Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, February 14, 1867, Image 2

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cbmolca CAtiiialiscf
nnow.wiLix.TnunsDAY, fed. u, iss:.
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Tho Bill for the Admis-
rJnn nf Nebraska as a
State passed the House
by a vote of 120 yeas to
44 nays; also, passed the
Senate by SI 3'eas to 9
The bill came tp first in the Senate on
the ch, er.d was passed without debate
ly the above vote, which shows 13 over
a two-thitd majority. In the House it
wa brought up cn the Oth and passed
overt! e veto, without debate, by 22 over
a two-third majority.
This settles the matter 10 far as Con
gress is concern d. The act cf Congress
tlemaLd that Gov. Saunders convene
the members cf the State Legislature
w ithin thirty days from the passage of
the till, and that the question of strick
, iog cut all distinction in our Constitution
cu nccount of color be submitted to them,
and upon the afeu.t to this preposition,
Ktbratka will be admitted by proclama
tion as a State in the Union.
The members cf the State Legislature
v... Vr.f-i U(fr.l nrn the State issue;
,t tilt v. J -
tvi ere fully qualified to decide this
queaL-u ; lht-y have the law of precedent
in their favor in the esse cf the admis
sion cf Missouri; lb 3 fact that Legro
tjtfrage now exists in Nebraska by the
law cf Congress, so that the change de
manded is really do change at all ; the
people ere with them in favor of the
amendment; ar.d we ak no better guar
antee cf its raisage than the Radicalism
if ils .
Wa Icara that everal defeated aspi
rants fcr ScLatoriai hcnor3-anda few
ceppujeads iu O.TiaLi at urging that
another Constitutional Convention be
called, another Constitution framed, and
another election held. Is anybody so
Hind as to suppose that the Government
would pay therpen.-e of
The pecp'e wou:J hti to
such a farce ?
pay it. The
cost cf a Convention w ould not fall shcrt
of S3.0C0; the election expenses not
less lhanSl.CCO; an extra session of the
Legislature, CS;CCO ; cne day lost by
each cf 10.CC0 voters, at 62 00 a day,
S20.0C0. $-10,000 to give two defeated
aspirants for the U. S. Senate another
-chance ! Verily, the people will hold
all responsible who favcr this swindle,
ArJ i.s fcr the howl about the precedent
JWlrada vili It cdmxilcd lul ence ! And
a Ccngresf ionally demanded sanction to
a charge in cur Constitution by the Leg
i:Lture, can never occur again.
Oa ho
am. ma senate re'ec;eu i
licmiration cf T. W. lk'dford as Regis
ter of the Lntd Oihce in this city. This
fettles the -Land Office D.fficulty," at
this p'.-ics; and as Bedford went like
adesatf salu through the bowels cf
the law, even down to our City Fire
Warden, to get USal possession upon the
strength cf A::iya ccmination, and fail
ed, r u:noa is ha settled to cur
atisfs-u4Vci Last. We are immense-
, !i''f J V- cause tt
vindication cf
the r rir.cipla "i 1 xh
t refluent nas
r.o ri"ht to remove an cflicer for opin
i:".s rile; f2Y uottinj of the dia
4 .... re cf the crew uho did Bedford's
'. 1 1, :t et-r.J the Receiver, S. Tl Intnl.
t: f will take, is not known, but that the
rt icCii-n cf Bedford sulhfies the order
fcrliidinj him from acting with Dorsey,
is t:o l''in to admit of a doubt. All the
r:U that was claimed fcr Eedfcrd by
re--a cf his nomliatiDn, must cease on
l rejectica; and the order to Jamison
to rcccah:e hha ts tho Register causi
"cci-?- is that this "order
.MCit CGLtcmptil'le usurpation cf
ia i-i auihor, Jo. S. Wilson, toboUler the cause cf Ar.dy j. in this section.
7U- r::i:3 cf Rr-iner is net a clerkship
rt tha d:;p-jil cf the Secretary cf the
iMeri-r, ct any cthtr cne nun; tat is
, er.tirtiy independent cf cny power sara
; the hws fcr their covernaest. The D,.
fart;:.e:.t r-ay ir.,tri:ct the LaLd OiTi:crs
tacccstructicncf the Homestead o- ether
;.vvv but who ever heard cf the teadcf
a JJ. partmtnt oastirg an cfHcer f
t""c:.;nieLt tue ccnccrrence cf Loth
C- "if Executive aLd Lrg'ulative powers
t ihe Uu:n tre necessary? It was a
ca;r?c-cus uturj aticn, and ths had
-".s, if thtir nre any, which have
-ht i frcra JtLucis refusal to do hi?
