Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 23, 1865, Image 1

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I:uisina. r.- six lire. ArlflStTe?3.r ' ?l
.rertUer Blcxik.Matn S't Between 1st - 2d,
: - : ?
5) 0
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21 CJ
15 Ci
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' 0d 'half ccoca cr jr ''..
. On foarthl d-lusncne jeer
One eighth eo!ii;uc-s jf, "v
Oc coinzaasiz tnr;l
Oat half eoiar-a m i - '
Onafoorth oclnns s 1 1 ' ' -
On eij;bia eo!;iJ six n-i
Oseeclaroa tree mooii
One blf co!aC! a lix Kra-i
On fourth eota-jntbree tn-ntbs
.KiK tiTip ihrtc c.on2 .
c v
AlitriiiiiieataaTCftiiettetU roit ;a.i i-
cabfeni'tjon; toast lnariabijr, be ps,id inAdvtDce
'j- B.k Work, nS Pl'n nd ncy Job Work
e ,n jbe ret ty'e. and on short notice.
ranl-e. , ... .
AM kind of Job, D.k and Card pnni. !
tb bet styls on hrt none d rcvor e t- try
i V - I t M f ! 1 l i ; j A - t i 1 i . ! ' : : 1 - , ' : i i . . i
""jIm -MKUI'OItD,
Cwrce'" 2cd Main Streets,
,rrd t do all kinds of. work in bis line on
'trLT.tK-e and reasonable terms. 2l-6ui
2 XI O WNVII'- XT . 37-
Le. caes., CHki. Ginwr Bread, etc.
:5,HrJi.iLS -cd in tbeleit style and enjott
Alio '2s'ortmcnt
Varco. 0ar. -Vu. CanitM,
CV7?npi Frut7. Oysters. Sorp,
; Crackers, Rains, Cur
i ranis, and a supply of
v " T .Tol9-n2-Ij-pd
C. v;. viikv;lku,
lh.r' 1 ''-v F"'riu',n''n"v "n
TVC.'i-- Otroot,
is 1 w.rk m r.l. liiie in um
ul irittntin" jjtven to
vV-tU 6to p'd
mm ,Bi
'afirtss BriiVlHc or Tcru, Neb.
, 18 f '
f, t bin i'ft yi.t,rbadj? to purltrn 11 work,yr
j u.ig to busings. ,
i-iue and (.ign jiiutinz.g1,,'Knd rPr ban
p.etfat uburt Oolk-e, and tl.e tn(t approved
lc. Teruisonch. (Jire bira a pall.
SUpon ila'm Street, east of Atkinson Clotb-
BrmrByille, April 7, ly.
1. p!ce to pet your Picture. He llr"?Y?
kr n kJKdsor Pictures large saeJ Pnotcgiai.bk,
'Sek'eeKb'id. well-lecte. atock f Albums
TbafWAi;iecyia nortb aide of main street opo
:te JoLn A. Poiia'a Sui. Persons will flo well to
ail oun, before getUng wotk elsewliere.
Priicnlr pamn taken wiib childrnn, in copying
M Picture. Dark-red. black, green, or plaids are
jfod colors fo: cbil lren's drestes.
I April 14'h. 164. M2v8yly
Wholesale and Eetaii
i Evan Worthing:,
union &aQQ&
lt Just RecolTed the larrest and be nwfk r
Liqu irfc ud CiWfw ..florel In ibis market, aaj
iil tell ihem a low as any lluuxe iu ibe Territorr.
Iain Sireet. Brownville
r -
Hj. f. aioiuus ,
Juocrjr to R. Brown Co.J
onld resrrtuniiy ann-nnce to the Citlrens of
J J,:"w"ii;e aud cieiuiiy, that be baa purchased lie
j aud Well elected Stock
i , - OF
"o- q.' sj.
aJ tMnr" t prbllc generally, that ha will keep on
ad .Tery iLdug iiS keaj.1 in
jfwa Cas5 Dmg Store,
a i determine! nrt be undersold for cash.
2"Cl SSm8 akd okdfrs CAKKFCLLT FILLIP
r : ix-8-ir
A.t MoIatighlln watr'a.
Pttijy,kl;yciaed;r .11. Lamf
x-LAcomiy y swa jr.
