Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, July 06, 1865, Image 3

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    Nebraska ttuci1iscr
The stock of Cotton yet remaining in
the South of the last crop, is estimated at
one million and a quarter tales.
Paris papers urge upon this country
Humanity towards ti.oe traitors who have
ben caught. It does seems as though
Europe denred us to set them an exam
ple in the way of humanity, as they can
'refer to no precedent of the kind in .heir
history, and we doubt if they would fol
low uvtvn K.cont should we make it.
The English Government has just ren
dered an apology to this Government for
men t ifi kA A n -
al Honolulu "ty auTEngliih Captain, last
". The planters in Virginia recently held
meetings and organized a combination to
keep at a very lov rate the wages of ne
gres. Gen. Hiirtsv fT has issued an order
lorbidding all such combinations.
Breckenridge and his f igitive com
panions are reported still in Havana.
Tiie Missouri Free State Constitution
is adopted by 1 862. This is the cllkial
report, and Gov. Fletcher has announced
by pioclamaticn that such is the fact, and
that said Constitution will b3 in force
from and after the 4;h day of July.
Dr. Gwin's project for colonizing the
Mexican States of Soi'ora. Chihuahua,
urango and Tamaulrp3,-vith rebels is
likely to prove a success. He is to have
" 8,000 Mexican troops and 10.0CO rebel
troops are to ne putunaer pay to pro
tect the settlemant. The emigration is
to be entirely made up frcm our rebel
States. Here's hope for the disfranchise
ed rebels of Missouri, and it is ti be
. hoped they will make a pilgrimage.
The issue cf five cent notes has been
The State Department has notified all
the States that the Russian Plague is
Tapidly extending westward.
The negroes at Vicksburg are prote&t-
.in' against the appointment of Judge
Sharkey as Governor of Mississippi, and
demanding the right of suffrage.
Mississippi is still plagu?d by guerril
las. -
The citizens &f Richmond .bave-U?en
protesting egafnt thi 20,000 claui-j in
Kp last Amntltr 'Prrwla rrm t Jiv S irh
. it is said works a wrong to those "worth
that amount who had taken the oath pre
vious to the date of thrt nrr.clnmntirm.
j. ,
Mosby, the guerrilla, having been
pardoned, has opened a law ofwce in
Culpeppej, Va. Treason is being made
odieusr-r ecprv rlnv '
. J j
Large vessels now pass through the
Dutch Gap Cannal. No " doubt this
work cf "Beast Butler" will be, tc Vir
ginians, their most cherished memento
of the licking they got. v
An immense number of mules and
horses will be tclJ by Government with
in the next two months.
The French in Mexico are making but
poor headway conquering thi country.
Many Mexicans are deserting the Im
perialists and joining the Liberalists.
Some outrages have been lately perpe
trated on American citizens on the Mex
ican border, but this ceased sine the
appearance of our army in Texas, which
is large and being increased daily. Sher
idan is now on a tour of inspectisn in
' It is reported that evidence has been
obtained proving Maximillian was cogni
zant of and sanctioned the running off
of rebel -cotton into Mexico. If this is
a fact cur Government will probably de
mand restitution.
10,000 men of Kiily Smith's Rrmy
had been paroled by the 21st of June,
and sixteen or eighteen general officers
including Buckner and Sterling Price.-
Ajax, send him a copy of your last paper,
it will console and help to wipe away h's
old comnlaint. . -
... TTirViv Smitli Ct,)t I r " . 1
....j oueiuy anu luagruaer
, have gone to Mexico.
. President Johnson's health has been
poor lately but is now getting better,
.i The Commission on the Consipintcy
Trial have rendered a verdict, whirh i
, .
-flow ia iJhe hands of the President for
. xaminaiion and approval or disapproval,
j It will not he made nnblic until he dp.
; jcide upon it. -
-Millers mast be great rascals, if we
are to believe all the complaints against
them we hear. We have just heard that
at one mill cut west they take, for tell,
two-thirds, and we frequently hear cf
one-half being taken for toll in different
mills. Some of these reports Hre doubt-1
"ipsa exafferated. nut thprp mn;t ,o
and doubtless is considerable truth
: u . v - k i .
' V lUKkua aj.' i Liiui & io ill uui i CI
ritorial Laws a lemedy for this, and, if
to, why co not our farmers apply it ?
We are, nn a general thing, opposed to
lar regulating the price blcr, bu! a
reasonable limitation should be placed
where it can be legally done around mo
nopolies; and, if such a limitation does
exist in the case of grist mills, no one is
to blame but the man who suffers if he
does not apply the remedy.
Millers who rrcctice this "irojze t
game" will be injured by it more, in the
long run, than benefited. Already has
the idea been discussed among fanners
of building a mill of their own. The
same thing has been successfully tried
in the Statts. We believe that 610,000
would build and furnish a good water-
power aiill, 1G0 farmers by putting in
c-M-n .-i:U Kfftfi kiirli 'a mil! :i
ijlVIU trjl.l iisu.u iv v . ......
might be done for less, we are not suffi
ciently posted to say exactly but at
these figures it cjuld not help but be a
Cood investment, as there is no fanner
but wculJ save' double the iaterc3. on his
money (810) every ye:ir, and his prin
cipal "to safely, invested. What stand
in the vny of success in this project?
nothing but a lack of co-operation and
confidence among those most interested,
and every exhorbitant toll will increase
the chances of success in the matter of
a farmer's mill. The project would be
much easier of-execution jf-.therp. wptp
a Farmer's Club in operation in each
Precinct. We cannot for the life of us
see why such a large interest as that cf
the farmers in this county is neglected
by those so vitally interested. A3 it is
their influence and strength is that of a
mob compared to a well disciplined army.
