Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 30, 1865, Image 2

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Nebraska CiliualiGcr,
4 ) , - - - ' -
1 1.
tViVa i rh vptv important war new:
no great batiles have been fought since
our last issue; yet the prospect for a
tneedv termination of the rebellion - is
growing brighter. eery day. Sherman
ii everyday drawing tiearer to Richmond.
Sheridan has jtnoTed from Winchester
vp the Shenstndoab, destroyed Early's
trmy; captured Char'ottyille;. annihilate
K Richmond and' Lynchburg canal ;
passed over ca lo tne pKuini,
men now form3 the rtehtwin of Grant's
armv. Grant and .Lop ttill lie. watching
tach other in their trenches around Pe-!
lersburg and Richmond. Rut all acquain
ted with affairs there are looking con-
tantly for.Lee t evacuate. Jeff. -Da-
ihe war. A large expedition has been
. .fitted out- to attach' Mobile, which will
fall in a few days, if indeed it. has not
already been captured.
. That the contest will terminate trium-
. pbaulv to tie caue of the Union is so
apparent to everybody that the premium, J
-oa old has fallen in one month from
160 to 47. Even the secesh bulls of
Wall Street, N. V., St. Louis, and cilner
places, have all turned bears to Mve them
. rp from utter iii;aucil ruin..
r . At latest dates Sherman was march
ir.g frora Fayettsvllle on Ralf igh. thf-cap-
ital of North Carolina--IIi army . was
. divided into two columns. The Richmond
. papers boast, that each wing of his army
was met and whipped ; cne by JIarde,
the pthor by Johnson, about ihe 10ih or
vSQih. Utile confidence hive the
.jNew York gold gamblers in these ru
actors that the downward tendency of gold
i was net j retarded a single hour.
: :The truth is they hovered arcund Sher
. man's advancing columns, aud Had a few.
tkirmishes with his outskirts, that resul
ted in. cur favor as often as theirs, tnd did
not retard the advance of Sherman at all.
! Since the above was in typo, later dis
t patches inform us that Sherman; Terry,
and Scbcfield' forces hare formed a
junction near Goldtborough, N. C. Com
' oumcations ars kent ODen with both Wil-
J cington and Newbern. The Railroad.
: t rom Newbero by way of Guldtborough
lo ilaleigh, will be . repaired, and kept
t'.bpen, to. send supplies to Sherman. TIih
r. apcedy capture cf Raleigh by the I'tdtr-
'ais, now the different armies have form:
a junction, is virtually admitted by the
t N. C. papers. Oa the; 24th,. Sherman
r. was at Smiihfield, half:, way, between
ivGoldsboroygh and Raleigh, r ile was
.Cghttng with Johnson every day. ;
1. 1--Near. Petersburg the rebds attacked
Grant's 1 i :i s at daylight on the 25ih.
Their movements Were so sudden that
they captured Ft.."Suadman.' ckir.g all
; iti garrison prisoners, iacluding Gi'tu-r-
al McLaughlin; .: The rebels. fought 'fes.:
perately, itrivitg Ita pierce -Grant's line$
and. hold the fort. But reinforcements
. coming yp rapidly, the rebel
was Hist. checked, and "a few minutes uf-
vis in his last message to the rebel Ccn ! of this cfike even going so far as this,
cress rays that their C-piu-l is row in j that where the tract is not in possession
greater danger-than at zt.y time during J Vf' P al,-the
6 0 : . . . r:rht of the alter Will bo held cood if
terwards thty were driven back clear to
. their own lines; losmgiierribly in killed
j,.: wounded, and prisoners. We recaputr-
ed all our guns al Fi,; Sieadman. . Our
. -Toss in killed was unknown, but was but
,r will-be less than SOO; -whilp the rebel
lost in killed and w;oux,dcd about 1,500,'
, :and 2.800 prisoner. . t ,; : , '
lt 1 We underiar that a, difpatch went
ever the wire late U.t r.ipht, Mating that
Grant had another bruh vvith the rebels I
ndhad again captured a large -number
cf prisoners.,.
That' there is a -wide-spread panic
among gold speculators, merchants and
pork packers, in the large eattern and
western Cities, is evident from telegrapic
reports" from all sections. "The cause of
this Is the ra r7;d decline in cold. The
ccmbinatibns which have heretofore ei;
ercised an influence in keeping up the
, geld and 'depreciating Government se
. curities, are "weakening with, ihe' rebej-
lion they have helped to sustain. As the
Union arms encompass and crush the re-.
bellion," so wilfit crush" these parasites.
' who woald live and thrive by "the' ruin, of
their country. With merchantsthe 'case
r 7 '
' were forced to trade on a rold basis, and
none but those who have orir-traded
this spring will severely feel the crash,
yet thi? class is numerous, and will cause
considerable excitement as they go down,
cost cf the meat and the coEt'of packing.
The pcrk.crcp is some short, ol former
years, and under the idea that this thortr
..nss would keep up the prices despite the
lall in gold, has induced many into heavy
investments which will ruin 'them.'. '
In this crisis there is a bright gleam, cf
light to the laboring classes. No form.
r crisis and its result? can bo i.ken as
Pork-packers and holders will feel .the . nl ulu. raoGesi. Winy ; moaesiy
panic urribly.-already has the price cone ru'ined niaii a maa with -far better
down fully one-third below the. .original paits tharf you have. - V . . --
i i - -
a criterion by which to jude that now
impending-. Heretofore they have gene
rally been caused by a cohpse c( the-j'n.
flated circulation of local banks,; render-,
iDg their bills, in the hands of the people
worthless. In the present ca.sei 'on' lhe
contrary, the Terycau3a- which. produces
the panic enhances the -value cf the
Government currency now in circulation,
and consequently benefits the great mass
of the people. We fear for 120 bad re
sults from a crisis, and hail it tu ihe
very best evidence cf "a good time com
ing," "when thiscrud war is over,' and
an index that the end will bo soon.
