Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 22, 1860, Image 4

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jr A:N!u f a c t o r y i
. -. - -
O ATv"OIT:rcrnibt'fc hss .'tit receive!
. toai tt. L'.ms, with fresh etock, and fc
-:Uw o& ta-nd, uriucipally or h.s fa tcana-
Fine Gents and ZLadlcs Saddles,
UtrirST cmtl vragen Harness,
"Collars,, Bridles,' .
: z . . Halters, ITTliIpx,
., ! . :
pise's peak whip iashes,-
good; supply; el vrays kept en, hand.
T7crIi'.IIanuf?.cturcd to Order.
CALLfArrD sex; rbn yOueselves.
Brownvllie, April 19, :?E0.
- AVD - " - '
mom ins&i
Announce to tlieir old cus tomer and the Citizens cf
. BrowEv:iieaml v;cli.'.:r. that have Cued a new
Hand, w.ih all tbe convenience itat ladies and itentio
ntn f in to mate them cc-nilortatle. Tbetr stand
lien Finrt Street, beiweca ilaia and Water, where thoy
are prepared to eerve customers with the
' Choicest Qualify of Crcad,
Pcuni Sponge Gold, .silver, and every
,. " L!d of C&e,
.. "soda-water, ice-cream,
Butler, end Eggs, Picnick crackers,
All kinds of Simmer Beverages,
COifectioaariea of the Best Q-aility, &.C, &o
. Tonne ladies a:J peni-lemen will Ca well to c!l etd
f st their fancy heatt cano'y. .
arties, I'amllies,- and i i:k-Xl:ti
Served cn the Shortest Jt'ciicc. '
Cold Lunch at all Hours,
Therarmers of Nemaha and tbe arl'MnlE counties
will do well togive us a call. We io invite tbe trav
eling comTBtinity tod j tbe facte. We will accommodate
tfceaj on the ra. it reasonable terms.
. Our motto 1 '-small protts. qui sales, and kcrp the
jaoney Id the Territory, " we ate ferviaruntly located
in thiscaauty or VernaLa, l'eira-ka.
Our experience in catering to the tasts of the cltiiens
Brownvtlle. warrant us in the belief that we will l-e
ab; to Rive entire satisfaction., and that we will receive
liberal patronage. . ,
BrownviHe, Juue', ISeo. .
maa'e ana wasoa
ATTirO TTITC5 tbt they haT commenced tte
ilcufnctare cf
. ; ' . . . . BUGGIES,
. i :: -' . . SULKIES,
In tb City cf Crownri'.Ie. Tbey tsre both, bad
tnnj fvers experience in -Eastern llanufactaries,
ad Citter Ihcnuevcs ihrj will ie ablo to please ibo
' j-uS'if both in work anJ jrijei. ,
All kiudacf repairing prcmplij.attended
Wo .ols. 33xxt 27xtcvl.
'; T. E.4J.B. BERKLEY.
TrcwatillCjMay. 3, 1S60.
? R. 7. FRAME & CO.,
Ilr.T'reaT'zedin tbjIercantiBu?:ne,wcn'd
refr-'S-faliy invite tVec.i':zcs (f yeLa, and 3
;iini'.c counties in vHia, Atcj!.K.a coosty.So.,
s rd Fremor.f coo t ty, Iowa, 1 3 kid ciaauae it cur
stock, centiitisgef . -
Dry Goods,
Hats. - : .-. -
' Caps,
Boots,. . .
" Shoes, -
- - ' Medicines,
Brags, : -
. Paints,
. Oib,
. Dye stuffs,
And all other articles usually kept in
All cf which we will sell on the mostrea
. sonatls terns for
All arc solicited to call aad examine our
Wc expect to keep a fall stock, and are
determined -to make it the
' interest cf . .
32 "i 233l o x e
We also wish to Purchase
Fcr which will pay the highest
1 i '
IE- i-O O .-
i . R. W. FRAME a CO.
Teru, Feb. l.lScO.
. Oregon, Holt' Co. r "Ho.
"The under: jBcd haF lcrjr sinct been coavir.ceJ
" ef th want cf a frrt caea 'uracrj in the Wcit,
where ' '
Dan, be aiap'cd in our c!imaleandson." Ta view of
these facy, wo bnye etViithrd ouo at fbis ila--,
xdbaretowinnojeiful cultivaton. vibih we of
fer for sale at .
Wholesale pr Retail,
' Tbcom!tj;eason,a large and w ell ..elected itock
:ited t thi climte, f " . " t
Apple. Ptania-rd and dwarf; - - -
Tears, ftandard and dwarf ;
Chcrrlcsatasdariand awari:
Arri?ot, -
.ilt v CarrMstfi
' . GooEeberrlea,
' - - Ra5pberrica
'" Efri-enlegaairiickberrfrf.
rTccrtiM, Ornarccntal Trcue, at.d bhrubs,
Creetbou and B.4dirS Plants, Roats, Uahhai,
he., t-o., so. .
'To bicb we wn1d beg lere to call tte attcrticu
cf the people of Western lliascun, ct,iaska, Kan
rs and Iowa.- ' ,. , ,
i j.7-0ur terms willbeaslcw as acy reliable east
ern Knrsery. '
Vj Fnrebh3irg of cs tbeeipecseof transportation
' from tbe cart can be saved. ,',,,. .
All treei and plants are carefully labeled acd
. rafVtd iht-bebest msrncrfor any part of t'ae Uiiit
cd Statav fr which a iharfre ot the actual oot only
will be made. No charge will be made for thedeli
' -, very cf pjvcVn "ca on board stcaciboa a.