T i.iu:t Icclir-cdto Acdv end h:s
7h? Lzr.i ();Hec
t new open, and
it remains alone with Jamison to place
rrauers in running order by receiving
the public money for lands and giving
a certificate therefor, and the responsi
bility for a refusal so to do will rest en
tirely with him. The law rerulatiLg
land cfucs expressly places the direction
and control cf the ofnee in the hands of
the Register ; the Receiver is only a
receiver cf public money; how silly and
weak then must the efforts cf S. R. J.
appear to bolster up a political friend ?
friesd ia "up the spout" beyond
, and it is to be expected that S.'R.
will act ratianal and do his duty, which
is to receive the money and give- a
certficate for all applications legally made
for land to C, G. Dorsey, Register.
Reed and Tuxbury, Johnson appointees
to the Land Office in Nebraska City,
were rejected the same day.
W. A. P.
Last week we ofler'ed V. A. P., alias
Win. A. TuIIock, ex-Speaker cf the
House cf Representative, three-fourths
of a column to wind up hi3, so-called, ar
guments in favcr of Bedford. He had
tne opening, we ictenaeu giving cm me
closinrr. Last Saturday, how-ever, he, of
his own free will, changed the program
by sending us a most scurilous and abu
sive letter, marked private, m which he
heaped the vilest epithets upon Mr. Dor
8ej' who has no! entered into the dis
cussion at all and levies Hack mail up
on us. bv threatening to start another
paper here if h-3 is not allowed "to pub
lish his trash in the Advertiser without
it being replied to. . Monday he sent in
a communication, which remembering
the threat we returned to its author.
The threatening, slanderous and con
temptible ,rivate,, note, which, he say?,
we "mav mint if we like." is too slan-
derousand personal for publication,
it may be seen by any one at this office.
We learn that he is "bloviating" about
our refusal to publish his last effusion.
We did refuse, and the above is our rea
son. We owe respect to our readers,
but none to ihe tool and apologist for the
usurpations of A. Johnson and his fol
lowers. Fiom the time W. A. P. an
nounced his belief that Johnson was "the
creator," that he had the same power
ever an efficer that a "master" has over a
"servant," he had earned the contempt
of every true American. He pleases
le Neb. City News immensely, hear it:
"Many of his (Dorsey's) political are
denouncing his action already, and the
radical Mr. Pollock, ex-boy-in-blue and
ex-Sreaker of the House, of Represen
tatives, ii out in a card," condemning the
f.cticrs cf Dorsey, The" Erawnville pa
per intimates Very,stroilh,';!ore,
that ex-boy-in-blue Pollock is a, fool, and
otherwise, by denouncing the red-headed
radical aforesaid, gives painful indica
tion?, cf disloyalty. The trouble voilh
Police!: is that lie is too honett. He
speaks out what he thinks. He is not a
trimmer and shoddyite like Tipton and
his disciples.
In his private note Pollock threatens
to "stir up" our political record ; he is at
liberty to go in on it whenever and how
ever he pleases ; and should he desire he
is at perfect liberty to ra'l and examined.
our files to gain light on that subject.
Our Legislative news is slim this week.
The bill empowering the ci'.y to bor
row money, on a majority, for public im
The bill tonav the members of the
July Legislature, has passed both Houses,
. ... i
The select committee to whon was re
ferred that portion cf the Governor's
message relating to the withdrawal of
public lands from market for the benefit
of the B. Sc M. R. R. R.,by leave' to re
port that the Secretary cf the Interior
has reversed the decision of the former
js 'confining the comoan
secretary, mus connning tne company
to the line of their road and festering the
lands to market that costituted the
grcunds cf complaint.
. .i
Our Land Office.
The friends of A. Johnson's appointee
far the Registcrship of the Land Office
in this city, make a great noise for so
small a crowd about "the cffice bep
closed , end say that emigrants nre forced
to enter in o, her Districts. The Neb.
City Press, of the 7th, gives the follow
ing as the entries of land made in that
city during the month of January for ibe
Otoe District ;
Cash - ,
Afj. Col. Scrip
r.hi. Ii'ty War.
Daring the period above
about two weeks previous
there were
hied with Register Dorsey applications
for 9,400 acres of land in our District,
of which 4,000 acres were icr Home
stead ! " . '
Do settlers deem the Oulce as closed"
And thcre are they being driven tol
The settler has confidence in the princi
rle that A. Johnson cannot remove an
olUccT for opinions fake ; while todies
cry: Andy Johnson is "the creator !"
