Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, January 12, 1865, Image 2

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J OI I JC I . C 0 1 .1 1 A 1 '1 K D I T O R .
The N. Y. World in speaking of the
dinger of intervention ly England or.
France, says:
"Though we availed curselrei of her
workshops for arm's, and her supplies for
This war basirucgln forth other great
results le-iJa the abditiou of slavery.
Th straight for crtairt articles, usually
received fnun the South iu limes cf-peace,
J Fih-s s to work Northern Ingenuity, and,
in most casts, .with perfect success. Su
gar has hen one cf these Southern com-
modities, and has '"gone up" terribly, in
j price, since the war broke out ; but the
I day has tang passed when the deprivaj
tijn cf Southern staples rhad much mt
convenience to the North. The above
ideas were suggested by reading in cur
exchanges that a German chemist, by
the name of Fredrick V. Goes&Iing, of
Bufia'o, N. Y., has discovered a process
to manufacture Sugar from Corn. The
process has been fairly tested and i3 pro
nounced a complete success; ene. bushel
It is positively stated in the New York
Evening Psst that no more gold bearing
interest bonds will be isued.
The Fenian Brotherhood hold a Con
gress, at Cincinnati, O., on the 17th.
by the confederate government was an
And, wondrs nhy tLi should be the
case. Viewing these things, ia a cop
perhead eenss, it djes teem a little
suange that a recognized and established
government should feel agrieved when
upen aid is extended lo a party in revolt
against its authority, by a puwrer claiming
to be friendly. The B:itih Government,
according to this, thsuid treat both par
ties alike : when sho allows the United
States to ship a cargo of arms or salt
peter, she should grant the rebels the
right to build, arm and man a ship in
her ports to plunder our commerce, al
though ih3 will not recognize the
Confederacy. This is just the kind cf
neutrality copperheads argue and apolo
gize for. Farther cn it says : -
"Ily every prompting cf interest, by
evtry instinct of jea!uy and :ar, France
and England ar interested ia the dis
union ol the U:t'd S;-te. By evtry
principle of interest, ly evtry irst:actc:
pride and p.-.ver, ih? Norih and th
South are drawn to Uuic-n. What
viands, ia the wcy ? That miserable
compound of fanaticism, dmegguts-i,
ad centralism, thi Krp-th:aa party." i
fcaltpetre, we have felt that the similar
use of her facilities for ship-building.' of Corn making three gallons of fine
syrup. This discovery has already been
taken 'advantage of by a wealthy com
pany of New Yorkers, who have paid
Goesilirjg 000,000 fcr his right.
This will opau a new field for the use
of Corn, so "Plant deep, while sluggards
sleep," and yau'il probably have plenty
cf sugar to eat.
what's the inciter."
It is
net the right or the wroi.j: thai hurts the
copperheads so icuch as the loss cf ptwer;
the "loaves aud fishes' ccsae not tmto
thern, therefore aI is iniquity in Israel.
It is not with them, as it is vrnh true pa
triots: "my country, right cr wrong,"
tut, "our party, right or wrong." Their
arguments drawn from the stincktnest
cess-pool of bitter party ranccr, clo'thed
- in the merest sophistry and put forth with
a coolness and cfTrontery, equal to that of
eatan when he tempted Eve all tend to
the same fecus, to overthrow the Govern
ment, or, the Republican party.
But, "IVhat stands in tht way" of
a rcraianent" peace and re-union? Is it
"the party which, since the exit of the
embecile Buchanan, has done all in its
power to bring back to a sense of duty
our "erring brethren" of the South, and
to re-establish law and order in a revolt
ing sectian cf the Union ? Or, is it the
party which has, ever since its overthrow
done all ia its power to encourage the
rebels, to stimulate them to greater re
sistance, to apologize for and invite for
eign intrevention,tostavth9 hand cf Gov
eminent, to resist drafts, shelter bush
whackers, and, which would go down up
on its knees to the rebels to come back
into the Union t insure the triumph of
theDemo-Ccpperhead party"? Which ?
V'VTe leurn, from the Omaha DailvlteM
publican, that cn the 5th about 500 In
dians attacked the Telegraph Station at
Julesburg, and destroyed about SI, 500
worth of property belonging to the Pa
cific Telegraph company. Capt. O'Brian
ia command of a company at the post,
aboutone mile dirtant from the Stage Sta
tion, attacked the Indians with a force
of about SO men, and two mounted how
itzers, routing and driving them before
him. Tne fight lasted ab;ut six hours,
and was cf the most desperate character
Nineteen white men 15 soldiers aud 4
citizens were killed. The Indian loss
stated to be 25.
Gen. Mitchell has gone to the scene
pf the disturbance.
On the same day the Indians attacked
and cap'ured a train about forty miles
west of Julesburg, killing five men be
longing to the train twelve men are
There U a report that the rebel Gen.
