Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 28, 1861, Image 1

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3; oiM.WU13.ld..
nvE-T Tr.i'.f -at y.x
-J-Slory SITU-.-'
.rlfr4idiu'ivt1o- - - - - r2
"t,y il Uidaltbeei.J'- fC rr, : f e! . i '
" " Jf P,u . 'i " 3 I )
Vr.dS aewauie. tie ore.r, Let
v ' t a k i . .
v. 4
- r r
70L. V.
7n"e s s C A It I) s .
ika te:i!i3icf In Chancery.
4- . Ks -
T 9P
rr- T TOTTO1 y ,X ! i . A
A. -
olmson & Scliociihdt
A X I)
Comer First trU Uaia
Tirs' ?BAH GOLD!
tVteTmu ttt Vitea Ee.lVUi.,
-ilex axd Excai:;ci: r,
SJlOW.frXX.tS. 5 tBi ASKA..
Havin- perrcanenily located in
r tb Prctic f V.Uclf cd .Sur-ery, ten-.i.t.rilfKMonaUer-iceiU.theaO.ictcd.
... I
.noi r-,
a - (J1
3P-0 V: ii J ihi7, ...
" i 1 -C
Have j;:-t
Slain Sir--"t.
favorable '
5 , ( " f, )u 1 '.ov.-::vi:;e
: .o ... vutiiu, tiitLtu;uat
C'.cice Liters, Cigars,
jUid ft 'T-cusaii &aj ca' otter tUzS evrjtoiy
BrowuriKe, April 2S, ly
ci on Si a: n Jbtrcc.t.
A fif. HO L LAD AY, M. D.
l(,"fnllynformK!ii fricn.1 i Br.nvnvUI r.d
i, nevicimiythatfba resumed tbrctu-ei.f
Heine, Surgery, & OlMlcirlcs,
.up t,r jtrK ttttf'iUon to tiinprofes-i , to receive
, Urr,a iutronCe LereMor? mn,!fJ u.bim. Id
., lire il I ptrt-a.lorex.e '.m. prose; ii-tiyB
,.s,iit-l..i'. oa-eit City V: us Store.
Ki-h. 2- 'f9- 5 IT '
r. w. TrPTON,
Attorney at Law ,
Bfio w js-r ur, v. t.
O.Hc ft'. C. C.JtiRfun' Lw orace,
-irtt Street, between Llain and Water,
!dratolies & Jewelry.
WooHiPUonr.rfiothr-iCien of tronrin
S tnd vlrirttr tbtt be b I x-ted tlinself in
" iBrovmx'iae. and. uteiiO Keeping full .
n.f everyiliinsiii lu'"ff bUMuei., wlucb wiU
...laiowfoi ch. lie will hlio do. all kir.di of re--it,n
rif.rts. watches iti J jewelry. AUwori sr-
B L fi iJ c.?y
p y
c ii arte:
r, OAK
Insurance Company,;
li livi Ut U
7 , i
Liar; crated ly the Zlate of Co;i',:cci,
Vrith ' i-e a i! J i !;cre;;r i jtiri '. o rcceij if, -;cl re
ly i unJ'.-r fir s -.ji.ct to a il 3?-j.rt'i.l cl tie
Cfii.,i'tft-! I'uliii: Av.-cut:it.
JA'ir 50. V.'ALK'.FY, I n-iJcnr.
-'-'iLVfi. rvCK. V v tVi.ltni.
i:L! AS GILL. Sc--r-;,!-li.
D.L''i ;;craS Ai tnt.
11. ,o I ret. J. A.llafkr,
i: t
v J -i
i r s
rive you Bj':.;
j curs. lie
clJ I urn do r. wh
r.uJcr cr richc-r
"Air.cis, I r-eisl
!--t calf thai! te
:i-cr u yoke in th-5
.i ClJcit buy WIS
f t
lava c:y c
with the cr.: r.".:
's r.:t vc. r.
:.t of.
iy cetir::- rj;:
t i a 3 if it was a
uu:,i; io.-y ir:
iht- jj;r.J. I3jy UI
very f!ea?ri.t t
Ips to cajvr ri't'i.a
2Iuch us I I'.'Vfd her Ufore, after father
n.U ih is. I i iv.J L; r a f;r. ai deal Ict-
),'' I ta "Ntp, a!. it's -ry
0 !t li.
i-; .
yet? a ; t ('a,' ;.er.
liWVLeaton, Sam. - - Xc!.on llullister,
S. IJ. Beresford, M 1, Connnliin'r i'by.'ii iao.
A. S. Uo!Iai:!yfM I), Metier,! K.tnwirr.
Ar it fctions received Ij U.W. IT IN A S. Az't .
e9-U' BruVDvilit , X. T.