"The creator has a right to do as he
pletses with his creature. The Master
xv it h Ms Servant V
GOT. Bailer raid our sanctum a .visit
kst Monday, cn his way to Omaha... He
is the fr;t Governor elected by the pecple
of Nebraska, and the choice will never
be regretted by the people who elected
htm. He assumes the duties cn the as
sembly cf the State Legislature.
An Outrage !
We learn that S. R, Jamison ha3 been
m IT T" 1 r 1 . 1 1 - C T)rtf
paying i. . ieaioiu iu cuiajy yj. n-
ister. since his nomination. If this is so
it is a swindle and a fraud upon Govern-
..."-. t .. .:n v
merit, for wnicn jamison wm
held responsible. This game of fatten-
jrT Johnsonites and Democrats is anout-
rage which shall not be smothered if we
can prevent it.
Pawnee Seminary- We are pleased
to hear cf the growing success or tue
above named Education?! Institute unaer
the management of Prof. I rsher. Witn
the new Professor, increased and reason
able accommodation .for its pupils and
for the sobriety and morality of the town
in which it is located, its advantages are
Our members of the Territorial Leg
islature are also members of the State
Legislature. This is-important just now,
T 1 t I Ml 1. .. ' J L-.t
as tne neorasiia di:l nas passeu com
Houses and the State Legislature will be
convened within thirty days from the 9th,
to give its assent to the fundamental con-
- :mDOsed bv Congress that there
..n iQ j-.:np,:n ni1P nnn:,n
tion on account of race cr color. That
this assent will be riven, we have no
doubt : that thi3 principle must now con
trol the action of all th9 States toward
the blacks is '"nevitable, and is founded
upon both justice and policy.
Our Legislative delegation are right
and firm on this question. The follow-
ig shows the position oJ our Council
"'Majors, Chairman of the Committee
on Elections, to whom that portion of the
Governor's Message relating- to "Impar
tial Suffrage" reported as follows:
'.That while the recommendation of
Tmrartifll SuflYnfrp f-irrimpr.rl ifciilF tn Aur
favorable" consideration as a steD in ad:
vacce of our present restricted rule of
sulirage, your committee is satisfied that
it is not broad enough to meet the views
and desires of the people n)f Nebraska,
inasmuch as we confidently believe that
they are averse to any restrictions on ac
count of race or color, which will debar
any male citizen over the age of 21
years (except Indians not taxed) from
equal rights and privileges under the
This report was adopted by the Coun
cil. Although the report was made long
before the condition was demanded by
Congress, it meets the subject most com
r Jetely.
vote in the House on strickinx
the word "white" out of our election
law stood thus : -
Ayes, Abbott, Butler, Clark, Cole.
Collins, Crow, .Daily. Deweese, Dcrey,
Duerfeldt, Frost, r ulier, Gray, nan: n-
berg, Haywood, Hoj!s Kelley, Parraeleef
Ross, Stuefer, all:chs, aluter, War
rick, Wiles, 21.
Nays, Andersen, Baker, Child, Craw
ford, Curran, Buggan. Graves, Harvey,
Hicklin, Link, Trumble, 11.
Nemaha County is well and ably rep
resented, and will lose none of her radi
cal glory through the present Legisla
tive delegation.
Grasshoppers ts. Locast.
Mr. Alderson, a citizen of Atchison,
Kansas, taking a deep interest in agri
cultural and scientific questions, sent a
sample to Washington, from the swarm
of Grasshoppers that made their ap
pearance Jast Fall. He received the
following letter from ihe Commissioner
. Agriculture. They are pronounced
"Locust;" but in Natural History all va
rieties of Grasshopper are technically
called "Locust:"
I Washington, Nov. 3, 1S66. )
L. A. Alderson, Sir: The bottle of
Locusts came safely. The insect is very
pearly, if not quite identical
with the
Wcridium (Culopterms) ftmur rebrum,
tet eed !cufl ( Ha8' P 17V.
The esc of the locust does not hatch
into a grub at all, but into a perfectly
formed iocu3t with the exception that they
have no wings. After some weeks they
shed their skins and have rudiraertary
wings, but cannot ily or migrate till an
other change takes place, and perfect
wings ore developed. Some few may
hatch in the fall, if the season is favora
ble, but the majority come out in the
Spring. ;
They eat every sort of crop, as far a3
we know, unless it be sorghum, which it
is said they do not touch, Fall and win
ter plowing, or burning over the fields
and meadows in the Spring, when the
insects are small and without wings, may
be efficient in destroying them.
You may expect they will devour ev-.
erything eatable in the neighborhood of
where they re Latched until they obtain
wings and are able to migrate, when the y
go in search of fresh food.
