Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, August 08, 1861, Image 3

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n-;viLLK-AfG. S. 1S61.
1,0 O A L .
- M'ii'rrin1.! MaU'rwlcf all
..i"? ' NnwYcrk. auJ Crown's Iroi
j ' . ......... n
l ai'
- . -l ,.i:s T H ELY.
v., Sates "art fcrrin Newspaper
Advertising Agency,
..-'" J . . . .... V FRTt ASC A ADVKR-
i -,i-m:!s lor uie
-oris' in St. Lcui". Messrs,
:- . o-u'tsooHii:, .ei,e:! A-ivertWriK,
rs':1 .'.( ,.!:,, .,.,. Af'Tits, 45 -Olive St. I.uis,
'.!' ...'iV-i-ntx in iliit city. ilieyareaa.
i" - ... o v...ii..'::ii':its r.rl.-B tli-e Jiurcr-
:T. ayl' collect tii! tor U.e :ai::C.
Hungarian Grass We want a few
loads of Hungarian Grass. Will some
body bring it along soon.
41 Hole hog" is informed that the gen
tleman who he attempted to dissuade
from subscribing for tLe Advertiser, caine
to town and ordered two copies, saying
he wanted no better recommendation of
a man or paper than to know of such
men's opposition. " Go on with your
show" old fellow.
Our "Phunny Phellow" wants to know
why delinquent subscribers are like the
rebel commander Pillow?
Because they "show no quarters I"
,. V. :J.K II An V ev K'ij. in cur i-iiu!r u-
., . ,vt-.'.;i s Afont f-ir iliC Advert ttrr ni t ar
1 j: ... rt!y vi-i't the Kdstcrn otic lor the
, j, ruuiiK b'Ivpi ti.-itig patronage. He i
1 ,, ..j t,, (.ntrart .nd ni-e vnr name ia busi-
... ic !i!:(-te'l with our put'.icatiuus.
' -r- Advertiser" O.F.ce ha? provided
. 'f with Flag cuts an( a's0 lhcse for
kinds of National Lnvel-
r vane
-, an
i ii now prepared to fill order:
; j.-.-al'.' 'r rt'tail. Apply at the " Ad
t -;Ut'1 crfic-s or Po4 Office.
SfliOOl LXlliHion'. Oie of the
I j !ra.-aijt ar.d interesting entertain
3 .;. that ever lock place in this city
- - iLt- School exhibition at the Congrc
t;;,:jUl Church, on 'Tuesday evening last
ill. r the superintendent of Prof. O. F.
V'.Kt. I' u'as gratifying to see such an
;Ju!iCe on the part of citizens; ma
r were unable to get into the house. The
ihl. ii consisted of declamations, corn
r itiuii;, addresses and dialogues. The
tJcritsfcctuiited themselves in inoct ad
orable style, rtilectingmuch credit upon
l-ir Tea-her, Mr. Lake.
l:xli c.v!;iliiions are productive of great
.oi in n.any respects', and ought by all
t a:r tu le encouraged and sustain d.
being the first of the kind Iht we
z !; u:i.J to know it met with iniai
It is hirh lime candidates for office
this fall was placing their names before
tbe "dear people." Owing to the hot
weather, hard limes, had state of the
roads, prospect of failure of corn crcp
nnd other reasons "too tedious to men
tion" we have concluded to reduce the
price for announcing candidates from So
to 82 50, payable in cash or good country
produce. .
The corner stones of the new Masonic
and Odd Fellow's Halls in Nebraska City
were laid on Saturday with appropri
ate ceremonies. The building when
completed will be an ornament to the
city and reflect honor upon the orders
and citizens of our sister city.
We see that the Otoe Co Bible Society
has presented each member cf the com
pany from that place composing the 1st.
Nebraska Regiment with a copy of the
Bible New Testament and Psalms.
Will the Neuaha County Bible Society
follow the example, and present the
brave boys from Nemaha County with
like books." What say you Bro. Iloadly?
r(T()'!aI --0n Tuesday evening lact,
rc hud the pleasure of meeting and pass
r.T an agreeable hour with the locals of
X Iras!, inn and u:s, G. W. Rust,
;: J A. F. H aim.vv, Jh-o?, who have been
3.. --J;- i x:edition" with the portion of
?' ! !-av4a Ui-ginu'iH. now bei-r.v a nd
i v.-..r..ii!g io their "posts." They
t .re I !': ::j"go )d eotiditioiv," gave evi-
h-y could "t.'ite a carts idgo;"
Will the owners of Reaping Machines
in Nemaha county be good enough to re
port to us the number of acres wheat and
other grain cut by each this season. We
are proparinir a satitim! report for th
Vviieuaui ;il j1 Hie Patent
olhce at Washington, and desire all and
as accurate imforrnaticn as ws can get
as to the small grain crop in this county,
nn?'.:try" both I V "inclination" and
r--" ;;ud 6..-' they iiad ru hesitari
v. r in Julanng th -.r prefer-
! U!
k for flaming accounts of
.it? f iho N( 1 raska so-
MoUniflJl. Last week we announced
that two of S. V. Kennedy's children
wt-re poi.--;ui'd by eating the phosphorus
liri.n iuatihes, and that one had died but
tlie ether recovered. We were mistaken.
TheV both died.-
v who was on the ground
La i
ibirviy -Left, left, hft, left,
U. S. Army
.ill. cf the
t I (".:; . II, aiid Lieut Howaed
0 . N. i iv.rka Regiment Vidunteers,
1 ! ; J ov- r Lore,' on Tuesday night, on
l..'-;r u-jv lo Oniaha and Council BiufT,
l i;'. Mi iiiuLL goes to the BluiTs for
t o p ; rose of mustering into service the
1 a UeHinent rendezvousing at that
hi. ;:t TJajoks of Company "C," 1st
-iitr.ent Nebraska ""olunteers, we see
13 Lun :o-day.
L. Suii.Lis, Lsq., of the Glcnwood
hi.) Times, called on us yesterday. He
tu his v.ay lo Ft. Leavenworth as a
I'.rin the Iowa Regiment. He in
: -rms ua that he closed up his ofiice and
vith all the hands therein volunteer
i far the war.
