Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, May 11, 1865, Image 4

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WZXJ.ker eoaiA&i!y est bend aa eitcrtmsnt ef
nstra-cpciSao to .Common
0 . AO":
, . r
Ik '
Aai eft ether articles usnally'kectla af.rst-lai
Merchant Vloaring or Saw Mill, t
Frowr-ville, llercb.JIst, !. nS0-8-ly.
er .
; ALimrps or
Jfala C treat, Opposite Ware's '
r -
X Jt &
k 4
Yfelrtr-FlTc Ttoasaai Kou InTse.
Every Instrument warranted for jtvtytan
. , r tj. : ; i ' v.
rr tertBUta jMra tbt inperioreicelltcce oor
fculrimtou b&4oUbea qaeiiei, ai for 4 wo
Jn fAJt tb eoAfmviifMaand.kf tud it impoi
fbr f to meet onrcrder- promptly. With our
litrMed fciluieio -fel wwraDtfdia -ucariiig
r tnBf tbt their ordt-r j miU be prompt! met, '
ab1 awlicit a rctiaui:a i.f theU patronage.
EI AVO CEOOLIo - ... i
lOlTO. At THlKCE COV BuffaJo. T. Y.
O tO. Ai PiilKCi: & CO., Chicago, 111.
A lSsstraU Catalftgue. with full descrlptisn of
es will free to any address.
VltXtL Street' bet. First "&ud Second St.
Xeerw coast kotly en band the best quality of '
' ; cnEwixo and sjjomo,
S E " G ;A E & : ,
Caniift, Plain and Fancy, '
Orans, Rattens Ltmoni, Dan,.,,
. Figs; -Vtifi, applet, tire, ere.
- t Mihviifoft Toys 1
' 1 1 Canned Fruit, and
k . .- vl Oy tiers.
miLL to aeeoni me dating, obliging, pairlotle and
wide awake to the interest of the public, and baa
te best assortment ef Varieties in his line ever
fared hi this market, and ie dwtexmined not to: be
undersold for CASII.
- -.
J. BEKHY &X0'&,
J. BERRY &' CO.:
Kara Just reeetved. ana are aow openings at
ke a Kai ei.iet,eaf ( sne jergeai svcsi nvae
ewrerered la this market. Remember te p'ice,
J. BEKM & C0S,
D1.HD App'.m, Dried Peschee, saie' sVice,, ' ttarck,
eesp, VaadUs,etc, etc., .
At MeTughlin. &Swan'a.
ClOSIS;' Uii7C3JS;
O MlSs T-S r e'P-i
S II U T Z ?
W,t 1 rerpettfnll Inform Hi eld customers that he
sVs aita opened his Jeweliy Xhop i hieeldetaod en
Sain street, south side, two doers east of the Brown
villa Koase. He keeps on hand apleodid assortment
wt everythiai iu bis tine ef business, which he will
ell ea the lewesoerms f er Cash-' 4
K eTrt Watches and Jewelry dune on the ahort
.et Vesiev. '
vork warranted:
teewavlile, JTth Ksy ttth, Ul. . X7.vS.Iy:'
Takes a p by the subscriber resdmg la Clen Eock
Tswibl-;a red suer.wlute eresa en her baJt,
14 vktMj, Tbeeeyvwre eld next spring,
JfHFI, wfww PAtav.
V I tai f. .1 fin 1 .J - : fa 1 Ulii I
T ... -A ' '.: ?
-J . J- . ., 1--
The aJtrntion rf the Public a ad the trtde it
Vorie. which for Tolum and purity of tone are
contain ail the modern ixoproveruentt, French, Grand
Ac, and each instrument bung made under tee pvrK-cal tuperrt-ion oi Dr. J. 11. Uroreflteen, whu has
had a practUal experience of over SO jeara in their manufacture. i foil warranted in erety particalaf -
The k,Grovcslecn Piano Torterecclrcc! tbeli!g;heef mvard of merit
over oil others at the Celebrated World's Fair!
rre were exhibited Instrument! from the best makers of London, Peril, Oercany, Philadelphia. Ball
iuore, Boston and New York ; and also at the Atuerloan Institute fOrt e saeoessiwe jean, the gold and
siJrer medals from both of which can be seen at our ware-room.
. Bj the introdoetion of improvementa we make a still snore perfect Piano rorte. and hy aatufac'dtlog
largely, with a ttriotlj iash system, are eaablei U offer these instruments a.t a price which will preuludc
a)! competition. i '. , . , ,
PUICEd No. 1, Sertn Octare, round eoraers. toeewood plane ease $273. ' '
No. 2. He en Octave, ruund eorners, Rosewood heary moulding $300. 1
-.' ,1 ?. J SerenOetaTe,nundeornerf,RoewoodIx.uiXIV"s:yle325,afaciuaileoftheaboTeel.
j - ,V Ts9Xatxx0i TJ&tt Oxaala., in O-tursros S'xxaacaisi.
. DESCRIPTIVE CIRCULARS SEXT FREE. , , . jute 3a-i:43-r3-ly . "
- The greatest improrement jet in the Sawlnn Ma
chine Art. A cutioaity worth seeing. : "
: - i . :
Please send for circulars with samples of Sewing,
. . : . - " - .... .
" Thee Imptorcd M.vh'toes mt aae hundred - per
cent, of threal and u&, and iu&e the Lock-Mitch
like . bs.'th .iJt'S. . v
They rT"r no irstnjc'jo to operate perfectly,
except the print-.d dirvt:- " . .
chatg-e to sc!g
frrna one
k'sd of goods to
kX a taking apart to eleaa or oil. f
Our!Cew Manufactory i t -w coaiiJete, with all
its machinery and tools entirely sew, and is already
rapidly turning out Machines, which for beauty and
periecuon of finifb are nor surpassed by any manu
facture ib the world. .
1 '
X. B. Should any Machine prore unsatisfactory,
it can be returned and money refunded.
- . - 1
Agents wanted la eeuntiea not- canvass ed by cur
riXKLE & 1LYOX, S. M. CO.
-. - ' f?
No. 48 t8 ly. j
It iOSh
v s w k m .. u
' Tsrasa -CUtrrs are Brenai-ML la tmr &ww
WhMr, from a combination ef evrr twenty dif "
treot kln is of reou, .barks acd. brrUc wUca i.
act In perftct concert one with the oliter, pre
eared from the original fortnuia riven bj the
great chief, Red Jacket,' to Pr. C'Upin, whe '
eacd Ibcas Mcoesafuity in his practice for many
tears, and by their use gained so great a popularity
1 the treatment and cure - ef l)yrpepaU, Liver
Complaint, Constipation, Sick and Nervous Ilead
ache, Fever and Ague, and all diseases arising from
'torpid liver or insheratlon. Persons suffering from -
either of these loathsome diseases win find a sure '
iure by the use of these Elttera, which are perleoOv -gure
and free from all those drags and poisons use
ally put up In such preparations and palmed off oat
a unsuspecting, public. A single Vial will con
vince the most skeptical that in the RED JACKET
tbere la virtue which ee ether Bitters yosssse.
