Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 10, 1864, Image 4

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    -MlTFtorers' AEcnts tor the MMf .
l k. ; f - M
1 1. I 1- ? ' - V 1 !?.! I . t Jm V. I I JT- - . : - ' I ' ..',- Vf v ... .... -"1 .
Ilr-jist r&celrd a splendid stock of . ' " ' -:--- - - 1
CJtrvjolo xxicl Sancy rr"' T. .Z1 ' I
Which ibej w;!!ie!l
Conrrifinj; the Lift yr.velties in Dji?s Good?
tnd ircsi Tranic of all kicii ami vuritties
Flailed RiVjcss, Braids, Buttons, &c. &c.
Latest Style of Ladies Winter Hats.
Veils, Colors, Ivory Setts, Fancy
BckauU Side Combs, ileaa
Dresses, iiii'J Nets,
. etc., etc., etc.
l!a-'aiCecnt assortment of
Suj crb Stock of all kinds ef
DoRielic Coou8 of all Kinds
ArI rll.ctbsr .ir'.lv-'cs u.-uully kept in aDrj Cuodi
U At V w. ! WJwJ
'.''af tJ'ccn first end C'.cond,
TTZ hive 1- itirc a :rgs well io!ccted stock of
C-Iicoes. u!!n,
Frenfh Ti'.vst,
Hats. Cnps,
Bjois. Shops,
Ltather, etc.,
etc., etc., etcetra
vraicn we offer fox salU
Groceries of Every Kind,
Sic. , Slc. , Eic,
Allrf which ire offer t the lowert prices, !cter
mined but i be uii'trr-ioU.
BrewnviUe, Neb , ix-4-yly
Wliolealo and Eetaii
Bvan Worthiasr,
OF - Till
K: i ; .v i. '
Vi J"ct Tlrc'viwl th lart-it ti:I !. stock ot
- (.1..; Cn: r: hit t flfiei i!i ibis r.i.n ket, vuO
YU' 1 ihiui ao nw is lipase iu i Uo Torritory.
Main Street, J3rownvill3
- .1 moft Successful
A co:c?L7';e :'Io:jial or tssiisiis.
TT r n ii T"i v 0 "VTTrriTTrT'T T7"
N ; I MY ILLi:TIM1 l.D.'i ;'" iW'. t tin: l'rt.t.
I' frerh ! mi':, ii.-i '.! t y , its euf ertainin
Tfiritv, it"?! vi-r" 1'uf ji cr: ii iiias upon the follus
1' the tiiric's, i f 1 1 'itrt.! v rii tea and instructive
ertiiio-, Hfi i;" si. f I'ri'-siinirlvfRce, all combine to
enk :: tr.- ui ..? I T:!-;.a-'er .-f 'UT country, and
ttje 'iHt evi-ry fapiilr :r,at prize. Its ooufieniNi
. wet'k.r ."U!..i;iry i. f '' i''i an l ilumeitie inti-Ui-
j-te jire.TV!i...n an-l i .-. u ttkeo cre rf a it
flfrvc? lba, if wi:!l e f jur.J in future jears as
w t-i-'-'ice a c im 'Hiiun fi.rtue fiuiiily sod firMile
thedMv 4.ti w;,; li it was first persued. .V. J'.
W ui.i n-1 1" fJen call attersi .n o Harper's
A ttKbY ii we were nt well Katistj.'.l thit ir ia ill
hfft fitmlly I'.ipcr in the Mnitnl tn(, nud for that
rt'iioii, and mat alon", we desire to Fe it under
jniirs and root qt a certnin kind of literature too
prevaler.t. which blunts the tn irdls f its reader
vitiates their t:tste for sen-tl.Io renuin;. and is al
ready bad in itf'eTjoi.-tS. A timer eu tAdce. London
Wherever we go in rail-ears and steamboat
We f,ad it seijud with eflgerties because of its spir
ited 'ketches cf fusing events. V.'e all like to
look at tbo f ieos cf men we have rend of.andat
aud furts that have Enured in the blidy
oeues vt war. Of all nach men and places, and
events, this paper furnishes the best illustrations.
Our future historians will enrich tliem.-elres out w
Uahtek's Weeklev l.ti j after writers, and puint
tr and pub:i;Ler arctcrc4 todust. X. 1'uh-
v One Copy for One Year-.. .... $3 Qn
One 'Copy for Two Years 5 00
Jin Extra Copy will be allowed for every Clubfur
125. tJvBSCiiiERS, at $2,61) etch, or 1 1 jDopies cf
Harper's Magazine and Harper's WiEstT,
tfteiber. one ear.
Hakpers Weekly is eleerotjped, and back
tuujbcrs can be had at any time.
Yols. I.. II., HI.. IV.. V , and VI. f..r th Years
1S57 U l8.12indusirl,of-il'.5!;, WEEKLY,"
tandsom'elv bnnd in Cloth extra, Price each
are now ready. The posture upmUARrsKs
Weekly, when jid in advance at the .(Sua wuere
It ij received, is Iw -n'v-sii cents tpmt.
FraaKUn 6;riRE. Niw Ycai.
irareh 31st, 64. i30v8-l
A U ilV r KJ -a-
m) . , -m
,S :.T:fM W.iv.1.;. irrST. ovC, s,ru..s um.,
on.ain a.i in qj uw . f personal supervision l Mr. J. 11. (jrovesteen, w 10 has
i-bo "CrovcRtcm PInno Fortr" i reciyeel bc IS glic si nifard of merit
me cl. ;lU ullscls at uic Celebrated oMd ' I-an!
tre were exhibited instrnm. nts from the best makers f -Lon-Jon, Pari., iennK.y. PniUdIphia. BalK
it.mre Pmt.ii ndNew York: and i.U at the A mori-an In-t.tute for five tucceaave years, the g.,ld .aid
si'ivrr'ined-il.' fr. inhoth of whk-b can be seen at our wr.-r.H(Ui. . . '
Hf tZ irtr.dueti..n of iniv.rovem-nts we make a still more porft Inno Forte, ar.d by mnnufacturii g
largely: with a strictly cu'a Fytein, are enabled to ffcr thtfo instruments at a price wnich will prccluu
n'l c nif't i; ion. , , '
PFICLS No. 1, Seven Octave, round corners. U-vsnwood plane eav? J.
n r.k i..n,il vnory
v IV.. v. r..i1i,ili-orm-rs. lt-ewH.d
Tcirxxxs: rJott Oifiilx,
pnscnnlivE cihcclap sent fki:;:.
. t
WlLLkcop constantly on hand an assortment of
Entra-upcrfino to Common
TT n O) XJ
And all other articles umMy kept in a first-class
Merchant Flouring or Saw Mill.
Iln.w-ville. Mr;-h ?.Ist,B4. n?.0 8 lv.
s 4
Th'i jrrcatcpt improvement yet in the Sewian Ma
chine Art. A curiosity worth seeing.
riease send for circulars with samples of Sewing.
The- Imptoved Machine sve one hnntred per
cent, of thread and silk, aLd make the Lock-Stitch
alike in butu . ii s.
They requiro no instruction to operate perfectly,
except the printed directions."
No ehsrga in sewing from ca kind of goods to
An l no taking apart to clean cr oil.
Our New ?I:inufactory i? nw complete, with all
its i. si. iiinery and tools entirely new, and isnlrchdy
ra'pidiv turning out M ichines, which fyr bctufy aroi
perfect!, ii of tini.-h urouor turpascd L' us.-y niauu-
fcture in tue wor;d,
N. B. Should any Machine prove unsatisfactory,
it can be returned aul muc-y refunded.
Ajrent wanted in counties not canvassed by our
FIXIXLi: & LTOI, S. 31. CO,
No. 41 S 1y. !
li A G X. .E"
VE the atter,!en f t the Lad es an! Gentleinin
of 15;ov. nviile arid vicinity to cur Dew stock uf
Hoots and Siiocs. Gaiters, Slal
uioiaisi. Lace Coots i'ollia.
