Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, May 11, 1865, Image 2

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Pat?e,ih mail uho made the attack
wno prernyectIyfcor)cernet! ;n the pn-
frTitHry to murder, the PreMdnt ii;.!
O'er leading roen'.Vere take from. the
fuuooais at tne, vv umngton Iavy ard
and conveyed to he 'District PenitejHi
ary. The, most cepe mte characters bad
the i fyands 'fast ere3;'(l)-.ind and
aflVerr?t?(-culftd.afjd; had. a ball and.
cliain to each leg. I ayne atlempted, to
but his brain out, a rd, to prevej:v any
of the rest from tiffin? fhtmseTve in
tnil way, or of seeirg or communicai
in? witji .caih other, ihe heaJ pf-Zali
: i''ri4.T:"-i- A s -r ,
litve been p iclaeu with cotion ana a sick
!j liH-a.A .it c.u AN-;:
dfaUn over if, leaving only the(naseand
mouth free.
The Preiidfnt has it?ue4 a,Procjaraa-
m1 17A . Uliy J ;.11-
tioa'lfcltir.g toria that from evidence in
tne bnrea of military ti:tce, it appears
tna Jen Dans, Jauh Thompson, CIem-(
CDt C. Cay. ljr Jytf
Ss.TersH C. Clrary and other.,-. werp
thV Tifef'pkrtiv?. i: 'hf con-'ray. to take,
the lite of the President. St reta ? y and
ethers. Uhe.rtwpp!i,.PrtM&eM Josot)
itlc; .Ipe, XoUoiud 'ew-ard rsfr. the!
mt.Mc; Lit mint L.Clay. Jacob Thomp-
on. G N. Saudtrs aid Bt-Verly Tucker.
-j ? v'.-i-jlt.j v
f4I y -r
a I li
Oil hVwV!;
tilt -OrCx - ::-.r0
loth ry-iz. nvn m. n i cyst u. iiiai -
c- I t e I tt: i
coriitssion nas not yet neon mace put-ijc. ; i. ,. . .-. . , . , ii... .
trial. At. midnight,, Ja,st Saturday, fit- .f..f -
-tiji'! i" .ii'- ' etery tne'lo fut cn a' little 'extra "tigil-
tfpn rriPn nrid fn 'nm!n fill n o rcn r c . . .1 . .
ITatfO rt!fr andlOXCO for thear-j.1 j i, a n " '- i ' -
ji-tv i-l--"1 .-'-;..? - ioVado, .vice Iion A. A.,3radfprd, elec;-
Ciwetrt C.vlay; .1 0
. " !lC;' '-VI
ine i est i i.isnington corre?pondent
kiV3;iiy Ma. tard iso'W'ellne
i rsi.:ortate hirpface- in the':Cab-
: tVlAU??:8!- telegraph'tirunl
.,1 - i - -1
. Jtff. Thompson turieLder'edhisent1r3
army on the 21. . n' .. 3
Upwards of pGO CpO soldiers of Grant
ana sr.erman s army are. oa theirway
to Washington, to be .-nustered out. It
ia4Jbceec.deir'Te"a.n i '
arm? of cidv 128 tT0(l i-n,n- ririnn 1
Gor. Brown i trying tD.getVp a Cdn-1
TeiV,sl?9S?i;ergia.i fcer,fl&rfcV
pofcition m tne union. .sua i.t
v-fe1.??0" iu.filin - art
fublished. .j :..' un
fcXwiUIlMa rarrangi'ng forsdV--retriog:bia.
am..weit of :rhe 2HisSi
Sft&cK&umi." Noihinlafer
"T5f;fS?Jfi ebgendired against Geir
ShfF!. fJtersi xerns be accepted
for,iIei ?prfeedet-of: Johnston
army, are griaduallynvareic iff, giving
placjT, nyrtt kipdly . feelings, m-re o
regret that he could be thus duped-t.y tbV
rclhiftfcirf ctiorv (KM L ljY-'
craUhip or patriotism. .-iGeb.S'fcSraaVlM
regret the pul.'tVation chernah,'s
rWiJUfbti' tune.-SherrtinT has doVH
too much for ib- country to be Iitrhii1.1H,udaiice ?iUhay tfrcci the Jatter
rT!tl rnnni Vieceral hri? ii iu lit i r. I
iy lutji'auie, i.ui vi.e wmcnurew at OtiCe
I .. : ..LI. I . i i ...... w . - .;
outfljiaxcspaftoli.tii kI ch'ose-Sher-nun
for the uestern eampaigrf vWrate
be was lh?U jlulOuiviiM4M-.who,hadd;Vi
f -.....v.l,.Kl.1C.l,
ha any other since lyustratVd'the'sama
ebiliryal Sfijrt ma nV-j uccs Sit GoldsbyruJA
necessitated my own at Richmond. I
public tone must do him better justice. "M
ri a - n
- .4.4.4. .44.444...- j
cus recommendation.. Sarreor help but dd
fcimtliettens ,A-puTea(ri5t' tha'ti Gem
Grant never existed ; be bas shown5 'the
- .... . . - . i 1
is tho to bun that the ceuniry3;fn3tliV
sldiBfltercWedaHJxhttiredbWfisi i 7 .i.ii"cr""V 4C. IUUI.)- u' ....
were aguteqietirVl cdnTerned thaUVoallV abough'ft-iant'all 'Kahcl b'-'hia'd'r Gr? U O OT RS
Las tm ideeii eea'm x-C.miiitruitiMh Iff iiwU n a-i.i.- " i I . f ; m.
. , . w. ...v .. wV 44 1 outs iicui MKiit a lewuavs i. or the - r . "4vr 4. .
ed, in ttetiaafe,,-T6r vde,velJprtf"rT of , cattle. belonging.tq a: train,
the erernjq-.wrnjian'in-Tof the -s Tfif S-oui,ufor;,;a ,A ldoe! cot luu'w $he iv,e.9.
agreement. Grant,. frouftPe poiitionbe
occupsei; is the 6estju?lge of Sbeh'nsn'iipucteJe4d.ih bringing, back-most '.of the
lntCKtici;.aipdCT'bi-5udgeihenl the ccurJ.f
trr hould rlr. .
