Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, July 11, 1861, Image 1

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,4 tay Stricklcr. Ulock. Main Street.
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'.i- "."J fht'cwk aoc-uauief rir. not
"Free to Form ana Herniate ALL (heir Domestic Institutions In tliclr cn Trar, subject onlj to tie Constltntlon of the Dittcd States.
Jae trt(ie ilaor !; jairUf a, f l r ,
Ka-:a t-i.ti-jQ! tatvrtioa, --- 4
tD KJ3rt, OS Uo&'.h, - - - - - t I
aiB Ci i ti uaer ti ae yewr, - $ n .
out C j! asm en jer, - fc i
Oce-fcalf Colaraa k&erear. ii t
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Oaee.itia CVl aiua vne year, I f-
Oae-foiii-aasii rjo:i. .
)! bII Co!i:iI ll BKB'fc, Wrt
Oue foorta CjUsb ;, 19
Ou ncbil Colaaa at ra.tU. IU
one Colisn larae ta cilt, -- fir
Oaa ;f C-lni6 :Lr Kiutlh. - . U W
una fvirta O l naa &- ewa:li, - 13 '.
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Crfc Schociiheit
NO. 1.
OUCn''1 . ,i Main BW..
I Com" I . . Xfllliis!ta
1' . , .t.. (,'inf -I'd tin
V ! V to the ffi.cud.
Ji. " ... in B'!l
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.p ,,p ,1., fX'fn-U-'. t" 'mil Hi
Life Insurance Company,
narlford, Conm
Incorporated by (he Sldte of Conntciicvi.
Capital Stock $200,000.
VTi tKi.r.-and inrr:airKorilof receipt Mf re
ly inrMfd nJT the eaDction and aj-pruraUf lb
CcniitroUerof ruLhc Accoulii.
JACKS';. W A fiK'KY, I'rc.dent.
JiMIN Ui'CK, Vic I'residfDt.
i:M V.S i;H.L. .-ccri-lary.
Trj Jlulclilng.
By mulching, the inexperienced reader
will understand that we mean the niacin'1'
of leaves, straw, refuse hy, grass, or
other material, upon the surface of the
soil, around the base of fruit trees, and
vanou3 other plants. We hone ererv
reader of the Agricultural will look into
the benefits of this rruc-ss. It is Dosiible.
doubtless, tr orer-rate the importance of
the practice, but there i little danger of
it. To our new, it is one of the moit
U3:ful projees in otcI;aid and garden
culture. Of course, it is n if t.i -m.
ployed wi:h u'. r-gard to tiru aiid seuou.
lis value aj j,t ars chietiy ia t.mcs ot
drouih, prescrvinjf ah.-aiiii;ul myitjre of
the fcunare of the soil. Jtalaves Loe-
labor in keeping down wetdsand scaaify
inj the earth about trees and plants.
If a fruit-garden is not carefully tilled
Ssa in mid-sumrner, the ground becomes hard
aD r' an( an army of weeds invade it,
tt'KirK ilia Ai rsw . r .1
pump the soil still drier than it would be
if bare of vegetation. But cover the
ground between and around the trees with
a few inches thick of forest-leaves, or
straw, or tan-bark, and the soil will con
tinue moist, arid few weeds will appear.
The tress, too, will make a better growth.
xetmulcning should be applied with
some care and discrimination. For in
stance; it should seldom be us-jd in early
Summer, except in the case of newly
planted trees. Jrrom April to Junu it
would be better to kee n the soil clean and
loose with the cultivator and hoe ; for, if
covered earlier, it would keep out the
genial heat of the sun, and so retard the
growth of both leaves and roots. Wait
until the ground gets well warmed and
vivified, until the manures have been well
worked into the soil Ly the hoe, and until
the ordinary rains and dews of early
Summer seem insufficient to keep the
ground properly mo:st; then put on the
blanket of leaves, or straw, or refu?e hay.
or cut weeds. So treated, it will maiter
litter whether it rains or not, lor several
weeks at a time, for the mulch will urret
the moisture always riing Irom the mi!
si '.l and prevent its evaporation. The
hoe. too, may ctae its fL'ht of the wet da
for a long tune.
