Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, January 03, 1863, Image 3

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iSv JAN. 3, 18C3 ) not. arpire to the fictitipva capital, which
vriU-E' : U- represents privilege, laziness,-- injustice
tt. sciurzy, i
I iBTiiiKC Aoint, nd Teal" i
Aclcred Int. or the Eest Quality,
V street, Chicago. Illinois, it ear au-
1 3 pfn Aivcrtucr end rcmer.
333 Br'Mdnray. .New Tor. kre
l"'0 rn-i 'or the A&tirtUer wl Farpfr.
;cr; cor CO
... rTC
and l'ea'er la, Inks and
o' all k:n!t,' 0Sce Trl5ur, 'iMing,
'jLl torttt "fmer and Far-
:s ramcd lLal butane, company of
will' Le' stationed in this county,
cd is Nemaha City..
fare will te religious
service at the
aw aria 5
Church, lo'-raorrow (bun-
Vit it ;u-uaI kur by Re v H
!va:sc. ""b" j v
y 8 new stork or winter -doming
';' rive gooi bargain for cash, uot-
'.aaiicg the iiigh price of goods in
1 & fjr the winter, ai eu.iiy, mm
.yfika;cri3te afpVelienJed of. the
', irpprnf over, for tome time to come
3p r.ctin,ni :' started Jtft. Xouls
fjrrpart of this week. She pasted
:e cn Tuesday morning.
place, was awarded a Contract at this week, by Aujutanruenerai
b;r Turning. 5.000 .elsof
!:a.ts lCO'jous ct hay to be deliv
tiitiLis plnrernd Nfiiaha City. He
(-.oreceiM 25 cents per bushtl for corn
Iee Wxatreb, k ti 11 continues warm
r'x Srrin". occaiionallv-have
-'".easaLt siipwer,: fotnetmjesifliaxjra-
' -a-Wrihcnder .and' 'lightning; 'b'oi
ihf iky i as dear and- the a-ir as
iad pure as any climate on the globe
i?;roucd is net yet frozen to any depth.
j,e cf c':.T farmers are engaged at
ricr Mr. John Bennett was break-
Prairie all day on Christmas, as he
V'jt for the name of the thing."
I - r
, ...... .
Lis. This valuable literary neekly
,i commevic a new .volume .January
i . , . .... . - - . .
ia erar-d ttyle, andwill be
.ted a eight di"erent 'colors, aome
. which Lever has beea attempted in
!cr any other country, with new type
entire new dress throughout. The
. .izm is an elegant, moral aud re
)i tr.iscellacebus famly iournal. Its
pas are devoted to polite literature,
J and humor, prose and poetic gems,
j rivalled corps of writers and artists
t several' ntw and popular features
- v . fi.Vi4 L .11 Ui. L V 111
beajiif ullv illustrated Tn k?7p th
"ry Companion is some' fifteenhun-
Paere inches, forming a mammoth
of sixteen octavo pages, and con
nearly twice as much reading
j'tr ini cf a DioreT. . refined 'character
'-ty ether weekly "paper. : Terms,
ji-a year. Sample copies sent freq.
hi weekly by F, Gleasoa, corner
ai?st ar,d Broinfield etreets Bos-
Tor tbe .Vtbra-ka Advertiser. . ,
New Tear. :
number of your paper comes
lste first time, in this New-'YeaV,
it is customary to wish one. an-
I !
j: "Happy XeW Year' I desire to
0 i
But it is a'o: suflicient
: j ate a nonsensical formality? iths
f'i w meaning', on the lips of:
V h's a mere duty tfVdlitc.
f nay have a thousand "different
H f j V:n ca rthe Pa" of those who
j; t4 10 forra sincere wishes for their
2 t
is a h
appy year for the
i ; ;rr:an? One that brings him
d rower. What is it
rer- One iQ which he obtains
ri.'Jt' That in whirb he arWio'vPs
T'e. . F or the politician ? That
, . t- Vs- out. a cew idea. For
""erL.0l:e Q which he makes a
-cr preacher ? .One in
I 'iC,!;-a r-al UJnher cf p'ebble
:'hv r lhe dervijh? That
I !
ll b0aze ?-B'Jl "Aer'e -would
1 e we t0 etomerate MUhe
ttf- . ue fancies, all the PTtrava.
h'rnay be hetiiinder our
y f....,i
' U?,derslani nt everything
. thus formed by
L fer fcr their own happiness,
j cf Ueif kindred or friends ?