Allcctn:- atior.a a iJ.-eseed to tha undersigned
will receive ; .ra' t attention.
. Ttecitiien!" cf Ilicwrrille, and others interested
are herel-yjinfo'rrnrd that I have tnaue trriiugexenU
, lor kcepr.s a ccitant suj'ply of the
Ilctt quality cfTIour
at tba
V'hcrU caale purchased br tbo?e wiV.i:itr.
.., . - . J. G..liLVI
Dnfcli Bnlbons Boots
15 Joliii Street, Xeyr Ycrli,
! Hive ju't received in addition, to their genera
large importation the full owing ncreltie of the eea
on in limited quantities: '
. New Violet liyaointh. 'Lf.niquo," each 25
Liiium Ufulgens, iujorapartble, each $ 1 ti
Liliutn ThuL,b'.-rgiauiirr. ir,ranJidjrum
i ijieboldii.orynte crijajoa, feet-... . 3 50
Li!iurailcbicuui, (tr-itiiaauu raLadelpbi-
' cutn,) rich ptll.nv and sptttcd, f:et".' 5 00
Liiiuni puniccuia this new variety bfis just
' beua introduced by I). Sh-bold A da Vrieso,
and described &s the aiostuiaiiniflcctit of the
' tf the Lily o:ic 20 00
ScjiLer bulbi of the above 15 CO
Tulipa ciuiinua, brilliant erim.n scarlet..-. 25
Tu'-fa coma t a, a Chinese tu'.ip, curious 15
Tuiij.a gcutriana.Tery Iur;, bright crimson. 15
I.-is Jpt uica, new, spit ndid free blooaier-." 75
Iris KeemrfiTi, erleudii ncrelty from Japan .
Hardy 50
Bruupvij.ia Jc?o bina 6 CO
DrunsvigiafauU.'fl )ra- ."
We aUo bez tarccoatmeni thefollowir? cnotca '..
Collections or llulboas ISoots: ,
. .,. 'JlssortncTite cf.'"
0 Fine nftmed HyacintLa, fcr pots, glasses'!
cr cpeo burder-
1 Pu-iyaiithu Narcissus.... V 51 CO
2 1) 'uble Tulips J
i 7 ilLxci Crocus.- j " "
dssortment " of. ' -
6 Fine earned Hyacinths, for pots, glasses
1 - cr open border.
6 Fine Doulle tulips"
12 Fine oir.rle tunes
25 Fine mixed Crocus-.
3 Double- narois.-ius--t
3 Mixd iris-
2sccr inert cfs
12 Ponble and fine named Hyacinths
53 Mixed crocus
12 Double named tulips-..
12 Siligis named tulip.
3' Pol van thus narcisius"
. 6 Double narcissus
6 Mixed iris
3 Crown irrii'n
2 jiuibccodium Vcrnnms"
'. 1 rancratium maritmum-v
. Assortments o f
100 Varieties double and slrlo ne caned '' '
. Hvaeints ,V""T 515
1C0 Double and tingbifins named Hyacinths,
. in 50 sons 14 10
1C0 Double end ainglu ac named Hyacinths,
.. in 25 sorts ; 00
12 Cur very best r.aiaod HyacintLs, for pots
fti-itn trmund 3 11)
12 ExtiaHuo tamed Hyacinth?, for p,jts cr
. rpengrounJ
12 lirat rate named Hyacinth, for g'.asjes or
12 Mixed 'double cr einl Hyacinths, fvr
cpea pn und
0 Varieiif? ne nHmed er.rly tulips, fcr pots
cr open gpund
50 Variet;rs toe camrd lite tulips, for cpea
f ?vund
50 Varieties fine nam? J double tulips fcr pots
' cr cpen ground
15 John iS'r., iVtw 1'ori,
Oct. 25th. 1SSC. Full
$2 CO
VJ 0
. Brbwnvi
r -"-re. r '-I
atciarlatin -
' Tothosein the Str.tes c:
the Xebraska ani Ktx.3
GOLD 3XrXE3, .
Thm nnlersfffEed desire to tar. sad in so doict W
not practice diccptica;ttsi there are advaa ajia
to bo secured in .- ,
Crossing the Jlisscuri river at Brcnrnville,
and oat.h;:icgat, andstartin-sfrcm that pcitt, net
to be fc-ai at any othcrplace on the i'i.icnri iu
ver. Ia the first rltec. jn both sidesof therivtr
are large 'extentsof tottcra Undi in which gri3
makes Ii much ear'ierstart tbanon the tii.lar.ds,ar.d
ia much mare abucdint, beits incxLaustible the
entire icnon. Here, thn, is a ieai rails placets
ree'ruitsteek befores'artirg en tie Piain1". rfto-dk
can a'. be purchased here on very favorable terras
The JJrownrillei-tv.aai Ferry boat, being the beat
cn tbe '.iver,o2'er? peculiar in Jucemcntf for c;ps
inxat this point. It is Urge and commodious; with
powcf-al tuac'uisery. which enables the proprietors
to ferry eraijjrantjasd others in the n;siexpedi
tijua manner. ' . "
- . ZPor Oiitfittisir; .
Wo nrdertabt to say t:iat t:ie ousiac3 men or
Urownriiie areas weil prepared to serve these wisa
ing supplier witb'a superior quality and oh as fav
orable f.erm.sae can bo f-und elsewhere. Lvtrytbin-:
deiirabb can be purchaped ia lirownvillo, uch ae
The P.oate from F.rr.wnville to the Mines is uni
verallv admitted by those who have traveled it and
others.'to be superior in e very respect lircwEville
is about midway between St. Jo. and Omaha. " As
to distaice, an examination cf the map n all that
i tecciisary to prove to any one that it is nearer
fro-a here to the mines than from any Other po.nt
onth Missouri. On this route wood and water
abound the eati-o e'is-tance, while on many others,
wood haato be huled for many diys.