. !Dxc ol"c.txc m
ZJ Jm J Ml i- 4. )
' riLLL"....!! 2.
Slay 17, 1S0O.
fhe t'rtoerkliip heretofore exitinK tntct the tti
anJ etjle of Luijbai!?! Is. Cn.rx-.xt ai Browi.viil-?, N
hr,isVi. wis, on t!,e frttiUy of November. Ji-s"vp! b;-'
unsiuis c ii.-.eril, ty !! e wittifl -a wal f B. F. Lu!ibi.(.b
Jl.1i!! I.. Cars n v. iil fettle tfce undnii-riiV) buMoe.-s of
tl.eoid 11, rii and c i tine the AaWtng a'i'l S.-tats
bufcii.ens as Usrciciore at tl.e t!l t.f-i:it.
B. J". LrallBARH
Nov. ta!, 1SC0. ' . JOUX. L. t'AIWOX.
ed J.'" To i;jvfive vo ii.rjr hroth-
ers and sisters I was not Aow in 'f l'in
the news that a my call ; fath
er i-ai.! .-o."
"Mi;;':r," I critti, Mfe bk out of
Wtll, &he
the wn..uo a ;(,u t e thia -a If.
k Li,
Ilerel y itK?! the i t!.at be lia p;ireli-d tfce
Nebrahka IIniisc i" llrt .vr.vl : : ( , X. T. , f..- r f r!y kept by
T. J. ElwarU. hi:l butt reia ..c.fd, i enowu-d aud entt
rely cLnnced tbe whole houro. from cciir to parrel,
witb an especial view to tie.tti-e'-s, coT.r-.rt ami cotive
Dience. Having Lhd niai.y y mi ' fsi e: icn"e as a hotel
keeper, he reel safe In arri'iitiei.-iijeb. ai'Jin? patron
age of I !e. and tbe trave'.ii.g puliiR, U.t, while
at the Amerira:;, they will baveLorcasvii to cjiuj lain
oftiitroin any resvc.
The Hotel Is situated immediately at the Sii'itiiboat
Laiiriinp, foot of Sfainst-eot, and cor sffiueit !' as! nls
peculiuradvaiiiHKthto the traveiii'S coni;r.ct.lty. The acts but to bo tri?i,s,nd if not f ound worthy,
January, 19 160. 29-tf
Ii s vo-inc n-ij I'UMtse connexion with my lat part
r r, 1 ileeui 'hi a p.oper opp irli:!iiiy of f-xrreidna nr
iliai Vt for ti e p:iir.i.i-e bc'-ed uH-n our rtrin.dui ing
tlj pe' i" v.l.i.'li we were etinstxl in bitt'lii..
It aS'oi lis ine ii'urii p'ejsn. e ;! to comnieni to the
favorabicciiilern,tb..n of the frier .da of t:;e old flr;;i my
f i:.c.-e;v-r ia hu-iix-. Ur. 'C.r.n, a izetitiesnan in every
way wurt!iy of tl.e eoaldencv ai.d support of a ticriin-
t luatiii public. ; .
"jomi l ciinnoii
'(Saecehfor to Lsl'b:ir.:h & Carson,
,'o Ladies of Brownville,
Unooncc the t be hua'just rceeirei from the
H a inaifuiSctnt Ktot k ("
(jyn.-'istir. r.f
Trench Flcrwers, Straw Triunn'.rs, TClhoiis, etc.,
wtiioh Ao invitegtbe ailcntioti of the Lfulits of
'Waville and j.fceiitij assured they cannot
i bttct turii'd in stvls, QU&.hty or M'icc.
April I2.18G0 '
' Uf every descrrptior., tor ?a!3 at
South-east corner Main and iSecoudT
nitowrfviLi.1:, it. t.
ReTt,t2J.lR59. f-r,tll
JILL practice in the several Court of the 2d Judical
strict, ayd attend to alt natters connerted with the
fbsslon. V. SIcLessaw, of Nebraska City,
'I ait me in the pro.-eeuuenol importani Su;t .
JPt.lO. 67-ll-tf
L. Brown. jnsiHctuDAT alexiimcgd.
. Tv- h Vn- , City illding,
No. HO, Feirl Eircet,
reduce and Commission
WE kdta BY mRJiliSlON TO
rowell, Levy k Lemon, . . st.ffocepb
Tootle fc Farie;gh, . .
T. St J. Card
Vir. aeCrd & Co., - - mr
D-nnel &. Saxtsn . .- .
Devoted to 7gricu!titrc, Slock llsisin
Horticulture, I:ehanism, Education.
Pv.llhliccl at Uroimvilic, AT T.
On the first of every worth at $1 a year for sit
pie copies: Six eoj,; , i oj .TLiriecn copies, $11
TVenty eor ief, J 1 5.