Organize your Clubs !!!!!!!!!!! J !
The following we find in the Nebraska
City News, of July 1st :
'The disfranchised citizens cf Missouri
will unquestionably seek new. hordes. -
The overriding cf honor and equity, and
the entire lack of charity exhibited by
the abolition rulers of the State, having
deprived them of all priviLes cf citi
zenship, they will take up their beds and
go to some more hospitable region. We
invite them to JWbraska. Our prairies
are wide enough, our vallies rich enough
to afford them all homes, and our popu
lation all tolerant enough not to further
deprive them of their inalienable right
of having a voice in civil and political
Tbe wideness of our pranes and rich
ness of cur vallies are beyond doubt suf
ficient, but language fails to express our
contempt for the depraved political lick
spittle, toady and fool who will invite
this treason cursed, disorganizing and
damnable element' to spttle in cur midst.
This is now the only hope of the Copper
head Democracy, and only shows their
extremity and baseness. This they have
been working for for the last six months.
These disfranchised rebels, who may
come in previous tooor fall election, cannot-vote
then anyhow, but the copper
headi bops next w-intr to defeat any
Jegislation which would disfranchise
them, and thus at the next election their
votes will be legal. Many of those who
are invited are disfranchised, by Con
grpss, nothing can legalize their suffrage.
If the News and the copperhead party
desire to make Nebraska a traitors asy.
lum, why does it not call for all rebels
to come ? It dees not call for all, be
cause those disfranchised by Congress
can never vote, while those disfranchised
by States may if there is no especial en
actment the contrary. It is not
emigrants they want but Dmo-conper-head
The class c! citizens who will accept
this invitation is shown by the following
incident, which we find in the Central
Christian Advocate, but make a few cor
rections": "At the time and place where the la
mented B. Holland was killed, and the
Rev. Mr. Sellars was tarred and featherd,
in Andrew County, Mo., by a pro-slave-'
ry mob, a Bro. Kennedy went to worship
God. One of the mcb met him as he
came out of the room where the corpse
of Mr. Holland was lyinr, and said to
him :
"I give you just five minu'.es to leave"
Judge Kennedy fur it was no other
than ha fled for his life and came to
this County, wh'ere he has been one of
our best citizens eversince eight years
next August,
Last Sf.ring, while JuJije Kennedy
was out tiUrniner his caule. he met a
stranger hunting horses, and asked him
from whence he came.
Stranger From Andrew county, Mo.
The Judge scanned the stranger close
ly and remarked "I think I know you."
S. 4I don't know you."
K. "I can make you know me. Don't
you remember the time that IJolland was
killed at Rochester ?"
S -Yes."
K "You were there ?"
S "Yes."
K. "And don't you remember giving
a man five minutes to leave in at the
peril of his life ?"
S "Yes."
K. "I am that man. Now, I will be
more merciful than yeu, you gave me
five minutes to lt"ave in, under peril of
my life ; you must leave this county in
five days."
The stranger demurred, aid he had j
been in the rebel army, but had become 1
tired cf the w ar, had taken the Amnesty j
oath and came to Nebraska to have peace.
The Judge told him that he did not con-!
sider his oath worth a straw, after he had
participated in the outrage and murder
at Rochester, and that he must leave the
county in five days. The stranger-
who is no other than the notorious Jidj ,
Edmondson, bushwhacker and guerri la
left for Nebraska City, where he will
doubtless fiud many kindred spirits, and
is probably now resting in peace in Ajax's
We desire Nebraska to settle up with
good men and true, their politics matters
not ne straw to us, and we believe mat
if the Territory is settled up with thes
disfranchised ro-twis loyal emigrants will
not come in. The argument is frequent-.
!y used that many of those now
were duped into the rebellion,
where ihis is the case they are to be
pitlitd; but" not to be admitted into full
feiljwship only to become dupes for de-sig-'iiag
pol.tcians and demagogues, this
uouiJ De streicuing cuari'.y uryvuu w
bounds of common sense.
The class above mentioned we know
are not desired to come among us by a
majority of our citizens. We ask of all
loyal emigrants to look vyell on our soil
arid climate before settling, and will do
all in our power as we know will also
the loyal population to facilitate their
location; but to the disfranchised of any
Sfata ma can calmly eay y'OU are nOt de-
sired, and if you wish to live in peace
the balance of your misrable conscience
stricken existance, you can. safely go
farther without danger of faring worse
than you would in Nemaha county.
Correspondence of tie Leavencrth Titns.