ThftPot-tishingibn special -bf the
5th $j;'culd)Uonal arrelts l.ate' beeif
made to day, and information obtained'
throTjc5i4ort..lightTipQn the cdnVptra'cy
to a?sassinate the Vice-President and
Secretary fofJie,:t Another corres-
pendent 3 jy 1 4b a ro afe si oa. of j Har r old
J-J . ' r .
t I f . r 1 j it.. , . iarj-eti,.fana a- ouoner'of.Tjheri. -Uo5ih
faatens beyond MU sl &xA I U Vrpearatf Je. introducedo.h . to
its full sanction by Jeff. Davis, and bis
Gor. Saunder3 returned to tbe canitol
n th3r-ihln$f. He is reroned toliave
brought vnh nini Kportionrof tlie money J
icr pajmeni ci .ie ieora.ta:a iuuuia.
, E. B. Taylor, editor of the Itepubfi
can, has alio returned. How about the
IUwj, friend Jsylcr?
Ruin was the scene of a considerable!
.i.. oi ii i.. i. r iVn. .1,., I
(cur men. dressed p,rv-KFHeraUniv
form, rode into thai city it a. ar id
i . ' i if T,N.
na wem r..gui 10. me iiore, MitchellJU.S. Nvy, cc :,inr dm. , 7il 7 ' , TUT
Sherer, tberc they rc SeUht fir ' o( DisVnct of Mists' 'wr' cLne u(oir y sf V -.Y1" t V
S1.5C0, Crcfi HcfrofvU.XhnNB:aiflStVFraricii riverno-day bound lor Lit- -r V . v v
tl50, Mr. Dryden, 50. Mr. DeLine,
ccc t it (v enn a i. ,
too. E. Htnman, S30, and -also touk ft
r '
lion, jney men roaeoti totvara Mane
Cloud. A party started in pursuit imrae-'
?;aiJtf Knt nn rfimT thp fprrv tvhirh
crosses the Big Nernaha the ferry boat
was gone, tlis stream Dot being fordable
the pursuers returned without catchiii'1
the thieves. This is the most daring
i ence Avfiere th'h Haass' 'of itdiriduali 'are
' ' . . v .. , .-, , j 1 r
. fC "
i wWe "jear'n froth the Nebraska Citj
$ex,'j( The Ci!( that onthe . 5th ih
EaitettLboiind istae! 'through the lower
tier of counties was taken posseaiion of
by six pasengerif in. the coach, at Wal-J
nut Lreew, between Corrydcn anu uen-
v vl y . i . r.
terville. The rclbers opened the mail
sack? nu took the4 IetteM put. ;T,ii-y
i:;en awaitea tne arrival oi tr.e western
: ; ;0f; v a. i j.4i. . .-...v j.
npn? 1
ov t'lH -
! The "iteatner Cora, which passed this
city afew weks ago bouod fqr,Montaria.
sm.t, a.(t;ort dulapce above- Onuthar .on-
ine 4h inst in about six. feet of. water,,
The boat and cargo a tola llcs. , Thjs is
the'second upper Missouri boat syuk near
j .i.: ::f i .1. r..3 . - i'.s -.4.- .
the tame tlace. The, Jieriraud .sunk
i ,j ; i. .ui j.'t; -
about six weeks,, ago., v... j . ,-.
-a..LU " V:i'" Vt
Hon. Chas. FHo a Nebraska PpU
lician..and.a residenvof Nebraska Cttv.
h'as' Vlfeer? appointed Cinief Justice o Cvl.
ofmed rceH,' foH'l ujper 11 issouri
service. Uhile lying on a 'sandbar m
t ncmity o: Nebraska Citv seven of
se amhesiy'cussea'deseried'. A squad
ijire Itenlnukuif; but up to last Tburs
xiay they had pot been taken" 1 " .
L-JCr-In'-'ii v. .f-'iv-i-i-
. pVe SteTti pipers geVo'tf some cooj pufls,"
fdrTtrstance9 the fullovhng7roili ibe'Ke
braska City News of the 6tb :
'lhe Lfetve; this otmhg Jresen;ed
ionmiMichf appeararnreas-we-chn im
niagiu6;ilie.i5i)linuii Leeve io bbk.iike
in a busy tim..'! ., , Vr 'I ' I;
" There Jtjbtaska)tj'9tbe brainV;
:ii iufi i-ji: .'
Tle, of ,the-2oib, con-;
taics the. following;, i v ,
' i"Mj.. Adams, "of the 11th KanoasJ
Ctvalry, with thirty-f. vp rn e nw as at-
fe Bit
touna stage, wnicn carue aion!? in ajiw
t Yj;:j '-4.. s .v..J ;.v ..:
minutes V and then robbed the rnnji in
mtked iweKiyin.iesi.orhf PerCU, , V
bjtf&kmdflVfiilAj astirjmpari
whipped them, killu.gTen Indians, and j. '--1 'v1 'VH hu" ?'i .1SiCV7 :Us L;:
caV:rin six p.'.n.'esv' ''The 'Blaior Ios ' ll ,9r, wpujd i;res?e;,fully
fihrtri.lilC? ..- . katJnouuce ui the Citizens of this. rlace
i v
The' fo!laiiu2rj H frorT fhe -AlchTson
('i'anl) Free Prers, May 2d:' f :
iMn.'.R. P.rWVst, meBseVipr "on . the
.0 f f riandj StageLiue , f nm j Denver to
AchjV) .arive brre. yesterday tncrnr
jiriii'ving.couie. througu..fruni Denver
u.tsys?-; :t y- ,
tH-'effc M bcrt'Rtfie 'ife-Jvr'Bh' tbe plains'!
N signs of any grass between' iTenvef
a,,u Auif RCg.'i&'t -lbt)evill-jEoou be an
i i ' j o me piuicu at eerv siauoui
ff .in. K ,,rl ku'.rd uicci t kh ' a a
j'" nooi, iuc h;ii lurur
bejiig.utJuUynwvYdo wherciexpediuoml
i-aii be fitted out on short'nouce
unu iiicu - xui I'irciitu wnen
' 'y'c-dtnvo. 'Ttyy have been V
T (lMi.MSwPiT v11? i8u do r.civ2aj j
f- 'lvveen AlkaHa and Cotto'nwooa, be"
iiuiu ui uver iiitv waon
uoutw wriJeiiVer ; l ( ji..
