Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, May 03, 1866, Image 2

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    cbraska Sltetiscr
Union State TicM.
Tor Congretf,
Tor Governor,
Tor Secretary of State,
Tiit State A editor,
For State Treaorer,
For Chief Jastlce,
For AMCcUte Jnalcev,
Union Party Platform.
. Resolved, That we, the delegates to
this Convention, representing the Union
Party of Nebraska, are in favor of
immediate Stale organization, for the
reasons :
. first That in our judgement, it will
teni to promote the rpeedy settlement of
the Territory, and to develop iis material
growth and prosperity.
Second That it will place under the
control of the people our School Lands,
ana tnereby largely contribute to reduce
taxation for the support of our Common
School system.
Third That it will enable Nebraska
to select the Public Lands which the
General Government has proposed to
grant to her for a State University, Agri
cultural College, State Buildings, and for
the developement of our mineral resour
ces, before all the valuable lands within
our limits stall have been absorbed by
foreign speculators; and by the location of
Agricultural College Scrp issued to other
States. . '
Fourth That the increased revenue
which may be derived from the taxation
of the property of , foreign corporations,
from which no revenues have heretofore
been received would more than compen
sate for the increased expenses incident to
State Government
Resolved, That while we are in favor of
this measure for the reasons above assign
ed, and for many others which we might
mention, we do cot regard the question of
State organization as in any proper sense
a party issup. but on the contrary, as a
question to be decided ly each individual
citizen in accordance with his best judge
ment. Submitted as it was by the joint
action of Republicans and Democrats, we
regard it as purely a question of local po
licy, which every voter must deside for
himself, without regard to his political
antecedents or attachments.
Resolved, That the party which ha
triumphantly sustained and vindicated
the Government of the United States, and
carried it safely through four years of
wnguioary war, waged by the enemies of
civil and religious liberty owes it to itself,
to its cherished principles and to humani
ty tu secure liberty and equality before
the law, to all men.
Resolved, That we hereby pledge our
selves to render a hearty and earnest sup
pert to the nominees of this Convention.
Colorado has passed the Rubicon!
"and all the clouds that lowered upon our
house" are faiding away Itye mist before
the morning sun; never to be missed in
Nebraska's onward progress toward her
true position as one of the States in the
Union. But a few then weeks ago the
"softs" i. e. anti-State men gloried
over the fact cf the Senate's refusal to
pass to a third reading the Bill 10 admit
Colorado, and claimed that Nebraska
would fare t Colorado did ; this we de
sire the 4'scfts" to remember !
On the 21th the Bill for the admission
was taken up by the Senate, and. by a
rote cf 19 to 13 the former vote to re
ject was reconsidered. Sumner then in
troduced an amendment providing that
the bill should cot take effect until the
people of Colorado had ty a popular vole
decided that 'there shall be no denial of
elective franchise or any other right on
account of color cr race." This amend
ment was rejected by the overwhelming
rote cf 27 caysto 7 ayes.
After considerable discussion, the rote
cn the passage of the Bill to admit Ccl
'orado as one ef the States of the Union
was taken, and the tiUrpassedf 19 yeas
to 13 cays. x
To appreciate aright this vote as a
criterion to judge of Nebraska's pros
pects by, jt should be remembered that
Colorado Constitution contains the word
white," that this vote was taken under
the conviction that her population had dev
creased one-half since the passage of the
Enabling Act, and the Constitution was
adopted by the people by only 155 ma
jcrity. The rst cf these objections only
cay be urged against Nebraska, and by
the fate cf Server's tmendaent may
be r een bow this objection will fare in.
This till will yet have to piss the
tt v :k HnnbiJess do by 8 larger rr.ajcrity than it received iarnce fcr ycur guide.
ihe Senate. The Heuss is cboen di
rectly from the people, from States bat
four of which grant au.TrEe to the col
ored man; can this bcdj consistently re
ject Coloraio I As we predicted ca :he
rejection cf the bill by the Senate, they
will receire Colorado into full fellowship
in the Union ; and Jfdraska also during
this Session of Congress
Union Ccnrcntlon.