The Commissioner of the General
Land Office Las issued a circular, in re
gard to the act of March 521st; 1864, ex
tending' tha. benefits of a hornfiead to
persons cn actual duty, in the military cr
naval service of the VUnited States, of
which the following is an extract
"Where theflit'ar'y or naval appli
cant has arr actual settlement on a parcel
o: land, tlirouguiiiarttuuly vi u;em-
beroiiersof, the way is open for the con
summation 'of his rich'. provided that
immediately after, his discharge from
military' or 'naval service he; enters in
good faith upon '.he land and ' keeps up
his hciflPstbaJ as his bona fide residence
iviLlj cuhivaiioa , the liberal construction
the requisite AfHJavit and;. Appli'.ation
hve been filed, throtigh an agent . or
otherwise, tract designated, and regis,
ter's cehificate'opetasufd ; provided that
immediately'upon 4ns discharge from ac
tual military or naval service he enters
upon the land makes it emphatically his
home, by residence and cultivation, in
iiood faith, for the full term of five vears.
and the time he is necessarily absent itf
the actual service, military or paval, of
his country shall not be counted against
him, but. treated as a part of his, five
yti-rs' residence aud cuhivaiioa."
, This construction is .certainly mo?t lib
eral towards "cur buys in blue." From appear that a soldier, oa entering
the service, may himself or through some
one cf his family, lake up a homestead,
and his term cf 'actual service will .be
counted as tprt of the five ears resU
dence necestury; to perfect h's homestead
title. - . t
... . Shcul any one desire, after(a partial
resiutxccfipon a tract of land taken first
as a Homestead, to leave said land, and
ctill retain .title thereto, it can
be-done at any time by 'commuting" the
same into a V ash entry." tlie person go
wi:hiugttp change u.ukiug. proof of ac
tual residence and . improvemjent to the
extent of a; least cae acre. , . ;.
; These decisions open a wide field for
the soldier , to benefit himself a through
the, medium of the public Jands. The
land iu.; this the Kcmahii-r-disirist,. is
richin agricultural aud mineral wealth
Timler, we venture to say, is more abun
dant than in most prairie countries, and
good $toue is plenty-. Stone-coal has. been
devtioped in iaauy places, .uiTioient to
prove, beyond a,-djubt, that iiexists iu
sufHcient quantiues to pay "as sooa as
population, demands iu use,., l qvy paya
ihe prop.ritttora of ono nunc to bring it
a JistanciJ. of treu'.yfii'J miles an-i sell
it at fii'iy rjye fibula , p-ir buohtl. j.Thts
proves, that (all uc-cessary. lo de
velope i; thoroughly .is a; mriiei ; that
this dtujanJ d je$ nni nay: -exist btcuis to
jius. a-gced argumtpt that timber isJasufii-
jietUi.tbui;ddn;e to uett.uli dv-niands for
fujslior.-iagnculturiil- purposes, .The cli-,, as healthy! as, any - other.; .with
then niij winters, and long, but not. hot,
tcr .sultry' summers, anJ.-.ccol. pleasant
nights,! even, through 'July and August.
; Thereire ietj.ito&iunds of. acres of
rich, fertile lands, iu this district opeu for
hemeiteau settlement.. ' The soldiers fu
ture occupation, cr business is .doubtful.
In mauy instance lack cf .employment has
forced .them to. . ihe service. . JTo. all
such 'vvhat better lain,:. could )ts olfered
thanih'is . liberal construction of .the
Ilomesteai.Law.iOn ihereturn of peace
their 4 occupation's one'. ; and ' if they
hare not koinetbmg of this. Kind in viewv
they may t-peud alb. they have. in so.qrch
j of . employment 16 'iiiake mor, . lly tak
ing up a Homestead their surplus inears
may bo employed in building;.- and pre
paring for them a h: me aui sure and
remunerative employment to return to
wheu this cruel war is 6ver.v" "Suifer
kuch to come unto us, for such will 'make
a' good loyal .Slate." We do nplrwaut
die -excremenis" of 'regeuerated JMis
scur;" to fall upon Ktrakka ;: but , for
cur. sotdiers, who have und are, fctill. fiht-
iug- the "battles.jof freedom,'' each. and
all should think 11 a .duty M .assrs'i in
seiectit forcthni a good Ilometread.;
. .:, Ilivr-rrrrf :??r ::. . ; -'i.v.-y..'? . !
: William, suriiamed JMiller, ".formerly
proprietor -of ah?,, Advertiser;,, has. taken
charge pf the Rujo Register ; Hp seems
timid in his greeting, he says; ,
"We have had but little experience as
! an editor, but we feel confident that we
' can make it equal to the best papers in
i lh lerriiory.
He tays' 'The Register" is the county
organist Richardson county." This be
insr th"cse,iis7o-;ic, and ihe motions'of
its "animilei'r wilfdoubtless exercise" a
widespread' influence in the present
crhis of our nalidnal'difitctilties1.' "V
The" following friendly notice 'we fin'4
iu William's last issue:
"We wonder why that Ming- at Brown-
ville. don't send us an exchange. e
acknowledge that it isn't worth a straw,
vet we like to feed our faculties on the
eau-ions ct its genius H v . v
If , he means the Advertiser, we; have
knovrn other anirr-als, longer irt (y)ears
than hev that preferred straw.,; At ' any
rate we will notvbe so severe with the
Register, but will admit that we prefer
it to corn-cobbs, in fact its racy editorials
eie almosrequal to medicated-paper. .
t William wields a fierce pen. and, phre
nologically viewed, is' 'ddubilesY'a great
acquisition to Rub. We cannot express
our fjelings better than to copy a
rrsVof poetry which appeared in the
Advertiser while under hfs con:rol':
And mj many days to birnbf givn,
'Dright with affections lustre, '
While tbe - Ivtk cent lembs 0 heaxec,
Arguai bisbetrtlstone clufcre."