SJaocs and J 0:1:13'
Hoys', 311 C Iiii!i t si azidlufant
a xz: o. X3 a
Jnst Ttecf ived. which we will sell as cheap for the
ash as any boue ia the Wet.
In the. very latest styles. We warrant all our work to
pive saiihtactin, for we employ none but tho best of
For sale, and every tbiny belonging to the trade.
We return onr thanks to the public for past favors
and by strict attention tu our business hove bj merit
that liberal r.iite bestowed njM.n us beret ..tore.
bear in mind iht onr motto is the "KIM BLE PKN'N Y.'
Done on short notice in a neat workman-like man tier.
Br. wnyilie, Nebraska.
April 23, ISC4.
Calls the attention of Gettlemen desirinc new. neat
crvicable and fashionable
Vcaiing Apparel,
TO 31 X S
Which he Will sell or mate no. to order, at tu.nrora-
denteJ low prices. Haviuit n hand one of
he U Lle to do Ccstonj wurk u ratas that defy comoe-
I warrant iny work,
Hand as well as 31ac!ilne TS'orK.
Tu .se wiotiti.c: ny thiu Ja his line will do well 10
cal' an, I esmine his stock before investing, as be
pleases himself to hold out necuiin fv..r.M. in
August, IS, 1SS4 lj.
H I! Ell ST1E,
-v"..: v---.;- - ..... ; - f&v--f--
' 1
. -TTTTt A n fP TT H "PT) O
Louis IV stjlo.'o a fn simile of the abovecut.
laa. Current :?tiiacta. .
j.meaj ..t.t-vd-y
Main Sireet let. First ai.ct Scccrd St
Xx-otTrxicil o, 21-2 oTo
Keeps o or, hand tho bBf qi!ility
Ii. CI C3
S E G A It S ,
Candies, Plain avd Favcy,
Orav'gi-s. R'liyens, Ismons, FSaff-s,
' Fig, Xuh, 'Ijles tSc, Sfc.
Jill kinds of Toysl
Canned Frxnt,c'nd
' ' Ousttrs.
FniLL is a'vom mo dating, ol :i--ir , iatriot.ic sno
wideawake to the interest of the public, and na?
th best assortment of Varieties in his line ever
oll'ered in this market, and is determined not to be
undersold fur CASH.
. we ii. Mccheery,
Cash Wholesale ar..'l Ketai! Pealer. in
23 Ell "CJ Or SI ,
! Paints, Oils and Dy StuiT, Tnros
AH lands Patent Medicim s
n i i T5 i
and Stationery,
' The best brands of Chewit g and Smoking
IziIcuioraU olors.
FcrfumtT) antlYnHet Gooils.
lie assures his patroti.-. and the public gem rally,
he will keep on hand an expensive ptm-R of the ar
tietes mentiniifd. besides an thin and everything
usually kept in a first clas I)ru Stlre, wbirh he
is prepared to sell at low rates for Cash. Cull and
cxatiiiue for j'ours'df .
South-eat Corner ATainand First Streets
ErcwnviFe, ITctrask.
Presrr!plIor?s and OrcJcrs
Carefully 5!'ed 1 1 a'.l hours.
T!ci reader of th" Continfvtal nr aware of the
itn. ir!;n t j . S. t 1.1 it HS.-ut!,c t, of the it.G'H'n'v
which it exerts, and of the brttl.aai nrr iy of p'dit i
enl and H'erary talent of the highest ord-T which
Mipporsir.' N',( publieaiioti .t iho kiu, in
thisei un'ry, so suei- ?.-tu'.'y eiiid.iiMd the energy
and freed' m of the (W. y he j si! er vviih the hih-
r littrrv ! !. t the tirt-e'ass lu' and if ii
very e rr-.i in th it 111 toi(t'i';nQ I. n nvi-n wil-r
r'lne to its niiibutois: or pr-'s-.i vtd ifsetf eoin
I'letely fr.,in th narrow influ-a-'es of pnr'y or (f
faction. In tims like (lie rest nt.
is either a power iu thelmdor it is i. tb'n. That
the Cunt it.entrtl i- not the l itter i ahuiidant'y
ev,-d' net d I y vv! at. ii h".s ly the r lection ot
its eoupfels in many iuip. r:ai:t j uh!ie t-vents, ar.r!
in the chariir-ter and jK.wer ot .those ivhoareils
stn is in-itc-st siipjcrJers.
Tliii'ih but liti le more than a year has eup-y.
ince the Continental whs iirst e.'tM i-lisln d. i' has
i-jrir: thoit tune w-AjTiiren a steren'h ami a sini-fi'-aiiee
elevntins; it to n positu n IVir above that pre
viously oceupi-'d sfeoth ami a poiiiical sitnifi
eane.; elevating it tnTi posifii.n fir uhuve that pre
viously oeeupiedby ony p'lhlie i' i"n'' f the kind in
America, laim.dof wr.i. h as.-e. tb n we call at
tention t- the tollowin fii. t-:
1. Of it? policil articles rcub!isri3d in varaphh t
form, a single one has h oi. !hufr.r. a cKcuirtiiyn
of (inf hundred and six th. tisand copies
2. From its liierarv d.: .tt t::ii,t, a sinln f-rial
nnvel. "Ari:'ii;r th rini.-:.,'' ho.-v" i'lii.) h. v?ry few
months, s..l l neirly thirty.-fivu thousand cp'ies
Two other series of its literary articles have also
been. republished in book form, while the IJidt jkt
iion.oi a thin is n.reu-iy iu pras.
, Ny rcoro cor, slusive fj"t need he alledsfd to
irove the tho ex.'ellen'C of ti e contribution to th
Continental, or Cieir ex tr.. ordinary .o,'i!n ity: and
i;conduetors are dctei!;'d tht it shuil not fail
behind. Preserving all "ihe boldness, vi-r and
ability" which a fionsand journals have attribntid
to it, it W'.I sreatlv enlarge itseireie of action, and
discuss, fearlessly an'y. every principle in
uolved id the great questions of the day. ihe first
mind of the country embrneing the men most
familiar with its d ph inaey and most distinguished
for r.bdity, are m n its contiihutors: and H is
no more "flattering promise of a prospectus" to say
I huf f hi "mili'iiiin!! for the, time" will einnlov the
cue uisi i j.cieot iu rtiiK'rict. uu.jer .auspices whietr
no pun.ieatmn ever enjoved before 111 this country
vvinle tne I orinneutul will express derdde.f
opinions on the ir tat umgtions of the dav. it will
not be a mere political journal: much the larger
H.rtinn of its column wil! be enlivened, as heret,,-
tore.byti es, j-oetry and humor. In a -word, the
ontinental will bo iouud, under its new t-taffof
c.miors.wupyinj'auosmonaui preseatin atvrac-
iions never beiqre iouud in magHzine.
1 wo copies lor one vear rn
r Three copies for one year, (i'xu
oil copie t(.r one year, 1 00
Fleven cpi.-s for one year, 2(1. Oil
Twenty copies for ne year, 3d,t-0
1 ostage I wenty-iour ceuts a year, to be paid by
Three dollars a year, in advneo. Postage paid by
tho iJub!i4ier.
JOHN F. TKOW.5U tireene St.. N. Y.,
Publisher for the Proprietor.
As an inducement la new sub.Tibe'-s. the Pub
lishers njer the f jlh)winj liberal pretniu n:
Any p. r. n remittinf; $3, in advance, will receive
th ( mnCMlilie from di'lv. 162. to Jar.m.rv IKft l
thus securing the whole of Mr. Kimball's and Mr.
Kirka' new serials, which are alone worth t!.
price oi the subscription. Or, if pre'ered. a sub
scriber can Uko the majriiiine for 18'5.J, i.r.d a copy
of "Among the Jines,".r of -Ci.d-reurrents td'
Wall Stre. t," by i. Kimball, bemd in, or
of "Sunshine in Tliou;V." by diaries Godlrey
Leland retail price, $125 The book to be sent
postage paid. -
Any person rcmitinV 4 50t will receive the rriiga
rinefroin its coinmencemert, January, ISl)2. to
January. ISU. thus soenrin r Mr K;r.."r,aii'a..v'o.