Hon. II. W. Dtruv, agent for the
iTnee Indians passed down on the
i i-iiiiiy yesterday on his was to St. Joseph,
-ie reports the Pawnees now loyal and
ceubly disposed ; but that they have
: : t a terribly tampered with by the rebel
I Major Baker from the Indian Res-
. '-"vation was in town last week on his
. y to St. Joseph. He reports all quiet
; v'.'h his Indians and hones to be able
'-keep tbem so.
Dou't feiget that we take corn, oats,
Ipsiatoes, butler, eggs, cheese, lumber
all such, on subscription at this office
The .UrcrtiMT and Farmer will be
-nished one year for five bushels of
! !---at.
COiilC Rack Hon. W. A. Finney
one of the first settlers of Nemaha coun
ty and who removed to California two
years ago last spring, returned to this
place on Friday last. We are triad to
see our old friend look so well. It is sin
gular that all who once reside in Nemaha
comity, should they leave us to hunt new
locations, are sure to return.
Mr. Hatfield of this place and Mr.
Beard of Mo. who went with Mr. Finney
also returned with him.
Administrator's Sale.
PURSUANT to an or Jer of ike Probate Court of
Nemaba county, Nebraska, I will oJfar for sale on
tbe fid, day of Aurruit, A D IS5I. at ID o'clock P. M.
on tbe promises, tho following described real prop
erty to wit : tbe wet half of the north west quar
ter of section No. Le,in toTrnshipNo. six, of raco
No. tfteen, east, Mtuato in said court v.
Administratorof tbe estate of Nehcmiah Sti'.cj doc.
Browi.ville, July IS, 18G1, u2 iir. $25t)
Solicitor in Chancery.
Onjce corner or Main and First Streets.
EX 11 1 5 IT
Of t!:cnecof tsairdIxpcRditircs
oi" A'cmaliii County, Acbraslia
Territory, Tor the Fiscal Year
ending July 1st, ISGf.
Ksr-P!"itun9 and appropriations' for ItoaJi
ami b: i.!?oii ... S12 OS
xponunuies mr scuoois lnaepcnjt nt or tax
l;i irtiunaieuts,) -
For Printing Couiuy r.erords, and OiSce Sta
tionery Elections .....
DiNtritt Cocrt - ... - .
County CoininisMoners' Court
Fees anJ CutU ia taes where County was i:iade
liaUlc ....
County Clc-ks -
Sbentr - - " -
I'rubatc Jui'ge - -ltesis(er
Treasu-er, (independent of per conta:je)
1'anpers .....
Constaliles' Fees - - - -InciJei-tal
E5C 27
612 77
1U3 OC
113 CO
'.4j a
2 IS 7!)
eo oi)
47 6c
100 30
JG 70
400 87
Total expenditures dimi)!? tLe current
To!a! amount of Coun'y-Warrants isueil from July
1st, liiuo to July 1st, 1661, anil remaining un
paid .... $1015 13
County Warrants i--i,cd previous to July 1st
1SC0, anJ .remaining unpaid - - 1013 C6
Indebtedness of Xcmalii Connty :iy 1st 13S1 $:CC3 25
Amount of revenue to be derived fr,m Coun
ty tax (exclusively; levied f-r 1301 $3277 07
Auiount-of delinquent Coun'y uix, non-resident
and inVreit on same. - S"iA CO
Poll Tax fjr IsjI - - -715 CO
Total -Totnl
expenditure fr tbo yo;ir 13,'iO
S 13 12 67
51-535 74
JJan A. Ponn, Pljintiff,
J. V. Edwards. Defendant
ji ico 1? litre by given t'.at in Hrr-tvncc '! t.n
execution issued ly tli clerk of t'te District; Court
of Nemaha County. Nebraska Territory, air i'inM the
defendant J. V. Edwards, in the above enittcd case,
tind in favor of the lainti!f ther.n, John A. Ponn,
for tbe sum of sevcnty-f'uur dollars and sixty-two
rents, .$7-1,2 and tlic costs of suit, amoumincj to
five dollars and eiirbt -fives cint.J. Lio.Sjt I, V. S.
Horn. Coroner and cx-ofTicio sher IT of said county
in Paid Territory, have levied ujhui and will oS'.r
f..r sale at ublic auction, at the door of tbe lioi e
in which ihe last terra of the said district court tor
said county was held, on Wednesday t lie 1'ourleer . h
day of A n 411st. a I 1SG1, hetwec n beliouriof 1 A. li
o'clock, v. M. of said d iy. and will sell tolhahih
J : 1. r f..r ca-!i in hand, 4 he f il'ow ax desc i iled
j.roj vr;y, to-wit : one lot of 1-ind, bein, to-wit Ibu
.-oulli ha"f of the southwest quarter of the the south
we.-t ;uurter of section No thirteen 13, township
five ( 5 ), range fifteen ( 15), east of the sixth irinei
pnl meridian, containing twenty acres of land, more
or less, taken as the j.roperty of J. V. Edwards, to
satisfy nti execution against biin and in favor of John
A IVnn. W. S. IiOKN,
Ex-OfU'do Sheriff of Nemaha County.
I?y J. W. COLEMAN, Deputy.
Urownville, July ISth, 1801. n2-i.w-$9
I 0 i
Octslx for wlieat,
Tbe pniilic are liitormed tbaL at ileivm's Milts that
B-itoUO cents cash is being paid for good mcrcbant.ible
wheat. Alao wlieat and corn ground for toll as usual.
No22 J. G. MEL YIN.
Notice of Attachment.
At ray instance en attachment was this d y i-snc 1 by
C. NV. Yi'iiceier, ex-oflVio J u.-tiee of the Peace of Xe
liuba County, asaiost tbe property and efl'ects of John
U.itcUer Sen., aa ab.-conding debtor of s..:id ConOy.
July, ISOI. 6tv 11. O. 11 IMC C.