Tfce NepcFcr.
TT'Aof " A Father, and uhat doe it
Organa tbat gentlemen plaj,my boy,
To answer the Uste of the day, my boy,
, What ever it be
Tbey hit on the key.
And pip in full coocert away tnf boy. "
News from aHeOnntric and climes, my boy,
Advertisements, esaja and rbymos ny boy,
JHxcd op with all sorts
Of flin report,
And published at regular times, my boy,
Articles able and wise, my boy ,
At least in the editor ' eyes, my boy,
And logic so grand , .
That few understand
To what in the world it applies, my boy.
Statistics, reflections, reviews. my boy,
Little scraps to instruct and auiu&e, u.y boy,
And Imglby debate
Upon matters of state.
For wise-headed folks to peruse, my boy. ,
The funds as tbey were and they are my b'1!,
The quibble and quirks id" the day, my boy,
And every week
A. clever critique
On seme rifirg theatrical star, my boy.
The age of Jubiter s moons, my boy ,
The stealing of somebody s sjxjons.iyboy.
The state if the crops,
Tbe style of the fops,
And the wit.of the publio buffions, my hoyt
List of all physical ills, my boy,
L'anisbid bj soie body's pjllvnv byt
. Trl you a k wTth sirprise
TV by any one dies.
, On what's the disorder that kill, my boy.
Who has got married, for whom, my boy,
Who were eat off ia their bloom, my boy,
Who has had Hrth
Or this sorrow-stained eanh, ,
And who totters fast te the tonb , my b-y.
The price of cattle and grain, my boy,
Directions to dig and drain, my boy,
But 'twould take ma too Jong
To tell you in song,
A quarter of all they contain, my boy.
I was in the habit of sitting up read
ing in my room afier retiring for the
night, and on this particular occasion the
family had separated about half-past ten.
I put on my drpssinggown anr1 slippers,
and composed mysel! to read in comfort
at roy Jable. '1 must now pause to de
scribe the room in which I sat. Enter
ing from the staircase, the fireplace was
opposite me, across which was drawn
the table at which I usually sat with my
back to the door. On the left were two
doors, one leading into my dressing
room, the other into a closet. On the
right were all , the doors
were firmly closed. It was a fearfully
stormy night, the wind . howled and the
rain beat against the windows in the
most melancholy way; whilst the flap
piDff to and fro of a loos shutter, added
to the concert. The look I was readinc
("Kerr's edition of Blackstone's Com
mentaries). was. as I think my readers
will admit, not a book at ell likely to ex
cite my imagination. I had read some
iSours .when t fell asleep in my chair
how long I remained aslepp I don't know.
but I was suddenly awakened by a chil-1
ly feeling Jill over e, as though an icy
wind were penetrating to my bone?.
At the tame time I felt, or thought I
felt, a touch on my shoulder, and, turn
ing round, saw by the flickering light of
my all but expended candle. a tall figure,
dressed in a lcngvciose, oark garment,
with it head surmounted by a covering
not unlike ihe head dresses worn by
RwedL-h noblemen on state occasions,
only without the feather; and dangling
from its shoulders it wore a short cleak
of some shining material, apparently
satin. But his face. Oh! never shall
I forget that face, not that it was posi
tively hideous, vbut the expression o.'
ternness and severity which it bore ren
dered it appalling I gated at he fig
ure in tpeechles awe. when it suddenly
addressed rne in a hotlow voice What
it said I know not. The firght, com
bined with my bewilderment at being
suddenly awakened, had paralyzed my
faculties. It spoke, however, and, speak
ing, glided away through jhe door. Ir
resistable impulse made me follow it,
and, arriving at the door, I saw it gli
ding down the stairs. At this moment
a violent gust of wind thook the house
and my door, .which by some inexplica
ble means had opened during my slum
ber, was slammed to. Should I follow the
apparition or no? I determined to fol
low, and accordingly down I went,
Down, past the rootus where tranquilly
lt epii 'gv little wemirg: f the phantom
which, sisllitd before me down, past the
roogss, all dark aud dismal, but so lately
full cf light and merriment down.
through tbe hall.- We descended the
kitchen stairs, and there, my faculties
having brightened a little, I observed
that a light emanated from and appear
ed to surround the apparition making
everything as distinct as indajilight.