Aesu.ves.-ful ?"and Mr. Kiike'g"Amonrthe Pines,"
and "Alert hun4's .Story." and nearly 3.000 octave
M'ages 01 me nest literature in tne world
Bbscnberi to pay their own pottage.
fm TVV V
t sick i"t bi". '
' V;- ' 'I Coir.p:;i;r.i:.-z; Aie you out
-Tr.'?rr,'-"'r;-'. j ' of oHlei-,- v.ith vc'-r syfeax
l-'-iP.IC'e - - ' J uVc,i:uit.h:e.'Ji.esi-Sv)np-h
, v.',.' : - to Ki-iotw illrc1- 0:"e nt
. I r,f ifln .ss i-vr-vr'3 r!
- voh.i i.'I lo ,cve!f,;,i
: - 1 bv a timely iw.t thi r.u' .t
' J nvit iv- - wr 1 " .
' -.d cleanse Ot-t t; e flfsor-
: lieicd l-.i.mori ; i"'tv h-J
br.iwi, and let the flu ids
l'"inoe "h miob-ti ucte J m
:.5-'1.enit:i ST"'"- 'n ,, in,?'
' iTti liic lUi ctir-iia of tee
h.x'v itilo vi-roioiis pctiviiy
oiynns,. piutiucr.iir
.i i
and C:s:ise.
t)ie tieiaiii,!
.... ;" ..... .l.lo r.i i! ')!(. ort'lT'C"!
11 'l . , V !!.. we how
direct!? t!:e ran r. .i', ,
tvm. i,d with it the bno.ant ..e,. o t I e.
Wiuit is true and so ',! " ' 'J u'orp."
n.on complaint, ii k true in v..h e
tie eliect e.xfK'js i!i"m.
ions a,.d,leran2renK...Moft..e nnmra
ti.e L-,h .they a.e nly. 'V'''' ' l U e
curtd bv the fame m-ai wl f f 1 " ,'ov Itera
virtue orti.ese J ills, wi'i ne.- eet to em;. o tLtra
When 8Mieiii:;r fioni the Oi.oioers ll.ev can.
fcwmeiriom Sou!irtf j bvcir-i s in cirw oHl e
prii-cipai cuies,ai.u HoiuuiUtr v,t:i-kuou pub;.o
lciOi.s: ' .
"on; a Forwarding X'lant cf St. Louis, no. 4,
; Dti Avrn- Your Vi"s the pnrncron of nil thst
is r.r ii. mekhe. 'Il:ey have f iiii-t my . i.e
claii-l ter of i. sores v cu i-aif a:-
thvt I rd t.-.oved iicunl e lorjestn. ler
lii.sleeu Ici.-rciievi.glMv iKl.cteu vvifh b O f! es ai.d
pimes cn U-v h. l.air,. Alter our
c!:i v ns cmei2,Lea.4v.t.iei J cur i s m th ey
Luvv cu(vu As A ii.CK.UU.
: From Pr. E If. Otrtirriffhf. Veic Or'?"."'
" ' Yvur IK:? ere the; oi J ures. lceir ex
cl'ci t t itclities !i'pn-s si:y cathiiriw we 1 or- ' s.
Ti.ev f ie mi;d. but veiv eortuin 81, U e;: ciiial in t. eir
re!. on on U e'loweV. which tiu't-es tiaia iuvaiuu.3
to us iu 1U Uaily t.c:;.:.-:w.t i iiiese.
Ktailac!ir,ic! Ilt-nsJcudiC, Fowl Nloranth.
w .. P','i?.trt! ..;'.' fi.i't:rrt:
. . . , v . . .. . - - n
J cr.ri t si.Mur ;u i i.
i ili. ' our 1 i .'- 1 i'T t!
1o s.i v ;. t'n tt .'!' ( tr
f it imrij-t'irt' niiiu-
. . . . . i
e: cf t,i:ti t.ift uci
ea'br.rtu: in nn ii.iv couiest wi' Is !.i;i'e. ai-u lc
l.evi: ". r I t'o. tbnt your 1 i'! n "id us Lett wo
Lave,'l ci'cyufte vahiv liv,hiy.
I infyrm, Pa.. May 1.
, P1. .1. C. Aves b.-r- I have been innte.i.y
cu e 1 of t! e word heiUche mi ldy can bave by a
to-c rrtf uof vu'ir 1 It seen to a.i.-e iioia a
Youiivwih ,ieutlpcef. KDU 1 PFri.r,.
( Vt i A" ,S.Viicr t .;nvii. .
HiHo'ii Ti-ort!rr Iiivrr Com;l.iI:Jt.
yvh )c. 77;. -fore I'.f. r"AVi YorktVy.
Sot o..iv a.e v.iiii 1 i.Isinniiit bivuoiiiiud to trc:r
pn.pose k a. i ei u i t. 1 ut J bid I bur bei ebcial
t:ict!s upon the 1-ner very mn.ked it o.M.l. l.icy
1 a.e i:i in- proeu moie tlieclifal for the
Ctl.e of li'iitui conif'u"i( ihan rnv me letnedy I
Can mention J tu eeielv tl r.t ve lane tt
Jen jl a pu . cfiti vp Vil.iciiis woru.y thecoUtieuceuf
le piOiicioU ai.a ine pcop.e
1 t
le'.O!;. I. C , 7 ill 1 tli . i. )
Ftn: I lrivc u.-ed jour li.'s m m.v eentiui tna
hotpitnl i : Pet ice tveViice j ou ni'e tl.etn, and
Cm i.i ot lesitute to mv tl.ev are the Le.-t cuMi&rtio
ve emp'.ov. J l.eir ie!:u:niin; r.ction ou the is
Cjuick decided. coie;i!e).tiy they aie au ad
iiiiir.h'e rcmedv lor ie!i:v'tuieiit3 of that oran.
lno'etf, I I. ate' cciiiom lor.i d n c;e cf iUionn da
ca.'e rdt.ti' that it riv.J not readily yie'd to
them. 1 laityriuiv v, A Ll'NZO V ALL. M.
' r.'tytickM tf dm .'iafine Hospital.
Druratcry, D2niTlirn, Ilrl.vv, Vorin
f'rcvt Dr.J. G. Onen,tf.'hicnitA.
Your l ilis have bad n Joi a Ti lal in uv practice,
aad I ho.d them in esteem us oi.e of the best aperi
ents I haveever lunnd. Their a teiative eiUct tnon
ti e iner makes tl.ein an excellent remetly. v hun
f.i.en in Kniad tia-es lor .'lion o'esen.'tr and d'uxr-,
fi'1-.f. 'f i eir Mi?ar-coatir.jr makes very tc
ceptttblc aud convenient lor le ute cf wotucu uid
cLtoCun. " -
Dypt psin, f iripyrlty of the I2oxl.
From Hco J. V. to-i, P,u'or rf Adrent Church,
Dr. Ater: I have t:.-ed jour Til's with extra-0ru-
Vi y H.ccei-s in my laniily und unions those I am
cal i d 1 viu in lities. J o re.ul:e ti.e vi"a. of
c'i-tttioii-a. d punfv t' e l-.x.o.i, .Ibey aie veiy
Ltv-t lemec'v I bave cver ki.oun, md 1 cau couli
CeLtly iccouiniel.d them to m v liiei .N.
Youis, J. V IITMES.
TTar'av,-, vy omir Co . N. Y.. Vet. 24, l.V,5.
De-Ait Mii: J uio. v our C i ,.i.i uc .1 in my M il bi d linn pu excebei t pureufi.e fo
C eai.t the t,lcl.l in.ti pur:: the f om'ahi if the
bloods ' JUiiN -MLAt. 11 Ail, 31. IX
Cot"?1!!!. Cot iirnf, S'jijtMrfo-oni,
Jv iitiiUMii, o it, ,c :uai,;.a, XJioi:My
"o; Dr. J. P. I 'tr.tjln. M'drea', Civvd-i.
