Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, August 23, 1860, Image 2

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    rpiJF "A'"nVI?.nTTST?.R
" For the Campaign.
ire will 'furnish tlic AOVEUTI
TISER' during? the Campaign in
Hits Territory, in clubs of not loss
than fclx for 33 1-3 cents six
copies for two dollars, And un
til after the. Presidential Elec
tion, In clubs of not less than Jive,
at 40 cents, rive copies for 2.
Clubs of fifty at 25 Cents. Fifty
Copies for $12. The Cash must
nrrnVnnnV tllf II Mill CS. SCIld Oil
. sr m j -
your Clubs.
Just Like TIic;n.
We hear men who propose to support
Morton, undertake to say that he is i good
Fopular Sovereignly Doughs Democrat!
and vc. would not le at ail rurpii-ed if
Morton, himself will not cLlm be
such. - It matters lut little what men say,
louder th
No person holding a commission or an
appointment under the United States, ex
cept postmasters, shall be a member of
tho Legislative Assembly, or hold any of
fice under the government of the Territory.
Kwtsas :vJ jVelraska Act.
- .
Wonder if Morton will resign the of
fice of Sect ciary: or whether he'dont
ve got a good
Attcnlioii Company.
There will be a meeting at
Johnson's Hall on Saturday next,
of those .desirous of forming
themseifes inlo a Military Corn
pany. 4 Let all who feel arria
terest in this matter attend.
lays; the eld maxim "actions ipeak baiievs that ."when ..ypu'vi
than word;," is the rule by which ihingave it." '. v "-r
PharlM V. The uncertain
rM-,rv nf ibis Tprritorv from Buchanan y of ita return arbes from the verj ra-ue and gea- WQ ExtCnSlVC WOOld! .FaC-tOTICS 316. Ill
'-"J - J - 4 . ....
... , ! 1 1 .. '. rrn miKt Y,t
meil-Fti-n, . TnErr2atyciristb9treta3 outer limit as
judged. Morton a Douglas Democrat ! . . Jb a3trou0m;rs for ths raa??rvi-?8 of the
. . .; :. rfi. 111 rwl 1 f mm
i. .he very midst of .hat old lyraot's mt rj. cu-
With all: the Latest ' Fine Improvements.
Wo are rreiared to manufacture to order, and
The People-
- The Administration Breckinridge De
mocracy are. in the habit, in this Terri
rjto.ry.of dodging and squirming around
on the Popular Sovereignty principle at
an astonishing rate. They claim to be
friends'ot the doctrine, and in the same
breath declare that neither Congress nor
a Territorial Legislature possess the
power to legislate upon the question of
Slavery ; but the "people," say they, can
determine it for themselves! but they,
however, only when they come to form a
'. Siate. Constitution! This is Popular Sov
ereignty .with a vengeance; the peculiar
species of which was discovered or inven
ted by James Buchanan; introduced in
to Nebraska, by Governor Black, in his
, Veto -Message, and since promulgated
principally by a class of men known as
Government officials, whose bread and
butter depends upon a faithful compliance
with the edicts of the "King of theCan
ibal Islands." .. Their position is nonsen
. sical in the extreme, and we are perfect
' ly astonished that any man claiming ori
nary intelligence, should attempt to palm
ir such bogus stuff upon a civilized com-mnn-ity.
While all power is, as it should be, in
" thp people; yet when they make laws or
frame constitutions for territories, states,
or even the.United States, they do so in
a delegated capacity. Do these advocates
for the" people mean that they shall as
semble en mass, and each individual take
part in making laws or framing Constitu
tions? If they do, why not say so; and
let their silly and unprecedented position
underwood; or ehs let them cease
their hoodwinking nonsense. The people
elect representatives to their State or
Territorial Legislatures who are sup
posed to reflfct thej views of their con
. stituents tvhose servants they are upon
any given question j failing- to do so, the
- people displace ibem and send others.
When Constitutions are to be framed the
people elect delegates, and send them to
a Constitutional Convention. If such de!--egates
fail to make an acceptable Consti-
tution, the people displace them and send
others, and continue to do so until they
are suited. -Thus, the modus operandi by
which the people secure laws or Constitu
tions, is precisely the same, viz: through
thfls.6 to whom they delegate autkoruy.
And with regard to both laws and Con
' stitutiens, the people, according to pres
ent usages, possess only a negative power.