A Ilac "GoaK." The iioh log"
man gives as a reason for discontinuing
his paper that he feared its " immoral
influence" in his family! Oh! M-o-s-e-s! !
To those intimately acquainted with the
fellow's own morals the hugeness oi the
"goak" cannot fail to he "visible to the
naked eye." Wonder if he ever thinks
cf the morals of his little three year old,
who he teaches to utter the most profane
oaths; or of the hoveit impressions form
ed ly allowing the boy present about the
mill when he tolls his pairovs grists ?
Religions. Preaching may be ex
pected next Sabbath in the Presbyterian
Church of this City, by Rev. H. II. Dob
bins, at 19 1-2 o'clock A. M. and 3 P. M.
Also, one week from next Sabbath,
August IS, by the same, in Nemaha City
at 10 1-2 A. M., and in Fairview (or
the Kennedy School house) at 4 P. LI.
Accident. A Mr. Campbell was
quite seriously injured at Sprinkle's steam
mill in this city yesterday, by the break
ing of a lare rope with which logs
wtre b ing drawn out of the rivt-r. II
was standing near where the rope broke
and in the recoil was struck
i -
j TliO DariC'C On Friiy evening for
'' 1 ' in; fn t.f the was a most mag-
; i.t t:fair say all who attended.
r", prt-itier. and most handsomely at
:r '1 ladn-s than were ever before congre--'
d iu this city; music better; more soci
'l'ily; warmer 'weather, and more
t:'"'-'y :h..!lt d out for the Band boys.
"&oi ftiough.'
hVary" SCSesIl, Jos. Schutz de
us to say that he is now, always
ai.d intends to remain a full-blooded,
'fc-breafcted Union man, reports of
wl tunics to tho contrary nctwithstanJ-
wy ibat the weather just now is
t 'U.veys but a poor idea of the true
4 " 'f affairs. Were it not for Woiitii
lf"' s.-coo ice"' anil .his various liquified
-IvulifuM commonly sucked through
'a'iVN don't know what would become cf
. Five companies of an Iowa Regiment
passed here yesterday on the Emily.
They are under orders to repair to Fort
Leavenworth. They are a hardy, robust
m kin:: --'".i cf nun capable cf doing
Notice to Prc-Etaptors.
New An a Land Office,
r.rownvillc, N.T. Juty Sth 1SG1. f
To David D. St.-oek, Michael K. Quintan, Penj'n
Jb.'.sion, John It. UUery. Jesse (Jrhanl, David D,
Young. Mathew Dodge, William D. A. Carter, James
Quintan, John Durgert, Daid Straub, John D. Corey
ami Levi M. Wilsie. You are hereby notified tnnp
po;ir a" the Land ofJSce at Prownville, N, T. w'.thin
thirty days from tbe date of this notice and taake
addtional Proof in Relation to your proof in rela
tion to your Pre-Emptions cntricf in accordance with
iiu-tructionj from the Commissioner of the General
Lund tUhce at Washington.
Notice is also piven to Joseph Kaufman. James
Wright, Michael ilclliner John It Ktlly,and Isaac S.
C. R. SMITH, Rec iver.
Douglas' Improved
PnjlSL'.'.I SLG1R 3IIL.I.S.
JIuskingv.m JVorhs. Zanesville, Ohio.
We are now nrepared to manufacture our Premit
Sunar-Cane Mills, either Vertical or Horizontal,
will be able to supply the dematid, however larce.
We arc also uianufactnnii)! Do'itrlas' Improved Kvap-
orator. and also D mglas Steam Sucar Evaporator, and
are prepared to lurmsu every article of the best rniaii
ty. and at noxleiate rates, required in the munui,icijr
"pniCES $50$Cl, $S0 SUM), and upwards. Prict of
Furnaces and K a;oraiors. $60 to $100.
Circulars and Pamphlets furnished on appl:ca!i:n
All orders addiesscd to the undersigned will he prompt
lv m tended to.' DOUGLAS L'KOTWFoS
" . an'l-ly Zanesville, Ohio.
K 3 - ; til. r- 1
T 1 - T :
a - s
5 " 2 ! .6-:
-s a r : ; ' ?
& .
2 "
1. 5 " I 1 1 ?. & 5. 2 1?
. rr i t - - . Xt -' . w . o
w s fe j a
- r - Z
" s Z
O i. r
5 t f? a""
- 2 3 . -
J r. -i a - - .
n - !" O ' O b
it tc a - : z
' - k c :a ' r .
e. 5 & i 2 C2 -
s o - ,
O 3
C 4
- - "2 5 5 ? "5 ? ? 2 S z 2 '
1 5 a ci ii la 11 -III 5
.. o a - t. - - - e i t u sco j-ootta
tS: .- '--; i 5' i s-
;2f 2;I -i:- .-ut:8c ia
h, - - - . j C
-i. X. w
s o
CJ i - - 5 s - ' i o , s Z I "
.5 Vr,
ft --7-ic-S:-r?i'sl;c5:
;SDs53-??.,, -S2;:ub:Oi
Prolate Notice.
Heath Nuckolls administrator-
of the e.-tattj oi Charles. M
(Jreever, deceased,
v. j Probate Court ef.Se-
Klizabeth Snodras?, John G. inaha County, Ne
Simdgras.i, Peter Greever, ! bra.-ka Territory,
rSnsan Greever, Lavina Gree- petition to sell ltjal
ver, Sarah (Jreever, Joseph j Estate.
Greever, Andrew Greever, j
Wiu. Gioevorarrd Sanruel R. i'alTord.
