Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 23, 1865, Image 4

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ISO 1.
a Si r. , -',-.. la.-t is. ; I
'C N' an C I ara rl '""""""."". - -.;t..-.!:':-" . '-;-:' ' "" "
.w "TTIIXtttp sr.tBVT oa hanl aa aseortaent cf V ' M. '' Y A ' '. J t Vf h
. rrtra-rperlln to Commcn 1 .: Al ' ' ' V ' r-'X .
:R .V r.rt GEOVESTEEN:-&-CO, .
. lirrhnt floirrinj or Saw ? i 1 1 . -N..-Brownrill,
Mr h T.Ut, T,4. nO 8 It.
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ww -or-.. . ArA
TTr.irTPtrecl.OprosUe "Waro Pnn:,
LTTorkT - npn. A vtg
- TbIrtj-riTC Tao2sar.3'KoTT In Use.
: - : ': J
' 1 in I ... i - '
iTrery Instrument varranied for fvc years
. . Xr TfctDTars tha a peri or excellence of our
' ' i Ira oealj bua,t Wm ani. bJ fur two
jart it tV enorukouf demand ba m&de it impoi
i ciWl for bi t mt ourordr-jH-omptly. With our
lacrtMed facilitiee, we te warranted in kfi-nrin
r patroci tbat thnr riJcr will be promptly met,
ad solicit a cenUuuao of tbeir patroragr.
f 118 AKP BCH00L8.F
V GEO. A. PBINCE & CO., BufTalo. II. Y..
QXO. JL.PU.1KCK& CO.. Chicago, I1L .
u. W la ill nitrated CnUlegna, with fall dcription of
vrjU will be ten free I any addreM.
- - : B IT-IT. x
Slain Street bet. First aud Second Sts
23 rovriivilo, ola.
Eeep evsetabtlr nti band tbe Left quality of
, S E G Ji. R S ,
CanaV, Plain.a'l Fancy,
Orang'S. R iisens, Ismon, Dates,
., Figs X ds. A 'pjilf.s Src, c.
; All hivds of Toys,
4V t ' Cqunf Fruit, and
; :' Oyders.
milX Is accommodating, cb.iing. triot:.c ana
wide awake to tbe int-reht if the public, ar.d ba!-
lf Kpot Mt'iriment of arictie in bi line ever
J iTired in tb"u aiarVrt, and is determined not to be
rpderiold for CASH.
' ' J. BERRY & CO.
w... iBt received, ana are now ojculng, at
ftaaden Mala etnet, one of tte larget-t cw:k of tba
- F D
trer offered in tbln'nwlit. Remember tbe bUte, '
U T'kEII Apples. Dried Peaches, sage, KUce, sUrcn,
c sets, taaie, etc , etc.,
r ' At IIcTua;hlia d.Owao'a.
tnM respectful! Inform bis old customer that be
kt axain epened bia Jewelrj fiopin bis old ht&ml on
Vain street, south tide, two door eat of tbe Brum.
Tills Hoae'. He keep oo band s spleti)l aMnment
f svarrthin.' In bis Una of business, wbica be will
Mil an tha ioweat terms fer Cash
Cf Clocks; TC utes sud Jewelry dote on the short
est Xotice.-
, Kay 19th, &37-TS-Iy
-. i .l. . . v. v.. ..rt -i , ;r.' r?M. ir
-,-rj V , ; j
.t-uip, on.ri-j wrr.ruur v.-" ....... .., ,
-1 wkitet'l.
Ttrarerold rextsprir;
- ' L-wasci 2Awiv.
FO R T E MA N U V A C T fj R- E R ,
Tb itf ii'i. n f U.c i'uL'iic an l tbe troJe i. invitod to -ur. Xvw Scale 7 Ourt Kovwrcd Pinno
Fert which iif vn'uuif itn.l purity .( tona ar unrivalled by any hitherto .fiV ..-il in this m -.rki f . Thfy
ro-uain ail tit Bstnlern !u:pT:.vritij..ti. FrMielf. Or-tml Rc.ion. I'edsil, Iron Frsm?, Orer-f-trnnjFas,
If:., and cp jL iu-Mfja ing jd .de utd r t! o .h vj;i1 supoirl i t Mr. J. H. (Jr..7tfnon, who h n
had a piacinal -spf ri ! . of .vt-r20 yerrs in tboir xwnr.uf.tctnve.J i'ul'y warranted in every particular.
H;e "Srvrsfcp'i Iiati Fr; rocoJroJ iltv. Ixlzlicst awTrsrd oS'niCilt
. CVt : :tt ciiiei s at tisc Cclb::ci y sInN Fuir! . ' . ;
ire wre e.V-iV ci i...-t. tiM'- !ii- In m the bc-t makers of Lj.ndrn, P;i'i, (h.rinny. Piiihid'-Iphia, Riit-
hijr-r".!i ( n'f.r! 1 ? .?w lerk : rrn 1 i: so t tho Amonnnti ln:!!i lurave n'ucco.-ive, tu 0;.t aud
iivr wed I? fr. nhoth of whi.h an l. een at-ar
Jiyt'uf ii:trtdu.l'i f ini-riTt iu r.t wo'ii.ako a
! t ! v, it
It a tnvViy rati, pyl in, ore c! io i
til 1-ei!l;.'-t'. ion. , ' ' . ;
I'UlCLi No. 1, Se'm Oetar; ronr.fl enrner?. Tl-wewool plane c w $275. '
No. 2 Scv n Octave, r.und riitr-. Iuewod itruvr fn..ahi! tr $.110.
' " N . 3 Fi'Vtn (Jcrnvr . rt-uhd pcrr.erf, lufcwoodLiuisXIVsryl j::)2j n fa-- fimi'erf the above cut.
rroi-z-rEfH: Kott rrn.I.i, iu, Current Puncls.
i' it i Hi
The re!fi.-l ircrc TcraT.t yet in the Sbw'u.i 31a
chice Ail. A tuiihy worth sufuig.' f
Please :nd for circulars with a;iuipl;s of Sewing.
Th? Improved !Ta.-1iine Mrs on bi-nl'e-1 per
cent, of t'li "a 1 up l s.ik, ai;d wake ib Lk-Ic-Stitch
aiiko u tiuia . iat-ct. ' ' - - -
They require nn inMructtfn to eperato perfectly,
except tLa iiufed direciiaiiS.". - !
y9vasj a sewlnj froui oas kind of goods to
auwJir. ,. - . . i : .
And no taking apart to c:eiii cr oil.
OcrNew M.mifel'ry- is now crmplffe, vith all
n-acb:oery and t.:?5 entirely new and is ai;e. 'y
r.tpi'Hy ton-i"'. ut lHC1ii.ic-, whi-h fijrba.iuty and
fi-rf.-r -tl. n cf finish ureLcr uraiswd by Jiny
fattura ia the world.
7, fliAnld any TfiicLii prove Tiratbfdctory,
it caj to TturuJ and ai-ju-iy xcfuaded. j
. Ar? ns'warted in counties cot itn.Va?scd ly our
own Aleuts.
' yO. 533 BROADWAY, N. Y.
Ka.45 8 ly. . 1 , ...
Trtfi Hitlers are prepared, In pure rourhon
TThrky, f;oui a couibi itston of ott tfti's- 1.f- (
ferent kinls of roots, barks mal bcrtx wl ich j
act In perfect concert one with the othtrr, j re-
aareil from tlie ori.':-'iil foruu.U frvn ly tha !
yreat chitf, 1W, JHik -t, to lr. C!in:, wlio '
Sf-U tlum nccenfui:y la bU jiraclice for m;;y 1
Tf axs, aiiU by their uacKniuctl tu gr l a opvirUj
cure i'f L y tJui
ConijilMiot, Cuntit.iAion,.SIek er,us Itv.l
actir, t'ereran'J A?ae, niidull ii acsxvi..urr fnta 1
tor(iJ llrer or ili(i;i'5lien. Pesons fi.tieiir.g f: bin
Ithrr of these lutiiinr diseases wii! lunl a sura
ure by thf n.e of these Titters, nU'.b arc perfcetly
pur and free froirfall '.boso !ttt;SHUtl p'lins u-u- i
ally put up in irtich prrparsilons and pa'.n ed oil tn .
an uiisusiv. c bii: pul tie. A slnale trUt nil; cen
TlucetUei.ieAilc. ptical thut in tlx KLl J CKLT
tin re U L ; ue Licit uu clht r 1-lUir po?...
Ttey Etreujthcftnd ir.-rg3rats Its rystesi.
