Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 23, 1865, Image 2

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' 1 T cbrcisfra & liucilt a
, , Owr laiestdates, from which to gather
rewi, are March 17th. The apology for
daily mail the bucLboard passed
through our city twice sioce our last Issue.
Sherman has leen heard from. His
rmy "vras at Fayettiville, N. C, on the
12ih, ia fine spirits, end had met niih
co opposition.
Hampton's rebel cavalry surprised Kil -patrick
on the lOih, capturing all but two
of his eta fl". Kilpatrick escaprd, formed
his men and drove the enerof with great
'Kingston, N. C, eurrendered to our
forces on the 12tb. The eneray retreat
ing toward Goldsboro. tut rumor says
that place is possession cf Sherman.
Tfeere is cow little doubt but that Sher
man and, Schcfield will, c: hive by this
time, formed a junction. Terry defeat
ed Bragg's force before getting posses
sion of Kingston, tn(J has been joined by
Schcfuld. : ,
Sheridan has destroyed all the ivenues
. of icpply to Richmond, and is cn his was
ta tbi White House. -;
The paperi cf Richmond liare all sus
pended, the printers have all teen con
, scripted, into the army.
' Gold 'reported on the'lih Vt 162. '
From the Yf? the news i Lt the
reads are clear cf
We are in . jeccipt of a letts; from
Rev. T. V. Tipbn, Chaplin of the Vet
rran First, lie says, as to the articles
- for the benefit of sick and w'ounded sol
diers, whiuh they stand in need of be
.. cause not supplied by Government tha
most desirable rould be Drawers and
Shirts, made so as to be unbuttoned up
.'the. sleev and front of "the 6hirts, and
: up the outside of the legs of. the drawers.
?t JV.hope cur Society, here pvijl take hold
cf this immediately, and that all of. cur
t tilizena wil Jend their hearty.: co-operation.-,
Immedjatey, we, say, because a
. Xxg : expe4iAAiL8lD&4c?an.,z4 v
F.t, KcarnsV; ta march, a gainst the tac
tile Indians, and upon such marches as
.this must necessarily, be, these articles
will be much more needed by the sick
' and wounded, than while in post camp.
They should be sent to Mr. Tipton, at
Ft. Kearney, as soon as possible, and
all may rest assured of the" faithful dis
posal cf their donation.
He says that Company "F" has start
ed in the direction of Fort Laramie ;
that the troops at Plumcreek, under Capt.
Majors, are to form part of the Indian
Expedition now being fitted cut by Gen.
Mitchell, and that the consolidation of
the First end Veteran Battalion has not
yet been accomplished.
Joint Stock Farmer's and Me
chanic's Store enterprise, recently set on
foot in Nebraska City, by Mr. Imhoff,
has proven, so far, a complete success,
the stock being taker; up, and nearly all
paid in. Mr. ImhofT has started East
for goods. If 'this net enterprise is a
tuccess, - it will be a great benefit to
Farmer's end Mechanics, for betaking
ene share (S100) the share-holder is
entitled to receive goods for his own use
at eastern prices, with the cost of trans-
portation and incidental expenses added,
and if ihe store, by its other sale, makes
a profit above 'its necessary expenses,
' c each share will receive a dividend. We
think these shares must always be up to
" f ar, and if the enterprise meets the ex
pectations cf its friendi, 'will comrnand
a premium. . ; '.,;
Ther is tome talk, in this county, of
" siting up a Joint Stack Farmer's Flour
ing Mill. We have not learned panic
Kltrt, but doubt not it will pay well.
Rebel papers admit that Sheridan has
played havoc with their avenues of sup
plyr and are fearful that he will succeed
ia reaching Burks' Station and cut cfTall
communication to or from Richmond,
Burks' Station is at the junction of the
Petersburg and Lmchburg and Richmond
and Danville roads. It is already rumor
ed that Sheridan had reached. that point.
Xh capture cf this point, will da away
with the uecessity cf Grant's attempt on
the Southside read, will relieve Sherman
from the danger of a concentration against
his movenients, and must 'force"' Lee to
rive battle or stand a siege in Richmond",
and no fear need be entertained of our
success in either event, 'specially if a
junction of Sherman and Grant's forces
is effected. .
The Amendment to the Enrollpent
Vill, which recently passed Congress,
makes provision that any person who has
heendrafted or enlisted into the U.S. ser
rice, and has deserted, shall, unless he
report himself for duty within sixty days,
t ases to be a citizen cf the United Slates,
and is forever debarred thejright cf suffer
All who desert hereafter, come
under the same provision, excepting the
t'l'T diys tavir; clsctt.
The following sensible business trails-action-n
ihe prt of or City we cupy
frutn the minute of the Ciiy Council
Ordered, by if . t' ' ! -at TWJor
Hill Le gmuitd a leu cf L Levee, ex
tet.dii .ir to the rivtr : ? front tf t! e fol
lowing lots', fire, .;r vej . eigl;t, f.iue
unci ten, in block "twenty-ore, 'for "teg
years, on the following conditiens:
That said Hi!l ; pay taid Ciiy the
Bum of t-5 per y;ar rest. " IU ililaUo
gra3e taid Levee in front of said lats to
the distance of twenty feet from the top
I the bank cf (he river; and ihail.noi
build or keep any building on taid Levee
which shall be an olsmiciiih to the frte
use thereof by th? public, but he may
build a:d keep a warehouse on the same
I whjth shall not be less thantwecty feet
i rem tne top or me fcanK oi me river.
