Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 08, 1866, Image 2

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j o n nt i j c o i a r a p p, n n ito n
Since cur last izvoo we Lave carefully
perused what we believe to te a true
copy cl President Johruons's speech cn
the 2J, &r.i must that ia some
icrpecta we wish "it were wiped out cf
his Listcry." Not that he said there any
thing to corcfert rebels ; cot that, as is
taid by his enemies, he there indi
cated a, desire to "force bloody handed
traitors iato Congress tut, because he
then and there so far forgot himself ia a
rcement cf excitement as to make a per
sonal attack upon Sumner and Stevens.
This was unfortunate, and the danger cf
a collision betweea Congress and the
President, and this alone, is what gives
cemfert and courage to copperheads and
rebels both North and South. We have
net tpace to publish the speech cf Presi
dent Johnson, ncr many ether documents,
frcra the ether tide, equally disgraceful
The following speech, delivered by
Eenatcr Shsrmaa, cf Ohio, cn the C3th,
takes exactly the ground which we cc
cupy ia relation to this unfortunate affair,
end his desire to "bind up tho wound,"
which he knows has been-made by both
parties ia this affair, is patriotic, and, if
successful, will make the courtry and
party stronger, and vsure an early and
just reconstruction cf the whole Union:
Ilr. Sherman caid in conclusion : I
hare thus, Mr. President, endeavored to
thewthatto his honor do act has been
done by the President inconsistent with
his obligations to the rreat Unioa party
that elected him. Ditierences may have
arisen, but they have arisen upoa new
questions not within the contemplation of
tne Union party cr Union people' waen
the President was nominated.
I have lso shown that he acted in pur
suance cf a policy adopted by P.Ir. Lia
, cola and approved by the pecpls, and
thai no event has transpired that will
preclude him from a hearty co-operation
with the mass cf tho Union party in
recuring to the country the objects for
which we conducted successfully a great
war. That events have transpired, that
utterances have been made, tending ia
that direction, no cne will deny.' The
cures! evidence cf it is the joy cf the
worst enemies cf the country at our
division. .
V-vY. T am aware cf no calamity more
di-'.ra?eful than fcr us, by cur divisions,
to surrender to men who were enemies to
their country ia time cf war, anv or all
the powers cf this Government, fie who
contributes in any way to this result cle-'
tznts the execrations of his countrymen,
and this may be done by - thrusting upon
the President new issues, in wiiich the
well known principles cf his life do not
agree with the judgment cf . his political
If may be dene by inviting ccntrover
tiss cf a personal character; it may be
icne by the President turning his back
upon thcs3 who trusted him, with high
powers, and thus sinking his name with
cne cf the most disgraceful in American
history, that cf Sir. Tyler. I feel an
abiding confidence Andrew Johnson will
not, cannot do this ; and, sir, who will
deny that tha overbearing- and intolerent
will cf Henry Clay contributed very much
to ths defection cf John Tyler ; that the
division cf the Whig party was an erent
insignificant in comparison with the evil
results cf a dirisicn ia the Union party.
Yihero will be the four million slaves
v.hcrn, by your policy, ycu Lave" emanci
pated ? What would be their inevitable
. Xats if no'.v surrendered to the custody
cf( the rebels cf the South? Will yea,
by 5 cur denand cf universal suffrage, de
stroy the power cf the Union party to
protect them ia their , cearly-purchased
liberty? Will you, tynew itsues, upon
unue u:c;r v'cri.
sacrifice a
t w
ft :
I we
r.d tr;
"ar:n" xie
. hvillii t; its
c courr. :c, he
All v.itdoM -k'i I not
die with-us. The highest bamn wisdom
is to do .11 i!i3 pc-cd ycu can, but not to
r:r:.lle good to aue.npt the
General wculJ have
fate, that again, wit
maintained his post,
the fierce ccflict
which ha end his fellow ccaipat riots,' in
East Tennessee, maintained cur cause in
the heart cf the Confederacy. I well
remember the struggle he had with the
uriiLccriuio element cf Tennessee. He
was never ashamed cf his origin,, and
never far frcm the hearts cf the' people!
Sir, you must not sever the great Union
pany from the loyal element of the
southern States. lNo t!.eori&3 ofpessi
ble Utopian good can compensate fcr. the
loss cf such patriotism and devotion
time, cs he tells yDu in his messige, is a
great eer:,etA cf reform" and tune is on
your side. I remember-' the homely and
encouraging words cf a pioneer, tin' the
anti-slavery cause . an excellent; i.letho
dist preacher from the South, .who to!J
those who. were behind turn in opinion,
"Weil, friend?, Til block a wheel,' we
must all travel together" '' : ' ' .