J he road is lined with ho'rfe arid mule
tratkgoa g . westnd tbe: very; best of
ilctk'- ' A large drove of loose , horse
Capt. Murphy, in command at Afkiifi f
w , ...ihmui unci tiicntru uc.10 oiju
catOe .The, balance, had Vee;o killed for
1 at
t 11 11 1 in
-v -ivr-;,;vli;ii')rJAt ?) 1
' Gorernnr Erowin wa at-. Augusta, en-"
- A. a t K A.U1M,. ill U V
Ueavonng to get up a Sute.rcpnventian.l
to1. bring Georgia to her allegiance to
Lhe United State?. , .,
A -Swoifd expedition Waa1eh-Jt6 'Gttr-
rett apuutstruo, avtere.liooihiWaS faulid
pn Syujlay, and returned jyestt-rday.aud
trypingia the paroled rebels pr5-ouer
etti who touk Booth , and "Herrold to
takerf aAay.- T.Tl)e;acts.: Garrett this,
endeavored to prevail oa,Teit!t4. cerufy
to. I" '
The p. a r e .1 w e f. ty , e n d per hi pas tin ri y w
persons concerned in the assa.sfiriajwn
whj)'wili certainly tuJer ihe death pen
alty. Gen. Sherman was at Point Jackaon
yvAurday, pq route to Va.aLiagtoa.
The rebel soldiers that were s.eot oujtJ
vwelii since hid luVt rea'clred Jules- 1
11 t I.i t i 1 a - f
..i . i J0'-Irj.1r.tu were to Ltfsrsri on iKpT i '' ' '--f-' .--1-1
parrelttas a rebel soidiVt named Jioyd.
DdjniVhihi'takeiicaTe of 1 ty' Gar
TetX'fdf afew daywhn he: Would 'be
he prjncipal portion of the army of
ih Pntoif ac is alreadv on the i: arch
. ,u . . - .
.day,'iih;us entir? com. and , lo : .apt
lie RocW on the fiag-of. truce boailzeita
It is proposed to offer ft million dollars
- ,K' . . r ,...
for the caDture of Jeff. Pavts and sever-
Cabinet. Jbe money ks t3 be rurnisneu i
-by cubscnptidua in rlte'hoyal bf.ifes. "f
The soldiers cfGer :raLUjiaD.vajirjl I
ueriiiau s iiruues win uc euu"iei:aicu
ted a lorce which, wiihdroper space of
Washicstdnitoj'Balrim&re. in hne foor;
i TheaSTavyDepartmenLhas? .Gorern
men) pnnier rimnjcg..oiscbargejuapksf
All applications for leaves of absecei
are most . cheerfuHy.acxyirded, , and -rail
. . C 4 .w'Y.
resignations gladiy accepted.
CT4..' II5 ft VI
.... .4....
' : . i- ;':JoTi rvliiij-l - T
viuuals as. wen ai comm-unities,,, over
ivuibii udn"- muitr ui uutciiaiun, anu
trt at i!.r I;.! .t,. tlA 1 ; it A . rl i.-
cernmenv of weulj. bumay.. v,. 4j
Whether it be that poet ion of tne rac
thaL-pan-justCabout 'to-lay .them 4
llqieftr eachre AtpgxA to jiefcpliar.AnJ"
a time has. even new, ccmo upaa tbisL
cation ana tuis jeopie. ine nine,
niOdwatjthelceaolr baa need cfdeT-
feuders.'ihase, who liiui,ec red v'U) rills
ol childhood are exposed to new dangers.
(he terrors ot Ihe lattle-ueid or tbe
iffMfous- 'Stem bPihef!lidspiP'-a"?
cam pi I Q vn i oc th ce " tt-bd pa f su i ib e
jjeaceful pursuits of home, danger coiuii'
ill the shapejoL&JlJtiXjsJuiiyiVa ciU sion.
a run-awav. or stm sudden disease, and
so, "even in the midst, of life,, we are iu J
delth1 1 ' '!,J''
' te.fforVdf ft!l?iW,rfanUci.
sWold b jHaJretI,wellp)s ihicijjeiih;-
eir tb"e, J'ftujig.. laaaured.'pr.aged.ojwna
whoiiaT f riends tolyve ,hem aqd nourQ .
tor ihein wlen.v(3ad Should' jSuiTer an-
aj a vj av '4wo vui av ajf m MiiVvk jv
ciirwr ( if ii(us.3 rtdt alrea'dy bftonV
good, faithful lthvtcsui fiurrj5 forin ar.
hepeiUerby e rtrait j0r,Tor(
the. paotographjst. .
(n':.'?:A;! no en,L . i .-.Bit n -
I iere ire tuiiit? uuw uutiry preparing
ftr We"svnV withr;n r pleasure's at Ther
tea-siijev? qrilsouaie far iolT ofashiunable
cityr wiirjQui, a f thought ;otdangjr.hto:
perhaps, tiediei is, jqouq extenc.a iaci-
ow oj some ueiovcajact tne rami. y pir
cie 'to ft-mind.; them , fMtVt'?igbiiess-
tliatTic that-bite WQfnentet'fitdtitn ica'!"ouiibiirsighi
i- i .
