Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, September 20, 1866, Image 2

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- GEO. CROW.:.
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S. V. KENNEDY . , 7
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blue, tt. taring prmomiy I
Cuia:tnra,araa aa axecuUra or Jadicial
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ta Lalud fc;tVM,.haIi beta enfted la tmorrec
fioa ar rtU'..loa art; nit tba-aame, cr ciraa- ail er
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arri?f ltrrttioa r r?t.lun, shell not pa
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iv.rN (iwuirdt ef Both Uohms men ; many -cf 'whom have been assass!:
t is ti''triof tb ternU suuimib nalcd during the past "year m" Texas:
A.atl u lit CEUita-.B of. ti United - 1 ",
rnT'xef f IcriUei ertiuwn. ft tt. Ustll 1C13 IHB JUBa 01, luo, SCOrpioa 10 D6 ueOUra 6-"? " "jr o
t::, fd lk8 Tud? wheIPs ? -CaafeJeV wQrkiDg, in conjunction-with rebels in the
-t,fcseiy t.aoy tfrwa wltbiatujiirbiiotloa fttcyV Ilii polic has made loyalty Vdious terior to get'the troops out of the lh-
. Ctli; i ri7r" utivw Tail u irprtioaYd n&d jreato'a "hoQorable jatihe -yeoeftious tirlor'inoa the frontier so that white
4lxois tu Mv.rai Sut.s aordin? u re.- States. rnd'bV a lavish exercise of ex. men' actl Vgroet rwill have no protec-
r-wwr.iab it..?iaaieclpd;A!j. not uiei. ecurtva ryaie hei has cwtda himself re- ton. against, rebel moos. .. ,; ;
i at ara r jbt t Vila at any 1ctk?a fcr tba ....... i , . .. .. . , ".,..- " VAr.- . . - , ,
.tea .fatacicr. atdYiea rmiient diculocf ia the tyes cf'the world; -m hit ' ' . oars, etc,. -- ;
I Ca ra;ui fcu.raiwiiutir.a, la. Coar . iiA.lprs'ri in m1rV crn': MtW. 14 :!: Vj:i7';- G. R. ST.
titTtntf. aailaicial fCoira cr'a Stata. Ml r.o-r- V"v r -. ... . .
t rvirrt"rreffKU?!c8 .sail e. reauoea ia i ana WQO were Ignorant OMactS and of I BB"16 Ul,ui Ae,uwviao whj,
' ;.rUiitr uiL.nfeoi. number f mala citi. their duty but it'ii. trua cf those Und Honnsontte flown Mairs.
' ' -at. a tvaatyaa yaars ti a fa in soeh Ktata. : V . ,Wr namA ia'lPiinnS' tthn'lrn Kii.l Dr. A. S. Hollady pre
1 1:. I. J. ptraoaihaU ta a etrator orreprw t " " ' i.mi . v
-tmtJra la Cocrrrw, r eietu-r cf iYeiidebt or and ret crranixed mobs to hunt down and - - 0 1 JODerlsOni
. mUi M. tit tiULtr Ul toiled Eutee ir u;
aMve eall ooier r7 ."7 eti r ebligetioa Incur
4 la aid of iaesTrecifeB' er rtbellia aieinst tbe
CtU Cuiee. ar .ey claim for lie 1om cr mndp
t;a f aof e.a: bit all eua -debu, biltiioa And
. u:uitt:itfkiUU?il wvta .
iic. $ TI. Cwrfre te. po.r U enforoa
ry efrvpfiete Ittl atU,the prolUe of ifcleartlcla
Crein af taa ne of Keprese Duuvae.
latatctts , rosna.
rteti-nat of tta f aneif f ra ttm.
v r.n... tU.. :
The Ccssty Ticket placed in nomica; I
Ci Umen n.nuhlian -ConrenV
cha, hit Saturday, is in every re
-crthy the hearty support cf every I
cxtUSfd it mill receire.; It is radically
t..:.M'. iv'-:,.i t;;.i i;i
iard ruticn lha airaareat 'reeon.
wan-n fct iha rrsrftof tha ceocle:
tha.cec r!t ced ia nomination have stood
. '
ntraverinzand cnawed amid.the throes
.. 1
-f .v. a.a- Mtv,;- vi
, j ;stire la the whole people, and now that
ths ir.rsisent peril is pan, they still firm
ly re fun to surrender either principles or
crtrst and feel assured that, thus cond.
eval! P0. k rnada ths nctim .0r
. .
AcjTiXaTtxAi, Aug. 17th,60.
Cast, Esq., - ... t'L
Dear friend : Vcur kind tsta cf (the
In inst., haa beta received, ;aad'"its pe
rcstl was at ence a source cf pleasure
4 ef rain-. I arts. clad tahpar'frnm
a-ca. mr kindred and ether frifni. r and
' J ' I .
fid rirrn ail ar.d remfert i.Vn,.
--j . , . I
- i
CwAera Cctfederacr. ' '
Dune ive hta fools war and revolt 1
- .-. I
'cf theirs, a rainit the Union mv fathers
nra the r tlacd to cf raent -ml biind-un:
. I
! lad bored few cf their defendants"
were fclbwir." the lead of Carolina's
Ury icr.a. But since the strife is over,
I lave learned with mcrtiScation, that
Tzizy cf my deluded kindred were trr
ttyei t gainst their country and the lib
erties cf thtir fellow men. ...