They we ticqciled for acral debility.
They ere a suro cx-c f:r fyrp: p3ia,
Tlicy givo a fcol ari Leiltl-. tppctit.
Tli-:y assist Cr;nl''
They sre tia :;t tt jnular.t I2 existence. a: e a F'ever.tivs cr Ftvcr ai-d Agu8. ''
They re'icvo costipitica.
, Ttey CK'e ITervous Ilcadacle. '
Tlicy are perfectly jtziq ad p jjatallts,.
. jlp-sl persons and tV'leMe females r-i'.r f;i d ('ipy '
can sure Urre ioclor'i bills by tl.e u of 1 li
ters. Beware of counterfeit. - The Rrd JcVft fit
irrs are r-nly m Id in tottles with our numu l.lna
on the side, ai d our prirate gOTeriimcr.t rtvir.p
across the col L. oCk
v - . " -t r '
,'.tillK.'V - -'
i .-' '
' ' ) i'v ':V.'i p"
For Medicinal snl Table owe, which are perf.vtly,
pare, Bl'd Heed uolj be liltd to be t prrei..tefl.
lieae gruuiue unleM they our ald la.tei on.
each buttle, and our luiiUtli presml H a ax over,
U cot s.
fn. Id by alt rirurgisls arid dealers throuj hout tha
country. Call Sr our ffis ai.d take
Circular to ll trado ri; pb'ed oa j'.lu-at; u t
. ' Ueuuctl IMotlei s & C o. '.
ZM by . . "Q. 1 Eivtr tu, CLko.
V. IT. lucCi.J i Ii 5 . bf uvi.Ie,
KBC i t ri.jObTy,-.l"cru, .T.
g ad:: co . " " "
SrownTille. June 2 15G4.. Uo3?-Jr "
rr"Tf O f-f rV AT I & 111 ! ... J l''" ? ,L? "lscri,.tfon. .Or, if prer-red.- a suh
ii i 1 U I'I it i- i i'M JLa'll'tfj. ' e;bt.r can tt.U t..e uiacazine for 1 S :., :.nd a copy
' a'o t .i,i.f :' Pines." e.r of'Ubd'ccurr'-rts 'of
SOLICITOR IN CIIANCEli Y 1 i h-. k. bu-ih, in. , i.Vh. ,.r
Cfflcf c-TTTr of Main an First treetn.
, ; . W. M. . C. PERKINS, I i
Great Western P&ptograpfi
First door Wat of Browaville IIou3et 1 '
.-!' - . . 1
TTonld reepectf nil r announce, to the pullctbate
has fitted up a S .r-I-ishf (ia'teiy. ami in n,w prrpareI
to take every kind. si7e aLd Fty ie of pictures knwD u
he art. and all the lie;t mcl tnvsi ' approvei tyle.
aud at lower prices thau stny oiber riit wet .r St.
Joseph. Those pictures wilt tlnd it irrestly U-
Jheinteret to c!i and examine' bis speiiueus and
rices before poinp elsewhere. -
All kinds of Piclures copied into Photo-
MtbArntlb'V it SWAN' are eoiiff untly recHvin
a't.)ii..n toihrir h'o.-k ,-f i r.-c-. iev and 1'aid-
wrs. Their ( and Prut b wi'.Uui: eventitlv "o
HJJ-, tnail." . .
"TEvr Oileaii. riar-fipd. (ntlisd ai:d P. wdcrtd Sn
A ' pars, GoiJeit Symji Si gr, li oiinp ai.d Soribuni
iI.Mae l
At IMcItanrrtlin t Swan's.
TKHIa. But ter ai d It.
Dreo-lac, Pocae rid fine
j Jlnb. n P.vket ct mbs .
tvairro licebes
WliitlU, Fib 11.,1 jnd !inek , sc
At cLAJGULlJ i: 8WAX3.
-r .rf'io.
in re per fa-1 Fiano Firtc, ai.d by ininuracturirg
it n.i-su iiwu unitia ni it -g w uicu v.j ptcciuuo
"tt- -r -TTT
Paint?, Oils aivi Dvc Sit tT,
Pure I.U:i:of f.r 'Itulcal f lipases
All kinds IV t tut Midiciurs
df.jvtj l a;z. fvcv Gooz-.f
Bnk Ecc2is end Stationery,
The best brnihlj of Cbcvrip-and Sjkin
TO B A (.'CO AW )" IS EGA R8.
i i . Xia.i.r cf all olore.
Pcrfnmtrv .and Toilet .Goosls.
He pHtmn.and the public gmn1
'I V
bo will keep an bard iin extensive iick of (ie. tir '
ticlts mentioned, bt.-ide hq. everything
iwuaiiy kept in a' rit Drug Sure, v 1 i h lie
is prepared to sell at low rates for Cub. Caii auvt
examine -for ycurseif . . ,
Scuth-eaat Comer Main and FimStreet-
PrescripUoiJS anfl Gnlers
Carefully DtoJjt u!l hours.
: : t.
The readers of the Continkntal arc aware of th :
iui;Ttant position it hasaisuuisd, of the itednene'
wi-h'h it exerts, andnf the brilliant ar.ty'of p iici--cal
and literary talent of-the highest order' which'
supports It. No- publication the kind ir
ihiscountry, eo successfully combined the energy '
and freedom of the daily neYilia,r. w'h tbe brh"-
er literary tone of the, ' first-class niuuthry: auu-'ir i t
lt-ry crrtaio tbnt n maain b0 iro wl 1 T :
rane to its conlribulors: r ' preserved itself so c tn-'
vle e'y frem the narrow frtfiu dhs :f party r tof.'f
te-i0'i. In tunes like tbe present, sneh a ji.uiniii
is f itnr a pi.wcr in tbe Ian I or it is t; That
th( Continental is the bit t-t , is jil nodan-y
ev.-'df need by what it bus dune l y 'h- refle--ti:n or
its counsels in tiar.y - important i l 'le e-veuts, ;nd
in the chnraeter and power or thu?o wboaroits
"latinejtest up' -
Tin.ti-.'h bit !i:f Je liY-ie tl an 'a rcat ba eTapse--.
?'tl' 0 ihi- ('-JItifCIl';vl W.'t.J fi-t Crt l';;'. ii. j: liHS
di.ri; p tlv-it " meLQuiicti u she ei i, -ir f a s? -:ii-
f. !!: ''I'-rii'lil )t tfl J. . ..-Tl ir 'it.,n-f. t-..i t c-i':0.-!V
)'--'!!i- 1 ;1 tt;e i.- tit ;. i it j; -i'iril jj.-,;fi-'
.arc" eh-va'"! to : , ,, f.:r i:-.-ive ; h'tt r.:e-
" -' j i- '-'tt i-i tie i. ay ;: u-.t ii.e. Kit d
Atnt-ri:-!. Ii p- , iuf wLi--l a-ertb n wo cui at-
mi t" the : U ftvt.-: .
1. ! i s jh. heal :riie!os ropubli-'hc.l in puiphl'-t
f..-in. : ,-';L!e mi.' !in 'n.i, rl,u ', r, n ciicuUtion
;u ':'.l''M .V.I !THi i, 'I
2. Fi vii r - ia ' - nry .I.-,, i . r-,. ;
V.i Wl. -At!JO(:-- 'bl- i llil !!..
wi'hi:, Very lew
.i-.nrb.-, m'..r.y t'tir'-v-fivo thousand cr.i.ies
i other ri!-- of i'8 b'.i-taVw n-! ic hia also
n'-fii repiiKI.-l'- -i i I.;
t i. n i f a thir l is ;iir. a
Xo more '."tl ; i
l-roee t h the cX.'-J
'.'llti'l-'f ti .I." i'' -: '
Hi t' i:n. vh;i. tlie nrst p-T i
lli. J I'L'.-i.. t
lift c 1 al'eiij.'d t j
ei.iiti ii r.f ii.n fc 'he 1
i try Jm.'i-.Ih ;!v- ;ll'd'-k
- .ba'l ni t t i I --.
v! at '
- In f ! t ! i i 'iri i f '
'f ci ri'i Ot x
v elii.Vt iJ--f
thiii; v ri, a
1 -
t" t. it v-rettiv en ; -i- ' (.tr-,e t ... t hi
dt-. f.-,tiV.r! . M(.,i ii .i.'.'Y. rv. r I,. -, ,' in:
l'.-i- t.-rl "1 te- ;ni' o;i r ,,i,i, .,. ,;'v. 'p.-,.. fii-i j
h.m r- . f ilti e- i.i.i ry t iu'..i;- in t;.4r" , n .,, j-
t 111 i'i.r Vtiii il li-.; Iii;l y in. S i'im'. -i l-.l '
f r
b.hty. ar-j :yi '-. iln . e i tisu ,r-: rl itTi '.