How many, ace thus procrastinating
ahd'putii'ng'cff this sacred ttutytor some
4 Jli'Uj. j.vt .ua. cuan u 44 o uujf t ui
a soufce.ofahe tnostt poignant regreti '
, Scarce. a day pabsesi ihai.sumtj. 3tne in,
deep affliction doenot cwuie to .nje wjtb
"It l?iad.o:ie of your photographs of my
ivjife as 'she' was ln'iil'e, V sh'6uid'prize it
above airtj earthly treasA4Te;-"':'T5rii'if: we
tciy. iiaa:bome'Kina:oi.av-'prfc:ure -or our
J,a;n?:i" btavep,- ii.wouid
bt anr-expjesible auurce of comfort , 10
. Tt jc.4 c.i .-i r -'
ui, and so on, indehdneiy.
e"tf in-ib -wa J tbaC-test's-' iberirrue? fal
announce io tne Culzeus of this, place
inid v.citilly. that Tie bas made arraijge
ments lo r.emaihShlb'ThVnf'fora'Viort
s.eiasvn; so thai-all will; bate "a 'fiance
tbrure oeipfhis beautilul and everi
latiuig pictures, wHich he is so skillful
.in taking. . . , . . ... y
, ;Ilavuig"practicedlthe ArJ unbg' thc
past ; tt!n"j'ears;-,and -tbeing in tonstnbi
reteptiob'utail iiiiprov$nnat9?''he';'teels
coiilide.nt, of, giving eutifeatisfaction,
:o!all wh'x may favur him with a iriaL
LVjcbctt unMoihersf-iro' those-' -who
bave infants, he wouid.; sayv.thafc tiiey k
noJY-iSvieo-!43MP.?riyP'"4ya V.tiaioin
pictures which may be a tpnifprt, and. so
aari ihciihf Drift t'tv
rdal tbem-as" :HeLhiirar:rnf ticnlar aneS
i J a iiiuu VIJVu ;
i . . . . . .
ruuiiMo iiiaKiutr uiLiurfs or cminrpn.
Piciureua,ranied.aa. otd:Ln cladyd
weatnerxas in tair...,.;'.
. loany person wishing to learn the
An,' ne- oners instr'uttlons', JaV as low
1'price'as can be ob a i tied elewhef.i3 t;:
tt. practical Opeiator to tiie.v American
Peep.le. . Noiy4u be fpund ,at tb-.GU
lerl; of f W. ; Sf.'C. Peikns'.'.wnviUe;
TVjll. cinimencer its! First, Tern? for'tbe
7ear 1S63 on Monday, May"ihe8ih;.un-
-.1' t- . : . V I .f fT
uctius QupKruitenu tote ot-j. n. uhw
ett A. M. as Principal. Who with such
;afiistaccej avniay; be'tlecessary; will
also hare -charges of the;jcb;'ssilic.itton,"
disciplino.'and iinsjructioaiof'th'-Prirnai
ry an Jntermedidie J)epar)neuts.
included in-ihe present;;Dj.-
'The Tf n, will coptinua:.el.eyeq Weeks.-
r- i I 1 14 1 il 4. V tldJl - .
p.;.,,,,., n.
Interrnediata Ciafs .S4 00
... tJ - .4.4.4... . ..V-4.4..
.Grammar . . , S-5 00 .
Advanced , f J , S6- 00 . ,
'-v.titf .., .t.,yaja advance,,.
. . . ' r : . : , r "i i.Jt4 jl i
"NV Scholar- received for less than
half the Term, ."'and no"all6wance rriade
ior ansence umes at tae option ct tne
xr r J i n a-i Jf
r i er uraer-oi tne jjoara oi.ocngti Li
i'zi.ttJLai?L -r ...d -c .V ?:
r.emors oi,.prownviii jLisirici. Ot)i(..
See the Card of Dxs.' C. F, Stewart &
A. S. Holladay, practicing PhysicisEg
laci Surgeon, in to-day' pap jr.
i in this nuartpr for dirhnrrfi duria.Tlhe
ter6!tr liJbmhsif (V'ctvid review ti
theraiycf "tOO.DOCf" ti;ens comenipla-
1 A
ins pictures tor pleauness arid.briUiamy
of !tone are unsur passed"" by; those, of 'a'l.y
Atiis'v ih tbcWtr.fv.0-' u T
1 Rftf ?! V o 5)flIUY9
' it" t ; 5
j M - .
.i cr o -j v t rr a f
(fllii.trsjlprlete arrjI (mq1
cessful Combination of Reaper
r-e tidow!enrh"
U.!' :.ivI.a.va9cainade.,and.J: va
i . successfully used. Hundreds
ppoa hundreds of .Premiums have been
, awarded it in competition .vvith
! ; : other, -roii3::
.;: eiviug.,1m. t.:!- h.a
T- . . .
' JO
i . . t ' i c j i . e
i ' .A..hs orld s . International Ex- :
hibipn .in London, being.. .the bighest
I award for anvibme in the.Exbibmon.
-1 ?.?Hi;p!9lM.4fkm;:i
J ' -.aL) c.Pf ii-erntAgcnli ,ccn u
,... n , Siat T 5-
, . rT, v; - . ',il
h -" beUorldnhaj:WiUi dcP4ts't;nt9
iVork. :. DutV&fail to see'a samfplebf thn
5 gfeat Liipyoveinedts beffirebyoj4'iui 1
Lj'i :4 ,fbaybr orderly othferJtlgil
jjoi'pennjrr:' can.'
i'A al If:
-.' saved is betier than iwti eanied.
-L-:iiter. tl.alV build iiwttvvii .r.T
! I
zi ,'iionalreti Jlaino'y ? t ' .v
i-t .-::-UvO r!oJM01er9',: t.-:
j r.
orlitlmnyihat'tlKeyiare7' t'l"s
the lightestsfl-otisti 15
:n uqiarst.x.oaict'ielEUTeable''5
;jia: get outrf order', cbapest c
j gK.:wt)rkiTigt'Mofcr erver''-Uhl!.,:-
The arrangement f thff DrierrV',9eat
'.' j drire wheel' and tuitVr-bnrj rrsu'cb
1 ! ras itovbalajice- tbe he'lf 'tnLxly' r
j T.up6nfihtf drive' wheel. -thlis V;V
j .!it!--pi; irin ' gh'Higl great 5-r't- !
.- '11 r bpo.ter andlicht1-!