J thsrk God that the country is wide
fcr rr.e to walk apart frcra red
ltr!ed trailers, who hunted dowa and
t !'rjl thtir hyil teilbore, and struck
lis ttirry C:g cf freedom now, as
l;r'.-r;ri, the tcjh end Uicca light cf
dartVa c; ;rct:ed cillien'Sf - ' -r,-
m m
frirr.:?, are tha friends cf the
i v.j are the:? who
'rally round the fiag1 acd are williog
eree to peril life ca the tittle field
Until I got ye- l"":?r 1 had nor rup
posed that the f tic 1 itte
purchase had been i;: lasted
ith t.:.3 fan-
atical worthlpperijr the I! jdy.Cocfed-
erate Moloch; and, whea ia "cutcai't
from heme and hunted' in the mountains
cf the Colorado by the hell-hcundj of
f Dim .iCa cftea rertttejUtTjng.
left Jlissouri..
Ilafing been nyself tracked with'degs;
jtciata nd at-last s crprised and-captur
ed, and haricg narrowly escaped being
bun because I didjsc.l belief eJeiT.j
Dans a purer patriot an'- Washington, 1
and his raob gorernment better than the
kingdom cf -heaven, I know from" bitter
experience, how to sympathise with loyal
men who. have suffered like things at the accursed confederates. And I
... . . i
am sufliciently acquainted with the ifinate
and'uc'ja .Jl.fie'd jdtpr4vity" of "Southern
Ci'ttcn-qcuths, to hare a ,rn,ot cordial
hatred tf copperheads- and. all sorts' of
political reptiles th&l crawl oa the earth;
:: Ucica'ned in Texas, who" are such Jn
heart and' exp rejjjcn, are fe w'in number
l4 cf despondent spirit. . We believeJ
frcm prcient indications, .that .the teceth
leaven -hid by Andrew's ' policy ; in the
bushel of amncity meal,' will eoon leaven
th wKch'lump of Southern society' and
give rise to iuDumeratle blood j riot, if J
not actual civil war 011 grand: fccale.; 1
We know the" same pardoned, and re
constructed fiends' who butchered' 'their
fellow - citizens, and robbed the ' widows
and crphens ci their murdered Victims
. -i
are longing for aa opportunity to tlo
l?e,r Ah work over ' again. jWith the
worcJs . Vni?9 conciliation oa their
perjufeclips, their, jiands clutch the dag-
to tlay loyal .white, me a and freed
as jci coi a singie.cuiprii. pas. Deep
punished.. And this state, of. things grows
oat cf the1 fact that' Jlosea Johnson-
" . ' ' . - x . - wvwv I
his friends hand and foot." and cast lhem t
. - - . . -
cf material too mean for decent . deils.
- -
1 Co totneaa this of many of .the .,outh
PlatL-mouth on the 11th, in
. . ,. ,
tiaJ wuiuu ujcu. iun laucrnuu
"ay union mea. i nis latter ana Burner
oa.clais 0f men -Pe rardnnpd and
Pardoned, aud lire
COW in aiaucnCC and honor in sight of the
' f .hpir murdril ietim.
grates ci ineir muraerea victims.
i No grand -jury South will find a bill
against a mobocrat or K. G. d because
thft'w'itnesses dare not on peril of life
" e ,1 1, ' ,t, - L i
. . ' 'I
Justice - is the sure and; etsrnal basis
cf beace and nrosneritv. knd .uir MasnA
biuldin? on the sandv foundations or in-
. - 7 1 I
discriminate freeWace. is 'casting his
pearls before swine and exposing himself
and country toahame and ruin. ' :
,The! Government of this State has
gone into :tha -.hands of white-wajhed ho should head the ticket for the pres
v. .v-t:.i '' enf canvass.'" WhereuDon. the unDer
um jurgiaiaiurB ts nov ia session i
- I
.xauyaa iu uuy ; writ rga
or Confederate herces,' donating lands
to' the disabled soldiers of th's'Statp. and
.. . 1-' 'jj
cf-Confederate soldiers, at pub-
chosen,;and the President of the Sece'sh'
W1."00 . - .canuiuaie . xavoraoiy
"Us" many raemoers -aome- 01
.1 . .t 1 . a
ine" gentlemen nave .said publicly, tney
rHHlu nui iruckl nonnera raajcausm
14 . . 1 i.i- . 1 j: .if 7
80 ar B? 10 vie icr a senator wno would
tana uie iesi cam; ye i inese mea are
Johusoa$a friend, and loud adrocates ; of
My Policy.'? ..1 ; I '
V 'W I' a 1
4M.nU vnui. .cicHIUu .uy
b&Te fceea 8tedfBl 'Unionists, endorse
- ....... ... . . I
je action or ingress as -bom just ;and
litis! nr.rl fatppm Jnhntnn ivnnt
trattcr than Benedict Arooldr and look
upon hispolicy, if adopted by the country,
as sure to result in a second, war more
terrible and. more .bloody than the . first.
The late Tiew: Orleans- riot, and . com-
cents on it by lcadiog" rebels here, has
opened" the eyes" cf Union , men to the
danger which threatens them and their
FrjIr lo ooa " in" WB'wIa PP'3 os.
J .L- l i i
i . ,i c-.... . t-.r : . .
comeuaa ue.cp urpraviiy oi
tne reoei ceari, ana . learn urn -moral
-, ..- j .. . ,
iU",cn 18
. - I
' The presence cf physical force alone
ca restrain rebels from;roufder and ra-
Pne. . - inere is no inenaiy leeiiog cor
. ' t ' ' ' t "t.- - I
Uocial between the loyal
EC(1 rfoeI tlenenta, aad U. S. bayonets -
only keep the peace of the country. The
rebels and copperheads claim the right ib
govern the Natioa ; and the Anly ques-
lion cow is, whether vanquished traitors
or victorious Unicnits thall control the
destinies cf the Nation.
Fcr the iinr time ia the world's his-
iory tLa conquered laim .the right to
ciaka laws for tha conquerors ; And the
mea who a year ago ran after Unioa mea
to get recommendations for, pardon, are
dxnouadaj them. nQw as radicals and
trailers wormy cr ceata. ' .