On the 12th of ibis month the Union
Convention will meet again in this city,
for the purpote of making nominations
for a Stale Senalor and Members of the
House cf Representatives for he first
Session cf the Legislature of the State
of Nebraska. Much more will depend
upon this Session than has ever depended
upon any heretofore, oris likely to here
after. Some cf these questions are as
follows :
1st.. The election cf two loyal Sena
tors, for upon this mainly depends our
admission. The. fact should cot and can
cot' be disguised that unless our Consti
tution containing, as it dees, the word
"while is presented by staunch, un
wavering loyal men, otir hope of cdrais
sion is small, while with loyal Senators
our admission is a fixed fact.
2d. Measures for the sale or lease of
our School Lands. Upon the present
disposition of this question depends the
future educational prosperity of Nebras
ka. The endowment is a liberal one,
yet it management must be judicious' if
we would secure' its full benefits. We
have heard but two methods mentioned :
one, to sell all that could be sold at 85
and apply the interest to Public Schools ;
the other to Iea?e the lands, applying the
amount received for such lease to Public
Schools, and thus leaving the principal
in the land and the State reaping the
benefit its increase in value.
3d. The appointment of commission
ers to select just as soon as possible the
Land Grants offered U3 by Congress.
4th. To place in operation the twelve
Salt Springs donated by Congress.
These among many other equally im
portant questions make it very important
to nominate a strong Legislative ticket,
composed of men of sound judgment,
will be capable of acting in ail matters
for the general good. We hope the Con
vention will give us such a ticket to sup
port. On the Veto of the Freedmen's Bu
reau Bill do paper in Nebraska denounc
ed the President so viciously as the
Plattsmouth Herald, and belabored us,
in its puny way, for sustaining that Veto.
Yet, now, upon the heels of the Veto of
the Civil Rights Bill a veto the propri
ety of which we very much doubt Jiear
what it says of Andy : .
'We reckon Andy thinks more of
"black" just now than he djes of the
copperhead faction that did its uliiiost to
embarrass the Government when it was
struggling to maintain itself among the
nations of the earth."
A little consistency, now and then,
would make a nice condiment fcr Bro.
Hatha way's editorials. To denounce any
public man for one action, when the
whole tenor and course of his life is op
posed to our construction of such action,
is not good policy, to say the least of it.
We believe that Andy always has and
always will think more of the blacks
than of traitors, or copperheads either,
notwithstanding their fawning even in
Nebraska. When we cease to believe
this, or have good evidence to the con
trary, we shall cease to support him ; but
even then shall try to exercise modera
tion in our opposition.
We notice among cur eastern ex
changes a very good idea being advanc
ed which, it seems tons, might be adopt
ed in Nebraska. It is the planting out
in the country, and even in cities, fruit
trees for shade and ornament. They can
be procured as cheap as ornamental for
est trees, and many varieties would pro
duce as good shade, end for the orna
meet, the apple tree can be trimmed up
as shapely as any other tree; and what
can imagination suggest more ornamen
tal tu the eye and palate of a foot -sore
and thirsty traveler, or to the- poor and
needy, "whom ye have always in your
midst,' than a tree full of lushious ripe
fruit, free as the mercy of the giver of
all rood, and healthful as the unforbid
den fruit of Eden. Could roakind gen
erally take one step which would tend
more than another to bring about the
raellenium, it would be for every one
able to to plant out some fruit trees along
the highways for shade, orpament and
the benefit of the poor and weary. , We
hope and pray uur farmers and citizens
over the whole Territory will carry out
the idea to some extent, and . in a few
years Nebraska, with her cheap lands,
salubrious climate and free fruit, will be
be pointed out as the garden spot of
America, and the "block so long regected,
will become the chief corner stone" of
the Union. Try it all; fear not mis
chievous boys ; the moral influence upoa
the rising generation will amply repay
the trifling outlay; a generous act like
this would destry the sweetness of s;olen
fruit, and wanton feeling to destroy ; be
tides the saving cf the fruit in your
enclosure, the noble generosity of the
deed will amply reward the outlay. Da
cot wait for ycur neighbor to begin, for
thus you may take sluggishness or ava-
The Nebraska Statesmen is going it
heavy fcr State, and
"When Ajx strives lorn rocki nit weigh! to throw,
Ea KldoB faile, 70m know' or, leaatwavi bo aj so.
