Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, September 13, 1862, Image 2

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OUR r 1. A Q.
Then np with our flag 1 let it rtream on tbe air !
Though our fathers arc cold in tbeir graves,
Thej bad hands that could strike, the had eoula
that could dare,
And their Bona were not born to be slave I
Up, np with that banner ! where'er it ma call,
Oar millions shall rallj around; '
A nation of freemen that moment fball faJ
When itaaUrs shall bo trailed on tbe ground. .
On several occasions during the past
Summer, we 'expressed a desire through
the Advertiser, that a Union candidate,
irrespective of party, should be nomi
nated for Congress. If the Vallanding
ham Democrats chose to nominate a can
didate we had no objections, but we
.could see no good reason why Union Dem
ocrats and Republicans should be arrayed
against earh other. We are still of opin
ion that a Republican Convention should
not have been called. But a portion of
Republicans thought differently. They
would not listen to a proposition to unite
with Union Democrats. They would
frown and grit their teeth whenever the
idea was mentioned. A strait Republi
can tnust be nominated, and all Republi
cans must support him or leave the party.
They had a holy horror of bolting . but
thought there was no danger of anybody
doing so except Sam Daily and his friends.
Well, the Convention assembled. All
the candidates, Daily and Taylor includ
ed, were pledged .o abide the decision.
After a long contest Daily was nominat
ed. But, now, these very same men who
were so clamerous for a straight Repub
lican nomination, have discovered that
there is no difference in principle be
tween the Republicans and Democrats !! '."
and as a "mere choice between men,"
they support Judge Kinney, the Demo
cratic nominee.
In this county, however, there are but
few who are thus willing to sacrifice con
sistency, party and principle, merely to
gratify malice.
often as thres times; they received the
votes of boys under twenty-one years of
age ; they than and there, at the Nema
ha county convention, permitted secession
refugees, treih. from Missouri, to vote for
S. G. Daily, The will of the Republi
cans of Nemaha county was stifled and
set at naught by Daily and his friends in
the manner I have described.".- . ,
The above contains more unmitigated
impudent falsehoods than is often found
in the same number of lines. We know
of but one man who offered to vote twice
but it was not received ; one boy appa
rently under twenty-one years of age
it is f aid voted, and one dcuble ticket
was found in the hat, containing the
name of Wr.i. H. Taylor..
We have not time or space in this issue
to write or extract more. We propose,
however, in the future, to handle both
Taylor and his fellow-sore-heads, wher
ever they may be found, without gloves.
We have in store some rich items, which
we may dish out in broken doses from
time to time.
William II. Taylor an Author.
We have before us a new publication
in the thape cf a "little book the author
leaves here that you may look upon," en
titled "Address of the HON. William II.
Taylor to the citizens of Nebraska Ter
ritory, against the re-election of Hon.
Samuel G. Daily to Congress." Mr.
Taylor is one of the few who were so
clamerous for Conventions. He did all
he could in County Conventions to pack
delegates to the Territorial Convention,
For tbe Advertiser. 1
Having recently heard that the citizens
of Richardson county were about to nom
inate, for election on the 14th of October,
a full Legislative ticket, I have thought
proper to make a few suggestions to the
people of this county and the Territory
at large.
There are several reasons urged for
electing a Legislature this fall, in defi
ance of the fact that the money . with
which to pay the expenses has been di
verted to pay our direct tax.
First, it is urged, that the Legislature
will have to be elected for the sole pur
pose cf going to Omaha and passing an
act authorizing the payment of Territo
rial Officers ; as, it is urged, their is no au
thority to do so without.
Second, it is urged that if we do not
elect a Councilman this year wo cannot
have that part of our representation in
the next Legislature, as the law provides
for the election of the Council every two
Third, that it has been decided by the
Attorney General of the United States
that Territories are not subject to taxa
tion ; and that, of course, we will get the
amount diverted back again. Those ur
ging these reasons generally add, as a
clincher, some flaw in the law that must
be corrected for the benefit of the "dear
As regards the apparent necessity for
convening the Legislature to authorize
the payment of Territorial Officers; this
is the best argument used for an election.
Yet, I think, even this might be avoided.