Such have been the fruits cf tht ptlicy '
which proposed to hatch doves from the
oiVeg3f the cockatrice, and to tame the
tigert cf rebellion by feeding them
ha ti rt? h cfi Joy? 1 ty. r , "
are ood ihis ,
md tto;'t fineV'-nd t.e stauld be a
hapy nd 4r-ec&cj jpcopjja bit for ti
j rebeuioui felirigs,"snd' practice of tl
t fcr the
multitude, encouraged in their disloyalty
by the Seaard'Jchoscn-Doolmle school
cf bailor d e5J:Jacyr -
The policy of that party has rekindled
the'firi 'oa ihealta oflebelljon; acd
Union JbloodwjlJ yet be required jo
quench it. Such is the unanimous senti
CxtfXtft Southern Uaintiitsrwhich will
ndeit press km 'through the' Convection
of Lryal Southerners to meet in Phila-
j delphta cnhrflrst Monday ia Septeca
'bef." ' ' Ye look" to this Convention to e
pose the ." errors of "My Policy," whi
Jikean Egyptian-fog . has rested en the
Sooth' for rthe space of one year, the
blight and ruia'of loyalty and fostering
enq or, treason., - , , , t
;-If I have any friends in Mij.ouri who
are radically-right and. fcr their country
against iraitors,:io them I send greeting.
.1.:. f ";4V t.Jt'-fV; io-r
''.'X g'rarmaDy of 'our people, to escape
tropic rebel rule, are seeking nuiaes jq
thefree States, while only rebels' are
comfrig i'nto,Texas, from' Missouri,' Mis
sissippi, Tennessee and Arkansas; ' 5 '
r. Murders and robbefies are of frequent
occurrence' all over .our. State, and Union
men and negroes are the victims. - A sad
condition' cf ' things in a country claiming
(falsely),' to be ' reconstructed, loyal,
cnristiaa and civilized. r
i j I fear. the. gospel of - bayonets with the
accompanying epistlea from Spencer car
bines will have to be preached in this
country before the laws are observed and
quiet restored. - .
Indians are. reported t on the frontier
killing -an occasional man and 'stealing
horses. '!t is a .lutle singular that while
the frontier is almost unanimously secesa
the men killed are Unionists. An ppin
ion exists that these reported Indians are
the wrecks : of QuantriU'-a and Shelby's
. . , k
commands, with, perhaps,. a few Indians
'J m'm A :a:'a .u
The Democratic and Johnson Conven-
sided over the
over the up
The lower house appointed Messrs.
-w '.u: tr:.....
U 1Bi'U1' iuiiuiu8, nimoun
Doom, a committee of conference upon
raauers 01 ,meresl 10 Doin-
ine upper nouse appointed a similar
5 - 1 iee
Thus the Johnsonites made the first
. ,US1,CU1W"W'
AnAf fl m .lava mn m t A itnlh tViA TlAmAAlin , .
muumg tfle example or Anay wna tne
- i he report or tae Ueroocratic commit
-ee says ine committee or tne a-
tionaunion convention as oj us me
nommauon of os of the two candidates
. . 7 r
ttorv marrnanimouslv 'ave" the lower
story the privilege sought, provided the
- - j
lower portion - of : the outfit would
pledec itself -to stand by the nominees of
upper, ine vote snows oi lor and 17
against such a concession, (
a t -a-a m
This beiDg r settled, the upper house
passed resolutions approving of the prin-
piet", resolutions ana saaress oi me ixa
lionai Union Johnson Convention, held
at Philadelphia on the 14th of .August,
as being the only true and Constitution
al course to be pursued ia the restoratioa
or. ima ffovernraeni, . ana
-.Routed, .That we as Democrats do
f 11 VM ,l a vaf wl aaa ,aat -w U
. td honor m maiotainin? the suDrem
UCy of the Constitution as being the fun-
capiat law. a iana, aa ineomy
i Tit ' r . l "1J . i
safeguard of civil-and. religious liberty
that we possess.; ....
Think .of such a Convention making
such pledges- aad nomimating J. Sterling
Marion ! ; ;
.The lower house then reported an , ac
ceptation cf the terms of the upper house,
and the nomination, by the lower, of A.
S.; Paddock, as the 'bread-and-butter"
candidate, for Memher of Congress and
J. C. Jordan, for .Territorial Librarian.
; "Judge Ltfckwood; from theConserva.
live Convention, appeared and reported
that his Ccnrention acupted implicitly the
resolutions ot tnis convention, ana wuuia
a a i l
n:artuy endorse, us action ana. jiomxna
a - . a a
TlL TN J ' J..J .
.ine democrats mcupruceeuww Wuiu
inations, which resulted as follows:
J dewing, wonoa xor veiegaie jn
Hongness ; Mr. v Murphy, for l&rntorial
Auditor; and Andrew Delone, tor Ter
ritorial Treasurer.
Ia the meantime the lowT story passed
resolutions, endorsing the Philadelphia
'Wigwam .and Andy Johnson; denounc-
iag as "monstrous" the idea of Congres
aional legislation being necessary to
the Admission of southera members, and
t the aame time permitting the rebel
Statea to pasa upon the Constitutional
Amendment demanding the speedy res
toration oi me receioiaiea; acu
the only teat of repreiintatioa should be
-AasaawaisgnwasaMi '.waa y- jviww'wai
unqualified loyalty to the Constitution
and Goveroiufnt of the United States."