Julesbdkc, C. T., Jun3 16, 1S65.
ro or three days ago, a company of
cavalry, escorting a party of pretended
friendly Indians down from Laramie. and
on arriving at Scott's Bluffs, the Indians
(net having been disarmed or dismoun
ted) fell on the escort, and murdering a
part of it, -escaped across the North
Platte.- Lieutenant Coional Walker,
with six companies I6ih, and a detain
ment of company II, 15th, with a how
itzer battery, was sent in pursuit from
this point nearly one hundred miles
from where the Indians crossed, and two
or three days behind them. Four com
panies of the lGth are still here, two of
them, how ever, ; will start with subsis
tence for Colonel Walter's command, in
a day or two. if trains arrive from Den
ver or below. One company will re
main on duty at this place. Health is
trood in the regiment. exoept some cases
of scurvy. Everything is quiet no
pews much, travel over this route
grass good, with warm weather and fre
quent showers. Colonel W. is ordered
to proceed at least one hundred miles
notrh of Scott's Bluffs, and remain there
until further orders. .
Yours in haste C- Rr
The Union men of Ohio hM their
State Convention in Columbus on the
21si ins?. Gen J. D. Cox was nomina
ted for Governor by aclamation; A. G.
McBurry, of Warren, for Lieutenant
Governor; Hon. S. S. Warner, of Lori
a n rf. r Tr e a u rrrr-J f ?,ri cp rhoff f c r
Aorney Generat ;-Jost'j.t .Moore for
Member of the Bard. of Public Works;
Lieutenant Rodney, .for . Cleric of the
Superior Court.. .
The Convention passed resolutions
giving God thanks for the overthrow of
the rebellion; lamenting1 the cruel destih
of. Present Lincoln ; indorsing the pol
icy cf Andrew Johns.ui's Administra
tion; that four years of sanguinftry war
has dmonstra'td" that tlavery and its
invti'utiori are irrevocably npp.).?ed to
freedom and free institutio i-? ; that, while
we are anxious for an early reconduc
tion of frau rnal relations with ih insur
gent Slates, we demand that it fchall be
up'n such term as wi!lriv assurance
of peace and security to the loy;il people
and prosperity to the Federal Union..
The Democrat of. Yern;ont have nom
inated C. JX. Davenport for Govpnor.and
adopted resolutions '-declaring their con
fidence in the wise and consistent meas
ures of reconstruction adopted by Presi
dent Johnson."
Proposals willb? received at tbe County Clerk 'u
off'o iu IJrownville until 2 o'ol ck P. M. Jnly 17th
18S5, for furnishing upon tbe ground Brick, ?tone,
Litne, Hand, Water, Lumber, Sbingles and all oth
er necessary material for the Con.-truction of a
building for Coun'y purposes, according to plans
aud" fpec.ficatisns to bo filed ia the County Clerk's
Propt'?al3 tviJl al?o bo received at tbe same time
for Sloue work, Jlagoniey ard Carpenters work nnd
snob orbcr work as Eeoegsry iu tba Construction
tf taid building.
By order of Ibe Comrnlbiners,
V'. lI.UOOVEa.ClTi.
Pntfd July 5!h lSfi5. 42-2t 5,ja
All persons having claims against th9 Estate of
James Gsnrin, ileccrtsel nro hereby rtitififd that
tbey sre required bvan order cf tbe l'jobaie Court
ttf '-in;bft County, Nebraska Territory, to Gle their
claiius in said Court on or before tho 12th day of
Dc-cembef ,A. D,18fi5 at teno'clock A. M., when
and where sai,d claim? wi;l be examined, and ad
justed. If such claims are not en filed on or be
fore the 12th day of December 1J5, they will be
fotever barred.
EPnUAIM REED, Administrator.
June l'tn ISoa 4t p3.
Notice is hereby given that pur-u&ni to an or
der of Sale, to oie directed, issued by the Register
ia Cbanoery uf the District Court of Xemaha Coun -ty
Nebraska Territory in tbe case wherein Theo--dore
V. Bedford is plaintiff and Thomas Williams
is defendant. I will oi
Alonday the 7th day,of August a d. .1665
at one o 'clock p. m. offer for Sale at public auction
t the front door of Deni Hall intheCityf.f
Hrownvillo, the place where tbe last term of faid
Court for said County was held, the following de
scribed Real Estate to-wit: tbe undivided ha'f of
the North West quarter of Section 12 in Township
Wx (6) north of Kange 13 east, in said Nemaks
lUted. Jaly 5th 1855.
Jlaoter in Chn"r.
42 4t $9,00
. Notice is ter by given to all persots concerned,
that the list, ysluatione and enumerating rn'ide
and Uken onlr the Excise Law of the Uni'ttJ
States, within the Counties of Ricbercieon, Kmia
ba and Pawnee, f Territory of Nebraska have
been returned to me and will be ojen for examina
tion in my OEee in the Town of Falls Citv , a&d
County of Richardson, for the space j fifteen dari
from the date of this Notice, and that appeals rel
ative to any erroneous or excessive valuation, will
be received by me on the 10th day of July 1555
Acting A3.esfor Nebraska Territory.
