western
Land Agents generally, yet Mr. Lett
is not of that class. He tells U3 he can fur
nish lands at the above price, 'and from
numerous correspondence and transfers
already made by him, we can vouch for
the truth of the statement and the fact
that many have already enjoyed the
benefits of .the system.- Mr. Lett has
taken great pains to make himself thor
oughly acquainted with the lands in this
District and those he c lie rs have been
carefully selected and are choice lands.
We can vouch for his honesty and busi
ness integrity ia any transaction he may
"JJeyohd the Mississippi;" A Qcmphie
History of the jYcic Slates av'hTerritories,
fi oiiigfhe Ureal River to the Great Ocean,
by 'Albert D. lltchardscnThis is a most
enteriaining and valuable fcp.-k, and rts
norulaiity is attested by the sale of over
"0,000 copies ia a single month. The.
Authur s hmg and vurieu experience u
the little known and interesting recions
of the Fur West, furnishes the valuable
malarial tor its corneals.
Mr. Ri' hardson is widley known as cne
of our most brilliant journalists and writers
No ether Author has traveled over so
much of our vast western domains, and
we know of no ona wno can so well de
scribe what he has seen, Hj is always
interesting, generally amusing, and bet
ter still, inveriably Uvthfnl.
The volume before us is accompanied
by an accurate and minute map cf ih
entire regiu beyond the Mississippi, and
is elegantly printed and profusely illus
trated with over two hundred engravings
from original photographs and sketched
from the pencils of Biersiadt, Nast. Hen
risj'sy, Darley, Fenn, Stephens, Forbes
aui other eminent artist, which are re
ally beaviiful and wonhy cf eraraiaatioa
as specimens of art. .
' It is a credit to American eulhorship,
and not only the most valuable work
from Mr. Ilichardson's pen, but by far
the best and most complete history cf the
great We3t ever issued. Those who
wUh for authentic information of the re
soutces, condition and prospects of the
Western tuil greater haif of ihe conti
nent, wthina few years to be sown thick;
with civilized States, rich in all the eij-j
meats of reamess, should con3 ili tins !
most valuable work. The writer has a ;
charming s;jle,'a fuod of humor, and lm
expedir nc? are cf" thntlrng interest.
Wr predict for ih'.tvok an unpreceden
ted hal-. "All Youivj Araerica'Vxpect to
go V est and seek thrtir fortunes . when
twe Pac:fic Rnilrosd ia built, if not before 1
j and will wuh avidity -Beyond iL
j Mississippi. M
. This work, we unders'an-J. is io!J cnlv
' Lv u!..vnm;,v. r.r u i-i.-t c.Snr.;..
- -- -
. pfi setkir to act as oattw.s should
: cdJ !0 ,hoic Jt is putlIl;hed lhe
Naticnd Publishing Co., Divenport.toa.
Grand Caraian. Great preparations
are being made by cur citizens to give
Yankee the biggest reception he has had
fcr a Icrg time. The eventful ' day is
September 5ih, 1SG7, and then our citi
zens will have an epportunity cf seeing
the unrivalled forty-horse wagon, bears,
gcats, animals, baby elephants, mam
moth rauckrats, talking ccon3, "livia wild
snaht, and speakia' wax ggers." As a
show per se it i3 said to be "way-a-head"
of anything and everythingthat has ev.
er exhibited cn the tented field. We
have seen the redoubtable Yankee him
self, and although he is much like other
men in his choice of "vitals" and the
way fee. wears hib bcots, yet ia the gow-
m'g lineaments cf his classical mug, we
delected traces of that inimitable twisti
ficatioa cf feature that made Lis name a
household wcrd in the West. C.H.Erown.has
been several days engaged in the exam
ination of the case cf ihe U- S., vs. -The
Brovvnville Distillery and the owners
thereof. After a thorough investigation
of the fraud alleged to have been com
mitted the parties were discharged ;
there being no proof sufficient to sustain
the charges ia information. The indi
vidual who made the information as the
testimony showed was actuated by a
spirit of malice and a desire for revenge
upon th'e men' who are clearly iunccent.
The prosecution nas conducted ly
United-States District Attorney Strick
land, who evinced a determination to
thoroughly investigate the case, and pro
tect the interests of the Government.