Bat it is very doubtful if eten he has
the ability to raise to a respectable dig
nity some cf the men on the Dsraocratis
Ticket, which he is attempting to carry
with the Constitution.
His attempt minds us of aome boys we
once saw flying a large kite, and "just
for the sport" tied an unlucky purp onto
the tail of the kite ; then one of the
"naughty" "made a splendid run ;" ihe
kite rose about ten feet when the purp'd
-holt broke" and the kite sailed onward
and upward, successfully; just as Ne
braska's State Constitution will, without
the awkward and "involuntary" append
age saught to be affixed by Ajax. of the
We have just received from our Dele
gate in Congress a Bill introduced into
Congress "for the "relief of persons fur
"damages sustained byreason of depre
dations and injuries by certain bands of
Arapahoes, and Sioux Indians." . -,
This is a gooJ move. The bill came
to late for sr more extended notice this
week, but will attend to it next week.
The following, from the Nebraska
Statesmen, we commend to the careful
perusal of anti-State Democrats :
We know, and we have the evidence to
prove what we say. (and if we have not.
Hon. J. S. Morton has the best of proff in
his own pocket, that the reason of th
opposition of leading men-in our pmy to
the State movements wholly and solely
due to the fear they have, that the
Democratic party hat not the strength to
elect a majority of the State Legislature
at the June election. We know that far
from really believing anything irregular
in the plan of . a Legislative inad-i and
submitted constiution. mat these leading
men did advise, and that nearly if not all
of the Femocraiic members of the last
Assembly would have roted for the
constitution then and there if the vote en
the adoption of the instrument haJ bf en
separated from the election for State
officers carrying the latter over to the
October election, so that the party could
have been put into good training for suc
cess at that timf. Any dernorcrat who is
condid, who was about Omaha during ih
lst days of the session knows these fac s
and will reiterate iht-m
Jdzssrs. Editors : Allow me through
the columns of jour paper to say a few
words to the farmers of the West. Hav
ing come among you for" the purpose cf
raising Osage Plants and making fence
of the same, I would just say that I have
been more or less engaged in the busi
ness for the last fifteen years ; and I feel
greatly encouraged since I have been m
Nebraska with th prUkpect of mikn.g
Hedge from the O.age Orange. I think
the soil is as well adapted to uniting a
ferwe here as any other State or Terri
101 y in the West; in every case where
it has been properly car-l for it has made
a good fence. Some of th (aimers have
told me that they cannot make a f'iiCof
it on account of Gophers; I would just
say to all, plant pleii'y of Parsnip and
Castor Beans, and when I send my
printed iustrucJo.ns along with Plants. 1
will give you a recip for destroying all
Gophers that come about. To those who
may buy Plants nf me I will send printed
instructions how to set out and cultivate
ihe same, so that anyone who has never
seen a Hedge raised can raise one equal
to myself. Any person can obtain these
Instructions to eucloing SI to my addres.--.
Thoie desiring me to mike fence for
them next year. I would say prepare your
ground in the following inanner, if it is
prairie, plow In June about eight rounds
from cne inch and a half to two inches
deep, leaving a dead furrow in the cen
tre where you calculate vj set your plants.
In the fall, when the sod is thoroughly
rotted, give it a good harrowing and
back furrow, leaving a ridge in the mid
dle where your plants will be. In the
spring, harrow, and your ground is ready
for the plants. Where the ground has
been farmed for some time, plow it same
as directed above, about the middle of
August before the weeds go to teed, back
furrow it plowing it as deep as you can.
In the spring harrow, and it is ready for
your plants.
-1 want a good responsible Agent in
every county in Nebraska, Kansas, the
western part of Iowa and Missouri, to
canvass every county- Active Asents
can make from S500 to $1,000 in three
months. 1 will give a responsible agent
all the territory he can canvass provided
he engages to do it thoroughly. Or, it
ihe farmers of any township will club to
gether, and send me their orders, I will
furnish the plants to them at wholesale
prices, delivered at the nearest point on
the river or railroad. I have arrange
ments made with parties to supply me
with enough Plants to supply the whole
west at reasonable prices.