Datd this 1st day of Jnly 1863.
v.; U Kflrl, vvtn that pursuant to n or-
dur ot Mi.), U van iire.;t-;d, issued by the Register
in Chaucey of the Dinrijt Court of Nemaha Coun
ty Nebraska Territory . in the Cae wh-mn Abner
Darion and D.tvid S. f rue, doinj basinea
Ti.-si.D A true , re plaintiffs and Horatio tJ. Vv or
ra:l, Francis Preuat and John W. aredo
fenuAii', I will on
Monday ihe 7th day of August 1SG5 at
one o 'cl.ek p.m. offer tor Sale at.ub-ic auction,
At tiie trott door of Den Hall, iu the City of
Brownville, the place when- the laat Unnof aid
Court lor said Ceuuty wa held, the following de
scribed Ikal Estate, to-wit : the nort east quarter,
ol tion Six (63 in Township 6 north ot rane
13 rust ,ia Said Netniha County.
Dated July 6th idud. .,t..
C. G. DOT13KY.
ilaiterin Chantry.
- MAsrEiiirsTor
JTotiee Is Lcul given that-, pnrsuart to r.n or
dvr cf Sale to run directed, i-sucd by the Iteisier
in Chanrory cf the Distf k-t Court tt Sew iha Coun
!y, .'tbri-L;a Trriiory, ia fvor .of Annsfina Ai
i..:v.nn.i iiTir-ar rii:rle Mnnl. 1 vill nflcr tor
Safe, st i.ublw auction, at the front door of Den's
UjUin tLe Vry ot Kr'.wcvKitf, in suu nuau-,
Conty,on Moalay, the 7th day of August IS55, at
one oVlock p, :n., the fi.lloin Real Eitate, to-wit:
the V til half of the Sooth West quarter cf Sec
ta.uJSiD TonHhip5. North of Kango 13 East la
end C' unty ot rumn.
tiivtu under my Land this 1st dnyof Joly 18n5.
Master ia Chauoery.
42 4t pd 9,00. ' ' "' ' . . "
eating immw.
aiAirr-iiirr. rixtsT ais-i i5Ecoxrr sts.
X33nLOX77"3J"rZ31ZLgT 7ST. 17.
Oysters, C.ikes. Ties, Cookies r. t-i Brcr.5, etc.
tc, 'f all (!o.-crt5:'iin cnitact iy -:uf..
GO-)i JiBALd e.ved in tLe tcstbi; ;e an4. cr.-hort
notice. ii-l-ly
Alo a iargeasiiortmento
Tabucco, Ctar.j, NutU Candies,
Cqmicl Fruit, Oysfcrs, Sorp,
Crackers, Iaisns, Cur
rants, and a supply of
"bsnjTro GEE'S
I- ...
Institutions, of the kind, in the West !
An . Extensive
O 3??- 353. Xj Ij
Is connected with the Stable.
By the
Day, ,'Weefe,: or ISontli.
May, 11 th, '05. 34 ly
Jleelin of Sc?rol Examiners.
No'ice ia hereby . art rn that the B uird of School
Es:'minera of X'ii-i ('..iiiitT, jXebravkit, will hold
n;pe;i,"R for thu E.X 'Ui'.i'attcn of Teaehers for
sM i ( iut:ty, at the fn -e of P. Vv'. 1 hom;is,
in Itr iwnviiie, n ths Ul fjntyrday in overy mntii.
etwrr n Hie b urs of -'tie tiu l 3 I'. -M, Aj'i'licunf
tr ceriiC' iites itr j'"Mired to be present at ont
iiVWk. ve"'i'-ly, cr 'f y wi" U"' i examined.
No person n d i; f ly t-1 ny Mhor time.
Y j tr cf th-i 'i.;rd,
E. W. TliOilAS, Clerk.
April I ft. 18fi5. 20-yIy
i 1:2:57, ?'C-12a;ia corTY, :xr.u.
IIAS just received a large ai.r s." .:r:d Sto-.-k
And everything eoinmorly kept In a
Tirst C lass Drugr Store,
Cn?tomers wiil find his stock complete, whicb he
offers for CASH at the very lowest market prices.
Physicians Prescriptions Cutnpouodei wjth the
utmotcareat all hours.
Slisron 30th, 1855. v0-n23-6m
Magnetic & Clairvoyant,
Washington Ave. bet. and 5th Sts.
(POSjwFFICE BOX 3083 )
Tre r'trrwnrarr;:ft of Clai-ivoyant Sight pos
ser..e.l ! tbis w: : 'erfu! person, to such an astonish
lnmlegrve, cotiviiiues tbe most skeptical of tbe Un
limited Power be bus in case regarding L1K1'' A
TII'jAIjTH- By the asistance or some scperior
Poer he is enaOiel to perceive the Cause and Condi
tion, and is endowed with thecapacily to heal
This act tbe Doctor has demonstrated In thousands
or capes from all part of the world, d axing tbe last
twelve yenrs. Tbe 11! lowing diseases in taeir most
ordinate form yield under bis JiacjcTonca, to-wit:
one to six weeisj PARALYSIS and all di-eanesof
tbe Nervous System including EPIIjEPSI' or
I'lTS in from one to three days. Disaees tf tbe
LIVEli. HEART nd KIDNEYS In from one
to ten days. All Diaea&es ot tha blood, such as
Scrofula, Erysipelas, Feyer Sores, accord
ing to tbe severity of tbe disease.
Treated by a New Method, with speedy and tbe
most hajipy results.
