Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, April 26, 1866, Image 2

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r.-to a repr
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j on:; i, cor.
1 3 that cf eov
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cfl'-H ; 1 j : cf a;:y c:lr j s j i
t.. ? nj
ror CVt.rreM,
For Govern r, '
For Secretary cf ?!;e,
m -p - ' ' n n
i. 1. tljA W -AJ.
-. Fvr I::'f As: :. or,
Fcr. f .ir.:e ? T-- jsrer,
Tor CLlef J:'.l-c,
Unlca Party riritfcra. .
RcsdvcJ, That e, the delegates to
this Ctaventica, represent!:. 5 the Union
Party of Nelras'.a, are m favcr cf
in-i.T.ciiate State crganizatica, fcr the
reasons : .
lirsi Thst in cur juJencrit, it will
" terJ to promote t; ? ipeedy settletnent cf
the Territory, end to develop iis material
growth elJ prc?re rhy.
. :cc?.J Thai it will place under the
ccctrd cf the people cur School Land",
and thereby largely ccntrihute to reduce
taxation for the support cf cur Common
School system.
Third That it will enable Nebraska
io select the Public Lauds which the
General Government has proposed to
grant to her fcr a State University, Agri
cultural College, Stale Buildings, and fcr
the develrpement cf cur mineral resour
ces, befcre all the raluatle lands within
our limit3 shall have been absorbed Iv
foreign speculators, and by the location 0 f
Agricultural College Scrp issued to ether
Fourth That the increased revenue
which may be derived frcrn the taxation
cf the property cf foreign corporations,
from which no revenues have heretofore
been received would more than compen
sate for the ircrcas d expenses incident to
S:at3 Government
H:::!vcJ. That while we are in favcr of
this measure fcr the reasons above assign
ed, end for many others which we might
mention, we do net regard the question cf
Stale organization as in any proper sense
a party issue, but cn'the contrary, as a
question to ie decidtd by each individual
citizen in accordance with his best judge
ment. Submitted as it was by the' joint
action -cf Pvepublicans and Democrats, wc
regard it as purely a question of local po
licy, which every voter must deside for
himself, without regard to his political
antecedents or attachments.
Resetted, That the party which has
triumphantly ' sustained and vindicated
the Government cf the United States, and
carried it safely through four years cf
panguinafy war.'waged by the enemies of
civil and religious liberty owes it to itself,
to its chcrished principles and to humani
ty to secure liberty and equality before
the law, to all men.
Resolved, That we hereby pledge our
selves to render a hearty and earnest sup
pert to the nominees cf this Convention.
DcmGcratlc STATE Tlclict. ...
Fcr J. Sterling Mcrtca.
Fcr Sec. cf State C. W. Sturgis.
For 1t:ditcrGvy C. Barnum.
Fcr Trcasvrcr St. John Goodrich.
Fcr Congress J. R. Brooke.
Fcr Judiciary Win. A. Little, for
Chief Justice, E. W.Thomas and B. E.
B. Kennedy, for Associate Judges.
Dcrnccrntlc Platform,
Adopted by the Jluti Stait (2) Demo
cr&tic Convention which met at Nebraska
City, April 19th, (it ought to have been
the 1st,) Hon. T. W. Bedford, presiding :
Vi'hcrcas, We regard the sappcrt of
iLz Siate in all their rights
rs the most competent administration cf
cur domestic concerns' and the surest
bulwarks against anti-democratic al ten
dencies; the preservatiencf the general
Government, in its whele ccnsiitutionai
vl.-cr, as the theet anchor cf cur peace
ct tome and safety abroad.. Therefore ;
Rcsclvel, That a jealous care cf the
right cf election by the people ; the su
premacy cf tl.3 civil the military
authority, economy in the public expense
that labor may be lightly burdened ; lhe
honest payment cf cur just debts; the
sacred preservation cf the public faith ;
freedom cf religion, freedom of the Press,
sr.d freedom (f the person under protec
tion cf the IlaUos Corpu3 aid trials by
juries impartially selected are the funda
mental doctrines and tenets cf the Dem-
R:::!vcd, That ths cfacial ccticn cf
Andrew Jchnscn, President of the United
State?, in his legitimate endeavors to
restore, under ths Conitttution, the sev
eral Stoics to iheirbgal statos in the
American Ui.;:rM elicits a:d receive? the
commendation cf
r.'.ccracy cf ras:.a, and tiiat we
0 ;.:rn in a:i !..? c.orts to rust-na
Con:-:itution zr.i cur faithful
:1.?d, 1 hat v. 0 rcerf.rd th? platform
rpicd by the rr
1 1 , . 1 .