1! l!..r- M. il l . pr. Ol'SM .i 1 . -p-uiU-. It K.IV
hat tt.; 'in 1 'T ihrj time.-" mi'I vui, 1 y t!t
ht- iir; i'ji.-i.c - t .o a - .i vi a i i.f 'hh 'n- i J i-;. iv
n-' p ib.;-. . :o,i i v. r . i ; . cl b. .-r- "n Li i - n'ri'.'
While she C.i;i u.i. ir. 1 ui'tl et ." s ' de. ui !'
tjiritrif on. .tha p;a: tju' f-.i n.-y, ii :-:.)
i oi o-h uicro it.. I.'.;,-.ii ii-urriii': :m. . i
p -.rtiMTi oi t.s ooitir.i;,s w-.l! bo t ulivt if-J, a- b-n t i-"
f hyt es. f ue'ry and butnor. In a w.rl. tui."
0. . :u.'rik-alyvili bo fou.--.l, u.idor its new , a;.ltT,.f
1. d!U.:i.i,f,-uIiyi:if; n d'.'ip n aai f.-.'-' u.iii' atirie-'
liiUS D-.'VPL I t-Iufv f -UL.d .11 !U ! .Jtilitf. '
vtj-:i:?.is to; cj.uus; :
Two ci.pjps l-r yetr ' -s 0"
I'urte. c..-ie for ou" yca fi.f-O
X I'iipios ler i;ni; year, 1 1.(10
h,.'icn C"pi -s f .i n year
iweuiy cop'.ts lir ..neyear, "3U,!10
, pili) IN APVANC. ,
Postage Tweniy-iuur ecu'.i jr.r, to be paid by
tb Subaeriber.
Three dvllars a year; in a lvano-j. Postage paid by
th i'"!i(-r.
JOIIX F. TP.OW. to (ir. ea- Sr.. N. Y.,
Pub'i'bcr lor ib Propriett rs.
As on-inducemor;t to new sub'-nbcr. tba I'ub
lisheri, ..Tors the f.h,wUi J'.'..-..i pr,a;u",?;
Any j- rson reuiittinft $:1, in nJvawi-, wiU rcceirn
tVt inrgtxiue from Juiy, 1.-B2, to January, lfiU
thus securin- th- whglc of Mr. Kimball's and Mr.
firnj5-Eew ff-ki-e, whi.h are alone- vorth the
s-i rru'isusoQ.ta . Iiidujv, t juuariea . tiotiirev
Le'u: rid retail prios, $1 2b J The book to by tent,
yostaye paid. 1 -
Any person remitipj 4 50, will receive the nnga
tiDefrom its" ci mmencemert, January, sii2, to
January, 1864, thus ecurinj Mr. Kimball's "Vas
Aesuceewlul ?"and ilr. K;;keV,AuiORjitbe Piues,"
aad Merchan.'g 8tt-ry," And nearlyi 3,000 octave
pagef of tbe hest liteature in tbe world. Premium
ubscribers to jay their own postage.
A Larpe assorltuentof Pocket knives. JJutcberkniv
etc. etc., can bo seen
Ori.TIYATOES, Scytne.', Cradles, Rakes, Hoe.
Spades, Sbovels, etc. e.c,
-i At Mcliaugbdin A SwauR.
TrtfrnMS. Btackine brn-hes. Scrubin brnjhes
Whisk brooms, lilackiup, MaUhes Luk. Wriiin
Paper, tc., io.,
McLatchuk & S'.cas's. ;
. Talten np by the r.ndersjn-d, livin
weft tif Rrtisnriiie. Dtc. 1 4th, oce red
t s'i miles
and w hite
stear.'hree ycr.ii old last ?fririt. '
15-31 ' r". W KF N f. DY.
Talcn vp'y tbe nndersi rued, living two miles )trwDvi!let N- ninba Ot cn'y, ' S'tbraska, on
the 1 6th dy cf Ud'-f uib-r.- c ue b'ack bt rse eo!t,
two oars old, verv p.KT when tjiken up, ro marks
r brands. 15 -3t ISAAC JEr FIIS.
jTpLOb'K, JButtar, Epcs, Baen, etc., stc,
Aft UoTiOtxshlia & Swotr.i
. . - - - : 1
Are yea tick, lecbio, and
cn!nf!.itiitt- Are you put
cf order, wu It your s.VPUip
a-iT.J ed, c i vo::r reeling
n i.toniioi ts h;e 1 !iee sy n: p-
a.t ot'en the p'e iKf
iioti semi; i,t
j.itkt ess is cre'i ing upon
ft tlictt:a be uveitwl
k t-'-'V-.J bv a til'
bv a tiiiK'iy t;e of tlie rie.'.t
-SW , rv: -1 J lemi-dv. talc Aier's
rn''''f't-)r ..l ai.d ,c!itii-' out the
K,k?rP'-:-i'l tieved bwinors p-irn
.r'--'-' i-b;oil, and let the
Icke A 1 et s l'i'8,
p'lrn'v the
"r .''i ,jino(' on tii-.i-n mil
.m ... I. ...... t. .4 .
Ir-Ait ! aj-.ii. i ney f.cmn-
t. ?.V 1. fiiiwtir.ns i f the
iiSbniiT P V!fft'H'U r.ctA ity.
r.tM the srsfem from t!se tiUfi uci!iif nich aiako
. : w-.. ..-..n.. ! , ,. ti .1ip !.olv. and
cL.truef? its t.-ffurai frwctwvs. - I .:'. ''..'
iicv.d.e.ict wpou tiieia-civwsrd the surroiB.d.n
C :ii t. pru':i;-vii5.(r .-etievfil a?;;ivatJi;ii, t ta-'ti-V,
a.d ti-y-p. Wi.i.e in this coi.-oiition, opre.-ed by
tl.e (lov.'fL'er.i-.'l!'. t:ihc Avcr'd end w how
ti r of tly thy re-lot e the ratinr.1 rc:ioh of tlie sva-ti-tn.
aiid with it (he I'.iovaM feflin-r ol' herJla 8;'jn.
V. but i true e:.d ro rppitre.-iia tl.i tii.'ial Eiid coui
nion ci.iv:p:ati.f. is zWo tine in ntaue ot tie uecp-t.-rLted
ai.d uanvtrou dktem;cr8. The ?nic ptirza
tive elket cxpc'is tbem. Cfti-ed bv tfuuhJ- ol.-tiuc-tiors
iiu :'rat:erH-i 1 of tile naUir-.J JriiCtious of
tt e bd-, li:v uie rai hi'.j-, and n)t.yot fieni surc y,
r:icd he the twr.ic niran?. Kore -w::o know tho
vi:tttes i.f 1 i ;s wi'l neu'eet to :n)'oy tf.enx
' V iit-ii snCi'riiii,' feoiii tlie oioruers they cure.
N'crcn 1 1 ,ts I (.r:i l( fh Icisi ia rrt of f lie
piii c,!.'i tic;;, iit.a iioiu ol.ti r.t J-knovv n. puo.'io
i C". s : . , : ; . ,
' Frtna a Tojvart'injf Zferftar.t r S.1. Zcx:ls, Fch 4,
: -: 1
En Axir Totsr nils ore the pnr8fi of ell that
pijt in ii'c-ci.J::ft. They l;ave ctntd n;y iHiie
c'tn" 1 ;er of r. ce;cu fores iff ou her ha:ds i;u feet
- !h: f bad r :ovid-it.cuu tjc ior;en;s. ' Hermother
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ruT: 08 ou l.t-r sliti ai.d in3" l.tti. Alter our
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ts.eci.vcdl.vr.. - . . ASA iHJlOlilUOE. ;
,UPmily r!ij!c.
F-c"t nt r. ' n" Cur.'irHht. JV? On rani.
VVour c: the of pnror. Hair ex
c'vet.t r nsi iJIes su:s anv cat bait is ve ossess.
'i';.-'.-rxu-d t-tit vtrv certain and tlt ctuai in their
re-'ot! on ti e IXue. Vh'.ch ip.akcs tlx ta iavaiaaWe
ilv&cLr,Kiji.t2rivJacic, roiilJptoinach.
. 1 Tien Zf'KarJ l.mjT, ni;t;:nprr. .
' DrXtt I 'no. '.Yi-Rt 1 csit.iet w-vr yodiftf
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'" W'i t' '.'; if f'8? ere '.' srl.A phrtiaiier mnti.