The Doctor's Rooms are crowded dally ry persons
pronounced incurable by the whole Medical Faculty,
and no one should despsir cf relief uutil after bein
examined by tbe Doctor's .Clairyoyaot Eye, without
a.-kiii? qneatl ns.' be ie;is the iJause, Iocati.:a and
Condition o aiy and ail Diseases, avd whether hec?n
pramise re'ief. Persons on the -verge of tbe grave,
and suth as have nut walked for years, are now livinn
to testify to tbe L'otorr Wonderful Still and Success. '
The doctor ae vert ises noibing but wtiat he bss tli
ai iucyo perform, and will give the most Coin;)!pie
iiisaction to all who come under his treatment. In
valids who cannot rcnstilt tbe Doctor in person, can be
examined and proscribed for by seuJius by letter a
Mnjpie stxten.rrii of tbeir caes. Jletsrences toCureh
performed, ciiuiluliy made.
ASTHMA, heretofore considered an incurable
ViiPae. is treael with terrect success In every in
lauce by the fi-ctor'n ly discovered method.
All Cases of CANCER or no matter how long
standing, removed In frsni twelve to twem.y-four hours
wi:.ho!it instrnnint or pain, by a process revealed to
Joe Doctor whlie in the Clairvoyant state, which is
known to no otter person living. u23-ly
DUIEU Apples. Dried Peaches, sago, Rice, starch,
soap, c'and.'es, etc.. etc.,
At Mclaughlin &.Swan's.
1 1 mm
Great Distribution
IloseToocl Pianos, rielotlcons,
Fins On. Paintisgs, Enosavisijs.
Silver War. Fine Gold aud Silver Watches, aad
cossistino or
Diamond Pins, Diamond Kings. GolJ Braftlets, Cral,
Florentine. Musalc Jet, Lava and Cameo La
die' hets. GjM Pens with Gt 1(' and SiJver
JJSxteution H.iWiefS, iileeve Buttou,
Sets of fcitii!?", veat aud Xeclt
tbiiini, Piaia aud Chased
Guid Rintrs, &.O., iXC;
tmqtpi Pi-Tiiiv i Tiide in ihe followinc manner:
CERTiriCATlS nanunir each artiole and i'.s VALHfi
a-e piaeed i.i SKALKD KN VKLOP.5, whicU are well
niixed. One f these Euvaloye, containing tne Cer
tifli.ateor Ordtr Tor some Article, will be delivered
at. our cKi-e. or sent by mail to any address, wUlwut
regard uih.d.,e, oa receipt ot 25 CeuU.
On rei-eivinsf ibe Certittcite tUo purchaser will tee
whit Article it rfrair, anuiis value, andciii tlieaseud
One Doilarand rereive the Article uame-l. or can
cwKeoy oUt.-out Article ouo-r l.itof tbe baoie
vVPurch8sera of our SEALUD FNVKLOPES, my,
in itl n.nuer. . hfain an Article Worth jrom One to
Five Hundred Dollatt,
which they need not pay until It is known what is
drawn, aud its value.
' Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed in al! Cases,
would call attentions tbe fact of iti beins ihe Orirl
nal and Largest Gift Association in th Ctmr.ry Toe
business continues to be coimucted in a fair ana uju
orable wanuer, and a larse and greatly lucrewin
tra le is proof that our patrons appreciate this metuod
of obtaiuin? ricii and eiegant goo-is
t-. i, r vur .his As.sociationha3seut a Tery
Iiunun " j
larpe number or vaIoo!e prizss to ail parts of toe
i .vnn'.-y. TboSe wtio patrouize us wiil receive ihe full
I" -.. .... ...i. li.t ij urtrth
v 1 1 ne "l their ui iiiey, s uo urium uu u, i.o. .
tiian One Dollar, retail, aud tbe.e are SO
BLANKS. - . ' . .
Part.esdealinR with ns maydeper.d on bavin? prn-npt
returns, and iho article will be imuiediately
1. eiit to any pfdres by return ru.iil or express.
TLe follo-viug pa. ties bave receatiy drawn valvule
prizes from th KoreSa Am ciatian, and bave feiudly
allowed tbe ue of iheir ua:ues
Andrew Wilson, Curtom Uouse, Philadelphia, Penn.
Oil Painting, vaiue. ftloO : James Hargraves. S-'J
Broadway, lioiv k'orit, Oil PaiiHiiii, value, tluOjE.
F. Jones, Barret, Mirth ill Co.. Kansas, Meloleon.
value $200 Patrick J. kvmes W'aierbury, Ct., Gld
Watch, value 125,00. J. F. Snaw. EaotSJlh 31.
New York, Piaur,; value, 3J,Ou; Alr. Chas. J. Nevis,
ftiiuira. N. V.,Piaup, value, 3)0,0.) Miss Lucy Jane
way, Elmira, U Tt., Cluster linioud Biuij. value.
ui),00 lrs. K.. Pemioyerj. Ci:y ll iiel, Nashville,
Te'iu.. AleUdeoii, vuiut, K6 Oscar M Alien, Co. B.
ll-MRep. Inl. Vols. Nashville, lenn,, Watch, vaiue,
Po,CO, Kowland S. Patterson, Co. IJ. iota iotva Vet,
Voiuuteeis, Oil Paintins. value, 100 ; Mrs. Abbey J.
Parsons. Springfield Mass., Melodeou, value, 150
James L. Dexter, City Survoyor .Syracuse, N. Y..