The foregoing facts arc fully and sti?factonly es
tabli'bei by the iinmeme travel cf last year, and
those who adopt it the present season will have no
oaae torcgret having dene ?o. Therefore
Cros3 the Missouri River at and start
from Brownville.' .
- Proprietors Steam Ferry Boat.
Fifty Thousand Copies Already Sold.
IT TELL TCU How to draw up Partnership Papers
...... ,r and fclvoa general forms for Aree-
, mea'.sof all femJi, Bills of Sale, and
Leases and Petitions.
HTKLLTOUSoW to draw up Bonds and Mortsragres,
ASJavlta, Powers cf Attorney. Notes
' and Bilis of Exchange, Ueccipts aud
IT TELL TOtJTte lawa f or the collection ot debts with
. the statutes of Limitation and amount
and kind cf property exempt froa
execution In eveiy State.
LLTOT7 How to iuifce an assignment propetly
with forms forUonpoeition witncreci
itors.and the lasoivent lawa of every
.' State. .. . t
ITTELL TCU Tbe ieKal relation existing between
Guirdlan and Ward, Master Ap
: " prentice. L la.Ilord and Tenant.
IT TELL 70T7 Xir. ccustUatos Llbal and Slander, and
' tbe law as to marriage Dower, tbe
Wif 'a right ia prowerty, Divorce and
. Alimony. .
IT TSLLXDHTte Li f r ifachnlcs' Liens in every
State, and the Naturalization Laws
, of this country, and how to comply
with the same.
IT TELL TOT7 Tte Law Concerning Pensions and tew
'. , - to- t btain one. and the pre-emption
Laws to Public Lanoa.
IT TELL TOTJ The Law for Patents. wi;a mode ct pre'
cedare ia obtaining one, with later
frence, Asdiinments -aud Table cf
; Fees.
IT T2LL TOU How to mate j our will, and how to ad
minuter cn an LsUte. with the law
and the requirements therecf in everj
IT TELL TOU T he uiciaing of Law terms In ceneral
Uie. and explains to you the Leglsla
tive Kxccutive aiU Judicial Pow ers cf
bjih tLe General and State Guvern
meais. .
IT TELL TOU Caw to keep oat of Law, ty showlDg
how to do your business legally, thus
savinint; a vast amount of property.
and vexatious litijaiica, by iiB time
ly Cvusultat:cu,
Single copies will be fcent ly mail, rottafe paid to ev
try i'armer, every Mechanic, every .Man of liusiness
and everybody in every Slate, cu receii't of $l,CJoria
aw eyle of bmJina at $l C5.
1,000 Dollars a Year.
Can be made by enterprising men everywhere, in sel
ling the above work, as our inducements to til such are
very liberal..' .....
For single ccr-lesof the Book, or for terms to ajeals
witacthcr iatof.nation. appiv to cr address,
. .. ; JOUN K. POOTTLR, Publisher,
v :- XaCnSansotn Street; Ptliudelpbta, Pa
3 CC
2 CO
1 CO
5 CO
5 Co
-T T W
mm pm woiis.
Of jTclras!:ci and W. Missouri:
AGATT7 I world call tie attestor, of the farmers
cf &:ka xrtl iIourl, to the fact that I have ca
t?.sd tad am ccaMnntly raaaufacturltig. at my Pluw
K irt,.ry, la Oi ef .m, Ho., wttfaiis, and tve:y paU;a cf, tc-wit:
Qtlti ztiw! '!Tvri af4.
fcfliov l Plows,
iloes ,5I;trrTS.r
Ccrn I'lanlcrs,
Ami ilarroiv Tcctli
T?ctl er with fTerrthl-s in tUs Ur.c ted by a farrcer.
1 the re.ror.sifc:liy c! Haying my twj terse
f.-in ojwiifrws. in stoue cr any kind of
MoLTat's Lifs Pills
These medicines have now teen before the public for
a period uf thirty years, aud duririg that time , tare
maintained a h:;h character la aliat every part of tte
Gkbe. for their cxtraordiaary and Imoediat. power cf
restoring perlect health to pereons sufferiuj; under near
ly every kind of disease to which the human frame is
Tte followlris are some of the distressing variety cf
bum an diseases in whhh tbe
Ar wll known to be Infallible.
. Djtpcii'd. by thorooffhlyceansiffs the ffratand sec
on 1 BtomneUr., aol creui.i fi..w ..f 4ure .v.r ib,
tuaxcad ot tiicsiaic ecua Kiuu, namUncy, Lose of Au-
pceite. Learkburn, Ueadncbe, P-e.-tlccbnena, lli-teaper
Anrif tv i...i:ciur. and Xe.anih:y. which are lte sea-
or.l trmnc triK t,t llvdnpfota. Will VfeUih, 68 a titUil
Cotiv -'ne-s. by c.eaasini? the whole length of the In
... .: v . rn..-u. and without violence
all violent purges leave the b-weia coailve wuhta tw
revert ot all kinds, by restoricift tl blcod to a rcgu-
larciicuiatua, ibro.n 10 v " - V",
such Case, aud tha thurooiih soiuwon cf all intestinal
obuf''V:UJ:-Shave teen known to enre Rheum
tit Ver".nettiyiB Uirca weeke. and Gout in half
that U:r.c t'J 'oruovios local inanimation from the mua-e-
and lUmervt rroai te Joiiiia.