-"e-c"sPrad 'to real wants
; ey arenjunftnd rjght
. uuu cease to be rpusnnn
u ley become eiclucivp. or
Thug nrp.l.k .
- In ' ?r rUcipatin withf-Are,
u einni'mm.!. ' i . i i
r '
,4 factions." It 'is, there-
:sisa- for neaUh; but every
i;-11 f? ani.not only for
bafairsnd impr.
aad all social .vice'g. In examining other
wishes, w equally can see in what they
are allowable; ia wLat they may be rec
tified. .There is. nothing, even the pil-'
griraage, to Mecca, in which we mayaon
discover the 'sairsfaction of the legitimate
want,-"of 'Eeeirig-kth"e T'orld and risitino
places, illustrated by great'eventa. ; Wfra.'.
is absurd in this pilgrimare; is the p;e
tention that Mecca, or any other place,
is raor holy and more venerable than
any other city cr place upon earth. r j
. Among, the New Year's Wishes, there
is one whoso custom is consecrated by
popular good sense; a .wish which sur
passes all others iajmportance and recti
tude ; it is that cf a good health.: In re
gard to this.vfe have, nothing. to suppress,
nothing to criticise:- We can but ap
prove of it, confirm and explain it. -Health
is the normal development of our
strength and faculties ; it is the first, the
most important . 'of all riches, that without
which everythine: is but illusion and mock
ery, ; We tdo .not consider it onlyas a
phisical ' advantage ; for from indicating
the triumph of matter and the denomina
tion of animality upon moral nature, it is
a pure indication of . the empire which
reason exercises uponhe senses and up
on inferior appetites: Our being is spir
itually . tonstitutedr' viz :.'.'lit is formed; in
such' a manner that all the functions; cf
the organism' concur to the mere and more
perfect manifestation" of the will,;5
sentimant aud thought. 'From the ftio
ment that-this rigorous condition of our
organization is forgotten,' from the mo
ment 'we'' Matter buf anim'al propen'sufie's
at. the expose of themiadvit ia notonly
the triihd ' ' htV the tocly.A-hich '' kurTersl
Life, contained in the vicious circle of
matter, . jendstS'Vorheh.out. cf it, and to
OTerthrow the obstacle we set to its nat-
t . . ...
nral course., then, no health,
no possible harmony in our existence,
without a .complete subordination of all
the parts "of "our" being to'lhe rational
principle ,and .to tHe'laW of progress.!
Thus, in wishing our friejids and all men
a good -health, we 'wish them' material '
and moral well-being, a life conformable
to all the prescriptions of hygiene, a clear
and vigorous intelligence,- pure love, be
nevolence for all their f ellow-creatures ;
a wisdom Capable of bearing all trials,
finally, .perfections.-..; ;,
Forsooth,." we give only advice. But,
generally, those -who';; wish a : "Happy
New. Year,1' do, much, for,
they content themselves with leaving to
chance the realization pf their wishes.
Chance is the god of weakness and igoo
ranee. Accordingly as we advance in
strength and science, we escape from its
empire. Our destiny depea ds upon our
selves, not upon a blind, fatality or an
arbitrary-, power;; at leas such is.the je-
,t s.i . i - . "j y .. ' -
eime of liberty and,, reason, which we
must endeavor with all our power to estab
lish for the,1 individual apch for; society.
No. . one - ought ,t,o. .imposeupon. ancaher
without being exposed, -t Let every-' bne
examine' his.'o'wrr "coriscience,'his mind,
and his organism, and see what progress
he; Las nlaile towards lhU eiid. 1 c c
We must certainly acknowledge that
intellect develops itself, both in the indi
vid ual and among nations, that ideas are
brought to light', that social principles gain
ground, here, and elsewhere ; that certain
individuals learn trades or profession, and
several of them too, in a very short lime;
but here as elsewhere, this move is made
cut cf the j cJJoi sphere and ta-chy,
more, than ever, men who devoto thni
selves to the work of -progress andt per
fectibility, a must i ihun' the ' deleterious
iufiuerlce of an ignorantyjlrutal or "malig
nant, power. r "'' . A.. G.
r-Ridlcnlonslj Xjln Report ! !