' TUeycan reject; but they have no power
to create except through their delegates.
If "neither Congress nor a Legislature"
. possess power over the slavery question,
or any other, the people possess none in a
Constitutional Convention!
bitter prescriptive course," "ancL has con- t-ion,--
moment. He who owns a paper publish- " truuiuua in jimi
111 T!, ,i;t nT-i ibI im ir from, JCSaB U.
ed in this Territory, which has all along . M i,ui4,ltnfl,,,h attU YwicwiU Convan- have lor salo the following Goods:
. . . . I T-.-1 C.,.l A nn'.j!nt1 . f in1 (1 it I ' v
ocratic Administration." lie a Douglas I i ; - ;S7 JEJIjYS TWEEDS. FLJ1XJTELS
Democrat! ! ! He who, when the people Jessc ;9 unJer tho inhesion that the dicision is v-. . CTnTprn vn n.AiN
.t rr :. n i .. . . , i.-i.. ;,r. i sublet to . " vwwi,
Ol mis iciiiiui, iucv AiJu uu uiuu" on tnceiaiuie-ooos, uu -. , . . .
.c .n.,rr. r0nfnnl, renratofConerese. Shades of maemiaij . .. . - -. . wy r
, T ... , , nd Tanev: norc is a nt" i"uv"t"- i UtlCU ililstM s, m-
v.v. ...V 6- wv-.w- i ... wv,(.h vou were unaquaintcu
Ul tt- v
w"s rAe Jccppcc Time
TlhS FARM is filiated in Nemaha County, near
tlJ"oun boundary ; within for .!..
Fnnpio ad cood a point f..r shipping hs iulio
of the county; hca .n : fl ftk oT t"FranciM to
lcm to Nebraska Ciry aU'l ire ra .
T-V,Iq Rock lii" Ulac and l'ike 5 I oat . gooa waitr uor.o.. j'ia T eoantry around it
but no timber upon it. DecJ"f- a;.;,,.,
lipinr Tinidlv setttcd up, US uearnets i -
St,SPee2e lent road, in every direct.on thegood
water upon it, its proximity to the best body of tun
. . . . ' ...i rw-lmrssof thesoilin that
for investment, such as is rartiy iuc
lator or actual. . . . ... ,.,.
For particulars call on the tDS""f '.fpn
titer okjee.
Urownvills, Aug. 2d, lb""' , . - .
wiipppi .l.ianh Shitti. ha been appointed
General Administrator of the Estate of Georjrj
Fn'Mchardt. deceased, late of Nemaha Uounry, couce
:'. u..u ;n that I have aprointed Saturday,
September the 15th. 1S60. as the day for hearing
clainid nsraint ?aid Estate ; all persons havingelaims
au'n-it said estate are Hereby no inca 10 nave vuiiu
S r.i.. ..n ,r h.fnrc that d:iv tT they may forever be
debarred from recovering such cliiims.
Given under my hsnd ana ouiJiai ?eai mis oiu
A iv of June. A D, 1S60.
51-12t$13feo. . Probate Judge. -
own Public Printer, said no, gentlemen);
the Federal authority, whose agent I am,
will control this matter ; you've nothing to
do with it, "I run this machine" " own
this show!" and ."THE LEGISLATURE
MAY GO TO II L; 1 an not respon
sible to it for my actions." He a Popular
Sovereignty man!!! That will do to
'tell to the birds in the woods."
Political Preaching.
The Rev Henry Clay Dean.the preach
er imported last year from Iowa, by the
Democracy of this Territory who, by
the way, are terribly exercised when any
of our home preachers occasionally take
the stump the other day in a speech
made in Iowa, used this language.
tinv Truth Briefly Spoken;
TKa flharleston f S. C.) Mercury, ft leading dis-
tv rn itsfJde. thus
union sneei, anu gunu ..uv..
,Vi r.f tlm Ki.Uors' Convention.
i.tu ..,fV. ihn Snedm2 t-onveniion ,u i.v.u.-
I IIT II 'till ' "v r
was a Southern Smal Convents. " Pr'"n;
ted the rights of thoSrath, and wai coatrollod by
Southern power.". ,
The Mercury supports uRkCKINki ihjis .
At the Breckinridmtin? in Tork tje
other evening Darnel ft uicKinsnn .u
the New Englnnd.Anl ortnwcsiem
Baltin, promiaed their States to Douglo, that t """otant.y on ,
held by one Abraham Lincoln! August. 23. 1860.