James Haxby, Eq , appeared for the
defense, and exhibited marked ability as
a lawyer, and his management of this
case will add materially to bis reputation
as a first class Attorney. His argument
in behalf'cf the defense was clear and
forcible, and was an able .vindication cf
the of th'3 defendant, both in
law and fact.
The testimony for the defense was
overwhelming in its vindication of the
parties charged, and we understand that
feveral witnesses in their behalf, were
dot examined, as it was not considered
This case has created no little interest
owing to the well known reputation and
integrity cf the parties accused and we
consider it an cmraje that such men
should be sutject to the expense and vex
ation of a tedious trial m order to grati
fy personal malice rather than farther the
interest cf the government.'
His honor Charles Erown, before
whom the case was tried, evinced deci
ded ability as a jurist in deciding the va
rious points raised by. both the prosecu-
11 111
lion ana aeience wnica were mvoiveu in
the charges instituted. His decision m
discharging the parties wa3 certainly
justified by both the law and the testimo
ny in the case. Omaha Republican,
W. A. FOLOCii" will te a for the
cCeo of County Collector and Treasurer Rt tbe
election this fall; tnljoct to tLe approval of tiio
Kepikblicaa Coneeati.n.
JOXAS II ACKER. We are authorized to an
nounce Junas linker as a Candidate for the oTnre
of County Treasurer a:id Cvlkctor.attbo ensuirg
.! It
election ; sutject to tae ascuiou ot tne ucpuoit
can Conven ioa.
J. W. BRUSH. We are authorized to announce
tho nauje of J. W. B.ufh a3 a Candidate for the
oCce of SheriJat tho election ; subject t
the decision of the Ho, ubhean Convention. .
thorii d to unrource George W. Fairbrothcr a a
edndiaa:- fur ihe c !3c3 ol hli.riiT, at the ensuing
election; gubjbec to the decision of the Kepublicau
WIIXTAM 11. HOOTEIi. We are authorized
to announce William U. Hoover aa a CaaJid.ito fjr
th ofTio of Count CUrk and B cordar at the eu
ru'h election ; subjoot Ij th docUioa of th Re
publican Convemioa.
G R A N T' S"
Jtlain Street between Fint and Second.
I Would Respectfully inform the Citizens of
Brownville, aiid surrounding country tnai i cae
juit received lay fall Stock of Goods, consisting of
Of the latest styles oni be-t qiality,Mn? hary
cult' limits, doi:biek-led Hoot?, Fine Kip Boot a bvj
an.l ..lii'i.lfi'tlJ HoOM&il't hOC3. All KiJi 01 IM-
diea Buts a til .Shoei of ths finest an-I-btqui.iity
India Rubber 'and Hiifialo Over JSnoos
for Gentlemen and Ladies
Groceries of Every Kind,
Consisting cf the bes brands cf
Sugr, Collee, Tea, Pepper, Allspice,
Soda. Candles, .. Tobacco, Matches,
Starch. Sec, wi.c,ic.
Wooden Vcrs, Stone V7zzo,
The Ben Quality cf
Th9 bt Woolsn Under and Over Shir.M, S.
Salt by the found er barrel
AU vt wlucft he oftrs at tie lowert price, datcr-
lmuedTiot to be ua-cr6o!i.
in 3
iUnuJactnrer of
Aad Deelera ia erery Tarlety ot
Gchool llEncnAiiDisi:.
; ' ,n4 Citu!ar er Kodel lent ca Arp"
j -
EC3. 403 1 411 IzzzzX St;
tcry, Cor. SJi & Poplar t3.,
git JUUi
1 1
3 m
fx. 35JC 3E XI O V XI V ' -
oil v.
Most Positively ihe Largest oa the
American Continent,
Nearly Four Hundred
Lcoli cut for Iho ,
Over a mile Long, proceeded by the
Fcrtj Horse Ear.3 Chariot.
r .-
- -. ' : -y '
The largest team driveh by one man,
followed by the Smallest team and driver,
Tom Thumbs Cortege ; the Dashing
Six Dng Team ; Khy Elephant,
Mammoth Drorr.edary.Splendid Car
riages, Animal Dons, Cages, &c.