We should bs happy-Jo know the re
sults cf any experiments that -may be
tried for the destruction of these insects,
or the protection of crops from their rav
ages. Yours, truly,
G. Boltox Newtoit ,
Acting Commissioner.
Tiie Territorial Universal ScOxage
Bill. .
The following bill providing for uni
versal suffrage in the Territories, has
become ' a law, the President ntither
signing nor returning it:
Be it enacted by the SenafVffnd House
cf. Representatives of tha United States
of America, in Congress assembled. That
from and after the passage cf this act,
there rhall be co.denial of the elective
franchise in any cf the Territories of the
United State?, now cr hereafter to be or
gamzed, to any citizen thereof cn account
of race cr .color, cr previous condition of
servitude, and ail acts or parts cf acts,
either of Congress or the legislative as
semblies of said Territories, inconsistent
with the provisions cf this act are hereby
declared cull atd void.
Crn. shprifian cn Trait
9 M. U
Gen. Sheridan does up rebels and reb
el demonstrations with a vim. The fol
lowing correspondence was published in
Galveston, Jan. 21:
Major Gen. P..H. Sheridan, ccrnman
ding the Departmeot ,cf the Gulf, New
Orleans : '
Sir The 'citizens cf Galveston wish
to give civil escort from steamer to the
cars to the remains of General Johnson.
'Gen. Griffin commanding, has issued a
prohibitory order. Will you give author
ity to the citizens here to give civil es
cort to his remains f
Chablis Leonard, Mayor.
To Charles Leonard, Mayor of Galves-
s ton : ; -
'. Sir I respectfully decline to grant
your request. I have too much regard
frr tho memorv of the brave men wuo
died to preserve our Government, to au
thorize confederate demonstrations over
the remains of one who attempted lode
stroy it. " P. H. Sheridah,
Maj-Gen. U. 5. Army.
Horrible Fate !-A Man Smothered
- . to Beatli.
" BkTBlce, Jan. 30th, 1SG7.
Some Dersons livinir on the west fork
of the Big Blue, residing in a temporary
- - w
dug-out, for the purpose of trapping, were
caught in the snow storm of the tioth ult
Their dug-out being on the south side of
a high bank, the snow drifted on it very
fast ; when one of them by the name of
U. J. rarish proposed to ieave it and go
to a neighbors houre. the other said that
if they left they would freeze to death,
and he would sooner stay where he was;
Parish said he would runth& risk, as ths
timber over tleir heads was bending un
der the weight, of snow, and he thought
it certain death to remain, the other,
Lewis Warren by name, said he had been
in the service of the U. S. for three,
years, and in some hard fought battles ;
but he never felt himself in somuch
danger; with that Parish tlVhi wife
started off and left WarRn there alone,
preparing for a smok 'they started in
a southeast'course and by keeping on
the ice the managed to get to the house
of Samuel Englehauft, this was about ten
o'clock in the morning of the 25th of
January, on the 26h Parish went back
to see about his horses which he had left
in the woods, hewent to the house and
it was entirely covered with snow ; he.
called several times and got no answer,
he had nothing to dig with, he then went
to the house of J. R. Johnson, a distance
of four miles, for shovels and help; they
got back to the dug-out about one o'clock
p. m., and dug down several feet when
they came to the roof, when they made a
hole large enough to admit a man's body,
and two of them crowded in they found
Warren lying on the bed apparently
aseep; bat on speaking to him he -did
not move, they ihen picked him up and
carried him to the hole and passed him
through to t he, man, on the outsid?, w here
they uiceriwined-that he was deadvther?
was iwoTtedo-s ia' with.huii,cri.3 of
thea -wAdAi Jr' efc J the c;l?r-r.:'t a" 1 3- to
stand irp-wh"?-: taken out. ' - ' ;
There was" an inquest' held over his
body the jury returned a verdict of
smothered to death.
His remains were interred in th9 bur
ial grounds near Thos. Wsst's mill, in
Seward county, JJ. T.
The Times' special says the following
13 the amendment to the Constitution
which the Souiherners in Washington
agree to, and that the President agree
to it :
Article fourteen," section one.r No
state has a right to recede, nor ha3 the
the Federal Government the right to re
ject a State or deprive a State of repre
resentation in Congress.
Sec. "2. The; United States debt shal
be hld sacred and inviolate but the reb
el debt shall never be paid by the nation
or anv State.