. I shall only take contracts for akitjg
fence in Nebraska from below Nemaha
to beyond Omaha, m.d about 30 miles
back from the river. Those who would
act as agents for me, and townships that
may wirhto club, rhuuld go to work im
mediately and find ut how nuuy Pun1
you want and seud iu your orders
soon as jou can, say by the first of Au
gust or September, so that I will k ow
bow many Piants, Ithall have to supply,
and I will deliver ilem eiihtr in the fall
or spring. as directed, giving full direc
tions how to keep them through the win
ter. I will also give instructions how to
leave your ground in the best shape in the
fall to protect thetn from the seventy of
the winter while they are young. With
these directions ccce can fail to raise av
good live fence of the Orage Orange.
" Those wishing tc engage fencing in
Nebraska of me next Spring, or desiring
my printed instructions, should address
Maihew McKeighan, P. O. Box 12,
Brownville, Nebraska. My Agents in
Nebraska will also be instructed to take
contracts for fencing, which I will do in
the limits above named district. I will
also, when desired, take contracts for
fencing and take part of the land for
pay. Aty one wishing to contract for
fencing can da so by letter or otherwise.
By permission I refer to the following
gentlemen: Richard F. barret, Luthr
Hoadly, Bruwnvile ; John Porter, Van
ness Smith, Omaha.
Yours, etc..
Officx Crrv Bo4Kdof EdccatiojM
lifwiiTiIlfl,2J, ISo. f
SEALED PROPOSALS for th following Work
nd Material for the New Scht Houst in Urown
Tillo will be recHrt-d l-y tie LYardot Education to
the Irt dj of Ja&,lbnlt, w ien tbej will be np-n-rd
ma tb work, in wh! tr part, awarded to the
lowect refpoiu-ible tudder. (re erring the right to
reject bid at their tiicreliu):
r'or Famishing rSao l and lajin Brick V 1003.
Kurniahicg H -ring aod ;ht-etin V tatU
For Joist? and Frame limber JUGOfeet.
For CarpeDtcr aod Joiner Wrlt u per plan and
ppeei&aiiD.J in Clerk ' OI:.
ixe of Bail lia -ISX-ia feet, two ttories high
above bjsemeot, with Vestibule 12X23.
Bj orJer of the Board.
32-4t-oon J. li. JOIIXSOX, Clerk.
23C jS3 H GI INT Or.
I ticve loCite-1 xnjeir la ibU Territory tor tttepur.
poseuf matiLg Vce foi the F4imerf Xepraski.
I will m.tke a lettce in trom 3 to 5 jear and give Ue
suiii time 10 py ir il in, at a charge of from
81.25 TC .2 00 PER ACRE.
To all wbowih rue to Jo t&eir Feuciai prep ire yoi iu the f lioi:i; wtnaer : Ir it i-Prune plow
a itrip uue rul wi.ic leaving a le.ii farruw i.i tbe cen
tre, pfow rroui one 1 1 htit in two Incite deep ; ii
ifce Kali lurrow ir, ikeu back furr tr 11 ; ax-tia tu (be
Spriu;; barrow and jour ground U ready ft tie Piaa:..
la vltl gruaad oack I errow iu Augoat b.-frd Ue weeJi
go to eed.
I haii commnec te et ont nest Sprtnjr, commenc
tarfbeiut Nemaha an I puinj op a far at pi-Miie.
prwbab'y bey-uJ Uuialu, taiiiu a irip of ouuiry
ironi iS to 33 miles rroui me JtUiiii river. T .ih4
f wo i.avn lanee irc- uiMj to Iene I will leuce
rur ibu atMl lake uiy pay 111 linj if iney wiiu. Auy
woeCeirinft any iniuruiaiiii aa .at HiU-'iu cia ad.
drrtt me at fbxwuvilie. To tb 'e who nave plat r
ibeir vWu iineHtu to raise tbrir ora teace, t win
taae Ueir pljnuiu pa t pay ; or I wilifa niu t&em
iH iMMraciiou tor $i wo ibtt will tell tnd.a b jv
to ui-ke a gxou truce aod ibe rpedUiest way 10 uiafce
it. 1 aiau iarhiih a receipt fur u-iroyiu in ti pj.-.