Ttej rtm ties tad iarlfortte tko ryttea. T
Ttty ixe tuifrq tiled tst geaer&l debility. '
Tlty tr Atcro torofordyrpepsiA, .
Tfcey gite $ gcod tnd ttsiUj irpttitt. ' ,
Tlej usiMt ii&sHn.
They art tit lest gtjdttlaxi la trixUioc.
Zhtyus t prrrtntiTt of rarer &&iAfa&
Tlry rellBT cczstipatlou.
Tiey core Eerrou Ce&dAfle.'
TyKnvetlyxmnaxdptlaUlls), "
Aged persons aed deOeate females will find the
eaa save large doctor's blUe by the use of tbeee Fit
ters. . Beware of eeeeterfelu. The Red JackH Bit.
ten are eaty sold U bottles with ear nam bioww
ew the side, and ear private geveraaieat stamp
m wi. a
y j W-W W K S ,
Liiv- . . i ij f
, 'W,V-.v.f ii S lr... , , 1
, Fee Medicinal acxr Tahie bsm, wich are perfectly
ran, uv art ntuj M irietl to he appreciated.
Rone renulBeualeaa they bavaeus fid ieiel est -eece
betUe,- aa ev iaUasj pressed la wax ever "
ehecerk. , - -
Bold by an drerrtas aad dealers threuxbeut tike .
aeeutry. Call foe ear goeda and, take eoysther.
CtrsaJars to the trade supplied es applicaUosi ts
Ccaaett Pie lcm & Co.
feUby he. tl iUrer Sk CUcage.
i W. H. ITcGJUllttP.r, BTownvllle, -
BRCWN fcPJaOIjTV, Peru, .'T.
OADE Co.. . " " "
Brownviiu, Junes, 1664V 0 nett-ly- s
' In areordanee wi'h an order from the Probate
Coartef Gage County, - Nebraska Territory, datri
tbe 11th day of Jene, 1804, 1, John W. ftbem,
Administrator of the Estate of W.r W.'D.;r.isoa,
deceased, will on the 24th day of April. -tfij be
tween the hours of 9 o'clock, a. m., 'tii4'7 V.I.'fk.
f. m., offw at ublio sale at the oQce of -e V
ate Jdd?e in Bcatriee, Gage County, all of tie
late W. V. Dennisonts right, title ar4 interest in
the fallowing Real-Estate, vis: The southwest1
of the southeast and the south i the south
west Kl, of ecfiou;no:4,lwn no. I, north of ran ire
8, cast, and the northeast of the northwest ,
of section no. 11, tuwit lt ransr 8, east, and lots
one and two and west 4 of nertuwst IX of section
no. 10, town no. 1, range 8.
j fJOHX'TT. LATHAM. Administrator ' '
' - ' Estate of W. W. Denninen.
Beatrice, Gageeo.,Neb.,Mrah 9,lS65.-27-3-$T
fflfHL'5 lilT.
Address EroTrnTllIe cr Peru, Xeb.
I8-tf, Better, Jtrga, Eacoa, et.. ate..'
X -.4.1 UalAuskiin
4bm mm
3- - 1 .)
4.) 5&: '( I
inrited to oar New Seale 7 Uctare h(MBWod Finao
onri Tailed by any hitherto offered in thU market. They
action, Harp Pedal, Iron Frame, Orer-Strung Base,
. . V72JL H. UcCHrmY, .
Cah Wholesale aEOeiall Dealer
23 jEl.,"0"' CSr
' ; Paiuts, Qila'aai; Dye Stuff,: ,, ,
Pcre ilnos for Medical reposes .
,'. All kiuds Patent Mcdiciuts . .
Blank Books and Statiocezy, , ,
' -Tbtbest Brandt of Chewing and Smoking '
lulls GTmH olors.
PerfBrnery and Tollel 6ooJ
lie assures his patrons, and the public generally,
be will keep on band an extensive stuck of the a: ,
tides mentioned, besides anything and errvibir.
If I . A M . . .. . .
ububiij aept iu nrsi ctass urur nitre, wnjct ne
is prepared to tell at low rites for .Cash. , Call &
examine for yourself . , . , - i ; - :
South-east Corner Miin and FirstStreets
Brownvillc, Nebraska.
Prescrlpllons and Orders
Carefully filled at all h pun. . ; ; ;.-
Syr -'
o to o c3.
Agents wcBtf4.iaroulout the J. S. andCanada
Watches. Chains, Set s of Jewelry, Rings:
luns. Bracelets, Meevt Mutlcns., Silver .
Spoons and ForJcs, cps, Calit1''
Baskrts. fat AtQTtlC: Eight " J
hundred Thousand', D(Udrs
...); i . ' . . . . . i
The Entire 8Uk of -large Ilmporting House,
retiring' from business;""'
' For the purpose of eio&ing out tbe stock ad tbe
earliest possibie ht.j, ibe-itttdefsincd hare decided
n great diarjr:'. ntu n made as follows:
2a; h axideTery Article, no matter how v!u
...... - ituBbeiBg Sold for
A TERriFICATKor each artkie with iU valUie
p. i .tea upon it W piaced-in an anveloe and sealed
-!! .-... envelopes are tbosougbly mixed and sold foe
twe&ly-fu cents-each toe person receiving one
of these envelopes is entitled to the article named
therein by returning tbe Certificate to us with one
dollar, and the article, no matter how valuable it
may be, will be forwarded to him or her at once.
There aie no lllaak Certificates and therefore every
one is sure to get, at least, tbe full value of his cr
her monoy. Should the article named on the cer
tificate not suit, any other wbfch he ny select of
the tame value will be tubstituted. We sell the
certificates as follows: ' .
uae lor Zici, fire) for $1, eleven for C2, thirty
a, nxty-five for $10, one hundred f ,r $l&.
This distribution affords a fine opr; unity fa;'
Ageuis, as wuai taoy or gentleman, will not invest
I wenty-five eents with a prost ect
L J...i .t . .
of getting five I
ich.- All osdenl
pvuureu urs tyttunnit hum hj true
most Do aaaressfd tw us ; ur old s'.aad No. 15.
Maiden Lane, New Vork; 1 - -
..ILaiist OSk.X"tioio. 1
Al! f 'whitL are b-j sold fur (hi Dollar eaoh.
Littles iiu.a
t latntk Huruiu" case Silver
2lw Viarr..-T:il Hirs,
o 3oid Vett au-i Keci; 05::tius
3koo ' "
do '
KM) do ,
20 in'
c do
$ do-
10 dol
24 do
10 do
C do
i 8 do '
8 de
' do-'
lo do '
8 do .
10 do
8 do
7 do
8 do
20 do "
8 do
lt do
11 do
10 do .
10 da
J6 do
16 do .