Vcr.iiet Of all t-ndn, by fretinsand
ihf kitlr.fy and blaoier ; they operate uiuht ceiiijritfal
ly c3 tbee Important organs, aud bence have ever teca
louud a rnriam reim-uy ivr m wwrsi cahO ol uravei
AlsJ orni, ly di.-liCKiCg frmu tucnitfea cf the
boweis the sumy matter to which these creatures ad
i'curry. L7cersand Inveterate Sorct, by the perfect
parity w olca thrre Life iCcUiLiacB civc to tlie blued, and
aLd a.! tbe humors.
Scorbutic- Eruptions and bad complexion, ty their al
ternative fcueci upon ion uuiaa tuai teea.ine .kin, and
me maioia fiaie or waiai occssi-'-na ail eruptive com
plaint., sallow, cloaJy, aidothcr didi;reeabtecompltx
TLe i:secf these pills f"r a very fh.Tt tine, will effect
an eutirecure of bait Ilceum aud a trik.rig mpTove
moiii U the clearness i ifce ftia. Comtucu Golds and
InCuenia will always be cared 'oy one dose, or by two in
the v.- .rM ca-es.
i'XLES. The original proprietor of thee medicines,
waicmeduf piieof thirty-tlve years standing, by tfce
us? or trie JL'.te siedicnes alone.
Til'tr azd Ariue For this Rcnurpc of the Western
Country, tae-e Medicine. will be fiund a sr.fe, (tpecdy
and certain reuiC'ty. Otter medicines levetfc system
6'ibject to areturu of tne Jie.i?e a cure '-vtcere meOi
cme if rerridtH ur try tfjern be F3tified a:id te e-arei
Bill.tas levers anl Liv.r Complaints. General Ie
Witty lo.-b f aope-iiit. and Di.--ta-es cf 1'emaie! the
Medictaes Ti4e t een r.pd wit t;e u;t beoeri.-Ul re
sul t i ii c t?ts nf ttii-irriptifn: Kinps Evi.!. and Scrof
ula in it w,.ri forms, iei Js t; the. u lld, yet power-
rci 8C.1 mt triple rp.ustiMb.e acofiDM. : Mhtvet
8rvi'iistlel)!.uy. XervoTts Compi iints of all kinds. Pal
pitatioaof the heart, Paiater's Cilc, are i.pcedi'.y cur
ed. .
-Vercuncf Vitenrrt Persons coaftltsMons
have 1'pc nie imiiaired y the irilu lu-ioug use cf Mercury
wi u vna tcese we-ncinfs a perfect cure. a.t they never
fll to eradicate from tbe system. al the effect of tbe
Uercnry. itiC.nlte'y sooner than tbe m.-et erfui prep
arattoas cf Sarsapjrilla. ' V. U MOFFaT.
335, Brvadwsy, New Tork.
Jclr 6. 1SG0, ly
;.. :p' . '
2 5
4 Li . ' r
Q ...
;, P. '-.
-1 .
n f i
z that he has now oa hand, a larse and select stoci of every art cle la his line,
- j W '
-Takes pleasure ia aaacuac:
' Of aVl the improved patters ;' via : Plymouth llock'cbartcr' Oak. Valley Forge, Elevated Ovea, a.c.
r ' T A
Box and Parlor Stoves of an endless variety, some of which are entirely new desiccs. vis ; A combined
Cook and Parlor stoves, something very nice indeed for sma! I families.
' Aatonncef that she la j
East & rnajcuificent stock r f
L!. C. Johnsoa Trill a'just a'l unsettd bus'.ness of
LbeSAldtria. ' JKSK NOEL.
O. F.Laes, Af-nt.
Tlrowr.viUe.N. H .May 1ft, If CO. 3-tf
. C. M. CLAY. Breeder cf Pure Shorl
Ilora Cattle, South Down Sheep, tad Lsscx tad
t-p-aninh l'igs.
Fall WtitcLiJl P. 0H lUdcn Co., Ey.
rW. Xn A. fj,V. .V rn-eracn. !L e'" W; ai.y i mL:aciu'f 1 or r j.i in tiiu
- " -- ... , - ,i " l'! fr et'OOtry. a.7 tvo-toTKMinil p-v-ip r,..w.ali le
beret.-fore xitg d ti.sactM.c uunne-s tt id,,Wflfll ot! terms. .ucL as win Uce item In t'e
lrownri;.o,. T..uf.crtLe n.imesnd stleof Joel, ' tetrii of cve--y farmer.
Lae h Co., it tuts ciiv iis'red by tnu'ral eonseiit. , "V Plow can te aine 1 fren my acer.t at I.w
i otm. k. T.. i-rowcv::. t-day court v. Marietta
Ea-b Bottom, cotLty, BrcwnriHa "t For
et C;ty. ilAHTlX UOFFMAki.
N. B. Allkindpf repairing done with neatLessani
ditpatch.c n Iibf-! terms.
Oregon, Ma., Kay, lifO.
Theodore Hill, Agent '
At Erownvine. N T., keeps cchanti a general asscrt
iueat of Hu2aa's Plowt.
ircwnrille. May, IS33, i7
To Ladies of Brownville,
kp.3. f.'ary mini .
3t received ficnthe
.ent stock rf . . , '
Coasioting cf . . '
. BONaNETS. ..
Frem:u Flowers. Strew Trlrarair.-j, Rilbos, etc.,
To w'aioh be invite-tie at'trticn if thu Ladies cf
LroDT;.. i aril vicitirr.f tK,:ir:jr nsared bey utantt
be b'.-tT snird in stvi?, r-nility or rrkc. -
Apr.lU.lSt-O " ' .
- - " ' : -. :.. '
: n jMEje3g&t ecus.'