Too mtcli caniiot lc"nt oi uur 1 li.'s lor the
cue ot cosltreiu x. Ji tithci ct o iriu.teii.ity hate
iound tU-iri as e:i.eac:oi s us i I td.ou i joiu in pi tvcuiiiil i-ii ii. ioi the bei el.t cf the nnntituuet
v bo Hitler liom ti.nt coinj ,a:i.t, which, a. though
Lud vt in ii. e i, is ti.e loc. ::yr ot oft.cis
t re wtne. I bei'.'ve "; it .. to vv initiate in the
liter, but jour 1 tiled that oio-ii cum tho
tii.-Ciie. .
Ho.d Mrs. L. S!;:-ir riiysician and KldKife,
i,o. on.
I find ot c or tr o !;n-.-ie es of yenr Tills, taken
ttti. pit), -r tliue. : e exee. ei.t j'. of li.e
m-r.-'urid i.7'e.'.o.t v. l.t-u v i ii; y or pattia.jy H'p
r..Wfil. ti d ii o ve. v til. e "to c.'c.V.' tio
t ou. Ct ii ri. d e
l ert 1 h' sic we Li
irr.nn.i. 1 ley pie to ini.cli ti.a
. e iLi.1 1 lccoUimnd ro la
From tha Lev. Dr. 7.fa :.-'., of lite Methodist Fpii.
Tulapsi House, bnvia, Cr;.. Jrn. 6, l-ol.
li(..M(i.i-.i t-li! I l10ll d he i:i:Li..ioittl lor Iho
relit l vtui sl.i i l.tP L.ct;ol,t n e it 1 uiu l ot upoi t
i:i v c:"ro 10; j o'.i. A co.ii M ined in iny uiuhs nod
i.'oii.'l.t o:i "t.'.er .Hl.ttii Vtiii-n'jic j::h, which
i ntie.l in ktv't c tr.nt!itt:t. .Nytw .il..-ii ndii I
l.rd li e let oi ph Mc.iibe. ti.e rliease j.icvv worso
t.i tl v.oire. vi '- by ti.e rdtiee ei )our excel. ent
r-ei.t ii. Tc.t.i-'O -r. Dr. jiic ei:ie, 1 ir.t.l voue
li s. Ti.tir tii.C'S V. e e r ou. L'.il Mlie.' l .j;
jo.e.ii;;n' lii the uie oi I. .mi, 1 Liu row t-i.iireiy v.e.l.
SrATi: Champk".. Frfofi Ton-re, I.n., ! Dec.,1?").
ii,; .vv.t: 1 l.;,e I tt e. i:: e.y en, .it, by jour
Ti . 01 ...-.( f-f '-(.W r 1 i i i-' S-c I i nt .ui
til.rored me ir . YIMl-v 1 sTADliLL.
Cf?" Jln-t of the 1 iMs in nir.kef tot .tain Jiciitv,
Tii .'jlt i: ii o'i r'.i a vi.'i-i.i. e l. in. dv ii, ti-.i'fu, i.i.tis,
j.- i.iii.L'c ion in : p '.it .c pi '!, l em the tluan.ul coii-
f; uc-. e.-' tiini lie. nee, ,(t...A i' n ci.u; ...iis t;e,
TI..-M? couliuu o Llcicu.y or ia.i.ciiu tuobb
rri:c, anU pc? Z:., cr 5 Ioze3 for SI.
rrep-ieu ty - J. C. ATZZ k Co., Lowell, Haas.
WM.H. .M -' hKHV. Br .wTvilie.
O. A. P.hOw N A V !.., IV, u.
J'r.H LliAVlS.
JOHN V. MMI.T A i'.ia).. Salem.
HOLT A ftiTT. '".Tj CI. v.
LKWIS A MS Fl'K !;!; Sr. Sicpbeus
EALEV & SJji'll.LlK, Halo.
vS-n3 lv
Attractive Feature. Th5 .3.f'(i(r Prize N. Vel
The Gulf Hetwenu Them. I'.y Mr-. Aiie S
tepbens. Authoress of "Fashion and t amine,"
"The He.rcud Wife," Ac.
In addi'ion to its attractions: a the first and
most authentic Illustrated Paper in America, sur
passing all others in the vrivy, e'oirvv, ., I In
terest of the numerous illustrations whi.-h it ofi'ers.
Frai d Leslie's lilnsi rated XewpnpT will bifin ir.
f. i-, Jateii .Irtrtmry S i. Ii, the thrillnur and
absorbing novel. The (,ul Ih twewn ihem." writ
ten by the great m.velts', Mrs. Stephens, whose
"Fashion and Famine" baa a larger csreulat nut
than any other purtly literary novel ofnurday
and was regarded as so mn-ioriy a work of fi, ti.'.n
that it was not only repuhli. hi d in Knhmd. but
was translated into almost every hinao of Eu
The prize of ?5 POO. offered with unnsu iher-
nlity by the" proprietor for the best noy drew
f;r;h no .-8 ttiao two hundred works, 'nnl
theia of gre;it me -it. Am .n these, Mcm. Sfenhen'
novel wns selected. a evidenfly urpiissin not onlv
till t ihers offered, bur ahu st everything hithert
t'Ub!i-hed. It fully e.pitl to "Fa-Lion and
r amine," and will be as widely re-!.
It will be of srr- at r interest, lr m the fact that
the seen ishiit iu our hind anl our own times:
and in delineation of character and absorbing
power it will fascinate anl charm :he render.
Subscription S't.aO year.
Address fKANK LESL1K. .2 Oiwn-) St. N. V.
Copies of the puitr c iitiiniiiiT ih j commence-
ment nnd continuation of Mn, Steidifii.' -novt:!.
I ho luilf Between thorn, can h had of ary N'ews
lealer in the United S.ates or A ri t i.-ii Peovinees. ;
SALT by the brrel or pound, Udiry Salt, for
At ?rrcLAur.iiLiN &. Swan's.
P1CKKLS by u,0 dozen or bdrrel, nf a upeii i qnal
itv. cruumlv ,n urt.l
At McL?rr;nLiN 4 Sy.v.N.3.
TpLOUR, Butter, Eo. B-icon
. At ilc-Jj;
. etc.. sfc.
aughan & Swatfs.
L Anm.i, sryrnos. c;rad es. Rakes, Hoes.
. v .-. v.. . v c. , t,)v.,
At McLaughlin & Swan's.
TDATLS, Tabs. Krir- Wahbiiards. Keelers, Ch'ldreu'a
Cabs and WhAelh.trr..wa
' At Hclt.nsblin & Swan's
TT7EI L Buckets, Churns, Sieves, Mouse Traps.
Clothes Pin and Castile
To fce sold foro.eVcdtar L,ch, vntbout regaiaw
pmmiD Li
- . . ..... ...ii ... f.a. , :.i for oca Dollar ii
6 0
. .1., Ii ..... no' C..Ir.C l V. cl.'-i--., V
6'i e 'eb
3 e.cb
15 each
" TTatiii'T'.
Ladi.:' V.'aic'i!,
Ecu -Gold Guard. Ve.t ar.d ChiteMirr
$!5 to 20 each
4000 Vet, Neck, Guard andChJ'Cliin
A to-15 each
4 to ? earn
4 to 6 each
4 to 6 each
4 to 6 each
4 to, C eacL
4 to 6 each
4 to 6 CaCb
2 to 8 each
3 to !0 each
2 to S each
2 to 6 eai h
2"io wh
2 to 6 e;uh
2 to 6 eaeh
2 lo 6 each
2 to 6 each
2 to 10 each
3 to 15 each
Chains. ... -
3000 Canuv-'iJ'-oochfS '
M 3ji!c and Jet 3rnotn-!s
30":) Lav and rivrrnna? Lroore "
3- OO Coral. S.-.n.-t U ."meraiJ Kroor.hos,
riiiK) rarTrers. - "
W Garnet Mosaic nd Jet Kar Drops,
4s;o Lava anttFIorentiue Hit Jrt.p
Mh0 Cf-uiV Scai f :os, -Sfios
Chi'in ud Ctni Cra'-elets,
3ii:i) Gert Brent ?inf
Set'O WatcU Kens ' " " .
fn- ;1 F-'b and Ribbon S'.das, , -7000
Set s of tj om St .uda, " "
sxrtii Sirve Boiio". - " "
?.;on Pih'm and Cba-ed Rias, .