We learn that Casper E. Yost; ha?
been appointed United States Marshall
for the f District of . Nebraska. . From
what we can learn of .Mr., .Yost,,. we
lliink tLe appuiuimcut a good one.
Pawnee Cit Yt Nxb.,
Aluri-h 15ih, '65. ,
. The closing exercises of the "Nemaha
.Valley Seminary and Normal 'Institute
took place on the 14th and 15ih of Mar-h,
1SG5, concerning which the ejam. n:ng
committee beg leave leave to submit the
following report : '
Tuesday' morning the 14th, exercises
commenced with the examination of th
Fourih Reader Class, followed, durinir
ihe morning, hy Hisiory, and 2d and 3rd
Classes in Arithmatic and Ateibra, 1st
and 3d in ' Geography',' Reading . and
Spelling.. All of th?se J id remarkably
well, except the Ut class in Geography,
however, there were a few of the mem
bers of the class that were entitled to
much praise, while Jtlie 3d or Primary
class,, tought by INIrss Rurch, was really
at the head at the close of the forenoons
i Afternoon the Fifth Reader, advanced
class ia.Spelling, Latin and 2d. class ,iu
Geography rilled the list forthe day.
While much praise is due all of these, it
was hard to decide which 'should bear
- ' jj ... . .. . ..
the banner of victory, the Latin or Spell-
. :, Wednesday, there only remainfd for
examination the Grammar, advanced
class in Arithmatic and . Philosophy.
These classes showed, to th spectators
and the committee that they had not
been idle the past lerm, and that ihy
and th ir teachers certainly believed that
what was worh learning- at all was worth
learning well. .
. Afternoon having been set aprt fur
the exhibition of the Ladies'. -'Aouia,'
and Gentleman's 'Adelphic" Societies.
A large .assembly cf both military and
citizens gathered to. the scene. If the
i - ..."
good nature and applause of ths audi
ence were a test of merit, these exer
cises composed of renewals, essays,
coloquies, -and the : reading from the
Anemone and Anonymous papers and
critique reports, &.C., were certainly
good. To. leave the subject here would
be to do injustice to the ladies; while all
as we taid before did well, the Ladies'
paper the Anemone" was decidedly
rich. The Editreiies Miss E. E. Grif
fing and Lydia Bell, (elicited much praise
for . their -able editorials and' style . of
reading. , It wouIJ nmhahlu r.
. . . a . I . T
m c it., . i .... i .i .... ii ' i
The Colloquy sul'ieot North. . aiid
Southactresses Mias Mary Gcith-g
representing-the North, and Miisj. Lydia
Bell the South, w ith their train of atten
dants according , to the old saying,
'.'brought down the house.". ..; :
On the part of ;the Adelphic S-ociety,
the speech of Lewis iVoods, and ihe
closing address of .ihe President . of : the
Society,, were decidediy good and well
delivered. ;',vr ; , . , , ; . 2
t . A. S. STE W AH F, : .
' ' ' Commiitee.
Persons who have become debilitated
from loss of appetite' should not despair,
as the great Indian Remedy, Red Jakct
Stomach 'Bi tiers, will iuvigorute ihe sys
tem, tone the stomach, and make a life
of misery on of health and strength.
These Bitters are the best appetizer yet
discovered, as all who have used them'
will testify." Sold(by all druggists and
dealers throughout ihe countiy. Call
for the Red Jacket, and take no other.
See that the name Bennett Pieters fie o'.
arid Red Jacket is pressed in each but-
tie.. : .' ' -
' The scenes on the levee just now are'
fuiie suggestive Hundreds of Mit-oU-rians
of the rebel pursuasion are leaving
with theirMrapsi'! lor other Sute,, and
hundreds o the sturdy yeomanry of Illi
nois. Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and
of Stales further east, are pouring 1'n
upon us. The Missouri river boats are
carrying emigrants to Kansas, Nebras
ka, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada
and California, ; besides leaving hun
dreds along the river banks in ' our 'own
State. The reports which reach' us ev
ery day from the Interior -betoken an
uoparallebd activity in land gales in e.v
ery county. , The regions which have
been the most frequently , ravaged by
guerrillas are as much sought after as
any other, owing to the correct impres
sion thil land is very; cheap in such lo
calities; The infussion of this extensive
free State. element is calculated, ,to give
Missouri a long start ahead as soon as
peaceful times are fully restored every
where in the land. Dem.
(Communlcftted )
rbltnarTf DiedL. in this City,
Friday, the jTihjnst.,' after a lingering
illness from Consumption, on his birth
day, Hesry H. 31absh, aged 32 years:
"JJr. Marsh" was a native of James
town,vChautauqucT county, New Ycrk.-7-i
He was . one of ihe'pioneers of Nebraska;
having sett!ed in Brownvilie in the spring
of 1S5G. As "ft' citizen, as a man of
business, as a neighbor ard friend, Mr.
Marsif had no supVrioVs." "Noyoung man
in Erow'nvillel gave greatsr.prpmise of
future usefulness"; none more attentive
to business or to any trust reposed in him;
none. more respected, by community ; as
he- grew older he every year grew better..
At times,' during the pact year, he
conie?iiplated his approaching death with
reluctance: :It is hard to surrender life
with all its ties-in the prime of manhood.
He was get'lng i fair start in remune
rative business ;'he was tegfnning to be
appreciated,' and 'to' occupy a rnilion in
cAmmucitv that would ensure influence
- j
honor ; - he i vras surrounded oy a
young faiTtiiy thSt greatly -needed his
protection and care. - But when he found
that death; wnsiaeVitalle he became per
fectly reconciled.-" He felt assured that
he had made his peace with his Maker.
