Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 10, 1864, Image 2

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Nebraska C-italiscr
V. II. 3X11X1:11, i:D5TOS!.
Waited at this OClcc
. Two ir.iv)ii:;.)t, wv!l ciiiiosed boys, to
.learn th pririu- l.ov? in . A modcr-
ate education will be fcuTident" qtuliftea
"ui Bjjs from the ccrr.iry preferred.
yf the A-lr?riis-v
:. truiiv in-
ai:tt t5at we
-v.tioti pqua!
,vc are de-
i4 ;e
tu-te 11
c :.y in the TviTi'ry,
t : ti :t c
vr "c If .-rn&uv:l by -any,
tl oi ft: triLSi.rri given, ah
Cf. Of th? i . t:C - CCuULUMioD of
t1 a iiUret par-ur have been re
ce:vng. u irv: Jtn'js ox increas
ing 'th; :irrhb;ici: more, we gmake
- . All
To any person who is now a subscriber
rind who will send us a club of six, we
wiH five one copy, for cr.e year, cf any
$3,00 Magazine desirtd.
To any person, not a sulsnilcr,
who will send us a club of live, we wili
pive one coyy of the Avdvlier, fr one
year free.
.To any 'prrson, uci new a subscriber,
whe will send u; a club of ten, wa will
' give one copy of the .JlvotUer, for one
year and one c
r ona year, o: anj
"3,00 Magazine desired.
' The clubs must all be for one year.
Agents are wanted throughout the
Territory, Northwest Missouri, Northern
Kansas and Western Iowa, to canvas for
subscriiicn to the Advertiser- We have
Bome out now, who are making from three
.to five dollars per day. It is as good an
. inducmentas any fare er could desire to
canvas Lis own neighborhood to get a
raluable Magazine cr Newspaper. Write
fcr information, inclosing stamp to pre-
pay return postage.
Hereafter we shall take off the tele
graphic reports at this place which will
place us on an equality with the best
papers in the western country, as far as
tews is concerned, and by devoting our
. htlc attention to cur paper, we feel
confident that we sLall make it equal
to any paper in the west, in reliability
anl inform?-! ion.
.. .
iter of j.Ir. Boycc.
1 K."
mLer lion. W.
Jn:i, ndire;sed
th d
en-' r
r l! t
a iiu.-t I:.
i-:ie::i i n
cLtl Prei-
V.'ilti '
urge u
us ;c
:ity, a: th-ir
: . :- con
- cf
d 3ives
: enlight
. c:o be
. the Con-
:'' - f, f " ji. - jutuin a sat-
.r.; I - a psace consis-
trj; ;Lc j.res?rvaticn cf our free
instituiians. By a catisfactory pea.e. I d j
, not mean that ce?;ation ot hostiinif s which
might, after a protracted contest, result
- from the exbaustiDn of the belligerents,
whereby the gvorJs would fall from their
cervelers hands, their hearts a prey to
the furies. Such a peace as that would
be but a hollow truce, in which each party
would be incessantly preparing for a new,
final and decisive struggle. The peace
v whxh I mean U a p.acevvhich reconciles
the interests and the feelings cf the bel
ligerents ; a f.rac-, in short, which re
stores harmony. Unless we cat) obtain
ruch a peace as thi? our republican in
etitutiens tetter n their fad, and we be
come the subjects of a military despot
ism." H-Jihen proceeded to give his views cf
the War power cf th Government, and
the effect of war on Republics :
"Every government must exiit; this
is the Jaw of its being. If it is attacked
by a great force, it must bring a propor-
form is such as not to furnish military
strength to the fullest extent qf its means,
it must disregard that form. The repub
lican form, especially the form of a con
federacy cf free States, is not the best
adapted for war. In fact, it is a peace es
tablishment. The form best adapted for
war is a national military despotism. The
republic at war is gradually passing into
a despotism. As the war continues, and
the pressure of its enemy increases, this
transition is accelerated. A republic
forced to the wall by a powerful enemy
must end in despotism."
His v;ews upon this subject are emi
nently correct.1 Even in our own Gov
ernment we have seen cur Executive
' ccirpJIed to Teicrt to extraordinary
means la meet Lstr:ic';d:na.'y emergen
ciesmeans that 'were not xciprchend
. cl in the peace po wer of the Executive,
1st cm in his capacity as Co nrnaadtr- aud fire, but also with the most maiden--i-Chief
c? tii? Army ani Navv of thq'lv rrorr etv cf nunnpr nnH rrn
' J i
-"'in? in that capa-
- fa hi
hif ,
power by the Rebei President has had
upon the condition of the Confederacy,
and if it is" aa true as it is "lucid, the
Ccnfederary is indeed in a m&it deplora
ble condition. Ho ay
We have been at wir not quite four
vtars, and what is tne reeuit? Is not
our Federal Government in th'e.exerciae
of every possible power of a national
central military despotism? Suppose
there we no Stales, only provinces, and
unlimited puwtfr was conferred upon you
and Congress what greater power would
you exercise than ycu do now? Hare
ycu noitsrricd conscription to its last
limits ? Is not every man in the country,
between seventeen and fifty, subject tu
military authority? Nona are exeuipt,
except upon, considerations' cf public in
ttr-?st. Have we .not been compelled to
lay direct taxe in the very t;eih of the
theory cf the Constitution ? Have we
not issued tuch vast amcunts'bf paper
money as to unsettle all values? Have
we nut compelled holders of paper money,
to fund it, cr lose cne-third ? Have we
not seized all railroad? Have we eo.
established a universal system of tmpres.
ment of property, at our own prices in
our own money
Havo we :u3t eotab
lished a Government -monopoly of tha
exportation of the great staples of the
country ? Have we not compelled those
whom w permit-to re.nam at home, to
execu'.a bends to furnish their products
to us at cur prices? Hare wo. nit sus
pandf d the writ of htbeas, corpus ? Have
w8 not inroduced iho pas?p:rt syi'.errf.
which we used to think belonged to the
iron despotism of Europe? In short.