H To Eiir.abcth Suodrass, John G. Snr.dgras?, Pe
ter Greever, Susan Grceycr, Lavina Giecvcr, Sarah
Saran Greever, Josej.h Greever, Wi.liain Greever,
Andrew Greever and Samuel R. PaCoid w'nose j.lace
of resilience is unknown you are hereby notified
tim Heath Nuckolls aiministratcr of tiio Estato of
Cbaries M. (ireever, deceased, on the 2olh day of
June A. D. 18ol; fihd his j.ctitioii in the Probate
C.jurt within and for the county of Nemaha and
Territory of Nebraska. allein that the personal es
t.tte i f s..i.l d-'Ci-deot is insuiih-iiMit to pay his dchts
and t!:c charges of adioioi-iratin his o.-tnte, t h .i
be died Sci zed in It-o simi le of the iV'oiwiu d'
scribed real estate iu the couutiesof Neiuaha, Uioh
ardson and Otoe and Territory of Nebraska, to-wit :
the undivided half of the south-west quarter of the
south-wtst quarter of section twenty-five; 2") ) town
ship four i -1 ) Range sixteen (16) and lot No. two
(2)andlot No. three 3, section twenty-five town-.-hipfour
i ranjre pixtccn 1G and the north-west
quarter of the north-west quarter an I the south
west quarter of the northwest qr and tbe southeast
quartcrof tho north-west quarter and the north-cast
quarter of the north-west quartcrof section thirty
six : township four (4), Kane bixteeu 16J, less
iaii ..if iu townsitjS SD-l 00 acres, whkh leaves a
bfilance of 302 P(.t-100 a.:re.-s, tho undivided half in
sccliun thirty-six 3fi, township four 4, Range six
teen, (10), lliO 3'J-10t) acres: (also, lot four of sec
tion thirty-one, township four, range seventeen, and
lot No. three and lot No two and lot No 1, section
thirty-one, township four, range seventeen and tho
north-west quarter of the south-west quarter and
the south-west quartcrof the southwest qr and the
north-cart quarter of the south-west quarter.section
thirty-one, township four, range seventeen oOd 20
100 acres less 8: yj-lOO acres laid oil' townsite of lot
No four and the north-west quarter of the south
West qr of section thirty-one, ton us nip fonr, range
seventeen KJ U'J-100 acres, 222 81-ln) f-res balance,)
the undivided Lalf of the south huii section one,
township thiec, range sixteen, l)2'J ccras, and west
half of section seven, township tliree, range seven
teen, 320 acre.--, and bouse ami 12 lots in St. Dcroin,
block thirty-five, and lot No. 1, block 31 and stable
in St. Deroiii.and the undivided two-te iths of St.
Deroin townsite, and lot No 6, block 'Jl and lot D,
b'otk No 2 in Nebraska City, Otoe County, N. T.
The prayer of the petition is foran orderauthorizing
him as administrator of said Charles M. (Jreever
deceased, to soil said premises for the r ayrneut cf the
debts and charges aforesaid.
Said petition will he f .r hearing on the 29 day of
JulyA. D. 1 SGI at 10 o'clock forenoon or as soon
thereat ter as Counsel can be heard, urderea tuat tne
foregoing be published four consecutive weeks in the
Nebraska "Advertiser." Given under my hand and
the seal of snid court. C. W. WHEELER,
July 1st, ISol. Probate Judge.
. D.iring th-? thunder storm thisraorning
the house of Mr. Jacob Rogers in Mid
dle Brownville, was struck with lightning
His mother, an elderly lady was quite
seriously shocked.
Caralrj Companies. We under
stand the war department has called for
two companies of Cavalry from Nebras
ka. We are not advised as to details;
will be, undoubtedly by our next issue,
and if so will inform our readers.
On the first page will be found the
"Confiscation Bill," and the ''Pawnee
County Delinquent Tax List."
County Jail.
Sealed proposal will be received at the rTi"e of
County CVrk in Rrownvilte, until the 5th day of
August, 1 S -1 1 , f. r the erection of a County Jail.
Spccifi "at 'On and terms of contract to be seea at
the Clerk's 0ee. T. W. LEDEOKD.
Couity Clerk.
Sheriff Sale.
C C Johnson, 1
Nathan Harmon.
NOTICE rs hereby given that I will offer fertile
at publt3 auction at the door of the House in which
the last term t.f the Nemaha County District C urt
Nebraska Territory was held, in Brownville, in said
countv of Nemaha on the twentysixth nay of Au
gust, A 1) 1801, at one o'clock, P. M. of said day,
the following real estate, sitnated in the said coun
ty of Nemaha and Territory ef Nebraska, to-wit lots
Nov nire, ten and eleven. 9, 10 & 11 of tho souih
east fractional quarter of section No. thirty-one (31)
in township No. sir, d.) north of range No. sixteen,
1(5,1 east of the fiih principal raridirtn, with the
exception of so much thereof as biking lo Joseph
Cadenbjh. described as follows, to-wit, cc mun n
cing at the South-west corner of the above named
lot Number nine 9 thence corth forty ',) rods
thence east one hundred and sixty rods thence
north forty V rods alonthu Missouri river thence
east to the phu"e of begianirg, taken as the rofr
ty of Nathan Harmon, on an execution in favor of C
C. Johnson, issued by the said Nemaha county
DLtrict Court and to me directed, asjthe ShernTof
the said county of Nemaha.
Witness tuy hand this the 23d clay of July. A. D
I SGI. ' V. S. HORN,
Ex-OHieio Shcrifi. by
J. W. COLEMAN, Denary S urifT.
Hrownvilie. Julv 25. LSSt). ( r.3lj;-fJ i
Small Fruits Cultivated and for Sale
Sixteen miles, east of Cincinnati,
Leading sorts at S '.O.OO per M., regularly ussortcd
to the trade : selected, il0.(!0 per huuared, retail.
Peaches, S 12.00 per hundred, retail.
Plums, 40 cents each, retail.
Cherries, 25 cents each, retail.
Quinces. 25 cents each, retail.
Gooseberries, 75 cents per doz., Houghton Scedl'g
rear trees, 40 cents each. Standard.
Pcr.r trees, 30 cents each. Dwarf.
Poac'c berries, 1.00 per doicn, Laivton.
Strawberripa. 2 per M.
Rhubarb, $10,00 per hundred, Linr.rcns.
The above named trees are now growing upon onr
own grounds, and we consider them very line. The
proprietor's attention has been given for the las
ii!L n years almost cntirel y to the propagation of
Nurseries, the cultivating and mnrketic-g of Fruits ;
an d during this time, have made it a business to
collect from the most correct sources varieties cspe
cialb'd adapted to this climate.