Mr. EbiTOR.:; I. read in. your last pa-'
per a ccmitiinkatki-purporting to be
from Mr. About Town. About 'Towti
means two or three bodies in Town';'' one
alone could not jnvent. so many lies, at
once; he had to. call upon help. But
those bodies iare cowardly fellows, who
dareji'ot put their names to their witty
production; do. they 4aol 4oiow that an
onymous conveys the idea of suspiciaasJJ
If they did not belong, to trie tnoes or
Flathead's and Snakes, their composition
would not be? so fii and' dull nor would
they. era wi;. like the snaLe, hiding to bite
and to throw tlrpir poiScTia'the dark.
Fortunately, unlike thiJ venom of the real
snakes, that human venom cannot, hurt
when we know the nature of sthe beings
from which it proceeds ; -when we know
that the venom proceeds from jealousy
and fear; 'irV'xonsequence.of .incompe
tency, . and; from inability to'igive. an 1 an-
When we
cf those 'who' feel they.are ia the wrong:
It was confessedht-Abou Towa's .arti.
cle : was not 'found ed on 'fads, but only on
supposition,' induct.. course on He?, ia or.
der' io'devil mi. But the communication
I wrote was founded on facts -the char
ges' were facts, 'and those Caoaaches,
Flathead's, and 'Snakes, vicious ns they
. . " , '.i ' ;
. ackcowiecge u; iaey neve, iu.uc
any mcuijji.- iu .
1 ... . . l,". mt i in mntrn n irt
or to refute it:' they know they could not
.CchfrOnLIthiaUie' saithora"rof .boihTbotdi
munjeatiohs; Vi : A&ut" Towa'a.. and
mine, and say oa whai i&h is lr'athr"and
,i-pr to . jn'c6mmunwtfi!wn.
, ; r, , . l!i : . .. v ....
cannbt denyr"v'& abV.f .a. 'e. , c-ul 0
u,,r if'lt'hwav'o? the ichoraht and
AAUA.U . . ' 1-
hoiior, and cn what aide is meanness and
lying-: tsay who belongs to the tribes of
Camanches, who are plunderers, to the
tribes of Fatheads and Snakes ;-who is
ashamed and sbameful;-who hides to
biic like cnikes and who dares to come
out, , openly, j and publicly, without fear.
Should an impartial jury be summoned to
decide ia the cae ; who .would they de
cide ih'favor cf ? ' " . s
About Town's enmmunicatien, denotes
a ' wind, so ; obtuse, so ' malicipui . and so
mean that it cannot have , been produced i
.1 $ .... ...-. si'
Dut.Dy.a silly- ueaa, and a'biaclc heart,
divested of every principle of hepor and
probity.'-' '.' k- :"',;'; '', ; .'''
y It , 15 wriuer in a negro style, both as
to the spelling and the phraseology ; as !
to' trie ideas and -ithe knowledge it con-1
tains and the purpose "aimed :at, it is .
shameful, and can have beea written only
by a shameless maa. ... i '.., : -j . j
It was. evidently intended, to cast(re-1
necuons upon me ; but I wouldxather by
far be reflected, upon , by ;suca. men' than j
to:. receive their approbation; 'for;-, the !
approbation of malicipus and lying rneai
is always a disadvantage. ' ' . , ' , . ,
a wrote seriously; ADoutiown, tin-
acle to refute my' arguments and my
charges, leaves thm on the shoulderi of
those they were intended for and turns to
ridicule, but ia such, a manner that he
himself becomes1 ridiculous. ! , .. "
., Ia About Towa's communication, there
is no shrewdness, ao manifestation of .in
tellect, no truth, no plausibility, in iany
sense of the term ;" in a word, it is, from'
the very beginning ' to . the i. very endj a
lie, an exhibition of ignorance, of malice,
of jealousy, of fear,. 'of cowardice, cf in
sipidity. ' v ' ' '
Dull, short-minded, flat-headed, snak-
ish. About Towhi think not. that,!, will
compare' with you,' unless you make your
self known, and openly, courageously and
publicly, dare, tp throw; down' tKe gauntlet
of bravery on the arena. I will not com
bat in the dark, without knowing whether
you are a worthy antagonist or not ; and
any blackguard in the country may do as
well as you have; done ; ; throw venemous
weapons at a distance ,ia the dark to the
unawares ; such weapons and such men
are contemptible. ir Still,' "if . you keep
lurking Out to injure me by your. slanders
and . lies, to' bite me,, ia the dark, as
snakes dd, and as is also the habit of the
Flatheads, cf . ignorant, and cowardly
men, I shall be on the lookout for you.