His family. and -numerous' -friends' have
ihe consolation that their loss is his eter
nal gain. - ' '
The "following lestimonial of esteem
was pated by Brpwnville Lodge No. 5
i. o. of o, r.! . .
V.JVhebeas. The stern and nnrelent
ing hand of death, Which is continually
reaping and gathenug its harvests truin
ihe ranks of humanity, has again visited
the . field of our fellowship and taken
from us one of our'iaost faithful and be
loved brothers, P. Q., H- II. Marsh,
who was a laborer in the cause . of the
"brotherhood of wan) 'Sines? we last met
death claimed him for its victim ; his de
.sire to live Was for his wife and-little
oneg ; no selfish thoughts mixed with the
pore, gold nf .his--nature. The interests
of our Order were near and dear to him,
notwithstanding.-loug debarred by illness
'from1 participating in :'our weekly re
unions. We, deeply deploring, in cora
mou with the Fraternity which we repre-
fcui, iuu irm juiiii muni iuij w.u' '
sustained in this dispensation of
dence, as a testimonial of the respect
which this Lodge entertains of -hisidis
tinguished worth and services as an Odd
Fellow,; therefore
Resolved, -That this Lodge is profound
ly .sensible of the lo?s which Odd' Fellows-hip,"
Socie'iyi aud ; the'-afflicted family
have sustained -in the Uaih of our late
Bro'ihtr, H. 11. Mabsu, and we sympa
thise with the:relaiives, frie ids,. society
and this Order in ihe bereavement which
lias ihu's ! befallen thini ' '''
Resohedt Thai: s a testimonial of the
rtrarj whkh Cihii Li-dpe : entertaius-for
the able ?tToris ol our departed brother
in the advancement of Odd Fellowship,
and in token of his worth as a member
of society, and his" devotion at.d affection
a'a a huihand, "'father and fneud that the
officers and members of this Lodge wear
the usual badge of mourning for tHirty
days. :. - - :. '
Resolved. That the Secretary' furnish
a copy of these proceedings, under sal
of the Lodge, to the-fainiiy. of our de
ceased brother, to the Nebraska Adver
tiser, and that the. same be spread upon
ihe minutes. ,
All of which is respectfully submitted.
' H: C. LETT,
c'- E: H. r .WILCOX. Com.
Jf E W A D Y E 11 T I S E JLE N
LEGAL NOTICE.1-"' ;' : -
jt.-o-' tint I will .Ucr for ?;il
at tho 1 rout euir.itieo ,(! iLj
I ...
I Ur.wiivilhi
Oai.Jiiiia liio too ia.-t tim vl tne
L,;"tMul c
Outirt o: lao couuij ot, la iuc
1 ci iiri.-rv t; iS bra.-k:i.- wm iil.l t tn i i.e ' .
1st d;iyof May A. D- ltG3 ai I o'clock
P. 1. i'uc u.l:i.nij). real tituie ;:i'UHtnl in iki
County it i'ne Territrv of .Vcbr:ig.i;t,
to uit : LjI - in Ui.-ck l'J : Lois 13, 15. nn.l
It) iii lllo-K 3'i ; Lj. 1'i iu " fcl: Ii. t-- S, ill, i4
in-H-o1 LotilUii', l 14 in lii Ca 3 ; Lot 4 in
U.otk .'.6 : l.;i.l . , in 't v 43 .: J.a 10, 11 in
'v'k k 47 ' 'Lj 1 1 ia r iS--; l t d in bluok 71 ;
L.iM 9, ia blwn. -to i ijoid lo, 14, 15. Hi,, in Jl.k
lit) ; in. vUi.ili t Cty ; uidv tiio ouili L'.ut 1-4 of
thVJ;Nrtii Vt-.-t I 4 .t ,,SeoiioB:34 jQ .Xouhit 5
i:ih vt Kai-gv io iii.l ; vteo ti e Suutb lust 1-4
of tliO .S. iuli .i'est 1-4 ';oi Scctina 1- Town.-hip '4
lnh i liaiiyvj i, tjtvtpt two acr3 lf ol tho
Wi-st siJo tlitrevl ; jJso a t:att of liiid cuiaui-noing
at u ioitit 80 r-.'j North of tha Souib Wcstk torntr
oliSwtiou feaUietD ( 13) in Tiwihij 4 urth of
liiiiigo 1(5 ilaolthendoVuiinri.g tlast 47 rod , th.-nce
SouitJ J2J 1-4 rods thence W'eit 47 ti di, thance N 23
1-4 rwls o tbv place oi begiui.-.; ai.-o L"ts 7, aud
8 !' ib .South Vcit 1-4 ol Settion il ia. 'lDship
4 Nortb, ot'liango 15 East ; uuj tbo North Wcai 1-4
of tli Nwnii titai 1-4 'aJ L'U 12 cf 'bi-ctkm S2,
low;i.-kip5, NrtDi Kaugi lt) I.a3t,,t5cet tsenty
2i J acres lieedeu. to tSnow. llio Vv'mI half ot
tu a .Stiutu-Ctit r-1 an4 L! - 3 auJ 1 )ni ttcctioo
Al TowuaLi 5 North of tangu IS Knit, except teu
ty aur.s iu iuo South Wet curu'vr tasJu as tbe
property of JtrOuia Hoover oc -au txeruiiou and
vonUi ii favor of amu:l A.Cnambers Eiccutor
ot the last will and tottJUK'nt of Willis liill do
cduaed, ij.-ucd,j)Ut of the District Court of tbe
UouutjofNrara, io the Territory of Nebraska,
and to uj8 eirttied ahcritl'o said CoOuty.
Dated alaruii 27th. 16o5. ' '
V.U. GLASGOW, SherifT.