Let petitions be circulated, requesting the
proper disbursing officer to take the re
sponsibility to do so without authority ;
there is no dorr,- iqmy mind, but that if
such petitions, signed by a majority of
the citizens of the Territory, were sent
to him, he would do so, and the next Leg
islature would undoubtedly legalize the
act. But, if this is not done, and the Leg
islature convened, even for this sole pur
pose, a full session will be the inevitable
result, to be paid for in Territorial War
rants. . The Legislature having the right
to ahere their milage and rer diam for
Election Notice.
Notice is hereby given that on Tues
day, the 14th day of October, A. D. 1862
at each" Precinct in the County of Nema
ha, Nebraska Territory, an Election will
be held for
in the First Commissioner's District, in
place of Wm. H. Denman, resigned.
in the Second Commissioner's District.
ONE ASSESSOR for each Precinct ;
for sai J Precinct;
each Precinct.
ONE SUPERVISOR for each Road
Also one or more CONSTABLES, and
Precinct. .
By order of the County Commissioners
County Clerk.
in which he signally failed ; then went
before the Territorial Convention, and which they have precedent in Kansas-
there pledged himself, as an honorable would undoubtedly vote themselves enough
man, to abide the decision of that Con- warrants to cash them S3 a day, other
venticn. Failing to receive the nomina- expenses would have to be met by the
lion, a political disease called "sore-head" same sacrifice, which, at the present cash
seized him, and he is now out in support price of warrants 45 cents on the dollar
of the Democratic candidate for Con
gress. The fact is, Taylor has been so
overcharged with Congressional aspira-
would make our Legislative expenses
about 810,000; on which sum we would
have to pay a heavy interest for years to
lions for several years past, that now, come, at the present rate of paying up
when forced by the people for the third
time, to let off stem, the valve of insan-
ity nies open,tna ne becomes a ravine:
our indebtedness; for all of which should
the Legislature be convenedwe would re
ceive the glorious privilege of having our
maniac. But to the "little book," and cf laws over-hauled, remodeled and mysti
the author, we will speak again, often, I fied worse than at present, and one year's
and in detail. The author starts out exemption from direct taxation.
with: As to the second reason urged : vacan
"I address you upon this occasion with ciesoccuringin the Council can be filled by
mingled feelings of pleasure and regret, the election of some one to fill an unex-
With pleasure, because amid the whirl
pool cf Nebraska politics, and the bar
gain, corruption and bribery, I have seen
within the past few weeks, I hare pre
served integrity and character, which is
pired term, and I cannot see why this
could not be done in case no Councilmen
were elected in the Territory by elect
ing them next year to serve one year, as
of more value to me than a nomination by well as to elect them this year to serve
any political convention for Delegate to
"Great- God!" The "integrity -and
character" of Wm. H. Taylor "pre-
wrved i"
The author, in speaking of what he
terms the fraudulent manner in which
Mr. Daily received the nomination, says
of Nemaha county:
"He obtained the Nemaha and Rich
ardson Delegates by the most palpable
fraud, as the Republicans of both of these
counties do well know. In Nemaha
county, he procured the assistance of the
Democratic Sheriff, who went over the
county, telling Democrats that Daily was
o&iinst the Republican party, and against
the Republican organization, and all
Union Democrats were urged to come
into the Nemaha County Republican
Convention, and otP fm- "n;i ti "
w - w. 1itiiv ivt i r
gates to attend a Republican Convention.
next. My reasons for crjecting to the
election of the Council is, that there is as
much reason for electing the House ns
there is for electing the Council ; and, I
fear, that if both are eleeted the Gover
nor wculd rather convene the Legislature
than to assume any responsibility. Should
the Legislature be convened taking las:
year as a criterion the result can easily
be guessed at.
As to the Attorney General's decision
I have never seen it, nor any one who
has, nor do I believe such a decision was
ever made.
Now, the reasons for apprehension if
a Legislature be elected, are plain; last
year a majority of the members were
elected, and incidentally if not positive'
ly pledges', to go up, memoralize Con
gress to divert the expenses for that year
Name ana Boundary or Precincts.
No. 1. PERU PRECINCT Town 6, Range 15,and
fractional T 7 K 1& and Id, on AioiviiUOCK s
No. 2. GLEN ROCK T 6 It 14
No. 3. LAFAYETTE T 6 It 13, and Eaat Half T
0 R 12.
No. 4. WASniNGTO T a it ana cut ohm
5 R12
No. 5. DOUGLAS T 5 H 14.