- i- . A li.l.
::1 circial C::ve:..i:.
. CI2 t.iO
-rf r
PJ:h, a
0 T. i t
? 1" -
nnatio 1 cf tho
'oti n in favor cf th
i ... : . , '
n:cc!r c; r
. tl:; ;, r : t L;
C r::;r ;r:;:v-,
( v c r. : .j i f . .1
It 1 3 c.
fcr cry I t ."y cf ;
i t
f 5
Ui-'b.:.; r.::.j foolish
to :::rt ar.y rriri-
n cny .
.Lore sucu pricci;ul
b r..:. dinkier its c
U.i J it .....
si" p r. t if
tri:;a jj:r.t:c:nc7 i:
Ur:::n where tL 2 pints nzmid. are called
iz question: iht lah CcfcJerds States 1
j urjverrn -:' j .r.i
y rs-
:d as ,:ths sure;!; twlwczhs. j gainst
anti-den critical tendencies !"
The "jealous care- cf the right
cf c!oc:i ,n by 'c certainly was
not intended to s '.:Jn. tb.3 Reris'.rv hwa
which have Iscn fashed bymary .States,
and whtfh exclr'e curaerou$ rebels' who
woud vcte the D :m:cratic Ticl:?t and
which alone indicate a just "jealojs care'?
that loyal men shall govern? then
dose it mean: n'mply their eppositica to
any thing that excludes reteb front the
" The hc',c:t fcyncrJ c f crjust ddis"
was certt inly cot interred es an injunc
tion to the members cf th? Convention ;
certainly rot to Nebraska cr the United
State;; t. either cfthtse desire com
pellsd to repudiate any debu . What
section then is'compelled to repudiated?
the rdd States ; tha bullwarks cf Dem
cracy. "Our ju?t debt !"
'The freedom cf the Press," is
tabliihtd fact in this country, and none
have been suspended only for uttering
disloyal and ireaschalle senfi nerds ! Are
the Democracy opposed to such infring
mer.ts cn th "freedom of the Press ?"
They next assert that "protection of
the Habeas Corpus and trials by juries,"
are the fundamental doctrines and tenets
cf the Democracy." This planh isiden
ioal with the view and wish of the rebels.
The suspension of this writ has been of
late as necessary to the preservation of
liberty ts its general workings ever were.
Next, they take-to their lep3rous besom
Andrew Johnson, with such a fend and
hearty hug that would be well calculated
to deceive, were it not for their rzanifctt
inoonsistencies. 'President Johnsca has
but just expressed himself in favor of a
continuance cf the suspension cf the
Writ cf Habeas in the Southern States ;
the continuance cf Martial Law; the
continuance of th- Freedman's Bureau ;
the protection cf the freedmen in their
possession cf S. C. - Sea Islands; in
favor cf protecting them against all law?
not applicable alike to whites; he is in
favor of gradual negro suffrage ; com
pelled the Southern States to repudiate
their rebel debt and to adopt the Consti
tutional amendment. These are but a
few of the acts cf Andy Johnson among
many which we know the Democracy
hereabouts do not and cannot endorse.
The first portion of the last resolution
we commend all to read, as showing the
disposition cf the dignified body which
adopted it; the closing' portion only makes
their position the more . rediculous, as
they remain nlent upon the white nan's
Comiiiution now before Nebraska for
adoption or rejection! '.
Is rather slim this week. A riot, be
tween seme colored and white citizens,
occurred at Norfolk, Va., on the flSth,
on which day the colored population held
a jubilee on ihe passage cf the Civil
Rights Bill. Fire arms were freely used
and one man killed and several wounded.
The actual Atiatic Cholera has reach
ed the New York Quarantine. Strict
measures are taken to prevent it3 reach
ing th' City.
The bill for the admission of Colorado
was taken up and discussed in the United
States Senate. After seme pretty sharp
and favorable discussion, its consideration
was pestpened to the 21th. Sanibo was
not mentioned ! '
'The colored population cf th? District
cf Columbia held a grand jubilee on the
13th, the anniversary cf the Emancipa
tion Proclamation. Everything passed
off quietly. -'
. Clement C. Clay has been paroled cn
condition by the President, at the recom
mendation cf Gen. Grant, Senator Wil
son and Thad. Stevens. . .