A Southern paper expresses the confident belief 2
and Mixed,- 1 1-2 Yards wide.
Blankets ' of 'all Kinds and all Qualities,
Warranted. all Goods of the best material.
t5TWe will exchacgo tho aboTO Goods for TTol
or cash .
Fancy Dying to Order.
"VTe will par cash for any amount of Wocl, at
Market Price?.
Flour constantly on hand for sale. I ho best price
ms'Mate. ... t: tv .;i;.Im. r.e limnnvillp. and others interested
than let all the offices in L-.uisV.llo remun varxnt, for keeping a constant uVVij oi mo
Best quality or Flour
at tho
Where it can bo purchased by those wifhing.
Browntillo, August, 23, ISfiO.
:i, in i . ,
i C l,Ammii':A I'M if fin 1 V LO
va wnu (i iaKfl a lew vi iucmu..vw j
showlhnt we were not afraid." '
Stray Cow.
o ... ' v. i.,i Bt October- Let every l"D uu" " " : ill .
vroncr, iu uo ifcar mitrKs: crop tm one, sut in iue oiutr, cuusuci
hla white about the face: wnite on Dreast; nurnsra
thcr on the stag order. Nearly all tho bu shy part of
the tail is torn off. Has with her a young calf.
A liberal reward will be paid for her d-'livery, or
information that will lead to her recovery.
Drownville, Aug. 16, 1310. l-3t-
A Political Text Book for i860.
Cunipiieil by norace Greeley and John F. Cleveland,
is now in press and will soon be Usued. II fs intended
to embody every important proposition, vote, docu
ment, or pisage, calculated to shed lignt on the peuu
inp Presidential struggle, and to be specially useiul as
a bouk or rerarence to all pekers, writers, and otherR
actively encased in the canvass. Among its contents
Tlic Democratic Nominee for Del
egate. A we have all along prophesied, the
Omaha Convention has placed before the
people of this Territory, as the Demo
- o I if P.inrti JltA f M Tr.tnVAlft .
.1.1 alio V(UJUuait 1 Ul tCH tjaic IU VUU
gress, one of Buchanan's cjfuials,. Hon.
J. Sterling Mortox., the present Sec
retary of the Territory is the man. Such
men as Hon. R. Brown and Dr. Holhday
of this county; Hon W. C. Fleming of
Richardson: Hon. Silas Strickland of
Sarpy; Judge Holly and H. C. Black
fna'n of -Otoe county; Hon. A. J. Popple
wh,.and Hon. Jonas Seely of Douglas,
and many, other, good Douglas Demo
crats, we might mention, were, as usual,
thrust n.ti.Ii to five 'nlace to crib-fed.
. D X ..
"fp(Jersl crficc-holders. The Buchanan
and Breckinridge wing of the Democrat
ic party in this Territory, have ever since
the . split in the party, been coaxingly
'. preaching "come now let us conciliate,
.'.and nl! work together ? harmoniously. :
" there is no need of dissention? here in
! -Nebraska," and such like fisoft delu
' aion" words. But when Conventions
.--i i:.: i ni,'n Vh
- meet, or uny uiutri puiiutai ui-iiuii uoui
. the -Government Officials the upholders
"nF. Burbanan. beinrr "rlnlripd ivith a lit.
- tie brief authorilcry," domineeringly say
"w? are greater than you; the party is
"entrusted to our keeping; stand aside. "
"'And if a Douglas Democrat has the inde-
"pendence to raise a voice in opposition, he
. is at once set down as a disorganize and
immediately read out of the partj We
. appeal to every Douglas Democrat in Ne-
. braska, if this has not been the universal
"result, Will they any longer submit to
the "yoke of bondage." We think not.
n e are rery-niucn mistauen in tne people
administer a more scathing rebuke to
Buchanan Democracy this year, than they
2id at the last general election.
smart official in this Territory, as dis
bursing agent. The order then was,
that one of their number should be nom
inated a$ candidate for delegate, and then
. Well, wouldn't they have had a
nice little time canvassing the Territory?
"Gftt out of the wilderness."