And Largo Cast Jron Kettles ' from 8 to 22 gallons.
'"Ceaiaad Lard Cil'Lamps;" Bras Copper, 'and sheet Iron Ware; Latuera, Shovels,. &.c .
'f. . ' - . T - . ,
. - . ; .a ......
I have procured the right to manufacture a late Mrrsple and Improved se!f-f eali?g Fruit Csntowtich I ca
ttention of 4be public. All of which I pied;e myself to aell at as fair rates and on a accomodating ter
term as
attention of
.tVn Ar4.l.n0.n.j..nt (,i tl le,. .n t1 Cty I'll! V
I am prepared to put up guttering aud spouting -nd all other work cf my hat' attho saortest notice, and ia a
workmanlike manner, which I warrant lo give fc.HHf;ic:ioti.
I pledge myself not t be undursoid lathe upper country j. t. Dti.a..
Brownville", August, 30 1GC0. " '
A J - :3'i M ;st-H r:h I
; v - - - . -1 - v . . . r "' r ' '.j I- j . .
. " It
5?, 'i'"
OS .'j '.'Si ' ''''ii'T t
1 ' 1O0 ' .
ek. J n-av i-.1l la. jC
r.;-l a. '.i
vai' k-a-' 3
i . ...
Catawba Wine; . . . . ;-- :;
' : Claret Win, ' - . , : ;.
... Old Rye,
'- ' - - Old .Eourfccn. , . ,
Iiiih Whislcey, r
' Purtar,
. , . Gin-
Covik Tail,
; Boker's Bitters,
PaU4 BrfeHily,
. Currnco, Zl
! . nil
'. v-
!V1 J
n w w
f: -.?:?n .' ? 7 J v
.'J3 am
;vi::e. i:
c-. i
sn-nu t:i:
.il She Uiiil'J l i.a'.
factu.-e -f S ':.' S .C.
wh.Oii I caatroi htliC.'asii:'
ut .f.a iir-.":e l a'ticU . V".t? P" trie fttr-le ! the
o.jte Fair ,i:id t-c b;.".:e-t I:
A,M-utaral .s..ty, :'iver UirT "t Nttliuk. iijilfl',
,i. iiitra lm'can' ar.ii no oil
CiiLer in price or cine; -
o i ".:y cf i-.ic :lJ
xc .ve.v i.i the,-ra.
A.: . if
u !.!) ic-i a vi i h thi
i-iaSu-ir ii : 1 auJ A.r-
t r .-;.i -r.i at the Ohi.
;. ..r at the b:.!tcd S;-l!ei
m:? iii. i a-1 c.-t.Sut-at
'Aorlhera ifi-cri aud
,cc tj suit tje;n be-tcr
Camcity and Fric3 cf
tee" Iran Idlers in Sa-)i?? Iron
c Ga Uor.- V.-rti.i
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do i-'fw(. horse .ver lit a 1 iiy t e (reared) pre?s
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la'ed r.-r wuer cr bteati) power,
tbv boil, and rvi u cap-C5' to woi k v'S a crp
cf frtm lu to id . en of,
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IPor Caali aacl on XMrsa.o
We are prepared to loan L.nd Warrants cf ail stze.t.
settlers i.u sucb time as they may dosire Icn; cr'&iiort
at the usual rates.
A coustvitsupply cf AVirrint will he kept cn hnd
f.r sale as cheap as tLey can oe houa-ht tloc wherein
Buy of reg'ilar deslers and beware cf b. irtts warrant.
All warrants sulti ly n vsiil bo fur ju:rcl Le
Seruineia every respect and will le excha-je-d f d-Xo-'tive.
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H. inkers. ,ui: uAle.'f m l.d Warrants.
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Cheaper than Hver fcr Casli cr
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light g uoce hies
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luu.her de'th r, ; isacair t 1: i. the
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And is j.-reparoi to fartiifc evry Ucairatle ua'iry
of lumber f-.r tr.cii:e ti bai'.Jiaj pur- tios ; deliver
ed at the or at - -
Browiiville LrTilirc, .
Or at any pu' i: n- tae rivor n a vy be arei upon
Are as fellow . AtHie in.i t acsL, fr m
30 cents per 1C0 feet u Gl per ICOfeet.
On tiaiw,say thrce,eii, u ? .i e, or t'.vclr e mouths,
, friu
45 cents por 100 feet to 51. 2o per 1C0 feet,
with 10 percent, i.-.ter-eit frr.m doilrery. Lote to b
secured by uaincumberci real citato.
The lumber wii! h rlt-Iivercd at any point oa the
Mi."3ocri Kiverwithia 0 milcsdcwa stream, at 2i
cents jicr 1 HO foot in ad litWi to tha above prices
sshcasufieieat smouutiare tikeutojustifjtha coa
3tntction of a rait. ,
To th'.s; w ii!i nsr. lu. iiber,' particular attenticn is
cn'letl to these ' pruT-iii-'it.ioijS, which ca-anot fail to
command eon? bit-ration. nUh. or-' jii iyoar crdcri,aad thcyshallbe
wi; d'f'.-ty. . ,,
1UO.COO feet of I.ixmljrr cn Iinrid,
'. ' An-i'm'jrc i:iaki.i!r every Jav.
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What Evcryhody WAHts.
Simple ricmtMHos, t:it4.Zy OI5tai:i
Uie .Cure i' aJiiCaie iu
all i'orEisa
IT XELL3 rCIT tlow to attend upon thesiek. and ho v to
f f'-ilt fur tli.-tu l..;W l.) re.'-i.'e Uiiuka
iMultice 5.C.. and atxo ho t gi.atd
..'.' si'il.i-.t tl.e litleoiijii irom .-tenUbioua
IT TELLS TCU Of ti.e various discanes of ChiHreu, hih!