The President has nominated Henry
A. Smith fcr the position cf Collector cf
the Port of New York."
A disease resemtlirj the rinderpest
La3 ruade its eppeapance eIooj the line
cf the Panama Railroad.
It is Tepcretd that cT.cial evidence has
leea received that the Ficnch troops are
being withdrawn from Mexico, and Aus
trian recruits substituted. :
E. D. Tovvcsend, A. A. G., in reply
to th3 question from Gen. J. 2.1. Bren
cer, Augusta, Gs., whether the Peace
Proclamation remove j martial law, says:
"Th3 President directs me to inform yea
lh".t his Peace Proclamation doss not re
mo. v- 1 '.rtiol Lv,, cr cperat in any way
upon thsTree Jmeri's Bureau ia the ex
erci:"T. cf its jurisd-cticn.'
Prussia and Austria are exchanging
cr's Club, in to-day' poper, are cf mi
ter;:.! Titer est to all who dssire to raise
fruit. The? hardy varieties cf trees are
theie plainly indicattd, and all can avoid
p!anti::j hrgely cf the c! 2 1 i c a 1 2 kiads.
Whib on this subject, would it not be
well for this Club to take tho initial
steps towards holdir g a Ccvnly Fair this
season ? Th area cf labor coving f arm
inj implements is constantly cn the in
crease, and wco.Id it not bo well to have
a general gathering cf farmers v. here
they ir.ight be put cn trial and their
merits compare! ? As their is no call
ing which receives so large benefits from
a praiseworthy emulation, would it not
pay wdi Lie fcrmers to hold a Fair, in
order to bring cut tho best etcoL-, crops,
etc., for inspection and award cf prices?
Upsides this, it will' have a tendency to
unite th-2 farming community, and bring
cut theso friendly, social qualities which
are eo-eo-.v w'oat they should be among
farmers "cr any ether man."
E. II. Burches, resident Nurseryman
in this County, is ready to assist, and in
forms us that he can raioe the funds, if
farmers generally would take an inte
rest. Start the ball in motion !
President Jclmson Policy..
As the Nebraska Democracy have
expressed their love fcr and support cf
President Johnson's Reconstruction Pol
icy,' it seemeth to U3 but just that all
should know that policy,- the better to
comprehend the consistency of tire 'so
called" Democracy cf Nebraska;. Dur
ing ths discussion cf the Civil Rights
Bill after the Veto Senator Lans, of
Kansas, introduced the following resolu
tion in the Senate, stating that it contain
ed "the -terms upon which President
Johnson was willing to reconstruct the
Southern States." :
- Resolved, That Senators and Repre
sentatives from either of the States re
cently in insurrection shali be admitted
la' Congress when it shall satisfactorily
appear that such State has. in accord
ance with the advice of the President of
the United States, pissed laws nullifying
its Ordinance of Secession; ratifying
the amendment cf the Constitution cf the
United Stites abolishing Slavery; repu.
drnticg all Rebel debts ; recognizing
the debts of the United States, and ex
tending the elective franchise to all male
persons of eoler residing in said State
over twenty-one years of nge, who can
read the Constitution of the United States
in iho English !angn?go sr.d. write .their
names and also to all male persons cf
color of like age and residence who own :
real estate valued at net less .than Z25Q
and pay' taxes thereon; provided, that
such Senators and Representatives s!3ll
possess all the qualifications required by
the Constitution and laws of the United
States. '
By comparing the Democratic Platform
with this Resolution one can plainly see
where the "full, free and honest ccm
mendatica" come in. We would like to
hear from the Organ, at Nebraska City,
and the sub-Dtmiocratic-organ, at Omaha,
on this Resolution. ...
Two fine mares were stolen from Mr.
Weston Leeper one night last week. The
horses were found in possession of two
men in Nodaway county, cn the Saturday
following. They were, brought to this
place on Sunday last, and plead "guil
ty" before Esquire Sparks, and were
committed. - Before engaging ia the
enterprise they tried to. induce a boy
at Scott City to go with them, .but he
would not, whereupon they -told him if
he told Leeper they would kill him.