Oo w went, threading the long passages
forming the lower part of the house,
when, all at once, my conductor stopped
at a door, which open d before him,
and we entered. It was the servant's
hall. The. window stood open, and I
observed about the floor several hamp
ers, boxest ho. The phantom strided ou
up" to one of ihe hampers, rchem he sud
denly turned round and faced roe, and
thi? lime his poiimenance wore an ex
pression of pleasure. .His lips moved,
and he addressed me aj follows:
"JiVf?'3 a' n,ce game! You stop
here a minute, and I'll ran like a guod'un
and fetch another constable."
He vanished through the window, and
a thought .truck me all at once. That
long, straight garment, short cloak and
tail htaddreai, the mysieriuus light, the
hampers and ihe open window. Jt muat
be yes, it was policeman, who, at
tracted by ihe open, window, had entered
and, fiudiug the plate neatly packed for
removal, had found his way to the room
iq which he 1 ad tetu a light burning,
and was now gone for assistance, leaving
me in charge. Jloweve r, he soon re
turned,. isixid, withhira, two more, who
all disposed themselve in corners," apd
on the return of ih butler with, a select
pany to superintend the removal of the
hampers, the taid faithful servant and
his attached (by handcuffs) friends were
themselrej removed, and ihpfty aftef-warda-flrent.
Over tbe sea.
A Married Womau's Soliloquy.
Yes, it's go ! go ! and get ! get ! get !
for everybod) on erth but one's owl
wife. It I should ask Mr, Slocum to go
out at such a tinje of day lor a water
pail and a basket of oranes, d'ye think
he'd go? Nut he! I might want one
while and take it out in wanting! Or
anges, fgrsooth ! 'Twas oiily yesterday
I asked him to call at William's, for
Charley's shoes. Wonuldn't you have
liked to have heard him scold though!
If he didn't tune up. Always something
wanting! Wished he could go to store
and back again without calling for adoz
en parcels! And whep he came in and
putvihem on pharlie's feet slapped him
for crying because the pegs hurt him j
Poor fellow I he limped rpund till his
father had goue, and ihen pulled then)
off. The pegs were an inch long at
least calculation And now just be
cause Mrs. Brown hiuts at a water pail,
he's up and off iu a minute! Why
couldn't Brown go Just as though her
own husband wasn't good enough to wait
on her. I'd show bun the difference it
I was Brown ! A pretty how'd do we
shall have of it, if things go on at this
rate. I'll ask Brown to do my errands,
see if I don't and then see how he likes
If the girls only knew ! But no ; they
wouldaV believe a word of it. You
might talk to tb?m till ' doomsday and
they'd dfctcimiijf lo try it! Bought
wi i3 the best if you don't gel it too
dear." Dear ! 1 wonder what some
some folks pall dtar? There's Nelly
Bly. You might talk to iuer till next Ju
b and she wouldu'i believe a word of it.
But she'll see! She will learn a l&sson
(or her aelf she'll not forgjgt very soon.
If I were a girl again I wouldn't change
my condition again in a hurry! Not I!
There was Slocum always ready to run
hi legs off but-now he'll go sooner
for that fcjrs. Brown, than for his own
fleeh and blood But I'll pay him ; see
if I don't ! won't get nim a mouthful of
supper. He may get his meals where
he does his work ! See how he'll like
that If I should do so, always trying to
pleas other lo!k,s husbands instead of my
own, we should have a pr-Jty kettle of
fih. There's Willie, he's teased for an
orange these three days , and net the
peel of one has been seen yet. There
he comes puffing like a st amboat! If
I had sent him he wouldn't have been
back these two hours. Calling at Mrs.
Brown's too ! If it ain't enough to pro
voke a saint. I'll tell him I'll quit I'll j
I'll but no! he'll like that too well !
the brute ! I won't please him so much.
I'll.stay if it kills me,' and Wiilie shall
have an orange if he wants it, apd no
J thanks Up him either. There he cons
again, and boih hands full. Wonder
what he has got now. and who ele he is
rtmnincr fur! Comin? tlroup-h ihe p-nte
r - v oj gt
. ... . f
and ' yes, Dutn pockets lull of or
anges. The rdear soul? ! I knew
he wouldn't forget his own children.