'eh:f'.- 1 j'"ree ijitir 42cver.ifJCtf.'ou -lisat eJ'ec nul
. cr-(:ar.ic iv- m i.siiy eui.tot ivitU itaet ot u be
l;ei .tr, -rs J 1 ). uyu yoa,-l,'j;u-klSoi-i us the Lett e
La; t 39-t6'-ftKte tU-a. libly. "i !. . ... .
. iiTTSBt'i,I a.. 3ray L,1C3.
. 7. ,p.?.-,.T. C. r; 1 iu.e bt-uu a-iteu?y
f -j .; ; 01 t- v. -..iv: he :-' jc'te ody cuji by' a
'tlci !' o cf jo-ir.n'.. IlK-enis to a.h-e Swu a
' iiV. ro'.itsch.' whic:i ther c' r-e at ct.ct.' ' .' ;
. -Yorfia r.if h.'g-.fat lsiH.c. I LD V 1 HETLE.'
j J ... . t'fcL' S!cnKU-r Liuricn.
r,r v. 77,: vv 'ir.v- 'rr nv. ; -
r-.t-i Cii
.L i. .... r- .
f - 5 1 I T.-tL.-.iti i (iv rstnt ritrat
p;-yive c mi ajrf-i H;iif, but I ln.o titii tH-iie;.ciui
" t'i.iets ttpou tl o Liter very nailed i iiiftti. Tbey
L .0 iii .rr-praicticxj provetyuore iStctuai for tho
cUie of bitinus coiiiinuivi s u any oi.e remeiiy I
venn nieuiis)!.. 1 .ni.ccieiy'.tijce ihat'v.'t have at fi a i ih V,r.ii c hv-h i ajustLy the cpi-fidt-'uce of
' tuufioicuiou li-.tithe pop,i';. ' ' '
- '. lijTAnTMEMnPTL'E IjiTEItJfm, l"
' sl.ii,j-:gi.; 11 C , 7th 1 eb . k. f
flTir I l:nve used yoiir iV.s ir. my general r.nd
'- I-o;p:tsl ptactice'ever tit d you biwdw. t!m, atd
ctiif. ot btitati' to ?ay Tht" aw tbe best catliartio
-cr-ir.p'oy.- .'iheir iA;u a'irr actioa ou tb liver is
; -ciuick li1 Moisjit;J, con (tei.tly tlify ere an ad-t.tidiub-tf
it inwuy tor :(.ueiicnu.-:.ts of that organ. ,
li t ceil, I l.r.e- tc.'uci:v l3U;d of.l-tU'iis
' tafr' to cl:Jii.flro "tt.afit t,d l ot retscliiy toldto.
tUui. i' Q'l.J l.WL'Aln.51 L.;
' I I a.-eevtr lo;'ifl.'t s-ic tiivnf.Uoi.iir on
ti e luer tria Jantcxcia n I titBti".v bun
fixeiiih-jfr.Jn ;f;W I4ktt$ '."'?-? ,'!.'." ir
rAi. ,a; 9 i jf.'.Usi'i-utij i.iai.fs. iery to
. ti of w'ptucit aid
cLj.iie. , . ., , , .
Dy.irpia,.lr?ipailiy of Uie KJool. "
Vow X&aJ- iliw. faoifJdeent .Churph,
- ; ' ' ."i v ' - f f.-,X'OJ"M.r , . . ,
DR..'Ayts: I have ui j our Til's with extra-
' o- riri.aiy itccos in mv rmne those lam
cui'trt to vi.-it j:: (!tiiti. -I ate ti e oraus of: :
diprcffloii atd'pttriiv t!.'h.tvMl, they a; the very
Lest rtnk'.e I .tjave;crru:v';.wa. and 1 can; eoan
sieatly lecumaiciid tbtaiH.j lien's;. -1.,,
: -n-.w .,,;y. fu, J..V..UIME3,
Mi r TTaitSAWr, VTyooiirtCo . N. V., Oct. 24. 1S5S.
v..;DhAR'iR: J r -p-vrCuu.fcitic iu my .
-. iiu., ' U. J:iu it ui an tic;.'t'i -r"a'iative to
c etu.m ibossteai f 1 c p:f;f il-o.fnnntnn, r.f the
,Uovl. J02i O .'MILCllAM, M.'D.
Con!lpatin. "JiTnc!i. Mupprrasion,
. ..lihcMUtMii-ni.i-oaf, Neural-Li, lropy,
: I'; is, f it-, ic. ' "
Fr(,in Dr. J. P. Vavftm, iLvtreat, Canada. '
. Tpo Tuticli cativ.ot be, t-bid of ! our l'flhs lor tha
'"ctye of7(Ve.ess. If tihtr? cf cur fraternity hava
.: l'ouu'd them as t;,cHc:mn a I bas. ttiey thomd joia
me ini roeldmitiit, tori. bt-ijtii of tbemuJlitiulea
tho teller lio-.n.that wtiajtiaint widch. n:titoncfj
bud ri.i iu itit, is t. j.i-oireiutor oi others luat
c wor.-; ' 4 Uuie c.-,'vjtto'to ouinaie in tne
;Jktr, Lutouriivs r-trct tUt crgau and cure the
,' Ce-.-e. ' ' : '. ' '
.Troia, iVs. E. Stunr' rhvsicizn and 2Iidtrife, .
jbs'oii. . ,
.. J Hr.d o:;e or lvo Jar p t'o-es of yonr rills, taken
S'. l'.e piuper t:ir;e, tict-'xce; et.rpionionvts oi uie
" ..t,", r,i rctton hoi wbo'.yi or j-artiaily- mp-
rveM(.r, m d co vfciv, cbeetutl to. ci?nc the
i.'o'.neit and c.vpcl icoun. '11. q. are to much tbe
. Lett pit sic we biito tut 1 tecoaaieiid to otuer to -
Bjy pliCl.JS.' ' ; .- ' ....... i
" . - : ..' ta"--
I tl.A.'-tkr '-.-Sl, i.-,.i:..i.l-n,n.....," v
"' i;.oukO .n .l.flbn'd be u Herein! tor the
. rei.ri'x v:" t-Viil Lfs bif, ;J.t ri e if 1 ciid .ofieport
; jni' 0!'l' To jot'. "A cold-settled in ray hint ":d ,
lion;K--oii "-.crnci;:::t: nT-nraipc pain,- which
?kJ iu ri?.'c rlu-v-i':'K. ? in.i.f :r.dii p I
l.iul ti e I'eA of pii'.sicu-... V r,ic.-..'i gicur.vorsa
. frd'Wtme.'Ui..lit by t!. cJv..- it ttr exceoent
1 f. reiit ii. ra;..i: ce. !).. Jl:tc! ei-ie, 1 tried your
,l:ii.s. Tui, -.:. c' v "I- y e.-.-; brt rrc. I'y per
se.e.iii.- ii. the tie ol ti.ui, 1 t-ia utW tiaiieiy ve.L
SrxATt: ritA5rBrt.rrkn rnpe, 5 Dec., lSo5.t
l.-m ;. y'j .;: 1 i.-.t'o U u ci.t::eiy etimi, by jmir
I'i -;-of J. h.'W' Kc- ou! r:i'.i'itJ obecsetl-at has
eX;!j-cd h.j io ' ' "ts. . ViCJiM' fcLlDtXL.
fj-iiliWf of U .Pi' "ri r--.iil.ef cni tain Mercury,
l.!:i';.-?vih a -u -state ii t'leoy iit sbilJut haiitls,
Is u;.::reo:- i i u !-' b ;ot ill, 1 t in ti.e ii.c;;.iiii con-
' se-fV'i:ce ti.:;t J'tet.i-','- Io:.imTT' ii.c:iu; .uis U.-C.
,;'i'i:'ie ct-i.ti.ia 1.0 ifciciy or substance
I i.ii.i:i
rri'.o. j co-t3 pc:
Praparai by Dr. J. a SZZJ. Si Co., Lowell, Hass.
' "'. ' :." KAi.rv A'l'
"' Jvn?rTv. U;i..T.t PiU)., .Salem.-.
..f r ; Dr. 11. GHA v :S. ab?ui.. ... ;
, ,
'-""VLLUST.aATi .
- A$fr.ictive Feature. .The ?5 000 iVize X'.vcl
rTbe - '0Df P.tttve-n-Theoi ' lly -Mr-.
"An.-, a M.
-t-phen, Anthor.ctj iof. "yaibion and
"The Uejec. d Wif"," .t -.. ,vc.
