Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 03, 1864, Image 3

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elji Qtwtvtiscv.
-- i
O C Hi. r ' rpi The suamer Lmma I o. 2, recently
-LJ .JtJJ-wv ' ao;a. This town La J a nt now escape, j . ., -. . . i i
I . . ! sunk iu H hue river, has heen raised, and
t,i.k lH-(i8,n'it?.txui t'", lb,i''1,!li' ; The enemy s uar.ktrs were inpiain view j . ' ,
nigc Luet.&c. Ac. Ac. tor ie i tai. C-i.-e. , . ., . ., .. , j is at the lev-tre at, MtniphlS.
: ; cn the heights, hix miles ciatant. This! 1
ErCTO.l..C CcmClerj ASSOCRltiOfl. ' fcas teen a crushing day for Knee," and j Washington, Oct. 20. The Navy De
All persons who feel an imrreat in the V re;reat is . " . d:a order ' Ue is pamect has received infora-.ation of the
cen.eifeiy in .Urowiiville, known .as the
Walnut Grcve Cemetery, are requested
to meet at lce c L- "dlev, 00 j
Monday November 7th, 1SC4, at seven
o'clock r. to take such steps as
be necessary to re-crganize the Associa
lien, with a view to having it incorporat
ed under the Si?tutes of Ntbras-a.
E. W. Tumas, St-c'y.
Nov. 1st., '
LSierarj- Sotlety.
A meeting of the Urowuville Lyceum,
Library ai.d Liierary Aocintiou will be
held at the cfTice of C. G. D rsey, on
Wedursdaj Nuvember Sth. 1SG4, at 7
e'eh'tk, r. m." A full attendance is re
quested, as b-:ine.-s cf imparlance wJl be
presented to the meeting.
Jo;:n McPurius, Treaidenu
E. V. Thomas, et'y.
I Di u-tr 1 s s U3t returrtJ frcm
ctlcw vLtrc ht t en. !ayi a t. c
cf cccs fp(t;a!ly fcr the fall at-d
w.Mer tiace. II s i-xik cf Fir.e Ci
irr, Til((0. Ni t fui d: It 5, Trys, ccr
Lc. is i!:i.rja.-(d b' atyt'.rrg evtr
I. !trj.l t 'o t! i: j I ce. All you have to
c'o to I e tf t d is to r a'! : c 1 x nrm
II. iiicrri cbl'q:tg li tL c; s. aid if hp
rent jkse ycu ceiiainly hmd to
please. lie l.p.s anythir:? in the way
of"fys and m'.inn? for children, and of.
fer you a rare chance to give the little
ones a rich treat.
The Nov-mVr nmiber of the La
ci( s Ftii lcI l as I e n received, rnd a?
i:mj:1 i? rrn;j!e'e cnrivaV-d . Tie
aim ( f tl e TuMi er is to rival ai y
o her 60 Mogrzine ri.lli.-h d in thi
o Rtiy. I)i r:i g 'he past year they have
preen'ed us in eah n unb- r a finely' en
graved an d crLred coi.hle fashion Plate,
and. many other engravings of th? fi'st
Th : 1 brilliant array of the liter
ary contributors to The Lacii:s Fnr.M)
nearly all 'of whom are ladie s, is highly
creuitalle to the M.igazin?, and also to
the co-intry. as showing how large and
cultivated a dass of hdy writers it rs-
fpse. It i? a vondc r how nny Maga
zine can b gnt'.en up iti i-o htridsme
nl lavish a ma r r.rr s thi is. tl iho
low pricpof S2 C0. f-nying no'hirg of ihe
r.daed raios to The rubhherJ Dev?in v;nh hl 1,u,e lr:dc lefpt uh Q .aker ro;l. troops being dej l.y
. ; : U. ,'-ra K- 7 J. rr vt,rv swooping dt wn upon iheir rear, gubb'ing id 111 lhe P the enemy opened
v L.aMt ordyctn! hlmmrravry i ivnti artillery fr-m right and left.
lge circulation, as money, would err- i?",r "cers andnfn U? scores; 1U Their batteries were soon fenced on our
wo.i'd b- h,t on a smr.ll id-tion.
A beautiful and touching steel engraving'
o"' 1 "THr Fmpt Catnii" n very !
e.f: ci":..- ci-r-a las .ten i .tte
c-,uantity cf other engravings, soe cf
th,'m very pretty, and all very u- f ul l0
ti e ladies a -rice of ntosic, and the
j . i . . . . i - j p. tv. ,. ;
v assortment of it.ttrttirg stories,
p i try. kc.
Price 12 50; 2 copies S4; 9 copies GIG
CI c.-p-cs 61-5; Single numbers rent,
pr-s'rg paid, fcr 25 cents. -A Sewing
Maih'ne Prt i!:;;;ii is alo given on cer
tain U rms. Address !) neon Peter
son. CIO Walnut street. Philadelphia.
A'rj' is ih t 'u:iz to basin ir.ahiasr i"
Ci'uis for l?vT5.
EoiTon Ar r.KTi lb : The following
is a -ccr: ect copy cf a prsentment made
hy the Grand Jury f Nemaha Coonty,
at th Pali Term 1GG1. At ihe rerj-jrst
of scverni citizens, I har d it to you fur
V. II. II covin,
Cl-rk Dht. Court.
To Vn'Jhr.cralle the DUrici Court cf
Yer.u'a Ccujiv, .VelrcA.ia i'crritcry'
T:- Gr t. 1 Jori-rs cf C unty of
N n.;;hu in fcnid Territory, rr .-p-ctf'tliy
prt-- i.t j the Cturt, ih.-.t in ord r th-. t
lt!". h;jV i'.f r:o
.i U 1 i ; . . M e T :
or the Cfuv.j:.ii nee -S th: Court and suit
.rs tlifrdu, it iMitsnl'.:tvly npces-ary that
1 e;ahle building he erected or provided,
or:i!.,ir.g suhabie roouis for the h'ldin,.f.
i C iurt and for the ue of the Jurors
rid Clerk.
, "J hat tr.e C'n:n'y C';m-ri:-i;ners cf slid
"ounty have hitherio failed to profit!?