Won't Willie have a good meal ? And
I will yes, he, shall have muffins for
supper, Slocum loves tr.uffiins !
. .
That's all we have heard, reader ; for
when Slocum opened, ihe hall d.or Char
ley, Willip, wife and all. run out to meet
Ljia and get some uf those same oranges.
Mrs- Slocurn did gel supper, and Slocum
had muffins.-
Parkersburg (Wet Virginia)
says that several members of the Legis
lature took the cars at Qrafton ate on
the evening of ihe 16ih ult. for Wheel
ing, and among the number was a "Mr.
G , of somewhat large proportions, and
Mr. D., of proportionate undernze.
These two, the stalwart Mr. G., and the
smooth-faced Mr D.,took a berth togeth
er, it seems, in a deeping car. The lit
tle nan laid bebinl.. and ihe good na
luredr waggish Mr. G., was boon sleep
ing and snoring furiously. Mr. G., more
restless under the legislative burdens,
soon arose and was sitting by the stove
when an elderly lady carne aboard and
des-ired a sleeping berth. "All rjght,
madam," said Mr. D., "I took a benh
with my son, and you can occupy my
place in that bertji wbere my little boy
js sleeping." Taking Q. at hjs word, the
lady disrobed and laid down wiih the
boy. Aft" a quiet repose of some time,
he boy, Mr. I., became resiles for some
cause, and began tp Vick arpfind, to the
aunoyance of the old lady. 'So in a ma
ternal manner she patted the boy on the
back and said:" "Lie still sonny; pa
said I might sleep wilh you" "H I
and du," said the legislator; "Who
are you 1 I'm no boy I'm a member ol
the Virginia Legislature ! It issid the
old lady swooned, and could not be
brought to till D. promised that G. should
be impeached.. D. 5wears the thing
shan't rest so. What act)"on the Legis
lature will take to protect its own digni
ty remains to be seen.
On the 20'h ult., Mr. Harlan intro
duced into ihe Senate a bill for the or
ganization of iht portion of the country
known as the "Cherokee Nation" under
a Territorial Goternrneut, to be known
as the Indian "Territory." The bill
was read iwice and referred to theCom
mii'.ee on Indian affairs. Mr. Doolittle
from that committee, reported it back on
ihe 22J nil., wilh slight amendments and
recommended its passage. Tiie necessi
ty of this ueasure is evident from - the
dt plorable condition of ihe Indians who
ire now entirely without Government,
thf guuter poriion ot them having join
ed the resell, leaving their wives and
children in the most abj. cu dfsiitmion.
The Indian must have ihe protection of
ihe nation, and in no way can he obtain
it so completely as by the j jon propssed.
The bill provides in the usual yay,for
territorial ofnewrs. Indians are to com
prise the territorial council, its presiding
officer to be appoiuied by the Governor.
A delegate in Congress is allowedwho
is to be a member z una of ihe Indian
tribes, The bill provides for efficient
government, and seeks lo protect th-e
rights ol ihe Indians, as nothing is to la
done without their consent and concur
rence. Even ihe laws, usajres and trib
al regulations, not in conflct with tbe
United States, are to be observed by the
territoriai judges' The bili provides for
ihe abolition of slavery.
The London Times of February 14th,
asserts that ihe Rebel expectations of
British recognition on tfce condition of
abolishing slavery will not be realized,
and adds: ' ' " " ,
"We have been neotraj in this war
from mere abstract principles of public
policy. . We have stood aloof because it
would have been ihe extreme of politi
cal policy to iaterfere, because we de
sired to remain at peace. Our recog
nition of Southern independence would,
when it was made, be dictated by con
siderations applicable pot ip thu case
merely, but to all such cases, and .would
be wholly unconnected with the profes
sions, wheiher political or moral, of ihe
new Confederacy. International law
and usage give us , ample guidance for
our conduct. It is well known and es
tablished under what circumstanses new
governments may be organized without
offence, and when the Confederates have
achieved ihe neces?ary position, they
will obtain recognition apart from any
reference to their proposed institutions.