A.frM oni,
X. tVliciiUii) .
I mil 1 i'i .Ulii-e, J V.nL.nare,
J. A.l'.rl-r. F. I. Ii 1 0 rnun
S..m.C i. Nelson lloliuter,
J,iui r C. WaVitlcj.
tVw. Tipxori
Attorney at Lav,
. . r dim Pmu'n mn
't,i , t ,1 M.,r ...uth ol M.uu C-'afc. l-ra
. M !'"l.
fT"f().. nmrrrnt Mory, Land
hrranU. Errhane. and Cold Dud
. t.,t K.ivrr. wn'urreiit huk J.!l, and
f..ur.l tn x-Ul t curM t tatea.
.Trl M . rariml .ccounl, aud luierwt al-
KTRi:r-T. in:Tirn: the
rclrar.u M1 1,,c t
I ( 41. nil h c
in. iih'
-,i,..ii '", crr.f rvrt,
i T Smuti- 11. H nker.
J,, (.ii.ji.c-, U'e J AuJ. L'- S. I
J' a k I'ii. lUnker,
rii.inin' l'it.
:u o i ...u,
j Vu.'i- r.- . r-A't Sink,
S'ti .it, A t Li,
.m lUn.l.,1-1 l4U'jr at Lw, .
Tii rr-iy,
U Tr.'iirr,
tliimure, UJ.
raMilticton, t". C.
Chlrnsn. til.
St . Iiiii, M
X 1 . ii .1 1 1 1 - , U .1.
Vf eft cIhii a r
Il.;orld u, Mil
C iiiilri I iii I. 1JJ
H ivn. A 1 tl uiii
V ,v 8 ISCO-lf
jMr.s s. liiiDroui)
t roll K Y AT LAW,
t f P ' . Tn fVoti-ri-r
ilVff 1 ' I''..J -VHiil i ..c.ivC.J-
' . - B IjWNVILLE. k. t.-
Wotor j3trcot,
r.a;i.Mi.Li:. m:huaka.
rpTprp;' 1 t, f in IM r' te mxl no'.lfMt a .iTr
i",iniji.i,ifp. Tu.ii r. ;k ami ?'! "hh ' f,,
mui'ih 11. i" f .1 ' i is li'ir-fKf.' i
t.l r..iind m 1 . It iirw hn. "
X A. C O S T A If E ,
I tupiivtrii n I'tALLB in
Miv;.vi.nv;s. vxlvxfili:
j ncijijowo,
h A C KSM 1 T H o T I) t) u &
e"., '..'t pfn Felix ami E-lmoiMl.
' A. S. IIo2lady.M I), V.-li.-al Kffttnlnen
XpT'Iio -tioriirt-ccifiiL n.V.'.Kl'UNAS.As't.
Jjrowtitill, .T.
Johns & Croslev,
sou: mam K iantKiis or Tn rc imPhoved
ci i t ii:a:cxiA
It the Cheapest and most durable Hoofing
tn use
tt rm Ii ar.n!ti'1 to tirw sn l oil rf of all kinJ, ana
ii t-lii ut'e r'i itniiit rfiimvliiK tbft liinlff.
TZictosI iftonly xc-i!iirc!orTin,
and twice an dnranica
Gutta Pcrcha Cement
r, r.ri.c(.rrlnir and rrnaii ina llu an J other inetal roofs
..f VPt II .wcriniion. from lis rroii elasticity Is not in-
ii ml l.y tlie cuiiirac;i u urn rxiuumi vi nicm, u
Will not crack xn cold cr nun tn warm
Tlire mutrrlali .tp been tborotichly le-f ted In New
Totk anil all .rt ! me nnuiierii mm -' -lait i..
ami e can give atiuiidiiru jrooi hi an we tiiui iu men
They rft rea lily arpuea ty ordinary iaiwrer, mi nu-
l!itt'X.f"e. nnrnriTir II
"NO HE AT lb KHitiULU.