: ; -, ns4ii icoii rj(iw-,-finiI '1"1 JKi0'! I js
i. ; ' .bsLpifttd-Mii7'tiie .;VK;4'V X1
'!o-3 .peittesliandlex'i1 ' l " v
' , ' v ic&sfvelypoo'itl cvr'fi triefii ' - ;
i-l -wlH Warhrtirif - to' do - better 1
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u jih proportionate cost, and to, do as gen-
:t Ural good wurk!ui bVnvmVn3 any. ,
f ;r.;VfJi2r,.PIlriii,'K ei?VB 1 J
J i initig ever drawn by horses. -
-;f-,v'AVv' :V !
. iBrownville, Neb ,' .layi:.'6-5. Sbn
con. Fittsf S; Atlantic steets
j ' IS THE
i ... ...
In$tiiuiiow,;of)the,Ji'ndJ ;i4:tb West !
Hi .V-!--.-
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1 VffiJ -3J !:
7 fa
iJAn Extensive '
;:1 zr.' 1
3T$. connected' with tae Stal'ie.
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j LSI HAY NOlIGLi b'3:uICf
-'.T-i-: '.(.4rl.I.IILUIII'...M I. I. pn the 23h ef April LS'Jj.bT Ihe no
tftigiwl ItwiSfrttJXto:.,) jaiSJjf 2 .i Unties
AAoA K.t;itr..ii V4Ul :i It -.-1;. t
bclo.T Apir.wU iQ Samihouaty Iebraai.Ter-, .,
rtXrfry.'MinronOhiy -wor'i'Korte pp.J.i to '
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i-34-t.-tdt.4ll ..'UiMWCIC-
Sal ; NiiESTTlAY NtlCE! I 11
.TfTVf j5J7f th.t,-r.deriied:rd,fflff.Tfi G
Jtocki Township on the ltt dar of May" ISo5, one
dark ibfyi-'MaWbnib' aitS' feet wnfte-ib bther
iporki C.t.iimJi rceiyalle, -to .b,4 foxtr
yVara X tfct bprtb & i '
34-5t p'i. " AS3ERY EDSWESTOx.
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I T)5!T7 Y'Wflolr i r :1: : .-TsTftTl ill i'
TJ v, -w ' CiaaCo2riimota.piaa5a 8aata fS YH ?IES ALE AKDESTAIL DEALS?. ITT I 7 rafsu N f XotJlif'T. Cf eilV
. '.If-ytf .TJ Iv-'d.y3 31'1';-' l.'Ptar atreet-roraaleatWiiole-.leuiCbajlo hf . T , L y
I , , t - . I . " w " - " v - 4.mi 4 44. VHl. 4 .4 I fill S3 t j I . f 1 I) 1 4 4. 4 . L'J U V U.-'. ft 41 J-"- 1' j I
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ai -..'"Jrtjaw3t3XCrSJ JW5J U,TV r;-;.. WUM lCny, Senior. la;.Vi"2 VV..tiyJO r. -Iff .--i,. L; 1 U Ma ti. aider,, kuVVl W M II JM I
. KUPWSVII-PIIR PiW .liquors fot winHl1:
toirjo. niHtaT warit ?t ; All kinds cf Patect Mclil - . 7 " -,1 lj '
v miMml '-FOR SAL E.A
''-' 0i5loi;daybei9:6W'tyl5;rwftlgf. 'Theohject aji.ll-raeri.fwiJdiill i t. fcreci.t.iv " " n '-"--J" A ' f I f ' ' ' V J.w"'" ssiie ttf .the tight-st biLl..T fef uh 'iailma 1. ' ilecd 5t t-rus,-iH2 nitar oa ta-jrfgigf,."p'4 11 allPapfrrfif-rBnJ 'PiUtn 1 " i-lvUlr.l...Jl ' A,fj. .
, . at Anr T. D. Hngbes' in Bedford. Fwinct in Xe- by P.liy K.nni-on. decked, in hor iitr.itae. H D.r.rj Cord-aid Taw! 1 , ' ' f "' Vf-" W ? ' v
' . Maba'C-Vntv -Kelranka'-" Te-rrt'..farO!RiftW ' I. . fiarW trustee. ur-n th, SoMifi tit A'JfP t.JtV.f': .-- uut,,4jr ''.ej5 ot .r,,n. .
Steer, UModle tt-, b andefwitb-ttr aV.alt .4iwrtr?.t fjtVf,I linarti.v 5; SorMi. t Vij L ) 11? and 5rnvnrr t-, 5-; iiT. ' I
hip, fcwallowfwrk in both MraiV. toT.r Kaaia IU Eaal in Nennba CCuntv, .Vbrk Te.-ri- ! SMOKING 'rir?.tCU "nM CiUTARS.I ; . 4V .' rv ", 1 "r7Tr? . -
l:AC'"?.J:n ?birty fitpa p,;llaru ioryJ pven to Secure b pyiC6 .f latyj j Qiers. CanneWtliifi l-'cefhhUtei--- PJttAVi W?MySV
ka p bj A,mo 1 . D. HajtUe?. and or in bifiro- . $2iiJ.0-r,eia.irrd,in i(HlejJ.(.j-l crp?U and, for. k : , . .. . ,, ... ' ! m atirJiy m . 20.1. 1 .wi-i lr wi.. 1 I
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-V- l'
f . - 4 i , '
,;oiriu a ; a
Patented February 12,
Tbi -ll Vpcwb nr.i (cb1e Implement for Corn
rai nine ihatjll rod and pvtical Farmem vili br;
tet.i m.nuraurect ty tLa under tigsed mt
1 .-j-.-rf r
nd ire now ireptrel to fill all ordi
teie:ir iljn comivif i-exrt. 1 1f e,
Tluii)!e imriTveiuents unco !at
redone! ibe .tuik ur tiK T toe m
in better proportion, oareinQli
' - i:l '
' Is 4liipiWDViirin,r.. anil plow wlrhont lihor.
1 2J. Aarier'" wncn (Uive ttim can manage it.
J. Crt.kJkl fi kA Cornie piawe4 easily and
h crnBlly-a urtigiu 01 e-1, ite piowtna siitwuc o as
to'obwerTe the earn ' ami ee if tb work s well dne.
I (j.. It (.a.tbe ni:.-t, periecl auil natural fxt mo
tion tf auy (Howfuatl, and dun not crarop or tire the
Plawiuan. f .