The controversy in England about our
civil war appears. to be growing warmer
every day, and strong feeling is manifes
ted on both sides. The anti-s!avery
policy of the Unittd States Government
has added largely to the enthusiasm
and strength of our English friends'..', At
a recent great meeting in Manchester,
the Hon. Lyulph Stanley, who has visit
eil this country, madeji long and power
ful spetch in defense of the Union cause
in ihe course of which he paid a high
tribute of adiairaiion to ih character of
Northern officers who had taken by pref
erence the posts of command in the black
brigades, and among ihem he mentioned
C elci.el Shaw, who was killed at Cha-
lston and whose body was found cover-J
ed with the dead bodies ol his negroes,
who had fought around him to the last.
Vas it a specimen of Southern chivalry,
he asked, when General Beauregard, in
answer to the request ihat the body of
Colonel Shaw might be sent within the
Federal lines for interment, contempt-
uobsly answered that "he had buried him
wilh his negroes ?"j I sayi said Mr.
Stanley, that .1 should have been very
proud to have had suh a grave as that.
At this point the whole audijnee rose to
their feet acd all broke into laud and
lsng continued cheers. .
A decision of the Supreme Cour t of
Cali fornia, esiabjishjng ibjS validity of
the "tnii-Sunday amusement' law,"
has. closed all the theatres in San Fran
cisco on Sunday evenings. - The decision
is fatal q the fjferman theatres, which
were optn only on Sud ays. .1
The ewbern Time says a large
uaiiiiiy of cotton made iu appearance
in the market ihero last week,' having
run the blockade into our lines. A con
siderable quantity, uf this suuipld is
awaiting opporii'imy to come- inio the
povernor Fentoii has received a des
patch declining the offer of ten militia
regiments to gairisoti the forts al Sa
vannah, Charleston and VViJmingtou for
1UU days. The offer waa referred lo
Gen. Oraiit, who declined ii. aud the
Secret, ry oi Wur couturred in his de
cision. The condition or the people pf Texas
maybe inferred from ihe fact bialtd
ia :ho Illusion. Telegraph, thai more
lb a u. lour hundred iamiiics in that city
(of less than y.OUJ iuiiabiiauis) are de
pendent upon ihe cuy for ihe nece&-arics
ot life.
A new OrU ans letter of the 13ih inst.,
taies that CJ.OOU men were now in lhat
city, or had gone forward towards Mo
bile. The writer predicts that ihe city
vould be taken within a week. The
troops were laying a railroad track
through ike cuy f New Orleans lo fa
cilitate ihe military movements.
The experiment of making gunners
for the fcavy of the contraband laken in
to the, service is proving a decided suc
cess. Aciing Voluuieer Lieut. Rogera,
of the United States steamer Somerset,
reports to Capt. W7ise,of the Naval Ordi
nance Bureau, that he organized ten of
these men inio a division, and in four
months, though ibey had never before
handled a gun, tbey were as proficient
as any othey division on the (hip. Six
of ibese jme,p were originally contra
bands. Two negro women have been arres
ted in Richmond, charged with the theft
of "a bale of confederate notes."
It is reckoned tbat the average number
of families. to every house, in New York
city is 7 1-2-
Volunteering is proceed ing rapidly is
Illinois. Seven new regiments have
beeri formed.
; ; The, St. Louis papers are printing lifts
of the persons who returned no income
in 15C3.
It is said that General Hooker's de
tailed statement of , the battle of Chan
cello rville differs widely from the rep
resentations made by other ofacers who
took part in that memorable fight.
Over seven million dollars worth of
cotten has arrived at New York from
Savannah, and it is statfd that nearly
double that amount will reach New. York
before the close of this week.
General Kirby Smith issues permits
to all who want 'lo export" eolton from
Texas for six cent3 a pound in specie
The permits can be had at various poicts
in the interior of Texas or at Shrieve
pori, La. This has given a 'new impet
us to the trade and it is wagoned in
some instances about seven hundred
miles. It was selling at Matamorns
Januars. 6 at 35 cents per pound, in specie.
It is staled thai a single express com
pany transports from Virginia city, Ne.
vada territory, fifty thousand dollars in
silver bullion daily, and that from a iract
of country around ir.a city, of not more
than twenty-five miles square, over' S2.
