Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, May 30, 1861, Image 3

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L, O C A. L.
'i'Mrz Materia! ct ?!1 K?A
1 ,. . ! Nt Trx air! ErnTn'f Iroi
-. -. 1 1
. .rel Azc-r rs J rite
inn::; & aiiiiott,
.- , T ii C LLT.
Advertising Agency.
...... rr-riA-iA ADvr?.-
FcrSCnal. Ve Lid the picture cf
cur oil triers, and legislative csscc:
Dr. DjyELAjr, Cap:. iMocstr an
T T T" :
xi. xj. is now a resicen
St. Joseph; Dr. B. is cn his way
native State. Nnr;1! fni-, r
M. to Arkansas. Sorry to part wiyoa c ITwI-j!
genticraen, and tri7 indulge the h: pe that ! 5 ia i 5c 2 5 1
we cay meet again as in days cf ycre. j S, " llUl'lZ-l-i
i . - t- r - p . - - - i, t - - -
T). r; - f ,--e"5 ; 5 -'- 4 ;
IJ n.S 1 w ' . ; rS - -
2 - ; -
"-is in
v ,v ': NOCl.rt, Cier.eral A-1vertii-.;
. . nArp.its, 45 Olive St. Lou:!
. ' : i .1 tr..U city, ar.J t!.cr j-f t
v - a - 5-..-crcr. f r both tbeirfr
, jjj co; ie-:i til's for ae mae.
..'' "ii - E IlAEVr,Eii. i our regular au-L-i
c v A:cr.t K,r il.c Jrfrf jfr id Fcj
- ' :."v fc'-r:T vi?.ii lie. E;--'e; a cities r.r she
e .5 .-i.rit.s s!vc:ti.-4rs' patronage. lie i
y i . : i j c r.:-ict ar. ! ue ccr nan:e in bnsi--c
-a r rr-rte ! vlti our pr'.:'-:;.
Ycjur (cnntrj Calls.
Those desiring to rcluntcer in the ccn- " I r'-iif f !
rany being cade r?" for this county c::n ; 1 if Iff il HS ;
leave their names either at the -Uvcrti- lLl:'. 'z.azl':
scr efhee, cr at the Test Ofhce.
Jlamcotli Rhuharlj. w. s. Hot !
- z .
c2- r; .?
T "
c - . r
of thi3 County has placed upon our ta
ble six staIh-3 cf Rhubarb, weighing 5 . C '-J'. i t
and 1-4 pounds. Two of the stalks
measure in circumference 5 3-1 inches.
This is the finest we have seen. It is
of the Cahocn's Mammoth variety, and
is similar toDowning's colossal.
" - - ' i - Z S - - 1. - - i j.
- a
- m z --i w Z
- . : f r : ;
T:2 rrcr:-er.tcf the L. S.. throurh j re .. . o- c, e-.
Our ilagazine ezchanges will pardon
us for short notices this month. Oar
readers are so anxiou3 to have all the
war news, that we give up most of our
papr to telegraphic reports.
GODST TOI -TNT' V U2t a t,ij.L.fol nnr.Se-,', , r-'. . ...
A ftt: fctM.k cf li.rLt Grvceres ccr-'tant'j cb
hu.tJ ai fur sale at rci-ceJ rate? at the zew store
of J. J. Till" UMAX,
ErowtiTlIle, April II, 'CL r. iti-rlj
lomparative Tariirs-of tlie U. S.
- . o el, 23u a cf oi'ue s j '.iia oiie, TLiS nuuit; i c;" 1:1 ' ,: '-' p" J '
v Trrri'.-.rv f r rT'm&rt r.f irnn. . . 1 t - ;t--..;. ll.o v,-.v: a-e g;ve::.
'Tbe IWa-afalS'ai'e 1" O-.-.ujIc rain Plate. 1.
21 r. Srr.ith n-.'Kir:, (Srearj- 01 tbe Cba? er
C. E.ser.e tf sbe State of Xew To-k ) and W. B Di.n i.
(A:io- cy a Law,) E.I. tor of the Kerchcr.t yipjr:i:e
and Commercial Reviev, Xew T.-'s. Lave p-t; ei
. r Kork, aiiJ li;r ; ii r..t.,i, Ll; ior:n
t-! new tariff U tt l"r : el St - e-t iljcsS.
; 'LicU i ai,i-!e-'., X-r t'-it iiJie, an !j i. t
b-.- r ! ulal! :ir;, T!:-.! the evrepi .?
a- " " ; b -.c of ;: e yea s . t
1 i: .. ;a ... er'.iiU-. o r.-e r .be raU H t.-e u- t
' t ti.. cite ; : ii-.. h ; .!o iJl 1 -A II- - i-j a
Ti ..:i. . u I7-V 1 . iV v'r.; wc-: fie r-"-
c' n-ei 1 rrn. .-if Ciea'
anw BUM stq
VThltnej's BZrc!-. Street.
loot: for the sign of the
TiciLltT tbif be tr. rc:vTci bLs Druj i-tore from
IJej, I. wa, iut"-e Cry tf IlrowBTille, bating
Fresh Drugs,
Dve Stuffs,
"Pw-n'.s and 02s.
Pare V ines anJ Liquors,
For Medical Proposes,
Hair and Tooth brushes,
Fine Toilet Soap,
&c, &c, Sc., cc.
loir.- p-iirL.ris!j.
Mcias's P ecr:;ti.-us aiteriiei to at all tours
twh hj (lay and it.r'-t.
Drowrri'.'e, Aprii IItb,IfI.
rv u rcrve cn our own frontiers for the j
no cf three-years unless sooner dis-Lir-d.
It is expected that Nemaha
Nvw i: i.i t ue to jc. Te ts t. Crtij.
iL-ee ormre $2; Aivcrti;er, Ti icer asJ Code- f .r
The Atlantic IMonthlt, for June, itV.t
.i Ea-
. 1 1
II-kl-.i.t . C r:7?. it- i.U
cU- .o, ri..:L', S veu--:i. cr I'e- ylv: ..:a ; r:k;L;
Vc' ;.cr. L't iLt, Dav.i. .- M.i- i: ..i, e. ; RawJ.lpU,
cf Vi ?!c:a ; Clij ct Ke.-f.ur-i ; F -'e. 'i uucc.icsi,
M;i.,rr an !, .' :. t.:: C-. re and
S. W: ::t, of Ne--V.,r's : MitcLell a:.- : -e-r, cT
Ith 1 !.:,.! : Ci' Dra-.-i.jn. Ha-ce Han: I ton.
ty will furnish cne company. In ! is upon our table. A knowledge cf the I ff:-' 5"'rt;l; a; vru"' f' Gecr5;ii,auj.-.icrp:-oa-
r to a.a mere speeciiiy ,in icrmir.