Las t.ct the Federal Government done
every. bbg thata centraikod military
despotisin cou'd ? Indeed, if ytu were
appointed Military Dictator, what great
er power coiilJ you exc-rdse than you
low go ? I allude to tfcesft things not to
complain cf them, but to lament them."
Thus, it is evident, that the Govern
ment cf the Confederacy cannctbe made
any stronger. According to tha views of
heir own statesmen it is a military des
potismthe strongest form ot Govern
ment, for war purposes, known to men.
They have their last man in the field and
their resources are almost exhausted.
Whenever a Government has to compel!
the holders of its currency to fund it or
lose one third ; has to establish a Govern
ment monopoly of the exportation of the
staple productions in order to raise reve
nue ; has to impose direct taxes, and has
to compel its citizens to execute bonds to
deliver their produce to its agents at its
own prices, and are cc-oped up in' their
own capital by an overwhelming enemy,
their is little ground for hope of success.
When Southern statesmen, therefore,
ie themselves in such a condition, it is
not srange that they should urge their
President to ' rr.c r?ge, strergthen and
fortify the enly puityin the North from
which they can hope to obtain such a
settlement of this difficulty as will enable
them to retain their "peculiar institution''
of slaveryt end still leave ground for a
dispute about "States Rights" and the
consequent right cf secession.
Virginia Election
The election in Western Virginia took
place on the 27th of October. It is be
lieved that the entire Union ticket was
elected. -
Governor Borerr.r.n no opposition
wa. re-elected. He-received u heavy
Returns from six counties gives Hub
bard, Union candidate for Congress,
over 1 ,200 majority.
Ths Legislature and local, ofikers are
largely Union,
Neraaa Admitted to the Union.
5y tU PrcJdeni of Iht United States of
Vf'Ureas, The Congress cf the United
States issued, an act, which was approv
-d on the 21st day of March last, enti
tled 4,An Act to enable the people cf Ne
vada to form a Constitution -and Slate
government," and for the admission of
Mien State into the JUnicu on an equal
foctng with the original States.
Whereas, The said Constitution and
State Government have been- fo.imed
pursuit to the coniitions prescribed by
the fifth section of the act of Congress
afuretaid, and the certificate required by
tha said act, and a!.o a copy of the Con"
stttution and ordinances hae been tub
milled to the President cf the United
Now, therefore, be it known, that I,
Abbaham Li:fcoi.x, President cf the
Uuited States, in accordance with the duty
imposed upon me by the Act of Con
gress aforesaid, do hertby declare and
proclaim that the said Stste of Nevada
is admitted into the Union on an equal
footing with the original States.
In witness whereol I have hereunto
set my hand, and caused the teil cf the
United States to be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington, this
thirty first day of October, in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-four, and of the Independence
of the United States the eyhty-himh.
By the President: William II .Sew
ard. Secretary of Stale.
AFciaaie Orator.
Miss Anna Dickinsonof Philadel
phia, has taken the stump for Lincoln
and Johnson. She made a speech lately
at cooper's which she review
ed the Chicage platform and the Rec
ords of McClellan and Pendeitcn in a
true politician like manner. The New
York Tribune says of her address;
The whole of Miss Dickinson's ad-
J 1 J - ve.uii.! auu
trough its whole length enchained the
Lr6tniess attention ot tne audience, bro-
it3 ciuisis vi apriause cue
,je" ued bj the burning words of the fair
young oratress.
Marmaduke, Cabel and other ofli.
crs of Price's army , passed through St.
Louis on the 2d instr on their wav to
ohcsoa' Island.
np.!M Rx; rtU for the lUbrttt .A-Jvertiser. ,
Lincoln alstad in llinois, Indiana,
Uissouri, Pennsylvania
ana OiiiO,
- -1
From General Grant's Aray.
Gsicrillaj arrested In Clilcago,
. New" York, Nov. 7th.
Richmond papers of th 21th have the
following concerning the linking of the
Albemarle and capture of Plymouth.
They state the cause of the capture of
Plymouth to have bera a lack of watch
fulues on the part of their troops. . On
Thursday night a party cf IS men from
the yankee lleet in Albemarle Sound, S
or 10 miles from Plymouth , look a unal!
torpedo boat and started for Plymouth
On their way they found six rebels in a
small boat doing picket duty, they allbe
u:g ash ep, were captured. The yankees
procceeii.g to Plymouth found thevA!be
mrle at her wharf, and running a tor
pedo boat under her amidship blew her
up, causing damage from which she soon
atink. Infantry stationed on the whart
fired on (he annulling .party, and after
the Albemarle sunk, captured the whole
party, noue killed and only ore wounded.