The r crp'tjc convention then by
resolution invited the lower, contention
vo come up .and make the nd ainationa
unammcys, which the lower hzzsQ ver
magnnqusly iJid. T
Democratic Convention., th;. a re
queste(fPresiden) Johnson to appoint
Gen. Joh'aiXeCorae Governor of Ne
braska. We hardly TelievetEit comment is
j necessary: an ;tiie:cbove.;:rhe.a. Pjen so
far forget their manhood as to forsake
truth and justice, and sell themselves for
cc is it to- be wondered at ihauthey
should' truckstetftoWbeis and tpat ynan
traous the nomination of the Commander
of the K.- G.CV-ia -Nebraska, - Tbey
are U be' treated as persons who have the
regular seTetryear-itch, pmied but
shunned. -. "." " . V
Geo. FrancU Traia is oiit as aa Inde
pendent Candidate -for Congress it the
Oct'relectioB.-" Geo.' is irrepressible
George is lively as V maggot. ia a cream
cteese ! ueorge (thinks . he) is invinci
ble !j George hates the cigger!f.i be-f
Y cause a' sable son of 'Afric s sunny clime
brought him an ipvitalipa 10 stay out of the
Ciiicago tonveniicn !,...ueorge coaxed
Vallandingham to withdraw from the
Philadelphia' WigwUrn for the sake Q
harmonv, and consistently took a curb
stone ticket himself T'' George announces
himself' for the ."Agricultural, Commer
ciai, Manufacturing, Mineral, Immigra
tion and Railway interests of Nebraska,'
ti'S "nigger or co nigger' campaign
"did'nt pan,'' sufficiently, so it i3 discon
tinued, . Where men can be found to lick
those scabs of. iniquity, Morton and Pad
dock,' George may find some support.
' What new Democratic doctrine is this ?
Is the. copperhead, organ of Nebraska be
coming radical ? i Speaking of the Con
vention of Loyal Southerners which me
at Philadelphia; on the 2d,' the Omaha
Herald says:
,. "Mr- Fbhback subsequently became a
roaring "Union roan" and a '.Senatoi"
so. called, but was kicked out by. Wilson
of Massachusetts, .WITH MUCH JUS
T1CE, because he had been an active mem
ber of (he' Secession. Convenitah, voted for
the Ordinance ,,rretc.j ...t );.;,.
' The- 'justice"- of .."kicking . out" of
Congress men who1 have as above stated
aided and abetted treason, has been, and
is now, a dij.inctive i;?sue between th
Republican and ; Copperjohnson, Demo
cratic parties ; trie former bold that trai
tors should be kicked out and kept out of
the halls of Coogress, the latter contend
that all sent by the South must be admit
' The : above admission is rich ; and ir
the Radical party is every in need of the
"fag end" of treason to fill its ranks, we
shall let the above plead for Dr. G. L.
Miller's admission. He's evidently com
ing over.
Is it to be wondered at that grave
doubts ehould permeate the minds of cop
perheads as to the truth , and honesty of
renegade Republicans!. We copy from
the Omaha Herald of the 14th :
"Who, then, aside from the Demo
crat?, trAo are Johnson men to a man. be
long to the real constitution-loving union
men in Nebraska? Are these officials
for him in good faith, and do they in
tend fighting bis known enemies in tne
coming campaign 7 'While we know some
of them are acting in good faith, will
they aUV " "'.'. .''
"We make these remarks in response
to what is being said respecting eome
gentlemen who are charged with being
Johnson men for 'the;aA: of breadtand.
butter." ' r " : '
Poor deluded wretches ! Could they
not remember, the reception which Bene
dict Arnold met with from the British ;
and how Judas Iscariot longed to rid
himself of the evidence of his crime the
"thirty pieces of silver," and saved the
country the exhibition of characters so
contemptible as to excite the disgust, of
copperheads? Doubt them not, Miller!
no one can afford to over-bid A. Johnson
for lick-spittles.",
i !! "Arm-in-Arm I"
Few communities are blessed with one
of those humanitarians who is intent up
on making "treason odious" by walking
th copperheads and rebels.
mong us ?
arra-ia-arm wi
Have we one am'oa
"The ratiScatioa of the nominations
made by both Conventions at Plajis.noir.h
yesterday morning was & 'plcasipg sight.
Both Republicans and Democrats mjet in
joint Convention in the room of the Utter,
and wheD the of the Republican
ConvtidionJ)f. MoUaday-'-eniertd the
door the chairman of the Democratic
Convention, Mr. Robertson, arose arid
escorted b-imto the', chair amid deafening
cheers J'ey:s 7 " ' ' ' !
Is not this jvorth the P. O. ? Mott
assuredly' Andy should, and, doubtless
will, shell out liberally.
The following represents the "arm-inarm"
business of 1S63 :
'Gov. Fairchild, of Wisconsin, was
one of the bravest heroes of the war
against the rebellion. A gentleman whg
was introduced to him the other day ob
served, as he took his left baud, that he
had lost his right arm. "Yes," said the j
Governor in reply, "I attended a Con
vention at Gettysburg in 1863, aud met
a Southern delegate who was very anxi
ous to walk arm-in arm with me, and
when we separated I found that the em
brace had beea rather costly."
These kind of "arm-in-armers" have
gone cut of the business unless rebels
and .copperheads- againr combine ' to de
ttro'v ih Union. I
Tha following is the closing sentence
of the President's harangue at Cincin
nati: - ". '
" Vl have never deserted the people and
tl-y have never deseried. lae.arj I now
cenjure you all to 4tand ly the Constitu
tion and that good tld flag which Itcoia
mit tfi your, keeping, up-jn the our
country, and. then "assemble around -it
from all sections of the country, nd in
one Jratemal hug, forget and forgive, and
then swear, let come what wilt, let all
sink if U kiII. then swear , that this Union
shall beeterenaL"
A tlnJoibef wards;, lev's i gather- up:all
Tebels, bushwhackers, guerrillas, negro
murderers, copperheads and Johnsonites
ajouid ihe ...Philadelphia, Platform, ."and
in one' fraternal hug, forget (liberty) apd
forgive" (rampant traitors.) and swear,
while we are scuttling- her, the ship of
State shall float eternal ! This is Andy's
prize bull of the campaign.