Gold Watch value, 10O 00 ; Mrs. James Fly, 1S7 Woos
ter Stree'. cor. Bienher, N. Y. .Oii, Paintiu, value,
loo; Mrs J. C. Coles, Grand Rapi Is. MtcniKau, Si'ver
Castor, value 40. 0U : Dr J H- Sinclair, o. 4 Maiu
Street TJiica N. Y., Framed EiKraViug, value, 2o oO
Uou. Lu'her Uetmold, WashinKion, U. C., Oil Paint
ing, value, 100 00.
Were we.pei mined, we might add many names o
the above list but many pet so-js object to our to do
ing, we therefore publish no nanies without peruiis
bion. Letters from various parties throughout the country
aciuowledping the receipt of very valuable gifts, way
be seen ou fiie at our oirlce.
To he Sold for Ono Doliir Each
Without regard to v.due, n.d not trp be paijfor un
til you know wiaf you will receive.
lOEtegaul Rjsew'u Pia ios, wrth
fr0m . - $250 00 t, R00. 00
10 j:eldeons. Pnsewood Cases 1-5 00 to 225 00
fir. Fine Oil Paint in? - 3 W tj loo.OO
2C0 Fine S:ei Kngrarinss, Framed 12 0oio25 00
100 Music B ses - - 12 00 to 15.
I'W Silver Kevolvin Patent Castors 15.00 to 4...0J
100 bilver Fruit and Cate Baskeia 15 00 to 35.00
6,0 SeJ-' Silver Tea & Table Spoons 16.00 to 3o.oo
100 GoiVil jutma Ca-e Watcaes 75.oo to loo.oo
150 Diamond Ku - - fio.oo to Sjo.v-o
250 Ladies' G'ld Wa'cbos 60.ootoS5.oo
460 Silver Watches - 25 00 to 60 00
2, on vest and N'- C mns 6.00 to 25.oo
j'wHl Pairs Bar Kuits, (new ty1e) l.ojto," 6.00
3.0,0 Gold PenciU had Tooth Pick 3.o to 8.00
3,000 Oi-JS.and Auutayst iirooche3 4, CO to 10-'jo
3,1)09, Lava pud Florentine Eiax:!ies 4.w to 6 00
1 000 Masonic PiV.s ' -' 4 CO to 6 5o
2 000 Fii.e Go d Watch lejij - 3 6 to 6,o
5,(!tni Chlldien's Arnnets - , !i 6a to 8.00
2 600 Sets of Bi'nttids .. - 1 6-t to 6 00
2,6C0 Enawlfd ?--.-htjL.r. , wf; 2 fca t.L.oo,
iO.too Plain G.ndr.,"rtiia.-e i"lt.iU:s ( u.p 10 fi.o-h
ft, 000 Stone Set i:d Se-ii Kiiij-s 2 5.) to l. 00
5.,o.o I - ets, al I - 2 ic 7..o
lo,ooo seis ol Ladies' Jewelry - 8. 0 10 2o 00
4,000 Watch Charms (each) - 3. 00 to 6.5j
6.000 Gold Prns, Mlver tx. Cases 4 00 t' 6.00
6.1 00 Gent's Bi ea: ai;d Starj Pins 3 00 to ? 00
4.000 Ladie's New S'y te Belt Bnck'es 4. 00 to 6 fi
2 000 Chataiaiue anj Guard Chains 8. 00 to 2 -o
l,ooo Gold Thimbles - 5. 00 to 7 6
2,too ets Ladies' Jet and Gold lo.xo to 2 no
lo.o-o G"ld Cresses I.Soto 6,'x
6,000 Oval Band Drace'ets - 6.00 to2 00
4.000 Bracelets - 8 00 to lt 00
t 000 Ball Kami ops. all colors & 00 to &00
5.uoo Fine Gold Pens 2. 00 to 3 60J
2 000 New Style Jot li Gild Erdropa 3 00 to 7.oa
2,ooo Gidd J'ens with Gold ilotiuted
Jtbouy Uuiutrs - r 3 00 ta 00
tSZTA chance to obtain any f
the above 4i Jt;Ie tor One 33,l
lar by int cliaslzzs a.'jeaitil Envel
ope lor n; els.
23Five .ejied Kuveiops wiil be sent fir $1 00;
Eluveu lor 2 00; Thirty lur 5.00 ; bixiy-flve for lo.oo
Oue llun-'red for $i5.oo. .
Agents Planted Evcrywlierc.
Our are desired to sond United States
money when it is convenient. Lomr lettors art:
unnecessary. Letters sin u!d be add reused to our
tiox 570(5. Post ()ffi-e .for rrf-ater safety.
Orders for M2ALED ENVELOPES Kust in ev
ery care be acitrii anied by tbe I'ssn, .iih tbe
person sending . and Town, County and state daiu
ly written. Letters should be addressed to the
?-I;mrg(;rs as loilo v :
Ujx 6703 Fudi Uirice, New York.
From the Subscribers on the morning of tbe 5th
inst, Oije bright bay horse 7 years old, dark heavy
Tail short thick ilane which parts in the middle,
broad square built, about fourteen and a halt bands
high, in trotting favors one of his hind feet, also
on i dark roan tnare tibout same night, light sum
body, Ions; lea;?, bevy mane, lirit tail, supposoi to
ba 10 years old. When they left tbe Mare had a
lariat rope trailing which nal two knot3 in it.