V plan soituM for the holding of the
-urt, J.avit.g it to ;he bhcnfTlo procure
eacli ierm of the Ct;urt such te;nporary
ms cell be had al the lime.
That e room, provided for ihe Court
I present and lust t-rm is lotallv un, lto-b
ftnall and tr.ronvt nient to nrrtmimo
f te Court and the mimher of suitors
attrutsacre thereon. That in our
inion this County possesses wealthy
;d population sufTicient to justify the
ection of a Court-Huus?, and we b-.-re
it to be necessary that oue should
' erected or at least thnt enough cf suit
!e ro vr.s should be provided for the pur
es ah .ve sot forth. We beg leave to
1 the intention of the County C-mmis-:j?rs
to thr foregoing facts and to urge
n them the necessity of taking. irame
'e action in this matter.
r?pectfu!ly a?k thia present
"t D2 spread upon the journal of the
ft. and i!m the Cierk be directed to
th. Cunty Commisiioaers with
rufied cr-pv' hereof.
1 of which is respectfully suhmitted.
rned 'l TV . tv " '
..n.. ounHixc, foreman.
n. Hannafcrd,
Th Cidetnay,
h C 'arth,
ntel Grant.
1 an Roger,
" VSJipr,
'm. II. Randal, !
u-s M. C
Conner, j
S. i.v. S.linrnr
jl p T . ' j .ornTc or .mx naies, 10 JLagrnx. One) . Andrsc-n arM one or lus-men, fuppos- j j ' "!--M'ri' . r.
Nathan SDm in ! ol7jCtr nd flfteea nro sdrs were J .l0Thave r,ajnt"s fc" of ! Kansas tO lOTTa 01 frcm ICTTa'iO K1!1SSS ' rpn .m r;..rfr..m .hei: s. v.o. iiiPem
u;..l. ,' T Al?' iliW-A ,, r.r..,.!..r ., r, . -: Gen. Rmus, charged through our lines. I . - ' A ai.d ii. kej.t
t ti - ;i . i- 1 ia "is caige waa kinea, tail- wm flni thu tk moat are vt tA - t
--.ties ii.-rry, Tuoi. una wa aM.ep id tfte texa5 . inff fiflv 5lppi in oor rear, fcavinrj ... R. V. MUJR. i CrB8nr ... .s. .er.
"l lhe t5 : - ed a painful wcund in ' received two"talli in th? de of the head. ' Bni. x,br..k,' Awrll ,tta c.S, P' -re. err.
Mo DSD ClTT, Oct. 25.
To BriT. Gen. Davis. It. Leavcnircrth:
R al .. ihis j
L'Landoning every-thio and is c'.ejy
rresr-J. I do not think he will he alle
to iholest Fort Scytt much.' Col. Moon-
lattery, and his last, has been taken
from the enemy al Osage.
Lt. Col. 17ih'K. V, I.
October 2o
A battle and a victory n-ar Mound
City. AVe captured Gve gnus. Gener
als Marma-duke and Cibell captured;
aUo many prisoners. We are still pur
MiiruT. The rt bel ere retreating toward
Fort Scott. W. E. CLOUD, Col. & A.
D. C.
New York, October 21. The Herald's
Mart::li.rg corrui-pyndciii, cf the 22J,
Infcrsiaticn from the front indicates
! li?ht moved on the nemy Gank for that Thehoi & Co., by the celebrated bmid- otn V e olM regirnen- ir.. M.
may place at the same moment the battle was j er. Jones Mo Co e a paa. j
'If.irlylepun. I iost hear that another j ale-wheel Meamer, W feet lon?, .eel Davss d Caldwell counti-s.
th?t our L-:es in the bnttl? of the lD.h ' day. Pdrdon Wooliey was the principal
will reach 5.000 hilled, woucded and i witness fcr the Government. Th evi W tlsftlnst rnrlv in the inorn-' is pretty much the sam-? as that
. "5" " J !
ing 21 gun.
We l ave car' ured including the waun
d d who are iu cur hanls, about 7,000
c n, and 0 cuns. The total l.-ssof the
erumv cannot, therefore, be short of
10:CC0. CuMar al me has a receipt for I
40 guns aid 5 la tile Gags, beside a large j
number cf ambulances, hores, harness, ;
Tliis makes fifty-one pieces of artillery
that his diviion fas captured during the j
i:i5t f.vo veeks of the rebellion. If any I
reliance is to be placed upon the state-
r i . i i .
ments of prisoners an 1 intercepted Jet-
ters, it is no.v d rnon-trated that j
T . i!
Gen. Lcn? street was not m tue valley,-1
v ' ;
Ul that Gen. Early had determmtd to j
strike a de&perate How for the recovery ;
of ihe dinct and his lost reputation, iu
the al S'-nce, cs he supposed, of the corn-
times deflated by our cavalry, felt that :
his refutation r.tedtd seme brightening j
The Ikrald's ccfreondent has the
t ,1 . r
folltwing concerning our capture at Ce-
. , . , ,
dnr Creek, and the pursuit of the ene
V" 1Iiem 50 LarJ 11 was m,Psl1 'e. to !
ce.1 lht'ir ar:illry oul ci his W!y- nr lh,J'r j
wa?''n!ii aa:" ambulances. Drivers and i
- - ., e . , .
l?s e,u::r &l lh? PaJ' 4
the re-tr guard cf ih. demoralized reb, U
arniT - i:' il ilar5 on,' followed, leaving th .j
carn'T.icrs cisni ountea am run ou near
whole train in our hands. LimUrs, cat- i
cT-i vtnn: n-.t' ..nhi'mrfs uptp -li !
i lii 1 . i i . i
hudJit d Kgctner in the greatest uuor-
Gen. D'vin rapture! C2 pieces of nr-
tiiiery, iuc! tid.uu a section of 132 pound
ers, Z9 nrn.y u r-gons 2J ambulances, 13
mules and 117 horses, two stands of col-
ors.357 prisoner, and a large ruantity
uf Hna'l artns.
He follow.- d the en ny up the hase of
Fi-hr's Hiil, whvre Cjionel Nichols,
with his g'tllant 0th Nw York, charged
' u ...,... 1. .
. , . , ., , . . ... !
a l filial i.ii lr t:-uw':i uirii lliXtU Hi
..Ms 1 ar;d, which lie seenrt d.