. , , ;. 2S-4t $22,50;
; r PR0BATE..K0T1CE. . ;-
In the matter .Of' the Estate, of Marshal C. Kel-
y : .i .. .
VVhereithe 4 Trobate Court, in and foe Gage
couuU', KeboajiHa Territory, did oa the 6th da of
March, A. D. lft'tij.fix and a( p iat tho 7th day
Autt . Af 1855 as the d; y t"r thv final settle
nivnt of the L'sta of Marihai C Kellcy late of
said count afid' Territory new deceased . ''"
I $uvr thereffr all credits of said Eitate, and
all partioi lntreatcd ttereih, are hf reby cotiiicd
tu prison thjir clainn aaiost said E-tate, Lefora
tbe said Prubate Curt . on,. or . belore the 7th
djy of Aosoit, A. l). ISoa, or the'iama will befo"-
ver barml..r ; ,
Ordered by Faid Probatecsart that notice of the
above be published for four consecutive weeks ia tha
Nebraska AdvfTiisor. . . .
v Dated Ueatrice, ijarch Cth-IRJiS. - - ' .
-. ,v : , ? fcJAiiUEL JOXES, '
' ' AdidnLstrator. '
' I 23-4t$9,55.: . : ' ;
Cbarles Mnui will take ilotice that. Aufrntine Al
Brichthai commence! a suit in Oiia icery, in the Dis
trict Court, of Nemaha Gviuiry 'Sras' Tari t tory
against the ai4 Caar'e 3IjuI. Tie oaje:t or aa.a
koitls to rrec!ofcea certairt mortzuije m e by
Charle M ul November 16th 1864 .n the West half of
the Sooth W'e.t quarter o sectioa- Id ia Toiisiiip 6
urth of ttanjse 13 East in said County of Nemaha,
pivea to feci. re the paymeat of a certia note of- cveu
vorofaaid A.oricht Said'sioul retiuirel t .u-
for $ioO(ti), ma-te oy said morn io i
pear and answer eu-r betore the loh a iy uf ily.lSso
- Sot. for Coniplaiuant
. VV . XilUMAD,
23-4t $9,Vd$4,53.
.flyer's Cathartic Pills.
mnsisrsE ST004
y d
Just received - by'
; - - MAIX STREET, ,
- r
Having laid in cur present stcck at re
duced'prioes for Caih, we are enabled
; j,0 defy competition -in' the way cf selling
the articles in the market"
chep r 6 ii
. ; .-. . - Our Stock of -.
zDx:isr. :.:oo.oas
Is' 'ihe n.cst' complete ever ofiVred in this,
market, and has been selected with an
eye to economy, durability and the de
mands of this1 community.
Our, Supply of
Comprises a general assortment of erer5f
thing and the best 'of everything.
Call and examine before purchasing
elsewhere, if you want to get the bene-
. e l. l. e A .1 XT
1 ui oi lue uesi ui Lruuus ill iuv iuics. iiu
trouble to show srood:
9 2S-yTy"
HAS jast received a lare and well sclented Stock
Atd everything cjniaior ly fcrpt in a
First Class. Drug1 Store.
Cutouier- will Had nisstoct ct ui lete, which he
offers for CASH at the vary lowest market prices.
Physiciani Trescriptions Coiapouaied wiiu the
utmot caro at all hoars.
Murcn 3lth, 1S53. ... t3-dI3-Gci
iWxs. ill. Ill Ijcmctt,
Millinery & -Fancy Goods
tr set cue d ?or west oi the Post CClce
A 9'Iimt: ,r stock nf Sp-in.
a 1 Sti.-ri-nr ii ..d
Kejrf-ri-nsiarit!y on 1 m.d.
B- thin ' and Tiimin' d
j ,' ri: j ' a k ; t; : j Li'iutt
: l.- "..I T.
vd-n-H-Iv :.
.iai:.VT for
Florence Sewing MacMnes
Mli5T STREET, GET, 1st and
Opposite llrs. Hewett'a ililliper tor e,
UaTing jusl received a good assortment cf these
Machines,. refevt fully invites her friei d- and the
public to call and see them, aj they need only te la
seen to be cpjin-ciatcd. I - -
Tbe Florence Macbitie Bas adrartag es over all others
as it makes FOUlt L I F F K Tt K N T baaalaou-t liLVFliSl
131J'j FI'-.FjD which enablet ta operator, by
kimpiy, uiruuig a tOaiaU screw, to have the wori run
either 'right or left; Ii is aimtst noiseless, very rapid
raakiug Ave ctitcbes a each, revolctiou doing t
Corsest and Fiiest nork with equal facility. A supe
rior ileuimer goes wltli eaca Matbuie. vblch will
turD a hem of any detired wMrh. Each Machine has
a'so one or Bamom i SeK-Sowers, which guides the
work itself and is of incalculable value.
-They will be to Id at Chicago, or St. Lonls Prices,
(with freight-added.) 9--3-3jr6m
Notice is hereby given, that, pursuant to an
order of Bale to mo directed, isiucd by the Reg
ister ia Chancery, of tho District Court of Nemaha
Countv.Nebraska Territory, in a certain is vrbero
in Kalh'arina Uataiehftfe, by her n.-xr. t'riend L);i
vid LI. Mcliauhlinris l'iaiatitf and the unknown
heir "of riehry Smith deceased, lioiuy E. bum
mer and Uenry ii. Atkiuaon tsz ijlcndanti. I
willon . '
Monday ,tlie 1st, day t of May, lSGa.
At oqe o'clock M. afraid ; day. offer for nale
at public auction, at tha Trout door of the
Brownvilie K-ocse in the City cf.Urowuviila in said
County of Aewba, (that bein the building in
which the last term oV the said District Court was
held) the following ieal Estate to wit: tho Ncrth
Eeas quarter of fce;tion Thirteen f 13), 'in Town
ship four (4) North , of .Krnge fourteen ( i) Eadt
in Said County of Nemaha.