No. r. BROWNVILLE T 5 R 15 and T5 It 16,ex-
cept the southern tier of sections.
No. T. NEMAHA CITY-Norlh half T i It 15,and
Fractional T 4 It 16. aortn oi tne
ha River, and Southern tier of Sections in
T5R15 and 18
No. 8. ASF1N WALL South half T 4 It 15, frac-
tional I 4 It 10, OOUIU m iuoncmau
er. and Fractional T 4 R 17.
No. 9. IiEDFORD-T 4R 14. ,,.,.
No. 10. DENTON T 4 R 13 and East half of T
4 U 12.
There is, according to the census,
733,258 of an excess of males over fe
males in the United States. The World
states the fact is noteworthy and ought to
quiet the apprehensions of ,'those who
feared the war. would cause an undue
preponderance of women after peace was
declared. No matter how bloody the
war may be, or how long it may last, it
cannot make away with three-quarters of
a million of lives. The waste of life
may make the excess nearly even, but
even then we shall better off than in
England, where the females are in ex
cess by nearly a million, and the social
problem of the day is how to provide
them with husbands or occupation. .
' New York, Sept. 8.
The Tribune's Washington correspon
dent says Eli Thayer is here urging, with
hopes of success, government to adopt a
plan for the colonization of rebellious
States, as a war measure. His project is
to throw northern and foreign, emigrants
into insurrectionary gulf States, armed
and under the auspices of government,
in such formidable bodies as to defy guer
rillas. He wishes to make the initial ex
periment in Florida. .
Chicago, Sept. 9.
Garabaldi has been defeated and him
self taken prisoner. The Italian insur
rection has ended.
Rebels on lhc March to tbe Onto.
From the Greuada (Miss.) Appeal, Aug. 29.
Let our people take warning in lime.
Let them take it for granted that Lincoln
has, or will v-ry soon get, all the meD
he has called forr and prepare for the
emergency. It is withiu the power of
the South to put and keep in the field as
large a force as the North Can spare,
and it is not only the part of wisdom, but
the dictate of both patriotism and duty to
do it, and that without delay. Our ar
mies (the rebels) are now on the march
to the Ohio river, and they should be
cheered, aided and strengthened as they
go. May God speed and favor them as
they go.. - -
The intelligence which we publish this
evening relative to the advance of our
tioops into Kentucky is cheering in the
highest degree. It is she first instalment
of the good news we have been looking
lor tor some daj's past.
If Mississippi, Alaba and Tennessee
would remove the theatre of war from
their borders, let their sons swell our
armies as they advance in pursuit of the
enemy, and very soon we shall have an
overpowering and invincible force in the
held, enabled to bid defiance to the hire
lings of Lincoln, and clear the Confeder
acy of the hated foe.
because Daily was in favor of breaking to rav our direct tax. and adburrv Ii i
1-1 i if. . . . o I J -
up tne ttepuoucan party ; because Daily well known how faithfully they performed
had appointed, or caused Democrats to be
appointed all over the Territory to office.
Daily tcld them in a speech, in that
Convention, he was in favor of breaking
ud the Republican party, and there was
this trust ; and as it is human nature to
desire to make S3 a day and perquisites,
my apprehension is that it will be "confi
dence misplaced' to trust it too much.
do issue between loyal Democrats and As there is no law passed to prevent the
lox&l ' Republicans ; that there was but Legislature if elected from holding its
cne question: "Shall our country be session; and as all know that, under ex
preserved ?" Daily and hi Democrat isting circumstances, the Territory must
friends, by the free use of whisky, sue- foot the bill ; I think the best and only
ceedd in electing two judges of the Ne- way;to accomplish any good is for the
maha county convention to receive the people the source of power todiscoun
tallots. They refused to have any clerks tenance any and every attempt to elect or
tu take down the names of the voters; cenveoe the Legislature this winter,
they permitted drunken men to veto as f - JE. Ccwomist.
Pope's Official Report.
CiNciwnATr, Sept. 10.
Pope's official repart of the movements
of the army in v irginia, from the time it
left Washington until it returned, pub
lished this afternoon, attributes the whole
disaster to the failure of the army of the
rotomac to co-operate wnen he was on
the Rappahannock. He presumed the
army of the Potomac would protect that
section between him and Washington
and its failure to do so caused him to be
completely flanked. By turning upon the
enemy from the Rappahannock he could
have had him completely defeated, had
not Fitz John Porter drawn off his corp3
contrary to written orders, and refused to
take part in the contest while tbe enemy
was marching reinforcements nast him.