The roliiuie began Oct. lft, 1S59. Specimen riun:
ers furnished g: a tij on a j- ligation. Bic k number
can be furnished.
Will every friend cf Agriculture and F. duaatiot
in Nebraska, Northern Jvnns;is, Soutbern Ijwa, and
Xctthern Mi-roviri, lend a liel;irir band, to establi-h
and maintain ajoaraal drvoud exdlunirt-ly to the
intere? obeve tiduied. There is rot a p ost rSce
wijin the region cRnied bat enn and ought to
fAiiiih a dub of at ieat 10 bub-cribers. Send
alor.j; wilLoul u''.sj'. ;
Terms in Advance.
One copy, ore year, 5 1.03
S.x c .pie, " 5 P
Thirteen c-rde, one year, 10 00
Twenty c. piti " Zb.itO
1'our copit, three nvirtlis l.bO
ll:tfis cf Advertisements. ,
A Card of 6 liuva or leis, . re i rli n, $l.C0
" ' t K-und.lit'iiltr.scrtioa '5
" o-.icycar 6.oo
One Fourth Column, " 10.00
Or.e Half (V.tmn, ' 20 CO
One Column. " 30.00
Payable quarterly in advance. Trnrly advertisem are
Mowed to chanaetheir advertisenienta qiarLerly.
Having loeated himself in Brownviile, N. T.,tea
Jer h's (tryfesstonal sirriocs to thsccinuiuiiity.
All jobs warrauttd.
J. p. iC'tholipson,
Justice of tlie Peace and
Taket acknowledfeiiKTl of Pecdw. Slarriea People
fc.c. 0:Hcd firt Jour Boutb of SXauu Cu' & 1ru
"Erownvllle, June Cist. 6G3,
i.-t:!iii". ) :-,y is tninf'.-' "NiOf c;ilf."
ai; d iij.-iihiir, j.' pin? plea?ant!y oai
f t!,-- tl-tiry v.ih'Juw; i buppjte yuti'il
In fiir j.urn yuuriutt-r for yoii." "Ilur-r-h!
Yes. muihr," I shouttd at the fun
ny thoi ght. V Lad the "old cow,"
Ili-ty' mother, "Star,"" a ttvo-ye-ars1
old hc-iftr, and B ;s-y ; besides thse,
cur ban.yard i-cntaitu-d a yoke of ovtn,
a h'T::, a It. vv thttp, atid a plfLty of
tow!. Tiitsn, wiih tlx children, madj
quite a family to te stalled aud ftd at uur
.-jrnall iiiil-side far:n.
Tlie m xi ptr.-on to he informed of iijy
gtod news was Jus-hua Pepper. Jo.-hua
and I were btLoc-liiiatea, always on the
best of terms. School did not keep then
and bis farm was three miles ofT. How
ever, I made out to see him, and squat-
ta 1t a df.i.
I h:.'l iiizct v i
hive;5' a ".h.
I a;n the sl.vri.r,;
c X L s.
t. to:
r l.i:::.
L t
1 : .i
Ti ?.3tl
1 i
i ror;i
ih ice, ! bsfrc;:) the fvld,a:.d SU
irora t;i
Or r Fr- 1
to '.
Tho sher.T! I ttuo 1
on, yet straiiii::g my
As she w.u ubuLt t
mo:-:.' a turn m tne road, 1 cried excreJ
ly, -B-i'.-y. Bo.-sy !" Bjy pricked up
eves after i- jy
1 .
c 1 r .
M ,1
i . k i..
r. : r v
c:j: . : .. - v ire i
gard tj cch r;Ui th
with regard ta di;" :.
this I LJd u lo riser
were -1
:ti thin l '
; ti.i
4 .- -.J 1
cr. x-i
tl criii:' ;.rj:i (
ie':t:on w;is
trvski.VT.) s
con;; ter a very h:.; . ri
t-iich jj-ecicJ una.
c: ;
.',1 i-i t'-i
iriijn cf i h 2 tv.;, h
The i.i:;.'i gave il.-hauer a jer'.i, u:..! Lotr
di.-appeared o- hind the .trees, h aviui'
aiid Liltt r die-
raia-.ate iorrj'.v
ue in n I
A liule over it, 1 went in quest of my
was in the bedrcom. 'Mv
O 1.
. mim-mi 4"h- J." 'j" w .r'-T!li.3 4
T V W 11 rP V TM VI VP eown u-nde'r the old ash in his pas
LAjAIJ Aii 1 ilA 1 A i Ix u ; .ur6j jr set guessing out ny good
Dealer in, Coin , Uncurrad loiiy, Land
Warrants, Exchar.e, and Gold Dud
I will give eLpecial attention tohnyln? and sellicg ex
ehantre en the principal citiea (J the .United ?tfctesand
1,-tnrope, Gold Silver, uncurrant lUnk -Bil'S, -and
(Jo'.d Iniat, Colleetiotis made on all accenpable points, proceeds remitted in exchange at current mtes..