He stall not charge any vr'harfage or any
charge whatsoever for the free use of
said-Iacd by the steamboats or public for
a levee. And shall keep graded and in
gocd repair a sufficient distance along
the river in front of said lots for the ac
cotrmcdatip of the business done at the
By this act a good steamboat landing
is secured to the city, free of expense to
it or its citizens. ( We only, wish that the
whole Levee could be rented in this way.
and there is plenty room for as many of
our merchants as may desire to "spread
tLcmselves" in this way.
Few. persons are acquainted with the
provisions cl the U. S. Revenue Law, by
v hich" ignorance , many thousand dollars
are lost to Government! and many loyal
men infringe a law'of which they are
ignorant. There are Stamps necessary
in the settlement of Estates. By decision
cf the Cwnmissioner of Internal Reve
nue, the presentation of a Will for'Pr.o
hate, application for. the appointment of
administrators and guardians, d.o not re
quire stamps. The probate of willa, let
ters of administration.'and bonis of exe
cution, administrators, guardians and
trustees, are subject to stamp duly, asjs
also the appraisal of value. Bat all other
proceedingvsuch ns petitions, orders.
notice.1, certificates and affidavits used in
the settlement cf the estate, are exempt.
Farmers, , be, up ajidv doing j ' Fprm
your-Clubs! - And prepare for a County
Fair this season'! We'lldo all your print
ing gratis.' And if any Clubs have al
ready been formed send us the proceed-
ing, we Ji puuiiin tn-m ,to give otners
confidence. " Nemaha ".County has' the
" V.. . " " ': r- ' ; 'vl! ,.'11-
rikatenel necessary to maue the foremost
county" in the Territory, all that is lack
ing is combined effort." LeiVhave it.
What are the farmers of this ' precinct
doing. Let any and every Precint call
a'meetiDg, it stall cost you nothing to
publish said call in the Advertiser. ' Go
in Vln union there is strength."
- We understand that W. I. Miller has
taken charg?, and issued one number, of
the Rulo Register, and opciied up neutral.
We have no doubt that, in his youthful
days, he became proficient in the art of
"rubbing his breast and patting his head,"
at the same time?," and no v intends to
male it ray. him by rubbing loyal men
and patting copperheads, both at the same
time. Ga in, Billy, but lookout for break
ers ahead.
Miss Susan B. Anthony, late! y wrote
from Leavenworth, Kan.: '
44Iain learning, too, of that wonderful
people, the ex-slaves,, 4,000 of whom
are nestled together in this city." ' -
"Every one I hav this far talked with
is Irimfiill of common sense a.nd intelli
gence." '
Wait till hot weather, 4and we think
the whole nest will be found "brimfuH"'
of. tin-common scents. We pitty the
perfume dealers cf that city, for, let the
sun shine warnf, and lo, 4'iheir occupa
tion 's gone." And "the next wind that
is wafted to us from the south, may bring
to our nasal organs the scent of perspir
ing nig." At any rate we would caution
Miss Susan B. Anthony against becoming
too "brimfull" of the negro, herself, for
it might be a dark responsibility. '
The - Mormons have commenced cut
ting a canal starting near the boundaries
of Utah and Salt Lake counties,' winding
its way along the eastern side of the
Talley, watering the land on its course,
including a very considerable tract yet
unbroken, and terminating iri the city.
This, is the most ; extensive enterprise
of the kind yetf undertaken in that Territory,-the
canal beiBgirt&irtytwo miles
in length. 1 ' ' - '
"' We" learn,' from our exchanges, that
there is a proposition on foot to build a
toll bridge across'the Piatt river," about
nine miles from Denver. Merchants and
produce dealers of that city have taken
hold of the matter and trade and travel
in that direction, during the coming sea
son, will be accommodated by a good and
substantial bridge, in a'place where one
has been much needed.
Many mistakes occur in the sending
of letters to Nebraska, by their -being
directed N. T. It will be seen that this
will also answer for Nevada Territory,
and jn many instances, when the letters
1 are poorly written, may be mistaken for
N. Y. Letters should be directed to Ne-
j.irafcki, cr Nebraska Territory, in full.
The Grandest Scheme cf the Age is
".he lottery by which the Patee House in
thiscit? is to be disposed of wi h all iu
fijrnilf.-'rrt. whk-H iar of the" n( nest ,r.r,d
most cvstly kind. . Tht drawing of, this is irrev wily decide I to t ike j face
on thr'.'.Bth Jo ""of l'ii, 1305, by o'-der
of thrropr: . -r. ireajury nr i .rec
tory. ' Vfcoevf?r-inreuds to r.'uy a ticket
I must speak soon, cr the chance will be
lost. St. JmsvA Herald. Feb. lthh.
We have the best assurauce that this
Lottery will be-fairly aud honorably cou
ductctl. Those desiring to purchase
tickc-ls can see tl e Scheme of Prizes" at
Marth, Jfiro. ?c Zock's Books Store, and
tickets" may be -obtained, through lueiis',
of N. S. Hardirvg Sc Co., Nebniska City;
at S2 each. Nw's the accepted time.
A shooting affair came ofTa Rockport.
on ihe 16th. ft appears, that some one
had '. killed a dog belonging to Charles
Deal, h'eaccu?ed HtHoway of it, and
drawing a piftol fired, upon Holloway,
but tjnissed btm,. when Holloway fired fit
Deal, wounding him ia the arm.
' The St. Joe' Herald 4 Tribune, say?: "
'The work of extending the Plane
Country Railrcad'to Leavenworth will
commence bythe first of May."