The los of the Albemarle opened Roa
noke to the yankees.
Capt. Roberts commanded iho Albe
marle all on board escaped.
N. ,Y. Herald's correspondence saya
Sherman has sent 4 corps south to Do
catur to operate against Hood, while with
his remaining five corps he has moved to
Atlanta, doubtless to commence offensive
operations from that point, thus ignoring
for a timo the existence of Hood and
leaving him to presecute his campaign
into Tennessee at hi leisure.
Gen. Butler by direction of tho Pres
ident and .by assignment of Gen. Dix,
commanding Department of the East,
has assumed command of the military
forces of the State of New York for the
purpose of preserving order until after
the Presidential election, and to prevenT
tha execution cf suppoM?d designs of
rebels and sympathisers . to carrying out
a systematic plundering raid in our prin
cipal ities. Butler in his cfiicial order
asaires citizanj they need not apprehend
interferonce .with their rights and privi
leges as electors, as his subordinates are
instructed to directly refrain' from any
thing of tho kind, his only intention be
ing to preserve the peae. Superinten
dent , Kennedy has issued an order
members of the metropolitan police in
structing them to enforce to-morrow
throughout the district compliance wilh
State Law requiring that no liquors shall,
be J ' ' on election day," that no box for
dist", tickets shall be erected with
in fifty . eet of a polling place, and that
po unjustifiable physical force shall be
used either by policemen or citizens to
entice or intimidate electors.
Nasiivilm, Now -Sh.
Rebel force . attempted to cross Ten
nesse river at mouth of Blue water on
3d. But were repulsed,. by the federal
force with considerable loss. - Three regi-'
m !nts rt;bel cavalry reported between
Decatur and Cuurtland. Forrest with
cavalry forcj reported near Juhi-sonville.
Yesterday atdayligln the gutvhoa; Un
dine captured a few days since by rebels
came through the Chute at Reynolds
ville Island, landed rebel troops who then
tired ht-r and left at 8 o'clock, gunboats'
Key West and Jhline steamed down near
the west side of Reyuoldsville Island
from Johusville engaged a rebel battery
of 24 poucjd Parrots. Gunboats were
driven back badly damaged to Johnson
v 1 1 i,o at 2, p. m. Enemys battery oppo
site above and below Jchnsouville open
ed on our disabled gunboats, they re
sponded until their ammunition was ex
hausted, then blew up the boats, the
crews are at Johuaonvii!?. This morn
ing the rebels "commenced crossing on
boats of Undine -'about o miles above
Johnsonville, llatboats were also u.sed.
No fighting has taken place to-day.
Hebels engaged in burying dead. Gun
boats from Ihulucah are in sight. Re
enforcements have arrived. Gen. Seho
field takes command of the post at John
sonville. Intelligence from-below Flor
ence state that the largest portion of
Hood's army is still south of the river,
out of rations and clnthinj, subsisting
on me country.
. Niw York, Nov. 6th.
Unofficially announced to-day that But
ler is in command of the . East. Over
ten lhausa&d troops have arrived iiere
within the past '.two days to report to
Butler. Otficials claim to poshes infarma
tion that a plan for a noton election day
was fully niuiured, large1, numbers of
southerners, who "have been in the city
several months, are said to be banded
for that purpose.
Buffalo, N..Y., Nov. 6th.
The following U an extract from a
letter received here to day by the Editor
of the Epxress from Dunnvilie, C. W.,
dated Saturday, Nov. oth i
"Look out for a raid on BufTalu from
Toronto and Hamilton on Tuesday ; ad
vance guard is at Fort Erie and Suspen
sion Bridge or will be on Monday ; head
quarters are at Toronto. 1
(Signed,) . Leahihg Caxadians.
Niw York, Nov. 7th.
Intelligence received from Mexico to
day states that Garcia DeLacardena,
Saudeval and other Jourish leaders in
the department of Zatecas hava given in
their adherance to the Imperial Govern
ment. Gen. Mejian, the Imperialist, has
installed himself at Matamoras ; Juarists
also having submitted to the new order
cf things. Telegraph lines are to be
established between the principle cities
of Mexico, communicating by way Texas
with the. United States; another line
will connect Mexicoxwith Youcatan ; a
submarine cabal will be laid to Cuba this
way. It is expected that the City of
Mexico will soon be in direct and instany
taneous cemmunicaton with New York,
Havana and San Francisco. The forces
lately .under command of Gen. Omiga
said to ba completely dispersed, while
companies voluntarily come to various
municipal authorities, and laid down ieeir
annes. . '
CHicAco.Oct. 7; This eve
nings Journal says that .Telegrams were
received yesterday' from .John " Went
wonh, announcing the coming' of a large
number of bushwhackers. Col. Sw;et,
commanding Camp Douglas was at once
communicated and. an order issued for
the arrest of the desperadoes on thir
arrival, The fact leaked out and the
faithful found! means to apprise their
friends, and the bushwhackers left the
train, at the city limits and-scattered
through the city in various directions.