God know I do not urge harmony and
conciliation from personal motives, .The
people .of , ray native state .have. intrusted
me with a position here extended four
years beyond the termination cf the
present . incumbent. He can ' fnnt me
no favors. If T believed Tor a moment
that he would seek an alliance with those
who, either by arms or counsellor even
by apathy, were against this country in
the recent war, cr would- turn over to
them the high powers entrusted to him
by the Union party, then sir, he is. dis
honest, nnd will receive, .iio assistance
from me! But I will not force him into
this attitude if he shall not prove false
to the declaration nvide by him" in his
veto message, that his strongest: desire
was to. secure to freednien the fuilenjoy:.
meat cf their , freedom end property ;
then I will not quarrel with hurt as to
the means ussd, and while, as he tells
us ia this message, he only asks for-Stafes
tole represented which art in-an- altitude
cf loyally and harmony, and in iheper
sons cf Representatives whose loyalty can
net be questioned under any constitutional
or legal test ' Surely tre cugit ret to sep
arate from him. until ire at least prescribe
a test of their loyally vpon vhUh we-are
willing , to stand, t We have not done it
yet.' I will Dot try him, but hope Con
gress will not denounce hien for hasty
words ottered in ; repelling parsonai
affronts. ;; , .. - '. . . . !
I see him yet surrounded by, the .Cabi
net cf Abraham Lincoln,, pursuing his
policy. No word from me shall .drive
him into political fellovvship with' thdse'
who, when he' was one of the moral he--
roes of the war, denouncjd; him, spat":
uponhira and dispitefully used him., The
association must be self-sought, and even
thenT will part;fro;n himia. sorrow, bat
with the s biding hope thVthe 'same-Al--
mighty power that, has guided us through'
the recent war will be. with us s ill in our
new circuities until every Siate re
stored to its full' communion and fellow
ship, and until our nation, pjriued by
war, will assume among the :-hationl of ".
the earth the grand 'position hoped. or by ..
U ashmgton.Clay, U ebster. Lincola.acd
hundreds of thousan'-ls cf , other. unnamed,
heroes who' gave up their :lives" for its1
:e pusiiica"-
which f,is in about the s
would be greatly bsnefitu-d 11 ? ? ? ? ?
. au
ich will j
.e 1 resiJ ;nt.
I C.J-
3 f i w rn
r i. r: -i.rnr.:, ? Lu..
teen i .troluc: ! in Cc re-
.'cubt! 3s be a:ceptab! ; to
Th? lova! r..rpre"j?..ativ
nessee will soon be admitted.
If the ban bill fails in Congress, it is
paid Sec. McCulIoch will immediately
commence a contraction 'of the currency.
. .The entire Cabinet stand by the Pres
dent'ia his Reconstruction Policy, as
does Gen. Grant, Henry Ward Beecher,
and many other prominent loyal men.
Do ih3 Ccps endorse these s
England has suspended the writ of
habeas corpus ia.Irland, and craming her
prisons with Irishmen. This has caused
great excitement among the Fenians in
this country, who believe that active hos
tihties have already cjinmenc-d in Ire
land. - Active preparations are being made
by the .Fenians in this country to march
to the rescue.- - Near -1,000.000 are en
rolled already. , France and the. Unite
!y, it takes a good part cf the summer to
make un in flesh what thev have lost
iring wuiisr. Hogs I wcu'i not
let get pcor. turn ihera incn Oats, Rye
cr Clover pasture.
F. Sv. .ru says, the Dutch of Pennsyl-
! vania have good healthy horses,
feed Rye wiih the straw cut
-.r.J the;
to thei;
OiTenses against psuce, 2cc. At end
cf section 113 add : "and ca convictiorr
th:recf shall be fined in any sum i: c 1 ex-c-
ling cne hundred dollars cr impri :n
m : nt not exceeding thi'.a r.. .i!;? cr ; :th
fir. and i::.r-rii:un;ent a?
CwC, section 1,
afiir iL
word hundred" in
draft horses," and Oats lo their race stcck. j and insert: "dollars or imprisonment in
Tl V 7VT'T,-,;,rf. 'cut tiiff b?t fedforlthe ccuntv of the county not exceed-
-- aijl tJV - r - i j j
horses is cut sheaf Oats mixed with meal.
Timothy hay will give horses the heaves.
S. W. Kennedy says, sheaf Oats cut
off up to the band is very good feed for
States we believe will recognize Ireland
as a belligerant power..; Success to Ire
land. We hope the Irishmen of Nebras
ka -will not hold back when their country
calls for means to crush the tyrant.
, Maximillion's whole .available force
is estimated at only 45,000. .He- has
called for and expects reinforcements
from France, - which if sent, and this
Government .'does not interfere, should
blot forever from cur. history the Mon
roe Doctrine-: ,';
h vcu ret; have net the vires of
the rccple, jeopardise those rights which
ycu can, ty the aid cf the Union party,
tcure to these freedmen?