The Republicans of Xeinaha County are request-
TION KNOWN ' AMONG MEN AS to hold their precinct Election, or i SrtjJ
AFRICAN SLAVERY." . Augnsttn, ,or tne purp . .
to the t-ouniy onvenuuu, w u
Hew depraved a raan must be to Utter the8th of September, next, to nominate candi-
SUCh a sentiment, and yet this Dean is dates for the following offices: one Councilman, and
hne,f the Democratic Electors for the four Representatives, one Uonnty Commissioner and
" r,
oidie ui xuw. y, " u.5-H,B rrnrcsented in the convention
on the Douglas ticket. Cy or(ier of the Republican Central Committee
C.W. WHEELER, Chm'ii.
It 3IaV bC TrilC. The Republicans of Johnson county are urgently
Tt i siirrrrAsted that the nrinrinnl rpa- requested to send delegates to meet the Republicans
I m I f 1 - iVnl. PnnirAtl t lit. TirrtWTI
son why the Buchanan Democracy in this , , i' L , . -ntm r,-
J ' I :n. tV CtK i.f Sontrrnhpr. to nominate a Landi-
Territory feel SO sore, and make SO much date'for Councilman. The Convention is to be corn-
ado over the defeat of the appropriation posed of Delegates, and taking the census returns
bill, is because a nice little electioneering as a basis Johnson County Is entitled to seven del-
plan, concocted at Washington by the g ; ' ;
.vnnM. na.npr, nf ihi Tprri.orn U lieiUULTUUC tl'UllUUUll.
J Tt, n.mMfi .f Xomnfin. onnt nre rcaucsted are the Miowtnc :
Lppn thwaripj The dan is aid to have c ' , a skkti m f -t-Tni! kation'at. xomivatikg
ueen inwarieu. ine pian is iiu to nave tomeet in their reSpcctivo precincts on Saturday, COXVKXTIOXS, held in the Unite ,
been; that the appropriation was to be got- September 1st. to select delegates to the county tim, in , 1330, including the Party Platform of each
Cjoii veil i ion .
ten through and go into the harxls of some convention, which U hereby appointed to be held in A nist.iry 0f the stmezle for Slavery extenlon or
ICS LI iLIl'lf III 111 t,n.v" v. u i tj v
Indencndence to the escInon in k-annas jn ISoO main
ly from the Journals of Counrcss, and thowlnu the vote
by Yeas and Xays on the most important divl-ljijg of
either house.
A history of lonpreFional action the on question of
granting free Homesteads to actual settlers oft the pub
lic lands, with the yeas andnayaonall important ques
tions, v-
Fopular Sovereignty f r. Dooglas' s.ay originally
publilied in llarperV" Atattazinx on the Dividing line
between federal nd I-ocaS Authority
The Irrepressible Conflict. Mr, Seward's Speecq de
livered at Jtorhester in lb.
Mudsils. Extract irom Senator Ilamniond's speech
in which lie describes Korthcrn .Mechanic an the .Mud
sills of Six-iety
The re-olutions recently passed by the U. S. Senate,
on the powers ant unties or Congress In rezard to Sla
very In the Territories.
A proposed Sedition Law Extracts from Mr. Dntig-
iae' Speech in favor ot a law to punish Seditious Pub'
Popular or SqtJ3tter Sovereignty. Extractg from Sen
ator Uenj.imln's Speech, asainst Squatter S'vereiduty
and in review or Air. Douglas' theories on the t object
of i-Iavery in the Terriioi ies- alao Mr. Breckinridce'ti
Speech at Frankfort, Ky., on the powers and duties of
Concress in resard to the Tcrrrtories
Principles of the Republican Party. Abraham Lin
coln's Speech at Springneld, 111.. 17. ISoO ou receiving
the Republican nomination for the Senate.
- Unfriendly Legislation. Questions and answer?, Mr.
Douglas' questions to Mr. Lincoln on the subject of sla
very, and Mr. Lincoln's replies. Also Mr. Lincoln's
questions to Douglas, with Douglas' replies.
Letters of Distinguished Statesmen. Gen. Cass' let
ter to u A U Xicholson, of Tennersee, in which he enun
ciates the theory of Squatter Sovereignty. Martin
Van Buren's Letter of 18-1S. on the power of Congress
over Slavery in the Territories. Greene C. Brons'n's
letter of 1S43, declaring slavery to exist only by force
cf local law. Daniel S. Dickinson on the same subject
Kdward Bates to the Missouri Delegation to the Repub
lican Convention, also bis letter sustaining the nomina
tion of Air. Lincoln.