Sec. 3. All persons born or naturaliz
ed in the United States and subject to its
iurisdiction, shall he citizens and shal
have tha rights and immunities cf all
States life, liberty and property are
Sec. 4. Representation shall be based
on the numbers, counting all persons ex
cepting Indians not taxed, but when any
State excludes any cf its population on
account of race or color from voting
then those excluded shall not be counted
in the basis of representation.. Also,
the following i3 to be part of the Consti
tution of each State
Every male citizen. 21 years of age,
who na3 been in this btale one year and
in the county six months preceding the
day of election, and who can read the
Declaration of Independence and the
Constitution of the U. S., in the English
language, and owner of c2o0 worth of
taxable property, shall be entitled to a
vote, provided, no person who has here
tofore vo:?d ; shall h2 excluded frc;u vot
Terrible State oX Affairs In Ten
.Nashville, January 31. A fearful
state of things exists in Obion county, in
this State. The guerilla F. Farris, who
murdered Senator Case,- defies the au
thorities to take him. Numerous other
scoundrels are in intense activity, and a
general system, of terror prevails. The
neighboring county of Wakely is in a si
milar condition. I have received letters
from that region to-day which represents
mat tne Union men now, as during the
war, have either fled out of the country
or have left their homes and betaken
themselves to the woods.
The rebels declare in the boldest terms
that no convention shall he held in those
counties to send delegates to the State
Union convention which meets here on
the 22d February, and that all enemies
of the old Confederate government must
be unconditionally exterminated. These
counties are in West Tennessee. A sim
ilar state of things, however, prevails in
some parts cf Jlliddle Tennessee. I saw
a Union man in the city to-day from Lin
coln county who had been compelled to
fl" from there for, his life. In Franklin
county, ex-members of the rebel army
are goirg about in their uniforms singly
and in squads declaring they never sur
rendered, that they are not subjects of
ius ianKee government ana that ro one
thaH reside there ho is. They insult,
abuse, browbeat and mrsaieu evt.y iW)a.
man they find, and the latter are making
rapid preparations to leave me oia;c'T7
Nothing but the passage of
itia bilfwill save the Union men cf Ten
roio frnm extermination.
u - . . -
The rebels knowing that tne acopticn
cf this measure and tha penu:ng si;., rag-.
Kill will forever put an end to taeir out-
rares. seem determined to accomplish a3
- - - M
o. . ... -II. 1 C . V. n . -
power is gone.
mnrh miectliet BS DOSSlOiC UCiUlC Ut "
. .
Tne Latest Fashions. since the
invention and sucsessfal introduction of
the Celebrated Duplex Elliptic or
double Spring Hoop Skirt, by Mr. J. W.
Bradley, cf New York, the ladies
thro ighout the country ha7e given up the
ida of discarding the fashion of wearing
hoop skirts on account cf the peculiar and
graceful manner in which tha Duplex
Skirt adapt themselves to every exigency
nil empriTPnrv. Sn rpnera!lt? accent-
uuk w ... j - a J 1
able have these Skirts become that the
ladies regard them as a special favorite,
in view of the superior Flexibility,
Lightness and durability uomMned in
their Manufacture. They also consider
them a far more Economical aud Com
fortable Hoop Skirt than ever has or can
be made for all Crowded Assemblies, for
the" Promenade or rfouse Drets. Any
Iadv after wearinsr cne of these Skirts
will never afterwards willingly dispense
with their use. Long experience in the
manufacture of Hoop Skirts, has proven
to the proprietors of this invention, that
Single-springs will always retain that
stiff, unyielding-and bungling style which
has ever characterised them, whereas
the pouble Spring Hoop or the Duplex
Elliptic, will be found free from these
objeptions. Notwithstanding the aHllity
of the manufacturers, Messrs, W&sts,
Bradlev and Carv. to turn out over six
thousand Skirls per day from their Large
Manufactories in'New York, they feel
obliged to request all merchants ordering
the Duplex Elliptic Skirts, to send their
orders a few days before they are want
ed, if possible, as they are most constantly
oversold some days ahead.
What is there so mortifying to a lady
as to have her facecovered with pimples,
blotches, and cutaneous eruptions, and
vet how many there are who throug-h
Dure neglect, suffer them to exist 7 Go
to the drug store and have the drugist
make you an ointment with twenty grains
iodide of lead., and one ounce of simple
cerate or fresh lard. Apply this to the
face every nighi; at the same time keep
the bowels gently open with Roback's
Blood , Pillsr and. take the E1562 Purifier
thrta timeo.'a day. and'yoj .will be per
f felly i?tcni5hetJ"Jfc't'lhe' fSsit- produced
before a week" has passed. Continue
this treatment until a perfect cure is ef
fected, which will be in a very short time
Mrs, Whitcomb's rSyrnp for diarrhea
and dysenteryjn children, whether it is
brought on by teething or any other
cause, is the safest and best remedy in
the world. Full directions around each
hottle in English, French, Spanish and
German. It is sold at the low price of
25 cents a bottle, ant! can oe round ' at
Holladay & Go's Drug Store.