:-rr.paLy, a counly meeting will be held
Lt Ilrctvnville, Satcrdaj Cuno 1st
L?: t all vorn cut, and a company be prcmpt-
Fourth Of Jnly. There never was
a time when a'reclar eld fahioned, pat
riotic, -Fourth-cf July celebration would
1? more than the coming
cf. 'Arrrericn Independence.
Lttlrav c:.o i-n Nes--"ha Ccunty cf ikt
v' s,V.f4 .'To get it cp properly it
is h'rh lime :t:;s were tak n to put the
i-v r.- .
I;' .. j.tvliJLi's to pura.-e Dry Gjnl
f. ... i r.r-, :.K-:i;iirt, L.-r.iarc, Lo-jLs. Sioef IIa:
C. U .r.t .. Purmture, lc.
periodical, am a glance at me taiie ct
contents wcrrants us in saving it miot
be an interesting number.
The Ladies' RircsiTCnr, for June
we have. It contains a splendid steel
plate Engraving of Rev. Glezene Fill
more, D. D. and a vast amount cf instruc
tive reading matter.
The Household JorcrfAL, Part 2, vol
2, Nos o to S is before us. This iscne
cf the most interesting literary works
now published. Call and see specimen
1 ... a-e ".1. A f..l'! sLow.? ihe !o-
! c i. ta': ! ;:: ? u;.-n i..i:e lt-alip;
: i.-y -:ts. 2. A a' -i'-.r Viu- of ti;- Tute?- (y
. c : TiriiT ta IS. 1. ".. ct Co:t-
. . ' rt ;uiat.on tf tl.e ITc ite-1 tj.s'ts. ' ie wajie
;jrr:'L:oi ..' 120 p?-;e. icta.-o. . i'e i.':y ctu.s.
.s is the tn!v tat;i:al ar.i rrattgcueci
tae Tariff ever mi luLe-i.
KCCP Coot- E. VV. Worthing is in
the ice trade th;s season; has a large
stork cf cleanclear, cool ice. Jim Craig
sav? : "Keeri ice in vour hat." That'll
co dcv.n at St. Joe; but up here we like
:t in a i ail tf sprirg water, pitcher of
r.i'.k. cr orr.'"'::'. in a mint julip, sher
ry coMer, chret, punch, a:.i :
r. 2S VTi ai rcatti T eei vetarc in 'Vi lz '-A
tr, fu:c.ei;tl' lr-fe ie?-, e u'.l ' F.-ci" ,s uid
i y cac it as i. tx:a p-v -e. '1t tuivte. Jr-ice iUa
ce s ; ou-'-se us ' a Lssiei of peaccs." "VTou'i ibat
"u3 "c.J faiLined?"
ice to sell; we know
from a liitle circumstance, viz : i. e., he
in the halite! 'si
-i -.V ' ' r- - t-n
'the w.tur pail in our cilice.
'Do it a
Got a Partner. We see that the
dne ag presented to the West Wind by
the ladies of this place, has found a mate
wedded. We hope the result cf the
union may be natural and Icgilim ale, and
that a host of little stars and stripes raay
WiiO Far? Hill is not Fciiirg g ocas lower tt&c any
cUier Louse alxrve St. Iuis.
Cash EuSlnCSS. Inthe future Titeo.
Hill st'.I g-jcis L,r caib cr -x i pro Jrtcc in li-nl
lie retnrrs tbaaks for pat liberal patronaze. anil
JTot.ce is Lerc'T gi'ea to the ta2 layers tf Xerarba
County tLai tiie County CouitmsioTiers of K'idt-ouy
will L"'1 a s-essi'n v'. tfjreo Oays," on n-e
f eo.'Ud M.)inlay tit Jur; r.est, for ibe pnri je c' e'ji:ai
izics the tax list. I". ;on. feeling s-g- ieved i-y s.. a
a.-?esi'.iient c..n a; pe' sU-.w c.iu-e wby tucli as-8t?s-aei.t
bliau't-1 ro .is a- : n ;-.
T. v.". LEI-Foni), Cc-i.y C'.C.I.
ww waww tawi
Ever c2ered in this Market.
xo BomT inorr it:
Baltimore Cloliiing Store,
F 1 nrsT rn ' ? cf! q p r! s nil
H' 7
Keect'uMy ifjrrus tie cUireas cf ill p'.ac ari-1
Tkioity tbat Le La c;r:;nie'.aeJ tre nf.".r. -y vf
Bxis and thoes ia Ercwavil e, anJ t-pe by .;ea :
aal care to merit a tLare of putiic pa:ouaue. Ti:
iaickUallcf ;te l-et tj-.aa y, aij'I Ls wo w a'.! wa
raateJ to 'c-ve tati:ictica o: eo pay."
All :yle-"jf w&rk, frora a No. 1, trie ca'! Fk'.aboot.
to a oar- e trjgan, sad at prices lew .cat nt r.a taa
ct .opl in.
Civemeacail at my eiiop, cn First fc'.reet, te.weea
Ma n and Water.
BrowaTilie, Alay 9, 1S61 ly
TtiL tLl :-neJ u;i:res to scl. or rcu: l:- hoa.:e
r.r 1 k.t in L '.v.nville. i,r c-ytvo of
&iXihh, LFilliiill'D!i'Jr.iuI li
April II,
t 'u-2a
Ca -esIx for
Tbe pu !..c ieiu u: i
Accorrcc to tie pcl-lic taat ttcy ave opened oai a
stock o
DERWEAR, &.c.,&:c.,&.c
1 Cnp-ece(!ente4 ia jnanti, raa!::y aad p-ices. They
T - : - - t - - . i J : l .