These materials are put vp ready for
vse and for Shipping to all parts of the
Country, u'UfiJull primca uiruuuns jur
Full descriptive circulars will be fur
nished on application ly mail, or in per
son, at our principal ojlice.
MnpoBlte St. Nil-noun Hotel ) NKW TOTIK.
Fe'. 23 ISri. AGENTS WANTLiU. o mo-
1 i
fa fisi7n a-? v. rTFl rrTU
(W ammmmm li am
... - .. ... 1 4 .
Takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of lirownville and vicinity, mat ne cas
t 1 1 ti r r a fa T n 1 1 :ll T - Vy
jus, opened a new l.iviiin: siauiiL, nere ne win aiwuya ue
rt-ady to furnish gentlemen with
;c3.cLlo Horses, Sussies,
Brownville, June 19th. i8Gl.
'" '' t Si L.inm pMredfor rnti.
U : 1 : : M . , p4i t lor Scrap lrou .
"i- 1 is',? ,?
'"'"'.Tt fiWe' Pi'tX G M n1 .l-n-e
" "'e taiiir. m liMVover balance f pr.ee1e
'.. tcmkii, pre ,a,i. In all r'ei. I 1''
iuittr!arft vi tte fttiteJ SUteMa',
, Wot'lHt
s i x-atra tiiuisr'.f in Ur..w nv i.U. . T.,tcu
' ifM...Bl rrices to tltc community.
' J"l warranted.
Ai,noi,mH- to tlie Uuiof Brownville and Yluuity
tUal r-lie Ii tvvwwl tier
a Tra
Ti.wl.W-h fl.ecj.IU rsrtlcnlar attmtlon Tier poods
rc , t the ety Utest nj Vc ana are oflereJ at unicualiy
li.w p1 ir'
xcvv hzG iihtp.
nnOll'M'lLLE. XEBRJSh'J,
n.n-!rii:r inr.ntii ti e cri7en of thi pUce an!
vi. II, il 'lie l. c..uiini"ui'. Hie m iniilacioiy of
u. ,'..,1.1 ii. Mini Ii tn'sby ntioniion
..i...... .. . ,J ir.h natron-e. His
noi v 1 1 v " ii ' t . - .
ft. t k 1-all f Hie he-t i'mli'y. anJ l:t wuik all war
Pu.w..i 1 tvm . . i.i it.ii ni no nT."
AilKtvle, ..1 w..k a X 1. 1, flue c!f kin boot.
to a c-mr briaau aii.1 at pi ices o low ibat nonj can
;ive me ac ill at my fbp on FirH treet, between
liaili Hlul W i ff.
win ilie My9 lPf.l ly
.Tobn (iarueit, Uinmui h i"i a id Jame P.
ii..n.i..n ihn LiiiiHT. Inns' m (ifrtl Miwu in theetn-
1 l. v of .J-r liMuJivtU X .Son) have united under
l In- trtn f
j j:;h giV.nett & co.
run the rRrcCTioN ir the
Asricultural Iraplement
They will con-taiiMv kei-i m hand a full ftirJ of
Landnth s Warranted harden Zxcds,
'.l frt-h. and of tin- lunt Tr rrowth.
To t3 obtiiu. d at t'leol l house at I'hiladelpliia.
and will cnfiin' their ri- I luirdcn .Seeds exclu-
New Eating Saloon.
BENJ. WHYTB, rpened a new Eating IIou on J'ain street,
next door to the U. S. Laud Office in Uiowaville,
vv arm 3Tovls
All kind of game eerved up a dosirtd, nt the
hbortcat uotiee.
Oystf-rs, Qnails. Erairie Chi. -kens.
Fieh, V-ni O , Tie, Cali-, Hot
CutlVe. Sweet anil E'utUT
"I'lkc's I'cak, or Bust."