Sterling Price died recently in Texas
of disease contracted during his Missouri
campaign. He has been much troubled
with a running from the bowels of
Missouri ; and he has been so eft interred
wlilc yet alive, that fer: regret that he
is cut of his Missouri. He leaves a numer
ous family of bushwhackers and guer
rillas to recret his unseemly end. We
Nebraska Legislature-
N ' Omaha, N. T. )'
, . .January 5:h. 1SG5. $
At 2 o'clock P. M.,'Hon. E. A. Al
len, (the President of the Cour.csUi the
last session,) called the Council to order,
and cn his motion, John S. Bowen, Esq.,
of Washington county, was chosen tem
porary Clerk. -
Mr. Holliday cf Nemaha, nominated
Hon. O. P. Mason, of O:oe, as Presi
dent, pro tern.
- M r. Porter of Douglas,- nominated
Mr. Kennedy cf Douglas, for the same
Mr. Mason having received a majori
ty of all the votes cat,.was declared duly
elected President pro tern.
The following gentlemen were elected
a committee on Credentials:
Messrs. Irter, Albtrtsou and Grif
fey. Oa motion the Council tfcen proceed
ed to a permanent organization, when
the following officers were duly chosen
by ballot:
President, O. P. Mason,'-of Otoe co in
ty. -
Chief Clerk, JohnS. Bowe'n, of Wash
ington county.
Seargeant-at-arzns, Samuel Gamble, cf
Door-keeperCharles Bryant, of Doug-
Fireman, Fnuo
Old Sltrtir.g True Who L Lis prioa
Who Ufl h:s Uncle Su,
Ic2el our latvt, rvr a Southern cause
Ttt wsu't went d Ul.
E UveJ iLe aue. &i)J clu.iaie-1 tha fame,
O! Missouri' Liberator
Set fctre be' Ivusd, bene it Oils g rated.
Like lj small P'ier.
. . i i .
EdltcrlrJ Convoalica.
Pursuant to call the newspaper Editors
ofNebraska met at the Nebkiau
tflice in Omaha, on the 5th inst. B.
Taylor, Esq., was called to the chair,
and W. II. II. Waters, Esq., elected Sec
retary. A. II. Jackson offered the following :
Resolved, That the present prices al
lowed by law for. the publication cf the
delinquent lands and toivti lots in the
Territory cf Nebraska are inadequate,
and that we a3 publishers cannot afford
and will net p iblish thcrn at such prices.
E. Giles effered the following which
was unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That we will hereafter pub
lish no lf-gal advertisements, until full
payment is made lor the same, at the
rates heretofore established by the "As
sociated Press" of Nebraska.
The Ccmmutee appointed at the last
meeting to prepare a historical sketch
of the newspaper press cf Nebraska,
were, on motion of A. II. Jackson, grant
ed further time to make a report.
Adj. turned to meet upon the call of the
President. E. B. TAYLOR,
WMI. II. Watrs, Sec,
We were net present at the above
meeting, but are unanimously in favor cf
what was dene. Never was positive ac
tion more necesstfry by any set cf men.
to sustain themselves, than haa now been
forced upon Nebraska publishers, thro'
the encroachments of fo-jlhardy economists.
Judson, cf Douglas.
Chaplain, Rev. Mr..Kuhni.
Pages, Masters Powell and Ullery.
The Secretary of the Territory then
appeared, at the request of the Council
and adminUterodth? usual oath to the
otiioers elect.
Itc News-
New York, 7.
TT 1 J,.nt
s wasnington corre uuuueui
says it i rumored there that Lee had been
placed in command of ail the rebel ar
mies, and Bearuegard in command of
the defences bi: Richmond intending
himself to proceed to'South Carolina, and
concentrate the rebel forces in that quar
ter, and check Sherman's proposed i;iOve
ment northward.
Sherman's movement was considered
by Lee as more important thao any
Grant can "make upon Richmond in four
New York, 7.
Washington correspondent of the Rich
mond Dispatch -ays: our forces were at
one time between Fort Fisher and Wil
mington, cutting off the communication
both by. land and water, and if they had
not been dislodged soon, fcFort Fisher
would have falieu as Fort Morgan did.
New York, 7.
The Charleston Mercury of the 31st
says :-Sherman has reinforced Foster's
expedition against Charleston aLd Au
gusta Railroad. -
The Augusta- Register of the 1st con
firms the report,, saying Footer's batter
ies have been increased.
The Dispatch of the 4th says: we
won't be surprised at any moment to
learn that Sherman is. on the march.
The Sentinel, urges the modification
of tho Railroad system in Georgia and
South Carolina. Thelines now run 'just
where they should not, that ia they are
too cloae to Sherman's army, and as the
latter cannot be removed the former ought
to be. -
! The Herald gives a . complete history
nfth- Dutch Gao Canal. It was com-
y r i o
ixeiiii)nis o.
minced in August iast, and up to
day of the ex plosion of the bulkhead three
regiments cf white and colored troop
were detailed fcr the special work, av
eraging from 120 to HO me employed
daily on an average of 10 hours. The
ranal is 522 feet bna and the nreateat
f ih excavation is 12Q feet and)
the depth 45 feet. The width of the
canal proper is GSfeei at the top and 45
feef at the bottom. At high water there
will be a cebthof 1G feet. Ercm theo
facts some idea' may" b formed of the
immensity of the work.
vj Lie tUi .4. .
fiTvln Street. 2 dcor-j Ea, of Pest CiZzs,
AUCTIOaJ" AX.m J.t the Pioneer A artion ITons-e
Every S.-.treaj. . J. "W. ELlSiS.