SaCCCSS. The enormous sales of
Coe's Dyspepsia Cure is in a great meas
ure owing to the fact that those who use
it are cured and tell their friends and
naighbors of ito thousands of tongues
are advertising ibis conqueror of Dispep
sia, Jndigestiou, kindred evils.
When you buy Saleratus please notice
how much larger the Best Chemical Sal-
trains papers are than others. They
Dried Peaches, Applos, Blaekborrtei, Cherries at
SWAV i PTiftu
Th underaicned will offer for ills at PnK!!.
Auction, at the Uto reuieno) . of Stenhen Fudge in
the County of Nemaha. '
On Friday the 8th day of March 1SG7,
the Goods and Chatles of the deoeaasd, coaist,io
of Dorses, Oxen, Cows, Corn, Oats, lltf-jscholi aod
Kitchen Furniture, and all tha Fannin lltniu
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turns ondarilO Cash, sums orer' thit amnnnt ti
credit of Nine Months, the Purchaser eiTinz Bind
wilt, . A L . K -
u .ouutikj-, i it mpprovea Dy tne Adtnin-
isiraiur. JLSSfcE COLE
20-ii 7.00 Administrator.
Sugar Loaf Syrup, Sorghum, and N.O. Mo1ms
TIsrcc or Four School Teachers,
Or other intoligent persons (male or faule), la
every County ia the West, to engtga ia s bais
nest daring the spring and snmoijr that will M.
freta $100 to f 2C0 per month. Address McCCRDY k CO.,
509 Olivt street, St. Louis. Mo.
pickles. Can Fruits of all kinds, and Oysters at
JLJ than any other Private Disease Phvsici. u .
regu Isr rTaduace of medicine, cures Svr.hii; in m
iU forms. Gonorrhoea, (ilet. Srr.i, r-.i,:.-,.
Diabetes, Bladder and Urinary dieeases, Syphilitic
affectiocs of the throat, skin or bones.
inousands suffering self-abuse, excesses, eiro-
sures and indiscretions ia vouth anl miturer
years, predaiing some of the fallowing effects :
uiotcnes, bodily weaknuss, anmanliness, to society,
mdlirestioa. consti ration. drPfiji fntn r vnr
loas of memory, and finally impotency, having
Hean refer to miny old residea ts for rast suc
cess and .present position, also Joaay j-bjiicians
here and el3ewhre.
AJccupying a whole bonsa of twelve roocu, with
competent assistant physicians; those requiring
daily personal attention may remain in the estab
Siedieina sent everywhere ly mail or express.
His Theory an 1 Exposition of Diseases, elearlv
delineating all the diseases conditions, may be had
in soaled letter envelope for 6 cents. Ladies' Cir
cular, nsbracic? all chroaij diseases, 3 car.U.
Adiross St. Louis. Mo. . -
A friendly talk eoEta nothinz: ebtrrea modar.
ate ; cares juarantoed. OtSce, 617 St. Charles
street, one square south ci the LindeU liotel. 20ly
S10"' stSzmn$u&
v "
We have on hand a large and vrcll assorted stc;
of Staple and Fancy
""' ST
To whicii we are making constant addition
which wg are selling at
ment west of the
Tlc very Ja'-t medicine i:i use for
T'liJ rvibf i rcnarol f. om t!ic rcc.:i of nn
oM KHfiUii I'li.v...-, ii low, up I h.i3 been lor
eiiv- usi-l t.ifoi! rli- ut i:: . l;y stock racers,
nut alone f n- 'm curative, 1 at nl&o its fatU-ning )-ro-l'riies.