No. ilt IVTrvlia eaittoot,
A en in 1 inn cJ-11-...U ;
iS U O W Im V 1 L L L. H . 1 . be re moved before the cloe of the s-t-ason.
- ' 1 re 1
11 wept on jate will serve
-w TrwrnrrNnnrvr n lu het'I' UJtJ grounu about me roots ot tnt
ey LlU ilti ji Q H.vO trees warm and moist, and so excite con-
n. . iti f bn,ine house on tiuued growih at a time when it should
M;iin street, near the u.3. Lan.i offlee. in Brownviiie have Ceased, and the forces of the tree
where they h ive opened out auo areoiirring on me mom
worted together which are matched atout
in tht3 same way. It is not an easy mat
ter to find a pair of horses well not to
say perfectly matched in every respect;
and we regard the thtnj as impossible,
unless they are of the same Hood on loth
sidf. In market it is essential to a pood
price that horses offered in rairs should le
of equal size, similarity cf lui!d, and
colored alike to a shade. These qualities
are of importance e.s affecting the market
val je of horses offered for sale as match
ed pairs, Lut there are, ia our opinion
other considerations of vastly mere im
portance as affecting the real value of
matched horses. They should hare the
same temperament; that is, one should
not le quii k and nervous, always ready to
itart at the first signal, and the oih r
ilo v and rhf Ignntic. ntver ready to move
until started ly the whip; and a pair of
horses perfectly matched in size and color,
but of different actions, are ill matched.
Therefore a span of well matched horses
should have the same spirit, action, tem
perament, gait and disposition, a? well as
color, from and size.
Then again matched horses should b
caited alike when they walk or trot.
Many horses that will together cannot
walk together, because one may niturally
walk fast and the other slow, and the fnst
walker takes more than his share of the
load, while the othefis greatly worried
to keep pace with his mate, and ambition
and courage never can make up for a
natural slow walking gait; and although
a pair of horses may move along together
when upon a walk because the slow walk
er has the disposition to keep up with his
mate, yet he is worried in periorming what
his mate does with the most perfect ease.
In matching, or selecting a pair of match
ed horses, there are many things to le
taken into account, besides color, size, &.c.
As we nave said above, it is a difficult
thing to get a pair of horses well match
ed unless they are the same Hood on loth
sides. A spirited, sprightly ambitious
nervous Morgan never will work well
with a dead mettled dunghill. Thorough
brids of the same stock have a similarity
.f temperament, disposition and gait, if
not of size and o-lir; and when they are
found to ma' h in color and size, the same
distrepfneies do not exit between ilum
as between dunghills. Take ihe differ nt
families of Morgans, and if kt pure.
they will be found to possess the same
general leading characteristics, and when
trot together make valuable pairs. In
this view of the subject of horse raising,
who can doubt that the wisest, cheupe&t
and lea: to bestow great care upon the
stock used for breeders? -American
Slock Jjumul.
lavoralile ferin.
Dry Goods, Provisions,
Of all Kitv!,
giik.:x axd nnici fiiuits,
Choice Liquors, Cigars,
Anl a "thousand and one," other things everybody
be sp.nt in ripening off is wood prepar
atorv to intr. Tho neclect of this
precaution may account, in part, for the
winter-killing of many fine dwarf and
other ptar trees. There is another rea
son, too, for this if the mulch of hay or
sttaw he left around young trees in Win
ter, it will be quite sure to afford a neat-
Tha following' suggestions in reference
to the woo! trade cf the West are msda
ia Walter Erowa'a 2ew Vcrk Circubrcf
the 1st instant :
For cur numerous friench in th? W z,,
who may I -j interested ia tha rev !;p, .