S.h.'the Plowi while la molioa are movfr! with
pertect eae.
6th'. The Pliwa are adjnstabie to any lcp. any da
tired kpae l ei ween the plow: is reaJily ottaLnU.
6ih . . Ai'justibte sbieidi to prevent younj coin from
bein? o.vered .. . .',; '. i:
8th It is admirably aupte4 to plowic; in small
tvwiil Siar&to. or Brown villei N'b. .Tex'
! -larrs" vf-r-i-i '-li
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ri ,iiO"
A3T0I.iAT.IC ilfSi
I I ?
'iff "1
39-Vatifetiesi Wilh &Teit -TJafikbi.Tentrt !iir
Ma 0.:i SSfcfio;
' ,Orl.j
no cc: i m said ??-orj ,9t-,
, 4-V . .4 4 - - . - 4
' i-- J i.
Elcsrant: Rosewood Walnut j i
r I ct vhl'd a
ivu tvuv 4.u n iu - v aetl!
.heI)ot cpiinenttusi' i .ns.A.i.tu the superior e'.-e!-i
t.-i t:vi 04.tiilu'UuDiu.i-y-iiU ta .'iaoC lri ttay
adui. . . ,
; ritE automatic ; ono.ii
I:tprcsea4iu thB AutOi,iili(: Ori, we W'lly l1
Doulite fife kieatert 'trionlb' in iMa'-icai -iutrtiYneiits
of tL ate.. Uui iik Jnt iid.:f tenia x tlw. Krenc'j.
auJ" Gerniaii' nave 'uiunuu'otared reel ' ina'runjet
. . . ... . 4 . , w i
win nin ri;uj,Djiij pnun .jorin iriiriW
i;if-,iie, oui ine tni ine. reverei r axiiin.u--!
LeuwrvibKb. (iije'.-rurr uo.w-j s-etn trtjr.rtiSrP
u.fcii--, Oi-.e it unjxSbibi.e for JLtra to pt!ure ioe
xufc 0.jvr, tji.-tr.-aua, ia-juiU.t-ue jlr MkluLiiSolirt .iAVIr
i4ifet li ar ce eOra. e 1. - r
Unuiiier Ijettiuu to tbia metbod of bl Jwliit) via
U1I4I, b. in leet te.iirf -cruc4el, u 1 vyivjtilJiiiiy wt-t 44-
i )at-t two yearb, umiruimriit cunntrucie'l on i!i;s Kyrv
I p. ail of 'U.uoie bio roi c," l)4ve k-m iu;.:iur o-t
.apiiti tj)is cui.iry, u! coun. e.iiCt uittliifr
(wnttrf we4) u-ie er b ticeii poJ.,t,l 'tuth tbe
ntre r.,'be niswHuieui jti.di.i.-'jwu tue,sreiL aixl
vxr.""!ey ty ia f.nee , ihe.n-.X)liVo.iie.rt; aiii 'iont-'
i4u;t; ne.ear- iveitectj-t:ia. ijci;t. rn;ili3j.re4ra)ie
.i.iCpu ) A itentfeui'itii,vut i t ialy lu'e" iue of "u.!i
ti-pH.U,ejU,4tr.V lW.u3llJ.4!. , T-r,f, 7-r .
00V hA-iiittiotrfiiraVjbViAte tL'is UiillVcttr entire
ly ; me tiuip-e ct ,f LAr4UK wit-W t,-re;r iucf
jtiui,- tiie Uesii tJ or deJi ee iu '.lie viuie
ot !rt4r' '!'. K i r :o-. f.1
for eventeen years tbe eut-eri-jr escel!ence of our
ilitIejoiiiu u..t feeo - t(U.toi.tid. and fur :lwyeira
k4i tLe eiKTiuuiis ueuidiKi L.n uiadc 11 linoMiiile. fr
as 10 ment our or-ier ix-oi;ouKj' i-.h oui iu-ei eJ
r facilities. Wi- reel war ran; oil 1:1. aii-wring our pirjis
'1 at thfir order viil be promptly, mil toiiciC a
c,nnuuaut.e vf tbeir pairua.'e. ,
(j KO. A. PItlXCB 4.C0
Caution (o Purchasers.
all cur tu.-lrunitfiiia lve up. u ite uame board, in
full 'OKo. A. ehfNCX Ac CO." Wis en a iealcr tep-
1 events iiujr yiner anienia a "'.be .-anie aa ln-.'',
jit s UM irny a n-.vii a.tpuil to te.I .11 imerior iust u-
uifiit;u HDith he Can nuke aUipe p.-vui.
..P. S A Ii0tri.lui.-C4.unt loCburciifi. CJergymea
aad' ' . .i Ad-lre-a,
; . A.eRlXCiS, &CO ,69 WiIiinKt4n St.
: Or, Cnicagi. III.
oKO. A. ?B1SCB St CO . Bufla.o, X X.
May I-t Hoo. nc23 v3-yiy
IVXgxrTiocI Ladies !
in j
; ! -r.nii 1..'. :o tXsii) br-:i) "..f
t.Iv T --r-f-
a f 1
1 " .
axe c rdiaJly'reximnicndea to
r f . T Vke Prila of accooehjnent.
;.i!: 1
.'idooTW th axai xklaL ei
conttitiition. Zyprr
4 - 1 '
j ? ' ' 3 d o iK(l EVXAT.,
nr. ,f,:ijj;.r
, IT.
I .L.i.U Vf. J .
- ...r . - ,
. 1 il An a . . . . . fti. . . 4 V
14 wv. M4. 4.4C44,r W4 ffr A.V.VC4ra
V Kin uiaon Senior, William KinnUon Junior. George I
rMni.0and Pcjriy Kinnison are tv.d thithey
KrtlT. Jtrt4 4 4WJ." i. '4. 44.1 4. 41 i.-v't.4 -' '4"4.. I
i . ; i t:i . - . - j
rrnautd li aptix.4u.d a.-r fid b;U, oa orr
re rBJe12Way .f inay A. U. 1335.: " '. 1
befnre fTit :TZ fti av of mar
Vti April 5iu I W j V ' $ ' Zi & fJ t
" . ,,,, , ttIARLE.- U. D'i..Sr .