7i;t J M-jue et. Rm. -tWt
iiuiiainre Lkets.'Cr.)Sses, &c. -i
im(1 Mets Linlie Jewlry. -
Alt of the Roods in the above List sold, with
om re-e'vaiioii, for One Dollar each. Certificates ot
all the vaiiot.s artiele are placed in slniilarenvclt pes
arid scaled. These envelopes wiil be sent by mail, or
delivered at iir ofll :e, without recard cb. 1 . On
receivinsa mu whl eo what artice if. rep-re.-ein.
and ii i opt um-il iih vou to send ouedolla:
Ahd veceit'O 'be ariicie or not. t
In ail iranMCtlofi-i by mail we shall charge for f;.r
rr.wr',Jii.t( the Ce-uiticaies, pavinR post ate. aiidd-diut
tbe t.uie.e-tt, 25 cents each. Five Certificates will be
-en' for cij f-ileve't tor $2; Tuirty lor $3 Sixty-five $10 ao ' ()o.i hioidrc-i for Jlo.
Cc-atfKsPON'l'EKrJ .way re'' upon a quick and
pi-o,apl to their orders. Our bns?!ea i ctn.
ducted ur-cii 'i -c-al. hooe-,i. t.t,-ti'h; torw.tra principle,
and wepii rantee yatisbicicn i all crises. Our pat
it i.., wv always dtueiid upoii iQiviii? ibcir oidei laitii
fiiliy and piiiiciually supp.ied. lit no tae wutcorres
poii.lents be neleoied.
53Correpoiid.?i.u shenld be csrefel to write then
.i-iii.ttuies piidu, nd nireU eir Post trfce, Coi.n, v. and
jJUie. Aadres, (i'rO i'K.vt Kltl 1' i. CO..
2v Br Ne l'jrk.
iTlf" lit ; vintr h"d busim s. iclaieivi wi.h the above
ceialt n.i!.i. 1 tuUe plea-tire in Siitihui that tnty aie
boitor oe. upngM mm, per! rm .Wi toc i roiiii nio He J.weiry I have eu ir-'m ibe-e i- i nine.iiu.;
pive sulttiaciun. K- ( THOMPSON.
1,47-Tf-- Niif-fiv hi I :h
puurixi us run itui.
i Ci si
Id 3
An.Xnd?e::M.-r:t Co:nocratic Dai
ly, ssiui-Veekly and Weekly
. AHtiUS.
The World, tr. which the New Vork Weet-Jy Ar-u-has
been uni!eL has fo-cay five times the aje
ute eireii iatio'i of i;ny )cui ier.ine r coi".rv:ttiv.
new-oiiper If addn's'-s w ekly nloni -in .re than
Itl.'t.luoi uLcnb-r?' i lid e-ci'-tat.t pur.-h..ser.j, ami
re.'che. r.t Jedf. Iislf h. milP.n rer'dcr. With th'
-ftfldy inerdse i;i e H'ul.i ' ion whi il it now enjoy.,
i hese r.iiaili'-r will . u l,e i .ul.i 'd. Nothing le
than this rdiould s;.ti-ty th e whn believe that th
otily bore of r-'sti rin cvo.t Union and the auth ril1
of the Constitution over a n"tf ui-iracted cud di
vided c niiiry, lies in wre-tin pc.wer from ti..
hards of tho.-K farrlf'.-win fas iiP'o-d to provoke
ir'Vite. and yrxni t'.j w r; in to aeeotu.-Iisr-Ibis
end, nt liiea'js is po eff ie! iv- as th'? dl in-iitii
throu.Th able and ent rpri-in new-p i:-r. of sunn ;
political kn ;w le ijCJ Htiio:: th widking iii'rn; the
thin'itj. men and the v otirinen id' the N"rfh.
t'.terpri.i. industry an I m .rnv w:!l be Ithcrill',
expanded to in 'ke Tii World the st N. wsf apev
tn'Aiaeriea- I'.y newi fr-.m ' very pirt of :fi- w..rl I
vviil be early and athenfic. Whrrev er the ttlTapi -xtods,
or railroads ruii. 'or t.ia ply. it. w:r
either the l.vfc-' in:el!iir',tiC". lr h:; nKr-sttT
vf c.iei iiiplishi d c.rr(p'-,.lcrit with all the fvdeial
armies, who will tel-'rap-i and vriro t o the latest
.new from the v.': i ,ns mmi of It hascor;es-
pnndeiits rd repo; te; in evcrv poiitien.l a"d et-n:-mer. cearre in A Mi r;.- -m.l F,n.-'p", whose l-i.t-.-s
ai d -bos will leive nuthin Wc?tliy of n,.t-j
unknown to jrs read' rs. ' -
The M,.rket R-ports of the W.-rld ar? more r-m-i
lete than those -of ary other newspaper.- The
Kdibnrs invite comparison in this respect and re. in
to the report of the l:.ttl Mvckct', the federal
and country Pr-tdueu Markets, and th.e M.-ney
hets in it -t Ir.mn1, as pr.of of its ex'foilen .i m lUi
respttt." Th" world It. also a sp-ial do; -t men:
ievoted to. Arienh ur. fiib-d .with etli'i-rial arfi.-l s
,-onimui'i,-:i ti'.ns from practical faimorsan l meehan
u t of t he country.
The w-tr in wti-bth niti.m is enjcd piirii
.irmt d and inf-.i ii ited lit bls,rtnl ttie r-t.i-"-;ii policy
t f the iijm'.ni trafion.w'ilil, i. rubrics it, hiv eon
io.rd to bru."-' t-.Teth'T ll j.K.n ic;e pint form nil ftt
- i v : 1 1 v I or.... h vm fj 8,ul Coii-tiiuti..ii-1-.yi :
iir n, "i W'.i.ii ev r form -r n iai and eree i. M iy
tif.s.-vvho within the ..f th? Constitution.
;oii-ht th b.ittits of ths baih t b..x und-r th-'eutier.-hip
of those jmtfi di.v ::itemen of h'-r aed
rv-rtt-r diys, l!er;ry C2y nul lbniel Webster, to
.e her V.iih t;;c tii't-se wh -i pf!t;C'pl.s We:e those
of siich ptri ' a An lie .1 o k i aud Willi im I.
M-ircy. Silas Wiiht and Stt jhe:i A. Douhis, n-.v
i:i!ii ."-In ul.b-r t -htiuidcr upen tli mui
is.i id iiii on . Ir i- to resfor,; the l:.i-:n in iintui.i
rh- t.,i)ii-tifii''nii, and onfor -e. t!i5 laws. Whatcve?
r.::i.e f r thf. mr, tie ei-.-reisc of L.-reo of the
po,: -v s f C'i'.. i!i.;t'. n. Th- Yt'.ol I wj.I a lvocafe
!.. t vr ti: kes Htinst ir, Th' V-.r I vvili o!t..s:
ir wlliop ote tvei v netny to the L'nioii. wii,-t!:-r
ar-Lid in r. ' -cJ. :.: :it the Soi th (: inidioii-ly rhir.t
r;'t'.:' ; -is ot di-uuiori and essential dil"y.tly at
the N.-rtii.
1 w ii (,pye everr vi i n ef tit" Consti'n ioa
which is the o. '.v li. pe :V:..i b i:i 1 of L'.ioi:, rthd . us
ii'y luthori y f .r txhjrtui or corap. llin the l!e
i:ti;ce f the S.:r h.