we wcdJ remark tl at the prtspect for a
home dtmand for their wed sctms rsry
discouraging, owing to the great scarcity
cf mor.ey amonz manufactures, ard vata
the Eank loth East and West. Must cf
those who hare in former seasons ririttd
the West to lay in their stocks, bar
either been forced ly the stagnation ia
trade to step their mills, cr at least can
only manage to buy in market fr their
immedhte wants. The entire uncertain
ly cf tin future clearly prescribes tho
latter as he enly prudent course, even if
the 'former were practicable. In pros
perous times the trade farmer or store
keeper in Ohio or Michigan may ficd a
buyer at hi door almost any fine racrn
ing in tho shason; but when, as al pres
ent, the whole business cf the country is
in a great measure paralyzed, the littlo
remaining vitality is only to be found ia
the great commercial centers. It seems,
tharefore evident that tho best way to sell
wool will be to send it to the market
where consumers must necessarily, in tho
regular course of their business, como in
contract wi;h it. As to prices which
ouht to be paid for wool and which grow
ers ought to expect, we think that such
portion of the wool as is sold in the West
at clipping time, will range in price frcrn
2-j to 33c for the usual qualities in pood
condition most of the better lots prcba
lly selling for about 30c, and very choice .
clip3 going es high as Sue. Tha last aro '
not at present desirable, and we pretune
a large portion of the best dips will be
wisely held by growers for an improved
Our annexed quotations aro probably
from 2 to 3c per pound above what cculd
be realized for new wool, onafullma-ket.
Lots arriving early may bring nearly cr
quite cur quotations.
Ml I .
CALL AND EXAMINE OUR STOCK ,no"PIace for niica. Let it .hen he re
B'on-pvil'.e April "6 1r
Milk. Miishand Milk,
arid all such.
Como rind fcioo
.li. i. IMll.
Kks, ratdies& Jewell
a. onii ina..iureirtm.:itifn of BrwnTllle
y ' u-miiT ma ne n !ocMed hlnuelf In
'3rownTi!le. ai.liutfn4.irrmi:iliiltMon
I ' ' erjthinp m liisllnmr tuiMuet. tiUii will
I ' 'ortih. Ilewtll lodo all kinds ,.f re-
awuenajeaeirjr. All m,uk ar,
. 3itlSlr
'i, lv
a vvnrxrrs to the rublic that he his porchse.l the
Mvery Stable and Si.a fortiier.T owoeu oy Miiuaiu
K.-e.l and ad.led thereto One stoci, ana u nw prepar
five to those. They willki'cp a very lare stock of (hijo accommodate the public with
All Implements and .Machinery tn I Cairi;
They a ilioit tho eontinaeJ custom of tlicir friends,
ami of all thive who tirtve at in-' urancu iiou:
of Lm uftu A Son. at St, Iav. Our K'iee nhalt
he vrr l..w. in -e with the lime?, and we
.. . -i . :
hope to i-ajtslj all who call ou us ai w mo fujwnur
qi'ftlnj f ouri-toek,utl tue jrice.
Our Tcrmmr Cm-1, and prim tit rowpoaa.
JACOB MA 110 UN, tailor.
lias ju?t returned Irvm St. Louis iUi a totiro
new ttock of
Of Good for Gentlemen's wear, which he will
ruaVe to order at rhort notice, and in a manner he
warrants to be aatufactory.
Saddles Horses
Can flrl at hi ?!iM ample accommoJationa for
norse, mulei or esttie
Brownrllle, Oct. 14. I860.
1859. looy.
II 1WIK II, & ST. JOSEril Is. H.
i:. !.T.Mice, lir. 1. 'I n, DrownviUe.