Haven't you made a mistake about
the end 1 If not; how about 'tother end I
Hurry it up, friend IJerald, we are acx-
ously waitin
1 T
The order requiring travellera from
Canada to the United States to have pass
ports, has been revoked. The Canadian
Government having shown a willingness
to do sll in their power to prevent any
raids by rebels, or others, into our coua-
try. '
; .(Go!d was at 16.9 on the 16th, and dull
at 167 on the 17th, in New York. , The
press of the country divided ns to whom
to give credit for this constant decline in
gold, Sherman or McCulIough. the pew
Secretary of the Treasury. We incline
to think its a little of both.
. '
Parson Brownlow, Governor of Ten-
nessee, has, been awarded 5325.000 dam
ages for his imprisonment and persecu
tion by prominent rebels of Knoxville,
which to be assessed upon the wealthiest
rebels there who assisted in his persecu-
; '--J -.; -- i- i" i- i.
lion. f . .
'j 1 v' -
- -The rebel' Senate has passed the; bill
placing npgroes in the army, but with
the proviio that not ore? twenty-five per
cent, of male negroes between the ages
of 18 and 5Q can "be taken.:. : i .
. rA steamer, which. hfd tun on : a sand
: r - . . ... ...... - .
bar in. the Mi?our, near LibertyMo.,
was captured by guerrillar a fevv, days
since. No particulars.
All civillians, except newspaper., cor
respondent5, and thoe belonging to the
army, have been ordered out of the army
of Lhe Potomac.
, The gold medal and resolutions voted
to Gen. Grant, by ihe last. Congress, were
presented to him on the 18th. ,
The Minnesota Legislature has passed
a law allowing negros to vote.
TL following testimonial of esteem
was passed by Brownvillc Lodge No. 5.
I. O. of O. BV
'Whereas, The stern -and nnrelent
ing hand of death, which is continually
reaping and gathering its harvests from
the ranks of humanity, has again visited
the' field of our fellowship and taken
from us one of 'our most -faithful and be
loved Jbrothers, I G., H. H. M
who was a laborer in the cause of the
brotherhood of man. Since we last met
death claimed him for its victim ; his de
sire to live was for his wife and little
ours ; no selfuh thoughts mied with the
pure. goldV.f his nature. The interests
of our Order were near and dear to him,
notwithstanding loag debarred by illness
from participating in our weekly re
unions. " We, deeply deploring, irvxom
mon with the Fraternity which we repre
sent, the great loss which this Order has
sustained n this dispensation of Provi
dence,, as a testimonial of the respect
which this Lodge entertains of his dis
tinguished worth and services as an Odd
Fellow, therefore
Resolvedy That this Lodge is profound
ly sensible of the loss which Odd Fellow
ship, Society, and the afflicted family
have sustained in the death of our late
Brother, H. H. Marsh, and we sympa
thise with the relatives, frierds, society
and this Order in the bereavement which
has thus befallen them.
Resolved, That, as a testimonial of the
regard which this Lodge entertairjs for
the able efforts of our departed brother
in the advancemen of Odd Fellowship,
and in token of his worth as a member
of society, and bis devotion and affection
as a husband, father and. friend, that the
efScers and members of this Lodge wear
the usual badge of mourning 1 for thirty
days-',., v- ..- .
Resolved, That the Secretary , furnish
a copy cf these proceedings, under 'seal
of the Lodge, to the family of bur de
ceased brother, tQ. the Nebraska . Adver
tiser, and that the same be spread upon
the minutes.
' All of which is re?pectfully submitted.
. kl. U. LfcTT,
E. H. WILCOX. Com.
, . - Cj F. STEWART,
Th creditors, of Archibald Handler, deceased,
will take noUe that the Probate Court of Ne
maha County, Nebraska Territory, has appointed
Augnst 14tb, 1SS and September tith, 1855, at the
See of C. G. Doraey, in Brewnrille, in said coun
ty of Nemaha, to receire, examine and adjust all
claims and dsmands asaiaat the deoeased. - Unless
the claims of creditors are presented to raid court
t r allowance on or before Sejeml.r -sh;1865,
ifcey will not be entitled to pavmeot.
i Lted March I8ib, 12M:f ',' ' '; "
Administrator tf theEste!. f Arch' Handle'y, L;77. Thomss, ";
174t-p4 . 'AitVfvrEiM.'
; I L'a.At NOTICE.
John ILrralltOfrvA GnHen IL ,Ti!ox will
tlt notice tlisUohn P. Hodrc, a rirUicftnt,
did on the i f March, a. dJ 1s-!5. tf
L;I1 in -(.DCvl. in tha District C.onrt. nf
county, . brsska Teiritory, ainst the ?i-J Jo:"u
rbf;bu'tVo3 i'THTsr f saii P-i! U to VCl
lecrcr Forecf.-wri- cf & Derd of Tr-K.-m the
caturflof a Morta'?.lfeiTen byoaid m ,1"
7 ... i.... :?2 in town-
h;p number 5, .North of Hnn naI"ber ' U-ura
in Smh countvfNbnMk If rjurj, y
the pAytnect to CciupinN :'"bn J v' lc ;.re.
CSO d-.liars, 8or3iny to I''rv
in referred to. nd -h "To -of - "J
reniJeJ to,
i-ythVaid turn ! n-V7iIir
. (
x ara
. . inf. iv . . .
"" Solicitor for Cuitijaiaist.
27 it i33.jO
March 53 J.
John Tr'usley mr. take nice, that Benjamin F.