-"utLCr2iuea liie;' jruei Mii-.i cui i piMi wiiu me
times, aad iliere o e cfler here in tae West, at jn-t
as low rates as such goods can be purchased aeyscbe-e
ii the Cnited States. As a saaiple of oar prices we
wiil mention that we eeil
Ccats from $1,25 up to $15,
Pants from $1 to $7,
Vests LVom $1 to $5.
Ex.ts, SV.e, nils, Cap?, ra-;cy:i2d WLi.e Shi'ts, Sas
e, Neckt.c;, Socks, UauilkercLtc'-s 6i.c, ia ti.3 saaie
pr. rrt:..D.
, The pro?- ie tors embrace fjiseppo-tncltyof retcm-Dj
; 'or n; ?t patrc-ucge, ar..I pvoa'.-e to spare no e
fi-.-.s .he future to jive entire sau.'actkn.
Coll o.n c3. 000 iiSa
E'ownvi'ie, April , lS51.-ly
Ey tie ue tte-e Vi'.'.t t?.e pet "n lie attacks cf .Vrp
ctu cr ciayl; previu;eJ; and i Ulm
a: the c rtiaicuce iieat of aa attack ianaeii-a-.e rei.ei
trom pain and Moknes wi'J Pe otaiiM.
They s.ei i ra .'ail ia reraov.D; Le .Vcujfa Htcd
cche to wt.c'j feua'.es are io su. ect.
Ttey act geaily upaa the bowe C'w.'.r-
TxjT LiUrerj S.a-f', Delxate Fera.h'e, ard
U per at of ie''.:ary uritt. ihey ae va!r.i.!.i n 1
L'za.!iee. itap-ov:c; tie tiptille, fcivicg iOAt ar"5 r
or ;o ti;e c.esi ve o-gar.i. aal re.o iai tae r .o ai
e a-t.c tt i-.i .rer-:'u t the trh,ie ST-te-a.
lac C-"nALIC PILLS are the -e- jU of l-rir iive
tra.ica aul cjrefaMy CjiccteJ r. -?r'!"jej-'5" h
oeen ia re it ;.-iy yej-s, Ca-:u; w- ca .;uie tt-ey have
prevented at 1 re" :eve-i a v.--.; au:v-.:st f..' pa:n at-d -fe-iE?:r-ira
Hi'acJache. wf ierorii.;r is m tb
rout y-u:a er ra a ue-aicl state &." he titmsek
Tbey a"e ea.i-eiy Tee.abie ia their cor.. po.-i. ..' ir;
mav be tarea at a;i tii;ei wi:i t;.'ect aiet, wi.ii.'Ul
na;nr ai;v c'aan.e of C-et, end the of y d'r
evreasle taitt rcndtTt it caiy to &j.ia,hU tr lht it
Beware of counterfeits!
The genuine lave five sigaattres of Henry C. Spalding
on eaci lux.
Sold t y Drcpgist and all other Dealers ia Me-J'c-uej.
A. box will he scui t y tuail prepaid on receipt of the
Price 25 cents.
Ail orders b.--rM he a !J-essed to
IS, Cedar Street, New Ycrk.
Dec. 6, 1550. ntTMj
Will ccnTince all who saTerfrera
.1 J. al aw . a . .j
sin cf t.u cm rizv.
Arr tXo". ;rj yr.a ro-rrta St., r ;:5 rr-i-:-.
ST. LOUIS, 310.
5 y-rta ro-rrta St., vr
A Rlt UrCZIVXTTO tir a rf-rrt rf
Ti.'W. I! iT'Tt, C-: -;v !,-.-, -t. Rii.,-,
5'-.-Te',r--i P.-i . At. ISa. vif". .
-yt . -n:h. I "ra f (rh "
Hay. l i' ro S; rk C-:t:r,
Tare .her, era. r; ..;s.
i-.'.-rm- thet.uLtictb'Lt Le U detcrjilEcJ to sell roods cn....-i--ntir.t. u iw v ..t .,- i.f : :
1 ' ' t w -w -w- t x --- T sl r TTV f
at r-iees L.w tbat he fea n, corcretn CaS ; wbeat A .aaea. a,,, c ,, tr-d .;.r t-.. , m. r U I -W ,Vlj bUUm
Lames' !'&Evi ;rois Tiie Sprirg Sutk cf La.liei'
I'rt-s i-H;5 .'at-r(.eivcl'ly II ill, just tutt, judgins
frcra the cr. d f ia'..e' who rn-l there and parchai-e.
FnrniisrcHansrctorj. We take
pleasure in calling attention to the ad
vertisement cf Cuameeks S: Notes, who
are engaged extensively in the Furniture
Manufacture in this Eity. We have cx
asiined fpecimens cf their work and
have no hesitation in giving it a hearty
reco.T.meniation. . As to prices, too, they
; determined net to be undersold. Go
cad examine for yeumlves.
Hill's C. ty c.' Pry G di is uhcad of anything cf
he k;a:vcr . frcd 4a ih.i caa.ry. '
and ciixlne Lii Lttto 6lck cf good3 tf all kiaii.
- 1 -
Trcst Sale-
X E W ADVERTISEMENT. I WHET-S. On t,e Cay cf A-t-rr-t A. D 1553,
- t yathan I. : i eontuefor the purpc--e of s-ccnr.-i t j W. P..
Fcr Sale.
W. CV '-eirer tUe ?a:a ei Two llaudredatid i.r.uTy
Dollar- - i'.etcel br hU prorai -cry t-jarinj
,ne macf,-.e-y,&c.,be'-.r?TS to rbe S'ea? Fer-y- Ute lTt'f.
lowiTi-.. . tta real c -i.t .e : n 1 a . iierwu-u. .cu..-
Bal -m) ;e." oi'Si'tir:-; of one
p.-r: of he y :'jr
A"'v o n. ii. AT-'XSOy, Eeceive
L'rcwuvilie, Vay CO, 156!.
Furniture Manufactory.
The I" .dersigned having opened a shop
at the
ki Tc- y, u-wit : y.-rth-v e -x riarter cf secti..-a
(IT.) eo.. 1-15. a hip No. (-; tv.-. n-ril of Rsnte Xo.