They then went to their work', and the
boy next day gave the alarm, and told
of their plans, which they had revealed
to him, and they were easily captured and
brought back. As the Circuit Court wili
shortly pe in session, they will doubtless
have an opportunity of learninga trade
at Jefferson City. . Their apprenticeship
should at least last for. ten years. Rock
port Journal. ,
The thieves mentioned are named Jos.
Simms and Abin Tire.' They have been
tried, both, plead guilty, and were sen
tenced to five years ia the Penitentiary
Lai Jefferson City, These facts we learn
from J. D. Dopf, who was in our City
last Wednesday, with the - prisoners in
charge, taking thern lo Jefferson City.
Mr. Dopf also informs us that
Stinson he who sonetime since stabbed
Smith near Scnora, Mo., and from the
effects of which Smith died -has been
found guilty of murder in the second de
gree, and bound ever - ia the sum-of
S-iCOO to appear at next term of Court,
i . . . .. ,. , in.
The following letter from'Secretary
Harlan to Gen. Thayer, speaks for itself
Defartmest of the Interior, )
Dear Genekaj. :
In reply to your inquiry
ia relation to the prop er course to be pur
sued ly the,Unicn men of Nebraa ail. CD
the subje V. f ! submitting a Constitution
fcr a Siato Government to the consider
ation cf Congress, in view of the recent
action of the Senate cf the U. S. in re
lation to the admission into the Union of
Colorado as a State, I have to say that
I do net deem it preper for me in my ca
pacity as one of the executive officers cf
the Government to say anything that
might be construed into advice. If, how
ever, I were a citizen cf Nebraska, with
the light that I now hare, I should not
hesitate to vcte at the coming election in
favor cf a State organization.
The organization and admission cf
Nebraska as a State would entitle her to
tho II:- .
i. i-.i.t . . .
locally : i
ebr; -a r;
ton ' -i - o
. 2 -ous to ih
c 1 : i 2 0 r; 3 c
: ri admit cf a .a':
first l j L .
would not c
of a State G: .rr
-rat--be in:: only the nec
essary sal art eo c four cr five Stale ch
cers, five cr si: judges, and per diem,
milcacs and costingent expense of a
State Legislature, which for several
years might to ilaced at a low figure.
This, in my cpi.iou, would be more than
compensated for by tha immediat.? con
trol cf grants cf land fcr common Schools,
State Universiw Agricultural Colleges,
and such ether grants r.3 have been usual
cn the admissim cf a new State into the
Union, together with the appropriations
that might " reo:cnably b-o expected fcr
general publicises.
On the subject cf the probable admis
sion cf Nebraka as a State, in the light
cf the recent rote of the Senate, I have
to say that afur a careful perusal cf the
discussion cf that subject, as reported in
the Congressi:nal Globe, I find that the
decision in th;t case seemed to turn on
the apparent diminution cf the popula
tioacf Colorado since the passage of the
Enabling Act by Congress and its float
ing characterh-a large proportion being
laborers in h,incs ; which as applied
to Nebraska, v.culd be untrue, as the pop
ulation cf Nebraska is doubtless much
larger now than when the Enabling Act
flas passed by Congress and approved by
the President and being chio.fiy engaged
in agriculture and commerce is as sidble,
and wculd be as reliable for the support
of a State Government, as aa equal
number of people in any other part cf
the Union,
But even if. the admission of Nebras
ka as a State was now a subject of grave
doubt, after the adoption of a Constitu
tion by the Territorial Legislature and
the enactment cf Jaws submitting it to
the people for a vole, I do not think that
the friends cf the measure can with pro
priety reced?. This submission of the
Constitution was made doubtless for the
purpose of ascertaining the unbiased
judgment of the citizens of the Terri
tory, and 1 cannot perceive that their
judgment on this subject can be cr ought
to be, influenced in any wuy by the sup
posed opinion cf gentlemen living else
where. If the people of Nebraska at a
fair election, held for that purpose, shoull
declare their wish' to become a State
under the provisions of the Constitution
submitted, and if on examination it should
appear to Congress that said Constitution
is republican in form, and that the popu
lation of tha Territory has not dimisnish
ed but cn the contrary has greatly aug
mented in numbers and wealth since the
passage cf the Enabling Act, I do not
see on what grounds that body could
reject their application.
With great respect,
I Lave the henor to be,'
Your ob't Servant,
Maj. Gen. Jno. M. Thayer, Omaha.