' t .
lioo Ova! Fa3'1 Ura.o!eL, t
4cve Chaste CIld M: a- ilei . ,
2o.o Chatelaine and Guard Chains '
6ooe Solitaire and GoM Brooches . . I
2ooo Lava and Xorenuuc Broucbes
2oo. Coral. Opal aud Bmerald Brooches
Souu, Mi saic, Jet, Lava and Florentine
r.w itps
45oo Cval,lrl aodRmeratd Kar Drop
4iiou Glir-ei sHnnn4. Btast Pins 2 SO
Vxxj O ld F A aud Vt-st Watch. Keys 2 60
4io b a:Hi Vsrn Ribbon Slides S
4ouo SeUS.UtaireSeeve Bartons; Studs S
S (ruid ITuuibles, Peocils, ic, 4
enoo Minature Luckevs, - ' 2-.60
4mw Miniature Llckets Magic Spring 1
3 mo vldToothpics, Crosses, tut. $
5ooo Plain Gold leiiics - 4
5km Chased Void Kings "4
Souo Sione Set and Signet Rlnge 2-60
8.kx Callforuia Diamond Rings 2
1ft Sets Ladies Jewelry Jet A Gold $
fiooo Sets Aewelry Cameo, Pearl &e 4
Cooe Gjld reos, bilver Exiensioa .
' ' holder and Pencils 4
000 Cold Pens aud GoldMounted- '
10 dj
: .'iiwlders 8 M 8 do'
0000 Gold pens and Gold extension ' 8. " 10 do
holders ,
6ooe Silver Goblets and Drinking Cups & 60 do
Sooe rver Castors, 16- 44 50 do
2ooe Silver Pr.ait aad Cake Baskets 50 " 60 do
5ooe Dosea Stiver Te Spoons 10 " 20 p doe
Moo do do 'Taoiespeotia forks m u 4do
AJr.Ts. e want agents in every regiment,
and in every town and county in the country, and
more aetmg as ucn wiu do allowed 10 oents on
every Dartifieate ordered by tbcin, provided tbeir
remitiance amounts to one doiiar. . Agents will
collect 25 cents fof every Certificate, and remit 15
0 .-.-t,- to U. '
rf W-.te. j Isirly.say only what is necesary and
U i-.--n.i:t.' -'
24 3m No. 15, Maiden Lane, N. Y.
A Large assortment of Pocket knives. Butcher knivj
etc., etc., can bo seen .
CCLTIVATOHS, Scytnes, CradJes, Rakes, Hoes,
Shades. Shovels, eta.' a.c.
- , JV-t iicXiughlin & Swan's.
BROOMS, Blacking brushes,
WhUkbrcoms, Rlscklug, J
Paper, fcc,, Ac,
ecrebbine brnstes
Hatches, Ink, Writjn
. McLaughuii & Svas'$,
Taken lp by the undersigned, Jiving six miles
weft of Brow nvi Ire, Dec. 14th, one red and whits)
stosr, three years old last spring.
15-31- stW KEXSEDY.
.There win bt an Election held in the City of
Drownville, May 1st, 1865. for the purpose of vo.
ting for or against a special Tax of ten Mills on
the Dollar, for tbe Erection of a Schooil 'bouse in
tbe City of Browaville. . :
By order f the Board,
31-2t W. W. HACKNEY, Clk.
NEW Orleans, Clarified, Crushed and Powdered 8
gars, G jldsn Syrup Sugar House and for races
Molasses ,
- At Mel.anlil!n ft Bwtta's.
- ia:raoT2 crrrrst'Ka- eats
... -v t . .
are butlt ef tlte bst ard vmi tbereuglr seasoned mi
terUs, and will tUnd any ciinute. ' The tone is very
0efp reond, fall, and llowj ttc touca eiutlc.
jrh Piku warraated (or fite years. ; frlces trom
u$"09: - " 1
"Tkr Iterance Vaters FUtM ate ksowa is among th
very Vest." EvmngelUt. , . " '. . ... ..
"K ca Kpeak of their merits frcm personal knowl
trsters Fia and Jlelodeoo challenge comparison
with th Cneat made anrwhere." Home Journal.
$190 WEW.7 OCTAVO PIAliOS, of dUTsr
em makers, tot JiiJ; do., with carved legs, t'JO,
(226 and $240. Second-hand Piuios and Xelodeon at
$io, t0, $58, $SQ, ",5, $100. $1!5, IMS, $150, and
v . V " . - - - - -
Th UoTaee Water'$ lltlodtom mnd Uarmoniumi,
Tuned the Equal Temperament with the Patent Diri.-fed
S ell. Prices from $55 to $390. Alexander Or
gan 8 from $200 to $500.
t3A liberal dUcotmt to Clerrymen, Churches, Sb
bath Schools, Lodges, Seminaries, and Teachers. HUB
Cat WATKK3, Aft, Ko. 8l Broadway, K. T.
TU Day Sckooljcll v ... -
i0,000coplss Issued. - A sew Sisiiar Book for Schools
and Seminaries, called the Day School Bell, ta now
ready., It cocuias atevit.two hundred choice, soags,
rounds, catches, duels, trios,' euarletU, and choruses,
many of them written expressly for this work, "besides
n oapes of U.e Xlementaef Music, which are easy and
' Jtiuoflir the Urjre number of beaofirul pieces may te
.found, 'Tncle Sam's ;School,' "Cwn't you hear the
; children coming," "Always look on (be sonny side,"
The tittle lass, f and "Little Lad'.'Oh, if 1 were a
little bird," "Bird of beauty," ' ?retty pear tree.;
Anvil'Chorus," 'lleet me by the ruutiinrf brook,'
.ft. - It is compiled by Horace Waters, author of '-Sabbath
School Be!," Kos, 1 and S, which have had the
enormous aleef 23, CO copies. Priees papercovers.
25 cents. $30 per 10GJ bound $0 cents, $25 per 100;
cloth b(.uudfceaUOMed gilt, 40 cents, $35 per hundred.
45.pi furniahad-at tie oae hundred price. iCalted
ki Ue rataii price. - i
i..r. v,- - v ... 1 - - - . -SabbaiX
Sckooll Bell, Ye. "
contains 144 pages, jshd" nearly Iwo hundred tones and
bymsn, and is the most popular S. a Book ever issaed
Amonx the mot popular pieces are, ' Kind Words,"
"Eden AbeveV'Cbrtstlan Hero," 'Beantiful Zlon,"
"I oKbt to love m j Mother," "The Anicels told me so,"
"In the Light," "Best for the Weary," fcc. Prices
paper covers, 10 cts. each, $15 per hundred bound,
96 cts: each, $20 per hundred ; cloUt bound, embossed
gilt, 29 cu., ZZ, per hundred. , . .
Salbath School Jf.iVc. " -
is an enXUs new work of 194 aaes, and nearly 325 tunes
and bymnt. As the music is a little more difficult It
Is just tee book to follow BeiL ifo-. 1.-. Nearly ehe mil-
licnof these Bells have beea issued, and are now ring-
:ng taroagn this and other countries. Amona;
m say-cooler piecee may be round, Shall we meet b
yoad the river There la a beautiful worlds Sorrow
sbli come agin tie more. Don't you her tbe Angels
coming? Ttioo,GodreestmeT Sabbaih Bells chime
en, Ac. Prices of Bell So. 3 are the kame as Bell Ko.