Ai rtl 1 1, T.I.
nt) ly
inovru, miv ainiut tne uiidiiie ot -ri' in
ner or nrt of October. Ivtrly in NoVf-in-htr,
supply its place wi:h a hill nk of
common soil around the trunk, to repel
As already in?imatfd. mulchir jf i. very
importaiit in the ca.-e of newly plint'd
trers, irubs, aud vioei. The inanhd
rot wry toon eIld fF .ill the ni iture
thtj' po-seMi, cr eari g.itl.i-r frvin the sor
rouudiii soil, and it r v ry i.op rtant t
supply thfir lac!c ar.iw-i.iily, tnitil they
jrl re-estahlihed, anl i.i a coisuition to
iinlliiip it 9IAP F. w I'.ii it- . . 1 1-. . I lut g" n
a , ll. . I. I . ft.'t III IIIO' III 3. A.1U.CIJ
The Undersigned having opened a hhop he lIone .th-r bv wateri;i?.he not fre
quently, or by mulching them. Th fi ri
m. thod every ezperienC' d danter knows
Furniture Munui'nctory.
at the
Are prepared to pnt rp all kinds of
Ta order, at short notics. We wilt nunufacturt
CHAIRS &.c. &c.
Wer a1s p'eriTeil to fnrnish f rf?!n with te tit-Tnotli-ptrh.
We have n bf! eaioneil Black
Walnut lumber f .r tit purje We have theUcili
tie "f makinir furnitaie a cheip a it e.m he farnli-hed
in ben iurabiiiTT taken UU Ihe ac
count, as e warrant ail X our wrk.
We la'icit tte patron? of the community.
W will Ut9 in ftchanee for fnrnitnre all kin-Is :
farm pr.-dnce. T e hUte't pMce- f r hatter, tgi,
and laid ill he paid the entire hot aeaton.
STorntni Trsln leaver St. Joseph at - - :00
ErentnK Train leaves 6o do - - 6:40
st J.eDhis reached fcy the Western Stase Line.
Paooncer svetime ana -.ireonie insin uu-rouir.
ll.nnihal with all'EabtcrD
. ,i vv.iiuv. -
UiS stuck eniU in ivari ot Mack, eilorea ana fcll(inth.rn"R.iIroaJani!Pitciets
mixed cloth. : Uack, colored and mixed doecKins
idack. colored. tan-T and mixed taimers: fine
Kentucky Jean. Checks, C uttonsdcs, Iiinens, dnl-
lin ducks. Stn. VetinTs, Braids. Uuttons, cords
e. 11 returns hi thanks o the cntlom-n of this
l laceamt vicinity fr tlu-ir pnt liberal patronne,
Brownville. Xr S ly.
A 5 D
l-llit: KT CII1CAUO.
Jr cf Uaan AAVtlnut. St. Kt. Louis.
ar.d re.cflfu'ily invitcji thf in to call and examine
Lis new utoek. ll f-vls emjC lcnt tliat In the fu
ture as in the will be aUe to gire eatire st-
Hr. w.iriM. Mrn ;i.t.VIy
Ociraii. for Wlioat,
The P'"i tc m e uitu' mt-J thai ai eiio' Jii'.'s thit
SiiWOten: ca) t heini piit j.r c.1 wercbs ntable
wheat. AIm wbeal aud corn (round for toll a nnal.
.No-22. J.G.JJELV1N.
j T D Hatwood, Sop't.. Hannibal.
D C Sawis, General Agent, St. Joe
P B Gro vt, G. Ticket Agent, Han't al
Tnco. Hill. G. T. Ag't. Brownville
yovember 54, lc59.
Collection Office
o r
.If.rf'r. Erlvecn LfTe and Ftrst Slrecfs.
rarlfcularatfrntlon Slvcn to llic
, purchase antl aic ci ncai
NcmSnuulimfSiaucs KoU
I hTe just reivel a new rorrlj f
Of the Utest and mo?t improved patterns, whi. h I
prop-vse to sell at nch prices as cannot be complain
ed j J. The public are incited Ui call and examine.
As usual my ftock of Tin, Shet Ip.n and Copper
Ware is large and of my oi mmnfuetur.
April 11, 1S31, bM-j:j
is open to many orjciinris ; it is an un
natural remedy, it usually jacks the
ground too is laborious, and ia not
always successful. The latter has every
thinrr to recommend it: it is nature's plan
for protecting roots, it is easily and quick
ly djne, and is generally successful.