Gcorg Bryant, Plaintiff, ) Before Frederick Al
: VS." ten J. P. of Xemaba
William VS. Kan dall JMen- County, Territory of
daat 4 i Nebraska
On the 6th day-of April, A. D. 1SG6
said Just?co issued t.?Zr o! ftttacbrnent ia tbe
abovo action for the eum of ten 'dollars. '
Fairri9r,N.T. ' GEOltQS BRYANT.
Proposals will ba receive! at the County Clcrk'6
OQce, ia BrownTille, until 2 o'clock P. JIJ, Thurs
day,) uno 7th 1836,for furnishing upon tbe ground.
Brick, Stone, Lime, Sand, Lumber, Shingles and
all other neecs?ary material for tho cuuitruction of
a building tor County purposes, according to plans
aad specifications on lo ia tho County Clerks Of
fice. Proposals will also le receired at the fame tims
for the Stono work, masonry ;and Carpenter work
and such other work asfhail be necessary for the
constraotton of said building.
By order of the Board of County Commissioners,
pril, 18th 1868. WILLIAM H. HOOVER,
3l-4to,nn Couny Clerk.
At an Election to be held on Saturday, tho 2i
day of June, a. d. 1933 at tho seTeral Precincts ia
Nemaha County, Xebnska, the question will be
submitted to tho people' of said Counly. whether
they wiil vote a tax of two mills on the dol lar val
uation cf t'ao property within said County, to
placed upon, and collected from the tax list of 1SG5
to aid in tho con3tru:tiea of Bridges Culverts and
grading that portion of the Road trom Brownville
iu Nemaha County, to Teuumach in Johnson Coun
ty, which lies between the W2storn boundary line
of tbe corporate limits of the Brownville and the
Western boundary lino cf Nemaha County, and
a'so to aid in the purchase of the Toll bridge
across tho Nemaha river, near tho mouih- of said
river, 1
The ballots of such Election shall be written or
printed as fullows . : '
: Those in favor of mid tax "For Tax.
" Thoso against said tax "Against Tax." ;
By order ox the Board of County Commissioners.
31--U o,Dn April, 18 1SG5 County Clerk.
On Saturday ,theJ2th day of May, A. D. 1SS5
at one o'clock. P. M I will offer fur sale to the
highest bidder "for cash in hand, in the City of
BrowcviHe, Nemaba County, Nebraska Territory,
Two Stray Cows and Calves ,a!io , one yearling heif
er, described as follows: -
Oue pale rud Cow and Calf, no mirks or brands
perceivable, apposed to be eix year old, apprais
! at Twemy-Sve dui'.ars.
One, white, Caw antLCalf with red neck, scar or
brand on the left shoulder ,?nppo?ed to be fiveyearj
old , and appraised at Twenty-five dollar.
One wane earung uencrpprajsed at t,ight
dollars. "Takon op by Uoorgo W. Alexinier, and
cow in his possession. E. V. HCGHES, J.P.
Collcctcr'a Gals cf Personal
Property. k
Collector's District, Ter.oJ JVcb.
April 1GA1666.
Whereas, by virtue of the Excise Law, of the
United States, entitled an Act to provide internal
revenue to support the Governmcnt,to pay interest
on the public debt, and for ether purposes, approv
ed Jute. 20th 1S64, as amended by tho Act of
March, 3d l&fij, including sections, relating to the
collection of Ln'ernal IJevetue, from other Acta,
yon are indebted to said United States in the sum
cfOne Qanirod anl Thirty-two dollars acd sixty
nine cents, icr. Taxes and penalty assessed against
you io accordance with said Act, And, whereas,
you have failed to pay said Taxes as required,
Now. Therefore, yi u are hereby notilled that, by
virtue of the TSth Section of said Ac t, I have lev
ied upou the following Uescribad personal property
belonging to yoa, to-wit :
Four brown tnare males, two brown horso males
one light bay ware mule, one saia II lay poney.
And you are farther notified that said personal
property will be by me offered for sale, at public
Auction in tho
5th Day cf May, A. D. JS06, at one
o'clock P. M. cf said day in frcnt cf the liou-e of
W. PeruN'eoiah.a County, Nebras
ka Territory, aid '-be proceed ff ruch sa!o will be
apflied to the payment cf said Taxes and penalty,
and ths eireutes herewith incurtd.
Cclltctor cf Nebraska.