Deposit reoeived on current account, and Interest al
lowed oa special deposit,
Ttlcrarli ti-isi ll.e U. S. .
Land O faces.
'Lind & Brother FLila lelp'ia, Pa.
J. Y. Carton & Co., " "
l!iser. Dick & Co. Baltimore, Md.
Vonz ii -Carport, ' " '" " . "
Jeo. Thompson ilason, Cl'r of Tort, " "
win. T. Smi'.hs n, E.-q.. n.n.ker, vfashinpton, V. C
J. T. S-.avens, Esq., Alt'y at Law, "
Jno. S. Gallaher, Laie 3d Aud. U. S.T. " "
Tarlor St Krich, Bunkers, Chir;ij:o, T!I.
It.:C!er.and, I've & co., St. Li.nis. .Vo.
lion. TliOUia G. Pratt, Annapolis, Jld.
Hon. J xS. O.t.-arson, Met cei tbur? Pa
P. It. Sraali. E5q., Pies't S. Bank, Hapertown, Md.
Col. Schley, Att'y at Law, " "
Col. ain. U iviit.leton, Att'y atLaw, Fas-tcn, Sid.
Jod;e This. Teiry, Cuaroerlsn 1, Jld
Prof. JI. Tutwilcr, Hav-in.-i. A labma.
Kov. S, 150-tf.
.ivivi..44,l. iauli,
J,C0B i.lAidHOn,
Adnptf ili i tQjtbi.d ol returning Co the
gentlemen ol thi vicinity. I r I be lil.e ral pa.trt
ae bejtowtd up n biai iHTetofore, ;t n d t' iiunonnoe
thathe has just returned from fet. l.4.uis vritli a
Of evcrv article of i
D. A. C O- K 8 T A B L K ,
23 Z2 IZm Zj O 77 CJ ,
; to: Ihbs, Sp:!:cs, nni Bent Stuff.
. Third Etriet, bei4n Ti Us and Eduioiid,
wets fceilatSt.Louiiiv:ice8for cah.
10 CD.
j t - r
. rmry
Cc ib iiti: c?
i Li U L U i 11 1) .
Cottcx, Linn ex ajtd Sils: Goods,
Fv)?. MEN'S V.'HAR.
Woolen, CftloTi, ftriiJ Filk Unlershirt?. drawers
Vestlcs?, lia'f lIc?o, i-ur,Terj lc!t, k:. In shcrt, er
ery thin; a gentler-jar c- u'.d de.-ire to orr.iy l.Itn'lf
in the jTiiyer-t attire, lie w.i,e.l tliegood", crmnVe
suits to rd'r in a sty'e eoiu' t any r.ther House
anywhere, l.c aki but a:j es.iuii:.:ui."n 1 1' Lisjouds
and w.!K.
Correspond tcilh the Present Hard
1 i TitS.
Ajril 12, IS: 3.
J'rnlnsjTrain le.vr? t. Jj!eph at
f'eiiug Traia ert - tj jj .
"wera aavu ne auiuie.-te ty t r,.u-e.
v..K.-uo mjde at um.:.i .;U ;
V4ltt..k..n 11 . . . , ....
;rD Hatwood, Sjp't., Ilar.nil;!
T 1
r li (jltrnT. (1. Tl '-et ,-, t TTM,l!
T r
Land Yarrnnt':,
' " : c i ' - A! -u io icau uua . arr.;i t of ail c ,ze 10
settlers on tu-.h titr.e a they may dere lo.g or aiorl
a constant ui,;.iy Cf 'v.-arrar.ta ulllte kept on Lan-1
for saieas che.p a& taey Cfia c, r,iit eif-e-rbere ia
Pry of rr ruhir do,- ai.d beware cf tixv warrants.
All Fold It us w.n be gv.;,iai.:e't to le
pem.inein every rsr j vt and will be exait-lit de
feciive. Rtiu? permar.ert'.T I vested in Erownvlile. we caa al
wjys be t. r.-i ! ;.t the i id t.t:.d a few &.n eaht of tLe
V'Towaviile II o r, . e .
r.rtr.hers, a'ol Dealers in I,.ir.,i W arrnrls.
. . i . , a a a ? i tM. is t i ; i i j ; :
NL' ii. A A !m II '
eho'T7;tiilile, r;. t.