V'o did not follow up ihe cha?e heyend
FL-Iim'si 11:11
The ji.fa.itrv commands !
mcvfd opto Ct'dar creel;, aid went into j
th-ir old camps, while the cavalry camp-
ed at th-3 right, a littlo teycad Stra.hurg,
. . .
ai i. ii; n i
rl I' ... T
The whole country befrccn Middle-
, c , ,. .,
...... -... 11.1.1 nil I u.ll. I.
witu rtltl corpses.
At an early hour the ni: morning th
pursuit was continued ly Poweli's cava!-
tt , , ' ' c '
ry. He caj.tured fourteen pieces of cail -
,., . .
on. whirh lue enemy had driven into the
mountains. At W oodstock the column
was hahed, and rested a thort time, when
it reinrntd towards Straiburg, ptcuing
up many stragglers on the way.
The Herald' Washington special says-
The opinion is opnly avowed by the
higheM military authorities here that I
Grant can at any time he pleases, with a
few hcur fighting, occupy the city of
Richmond, and force Lee either to capit
tilate or hastily. evaluate the rebel capi
tal. The on;y reason assigned for the delay
is toe oesign of Gen. Grant to attain the i
i-cme rt widt without tlie serious loss of j
life that wWid attecd the capture of j
this EtronnhoIJ l.v Air,t ncct, ... ,.;,
Cairo, Oct. 27 The st
manding General and the tixth corps. j Petersburg, 0:1 the 27th. On approach-
Iu thi, eir.rt he uas secer.dtd by Ker- j Thatcher's run, a division of .infantry j
, . . i-i , found the enemy posted on the chvr siut.-,
shaw, whose infantry having been several 1 - 0 r , , , 1 . , ,r-
' J - in a Ime ol ettrfcrn-iifiieiits. com-
ct. 27- The steamer May ve drove thin in through the town, and
Da Vi:llV Bluff arrived at in t0 WO0(ls heyond, when we dismount
a 'o-. ' " . , - j ed our nun and threw an infantry force
Duke, from
Memphis on the 2u.h
u.u, wua a large ;
number cf refugees
rv m m. I
i i;e stearner r.I trmora nrrived at St. !
Oiiarles on the 2-d, from the mjuth of ' ?ang,tabout y00 strong, raised the. Ind
White river. I 'an I'd1 a,;d cam in full s-peed upon our
She was attrched hy pierillas at Prai
rie Landing-, who followed .irmrr into her
r: . . .: 1 t" . .
the foot, and was brought tack to. Mem
phis on the May Duke.
St. Charleswas teing, eracuaied oa the
c Teiiin cf the 2'2i. The' cause of the
evacuation was not known.
j capture of the blockade runner Hope ly
the steamer Evans.
She was I uii ki Erglar.d for Frazer,
beam,. has Gve 'water tight compartments
and draws 11 feet of water. She is a
powerful hteiuer and rejorted to be oh!
of the best and mcst costly vessels built
for blockade running. She Gew the reb
el rag at Cotk. On board is a valuable
atsorttd cargo.
The Sar has a report that guerrillas
attacked the train near Martinslurg last
nsght and captured Gen. Dullie and iiaT.
Gen. Rickeits is now in a fair way of
recovery. His promotion as a brevet
JLJor General lakes effect from October
lGih, 1SG4. ' ' . . .
The trial of Hamilton. Ei'ster & Co.,
of Baltimore, d urged with selling good?
to blockade runners, was commenced to-
Against Johnston and Sutton. After his;
testimony the trial was pos'pontd till Fri-
day, to enable the defence to procure
; their witnesses.
Hamilton, Oct. 23.
Mjor Rains for J, A. A. G. :
Lieut. Col. Cux, E. M. M. and cf my
baualhon, and a f-w Ray county militia
had a fight with Ai dtrsn yesterday
near Albany. Ray countv. in which An'
derMjn nod seven of his men were killed.
J OUT 0f n, Ulta lvere severely wounded
none killed one of ihe wounded men
hts jn.t arrived on tbe ttage.
VY . D. McDonald. iIa;or, cc.
B.uTab 21 Advices from Canrida to
this veuiiig, say the rebels "f Canada
. " ' , T, ...
are to mae an i.nnt utate rasd on Bulla-
Jo The miluafy are nou underarm?,
The city will be patrolled to-night.
New York, 30. The Herald has sme
additional details of the movement beLw
tna:vj was dtfK-yed in line cf battle,
when Smith's brigade crossed, carrying
the breastworks on the oilier fide. The
only ol.icer bt was C,:l S;. alter, cf th'V
. . . 1 ,
Ohio. The remaining forces then
ao-j aiiJ advniltvd Un r.,a,hi,i? a
point near the j'.i.vjtioti of Bouuton r: ad
right. Crawford of th 5th or p. at the
same time was engaged sharply. About
"1 P toe enemy attacked in forte in
to t-reak through betwn the and i', orjV and Lit of WaiTenV-i
Th-assault was r,r,hed; we captured !
oOO or CG0 prisoners. . j
The advance of the eiifiny was so sttd- i
dr l'';lt Mtcalf section of BecuVlat-
h.i ujj kiii ...rU, i-.n it naU iff IWCIil-
. i , 1
I . rr - r li! ii r. .-I I ... it ...n . .. .... .
! at the a:e t'.me on our lea and rear,
winch wns haudrmily repulsed. lo;s 7 or & hiiied
iSev York, CO. Southern papt-rs con
tain cuusix Cinnments on the proi-ve iing
V1 u,tT t xua " ; -liao irmt
r.l ! : fi .ii.
ijsjli.-iai.iic, puii'jiiinc j,' p.icua ji.ilU OI
recons'ruction imp'ra 'ticahle
Herald's cot r-!"p . indent. ays all is qui
et in the Shenanlmah. Mountains full
t.t stragiv-rs, wi.o ;.re i i;
iorccs. our mure ca.-.;!Hs m i;.e r-at-
e . i. ,
sle-of ttie PJ:h ar estimate J ui 7,0oJ ;
enemy's ab-..t
Headquarters At my "of the Potomac
19:h. Late movements of this armv r -
o!trf u xu n.-'-nnr n n
Hatcher's iiuu. on Duncan ruad, in ad
vn- about 3 miles beyond our farmer
si5iPri on lhc l'fl acnd,lhe 'i very of
the exact rosmcn of the em-rr.v's linf.
and works trected for their defen.-.p
. , . ,
revv lorfc, Richmond d snatch
. '- II . '
rmies tire si stron-
ry entremhrtd that it would seem sheer
: madnes for either to attack. Tau front,
IQ scr'ie ar" foL"' hundred, arid not
lover 100 yards rrart. Tl;ey mav re-
j , 3 1 . . .-, .