I shall conquer orTsh'aH di'e ' but I, shall
not die, because I can conquer you. I
despise a man who hides' himself, when
he slanders an other.
' Vile .slanderer, you cau bring forth,
and. say, truthfully, nothing .which can
slain my character, my aims, my knowl
edge, my intellect, . my truthfulness my
honor, my- honesty, mv' probity, etc.: I
cfefy you." Can', you , defy me, also, on
these points ? : Let me Iknovf who you
are, so as to give me a chance to get at
. . ; ; ' ' r .'.-: '
'. Indeed, at first, I had a certain desire to
know you and look at yod as ah object of
curiosity ; but an idea struck me thai you
were less a curious than a degenerated
object, and I never did nor do I care'
about .beholding the freaks of nature,
such, for instance, as a Tom-Thumb ge-
Mr. About Town, T own that, when I
heafd'that' you .were to cqme. .out agaiast
me, I ihought ! 'should have ; to -fight
noble' rnighty Lioa, but you are.andeed,
only a miserable Havck.. . , .: -
. ' ',-' A. GonriiET. :'
i -
I ;.,! - ..For' the .Advertiser. '
To Ir. About Tothi. , .
Mr.' EniToA : I. who -for th6 first
time - ih my. life; ' make an attempt to
write, am Mn About ToKvn's cdusin, and,
of courVel'inust be well acqtaintedwith
him'. My cue is put'1 to activity .by. the
;very . interesting and smart Communica
tion1 of his," wh'ich appeared in your last
issue of the 27th ultipio.jizr December
1662, ahough I couidnot readh thro'j
vvrthour jfaliipj: asleep. ; When i Ii woke
up, and saw. the paper in my hands, I was
ashamed ,, of vmyself ;"m'ethocight.! was a
very sleepy head orhad ho head, at all ;
for,, it .was so acute, so isharp, so ingeni
ous, so high ,and thrill' in : sound, and
manifested scch noble- and', magnificent
.idea's ! I felt,: with' my two hands, all
over my shoulders, ani canie to think,
though, that I felt something like a head,
and called it a head anyhow, . I looked
again at the communication, and, lo !
I ' beheld that the coinmunication itself
had no heal, instead of me h'avingnone.
I felt all over. it," as r'dida H over my
shoulders' to see if I could -not find some
thing'"lit:ev,rt, 'but,' -to my-' great astonish
ment, I ' could nctucceed. . Vht ! said
I ; it is noVp'ossible.that I. were &fool ;
for, I hflpr. a head, fend, as the-omnluni-cation
has none afal not even a shadow
of !it, it ,'inust be the5 !c.omm.municati?n
which is' foolish; for,' ahead we're it of
ever so litile Talue; were it but a sheep's
head, is better than none at all, I knov.
Then, I began ' to doubt that my cousin
Abouht Town had no wit to spare. Still
as it was in the columns of the Advertiser
and- could- not , believe th&tj an f Editor
out tLs kead and- with sura d qiiee'r name,
I looked; then,; 'fpr some sense ,.I looked"
and looked: again , and again, but. could
act find any whatever, . 1 tried, there-,
fcref ('to conclude that myjecia About
nant, Ihck.head. lwas'mighty sorry for
it, but could no: help it. Why, About
Town need not beafraid jof his cousin.
The communication reminds me of a
story of real life, which I. wish to relate
to your readers, Mr. Editor'; it is as fel
lows Once oponT'a tim&, th re.lved four
Black 'Bird3: cf --very ,111-. 'distortions.
They were jealous they were cowardly,
they were ignorant. They thought of
settling and building their! nests some
where; they looked around with their
bird's eyes, hovering over the world ;
They saw. France, Eaglacid.t-Scotlaad
. i - ' 'I ! . .