S. E. & J. T. BERKLEY,
AUrrOTJITCS that they Late ccinmonced the
Manufacture of
In the Citv f I5rowcville. They hire both hnd
itnny yc:ir experience in Etcru ITont.faeturieF."
a id Jatterthemieve? they will be able to please the
public boi h in w rk efti 5Ti:1
Allkiudncf repairing pM.mrtl attri.ded to
T. E. !t J. li.!.KY.
U-nwnvill , Miy.S, I860.
dt-ar boy," the taid ; itouti'.y. wi ll di
vinin. my foehngs. The thillre;) --oju
came runnui in but ilii hushed the n
away, and we were alono. "Moiher,"
I ake.!, breaking the sorrowful silence.
'-what busini's.i had that man wiih n.y
?" "He took ht-r for a dAi whii 'i
hil I Iil U alii ij 1 ilJXJh
1 . s-i' .
ANJsCrN'CES to the pnhli-; that parchae 1 the
Livery Stable and St Kk t nmerly owni ty V.'ii'.iani
Kcss-eil and added the eto fi ne FtK k, and isco'v prepar
ed to acci;ni:!Kddte tac puhUc Wittk
S iAjLilC
ui.i.E I ai
I i '
Saddles Horses
It. lii''. 4.'L.oLt.vJ 1 - ,
o -
Cau at his 5?ahla ara?! acccnisoCatior s for
h rt'ei, csules or cittle.
r.rN'j.rux &. jo'rrA r.o:':;-3.
Erownviiic, Oct. lSJJ. ni5- .y
Lime! Lime!! Li:3io!I!
. The v.; !f-"-!:;ried v. hi re kilns f re It'i it el n;i;e rr.i
fester C.-i.wiivijie, on the roal les-J-n tr.Ft. Kr..rey,
keep o?!t;.r4t'y rn hartl a very i-uvMior article f
j l .nie, t wr be invite:, t ie Mrr; '...'i of tj. r i.t.
-.8 ?v.t i Ins Tse Line will te deliver" : a; t .jci. ln or (.t aty
; latheft.rjyio-iicd.
i fc-.?, i;:j . ic::a.
fortune. "Well," he faid, after many
unsuccessful attemps, "if it is n't a new
knife, Til give up. Tell ; me." . "No.
no," I cried, roisteringly, "co. It ia a
calf, our Boss. Father gave it to me.
It's mine, old fellow." " Yours, Amos!"
he looked delightfully incredulous. "Why
its real good in ycur father. I suppose
you hnow 1 ho-ve get ii Iamb. -And now
Amos" he stepped, and twitched me ty
the sleeve, as i a. great thought was
striking him- "Will the calf's calves bo
yours? That's ;.t. W ill Bessy's Eotsies
be yours too? Ycu'lifcave a drove scon,
Amos." , Respect and admiration twin
kled in his little grey eyes as he glanced
at me: "Yes, a drove soon." "I shall,
sha'ntl? A -drove I" I cried, starting on
my feet. "Mow have it understood,' he
said with a knowing and cmfldenual
look. 'Tell him, as Boss .is yours,:her
calves will be yours too, no mistake." "I
will, that's a fact," feeling in full lorce
that two head? are better than one.
No time offered to settle this impor
tant it m umil the next morning, when I
'.ambled out of bed by 'daylight and boun
dfd inio the kitchen, where the fire was
already snapping on the hearth. "Fa
ihtr." I shouted lustily. He had gone
to the barn. Fa'her,"" I cried.'scamn
eringafter him wiih ny irousers half on,
'father, "will Bossy's children be mine or
yours? Can't my talf's ralves be mine,
father?" "We'll see about that, r.heu
the time comes," he answered quietly,
and a3 quietly milking m. "Well, but
father, if Eosy is mine, I do not see
why her calves are not miwva'.i Bossy's
cows. They are mine ; are they not,
father i" "Perhaps ;o; but bt-tter wnu
till thpy come, Amos." Father's "per
haps so was'aboin equkaSrit to ,4yes;"
therefore. I immediately felt myself the
master of a a fine drove of fat cat
tin, for my boyish foncies rc as vivid
a my -yr wvre large. I lonjjed truti
ov i the lulls and ul! Jo.-hua. As that
rou Id not b I ronteiited :tfys4f with
sirutiinfj round Bos. patting h r sides,
examining wr flanks,- until altogether
forgttticg thi'-'i'y fit to the master cf
a dr "e, I sudd nly threw mv atm round
her neck and kissed her. Iu C(H:uetii;h
surprise, Bsy kicked trp hr hf L, and
swi'chin? h r tail. I was quite willing to
Jet co of bT. The rst of :h day was
sp lit in generous appropnatins f my
prospective s!oJ. Every brother and
sister s-hould have a pick a calf to one,
and a calf to another; theirs to keep, as
mine was. Ann in tne?e RLiaeui circum
stances I continued for several days, rich,
generous and happy as any one n-td be.
One day. not many weeks after, father
sent me Into the fx'd with-a lasket cf
potatoes to plant, himself seen to follow.