OOO.liuO of silver nave been snippeo an.
rinj? the past twelve months . And yet
ihi wealth of stiver mines of Nevada is
scarcely comDrehenued. aud its extent
a 1
remains unesiimaied.
A letter from Virginia city, Montana
Territory, says greenbacks are unknown
gold dust being entirely the circulating
medium. Wages Q to S12 day, hoard
H to 820 a week flour 50 to $60 a'barrel
sugar ?5 cents per pound, Nobody is
advised to eo there unless he wishes to
lead the roughest kind of a
rousrh life.
The Snake Falls of Oregon, . are ex
cusing lots of talk among Western tour
ists. Tue height of ihe Falls is 200 feet
and the width 2,000. . When ihe Pa
cine Railroad is completed, this will be
come a fashionable visiring place as Ni
agara is now, with a wider range of cu
riosities, to attract attention of visitors.
.There are said to be aboit five hun
dred and fifty Petroleum companies in
existence in the United States-Their
capital is not told by the high figures !
three hundred and fifty-six millions of
dollars. " z
A cotemporary thinks it is well that
our armies did not go into winter quar
ters. More has been accomplished, in
this winter campaign than in any Spring
or Summer or Ell campaign since the
fighting began.-
The Conftdtrate lass in cannon, du
ring ihe retreat from Nashvilla, .was 65
out of 108 pieces.
A whole regiment of white troops has
been raised in Charleston for the Union
army :, It is called the First South Car
olina. . . y
The" yield of corn in Ohio, in 1S3.
was 54.f314.617 buthels. Iowa, iu lbG2
63,833,916. "
A new regiment of Infantry is to l e
raised in North Missouri, tp ' he Collea
the 55th Regiment' nfamr. Missouri
The New York Custom House re
ceived gold duties during- January to
the amount of 55TG 70.
Substitutes are worth S1CC0 each in
New York.
The common councils of; Bostpn last
week appropriated SI2.000 to celebrate
the next 4th of July.
The neatest thing in Crinolines A
lady's .oot.
The Government now has five torpe
do steamers carrying one guu each.
They are called the China, Casco, Napa,
Naubuc and Moduc,
Amcn :he masqueraders at-a recent
ba.ll in New Haven was a "man of
straw," lalled "Peace Commissioner
from Richmond."
The oil wells in Burraah have yield
ed 600.000 barrels of oil annually for a
hundred years.
Matistics show a list of 2.000,000 ac-
ciden's to life and limb ia Great Britain
annually, 10,000 of which result fatally.
Fifteen thousand exchanged prisoners
from Salisbury are expecttd at Annap
olis this week.
The fortune of thTlate deceased Bos
ton millionaire has a marked valuation
of three million seven hundred tnousand
dollars. -
Advices from the Northern State? of
Mexico, show tbe people determined to
resist MaxuaillianL-The States of Chi
hauhauSonora and Sinaloa are entire
ly clear of Imperial troops except a few
at Mazatlan.
Two hundred and forty thousand Un
ion soldiers have died in the service of
our country.
Ac otter, killed at Bull Iua, was
brought to Alexandria cu Tuesday.
A company is furnishing the, Iondon
people with water filters on the princi
ple of gas meters.
Run down, to zero the Charleston
"Mercury." - -- -
The Emprpss of France is getting bald
and etoiit and fashions are changing 4a
consequence. - -
Six strawberries raised in Fitchburg
were recently sold for a lar?e dinner par
ty in New York for 2.50. The six
just filled one basket.
The executor on Samuel Colt's estate
in Hartford pay aa income tax cf 8155,
018. -
Senator ViI-:ou. bill to set" fre th
families of all' soldiers' in .the arnye.
which has p-d. it is eMiioatedMwi.l
free foorn 4?.C00 to fO.COO women ana
children, inoit of whein are in L.y.
A French transport ban arrived, at,
Havana from Vera Cruz, rep-jrtio that
the Imperialists h-id captured O-xica,
Th town of Wilmington, Vt, last
year rmde 60.053 pounds cf rua;leu-.
gir.! worth nearly S40.CC0. - -
Th? ncminn! value ef th slaves tniha
Souui is' nine hvndred millions cf dollar
and very nominal. " ;' - - -
Twenty suicides in New York ia Jaa-
- - ' . . a - r
The Alrans Argus calls ths Union
captures of Southern ports and towaj
"recovery or stolen property.", .