Germany, Prussia; JlussiaVAracnca, etc,
they asked of the different countries
a permit, to build their nests there, but
every where.. the answer was: No! no !
unless you show your qualificstionsas
being birds of honor and of probity, of
knowledge and for.the.busv
ness. you. wish' to engage into. -1 Those
black birds, knowing and' feeling they
had not the qualifications! required of
then, .flew farther and farther away.-
Finally they reached a town.ln the far
west caned Brownville. There, they
alighted; they built their nests without
ceremony and withoutopposition on the
Dart of lhe eooA citi2eDS. under the eaves
of every house in the place. No one in
quired abou t their q ual ifica t ions ,'and th ey
stuck there with great delight, and even
the inhabitants considered jhem to
be quite fine fellows. . Thoy grew proud
and haughty, singing merrily loud ancj
fine songs, indeed. It came to paW
however, that," in the course of human
events, ascertain other bird, arrivec at
ihat place- . Eh!. tHeyj opecd . their eyes
as wide as owls at night ! they looked
at him ; they found out he wanted to
settle there, too. They looked again
and again, but they did not like him.
He was not ignorant, consequently, he
was not cowardly nor jealous. What he
did and said, he did 'arid 'said openly,
publicly; he was qualified and could build
his nest wherever he pleased without
fear of beings-prevented to do so for want
of knowledge and probity.
The black birds, of evil dispositions,
changed their joyful tunes arlc sang out
the songs of the mocking-bird. They
tried to make it appear that he was what
they were and even less; but they did
tict sing openlyj boldly and publicly ; ' they
would sing only in the dark; they
would whisper under the eaves of every
roof and,to the ears of every: person ;
"He is; bad bird! have nothing toido
with him ! he'll hurt you ! Drive him
away away with him !" The lone bird
found it out and heard it. He fearlesslv
.. --. '
and boldly came out against them and
made them known such as they were.-
He Droved -their wickedness, fandtheir
imposition upon the people, in revealing
their hidden .mechlnations-'ther. igobl
ranee) their ill-dispositions, both by the
falsehoods. they sang out and the deeds
they performed. ' ' -.'J'5:: T
After this)' some of the citizens did
dare to ask the" Black .Birds iyK Gent.
Black Birld,what can you say about the
Lone - Bird's - lay ? A.; 'Nothing. sir,
nothing at all.'.'! Then, what can you do ?
A.f'Well," pretily chiriped one of them,
"I have learned the blacksmith, trade a
few years ago, and now, i think,'! can do
more than that ; I can buy drugs at Lett'
and administer them, too." Another one
warbled cut : ,"Well ! Gents, I was opce
a; clerk in a drug store, and noW; ''can't I
sing out the praises of the Medical sci
ence and distribute drugs, too The
third answered with some-gruffhess :
"Don't you think that I .once kept an
apothecary shop ? .Who cm, better than
I, apportion- to mankind the, benefits of
medical stuffs?" The fourth, like a
o-rimalkin said that he "had learned sev-'
eral trades, and can follow throne, he
pleases : he did not care vrhich,andvlike
the others, did not pretend to be a phy
sicianVanyhow. 'Hie did inbt ?are what
he followed." ; t t
'One of them constantly san out:
"Diphtheria ! .Diphtheria !. Diphtheria !"
Another:, '.'Liver-diseases! -Liver-diseases
! Liver-diseases, only '." The third :
"No cure for;Neuralgy Tor Neuralgy!
for Neuralgy! For every thing else,
Morphine ! f- Jlorphine ! . Morphine !" -The
fourth and the oldest : "No. Ovarian
Tumor has ever been cured ! No Ovarian
Tumor can be cured !".. The Lone Bird
says it is &l false. .' v
: There they were, and thu3 they sang,
when I left ; and I believe they are-still
there. I have not heard of them for a
great while, 1-ut when I heard of them
last; the Lcne Bird had not yet been
driven away.iL ( ' - 'V'
- Mb. AfoutTown's Cousin..
-? VTonld anaonnceto theciUzes cf BrowBTille
yj aoJ vicinity that he hat locale timself. In
SwiBrowflri!le, andinten'Js keerii'K a 'all ort.
luent of everything in tis lineof basiness, which will
te sold lew for canh. Be will also 4a ail kinds of re
pairing of Clocks, watchei and jewelry. A.U work war
ranted. . ' rSnlSly .
By aTsthorlty and direction of the Coir.infs3l:ner of
tte Getie-ral Land Office, we wll! offer at'Public Sale,
to the hifjbe-st bitiier, at the Land Office in Brownril 'e.
on the 10th of Jailcary, 1S62, the followlhg described
laBds, viz.? ' .