Brownvilie March 27th. l$:55v
" ' Sheriff and Special blaster in Chancery".
j:23-4t $13.50.- '
Notice Ji hereby given that, pursuant to an order
of tak-, to me "directed, issued ly the Register ia
Chancery, of tbe District court. Nemaha County,
Neb.-a.ka Territory, in a cer'ain case, wherein
Theodore W. Ucdlord is complain ant, and Jumca
B.Eiemingand l.aa Cole are dtfendrnt?, I will on
t J - -. A,U A f AT A T ICn
J I UCtUay IUC tLU uaj o .i j . . i-fJ
at 10 o'clock A. M. of eaid day at the front door of
the Riownville nou.e-, in the city of Brownviile,
in Nemrha county, Nebraska Territory, (That te
in the clace where tha last term of said court
i for said county wai held) oier lor tale at . public
auction, to the highest bidder
.cah, the lollow-
inf Kat Estate, to-w it : . .
The South West quarter - on three (3)
in Township fnr (4), ' .' si: t ten(14jEast
in '.aid county f Neaiaha. . ; . - . . -Brownrille,
March, 30th l55
CHA--. G .It i EY,
29 4t9. - tsur :n ECr7.
f "
M A. -:Mj IvI o t i-i
LJ - P.
k' Ha k I
PUtribn'el araof g tbe andisco .itealin his nut
Marvelous an.t Vc i lu I Tario manccj iaiheUrand
D P f
1 liUi
At tie c!cse of ihepe'forniJiEce in facU place thy Tisit
The Splendid Wa(cr-?roorPaiilloa
. .
( Seating comfortably 1,OCO porsous. -
AccoT!ipan's the concern In an Elaiai t '-aa 1 Car
riape. 1rawn by K-.cht lipatt llor-, t mid rtl pec
form. a variaty cf their, CaKest Mf-loJje, rtn ;e. itnf
tbe c '..n;ry io? iuili - vocai with their ijoul-ttirtiiig
Two Grand Performances Dally!
THE PAGODA will opeu at half Bast 1 in the
aftercoun and half patt 7 cKck in the evening. Pef
fortuauco couimeact-J at haif paat 3 aai Iiait puat 7
o'clock. . : . - ,
ADMISSION, 50 ctaj CHILDREN, 25 cts.
DUES 3 CIBCLE, Seaea all Caipeted, 75 cts.
The immense success uml crw(fl and delhte'l an
dlenees tht have greeterl 3KO XT TTTTvr
everywhere, uiakin? it one iriuuiDeut Ovauou. cd
the vatpace leuired fir the ASTOUJVDtKli
PEATiS. ha.i made it rece.-.-ary toprtpn-t aCOhOS
SAL PAVILION to accaniiuuate the people.
53"Each person, on etiterini the PAVILION
will receive a numbered Card After the perfsrniu e
two geotlemcn. apjointecl by the auiiene will blicd
fni'l a b.y, wL.i will ilraw froia a box uuiabers correi
pondl .R to ih - lie;d Iv tbe audience; tbe &nt nutu-
t oer jteivfrTa hi H .x will euliile be bolder ot th'; espo'Hlii.j; number tuttu tirst;fi. and won, until
all ihe fierea'h are arawu. Tlie inPieiitii will be cii
tiibutei iian.cuia;eiy aiie.- the performance.
So long Known ar.e Ceiebrsted aa
The "WirU-He'-owced
Ambi'dextfjus Prestigitator,
Arrer an abytn-e of Krht Ters from the S age, will iu hi a -
Wi;h L.'n Uumene and brilliant
The Extensive Paraphernalia. Ti Rppirg, Or
. caiaents, Uachinefy and Appgin
ments gotten up at the -
: . . normous Outlay of . .
To present to Ihe Pr.blic bin Orlzinal Gorgeota Enter
tainiijct, a t'iei ia the
"'' - -
Before the Crond Heads of Europe ; The
Asiatic Jcurta ; The mpfcrors ol China and
Japan ; (While an attache uf the American legation
to Cnioa ) The Sandwich Isianda ; ad before
Eight Uaii:ret Ttonanj tf tne Suveroins cf Ameri
ca, iu the Astoundin? Jf irac!ee, Assyrian Incantations,
Atiatlc Deuionolosies HiuUo Me;amorphues, Cuiuet-e
and Mahuaiean Diablerie, wnh hi mobt ExLraofdi
nary ani ilirta-Provuliing
Sig. TKaldi's Italian Fantoicenl !
i ..... ;
In their Laughable and Wonderfal Performiace,
whose life-lite niotu.n's and Ktotetque actlonA con
vulse theawUence wlta uocwntcoliao(e merriniisat
Second SigM mystery H!
VTlM be itro4aced aaring the ZVeflif .
Will appear ia ter most Insclnole and Impeaetrb'e I
Wonderment, acLieved solely by he; iu-cucivbie (
uift oi seeing c-juipieteiy Bi.i:iio:deI ac au).-ta.n-e
from she aniJunce, anyiliin eeu at toueael by her
iatiier, ouirivailisz and eo.iiiug any eU'rt uf the
Jiiad iver atteiapieU. .. . ..;''
HaskeU's Grand Gift En
. tefjjrise. ; ,
sio,ooo OBin or goods i .
la Entire Stcci to be Soidat:Oaa Dollar - for Eaca
Article !