1. Buth numbers cr bebtatnett in one voTaule.
Price,, bound cory, 40 ct-nth, $35 tor huudredi cloth
eoundr embtie'ved gilt, 50'tis.', $43 per hur-irei. 3
copies furnished at ih oue buudisd price. Mailed
v jrmtm w fl aeessu J SB
the retail price.
i r r - f - r
WaUrt' Cvril Uarv. " '
new Scnday Scbo-il Book,' 160 rsgjs of beaufifuj
hrms fcu! tones. Ii contsive in.iav cecv. . t-ucn 4.
tiu. we know each other tere: 3ti!!Vr nildrei;
tw cm umU Me ; The Usmii tul shores jxU fr'orl-
cuaj Leye m wuir mymo.h r ; He t&sueth me beside
Rti'l i!r, kc. Pi. fnv.r cover- Accents: $15
per iifuiji: t? ; on!d JScuiU. 2u perhon-lredj x.nth
bor.r.i emtiaSi-.danifv: i 6 cenis. $30.per haiaired.
Mi'Hpi1 -Ctlie ifta'l prle. It is edited by Horace Wa
ter authjr 4 Seuilav School Helm Ket. 1 and 2. which
bav bad the fnoriix s's sales of over eight thonsand
copie. JnsiVur. fished by HO RACK WATERS, No. 481
Broadway, Kew lorlt." -
' I 1 V I I ' l ! r ,
Tt Sew Patriotic Song Bool, '
I ('
r v
Contains 96 pages of songs, duers andeheruses, belb s
ered and secular! including 14 pages of prayers fat sick
and dying soldiers, and soldiers' Scripture Manual.
It Is well totted for social singing, as well ae Sabbotb
worship; Among . the 'many beautiful pieces may be
foiind, Where liberty dwells Is my country; TheChrls
tian here, Three cheers for eur banner;. Come sing to
aseef keavya; Co) nubia, thecem of the ocean; Pie
man's gathering Columbia's King forever ; Marching
a!cg, Ac. Prices panercevrulctut,$l)ehun
drad. Malled'at Ue retail price
. "x r "V ' 11 7 r " "
contains St pages of songs, duets and choruses, for Free
dvss. Among the choice pieces we would name, Pali
freedom's morn; Olet my people go; Over tbe moun
tain f Tbey worked, me all the day. Jie. Price 6 cents
slcle, 50 cent per.Ootea, 43 per kuiidred; postage 1
ceut each.
! -uth; A Sacred CtrntQtnS :"1
- - " v ' ' '
cortair.F U p-es Wor.!s b? Rov. Sidney Dyer, musit
fc-rror. uuif. .::iiuio ex. eweiit U'x for concerts
t)T ;faevao,i. Prices prfperroTers, 20 tents; $15per
htituised; bound 26centf. $20 per hundred.
V r. Tie. JU9tmd lfuii Book .
contains 7S pageof tunes ant byms. designed for re.'
viral, prayer, and eoaiereaeemeeungs. Price In papei
covers, single copies, 19 cents; $S per hundred.
Mailed at the retail prices. ; ; I
-r "Tht Atiertoum Cuiltetian, .
V H 1 . .? . ti . j vA
contains between four and live hundred pages of tenet
and hyuiaa, new and old, of the choicest kinds, fo
chnrcb, Sunday school, revival, missionary, temperanc
prayer, ami coafrreacevend allhinde of sacred and so
Lsl meetings. Tbe music in this book has life and an
lotation in it, like. Shining Shore, Rest fr the weary
Shall we kn-w each other there f Shall we meet beyn
the river ; There is a beautiful world ; Kind words
Sweet hour of prsyer; There is a laud of love; Suffe-
uttie chuarea to como unto me ; t save tbe xtation
lie. Prices eingle copies, bound: 60 cents; $45 pet
hundred; cloth bound, embossed fO cnts; 65 per
bnndred. Mailed at the TCtail price. " llifRACK WA.
TKU5, 481 Broailway, New Tourk, Publisher of th'
nbore iiooks. ,
I'ocrtZ Jfutit, with Piaao Atwtpaimct.
AlargA assortment of new and popular songs, ballad.
duet, quartette, and cboruseo, l.saed daily. Among
tbe most popular are, Shall we know each other there,
Lowrey; Why have my loved ones gone; I will he true
to the; Oh, there's no sttcar girl as mine, by Poster
Usthir! love la true; Sweet love, forget me not. St.,
ey a.ei ler, so cents eacn , 1 near iwwi vmc emtius ,
Hnme ts borne; Forget if you can. but forgive, bj
Thomas, X9 cents each. , .
iDstrnmeetal Musis for tht Ciano Forte We art
coming Father Abra'am, six hundred thousand more
A ways look on the "sonny side; Shall wt know eack there? kc,, with brilliant variations by Grobe
C0 cents each.
Poikas, , Waltses, Marches,- Quickstepe. Qnadrine,
&c.,by popular authors. All kinds of Singing and In
struction books. Catalogues mailed! ree teeny address
Music mailed1 at tht above prices. r , - '
- - r r r i ? 11 '' ' ;
iralers' Cheap JfatssVer' t MiUien.
Arranged as soloes, daets, ouartetu and choruses, fof
mnslcat aocietie, chotra. Sunday schools; pollic schools
seminsrler etc' Shalt we know each other there
Voa't you hear the aecels coming f Shall we meet be
yond tbe riverS Me in. time; There ie a beautiful
world; Where liberty dwells my country ; Freedom,
truth and right; We sfe coiV Father Abra'am. sis
hJiadred thowaad iw-re ; Tbere Is a laul of love; Sr
rew shall eae sgaa no-raore ; Kciventy home; Com
stag to me of Heave; Laud in sikui ; we v.-iii laveom
Sonday School ; Our God is ntirchiut; 0:1 j nosie tht
Natioa; Whittier's song of theianiati iu Xegs-oy Pat
Preedout's Morn has dawned at lar ; Over u.e moun
tain; Over the mountain; Little Ella's a:, isiel; Wit
lie's gone .to.Utaveo i ffer , IU.tichi4re(r to come
unicrae; Bqrv me ia the uAmrg,'M!her; Cvmt u
thy rest ; Sweet hur of Prayer, Ac Price 3 cents, Se
cents per dox., $J per hundred; ; postage 1 cert eacti
la sheet form, with Piano sreempaniment, -it cents.
Published by HORACE WATPRS. Ag't,
Ko. 4S1 Broatiway, N. X'
- ' - T " "1 " ' " ' ' ' " "
n ee a. t. AirrHomr &co;, A
Si i i' C
Manufacturers of
Photographic y Materials,
: ' - - Wholeeale and Retail,
la sdditloate eur mala business of Pbotcgrapbie M.
terlals,.we art Headquarters for tht following, vis :
Strccscopes & Stereoscopic Yleirs
Of these wt have aa immense assortment, including
War; Scenes, American and Poretga Cities and Land
scapes. Groups, Statuary, 4C,. Ac. Also,- Revolving
Stereoscope, for public or private exhibition, out
Catalogue will be bent to any address on receipt ef
sump. VA' ' .'.- ,- ,-...'