(! ) ; it.c e -t of the 6ta pri: ' al racrilin ia Xe-b-..
.sTr-i:' . Afd v.i erea-, - is provido ! ia sail
ie i of Vrr.-. . .he fcttai so t-cctt- to said W. P.. W.
r. fhvr i..i 1 ilhitn ty t e J1.1. .yrt Av :u-! A. I".
l-5o3 ti:-? vixier saed v-as an:tr"i7 I t ?ell the prop- t
er.v t:,v t c
tUvs ia e
Call and see Them.
: rvlyed after adve-.i drzj: e ,arue y ; CANXOT EE FOUXD ELSEWIIEI1E.
i.ewparer printed tn the ie .i.ory o. e- .
Speedy and Sure Cure
As then Ti'.ZmM im if ere tnso!!ctct hy Jr. .".1 L
DISG,ikty c.'oni vnjne.:ioaifle proof 0 Ue
(tf'cacy of iki't Irvlj tcieni'ie discovery
Zczerlj, I'm:, Dee. 11, 130
LT C SAUrsc. E?q.
1 wLh for some ci-rnla-? or la-re ehor hY-'. to
brii?s yo'ar Cepba'ic Pi'ls more par.iea!a'-!y k.'ot
my eaitome-f . If you have acy:IiL', of ihe k'cJ.
pierce reni to me
One of rrTCu-.-ne-. v;i!0 i? -n"?ct tc -erc-e 'ck
Ileadacbe, ( nsuaUy lr.;;r;; iv;i lv-. ,-( o'
anc.iO.-i: in e & w ;. ''"?, v b 'c ii I ten be".
Jattaa y 0, 1SCI f
Ursr.T C vc,
5o Celrr St, X T
Dear t;r:
Inelo??a fit twej-'ve ecn -. for which
send oox c-r KTcphtiic "PI"-." ScnJ .0 p.Ii-e- o
Rer WaiC TiHe-. Tt' vi, Ma-z. r' j-i:""i Co. O ro.
To'.- V tro. I- ?..!e a t.'.T. r . l- '.doxt c( -most
Tn:' rr,,
Wil C FCLLZr..
Are p-rpareJ to pai rp all L'.alj tf
EailtLniCXl- There has been an un
usual number cf Ranchmen in this city
tLe pest week, purchasing supplies. Our
Merchants keep cn. hands constantly
large supplies cf such trade as they need,
endwhtt is better, sell a figure lower
so- the ranchmen themselves say than
aay cthcr point oh the river.
e ha; f c .. .a-1 a our pa en, XX-Uwa'. e aad Op r
'j.rra;e v lo-, lix-ureJ .his S; r a; of Dr. Grant o
. I-.t.a. K'.at.C. "cw To k, and D . Sylvester, c.f Lyon.
.?wt T.vk. w'lh'q Lave Tro-ai cne to three clute of
T.-u.t . a i'. cm".
e. n . rrrxnns. &. ca vo e. 11 Et scnES &. Co
pro r:e of the ct en- re Xr?e y a:id G eeu
n ft n t ti t? m Trrnn
b ililiyn 1 i Uil
To i'der, at tbort notice. We will manaTac nre
(;,-,.. -p-.nren, W4tD 11.' r-;t, cy-'. f.e-.Mhi a v. !..; i-r; Li?-
rr ,.,:. ' Att.raey fc.: -ud t-. t...-l iue reaat.?icer
. -e order cf i !'. :nec;ti.
And ' O?5. te a'.-. M uifnmp orj;. ;a;, j
i !....; e. tr ai.; ; t c.e .' : the . c :'j.-e :
t .e : t..e r-. ii. n.3 .
the wa-its of tae coca aim :"-
.:')' e '. t -rhae saca soclJ ai will ;.iv a
ic' --- eati. a id my p ceni n- 'it .
ij if. ve .- ! i e ! te c; eu w a jre?. c-
1 h-T2 f.rel rocr Ccf:.-"c T".!!?, ra.I ('.- .
i.ra-'ia. . t rujii- anctica at the South- t c rn?r f
i ir.-t artJ A.aia bireeis iti Dnnuuiie. me.- ; jiavir.. of"", i-.'.-s an-i r. eusnt.i tiyj.n1 mc
ecate a Deed to the pv.nhuer to pay . e the jiujv.. t , Trcrcat. e i ' t1--" ia the West. I Ca.ter hsp-ci sowe- 1
-o thai I wast tcu tot-end rrt; two uo!'tt5 r-o"i'a
a ; Pi,-: of the-e a-c for 4hecc;-ht.-c--. to Vjoca I rare
- j a few on t of the -5 1 Las I j?r-; f-oro you.
ceau tai 1 cy tti t, a s i uv
Your co'i -o- i.'at.
The Union IJu-t end
shall be Preserved!'
KIrI)j's American Iron Ilanestcr.
Eevo'.rtr; and Sprirs tta TI .-e H.y lhaies,
Kraa-er i CvUer d Wire ii.;: wits Press,
S icart'ar.e Crc-hcri a:.d Evarators.
At. :;- P'.e ru.-rue a.r! Caldr-ot.5,
Partai'.eE.;.ae ar.! n.r.-e Powers,
P rtatle ris,cra-..l Cora ilea! St.lli,
VTo.l a-d Iron VTorkin? Kachiaerr,
3ft-r:UiB? anJ Tea,
Lathors, CJ.t Cutter. Cch Screw. Laaterns,
Q'cea' P rtalle Forse asl Uclijws,
Leather ar.d Eu'.ter Bel'tcz.
I.ace Leatf er a:.d S-ent Paci:r.;,
Fer. W?'x'-r Sis--me. S:eWir !. St'e,
GAxnr v. gzass ad otue:: srrvs
tyczid fcr Clrcrutars
Order s-j.jc.tcd ,
ITarca, I5C1.
rr -a'.Tit 'r e-ecr.:e! it
Goods and :
IRON, &.C.,
ik .4:.k.i... Ct
ITiTir-? . e-r.. rr f i e-l-..e
Uu- ro-. I UK .
NovUii f..-'-- v e i ' ' -
Saddles, Crldlc-s, Cellars, TTTi!rs.