He also censures Gen. Griffin for with
holding his command from the contps?
while the battle was raging. He accuses
McClellan cf refusing to supply him with
forage when his horses had been without
food for two days, although he had tele
graphed and written urgently requesting
supplies to be sent.
Leavenworth, Sept. 9.
On Saturday night Quantrell, with a
force variously estimated at from 200 o
1000, entered Eatha, John3 Co. At
latest accounts they still held the place.
Several stores were robbed. The Mirror
newspaper office was demolished. Fifty
recruits for Kansas regiments were cap
tured. Gov. Robinson has issued ? pro
clamation calling upon all citizens of the
State to organize and arm themselves for
home defense.
Washington, Sept. 9.
A paroled prisoner arrived here last
night. He says 150,000 rebels have
crossed into. Maryland. The main body
of them are over the Monocacy. He
passed through their lineiand counted 27
batteries. This statement is believed by
military men here.
Baltimore, Sept. S.
Rumors are . in circulation that the
rebels are gathering near Westmister,
22 miles from Baltimore. Some officers
from there express. the opinion that the
rebels design moving on Baltimore.
Harrisburc, Pa., Sept. 9.
Rebels are said to be entering Penn
sylvania in force near Hanover, with the
intention, no doubt, of destroying the
Northern Central Railroad. Arms are
being rapidly sent to the counties on the
Southern border.
Cape Race, Sept. 6.
Additional bv the Norwegian:
The London journals give considerable
attention to Italian affairs- The Post
thinks Garabaldi has been encouraged by
Victor Emanuel. The News thinks he
does not rebel so much against his coun
trv as against foreign domination. The
Times points out the evils which must en
sue if Garabaldi perseveres in his de
signs against Rome.
Si. Paul, Sept. 6.
Information from Ft. Ridgely states
that a small Federal force had been at
tacked by 250 savages 18 miles from the
tort. During the engagement they man
aged to throw up breastworks of dead
horses and earth, and behind this they
held out until reinforcements arrived.
Thirteen whites were killed and forty
seven wounded. Before the enirajrement
our force had buried 85 of the massacred
Capt. Vanderpook, commanding Fort
Abercrombie, writes that a large number
of Indians had appeared around the fort
and carried off all the Government mules
Chambersburg, Pa., Sept. 9.
One of our scouts reached Hagerstown
on Sunday night, having left Middletown,
18 miles south-east of Hagerstown during
the afternoon. He reports the rebels
there in considerable force and advanc
ing. All rolling stock of the railroad
has been removed from Hagerstown, and
the telegraph office closed.
Philadelphia, Sept. 9.
A special correspondent of the Press
. - . ...
iust returned from bykesville, says tne
rebels are approacning mat piace. a por
tion of their cavalry having entered Mon
roe on Sunday morning. Speculations
are rife relating to these movements and
the purpose of Stonewall Jackson. Some
say be is on his way to Gettysburg, ra.
so as to be within striking distance o
Chambersburg or York, and that he
already hear Hanover, while others assert
that he has marshed to Westmister and
will move thence on Baltimore. Others
think the latter movement is merely a
feint to cover his entrance into Pennsyl
vania. - - -
VlNCENNES, lND.,Sept. 9.
A special train conveying the 9Sth Il
linois regiment over the Ohio and Mis
sissippi Railroad en route to Louisville,
was thrown from the track near Bridge
port last night, and 5 soldiers were killed
and between 30 and 40 wounded, some
of which will not survive. It is believed
the switch was turned wrong for the ex
press purpose of throwing the train off
the track. A man supposed to be the
gulity party has been arrested.
Memphis, Sept. 6.
Late arrivals from Helena report all
quiet. Our pickets stationed back in the
country are continually troubled by strag
gling band3 of guerrillas. An expedi
tion down the river had taken and bro't
to Helena wharf-boats from Eunice and
Napoleon. Prisoners captured say a large
number of Texan troops, newly armed
and equipped, had arrived at Little Rock
a few days before.
It was reported at Helena that Gen.