The straggler? from Lee's amy say
they are "seceders," hot deserters..
In theVemala schoblj " the 'demand U
for principals not men.. -
The shoddy 'contractors "do . good by
stealth and blush to find it fame." r
An excellent remedy for the croup, is
said to be a teaspoonfull of powdered
alum placed in the child's mouth, giving
if just n little water to riuse it dow.
Vomiting and relief are produced. almost
immediately. , ,4. . j ,.
The River. Thames, Locdta, is 30,
miles long. ' . . - , ' -.- . . ,
AfRichmond ' carer mildly remoa-
strates. against tea dallars a quarter. far
.1 ....l.A.ri r,IL-
The monumental marbie- OTer lae-
grave of Calhoun in Charleton,hasba
broken byt shell : f r cm & f edertT bat
tery." -'- - -
Candidates for' the Fredmea's Bi
read." iu3t createdare ccniiag oal j'ap
i'dljr.'" AmSng" the canes aaiionei - am
those of Gen. Butler and Mr. Lirany c:
Missouri. - k 4 .
The public printing of Illinois for. 1S5 i
amounted to $140,000, cr one fifth oi
the enure cot of the tdupeudouH esb
lishment at Washington, which djes.iha
priptin(j, or tne wnoit; canon c; liiirty
six States. ,
... . 4
The defict in the Pontifical budget for
1S65 is: calculated at fiva milliosi of
Romau crowns (aboal 1,OCQ,000 ster
ling).' ' r ' : .
-'A machine of Milwaukie has msna
factiired two wonderful pieces cf -c&bi-.
net work' iuten U m ' pres en's for th '
President and 'Mrs. Lincoln. -Or.a ie
an ordinary sized centre tatlo, cf octa
gonal form, ccuipoied' of twenty ih;u
sand different pieces of Wood.
The Pennsylvaniaas are 'getting suh
a rae for oil ihat we expect lo her of
them boring every .fat ns.a they csa
find. 1 .'.''" ;:' "'"i '.
The South made war for the sske cf
her 'negroes, and has lest ihem. Sel
dom have we knovya 50 Dtfiking an'ex-r
emplificaiion of ihe sajiug about goings
for wool and coming homy hora.
Twenty-six gamblers have jus: bVea
arresied 111 Chicago. ;
..... : : . . . . . ' .: i
Many cf.the rebel forces get so liitlf
salt that .they have the great udvanugo
ot btfing always fresh troops. ftm
.In New Jersey last year, thre. wrv
14.553 births, 6,007 marriages ani'lC
6204eaths' ' '''V " " .
' It is reported by rebel pipers thai'
Gen. Hood will be assigned to an import
tant command in Texas. '
' 't ''- j
They have a raachina in. the Richonl
arenel whtch makes 12,000 "pe'rcussioa
cap3 per hour." ' "" 1"
y. ;.-- -. .
The index, the organ cf ths Confed-
erate in London, statn that 715 AmraU
can , ship3 have been transferred to &
British registry since the.. beginning cjf
ihe. civil war. .., ..-)
It rained, all the way from Portlirld p
Washiogton last week. " " ' "
England is: adopting the uzo cards
in marriages - -' - -:
It appears that ih,9 imports cf Nassau
the haunt the - blockade-runnefs
rose frora X271.54 ia ISol to XI 0.5.
316.ialS63. The ralaa of had iath
city and suburbs has risea frcia 300 - & .
400 per cent., and ia good basiass; il
uatioa3 ranch raoro!. J 'J'''" :-
Despatches, frora Tariaas parts "of th
loyal States sanouaoes thst laaaguralioa
Day was generallykept up by p traits,
&c, notwith standing the bad weaths?.
Price ci sabstucte ia New OrlsC
-$230Qt . " ' 4 ' f
They have had 63 diys cf slerghia
iii Boston this winter. ;
Haw York exported 17,057 birrafs cf
wheat flur last week.
The t erra for raisirg, new railitary cr
ganizatioas ia Pnasylvaaii haj Na
Jxtendsi to March 11.