M.tTUKtT MctKlGaK.V.
33-if T. Of. Box 12. Ib-owuViiie. ji,-,n.
10 Acres of Timber Land For
; Sale.
I haue, for sale, at 830 an Acres, ten
aciea of Good Trititer Laud. lyinjj with
in two miles of Bruwnviile. and joining
J. L. Stanton'& farm, to whom or to Win.
II Ilouver I retcr for further particulars.
32 3t C. ENGLEMAN.
In tberaaiternt ih tamianhip f Annie E.
Ball and Ktrjw J. Ball, mi in heir? of William f!
Uall.d--'ce.iedc' In he Probata Co an of Xemiha
Coo.n"jr. NebraA Territory-.
Jt irni.g to the t'owrt.fn m ibe petit on of
tbe C intra i n v.fsaul luiuor, heretofore 1.1 in thi
Court, h u it woakl bmrlL-ial to il m-a tji
tbat thefi real e iaie, or a portKn of tbe am I
tod. It 1 thritfo'e rdtrttd tbat the text of kit.
oS 'mi id minor an-1 all pr us iiim-stl n th-r
estate, piariXtreMiid C urt, at the oC-r of the
I rcbitr Ju le, in Brwuvi le,.Ntaiaba Ci nnt.Ne
brvka Tc ruorjr
Ooih- 3 1. -1 d y of iiny, A I) 15CG. to
ho c.iu-4. if any w.Sr I jnc4 h-u d nt be
. - 1 . . 1. . . I . : "1 . . .
;ramcu i-i 1 Mia rti'i u.iuie. la it n
copy ot tlil.-oidir be ttrrvoi l l1 iri i. n f.r fi ur
H.iie-u,iv..wi'rk iu tl e bnka Aiive:titer.
Bfjullte,aprit'.X0 li $$
32-1 1 o.n n I'd tmte J nd r.
Ueorjj 1 rjLt, l'iaiuti J. IW. re Kre.1 crick Al
VS. ' ln J. 1. of emiba
William imtv. Ter. i.tfj ol
daot j Nebraska
On the C:h day of April, A. D. ISCG
faid Jurt'ce ira?d anordt-r'f attarbment in the
abota actiui f.-r tbe sum of tn dollar.
Fairviow.X.T. GEUKliS H IYXT.
IVopoa! will b rejeire I t the ('.n'jr 1 rk V
Office, in ltrownri;i, ORtil 2o'ebk 1. M, Tbur-
dajlune 7th lS3t, fir furnihinyr ajon th jrooud.
Brier-, Slt-ne, I.iiue, Sand. Lumber. Shingle and
all other ncecry matcriil for the cin-trocti o f
a building tr d-untjr irpsos.-eor lii ti p ma
and rpecibcatititis on file in tbe County (Jerk Of
fice. I'roporali will abo be received at tbe Fme tim
for the Sune work, mvuorr and CarponUr wi.ik
and nii-h otbrr w. rk ahballbo Dece nary fur the
contt ncti of Raid bui!d:n;.
By ord r of the Board I Cmntv Comtniii-.ner?,
3i-lio,nn Couu j Clerk.
At an EIeetiin to be held on, SatuH-iy. the 2d
day of Juae, a. d. IS6(i at the evril Pitxinctg in
Nrra-iha CoBiity, Xebrika, the f)ue.ti..n wi;l be
robiniUtd t the jtople of Mid Counlj. wbtthir
they wiil vite a tax ot two milij on the d ilar ra.1
uatioa of tbe propertv. within .-lid &nty, to be
place I npia,a?d eoUted fn.ra the tax liA of 1666
to aid in the constrn rtien of B.-iJ LVv jtU and
grading that jxiioo of the K 1 trat Brownville
n Ntnaha C.aotyt toTeearnich in J hni n Con
ly, which Ims b.ten the V?stern bona lary line
of the corporate limit of the Browurille an 1 the
Western (MHtndiry line cf Xemaht Cointy, and
also to aid ia tbe pun-hue of thj Toll bridge
ayroa the Xewaha river, near the m ath of aid
river '1 " ; , ...