Liuhbnugb undJamffll.' IIintey, aacomniainaBts,
did on the 20th day of March, a. d., 16o, E?e ic
the cfiico cf I'.ci.-:tPf 5 a CLancpry cf the DJstr.ct
Court within and for tho county cf Kt m.iba, Na
Lrnska. Territory, a H'11 tX T.mpl;n?it RgnicJt th
mid John Truslfy as 'df-ffn.-?ant. Tho obirot F.rd
prayer of 5aid ;!! i$ to obtain a J'ccrpp d Fai l
Cf.rt decree! D.J.J a cs'tnin aifT.nient mio by the
sid Jfthn Trn.'Uy. cf liouily Lai d Warrant ri-i.
6y,430 for lfiO aere.i,"J pirsaant to an nt cf
Ccngre?s afp"('rd .Msroh 31, 1 "55, to thn said Ja'.-.n
.Trus!ey. (i Vuxrivata?, a gpod an i Tslid. aiirr;
tuent tbert'f f nd vesiir? th tit of taii Lr
Warrant in Jinen H. Hinshy the apjigriee tier
The t-aid Jcin Trnsley is notiS-d thath is
quired to ap;iar and amwcr-patd bill cn cr bt-fore
tho 8iL dv of Mav, c. d. 1S35.
" ' CHARLES O I)")u?EY.
March 23. 274;9 . JSolkitcr for Complainant. -
CKarlrs T. Jjuisca and GnH?n II. Wilkox
will tako noticr-, that Jnhn P. Hndjio, .? cnmnlain
ant, has ld, in the District Court, within and
for the C.iunty cf Nemaha, Nehmfka . Territory,
a Din n lfiancery, iifiin.'t ihe.'aidCh'irlea T. Jia
i?on and iurrti'n u. ncy anrt .iary J.
The object and r.rarer of said Bill is t obfa'rn a
Decree of fail Court for tho Fereclosure of a
Deed of Tru?t in the naturo of a Mr.rtao. given
by said Chorion T. .Jamison to said Gurden H
Wilcox, vpi'V tho northwest fractional quarter of
cction nuiabcr thirty, in township rnmher four
north in rsr.gefiiteen. Last. in paid ?cm3ha cenntr.
Nhrask Territory, to secure the payment cf 259
dollars to ccinfhu'nast, John P., and for
the ale oi naiiV premises to pay said -sum with
the interest theroon. The said Chjtrles 1. Jam,
i?on and Gurdcn fl. Wilcox are notified that thoy
are reouired to auoear and answer said bill ca or
btfore tho Slh dy of May. a. d., 1S33.
1 ; ; .; CHARI-ES G, DORSET, ,
Solicitor for Complainant.
27-4t-$ 13.50. :
In aerordane wi h an order from the Probate
Court of Gage County, "Nebraska Territory, dated
the 11th day of June, 1864, 1, John W. Latham,
Administrator of the Estate of W. . Dencison.
deceased, will en the 24th day of April, 1855. be
tween the boun of 9 o'clock, a. m., and 7 o'clock,
p. m., offer at public sale at the ogjee of the Pro
bata Judi?e in Kcatrice. uace Uonntr. all ol la
late W. W. Decnijon's right, title snd interest in
the following Real-Estate, tii : Th southwest i
of the southeast J.und the south of the south-,
west of section no. 1, north of ror.a
8. ea.t, mid the nfrtheat of the northwest
of section no. It, town 1, range 8, east, iA lots
one and two and west of noxthwest i cf section
no. 10, town no. 1,( range 8.' " . 1
JO&N Vr.I.ATnAJf.fAd'ra5D5stratoi ,
j- Estate of W. Deanisen.
Beatrice', Gng co.,Ntb., March 9, 1855. 27-3-$7
-: for ;
Oooloy, IST'.ro-cvoll cfe Co.
Will offer to the trade of
The most Attractive and Largest Stock of
' ' i
Dry Goods, Notions and
x23.os Goods,
At price as low as the nme qualities are sold by the
fcSoi nouses Id
fNeiT Torli, Boston or railaaelpbla.
Our Stock will embrace in part .
ESroTTO and Illcaclied Sheeting
aud SIi tilings, Drillsv Denims,
Iiirting Sti lpeS, Corset Jeans,
Cambrics, Tickings, I'lannels,
Apron Checks, Tweeds, F. &. 33.
Cassimers, Keiccis, Satinets
Jeans, Cottonades,
AIsc Cloths, Castimere, Ladies' CI k Cloths, and H
Voulenn siuuble for ilea' Wer.
Sprara'sJ -
, - -itictaiond's
Data pel's
- Allan'
Lr WTeace' Arnold's.
And all otter welHcnowu brands.
. ' m i '.'if ; '.;"
. - Will.couiprIsa.all the novelties at tfc9Sefso. -
' . oua stccK- nTkx '.'
Will be foujii full and complete.
CJ"Our Store, ( lj the firm, an no rent ts
pay,) ifCing newly fitted up, gives us Salesrooms 60x423
feet, tho larget -Rt of the ea burd, Toriiug ca
ucejaalled facilities' for showing G-oofls.
Oueo our Arm residing In N'ew r oVk,. (havhig two
experieuced asBistatu) and bavin 2 forCASH, eimble
ustooSe: our easterners new Goods llj at the -.
Xjo-vvrojart, Of&SDla. I?rioea;
: - "
We regpectfaMy. Inrita Merchants TrsitlngCliic'ae
to examine oar Stock.
C"P&rUcular attentioa given to tV.iag erdsri.j
. JoIinV. rarcwsll Co.,
42, 44 k it Wabash Are., .
vt-m.a.?n jl.a.i.
Foratio G. Woinili auJ Su-j.a it. rfc -Vet wV-l
. V. John L. CAr..n lia ISA
March, . d., WW S, i j
District Court withiaa -.i l-.r thty-uu v of i
tv.l 1 lloraii;, U. VirraJ tnt rit. 'icu. Ill tiebtel,
fln.rheolimia: F. Lubbiu?h, d fjuJion, tins'
f .rth ibss tba said iljr&u Q. v .rril ex v.-ute'i two !