In addttiu" t". is afM-,tiLo !; 'th?5rt and
most Hu'beiitht ll'ustrit--d Pn-er in America, ur
passinj all others in t!u v.tri.i-y. MCiuri-t. an 1 In
terest of th? numerous i!lnt.-;iti.-ns w!;vb it ' iter-;.
Fratid Lnsi;eN l!luiMti;.1 -Ss-w.oi :-r will tieioio
43i.d.tod d.itiutry t. too l! p ii'- ,nl
t'.bsnrbiiT r'ivl. ' The ioi: liui n ihens." writ
tei, great n.7lis ,' Airs. Srcpbciis whose
'fn-s-o;; Pi:d Fa initio" Inu a bi.T cuhitio.i
t loin any other spun ly li erary vl ofourd-y.
and wns rejriitucJ as m t-: ;y a w.nk of th tim
ilfst it Vus ni t i nly republished in Kt'i'Cil. but
translate 1 inio aiico.-t every bininn of Liu-
r-jr". " ' .'"'
Vu pr'reVf ?5,00;, -!F- r tl vU'i rr.-xti il-er-wll-T
by the t-r.-'prief.-r for th-; lv-.-t n-v drew
f r'h IK 1 S t;-.;in - tW't- btn; li t-d wot-Vs. "ry t
ibctn o itr.Mt u" it.. A'liw.'t'n Mr S.ei.(-.--n.
iK.vil wa:. -!otii-l. i - vi ! .it. i .-r.-;-t .tu
all t lhe s olert .1. tm'
il :'l -t
: v'urv iii; -id:
fubiiali.l. It if t'si-iy U-si t" "ration aud
Fatninr.' and will le 'ts widelv r'nd.
It will bf of Rr -ater" inVref, tr. m the fscl that
thesc-ne is laid io ' nur laud and our own ffmc.:
and in delineation of charjcter and absofbinir
power it will fascinate ani charm the rvUr. .
Snber;-rt;:n i-." )-t vertf.
-Address FRANK LKSLIE. Du'ine St. N.T.
Copies of tbe papvr toriti.inin-r tho c uimeice
ment and eontinii.i"n of '... rf'eiben-' n:I,
44 1 be Gulf Iletwi en tbeia," can hn bad ot auy News
dealer, jn tbe lnittu S.atW or Aritiab Provinces.
SALT ty the barrel or pound, Fine Dairy Salt, tor
Sale ,
'At McLArciiLiK Sc Sya$ s.
P1CKELS by tbe dozen or barrel, ef a' mperioi quaJ
ity, crc'ctantly cn hand .. ,
At McL$ccnuy & Svtas,s.
"CTIflS. -Tbocolate. Maple t-r.csr, spurted Jellies, Caa
!, Peach--. Pepper sauce, JInsbroota catsup, Worces
tershire sauce, &.c ,
At AIcLACGnLiH & Swan's
PAIl.9, Tnhs, Rra. .rashhoar5s, Keelers, Children's
(Uats aud U'heetbarrows - .
; . . IiPrjRnpb,in& Even's
. The beautiful tract, of Land "known "Hay
wood ' Farm," contanrnr If O acres, situated one
taile West of Brownriile, is for sale apply to
X?yrn??ry, -ir.rrfiai, JIc Is.x , Vorcis.
,Toi',rj . i'! arc ltd it 'l: ; t.i . jrsf ice,
"artU'le.'if tf?efii'i'-V4cl!6i-diV6f'tl. i-
ln Ia-lcpcnclsnt .Democratic -Ja
, lyt 4?ra:-Weekly end -.Newspaper...
Tb.e Worlds to which the New York Weekly Argus
has be;n united, has to-day five times the agra
t;ate circulation of any I)einocrn.;io or conservative
newspaper." It addresG3 we.nkiy alone more than
100,000 subscribers nnd constant purchasers, and
renches at lat half xr-i'lion readers. With tyR
steady if circula'ion whieh it now enjoys,
the?-? numbers will soon be doubled. Nothing less
than thl? should satisfy thoe who believe that tbe
only Lope, of restoring the Union and tho auih'.rkj
of the Constitution over a now distracted and di
vided c'.u-try, lies in wrrstin? power from the
h. i litis rf tbo fanaticism his helped to povok..
invite, and pro'or. the war? ond that to aecrtni-15sa
tbis end, no moans is ?rt ejeoiiva as the diJj-ien.
tbrouih ab'o an j ent.rpming ncw-fupars, of sound
pt-iitieal ka3v,'iee aiaonj the wrkin men, tha
thinking. men, nn.l tho votingmen cf tho North.
Enterprise, ir.dustry and money will hi liber-'Iy
expended to m.-ike The World tha Ik-st Newspaper
in America- Its news from every p.irt of tfii world
wiil b; e.irly and uth"ntio. Wherever tho ulegraph
rxtcds, or railroads run, or .'tdatii-jj-iH ply! it will
g itlier the latest inicliitrenc;. Jt has a lare staif
ot nreornj-lisbcd corrnsp.T;dents with a'.l the federal
urtuies, who wiii telegraph and writato us taj latest
tews frmn the vaii.-us seafs of wsr. It has rorres
pondetits nnd reporters in every polit'oal a id coai;
tti..-rvi;?I centre ia AMcric and Europe, whosal3tt-,rs
itulisivitehes will leave nothing worthy of Djte
juHiiown to it readers.
Ilia Market Reports of the World ara aero c rn
plere than those of any other newrpaper. The
Edito's invite comparison in this respect and point
to tbe reports of tbe Guttle Markets, the en?-fii
and ctyuntry Product M.irk'ts, nnd the Money A!n.--ktts
in if'eolumns. as proof of its exeo'Ien.;e in this,
resietr. The world 1ms also a department
devoted to Agriculture, filbd with editorial artiel e
communk-atii'DsXroui practical farmers and mechan-
i. -s of tbe country.
i'L? war in wi'h the nation is engigd'agninst
tinned and inftuate.i Rebels, and the radical policy
cfVne aam'ni trrttloa whLh prolong- it, li tre con '
spired tobrin s.'gi:'tr "pon one platform all cou:
s.rvHtive, Unlon-lovUS-.! Ct i.stiru! cn-1 .vi. r
m. n, or wh.!tevtr fi.rnter nviVm! o."c. Many of
thi s.' who witLin the Un.i-s of Le ConitV-ion;
f.-nuht th" bsttlea' of tie IcJ pnkr tha-
Icaoership of those patriotic '.titismcn of oihef aad, d ys,"H -pry C):.rani Daniel iVcb tcr, to
gether with the mosses wh ise principles "weie those
of st,cU y ' .riots hs And- ev J.iksii aud Wiiium L
Al.-irey. ir'Ns Wr'vbt aid S'eptcn A. Dou'us. now
s ant . b- ul-Tr to s?ou;ir upoi tae same piutt .rin
is"p!a'5 oir'-Iti t-c re? ore the Uoiia, ra iint;'Jn
the Lhtiiution, eLforcs'tbe iavs". Wbatc.5r.
it-aif-O:. fr tb's ei.d, tbe exercise of foree of liie
of e ,nciU .toii. Aha orU will advo.Bte,
whatever ni'.kes sgiiost it. The Wuri.f will opp! ,'-e.
) t y,ryennjy otbe Union, whe r
areird io let.ei .'oB ?t U.e South or ini3tou-Iy plaCx-j
iugtl e seed? of di. union and essential disloyalty at
the X'Hth. . . .
It w 1' opp' se evtry vi.dation of tb Constitntion
w;hK-h is tne t-nly hope, aud bond of. Union, And our
only authority for esn-.trticg or compelling the alie-"
giaour of the Souto. : , . " '
It will Oppose eivery iyfrjetinn of ihe high
pbtees or io lew. bT c"kTe.-s and ilis.'.M .d jarsi
se.ns. or bv the adrL'irtii .rA'ioii wli;..'ii b-;s bceu tbeir
e xauirie. '. - . ,.: '.
It" will fearlessly exercis3 ti trelora of the
Press : it w 'Ii eous ih l l n ticfend
di.u oi .v-ve') ai.tlhr-c.iom of 'be '.wltot.