All orders, accompanied by cash, attended to
promptly; and, if necessary, delivered in Cin:inriati,
and lorwarb.d free of eoft, except moderate chargt s
when orders are boiTed or baled. Address.
, Olive Brarxh, Clermont co., O.
In pursuance of a decretal order made by the Dis
trict Court, held within and for Nemaha County,
Nebraska Territory, sitting in chancery, bearing date
May lGth, iNl, in a certain case pending in said
court, wherein Samuel A. Chambers, executor of the
estate of Willis Dill, deceased, is complainant and
Little P. Iliatt,etal, are defendants, I will, on Mon
day the 5th day of August. ISS1, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
of said day, at the door of the building in which
s:tid oourt was last held for said - uu'y, in the city
of Rrownville, offer f.r s;;t3 the f-j (owing described
premises, viz. Lots fve. six, se Win and eight (5,,
7 and 8, in block sixty six (.,; in Nemaha City in
said County and Territory. Terms, cash in band.
n51io5 Ma-tor in Chancery.
"VTLitney's Block, Main Street.
ANNOUNCES to the citizen? of Rrownville and
vicinity that he has removed his Dnsg Store f r un
Sidney, Ijwa, to the City of Drownviiie, and having
added thereto an extensive stock of
Fresh Drugs,
Dye Sufis,
Paints and Oils,
Pure Wines and Li-.juors,
For Medical Purposes,
Hair and Tooth brushes,
Fine Toilet Soap,
St., U.C.
Invifcs the pv.I nc patronage.
!T!rrajician's Prescriptions attended to at all hours
Loth by day and uijrht.
Rrownville, Aprii IIwh.ISGI. n lO-yly
In pursuance of a deoretsl cr ier made by the
District Court, in and for Nem iha County, Nebras
ka T ;rritory, bearnig date May 15, ISdl, sitting in
Chancery in a certain ease ending in said Court,
whfrein Tio.mas Ilea.ty is .inant and Henry
Ncimicrai.d NciiaieV, are respondents. I
"Saturday the.2Uh dny of August, 1S61,
at 10 o'clock, A. M. of said day in front of the room
where the District C-jnrf of Xtniaha County held
its la t term, in the town of U ruTCnville, Nemaha
county, Nebraska Territory, offer tor sale to the
highest bidder for cash the following described re
al estate to-wit: the -north weft quarter of section
sixteen, towns-hip six north of range Ct'tceti. ea.-t
of the sixth principal Nemaha enmity,
Nebraska Tcrrkorv, l;.-:s the f.rtvse en acres sold
R. W. Frame. " J . S. LEDFOuD. in Chancery.
Rrownville, Judy 13, 1&38.
Meter's Sale.
Ia pursuance of a d t-taloider u.ideby the Dis-triL-t
Cocrt, held :.' et.i ; r Nemaha county,
Nebraska Territory, si;';.iginch;'- lery, bearing date
May 13th. ISdl, in a ctai:j eae pending in said
court, wherein D.J. Jtiu & Co., are complainant?
nnd Samnel Calhm, Claries Lr s and Mnrgart J.
Hess are defendants, I will, c.i IV'-. ay the 2d day of
July, at 10 o'clock A. M. of s.iii day, at. the door of
thc'buii-ling ia which said co':ri, was last Lebl f-.r
said c- t::;ty', in tbe i ' f IJ'T.wavi'.Ie, offer for sate
at j.ub'.ii auction the i .-vicg described premises,
to-'ut: The north-wcit quart?r of the south-west
quarter of section N-. twery-two (22,) Township
No. six (6), north of L-hge Jv. fifteen (15) east of
the 6th principal merdn, sr.n.ited in Nemaha Co.
Nebraska Territory. Tcrtn-- ca-h ia hand.
J. S.LEDFJUP, Mter in Chancery.
June 20th, 1SC1. n50?ow5j
1SG0. "TAXI'S. iSGO.
DellnT.ient Tax Payers f. r the j'car ISGO are here
by notified that such d-Y.L--irr.rj niust. be paid by
tho lath inst., this i; t.3 u.lysrd last notice, and
if not heeded, the prx'ci f-d by Law for the
collection of delinquent ta.i-M Ti!l be enforced.
Attention is also ca'.b'd t . the pccial Schorl Tax
levied in school District X. I, Township 5, Ran re
15. Nemaha City S,-ho -l DiS'riet and in Sch'Mil
Districts 1, 2. 3 and 4, Tnnskip 6, Range 14, as
said special iaxis uiast oe ;yu i.
Furniture ! Furniture ! !
Ttie most complete stock of Fnrnitare ever t.Tcred in
this upper country ja..t received Ly lilLL.
Brownville, April Coth, IS6I.
Union Mus
shall be Preserved!"
Boots and shoss,
IBlZhtZS ZZpil plpO
JJ.-Hiiets Misses Hats,
EJry Croods and
-m m -i -v -mft-! 4
IRON, fie,
A Gt'nral Assortment of all the above.
II ivi:i ilete- iiiineil to ensaae in peneral mercrian
tile buine-s. 1 have this Spring brought on, aniltpcn
e l out an extensive and varied assortment of every thing
nec !e l.y pureli isers in this or any other country ; con
sisting of Boots, Sliues, Hats, Caps, Bonnets of every
grille and stle ; Lry Goods in endless variety, cassi
niei s. Cloths. Jeans, Saltinets, Tweets, Vestiucs, Cali
cos, Lawns, Merinos, Cambrics, brown ami bluish mus
lins ; Groceries, fancy and staple; Iron, Nails, Hard
ware, Quoensware, 6c.
1 am determined to open np a "new era" in 3fcrclijm
tile lu-ine-s. and will, therefore sell at figures nnpre
ceoentivllv low. for csh or count rv produce.