Powers of the Supreme Conr . Extract" frcm the
-ritings and speeches of the Fathers of the Reeublic,
and pjrieutariy of the Jefferson Republican party ou
the powei J anuaunes ci me bupreme Court of the tui
ted Stctes
Election Return" The returns of chchSiafc by conn
tiosfor President since and including 1S40; also the vote
of each State by counties t the last General Ejection
preceding the Presidential elcelion of ISfio.
Resolutibss, &.c. Resolutions oi" Party State Conven
tions and of State Legislatures on the subject of Slave
ry, and such extracts from tho speeches and writ ings of
prominent statesmen and politicians, who are Tecoginz
ed as leaders of their respective parties as will give a
clear idea of the issues involved in the oming political
campaign and the positions by the various parties to the
The Text-Book will be ready tn the course of July.
Frice $i per copy. The usual discount to the trade.
Cash orders solicited.
Tribune Buildings, New Tfork
Daily's Prospects.
We have received letters the past week
from nearly every section of the Territory
ajpd are pleasf d to say that Daily's pros
pects are as bright as his most sanguine
friends could desire. Sin?e the .. nomina
tion of hrs opponent, his 'prospects are
still brighter. We have every reason to
believe that Daily will beat MortoD in
Otoexounty. e suppose if Morton con
eenis to canvass tbe Territory with Daily,
that the usual arrangements will be made
immediately, and the ball open- out.
We understand that Daily has cEal
lenged Morton to canvass the Teiritory
with him.
Brownvillc,m Monday -the -10th day of Septem
ber next, at one o'clock. The object of this con
vention will be to nominate candidates for tho fol
lowing offices ; one member of the council, four repre
sentatives, one eoanty commissioner, and a coroner
to bo voted for" at the general eloctioa in October
next, f , . . ". '
The following Is "Xbe apportionment of delegates
from the several precincts, agreed upon by tho com
mittee: PVl Boundaries. Place of Toting.
No. 1 composed of Towns 6 & 7 ranges 15 & 16 Peru
14 Glen Rock
12 D. Houcbins
2 " "6
3 " "6
north fractional hf. 6
4 s fraction of town. 5
east half " 4
- Isouth half - " 6
composed cf " 4 & 6
, "6
13 f Cbs.Borchers
14 S. L. Collins
1516 Brownville
15 1 Uem. City.
A Good Joke.
It is said that as Morton has had "a
good thing" out of the Territorial print
ing for the two years past cleared about
seven thousand -dollars he was put on
the tratk as the candidate for Delegate
because! he could afford to "shell out"du
ring ins canvass. That would be decid
edly cruel, to make "Mort" "shell out,"
and then be defeated.
A "DOOglas Republican."
The Reverend Henry Clay Dean, in a
speech made in this city, last yearf stood
oo tiptoe, and raising 1 is hands as high
as he could reach thus exposing an un
usual amount of dirty shirt, an article for
which he is famed very cuuningly and
sarcasticly uttered this exclamation "A
DOOglas Republican ! who ever heard
of the like!" We are reminded ef it by
hearing it claimed that Morton is a Doug
las Democrat! A Federal-Official-Bu
cbanan-Administrstion DOOglas Demo
crat ! I "Who ever heard of thelike."
TJcsoZro,. That we are in favor of mak
ing Nebraska a free State, and that we
hereby pledge the Democratic party of
thrs .territory, to oppose the establisment
of the institution of slavery in the future
btate of Nebraska, by a constitutional
prohibition. Second Resolution of the
Nebraska Democratic Platform, Adopted
August 15th, 1S60.
Thus another of our prophesies as to
the course of the so-called Democratic
party in this Territory has been fulfilled,
viz: "Popular Sovereignty" as it has
been understood and preached heretofore.
totally repudiated. They are willing sla
very should fasten its poisonous fangs up
on its while a Territory, and only seek to
"oppose the establishment of the institu
tion in the future Stale." Inmher words,
"lock the stable after the horse has been
stolen." What next? ClaiuV that none
of our Legislate acts shallbe considered
in force until approved by Congress;, or by
the Governer and Judges as was the case
J in Ohio when a Territory, we reckon. !