a Let us.' suggest t-o the Euraer.ou3 appli
cants for the P. O., that he who can first
find one of --those "erring brethern." who
during the war amused himself by kill
ing Missouri Unionists and then putting
a charge of powder in theirars (o rTurst
jhrheadsand give him i Pne fraterna.1
hug," will get the office. Sartin
1 - . . . l m
' '" " j j - . -.' t ' " t
'JMuch stress is'placed-by copperheads
upon thet fact that H. J. Raymond is with
them 'and author' of the ' Ph'ladelphia
Wigwam Address. They are welcome
to all they can make out of tbe man who
voted for the Constitutional Amendment
ar' , -
and. then urges, in his address, the south
to jresist it as an insult. .. He forget3 con
sistency ia his. ambitious haste to truck
ster to treason,- but" foVgels himself no
worse thaa his roasteri A. Johnson, who
now fraternizes with the rebels who ip
Tennessee went to murder him in 1863,
but not finding him, "cut a small hickory
withe in the woods, and scourged with it
the body of his wife "
The President's Philadelphia harangue
on the 2Sth contains the following v
. "There is much talk about men beinjr
put out of office. The clamoris that
somebody is turned out and sombody put
. He had just appointed E. M- Merritt
as Pension Agent of the Central Illinois
Pension District Jlerritt, in a paper hp
editing in Marion county, 111 , said of the
call for .troops in 1864, u was to raise"
men "to carry out the plan of subjuga
tion, devastation, externiiniition, depopu
lation, and all. the other atjons of rapine,
violation and horror devised by ihe great
bashaw of-one tail. AJr Lincoln," and
styled it "an unholy. G.-d forsaken war.'
And, yet, strange to say, ''there is much
talk about men being put uut of office,"
tti make room lor such men as Merritt ! ! !
Copperhead and Johnson journals are
making much ado over the following
statement as to how the clause on slavery
was got into the Philadelphia Wigwam
"The clause, "and their is neither pur
pose or desire on the part of the Souihern
States that it (slavery) should ever he
re-established, was inserted at the in
stance of Judge Verger, and with the
prompt and unanimous astent nf all the.
tr,t .nlar.l.'in iKarofnro TOh,,IU,
..mi.rti nn U n,ri nf l'n S.,n.r, nr
indicates bevond 1 all doubt their settled
. - .. j :
ana sincere purpose. -
To illustrate the". ''sincere purpose."
we copy the following from the Tribune's
Chicago special dispatches of th 12th :
"In Clark county, Alabama, on Sun
day last,' two negroes who were unable to
settle some trifling debt incurred by them
before th war ; were old into sUvery.
flne for S750, the other for-tbOO; their
united dehU.ampyntllJg .lu.-I,dUL) m
These are the "sincere purposes" of
John.'on's reconstructed rebels; whom
Democrats, Copperheads and Johnson-
tes consider as loyally accepting the sit
uation ! Loyal men, can't you "see it!"
Proceedings of the Union Repub
" Hcan Connty Contention.
BaowwyiLLi:, Sept. 15th, 1S66.
The Union Republicans of Nemaha
vention" inihis city to-day, pursuant to
WUllaJT i.ibvittdnuf au w au uwigivv vaw a4
call of the Central Committee.
pr.r A. Rice was chosen temporary
Chairman, and O. 13. Hewett, Secretary.
Messrs. Dorsey, Kennedy an(j Daily
Wimei Ccraraillee on Creden
Durinar the absence of the committee
Dr. J. McPherson in response to a call
of the Convention spoke upon the issues
f iltA Ann V. I tt ttnrl l.tfTira llf rovi,trinfr
ttW7 ."b
tne progress 01 e rents v. mea gave rise
to the present political parties anu prov-
wg that the Union Republican party r
standa upon principle which have bt-en
ricrht from the betrinninf?. and are nirhtl
.o-da, and ;.li .hould pUo, beW.
nrmlV UDon tne priDCipie OI equaiiztlion
a .a . 1 e 1
ot rfpresentatiou ha&ed upon equality of
,J I
The report of the Committee on Cre
dential was then read, as fi4taws, and
adopted :
Brownnlle; A W Morgan, S M Rich,
O B Hewett. J W Coleman, W H Hoo-
ver, R V Hughes, H M Atkinson. C VV
Wheeler. G W Fa'irbrother. D II Ellis.
)?osv? e?ny' 5 J?rSTt?u' 9 "ey,
Ii. O ri&nuiioru, o ?i xvcuucuy auu vico.
Peru : J F Neal, Calrin Hutchison,
John Burns, Wm Young, Geo Clark'.
Alfred Hawki ns, W ,G Glasgow, Mo3es
Thompson, W VV Smith, Thomas f Jorh
and Wm Daily.
Aspinwall? Jones, E fCcoper, O
Mitchn and G W Culp.
Bedford : ATD Hughes and Enoch
St. Deroin ; A J Hitter. JJan'l 1? raker,
Lorenzo Rice and Thomas Hunt..
Glea Rock: James Collins, Henry
Redfern, A K Farnarn and W S Reed,
Lafayette: Levi Bradley.
Washington : JCernard Otens and Con
rad Harris. I i
On r otiDn, Jonathan Higgin aad
Phillip Starr.1 were authorized to ca.n tbe
fte of ' he abs-it members of the Lafa
yette deiegalio:).
' Oa rr. :ticn', Jo:i23 Hacker wa3 author-
red Wcait ttj vo'.e for remaha City
Precinct. '
On motioij--lh&delegate3 present from
the various preci&cia were authorized to
cast the full vote of their precincis -
On motion, nominations were in order.
John McPherson being nomiuated for
Councilman, declined.