, , . f.iv(" ti.e bfsi and fiiiipic.-t in i)e i
treMtuic :t d irij.j tietnu.. cnvul-t-
VeitcinutloU; W,
l-'o ii I c - - Ate.
IT TELLS TOC The cymr.toiria of Cnup, Cholera Ii f.m
' tata C'i -.ic, Diari I e. V.'orui scai ;'!
lie.:. Ki:.z.-.wna. Coukca-rex.
aud siva.- y.,u the beat remedies for
thfir Cur.
IT TELLL AOC Thi) svmptoms nf fever and Acn, and
ii.:; ui 1 '.I jv, Ty; bus. Scarlet and
' . otijiT ' Fevcs, nbj Kive yoa the best j
aiu.-c-. ir...,.. f.,r fch'-ir .Mire. i
IT TELLS TOU The yotsm t ir.-'. ci.:-j C .au mo
st -n LTormi. A.lj;.4 D- I iry. tt;
Gcut. K.iei4:natl.'-i. Liub.-K. Eiy
ni;.i3 .c , mil ,iv,. jou too bo-t
Itemeuiet ur thou tor. -
ITT?LLSTOr The tif -mpiouia ofCb.-iera afor.n., Mt
I.rtuui ci.'er.i. Siiial!-p, riyspntery
Cramp Pisea-M-a tf the, ani
oi th. kidr.oy- and Liver, and tbe best
remedies f-r tbeir cjri.
IT TELLS TOU Tbe symptom. of tt.p .M '-mpt. I. etral-
Ria. Apopiexy, l .irf.i. the Va.loiit
ui-ea-ef or 'L- .... t.-;"!. ? jr and j
e e a;.i ti. b.'it loiheia tor ibeii i
IT TELLS TOU Thv 'yn.otorns n.' I'pllepny Janndu e t!, J
. Pi e.i K ipt'ir.) ii-t.-ii-e' i f the l.'-ai t.
... ; iieM..r- .tL-f. i.4i )ta4Cs ;
i''i' : u -i.i l. !.( t i i n ii.e b..--1
IIT2LLSTCC Ih- -! .:;;
AT a-iperieal aud Siomscluc prer.aratton 'of C'
pi:ri:;Ul Daymen and CaiN Q by : ruiiupitv-o in i. i
gen. i..i!cti in.d by th burbe-t Jledual Autinn
b'rth in K j r. Ke ai.U tbe United hiatcs, ainl prtu.
1:1 tf.i ir j. : ,i ; n o
Tt.e t ; f, it? ). of lh'ini:d dl!y rrt vtv filjt i
prt ai ul i-n ot lion cin b" c..nii.-te4 u i il. lit.n.
I.e.. o: t'ie toil. :ep.ei.iu of, mm
I otberui.-e n.kiy Cjwpiextoit it.-i.catt : uecftu.'l
aiuios.1. every iv:i.iv.iii ijre .
Inn.xn,ii m ii niei.iiiie-' rn wbica It hja !?(! i' p.-nvcd ab-jluttly carativu iu eueii o. :ii.'.'....
cvmia.Uvo, xn'. i
J21 Uchllltj, XorvoKH AlTccsicnt.
C;iu:r.ilio2, !3.i?t?rtia, )!:..
pailo., Scroiul:;.'-. 'i 'mbcrti:! vv
N:ilt I.)::iiui, 32isr;tt :iilt ;j;iti n
iIU Cl:l;roi'i. IJ'.cr t;ni
p!ai.;!"', i:aru3ual!'i:J, Clue::;;
12cal:M lie. Isilt i riii:u'r.t l ct;-
In'00'KUAL I' 'H L! r i' wl, elier th'
e.f co; f o' is'.?e. or oj c ii, i ii oi-.! ;i . ii i no : i in ot t tr"
and ntost.ular eueivy I r ,ia vinM.iiCCiiiiipiaiita, i utt I
ot thj- re-itoi tlivo ba piv.t oui-i'il ab rt
which t)i cip i m ii'.r wri'ieu a'te-t-.t. w -l
c i.i! or i C't: ' .(.". 1:. vaii-i.. .in loi.- '; l.J-u an t. Lj
I'CC.'il; ? foi'a--tttil Hi 1 .! il r.r!ilil..,iL.i1n. have .a ,
tie 3 'y i f-.i;i;. ii in bu-y i-r:ilat if J i." f" 'i
f r--Tii pi'ol r:n it's! ii an t io a di-t. (. i.ind. if
t-i.: iMi M f- i-l H is ku i art) a t -J !:;:.
R:ii;nri-r-, e.'il'iwi ife1 tKii'iii of p('.t a$
t,i uifaiit-oil-. e t j 1 1- ii c: I'Ki i el. : ami If.'
pil Ui i'f l.erv ai.-l i!" tii atcrci .il l.fcl"
tX'.'rrt - f wl.i.ii.JiM i.ti k u iu Iim ii ,
lo'NM'.Vt'Ci ,trA'HO.. i;' ail k."tit. t. X
rii. . i: Hoi ii ir t.. jno'tai w. a 'I i4ra:oa l
I-i-ej' ..'' ul i-.'.-t. ne-1' - ir ! bo a nj'. '
uniii:; it.f o..l xi'W-'-, ic i vi,",rniii.y t .in',
1-Mi.t fs !''! aixt i v e t.i'-.i' xuXfvi.y. !: '
i) V-l-l I V-.i I , 1 t !1 I Tl !i. 111 it i.h ,tll; t-? t -M -f vT C"-' TCi'
trUoi.tvr b.-iti.: kwIim l a.'i ire, lit iLlI.c:.-,
1'lor ( i-porty. arn..,; ; i ..ri, w) trh n'
biv t . i , .v. ' v . "i.t rrr-n:
I', ii.-u J,c::iri titliitai'uiiUli
.;. ly 4..-j..ii;ij; th'j !cal
ft la Ii-.-
I in.. i t.i-
In uvn:
b ix . f '
M'-r.t h tl'l :
In i,.u-:' -Xai Ll Al'.ltll :a
t! Y b r !. i c n.r-i'i J. .-i.4-:t..t.i
cum rnil. the etl.Us Lv l evritc
at .10 -hi! I-.