LasJits, Lir.cs, CwZ.i", Zsrcir.glts,
Slimes av.l Leathers, S.iaCe,
Curb end Port EHis, Rir.g
Brcisor.s, Rugpj Trimmings.
Plastering Hair Constantly cn Hand.
Ta order to Bait all, I raake harness frora
per eet.
I have col Jars frora Co ccaU to $2 eaci.
Halters from t5c. lo $.1.5 cadi.
1 vIL.Xi Eriila AS LOW, if net lewe
than any oae ricrth of St. JoseplL, and those
wishirg tnytLias ia rsy line will find it to
their adrri-itase to r-ive me & coll before bay
ing elsewhere,
ee2T 25
Probate Notice.
WTTEP.E VS. IT. M. Reya.d. fca. been a-pir'el
General A Jraiai-trator of the eLte of Joseph P: ad.
decea.-ed, late of Gi: C-janty ; runce is he-ehy ciren
that I hi :e a; ..ia.l Tue hiy tl e th.rtc-r..h (13) day
of Ac;rst A. i. iaiK a the day fir hean:u c'aira
aam-t said e:ta'.e. A'' r"Jaj tavl-i? c!a:i.i a:,iiat
said estate are hr-rety n. :.iea to have theM oa fi'tcn
or t-e:ure that day cr they raay forever he dchar e 1 frota
reroverir j sah claim
Givea tin-ler rr tacd and cSc'al eil. fhi f-h day
of itav, A. D. Iiol. Wil. KL.VKtl.Vr
46-IJtp Pr h;e J--';e.
:e in rr.'-al rr s.tZ-
; fi .1 Ui C-., CD i H-eii-
tf ei ": t.
- . - rr r. r.-1.--, ; a-
u 4 cry
-, . - -, re--!.
. v. .... c.-.
t ...
1 -
I a
Mc r-
t a.
I r. .lvp cn hi:: 1 a f ; '
.: C 'I s - . rh - e r : ie.- .cj.:u- urii. A..
.t of r.-rrara C f
: je. 'v - u r. on
A II T 13 D f
H-. Pr: s- !, f:r h; h the tirLc.4 p:wtii
ill tarues will ie ta 1.
To le Lrbf
If yo-t w-sj to fw;."f rxr oa tbe t)it frirl.K
t?-r:t-. or 'v-e f yor-r I .-j.! -.' tJ t'.C le t 'uaMila
3SlT,3 CiTCiii? STOBEr
r. . v
Tere s'o prr ared to farrjish CcSss w;t tbeT:-
x .:r-- ;.vci t.iai k'-i
?:ver.. : . Dccl ct 7r t.'i i :-f-. .day .:.. I.
In- o. " .e A . I'-1 :i e : j - c.-..r ...
Fiv-t . i - it i,-iv,-.iv.".. '.ta. i-:.-. ef .
iheh-u-if S c-'ct- k .v. ii a:i ! o i P. t-ad
dav. Kit the ?a:d aeal e.'.ate at p" :. ar- .jii to .he
hil'he-i io.- f..r ca -a. a:. ! r.p -v. a i
cf'luv pt.-.La.e u -aey, will i. : e e:: '-t.. ,- einer
to the i u hscr or ; ut -ha crs t v . c jI uCvds
for fj. i leal estate.
IS - WALTEP. W. nACZXZT, r ' - v
Trnsl Sale.
p. n the 1 t C i Ji ne A. D. l;o3. Isoai
. v-e c." -. ; .o W. P.. V.". .' '-h or
..a .f Vs-j l.t "I r.r.l E "ry U . liar as
. ; : t. TtiL :: .:e h-ca: : te r
e v-e :- c-- a.".. : .a.e. c-.-ave. ! '-i
', '- ;cr W. Ha tiae:. -;ra.-t;i-e t .. - r
e-;ate ia Xe..; ha
e-i ecu' 0' e to ;Ue t;cics. I !! not iff "
.iaie a.e. ou sijy cy aty stvc'k as cacaic tt-.;y t
. 7 . C. ij-
ty, X' ta al': .itcry.
-of : ., nr. . e-a i
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
A. d wi.ere:i it i . f "vided m said Peed of Trn-t i: ' '
the soai po e-ccre-1 to -ad W. It. W. CoM --as ?-:n.i
hitn by tbM day of jt A; D lSiJ, the m..r: tt.e-i I f cf-ep for ,h 0. f, mc!r?rft. - e, ai p-ce
iii . IilhL.
i iwi vrhof'c r. CJI be ie't vr .. an f-rne
ntter a.ive-t.sinz the sari" thir.y cays ui s..a:eie- - - .. . .
... ' v. ., . . .- - ' " ' - - - - - J. 'f J'llIi.C-"tlll tUV 1 . . . ' . v. - - - - - . "
Wl.-n. Iciul-er Kr that pr-p .e. We I are tte faciU- av.l-ioa at the S.'r.ta-ea-t i or cf F;rt a; : :..iu -'
n.p., Iaj oJ t Ote. on. A'o.. we a.C i-idtbieJ r a Mies or was Pt ut. u-e w,p a i can e .u-n-su. u in Biv':iv;:ie,.Nf -ra
;p I.i Clio.:, niiiu u. 'a. ii: .aou i-kO .u i- c j- ,topry-t -?
iva'tl, w c waTaat all cf our wot Si. e-t, c t ex:er.?s ui
Mb. Spaldpsg.
Ilxverford, P(in Feb. 6, ISC I.
I wi.-h yon to seal rne ere tz-e hox cf yncr Ce
pba'ie I'iils, hace rt?:'c?d a nyeri d-Hil oj btit-lt
front i't tm.
Ton-?. rerr:C?."ii"v.
C. A - A -2
laft i.c.'ous M pi- " v i-.di-!i. p .-.f t-- B'l 1 ili.ra 'g
5. " We have lecn -ost".?'-r-; i -. ?c'h ?:r r U
i.L.e. the p'ea-u- e .-f i th.s e.-.i'f .-'
kd--K-.t.tor o:rie," i ttt vtae.-,-w have:eer
r-t rj ts
:. "ret c.T
W c lave, v eve-, sac i a
f'-aai m' i.- ...rfi--e i..h v-.e
-icio s :u 4 avc
ne:. s- ir. T
.c-" sc.. I t ut a - r .ah'e cs
to f.rp m rt:t-(i'.; vo-al re uaiCKditi.-n - 'e C:a.