Ouivising any Attempt at Display
in this Country.
V "' ' -XT- H' v I
Re -rcmer, it i Ltt "rcc It a 1' retime .ni-h
au oppjrtuuity i Ird tt a: y rlco.
" ;'".. V'
! THURSDAY, ScpttLCr. otll 1SG7
. ' .
Doars pcn at 1 1-2
'Circvz cut JLaagerh ell wl-sr
cm Tcr.i and fr cne price f 2 !ir.i$ccn
- - 4 B .
f m r-- . . 7 a v 1 1 ; v. 1
11 13 r-1, . i
1 oil- .cti fi.
A 3
VW m if:
I r "y 3t I 3J
I 1 v'ir 31
I - .-v . t." v.
It s
i . , tmJ
1 ri'
. -
-14 jJ
I wcUd r::p'ctfil!y s
atd ara now recoivij a 1.
, ;TT! i ; - : t ? ,
.1 I
. i
I k?f p coo.-taoily ca lit l a f-
it , X A A A Li U
"ever Clotli
. X. '
French Cloth Cubing i LaUd It
C- , ; -. r T ril r"'----:--k:
f f f f ;
to suit Tim r.i.trr.
All cf which I pr. pes? to sell S3
Cheap or Cheaper
Than any cf my Ccmpetitcra. All X
ask is fcr the citizens cf Ne
an J adjoining counties
?jiJ fail out for I
is .a -
i:oxgoimtz:.!c s;i:ciric3
Have pnovty.Fr.o'M the y,oT amp:.k
e?t er'aii--q . a.i r:Uire si. ivsi; Sinq lo i'romp!.
EtLi 1 UtJiib'e. are tL- ea'y iled-
K iucd j erlVi-t ;j a l.iu-d to r.u?r b. so sia: ?
lh. niTikci nrint t n.n-1 ia t?ir.j th"m;
hsrntrs ut t it fr?e from rgf r.and so ctTi .'ieLt
1 3 a.
i. (u-y bie tmsc1 ti
f;o:a ad atwi-j
roni r .-a'.i.-ifa. Urn.
1. C';re 'Fever?, Caccstlon, laTaaali' n . C
2, " W cirns. Worru-ypver, VTyroi-i.'wiic. ii
" CryiE2-Colic or Teeihirisi ot hiint, 2
" iJidrrcea of iiiMrt n or .ia!t. Co
Hyaer.teir, firipioe. Bin 10114 CIlc 5.5
" CaolftrA-2a.-'J-r-is. Vomltia?, 15
" TieuraVsia, iv!biae. Kiiccb, 2i
" 3IecJr.bts S tfc-Wcuche, Teriua 55
Br3pf.pi.i. kilU'Mi STi.msei -4
' tsurpres ed, r r,I f ,! rr' :1.
v h)! ef too proi 'l'-v'J Per iU. S5
" Cic-cc- Coivn d.rac-u'.t Urs-niiim. 2
' fcalt Ih:un,Kry;,:;.e li, K.u:i -r "it
" Sflit Khaura. irvs te:, JCruvtl ;Si. 25
" Puss, b.iiI -or bleeJ.n fc
O; t'la my an 1 m reor we.. Fye. 60
" C;. ar1. b, a"tn or etiron:, I'irta Mn "J 6
" Vv h:p;i;? Cou.tii. vli.ietu Cous-
" Afclh'Ta, i.uprtep are.nbi.ic 6
22 " Di3?.hzrcea. in-p.ur.d flMrtrj M
13 hcrotU'i. etilArKH Ouixl. i t"'in; fcsi
S4 " GtliCial debility, PI,y;cil Wtttil 6'
2 " iDTcpfV. nd cn'y fwre-ions' K
-.6 " ?-iclresa, Bi-kmw iruia rv-linj fr
CJ ' Kilrjev-l)'sf-iire. Urvel CJ
23 i;ervo"uj Debility, SeraizrlTJ-
t o r 3 iuv!ilun!i"y U;sc-jrai;. tir
Ttrlmvy V.-'eaknessi, we'tln be4 bt
" r.i:'i;fui I crjoU.-, i:bi' 'i "
' PuCeill-''iat ifcati.C t.t 1 fr)
" l".piier-is'y, Spm. St. Vitoi' Dtre l.(;ij
" Iiithiheria. nktra'.cJ Sre IU:ot bi
Of lare vJr.!., njorocco
caSe,coi3laijiin a specific
for c ery ordinary Oc.itax
a family Is Ruljcct to, anil
abool; oftllrccilon, 13 CO
Smal'er Farn'y and Traveliaj cm wt.h
WtaiS vuls, $3 to $3
Specitics lor all f rivnte Deae?, toth for
Curinsand fr Preventive treiiueat.