Tho Richmond Examiner, of the 30th,
speaking of thft capture of Savannah,!
says: "Ah the ric on the plantations m
the vicinity cf the city fll into the hands
of the Yankeps. The amount is estima
ted at 100.000 bushels. The Confeder
ate Government succeeded in removing
mol of its stores; tha main loss sustain
pd by it was the n'ge guns and gunboats.
The pontoon bridge across which our
troops passed was also lost."
WAI-'TED, Ton T -VS Wort Stears, and Six dry
Cows, at .fiction j'.-ifi.
A fine assort ajet cf lable CuMery -r Sa.eajSUM,'
Auctiuti Rooa.
A letter from the Potomac describes
the blowing open of Dutch Gap canal.
The earth was "cut away as much as
possible. Galleries were contructed
nndr the remaining earth and six tsns
of powder placed in thrm. The cencu;
iou was very slight and was not as suc
cessful as espectpd. The earth must be
dregged out. The rebels have twenty
canaotf'bearinsr on the upper end. Much
work must be dona before our gunboats
can asaend the river above th? cinai.
The House was called to order by Mr.
Crow, of Nerriaha County, who nomina
ted Johu-TaO'e as Chief Clerk, pro tun.
Qn motion cf Mr. Maxwell, of Cass,
Mr. Kirkpatrick was chosen Sperker,
pro tern.
A Committee from the Council was
received who announced that body or
ganized and-rtady tot proceed to business.
It was thea moved that Mr. Kirkpat
rick be elected Speaker of the House by
acclamation. Carried by an unanimous
John Tafie, was chosen as Chief Clerk
by acclamation.
Here arrelfi;rt was made to change
the manner of voting, and lo elect the
Chaplain by ballot. Lest.
The subsequent election resulted in the
choice of :
Assistant Clsrk, Walter C. 'Hayden
Engrossing Clerk, A. C. McCartney.
Sergt. at Arms, Anson, Rising.
Door Keeper, Mitchel Fleming.
Pages, Masters, Charles Faxon and,
Charles McCoy. .
Notice was here received of the deal!
of the lamented E. P. Brewster,, form
erlv Private Secretary of the Governor.
The House adiou.-ned to attend the
funeral. .
Gen. Dana received information from
his cavuirj force sent out from here on
the 21st They struck the Mobile and
O. railroad five miles below Corinth, had
on the 27ih utterly destroyed it to b.'loy
Okolona. l!9 bridges, great deal of trestle
work, 32 cars, 300 army wagons, 4,000
cai bines, destroyed Forests camp of dis
mounted men at Verona, six oliicerb and
i-0 meii captured..
Washington, 7.
A letter from Loudon ccuny, Va., 3d
says: the cavalry fun win Shot idan's ar
my visited the Upperville aud Mtddle
bury on the 27th, destroyed aud carried
away cousiderable amount of property
belonging to secessionuts in that neigh
borhood. New York, 7.
Late rebel papers show that the fight
cf Jeff Davis li.ud anil-Jeli'Davis factions
are constantly growing more sanguinary.
Those opposed to Davis accu-e hun in
most open and vehement manner, as be
in? the cause of ail their recent disasters.
Another train was captured this side
of Julesburg about 4 miles.
The Stage coach," going West, was at
tacked on the same day, and the mail,
express and passengers robbed, tut none
The Solicitor of the War Department
has decided that tha Missouri Siate
Militia ' are cot entitled to bounty on
serving out their three years. The serv
ice in Missouri his beea as dangerous
as anv where else, and, we doubt- not, as
well performed, and this manifest injust
ice should immediately be corrected by
Congress. .
The World's Savannah correspodent
thus lays out Shermcn's next campaign :
FirA he will march on Augusta, then 'to
the rear of Charleston, when, with Dalh
gren in front, he will lay seige to the"
stronghold. . If Sherman don't do this,
won't the World feel 'sold?'
The Nebraska City Daily News claims
that Ben. Holladay's Overland coaches
made the trip from Denver to thai place
in four days and a half! This is, no
doubt, the fastest lime ever made froin
any point on the Missouri river. ' Ben.
Holladay will always be ahead when
leu. . . ..i iwu iium
Tb reads pleasantly so suddenly after i T 7 7 i I bo' probably .w.p.
' , . V-.. short of the iron-horse can head Iiun. oround over which the column was
theuewsof the removal of Col. Chiv-
ington for killing about 500 of these red
devils in battle. Chiv ington is superceed
ed by the appoiutment cf Col. Moon
light, and ordered to Washington, to
be tried by courtjmarual upon a charge
of having killed some Indians after they
had surrendered. We do not believe
there is a shadow cf truth ia the charge;
but, with the above facts before us, were
we ou the courtjmartial, we shoulJ bring
in a verdict of dismissal for cot having
killed more.
A correspodent in the St. Louis Dem
pcrat states that bushwhacking is again
alarmingly on the increase m Boone aad
Howard counties of that State, within
thirty miles of the State Capital. Two
bushwhackers were killed there lately.
The correspondent calls on Gee. Fisk
fcr assistance. '
B. Gratz Brown is out m another let
ter i n favor of "negro tuSrage," and
instructions to the State Convention ia
Missouri. He lacks neither senso or
sincerity, but, with cur present notions of
the question, we hope he will lack success.