Rosecrans had made an attack upon the
Confederates at Tupelo, and was deci
sively repulsed.
The peopile of Commerce, Miss., have
determined to prevent the guerrillas from
firing on beats passing that place.
The Grenada Appeal of the 3d contains
Richmond advices of the 2d. The bo-
and cattle belonging to the post. He
also says unless reinforcements arrive ciety of Friends in North Carolina, had
scon he will be compelled to abandon the ruemoralized Congress for a modification
Washington, Sept. 9.
Gen. Pope has been assigned to the
command of the department of the North
west, to operate aa nst the Indians.
The' latest information from Centre
ville" says that Col. Flourney, with a regi
ment of cavalry, is in commanded there,
The rebel pickets extend to within 12
miles of Alexandria.
of the new conscript act, in their favor.
New Orleans dates of the 2Sth ult..
say Gen. Butler his issued an order re
quiring the Merchants' and Crescent City
banks to go into liquidation.
State, which has been reduced to the po
citinn of a rnnnusred DrovincQ. After
- ---- ,
alluding to the wrongs he declares tney
have suffered, he say3 he believes the
neoDle of Maryland possess a spirit tco
loftv to submit to such a government. The
people oE tne &outn nave long wisneu iu
aid in throwing off this foreign yoke, in
obedience to tbe wish of our army, and
come among you prepared to assist you
with the power of arni3 in regaining the
rights of which you have been so long
unjustly despoiled. No restraint upon
your sree will is intended no intimida
tion allowed. It is for you to decide your
destiny without constraint, and the army
will respect your choice whatever it may
be. '
published by authority.
War Department, )
Washington, August 8, 1S62.J
Order to Prevent Evasion of JSJiU'tadrj Duty
nnrl fnr Suvvression of Disloual FracUCfS
First. By direction of the President of the
United States it w herjby orderM mat unm
further order no citizen liable to be drafted
into the militia shall be allowed o go to a
foreizn country, and all marshals, denatv
marshals, and military officers of tbe United
States are directed and ail police authorities
especially at the poits of the United States on
the seaboard and on the irontier, are requested
to see that this order is carried into effect.
And they are hereby authorized and directed
to arrest and detain any person or persons
about to depart from tbe United States in vi
olation of this order, and report to Major L. C.
Turner, Judge Advocate, ut ashwgton city,
for further instruction respecting the person or
persons so arrested or detained.
Second. Any person liable to draft who
shall absent himself from nis cour.ty or Slate
before such draft is made, will be arrested bv
auv Provost Marshal or other United States or
State ofiicer wherever he may be found with
in the jurisdiction of the United States, and
conveyed to the nearest military post or dew
and placed on duty for the term of the draft.
and the expense of his owu arrest and convev to such post or depot, and aho the sum
of five dollars, as a reward to the officer who
shall make such arrest, jshall be deducted from
his pay.
Thiud. The writ of habeas corpus is here
by 8us.ended in respect to all prisoners so
arrested and detained, and in respect to al
persons arrested for disloyal practices.
Edwin m. Stantos,
Secretary of War.
Another Important Order.
Wab Department, )
Washington, August 8, 1802.
ORDERED First. That all United States
Marshals and Superintendents and Chiefs o
Puliceofany town, city, or district, bo and
they are hereby authorized and dincted to ar
rest and imprison any person or. persons who
may be engaged, by act, speech, or writing,
in discouraging volunteer enlistments, or in
anv wav giving aid and tomfort to the enemy
or in any other disloyal practice aguinst the
United btates,
Second. That immediate report be made
to Major L. C. Turner, Judge Advocate, iu
order that such persons may be tried before a
mihtarv commission
Third. The expenses of such arrest and
imprisonment will bo certified to tbe Chief
Clerk of the War Department for settlecaen
and payment.
Edwin M. Stanton,
Secretary of War.
; Washington, Sept. 8.
Those who have seen McDowell's Jet
lerto tbe President asking for a Court of
Inquiry, speak of it as a frank, manly been complied pasports will be issuo
Depabtment op Statu, )
Washington, August 8th, 1S62.5
Notice is herebv given that until the requi
sitions of the War Department on the severa
btates for quotas of their militia shall have
Martinsbcrg, Va., Sept. 7.