To the t'J" ifs-'-pet of the - AJini'otritit)n, its
erhitnirv ai d u jut t arre.-ta r, atrivias, its
denial of t:-e ii.' bf to ; b ' wnt of lu! es c.- rpus, its
iilfual p r.-lai!at;L!is. its t'r?ati.eR cf Sta'e and
ft ib'-iV. ;tj 'irsp.- e n...f j,.i il;id..f of unwant
ed oower. and ii-! i tt.e i-ftt.-;u:ir Is of
. iv.Laitd p'-Ti.;n.J.U! i r - v, wilJ .eot.-iantv opth.
tl.' j.; liu; si t.'lrj-rf Ifx aiprm.- ltfr iad ih.;
idv.-t : -,v . f s '-r..: :: .c::i.-e. until Atcctkaa tree
uwu,i."li u- kv- -'V. .rf rc-- t.f their, rights,
their iVo-Vti. s, r U-'t. a-i ' r IVmi'e.l and
well J.liM-i Vratiej'i, fcyire rris;.esi deisioii
of the ballot . . -
Pn f"U -fllv i'ni .:: v. h the d?;:ro tocntri
buteali 'bat' it ury t '. li- r'e.i k 'f h's geoev
tiun, n'lXi' y -o r-.-itere " -'ti . ti unity, ar.d
to place the Unit-cl Slates Hg',:i f..v ni-t- ant-ngthe
nations of the earth, and jd th p.-iice proa
perity, and hai piness of its people The VVorid
seeks from those who dcsjrs ?UCL iLiog' their sym
ved support, and, above all the favor of Him who
crowns every good work. -
. - - TERMS.
A'early Subscribers by mail .
Single subscribers. ier annum
$S 00
$3 no
5 CO
1 0
22 50
. $2 00
5 00
8 00
15 00
25 0u
Two -copies to one address
r."!pfle Srbcribors, per annum
Three cooics addre.-s cn each paper
l-ivo f U M " -: " ; :
Ten - . " ... ,
i tTei.tT eooies iflK to one address!
CiubsoHw ntyorovcr eun b;tva address put oa
t-iieh piper for an aduitiouul. charge of tea cent
each. , - " -
For every club of twenty an extra copy will be
n.lded for tho tretter un i f the eub.
,.r t-lcb of &riv. ibe Se:n -Weekly, and for
vcrv tlt.b i.f oi; NorJ the l sily w"il be rett,
wbfnre.' n the rxttm copies ot eesiy.
AildnioilB to Clubs rr.-.y be Ujde
it any tiiue at
-nue-rates. Papers cannow uctnnngeu irora oim
'Itiiy to another', but on request of the person order-
i the Club, nnd on receipt of fifty tents extra.
nr-'le papers will be taken frem the Club and s nt
... ;i seper.ite uddress.
All rders must b? nompan!""! bv th Cash.
. a i
il,., I lil WRlil.
5 Park Row, 'ov Ytirk.
To Con?nnipnves.
Corst.amtivesMr.rcrs w!!l receives Tnlaallo prt
5 ti.,n f.r the mr- of C'.nsutnption, Asthma,
; orc-trif
and ali it ' ' t a id
Lunjr auections.
- f ci ..rcr.i t.v snd!"2 ih"ir address to
kings Co.
New Yorw.
On hand and to arrive at .
. Iron and Steel WarsIiousQ,
20 and 22 Third Street,
FeV 24n26-t ., -
OJc?. Cuti-dor oi Jr.tentaJ iiiniiie, j
.17 (:,. l-.a rav. .T-.-n 2a,lSC5.
Xi.iictv i-lertbv cit'en. tht ti c I.t of Tnxcs
,as: sc l in K'.-i-r i.n:i-'' liu tha jr
JHnf lles''utt'.H "1 -.r-'-. " I1
ii. ns of the,
.1 '..' A V.
IHii. 'i.rp-.'-i:v a b:t
u;.i n t'" ::".-'. t'r-i;-
iAK d'
live t-. r . u! -oi
i',.r i "a. rc.r ei-
- ,1
C i;-.0-T .
. ' " r--! ; ;f;.;rr'.l i' tne
v 1 't S.ii I tJ.-s
j-i - ther.-i-f is
, i v. i.. j n y r.-i .r by
f r'- U. Pois y
1" f-j s.'s County, on
t.v t
. I,-w d 'Ci i.-i
bv ti :i.:'o i '
fi ; act
depU'V. attciot H ' A
i be Gitv of Prt if
Mondsv. ti.e 13tn dip
'.b. for -the
puipe ot ne!vii:.-'fd tax s.
, All pernios who sh.1 neglect to ray the amount
of tbeir taxes herby tien.sude.i on or before the
day la.-t above named, will be liable tu pay a penal
ty if ten per centum additional, and a fee of twerty
cents for scrvice'oi a ieial d mand and notiee.t.a
gether with four cen's a mile travel fees, actually
sud necessarily traveled to make service thereof,
Office hours, from 9 o'clock A. 51., to 5. P. M,
21 2t $7,50 Colleetor.
To all whom it n ay concern, notice i hereby
given that Monday th31st day of July. l$o5, is the
time ret to bear and dftermine all claims against
the E!ti.te tf Ji-seph Gicder, deceased. Persons
having claim agaii-sf. said etate will Cle them in
the Probata o'lieo of Nemaha County by that tiina
or they will be forever barred therefrom.
no-2p-4t. pd. Probate Judge.
CltuKING end Cbewinx Trtacco, Cwars pi. Pipa
O sieui aad Tobacco Poochea, in ere .tt variety,
At .61cl-iaug!iiii & Swan's.
MACSERAL. LaVe Trout. TSfcite fl.-b. C'J3sb, etc.,
etc..'.v on hand . '
At & Svs-fln'g.
TUB best Floarfroa theL. S, V.G. Mills in quarter
balf ar t whole scks kept
.... . ,
T,b nost, ej-'tEprehensive njiect-rary cf usefaJ
knoleuge au'Cdseral Literature, periodically is
sued ia the United" S-i'-tes; e jibracir all the fea
tures ef a Polytechnic 'Journal, Eoonc-mio Exj5sitot
Jjiterary Esposiiory and Moothly Register. Espe
cially deyotev. Financial. Couinjerciol c,ni Iadus
trial Interests and all joint stock corporation con
cerns!. " .
?av!ng coinrenoed the Fifth YolcrBB of this
JJagniiae, wh.e success evinces that tbe efforts oi
if cooducti.TS have been appreciated b a uissriaV
eating jubiiir. wo' would tali attention to its char
acter on the part or the large body cf readers who
are not jet upm its subscription lists. Our jir i:s this pubiication is the dierriinakiun of
practie.ii tr.formati ;n on su'rjeits of positive utility
to tho people. combined with a diversity of liter.r
at tract b n s?cunr-g the services of lite best peas ic
the varies fiep, of Scier.ce, Del.'cs-Lcttrcs
asd (5o:itTaI Literature. Whil- aioiiig unst ej
peotally to re'-ler m.;it eST-.-ciirrt service to the
Trade, Co:vmer?o and M' Prod Jcticn of tbi
Country, n'uny si.ics of the Cjuntry, many sides oi
tho mepfcj y.-r!4 rc?.?ite due consideration the
Hirtorical, Criiioal, EstheiicS aad lii-cgiaative, a.
well as tea Finacctal, SutUticai, . Teeiiiologicaj
and strictly llercantile. A'e employ alike tho re
seach of tiiesacsnt aid the fany of the feuiiatcn
ist, with ti c practical experiosce of, the business
nu'm and ibu w.ri;cr. Ia the tre?.tuicnt of colanliuc
topics, thi mode u tect-d U tha p pular ia sryl
raih.r thai tha technical.' The mom il phase ofl
the hour it sh til be our endeavor to portray, and tie
avail ourselves of tho sontribJtioas of new Discov
ery to tho Cirda rf Knowledge, and sh.i'.l r?cord
with ail practicable succinctness Current InteiU-gencc.whii-h
.will bo of future ntillity and bistonc
int?rest when the Present shci'l have become the
IWt. Iii Cno, tho Amoricm Exchange and Review
is adcstrsib'e and ever walcoms meuthly visitor to
its sub.-rribers imparting the richiiess of knowledgi
improting tho Lste,'aad furuii-hiog intcilectu!
gratific-ation. ' 1
""he Review ba3 its specialities in distu-t and in
ctv.., ingDcpnrtinents, with a General JJivLuoa for
ths wi.icsi cocsiiteat scope of themes. We give a
specification of topics which are tbe subjects either
of oeraMonal or regular publication, vii:
i Tho Arts, JCflo'ie.s: Agriculture, dr.plwd Chem
i? try, ArcbaeJogy, Dclles-Lctters, Dicgratiby, Criti-ei-m,
L?. r.rr.i. s Politi -a!, Ari;h"u"r .Va io.i
Taxahun: Fiii-iice binkiDg, ennrney, Corpcju ti-.c
Account. Ex. h.tng-?, F'uc-u iti- tts ia Seeuriiies,
i?!f-cit-; IIl3f ry, Industrial and Mea-antila eoter
priics, iruTraa-'?, iatercal Improvements Railways
Canals, TeiegrcpLsj A!.-: aa fact urea Products, tet-a-nolfgy;
Mechar.i.'S, iiiaicg .Viuerahgy, Geology.