1 h:ve on hand a splendid assortnieuk of French Kip
atidc' ilf Skins Jor home manutact are, to order, on the
m ost rcsoua' le terms. All work warranted or no piy
Tlides, Pelts and Turs, for which the highest prices at
all times will le paid.
To Le Brief,
If you wish to purchase Roods on ttc most favorable
terms, or dispose of your produce to the best possible
advantage. Be sure and call at
Brownville, April, 4, 1SC1.
1 desire to s iy to Koichmen anywhere between ti e
Missouri rier ainl Mountains, my stock for whote
s.ilin!; to them is n..w complete "intiracini everythio'
C?esiribie or protitable to trade in, arid at pi ices unheard
of cheap. Call or seud your orders, which wi'. I meet
wittr ?ronvrt attention. TUEO. U1LL.
Erownville, io'h, 1SC1.
To All THiom it May Cozsccrn.
All persons indebted to Wm. T. DEN, either on
book account, or cyr.ote, nro hereby notified to call
aud pay upon or before the 10th day of .March 1SG1,
and thereby save themselves trouble and cost.
P.rownviiie, Feb. 21 WM. T.DEN.
LhneL Lime!! Lime!!!
The un lersicned whose kilns are situated nine miles
west of Brownville, on the road leadinu to Ft. Keimey,
keeps constantly on hand a very superior article of
lime, to which he invites the attention of those wish
ir.s The Lime will be delivered at thekilu or at auy
other point in ihecounty, asdesired.
Feb. 9. IStiO 6m E. M. LONG.
July, 4th, 1 SCI.
n. -- bounty lreasurer.
DROW-WiaL', N. T.
The Newest r.ivi Ilest Music
Roth Vocal nnd intrant -
and Europenn corp-v-
. I by the best American
Mr-rs regular! v every
TTcatri Xul.kolis as Administrator
of t estate of Josfeph Beruiu de-
ceased J Fetition to Sell
Cathinno. William Margarctt, 1
Amop 6;. B oon Ieroin. J
To Catharine, A illiam, MarRaret't, Amop, and Earon
Be K in. who are heirs and legal representatives of Jo
seph Beroin. decei-ed. you are hereby informed that
on the day of June A. D. ISO! said adniinistrimr
11 led his petition iu the Probate Court if Xeraalii Coun
ty N'ebra.-U.i Territory. Tho object anil pi aver of which
retrb.n is to obtain an order on the 29:'a fay of June,
A'- B. 1961 at 1') o'clock, A.M., at ray ( in Brown
ville in said cunty, ur the sale of the foth.wiiis real
c.-tate. of which the said Joseph Beroin died st ized, to-
wit: The nri'h vi ird one-tenth of the Townsite of St.
Deroin. ia Nemaha County, X. T., at which time all
persons interested may attend and show cause why the
pi aver of said petition should not be cranted.
Witness roy han i and ihe seal cf the Probaie Court of
Nemaha county, Nebraska. Territory.
iii-ir C. W. WHEELtlt, probate Judge.
June 4. 1361.
Probate Notice.
wriETlE AS, n. M. Iteynolds, has been appointed
General Administrator of the estate of Jnsep'a Proud,
deceased, late of Gat'e County; notice is hereby civer
that I have appoint! Tuesday the thirteenth (13) day
of Att?ust A, i). 1331. as the day for bearing claims
against said estate. All persons having claims atiiiiist
siid estate are hsrehy notitied to have them on tilt on
of before that .'.ay or they may forever be detuned from
recvering s'.!?it i laiais
Given uri'ier uiv huiid aud offici il this 10th day
or Al i.e. A. D. WM. BLAKEl.Vr
lf.-l-j:;.i Probate Ju.V.'e.
Master's Sale
In pursuance of a decretal order made by the Dis
trict Court held within and lot Nemaha County,
Nebraska Territory, sitting in Chancery, bearing
date 'lay 10th, Istil, in a certain case pei.di-s la
said court wherein Jackson Lynes iscoiuplainant and
l.T Whjte, Sarah irhyte,"inHiam Hoblitzell and
Martha Hoblitzell re defendants, I will, on Friday
the ?:'th Ji ly. 10 o'clock A.M. of said diy,
; toe d.KT of the building in which the last term
f said District d m was held for said Couuty, in
the ci'y of lirownvide, oS'cr for sale at- public auc
tion the following described jremises, to-wit: The quarter of section No. fen (10), Town
ship No. live (5) North of ltango No. tfteen (15)
east of the (i:h principal meridian situate in Nema
ha count 7, Nebraska Territory. Terrc. crsh ia
hand. J. S. BEDFORD.
!Ij;tcr in Chancery.
June 20, 1301. ' n50.;o5
lias just returned from St. Louis with an cnlira
new stock of
Of Good' for Gentlemen's wear, which he will
make to order at short notice, and ia a iaan-ior La
warrants to be satisfactory.
Ilis sto.k consists ia part of biiek, colored ani
mixed cloths ; black, colored and mixd dc.-'kinJ ;
black, colored, taicy and mixed Cuss-liners; fine
Kentucky Jeans, Checks, Cofr;.n.iics. Li. ens, drii
ics. duck, Satins Vesting. Braids, I tt tons cord
ic. lie returns his thank .u the l Ufiwn of this
place and vicinity f..r their p:st I.-Trd r-itr'-nrr.?,
and respect fully invites them to call an t ex unnc
his new stock. He feels con3d-n that in t1 e fij.-
ttire as itetaa past, he wia boa.deto'.ve
. t .
V. m m w-v X ,c.
By the n-e of tliose Pills the periodic attacks of An p
Odi or SUk llradecke may be prevented ; and if t.ken
t the commeiiceuient or an attar's immediate relief
from pain an 1 idcknes j will be obtained.
They seld "ii rail in removing the Xaxict and Head
acl.e to which female are so subject.
They act gcutly upjn tliC bywels removing Cosite-
For Lilerarj Men. Slu fcn.'s, Bclieate Females, and
al persons of tedfntar-i hallts. they are valaabie as a
Lnxalive. improving the appetite, pivini tone and ci
t tir t tbe digestive and reU.rin the natural
elasticity and streir-'tli of trie wh le system.