. We know the President cannot, will
n:t and never will agree to unite with us
upon the issues cf univdrsal suffrage crJ
dead Slztes. No such dogmas wero con
tmphted, when, fcr his hercic ss?rri:rs
in the catue cf the Union, we placed him
lids by tide whh Mr. Lincoln cs cur
w ; a.' - V . -. - - i
W . V . .W . fc. -
i:gun ty cr so.Jrs,- ty securing ur.ion
and liberty to all mrn without distinction
cf eclor. having to tzfcs, cs I tj "ere, the
q:iticcf svj'rcgel .
The curse cf God, the na!edlc-.ion3 cf
!o:le. a
nd the tears and
blood cf th.2 new made freedmen will,
in my judgment, rest tpon these who fcr
cry cause dettrcy the unity cf the grczt
r .r:y that has led us throch the wilder
r.c:3 cf war to peace and repose. ' We
cor h:k to cur publia credit. We have
duties to perform lo the business inte
rests cf the country in which we need
tha resistance cf the President. We
have every motive fcr harmony with him
cna caci, ana tor a generous,
r-enly truet ia his patriotism.
If ever ihs timo shall come r.hen I
cm no lc::ger whh devotion, in
Billy Hi'Ier. cf the : Press, is a. very,
diffident youth, the prrpelling mctive by
some styled "brass,".. never eatered his
' face.!'. The . following in 'procf,'.:.we
clip from his daily of the22dult:
'.The Press is net the organ j cf . its
editor, alone, put of the Union , party , of
Southern Ytbraslca," avA if. that party
t.hall fomally dictate a different course to
us than the oae we have pursued,' We
shall fuljoyv it.V-1 tv - ' .T 1
, There is nothing presumptuous .in this
when we. take into consideration ihe fact.
that all cf, the Union - members cf the
Legislature from South Platte voted ior
the Constitution, while the Dfm?cratsXf
South Piatte,'; with; but two' 'exceptions,
voted cgainst h ;"-andii Morten went to
.Omaha and irritated his small stcck of
brains in the vain '.attempt to; defeat it.
. We think we can see Billy's 'predica
ment :. he has got cp the wrong tree and
wants so m'e body to a sk h i m do wn. -We
are ini favor cf State, and;- wccld 'much
prefer that Billy weald stay where he is,
believing.that the course be has purtued
so far will do -more to advancn the inte
rests cf State than, any other he. could
adopts- v; : j - .
Oa the 23d, Billy attempts, very. mod-
es-tly, to foist in the Capitol question, thus:
'New. if it was removed toscmepint
cn the Platte river fifty w t. hundred
miles from the Missouri river, it would
h'l mere central for the .I.r' ,re. Or i
Tcrhcps S:t Crc:!c rc-!llii:i I :';-"...
Omaha. Las. grown. to such proponious
and represents such Railroad interests as
to consider the Capitol a: small thing,
and Jt'tbraska City, which was once her
competitor for it, is in about the same po
sition, and if it . was removed to the point
named above, it would advance the local
interests of Brownville and Plattsmouth.
aod be more, convenient for the people,
besides building up an inland town."
Tha motive in the above cgitation is
two-fclJ; first, to distract the people on
CocniunicatiJ. . -
, .. . Bbowxvillx, Nes.,
. March 6thv6G. ;
Editor Advertiser Sir.;" I do not like
to intrude private grievances; upon your
readers, but as justice and a pjeDts
feelings have been shamefully outraged,
I would like through the medium of your
journal to hold up the perpetrators to the
public contempt they so rich deserve.
I have a boy, whom I, at Mr. Murry's
particular .requeit-hehavjng .no chil
drenconsented to let him have to rai?e
in his family. List winter, without my
knowledge, Mr. Johnson, of. Richardson
county, introduced into thatbedy cf petti-.
fogers the . Nebraska, Lpgislature-a,
bill praying that . my boy'g . name be
changeci from Jame? R., Case to. James
Slurry,' which was passed.. .This winter
I petftioned the Legislature to repeal thel
act of last session, and was opposed, and
my petition defeated, by Messrs. Ramsey
Hart and Crou' that county.
Why this opposition was made I cannot
imagine; Mr. Murry does nut seem to
Urge it; and I am satisfied it would "not
have passed at first',' ha'd not this Johnson
meddled in matters' which concerned him
not.'- . ' :"' ' ' ""'' ' 7" -I
believe I ara as capable of rearing a
child as any engaged in this' trinsaction,
and that the'name they seek to wipe' out
stands as honorable ; before the world 'as
theirs. It seems they could hardly have
b'een;reared by! parents,". else would they
hesitate ' ere they outrage a parents
feelings so. Such' men as their action
shows the mi to be would disgrace a pot
house 'caucus;' let alone a'body to frame
laws for he people. ' ItSyere: better had
ihey been born to make the mean whisky
the'y'deslri.y, or to have picked 'the rags
to make the 'paper Jthey . spoiled in trying
H to rob a parent of the name of his child.