The police and military are constantly
scouting the city, and have picked up
hundreds of thm. A -propeller with a
bcutlOO suspicious locking charaters arri
ved here thismornin? from Canada. The
military and Police are after them, and
all will be captured. Col. veet, for
som?time has been aware of the existive.
of a plot to release the rebel prisoners a
Camp Douglas and burn thn city. His
detectives haje been at work with suet
cess and though th e-vidence obtained
w-s rat sufficiently conclusive t warrant
ih-T arrest fo thm as corpira' was
demd necessary to ctrike at ueh rn?
as were 'unquestionably trenscnablt. Cl.
Sweet hapnvif in hi? possession thit
it was the plan of the conspirators to at
tack ih 3 ramp on both sid"3 to-nirsrrow
r nijhl. release the prirs, and 1 urn
and pillage the city. Th Police mad.? a
raid 'parly this miming na th Donol l
on Il'iusf, on CVirrd Street, and cap
tured f.vir Bushwhackers who had teen
tracked thre. All of them were armed
to the te-'h. A mounted party of 500
has been organized by the citizens for
the protection of the ci!y. Thry will be
on duty nil night. There is sufm-if nt mil
itary force here to prpvent atid outbreak.
Me-rs Richmond Si HanLO' 'nts for
N. Y. line of propellers, received a dts
pitch to-day tliat tha Canal steamer
Georgian fitted oat as a pirat- is on
Lake Hur;n.
Niw York, Oct 7.
The Express train from Dunkirk this
morning was thrown dovrn an embank
ment 40 feet' high bv the displacement
of a switch. The Engineer of the train
and about 40 ethers were severely inju
red. under the debris. " No b.dies have
yet been recovered from the wreck.
There" was quite a lively time between
the Pickets on the left of or line Friday
night resulting in the loss of a few men
on both sides. Yesterday there-was a
good deal of artillery firing near Jerusa
lum plank road without loss to- u3.
Last night the pickets in the same vi
cinity opened fire shortly after dark, and
kept it up sharply all nijrht gd untill
abont 11 a. m. to day The rebels at
tacked our advance picket line to recov
er the ground cur men tok last week,
h it failed. Citizens from Richmond
I s:' It'ft there to avoid conscription ar-
r.vcd witnin our lines yesterday mor
ning. They bring the old story' of
want and desolation in Richmond, garra
ters oporating in the streets hi tnght,h;gh
prices for the necessaries o! hfe &x.
They also say thai the rebels in front ot
Petersburg are mining under our. works,
hut w-ry little faith is placed in the re
port. - "X- "
iNF.VS 10RU..
Commercial's Washington special say
California official ' expresses fea-3 that
French and Secession refugees in Mex
ico will endeavor to expel Arnern ari
minors from Sonora, and excite trouble
between the two countries. The Rich
inwd. papers of the 3.1 announces the
capture of Plymouth by our gunboat
after three hours fighting. The forts
were passed and all their -guns dismoun
ted when the rebels evacuated under a
evtrc fire.
Washingto, 7.
It is estimated that during the week
oO .000 persons left here to vote at lh
Presidential election. -Letters received
in this city from the officers in com
mand of the trans-Mississippi squadran
dated Chattenooga says My boats
hsd two hrusiies with IIoodts forces
rep ihed him both times. He has now
gone below the shoals, and a Iare por
tion of his army has arrived at Florence
for tho invasion of mi'ddio aud Eatcru.
Tennessee. Hood is represented as
tyranical in the extreme. His men lived
two days on corn and water withthe ad
dition of.Pumkin stolen by thij' way.
He suffers by the de?ertien of his peo
ple, who he intended moving south
ward but was preveuted by the threat
of his soldiers to desert if he did not
give them the promised harvest in mid
dle and east Tennessee. He will prob
bly be bagged a3 Sherman is ahead of
him. ,
Alleghany county gives Lincoln 8.500
majority and Philadelphia 10,000, Scaf
terine.returns inuicate a Union majority
of 15,000 or 20,000 on the home vote.
.FrankliD, Mo., 8ih.
Oificial vote of Franklin precinct, Lin
coln SJ McClellan 24.
New York, Sih.
Herald gives 37,500 majority in the
city. Union men claim the. State by 20,-.
000 majority. Albany gives McClellan
Detroit, Sih.'
MtCIellan's majority is 1,000. Wayne
county gives 2,000 majority for M Clel
lan. Returns so far as received show a
Democratic gain.
Nashville, Sth.
The city gives Lincoln 1317, McClel
lan 25. Gallatin, Lincoln 1J9, McClel
lan 42. In Iowa Lincoln's estimated rna-
joruy is oO.UU'J. Clark county, unio,
Lincoln s majority. is 1,500, Union 2,000,
Warren county, Turtle creek township
giyes Lincoln 074 majority, Franklin
township 270 majority for Lincoln. Day
ton Pity gives Lincoln 70 majority. To
ledoLincoln 243 majority. Cleveland,
Lincoln fi34 majority. Steubenville, Lin
coln 506 majority. Sandusky, Lincoln
30 majority. B.itler county, 4 townships
and the city of Hamilton give, a Demo-
! township gives Lincoln 103 inajJriiy. .
rrti- nam or"i. '"ji
Portsmouiia, Lincoln majoruy, uu
ten. Lincoln 461 majority, Lancaster, Mo
rit!M fV. maioritv. Columbus, il. Ciel-
lan 462 uao;jiy. Green county
coin iiiujoiii, uAiviu, - --
majority. Iiiriin, Lincoln 313 majority.