Tbe bstlnt clinch Election thai! be written or
printed fa !! .
ThoM in fart rf .'aid Ux "Fr Tax., "
Tb-jse ai'.r-t 14 ax "Aaint T.X."
By order u. tbe Bord of Count t CRiniii-Br.
31-ltojjn april.lStSSI C m ty Cl -rk. .
Collector's Sale of Personal
Collector's Diitriei. Ter. of Xeb
JprillxZlh 1SG6.
. Tberei,ty tirtne of the Exri!' Law. of ihe
Cmtcd Sat. entitled aa Act to pr tri te iiremal
rtrcnae toapj" l be iovrriiin'n', to pay intcrrst
on ihe pnMe debt, and lor 01 her parpts, eppmr
ed Jmlc. 38-h Ib6, as anei dod b the -t a
March, 31 S. imlud nc M?c;i ti. reUtins to the
eoilertioa t l Ia'crnal Il. rrtnr. turn other A.-t-.
yoa are iad.btrd lewd Umt-d Stat- mi he rant
of One llaiidrel an I Toirty-tw doilarj an I aix-.t-
itM t r Taxes aod raa!ty aisw-.Ml rant
you it a,T,-tdaite wi'b Act, At.d, b-rra.-.
vm iatlaib-(l lOfay aatd late an n-q 1 1 r .
Xw. Thert-for. y a are h-rby notifcl that,
rtrtae of the 2Sth Section of id Act. I have l v
iel upti tbe following described persnl property
bflooin t ya, U-wit :
Four hrwB Hire aiates tao brown hore aantra
one liiiht bay ware tuu'.e, on ( 1 I hay bry.
And yoa are. far ber onfi -d that md pernal
lvi'rry wi.l bs by ta sfftr d fr , at paldie
Auii 01 on toe
!i Day f My. A. D 1SG6. at on
oVl a-k 1'. U.of aidda in lool ! ib II -n-e of
W. F. Wttl'jtir.iak'e .Nji .h C in;y, Xcbnu
kt lerru-rT,at.d the prwl i-ach al will be
appJird t the pvax-ot ot aid T-xea aa l penalty,
aod tha cxpearabtrewitn inrard. '
Collector of N-hnista.
" ,x lij Nel-osC. Brocit,
Drputy Collector,
Gil AT
s n q u ii
Kemodled. Eefit'ed, atd gt'j improved for
tbe Season of IS3 1.
Will exhibit at
TWO rEIIFORMAXCE3,2 1-2 P. Mn 7 at Xigbt
At eich performsnee the world rennwned Ila
tnoritaod Conver.-atin il;s,tho bent general talk
er of Ue day.
Willapiear in hs nnrt'rat re, j e hip horror of
the hour, introduce hi-maj i5-m h trfO.vti k the
"Flowing Mane
His nations Trick S'eed. "Andy JoSam."
The irre-itabl P ny. tb muiIIckI aod -ma-tet
mi is the woild,.iaau rv and thia irreire-i
ble Qaadraped. -Theea Miles," -Artemua Ward
andL5rick Pomery."
Given for the rt time in aay exhibition in aty
th rn vt daring artist who ha rrrr handled th a
m l-ter ot tae ro-trt, PU.n aal Jang e, ca
tr IU oeif with the
And give a pef'r nan -e tk it hu crj el an m-
(r UjI-u et-: eoseut thiu ;b-Kit the c nuiry
he pa.M rs and tu : erj I h.ite ei.'l r.o I ul j-r-eiaiuiod
II lo bo tbvgr. alert on, I iV ! iulrt
e er a jl.ii-d by iu ral ocm !
111E JI-.pi, ii dlctim K m trial : -
The Wit. I
LIONS an 1 UOXSS. uri r th-j d. recti -o ilz
I.K.t;tl. -.i. rli ol-j the uxit ef.-iiug aooLiA.t
liug rxiiil i iii er.r irini-d t r Jj.jwiaiag 1 1
dara V cloriua aod liiulipiS oii and acuna t by
the late
The tciicali be exbibieed in a rlac, in a
. o.uin di.uwg-,-o arniugei tbat the c'mlvt e a
itu f.-er eel aate.y, i-K-Tiy ooc-ive erry ia -ve -ineul
uiad by th uob.e croiturcs, whica are ad
Ui.ltcd tu be iha fiutft peciuitiiia ever capwuftd.