Photographic Albiims.
We were the first to Introduce these into the Unite
States, and we manufacture immense quantities is
great variety, ranging frr:j Si cents to $f 0 each. Out
Albums have the reputation of being superior mbeeu
ty and durability to any others. They will be sent tj
mail, PRE E, "on receipt ofprlc. C7 ' I- " . ' '
Our Catalogue now embraces over PI re Tbousan
flifferent subjects (to which additions are eontinuall
being madej ef portraits of Bminent . Auttrlcans, fce.
100 Major-General ft, s I
wu. . . 1
664 BUtesmtn,
130 Divines,
1W Authors,
40 Artists,
154 Start.
zoo arigaaier uanarau,
379 Colonels, .
100 Lieut-Colonels, ' '
950 Other OScers,
19 aavy umcers.
69 Prominent WesastA
itA Prominent Porelgn PortralU.
8,000 Copies of Works ef Art.
Including reproductions ef tbt most celebrated Ea
gravings. Paintings, SUtuea, -. Oatalogues sen t oa
reeelpt of stamp. An Kh for Oat Dotes Pictures
frem our Catalogue wtll be filled en tbe receipt ef
81. SO. and sent ay mail." Pres. . . .
rhotogTaphera and others ordering good O. Q. P. will
please 1 emit t went; .five percent of the amount with
t&sir order. a. A. H, T. AVTRONT k CO.,
Manufacturers of pbotographlc Materials,
Q"T prCcrs nl quality of 0r eeods iho3
1,717 - i - u
t 4 w' .... W J
, I " i 1 ' . , I '
UJ I i
An InclpondsntDcsiccratic Dal-
1; licsyape?.; .
........ AGUS- . ... .
The World, to which the New York Weekly ArgTis
has been united, bat to-day 'five times the aggre
gate oirca.aiioa of aay Democrat!: or eenservatire
newspaper. It addresses weekly alone more than
IQ0.G00 suD?cribcrs nnd, constant purchasers, and
reaebes at least half a million reideri.' .TTith t ie
rteady increase in circulation which it now envoys,
these numbers will soon be doubled. Nothing lest
than this should satisfy tho.e who believe that the
only bope of restoring the Union and the authority
of the Constitution over a now distracted and di
vided eountry, lie' in wresting power frera the
bauds of those fanaticism has helped to provoke
invite, and prolong the war; ond that to aci?cm-:lUb
this end, so means is so effective as the diiuiicn,
through able and enterprising newspapers, of sound
political knowledge among the working mtu, tlie
thinking men. and the votingmen of the North.
Enterprise, industry and money vw.ill be liberally
expended to make The World , the Best Newspaper
in America- 'Its news frua every part of tie world
wiil be early and utheatic. ( UTjerever the ult-grapb
exteds, or railroad run, or 'steamboats ply it w'll
gather the lattst intdlienee. It has slsri iitif
of accomplished correspondents with all the federal
armie, who will telegraph and write to uJ the latest
news faom the various seats of war. It has eorres
pondinta and reporters in everv politteal and com
mercial eentr in A Merioa tud Europe, whose letters
and dispatch aU leave B'.'htjg worthy- ef n:te
unknown to n- reiders, ,
- ,The Market Reports of tie World are mere c .-a-flete-
than those of any ther .cswsja?. ILt
Editors invite com pa riioii in this rc;pt AnJ puiat
to the reports of the Cattle Market?,, the ken-ral,
and country Produce Markets and the llonev Mar
kets in itseolumri.w priof of its exoeilenee is this
respett. The world has also a special department
devoted to Agriculture, filled, vita editorial artick a
communications from practical farmers and mechan
ics of tht oou&try. , M , . .
.'The war ia which the nation is engaged aaimt
armed and-infotuated Kebeft, and the radical policy
of the administration which prolongs it, have eon
spired tobnog together spoil one platform all con
servative, Cnion-loTirfi and Constitution-lovieg
men, of whatever former name u 1 rftd. llaay of
those who within tbe limit- -f l.Le Constitution,
fonrht the battles of tbe oiiivt box under the
c I leadership of the' petiiviic tatesmea of other and
e betterolajB,Henr? .CIy a. ,!-: ."I VVebster, to-
fltaerwun toemcspe- wl'j . -..j.-crm!i
of Fwb patrW. n lni.v z i-.-'K. jf-d 7: ..ilasj L
Uarev. SiUs Y rinbt sdu ctctucr. 1 ' v s, ar.w
stanr" buldr to'shoulder upeo toe ?vi: ..'-.- rre
is a plain one. It is tu restore the UoK-j, .y
t.'ie Cuiftitytion, and enforce the laws. .WJ . tevv-r
Rake? fur this end, tbe exercise of ''force of the'
iioiicv of conciliation. The World will advocate
whatever m&kee against it, The World will oppose
.Ii will oppota every enemy to the Union, whether
j 1! n: - .l . .. .1. 1: 1 1 .
armeu IB rcocinun uo ovum vi uihuiuiuij jiauir-
inzthe seeds of disunion and essential .disloyalty at
tbe' North..' . i' , . . ' A .
. It will oppose every violation of the Constitution
which is tbe only hvpe and bond of Union, and our
only authority for exhortitg-or eoinpeituijr tbe alio
eiance "f the doutn.
. It will oppose every inf?T!.o of the Law, in high
'.lactu ir in lew, bj rcW'.-. s sad misguided parti -snns,or
by the aJo-'pi-.Ti ioa tt:?U Ji3t beea their
example. , ...... : .. , . , .,
. It w'll f citric j-Iv exerciiV tle "Freedom of the
Press; it w'lieoostaatlj i-,b,3ld, ani. defeui Free
dom et ipi-th 'auti x mjob of tbe tiauot. i : .
: To t.i;'j la-les. osts of the f lnDinistMtion, its
arM''-;r' ar:d Kt.ju:t ri6.p. ar-a err r' ;ca, t
deniai of t: e right to the writ f t biuens crpus, ik
illegal procinrcaJoas, its.abt'jtioa ef tiuteand
federal laws, iu desi-ottc aoeumulatione of unrrant-
cd power. and iCnbrersioos of tfle safeguards of
a,vij and pert onal liberty, it win eonstanuy opdose
the letter and the spirit ef our supreme law and tbe
advocacy of sound' doctrine", until American free
men shall be roused to the reeoverr 01 weir rights,
their liberties' ther laws and their1 limited and
well balanced government, by the resistless decision
of the ballot. v v f c ". T:
Profoundly Impressed with the desire to contri
bute all thas it may to the great work of this gener
ation, namely, to restore, our national unity, and
to place the United Slate egtvia formost araoDgthe
nations of tht cart b, and id the peace, pros
perity, and bappiBess of its people Tbe Werid
seeks f tbof-e who desire sack things their sym-
and support, and, above all, the favor of Ilim who
crocus every gooa wont. - , f ? j.
a AalUi.J
Yearly Subscribers .by mail . .
ts CO
Single subscribers, per annum $3 OA
Two copies to one address 5 C
Three CO
Five; ." 12
Tea 4 - - ' 12 SO
Single Subscribers, per annum tZ 00
Three copies address on each paper 5 00
Five " .. . 8 00
Ten " . " - 15 00
Twenty'eopies all to one address 25 00
Clubs of tw. tity Or nrver eaa bve' address put on
each to-rer fos aa adit-.uaV charge of ten rent
cue sr.