l'or t'.-i 1" Uowin?: :i. arics, it wiil luvari
ably bo ' fauad a certain end specdj cure:
Fevers of all I.'tuh, Distemper, Fomidcr,
Coiijk.i, Loss of Appetite, Hide Bound, Yel
low Vr'atcr, as aUj all diseases arising from a
disordered Stomach, cr a:i impurejtate off he
riKKEirc cordial cosDXTio.x pawcriT, ;
As Hi name i:i(liente3, h n gentle stinuilant. Un
lika the many urticlea iulil iliroubout I ho country
tot the diieaaed ot Horses anil Cattle, tins lUTror
atioii ii entirely of vepetable origin no nuntrala
eiittr ir.t.) i'io c mposition. Eeiiif? conmoseit en
tirely ot aromatic, frccus, fccrbi, roots cml barks,
r m-iv be u.5et w i;Ii lull e rlk!ence 33 to its entire
aafcf. certainty, r.nd r.iiKlncss rT tperation It
cleanse the llluod, loostus the IliJc, gives to the
skLp a- f-ntooth ami glossy iipieranre, rrmovfs all
;k1 humors, ami hy its fatn, iile-giv fns;
orf"ertii-, intv.scs into tho debilitated, broken
.l iW: niiiiiial. action mid .ciirit, niidre-teres to hiiA
ail hii iialitral fracc and beauty,
S&y"-??.S;f : v. .-(-:'fsit
Covrs rcquirs net careful Liter.tlon, l.r.t
ab!'nd:;nc'4 n:' )it;'r:ti 'j A'd. 'J !m testir?ionyAi
by in:' juiUvj. - u.-.c o : , ' .
Parkcr'c Cor Condition Powder.
the Cow cf mil!: iirot only creatly merged but
t!ion:t;dUvv:iiJy l.iruoved, a.- by ti.e llae ot t.iU
iowUer, nil tendency tolcwr, a! it robuioan.l
InnuriucJ ot tlx-i L'.l, arc u o.u:v nm. e-i.
-T5rccdr3 and f.Utenrri cf Swine will rejoice to
know that a prompt remedr for the various .nala-d;e3,-
to 'vhicii tneic animals ore subject louna la
Tarker's Cordial Ccnditlca rcTrtlcr.
For Cough?, Fever?, inu.nrnmntion of tli?
Measles,0 Miinprc, Kidney Vnn, Ac. Sc, liu
medicine act j like a charm. IL Cholera will I
avoided by occasional don-3 of tins ).owiler it is a
sure preventative. Onj added to a barrel 1 1
Swill and given freely to ilis, Wilt fpecdily xc
move these, oft fitiil Ueuiej.
ThiJ powdT bei botl-. Tonic pml laxative, rur
ifles tha Iilood, removes h ImmnrJ, and vriA
therefore be finnd mast excellent la'i'romotinrj the
condition of Sheep.
yPrire C" ent ctn!i rrrarkarrr, prepared
onh by WILLIAM B. PAHKEli, St. Louis.
53For Bala by and ilerchanU every-
"01 & 700 Xcrlh 51am Street, St. Louis,
rooms, fc'alt, Aie3. Powder, fbot and Lesd at
Trobate Notice. . .
Tha Snal afcoont r.f flar.l War?. A.lrr.;nUh-f-r
of the Estate of Ger lirt Wtrs, wi.i b? f vt
before iaa rrobata Court, at the Court U joji la
the Citr of Browuville.on ilondav the lltn diV of
11 a rob 1367.
Brownn:; Feb. 7th IS.
O, W. VAIRBROTDER, Probate JuJm.'
19-St 3,3 R 0 "
eans,ll5fli:ny,lIoal,P.Juto3j.n)ur ArP!ci ,f e
Is ths Great Diurctie.
1 the Grnat Blood Purifwr.
Both are prepared according to rules of Phsnra
cy and Chemistry, and aro thej most active that can
be made.. ' Y
)alm Soap, Cartile, Rosfn and Dt;rjive Sorb
and the Celebrate! Silre'rTJIos SUrh at
mm m ran
A tod reliolle Ase'
v:nnt.:i! Ja trery t3n a
take tha erriro cr,ntrol,for
hi3 nc'hbr.rhvocd, of seve
ral of the m0 tatca
t..anl provable articl
cf every cUy uiB ever i re
tented to the publil. Prof
its bre- satisfaction guar
anteed. Ta right n an or
won;an can mike froa $10
to ?2D a week esi,)j. En
close stamp f.r fill di3crip
iion atd iilustratted. tata
loae. Sample 8ert frel :
Excluive cor;trt,r tl tti
ritcry given
N. Y. Manufactnricjt Co.
57 Park Row, N. Y".
iv ant 2 ci
(ilale or Female.)
r -v
4 i f
zr i z.
prices low as any establ
Mississippi river.
STRAY JV071Cr.lL "
Talien ot hj the surscriber,liT:n ij, G'
township. Jiernaba Conn-y. on tLe fat daj
uary, lbd7.tne tuo year o!d IL ifr, an.
each ear, no othtr Irnu ljjaalur white i h
brown frots. I'J-at-r-1 JAS E.3
Taken op by the 3nJerineJ, i;r;B
Nrrnaha.two miles above Lores Eri'.