I Kil.t. .. .:it i- -r i . '.v. - .
'.oucu luucuuees wiji uourisu in some sec
tions ; yet this Johnson was too hasty'for
even. Richardson county to send back to
the Legislature' this winter. . : -
""I have done. ' T 'know that this act of
the Legislature is illegal"; and in conclu
sion, I only hope that their children may
as' trulybie entitled to bear other men's
horses the balance is worthless. A man
of my acquaintance that followed wagon
ing' in the State of." Indiana fed theaf
Rye cut up and mixed wi;h meal, and
preferred it to Oats, on account of a fuzz
on the iaifcr which the former had rot,
and he always had floe looking healthy
horses. Prairie hay is good for cattlej
but they should have same. Corn. I fed
Hungarian hay to my horses one winter
and they seemed to do well until I put
them to work'iri the Spring when they
fell off. My cattle done well, I like
Hungarian hay for stock that do not have
to work ; it should be cut before the seed
is ripe,T would not 'feed much to horses.
H. Storm, I would let all feed get ripe.
' Geo. Hughes, to the horse : feed cut
sheaf cats" mixed with meal; for long
wind feed oats ; substance is lost when
allowed to get too ripe. Feed stock well
and rather often than too much at onee ;
timothy hay is too binding.' for Cattle
corn fodder is best. Hogs should be fed
hard corn to fat, it makes solid pork.
Geo.., Bryant : I would rather feed
hazel brush than hungaiian hay to stock
S. H. .Randall: Corn is too heating;
Oats go q4 feed for horses; feed ju.-t
enough that they .will eat no more ; cut
them while .yet in the dough, lit them
lay in the sun before binding, then they
will be fresh, sweet and good. Herd
grass, is good, feed lor stock, better than
Timothy, it is loosening, while Timothy
is binding; it should be cut green.
Subject for the next meeting: .Making
of Butter and Cheese, and proper food
for Cows.
Moved to adjourn to next Wednesday
ing three months, or both fine and im
prisonment as aforesaid."- - -To
license and regulate sale of liquors:
Oa failure to pay fine for violation cf the
law to be committed to county jail until
same is paid.
. A vagrant act is aJJt?d to the' Cede.
This law. I hope, will bi published soun
in the territorial papers that it nay be I
read and observed.
In the chapter on Schools, cf the col
lated Code, the word "township" is al-
J.;- wt Ircr' .
-I '-'T I :
; !. toil.
r t: l
r. .hpr " !
t; "Tfrs c-! ; :
i T-.CTO
J.iV.anl cf:e
MLri ar.J '-:-
.1 : 1 i i
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r I'.:
if r;
7, n. v.. k;,'.: t
i i'. ! L U iO-1
-. -. h a v.; a a:
. - v.i'I i-ni
.'., u'.-.r ' A :
. , !;(.Vr:;::
..': i: c n r.i iks i
stpvAng!-:. mrtm
v r. r t - .
ir. t:.e ur. .
: : - i
1 1
. a-.
"-I T.J if u :, ;.
J ! i.f A-;
, .:.! o: - . .
At, j i
! j, e te .j ,r,a h i. .
"liVyiH t-A-S?2'
.2 '
-i J
r-i ojM y v
md Dealer in lro
tered to "Precinct" throughout
P P fPFT r Tn p r rinr v r y: .:rpo: o-,
as atr.', ..a.
. i nr..l U5; CLa'.;.?, CVnii
S cr -. e'.c.
i 4 I ; .111.
A number of untmpoitaut cnan
have been made ia the law styled "De
cedents." In section one on 'uiili of
real and personal estates." strike out all
after the word "same" section I, pay
ment cf debts aud legacies of deceased
persons : strike out the first seven lines
and insert in lieu thereof :
When'letters testamentary or of ad
ministration, shall be granted by any
Probate Court it shall te the duty of the
Probate Judge lo receive, examine, ad
just and allow all claims and demands of
all persons against the deceased, giving
ths same notice as-is required lo le given
by Commissioners in' this chapter ; pro
vided that the parties interested cr either
of them shall have the right to demand
that two or more suitable persons be ap
pointed Commissioners, in which case
said Commissioners shall receive, exam
ine and adjust all claims and demands
against the estate as provided for in this"
chapter except when" ; . .
' Geo.. Crow, Pres't.
F.: E.' Allen j Sec."