I i t iii- a t p 1 1 ii. !,--.4s i,f f e t, n -.r.i.-'t it. -
.rn.V knumer-.tde as are Itsca !. s :
t ii t'r F.,i. 1. tt -.rteu i.f?i tt f j
iilnf. ii'-'i.i. lu ti c ''! it t r'jj.' fi"
efi wii3 1. 1 i . '
iy fico..:--
HI'. .! WH.Cft ?Hfi. )
.'' I'M i"! I . il-i . ill rci..fC
'l'i:i'i a-,.: i) ill
1 f'l'i:
.Hi t-'H-
TT' iii
.U! I
'1 1 i
-: !.; ' t .'.!.-,-. f. ,
.(.I t- l""r!j ui-..rv.::
ii S H .i c
PT1 Kim! L-iils,
v.'i. i t-- ly
"vy. b ! t ! -'i T.-f., t.
lno v;.. i.,ii. lie i-i-i-- r ,i t
'lilit T a.'-.l C.Vtj i- ;...t
1 I ot Tern to- ri -irci re. t
-v "o in ny v jji the
e-foii - a i.r f.-.i ii
Thewcrk !u writ;. n i-. ., n . i.c-ts re. frre fro:;. rrtAl.
- - ' t" ei-i.y ;t'.-i.. -t w.,, u.
.n --ve y. r. ton:.'- ''rue'- oi -t -f
oi.': ::. cp.' .fi..' cr.n ty; ; ,.
' "tri.ii eoa'.-.vt i.-,. ri t,v f,,r.
ticaily b-:..d ard t.t lite. H
it.''', ri" 1 r-
'.iic--"j i cim n r
i'. . e l it tti irni
v.; h uvi-ir .ii.-'
fii sett iT'
ii.-.ii h.A i ii j f 1 1 :n
CA'.' 1 I V t - : . ,.;
ci r. ,i It ,, a ,i i.-f
T.'i-' i . i j, i r a i,.j I-,..--, i ,,i ,0 . .ji ii'j
-.T! i .-,... rf-KCdj a...l I '.t jint
: i'M
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r .i i
-!cci oi ii:e Si
I t fi u a, W; liii.ol '
: -::.t-ft
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I'll ier::if. .
Die rn.'e.i.t" ii..v
ihe 0,1. in,
;.il-'ui.i wr ij
W3'0 ilt.i.ur j
ca the it"it t o
I.i l.v;
Mf..i t. h chr i i--3rj,.',-1-j1t.,-t-5
.stiver u.i.r e o-i i i -ii ' ,t ii 4 t "'
ip'- j: i 1;; i.O" 1 r ;r,(. '
l.'t.'.ii iri'.N r KE 1 it
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t '
U a.
5 ,
. . .A 1'
j l n r-e ..1 p . v e
a ! H:u the alt 10 wt-ti
y j vi ry iiue'.i.
j- F-f n;i"p;.-sof CcBxV, or ternia t-j
j w..h oiLer itf.iji-i, :;. ... r y ;-, r..i ,7ir,
' m i.aci 1 Li.
(p'l-i'H m?:i fa KtU
US Owl" .tiiu0Cl.l0-to lj fcil 'ti a;'f;
Ear TuiLblers,
1 1
Win 2 Gksscs.
't r,
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a r.'t reiii'.v
(t'e- m '! 1 ..,-:, 1 i; it, ; . ,,
L3 o;. of ti -!j rf r,. j. u ,.
N'o r'.-.t!'. v h , n ,c.-ri
t''v f i.iiii : . j, f-re.'t-f
;i:!y -t :v.-' e;'.-i ..
ti '.-l r;,.. ( ' 1 - 1 1 .11 t.f frfr
I I ' i -i. tor 1." r, - !-f.--; ..
l'-r. if la f.t lottil t- xe c
t.';IJ I IT :. x J l'-r 8.1 i- t
be 'Uk t I' ft to .l:ir;,:i it. ,;,
t ct .e ; , o.i!,"4 c r- x-i 'i l !.
ii. i:. 2.
in a " i
a.'l.l t,4
t.e ' ' 7 r
ra. ;, 1 viv. .fi 1 1 : ii
r !(.- I',. I, "a. 11 y.,U.
'. !' .
vi- 4. j ip, 1, a
o-'i i'tO' '
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I' 11
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!;". of il p;
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vp. i: s
laaW aM(ff' ato. t ia.a.Aij a-'
.1 '"r'-r---. v'rW Vr-."1.
n ,nr-i
5 fJ
J E w
Persian Fever Chnrm.
v Fir H'-prevenM .n and cure of lvtr and Atta and
-..itniib Fevers, ij, w-j-i'ierfsi remf-ty wis br ,;. to
Jr' "''W'e'itte ' f tt.e preset pn oru-:., by airii.-J who
La-i ' Keen a jrt .it tiave ef In Peru u.i l tLe ii .ty i.-tod
v. 01 iea.-t: do wo tLe re ver E-:;.rrati- t.e -r. .ne-
ti. C-.tifti; lvti. 4 :ie I tl,.? I' j'l-n Urn fn n, r
! 'u'i.t,. i.4r itu "n ff vi-r xil : ,.-
T"11 " A'th .ii. i iu.;rf1.i:'.JiJ at t-i iti. vifii.c. j bei- 'i;.
plied, aa-i exi.-rl!.ctl m. media :e, and baa si'rctj
alHtylf..,.t,iit,l.,f.irjCtilll protector, from ail niaia
ti '.'ii. e ra-n,r.ig ...