Water may perhaps be wisely ar plied
once, at the time of replanting, but it will
seldom be needed again. Among de
cidous trees, there is none that demands
this treatment more than the cherry.
From neglect of it, many fine collections
perish every year.
And if deciduous trees require nnicw
m2 muca mere cti;n:nia. uv
foliage always fully expanaea, seres to
evaporate the moisture of the roots vry
fast. At the time of re-settirg, they
hould be rletifullv watered, and then the
soil over the roots thou'd be covered with
leaves and flat stone lo keeptnem down,
or with spent tanbark. With this little
- .a. W a -II
care, eren the fas'idious Iterator, will ac
commodate itself to new foil ar.d expo
sures. For shading groin! about newly
planted shrubs, grapevines, strawberries.
cuttings and the like, nothing is better
than chopped straw, cr (which looks bet
ter newly mown grats. If water is ap
plied soon from a watering pot, it will
make the mulch lie flat upon the ground.
and it will remain there all Summer.
American Agriculturist.
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diameter Is Power.
Beniamin Franklin aitributed his sue
cess as a public man, not alone to his
talents, nnr to his power of t pea king
which was but moderate but to his known
integrity of character. "Hence it was"
he ys, "that 1 had so much weight with
my fellow-citizens. I was but a bad
peaker, never loquent, sulj-ct to much
heitation in the clioice of my words,
hardly torreit in my langtae, and ytt
Igfirally carried my poiiu'
Character craies tntidence in men
in hih stations, as well as inhuman lite.
It was tiaid of the fir.-t Alexander ot Ru-
tia, that his persnnel character waseijual
to a rontitutiin. During the wars of
the Fronde, .Moii'ague was the only man
among the French gentry uhoktpthia
riutle i:ate unbarred ; and it is taid ot
him that his personal c.'ia ratter was wor.h
more to him th in a regiment of horse.
I hat vharacter is power, is true in a much
higher senbe than that knowledge isp-nv
. Mind without heart, intelligence
without conduct, cleverness without good-
tiess, are powers, if they may be pow
ers, only lor mischief. e may be in
struct d or amused ly them; t-ut it is
sometime as difficult to admire them, as
it would be to admire the dexterity of i
pickpocket, or the horsemanship of a high
wayman. 1 ruiilituloets, integrity, ami
goodness qualities that fang out on any
man s breath form the es-ence ot man
Iv character, cr, a ore t f our writer
hts i, ' that inbnd loyahy into virtue,
that can s-rveher witheut livery." When
Sttphen of Colona fell inta the hands of
his t ase a?jai!ant. and they aked him
in deri?i'n, "Where is your fortre.-s ?"
"Here," was his bold rt ply, p!a ii g his
harid upon his htart. It is in mifortune
that the character cf the upright man
shines forth wi:h the greatest lustre. and
when all else f Jib, he takes hi &:and
upon his integrity and courage.
Watering Pot Flowers,
In the operation of watering potted
plants per;-on-i not familiar with plant cul
tore are Bpt to make serious mistakes.
Cultivators find by experience that a ex
cess of water at the roots is very iniuri
to almost all plants, and hence it is usual
to direct that great ciutionbe used in tha
application of water, efpecally in tho
winter. The result i., that frequently
the opposite extreme is fallen into, to tho
great injury of the plants. From the
moment that the soil becomes so far dried
that the fibres of the roots cannct absorb
moisture. Some plants can bear this loss
of water wuh more in. puniiy than others;
tome again, and the erica family araonj
thu rest, ore in this way destroyed. Th
object in watering thculd be to prevent
thissfjge cf dryness being reached, at
iea;t during the time the plant iscrowirrr.
and at all times in the case cf these of
very rii;id structure ; at tho tame time
that excess v.hich would sodden th soil
and gorge tho plants is alio avoided.
nhui these Ji. nits the most experienced
persons may follow sound directions for
the application of water with safety, bu
whatever water is given to pot p!ant
enough fhould be employed to wet tho
.-oil thoroughly, and the difference be
tween j burs that require more or less
water jould be mad by watering mora
or less frequently, and not by giving
greater or 1-sa quantities at one lira.