TheCEPIIAMi: PILLS are the result of Ions investi-r-tioii
and carefully conducted experiments; having
been in nian.v years, during -which time they hare
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and ut
tering from Headache, whether oi i-tinatinc in thencr
vous system er ft m a deran.'ed state of the stomach
They are entirety vegetable in their composition. ancT
may b taken at all times with perrect safety, without
makimr auv change of diet, an d the ahaenre of a- y dis
0'ireablc taste renders it eaij to administer lUeni tt
Eeware cf counterfeits!
Tlie 7encine lave Ave signatures of Henry C. SpaMin-3
on each hot.
S.i;d by Brnc-ists and all other Deale'sin Medicines.
A box will be s?at by mail prepaid on receiptor lue
Price 23 cents.
Ail orilersshonl l be addressed to
43, Cedar Street, New York.
Pee. fi. 1 ?.(). n221v
Will convince ail who sutler from
Speedy ciiid Sure Cure
Ah the T-jxtirn'Miial were n o,'c ,Vf ly Mr. SPAL
LIS(7,thcij tjTrl uuquei-tionahfe prvf of the
ijjlcui-i of Lulu truly Hctentific disco'cery.
B.ccrlj, Hat., Dec. 11, 1S60
II C Spaltmxo, Esq.
I wish lbr some circulars or larc show bills, to
briii yoar Cephalic Pills more particularly before
my customers. If you have unj thirr of the kind,
please rend to me
One of my customers, who is subject tn severe Sick
Headache, (usually lasting two days,) vni currd of
un attack in onthvurb't your ', which I sent her.
Kespectfullv your,
ileyuoUvl'iinj, Franklin Co,, 0.
January 9, 1351 f
IIeniiy C Spalpino,
No -13 Cedar St, N Y
Dear sir:
Inclosed Cnd twenty-five cents, (2j.) for which
send box of 'Cephalic Pills." Send to address of
Rev WmC Filler. W-vnoldsbur, Franklin Co, Ohio.
Your I'iilt irork like a charm cure llmdache ul
Iloaf infaitcr.
Truly yours,
JJ'isoiiciU:; Conn., Feb 5,lSul.
llu. SrALBiNt;.
I h;ire tried your Cephalic Pills, and I He thfin
go Kell that I want you to send me two dullars worth
' Part of these are for the neighbor?, to whom I gave
a few ontof the lint box I got from you.
Send tho Pills by mail, and obii;;3
Your ob't servant,
iTavcrford, I'a., Feb. 0, lSl'.l.
Mr. SrALnix3.
I wish you to send me one more box of your C
phalic Pills have rcccictd a yrtrt deal of It nf jit
from iJum.
Yotrs. respectfully,
Spruce Cruel; I In t tin yf on Co., Pa.,)
January 13, lotil. f
II. C. SrALI)I0.
You will please send me two boxes of your Cephal
ic Pills'. Send them immediately.
Kespectfullv yours,
P S I hire vied one Vox of your 1'illi, and find
them excellent.
It rile rnto, Ohio, Jan. 15, 1SGI.
n f.n'rv C. SPAi.rtNO, Esq.
Please lied inclosed twenty-five cents, for which
send me another box of your Cephalic Pills. Tkr-j
are truly the Lent Villa Ihare erertri-d.
Direct A. STOVER, I'M.
Rele Vernon, Wyanuot Co-,0.
in-'o bottle of SPALDINU ri PREPARED
CLUE will save ten times its cost annually (51
xcono:iy I dispatch!
Ziy"'''A Stich in Time S'lrni Xiire I".f:Z
As accidents will happen, even in well regulated
families, it is very desirable to have some cheap and
convenknt way for repairing Furniture, Toys, Crock
ery, f "!
meets all such emcrireneie.s and co household can
afford to be without it It is always ready, aud up
to tne sticking point
N P A Druih accompanies each bottle. Price,
2j ccnt3 Address
No -16 Cedar Street, Ner Ycrk.
As certain unprincij.lcl persons are nltenptin to
palm r nr the urupee?in. mbiie. imitations of my
PREPARED GLUE, I would cautiouall persons to
examino before purchaoinj, and sec that the full
is n the outsido wrapper; ail others are swindling
"rilic's Tcali, or Uust.'J
To. H, HVTfiixx street,
3. MmiWS &, Co
TTave Just complrtel thsir new husines house on
Main Street, near the C.S Land Office, in Brov-rviile
where they have opened out and areortcrin on the most
fav.rabie termi,
Dry Goods, Provisions,
Of all Kinds,
Choice Liquors, Cigars,
And a "tHousand and oce," other tilings everybody
Erownviiie, Apri' 5, ly
Just Plxlisiied in srixxDiD Stile.
r0ST2AXT C? 2IAJ03 AN2E250N. the
Hero of S ni ter,
New York Fire Zouaves, assassinated at Al
exandria, after Laulins down tha Rebel
lb' 2-
TZ3, a iua,-Lifi.-:Lt,lan;e-, richly coforcd en
graving. THE 1IAS3. EEGISirT fizhtin their
way through tho streeis of Ralliinore. A
tmt ?piriU-J picture, sivin a very corroe
ide of that bloody transaction.
OF LIBESTY. A heart-surrias do
tion, estitiisitcly colored.
soldier represented in tho act or trampMD -undcrfoot
tha traito-'s banner, ind unfur
ling iu its lice the glorious old stars aud
sinpes" forever in triumph to -wave."
mammoth lithogradhrc picnM, briiliautly
colored, representing the rarioua crack regi
ments ia the United Sutcj service, in sull
dress, and eijuipped and arsicd for active
service, boin one of the uroet magniaccnt
pictures of that kiud ever got i3 this
country. Amouj the military represented,
are the New York "th, Mass. 6th, the Fire
men Zouaves, C l.Duryee's Advance Guard,
1st lierman Kiiles, i rencn aruaves,- iniy
Wilson's Zouaves, etc., etc. Price
Ary sirvsjle picture will be sent by mail, postpaid
ery where on receipt of price.