Alol.illurgy; Ptitcnt-, Pbysi.;?, pi y -ioh gy,,
social sience; trade foreign and Uotresf.'o, shippiog
toercalfti;(3 Uty, Nav;gatio.n ; Ti-pt-graphy, Travel.
One copy, ono year, in advance .3 00
Five ccies .!. '"12 00
Ten . " . t . 20 00
When paid at the end of the year, 4 00 p- r an
num. ai'igbscipy Sample copy mailed on, t'ae re
ceipt of 15 ctcts.
,inle copy per aaanm poslagn rvJ.
CaniJ.- ' '
Cuba, - - . .
(ireat Dritain and Ii "eland. ,
FratKM.;::". " -. . ? - ! .
Germany, . , ' -
Wen liiiiics, British '
West Indies. No -British. t t
South America "Wen tb.t-tj T
$3 7
3 72
S 00
3 72
"3 72
3 12
8 Oi
8 iiv
; FOWLER A .V.oN7 Pro- rieri.
.-. . .. No. 21 Chen-tut S. 1 Li'ft.lclpLla, f x
: - ' . ' r THE" -..' . '
l FOR" 1SG41 v " : '"'
The pu biters of the il'.'.Vi fTir; iMriilCkN
reyp.-etjreiy.jivo - notice . tiiat tti- Ten i uim
i '?w Merits wiil eommt'uae on tbe 'first of Ja.i.i?ry
next. This wss ewtbti-.Jted in IS;).aii is
un-.onbttIly the most, wi-.lely circulated and i'.dtr.-ii
tiai po'.Jii-ti. n - f 'lie km 1 ih tb-j world. Li coin-fep-M-iiiii'tbe
. cow volume the pubinera desire to
call st-eciai attention to iUelaimsas
- In th'urespoot it stands unrivalled. It nt only
finds t$ way to almost every workshop io tbe
country, as the earnest friend of tbe mecnanioaod
artisan, but it is found in the cr.ur.ti-g-roon3 of t&e
manufacturer and the merchant; also in the lH.-..i-and
tbe hosebitd. The publishers feel warmi.tcj
in Rjrirg that no other journal now published con
tains an et:ul 'arooaint if useful information: wbt'e
it is their aim to present all subjects in the most
po; uhir and attritciive manner.'.
The ientidi-- American is published once a week,
in convenient form for binding, and each number
contains cixteen pages ef useful fcadiog matter,
illustrated with
of all the latest and best inventions of the day.
Thi? feature of the jnuroai is worthy of special note.
Every r.umbor c nt-iir.s from fiv; to ten oriintl en
gravirgs of mbaaical iiivrut'-ji rpl:iuzto every
department of the arts. These engrav ing-, are exe
cuted by artii! - specially enf-l-yd in the l-apir,
and are universal1 sckrowledicel to bo superior to
ant tbii3g of the l ir.d ir d-ccd in this c.i':try.
The yabli bets c." the hiettiiii aaterieau' proiulv.;
to present, as duri; prccdlrg years, all the bite
io provetoeriss in Meni tngtiiioriotr, War Yes.I,
Oitinaiiee ui'it'.ry ard nafil Firearrn? Mcchnr.i.--
j Tools, Marefnelkrin Jlhiaery, Wa'er wheels.
rumps aui iicer nvuriuuc appanius, n 'U.-en-ut
UteijsiK h'ltcttk, Ciiemical and Alesr.anU'al !ntri:
ments, JIacbiccs aud omer Carb-o? Inven
tion s--b id nil ' toe verte-i. articles designed to
lighten ibe bor tl matikiad, not only in tn shop, bat in every pl.ieo wbfretheiu-du-trics
'd life are pursued. ., '
Fr m iti to,t.,ett.fcujeuc. th? Sc-ieaticJ Ainrican
has be a th e-.rie?.v alviCAtd' of tne righta o!
ami ru ati loi cot t, and ihe..
In iioportant depart uentf so vitally eocnect
ted with all the great inerests of the country, no
other journal can lay any cla m whatever; as in its
columns thireis published a wsekly OfScialList of
the "Wa'wru" of all patents grunted at the U. S.
Patent Ouice. -
r.lore are of I times worrh more to tha subscribe
than tbe amount i.f a wh il yearns suo-eripi ioa. '
Two vrlumt t ct ce 8ci?o.uo American sre p.ub
Iishel vai-b' y ta? , at $ t.fid e.ieh, or 3 per tiersnnum
with ( orre-p(.r.dicg low urr.ns to Clubs; 51 will raj
f..r four inorths snbscnpii.-n. The numbers for
one. yearT rha. bets 1 pi . a, constitute &
week of S'i'S ptits cT useful inf-.rination, whb-b
i-vpry iu.; 'ought 1 to posses, a new "volume witi
coiuaienue ou the first of January, 1S$1. .
Fire copies, flr six months - $3
Ten copiei. for .-ix m nhs . , , . , i2
Tin eopie-for twelve months 22.
Fifteen eofies, for twelve monlha 34
Twenty eoj ies, f'-r twelve iconlhs -'. , 4
For all clubs of t v . ry and over, the yrT in
scription is only 2,";). Name eaa b sen m at timoi and foa different Ptt O Ejes.
spe:ien cupioa will be sent gratis to anj pact f
the t tun-y.
Cauadi.-a ?ib-cribers wiil pleate ti emlt 25 eer ,
extra on e;tcii year's MiKs.-rif tii n to pre.
AiL'.N.N A CO . IV. :..-rers.
No. Zl Pj.k Rw. New York.
Taken np by the ur.der-'gne.l
C v,
II Ck, el.-r.iJ.i . r 1
b - r rg r o"-i i '
rg'ut ear, nl. o, oiin; it
r:;t'-bir). Lach sspj
Sprir jr
gs.ic'-t .i t.'.w --f er
?ed :.. b 7 j.rc .11
. o ;
tfca !
KN ATT AT f.t! T..-
Sooth East eorts-r of Main and Firt Streets
Orncs LToCES 7 to 8 a. m . and 1 to 2 and 1)4 to
Brownville, Nebra"-ka. May 5th, 1854- No 35, ly.
E. 8. BURN'S, II. D.;
Jcly 23th, 1 1 (. JnJIi7Z"
WalieWpa? all Paper Tl
cJnsUntly on band t'Mar.'.bn?s Tailor SiuB, ty
Pa er-bangrtn? d--ne in the most approved style, snd
ea ab,ecarb toruis. -
rownville. Keb- Jnne 2 I354.
palls city, n rrcEEA.
ij- Will practice ia all tsa Cc;.rt jt FB&. v,v
mil em
For tia.Tev.lS!!,
. ...... j.-. ..... t.-,.j. t'iBrju'j l
Dporn of the Rebellion, witness the Ja'i, a. r
ernent restored in the Jalien States, tl.5
crated, and Slavrry oblitcrata f..-a the laj .Vs
ev-r.' of 'of will be am. the ii'."tjirEfrn.r', .
tbe liiitory of the Country, ac-J doabtc ;-'
eludtf tha return of Peace, and the ai'n'ca
Americ i upon a tew career of aiian'.leVi V."'
nest and pivsperity. With Labor vio-i'.- w f "
thar?trvehcf r'dr.m, tie People wiii iu.,?1
i-n abi-brr pLnform of intaig -ne and pow
feel a still pr.:our;lr intettst in all the dtu'v)
thepri'grois of tLeir ow-j and othir lan-i. L'a fi
wor.d is aatcring sji-a a new series of e irrr
to trruiiniUe in the triuxih cf Deisomryb.,.
tbe 'Atlantic; wliie eroigration to Aaieries''
aoouire a low acd tricr-u l .us irnpeta. i:g3iet..-.U
iuia. -lively tnr prodo-;t:-ac power.
The sl.ring eveuts of lbs times wilj b frjn'
ly led in the eoiaurs o tbe lKxocisf'wi-
woa.-i r-solvo.i t-- rrr.dr a.ra Tilsaij.e ssi
tractive than ever as faithful
IJirror of PGS3i23HL:tcr7.