Pociasescf Tenty-flve Tickets for $20 00O-
LLB , t-tt .t...,ii
f.'tJv art-, s
in a
take notice that John L. Caron di tT f 1
day of Mareb, a. d., lStf3.SU a fct i'cVU
tho District ;oart within .! - .v ncr7.ia
Seaitha and Territnr7 cf 'ebra,U. 9f
and ieniamm Y. LnshLa-h. H.fn-i...! 'M
forth that th,Saii Horati ii.Voi J ,5
bausi,npon tho west hiilf of tS , !La1
ter and 'thaath, west porter. f th Borwq"w'
l!.rhj.-l tr.:.;,.nt. t i -1 r -pao H.
r, . ; . - i- ca that sa t sold aui a.sJjW4
teret to'complaitiau:.- Tbo i jt r.d ir,, ,
Mi t bul t., obuin a Jot-rsa fur tli3 f4Wia 6"
j Mid mii.h .miJ ij )nu-re thereon, aci tv . "T
Hor;ltl,.U.V.Vr:dl is notiSod taattoU r,'J
, lo ai maraud answer s!d I-i'.l oa or bef-,-. ,"Tt
I n-jj t .May, a. J. 1 , . u L
C. U. LOUSZV, Pot. Lr Co-a-Vunt
Ite I -Un-h I5.H. . d IV. nfol"
Kieharl E. Turner , Jjh W. Fri-r M
L. V ill, ami, pirtuer a Tcrrsar. F.-ajor A r . i
Aniline hjf.rJ ami J..U-, l .ilri( p,,
l0lrt ai).l -i-ru. 'm.L 1 1 usVue Sh ,t J.v .
I'.LVis.did,:-' 'ti dat .f IrjLi J
ff.Ui.-tUi: I UU.vmi
i v ..i. . . . :
ii.-iKi.'int vi a l7.iiui"ry' v.ta '.,))). ,
lh.ll, iirc tr.tT. of K.n.t 1-C.J , .-' ; ' '
I. vv-;. . . . . t ... ..",'-p.p'feer.rt
AJ If Ui i ; i I ! . lJ r - I
jay the sum due on said note t , e..iaj,Uin!r.'Ul.'a
llio interval thereon : and ihe t.itl Ki. hrd E. Tarv.
r, Jim V, . Fi-azor and ii jury L. Wii iaB. 2
as Tucr. Fri.r 4 Co., aad Au-i,tiu, I.vura
John P. Horn, partner? as Lyford A Horn, are iku.
Evd th:itthvy are ra juircd to appear aad
said bill on or before tha lt d ty of Uj x 3 Wi
C.G liO.tSEY,S..l.forCoiL;B;0t '
D.itcd Mar h 15'h. a. d.. 13. 2A-4t-U;
Ilonry C. Hill will t ike notice th is Bsnjiaia 7
Liiihbaugh dfd,on the Uth day of Maraa, a. j'
1855. filu a Bill ia Ch inaery, in tha District Cuart
of Netnaha coirnty, Nebraska Territory, aiwitiia
gaid Henry C. Hill and John L. Carson, deiendan'j,
netting forth that the ?aid Hmry C. Hill extcuud
a Deed of Trust, ia thoi nature of a ii jrt, to
C'jujphiinant and Jona L. Carson, upon tbe it,e:Ii
east quarter of aoctioi thirty-three, in tomh:i
fi?e, north of racg fourteen, enst, In said Coaaty
of Nen3ha, to f;oure the payia-nt of a rroc;i)ry
N'ote fwr $2o3.C0 ; aad that the saij Joba L. Cix
h.v$ soil and ad.-ined his interest therein to eoa
plainarrt. The object and prayer of aid B;!l U U
obtain a decree for the forecloeure of sid ilirf
and the sale of said promiscj to pay ths ii M4
and the interest thereon; aci the eaid 11-urjC.
Hill is notified that he ia required to ajpr Mi
answer said Bill oa or beiore the lit day of Hi,
a. d., 1563.
C. G.
Solicitor fur Coturjlainsnt
Dated March 15th, a. d.,. 1 3 55. 2;-4t-iUJ
I?aao B. Walters will fake notice tiat 3ih
L. Carson did, on tho , 13th day of March, a. i,
1853 . L'i a CHI ia Chancery, in. the Diilxi.n Curt
within and f r the County of Neruab. Nebn.-h
Territory,, agains-t tho .aid Is.iac B. Waiteri as4
Her.jamiaF. Lnbbaub, dcfemliiit.', settir. fr.a
that tho said Ltaac U. Walters executed a ul of in the natare of a Mortgage, to U w
lainant and Benjamin F. Lu.-bbau;a, o.a u
north ea?t quarter of the south east rjuartar a
section twcty-six, in township sis, Dorih of rsji
fii'teen east, in Aemiiba t-onnty. Jiebm. TerrVj,
to secure tho payment of $i3.75 accorlinj to
notereferr-jd to in said M .rtgnge ; and that mi
defendant, Bonj.min F. Lunhbuub, has iac J
plainant: Tho object and prayer of ail Bi.l a j
to obUirfa deeree fur the toreclo.-iure of nl i!t-
sie and ca!o of iid premises for t!i paya'at J I
the said fum nd the irtcre-'t acrruej thenMi; ui
the said Isaao B. Walters "u notified thJi i rt
qiiirid to appearand answer gaid Bill r 6,n
tuelsidayot" ilay. a. d.. 1S;'5.
Solicitor for Comrliir.Jiit. '
at' d Mjrjh 15'b.a., ISM. ;--U-H.i
r.r.(;Ti7xoTit'. j
Jo. ph 1. Ccuruiii.O ir lineB.Ci.'.cman, h i :
iv. uni :i'il M'ry A. W.vlhams dl ta
D'-t'v-v that J.l-ii L. -:irs"n iid on th" l-Lbiii;', a. d , 1J5, fi.'e a in Chsneery, is m
lh.stri.-t C"U-rt. i bin and f r the 'oi-'i -fV
ti- i.'.a. .NiLr.iika Territory. n:iin-t tlie -ai l J
V. Cuimivi. faro .iii'- l. C-1 in rt, I'l.iiiip K. W'i
Liens ai.d AI:ry .t. Vudh in- c!, f
f-.rth t!:at the sai I J.ncf.b C"l-1.' .t, 3rd Cfo-
D. Cc' -xpritfJ t M ' imi i.asf.
UJ-n ttsf J'U !l Ki-'i, q.:nr'-:.- f -t-'-M "",
twushi fiy.. n rihf f t . . - .--m -h. a
.-aid Mann- !'Viu'v. ' - v ;.ft'-3t-fl
rn-iiii-- rj' N t -.r x : ..i 1 '
re-.:rd?!-j ' '' : -". -. I'.c " '
' id- IT! Pf i'AT .:. '. t ' ) ' "
1 d by d." I i raii I'h'i'-'' r. . -. '-: '
....... ? ...... i ' i
ii iii-' m ii a . ; i :'! .- i ' '."