I was lo drop, and he to cover them.
Away I went, and to work I went, drop
ping, dropping, r5ri ppir.g. until the bas
ket wss empty. No father. Where was
he? I cut across the pctatce-patch, and
ran hcrr.3 fcr tha hoe, ia crder to finish
the work myself. In the yard I four.3 a
man, the very r.m father always tried
todode 3, and Bossy with a Laher
arc-indhcr the point cf t-irg
ltd c:T. When father saw me he turned
t.r:d vrcnt into the tarn. "What are yea
going to do with her ? I asked, a3 tho
man jerked E: :sy along. He locked at
me tut made no answer. "What are yea
carrying off my calf for?" I angrily d-manded.-marching
after him. "Your
calf '."he said, sneermgly. "Yes, it is
my calf; father said so." rtYcur calf."
he repeated, and I shall never forget his
tones. "What vou leading her cTfor?"
your poor father could nut pay,1' she a
svvred s?-.dly." "And caa they take
anything for-a debt?" I asked anxi.o-.;s'y.
"Even the - house over our heads," s'le
r;iid. "Yes, Aino-s and turn us all cut
of doors, though I pray God it may never
come to that," "Then I will never, nev.r
never grt in dtliP- I cried, "if they can
tako all we like best to pay for it ;" and
Bossy's d.jar image again brought tears
to my eyes. It was some lime before I
could join father in the potatoe-Leld, and
when I did, neither of us spoke. Father
looked unhappy, and I noticed he did n3t
always seeaj to know what he was doing.
I could not go Jo pasture that uight.
Ben and 2ep:une fetched home thecevs.
Neither could I trust myself ia the barn
yard, nor could I relish my bread and
milk, for it 'was Bossy's mother's rnilk.
just before going to bed, I crept round
the barn and r:epaJ
There was the eld cow, and there "Star,"
chewing their evening cud in sorrowful
loneliness. Poor Bossy, the thought cf
her whereabouts was too much for me.
and I made good an escape to my hum
ble quarters in the garret. .
This, boys, wa3 my first experience
of a debt, and it made its mark on me.
I resolved never to get into the Lan-h cf
a sheriff. If my earnings were not al
ways equal to cay wants and a great
many of our wants are fancied cues "do
without." was my motto. "Deny thy
self," is the true principle. When I see
young men, and even boys, running up
cigar bills,1 oyster Mis, stable bills, bills
fer dress, I say, "Young man, you are
on the road to ruin." Begin the habit cf
running in debt, and it is hard to. break
it. It will be worse than a chain-cable
dragging you dowu. It will damage your
integrity and make ycy a mean, dishon
est, and lying fellow.
True. I kept clutr froraTr.oney --delis;
but by end by I found there were Cihts
cf another kind to pay debts of obedi
ence and gratitude ta my God, cf '-ore
and good wiil to tny neighbor, TXf.d I
paid these? Alas, no. My conscience
enlightened, said no. and condemned me.
I felt lad indeed, very bad. for I saw it
wis a bug account, and I had nothing to
pay it tviih in the great day of reckon
ing. Then I saw who Jesus Christ wss,
and what he had done.
Tli9 erer Llcs.ed Son of Cod
YiTent p to Calrary for taa ;
There paid lay debt, there boro ray load,
In hi own body on the tree.
He could blot out my sad score cf sin
with his own "blood. 1 fell at his feet,
and prayed for his help. 1 found him
good security. His word i3 sure.
en, h:T:ts, ;c, tz-
ric;.liurul ...r,
... , t
J th::
J -.
a i :s . r
ii i
'i t.
,4 . .4
a r-
V. ',.
that tl.:y gr'rally pcrfj.-.-u ell
work very -V; duit -usly and a:
cf sustaiii ig their ip-t d for ::.
alle long'.h cf ti..;c ; that alu
U 4 .
:. 3 r:
t .. v
thin ;i-u, the rapidi
. I c.
I .i.
motion ana
K.eir srint e-n i.
i t.
?s ( 1 snort c:. rati
overcame an Cj-'
which wcuIJ often stop a teaia cf
Oxen, on the cnr.rary, have th;j fal
lowing advantages: Tl:.;y can execute
most of the c?r;cu!tLral draught hl.or
near! 7 as well as horses, and if
4 C -4
r to
r 1 Ur
and properly taken care of, v. ill et. ! re
as much fatigue ; th- i r original cc.-i U j
h--s than that of a horse; th--y are r.ire j
hardy and hall 3 tj accidents ir di-!
ease than horses;
d last, bi.t net l i .it,
an c, if prcp-.rly carvd fcr, in
decreasing in value, becomes
i -4 Ui j
.... , !