Ir will ..oj ev.-ry irfmoti.-n. of ibr L-iw.inhi,?''
place;! or jit low. by u-i-KU-s and luis'uidcd .r i-s.tit;-.or
by the ad;iiiiiitr.niun w-iioj h.u boeu tUei:
It ii(ir!es-;Iy exreit? the Frs-'dom of ths
IVes : it vvili cons .tnMy up .old tin I -i lend Free
i. in tif Sp.eV.-h and I- r - d.-ni of ti J litl'-tt.
T. the 1-iwless ae' oi th-e .1 i,i)u:: f ration, il -
rl.i i..r" a i.d ui'iud arrest and . .patrati'tf., it
d ,;:.; of ff e liyht to the writ ot ft id OH . ,:lf. it-
I.! .:il p:'. i..:'.lr i'MJ, its ubr.tltl-.ti ol M:tr,. a;i-;
r,n. i .tl i.l W-. I. - d- Spit le lev it'll - ! l! ft Hit of 11 'i:'TI nt
l i -.vt r. a-il i - s.ih v nvi o.s ..( li.-j s:iiV-iird - o!
r.'. i pertoio.l 1:1 will Con" .:; ' ly op..:st
, , 1-t er .1 no th" s. irit i t I'lir s.:;-r..u i iw tir.d th-
.dvt ney id s, n. d li.H.trine. until Am.-ri.-aii free
ii fl.iiii be r .u-ed t iIm ree ve.y of ;h ir rights,
th. ir I h-Tties, th" r htws, and their liiiiited an l
we'l b: l.i need government, b the reiistlesi deuieion
of the beliot.
Prtd"' o' d.v iinpr"? -d with the d?.-!- tocntri
buteali ihait lt'-iy t.-the greHt. w .rk of this geur
Htioii. ii'ine 'y. to iv-r o ir n.ition ii ufdiy. arol
to ; la,-e the L. sired Stiie ne-ii f-.c in ..-t am i:j;t;i'
...vti. ns of the tartn. and -fi.-r id - tb p";tee, pr..s
pei ity. :.od hai p nvss of its 1 co'e. The Vorid
seeks t rem those vvrnv dtsire ?n h thin:.'- their syiu
).iid snppurt.and. abova all, tho favor of Him who
crowds every good Woik
Yearly Subscribers by mail
S K y. 1-W E E.LV W 0 F.LD.
Single suh-.'riliers. per iiimuin
Two copies to cue address
Tbree . " "
S3 00
Sr. n r
5 Cb
7 on
I tm
22 50
Siivrle Subscribers, per annum
$2 00
5 Oil
8 0 i
15 IMt
t no
I hroe copies .adiresa ou each panerl
Five J
Ten ti u
Twenty copies .ill to on ad Ires
Clubs of tw my cr ever can have address put on
each ppcr for an au-Iirisical charge of ten cent
For every club of twenty an extra cr.rv will b
added for th'i tetter no of "ihec'ub.
For every elub of lifry. ihe . Semi-Weektv n.l f.
r' cnto oi one nun ire.i. tne Oaily will be seiit
when re.ju- st. lieu ot the eTtta co'pic- of Weekh
Addliions to f'lui.s may be made at any time a
sane rvte. Pap.-rs cannot be changed "fr. rn on
Club to another, but on request of the person onW
inff the Club, and on receipt cf fifty" cen's extra
mgie paper? will be taken trota the Club and nt
to a seperate address. - . .
All orders must be accompanied by th Cash.
Address.. ... i IK WOULD.
Park Row New York.
0a band and to arrive at
Iron and Steel Warehouse,
20 and 22 Third Street,
Feb 21, n2r5-tf.
ASjue'.idid assortment of Cooiectiouary inci.iUtue
Click ittirt fT!c -iiH,A4 -
At llclianghiin Swan's.
T'cetn-t cer3prehen'ire roieceliany of nse:3.
knowled-and il'-neral Literature, periodically is--med
in t'iie United S'afes; embr3cir)g all the fea
tures of a Polytechnic Journal, tuonomm Exr;o?itoi
Library Kep,sit.o v and Monthly Register. Espo
e'illy devoted to Financial. Commercial and Indus
trial Intere-ts and all joint stock corp,ratioa con
Iiavin" corarnencei tie Fifth Yoluce of this
-ir' ,;n whiso sa-.rcejs evinces that tbe efforts c4"
. " . . c . . V, r. .u : i .n t K c nia.rimt-
iiS ro3S'J-l "3 nil. c lieu c""-v j -
natin" public, we would call attention t its char
acter on the part rr the large bud r at readers whr
U'itct - p -
nr not vet ui:-on its subscription lists. Uur pur-
are not yet upon its suoscripuoa nsw. our pur
.w.u ; klii.i i.ublication' is the dissemination ot
in this i.uWlication' is the dissemination ot
jracncs.1 information on subject of positive utility
to the people, c -tr.lincd with a diversity of literary
attraction securing the services of the bo3" pin ir.
the various department ot leuce,
iii.d Gem.rel Literature. While aiming mc.51 es
peoially to render most effective service to the
TradeCommcrco. and Material Prod action of the
Country, m my aides of the Country", ra-.vny sides of
Ihe mental world re-eive due considerati. n the
Historical, Critical, Esthetical and Imaginative, as
well as the Finan-ial. Statistical, Teehnolo-icaj
and strictly Mercantile. We employ alike the res-each
of the savant and the fancy of the feuilcton
it, with the practical eotiperience. of tbe busicesf
ma.n and the worker. In the treatment of scientiS.
topics, the tao U selected is th p.-pular in sty!
rather than th tec'unioal. The m-n-il pha-se of:
theboui it sh.ilibe our en ionvor to portray, and we
avivil ourselves of tn contributions of ne DicoT
ery to the Circle of Kut wiede, and shall record
with all practicable succinctness Current Intelli
gence, which will ba of future ntillity aad hi tone
ir.tcreet when the Present sinil have bcr.raa th
Past. In fine, the Amerirrn Exc-h-vngo and Review
is a desiral.'e and ever welcome monthly visitor to
its sub-crioer-i imparting the richness of knowledge
lmeroving the taste, and fumishijg intellectua!
The ;I, vi r.v ha? its spcci.ilitis in dis'Ict and in
ireisiiig Ddp.-trt mc-ifa. with a General Division for
the wt lest co'-isi scp of themes. We give a
socerS M'i n of t ipics which are the sT.hjecU tilhct
,.'f u,i:ai.'ttil - r re'ilar pubiicatioa, v'w
The ir'-, t'hotios: Agri-. u!i ore, Applied Chem
ist rv, Ar.-Uieoh gy. ih lleL- tters. I'.;..r.ip5;.v.Cri:i
ei-m, Uc n-:-.i.-s P..liii-al, Arit.-tle. Na-.T.r.-'.t
Taiatii-i: ri:e:tiet bankinsr, eurr-sncy, C'.Tp';ra;i..i.
Aeco-int-. Ex bnr, F'uct n itiui in Seeuriri'-.i.
Stit-k; History. Industrial 'and ?ler -iiiirii.; e;ite-pri-e.,
ir.suriui -R. interna! linpf-vem-nt- P.-tilways
Canalt, T.-loraph-; Mauulacsiires Produ. s, te-h
noloy: M.'ei.ct.ics, Mining Miner.iloy, G.'oh.-jy,
Met tlliiC'v: Parent-, I'hy.-ics, phy:olc.y,s5it. :ics.
-oeial -deuce: iradi- foreign and doinestic. shipping
uivrcantile hiw, Navuti.-r. ; Topography, Trav'.s.
One Ccpv, i,n; yeu-r in alvauce 01
Five et-pies '4 ' " -2 '
r,-n " " " "J bd
When paid at the end of the year, 4 u0 .er an
num. single eoi y. Sumt.U copy miied on the re
ceipt cf io cents.