Onnntiti, Mis I.uctile Ubt?ou, Mr
Dan Casttrll'j. Mi E.U La Moiite.Mts
H F Nic!io!s, Mr FrrduMtiil TouriMir,
Mr. Tom Bmyfss Clown. Mr. E. Uat
on, Mr. I". Hollo way. I-rsrs. Il.ini)ii
aiid , Powers, Mr Lfl.aui, Mr G. Uat
oll.. Mr Thutiias limine. Mr C Draiij.
Mr H. F. Nittiul-, and a tul auJ ctli
cititit Corps of Auxiliaries.
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TwanVtork P.ISeixa at Xi-hU Doori pja
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RICHARD JONES', Director of PaKIaa Ubs.
B C0S3V,Coatrctiaj ijiat.
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Jt' recc-jrcl at
AllKiDdPiitternsanJ Stjlc. Efcrjibing in tie
Line best qaality
Boots. Shoes, Woo cn and
Het brtcd". Vt'itd and Canned
3P XI TJ I 3? O .
Kails, Glass, Sash. Queens
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Ef3 a
MAIN sta'ZEi. :;.:. VV!
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taakr tbrm at ii
Work WarMiiIrd- J Terms Ca!i!
January 1st lsr.5pl ..rl. llh I-Sj.
WANTED! Ai'ei.r-. M lc ant $7b to
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Cmmon Sate !.:.'? 5rir a ZlacbJme
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SECUlIC Ar CO . Chi.-fpo 11, or Cl-.-Teb.ud.
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1 roal! rriterfallr InTii i,e at trot ion of Farmer
lnipir a . r.B-i. in ort .-r
AlJinv Rutk Island and Cunt; Plovs. SuJJy Cultivators, Wheat Drils,
Rrovrn'M out o!hr Corn J'Jaxkrs.
Revolving and Sully, thy Rakf CUeriWJI Can .!. Fannim? Mil'.t,
Jun Union Washing .Virfn'ne.
AUa rtprnt Tor X'HrMantS C'asex Tluuvliin? 32acl:lnc.
BUCKEYE Ecaper and Hower xAk
. Self jDroTOiDer. . I
Osage Grange seed w. ir.ntu! lr.Tt. rri p i un-.-, rt J-j rj
lb or .s20 jar buslic. with directions fr planting L!
Also Field and Garden Seed for Sale at all Tir:c3
Sligo and Tyrone Iron, Steel and Heavy Hasdtiar:
T.. I It. aa . . . 1 ... aai a. a . . i a t
Anvils, VcsTBellovrs. Rasps. Tuycic ircn, IIcrc and Kuls Si:cs.4: j
V:ioii and Iiuiri:v t nnii-wnrk UI K.nv D nii.n u
Invirs! TFiifjilifn C?riitik f?. ?K.TiJrc fiMlP
iuirn t uiiiZajii' iiA iiin i' till UaUikO ot11
a-Iri for di-uccr mhl linkers CckLraUi! Scc'p' Mi&m-
tJJLil3m 'J-iJ rJer, frvm a distance
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9u;ain all the
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TIic "Grovrlcrn rinno Torlc" received IIic !i!!icst ny1',10 f
oierall othct-sat ihe Celebrated 11orldsiar' -
H tte
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ibioer H.t..n Yotk: and al at tbe Awrrk-an
aiiver moU!: fri th f which ran bsea at .-ar are-roBi. , l)T
llr the irtiJictj..n of ioveiKnt we wke a "till w re jrfert Haa ferfe.a ,
larjrVly, with a trtct!y ch fjiteci, are tnabled to 5tr these iatiaaBt at ajrwe
a'l romietiri, n.
riilCtS No. , Svn Oe tare, row od eorner?. K.wewond j.tae rase $
No. . Seven Octave, roaadv. rner. Koaeaood bevv nwnWn m'tH i
Seven OctaTe,roarde. nep,UaewoodLaj.IV ylei J Jx& '
XoxX23.a j rCTott Oxxola, ixi. Cxxxront p'.j, isi
. 'w I Jl
la parf,t u n ,
Jd5e of tbe Probate O a t 4j . c ft.