Twenty-five Uollnrs reward will be p;iid to any
one taking ups;fi.l animals or for informa tion which
will levi to tiiirjeoyery by jlie subipribers. ad
drcfa. " ' 4
Weeping Vater P. 0.
Nebraska Terrritiry.
Mammoth Stock.
J. Just received at
rTri7i -n A.Poy in gi
yV. W. Cor. Main and First Streets.
Latest Style Ladies Dress and Fancy
Press Goods, Summer Shawls,
Dry Goods, Groceries,
iats, Caps,
Boots, '
Shoes. Iron,
Kails, Flour, Bacon,
Queensware, Hardware, Furn
iture, Sash, Dogr, Window Glass, .c.
Which he will stll
Oil ad examine bis siock before pur ebashiDg e!se
where. -l-2-l
Having opened up pennancfitly on
TlIzxIx. txroot,
One door above the Ualtimore Clothing Prore, U
prepared tn do all kind of work in his line in the
very best and stjle. J arheniij attentione given to
Contraetg. T9-r.l ( fim p'd i
The Great Invention e A29
! -75 r-.s -1
I- 1 ' - ' - '-' 5
J. "W. Bbaplit'8 New Patent Dlplkx Eburru
(or double) iFitiso ixirT. r r (- T n
Wkst3 EEWtsr & Cory. Hate J. I. & J.O.
West,) Sole Proriet.,r! ami Mat.un.cturer-. 9.
Chamber nd 79 and S! Rwdo Streets. New iork.
This Ixvkntios consists cf 1? 2.r. tn)
Elliptic SfclSprin;sin??ni.oslv hraidc.l 1 ir.t.jr
and Firmly tc-etber, iiige to ed. tee Elastic ud Durable fcrnng
eve? used. Th,y se! loin -BerM or Brak h he
StOiJe Spring-!, an.l onsequeny . ltviv tbe.r
rcrfect and Dcautiful Saae Tiee a3 L n as any
ctber kirt.
Tue Wokosbftl FLKXtBtLlTr and l-rt Ljis-
1 . 1 - I.j I trismus 'be Uorlel
Elliptic Skirt m be experiencei partv-ttUrly in
all Crowded Aasotnblie?, Opnr s. Ca-rmre h,il
rEdCars. Cburcb Tews, lor Krotaf naJo 1.4 Uoase
Dre??t tbe Skirt cib be Wd-jJ.whtn in u. to
ocony a small j-'ace as caUy a3 a SiU or i.ui.n
A Lady havin-enjoyed the plensnr comfort and
rreat convenier.-e of-wearing tbe"Dup,jx Ei.iptu
tMeel Sprin; Skir;" lor u fic-!e diy, will never
afterwards willingly din.3 with tbotr ue. For
Children Uiss:s, a..i Vonn- Ladits, tbey are bu.
Tii-riur to all others.
For Sale in all Firit-Clasc Stores in tbrongbout
tba United rfutes
inquire for the Double E.Iiptic Skirt.
9 33-10-8;
Patented February 12, 1S81.
This "well Vnown and valuable Tmpleroent for Corn
raising, tbat all swU and practical Farmers will have;
teat ba met with iuh rema'(t;-b e mle and favor, ia
beini manufactured by the nudersigned at
Eockport Landing Atclilsun Co
and are now prepared to fill all orders they miy re
ceive or the comir? season. We bave maje ome
valuable improvements last season. We have
reduced tte bu! or size of the machine, and make it
in better proportion, and retain all the valuable points.
Wc Claim Hie Folli wing Import ant Points :
1st. The Plowman can ride and plow without labor.
21. Any person who can ('rive ateim cau manage it.
3d. Cr.M ked rows of Corn are plowed as easily and
thoroiipblv as wtraight ones, ibe plowman sitting m a
to observe the corn aud see if the worS i well done.
4tb. It has the nio-t periect and natural foot no
tion of auy plow mad, aud does not cramp or tire tbe
o h. The Plows while in motion are moved with
perfect ea?e.
6th. The Pliws are a.ljnstab'e to ary depth any de
sired space tetween the plows is readily obtained.
6th. Adjustible shields to prevent young corn from
bein? covered
8th It is admirably adapted to plowing in small
9ih. Every CiUivvor Uwfl1 md and good ma
terial, a'"' w.t rented io i. n.r..l wv. &
f:5-i'U:deu bUdretd to 1 1 ab ve at
North Star 2lo., or iiiuwtiviilf Neb. Ter.
Ijiii 4-5.
totH f 2 J2 tr
a a
Have just received and wi'l sell
the following No. i articles in their Iin.
Go.uistir.y of Ladies' Tret s Gr.-.rl.-. D. rnestio?,
Wooku Ooodi, II its atd taps, Coot asid ba.ej, Jtc.
T& .Ti T.
Choice Coffee, Suif ir. Tea. Mo!a?.e ?, ?rup,Fih,
Dried Fruit, and eyerjtbiD thit makes up a com
plete Grocery outt.
!iAr.CVARE AND CUTLERY. Pocket and Talle Cutlery, Kails, Farm and
t!:?rden Iinr!?5ijnit, &e.,Ao.