Hartiny coun'.v, 4 towashipj, M;CleIUa
In 2,000 majority, bliciDy. L.:ncom
ooi mfli.-iritv. Unner Sandusky. McClel
laa 94 majority. Grafton Lincoln 9 ma
jority, Alliance Lincoln 317, McClellan j
iSa. Chi!iCo:hef McUieJIan bl majority.
.... -. ' Cleveland, Sih-- r
Scattering returns from Ohio and In
diana show a Union gain over the Octo
ber election, and indicate that Lincoln
has carried the two States by heavy in
jonties.. - . - ...... .
Returns from a few town3 in Pennsyl
vania give small Uui'jn majorities. Os
wego, New. York city and towns in the
J county give a Union majority of 1702.
The towns will prooabiy increase this to
2,500. Three Union members to" the
General Assembly are ' elected. Fay
ette county, Ohio, Wasl iugton, township
gives Lincoln 44 majority. CircievilU
gives McClellan 110 majority.
; ' 1 BuGalo, 8th.
Tiie city gives about 505 Democratic
majority. Rochester gives a Democratic
majority of , sixty two Union gain of
127 over last year. The indications are
ihat Lincoln's majority on hom-.j vole wili
be 35,000. Lincoln's estimated majority
in Illinois will be 15.000 Lebanon. Illi
nois give Lincoln a nfij or.y of 175.
Biooinicgton 5SG. St. Ciair county 1,000.
Sandofai gives MiClellan 57 iiiaj'iitv.
Salem 101, Alton 1U0 and Breece 170
Eight precinjts in Morgan county gives
Lincoln 13 majority, the county is doubt
iul. Ciimp Point lovwhrp gives S5 ma
jority for Lincoln, Wilmington (34, Clay
ion townrhip 58, arid Oiney Z7. inviiaua,
Fayette county, gives Lin-johi -33 maj on
ly. 'Democratic gam of 15. Martin equi
ty, Shols township giv.03 McCiellau 16
majority, Union gain' of 16. Orange
county, Heron touiiiip gives Lincoln S3
majority, Uu;ung!iu3. La wreuce coun
ty. Mitchell towu-hip gives Lincoln 1SS.
majority, Un:ou gain of. 40. Jackon
county, Browntown township gives Mc
Clellan 1U7 majority. Democratic gam of
8. Rtcnmond cay
Lin-jolu 1291
majority. Imon coouty gives Lnuoiu
242 majority, Union -gain, of 12.
. Kentucky, partial return from 24 coun
ties, exc'jiive of Jefferson county and
Louisville, gives McClellan 5S7 majority.
Louisville city gives McClellan 3024 ma
jority. Jefferson county, partial returns,
givea McClehan 780 majoany. Lexing-.
ion, Lincolu 612f majority. Pans, Mc
C lilan 63 majoruy. Covington, Lincoln
601 majority. Cynthiana, McCfeilan 126
mrjoriiy. Fallmcuth, Lincoln 67 majori
ty. Montgomery, McCiellau 300 ma
jority. Louisville, 8, 10-30, p. ro.
Partial returns from 23 counties in
Kentucky, including Jeiferson, give Lm
coiu 250 majority. Louisville of!ic;al
gives McCieiiau 4,873, Lincoln 1849.
' Indianapolis, 8.
Indiana returns received, show large
Uuiou majorities. It is estimated mat
Lincoln's majority will be 35 000.
' Ohio soldiers' vote gives Lincoln 202,
McClellan 13.'. Michigan city, Pa , 70
Union. Nianic gives 12 majority for
McClellan. Fair burg 70 Republican
majority. Buckley, 64 Republican ma
jority. New Haven, Conn. 8.
Thirty-one towns, including the cities
of New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport,
Waterbury and Norwich, gives 1169 ma
jority lor Lmcoin.
Ohn, S.
Lincoln's majority 2S3.
Erie, Pa., S
Lincoln's majority 234, a j:am of 72.
St. Joseph, S.
St. Joe gives Lincoln a majoruy of
799, a gain of 839 on vote of l'JO. Bu
chanan county gives Lincoln 1,400. ma
jority. Radical couniy tisket elected by
iorge majorities. Leavenworth gives a
majority for Thatcher over Crawford 51i.
Lee over Clark 750. All Representa
tives and Senators, anti-Laue,aro elected.
Lincoln's majority is 2,0.00.
A New BIocLadc Runner-
The Col. Charl Lamb, a New Steel
built, paddle wheel tteamer has just Leen
bunched xand tried ut Liverpool, from
the yard of Jones, Qtiiggms & Co. bha
is the largest ateeLveisel tha; h is yet
been built, and p.osees extraordinary
speed, At the trial on the 13th of Oc
tober, she runabout , nineteen miles per
hour, her breadth of beara is 3G feet and
her length 2.81 1-2 fef Her .depths of
hold is 15 feel G inches, and her tcn
natre 17S3 cm.""
Later returns from the State elec
ton show a Union majority in Indiana !
of 21,250 against a Deinaeratic majori
ty in 1S62 of 9.549. .