The south west quarter section 13 township 1, range
16. Mew -".''..
Thi tract of lanl can only be B-)1d for cash. !
Also, south east quarter of south east'ittarter, sec
tion 11, towu 4, range U. east.
Wel half south west quarter stctioa 12, towa 4, range
14, east.
North east quarter sectton 7, town 2, range 15. east.
Northwest quarter aection 8, town 2, rco 15, east,
ii South west qnurterte:tiou32, town 3. range 15, east.
North east quarter of north wjst quarter section 6,
town 6, ianee 10, tart .i)
Sauih west quarter of south cut quarter, and south
east quarter cf sauth weak quaiir, awiion 31, town 6,
range 10. r - r r
The abore lands were enfertd - pre 'rictus to the land
sales, and the euterie have 8ln been cancels. '
BIClTAan :SAIUU.rT,KegHter.
B. a. JAMisOJf, P.e:e:ver. '
4 f .: -
i .'-'' - V
, Taies pleasure in annouaangtbathchaano'wonhand
a large and select stock of every article in Lis Una, j.r
;-- .'''' - ;. '
. Of H the improved patterns, tu: Plymouth Rock,
' Charter Oat, Valley Forge, Elevated Oren,
.- . i SiC, .tc, &.C., ' ; -
Box and Pariot Sloves of an endless variety, aome of
which are entirely ne'v tlesiens, viz ; Combined
Cook nd Parlor Stoves, eomethiug
very nice for imall families. -
'; '' - -- . .
. , for Sugar Boilert, and .
."Brass, Cupper, and sheet iron ware;
; .- Lanterns. Shovels and Japanned
r .v 1 Ware, iia.j &c. n '
OS the latest and most improved Styles, cheap
' ' ' ' cash. ' ,
I am prepared to put cp guttering and spoutfng, and
Bit other "work of my line at the shortest notice, and In
a workmanlike manner, wiLich I warrant W git satis
faction. i August 2,1SC2. :,
ME'W Grid O D S P
' j; -BERRY & CO'S.,
, . f . ... ... - ' " '
Have Just received, and rre row opening, at their
stand on Main street, ono of the largest stocks of
ever offered In this market. Eemember the place,
. ' J.. BERRY & C0
. NOi 3L9 3aCebixL atroct
f 1 BROWNVILLE, N.w T. "
Kay 29, 1S6J. r.47-tf
v. .Kma
: ANNOOTCKS to the public thst he has purchased the
entire interest in the Livery StaMe and Stock formerly
owcei by Rers it Brother. He ia now preparel to
bcconimcdate tto public with
i ao
Saddle Horses, ;
&c, lc.
' Can! fliflr at' his Statle anrple accommodations for
horses, rades or cattle, i' '
. , "''.': BEN'JAMIN KOGERS.
N. B. The partnership heretofore existing between
Benjamin h Jcshua R'-iiers is dissolved.
May 29th.'. 1882. nlT-if
AsricQltnral Cauldron acd Steamer.
FOR SALE 221 and 223, South Water. Street,
Cbicsgo, III. Prices, Wood $35, Coal $38, staple
siaes other sizrs in prorvrtion. with-freight adled
from factory in New Yorir to Chicago.
The ad vantages of cooked over raw food is admit
ted bj all. The old way cf boiling inktittiesia botU
slow and expensive, so much ao taht but few men da
it.. Som tithing more praelioal mast be tai: Steaxa
seemes to to the only alternative. The Patented
has retaimi all the advanta of the Portable Cal
dron for boi'.in?, and devised meand of generating
steam su5:ient for ali purple?. It is simple aad
practical, and proves a PERFECT SUCGhlSS.
- - - TV.JU. -AITSTI3T,
Sole aeit for lllinbis and North-West
221 & 223 8. Water St, CMcipj.
Where will al'o be found Downs & Co' Deep WeE
Pumps, Force CUterns, Chain and Common Well
Pumps, Thimble Skrina and Sad Irons, as well aj
every variety of Farming Tooli, Caat Irou Corn
Sheliers, Feed Mills, Hay and Platform Scales.