They are po'! -hat. : ';'.-. :-ee fd sh.r.V-v--
"''.ere.! ."-vra as - p ti'-. eft! e tt rerr.ttr.. y caa bt sa.'e
ly ari e:..d.., a.-'y.!4a"t by StwctKCt. The'- ecpp'y
cf ledht ilis tK w rtaiiv for Ceiive-y is eoaal to
many .East ea e!ahU.-hiaer s, and he pi tee to Sow tha
tione need le wi.hout f.oweri. Serd in yocr orUe; s. We
will f.-rmard for an- wh r.:ay desire us to do to.
it..e' and MiSfe' at Hill's are of the
latent style. tes xaaterial, aad cheapest price, arid
can l--t f.i to suit.
Essence or Cofie. Do you want to
save about cn? fourth cr half the ci
per.f cf vcrr C: rice bill ? Go to Hills,
ikLn, and r-'-rchase
I fc -i-e t? :
rL.rr.on r
-.-.e a oer i ' ir.e pur- ;
t c era . e-carc '. v. L;h i1 :e - :
aa'.'ie At-ortcy tcc.a'ti '
; to I- '. 1 -he re-. am '" -. r-.ier -t -. . l .vi.
j A; 1 -hcrca-s ih? .-a. 11 .ui P. vis L.. f icd t : jy
' ty p.. ca. thn' l-y v.-r-re of ih? .:.,. -riry la r1" 'c.vpa i-v
wi'J t.'ie in e tcharze f -r fn-ritare a'l k;rds of sii-I Peal of Tru-t, I will ta Ji-ju-.Uy t.e l i 'ay ct'
eud lc d v ui e pd i.e ca.i.e hot sein. ' il'ia rcet- i.t Ilr.--rt:-.;:.e. ::lb-a.-kA. 'he y r v;;:-. A::. -V.h, IriGl. Cr,rl ITt'it'lntton C-, PaJ
Jiauary 13, ISC'. f
Ton wfl p'ea -c scdJ lic trro V.-re? of y ;rr Cepiial-
I icPi'.Is. StaJ kbeai iQijia-liate'y.
Kercc..iV-i v T"-;-j!.
.t.NO.I!. sn:oxs.
P S J Tr one lox of o ';.;, c.l y-r
.riem exe-cW;.
Wr sjl cit :Le "."rronare of the comntnri.y.
: vpr i.nt il;tit u'tr-5 'hat r. t : .or v i.?.e-
a'.l.-r :. thcrais r.-w c. r.;:c. : eaiV-a tr; eve-;-. Li: ;
7n.;-f ;e or pm-table to t-aleia, sad at p--re- cr.hcaru
c: che-p. Call or er-a yu-r o'dars.
i'"" w!'.i t -e.
TUEJ. Elf.L.
r.r. -rnvir.e. Juay to, 7v.
"1 " i."" l-5i S"-5 "' 5?
H '"-:! . i"; - -- S s.r
Uifl ff S e'eiee A. ii. sr.J. 5 c'ch-rS P. M. . f
tei! the said re-! Ctta e at ; i.c a-.:ca n to ta
lid ier Kr ca -h. an i a i e, fet.a r
; luichase aiuncr. iil a.a'.e, t-xe-:a.e rctd deliver t ie: The ract con-piete st: :k of rcra.;
purchaser or parcbiic: Uccl or cteels for sail r-;a.l ; h;i epper country ins: received hy
' e-ta'e. Ercwaville, Apri. sjJi, ISiil.
i?.-r !;: oa, C." , Jan. 1 j, 1SC1.
t- t -r-. t-.-,, n f I I I'k-'e ft! r..-t-"J tt-CT re ctz;:.rc- wr'th
I1 lirniLcITu : aiiilL'Ui U : : ! i0al are s-o.l'C' S..c t o' yon- Cej-'taU-; P s.
of rcra.;are ever cherel ia . ,"w i tJtci P." ''; Ii.oa : . .'.
sic:: or tiii: 3iorfcTAK,
Icncr cf IMiin culI Second streets.
AXXOrXCES to the public that he has pcrchael cf
E. B.-o-u, the Ci'y Cra, ia Izwwav4iie, aad haa
also added largely tusrehj,
An !, perhaps, the
Ever troast above St. Joseph,
Hubbard Squash Seeds.
A 1 r t fpp!1 y c -r-e-' or - " c--.- "i '
-j z ' - " " z - . - ? i -r ! rf qo a. 0Oceni pe iC3 ty r re u.
S f2;- a;e. Wa; ed pure. C:de.s -j -ae-T-v-
J 5s? -"S-i- l?lSag Jan, 1SSI. 3-a-v-Jnl Cie-cea.C.y, Iowa
;--.. -1.!-S : O - ' L . r-T" T" T-rt
- ; 1 - ? r-ll j Of GxxL .V Oentleir en's wear, wb
3 ?rJ2 c --iilgS-l-iicii-rV. i raake to crJc :i sh ort c-,ticc, anl ia a
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps.
3TT supp?y of Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps rever wa
so li e nor was I eer prepared to oser such tirraias.
Er.-rETi!;e. April C5:a, ISCt.
Ordinance, No. 2.
r itnrdainel tv ti.t Ci'.j Ccur.cil crBromtuIt.
ich he will 1 XcbTo&a, :
nusacr ite That Le-i Spriaile le prstted the privilege of e-ect-
ta; t.v a the Levee s ata 01 ireei, aira ra. o.
Ve have tested
it aui f.uJ it . what it is recommended
o!e." It imparts. a fine ilavor and gives
a high cclcr. The result cf our experi
tient ir,' ihoi with one package which
costs io cents, SI worth cf ccnee went
J'-st cs far as Sl,oO worth does without
Sct!eTexnon,rya-;io Co.,0.