It is generally believed now that Ohio
ha3 elected 19 Union Congressmen to 2
rebel camp was recently discovered
and broken up, iuj Nottaway Co. Mo.,
consisting of a small reeruting party
from Price's army.
The official returns of the soldiers
vote in Pennsylvania received up t the
31st of qctober show 17.86S, for the
Union ticket, against, 5,232 for th?
Democratic, cr a Imle more than lhre
to one.
Death of nnothcr Gaerrllla.
We are rejoiced to learn from the
Mound City'eni'ne that the notorious
guerrilla Jackman. commanding a brig
ade in Price's army, was killed at the
battle of Mine Creek, Linn county, Kan.
lie was taken to Mound City, when he
d;ied in about two hours. Thus has an
other of these fiends, in human form met
b just doom Todd, Anderson, Jackrnan
a trio of as black-hearted murderers
as the world ever saw, yet all recogni
zed and employed by P. ice and the "chiv-
airy -. Joiyh HerfU,
nrTrni nnnr?ni Tin- mi :Z r'"'v V-':'"
. T? 9 IT R H CSA k ZOOK'S
i :
The undm:jtn'", 'vin? ecured for a tarsi ot yea s
the new anJ spacicm ruoi nu Jor
Row leave to annonno
e that they are r-epa-e-1 to nell
i :ua.y ak lor in tLe.r Urn, ju.-
- j mjot mjn
- O Use finest nalitf
History of tho llefccllicn,
At ci.Cferta: prices..
Also: All the recommended School
Books for the Territory.
Our fiv:k of Letter. Cap anl Xote paper be!r.j very
l.irg au'i f the test q nilty acl tuuLt wbtu Gia
i. d-.'Wii, tvwiil 20 per teat, iow.-r tliariy ut7
tpje tii t j' iiiit uiy bpiiiigtip. W'eaUjbav- aiewoi
Uusi? New Cue. p i'jtfiii
l.f:. And BOVS mcti lil'LLVT 11AN1 -S yuu
nc-ver ee l.
Come ii: ever;bul? w Urre yn can C'.a aaytiin;
wiau tv xtai vi:U ; kjJ piace l rei i: iu.
1! AKSH UK'J'S ii. ZOO-
N jv. 10:h. "l3"l. ix-3 ly
, 15
: ...4 1
ITain Street ,0;ro?ite Wife's Hsnk.
3u ccao7 to B. Brown .t Co.
W. uM re3i). t-cl'y ana anre t tlit Ci'izer. of
a' aoi vitiuiry, iUt he has parchaseJ the
Lare ana Well Selected Stock
23 TJ 2r ?
ITc js-nrps tert'!'cl'nmi!y, that he w!l keep on
band tvery twlz usaaiiy keft ia
Fust Class Drug Store,
anJ h Jeterrainol ncto be cnfJorsolJ for cash.
at ai l norns
BrcwriTlile Cemetery Association
Notice m hereby iTu-that ia socorJnca with a
aotioo piibii?hej in the Advertiser of tho 'Jd inst.
tha ft.lh.-wic persoLJ. to wit. t Fl iadiey, Jtihn
Mol'heison, A. S. liollad. T. W. Bedford, Theo.
Hi'l,V. U. Miller, (1. W.Hrattoa. W. LI. llcCr.ery
ar.U E: W. Tlioa:in &s?emb!i)d at ia tiaia and place
stared a s-aid notice . a:! J f-ratiized theiaoclves into
a cernetry asrci iti n. to bo knowr. fr th pran,
ks uThe lirowtjTii'io Ceirtry AsS(.o;ation.' On mo
ion it was retf.:v?d thittae next aieetir. he held
ai the Prs-ibytriitn Chur-h In KrjWf,v;'ie, on ths
31U diiy of :wve::.b.r, 1-
i, at
tWu O L ioC
k P. M.
for tho purp'ioe cf completing tha or.iniiAtion of
iho .:eintiun by trat!ectiri of tra -tats and a
clerk, with a view to baric-tha association jn.'cr
poratod i?r an r.ct of tin L".-;i!.'.te of Np
trstka T urri t-Ty ccsitied "An Aft to c.-eate and
regulate !i?orp'-ratio3 in tbd Ttrri tor t , Xebrai
ka if i fT jV'i.l t'ebruar 15:b 13,1.
A li ho J.-.-ura to meiabe,-; cf th? asw:a
lion ro iavite-l to bs pr-veuS a: iid uiceiing and
to talte part ia tuo i.;tioi:.
TjV. 7ih l5ij-t.
E.W. TiiOMS, Seer.
t-Ix r.S-4-51ft5.').
John R. Ui'rey and ary F. Uitrey, his wifo will
tke clice tbat John Q. A. Smith as plaintiff haj
fled a petition in he Iiwtriot Court of ta U'-uuty
of Nbinsb 2V' bra ;ka Territory, on the CLaneorr
lido thereof jiiiuit tiip.-n Ugetber with JwWh
Cd?njtn :;id 11. J. Whitney m dsfeadant. Th"?
i bje tand prayer f 1 petition is to fir .!' jo a
m rtra:;? m-de by said L'i!rey and wife in favor ,f
aiJ pUin?iffon the" S-uth En;t-4 i f Section No.