I b iCu, "! a lb-a. vest bilf of thAiath ?t 'iar- !
quarttr of section seven, iu township sis, ocrth uf
r;m!?e ibirfeeu eat, in widuntj, tosxers tb
payment of two promissory no:, u; fjr $50 i-0
and ihe other fur Sio.OQ j aul tbit, e'n:e tn.j re
cord Leg ul, tli.3 iiJ Uo.-.uio- I'.
VorriiiI has convejeJ to aij S:st-aca II.
I.a-btel, ?aid .M.rtt'ngcs. sad that sa'.d
Hi'r.j-iffiin F. La:l?bauga Wo In t tij'm-'
lerest to tcffii.'iainaat-. Tuo -oijscs t nd prayer of
t-.ud ... j.-r aui th-i ul of said lui-l 'to
null sums and tae interest thereon , and th
Uoraiiv U. Vrorrall u Dou:ii thit be ia
L. Vi:iiami, partners &3 Turner, Fruzer A C ., ar.d
AuuMine Jij-ford and John K II..rn , .aitner as
Lytora and i orn, will taka cotice that Jobn H.
JJavj.sdid, on tae loth d-jy of Vlaroh, s
fiicaBi:i i i t9 District C
!v. a., ivj,
. ur.
uiab;i County, .Nebraska Terrirorr, r.2'iin.f t
and JoDn W'.Swr.n al John L drs-n r.alefenJ- i
anc;, scttisg lurch thi: tL-j sail iuha W . Ssr-ib ex- j
ei:aied a Dted of Trusf, ia the Mtare of Mort-
"oif to Joho L. J;irsyn ai Truste?, n;iC'r 1&t e;g!it
ei jiit in block seven, in The City cf llrownviile, in
;iid nmiha Cuuny ,to s:c-jr tbe payn"! to coin
piiii.'isut of a Promissory Note for $t8).00 ; at.d
tha.t,sinea tbarecording gf iaid Deed of Trnst.the
said l&icbard E. Turner, Jhn VV. Frazer and Honry
I AVliiiam, pirtner u Turner, Fraxcr & Co., and
Augutiue Lyfurd and Jobu P. Horn, partners B3
Ljtord ii Horn, hare recovered certain judgments on
tL-3 law tide of said Court, operating as liens on
said premises : The obje-H and prayer of said Dill
is to obtain a decree for thesala of said premises to
pay the sum due on said note to complainant and
ths interest thereon : and the said Richard E.,Turn
cr, Joha V. Frazer and II jnry L. V illiams, partner?
as Turncr. Fraser i Co., and Aug-j.stine Lytord and
John 1. Horn, pwrtnerJ as Lyford A Horn, ar3 notr
fii'd that they are required t.i appear and answer
said bill oa 'or before the 1st diy cf 51 ij,a. d. ISoj.
CO DOflriEY, Sol. lor Complainant.
Dated Maruh 15th, a. d. .lfeoo. 23-lt-13.50
Flenry C. Hill wiil take notice that Uaajamin F.
LuFhbaugh did, on the 13th day of March, a. ,d..
1S65. file a Bill in Chaoiery, in the Distnat Court
of emaba county, a cbraslfa Territory, against the
said Henry C. Hill and John L. Carson, defendants,
gettius forth that the-said lienry C. Hill executed
a Duad of Trust, in the nature of a Mortgage, to
complainant' and Jona L. Carson, upon the south
east quarter of tectioa thirty-three, ; in township
fire, north of range fourteen, cast, in saidv. County
of JSTemah, to secure the pavm?nt of a Promissory
Xotefor $258.00 ; .and that the said John L.Car3on
has sold and as.-igned bis interest therein to com
plainant. Tho object and prayer of said Bill is to
obtain a decree for the foreclosure of said Mortgage
and the sale of said premises to pay the said sum
ar.d tho interest thereon ; and. the said Henry C.
HilHs noti': J that he is reouired to appear and
auMter said Ltill on or baloFJ tha lst day of May,
a. d., liiija. '
Soliciter for Complainant.
." Dated M.C.-b l5tb,'.d., 1855. .28-4t-t3.50
I?aaj E. Walters will take notice that John
L. Carton did, on tbe 13th day of March, a. d.,
1SC5 . C!r ft Bill in Chantey, in the Disirift Court
wichia and f jr the Cotinty of 2suiaha,. Nebraska
Territory, sgwinst the said Isaac 13. Walters and
Benjamin F. Lusbbaugb, defendants, setting forth
that the taid Iaac B. Walters executed a deed of
Trust, in :the "nature of a Mortga' to said cora
p'.airwint an4 Benjamin F. Lush ba ugh, upon the
north east quarter of the south east quarter of
seetinrLtwenty-sLt, in towafhip six, north of range
fifteen east, in Neraaha County, Nebraska Territory,
to secure the payment of $65.75 according to a
note referred to in said Mortgage; and. that said
defendant, Benjamin F. Lushbauh, has Since sold
and Assigned bis interest in said Mortgage to com
plainant: The object and prayer of said Dill is
to'obtam a decree for the foreclosure of eaid Mort
gage and sale of said premises fo? the payment of
the said sum and the interest accrued thereon ; and
the said Isaac B." Walters is notified that be is re
quired to appear and answer said Bill on or before
thelstday of May, a.d.. 1835.
Solicitor for Complainant.