Ets slock of the foII--wir? articles, bich he
cieap f jrca.-h:
Pure White Lead, Caster Od,
French Zinck, Cod Liver Oil,
China Zinck, Sweet Oil,
Red Lead, Putty,
Venitian Red, Glue,
Raw and bt umber, Figs,
Spanish whiting,
Chalk. Linseed Oil,
Couh Candy, Tanaer's Oil,
Copal Varnish C.istile Soap,
Fancy Soap, Toilet Soap,
Tooth brushes, Litherage,
Tatent medicines, Let.paper
"White Varniah, Ink,
Hair brashes.
Tooth I rushes,
Paint brushes
! Steel Pens, Candies,
Geld Pens, Nuts,
Pencils, Raisins,
Hair oil, &c. r.c.
oiC, fwC.
l. 1 . V i'J .s Ci C o.,i
Jttjcs Ert:tTi;;!e. )
Stv.zt ii Lc.-tlj riven that h? vlrta-s cf an eiscn
tkn i'-nc-l ly taa Clerk f iheblitrict tVurt cf e
raaht ccua.y, .N'tlrr-Jai Tcrri:. ry, -aict the de
fendant Jjtse Enniitl in la-si-jvo eri: rj vj cass9
an.l in farcr of the piaiat.J therein I. T. Whyte 4'r
Co, for the sara cf cne hnnirsJ anl thirtv-Mrve-j
dollars cl seTecty-fiTe ccr.hs, art! the co,L cf Buit
e-nonntir toeleven dollars anl siity-Cre cents ; I, 1
J. Ii. Wells, S'aeriJ of sail eonaty ia Bail Territory
hare levied npon an-J wi'l 5rr for aale at p utdic
auction, at las do'r of the hovse in whk-h the U t
terra of tLe sa:l li-:riot C-urt f r sail eoptr wss I
held. oa JTo- l.y the lUta Air cf .'tar, a -1. at
the tour rf I) o'c! fek, a m.of salid.'y.tSe
ui cr ota i r-TT.t-vwi: : p ce sou:hea-t ruarter f
f-nawes: li.r.-kvrof rtiea acW ."v, tcwn-Lip
ural-T I, cf rre lo, eat of rh r,-!j!1
leriliaa, i ) a-re: the at- ve r
situaie-l in Nemaha cc-cn'r takrn as tV t r-fft .
Arri,l?tl. B;o-:t-j4 7
WnEItEAS.Wo. C. rai:!r- aJailni-tmt? ..f f.
r' Jclsa N"T?,lere-utJ, haa raala ar-v'.l-ratirr
to ae l ro'iate Cc tri cf rNeTnaha coan'y, X'cbr,i.-ka
Te-ritory, f .r r: y- r.-j eit-n- ion of ti;:t-e to collect
tbe ar-et3 of sail e .a; a-.J mt tbe dcbLi arl le-.
etc cbarrra !e arrti'i tbe a-iie.
Notice is hereby --rea that I Lire set the2;jaiy
J;arca.a d ltl,at 10 oMock.a ra, 3 tbe tiaje rur
heann; aid apj-lirstitn at rry cCce in Pr'iwnri:'.a
in atd couc'y, when ar.-l where at! rs-.uj intcre- -e-1
may attend and tbaw caa-e why tae jaad citca
tif.n of time thf.ull n.,t be ailowr-i.
Witaen ray h-.r-.d anl seal tbirl .T-.t r.T
dlsCl. (635-5t-?3) t. W. Vt'EELLLIL
Notice Is hereby p ren that ia pornar-e i fr
orderBof sale i-L-ue.4 b tha District Court of Ncaa
ha Coonty, Ncbraila Tc-ri r-, oa iW(t ja rj
in a;J Court, one in fa vert f ()::tt Penne: Jt Coa
pany, aai tbe other ia f-ror c-f '.ViL'tiara F. EnWi
&Ccmrr-T,anl boiha-3iat Au-u-'.lae LyfurJaul
libara 1 . Horn, rirt.vr.-s nl-.r tae ciavs cf l.-f.rl
rf- Hon.I wilUScr lor tx'.e at T-! sartiva, ia
D-ownv.;,at tbedrrf C:.s Ii ,n inwb ,-hrb
la t te-tricf:LeI)'t.t-'-: Cart wbcM. cn y. otay
tue l.h d?r of Var a n 1 'j. at bat' rr-i
tea rVi-'k A. M., cf r . 1 d i--. the f'.iicw-i-de--.b-1
r -I e -Va t;-v; lc. tur.ff in
lktfr.cai'.-er !.., sr';:'a th j r.-,r. h-atic ac-J a!i tb
l-cj -frvcT.c-;'.! t'tT'-'-n. :.:: ! ii Tra ci Fe
ru. Alt'!.: ori ." 2 a -''t-a-t a-; 1 n-'-we't t crj frr' cf .5 n-n.,--.rrr ii. iaf-rr-.a-a
nu'itir 0, nr-rta cf nn-r? c-ja.bcr l,e.t-: r f 4 h a Ota
J r.;.c-T 1 :a'J :a;.: 1. . 1
sitaat-el ia ..' 1 Ct-r.-.-r
5 r. ..ere . ; ri-. cry
STA bottle of ??AT.DTNG3 PTtLtPA'RZD
GLCE wjll cave ten t:raes its costanncal!yr5
rTuTTT, r c;t trees cf ues- y rve y kind hereabouts
l' it.i u-f e eaou:h to bea-. Lave rao- c cr less " tt'.t
ct ;hen4. ' Or Iwar"s Apple, Peas at-'d Cherr-e
i:i'.e a h3-i-i.onie howins. Wewilltave a few
It h- ..t 1st pears apt lets a ad p;uai.
--rt-i"J -c-Ts ciS- 1 Iiis?;.k con -iiti ta l art cf Vjs ;i, cc!-;reJ STsi of vi-:e sert-t y leases said Sprinile the
r! !? r j .kci - - " T --: i .. r,Wl rh:'ie ; b'.ick. ccldrel and mii.4 ttoe.ct-? : . 1 ,v .-r- r r.:-tT-nin vsirs. at the rata
I "1 - & He."7 -7' t-f fi --i ' ' btrwk. cotarcd. iaay anl ratxel Ca; ; has Wea-V d.. liars'ier year. Provided said Spriak'.e or rrT.-. ,
jjri 7 13"? 5 ?i-r:l- Ii-.duil:3,SatiasVci::a-.3r,EaU3.ccrd?. rail!; and i- lather, that said Spriaile CCycriT !