, We. ; notice in our" eastern exchanges
that, there is a great scarcity of C;istor
Beans ; and it is estimated that this sea
. . ... .:
sons crop will. bring from S4 to S6 per
bushel. This crop does well here so far
as we can learn. Will cot our friends
of the Club give this crop, their atten
tion ? Ed.
ir.3 rricri-Ies rrrn which he was
ed, I will bid farewell to Andrew John
eon with urtafTectcJ sorrow. I will r.
tzizIct whsn ha steed in this very spot years eo refuting with unexamplcj
rrau:ts cr traitors.
He I
m j i
v.-ite, cnuoren. propsrty
?, ad staked hii all ca the r
I r:
t0 Ell W
. ' - v. a v
(D r.C;
t ;r. .n t
n.:ro tj
y, v.r.h r;? certainty
the "main question ;" second, to'make.a
Capitol tributary to Nebraska City, which
in railroad importance "is in about' the
same position' as Omaha J
T:i -3 point ' indicated would place the
Capitol 51 miles from cur socthero and
1C3 from cur northern boundary, and 40
riiUs ncrihu-e&t cj JWbrasha City! Would
compel the immediate sale of lands do
nated fcr a Capitol, which wLl not sell
r.ox for-enough to build a jrood Sta'e,
Ca pit o 1, and the people would have to be
severely taxed to complete'. it, or "firitter
poor public
cp position are opposed
to S:ne cn acco-r.t cf thtir dread cf igh
taxes, and above is indicated hoy they
would mend the mat'er?'"
'The local ir.r rests of ErownTilie'
names as'thi boy should bear mine'.
:xv'Ji ' r :'(-' :-;R:t:cASE.i!
u : Fain lev Tamer's Clal).
Fairview Precisct,
"'" ,! Feb." 53d, 1S66. ' '
... . . . . d ... . . .
Club met'pursuant to adjournment: "
President in the Chair. (
"Slin'utes read and approved.
' Constitution and By-laws read. ;
Subject : "The best feed and mode of
preparing it' for stock " ,""
D. C Br -ant .a'ys, Slfeaf oats cut up
and fed dry is ujiitr to feed horses than
corn, it is not " as heating for summer;
Oats' .hs the properties for making' mu's
'cle, Corn the' fattening propertied T
away ire apprip nation ca'
luildbrs.- Th
think we are apt to feed too inuch Corn
I like Prairie 'hay betipr than Timothv
hay. Hogs will fatten and do better by
riot feeding .exclusively on 'Corn, feed
Oats or Bye'or let them run on clover,
they' roust have' something to make mus
cle as we II as fat ; feed Corn for fattening.
, Geo. Bryant, I agree with D. C. Bryant
that' Oats are belter for horses than
Corn ; you can feed to much Corn ; men
that chop or cut their feed have the best
and healthiest horses. , Timothy is not
healthy for horses;' corn fodder is good.
Mike prairie hay for roughness; Twould
not let the grass get too old ; cut just at
the right time, cot tob'green cr too ripe;
it should not be left to ret sunburnt." It
is a good thing to 'salt hay in' the stack,
cover the bottom wj-h hay a good thick
cess and then' put cn all. the fait you
wish for that stack ;'" salt rises ; it is well
salted vith the prcportions'cf a peck to
the ten. "Ground feed fcr stock will pay.
Cattle kept fat and never allowed to get
poor, I think, will ccme to maturity about
a year sooner than when wintered poor
For th" f ullovving list of Amendments
lo athe tavs at Uie. Ia:-t Sessiun of our
Legislature, we arendebted to Hon. A.
S. Holladay, Councilma'n for this District:
An amendment to tilie School Law; .
. Section, 41. The said Examiner shall
keep' a record of 'his proceedings, noting
the number and date of ' each certificate
given, to "whom and for. what term of
time, and for what branches. of studies.
It "shall be the duty of ; the Examiner lo
visit each School Pistrict . in his county at
least once in each' year,' counseling 'with
schooi o(hcerj,' vismng'schools and dying
all that he can to best advance the inte
rests pf: Schools in his;couoty, mud 6
Iieport Annually on cr, before the 5ih
day of Naveiriber each year to ihe Ter
ritorial Auditor The " said Examicer
shall be entitled to receive the sum of
.two dollars for. each day necessarily en
gaged in official servicers herein provide
ed( paid: out of the County Treas
ury on the order cf the County Clerk;
and the County Clerk may require the
accounts, when presented, to be substan
tiated : on oath,: which iCath; said Clerk
may, administer and file in his. office. ,
, ' Amendment Revenue. La;.v :
; Section 33.Strike out one dollar ani
rlfty cents and insert two dollars. Same
Section', strike"out all 'after the word
taxed and insert "and ihe certificate that
the person named therein has'- actually
performed eight hours labor for each days
work so certified shall be. received by
the County Treasurer for their several
amounts in discharge of said tax." '" "'
Section 4 : "Subdivision. Co.' Treas
urers amended to read as fohy.vs :
t'That when any money shallbe paid to
the . County Tieasurer,,, the treasurer
shall make the'proper duplicate rec-ipis
for the same: as "in case uf the payment
(.f'jaxis, and ball gve out?; of aaid re
ceipts to the persOJi paying said uioney ,
and the other to the County Clerk within
ix days thereafter.' '
The following are the principal changes
in the Criminal Code :
Offieuses against the person .of indi
viduals.'. Section 49, at the end add:
"and any person thereof duly convicted
shall be fined in a sural not exceeding one
hundred dollars.'' , .:
At, the end of section 51 add : "and
any person thereof duly couvicted shall
be fined in any sum not Jess than five
dollars nor exceeding cne hundred dol
lars, or imprisoned in the county jail net
exceeding- three months or both five and
imprisonment as aforesaid." ,
Penalty .for pulling down injuring or
destroying or to begin to pull down, in
jure, or destroy dwelling house or other
building improvement, in penitentiary
not more than five years or fine not ex-
ceedirjg five nundred dollars and impris
onment in county jail not more than one
year, and held answerable for all damage.