Precinct No. t is entitled to tix Delegated ;. No 2
fico delegates ; No 3 two ', No 4 tico ; No 5 tico No
6 fii; Hi7 Jive. -
Tlio Democrats of Johnson county are requested
to send delegates to the Convention, to unite with
tjjj.e of this county in nominating a candidate for
Couuc.'man' According to the above apportionment
Johnson 0o:inty bo entitled to Cvo delegates in
the Convention.-
By order of theceiTtra' committee of Nemaha coun-
' V 'V. THOMAS. Secmtiirv
IJ M-A . 1 J
A Good Thh;;r-
A pill free from all mineral dreparatioir"5' composed
solely of extracts' and" bal-sams taken from roos an
herbs. A Liver Pill, whioh $1,009 reward is offered tJ
any chemist to detsct one grain of mercury in them. A
Pill which has no equal for the curecf Liver Complaint
IndiKestion, Ilead-ache, Costiveness, &cl A pill for
famiiy use. A pill for a geutie and mild cathartic. A
pill that wil'.not produce disease by salivation, which
Is a thousand times worse than ihat which it cured.
Now, ready, do you need a good pill? If 6o be sure
and try Ilardy's Liver Pills, for It is no less than the
good things we allude to above.
For Sale by,
J. II. MAUN & CO.,
Brownville, N. T. -
July, fi, 3m
Camp Meeting.
A union Camp Meeting, of Drownville and Pern
circuits, will be held on Honey Creek, near Mr.
Clumbers', about seven mik-s northwest of Brown
ville, to commence August 30th
August 2nd, I860.
Democratic Territorial Convention
Tho Convention met in the Ilall of the Ht-rndon
House, in Omaha, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Wednesday,
August 15th.
The follow ing were tho officers cf the Convention
Pretideut Milla S. Keeves, of Otoe.
Vice 1'retidenf W C Mclleth, V. CMictlewait
and V. T. Morris.
Secretaries M. H Clark, and H Nuckolls of Rich
Porter '
Po pleton
Steph n Decatur-
-- 7
.. 9
Duciit ar
Jrbc F. Kinney,....
Annual Exhibit,
Of the Expenditures of JYemaha County
Nebraska Territory, from the 1st day of
July to the lst day oj July JbbU
Expenditures made for tho location of
Koads and construction of Bridges "
Expenditures for District Court-
" Kj y Lominissioners court
" Support of Paupers-
' Elections
" Printing. and Stationery
" Treasurer, indopendent
of per centage--
" Constablo
TVKof I,ln.
" County Register, Sta
tionery and Rent, -.
Incidental Expenditures
$310 IS
656 65
415 00
375 74
13t 10
3.56 67
C51 65
470 20
r,5 oo
54 80
236 00
137 77
475 00
$4,355 74
Total amount of County warrants issued
from July 1st, 1859. to July 1st, 18G0,
and remaining unpaid $1,231 03
County Warrants issued crevious to Julv
lat, 1859, and remaining unpaid 499 50
Indebtedness of Nemaha County July
1st, lboO $1,790 53
Amount of Revenue to bo derived from
Taxes levied for the year 1SG0-$3,(T27 75
Amount of delinquent County taxe?, non-
residon, and interest on same, about 500 00
Poll Tax for I860 - - 303 00
Total revennc independar.t of Road
and School $3,835 75
r T. W. BEDFORD, Co. C'.'k.
On motion, the nomination of JVStcrlicr MnrrA
was maJa unanimous.
riatforra nett week.
We will sell our stock of
Ladies' Summer Dress Goods,
Gcntlemcns Summer Goods,
Bonnets, Straw Hats, &c.,
'-t Ijcag tlxtxxx Cost.
In- exchange for cajh, Wheat, Flour, Shelled Corn
and Bacon. . I) J. MARTIN & Co.
: N.:R. Come and see cs ns we are determined to
Sell tho abuvo goods at sonio price ia preference to
keeping them over until next t pring.
D. J. MARTIN, & Co.
. Notice.