By Nelsos C. Bsocif,
Deputy Ccilectcr,
: -or
i h t
.. . o.l
1 t' 5 u I'i
" ':. j - iVi- r.f
i 4
1 f.
av,' cji
-, Gil '
tiC L 1 J AV i , J t f.
a .iil f iti p
Vrf r- J J
Uzs lecn stc? V.'.j used t t ytar . '. j thoi:s.T.r.ii
cf yr?v::s in all farts of the Cjuutry, anl U out
vcr?l!y aekn.lai ! tobastonii nawoa?, Ji-
I'.cious , healLf-l a;, i c
i h til B9 i en
tity will mike a r'.etisrail $::ii rt c-ip of Col-s
tljia any other known.
O room's Java Co
Is particularly recoiuraenc .d r. a hna'thful tev
er.i;3 and istao'st b -neSci.'-tiy u-l ry th-3- who
suSWwith I!.--?.-Ii:b3 Nerrc - c', snd other irja
rioas e;Tact3 t -.i tr.e uo of vt.. r C.-Ise.
Ic li prepared wi;h the trr.-.ita: car, anl con
tains no ingredient wtLh is n it i.vrs h irrali) i and
bene -Hcisl to tho huam orpr,i.-ra than uro CoIjo,
to wuich f wt tho luo;$ b'ijifu'.l rhyihUzrsand
Chomiots testify.
n r
Iks toon cxter.3"ru!y t 1 at r.arrcus Jlmi;
ry Fairs throughout ths L'fi(.n, an i rueivoi cer
tiEcatcs of the highest re:.;irni.ition.
It hss also b'cn thorouihly tPeted. and reived
the diploma cf tho America Ir.iUtata and other
prominent institutions.
Pat op in ono pound pachas? bearing tl a fac
simile Signature cf Leris A. 'Jj -td and ia boxe3
of 3 and 0 ib. and Sold by Greet rs g5 oerally.
ViTiOlesalc Depot, nna Trade
Supplied by
Importers an i Wholesale. Dealers, ia T.a, Cf
fee, and Slices.
r;os. ic3 r 105 varrtn mid 2G3
VTaOIntoa Streets, rev Toil!,
April 23 1SS3 6ms 32 rf,nn
TT7TfF"n,T A rif1
it l M
i U 1 L
factry, CAIIDEIT, IT. J.
403 Arch St,, Philadelphia
Thcse Celebrated Fens aro of Genuine American
Manufacture, and compr-ii3 every. Ie.'dini etyle ia
tho Market, and 3J9 equal i Enisa, eKstiiity and
finenest of px-int to th best imported, ifcey are,
therefore, sare to giin the cotfideaca of the Amer
ican public.
Samples and Prices on Abdication,
XiCisraadc lo Orde, of a:ur Pat
tern or Stamp require;!
Tor Sale to the Trade at the Manufacturer
Warehouses, as above ; and at ratai! by 'u,"
tioners, booksellers and 'cws Dealers ia ;ho U. S.
T" 9s
April, 25th 13ilB. 10-3
Le-::1 Notice.
To All JVhor.i ii JIjij or:::rn;
Notico is hereby given that John W. H ill, as
Administntor, with tha Will annexed of tho Es
tate of William Wilson, do-xsasad, hn f:! d in the
OfQce of tho Probata Judge of Nemaha County,
Nebraska Territory, bis -;counts f. r Unit settle
ment of bis Administratiori a∈and that the
said Jude has appointed the 15th d.iy of May.
1SC3, at ten o'clock, A. M., as lhe tiue for hc:riag
and allowing the sara.
JOUN W. HALL, Administrator,
April 20th, 1353. 2t i,rd pd
Insurance Coinpaay,
We, Trios. J. Tcrnek, Pres't, oad Csa3.
Squibe, Se'y., of tho Fire and T.rnado Irsuraccs
Gompany, of Freepcrt, Illinois, hereby certify that
said Cciuj any is possessed of a capital of at Iea3t
no hundred thousand dula;s, secured tylean on
real estate worth at each valuation at least five
times the amount of said capital, and net encum
bered to more than one-fourth of ai 1 valuation."
Persoan'.Iy appeared before n, Clerk of tbe Cona
tv Court of faid County, T J. Turner and Char!e3
L Squires to ma known as I the Pra-i lent and Secretary
of the Fire d lornado n?uraoie company, wto be
ing first duly sworn aairrdiqr. to law , severally do
pose and say "lhat the aboveceriificate subscribed
toby them respectively is true in substance and
in fact, as nbown by tbe records of said Coepany."