Inscired by the st irit of I)"noccv av,
ledging no Uader but -Truth The AL'ssorij p
OcRaT will cor.t D Je to be solely th Vmaof !
People, and pr.mpt to denounce ani rw;2"j:a; f
poi:tical or iniliUry ' aspiraut a sevtj i. J, I
tueir causa. . '
In addition to car War Xew, w?
ia cur Weekly paper the Weekly News Siix,
and also an abstract o.r tha proce-diagj nf fcr? :
and of the I'rocec.
ieJirg-: ot LagtsUturu ofJi-ui ;
and liiii'ijis.
Our Ti i-Waok?y. will emtsia as af-.r.c
tha Important tsw--,Lccal and Cojaaerc
Shall not be exjollei by any paper ta tha Wt
We ha ve improved our a;rac?!acBf-j f"tt& ' '
Frtta W:.-bicton, l)in the Lower x '"iM.pri, u-i
fr mtbe iiissoort and I.iiaois Ca:i.s,'. Ti?
will be p'liilisv'i! m rd i.t -.-a ta tho Jtw rs iiwr
A R M V t OR R ES I'O X EN C5,
And our nu.m'iry f vj neral 5ej iIUir.
We reTt'-t a'l Postm.tsters aniineaJj taktu
Al&t. ; - -f , -
for -ti".'.aT!i M'fn of tha Ppn ui
Pro. j.e.fu. uicti il uti. Gtrd k. y .! be
ly fo rw a '' L . .
'" Send rs rcany ? p iblj ;a Cl' U?s
ths! ,-nrtrasvi.: .-j sdl-wi
the P. stmaster ; r i.o g : ; ?r i..' i .t L ',
It is nft -rcpiic' '-s 'i th 7ai.-vi T.V
shuii be scut u ons '-.' Ci.-e . ti-. . J-.- -
sent to d'-aiereov t;v a-i "'.' :
a' any tim .-. ; ,
. The following aro our rv
S -ib -crib ts - v:s j tr
t 2 s l- i rs - -
- TRI-V EEkj.Y dem-:
Subscrjb.'rs itr year - - -
Sine -.-The-5
Fiv.. r
;es -
Anv inrj rl,cbtrri tn will ba cfucgi at Is
r.:4 i t t- d ..- id i half per cosy.
" The above tstes for all Aiail Sabseriftiiatirt
ryav'e id wdvari-".
Orders not aceompanied with tha BV'0J wiilts
e-ive a.- at'eion.
A II papera of either 8lifion. will be disootsw
at the end of th" fx rsid frr. ; .
M.-XHrl. FISH IL-tCn A CO. PnP"
41 l: L.CJst atreet.ST Ru ts M.
"cetTEp ion: clurs roiim
This pi puUr Ar .athly ct-nUins tn"f '
TT-'oney thln aiiT M .aaioo in th w.. li. Ie ."H
it will bxe near!; loti ih.-ps. 2 P-
12 c! -red "ater's.fn.i nt) wo hI tiirt;..g-M
all this frrn'y To.. DjIIbm a Yi-.r. or, mi
Irs than m-jgisines of its cbss. Lvctj Uly o-t i
M tak. -IVteTSPii." In tbe g-a-rsl a-ivaaca
rri.-es, its is the or.'- M no that hu n., r w
its prices, either b. single suhscrib;rs or to
Ld w,ihercfur9, t mpDat.callylbe suaj U
the Times. .
Tbe stories In T-x-rson" are frTtW '
b-t puhl -he l t-nyhcre. Mrs. Aun S.
Fi!. Lodrri'TT Mrs. D'-air-on, 'Frank Let Juj
Theaulb-t-if "Si-y L'i Diry," T. y. rl ar.
f, ( banLer Moultor.. Gbviel!e Lt-o. 'i tr;-5
Townsend. Rraalle Grey. Cia' Aaista. ao-ltsi
au'hi.r ot -The Scconl ti.'.' besides a.ll-
it-n sr fertsle writer! vf -4mtnca ar rr
. ... -i
contributors, in a-'i.'n lJ UJ." ,"T...
sn, rt stf ries, tho re wiU bo g'vea laic.
Uriainl C" v-richted N..velets, vii :'
iiil -,i::Vf .I.'u.-r- a stt.ry t-f
Ann S. Strpb. ns.- The Lost E-t-a it-'?
t.-d.y. Ry th3 autber of "Tbi .vv.-tl I
Maud's Kummer at. Sarat-g. yj 1
Renlct. Fancy's, by j
Iaiu Illustration aW." s irn-tt (
Tbe p'.Uihcr 1 a'l n :--a eonpar.soa .b-tweeaJ (
superb Mezootints and other sie-l enraross j
to.Min. tber Ma-azin'a,.! one at least u- j
in everv lumber. Cob.ud fhkn
varee:lt is the on'f Ji?n"e
Plates can he rt-Ueu on. bach cuailer en
:. i uta .n.raTed on s ee!. rd cci"' i
lrom FasbioPs later ttan any other l.amef r more New Styl y !
Wood: also, Patt'.rc.from wti. h 1 1' '7
or child's Cu-tom -an cut, w.'
- .... ..-.S i.nmb!r. 1U l"1 '
B.'HKiBH-Hl!ift . in " " " fl-i
will da r m 2 r S S I OS.; M 0-l.
l a r -'.
., ' , , :. . 1 x- . v. ic.licT kr
1 i.naa.i: hi 1 1U.I .t - - ,p j
at. length ertch- woath. Piittern vf I J
ili 1 !r.-s.-9. Ac, tji.'en. Its col-re f-7
ertil roi lcr .i-r-'lit. Ac ....
The Work rihi- !.:"
who!! v- n. riv t' -1. F.v
vry unab-rcon'J.a"';
t r more tai 1 s in e v
Kir..-'..i 1 TV -. i.U ' in
wrk.A -..Ac : Ac Lvcry usoib. a
,...r,. r. r ... '. r.orse er euai
ivm'. H.t 'h ),t wbivb. ' a t'!
f it fw.'s . , C.j
"',.r Ne C.k-Pook' --Tb' .9r'' J , F'
K'.t p....-;- U : !'. :t-H..n ar -i-ue -
IS 1 pHf -4 'o-k -R.-k.1 c
oi.e of the reee pfs bis K- . i- oi.
;n well woriti tho pr'i-.' of s"1
ceiptsfor tbe tuilett;, se'e A
pvle.' .
New apd f.-bb-'rb' " in " f;
an-l hints on UiTtiruitt-'," f ii--"1 : :
L: : 's 'i.-'reji irg tu i .i
Ore co
.mT o::e yi nr,
e-1 f.r re ,...
T ! -f e v
Fva o-. es ft:r t.i e yeir.
r;jfht '. pies l- r one year.
Twelve e- p's f,i; (ne yrar,
.'-jrt-n ( :- fv.r . i.e rar,
l':"-!! vffi t r r- "in:
fi.-tn ' i.r tn.ita iwu -j. iiit C
sonce"ir.g niae.-H of Vee. an-l ";
Pi', si .r , Ut'. rf t r.r rr..... -
d; P-i- au i a o i: o-
. , f 3 T
I ... .. !
l' - - .
co... J..1! a in itrt eoOV
th oja?
1854 will be gi ven . If preferred. J''
J 5-
send a'O o, ',idw ".'"L-JtU-and
Iila-t .t-i Lady's Album-hrad
in jrilt. or either of our Messotiats, , -ah
27 ia- hcs by 2 )-Buoraa par- -? t
Blind Child, in Jail." or -Ha V 1;
ing f.r His Rt ' n Pris.u." To
eetiing ap a clu ' f Sixteen, two
thaMagiiine wib s senior aaytwol w
st-paid.- cnxnxssnn
No. J04 Chestnut Street.
All Pos:nMtsrs constitotrl A.
person uav np a club. LpeciawB
touly,if wri'tfn f. r. .
SOTirn to fcirxx
The anJersirr.eel.Ps ard of E j f
meeting f. rrhe pure of extn-' ' ;,V
ers, oa toe atur.t i; " . j k--
P M,aUhe r'Tice of
i- aa. i a - r-
rti5.'a? :aJ, Lb
ar te nay
previoujtotheccmsen .earM ' j
I . I., r i. T. .
o C"
JER.M Al"-U 'VI--
AWS. Tfrrtotera, Hatcbets Fi'e.
Miuets ricks
At ITcLaughVf -j
Th war dranria is arprmchinz its ki?i.. .
ir.tprMt Tii f will i.w.K-V- -