Benjamin B. Frailer) . n:.-rf
ITenry W. Lale, Nemaha county Nebraska
Jesse Noel and Territory,
llcnry Iitnmcrson j
Henry W. Lake, and Jesso Noel, both of the Ter
ritory, of Kunsj., the above named defendants, will
take nntiue tlyit the above named plaintiff Renjamin
15. Frazier of the State of Misouri.did on, the 12th
day of July, AD 1800, file his petition intheabove
named Nennha County District Court against them
the said defendants setting forth that the said de
fendants aro indebted to hiu, the said plaintiff on
tl.r.i. rr-rrnin nromis.-orv notes, each of which bears
-dito'-Crownville, February, 20th, 1856, in the fol
lowing sums, to-wit : on the hrst note, in tne sum 01
ono hundred and dollars, with interest
at ten per cent from March 1, 1S57, on the second
note in tbe sum of ?eventy-eight dollars andthirty
threo cents, with interest nt ten per cent from No
vember 6th, 1856, on tho third note, in the sura of
two hundred dollars with interest: at ten percent
from the 1st of January 1357, for which said amounts
plaint;ff prays judgment. And tho said defendant
Henry W. Lake and Jesse Noc! arc further notCcd
that the said plaintiff has caused a writ of attach
ment to issue against the property by the said de
fendants; and that they nre .required to appear and
answer said petition on or before Monday the 27th
day cf August, a d 1860.
Brownville," July 12th, 1SG0. nl-Ct-$9
David Seigel and Henry Greenbaum,
James S. Chambcrlin John W. Bliss and Thoaia3 U
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of an ex
cution, and decree of court, issued from the office of
of the clerk of the Di trict Court for Nemaha
county, Nebraska Territory,against James S. Cham
bcrlin, John W. Bliss and Thomas II. Marshall, and
in favor of David Seigel and Henry Greenbaum, for
the sum cf two hundred and seventy-four dollars and
fifty cents, I, J. B. Wells. Sheriff cf said county,
have levied upon, and will sell at public auction
from the door of the house in which the last term
of tho District Court was held, in Brownville. in
said county of Nemaha, on Saturday, tho 11th day
August, A.D. lSfiO, atone o'clock P. M., to the
highest bidder for cash in hand, the following de
scribed property, to wit ; west half of the north-east
quarter and the east bnlf of the north-west quar
ter, of section No. twenty, township No. six, north
of Ran e No. fifteon. east of the s'xth principal
meridian containing !( acres, with all the appur
tenances thereto attached, as the property of Tho-
Sheriff of Nemaha county, X. T.
By BEN.F. B. THOMPSON, Deputy.
Brownville, July 10. 1860. $9
JMoUat's Life Pills -
. - AND
. These medicines have now been before the public for
a period of thirty'years, and during that time have
m.alnulned a nipn character in almost every part of tbe
Globe, f'-r their extraordinary nl immediate power of
restoring perfect health to pcrsonssufferinj; u:ider near
ly every kiua of urease to winch the hunun frame is
The following are some of the distressing variety of
nutnan aiscase in wnicn ine
Are well known to be infallible.
Dyspcps'a, by thoroughly cleansing the first and sec-
on 1 t-touiaens, ana creating a now of pure healthv bilp.
instead of the stale acrid kind , Flatulency, Loss of Ap-
I'ceuc, jicar uurn, ieauacue, Itesliessness, Ill-temper,
Anxiety. Lauguor. and Melancholy, which are ihe gen
eral f-ympioms or iypepba, will vanish, as anatual
consequence or us cure.
Cotivne, by cleansing the whole lons-fh nf thin
testines with a solvent process, and without violence ;
all violent purges leave the bowels costive within two
Fevers, of all kinds, by restoring the blood to a regu
lar circu;aiiun, through the proeess of perspiration In
7 ' , 1 ,noro"Stt solution ot all intestinal
uu?i i mi imi in oiners.
The Life Alodioines hav been knnw
fism permanently in .hree weeks, and Gottf in half
mat iitue uy removing local inflammation from the mus
cie and ligaments from the joints.
v,.. j, an mud, ny rreerng ana strengthening
th kidneys and bladder they operate most delightful
ly on these important organs, and henre have-ever been
iouuu a 'cudm remedy ror the worst cases ir Gravel
Also Worms, hy dislodging from the turnings of thi
boweis the siimy matter to which these creatures ad
Scurry. I7cerand Inveterate Sores, by the perfect
purity which these Lrfe iledioities give to the blood and
and all the humors. '
Scoi ttutic Eruptions and bad complexions, by their al-
lemaine viiccib upon ine nuias that feed the 1 kin and
the in roia slate of winch occasions all eruptive com
plaints, saiiow, cloudy, anaotner Uisaareeablcconiplex
1 ne ufe 01 mese puis tor a very short time, will effect
an cnrireciirc or aait Jtneiim and a striking -mnrove
nirnt in the clearness of the skin. Common Colds and
Influenza will always be cured by one dose, or by two in
me wursj cases.
riL..s. ine original proprietor of these medii-ine.
wascuiedof piles of thirty-live years standing, by the
usi-or iuc 1. ue -ueuicines alone.