Dated March 15th, a. d., U'55. .. 2 -4t-13.50
Joeph P. Coleman, Caroline D. Coieman, Thillip
K. Wadharjs and Mary A. Walhams ill take
notice that John L. Cirson. did n the 13th day of
March, a. d., 1665. !e a Bill in Chajjcery. in tbs
DistricCourt, wi-bin and f r the County of Ne
tnaba, Tebraska Territory, against tbe said Joseph
P. Coleman. Carolina D.Coleman, Phillip K. Wad
haics and Mary A. Wad barns, defendants, setting
forth that the said Joseph P. Coleman ard Caroline
I). Coleman executed a Mortgage to cmplaLiant,
upon the south west qaarter ef section one, in
township five, north of range fourteen, east, ia
aid Nemaha County, to secure the payment-of a
Promissory -Note for JlfiO.OO ; and that after the
recording of paid Mort-ne, the said Joseph P.
Ooteman and Caroline U Coleman conreyed said
land by deed to said Phillip K. Wadhams ; snl
the said Phillip K. Wadham and Mary A. Wad
hams rmde a Mortgage thereof to said Joseph 'P.
Coleman to accuse the payment of 2i)0.ll0 : The
object and prayer of said Bill is to obtain a decree
for the pjiiewf said premises to pay the sum afore
said with tho interest which may be found to be due
tbereon : And the said Joseph P. Coletian, Car
oline D Coleman, Phillip K. Wadhams and Mary A .
Wad bams are notified that they are required to ap
pear and answer said Bill on or before the Lt day
of. May, a. d., 1865.
Dated March 15th, a. d., 1865.
Solicitor in Chancery.
UROWifTlIiliE M". T.
March 16 tb,Iy.
Crick ana Stone Wanted
Sealed Proposals will bo received by the Board
of Directors of the Brownville City District until
the Lrst day of April, 186., for 150,000 Brick, and
ISO Perch of Stone, to bo delivered oa the School
Hou.o Block. Cash paid on delivery.
No 25-it.
A eood situation is wanted, for a Spring and
Summer School, in a largo district, with a good
h-.use, by hh fXfTerienced Teacher, who has made
it bis prof j .,i. n f r teu veas. ' '
Satisfactory referee, given. Address by letter
G. IlUoUES, Nemaha City, N.T.
glicrlff Sale v
Nrtic ii hereoy jri'en that by virtu of an
exocuthn 111 out of the Dis.rict Court of he
County of 'er.iah 1. iu the Territory of Nebraska ,
c-n a certain judgement obtained in sail Court by
Eii II. Wil vi, against George II. Nixen, and to me
directed a ShuniT of aid County. I will o2t.r for
sale at public, auction at tbe front door of tho
Brownville Hnufe in the City of Brownville iu said
County of Nemaha, (that being the building in
which the last term of the said District Court was
held) on Saturday the TStb day of March, 1355. at
onc -'eIock,P.Mor that day the following real
Estate to wit : the East half of Lots No. Six (6)
and Seven (7) and fifty fjtff cf the West part of
Lot N-. nine (V J all of tt t , i ire in Block No. twen
ty (20) ia the City of Bro.snlle In the County of
Nemaha in the Territory bf- Nebraska ; , taken as
the property of said George II. Nixon,, by vjrtue of
said txocutlca.- .1 ' i 1 ':
Given nnder my baai this laibdjy of February,
A'D.ISoj. ....... i,
: . , - - ' W.G.GLASGOW,
; 23-51 $1C,0 " " i
To all whosa i may Concern : ,
Notice is hereby given-bat the Probate Cotirt of
'be county of Nemaha ia tht Territory of Nebras
ka, bus appoictcd'the lCta day of April, a. d.,
l,"io5, at oue. oVlotk, p. the time, and the
office of C. t). Dorsey. the Judge of said Court in
lirowavlllj, in said County of Nemaha, a the
piacc for admitting t-i Prob wo the Will of Joel C .
Mayes, deceased, lata of said ctuuty. ' . -
'AH persons desiring tc do so may apper at sui
ti(4e aud place ai.d coatest the validity of said
Will. ' ..
; " .'."' Attorney for the Estate.
.Dntd, March 13th. 1M5. f . M-St-il-i 210 .
1 H'EBP.heari of the approved Tiiske, for tala
rrilJJ bahet Miarket price paid for Courtrv Prod-uie
1 XX MeLaucrJtn O. San'ji.
iracd ar.wer said Kill oa or bbfvre tiia 1st it '71" 'C-i ' . . if.v rnt.V , '.i
? K li Svf j , r r ! ' ' I eaUH turnip grey ,r Mute, whethe, -J-vIi, iCal, Std IiOCV v !
" ..u.i. -i..j; Jt t,.f;,i;ly wh,t UcUimCd To?it, f.VJt !
XLUAL-AOTJl.'i. t;.wl:i.-h hi.: fr&'.vav. 'tLonsutdj h,t b e used ', TnTTZZ.T,M T??Trfsr i
Hichard S. Turner. .l,.Kn U- Pr..,.r TTnB I it. are rca.fy and vWWx t testify, uen oua Lvt- f ' ' ' -'S, J?r-'
- -C J -ex
. tr uzv.e in-ticate, it not cnlj HENF.WS the
Ho is fair!" used . in e mraunitj. u- reputaH'n-
I 'Hr!,J'! 1
i ri.t:nt Pro rr
trtrtendation wo dfsira. I a the Kast-
i - - -
i iu lo ir .1 tin. ( ,.ti -L tnl. ca of 1 iiut i' .ion. ! sioa.