Crimes and offenses relative to proper
ty, section 63, 11th line, before the word
"five-' insert twenty.
' In 15th line same aection. before the
word ''five" insert twenty.
5illornci0 at alD,
brownville; Nebraska.
Murcb 1st, '65. ly.
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby ciyen ihat the -.firm' of
& B;iker, Butchers, has ttii3 J.iy been dissolved by
mutual con.-cnt. ". . ;
Alt indeteJ to thi Cr a ar? requested to pay in
the amount of their indebtedness toll. E. Case at
the City Meat Market.
February 24, ISM ' l
WILLIAM'S Advert iMi! Aet-icy. .
9" Chamber Str-e a. Pan t Louis, M '
rn:;thettb.'S and
r3C -s
Strchs ar.d Di-
iv..-, . ay ere Ir;::,
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jfj' " ";"";'""'.! ' t '
', S!: -v Ij nil Fi
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... i . . . - - -
lu-t j -st Tfou. rn fiiffrkr in sny r.--t irT-r'.. ; .::
ZlcCcrtnl clip's .llancr?; and i.fapcrs, LI;:. : '.- Z2.r,,c
a:!y '"rr Cultirator., l?m I t'- re l'.a:;icr, Crn. tlitl.. rj, V.iy I. i!;oi
- 1
el..-, e'.o e
-io viioLi:sALE ri:i:ei(Asr.::s at 1
Constable's Iron and Stool Yr.reliouso
in if .-f i . t 1 1
) crAvlh Lf alii.' C'tCitifli f '.dir. t) VTt'.-y S I
lino ' eci ; e;.t U . V.e-; it" ..M..'.vi::i In m v.r-i t o vn .i ixo.'k :
Messrs. M-i-jnlre : v. l.av t. iei ( r inv..hi tt !e l' .i Li. !..'..', . n I ii h is re-N.-i r Jr.
Cf 0 IT l:ltr 5u our tnU.f i i. !. 1.1 ' w s'i 1 '.' '' -.!!- 1 1 I p . '' T''';
(Sie't-eJ,) L. A. f.I.'NOlST. Uai.feei W M It. K. .'I'tc U . :-... 1 1 :.i rv .1 ., ! .. ; ,,rj n (v ylt- n
nio tn$tuu:c; J'M C. liv'.U.o.v, Vi.-o i'. o .i: it '.'.'a-- y , ,i o ..,.,,,,, ' ''
rrcparca otuy oj j. o. mai.ljk.s, .iieiiit am; i'rt:.i-. ..u-...v...,t j 0
Sold Ly ait Driigghlt Trice hi CO jcr il.Ul.. .
ei'f l: t.
I '' :v fi M
. . v.
WJCSTI ;i i'ASITAIIV I O :.MIS")J''. .N... t- O ii . St ! u 3 , n
n T T t. r if '.- ,...... . , . ' 11
in luj.rriij jjir ui f idiii, i.r nio cure i.r uurs-hr-1 M Vy -t ( rv. i h
IU 11) C.MtlitiH IJliiiUlC-, Ul .!. C H.IU I ill II. " li :) V I III I .. ' 1 I' ' .
J.U. KO;lAl -.N SarcUrj 1Vcil.r,i tir-j Co '..-:
1 01
' T' A
yanaiacuu'ers lirc-BOi
No.. S3 North 5t Stret cor. St Caarler,
Hera wi'.t bo foursd-evtry viriety of
wiih all tbe "dvnrtages of the Ea?torc ruarloet in
regard to bDth selecti'm an 1 price. . rl
' - Send for ltlastr.-vred ''nUzi. . .