FBtoa was inaugurated Governor
NTew York, cn the 2d.
A set cf Peace resolutions were de
feated in the North Carolina Legislature
by only one ycte. Close work. A little
of Sherman's "moral suasion" might set
her all right.
In a speech at the Inauguration Got.
Fenton, of New York, ex-Governor Sey
mour spoke much of ,4our beloved coua
try;" Judas, no oubt, thought much of
his "beloved Christ" just before giving
him the treacherous kiss. .
Ib3 icliowiDsr is an extract trora a
private letter received by ?Ir. A. St
Louis, of this city, from a brother now
in California. The mines -spoken cf are
m inevaaa.
Charles and Miave just returned from
atrip to the mines about two weeks ago,
and we have some very -rich claims. '
i he cropping on top cf the ledges pays
&500 to tne ton, and there is to be two
mills put up there this winter, aud sev
eral o.hers in the Snriutj. So we can
work oor mines to advantage next sum
mer. I have 4.C00 feet in the mines.
I and eiht others in company have laid
out 1,230 acres of land for a town site.
We have plenty of water, enough to run
twenty mills, and plenty of limber for
building purposes ; about forty miles from
this sue. 1 took up 1G0 acre of salt
land, which is about three feet thick of
the purest and fiuast salt I ever f-aw.
This fait is worth 10 cents per pound in
Austin, which is only SO miles.
Gold Claims near mihe is -worth 810
a foot, and 1 have been offered as much
for some time of mine. Rulo Richard
son Co. Rcsriiier. f
The New one Tribune makes this
important explanation:
Adnnral Porter intimates his opinion
that where Weitzel's skirmish line could
go, the main bedy. might have followed,
imd the fort have been taken. But the
situation was not such as he represents
it. No doubt a few skirmishers "entered
the works. At the time when they moun
ted the parapet, the fire of the-navy was
pouring in wnhall its intensity,. and by
mature ir.e -gan ijorr grs-Wp iu
bomb-proof. 1 -Admiral Portpr him
pjf teils us that eight or ten cf these
soldiers almost every che who entered
were wounded by this fire. If the
fir had been" suspended, the- garrison
would instantly swarmed back into the J
f..rt from the boob.nroofs, and WHn
The census of St. Jopph has just peer,
taken by the City Assessor, who reports
her present population at fifteen thous
and an increase cf npariy five thousand
the present $eaon. This fact, in view
of the distracted condition of the State,
strikingly shows th strength cf its tend
encies its growth and prosperity.
Detective Davis arrived in town form
Holt ccunty yesterday, haviig in charge
three deserters and three stolen horses.
Capt. Davis reports affairs in Holt
county in a very unsettled condition, and
marauding and thieving is the order of
the day. He says the outrages commit
ted in Holt are mainly done by deserters.
Waxt-d. S.-cori Hi-; J rV.mJ J..-.",
t';:B IIo.
c. At tha rkuc-er Auc-
Fino R.ek :vini liabirj-.T liruuoi fur s'i
Largt Stouk of 11 ys Boot. ami Sho;-, it cost, at
F'iss' Auction Iioc-V' lw iuur tanii of iho Vvtt
OHk. ' .
llfr.'e acd Ky'? ILit. aa.l Vh n w fjlwa fr
lk Statu; of trj - S.
lt. Tbrrtma , ik:, '
fct.XS l( '-
-i:ierl c
Ei!s r6(.Pi7..r, f..r i,4
,--! ir IJi.. . ....
A lAre nsfrtanTit c f nots aud .Shoc-n lor sala ut
cost t- Fills' A'U'titn liomi.
Shot: Iil:n.'kinz, et;, fjr sa'e cLeep at the Pioneer I "
:. " . . .". I
Slocs tzi D- ajj .0 ,
200 .hari M Jarctur-, ,'9t N
i'.'U th -o.s Mtjcv?n tAL
tci k Xj To .
2o0 shre :?' tt.
10O sbaret ld?rcfcT
tbk stock. Xw .
X- s':,e--i ? trair dK.. 1
cniiiir ii'k tt t llir.r rj .
50 sbarj ti( k k ni'k ,-
21 an P. .eiix " ? '?
If to! h:i" any voriptin cf pjirt: it- .li.To;"
catl at lllissV Atuttinn Uotni hi.'.U tht Lihcst
; risM for all kjaU n" ;!d trap.
To all ylom it may eorcern, norice ia bcr-.t.y
;;:ven t!:nt nr; !itin hns been url to the Pr.
;ato Court, fr tii.'s ap;'ir.t- int of an A mi-iir-t..r
vt. ;:-j tha K,t. lo of William II. Ill It. d.-cagrd,
and t r at Jlo.y, the 3tb day f Jau-.ry, is tLo
t.:iuo s-t to ht;,r c.A doturcioo guii ajiplicati-ja.
Ei uvi!i, Jj,;;. 7th, 1S:'5.
vj'U-Zi-il,M D.C.SAXDF.r,,
l'n.b:t;j Ju'Jjr'?.