; . . . . .. . . i
t?tr t t-:r : j vi;u Uliir.neTi i;r-. ti t-oun ui
jtot'tie nyln.iit it, us a r.y and restorative f--r
their gn- If? i;d.biIi Leud.-, which it changes
tt fhpir pnf irn .at i.i'
We ,-v ,.- .-ilirir in tne city of Boston alone, an
ward vf Iw.-UJ bof.le yit laontK , tbe dwA'ers gi v
ii.gthft iE'.NEVEl; the preference over all oiler
Hair rre Duration. -
If not"!! by Druerrista in your town, a Trial
Bottle will be sent you by Express, upon receipt of
oi dollar by mail thus giving you aa opportunity
aton?e fortestin: its ext.. cut virtues.
- J"Orders for Trial B'tle?, man be addressed to
our enenl" Agr t for tbe Northwestern States, C.
A. COOX.Bjx 8321, Chicago, III. All such orders
will receive protu-t attention.
Ii. I". IIALL'Jt CO., Proprietors,
' Nashua. X. II
The trade supplied at Manufacturers. Fries by
FULLER, FINCH & l ULLEil, Wholesale Drag-
gtits,C:''iicaol illincHS. , .
Ii v9 6 n
James JefTcrs, John Jeffersind William JeSTers.wil
take notice that Benjamice F. 'Lushbauh did. on
the 6th day of January, A. D. IS Ji, hie 'tis bill, of
complaint, it the District Court of Netuaha County
Ntba.-k Territory, in Cnaneery, sai3at Anna
JeSf.-r, James JefT r?, John Jeff.TS, Kobert JdTers,
William JeJcrs, Laae Jtfi".rs, I.aiah" Jetiers, Mary
A. JeJers Manuel F.Jeffors, EUabeth A. Jeers
and John L. Carson defendants ; for the foreclos
ure of a certain Deed of trust, or mortgage, given
by Thomas Jeffurs, deceased, in his lifetime, to the
Said Complainant and defendant JTohn Jj. Carson,
of the North East quarter of Section Kj.' Twelve
(12) in Township No. five (5) North of .fUnje No.
fifteen (15) Eat, in Said Ceunty, and Territory,
Uecure tbe payia 'ct of a certain promissory Bote
for the Gm uf $50,00 with inrereyt thereon at the
rate -t five per cent per inouU). t The otject and
prayer of ilaid bill is to foreclose Said Deed of
f rust, or mortgage, a,nd forth a!c of Said prem
ises to pay the uiiuey so secured. Yoa ara requi
red toanpear an I answer Said bill on th tenth
day of April, A. 1). 1835 ,or the same will be takea
as true and a do. reo otiJercd accordingly. .
Dated Brownville, February, 2lst 18;55.
CUAKi:h.- U. DOUSlil,
23-4t $1.1.50 - Sol. for Complainant
On Saturday, Manh Htb, 18fiJ, I will offer for
cale, to Ihe highest boidor forcaali ia band, in tbe
City of Brownville, Nemaha county, Nebraska, One
Roan l'Vny, four year - old, taken up by Thomas
Beard, and appraised at a0
... u v LEGAL NOTICE. -
George W, Crowder will take notice that Mattie
J. plaintiff, hi? filed 4 petition against
him ia the District Court of Nema&a CoAnty, Ne
braska Territr rj, the object and prayer of said peti
tion is to-obtain adeoi ee of said Court divorcing her
from the bonds of matrimony heretofore entered in
to with- said George W: Crowder; also fr reason
able alim-ny ; and. that the . Ji of 8. e. and the
n. e. Y tf the . s. e. i of see. I1, township 4, north
of rani:9i2, east cf the Gib principal meridian, in
Jobnion county, in said lerritory ef cbraska,cay
be decreed to oer as alimony. Ueteoaant is re-
ouirea to answer oy tne tut-a aay 01 April, a., u.
. . E.W. THOMa.3.
23-ltpd ' Sol. for Compiinant.
Notice 13 hereby given that an Annual Election
wi'd be held in the City of Brownville, oa Monday
tbe 3d day of April, A. DM 1S35, for one Mayor,
fire Alderman, our Clerk, one Assessor, one Treas
urer, one Civil Engineer, oue Street Couimiosiener
and one Marshall, as offers for said City.
By uxder of the City Council.
21-31 ' ' Clerk, pro tem.
To Charles! Dritics. Cathariue Mulker. Anna
Driop3, Ibomaa Drippa, an4 all otiiers in
terested': Vcu arj hereby notiaed that Francis M. Barnes
has mide application to the Probate Court of ths
County of Neu.aha, in tho Territory of Nebraska,
to be appointed guardian of tbe E.staJe of Andrew
JDripr3,'a Kon-resiJent minor, si-uate l in the
said Couuty of Nemiha, aod that the said Court
has ape6inted tho
10th day of April, 1SG5,
at ten o'clock, A. 11., as the time for hearing suoh
By bin Attorney, E. W. Thomas.
Dated March l:ith,lSC5. 2ti 3t-$7
j. w. BLISS,
Uaiu Street. 2 doors East of Post Of5ce,
AUCTION SALE at the pioneer Auction Hou.-e
Kvery Saturday. J. V. BLISS,
Saddles and Darnest for sale cheap at Bliss' two
doors East of Post oCce. '
One good Sewing Machine for sale at tho F10
n e e 8 tore
Balmorall Skirtu, qew styles, for sale low at
Blips' Auction House. .
Ono gocd Wagg t fr 8a'9 enquire of Bliss.
Fine G jii Pen, for .! at Piis'.
Shot Guns , R.fles and Revolvers, for tale at Bliss'
Auction Koont. .
130 Acres of good Lnd For Sale cbeap, also Douse
anii Lot, Enquire at (he Piuneer Auction Uixmx.