Tmi: " i I I
Mewarsdreeat. U!' ct Hary
Tbtfort, rtice u xrta . ,:j
rntm. tha on "'-caitt,-
WW a
be w,;i be a Probate Cart aij , p" l-
f. the purple of ar.iftl;B,j. L FjllT
nioutratar cf ail Kit. . ' 'U,,f!i At.
bowB othervie . and to tma. 1 Z, C .1 caa
Tbi th. I day of Aori!, w,0"'
ALE OK stray wi:k'
On. pate rd Cow and C:f. B Dnk, .
p-ree.v.M ... MT fyd ,0 be fix jr, fc;d.
o.l at Twenry-Ed.IJar. 5 lf'-
Ort. whirr. i;.iwir).l lL.'f :.. , ,
tn-ai.d on tbe IfT hoii!d-r uj j d to U n
.dd.andappraiat Twenty-Sre d.niar
' l I A 119-W -
- - w
One whi'e Y
J'ioar. Tkn n
rim,- juirj.jrai-e.1 at La.
p by t,r,' W. Alrna. ? '
now in his pxHsessi
The Crrditor of ."'amurl t;. Datty, dM v .'
ake rot 're. it I'm bate Court r v l.-1
nnty, T-rrtrr
. t - -'-a
2ih dy -f 'ov-!it. r n. 1
. a5 It.?ntH Ifc
f Iitxriiiber, a d. Is--;.! . the iin
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of the Probate Jtd,.'- f id V. aiy.,n t!,
in raid C- untj. the j !f f. r rhe hei;-j"'!
taici against jti I daed. I 'h rl
Teiitor. urr pre-n'-l. 10 Jh3 a'.J pr. bt ( l
Tialbiwanm ept.n ocof jtbe-avs Leni;.i
will not b; entir!ef la j-ajraeut. ' '
April ISih
w;i r- iiT ! -Tton'f.t. KkYirn h
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tTUlfY:il th-SYSTEM anl E'.l.K !I T ;
MTL'ACF- C'FI'J-EXSF -i, rm.-.. fc,.
tmt.afii f.-r y?.7V,'j y f.',. Sfm. idrr.
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-ir it r d-cion. aod the w. n,lerful nn, jf
h swi i duty perf-ruling are it b--i cavrin:
fMl wrar.e ! Je"reth-it rrwr u3"-" hii
ffiv tt a tn. S1J ly all Prugirt.. Prica
1 liar a b tt.
ST. LOUIS, MO. ' Pr-iriet.
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F,n d;lr ad i w j't. Pr c j o' vx-
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U-t'.rr'v i Vl.i IS i: .-LfUK: -i. W c .141
Ylte t-" f. I"tti!. u W u . a.j ;
t Ir r ,.m- KH-T j
KtuaiHS of ydr 11 1 !
A I-tit:ni'i h ia.ffn Xr , .1 N ft
o ! t 1'iiy. I'trnw'B i" ,. ml : I ft t
f t- utLtul odi-r ci. r., .J! l-.r th- f ;
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aiilrli 64l fHftl .vBliIT't .- I- ' "
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re-Mr J(m N It. 1 I"'
7.1 n.p-nt Si . V 'i
1 1 A 1 1 h lit; L-M.
t my Urre and well jrlinteJ tr t Atruv.
i - wlkaiej a4 ot-H ly a -t Z-TZ-S--.
A. G. HAiNnr;
3T 2TET7Cr -TOUi
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mvitrd t oar Xrw Scale 7 tviava
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i,..nnru.t,w i4f:! wa-riaUi ib e '
aken of I-on K a. Pan. erni a 7. li4 .
lntitat tor fire eiii
II. .i-.J .1 1 ah . L
at ooe e:.k K. M , 1 wi.J 1 sjr.t'
;lSn..t tWdrr for r.,h b.,l:T V'r
Krownvi.Ie. Nrmata Couarr, .NrWuLa 1 J '
Tw.. Strav Cow. l lsJ
r d-crtb a fuKowi- ' keifc.
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