Maj. T. J. Majors was nominated and
elected by acclamation as the nominee of
the Union Republican pany for Council
mad. ' . j i
Messrs. A- J- Ritter, Maj. Wm Daily,
C. F..-Haywood, Louis Wildier, WmA.
Pollock, Geo. Yaudeventer, W. G. Glas
gotv, G. W. Fairhrothsr and Geo. Crow,
were presented as candidates for Repre
sentative in the Legislature. Messrs,
Glasgow and.Fairbrother declined.
On motion, the election was by ballot.
Messrs. Crow and Reed being appoint
ed tellers, the Convenu'on proceeded to.
ballot." which resulted ta the choice cf
Majl'W. Daily. Geo.' Crow, Louis Wal
dter and C. F. Haywood as the Union
Republics nominees for the Legislature.1
S. Vy. XcrnP(ty &nd AVm.1 S. Hora
were nominated for Commissioner for
the 2d Ditrict -
A-ballot bing taken resulted in the
choice- of S. W. Kennedy as candidate
for County Commissioner for the 2d
. Phillip Starr and Barnard Otens being
nominated for. Commissioner of the 3rd
District, a ballot was taken, which result
ed in the choice of Phillip Siarr as the
candidate for County Commissioner for
the 3d District.
The following resolutions were offered
by "II. M. Atkinson, and adopted.
. fesohtd. That we, the Delegates. of
the Union Republican party of Nemaha
county, in Convention, assembled, most
heartily endorse the Constitutional A
mendraent submitted by the present Con
gress of .the'United States as the true
jbasis for the reconstruction of the States
lately. in rebellion, and; which were ad
opted by the Union Republican party of
the Territory in the Convention held in
this city on the 6ih.
Resolved, That we pledge ourselves to
support the nominees of this Convention.
, Arrangements were made for holding
a grand Mass Meeting and Barbacue on
ThtiraJay, October 4;h, atjir near Long's
Bridge. "Commutes --of arrangement
were appointed., and prominent speakers
wil! oe AiU hand. , ..L.m "...
The following were appointed a com
mittee lo. make the neces ary arrange
ments': James Co.eman, George Crow,
beorgf Bryant, John Long, R. S. Han
fo.d. -' ' .
On motion. Contention adjourned.
A. RICE, Pres
O. B. Hewett, Sec.
Jjr JHi
tiSf fyr
flOUliliPSp?ClfUUV VfllQfTn ine ITfXV
TUOIIC JJirgt, 1 Udl 1 l)B TS TC-
i.tiyprougpi W mis pojm on tne iw
souri River, the new aqcj splendjd Steam
b erry Uoat.
Vn a-5
FTftTitJ plentT of Dock room for teams and Stock,
anJ a Cimmudnus Cabin f r I a-engeri, I foil safe
in fayiu' mj arranzem-iitj for itecommtxlatiODi,
syieed and a.ifetr nr eqoa'ed bj aoj other
boat on the Missouri River. Being located at tbe
............... ..j fl r ;n V.. tne centre of tha great fanning Couatry
I tn the Wen, where ta?ra h United htatca Lnd
Office, makes it tha mostdesir tble point for Emi-
jrraot and Settlers : and barin beea expended
at leats $10,000 on tba roads and b'i ljros both e ti
and west, leading d T8ctlT to tha Ferrr, mikes hs t
permanent at all times danng tha year,
tha Miasjuri b it'om never orer flowing at this point
while at all others it does.
Would say to Freighters and persons crossing
the plains, thcro is not a starting point on the riv
er where epoh competition exists tn baseness, as
there ara Forty Large easiness Houses in tms
The utmost ere and attention will ba taken in
erossicz the River at this point as it isnnderthe
immrdiata supervision of the oroersoi tne boat
and JandiDgs. To save distance, timo and money
from all points Xorth and East to all points . South
ni West, coma by this route, as it is from 50 to
Brownrilla, Sept. 20th 1855 '
G R A N T' S
Main Street between First and Stcond.
I Would Respectfully inform tha Citizens of
Brownville, and surrounding country that I bare
just received tny fall awek of Good, eonaistrnj or
t04?6kJ &JlLiU&L)
. - . .
SI.KX &!,W?kZJ:
7. ' 1 - -
and ch llretis Ua,nd Shoes. All kirks of La-
ijiea' IJioU ana d3o i the a tenant besta autj,
India Rubber and Buffalo Over Shoes
for Gentlemen and Laciies
Groceries of Every Kiiid,
Consisting of the bes brands of
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Pepper,' Allspice,
Soda, Candles," Tobacco, Matches,
Starch, &c.,&c, pic
00d5a ware, Stono Ware,
Tbe Best Quality of
All of which fieofferaat the lowert prices, deter
mined not to ta'nnderaold. '
NoMae la berebr siren to all persona interetei
that 8. A. Chamber as Bz ecutor of the late Willie
Bill deceaeed. haa filed tis accounts lor nnai settle
ment at my oSce , and tha t Monday, tha S.h day ot
Ofiiober. A. D. 168 a. 10 o cioca A. ai., is tea time
Erolnied for exaaiininj a nd allowing tbe sam. -
W-lt .Tietsta JTudit.
w im j m a
Taised at tha First S
9sioa cf taiTfcrs
Ainth CoDjTesa.
; puiiic-Xo, eaj
An Act othorlxIna lcrairrT Tii. .
city of St Loois. . . ! i40" -
Wheri witbia the city of Saint Ln-,. '
pawli of land which wfra eotiSrnv
Conrescf fanetbo Ihiriiaii. ei5itn k " '
twelre. on tha tronnd lnbt.i
eo!Utioa of tha Kama prior t Dca(a,,r ,1S
ath. eightaen bnadrad and tare. an. ia 2
there U no adebnatp d. e am salary
flrmatlona; aal Id cr-mequwe of ti
aaelent wltnefa -wto kivr u fct J. '
aienUra aiioDca or aM4 CHiarnatun, "',,
Cfltupleta or tut- to tha mskh L '
Unttl State-i anl W5ree 9ri. k... """'in
and coa3rtril:or.s o( land ai4 eit v1
apdftt aaeracuol CociTe-j'areiun.,,, r?',1'
ia soma caaa. bewithoui prreri (j.JI""'
Siataa. as4 fliaciuaa n,y hor,fcer Jl
to the r inJwy uc Peroaaj r,-4 Z1
Se it tnactti y th Sut. tn j. .fJ. !