Queensware, Glassware,
Wooden Ware Stone Ware, &.c, Sec, &c.
A lor of X-w Intent
Which does it work clean and at the rate of
150 bushels a da, and is the durable Sheller ever
made, being all iron , the wear tear and repairs can
amount to very little.
May ISth, 1S65. 3j 9-3m
Fro:n Willifm' Advertiiing A'jtncy,Q7 Chetnut St.
Hastings, Wil&erson & Co
Uo 85 Main Sireet,
Jrholesa!e Dearlers in'
Have at all times the most com
plete and desirable stock of LA
c;'cry variety of
to be found in any house in the
west Pkices Guarrantefd 'as low
as any ether house cm afford.
3"0rder3 c ireful v and 'proippt-
ly filed.
Hastings, Wilkerson & Ga
PLCJCEI.S Jv the loen or barrel, ( a irri t
itv, rrnfciantly fi hnnl
' ' Ai leLr;Hiy'.i k ?wi$,.
There are times in the livss c . ,
vidjals as well a3 cornn-Jr.;ti8,
which fcanr more cf uncertain,
perhaps sudden death, than tL
to at others, at least, to the IikJ!
cernment of weak huiaacitv
WThether it be that portion of tva .
jnst entered upon, or that carry:0v
fit, ui anij j
that part ju3t about to lay thtm iJH
forever, each are exposed to pccuIUraM
oftentimes unlocked for d.trr' c ,
a time La', even now, cur.e upn tv
nation and this people. The "h-'t
one is' have always to run a ir.tan!i "?
ills beforo thev arrive at's eV.'4
but now that the country La need r i"'
fenders, ihoje who hud escaped iha"
of childhood are expoied to naw da"'"4
the terrors tf the tattle-Seid or"?4
insidious diseases of th? has'i-ii "!
camp. Lven to thess who pursa xv
peaceful pursuits of home, dat.ger c'rn'-8
in the shape of an explosion, a toil's
a run-away, cr some sudden disease, ilj
so, "even in the midst of life, we V T
death." 13
Kow.'the moral of all thi?, (irj
should be pondered well,) ia that cei K
fr the young, matured or aed, cot j
who have friends to love them aul rriuu.
for ihein when dead, should suffer i-
other day to pass carlessly by without $.'
curing (if it has net already been d.i
gQod, faithful hher.esses, iu some fcrjj,
other, eiiler by the portrait aiuier a
ths photographic.
There are ssome notv tcsijy prpparin
for a season, with its pleasures at tU
sea-side, cr some far clT fashiccaU
city, without a thought of daarer,when
perhaps, there is not in existence aiis.'.'
ovs cf seme beloved fact in the family cLr
cle to remind them of its brightnessl.
that face that on& movienVs sudi (
lamittj might hide away from ihir ;Li
forever! fc
How many are thus procrastinate
J r-.L- 11 .
" puinus wii una sdureu uu;y, ror scn.8
trifling excuse, that shall one day pro:
a source of the most poiguant Tenet.
Scaroe a day passes that some oae ia
deep affliciion does not come to tun -vul
"If I had one of your photographs cf my
wife as she was in life, I should prize it
above any earthly treasure," or "it
only had some kind of a picture of our
little one just gone to heaven, it wou!J
be an inexpressible source cf comfort ti
us," and so on, indefinitely.
Good Pictures cost &onuihirg.h'X wbea
tried iu the way that tests their trm ta'.
ve, money becomes as ashes ia compari
son. Ths subscriber would respectfully
annouuee to the Citizens of ibis pIa-
and vicinity, that he has made arracji
ments to remain with thenj for a short
season ; so that all will have a cha'cc
to procure one of his beautiful and ever
lasting pictures, which he h so sLiij'-l
in takitsr.
Having practiced the Art during ths
past ten jears, and being in constant
reception of all improvements, be U
coiifiJect of riving entire satiif'.-rija,
to ail who may favor him with a tr;il
His pictures for cleanness aud briliaii'j
ot tone are unsurpassed by tLuse uf a, .7
-AmsLin tli; country. - -
A word to Mothers: To tho:e Lo.
have ;nfani3, he would say that t!y
now have an opportunity of cb'aiiii;
pictures which .may be a comfort aoJ s
luce, should Death reniuve the Lt' or.-i
troni them, as he pays particular auc
tion to' making pictures of children.
Piciures guaranteed as good in c!ji.-y
weather as in fair.
To any person wishing to learn u
Art. ne oiiers instrucuoiis, av
price as tan be obtained elsewhere.
Practical Operator to th? A.'itncn
Ptropie. Now to be found at the G l
lery of W. M. C. Perkins. Rra',cv:.:e,
Nebraska Territory. 31 37.
0 r
A It D
Just received by
23row xixrlJlo, X-t.
Having laid in oar present stock i're
duced prices for Cash, we are eci
to defy competition in the way of
the articles in the market
Our Stock of
Dry G-oocift
Is the most complete ever offered ia1"
market, and has been selected witb
eye to economy, durabUIity and t-
mands of this community.
Our Supply of
Comprises a general assortment of e??rJ
thing and the best of every thin;
Call and examine befsre purci
elsewhere, if you wan. to get tae
fit of the best of g:ods a low r"s-
trouble to fhov oc-