Siiijjle copy per aaunui posiajo paid.
ireat Britain and IelanJ,
West fr.iiI.--5, rlritifh
Wtft Iudte,!.Vt' Ivntish.
South America l We--.!.ast? -.. -
HWLEK A MOON", Prriprietor.
"o. 621 Che-tnut St.. Phiia.leipr.i , pa
TOR 1.564 "
The publishers cf the 5-IZXTIFIC aMERICaX Any lrxer Club thm ten Z ;
i-esp-ctivelv tivj n.-tico the 1 en ta V o.uuic J rat f one di.Ilar and Da l i-r ,
N-w SeritV will Ci.ui.u n-a i,t the rt of .inr.h ;ry
si. T!i is journal wis er ibiished in i t 15. aud is
un'.oubtodiy tr.e nest widely circulated and ir.fluen
tiul jMil l.catii n of the kind in the world. In cotn-men.-iD,'
the new volume the publishers dtsire to
cidi sprcial attention to its cbiitusa
In ih.s re-pe.-t it stinds unrivAlled. It n "t ny
find-1 its way to a!m t every workshop in the
country, as the earnest friend t.f tbe mtenan;e and
artiz -n. but it i found in the counri-jr-riom of the
maiiui.icturer and the merchant: also in the libraiy
and the h-.seh-.ld. The publisher f I win-anted 1
in say: 11c; ttmt no other now published c.n- - r ..Cf , chEAPEjT
ltj'a T,1 1-UI f (tl'MMlt 1 U.T. l 'UlVIUJI-Klt'll, r(iit.
ir is (h-pir mm ts fn-ent ail subjects ia the uu-st
'. . ..... , it wilt hve mnr.v 11IU r.-tire . I4
Tu- Mcd.Lc Aoicrieitn 1 puDiisna once a ween, ; .,, 7) w . ,
n e-.nv. -.ienr ?oim for biudiitjr.afd -neh nnmher r. ' J-f ! ' '1,
t f' 1 ii-.trti-u n 14 Till
.. ,. - . i.... . ...j af nvtnl r:...,,r,i. r..l!f.r
r" - -' I le tb.t. t.i-Vine of US r
liiutratcd with t.,tak -p.trrs.-n.M - la th:
SCXtROl'S SPF.NDID EtCRAYlXCS ' ,.n.-e-. if? h he ..ny Ma ..! .: '
of all the latest and bet inventions cf the day. re.-. eiiheito si-i-Vhi
friiture . th-? journal is worthy of special no. an,j u, tber-jtore", twyumk-n.lj,'
Every namVr -ntii:w t"r-m five to ten en- j the Tm s.
d.-i arim.-nt of the .-iris.- These ciiraviii are es- ! K,. nub'.ish'si'nr?. V.;.
cu . id bv ar.-ists sprvia!ly eiu-.loyed on the ii;K.r, f Podman .!r- !' .-
and are nni v. r-.ti y kn-wh l-d f be supcr.i.r to ! ,,.. :. :. , . ,.i 'T-!--.
auythin-f i f the kind prod i e l ir, tnrs country. j 2 y
7 -if. y u iishcr of in-; .-!-i:.-iai Araeriean jirosi.
to pres-:r.f, a d-iiin r -itvx ytstr. a:l th..- Lite
irr.p.-.'V-.-LiCiis in Sten... Lrcirieerin, A ar v i-s-,N. j
t !t o ua ot-
!'i;ii i.arv a n. 1 na vat i ire a rns .!..-(-oiiiics ! c .... r:i
Tools Mi r.ufi.'cturin Machinery. "Wafer wheels.
P.iia.. aud .ih"r Slydtau.ic Appir-itos. Ho?i-eh.Jd
Utensils. Llectric, Ci.-mic iliin i Mo-oa.iical fns'ru
:a ur-, Fijii 4 Machines, anl other Curious' luven
ii' ns- b'-sid'-tali the varied article ileir.ed t.i
Irhsen .th labor of mankind, not only in th shop
in I w ir- house, but mi every place where the in
in-drics ot I le me pursued..
I roui its c. lU'ii.-t cciuent. the Scien'iiv American
has I. .i n th-? etroes. a.J.'.Kjata of the rights oi
Aiii-ri. a:i Iuve:, tors, and the.
Li t i s iiiip.-rr.nit depart vit.illy connict-
d wiih all tin irr.-at interests of theo-unfry, no
tr.- r j- urnal can lay :?ny c!.i:m whatev.-r; s in i?s
.liin.n therein publistisd a week'y O.'ci.i! I.i-t W
the (.'!:. n.-.M of all pateatd granivd at tbe U.
Pi tent .hu c.
ilorjo pre of r ti.-Tiis w.,r-h m .rs t the suh?cribe
than the amount of a whole y ?ar'n Juhjcnp: ioa.
Two vi luiiies of the Scientific! American are pah-li-hed
ea -h e ir. ar $l.5G e:tehvor .1 per pet ar.iu'u
with t orresp. n lir. h. w terms to Club: SI will piy
for f.uir months' sub-eriptii.n. The number for
,iih' je-ir, wh': bound in a vobime, constitute
work of b--' paes cf Useful .inf..nn.:ti.:n. which
every .-lie (OJ-, if to pfr-se. A :vtw Voi
Cvli.mnco ou the first of .January, ISJ4.
Firftcopt-3. f-r'siv; moriTh3
JVn conies, f r sr.i m'.nth
T Mi eonie- for twelve months
Fifteen copies. f.,r tw-!ve m n'hs
Twenty eopi. , f.,.- twelve months
.ixiJ will
r.r i!i eliib of t enty et d t.Ter. tbe yejr!y tih- t sis wel
-eripriun is nly $2.00. rvatnes can b : sent in
l.atren. ti.iut. and fry -in different Pest 0:i..e.
- pecimen copies will be sent gratis to any part of
the country,
Canadian suberiKcr will ptea torm!t 25 cents
extra ou each year's auWriptu.n topre-y p,stae
JiLW.N & CO , Publishers,
No. 37 Park Row, New York.
TSjc Greatest Timber for the
YXi U mltps a perfect He ine fence In four years!
s f On A. re of it se' th n rail, in five year will
noine en.uch Wol for one Family !
$y 1 arows prr-tiKbt.and verw'lall !
-C5P I' never spr.mts from ihe routs; but when cu
Uovt :. i,t jlruw atiain from the trtmr, ; .. . '
, It i the best sort wood for fuel, er any otter
UTr" 'ben kept orT the ground, tbe raila win i, -r.
ye..r-; - ---
3" It grows etinally weM with na on upland where
H:i r,ch. us in rbe bottom-1 . P ' wae '
24- t.ntruies eieht inches long tuck in tbe ground in
t e Hi 1. never f, v.l to -r row ! 6
- iFf ,-Ve U ,0.r per luoand CuttiuRs, deliv
ereo ar ny of our Atfenci?H.
Parties wishin-r to buy. shouU order early of oar
Ageuis, so that tLey may i,..i,fy us in time. ,
Bundled and .le'ivered at tb- ab:.T- Dlac(i,
-on as tbe iear P'v
T Tt ft s n t '1 """-"F ZZ! 5.
a KZZ- B' yitox Gafce
CoJunaestUTLKIl'Aa3tiD' AJent C'..y SaHne
Beware , of WiiTow Peddlers.
beec' X"n7, nTtf-S ' f common Wi,I?w have
Moille, lltiuois, rPw:
,le N urserymaa.
DRIED Apple. lirir : : T
lotD. ra.ii . -d Peaches, sa-o, Rice, atarch.
lUlbliUlll i :
Fur the T
The war drama -T,.r,J.. i
ir.f crest.
t fit. V-r tri'l - ? J
Doom of the Itehei;;,, '
ernmi'nt restored a th-1," "'
erated. and Slurry .b"."''
event, ,f '61 will beara:.D':S(
tha history ot the C;nn-rZ "
elude ihe return ..f pNp' rxl k
America uyua uei e " 1
nessaod j r.sper.ty. Wlt!. ,"f .
tue reVr..Ach of serM.-.a, .b.
on a h;er platforra of
fe-jl a sts.l protuauJ-riatU-the
proves, of the.r -wor.d
is entering 0(ma a new J?
to irriuinate in tin- tnn-reij ,
tbe Atlantic; while uii"J''')"
acauire a lew and trsmi.'