17, Tow-bip so. 5 North . of Kiingo No lb East i.f
the r.h pr ncip?! ,'er;-jian, ijfuatei in tt.f iitli
C.iiinty ot Neui.i'ua, to obtain a decree f r the Pi!o
..f .-a'cj Ur. l, and t. apuly tho proeeuds iu payrneLt
of a certain n'td .:n If thy snid U'irey ia favor cf
!iid p;.iutiiT f..r .125 0'J, dated August &th ISb'j
a;i 1 du live iavn'h fter dle with iufere'it at tho
ratoi si.t'y per c-n: per aarjura from maturity.
S.iid Ullre? anl wif!re 'e.jjirej to answer said
petitioc by the 2 5:h diy of Doember. A. D. l& jl
Sol. for Coinn.
X'ol'i.i, u htrcoy given that the Erin Leroofc r
1 txirtir undr tho r.-.iiu,: and
efyla of Ii. Lrown
A Co. il thii day Ui;dived.
p-rll. C. LsTf.
N..r. 2d.l.'3t
James II. Bed b.w and Fvlieitie Bellow, h-j wif.
wn twit n-'ti -e th&t Jviin Q. A.
t if tied a pt'!-..n i ji. the chanci ry side i,t the
'' a l'"1''1".
District Court uf Nemaha Courty, Nebraska Territo
ry, njrain.t theai a. deftndants, the object of whuh
i o foreclose a sertnin mortgage tnia bj the said
Ff li-'itieand J.i"ie II. Itoddow, June, 27th A. I.
Ini9 on the Nirth Wet Quarter, and ik Sooth
West Quarter of the North I.'a-t Quarter, aud Lots
N . on and two f SevMon 2 .iad Lit No. oie of
Sectioh Nt. 25 all in. Towo.-hio four ( i)North,
IUn?e Sixteen ( lti)En of Sth Prineioal Meridian,
tuated in the said County of Noiuaha. Said raort
gsgo having made to secure the payment of a cer
tain prour.53 rj- note beiri g ev-n date -with sail
ns;rtjae,m-id-Ly tbeid Folicitio and Jamj il.
liedd iw l, rij2 ),0o due Ax iii..nth3 after diite with
interest from maturity at tne rate of five percent
per lu'infh, the i.ray-,;r of s-.i i ptioa ii tbat the
.nid land he !J the proceeds be upi:si in .,
aent of s.i; 1 u -te.
Said djfe.i lantj aro r?Tiire-l to ai3Ter sai 1 n
titi.n on of before the U- d iv of D.-csmbor A ' U
la? 1. E. W. THOMAS, Sol. fr C.'ut. "
v-Ix :t 4
Kstaj Notice.
BrowT.viue 30th !S.i4.
Notice 1 herei.y piven ttat I wVU on tte 10th lsy
of November 1364 cfTer f ,r dale at cir residence in the
City of einahain the Countr of Nemmba Territory of
Nef.ra.-ka, ne red steer l)t.nt two yeirs ol.t. SaM
er tetiif ane.iray taien up by me iu Oct-r 1S63.
v-Ix-n"- 3.r
On Saturday the 6th. ilay cf Xovrraber 1S61 at ihet
O'ci.ickP. M Siiljayi win i-ff..r ir ile at P(.b!oe
i;aisii at tbe Ih.cso of Paul Cronmer Lafayette Pre
cinct. One K.tray Mare i Colt tor Cs'n. Del. U'ot
ATHAS StiUlErts, J. P.
rTIUE best Flour from tbeL. S. V. G. Mills in quarter
- halyard whole sacks kfft '
pRACK.SK3of ati kinds,
j J&SJ c
SMi, tn ter, B--;?on. S'iar. '
Crakeu, C'eam B.cuit aud
Taken np by tho undersigned livin? nsir Km1 f Tlti. T-,.i-, T ? t R,r.L. ar.J ",ealb ranJum VnjoUs and Static wry cf-' v
v-1x-i-9-4t. "'iirav."
. .-. ASTRAY
ox or i . r...i. w.:.? 3C.-r.rl 1 v
ox 4 ye.rsol.l ::.
pvar t,, fc, tPc-n ira so V'T T 1
Cr Stn-(iir the 5 b ,
Auction t t!:e Qou.-a .if w.i'.. 'I,r !.'S -
e-ls p' j'. usy c ,
j ctl lo
Tskon r? i.j tU nnlcni-.-nid P,;
On.? L-trv l.r-wa n-.r iVr. T ' rr! v
- t-h..u! :lerwrj i-m-a f-ut rar-
i sm z-y the
i ptc::
Xebr.i.-k', rr the .-h dir t'f -
U,e fcstry J .,v N ,ck with r tt, ;-. Kei
torch -!t.l Hf.-fit-ft lun a ttvrC -a,
e-r.-oM !---xt Spring. 4 r-.:.n (c
7 -ye h v.-;ii t:ko n-.'.icc thr
nr-inr?.:'. ) i i; lit :f. Ln fi cl a jx-j-.;..