Fine Stock of Ladies' Shoos
the Pionesr Au-ti"ii House.
for sale a; cost at
Linen TaMe Cloths
Auction House.
for sale cheap at th Pioneer
A line assortment of Table Cutlery for Sale at BU34'
Auction R oni.
Two got. d Wcra Uottei and one ilyrgu Colt 2 rears
old for at Biis Corre'.l. i "T .
Large Stock of Boys Hoots and Sho?s, at cost, at
Piisa' Auction Iiooms two doors east, or, the Post
ET.o wxy i lle, v-m;dp.aska
Cailsthe attecti cf Gentlemen ieMrinx new, neat
servicable and fashion jb-e -
Vcsiinp; Appaxsl,
Thlca he Till sell or make up. to order, at ucprece?
dented low prices. Cavii on hnd ona of
be is able to & Custom wor at rates ttat ae?y compe
tition. ,
I warrant toy work, - -
Hand as tvcIJ as JlaplIne ITqrli.
Tbise wislunsc any thing in hi lice will do well to
call aad esamin hi- w before investing. h he
Dielsen himnelf to hold out pecTlUrlv 'avurtble ir-
do einent- . '
1 Frury 1 . JlJ.
tola .ffiklG
; - - 1 ' f.
Coeieyes, Snaps, (lias asal:,. I
- e mon approved patter-'';
iin or r:Tej
Julian. M
Stirrups, sinclics, Tapij
Saddlo Trees of aU
To all cf which I iarire the v,' !
a genero'13 rublic ;
Sth, 1S?3. nl3-T3-ly "
A CEXTLEMAN, cured of NertouD.bilV
competency, Premaiure De,-ay and Yonifu'r J "
actuated by a dtsne to b. nc5c others, wIlI'C '
to furnish to all wbocc.i it, (fro t,f cb.
recipe and dirsctions for making ths siap!eV5(.'"
Hed in his case. Sufiercrs wishing to pn,it jT,
dverti.ers bad experience, aad I'jfs .
valuable remedy, oiiii Jrt h- n.l.i..
orco at bis place ef business. Thd Raeir, V.,."
J B..J.
information of vital importance wij :
fHy Svni by return mail. A t !re c 1
'" JOa.Ml.UGDEJ,
, . No. 6U SMuStrenJ.T
P, S. Ncrsoa? Suf;r rs of both ?x-n '
this iflforuiitiit.n invai.i.ib i. tl la i
No. 17 yan Street,
HaviDg detnnine
to Wind up. my Dry
Goods paiiacss t'-U '
" Fall and Widei:, I
will oHlr to the trade,
"my immense stock
, at greatly Reduce
" Ilann made luge
pim-liases can arA
will sell my entire
stock comprising the
latent Styles oilercd'.
in the Territory to
Cash buyers at a
. - great sacrifice. "
Intends to dispose (
cf his superb Stock
by March next, con-.
-eequently i3 enabled
to otTer greater in-
ducementd to the
trade than can be.
given by any other .
- House in the We't.
To create ihe cjjice o f Tire Wad ,
prescribe his uutu ; and fr Ti
vent ion of fire.
SECTOV .BeH QrJnitfd hj tU ' ,
CouneiUf-iv Citif 0 rwmxtiU : Th:i
be elected -ifinualiy , ly the (J-.uncil. tl'
uietllp ifier tbe annual flM i..n,a 1 :r "
of said City, who shall perform thcuains;
ly this ordin-inse, and suon other (J"' 4"
f'om time to time be imposed u; yu
an e.
SL'C. 2.-Tbe Fire Warden ahall tin
.n.I ..f ult ! nit Ia1t!e3l"B-. 1
luLir.rz to tlie City. uei for tie
e pur?(
safe keeinof the same, and shall g'Don,!
City theref or, in tneh som as may be p' . Ha shall receipt to tb9e"?Bt! j
such Implementa and Machinery MW'e(l
bis hands at the beginniD; of kis tern ,
and .hall account for the same at thJ. j
: SE'O. 3.-It stall be nalawfal for tt".8" j
occupant, of any building within the l,al! :
Citytohave, ora, any tovepipc uaiets j
suall enUr a brick chimney, or flae. -ij j
!?EC. 4. It shall be unlawful fof 7
cf said City to empty ashes with; '""'j
any building, or to keen ashes ia any r
'ia aay buili'iJ. or wlthi'u teat7 let i
SEC. 5.-Any pern cETendiaj ffj'tl
tae provUons jut sections three cJfI?"
ordinance, shall on coLTic'.ion tberecd c j
any suai not ex;eedin fifty dollar). "fT"-f
hC. o.-Itshallbe thedutyof tbt." t
viiiuiciiiLi - ui 9 iif mail w iv. jr Jrn
to soetothe enforeement of tais Vl'jll,.?
tnr tht .nr. trout . im herf-hf aufboriief,
ami tTimir.x in, hnnw or vreQl
j - inti iv 1
city at such time as ht shall seeprep ,-,
of anv T?i.!ati..n of tha trrotiiiuWv 1
he shall immediately arrest such offeoder.
him before the lUyor,to be dejlt
law. .
SEC. 7.-In case of any weaaey r
FireWarden, the CooncU J
special election. , tl b'
The above Ordinance was aJorteJ a t
of ihe City Council, held Mr-:h ., I
CiiAfvLES O. VV. f
:5-2t-$12.59 . '
ten Bp by the subscriber. B"J
xily farm, nar Peru, h .
1 H'orse, dark til. about lt
CJ Daily
taid horse l r-d '" ? M tf
2d -pd '
3 ii
0 v