27th daj of December 1 6, one fiieer. '
red tcck. libt roaa. left tar crorped, Br xV
ef tho riht, good straight liorns. ' u'"
Tak?n np ly tlo BDersNned, IWic- ; j
yorlh-Vest cf Drownville tbrf, a -s
day of January S5,?. O49 lied V.v:'r I -old
next Spriusr, line back bu.-'u of iiu
legs white part wap up. .
Taken op by the underfit'n;d, living ia E
Pre:inet,oa the 9th day of Jaaary, l')7,
Ood red and white sppottcd Bu!l, tfs jv .
lastsprin. no marks on brindi
Jaa. 1S,W03. 17 FETUS ESCL
Taken np by ihe undersigned living im
North- West of Loriri Drid-e, in Xmb Cs
ebraska, on tho 4:h d.iy of Janoary, 1 S7.
One roan heifer, cne year oil Ia.t Sjr
marks on brands. 17-pd JOSEPH t.
Taken np by the undersinel, livii :.e
half miles Wet of Aijiawall. NemehaCofi
braska, on the 1 5th i j of December, Ii".".
red and white Steer, akiut tbr year oil.
Jan., 13tb, 13S7. 15 WIU.IAU VIST.
Taken up by the undarsignad linof ia 3-a.
County , Nebraska, on the 1st day of bva, b'
Red Heifer, one year old, marked with
off of left ear, and two underbtts in the r;iu
15-5t-jd JOHN TV. S.j4a.5
Taken np by the sub?crlber lirin ia C'tt t
Precinct, Nov, 17, lSort.a Yoke cf C!t.',
red steer with left horn off and smooth ertrf
each' ear, the other a rcan, with lefl hon k-
off, I'-randed C on left hip, supposed to W
15-5tpd Joa5B.En2.
For a choice article of Tea, to ,
Henry P. SIierDnrce,
Musical IastruEeisIcsical ilcrc!::::
No. 33 Jiarkot Street, tekweea ilaia aal
Zttabluhtd in IM ST. L0UI
all f. Pails, Well Ducket, Seiven, Asi
Extensire ilanufactures and IovJorten
AnericaEnsllsh zz Anglican Will
And every description of !
Fan'y Cood9 & Yankee SoK'
Especially adipted lD designated for
and Wettorn Trd C ire u lairs a od fjlldtKr
Price Liste sent free. ' ' '
Agents wanted ererywher.
51 Kaniscj: tsairr.
Jan. 1SC6 3in Providence, B-1
Soda Crackers, Gingei Scp. ai i ArtW'.
er?,at .V,VA.' 1 K'"J
And All Points East,
Cm-ftir-wi h th Il--bal an! 9i.t
f.;rms the N
Only All P " Roxlefron A'chisT;
1 C ' jh St. LoJis.
Making direct and reliable con- ictions wi'i
a Famous pprcss Tral.
Leavinr St. Louis at 2 occck is tie sf4"
runnirg through t? a'.! Eastern cities :'
mcment deliy . Passet-rs g'ioj to
PhilddThia Xevs York, -'Washington.
PiUihtirgh, Ef&
leave! and, ar.d all Ln?
I ar. d .Tnu'v.s and Cities.
Via. the above line hava 1 -?s ehir j-s it
Make Quicker lino ,
Thsn by any other ru'. Pas.?crr f '
points iu Centra! and S; . ut'irrn Uio.
Southern Indiana, S--ulh rn Illinois asJ"''..
in Kentucky muk'r; scr ral Lrur'a 'iuii r '
than can te tr de vi . nzr ether ra:e. , -t
Through tickf-'j cn Lj r'rchusi u
Road Ti-ket tuc?.s ia tho V.'ejt. . t,
Le iiutder.-:. !, that tha Fare t " r.v--,.,
is the Since via, - S.?r.h Miasoari luil
St. Louis as by vrr.y of Chicago or acy e"
Q via. ii-t. Luu:3 li3ut. r
Pre:-!..!-. nt and licit Surt. St. Uo-" -
ii. ii. v.'r.Er.Lr.
Cea'l Ticket A -rpt.St. L"-
Gea'l Erei-ht A;tn',St. I"'
Ajen:, St. J r3
L. 31. DWSi,
Genl Western. Ager.U Si. JoS.
I?reih Layer Rjiit-. Cutti-'j. Citr -n "',t
! -.- SVA.SJ
Pe.;h Tott: f?s, :n twi aad thrs p"- ift
nralLs-f.F zs C-ii. Ctiri Jotee a", .
Tobe:ce,S . : S'tTAN U-"'
I t