Rebel cavalry to the number of four
hundred attacked tte federal stationed at
this point to-day, but were repulsed with treachery of McDowell.
and honest document. He refees to the
remark alleged to have been made by
Col. Broadhead, of Michigan, when at the
point of death, to the effect that he died
a victim to the imbicility of Pope, and the
from this department for anv male citizen of
the United States liable to be drafted into that
branch of the service.
William H. Sewabd.
a loss of about 50 prisoners, horses and
arms. Their loss in killed and wounded
is not known. They own two killed and
ten wounded
New York, Sept. 9.
Gen. Hunter and Staff have arrived,
having been supersided by Gen. Mitchell, j
Gen. Banks is in command of the de
fense of Washington durin? Gen. Mc-
Clellan's absence.
An officer who left Rockville this after
noon, reported all quiet in front. Nobody
knew anything positive about the rebels
at Poolesville.
Little if any perfectly reliable inform
ation has been received here regarding
affairs on the Upper Potomac and in the
vicinity of Prederick since yesterday.
It cannot be ascertained lhat the rebels
Memphis, Sept. 6
Arrivals from Helena report all quiet
there. Prisoners lately captured in lhat
vicinity report the. arrival at Little Rock have advanced in any force below Fred
a few days since of a very large number enck Junction.
of Texas troops, fully armed and equip-
Seryices during the Meeting of tte Presbytery of JC1.
souri River, in the Presbyterian Church of Brownville
Preaching, Friday September 12. h, at 7 1-2 P. if., by
Rev. W. M. Strtkek, of Clarinda, Iowa.
Prechins, Saturday at 2 1-2 P. X., preparatory to
Communion Services, by Rev. William Hamilton,
of Eellevue, Nebraska.
Temperance Addresses, Saturday at 7 1-2 P. if., by
Rev. D. L. Hughs, of Pacific City, Iowa, and ethers
Preaching, Sabbath at 10 1-2 A. if., by Rev. William
McCanulish, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, after which the
Lords supper wilt be administered.
Preaching, Sabbath at 7 1-2 P. if.
A full attendance at all these meetings is earnestly
pp.d. It is reported at Helena that Rosen
crans attacked the confederates at Topelo,
and was decidedly repulsed.
Richmond advices to the 2d are receiv
ed. The confederate Senate on the 2nd
rejected the bill corncerning partisan ran
gers by a vote of 9 to 10. The new con-
New York, Sept. 11.
The Tribune editorially says the latest
public intelligence is that our army is
concentrating at Rockville, but from pri
vate intelligence we learn that ihe dispo
sition of our forces has beeivmade with
reference to further movements. The
DIED August 2Ctb, near Granville. Licktns Conr..
iy, unio, Charles cuiix, son or j. c. an4 M. W
Aylesworth aged one year and tweuty days.
butler mue cniioren to come unto me. and forbid
them not, for or such is the Kingdom of Heaven "
scription luw makes all subject to milita- Baltimore American of yesterday says
The Relieving of Gew. Huster
It is understood, says a Tribune dispatch,
that uen. Hunter was relieved at his own
request. The appointment of General
Mitchell as his successor, indicates ro
change of policy in the Department of ihe
South, at least so far as regards the sla.
very question. The change calls re
newed attention to the phrase in Jeff.
Davis's retaliatory order, dated Rich
mond, August 21 : W'hereas, as Major
General Hunter, recently in command.'
w It W s-v w. .
Who tola jett. Uavis, ten days before the
fact was known to the best informed per
sons in the country, outside of the official
ciroles hi which it was still properly a
secret that Gen. Hunter had been su
perseded I When it has leasure it might
be well for the Government to investi
gate the question..
The Cincinnati Commercial savs the
Hon. Garrett Davis has a plan of opera
tions that the correspondent Fays will bae-
the rebels in this State, if carried out.
We had rather see the rebels carried out
that the plan. Louisville Democrat.
ry duty between the ages of 18 and 45,
and authorizes the enrollment of con
scripts wherever found.
New Orleans dates to the 2bth ult..
says the federals are confident of their
ability to hold the city against lireckin-
' " " Memphis. Sept. 6.