Col Moonlight, of the 11th Kansas.ha's
been assigned by Gen. Curtis to the ccm-
I mand of the District of Colorado, in place
or Loivington, wnose term cr serv
ice has expired. Col. Moonlight is to
have with him the 11th Kansas regt.
The Fenian Brotherhood now claims
a membership of 500,000, and funds to
the amount of 61,500,000. A Boston
Fenian lately made some revelatiins
about the design and spirit of the ordsr
to an Episcopal clergyman, and sood af
ter was waylaid and almost killed by
They in return, .are: charged
Davis' organ with deuroyh-g the coufi
dence in th ability cf ths Confederacy
to achieve their independence, and pre
venting the full enforcement of conscrip
tion and encouraging deserters.
The Richmond Whig in an article on
EogUnd, tays: j-he has no ships that
could encouoter the Yankee monitors
with any prospect of success, although
s-he might buiid such yet, the probability
is they could not cross the ocean. She
tit t i
couianit treau up tne Mocuaae, lar less secriary or tne treasury
sendfon army or fleet here to assist us. Seward will be made Senatot in place of
It is hardly worth while to think of re- Mr. Morgsp. Mr. Adams is to succsed
turning to English vassalage. Mr. Seward in the Cabinet. It is not
The reports of She; man having cross- said who will succeed Mr. Adams.
ed the river are confirmed. He is be-
lieved to te .marching on Grahamsville. Quebec advices say there is trouble in
New York, 8 Can?.da over th enforcement cf a draft
Tho Times special says : it is rum-jr- far mslitia. to serve on the frontier. The
ed that Sho:rrnan has communicated to French refused to serv ?.nd drafting f
the President, that the Georgia State aa ficer were driven out of several couu-
thoritiesiia?e applied to come back into his. A strong force hs been ordered
the Union. And that Secretary Stan- out to nut down this insurrection.
ton's visit to Savannah i3 doubtless in
connection with this subject.
The Timts. says: Gt-n. Thomas has
beea made iSIaj. General in the resu'Ur
army, vice Fremont resigned, dating
from. his victory over ILod.
New York, 8.
The Rebel papers' furnish the follow
Augusta 5th. Kilpatrick has croseed
the Ahawaha. but is supposed to be on the
Carolina side ol the river.
Vf ashiugton, "January.' 5.
To all whoui it vc:y cacera, notice is ber by
gen that ;ip,.! i';;;.i?i h.13 beea m.;dj t. ib-i Pr
biite Cjurt jf ?.V ui.ih.i (Tonotyj Nebraska, fr the
appointai'jr.t of an A.l aiiilraror, with the will
ar iKxel, nud M at Muu'biy, tbe 30:h day Ja .
lSdi.istbe tiaistt u Lear sail petition.
I). O. Sa.N'DI' R,
d-!7-3t p'd. Prcbat Jud.
1) Kt
'. ' . : "V. V';-': .-:s ;:' :"' '
f V " 1 s '; v . . I
A 5 D
The World has a ruras-r from Wash- A "J1 A 1,c
ington that Senator Morgan is to be made I r i $ if r
c' f .u t- j 1 lf i Lvery Instrument vcarr anhd tor Are years
Secretary of the Treasury, and l)3t Mrf j j j
For sTnteen ttio snj nrior eycsllne of .ur
Iastruinent has not hvu qu--ti-nel, and t-.r tro
years past tbe enormous dtan-l h is inaia it ini; 03
ib!e t 'r n to u; f t. our ordvr- r mtty Witti cur
irwrea'od fin-iliac, we feel war.ii?eu in a-'sarin
oar ATron.4 tbtit ttirir crd-.ri vVA bo promptly u;et,
and s-i!icit a roiUi:ia:!a"e th-.-ir p;itrn;s;' .
tiT" A 1J3KRVI. rM!'l'-ST TO CLEKCViiZ.i, CilfK
' GEO. A. PlilNCi: A CO., OufTs-'c, IT. T.
GEO. A. IMiiiSCE i CO., CLichq,o, XiL
tiwk. n !rtr.,rj. t .
l"i bsrn Sti tank i;
l:.,:fo ,1
6'barei HjrtJirib'k ;! I '
Uar;:ont. ' '
Ci ?r Crn. Rirfri'k
,, v .. .. .
100 .l,a.- C-. AHZi :,-t ..-i " M
S3 'fcr. T7i'-nr b-
o a si k, or. , i.,ri s. r W I
ICO i .'M r-; f k"a:tr
10 esri:o:d C U t m.j tj' , ! .
j 2j TenD. St: b.:fi-N j.,
j C. S. sloes. 7J-lw rceuary
I 'lWH In 3
j U. 3.5;s??r 15SI j . ,, .
j U. S Fiv Tm;i ' 1 ' j
Abie S''e ?M--f lS7i- jw4 1
' Ban rrnt!s-j bjU. 1 ,u s
Jlcccmnlated Iniere.t a lua
I litai it!s t Bi..k, or o:-, :;(
or But da
t'.h, Li ea aJjc:tJ ari
T.b, tr.Ur isj or 1
Stb Aai -tl a i.l rii d' t.