! mam in -heir refpective pinions all win-
ler) cr ar,y morilu;; ur U!ght lnay Lnng
cn a colhsioa.
! A dh-patch from the Shenanhcah rep-
l L . ut J li I i vj'.iu i,
Guerrillas between Martinshurg and
J Winchester are getting very boij. Very
urcng guard are necessary to protect
irains, uud'peruus passing through have
reported rebels preparing for an exten-
sive raid towards Western Virginia.
' Richmond, Rat Couwtt. )
Oct. 2S.h, 4bG4.
To Gen Craig :
We hare the honor to report th result
of our expedition yesterday against the
notorious busnwhacker. liul Anderson,
and his forces near Albany, ia the suuih
east corner of this county,
learning hs whreabauts, wo siru:k
tPnts Tterday and mad a
forced march, coming in contact with their
pickets about a mile this side of Albany
.i fore5, 5en.iinr a caralrv adranrp
VY"-- "u,awi I
who soon enggd the er.fruy end ft-11 j
hach. when AncVr.-oti and his fiendish
lines, shotting and wl'tng ail th v.hil3.
1 J t,l,v.,.; -.t:., :.k.. .
yjui iiiivj i.t.j iuvii pi-eiiijii u .
Lrt - L
Rains made hi3 escape, and their fcrces
retreated at full speed, being completely
routed. Our cavalry pursued some two
miles, finding ihe road strewn with
bloo I. ......
We hear of ibem scattered ia rariou?
directions; some consfd'eraf ! force' of
them making their way tu.varcLs Rich- j
field, in Clay county..
. We captured on Anderson's body, pri
rate papers and orders ft ch Geneial
Price, that identify him. bt-y nA a doubi.
Officers and nit-u-conduciod themselves
well and bravely oa the Grid. We Lad
men wounded, Cut none killed.
The troop of ih con-.i.-'e-d
S.. P. cox,
Lieu'. Col. 33.1EM. M.
S. A. Richardson, Adj't.
Nashville, Oct. ISth: All of IvoJdy's
artillery was. captured ou the 12th. Jho
rebel General Lowry was aho made a
The venerable mother of John C.
Breckinridge, of the rebel army, died at
Baltimore, October 9th.' She had res'd
td there with her son in lav.-, Rev. Dr.
Bulloch, of the Franklin street Presby
terian church, .for. the past two tr three
The Windsor (Canada) papers pu'.
Iith a list cf letters remaining uncalled!
for in the PoaiofHce in that town, cvepj
eight hundred in number, nearly as many
as the entire population of the village.
These are almcst all skedae'diera from
their friends in the States, chiefly Inir-
ar:a. Iliinoii, Jlissouri, Wi.conin and
Another fighi between some of the
Colorado boys awd the Red Skins occurred
oi the Pawuee Furk n short time sit c-,
whiwh resulted in the Joss of two killed
and three or four, wounded. Between
six and eleven Indians are sid to have
been killed, though but one scalp was ta
ken. Tnese Coloradians are doing some
good work on the plains, but much more
is needed to be dune.
Rill Andersen, the notorious G'ier
rilla Chief and Bushwhr.cktr, has at la.t
met hi fate. In another place will be
found a dispatch from Lieut. Col. Cox,
giving the full details of his death.
Wasted Everybody to call at
Hackney &. Co's and buy goods ai re
duced prices. They have jut received a
superb stock of Dress goods,' Prints, Hats
und CipS, Ivo'.s and Shoes; Woolen good.-.
. S. D. Chase, of Canton Centre,
Connecticut, raises chestnuts from graft
ed trees. The nuts are mucfi larger
and ripp n pnrlipr froni this process.
VOTICEis hi r-bv divert tiint tue 5rtn lier.-'of. r
t. u iu4, day jusivtj.
,-M K.LTvO.f-CO.
- -.
1 tsi-t:ii unar the naiiU' n.i itie of it. Uran
J.imesII.IJl.w and F.-iiiitif Rl-low. h:s wife.
i'.t t ntioe that John Q, A. Smith, kj. pUintitr.
l'is'rit-t Cuurr nf Nem t!i;t Co'iuty, N'.bra-kit Terri'i--ry, tt.ftit h U'-tfLilaiit-. the i t j'i-t of v hirii
is .i f r-'!isi it certain m-iti'J m td-.: t7 tie mi: 1
Fc!:.-it:;;iii Iuikm II. JU-Ilv; .tunc 27'h A 1.
! 'j n ..'th.' .f. n.-i W'K-t'T. and thfS'Uih
Vt'ts, Q-artcr.f the X -th 0'-;;rH r, r:: iijrr
X.i. ii-id tvotf S v'l.'n liiu li'it X'. oii .f
".i-iiii N i. 2j nfl in I'lt i-uiii t'.jtr iiXirt'i,
'hif;- Six 1 t't Ei-ti.t'i i i'riri-ir)i! Mri i
tu-it.-d in thtfs-ii-i Cour.ty of Xtiii:'ii:i. .-'aid nior:
lze hsivui,; mi'l'; to swurt the j.-ny-u-r.t t l'; cr
titin imte liei.'i z tv-n Jiie w :,'r ta'-,i
in .'c, in '.i - by ;hc siid Fi-.oitie tu.j .I;u:i -s tl.
oni ii:w 1 1 r S fg. .0 ') duo --ix in- r.tbs pf;-r date wih
inUTi-st fr.ujj tutturity a.t tr.' r.tle i dvt ; ;r ii-;i;.
per month, i h- i-wyer of ? tii tiftioo 'h t':.-it th
nid hind b? cuM tha prcca-jda be airlicJ in pay-tit-nt
i.f a .t-s.