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this Cth.
day of Januarv, A . D. 1S55.
GEOilGE THOMPSON, Ccunty Clerk.
Py E. 11. Pikr.'OX. Deputy.
To Expire on tne 3 1st day of January, 1883.
Insurance Department, Ofice of Ter
1 " ritorial Auditor,
OMAHA, NEB. Jan., 16ih, 1S66
WHEREAS, J. T. Cerqpbtll, ssuuint Gen.
Agent, for tho
Fire and Tornado Ins. Co.
locatedat Frceprt,in the State of Illinois, has
filed in this Ofilce a copy of the Act cf Incorpora
tion of eaid Company, nl a Statement under oath,
showing it3 Condition, as required by tbe Four
teenth Section of a Law of the Territory of Nebras
ka, entitled '"Aa act in Relation to Insurance
Ci mpanics," Approved February, 1SC5 ;
Therefore be in known, by these presents. That
in pursuance of the aforesaid Act, I, JOHN
dillcpie, Auditor of the Territory of Nebraska, Do
Hereby Certify that said Fire I" 2'ornado Insurance
Company has full authority toran?actb si n is f
Insurance in the Territory of Nehrska, u: d;r the
laws of this Territory, until tho 3l3tdayof Janu
ary, a. d., 1S57.
IN WITNESS WHEIiEOF, I have subscribed my
name, and caused the Seal of the Audiior'i Ofliee
to be afilxed, this lHih dfy of J n try, a. d , 185'.
JOHN GiLLESi IE,Ter. AudiUr.
GEO. W. HILL CO,, Ascats,
' Brcvrnville Yelraska.
In pursuant to an application nuds t the
Judge' of tho Probst t-e Cturt in and fr Pawnee
County, Nebraska Ternary, to have J. L. Edwards
appointed Administrator, of the Fttate cf llary
S'te wart, deceased.
Therefore, notice is given to all whom it cn;
concern, lhaa cn
Monday the 14th clay cf May A.D.15GG
there will be a Probate Cocrt held at Piwnca City
for the purpose of appoiatin; J. L. Edwards Al
rqiniatrator cf sail' Estate , unlts caase can be
ebown otherwiio ,and to transact other business.
This the lith day or April, I? 5 5. '
3) 3t p'd Vr.M. A1K1N,
Jud.e cf Probate in s.nd fr Pawnee County.
li J Address
MAT11EW MciEIOlIAM, P. 0. Do No. 12
Lrownvilla Nebraska
Silver me la!., from both of hich can be seen a our c-p rt.,r.J "U,
p. t'- -rodaeti.-a of imr-roveme nis we n;ati.l more pr?.t 1 .hich d P
The subscriber has fr 2ale fr.,n 3 to 5C3,CC0 I u:7klTwt'. ?trietly sh svStm. are enabled U T,r tbce ir.strffi?tu t IfK
plants vhieh ha will;Jific3 of at Liht dollars per j a5jn ti"tion. ,
thousand cd delivery, lUntS r-3 tor dc.jvcry at ? rilICf ;;0. , Seven O-rtave, roisrd corners. I.eI p. ane ce
ProwavUle, Ntlrasia, from the IjttotUlOth day!,lUl-3 v Si ven Oct tv-, r;.c r.-Ji-rner.. T-vs-wood hey ,;3,;of il ,H
of May. EVtairaat .VM.H.oC..;::ty'S Seven Oct,ve.r.ur,, sewo.iLcnis XIV s:y!a I 'L' rf. . -.7
iL 1
All c.'.n
c-r. " "
j 1 1
i as
i. 1
o'. v v:
: .-)
I !
All Kind . , Patt.'rna::! Styles. Ev.rythlrg i- the
1 1 1
1 "i r
Lino lc.-t p2llry
Boots, -Shoes, Too 'cn and
Cast brands. Dried and Canned
zj9 zn. xt n -x1 o
Nails, Glass, Sash, Quo ens
M E R C I-I 7 T
Ila? j u-: received the largest sup; ! f
! ? i ! i
t 4
I'll - - " : M ' I A
? 1
Ever trough t to th'i n a . 1 h prepared to
make tbem u; ia
Work- Wnrrantcil- t;Tcn:2s Cas!:!
January 1st lS55p'd to Oct, t Ctl IS'j.