9-Ci, L"ft. iuri. .. Et
lota. All c-ifcir c!a:s; s.-t'.st Ui !
iu:ali li p::a:.uj, J:;.,
H;b. T--.9 grfatest morit j,r
$s ui o xr: ' 1:1 ..c-c.
lC:k. The ru..!.&t Kc:eJ .a "? "
Ct-r. !i ;n it ':z r.. .
III!.. V! :.v..l 1 1
is ,?-.
a 2u-J uefc'rti.s
StatJ cf Cor:
Count j cf
ITa!ITi9. ir
Per-!r.a;iy ajpra.ta Wra il 1' n
isafeitQ, tnat ifca tanjuirx s.iv
crlte, is tret cccir.'lai v.i L.s btc
ief. B'tT a
Ao liupfratfd C:'.t:.!.u?. full description oi"
stjt, rtiil Lcicut frjc to any aJJr.i .
The Tribune's Army-of-the James
necia! says the Dutch Gap Canal is re
garded as a complete success. The re-1
suit of the explosion in the bulkhead be
ing ail that was expected, a dredging
machine will low fi:mh (lie vvor. Six
itifLfc-ei of water has been in the canal
since the 16th of last month.
Dispatf hps captured tm a nhel soldier
divuig d ilie intention to end thrf rebol
rams vixi of Charleston harbor at once.
The Richmond papers cf Wednesday, thus taking advantage f the abnce of
contains the following dispatches receiv nur irun chuis. This J?d to the promnt
ed yesterday, by the Uar Dcp : hy sendin? all the monitors to Charleston
Charleston, b. U. oin harbor, whore tnev now are.
The Federal raiders are reported to
cn it r
. S';ortV3
trict i'i art :
on rb-j Chi-.wrry J-j tberc.-ft ccjiib-i ht-ras dr!'ei-l-
an-1?. T;i3 t-vj c: an j r-ty.r : sii.t y-".zi ri i t
l)':tia a d'i v t s:iid C.urt nnnutling t!i t!i;iTiaj
r rl i K.n her?t"fVr : cTi tiri H-jtwo-i ir'; :.
divor.-iiifj t: id r.r.rti? !. ra tho b'.i i.s ,f Liitii-
in-"iy. .! f.-ad-uiw re j i;r -.i to nut .r j je
tiii u ty the 23ta d.iy if febri'!ry A I). 1?55.
rfi'c ir b-rrby iMveii t'-a1:. rirnajt t.- an rr
ii'-ri''i-;s- -l tv thi.' :,luii ( o.t ..f .V. ui:U
".ill:,. J, -WNSS k i. ill i. i ' .)
th- S '.'fi J-iy ,,f J i A D.
'2?i..n. to il.e i;v;i b;-l.
sJA vt i ui i -
r f .r i-
i ri d"M-riita r.-i.'to, t.iwit. : l S "i;
have returned trotn the Mobile ar.d Ohio
railroad gctng West. They have left
forty wounded.
General (J Hylsen is badly wounded.
The damage to the railroad will be re
paired in ten days.
Charleston, Jan.
An ami-slavery Convention in Frank
fort, Ey., psd re.c!ut:on3 instruciing
tyentucky liepreset? tives ia ccugres to
vote ror a constmitional amendms.ii
abolishing slavery ; also, raquestin? the
gislauire- to repeal the slare coda of
The enemy are landing in fores cn the
vancah 'river in South Carolina, driv
ing ouc pickets towards H ard'?esviile.
! n 7 1 1 ! A ! II
advancing. Weighing these two neces
sities Gen. Weitzel pronounced th work
in euch circuaistances,. impossible.
It is Eurncsed that the troops which . rar. on p
evacuated Savannah havo gone to Rich- r3-
Two six raule Governmint teams
broke through the ice at W?ston, yes
terday, and were drowned, they were
hauling wagons, heavily loaded with ba
con, which they were unable , to hold
back while decending the hill ran down
upon the ice at a full spee The ice
immediately gave way aKns teams
adk, leaving enly a fewuwes ana a
hole in the ice to show" atout S.
000 or S10.000 wortKi Uncle Sara's
property had goneLeav- Tunes, 31st.
A Washingto?eciaI says- state
ment in the foJTn Vew3 Per. "teamer
Asia that 1 Mex,can President has
issued lettof nir3,ue ftcd reprisal to
AmericanS111 renc 'ps which
is now beTe( -re ja S07erntaent cir
cles wProt'fy Tl?S cut a proclama-
tionf " 7 ..-..fa
b not io"Ksge ia Dusinesj oasuca
cf being- treated as pi-
i'ce cumber cf wounded Unisn sol
diers in the late battles atNashviil
tvveen Thomas and Hoed, according to
A Hiltoi Head special of the 2otb Uie cdKL1 "turns, is hss thai 30,000.
says: Kilpatrick's corps has just return- The President. .at the irMw,W Clon
oanyana uuu ruroau, tea. witaooce ed io the request of Lieutenant Rwr.
river. ri-. ir . .
T- e i j i . , -atu,ui ucaiucKy. toreiura ircm
- ---j - ex ia.
or cars are snut up between Aicany and
theOuabone river. The national banb-Intr r.n;.-,!
corps, and uren. t uller. with two brigades
of the- 17th corps, also spent five days on N E W A I) V E U T I S E 31 E T S
Nl I'll.- i I j .V..ft'. ,if .4 fi , j .
r-fh? t5t!i irii.-i'.,il Ln..iiu.fc- Ja Ncs Count v,
.cb.,L-. Tcrrit-.rv.