H,e, of. tKt Uit4 S; tiSJ-gg
That tha district court of'laa Caitg.t g-tt
eaaternstHct cf JCUaonri i, trrty tWfl' -'
prrp-r dacreeo dc.2re i aeJ -. a rt t.E, i.v,
and conveved by the United 4 at a ia fee nn,
ia full property a'l or tne rijhi.ltai, (trt ,
the Unltad-State in and toaoy t act 4t
e 1 f Iana within tta citjof S.?t LoQll ,., I!st
of Miaorl. to tbeperai r p.. ,oi. 6aB; ilt
c'.nimor cla'ms t tie aroe; aa- w a i n iau
ihalla-i'o" C""- ';. e M.
r;l n' h d anl icnveyed, a, ,1., ,4W
wuhinany hrf. ,tret, lane avtnaa, .!!.
r p-iUic ito au:f!are, or wi tha a. aai t
any land whib ha Leen heretri erata'l r tmv
-I hy tbe UnitM State or the M laj.,; ' ,
achoola. or within the houudarie or any
fore lawfully con armed or lawrully tno'l br
United Statea where foil, aaScieat, ana eompi,,,
documentary evidence of loch ct;carmtiua or r,-(
now exists of record. (
2 And be U further enacW, That sveryptr,
desiring a decree In his or her fror, nnder lUu
ahalt file a petition In ai(J district ronrt, a-ti.rj
anch decree and describing; the tarvi f ,f tiio mi
cree la desired i atid the United State nu H'k-u
claiming men land aversely to a-tU petiti-wr (if
be any auchaaverie elainiaau) aaall be mle d r
danta in aald converse ; and if any p,rtr ta bj
sausa shall be a minor odIc tbe n w ivQtr-I
years. afoanHan ad Ji;en.ha:i be aip.ia;ei bf u i
rourt forHaid minor ; nl said dn-lnct o,art ,
havefalf and cotcple'e oower, !jrisiictiou. nl ai
thorit to bear, try. and tfa ertuaa alt aeitioai
rnf in uli rsereiatinc tithe e'aim of tae pftits kt
er, tbe exteot a!Jty, and boaiwiariea ct mi ca a
and alt other nattrra ofecteJ iheraitHorcwo'fa
lff the Sam ; anJ iau (U jtri;t - ,-), tu
power to male prfscribe ahJ e t ei u- ra!at.
regntaiions aa iaj b neceasary ana pr p-t .a .:
this art into full and cncnpie'e executi ... ,
Stc S and be it firther enacted, Tat ., cx.y ,'
fry petition wkich hutbeaie? antL- r. , ,
copy of the wli or proces the e: s t' t
delirered t district alio-Tier f h- t ;
fr aafi en n d atrici of Mi-iri,b a .
States m rsh. fo -a 4 Ji r ct, wuti. .. i .
shall make tut l ' iti Sta ea pri to t . a I
ifled In such pett iji, wnqout aua a r r '.. i
pr 'eeilina-, ; o lea, m c writ .r a i
and said dlatrict a'.iorn.y s'ia!) na'-uc '
tie: em fir tba United &.-i.e i ia iii v j -,-
lie Intereat may rnnr) but. nomtr. '
pleadme U I eJ by aai i ,no oey an ti (.-m.a-. . '. '
reqa lred to be Ter fl by ath tr3 mi..n. j
Sec 4 and be It furtuer uc'e-i rb.i .' ,
poae of more com p ete !y describ n .I- ,
deflola?the bouniara- im i-u i i t . a. ?
lot. tract, prece oi a cl of a.d -u ..-.
relinqu s'ieJ and 'Oivte ! ale h e -
diatriit court ahll ti-epw c-r .. -.
urvey. plat, a-d r ptio i iHor - a ;
comj'etent per-ou at ibe xe f 'tt; in .
and all cf tti fiv-ei'-et and n-. ..t a 1 - ;
proceedings under thi vi ituil t ut' i jy : c f- i--tiTS
peMtioner ; and; the pay mm t e.'' av;
enforced by execution or .tnr'i
Se-. And be it rnrthe enac ed Tbt ary l- 'a, :
Inch aball be rcn le ed aa ier ihu act l.t ' r .'
any petitioner iihail be i:u?J a full, nv.'iul.
auce, in ree ciOiule anpfali rr :ei ty, to aucb pan.)!.
er, and. to htsor ber ncirs a.ia aaiva . furaor a i) i
tbe richi, tir.e. and m ere-t or ibe Uuita-i dutt u
and to tbe land deacribed in cti decree. j
Sec. 6 Aud be it mnber eua-.te-l That h te
aaiJ district etrt or (he citcuit cou-t rbal raa.i
final decree endjr this act, CKK rBiti an .
piece or prcr t u' !aa , auca cortr fbil.ciuic fc
tranain:tted to ibe C.mmiiocar f : L h-i .