Id via., and pocict casks, $2 to $3
For Sale by
Irownvilld Neb.
Announce to tbo pullio tbt they Lave jaat re
ceived uud hvt now opened ia tho
Brownville Hotel Building,
Corner Jljin nd Second Street
Cois:!ticg of every variety of
pry Goods, Groceries, Quccr.s
v.arc.UarI are,I'roTls!ont
IJoolsi anil glints, Slats ami
Caiis.. IlsIIutv 'Tare,
T.''!..-r .vi:h ail, a ad tv.y vaV!ty of articles
R.'uwil.r .e-.t 1.7 A Vi'i!tU.-D 'li"d:n Ilouw, whieli
tii y o.Tcr t.j the ai Lroifnvi le, 'eirah
Cvuniy aud
Southern Nebraska.
In oreninot a Stwk of Coodj in thiaCity, vi
do net y re ! en v jrct Sjrib, tut ia:j 'y to fay
that w hive rur;L.i:d tur p.od under tae tft
fiyr.-a'.Jn c i rpjfnr.r.-!, ar-.J (or Cii'b : tbit tt
tXTillK STOCK IA ;;W and fr,hrd Ui.t our
fx y irp-;a io b th lha bu.sinwi ani w .uti t T t'. u
c.-iiiiUiuairj, en ibt4 ui to ftloct wi.h con2ir;c
the jutruriae of the piblij. .
Jl.;u lL.kau Cw L -7
Frcpccala for Atzzj Supil;.
OFFiCE Ac't. Asi't. Quartermeiter,
Eobt Sedcwick C. T. )
Auzuit, 15ih 15G7.
SrJfd Tr rr- ui. he rfteeiTc 1 by tha i; .. t
$'rzti c t Fi tf Sr-l-'w-iek CT.op-t.U 12 h ,11. t
An-ru-i 3I.t. lljir tho dul'.v-jry of vo Laairei
atFt.S-d-ii i. V. T.
The liny uiot t- well cnrd od mrle trrm th
.e-1 rjOility of rif;ve zm. To le tcf 1 i,f t-
d racn iuc-, in iy.h rsicntr and ia sach part r.f t'.
ai tha A. Q. M. may dlre?t, a! u J .i
t-j li ir.-'tion, i r ny t:k-3 n.j
ftr the yuTyiiv. Tt i ..:. jjr ti?l fiirar'a
Salt at tae rat. tweily' 1 23) poasds tj the toa
oflUv. '
Delivery c'l:sy tjle-'t w;.h?n twenty (:3;J3ji
tf.T9 itirre-h, I -M .
i'.-j.f.r.en; i la's j i t 'y i ') ) rsr ecci
: c'
i t'...T ivi!l A w ! ! ii
l.tu- will fc m. jJi : !'Cj'5i!j a eoy gi
thii 1 Tfr;;-" g-,! att.hf-l , and will aup
riifxi ly a written s ''&" s:jt.l by t r;oi
5 ao--e-,t.;-I, rd tzn tte tcad Vi-a t;tu renxma
fur the irrvrxsaio tf the i: a'.a:ioa3 of th
The rtht i rTT'd to t ci any or a'l bii.
itu trtTiji nr.;r 1 than tic Cli-I O'sutruxwt-
1 "of tha IJvtaftxJnl rr..j at acy litaaba nix
i q-st.:y t? ba df vers I.
Ail bJi t 'e en iorei -i rr;nf. i r ujj.
m l adJr.cSi.d t j tho udes'-p; i at it. S.,
! C. T.
11 Lieut. P..Q
J Ml