S ii 1 d,,;ci.lvit- ar r-j iire I'fo mTr ai I ;"'-t'ti-.n
ou or h-.-i'i'f i h I'.'.n i vy i f I c in i-T A !'.
h. v . Til J ji A, co! . for il -'u: .
v 1x2 1.t
Talier. uply ti e umier:&Mi..'l livinr near Ncrr.i!'.-i
Ci'y Xcin iha Co. X- T i n the3J:b d-y of Scpterl'.r
Iri4. ("ii lut mare, !;:?. it nip years eld, right
uini huof tvLitj, itui in th furecad.
Browwvtrc Pmtcn.hcr 30th t'4.
Xire in t?rpby riyen tbat I tf'i'.I cn '.he ip;h dar
"f Nove -tier 1501 i ITir fr iieat my reddiiicp' !t; ti."
I'-iy of "ei:iali.i i:i iliPOniinty of NeiiiHt.a lerriturv i f
ieJrak.i, iiiCiCl Me" t. ut two J0r old. S--M
t.ccr lo.;: t.itray lA?a u,) bv m- ii ).-t- iiir
rilnMAS l!!.GIXi.
v-ix-n-6 3 v
On SuMfay the B:h. t!;:y of N'r.vfrnl'f r 1S64 at . it
OVockP. M "ifl dv t ill i fT.r i..r mle ut I'ni c
aurii.ii. at ill- .i i of Pr.i Cttcr.tT L3t;iyctie Ftp-
cmcl. One Kotray Jftare ('"U 1 -r C !i. 13"; ;
yAnAssiaK:is.; i, j
Thi beat ia now helug run unjer ths nperisten-dt-nce
Who witl taVe core that there fcA!l be no couoj-laint
as to thethiat' Crosir: Higularly
At all Honrs of the Dzj ! ' !
Emigrants to tlie Mines
Will jBnd this an excellent pclat for crosctrR tb
Eait!rrn' fr"in Bt. Jerb.ind a'.t p. iut E?5t of
here, even ir tber uMTt-a t.i tr,. ty tue Ktraia '
Ciy Ri.rif ib m it w tir t m m tui r-im.
andtl-e ri.aO are t .-uxer u lie Wen nue uf ibe Uit-
tuuri Eit-er thaa up tlie kat. Aud
tii Dorrst nere caesprtr ioao ai asyctner point
! tn the Teri it-y.
Jrave.era from
j r"V'M -iK 1 j
'v i' 'v U-t V "" u
P. -' '.
Tin?i Kttcrs are pr-nred, la rcr' r-'r-ov
WLUkjr, f.oia a coHj'..ji.!iu vt ov-r twtiiijr ;.f
fcrer.t kiu.!3 of rouls, Latkii and liril-, l:ith
ftct in jxprfift cocccrt c:e with li c;i .r, j re
pared Iro.n Uie ori.-.i.:il fon:u.U g';vm 1- t:.
Kreja c!.!vf, lUd J.n..t, o l-'r. Ci.niin, who
usoj Hum sueccsas'ui.jr in l.U jtraclice l-.r msry
years, a:l by their ur (;;di:cJ i(.rm: a i-cjiul.iri:
hi !!ie ireutrrifii! :u.;l curs f ic; i.i, l.:vr
Cu::tj.!au:l, Ctiiiji.".; a:ioi, fctci Mad! npnil
acwe. tevrnrl Arur?, MiUml iii.-is. s : iiit;; fruTa
lor.iiJ iiver cr;i.a. sur.-t;i,g fiuia
ehhvr cf these l.;iis..n ilWa-a '.; t:.a a sura
cure ty thf me of Pitt era, wMch are iKrfectiy
pure mid free fivni all t :i-.s-- (Imps a;vl Uons ua
ally put up in such Tfj.:irikir and piiln.ct ofl ca
an uususrii:: pn! 1"-. A kUrk Trla-l ni!l eon
Yi:ic thepiot ikf 'til t!i;it iu 'Vw Kl-.O J ACKLI
tlicre is virtue wl.Lh l;o ct;:tr Lit:r ih &.
- Th?7 Etrsr jtica auJ ir "rct? th rystea.
They are tscqsalclfrr fjcasral ttitiility.
They are a eczo cere for ( j?j. p-ui.
They glTV a rjsod zzi. IgdHUj crpetlt..
Taey czzizt cLrjcstira.
Tity a:e th3 Ic:t cinclant ra cxlit-ncsv .
Ihcy arc e pre vc-tlvc cf liver tid Agia.
Tl f 7 r cli:vo ccti-zticn. s
They care IT ervsus ZcacU.cLe.
llity are cricctly a:c crd pt-Iatille.
.Ap-il jv-rsoiis sir.;l il-'.i: ? fcn:a!es wi:i fed Itiy
can 8.ivc Jaie duc'.or'it lli 1 lie utr of lUcw t ii
tcrt. Letrare tt eftnritrrfrits. The Itffl JncVet Pit- ,
tern are i rily m 1J in l'uniea wish cur rwrre l.-lim o
cn th fiilp, and cur prits goTfir.mcr.t istanip
across tl.c co; k. -iCl-
t ' is, i jr-i r t L c v-,'i
-VrA ' : JUj i
'i-..r:r -;-:-.-.;.: vr -i -v? ; ----- A
Fr Medicinal !Tit Tal.te vv, wt.tch are perfectly
pure. a:id iirnl oi.l l tiicil to U; b) iniMiri.
suue -i.;nt uniewi thry h.- e our in.U oa
cti but.le, iiutl our iiiiial prtaatU iu ux ovtr "
le ork.
S. lil I v tl r1rnrj!ts ard rte-.tcrs thronglior.t Ilia
Country, fail ir our j;iwk1 hi d tHe uoithir.
Cirtular to the tmiie'Mii'jicd on ai .hctn.u 14
iScuuetf Vi ivt H & i o.
Soli tjr 0. 21 law SI.. Cikia.
v'. JI. It.Y?vi. . . . .. . . ..e,
? Ki : V 7v Ji. 1-IiO Li T i: , ?-ni, . T.
GADE Co . " " "
Brownxiiie, Juue US.. no 3-ly
Ju?t. received at
C I:I E 1?