C..J. mart ta s.-cue th-' i- .n- :ri ; ' "rt- !'-
..t j x-r nod ;t y -r -:i i i (,i i i . :.. '
t' r tho ?:ii-? ui ji.-Jd : r m a l. '' a v
rd with xht- nrw viii. 1, us.iy i " ,
her-. n : An ith- -.(id .l -o' PA !'"' " ' I
.!!!? l r..!f i.ri). Pb.IiioK. VS a ih-nn
Wis ihatns ur- - -tiS 1 th:f thy r "'
:! D(i anwrr a d liill i n ur bi.f " 4 ' '
of "-iay, a. d., 1 ''.r.
V. V.. IX) i E V, for C.m;Va
D-.ited M inb 15. h, a. d., 1)5.
Tn accordince wi 9na order fmm the ?r'
Cart.f (JiCVunry, raska Trrit U
rl e 1 Uh cl :y if Jun-j. 131.1. John Ll"
.... J r n c
deoeascd; wiT.on t?i" 2f?h flay cf Ar';:-'f'
p. hi., offer at ynlYu- ale t the . fH- of
bate Ju'L-e in Beatrix. 0?e t.'on7' JL-
Inte W. W. Deiiiiif-n'i nt. title and '"'i
tho folluwins Rt-I-Esfat?, Trie fr-'-- !
of the southeast . nd the wutb J,' cf '
west J4, of seetiAn no. S. tnwn no. l.norrtia- -;
S. cast, and the northeast )i (f the not h
of sevtion no. IT, (own I, rae S ''J'Li
cne and two and west ?t of nortbWMt ,'4 i
no. 10, Iowa no. 1. range S.
JOHN '7. LATHAM, AJnun'' 1
Eta:e -.rW.W.IW.
- Beatrice, Ga co., Neb., Jlarcb i.lf-,
Charles T. Jamison and Garden E.
will take notice, tbt JobnP.ri'id,"
ant. bas fled, in tbe District Court. w,.
for the Ccnty cf Xurnaha, Jf"ebr--lt 'i itf ?
a bill :nChano?rT,7instthe.MUCh.v.!f
isoE and Garden' H. Wilcmx at J- 1
The object and praver of saiJ 1' 14 f -Decree
of said Court for the F-rw .
Deed of TttMt in the nature of a JIf
b7 sail Charles T. Jamison 9 MMi 4 .
WHccz,tipr.B the northwest fract.-nal q- t
uprtum mmhr thirty, in town.r
north in rsne Cftetn, Eat,ins.iii -s'uw' .
Nebraska Territory , to the wmji f
dollar to c oir.lainant, John 11-,'lS
the sale of said premises to r.J t W
the imprest therein. The said '
in and Garden ! O.Wiiorx "
are required to appear and answer sa.
before the 8th day cf Mar. .. 4..
' Sfarch 23. - ' -t7-4t-$!3.5
, J jnn , ii.irc.uun ai - r !sr""
take noN.-e th vt John 1'. HJ9 "
did on the TD-.h day of March, a- ' v'
Bil! in Chancery.! the DUtrict tnri -
county, Nebraska Territory. u ,
Il-railtoa crd Guricn 11. w T, J,
The ..bject and pmynr f f ' 'f'ri.1
Decree t f Faff closure of a Deed tJ A(
n.-itore i,f a Mcr-a", iyon l-jr ; ' tyt
ton, t- ?urj-n H. Vr'iix, as Trust- ;j
n..rthwet qjirterof .motion naiotHJ ubJr Ik '
ship number 5. N.-r-h of lUusr 'J
in yeinsh- sounry. Sebrask i?"1 v
th ia.Tii.ent t Compiai
i5J d.d'ars,
ioorlin.' to Prftffl1? "
mreieired to. an.t tna si . tfc f
fTthesfl?d-im and th'iotre .-
in rBfprl.l In lin.l th flfr
notifi.-d that th-y ars W1' a j t
answer sa;d bill on or before tJ9
.13W- CnAKLFSO-,
Marrh Kl. & t l2l- S,
C II OlOet floalityeUiia c (t'
, iii t-i.Li n li 1 . ' " . .
LJ - a I'roa-.ssory nutc.-?, on r..f -i -I
A und .ho other for aal that, ,:aeB - ii of gui l Mong-:;o?, the 2ail lfflri- V,"
Wr.i-,,..T i. . i ' , . . . "at:o d.
;.-v .mi fc biiiri.-;
' t.
at.d Ji:iri W. Kn-in I J. .r. L. (Vr i .- f TiAst, in tha u.j.- '. f a v""
10 J;h"n r.T H-t... q u X
ti"riiiu hliM-k j-w.;,.iii :tt? L'.t ui r.. :
Lyi jTd L U.-ri,, have n-c .veroo ei-rt.-un j- , ,.t .
the law tide i.i Ct.urr,, e..erat;a a2ii- -'. ,
said irfmis-J-i f The-tSioi-t n.l r. " . . "..'
is Oj o.jt.Hii a ilc-rce f r- The .! f iii.l T.A.1B .