Stoves, 4c. The above will be sold on account of
the manufacturers, at their rospe Uvafalory price
addic freight to this placet. ''
Janjaary 1SS2. , . . tf ,
The public are,herecj notified that the Indians of our
respective are not permitted to go bevoad tha
limits of their Reservations, without tho writttn per
mission of ihelrAgentj ;.and all persons are cautioned
against barborin vagrant Indians. Ua attention U
this notice win' enable tin to detect the author of dep
redations; and prevent the recurrence of annoyances of
which 'cC-mpIainU are f recently Biade.
O. H. TS:SH,OmjJia Axeiit," ' ' ''
J. P. BAKBr. otce Agect,
B. r. LUSHBAUGH, PawnM Agent
Koffrmber 33, 1S91. 19-tw
i : ' ' ' , t - '' J ! : ;
r -mzJliiP wm .
'. . ' ..... . ' t ... .
nvl? recently nada larg adillioos U cy itock
cottistuis cf '
ox LAsass, Loass LAsn3, stauslassss,
aiiaacpa, usathB3, ie.
I think I can acco-nmodate all In quantity, quantity
and price. I work cone but best Oak Tanned Leather,
and gettiaj; It directly Xroai Unueriea la Ohio, lai con
fident It will give satisfaction.
Plasterer's Hair on Hand Cheap.
$9pteraberI3, 1SC2. n9-ly
. ' Ever offered 'in this Market.
Batimore CotliiDr : Store,
BROWIf villi:, it. t.
'Announce to the public that he ha opnid est
stock of
ice. , Sec. , iiC.
Unprecedented in quantity, quality and price. Ha
is determined his piicea shall cirrefpnd with tut
times, and therefore offer heie in the West, at jnst
as low rates' as such goods can e purchased anywhere
in the United States. As a sample of Lis prices he
will mention that be sells
Coat3 from $1,25 up to $15,
Pants from $1 to $7,
Vests from $1 to $5.
Boots, Shoes, ITats, Caps, Fancy and White Shirts, Sns-
dcrs, Neckties, Sucks, Handkerchiefs, Ax., In tha same
proportion. .
Tne proprietor emnrace mis opportunity cr returning
thanks tor past patronage, and promUe to spare no ef
forts in the future to give entire satisfaction.
Call lixxcl sco Ixixxx.
Brownville, June 13, lS61.-ly
TTe are now receiving and opening a complete assort
ment of Merchandise, consisting ' - -
Prints, Muslins,'
. . Drills," Osnabur g, :
; Denims, Cottonades,"
s ' , Apron Check, Hiclcory,
'-; , '; Jeans. Beragei,' Linen.
Drepeoda, i - ' 1 ' '
v ooi jjeiames, -;
! Fancy and Plain Sillc, ;
' ' " Lawnes, aten Vesting's,
road Clo'hs, ' ; ' ;
; -; Cassirnere,
' - Hooped Skirts,
. . . -. - &c. , Jcc.
Coffee, Tea,
Soap, Molasses,
Candled, B. C. Soda,
J-aleratus, Vinegar
White and Brown Sugar, -
Sack, Barrel and Dairy Salt,
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco
Axes, Hatches, ' '
-;Buus, Screws,
Lock3, .Latches
J'lils, Tacks,
Penknives, .
Knives and Forks,
. Hand Saw and Mill Files,
&c, &c, &.c, &c, $cc. S:c.
OF QUEEft & WJt K S :
Cups and Saucers,
. Plates andPlatters,
Dishes and Tu:nblei. -
, - Coal Oil! Lan?fs,;.
. - - ' f Lamp C:iirr.r.o?3,
"i ' ' '- ' ; ., '.WicL-, ice... iic.
Women's Shoes.
Kip, Calf rBuT and Kid,-
. .. r . Gaiters,-Calfi Shoes, - -
- -Oxford Ties, Misses Shoes:
Slippers, Men's., Calf, r v
- Men s Brogans, Copper Tea; v
Kip and Course Boot3, &.c.,Sic.
Panama, ,
- Straw, Wool,
. Cassimere, . '
! . Plantation', .
Shaker Hooda,
f Scr -r ?v-r
Of Far miner Vteusils:
Cradles, Rakes,
Forks, Plows,
Scythes, Snaths,
Shovels, Spades,
Hoes, tc, kc. &c.