T r C 77 77T'
Util,t O I iiul. J,
The Latest Style of Ladies
Fancy Dress Goods.
Summer Shawls, Hits, etc., etc.
t t)j Goods. Groceri s,
Ila's. CiW". Boots, Sho?.
Iron, Nails, Flour Bacon,
Queens ware. Hardware,
Furniture, S;ish Djors,
Window Glajs, etc., etc., etc.
LicL be will Sell
C:t! ri'J cx'iiuine his stock l"-fore purch;isin clse
trhw. B.-L-wnvilic, June 2jtU, 'R.
. r
Tie Jitmarr r.ntj.hcr cf our ?.'-w M.TTMiine hi
m-t wit!) ary liiiiuii mj'T'Ioii ro-n t b e j-.urn
ii id tho country. tUud the foilu-Aiiij aaion;
::oTIfE3 OF Trie fr..-t.
Tnr. I.AfvV Fkikxh. Tiii t-'thi; title of a new
::-:i!Zi;ic j r-lvht ti in our ti'y ! v I i.'ii-'i.ii.t IVtcr-
ii. Ni. ::i'.i Wiiluiil :--..t. A its V.t'in ii,.li'it.
it Ia en:; h:it ii-ii!.'y tin- hi tlx". .-ifinl, a;.d is rcplcf
,v ib i Vt'rv' I i i t-.-. .cl -hi U 1 to t se :ir.d intrti'!
1 !! i-off . i-i coi 'rih'!f I i's n ! p tr::is :.tir.c5
- of ih h iitrrTV liilint in this utiiry an;?.
; i'! -! ; . Ti:C t.:.-'i in ptit i:i ti is 'T
.;nu ia. a c 5ii-rh -.old ot th l itfst ?. xri ;:e
t 1 1 -5 is ' ii aU:i ! i...-c;-t f :: t ri ns of t .!:i-m-s mtd
-ri'-t i.
(I.ihri.l Vt'.!.,ic'. 4 il'jiu.n from .he
' i - a ; .cii.o-.i St.';' -I cr.-r.' ii . c from ii (ie-iii
J t-xprc-sty f. r tl.
..i;r.-; i iu.. i ii is lit-w
o.vr; !: ftiiioi n ly tlt-scrvir lt.o ptri ir.j! tf
our ti-ly fri i.-!. I Phii.i.! !;ia h.ft-j-n r.
A .w.I.amks' ?.!a';az:nb -Mt-.-.r-. P-rr --n A
P-e:ortt: L.V2 j.itpla-!ei ii-f;re tii-s piti'i- t! firs'
r.ii.i'luT it a I.- .V i:-.;i":!zit!). "aU-J 7h J.m.Iv's
Kri-r.d. It i vhh iH' Virvv-c!!
v .'ir.
i -i rv I i-t-;."on ; is , Wtr.J i ' i'.'t.i jH..i hat.!.-oii.'iv
iltn-t.aO-d, an i i-U.i! td x -i'i'rnt i t' ' i. ! n.i'hijj
At'i'iP it f.-.i.trihii'ors arts M .- li.'. u-m r I.-.;-ii
1 v.viio-e -x-.t-ii.i!it licte si-."!i-i) . ou'd. thitiri. i
Wlkif's U'.l ti r i ." ii ; ;(',vrs w; tii ii fvt ! enraviii in
this n'lin'o'-r : llis. i-.nfni.i NJ..U, Mr. iViers.iii.
Mi Viriiiia. Tot i: iid. Jhirion II irlnnd, atnj
in .o:y o'h'rs. ' "a M-,.;.c..l 1''l!u," hy Mrs.' R..I:-
d 'ij il. IV' 'biV C'Mlt;iii(S th h-.T-t thiiiUt of the
nuiir'-r.- rvV i'r ' l'.iii:id-'ti'-' i.
Lw"- nre rir
2 lf
4 (.ii.e-vi :;r, - .- . C i.'J
S n j It . .i. il i.:,c in -otter np of ci?i 12 (Hi
20 copif. intl ii t" jotter uii ift-!uh.j " 0 t
Otie copy cf I'zs I'ort u.u cae of the L;idvV
Fritnd, ... . . -im
Subcribri inl'riiish !7r.r:h Anjrwa n:tjt remil
ttrtnty t-ontu in iida-iir. t-i trie aiiiiual si.hst-r'jitii Ti.
a? w have tt prepay tlio L'. . pt.s la-e "on their
iijvr. - .-
A the fr'."e .f 7i:e IVt i the rn-.Tit a that of
of The Lady 'a Friond, iha Ciuh in-iy he ccirnpi-ei5
CX'-! J-i v:y of lii piur, or jiiirtly i.t th- p.ip-r iind
partly of ih M i izic. Cf cour-, the protaium
lt! y ho cither one or the rthcr. a.s d.sjr- d. "
Tns niatti-r in th-pipor wiil way hj uiTcrcnt
fn tn that in the miuzine.
t;fiociuion uuuibors oi las I'uit feut gratis, Ad-
f) 1 COX t PETE R.SOX,
IC; 3 1 y W"uiuut fit., PhiUJelpLia.
IMPORTANT ti Sunken Te bt .,rtmcnt cf
5aijkia3 TwIj-ixo, Car, rij.e-., Sietni, &.c. is to
be lOUud
At ilcLarcnLtx A Sra:s.
ClTKt)N. mace. f.puf p-iiir. pinker nuimes, c'c
Luiuu, etc.. e'.c. . t Lot d iiiiiv
At UcJjiiisniin & Stran'3.
V7agon L-ahcis.
lllil.i) IP TII. I ri I
Imp with ue ia:ivhiaarv m
h rr a turatrrt'-trt'hf ;
1 fircl--s.-ir-. it'-., ars t:rep-red 'O tiirnout a An.'
I nr!i;;,e td W a;;o's. llt cr.S. .Vaoox .his
FW AST Iur.iVEI f t I.TJVaT"!'.-. 3i,d rverjtil 'D" i
"i in their tine that m.v h-th: f .r fr;..a a carets !
rH:?s th-in ihoT ra 1 2 Lid at any iioinL Ilat ir '
wa - n iwn u. tr ns:a.i.. r-pas ntd".l at h,wer
.a-.- . . " 1
-. -j j
BiMton.ftnjtar. !