For every club of twenty an extra eopy will be
added for the gener u;f olnb,- j
For every club r fif-.y. i-ie Sc i-Weekly, and for
every club ot . i-d, tb v"ll
when requcf;ti,i iiuiiot th- exttu ?i.wic i ' j
- Additions to Clubs aiy he t acy i :
saue rates, rapers . ciuTaot ct. cUiitl ir x.
Club to another, but on request mi tanperson ol
inr the Club, and on receipt of fifty cents extra
single papers will be taken frem - the a&d 5cst
to a seperate' address. "
All orders must be acoompanted by tbe Cib
11 Park Row. New York.
1 ' To ConsciaptlTCS.
Consumptive snfferers will receive a valuable pre-
BCnpilOW 1OT IU (UII VI wli9DiniU us.uau,
Bronchitis, and all throat and Lung affections.
.free of charge,) by sending beir sddttAi to ..
hi iTo.
.,'.-- .' Jfew York
On band .and, to arrive at
Iron and Steel Warehouse,
. 20 and 22 Third Street, - .
Vbh 24a:$.t
To all whom it may ' corctrn, not:cc is hereby
given tbat Mordy tbe 31st dav of Jaly, 1885, is the
'J rtiiw Kt to heur and determine all cUimi against
the---.ate l Jeph-Gibiler. decoded. Persons
baring claims against raid estate will file them in
the Probate offico of Xemaba Cunty bv that linje
orthey will be foniver barred latrtlruia.
. - - - ' rt ii 01 vnrna
no-28-4t p'd. . r .Probate Jndgt.
QMOKIXG and Chewing Totacoo, Cigars pipes Pipe
St stems ana Tooacco roucnesm grea variety,
. . : . A.t UeLaughliD & Swan's
"R rT AC EERAL. Lake Trout, White, fish, Codssb, ttc.,
aaa. ttc., constantly on hand
At McLaughlin ft Bwan's,
rpn x best Flour from the L. S. T. G . Mil is il quarter
t , half and wnoie sacss aepi
- .''.,' . .r 1 . - -j
SALT by the Wei or pound, Pint
Dairy Salt, for
Ar McLavghli SwaiTs.
PICK-ELS by the doxen or barrel, f a superior qaal
tjt crnitsatly on hand
TjliG J, Cboselalt, Maple sugar, assorted Jellies, Csn
J? Peaches, f epper sauce, Mqsroom. catsup, Worces-
tersurt sauca. atc..&c.
At McLarouuM 4 S wax's
PAILS, Tubs, Kegs, Washboards, Heelers, Children's
Cabs and Wheelbarrows
II o LJiughlia & S wtn's
The beautiful tract of Land known the "Hay
wood farm," eontanmg 160 acres, sit natal one
mile West of Browaville, is for sale apply to
18-4tp'd .. WILLI A if II. U00VES.
Shears of tht most approved make, for sale
At IXcLaughlia dt Swaa'a.
' e
.flyer's Cathartic pais.
- : ; ' Si ' ' ' ! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
"'' The' most 'comprehensive miecellanr ef usefaj
knowledge a:id Uener-il Literature, r-eri.xliea:!y Ls
sued in tb United State; eeafera ing all the fea
tures ef I'Jytechnie JounaaL Economic Expositor
Literary liopoj'itorv and Montnly Register, espe
cially devoted to Financial. Commercial and Indus
trial InteredU and all j Siai sUx:k corporation ea
Havirg commence J the" Fiflh'ToInrnt f till
Magaiine, whose success evinces that the efforts of
its conductors hare been appreciated by a discrimi
nating public, we 'would call attea'.ioa to its char
acter on the part or ths largo body of readers who
are not yet upon its subscription ILsU. Cor par
pose in this publication is the dissemicatica of
practical information on subjects of positive utility
to the po'5e,eombined with a diversity of literary
attract i n securing the services of the best pens to
the various departments of Science, Delles-Lettres
and General Literature. While aimiaj most as
peoially to render most' effective service to the
TradeKConrmerct And Material Production of the
Country, saaay sides of tie Country, many rides of
the raestal work! receive d9 coi-Ueration tht
Historic), Critkal. iK' -.b.tif fcl Aiiu imaginative, as
well aa the Financial, S.'ati.'tical, Technological
and strictly Mercaativ. Wt employ alike the re
seacb of tbeavartt a-M tbe fancy of the feuileton-5
ist, with ti c prwcti .i' erperieoce of tbe business
man and the' worker. Ia treatmeat of soientiSe
topics, tie inodd seiet'ed is the populr in style
rather than the toon r.'al. Tbe niv-a;..: past oft
the hour it shall bfl ccr eo iea,ror t p.)i truy, and f
avail ooxcelves of the ccnintioaj of new L)i. v
e7 to the Circle of KnowieJj? and recvri
i:aall practicable nuecinitnej Currec htv!!i
gence, which will be of future ntillity and t'uU--'
interest when the Present shall have becom ib
Past, .In fine, the Americrn Exchange ana Kevie
is adttsirablt and tver wetoome moathly visitor
its subcribars-4-imparting tbe richness ef kDowitd
improving the taste, and farni8biu u.t-Iieciuu.
gratification.., i .. ... :
The Review has its specialities in distict and in
creating Departments, with a General Division for
tht widest consistent scope of themes. We rive
specification of topi.-s which are tbe subjects either
of occasional t reruar publication, th:
The Art, yEhoie.: Agriculture, Applied Cheat
istry,' Archae..!ogy,B lies-Letters, Biography, Criti
cism, EocHM iics Political, . Arithmetio National
Taxation: Finance banking, currency, Corporation
Accounts. Frehang-, F'actuatioas in Seeuritiss,
tock; ft U.ry, Industrial and Mercantile tuter
pnej, insurance, intemll Improvements Railway
Canals, Tslegraphs; Manufactures Products, tech
nology; Mechanics, Mining Mineralogy, Geology,
joinurgj; isirnu", r ojsics, pnysioicgy,staiisiici,
social sience; trade foreign and domestio, shipping
.M, ? m.. 1 1
ism wi ia w, aTigxti on ; xopograpny, xra v eis.
suBsciPTions ia the vmtsd statxs
Une copy, one yeir; in advance 3 0ft
r tvt copies- i . .. . , ,r ; , 12 00
i Wben paid at the end ef the year, 4 00 per an
num. single copy. Sample copy mailed, on the re
ceipt ef 25 eents.