0 "EJ S
We will send the complete set of S pictures to inf
fart of the United States, postage paid.
V.'c will send by mail, post-paid, the following sctof
Union Goods :
1. One copy Hardee's Tactics, the Text Dook for the
Citizen Soldier.
2. 2i splendid assorted Union Envelopes, entirety
new devices.
?. 21 sheets superfine Union paper.
1. No. 4 of our picture gallery, (Tho Bombardment
of Sumter.)
5. No. 5 of our picture gallery, (The Massachusetts
C. The splendid picture The Defenders of our
Wo will send the following, post-paid :
Portrait of the jouthful Col Ellsworth, nssss-dnated!
at Alexandria, a martyr in the cause of liberty.
2j assorted Union Envelopes.
Tho splendid picture enlitl d ''The Defenders of our
A in iguificcnt Cold Union Tin, the most elegant ycd
got up valued at H 50.
Envelopes vitTs tho newest designs and! every de
scription of Uniorr Goods can be procured of os"
cheaper than any where else. Sample tint free, to1
dealers on application.
Address all letters ami order.
L. J. Y0IGT & CO..
12 .Inn Street, New York,
Kidder's new system of Bee Management, where
by a Ewarin of Bees will collect from one to three
hundred pounds of honey in one season. Bees can
be mado to swarm any season, or prevented from do
ing so: Can be preyented from flying to the forests
in swarming-time. Bee-robbery easily prevented.
Moth millers prevented effectually. Never low bcc
by thechillof widteropothcrwise.
1 will send my new Book Circular, containrrigS-J
paes, free of postage, to any 2,'ee-Keeper that will
send m'e bis Tosf-Otllce address. It gives" the con
tents of Book in full, and gives general explantions
and cuts cf the Patent Compound Hive." . .
Or. I will send Kidder's Guide to Apiarian Science'
on the receipt of 57 cents, in postage stamp, which
will gife full particulars in the Culture and- n.a3ge'
ageinent of the oney Reo.
All orders for circulars, books, hives, right ic,
promptly attended to. Address.
K. P. KIDDER, Burlington', Yt.
lsf act ton.
Pro wr. vi
r. h 1, IS'.'I.-ly
week la the HOUSLli-'lLD Jd-RNAL. Price F. ar
Cents. Anew singly S 'jbca Glover, appears iu
No, 1, Vol 2.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills.
A fi ll Fob Ch.t'n. TLe own-T ni btve by do
scribing sm and :rii,g K,r th; ndv. rc: ma r.
Rr o w n v i, 1 c L . J u, i ezi. SAMUEL CAL1.LEN.
Form ex-oilcnt and cheap or:iclo of Pin3 Dor
at 1 S.i;'a call ;it
the- nnw st-re of J.J. TEUR.'JAN.
Browcvillc, Aiiil II, XI. nl yly
risk, Knight it Company,!
Moore &. Smith. )
By virtue of an order of sale to nred-ireetcJ from
the District Court of Nemaha county, Nebraska Ter
ritory, dated on the 17th day of July a D 13GI. I,
W. S. Horn," Coroner, and ex-oflicio Sheriff, will on
Saturday, the 315 day of August, 1SG1.
between the hours of ten o'clock, A. M. and five r m,.
on that day, in front of the house wheie the Dis
trict Court held its List Term, in thetownof Brown
ville, Nebraska Territory, offer for sale the follow
ingdesoribel real cHate situated in said eoanty, to- -wit
tho southeast quarter of section 13, in township
j, north of range 15, cast of the 6thrrincipal roe
ridian, in Nemaha county, Nebraska Territory, the-'
above described property, bein the property here
tofore attached in thecase of Fiske, Knight Si Com
pany, vs Moore &. Smith, for the sum of five hun
dred and scnty-Cve dollars and forty cents $575,li) ..
debt and cost amounting to fourteen dollars and ao '
cruing costs and interest from May 13, a DISC I aft"
the rate often per cent, per annum, all said land
lying and being in Nemaha, county, Nebraska Ter
ritory. W. S. UORN, F,i-ofhoio Sheriff,
byJ W CditXkS, Der t'T
Ju!y 25th, 18C1. a3 5w?L
Strayed or Stolen
From tbe undersigned, s yoke of large oxen.
Their age was about H yeurs : color red, with whitfV
tails; one had white on the back. One of them had,
on a bell when they 1 :ft.
A liberal reward will be paid' to any one girinj
information, that will lead to their discovery, to tb
subscriber, 21-2 miles south vrcst of Brownville.
July 21, 1SJI.
Notice to rrc-Eciptors.
To JonrtBei?ry. JamerC. Catraa, ITeiry O. Suit Li
Charles T.Corneil and Thosaas jfa IdoiT.
You aro hereby notified t aj pear at the land of
fice at Brownvill c, witkin CO days from this date
to cake further proof in relation to your pre-emption
claims encorance w;th instructions from the
Geceral Lsrd Oftlcc at Wahitigton.
CHARLES B. SMITH, Receiver. -.
Ja!y2ta. 1301.
Ia a splendid Colored Engraving of
Showing the entire city, and forming a
of it f.n a sheet oi sitperfice drswing paper 21 by..
3d inches ail sarefully colored by hand. This fine
picture baa just baen puMihed at Three Dollars per-,
copy, but bv an arniii'-ment pffcted we are enabled
to VfTer r" TO EVERY SURSCIDERS to the'
' HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL, who forwards ns$2.ia
retnrn f.,rwhi-b we w:!l m ill trfe, a copy of tlie
above enyraTtror ( don" up with r I!r t . presenre i")
and also the HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL f.'r one year.
Sa"?:k Cr;r. of the Engravings can be.
seen at ouro.Ticf. Ail -o 1 cuin'r,) bills, or postage.
s'amii-', taken at par as remittance. Address at)
c :ut.iii"i-af.n.- to th Pi blithers and Proprietors of
CO., 2J North sl.-.'et, N. w V.-rk.
Of Idl kuiui, iur talc at this olRca.