i t
terest cn their carnal
a norsc
:T the seventh,
sav sixth vear. annually decri!a.v3 i i val
ue until he i
skin and bon;s
t i
worm little tr
re than hi:
-SUt iCCZi CZl:
ing citizen adds to his value i;i the shap
of sausage meat,
Thacr, ia his "Frino.:pl23 cf Agri
cult ire," estimates the annual expe::::s
of a full sized horse 13 be CS3 .r-D. TI
incl.ide3 five per cent interest cn coot, t ;
sai'mi cn harne:2, v;e.;ir ar.d te.r cf h
nEsa.thojing, annual decay and c! wzes
fr:-h f th
pre d. iocs a e :;r
tii.-ue, the
gen jrai.:l ; t '
.- ! . . f.
i . .4 u. t. I.. 4 .
r. .
I 44 ... . 4. ,-
It i t : l .r tv
cro ,ver rr: : : -?-"
;r. r f the"".i r.
eircu.o.fren ) ;
reain ia pr. "' '
s jven to ten "
r .. s -.
v ':: 3 h o v
- v. r tr.
c: r . :. r.r., r:.o, p
i - f
I th 3 c:.r..
3 C .
- -
- !-
ci mortsuty.
"hat cf a fuii-rr:
Oxen ts- Horse:
it v.-
Iher down the bill ; don't want t
ro." " 'Tisn't as sh says, I reckon.
said "the man in a surly tone. To rush
back end ask father whit this a' I m
wo. s to loooe .:Lt cf Boy, al to
Fr iu the Ci nua mown Teiegraph.
It has been a matter of dispute for
some lime, whether the preference ehould
he given to hor-es or oxen, as beasts of
draught. Both sides have- contested the
subject with too much prejudice and of
ten with too much animosity ; and this is
one rea-oa why nopositive result haj been
arrivtd at. . .
In speaking of oxen I do not wish to
be supposed to allude to half-brcken, cr
flow-v,a!kir,g. or runaway steers, whioh
are -often tred and su!d enderthe name
of uxea; and which tome about a! near
being txen as a tortoise floes to bsiog an
ex. 2j.i by oxen I mean heme-riised.
well-lrckea, heavy steers, which knoh
"wo-ah 1" from tack, and which fire root
usedtoheirg t eaten for r.ct cb-eyirj &
ccmmarJ that w3 not given, or if ;;iven,
so as not to be understood. It hss teen
tr-iny yem zizzs I have purchased a
yoke of exen fcr work; one. reason for
this h that I never could buy a p3;r that
suited me; another is that I liked t-3 keee
rr . - ' 1 C .. Ill , ' - 1 r, -. ' r ' -1 1 . . . w It ! n . I .- . .
he place, at C73 75, induin g th. 2 5o.m?
items as ia the case of th ho:;:e, not
even excepting shoeing. In thi? exp r
iraent, the ox was not turn" J c-.;t at r.h'ht
after a hard day's work, tjfi..;i f.vo meals
and a night's rest before ;5unrio3 next
morning, but fed both evcaing and
One great objection to the ure of c--en
is the trouble of hirir.:: m?ri u ho know
how to work with th-m; at hjad this is
the case with myself, which may re 't
from my peculiar notions as to how they
should be worked with. I always hive j
behoved that an cx is as cirahhi cf ap
preciating kindness and gn.1-3 cs
a horse, and will repay it as Weil. In
this opiaicn I know that I dhfer fro to: ma
ny of my brother farmers, wi;o think
any hired man can drive a y ; e tf cxen.
If I have a nun in whom I have; not con
fidence.! WOUid much SOt-U'.T let hi.u
have my mules than my cseo, fori know
1 v.x
g wring c
rr:!, the
.r, r.t.
5 V
thei3 rour rl -ntv t:
them, tikir g ci the 03 !
r s
- -1 t
1 WS.i .e
4 - t ., r I v
Ul4i0, U.. J
the vcrv ditti
r;r; I t;:-;'d"7 got toy v;a-l
4 'V
1 1. j
v. ; . i
:t i.::
: r'l c
yet ti
-.: exo. , i
1. ,rr.o-H c.
;ay ar
ih. -
ro rreve::: il::
Several art i oh: s hive a;
London Gard.-u-.-r'a Chrcn:.!.?, r-.:
meniing th'- cuttirg . T'.'.o o'olhs as
as th? blight armors. One corr.
: o--r J cf re:r .
d to T ; to C :
alter tryirg
"It t::-Mi c:o
th3 Sli iS v,
t I ... M
that if the tmoios are not tr:o".;: wCi
they will resent it, while tho e;::e:i, he- j ;
ing of a rarre ami tile fi?r ;:!-.;oa,r.--);.' i ! Ci
I con soy tho! I I
t i
a ..r or ;
...a l- Q i:.
c; tn.
t a r .