' WANTED'. Agy,tJ, L'iior.i-J Female, at $73 to'
$10 per mon ;h, to ael t tl alsjratc.i
Common Scute Fi:r.ilj Setrinj Machine
pp.zcr: !St3,oo -
Tbis Marhino will lo all kindj f work equal to
the h-iph priced Mjc:hir,c, and i.s H.e .u'ypra.-ti..i
Aadroo .
SSCOMO & CO., Ch:;-no, Y.U , vT Cl.-veiond, 0.
Principal 0Hlr,5?. 2 Casto-n 11)03 PU a Chliag"
1C-2 1 ly
rnT n T
mm W
I wouM re spect fully invite the attention of Farmers tn my lsr-3 and we!) se!ecte-l ftja j
Implements, consiitiDj In part cf
. Jdoline Rock Island and Gang Plows, Sx'hy Cultivators, Wheat DrU.i,
Broxcn's and other Com FlarJcr j, '
Revolving and Sulh y Hay Rakes. Cider Jld's, Cant Mil's, Fanning X.,
Johnson's Union Washing . M.jch ines.
nzent for rili'saiul Cases TIir:i. :iI:irr riacl2lnc.,
BiJO..iiii!zE Beapar and. uovor vitH
Osage OrangeeecT. m.xiw, ct $1.2-3 pi ;
lb cr 23 per bushel yitli directions fOr "olanting
Also Field and Garden Seed fcr at all Tinea
Sligo and Tyrone Iron, Steel and Heavy Hasdtftfj
To wblca I Invite ttie attention of Black-rui'h'a and Pe!r. Mv $t'-.r)t of UUoii .t' Tj-j'j I laI
comp eta i-oiifUtin.; lr tarl of f,
Wagon and Uujrpy A'ood-Yprk Of Every Dcseiiptr-i
Agent for G rover and Halter's
S3wXJ"23l3"Cl"3C5"Orderi from distance
Si. Jvafpu, Nuv. 3JiU; loc5.
x-11 lyni
" 1 'jr.. tn., jjar
nnniTT? O
The attention .f the Pul-li? n 1 the is invited to our New . c.., V- vttt.. -F.rto,
which fcr volume and purity tone are unrivalled by any h..r.o o. ' 0vcf.S'J
attain all the zn idem irurr.vcme;)?, Fr-s,h, ru.d a-u-n, hirpl j ly .? ;- ' iet9. ,
Ac. and e;u instrument beiraade under tie personal sur.rv - '-- j'ia e,fry ja-'W
had a practical eTI ericace cf over 3 J years ia thtr n:anuM--tare, u l ...yv.rrauUJ $
overall' others at tl:c t clcbrntc;! . orlu si 3 uph:.4;
H rre wer exhUitcl instruments from the fcc.t , fr ;f 1?" tb
r.i New A'erk: and also at tue Aineru
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v) 2. 1 A T U F. 1 GIT H E3 n
UteJ ijk! iallk'J it. I
F'.r the UniU'd icvi.:. V.s,
Klfo anl Shot Cn
ty Gun Loal'.rsa!.i thi Tnle g u rl y.
In f.?se d.r;i of ILn.nlriAin r a-j
Rolling, every $hre. Bu:d;, aj
0ce should havi cr.: cf
ii-'.M i:;Thj; nWm
Parties desiring to avail thcTjeIi;-s ( thita'tti't
improveraonts ia an I jJD'.rior w..ri-Ke-;
ship and fm, w ill 2 ad a, I ci.mhh:ci i.i tho 3c r
C".icii!a-s cos'.alr.'r? m'.uh! d
-J if w
Xrmi ill be furnish' I upoa ap;-.'i:Vi. .
! e. remington i sons u:oa KT, ;
April, Zi l?Jly U Zi
A Gent'eUi ii who suJ-r;.'d f,(r jvxn i: 2 N--
mis !.! lity , I'l smT'uro and all tas ! ' i
of T i.l!.;ol:-:diJcr:i.a. w'.'t f .r Ih ') tf J'.f
in.r li.'.u'i-. i.y, k.-: 1 fre- t-i a.'. b- d t. l '
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by v.; I; i was -uv,-d. rr;; h.---j x ti r-'-it
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.ll..1! it. V ' M ' I . i.
No 13 Chesnut V"i Vi
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Cdclratcd Seeing Md.liW
solicit ei au4 t-ron-i.-fy n ' mZ-t
A. G. UAriD
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