La Ciuu'y, N.T.
-" ' T r rij r T1
1 1 . I . . , I .
To cliv.'iQiii il may concern -N..tit-t
i. hereby frivt-n t' npj!:,-::ti:.a h"t ? Ibl-tJij
ti'j"ii rj'. V.'f r.r tii.- ;.- ;n.'a:-".t of :-.n a:z:.v'ri-t-'-r
r. :..! the I.VU .;f ..' ir- -vri u V;.ul, dec
M.r.Pd thxt M.rrt .y, :h ..U -iiy f Jl:;.,IfVi A.
I). IS'ij, is lis ' tini-i l' : h- r suii eT-kifia.
i.C. SA Lxrrn,
Stat?, of CcT.ieciicu. r
County cf Harford. "
I. Ca. W. Jjtnn. 1- : Cr
Conrt f H if'lr-! (Vu.ny; .1 i '
t-4 !-t rf tie jf tie :.!"
Vll 1 l.krt'jrii, 4 hiv fi..i:!.
Ntict '.u(ii in tli8 u.i:i f -,.
S'uU xisiin i-jii fl'.'i --Ml" y
AC! '.a! ciyitat of Ifuc; H i r. -v
ried in 'u f a' Us '
nio'e c'earlv fr;ri u, "A irx-'lti
eocoln.-n of iaii'jj'.. ill.
tory of N'j
I Ui cr-.!' ; Of R'5 r
S,"pfli ! I 1.1 111 J"! i.vf t'-l ' 1
taa t , a , on tLe Ciy '-
Y t'i. In i ! r ihi- c r. it . '
UeJ :i: a-i:!n. Lie" oo- f x .
(..! 1' lorn u-2 7 l'
April, A . l VU ' .
r i I i .i . - -
K-i'.:? ill Urn by r'.n.' Tr-:r . ..
inx 'ipi; iKiV..n.:.c.
fPi: at ii -rf f r1. In fhf -S.i . '
hr-t I)o;ir.te avi ;: !' ,
rvc.fc...r. me -'ii '--'
Cfi;! C.Svileti " .
jtri-t .V'r.-:
v. -K H. ('--'k '
D. II W'tK-c ec - ' . '
r XT ' '!' laf"i
art Vtsm ' f H " ' -' ','"'
-. Hi K IN! 1 :r v'",
k. A '1 .. -- ' '" : ' '' I
r ? , . : '"
Hl. :- - ' ''
as va ..! , ;.' t-rvf' u l: '
t!,e Ifi'f r -i ;' (
S: re. i Wai.- :i ei '
Wi : t! ? . ii" "' 1 '
pv y : !.'?;'"
...t a-1 ry 1
,( L ief ' -niicv-i.c-V, '"" "'
A U. 1SS.
B I -
Vf. 3. CLA15, S:r"iry.
. Va"' -S
TLt li "ci-f? f' !:
rany. ct I-a if Cm ' "
Xctr.-.ia, ?C4- 1 -j"; ,
lir ($2 )
aj at.; ;1 2
PUBLIC sale:
uttj f.oni-M i-.,"ie:i ;U sell ;,t IV.,:tc t-Ia t.. " CTTtim. L. J ' . ,
tne h;frT--t S:.i U-r f'-r .-. ii-th. .-t iii g,- t (To ex; irr J.'SUi.7
Jr,aWran.i a!l briVrtl ciih9 O.i llr. g.rjL til. TVCTTf? iVf I! Dl'r'.
' ViL;.iAii a. !io iv'i-;;:. c... c;k.
Inc r,("v-ji j! i f,f Lt:;.' k
A plank svagon road was found lead-
lL-ff irom lilt? ".ufau '"""'"a Ayaiitrii, Xotii-a w 'ni,. .v., . -
from wmch a part of the heavy irams Ut j.ubuo Au. t;oa. t the door of tho Uwm-i,!!.
loaded from Diock-aae runners passed mt i," a"'u -aja-a count, .bra.ka
. i wj-jj it, caul:
we luienui. . ;
A fores of cavelry
infantry has passed into
bprmgheld, 111.. Jan. 5. rtv- t., wi , th.: Ty.9 ".loring
Tne Legislature, in joint session, elec-. terest in and to the Jot, tract and r,arcl of lir
ted ex-Goyemor Yates, United Stutgs L--,8, tJ. TUfi'i J 9 c,t? of Erown-
bnatrr. -is uesonhnd in said is.iso m .fn,.ora . .1 -
lease: aho tha Siw ilill acd F!oirin- Mill
accomdanied by eraaha,w b!dr . " ' ,-''
South Carolina. Q Monday, the 12fth day of TA., lSGo
. . 1 fl 1. Vl. t L . UL IL 1 .1 ir 111 .t .1 1- . . .
ei.! , j-t of Urvavii!. :
n-4t p'd
.ii.L5i.I ,'!.
Tt B
Lour.tyef HarTuri.i , r
- iii ' - .