-t . tOilUlHSl&'td I. AHt Ctia.aUtaali&O t
i - 1
S..H. ,fherebriv that the Board of Sihw,
tertal.-iainlJwHtMted to.l Ktolworiu: S1. fl.' 1 The trnd? scfpTed at'MannraetureTS ttioes by j . ... .. t 4
tvj3" Oideis addressed to,tbebjve a,l : , . - . li... -11 "!?!?'.' t -I-
i.ita County, at tno .-thee or L. 1 Dpuias. 1 Nel . territo-r " .! il!rik li'rn-. rop-if oMi n:f. rr1' f'- -, ,
llrojw0;..fc tf lt lt4'4r ift-WBrjr.tu-xijft. . "u . 'f.l.-Ji..,a TiH' aU ."..S;:.J tt jMrwoi ar.-i etw. 1 cff
between the hour of oceanic I'.M, Apflicania.. I'RESrrJPTlONS, QX'drS .UirCUiliV l Uue bi:.e a, In: 1 1 1 r-.-; 'fJc'
ToVlertiSiatesare required lo be r.resenn ft ?h '1 llH -T r ' Q t?ori i r' ! cL'..6rJ,.re , 7 ?T t tJ
o'clock. !.-! j, or tLy will not ba examited.- fiiieir-lt all bOUTS. -3j-Iy. ?tP1?
o person Deed apply at any other titre. - - - ronfmity wrtT, . 07e-f .rwbu.peckled Cow crop ''J'jS
By oruer of the B..-rd. 1VL .jdiiion to their Mock c Or. err'.e arfi nir;j. ; ear, ar-ce-hit n of tbe rit ear tba ; j
. rVM.Xty, C.erl. w,r. Tbeir Go-As aivt Piice will ;1 everybody ' r ff. a dial briat oa the left asp, afrvit ; . ,
Atrt! !lt, Ifii. N --rly aayota.r aaa."' J Twca'? P'ar. - v
V (
V LjJ i j ;
' R-pxri
to which hur.dffrl, bafe u.ed
h,arer. iiy and v:Sg ftUr feu one bot -
tie 13 tairly Ufed.m an cmminiKT. it revuiMon
to their entire s:i-j?acifn!.:
Wttare iiin iu ISe-bii cf.Bi3to!raienr, up
wards of 16," Hoc. per 3l,a',tbe42Si',T1iT-r-?the
ItLXtWEIt the rtt'erenoe q-vcr, m'.l otaer
hr sr 1- reparation. 1
If n-A ?otJ by Id'yvar'-toww'; i Trial
Bot:le'u be sent yyu.ty-Expi-us,Aipoaim;eipt of
otedo'iarby mail thus givibgyou an cpporlunity
at on?" for ttstinjr its exceitent vitoes..
fS?"Orders for TriiiJ Uottcs rnait be aclare;ed to
our Gem-rat Ac I ft.rfbe-'orthwcitctn'rttAt'e?, U.
A . GOO K , D-x-jVui 1. Calce go, i AlltstKO orders
wilt rtceire pronu.;at:ja:A . M .-f
ii. J . 11- rrp ncvrv,
ivr.xi, tTtrv.
Notice in uereby givea tu-:t I wj7i caer frr. ?a!e
t bubiic auction "'Vav'-Trt.r.t- ealrafloS tl
SrowETiiltf LoueiituthfijUiiy-wf Bm'iiTue.- ttat
h'ein the ln;i.dii:iTia wuivh. tbe,4;wt-teTLOi0f th
4- . . ryt. ".' . 4 v 'u.. . u
1 ltrirl V-uUrt Oi CIS coutijj ..I .leuuBUM, iu 4i5
Territur tfNcbraiiJ; 'te!d )?.n tbt' . -
1st dav. r May. A.'D.1 1S05 aOT o'clock
h. JI. Thv- 'oIfaTefcT tit irtcilfd iii IL
tl wit : L-.t BNx-k 4tf : Ul II, 13, 15. and
. .. . ... .... t t j - f.i .l. Cf. T.4.0 l.i
in U'.. ctt90: Lot T, I2,'i:-tlia H.i,c'4 3.? ; Lut 4 in
jo in ni ft--. ad iAt in j-iiji,B4i.n"i' tt, .v'tii
nuwic U3i. M-i if 4? : i.-r 1 j,1 ri
Hl-jt-k 47 : Ut 1 1 it. "il.K-k At LU IS m Ulot-li rl
j tj; in NiLiah.i City ;'alo the South I'.it 1-4 f
Tftha Xi.rta V e.-tl 4 of' Stjthn'34 in .T.'wnsbjp 5
.Hrth of nign 4-KH$ U,XLe irh has!? 1-4
of the S. uih Weil, -ita Sjwa; l.;i.tw8."Apr.4
North of FUng 15 Iv;ijT,exc-ej.; Vj, acres !vj' the
West fide thtrevt ; a1o a truet 6f ia'sd ci.rninenc'r.j
at a j oint 80 roda North t f the South West cpriicr
...f .Stction Kihtpcnf !?')!a I'owftn'T'Airthrf
ltuga 6 V.Hit, thetuc Tm),Eafc.4l roli thence
S'uth 2j 1-4 rods tbs W 4,7, rd, theoce-N 2:i
Jr4 r.Ji to rfce i lat-c cf vir.mss ;. a!-", Lota 7,utl
t.of ths S West I-4 Scctio.l Sl'ia "fawnSbin
4'North,on:.ui.'e JjLa.i; also Ja XorVWes; l4
if the 'oriii ii.i;t 1 4Sf.I,;I . 2, f.;tH-Uoai:.2,
X'J ) sores u-VciJ .0 r.j.. Ai-'.i ir.i eat r.i cf
tie iN.uta We.-t I-l-Ml 1.. SauTl'r'rar !-vnion
iTovfiiship 5 N'.rth of fange 16 Eut, except tweu
tj acre? ia iho S- vkNiY'fiJrtter.tii:;! tb
j flirty of Jerou. Ud'--yi'ijr. .t necjtii uani
vendi in favor of S..niucl"kA Cri'diCera i?cutor
ot; the i.i?t; will and ta.-Vi.ui.nt" of WiT!:i.'Hi!l de-ten-ed,
i.fvi'(! out cftaa'UiMrii t CjwK 7of Ith
t'ounty of leiu k'u., in tha, Tcijvry iir'pfa4ia,
aid to ice cirvctfd ailieriSt oi g-iJL VwuiitT. ..