:m.-ne!y ( ur pr.4u -t;
1 :,'m t;.r,r.r v.- . . e
' " c"'.s ui t-4 j:,,
Itf in & I. '
wear resolved to rerd;r n "l
tractive tr,n ever as & fai'bf s
Mirror cf Pasai
Inspired by tbe Fp;.ri;,,f j -led'n;
no leadarbai T.-a-!iJ
Ck:KaT w.i, cout.nue to be ;,'''
People, pr ,u-;t to de.i. '
po! or mil.utry a-.i,-; J'
th' ir cau--. "-,
In d lition tr our War
in rur Wc-V'y p ip. r th..- V.' '
and -vis tui si sir .ct of ih y
and of the Proceed 0?
and I Wifili.
Uur Tii-Wik'y, will e -t!i
Imptrtant "WJ, Local
t-f tbe iaii7. "i
ia:l red h'. 5-ullr ! ,- 8j
c- b.V. I Uipi-. '. t d out 11
I from Washing..'!,
f fr is t'.ie Mi-ieuri s:t
i will Le p-.b!;j'ie.l :n -i i I
ARMY C()riRE?:d
Apt our i-u -1 1 'pmr;iiry ,,f ... v
' e re':Jesv ail i'osti.t.t'rf; j-
Send f.r epti!tn?i ro-!ile ,
Pro? eel us fot uuiribi;tiiii.;2i,
ly l.-rwari- !.
Send as in my nan' 38 p- 'v ,
their papers -nt to i,i
the Pitioasfer . rt'nt jttr
It 1 not r o !;r-d '- 1 ;
sbail 'fx ser.t , 1 ae 0-f. -se-it
to d 5or-.i.t thu-:.--,
tt -i;;y tif. .
Tbe fol i.wrf ar nt. n'fs f-f .,
o . -
3 72
.1 72
8 lid
daily di:::;i:.
M-i'l Solt.-rit nfu. y-r - -
Pfice to A'-w5 I .-rs " - - - . .
trmyekic.y rn n
I Mail Subscribers on-? j.r. - .
j Sii -le Copie one Ttir - - - J
. Throe (."..pies - - - - -
j Five Copies - - -I
Ten Copies -------
Th aboV3 ra'es f..r ill ttil ;
rs vvbie in advar. e.
- -
rs rot- itc
;J with
ceive. no a'tenti'in.
All papers t.f either eii'l n. v.JJ
at tbe end of the tir"j. j.";,, f,,r.
McKEi:. Flr.fUUt'K 4H'
-41 and l:t L i-'i-i sr-'.
1;et 11 YtJiR ntrf
NEW AM' r J'LEM 1? Pi! ;re s
This p.pufar Mon'hiv ". 1;
. ..t. t: " .. .
r t. ,i
ef usetul radin Luatter, " " ' J ' ' :
a i
tr, 1
, in-.-eiir iotis rel-itin . ! every Tv. t.-.,le in iMrt..a ar e
L ''I'.?. -I.-
t.:-.l,l" i 0 L It
ar.d r o i,.o
Xown-r I. R s t'-'v, t,-:'v.V't .
.tf...rof"The S.--.-.ut b.l-,"k-
iir finale urii-r f -!' ""' .
In ,, i,rr i ;i ! i ' i' y
orl SVT'.-S, '--'r.. ;ii 1-t i ' - j
ri-::r.l Cpy-'-Jire-l ' v-- :
'I.'..- V.ii i ot II r
Ann S. Sr.' h' ii-- "'
i..-d;v. liy tha aj"-
... i,.,-: .-- ti
er - f "T V v,
.n' L I' V i
.. .. . UT
Jd-mds ?
ti.-o,; i Cf.
jc;:.;.'r a-f'-irnv's
I . ir.- Tli i-irt.ioii- .
The p-ibi si r!' .
suprb y'f -otrt.ts a--i
t',.-s- i ti oth-r 'X !";
in everv numU r. t-
T-ince: Ii is Jue on.?
r. :r '
' ti
. i - t 1.-..-0. a
P.:itecan be reli-d ,'. U a
Kasbt. Ihate. rr.jrt.-l ..a -'. 1
!r..i.-. l.,...i.i.-n hf. r t ' : " '
ul So. .1 lb '1 "f
W.-..I: al- .. : .' '
s . .
or L;. i's i"'i-T ' Ku
m el' '..-. ;. 'h 1 e
W!!. site a ve.j s o.".--'-;.'
Partoi-ipn" 'i--' -v V;
a. t r'n e-i.-i. '!.'."!t'. 1'
Head T: A.v. -'i.'-i'-
CI ,
j ll L': :i
. !. ' '"
i" :
I:, i einhrooi.-rv,. r -eh. t. Ac
! Tii W, 'l l.ii-V i'-t ir."
' ... .1 L- r,
MOO! V tl'i! iV.i'.Cl.
o. r. t.,'E,,r". 11 eV
C.-.cse', !- rnbf.-i i t.v. N"
w.-rk, tt:-..i-...1 -.. t - .
1 (...f r- rn f-.r'ni- ' o '
! c-ive-i
e-ifh oi wbicb, t a '
lif'y cenrs.
"" i-ir New C-e-k-I'-r k.':
hold R-.-eei:---
IS it our "(. -e ' I'. - k" V..
TV, C-'.-
s.. rcei;
UlS '
of "t
, ,. t . . .
it tl
a ! eeu.ts for tbe toilette, s.r
TV ie.. . .
New and fa-hh-nable im a "
And bin's -n 1 i n ieu:tur--matters
lnteresliri!: to W'-
.., t pis
j One cpy for one yer,
I Threec tti s f.r r. ?'
1 F re copies for o:i yu". ,
Fijjbt Jpies for one ye-.
Twelve cpies for i-ce p"r
Sirfe-ti copies f.r one ye.r, r"-'
Premium for jr'-'tinj "P , T .
ei jht. or more et joc. make a v- I .
s. neftin up a club n: 1 u''' rs
dollars or a ciun of f i'" ': j
dollars. and a half r a Sr
ting ten doiUr or a da 3
firteen dollars, an eifr '? '.v. ' ,
laid willbev':n U VTt( L .
send as a premium, insi-" j,..,- s
and Illustrated I-ndy's U:K 'y I
in eilt. oreit'u.'r of our '"zt"n rJf- .
eae-h 27 inch-.- br 2d-1f.-; r4 .- t
Blind Child. iaJa.1," ruiJ?j, f
in for Hi R-l -.e f o n Fn'"- tl-i C
rfwS up-a dub if 'fl'
the Miijinco wui cu suu..,
AJires. pi't-pii 1
rilAr.i...- r
. ......jf iiu.11 . ...
All P
OSIIC.V-:!-"' v . '
ncrson niv .jet up
l lUO.
....! ;r-,'t.-n for
The ui-deHsned, K''1 '' 1'-
1 . tit
meeuiiis-s "-t - . t r i. -
i. v.jfnr.1 if 1
P M, at the ..ilu'tj 1
red ie h.vr a
previous to the cowmen rer,.,!-
T E 1 1- '' , 1 .
, .,1
1. ' ..Ml.
IKiS. f aoco.. ' u
Petvehes. Pepper ,
iliire auoe,
1., nhe.
T. . . . c c U. .. W.1.C
ILK 'O Jl J. qllf;i jrf,
-t..-Ir hrt'rtlii. BiCJ'
- ti .1,
Paper, 4.C., 4t.w-,
u 1
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" jic.etc.,'
At Lie I auehlia & Swia's.