The Grenada Appeal says Beauregard
and Staff arrived at Mobile on Saturday
A joint committee of the rebel Con
gress has been appointed to investigate
the charges against Sec y Mallory, who
is said to be very unpopular amongst the
secessionists. Rebels nere call him a
ederal right-bower in the confederate
The appeal glorifies exceedingly over
the late rebel successes, and seems to
think the federals everywhere are in the
course of ultimate extinction.
intelligence this morning indicates that
the rebel army have taken a western
. ITT ". It.
route towaras tiagerstown, virtually turn
ing their backs on Baltimore and Wash
ington, and moving to a point where they
can reach the Potomac at Williamsport.
While the infantry are movjng in this di
rection, their cavalry are scouting toward
the border of York county., Pa. Re
ports that a number of rebels have crossed
into Maryland are very conflicting. De
serters place them as high a3 100,000,
but none of our scouts speak of having
seen more than 20,000. This last esti
mate is probable nearer correct.
Having recently made larce additions to my stock.
consisting oi
I think I can accommodate all in quantity, nuantify
and price. 1 woik none but best Oak Tanned Leather,
and getting it directly from tanneries la Ohio, feel con
fident it will give satisfaction.
Plasterer's Hair on Hand Cheap.
September IS, 1S62. n9-ly
To Arms ! To Arms !
Louisville, Sept. 9.
The rebels have burned all the bridges
on the Louisville and Frankfort railroad
between Bagdad and Frankfort, except
one over Kentucky river.
- Washington, Sept. 9.
McDowell has been relieved from com
mand, and his corps is consolidated with
Heintzleman's McDowell has written a
letter to the President asking a court of
New York, Sept. 9.
The Times editorially says Gen. Mc-
Dowell is in this city under arrest, as we
are informed, on a charge of treason ;
by whom preferred, or on what ground
we are not aware.
Harhisburg, Pa., Sept. 11.
A State messenger ha3 sent intelligence
amounting, in substance, to the follow in" :
He reached a position in the mountains
above b redenck and by means of a glass,
saw all that was going on in tne town.
He says there was evidently a movement
of troops in the direction of Middletown
and Boonsboro'. Farmers informed him
that the forward movement began at three
o'clock yesterday morning, supposed to
be about 20,000 strong. He says three
regiments of infantry, one cf cavalry,
eighteen cannon and a large Lumber of
wagons are at Boonsbcro. The soldiers
looked ragged, shoeless and hatle;s. A
skirmish had occurred between the Mich
igan and Virginia Cavalry. Reber pick
ets were within one mile and a half of
Hagerstown at 8 o'clock last night, the
main body, however, appear to be goin
between Boonsboro' and Sharpsburg, 8
miles from Hagerstown. The rebel pick
ets uniformly told the farmers iheir des
tination was Cumberland Valley.
Baltimore, Sept. 11.
Gen. Lee has issued a proclamation to
h. pasciul.:...; )
joun oa??;.. ... :::;:;
The Proprietors ojtht rLj;
to extend their eirtoiition.otf. '
able tonai to bieriW, to the "
Daily, Weekly an Trl j
Daily, (in advance) '"Ht
Tri-weeklj, (in iiTM, ,7.7.7.' V
Sunday Republican
Five copies of the Tri-weu. ' '
Three copies WeIy one ' k
Fire HJ ;
Tea " u
Fourteen " a ., .'.
Twenty "
Thirty . , ;
Forty .f
fsT'Monej in all
cases ti
lT A U subrribc-rs under t W
continued at tho end of the ?
rented and paid. All sabscnb I
arrearage. -aa C(,me in nnder the JL1" '
Second Judicial District. T"!
By Tirtne of the power and .-.v..,. i
bj law. itts '"7 Tt- 1
Ordered. That the District rw.
tereitafter mentioned, and hrmin .
una Judicial District in the of
adjurne-l from toe time nw fiied n, i
the name as fullow : ,? ' V t '
Johnso Cousitt. From the fl-t 1
teniber, 1SG2 to rhursdjy, tte ll-h 7 ' ,
1S62. at lOo-cl.Kri. a. M. r,jJfc,,
Gage cotjxti- f .Uin Tounui.iT tbti.v .
tember. 1S62. la na,, the 13;a LTt '
Pawjiee Coi htt. From . i
September, istt. t FricU, ?
13, at 10 o'clock, a. M.
day or September. I3fi2, to M.,nl, u,, Zv V
tember, 62. at 1 o'clock, a m ; ,
NEMAHA COHSTT -From M.ndjT tu.