!laud ilirca 27ih. l3o5. " -: " ,l
if. I !rie"in(realef - Ihertdn, 'art? fefreby uotiid
I -
.. rj
aiitiicatc, U.not ce! ticMJU a ta . ,Ui0 5 tVrth of Ricee 15 Zisr'ia v
iOr when t b-r, sr.d la.liDg ciT.tut i , cbrak Terriry..'ea- vr scur ,wl i
a.tiveiy KCSE CULOl. to m c.n gia ' , eviD?..rant .f promirr note if
ade bei. ii is tr.rnir - grey orwLite, wuthcr ; lha bf telA iremjs to py t,JM-
' wi-gwf ftrrtdirs-, "' . -' i,lrr.:.TTT.Tr&Ti,4;:Vto i.-.r;; r iTs-Torf -al cw i
; It .rt.-.ii.! vl( wh,t ii cUiaed, far it, a ict ,,e ..o.j k . . !
.'.i-'v."M. vf Ni.ce.nl4j.Jilt tl.l re .".nJ i t!ir ad fertile-f (ha ? a n i
ra they iniy re-i ..., .j .. .. j,.;. .JrrtKlCtr. i I i4i..r- .
h... ai. r,"; t? 4 ? r:t
chine- ioib1 ill ' US'J v uit - .-i-- ( , u ia.i3-3 i i.J-uSi 'v Ii 1
the valuable poinu. J be foa.m. n iue tciki c un -r' TNPU ttubt,r .nd Horn, Ures.nT.FJT f
: t ivj taeir .rber'.:t liit 014rTifj Ojc4 W'Jft-inr will ; X Comb-. W.mxIm Poret d,n.b r !. 1" ilTa 1
nrtnnt Pnil boI be wHbout it; ft rtnewt;r nd Te?6.r;Mre fvf : Vt:et,uiT-i ' 'l' t
, 'Jn the uitTirtliV EAIiZ ofXaVanal C. Ket- F-T -'5 V.1' - , '
;T i oereas trie 1 r..bata tourr, in ana for ti.ira ,. J . '
couutv. Xehoaka Territ..cv7a.3, on the CM dajrof j b'j ' c. ' 1M ' Th ..b-t and prr
aaid t-ouatv....! Tt-rritorv .w dececd.', .' : . L0"0'" lhe V1 dV tl i :, . ".
.ll'IT I lUll l'.J'U. 41(11 V1 I Ul Bill'l . H li'l
l! HiirA:ljaU'.ajiiln4siJ Kut TTT) v- ri TT G 1?
tbft said Pcoojiwjrt i.. of.--iKdt.Tt ihe.T'.h -0Jx Itl I V .h. i. il U U U 13
f.y of Aut, A. j: tipra.oijiiajriiif. j .. TT V ' . ..
J prdred by id Priiaenirt that t4Melf ll.e j be publi-Ur fwar waccaUto.wtUii Uifc i
Xthmika Adverci'tT,., ,- . j
!autedBtauico.5firc4. f.tb 'rs,5. 1 ' ,1VV'. " .1
3 1
: AduinbKatcr.T
'l i 23-4t t9 W
I ..-'ISSl.i.lI-IillYISv "'
rj Will practice in alttbe Court jtcb.
B. C. HARE'S ;--'
I tbe plce to get y.iMrPictti'-e-. tie 1 prepare.Me
iKe all kinu of Picture large Mzea Pliou-siaylV,
MeUi;i.type. c. ' '
ne kepps on hsind a wcl select el stock :f AlbtrnM
an.t Pliotc-parpb K'u
Ttta new Gal lei y north l.e of rnarnSfreel'" ppoV
rit 4 A. P. n:,'s Sure. Prrs. os wilt ii .wi I t
ciiil s.K.n, before pef ir.jc work done elsewhere.
particular ynitivigSen wtu thiiurnu, aUo m cnyyipg
)J Pictured. "tj'.Tk-re 1. Ma-k. treen,' or plaiU are
ji4 color? for thi' Iren' dre?e?..k -.J l. v4
d I LEG A L ISO riCLV 1 ' L
cic!l A. Svin-iruiro athl :t h"nnVnA- frAtr
of Frai.od.4 1'utndriet UfceHseL . will taka tittmk
tb it Ilenry HotaiiM.n, A-ljt3iitnff'. nf..h4ct
if, John U. I.urert. rl-c-a-en.' has cointiierr.ed'.a
liton tbe Cuart ery-yli of' the Di-trict 'C'.tirt
ofiXmaaha Couity, -!r.k.; nt wyM) -
tfti they together wish .lasner A. Ware are u.aJe
.detcdant. Tlmv'ect cj s-u U t fyfri:Wfai ,D" frorfy Vir.g nituatc-i. In tie C-or.. t
t cirtiiin morfjrage tuado v tri. ;-'i I.t'ianrij I'utif ' 1,1 Nwh. brka Territory, f.i 1on a lb pf-p-Itirtit
in favor f the ilhl Jf.fch ' It.' LUtfren't enti-in- j TXJ V V7lil,..ta L. Tift'rton, on. n exrtioai f
Urrt Jlfli ISi.on tb' (.nh wVSt unsTterf.f Src
tir 17 in To wr.ihi;&ofl.-f Harrje 14 East it-
uittd in the auidViiiif v oC NuxaLa, gi4,fn to a-
citre the raai-n"t of .jjue u th ea; j Ia-
rvfit f n tii milt 1'atiroat three refvrj friim the 'rfita
; i;.,Lof.ijjd u.or f injii-: wrM lateral.; ' Thff fryp ef
iXJeed be"d Cr-f,.ri, 1" r";! ,';f .'.he a'',''Ve
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