TflS XEjV Y 0 E K Vi. l L lilY HERALD,
7 mr -onod P'PPr ? T"' 'on ':.
Thn txi rWs '! rm r"V-'e- f if i:t ;r. in
its' w8 i'.u fiu.ltl f ih I'iti d' ! ETO K" i t-Us V ES-
lv HritAv t i c the iau-SLA-d ni t re-li-
O.t in! ii-.m f- W:y to to ctiahitti, 'it ity
f:. in all -i.-w i l it. L'uiud States, lut l;oa i.
jiarts ul I Wrii.
lu h..:!io r:iiTj-'! ii Te it?, nyivl atcarj eof,
a.rj cij.iutfi.-u-d w.ih eiu-h n -w n.ival ani mi'itnr
oxj:tMtiD -if the "Vi-rniiV-'iit, prove tht ii i ue-u-tui
in'l to ifiive Hi pt ur.Ci-.vffi bj i: ":ri
l :.- ai.u ho t- t-ii c;ii u-cur lL;'t A ' I r.'it im-n;eoii-o
ro; rt it cuiuaia."'. lt ct tue -t tprt-eii-r
v,.'t ojhj hundred thiur.r.d di.i!ar- j r jfr
to tii.i.r.ii.ia, iu.ct r, -'t cwr.'jtsUtsnti in tu ti!i.
ia ir c.!.itij.i til "urein ei tl.a I.kuaU) ta
f :V year-i he'i a high j-iiiun, a:. 1 it wiii cduei4vr
in taa f a: urc tu w titiii'.'! flie I-nd it hai aaumt-d.
It h a ?j-.cj::l1;:d m'.x eUiioaed ia all the
priiiiic it i-i' !' 'ii dm w.aJt. ,
l i ic-U-gr-n-Lic r, ex'p"i to wherever
t"ie e:etr:c w irk.- arofeivhd. W u the A'ljn
tio :.-'i'- is whi-. li loet ! sah iwaccouap'i--h-cd.
ttfitruois vt iiibii received tnuu hurojio and
Ai.J,a we:; as from the Uliilod utcj. Then cur
renit-rsi iJi h-ive t'ne tv v cf th in al
j..a.rt ;i of tue ciYw!2t.d orid rt-g'ihr:v aud wurij
uii bef.-e '. ifin.
i ua l r j.ri?r r t-T te inr:i'n if to
I.ui ra;ii--, l..i:-'!.f.n A-iru.iitr-, th' .ichii-.-VitSjirt!!.
.N!attfr. v,vjin!.-, Th-.ifri.-l anc
Kijilti IJ,. Iktl' i:;', CiUlts iIrti.t,Ciei.tfTk XeW.
and rep-t. d .til tverU cAiL-ainJ t f-r'ga an ex
ceiiet.t ru -tr j.Jmiu, sews-ip-r- a weiily j,bitt
tru .1. i.: v .cv .i itlc vl icni-iLii il i.'
a v-ry ;i w r ! ii-e. v
luo V;Eici.v t!."Ri.r ii iaed ercry utd
if:..r.i!.-i-, ad fu.u.tbcu t the i'oltwwin rts :
"iiecujy- - il
I'.VO C"j'e:s -
tea .- . - - - e - (
An) Urt't-r n;i!ii!jor, adJre;ped to u-iuies of t.b
s.-nbe. s, ii o i. h. r ' "
An i xtrc j y fee s"r,t to evjry el thor ten.
ay iarj;tr nuiu-icr ;it tri-a s vn s ,ri"!;.
Ad txtrit t-o;y wit; Le s-ji.t tntlabs f :wMiy.
A-t'tVrt':.f;i ?.;! t ii iikeJ ciiOur Wi. t: ir,-serti-d
ill iii-3 V E-.KLY ilil.lVJ.U.
1 i;e W.nii:.Y ilKUAi.n, tlin-c cent crpy.
Tin c!.'i i-i j cr t .r t'.neo Lu:.!j".d r.'i-.c n y-ihrL-c.i..-tifsi..
live ilolhi-.s t'-r ti u.-uth. Tw-
vUilali ut-ii ti "tv i-e is i .r'arep jn r.:ii!.
J.ii:Es t.:t!.L?)V L!..Ni:rT,
l- Ji 'o ;:. t l'i ';'r.rt-r
Jorlhwet corner cf i uL : a ;d Niij-m'J firO'?'..
ew i'.j.k e.'y. .V. Y.
Thfre nr n" tr.Te':in ?.it iVrtu ii.Utl.U.
A renrvrtt't Irut't'tt ion. ez!tt Ihhcd by pciaJ Ex-d-rrin!
, '' Itf'irf of the S'ck c,J Dlt'rrst'4
cjX-Lttd v?i!k V:ru!rn'l avd ChrO'i'C D'saf fiJ
f-;: is;.; fur t 'e Lnrt of DUeatct cf tht Sexual
I'l'ZlDlCXL AD VICS given gratis, by the Acting
V-t ! .!i ' a nn nArTn-ilnrr'ifra unrl ti1hArlW-
! ex-f d the eT'ul Or-ifX. and oil thoXKW R EM il
'.il !- fHV'') ui lu; .'i-;'ns.ry . soul in c;;id letlei
-nveiui'e. Ii t;e f charj: . Xwuor lurec S.inp xpt-
'"it'.lre' PR J. SKU.T.7N HOrnnTOX. Howard As
H.i;iii. N'o. 2 S'.nlh Ninih S-r3. Phi Udelbia. V
r"e:uhir 12. 1SC1. uZ2-y
i."?la O
lamp heating apparatus.
j!y fi iir. if & fi-nmin ;imr. at
theco?t of sccnt'a Wi.rtii i.ifoi', a vc-ry c!i'f r-hle
br-.a!st can be CooXtid .V. J. Trlb.
Sunpl" in c,n"trutipn, a?i!y kpt
in priirr ready fir in; in a moment ,.c;n-verit-ut
to have h u Dninrjiit't Cir FijtiS T,tup ijon of them t por-ul-ir
nr-re'tie of t'e day. tha utility cl
it is un piestionabltt, rcat jafiritf i.-uid in heat
ing mi I c. inking fuiail art'u Us, ami Can be m-i.ia to
c- ok m al fori gri-Ht uaiy person, which h actu
"... i i. ... .
ii.'.j noiffcn trie auiMurve er wn-h c trry te
iek .-Idier3. v Si-.l-jul'jl- AmrieA.