" l" i - -
patienf.y bear it all without r.r:y retis
tance veatercr. Ill tre.itrr.2at is, iamy
cpinics; the caa;? of the hrguii, tiroi
and weary arpciraac? cf rao:: c cor
oxen. Why should net an ox bo tro :t i
as well as a horse ? Is it bcau; 3 ho his
a thicker hide ? which . is often made so
by oft repeated beating. -
The greater part of the work done cn
ray farm is performed by cx;: ; with tho
two yrkes above alluded to, I can rlow
sua sua to a ueptri watcn v;uu; ?e;oa m- j
jure a pair cf horses; and I dj it with-
out a driver. Work ell too farm, so..:,
as hauling lime, grain, a.oJ r;-,y kh.J
work where the leoJ is only in
recticivcan te test done I
mules, for much time may ( o siuvd ly
trcfrirg wiih the empty wagon, whieli
would be lo;t if oxen were tmj!ovd.
If farmers will on'y trj' mis:: g their
own cxen. even if it ccsu a lilt.'e r.o .rt1.
whii.n issi-IJom the case, i tan And if thi-V d r.iOt. I si!
i - j- ----- j .
L.e r
. r-
. 4 -
i th
.3 '
.1 4 - .
- 4 1 V J
7 .
i . . r . t . t j c c - . - r i t d -. . j q , " '
I v-: io ioooi ta r .11 n the v
i ...... U J .. . -i 1 i : L,.
; but this, to I 1 ol roe:.;;:::! - -. . 1 , - - ! - '
j. 4 -. V J . ; . l. , V
on a.:a to r:
I b
A O 4 i I .!- I ,
sort, tl-j r- -a:.
I iavarit:
- t r
.i hi ..
i.; ot f.r
I co
v.-4'.. a th3 ;o:r.e
; eorly
a thi t
one Ci-
hor;es and
the Wcfct, or elsewhere fcr their sup
ply, tin n treat theai more kindly, and it
they (!o-rot underitand aa order, v. h::h
is cft;a given in argv-r. a:;d 'hard to u. even by u rational boi: g, daot
beat them, fcr that does not make 'thf-n
understand any better. Treat ilrz to
kindness cai it will pay you ai v.ll Lj
1- r i . v 1 ? t ' , 1 ' - . , .
V. w - m . w k. , w-.i ...
C .- -
C'.:.:.r C;-:.'.';,. ps.
i 'M-.i)aiiiiMiiiiM
, aaa a p:at c; :as s-:r-
and 1 tn;a. t at 1 can raise taem cheap
er than I can buy them. Tvventy-5ve c ir
thirty years ego it was thought to pay to
raise calves, when a full-grown bullock
or ccv was worth butcae-half their pres
ent v.ol o. Does it cost ar.v rr ore to
raise ta-:.on now
ou r far;. ; o rs will wc r r
than it did then
y year aftar year
I cried, as he drew her farther and far-J with half-broken oxen and: soli . their
calvts for slaughter. Eot if ycu ! d rais.-?
lhe:r, -do it rioht." If vou expect to make
4... ...4. L.4..4-, -.4 L.4, j -..4 i.. .J. . -
thorn wtll anf sh-lter ih;m cart fully. I
;o co.a:o
nsc: v,:a;, a-uagaocat tz cua:a c: t
sp:ri!3 cf turpeatiae. Thoa take equal
I irts cf isiagla?3 and pirchraeat gl.:e.
(srel.atn,) and having beaten the ism
glua to the same state, pjur ihesoiuiioa
of the jrums t. pen them, and me!', th ;
, at a he ot r.ot
WI m thi
' a c o -1 r 3
T '-,-- - ('
A - J 4 1 , - C
Before s.::lr
ground two fee
quantities cf no -June
cr July ,
I If m a :. : r so- i
grow. In the f
each loot is, io
.:.: tr
4 - L
,it th.
05 fort,
th mohh
C :. ::
..v w .... I
wi.i cont;;.
i o
., r -
dor'a iiaieth? I
t'al.i ci th? h::;: to
hi., j .i . 5 ::eof"
Vo .. S. 4 1 .
e i:
to. 0
waole in a cover a ve:
.greater than ISO deg. Fah.
whole is melted, strain t ore
linen cLth
a rod th
the lire, a.J .rg r...o
A corr
tairtv v: o
ta 1.3 p::
a roocnt e:
3 tO
t 0 '0
oj c ..oeo t .
p-j-.tlsrtd gh:3.
liouios ccutair lo
i a e
t-. t
er ! r-r.
i ,
4. i
el i
3 I
' f
liken r.ot t3 i.oo too atc.t a h
....- i o...cor ever, cr i:.o v,
i -
laoy.' to.' a
-mm. V- -
rai;:d ca;a, A z:
. i
c : lei