On utther ii,va..;?1fi..n 1, e f ,nn,j thjt the Oontman
at-rit.ire.fto it ttt-.e.:!..e pwwii Jjtid aail th.-t Iton.y
c.ou!.l te ilia ae-i from the pr:i.",r t-:? -.t. ;J .-i;...,.,,.
afierwa-ti . tuo cfr.t'rur t:i cnv-rixi, a vr.b a
otaine..: tr I.i a. the -ocrf i: ,rVj, , A. . . .1
certaircd uhe.e tha :.!. :.;;,-.! j.a. a. ..;;r ,;. ...
which it w ia,a.p'.oii:Kl. tae wm.i?.-! n if:-ii-s..r
thi article r.uvi 11. 1. a full hflit-r in fl.e,Uf
toeot.ivcsia tue tiir-iculottj heaii
' cif.ce hi refirp An-ict. tt h'. nti Ircdwiij
th? h-irp-ev-t crj-r b? sr-sr.-ti Lv:i-, -i j..rii :i.,t.-.vf !
hipa Ca.rac:crT v.' o hir-civt n it t1(. u,...t tr . : i.. -:.- l j
p.o ice. re::: ? j fw"7 be t 1- jfc i-i '
r -r tll.;iii.'4r.J f vci- for t v.i: 1. ! .17.1 .......
t: i ei err :s l-jv oTefed
wlin t'tiy by Iftlor. w.ti a dt"-"'
se.r condiU'.-r. (., c-.ccpaucB, 1aMrof life.-'
i.-i cisea of ext. eme 1 ovt-rtr. V. ,. aii.a.'
r-ja-er tt thtlr
d.-?ment f-r fit Rtoef ,f fn Suk an i ..,---a-'
t." ' J'-' r,i r. 'J J.v; c a0 f-!' 1
e'rena '. jjr .; ( urt vf L.icut i '' -;j'
2I tllJlCAt. ALVlri'l 2-var, , -i.j Vrt',.'3
c .r I- Ii, I.) ail
a 1.4
Viaih: Kar-orts t-n Spermalo'rSpt. ntf.r "
'''' tl :xi-'l Orvjus. and oa U.:.'gw r.w
I'lf S r:.- vt-i in t!:- L. -,-'4-r.. ,. r ert to''?!.:" '
ioej:el ii l'-r v-:..rti. 1 ' w . t . hun-s. Iw.u-k-''
S' J .ops t-.r ; t.' V i : I, a "i ..a
A-hiro- t-t. J. -.vlLMS-vr.pjriTOrf ir:t""
r -n, Uewar.; .s.-u 11 1. 5. 5 mth Kri.n "
I'hilidc'ihia, r.. by of iii l-i-f- 'j m.
i.iaA o. ::h.viarwELL,.p-'
t;t. Id' ii, r.l' r;
T.r Rings,
Shirt Battens,
Finder Rings,
Breast Pins,
Of all kinds, for sde at this ccc.
Oome:and see and
i -: r
I a
Fever nii l.-i-B ,nJ n n: l,. .
' ' ; ivw ci'icTca to 1 .'..otr iv ;.(
u Acipnitj Pov- ;e. f .: , " .
It will b-Mif t.v' m :1 prf oiid, witaf-'i direc'i cca , 10 c'i; '.v": ''
fo'ii. n rt-f ipt of uaf d niar. tvt., v-.n 4., . 1 1-
Prtncipal Ir..,t . cd nijTiiif.irrf.-irv, Jjrl Ifi'ri tTaa ! m'l i'lai't ?."
r.:oh.t.,fd Vi-Kr.ot. Lraach 0.2e, Bank oi Ccma.e.ce ' -f tVu.t ns-J );
A'irtre.,- V.-ILCCXitCo
J ily, Cralr I
- 1 . 1 1 1 I
Liino! Limo!! T,iTrrff? f
r - tii a n"'it and I? t
! -vi ti.i'.r i,i ri-iti-'''" "
i- r ...!. 4. : !) r-r
I ''"'. ' A!-.-, k f.r.a
a'i Tr. i . I'.. Ktr : ' M-
? ' I'l
A. IMVI-i-
ErcTOiiie, August, SO, 1K0.
J Tl.o iiriler!.i?np.i vtc- ki!ns arosiioated i.i.t rr.-.lf
1 wet-A K.-oww,,e. ,'. t: 0 i,-.i,:.i;S t,-i'i -itfuw.
; .ovii'iaatly ou.t....! tt v--y uior artis'.e of
i lime, to whicw te t.iviu the attention of v.i.a ,-.r
Iti The Lime wi-'. be tiaitvered at ttailla r at aav
.c:tertj 13 thec;ua:y, aidil;L
lot. 9, 15Co tsi j j LCNS
e. i"rw '.a.?i- I'.'s
my ii.ria, I wi i ;j CjV , .. , r j
moi.M-s Li. jti.;! tec I n' t- n
jears o.vj, it rc:! res-e1 r-t,s.
-Ji rtiiu
tn nt fot.r to t-
1 it :, mou.o h?
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