September, lb2. to Monlay the 23;h Li '
i8o2. at 10 o'clock, a m. UNf.-,
Given under tiy hand, this 15th Ihj. i
vl 111
ul7 it ; t
Suyc Your E
Whereby Eg.?s can be preferred jxrfcf, s,
rao.-t indefinitely, without the hemr!.,
Salt, or other ordinary preserratirM, '"
neca-sity for Fanners selling sheirEjt
to seven cents per doien, when tuej 'i '
cost eaye them until they comnuad teU
For farther partibularj, end. se a Lj j
August 23, 1852-Iy
We are now recelTlng and openujucwjuJ
ment of Merchandise, consinUaj
Prints, Muslins,
Drills, Osnalur,
Denims, Cottorades,
Apron Check, Hid:
Jeans, Ecn
Dress Goods,
All Wool Delainf s,
Fancy and Plain S.Ilt.
Lawne?, Sa:ea Vs
Broad Clo'-hs,
flie Volunteers Manual.
Hahrisbtjrg, Pa., Sept. 9.
The latest information from the border people of Maryland He savs thai the
received at six o'clock this evening-, saj-s people of the Confederate States have
the rebel pickets were within twelve miles Ion? watched with the deepest sympathy
of Hanover, York county. I the wrongs and outrages inflicted on your
war. important notes, and an extended gUmarr f
Carbine and Colt's Revolver,
Two Volumes, (Jfos. I and 2,) Rrlce, - - 25 Cents Each
Will. Ed. Furnas Agent, BrowuTitleN". T.
2,000 Acres of Choice Lands, sitnatH near the Mis
souri River, in Richardson and Xemaha counties, Ne
braska; also, one two s.tory Brick Residence. n e larre
Store House, with Warehouse attached, and 30 Lots, in
the town of Brownville, at rery low fiKure. and partly
on time. II. M. ATKINSON'.
Brownville, June 19th. n60-6w
Flower Seeds.
Choice varieties, and of very superior 4na!lty,20 pa
pers of which wiil be sent (post-paid) by mail, to any
address, tut one dollar -
March Uth, lf2
n. A. TEBRT, Cresceat Clfr.I"''-
HocpeJ Shs,
Coffee, Tea,
Soap, Molasse3, I
Candles, B." CSodi"
S.ileraiu, V.
VVhite and Brown Suar,
Sack, Barrel and Dairy Sa,
Chewing and SiaokicjT.
Axes, Hatches.
Butts, Screws,
Locks, Latchei
Knives and Fork.?,
Hand Saw and Mill
Cups and Saucers.
Plates and Platters, '
Dishes and Turnllerj.
Coal Oil! Laspt
Lamp CLii-'v
Women's Shoes.
Kip, Calf, Buff and K
Gaiters. Calf Shoes.
Oxford Ties, MisB-j
Slippers, Men's Calf,
Men's Brogans, Copper U j
Kip and Coursi&o&M
Straw, WocU
Sba?r c
Of Farming t tcn?
Cradles, Rakes,
Forks, Plows,
Scythes, Snatls,
Shovels. Spades. ,
Clear and 2nd rate
Pine Flooring, Siding
Rnard 1. 1 1-2 and
2 IncIjf.J'?'"".'
Sash, Doers
ine Lath,
All Shres Sash.
All Sizs Door?,
All Sizes UiiS'-5-
We eall the attention f tbe pnS'if - , , j
our CASH TERMS enable ' " ,
Thankful for past pat.inae, e f
of tbe same. ' r'rp t.
BrowaTille. July M, 196i. w----.
a 5 r-
Havina; anpoinfe scent r:v,,,rj.J
Sugar Cane Mill and Evaporators. , f ,
r, t n 1 1 .H.n .f ihs ffll 111- -y
Prices of Mills, frutn $ W '"jf0?' fL'5-v'
$20to35. Addrei . W"
ilarch 27, 1S62. n3i-tf.
jijie. vnion&y
The largest, best and m;t reli . r;
... UW vr .4 ,4 JL " ,jj
q1 mot reliable i
. in,
......-.t..n.ttrr .
for and a W " '.-,. V"T "
brolcermg rUiTu. Jiverr ""ti.-
n, D.n'i.i wt t w - vw Tork,
UJSII l ' ' r..,
The Summer num&er nu- -
Ayer's Sarsap,