Ii3 iiSr.-k,6-'?.c. c .x-s- - at .o ; rT..t.i.-. . t -n. -. succest ha-l u td land fjr no otaer purp,se, I . c . , . .
s". :,-x:EZi;?;:ak:tk-s-.: rc-urU fc-ua.- .-- - , .-, ;-..--- r.T his successor ball forfeit such ? ii,' -i -'"' Jr - ,
-".-?r Hf s - ? ? .-ii I i . place and vir.rary fcr tc:r I'rst ..c :ra pit.i-n'.'se, . 'j.j.ygj ae ma to !to- &ihiiail! in or-eratioa. J A? ailaati wZI ba:va. erert ia -',? cl
f t '- f. J t ?: it-:. --r ' asd re.-j-ectfut'.y inTltes- thect to call arti ei.i ne , j' f. W. KiATTOX, iJayor. I famil:e. ii ia re-r de-lraV.e to h-re soia -'? a a-i
r sJ S i ?- - .- - r:--1- . rp-r i f S c his tew stock. He feels eottiideti: that ia tbe fa-j j crtitr teat tt.e &Vre c: titance was passed ia ta corTericat way for rcjairir Fam::sre,TeysC xcS-rDrx-4
;lr.:sf ' icre ns in tbe pi, te will Le tb-Ic t -ive titL-ec-i- Ci' y Cvar.dl ca tbe ?th cf Ap . A. D. , err. if-a
IHflllll-J-S-ilSs.-- i i--'ac:ion. aMHEier. I "SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE
2-Slf----e tiI-fl UrownTxIl?, March -1, loO-ly Sw..-OJJ 2, Orizcaee Xo. 2. Eee., .cb e-iea, art 1 ao h usebc!d cr a
O rillSa;5fi il s!isSS On-r-i TUVv-nT-n Src. 2. Taat ia aiditi. . to Crdiaaace So. 2, p-aatli t) bc wi:aout n It Li al..s rialy, acd cp
ai.Cn axii.Ca. sri.k;e the p"'e.r:t cf wls a Saw and, to , jeki po-it
7 a . fT,--l- K.1I oa the Le-e. that said 2fi!I shall be con- 0
rQinSnCG. 14 O. 4r. " - '-rous ct buyir? ih-,?e y-r.ce cf cperati.'-n" as lor-3 as in good repair, aad
u-----"-iAV-,-' Ftxi. ivv . . j for.r or ave year-ld cxer.. one-.tlrd . " lai'--Tt cf cr, . or want of material for tee?- fCFFIiL IN TVERY IIOUF "
PROTECTING TIMBER. La.,r,IV - -" cr not v " A C-ulh c-x-. e "bo- 'e IV-ce
. .. - -T7 ,.1rr1.-.- r,r r.-tp. . r. :. . ,. Mir. aid farther, thai sa.d 5r-in- A i.a JCT s.fsL'.a H0i.,e. i TiCC,
Ee f OrtfaiBM tcanc" V rc. - e oa dcl(jl. L sce-ali have the priveiepe cf erectin; ! 25 eeati A-l-ire
a Lii 21.1 7Tr3v' C.V I vu w-i at v 9 o4wc I -j-j A'. . Al. i. a
That tent Cttirjg, comfortable pair cf
-'e:l boots the editcr has been -'takin
1 stir1 in L
a te w Lavs past were made
-7 Grant. They are all right and no
tistake." "
Also, a SpIcra'Jia Assortment cr
ez"ri2.z2CL erie 3,
Crrr:p-i--:r.p Ly-n Zatharioa, Col -sme, Porarnaie
ecait.e ci air.j-jr, bear rree. attd c;:, rail.-!- cd
eceaces cf a.i tiaia, aa lof the t qaai:ty.
J. 1:. Wr:i.m. i-b...r;r.
April 10, l-'I. ElJ.j-O 1 J
Admini3trator's SalcT"
PLiicL AN i' : an c-Jcr of ibj Pr late Court cf
Nematta euc'y, N.-b-a ki, mala on tb 211 Jay cf
Fi.rea-y A I i .'11, the ot. !er-:---l, aJ-j;r,Ltau
cf the e.a:ecf Ger.-rr-e En-'.':;ar .t,,Q v.
u-liy the S'.h -isy.f Ja3.; a. 1I I.a: 2 e'etxk P '
M, i-i :-tn- cf the oTi?e cf tbe Pr ,o u JaJ -i cf
NcaaL Const r,ia Iln-wtrltlc, wilt o:.t f.rsl'Ba; -I'UW.e
yenduv ,ue f..i v-Ticr 1 renj tt
a? a part rf tba e.iilc c; tb-a 1 0 -,-; i;?'-'chLrd"$ '
to wit tbe Tre?t hab cf the Kirh n"e--. utr..- f f "
scrtica y-j. e:-bt-ra,iavoT- bipN.S tf rin-i No. -tL-rtcen,
eat, -.ual'; in r'.;d e-.rcrrtr.
TerisofiaTjent : One hilf ra-V ia tand, tt j
"i inree nj'.atbj.acJ on-f-.ur.h in ix f.T-T-ra.i
fxr. ibe .iaie r.f falo. J0.LPiI .-iiL'i;"
aa 7, lv.t,n.ti Alai-ri'iratof.
f-c r-of .hes ee s or rlieys ia L ownv le, er rcy
of i dr cas, aad S hat anr person c- p-e-s n ? t elat
in; tt s o nanre sh i ' 1 le Cued no: less Uan iftyda'
lar for each cCence.
GEO. W. rSATTOK llayor.
I hereby certify that the arxve crdiaance w a rasc-d
in C:y Council on this, tlst ciav of Mav. A t 1561.
JACOB StniCKlXO., Secorder.
Well Buckets and Wheels
J. J. 1 iTrr.MA!.' has ca taad a lit cf Ko.I "vPell
Eu;kchs d Wheel.',
lirvwcv".:'!, April II, 'CI. uii-jlj
rare Bred Fancy Poultry.
r. r - -.'e P'a-k SrriE:a. White D-)-k;ar;,C:Jen
- - . . - - ' 1 r!P'".,V I1 li tTT c-
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