Prop rid or, ;
; . T : V'AKltELlCr ri'KDOFST Lo VIS C'U f.VT V. i'RESI O K ST i.Tr'CS '9 .VpRfi.'SlI I
M. mr. 1 .'li . J.i.i- H y i I i i-i-j. . i
Mextr. J. 4- C. Ma;u;re Vruhls : U"e have t.e-t j-'-rC, ,;2. i r.s. rt ,t i iiua,;I:;aj ,
tbefviaie'-a' i:ut.ue. sn t r,i;i; Urn .-at i..t!v.- les'iii. SW iii..!i. , ! .. i:' .1 v re: m ii i
tbe Ue 5t iiari Ai eitina 1.1 u u 0 Loe ii u eu k a I iu.:;- ii : t.j .n be nn.r ex n iv i
77;i Gcii Remedy for Coirn. Ci:i. Jl4hi t. Di onchit.i. Si-Wi':" tf B.oU-i
H been nei m st i-nccf tfi I y a ! n- iSi at rstn.t i. ?! J .1:- ,.i .i v;..- i . f.v- m.ire th.1.1 ihsitwi !
ami r.ncutierj 1 y ail hi i. keti tt ti l-e ti umm n c.f'ii seu.t :. r. r C: - ("t in: l..iau eri.;ct
ed. It is ettttreiv.veiteiavif. an lean lv ni-ol i.ii ti utm -t ..:. . 'try . ..ii'i i
. , 11 ill Lure , Uoj ulu. Rheutnaiimi. Ai-urai;i.y. O't.- , J.l-icuivit and &
Affections, GoihrV SiL-ellhi of theJAnt. Otrl-i of t , Jj ., 6V. fr. C m
C0,i!it 1 1 V'uOf'.rT
Tt .' . . . . 7 ......... 1 . r J ' '
..n j. i.'t.'f. iruai iztintnii or i t jit
Eruptions. R.'oi.
and all di-teate arising from J purity of the' Blond. i'rlCC l2 JUT l'.')tl!c. f
J. & C MaG "lit:-: CMe.i-: ml lr'4'.tsi. S .rie'.-. S'. t.n u-. vt . X.icy jr j.jI ; r U !;..ii)
Chills--and Fever,-Bilious and Intcfmittent Fever
, , . . , ' f - 'numb A ry?-o' ofo
i .ii .VeuK-inv u:.u.i!i iui iy 1 1; m-ijt i e; uni r me; v cm ui- i-ft r-.r Tu'rvru it tbe iil.rc
p.air.n.'. It L:ii b.en tcrt.'iiily ttottd t:ii- fii!i.ii. Living t- th. rr.-tv . f ,.t'-..T ; r-r.irrs.po i d v.
truccocil-.?.! in stjbliihi;. iir tt.-e'i n fair rri u ;K inn erj-.rt. tii.-i ..f n v M ? : i ji in . 'r h-i tcvak":
h n.ia in ;i i j is iv:irrar:Ct d t; in .v i.ry ir,--' i : re.
Sjal'Cl thaQ tbiJ,it is a-i:ciior Tonisi in CJ.i.i'.j - IY.
rr i? t ii .i t
;j f.i.r.
O " " ':'l
S 1 V - i
1 o
r a tit r. nrrr- nt , " -r ,
y" ; no. 22 THinD.s.Tni:::T,. i
mm jf
tn, a. in. a. s.
no 2;-Ti Id. b,nn
ir -
Llclifluons Cough Balsam
13 warranted to bo tbo ct'y pfepnrat'on Vn wt to
cure Couh?. Col.df, IIo,irscne."1 Aithrai. W'hoon-
iiig-Cough, Chrontu Co jo?, Crn-urapti..a. Brcn-
ohiti and Crinp. Beirr prcpir-.d jon Honey
aid Ilerb-i it ia healing, softening, and e.Ttiecfcra-
ttn-j.and partieuwirly suitAble for ml eutetions tf
the Throat and Luagj.. Fcrsaiaby Drjjiiti ev-'
lfp.' DYSPErSfxA:;r:
)&ii2i&;SV "' :TH. STRICKLAND'S
A TONIC u a ctnec-ntratt 1
l -4 t i ;:.' herb?, with antiae'd? an t
carminatives to strengt 1 n
the itotuneh nr.d nrrvfiu
fyitem. It ij a certain
remedy fr Pw'pnpV
Iiid!.'e.tori. Nfrvonne. '
IjO?3 of Af pa'ifo , Acidity ol the Stomnch : Flatn -hrivy
r.d Debility. It ii not n'lholie. th(relr.
pnrticul i r euite.l fir Wi-eU . ne rvom an t Dy-pcjit'.'"
person'. F-.r ?rt!e by all DrunU ererjwhero : t
ene par bottle: . ;
xi'.l sM j.t-. ! Ht-.'i ti X:i -: rJ
( U.H .Uii. 3.