. n ronEios gcBScaiPTioiis.
. , , Single copy per aacnm pesue paid.
Cuba, 1 ' :
Great Britain aad IieUnd, - -
w w
$3 72
Germany," ; " - ' '
West Indies, rBdtisb) .
West Indie. Not British.
South. America (West Coast J
3 72
8 00
6 00
rUWLEIi& MOON, Proprietors.
- 'No. 421 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
.' .THE .
. FOR 1664
The publishers of tht SIE5TIFIC aMERICaN
respectively give notice that the Tenth Volume
(Nw Series will commence on the 'first of January
a ' fT . .ee . .
next, i ins journal was esuonsnea in i n ?. am is
undoubtodly the most widely ciii uluted and influen
tial publication of the kind in Hhe world. In com-
.mencingthe new volume tbe publishers desire to
cau special attention to its claims as i : . ;
In this rerpoct it stands unrivalled. It not only
finds its way to almost every workshop in the
country, as the earnest friend of the raecnacic and.
aruien, bat it is found in the coue ting-room of ste
manufacturer aad the merchant: afo in the library
and the hosehold. The publishers ' feel warranted
in saying that no other journal new published eon-
uins an equm amount, oi useiui iniormation; while
t is tbeir aim to present' all subjects in the most
popular and attractive manner. , . .
ILo iieDt:fic american is published oaee a week,
r veQieut form for binding, and each number
- ' aixteep pages ef 'usoful leading matter,.
Uwsireted witti . , ' ." ;
of all the la tost and best Inventions of the day.
This feature cf the journal is wort li if special note.
Lvery number ronton? "r"ru fi-j ., ten original en
graviegs of mecbr.
-oaa relating to every
department of the l .
cuoco by artipw ?t.a
and are univi-jji.-'
ADttbiu of fi,e i- r. i ; - i
. The y lir.isbor t.-, tc H
to precnc, Uci-'-i ;
i i.tse cpgivmgs aroexe
v "raiiloyed en the paper,
w e led te be- superior to
c'J itbfs country,
n ctin-j American promiso
yer., sil thf' latest
improvtaicnsi :u .--.e,
zr r
Oidnance mi'iti.r'uri ua-1 i'.re 'r..!
TooU, iianuliat'-f lr j: 'r. i'
w;. i-N.
0 I'iat ni-
f'umpti aud t-tber hj 1.-?? j pirata.
t-rcsils. Electric, Cucmicai nod Meerm:.
Flying Machines, andotner Cun
:i-:r.3 betides all tht varied atic:? desi-ni tj
lighten tbe labor o! mankind, not only ia th.? shop
a id warehouse, bat in every place where tbe 12
a us tries (,f life are pursued.
From iu commencement, the S'uoi?j A'r.' r:;.ir:
has beea the earnest advocate of tht rights of
American Inventors, and the.
In this important ! t-irt vitally connect
ted with al! tt ymi inf.rtsta of the country, no
other journal can 'l;ir ui.y ci:'m whatever; as in its
columns tliera f pubi -Lj1 a weekly UScial List of
tht uClaiLB3"' of fcll patents granted at the U. 3.
Patent OS.... A .
a 1 - '
alone ar :t rius worth more to th t subscriber
than the amount of a whole year's snbscriotionJ""
Two volumtf cf the iVieatija American are pub
lished each Jbar, tt $1,50 eah. or 3 per per annum
with rorrespecding low terms to Club.; $1 will pay
for four months' subscription. "The numbers for
one year, whrn tcurJ in a volume, constitute a
work of 832 M-es cf ceful information, which
every one ongki. t putm. A. new 'volume will
commence on the first of January, ISdl.
'. yi::l t CLCB BATES. '' "'
Fivt copi;s, for ait months $1
Ten copies, for six months 12
Ten copies for twelve months . 22
Fifteen copies, for twelvemonths 34
Twenty copies, far twelve months , ' 4
For all clubs of tw enty And over, tbe yearly sub
scription is only 12,00. denies can- b3 sent in at
different'times and. freva- diSercnt Pent OCioes
specimesr cepies wia be seat gratis to any. part of
tbeceaatry. -"s '
. Canadiitasubeerfbers will please to remit 25 cents
extra on each year's subscription to prepay postage.
, ; i : 1 -11U5N A CO Publishers,
Xo. 37 Park Row, 5ew York..
mi in mm.
HAS just rtieivei a larre and well 3 Jected ?to.V
V ' 1 .... f- ,
And everything commonly kept in a
Frst Class prxisf Store.
Customers will find his stock complete. wbiMi
offers for CASII at the very lowest market prices.
Physicians Prescriptions Compounded with tko
utmost care t all hours.
Karen, 30th, 1865. v9-n23-6ia '
Tht andersigned. Beard of Examiners bold their
Bfietjngs for the puixosa cf examining School Teacbr
rs, cn fne first raturday &f each month, at 2 o'clock,
P if, at the office of . W. Thomas. All teachers
are required te hart a certificate from the Beard
preyiom to thtcommen retneat of tkeir eehoojf.
K. W.TUOMAS1 School
.. AT.' R. USD PR. f Oxaaia
. , . . .JPR, MARIXM'H f ' ,
1186-1. . "a5
OF-Tim ; ;
. ' ,r Tor tie Tear Hit' " ' '
The war drama is arproacbiag iu h!rW AT
interest This year wITI probably eoJVj,?
Doom of the Reoe,.k)B, witness the 5at:oa
erum'ent restored ia tbe fallen States, thtja
erated, and Slavery obliterated from iat ulYf"
evenU of t will be among tbe aostaosmt
the History of the CrT!ntry, and don's;!,,
elude tho return of I ( tce, and. tie entrap
merica bio s Dtv career pf unrarmlUi
ness and prosperity. - With Liber vindieauj
the reproach, ox serfdom,, tie People will steed
on a h igher platform ef iteU?jeace aai m
ieei a sun proiounuer interest ia tul tin, a.
the progress of their own and other land, j;
wor.d is enterinz upon a new series of
to trrminate in ihetriumpw- ef DjsoersyT i(AV
tbe Atlantic; while emLjrratiejj to Autc".'!
acquire a new aedtremeti. us in"',
immensely tur productive povrer i
The stiriug evc-itc cf the ttm j wi.'. b zr. '
ly depicted ia the cciauis or tta Lw;-v .t'',"
tractive than tver as a vthf.l '
cf Passing
Ini'iircdby tbe fj-rit
k1.?iiV ro l"HuS bt Tfttlh. -'ii. 'i.v' -
vhsT wii; crnt-m to b ?,iy tae ( ." -
pol'tical or uUitary-
sy.i6; abase
' In addition to our War News, we iluU'j
incur Weekly paper the Weekly XewtSm..
aua aio
an abstract 01 the f ra!: eCoerW
ie I'roceedings of Leji..iiarss ofMislw
and of the
and Illinois.