Clear and 2nd rate
Pine Flooring, Siding,
Eoardd 1, 1 1-2 and
2 Inches Thick, - -
Sash, Doors and Blinds.
Pins Lath, - ;
All Sizes Sash, .-.'.-.
All Sizes Doors,
All Sizes Blinds, .
5.c.Lf,e-.'tteDt,oa of the. public to our stock, as
our CASH TEK1IS enable us to sell low.
i . Thankful for paat patroLage, we soUcii a continaanse
of th tame.
5rowtrt!l, Jaly 3, 13f3. a-f.
Day .goods;, aiid. Gr.coHniEs i
Is recslTini, azifl wiU oonUasa t r ecirt daitai tha
summer, on of
o r
New York, PhiladelpMa. and St. Lc-k
That has ever been txMfciteI in tha Tv-etm Conn.
try, embracing al I the latest ay lea and novelties cf ti '
times, ds stock embrace
Dry Goods ,
G'rocerirs. " . '. ,.
Ilardrrare, f I
i atrcrr-. '
2Joor. r.A SKofs. '
' .Door e;;d Sailu
GiaAanii I'ntty,
i'iae Furniture, '
J.c.t t.C., tic
Among tls Cry Gooda will be found
'rials. Gingham, Lawns. Bareje,
Brown and Blenched Jluslius, -Derne-s.
Striped Sheeting, Cot
touadeft,' Hosiery, Gloves,
The Latit Styles Hoop ,..
Skirts, Nulioas,
tic.) Jic.
He has ranch the Largest Stock
of QTJSEITSWARIa ia th3 Upper
Agent for the Harrailal& St. Joseph EJ1
Haod Packet Line of btoaraboats.
May 22, 1S63. n46-tf.
Eeaper and Hower
Thlt ce!ebrated mschlse l br all oddsth BEST
Notwithstanding the misrepresentation of thise inter
tsted in other, machlues, C. B. KcCormick & Bro. cun
ufactuie at the rate or 8,000 per year, Jiany changes
have been aSTected during the past season, aud for 1-362
the "McCormlck" Is presented with greater attraction
than ever before. As a reaper,
Strength, Durability, and
give it preference over ail others New Improvement
added, have materially lessened, the direct draught,
and so obviated the tide draught that many ascre us
that it does not now exist. The drnht of the Reaper
is so Ht'ht that la numerous instances the large Xutir
horse machine U worked with but two horses. -
The Machine of 1S62 will stand any teat that may be
applied. Our Guard and Patent Cleaner eciually.
prevents chuking, no matter w!iat the condition of th
gram, while our new diviitor point beparates baldly
lodged and tangled clover or gras, where other ma
chines fail.
; There is also a irreat advantage in our serrated sickle
edge over the smooth, as it does not rc-quli e sharpenm;
so often, thus saving tsue. Oar fickle will f retuei.tiy
run through an entire harvest without once griartlug,
while the smooth eJO must be ground once eaca day.
if not of taer With a smoth ei'e the -iracsht inoreuse
as the knife becomes dull. Our draught is uri!.:rt,i,
and in the repeated trials during the season of 1SGJ 61,
proved far lighter than single Mowers, cutting at tt
same time from, twelvo to eiyh'-een inches witter.
Our Mower can be u.-eJ with or without the reel , thU
Is important, as without the reel it weigiu but at out
670 pounds, - .
In addition to the very liberal warrantee given to
all purchasers, we would say as heretofore, that farmer
who niiy desire it, are at lioerty to work our machina
through the harest with any other, and kaep and pay
for tke one preferred".
PjtGpii'ets with full description of ImprovenienU,
tCd'imcuiali, itc. Can teha ! ty application to
THEO HILL, Agent, :
ii, V
115 T PRICL3
Is now reoeivinj and oponiaj out bi Spring
Slock cf Goods, consii ing of
' ' -
Dry Goods, '..; m '
Groceries, . :
Hats and Caps, ':
Ejo-Is and Shoes,
. Iron and Nails,
V Flcur and Bacon,
Queensware, '..;
. Furniture. 1
Sash and Doors,
Window Glass,
" - : . - . etc., etc., etc. v
Wtlii I will sell cheap ft
Call and eiaxiaa my stook tefora purchasirj
elsewhere. i i
Brownville, April 24, ISM, tfl-Ca
Ayar's SarsapariHa.
. !