Matched Horses.
V vcpII rerolieet the renlv of an intel
ligent farmer, when asked if his horses
M mitrhpd: "Yes" said he.
Preserqins Slrawlierrle?.
The Rural New Yorker, in reply to on
inuuiry, pays: "Strawberries require
more heating to preserve them than any
other fruit we have put, and more sugar.
If only scald'!, or just brought to a boil
ing point, like o a fruit, thy will not
spoil, but lo3e their color, and look, when
.1. . V, ,-V.a n lfiAil'Vi tVipv
my come upon wiw, -
had been soaked in water, and quite de
ficient in flavor. After some trials, we
found that, when slowly boiltd for about
five minute, with, say about a quarter of
Kill the Fleas.
Clcan'.inesj, and frequent yprinMirg cf
the room w ith a simple decoction of worm
wood or sas-afras, will soon extirpate tho
whole breed of these troublesome vermin;
and the best remedy to expel them from
bed-clothe-i, is a bag filled with drymos,
th-f odor of which is to them extremely
olIYniive. Fi-.aj may be easily destroyed
by covering the floors of the rooms with
the leaves cf the alder while the dew is
on the foliage, to which these insects
foudy adhere. -
Fumigation with th? leaves cf penny
royal, or tho freih gathered foliage of
the.'e plan's, sewed vp in a big, and laid,
in the bed, are alio remedies pointed cut
for the expulsion of fieas.
Ant taring the skin of cat and degs.
with sweet oil, will effectually secure
them from the persecution of their ver
min. The fleas and lice of poultry are des
troyed by decoctions cf tassafras wocd.
To Hake Eaabarb Wine-
. To one gallon cf water add four pctrnds
of ripe rhubarb, thoroughly bruised ; let
it stand in the tub four days; tir it fre
quently, then strain it; to ens plica cf
liquor, put four pound of good cctTee su
gar, the juica cf one, and the peel cf cs
half alerncn; to every ten gallcts, cna
ounce cf isinglass and one pintcf braxdy,
put it in. a cask; after the fernentatica
is over, bung it t:ght, let it stand one year
or acre, and then bottle it fcr use. If
kept three cr four years, it will eparkla
- J -t r-- . . :c ... , 11 I I i ry rr ra rrvo f.if7ri"ii 7?i-ruri
sealed, thpy preserved both cobr and
flivor. with the sli'hts! rharg afirr le
ing p it up. Lit year we pr.-rvd t .vi
...v m,t-r,.l first rate. One of i bushel and now have t!i-m in perfeni -n
them is willing to do all the work, ar.d an i i.ot a , bott.e injured, whahav.- ;
the other is willing he should. im is
Hay Ecr.ulreil to Keep a Horse.
A c.-.rre;-tenuni "f V,";.cr'! Far-
rr, w-o In t;iVi 5
-.ritin ttj
t f -
W )Ui J
not w
el, e:peci.i'!y by
a riT" who has
C .1
proper regard .or ovu uiu.i
..rmr r,l -H- f lip' Li an:rnal, V:t
there are a reat in&r.y rd:r! Cl horses
nr the c i?t tnv ve.r-- a. :i
ii 1-rcd well : hav.- furn!hfd m5raMe crks. entirely w
unfit for the purpose, ttir.j full of large 1
1 irsit r-rprv rork isi tracd be- u
fr,T -r-, -vrrf.iij irr nd Tf-tPCt all old .'I C, ai.a i.J i'T. "IV
rorko' that are net perfect." j k,-ep on co... .vS..
u. j- ct. .s.iy ti. it nv-r p i .. i y-f-
f.:t'-pM p u:j'J. - r -.a 7
:-. ";i.iiilo: 'I'ln al, cr i i t
j.-i r: rvill U- p a
i- ! c . r. litjnn f er a II r a ' .
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