U ': i-.'tV'". '. fi' ,: tfi-j J.iw ,
tr:..-t. :'. urt -f V.-ta;:h; Car.ty;;,."
th- sit-Jivt iirvi h ii to ih'. n i ; ;j
?r.i i 1. ); tri f .r ; :; Fu-.n .f jU..
in -
1-- -u -i'.'v K-ii t.-'-, t jr . fif:!e H
e l t t
'-1 u
ii f.t"
:i.i3 n.
it;.' '
y v;'
,r.i.. '
.iea, r.
Of.'i.r.i ..: f r ?h'. u.a
ISft t m ii'. r .i;n-.jf . A
i.--'j..t . f -ail four
'Ale situ.-hi i? s.ii-l (.'
H.i 1 til-; f :
'er .f '
j IL.-uii 1 j r.i:. S u h Li.-: !-i. i'
.t -t:.,ii 'i Ti.-.vr..-hu- j It ii.y 1 rK
r.!p.-.a i r'-quirM t, et '4
the I jtb diy )i Uc-itihT 15; : '
LIiVVk ,J'"
Francis A. Dok-j, iiiiistr.r uf;1.-,
V,iiii;ua tirki-.-icra..''j i n:A Ui,;;:
tho sail Win G-rk-j. vt,l uk- iu,'.v&:'
I. D.jwIlt Lai uica a potrtia 'n i:.tC.,zs
i f the Ihi'.rv.-t Cviwrtoi' N-uj h.i L'tat V.
Ttrri orj, tho ut j ot of which is to tl i:i
fi.r the la of the ln- J'.-.rilr.lji.;
ia sai.l Counry of Neaa.shi. t.-',i:
''tia.-tc; f scv-tiiia iiuai'-r 11. unu-r. ..'
brib i'i rung d'ii.b,r 1 1. :-si f ib !j n Jit
;a! lucridian, ain't. '.'ae apj-hcali'.n J t
.it' H'h i Tt luivrir-nt ft" n i-prta-n r-. . .IT
. " - ..... y P
iciije h :ni W i!l:.n, i.-r"k". Aui i-.i i. . , ,
favor of .n id plain t,-J, fi,r i2J'.';i) w; b.; "
the rats of 2a per cent. p r anoia :: C - 7
dua twelve ai'-ntut afir datf ; ti.e null ii ,
been ai-'ft ra;;;.i t- -eure the pu-.cil,.'.. '
D;tVr!i:i:i ir required tv a'.- y b v,t . r re'
of L't-x.-xbtr. is-;i. e. v.". t:;-!". v " ,
Sclio'.ijr f -r t'. c i i 1-
Sept. 23th, 151. 9 ;-,-l,t ,
If yon w'sh to .Viny, a.'r.'reji t?i a--.!in"r '
will cr.d you wl'hont ta ".ey a-ci wita-'it -
Ho in?.rniitirr. fair. wil fualile j-u Ti--sid, i;re-pKnre vf ie w!:b
This iuf.ruMi.i ri ! vi y-y-i a thi.. mlJ
t rainy I w;!l itCP;f';::y t 501. i- 2
8t'iciy c;r.fl.e-it ;ii . T'j! fe.r.-.t infi ri.nt
ret-ra n ii co'l no Tip,, . n a is.d, iii !rfj W i
U- hi
: ia z
Ar.a Dea's Caridi Hte i a; d -f- r
Yv7M. T..DSK,
V U 3 L E 5 A L I 15D RETliL SO'-'SI '
i t;
IIvi cow on lun t fVe mct e m?'i -"'
Mnt;s;e!i! of XercLai.'n.e i!i E.utv;..e. .
CuIlSlat.i of
Li ii -i ; f, J 'I f
r - .
Ci.:cgj C;iftopi-Mate
of JcjiCri.r Qn.ilitr. Al.-o' a f'i;" '
i -nd
xm e3- 1 1 11 ; . in
Gloves and Gauntlets., ll'-'-
pi t.: . . . iinA.ij .n
3 -
e r
tn varipfv c..Tui..t:T!Z of T.V'e r.J r"
r:- ai'''Ti'T, VfJ 1'Z:,'x-
1 .
I Syae. A lull aortaitfai cf
inra r- -7-
Coik-ng. n.Mfinn and Palcr Siovef, U'r
Siuve Pipe, iiieei l.-on ao" Zr.icl.
vrooDEr; willow asp rciX '"- f
A t oil assortment "f
. . .
At Low Pricei .
t .
4 L
A winptete of a-sortmeot ot - -FUHNITUl'
on band. B ireiu. Bed-Ste-i ls. L 'e,-.-' -r-e.
Sol;.. Cb., W'aia " a'""" " V
Cliairs, lM.kinj Li'..i!.e. ;i'''
Also: Piwuuhs. C-rn S.iel'.e"- ' . '
, Mnsh. Beaver and 0" TfJr i;,H"r
Remeniber Hiai Den jay tlie UlDrL.uti 's ' c
for HIDES, Feits and Furs,
Xin-ls iai be wants. . 0.--vii": " '
Cali ao.l examiae my st-Ki' b.efr;rV?;? .u ?. '
?ave your, f r toy motto : ' fr-e.
Dry GO.,rt. lue Cb-ice.-t F-nu :y r
Fruit ao.l Oyster, ana tbe teit of &'v-c- i
ou ia tbe niarkki. Xry Ifc&ni. n
111 . w ... -
;v.u. T.
T-J 1 ! i I' .