F-r'-ra!!y srtM't! II -C-.h'?at:y
stateiueat ty ihoji .:-----:. " 3 :
u a I
' . .... f.r :
- - .
V. . .C-.
TThcreci', P. v. n c.c
rhocnislrscrcsv3 fwc
t'C-.trl a' Ua'forJ. ii i"' ; "
fi-o intbmfll e c P' ' r ,,-c-
C n:f-T. fvia
CB.'.iticn. as re?i'.reJ ty !
t'jj Tfrifory of b aJ ..
t'- n to lnim,:e C c:r- ' , j
l i; an.MVhf-e.-a. - '! c f ;
Ui.-5trUT a-Ul.foy f':L' .
r , . . - , " - 5 ' ' i 1 ( 1.1 VR If-J 1U ML" i-J ' , .
Kr-c.;, Acbin.-.f. .. us Jary? Ir.r.t a C-.w. irhi-e .-v 1 iJ..-fK-.Ke-i cn n.-3: !: L "
b!;i;-k ncjr.uai the i.ft cvo. h.-i.'f cr f.T ti,J wt u e a::.s :.r.w -' ' ' ; ,
right Mr, a!n. rrs-j l.i-.--! i, - Cow -"i'r ,.: ! '".y ti SiS-t ia f , :
Augusta, Me., Jan. 5.
im: riu .p eiirjueu was unanimously "lu toast-i ixcmucs, tog:ucer with at! tao llajhia-
elected senator for' four years, 'by" both r'B-F.vs -i said Miiii b-!,'c sit-
i c . j ft ' n . a.ted in the Ctj ot hrowuri; e in Ncbjii Coun-
the Senate and HaUSd Uuion CaUCUJ this ty, Nebraska 'Torit. SJ property Is S bo 8d
evening. . - . ' ' 1WTe statc.l. by , virtue cf x:utioa isnad
rt n-1 Al Tan A T' "IU8 01 100 art cf said
1 Oitiand, Ala., Jan. xh. I County of .Neu2 r u ia decree r-n.l.l i .
The cat air ay belonging to Gen. Stead- Kin .jtih . . run piiatijn.j Uii SpriaJe
mor,'. rnrr.roar.H bflvfi nurQi'PrJ- onnt.,r. I .n?.-.. i - !i.Jaiiuutrror of the Estate of
i i t t jt 4 ri ' " Mcicuuants. ana lo ten
captured 600 mules, 100 wagons' and D.tIi;!.u'1"'-tir
200 hogs
Forrest is reported near Russelville.
Deserters from Hood's army report
that Hooc'i has been ordered to Tusca
loosa to reorganize his shattered: army.
Shoddy's cavalry .command ii almost
entirely ditbanded. . ; ; -
no!7-5--Jl8 3t'
j :ter.
ifcis 11th day of Jtnnarr . A
- W. d. iit.Ki JO. V.
n-.S and Sciat Yair.
Taken ep V.y tb-j nnderi-n!.J living ia U.-.a-Us
I i-c.-jr.ct Nem-ba t)o. One r-i 1 7j -.'o
led steer, one y0ir oil brand.' I ot t'-.o iort hip
er -mirk 3 cr brand.
13-jt-p'd jAiir.-i
ij. .uo eta-
Taken rjp hy the inbscrihor. Urirg r.pftr 7Ir'.vrn
in .Nji-utii 0"Utiry, Sebruit, i u thZ7ih i f
h,. u.r. , ..
io,n,one icij ana wtute ?tor, niivil r.iv;j
oat of tha left ecir, about tw . r thrtf v?a- r i
, -1 V -l W-. L. .Krt IT. -. . "
wr.4t, t Bro-XBnitt. L'e?. 14;-a. va red tiid waite
stcar, i-hraj yc;r v!d i;t siri j.
5-3t ' t Lr.y.
Taken ? b; L, ,av r hrizS four i
ooua a. t-x i.r.vnru.e,,a ;fu ;,,h day cf Kr.
do& hole ia r .;-t
iivIT-Sw p'd.
Hrr,Tni ia : Juie i'c-
to aLinoleis se-.-Tir r ? ;",,-..'
si-i rorr.aay, c 'iE- fn
te a'o. p'!Ji-i:' "
t;U a ir erv 134 - ".' i1'
Lwio.' ih. i rri'.j.-.
a:i ctairo or t-rror l 5.r. Ti-;
fftere-wilASIBLC. .
sai'lcrrpiVT; . - ir "
- l-isreiore, Co it .
C-a'S, la; iii P-rfu-n-n w - r..:,
JS. Iladi .Afi.'-r cf U9'
l-ertt-r cer'i'y fit rrT&
r.a fn!! au-l.rtrr.y t ait a
? a 1: .rJce I- r.:ity. rll j
ft N--ari.i arl u jj l',.,jlJ4 K .
b-b;r of flcamv.,7 1 :."'. '
a MKn Aiput. :.d t tn p l-'"
tl 3it .lay J i':i:a.y-
U.'Wt i..rJr revX?l r-rtV' -''
r, alout two year, old the 15th dy of i,o,Wr. .u, iiZVl. 1 T"
liiv?. tOLI., or Irani i, 1J. 3i I?'AAC t r.I.S. ' JU J-