, I ');; ....'.i,
I! rrsrecttnlly inrite the attention of Firmer'
-IjtiuG'Rock hi and' nnd Plcxs, SJl Cui!iu.;!;rs, Wheat Pri
' ' ' 1 Brown s and olhtr Corh-Plu-r.Urs,
- Revolving and Sulky Hay Rakes, .Cider .V.
Also Kjrctti fci riU'sand Crif s T;s: ;is!;ir .fiacliincs.
Osage Oranso Seed--TwTiti dirccMons ir rlantin
Sligo and Tyrone Iron, Steel and Heavy EaGckrrr
To whica I incite tie al
etit'nr. of BUctf-mith's an-l Pealers.' My s '.:
c.T.-.r-eta tvt!sttinz ia ra-t 'f
-;i:'jj T --o'.i U
Wogoii and BiVirry 'Wood-work Of- Evciv;Drrip'il
Afflnt far ,G 'rover ami -Bders Ccl:hrxhl -Scr;;r; MnTih:-
olkUe i a;:-J pro 1
Et. JoseU. 3Jtb,
x-lt tv-ns
:v f
Dr Stricklancrs Pile Itcm! fins
cured thijuiandj f the wursc c-jfrs ul lilml an-i
lileeding Pils. It gives invnedi ito rclirf and. ef
fect? a permnnent turc. Try it dlreriiy. It i
warranted toettre. Fur sala by all Jrajjiita at 50
cents per bdttle.
Myers 4 liro.., Wholetiala Agents, St.-Loui?, Mo.
2.J ly l.l.nn. . c. a. 8 .
' (
A Gentleman whf sxiiTered fcryoir from N'.tt
CU3 Debility, Premature Decay, nnd all tbe e!Tet3
of youthful indiscretion, will for the sake of auff. r
ing hamtnity, send free to all who need it, ths rj
ceipe and direction for inakinj the simple rcmody
by which he was cured. Suaerers wishing to prof
it by the aarertijter'a experience. oft.ri d by ai
dressing JUilN IJ.OiiDEN,
: Na 13 Chenat ?t., N ;w York.
rr R() VE6T-EEN & CO,
h-rt. . T rt-d in rhi B-'r
The ultcati.-n f fbc PulHc rd tr;ide U invit-d tn .r .ew
Furtt. whi h !' r ur 1 Mirity t.i' t--t'c are narival.'e 1 by :';y hi
aonrain VvU the tm-dcrn icr.t ruvtmen! Kri tn b, (Jr tol action. La;
Ac., and each ici?truiucrit being ta:idc under the fer'na! aut rv. 1
bad a practical esperieaee cf ovirSO years ia their n.aTufcture. ii
overall otlacrsat U:c C?e2cratctl IVoi id's Tali!
.-ait; u.'tawr . , j-t
f Mr. J. ii.
tp 1 in c cry ;
The 8drort'uer. bavin been restored to health in
ifew wepksbyery simple remedy, aft;r having
snJercd for set-cril years with a severe lut.g affec
tion, nnd that dread disease, Consumption u &ox
ious . to " cvtka known io his fellow-Ji.iforers tho
m.-'ar.s cf curs.
To ill who desire it. be will send a erj cf the
prescription used (freo cf charg". with taj - direc
tions Tur preparing and u-ing the stm0, which they
will End a tare cure for ComoiKpitcn,.sh;r.a, Dron
ehitl.', Cough?, Cold', anl all Throat ana Lang Af
fections. The only object of tho adverther in sen
dicg th Prescription is to beneStths aljicted, and
fpraad information which he eoueej ves t b3 inval
uable, and h hopes every guTerer will try his rem
aiyr as it will cost them nothing, ail taiy prove &
ble.-ting -
Parties wishing tho proscription, FK2r. by return
rua;l,-i!l please addre
yTilliairisbnrp, Kings Cg., N-v york,
rrc were exhibited ir.ftrcrjnttt frota the le.-t niakcrs rf I.
iusore.!s ton and Ne York : and aloat the An-.rb'aa Ia-'tituta forave
siirer tnea.i;s irum octa c: wm -a can cesoen ai 1 ur waro-r-.K-sn. , , .nn'sf
ct ! r". rt. ajsa 1 j
-ii-i .1:!. :it :t : ri,-e
ii. ...
mi corn rent ion.
PRICKS Xa Seven n,.,., ,r.r.r..t r'-'C. ?..".'' d t lane ei
By the in'rcicetSon cf iTprovenicnt we make a.ii! m--rc y-r:--c
largely, witUa strictly c--h systeto,. ?re enabled to .fcf thts insm
Ii '
V,- S ri-ur.if! .rr.-. f. ii. -ew.if'l tc."vv p'oui.:-:;
V At.rfn,! nr.TTi- T. Tl j-iCWCod L.lllj XIV '$
4J J , :
f v
i '
L . '-.'iii