OfTlce a full trra, d tcin'eie nat-c ip f aid'., j
decree, and of t .t d r i t n .r -if ,
Sc. 7 Ai.d be it iurtui eu. ltd Thai au-
to any decree 10 a . ed ry - ia di.,tr,ti i i- i
anyuit r cause cam me . .d on er ini. ci aiir i.v'i j
fromsaid fl i it ta re of raU dj irici ct. u '..K. .
enii court of the Uniud 3ta e-' t a i-' -t i
Kit, at any time wit..i o-ie f a r m t.n 'j
th- rea iitiou of and d ial i T e a l.. -.c s
time ajl o i tae jr t n oi..Ji ,o. i'
aiu O'mpieta iran of a;l d.ia
iha petiiKB and alt vther pl -d n- i i w
ia said caui-e aud i-t tbe ev.dtDK.-e t!irr e
ba transmitted to ail uriUit iun
appaai aali bare been -ooipMa . c
aball hie foil a.iu i- ru, l-t' i - l
cauaa i nd ray ailow tit ple ;in.a te
aa esaary ao4 may i'm i n -w i ar f
and ka bear, tr' a -t da-arui-..- a ea
witbuDt re.. r I f i i e" t r
mp-"cf a la tta prov-e,iii js f -i 4
a i'ii sal r.. d r n Oil. -
and m u i-1. e .ia ana mar eq ;
ec 8 And i. 1. nribe. a .tal, Tj t .
r, j
"' ' t
I..- I
. 'I
1 i
. i i
1 e e wyioia beirra t ie Jai -' al
e on a I -n any qu.civn a luag u ny ..o I) 14 j
am- ta iy beee ufl xx u, tne inm.1 ui '
Uii.t 4 a atea, lor tta dec. Mo i ih at a- -
c s ) i
Sec S And be it further eaacta. Th ' i
right, t tli. and Interest of ihs Cm i 4 ' j
ta all uf the wbarTes, aires:?. lo.
and utfier public wuicnae " .
inj and L-tinj wiihia tbe orp"rate ii" ' '
oi St. Loan, in tbe State 1 Mi-ii-h, x
tbe ame are hereb , frntel reunqon-.. ra
Teyeu by the United Stale, ia fee lui, Ij ' 1
property, to tbe aaip city of 4- a. . o-i l i y
Svr and uaigaa furaver or rai-i e t.- : T i'ad a
erer, That no Indnridua' rUnu r '
Tioualy hereto ball be in any auflner iii'
prej ud iced hereby.
Approved, June 13, 1SS8.
(Public Xo. 10 )
An act to prait the ri?tt of wy to tt.t J f
Canal Cjmpany" throish ta pa lis. u ;" j
United Statea. i
t. ..j v.. .i. c Vnvje ef Srtrf i
tnutivetoftht lited Sfafta of i J
Am nta,
. . .... .nhM t
That tbe riKbt of ar f6r a canal tbronji r-
lauda of tba United States Ijins; in 7- M
(Dioinuusnu is ro4 nun, " . jj. j
. . . . t f . . .IU.K .ra.f.r W..IIl
cecums; two nnuarn icrt, ukj w ,
pany as may be necessary. )t. ,
Sec. And be It rurther enacred, Ti" . r
create a refcerroir for saul eompany a-:iTJ 0
said canal in all aasor, said ouo.ry
hereby, authorised, by a data aor.,f ' , !
riTer, at aoca point at or ne?r lu a- . J
range of mountains throu?T which i
to flow an mach of tj; e fJblic lanl ab ' f 1
may be required for the purpo-e f r;f1,, r . i.
fC. Abdbeit fcrtber enated "ai
be, and is rereby arante-J to said com, a.' ' J w( j
aary aite,rtep-ta, ant o'.her use o' aal i c '.,.4ue ;
at placfa cju?ejieTjt for ttie aaaae rn t
lands, and alo tbe prttieeci ai:o'e
wtera nf aald cao.i over any public l" ,
lt d HoniboMt rirer. at a-jch vlacea aa mJ
for that nniDO.e , ioTuied. That the pfOf
of raid company fhiU traomil t. the &"'' , ,-f
ti. Gsperal LaAl IXEce a d-rrprt pf'
and ivcati- n of aaid onal. and tbrf r . j ea'1
zniila, oepo:, wate atea. dathr '""
a'afora the appruprfjiton thereof for u a
c-ib operative: And ptuTid -l fu - be . w,j
thirty mile, uf aall tiaiiini Itw ex ui I
one jar. tne wnoi wubiu u-v j - aj
hereor, iba grant berebr male Sn .ABtl
mine: and prvneed iurther That
at any time "srter ua ccscpie .
abamfuDei by aaid company tbe srau" "
thall caats and determine, aou mo - -vi
ted .ball revert lo tbe United Siie : 'Q ir
further. That i.othia la tbia act ahail w, 4
aa to interfere with any grant of tbe wyjf
pf public lands beretotore ukiww
Approved, jope, i,
where th. last tern, r .a.d I Co
A.-1S If 'r -t i
in tha rrobata court cf yahi Coo V' 1
Towashi? ToSlfu.; li 5fln ,
iD flV-'CaB:J 'a T.''
aij petition k U fhf hcar.b ttiti 1':
October, 1863. i in
State or Xevadjt. ard tbe ue of the lao-i ' T;-Itttl
euttina.and embankmeata. to tba te "P7
on each aide of tbe centre ofthewnai. i;
la hereby franted to the Humboldt Caa C-'"1 J
b...mi TK.t in ham rieeo etc'' ' ' ,
Notice is hereby given, that, by 0 5,.
darof tbe District Court cf -Nmh V, a UiJ
brai-ka Territory, in ebancerj,ia the era.
Buiacr against Anton Kiun, made anu
terra A. D.1S53. 1 will oa n tg&
Monday the 1st day of October-A,,,
at ona o Im P. Mf alar ..f f
to'.the highest bidder Tuf eash. at
Jle'Fheraoas 1111, ia lh CitZ i,,. , ?
. -v. Kahnikm Territory, t.1",, .
.i i '
was Held me cuiu . C ,k ,f IUrz'l'u .
(10) in Township six (6) 0,rZftL
- laitrap'-