Tor f.nniiy uc, h, font, bir
rnck.piriih'?.fLi!. nurfiy. or ii-U roosn, it ii nu
ar'.k-lcof cuuit' it b.m I all prorv fii ia to itiCi'St.
I hitt-c triwi the npparaf n, and mr
wife aiyl I proi-l.iitn tliesnin'' m.t Taluabie nd
iinJireuil'iJ urtinitf, and wo ni.? wood -r how we
i.e-u!d have c h-rc: d ce vt ithout it.
ZJ. 0 ,l Oil O.rmLir.
An fciimieal enn'riranc for net
tir; up boat at sh irt iiotii-e rur-erj afid jenerat
hi.n-rijiiiii pu r posit one important point
t tH .;tvin in cot oTer coal Crjs. J.
'. llceniitij J'n't, i
to Four quarts.
Trmr-'d t'"F K'Tosi-ne or Cut Oil or Cur
V Descriptive Pjtm.hh-t i.f :'.l) p:i.9 furniehed grati
' P:h-e S!) Cent. -TV
h" att.i'i? c'J, t n" (t.i !i:tri'in Kcrcjene Lunp or
Oa.-9 I-iirnr-r, ly wi.irh Vatlcr my ho Uwi.tJ
ai.d Food t-oi IvC'j : a!-o arranged to
jmrt a sir' !.;.
-Vc. 2,.", IVarl sl. vw York.
e vv g o o d s
J. BER11Y & CO'S.,
Rt9 Jrnt reeiTd, ana tr nw o-pev.lnt:. tt
f.tzti oa iiiu 6ireet, id ot tlie Urgot ittrk o.'tbW
erer offered la this market. Remember tie place.
?S"o IX, HIaIzi otroot,
TJLAT Ca-tJs. mils. Sw th't tn,i t
Bilis. Patient tlirea t, Svi$T, rat-plug 'mI
Brooai twiue, to be had
iZ Z
S v ' '"'f' ' -H,c:,t
ts I'is, Ox Cham and
At ?T?T-"-io.M;n ft PTT-.trs'i).
k. .-IV-.- .! : m. ...
w"'k: jiiu t;riu, t:?ari pipes F.;e
J .eii;i and Tibc Pom h? m t;ro-,t v.rietj-,
JLt idcXiat;ghii:
B,a, C'A.-Sh, ,
r r . v. .. t.o... i ... i i li 1 1 ' '.J i
- i
7VTcL.A';f 3U? WAV a coitMantly re..Tivir j
wiirp. Tbeir G-vtei, and rnre6 V!! Unit eerjtK. !y i
tcr Mhr tnn '
j 7 0 11 E H C II A : 7 sf P A
rjA? ru'cri AND Forw .Q.T.
AM 'kLL. .Sr.LtC'iLU blu
X it t i
11 ii il ii W
c ?:ruis::-G:
ror.?c xa!'.. NATi.-r.o
n:);;s A.vt Min-K .-i:ti-:s, a:
SM':iNt;, i;i:j.o.s.
AXri.S. V!( ES. TH ! M lit.!.
CHAINS, iA(. I OXKS. -Ci-t-W
SLFD.ik ham:.u-:::s. ii .Mi HA."!
tiiCr.iN -i il AM ME US. P1M ti
M"TS. II M.hU .V TiiKTii.
WLLL Y UELL.S, A. J.,JkC, ir
WTS. ?!!"! .E.S. fe;.eows
yi'AUI'N mjSj, Mi .Ar i VO L
illS n.VMJi.E i. -d II AM
Pi-OVC l Mr'i-Ei. is.
Al-0 AGOT f 1CZ 8 ACS 0
Of TH E A tift V E (.0 0 U
lIU E(iT Flit) ! TJS
F A C T O Ul L fi ,
. 1 A M ENABLED TO S E !. T.
JJLf Y C O M P E 1 1 1 1 o .s ;
fZzp'SenJ in Your &rap hon.m
highest rracE tatd rc?. Trr.or
FetU-nSJ-fitn. ' ST. JOEm, I
II j. re-"n'-d hii Crrte.uij
Xorth-cat eurricr M.tiu nnd St-.n d rvr,
b :-..';: i ill 5.;iKA-.K.'
. Where he I prepared ti d ali ot
his !ii eheap tor t-h. lI.Tst'f Shctl. PitiWi
eiiod. Wagons. Iron'-d 1.2", in fart anyhiii
ll.ick-iuitaii) iiiio Jjnc ja lht hi; at tt j !; v
fricads nd tiie pnbiic re:.cra; ;y, V,ej
reteiveu a imperifcr lot of Yn i'j Crorenes. nC
tin atleutioQ uf purthaoern to tbcir iuciaj
lUl'Mi Itr-OJi T2A
kick, sago, ?p:ce Tzr?KT. ci.orKS cisxa.
ccd fish ial, whits' n
LAXE TiiSUT.iliiitiU.iG, tZTAD.
pake:) peaches. '
dried apples.
duil;d PEACH
L-Iclasscs, Ccal Oil, Cider Vinr;
CaF axu otii k;i t;HiiK kr v5
"lNiCnCAVKMilsil ICII.L..
MC & Vth.IM CU4-al'J.M-
Clears oniie Rest Drands In II
cnzsTicrrs, AT.Mnvn.i pcca?:s FiLssaTS, ra
ja: is, ItC, .c, u.,
A Splendid As5cr:m?r.t of Stic'c nr.
Fancy Candy from the Best Manyfa.
turies in the Eii-t.
Flour, Eaccn, Putter, Erg? &c
The Highest larhet Prices Pal fcJ
Country Produce. ;
NtxAn. Valley Bine RriLrisG. (
ERftwxviLLE. Jti. 11 JSS4. rCl?-j:3Tlr. j
IMPERIAL fiTt'p-.w.ler, Toanj Il7,u end hUZ.
Tt uf isperiorfinjiitr.
At Liclifitixhlin & Swin'i.
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