Our Tri-Wtokly, will eonUW as kersUforra
tht Important ?Uws, Local aadvCeaatnlal Rry
&bail not be excensd by any paper laiUW
Wt hart improved our arrangements fjrfsll
From "Washington, from the Lower VUeiuIppT.enj
from the Hissouri and Illinois Centals. Tim
will be published in ad littcn to fht LstUrttfs&r
nd our usual quantity of General 5eei alattsx.
We re quest all Postmasters and f risods to let w
Agents. ' '
rlend foe epeefmen anmbers ef the Ptptrt n4
Prospectus for distribution, and they will bt proapv
Jy forwarded. - . -
Scd as many names as possible in Gubs,UktTe
thir p-.iers sent te one address tbe adlrwstf
the Poslmaster or'the getter up of the Clah.
It is not required that all the papers ef t Cist
shall be tent to one Pott OSce. the number it U
sent to -di Cerent Uflces, and additions msj bt &s4
at any tint-.
Tht following are oar rate fcr the yeas 134 ii
Ifait Subscribers on year - till
Price to News Dealers - - - f 1 50 per 111
Mail Subscribers one iyear - - - - fJJt
Single Copies one jtar. - .-. . . . . 1,H
Three. Copies -
Fivt Copies - - - - - - - - -- Ml
Ten Copies - - - - - U,
Any larger Club than tea wiU be skarr4 as lit '
rate of one dollar and a half per eosy.
The above rateaJor all Mail aubscriptlsaisrt .
payable in advance.' - - '
Orders not accompanied wita ui me&ej wu re
ceive no attention.
A If papers of either edition, will be Jtaoatiaasl
at the end of the time" paid for.
AloKEE, FlSniUCb: A CO. Proprlstori.
41 and 13 Locust sireet,Sr. Locis.Hs. I
This popular Monthly ' eUlns mors ff tat '
money, than, any ilagasine in tbe wo. Id.' Is Wl
t will have nearly ibo ..:. . 23 to it stsei pstss, ,
12 colored paltersli i i -.7 -d engrariflxs-eed i
all thi fin only Two O . rear, or a 41 ar
leu tbn mazasiniss of iU ci isi. x,reri iuv
touk "PeWrson," I n . tu . jjenorw manse, Itais tbe only Measioo that has not rltI
its prioes, either to sicjle autscribers or rruit,
and is, therefore, emphatically. The Ji'sgrn fr
tbe Times.
Tbt stories in "Pbtersoa are eoncel? i'j as
best published anywhere. 31w. Ann t. ..eji.-::s,
hi la Kodman. sirs, fen-oin, rrr u;v
he author f"osy L's I-iiy." i-s'. Ahn-,B;
L Chandler M01.' :.-.n, (Ubri l o Le'j, irgsn-a 1.
Towcscnd. Rosa! '3 (iter, C.t a Auila. aoltcs
nothor of -The -"con 1 I.itV," n: lei w.. thia.v
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i a St"TT of
Second Life.
M-MidS truoiuiTr at Santera. Frank Let
L;.--.s:i ct. Fs.LLj'a 3'.irtoi?n by .U Rodmt.
Ia iU Tllustrationa at.,-leterson' is unrivaleL
The publisher oha!lngee a ccniperison betweet le
superb M-xcotints and othr steel engravings, sal . ,
those in other Magasince, ar.1 cn- at least isgiMs
in every number. Ci H.rd fasLica plaits in ad
vance; It is the enlj Magssine whose Fsihloa
Plates ran be relied on. Eaeh aaniber eoatalas e
Fashion Plates, engraved on tteel, and eoIeri-
from Fashions latu than any other llspxlne first
al.o, a dotea or more "ew. Styles, engraved ,se
Wood: also, a Patternfra, which a Dress, MaaliXa
or child' Custoae n be tat, Uboat tht aid sf ft
mantuaTinaker to tbat eaeb aumber, lo this wsy,
will save a year's subscription. Tbe Pris,T Loodaa,
Philadelphia and Xew York Fashiess are dessrisU
at length each mouth. PatUrns of Caps. .BoD3s
Head Dresses, given. IU colored pa Uoc as
e"mbroiderv,crchct, 4c. 1
Tbe Wo'ik- fable Department of this Ms.asint IS
wholly unrivaled- rery aatuber contains a 4se
or more petterus ra every variety of Fancy -work -Crochet,
Embroidery fc Knit;rn, Beadf-eorr, Es.f
woTk, Ac, Ae., Ac, Lvery month, a sopothsecolortd j
I rattens for slipping. pere or ohair erb
fifty cents. d . . . ;
t).ir N nooV-BooV The Oridnal Etfoss-
bold Receipts of "Peterioa" art quite famous. Ttt .
1834 our 'Cock-Book" will be continued: li7
one of these receipts has beea tested. This aijee
su well worth the price of "Peterson." 0f ?"
eeipts lor the toUette, sick-room, Ac, Ac,
givle. . ; . ' A
New and fa?h!ouablt uo In every naassr.
And hints oa Horticulture, LaestrUaiam, d
matters interesting te ladies, 1 ,.
One eopy for one year, ; ;'
Three copies for one year, , ; - .i . .: '-'
F"ve copies for one yir. '
Eight CJopies for- ep year - -
Twelve copies for one yej, . .
Sixteen-copies fcr one yr,
. Premiums for gtttlcg up Gnbs! Tl
eight; or more copies, makt a Clab. Te eiu t"
sou gtttiog top a cla ' of three, aal rtlu.r r"
dollars or a club of Five, and remittla. sf '
dollars and a half er a dob of Eight, aa Jr
ting ten dollars or a club of twelve, and rest!
fifteen dllan. an extra copy of the magsi'ii f ,.(
1884 willbt girea. If preferred, however, ett "
send as a premium, (instead of the extra rf?c
and Illustrated Lady's 'Album, nniiorae?y Ij ,
in, gilt, cr either pf par ldc;jotints, for freak, "
eaca 2T nchet by 29 "Banyan parting fros
Blind Child, ia Jail," or "Banyan's Wife ItteU4
i'ng for His Release from Prison." Tt '. every pt :
getting "ap a club of Sixteen, two extra oopi't
the Magasin,, will 'bs sent, or anytwof thtoUtl
Address, post-rar CIIARLE3 J PETER ?0-.
Xq.. 03 Chestnut Street, Philadslpkia.
Jll Postmasters eonstitute-1 Agents; ba t ail .
person nay get up a club, Lpecimens sect itM 1 .
tously,if written for.
To CHarl? Drippa. Catiadue ilnllty. Ann
"Drippa, Tboma nfipts. ad all ouers ta
to be appointed rui
said county cf Jfetrha,' and that the said W
has apeointed the. , 1 - -
lOth .day cf AP"1. 4
at ten o'clock, a. m., as tht time for keaxixa; 1
appUeatica , '
- Be hie Atteraey.B. W.Tsessw
PatedMtrtk llrb,1.' . 21 ft T A
made application to the Probate fe.. '
unty of Nemaha, in the Territory of erv2
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