Fever and Ajue For this scourge of the "Western
Country, these Medicines will be found a safe, fpeedy
and certain remedy. Other melicines leave the system
suujeci 10 a reiui 11 01 tne uisease a cure by these medi
cines is permanent try them, be satis-fied and be cured
Bilious Keers ami Liver Complaints. General De
bility, loss of appetite, and Diseases of Females the
jueuicint-s nave ueen used with the most beneficial re
suits in c.ises of this description: Kings Evil, and Sernf.
ula in its worst forms, yields to the n,ild. yet power-
iiiiaauinui uese remarsaoie Jieaicines. AightSwets
Nervous debility, Nervous Complaints of all kinds, Pal-
iiauou ot iuc utari, rainier-s uonc, are speedily cur
Mercurial Diseases Persons whose constitutions
have become impaired by the injudicious use of ilercury
will Und these Medicines a perfect cure, as they never
fail to eradicate from the system, all the effect? of the
jicrcury, luuuiieiy soonr man me most powerful prep
arations of Sarsaparilla. W. H. MOFFaT.
335, Broadway, New York.
July 5, 1860, ly-
The Persian Fever Charm.
For the prevention and cure of Fever ni orwi
Bilious Fevers. This wonderful remedy was brought to
the knowledge of the present proprietors by a friud who
has been agreat tiaveler in Persia ao.m.o tt,i t .
Utile going down therever Eupbrates, he esperienc-
u cvriB.iiKi OI i-evoraiw gae. On discovering
his condition, one of the Roat
an Amulet, saying, "Wear ttis and no Fever will touch
juu. Aiui.jujiu increuiious as to its virtues; be com
plied, and experienced immtMiidtA rewr ami
aU eys fonnd it an effectual protection from all mala-
On fnrther investrcatJon he fnnrf
attributed to itmiraculous powers "and said that it onlv
frit: 1 A t aKI ;a.I 0 . . 11 . T . .
v vuio-iicu ouiii me priest 01 tne sun. Sometimo
afterwards, the irentl
. - r ... .V...UOJIIH im a .rriesi
obtained from him the secret of Its preparation, and as
certained where the medicinal herbs were found, of
..jin-u n, as toouipounoeu. ine wonderful virtues of
this article have induced a full belief in tbe minds of
the nit Ives ia the miraculou he.iiino- tuof.
Since his return lo America, it bni tnr.
the happiest efTect by several La.lies and Gentlemen of
high character, who kave given it the most unqualified
paoise. Thisremedv havintr heen a tr,i--.flr. in i:..
forhundredscf years, fur the prevention and cureos
Fever ani Ague and Billions Fevers is now offered to
tbe American People.
It will be sentby mail, prepaid, with full direction
fonss, on receiptor one dollar.
PrinciDal Dcnot ond m
Richmond, Virginia. Branch Office, Bank of Cemmerce
Addresss JOHN WILCOX & Co
July, 5th ly
Mam, ictwecn 1st & 2u St's
For terms, apply at this office cr to
AbigalL. Lou than)
Petition for a divorce
nendintr in tho Dist. Court
Tor Neaiaha County 'elrai-
V-,-. Territorv.
The defendant in thii casebeirg non-resident of
said County, and his residence unknown ,
t'fflis hereby notified tnai me pmuiua
, J, f i;,th r.lmento!ler. atthe cfEcc. of
l 10 UCII!1H" VI T
Judsetdmowon. in the town of ewtcn, Jasper Co
Iowa, between the nours r-i a ;h '
o'clock T. M. cf the 20ih day of August, A. I),
n.l continue thereat if necessary between th
m hoiw of .acceding days until ol the testimony
thall have been taken; and that in taking such dep
osition the following interrogators will bo nada to
Wlst re you acquainted with the parties to thj
suit, and what relation do you sustain to cither of
2nd. How Ion? have you known them, and wher
did they reside when you kne tbein?
2d. Did you know. of their being married, or a
livin-andcohnbitins as husband and wife, and ir
l. 8Utefin what manner the defendant, treated the
plaintiff. State any acts of cruelty on his r-art to
wards her. or neglect of his to provide for her, and
whether she was faithful to him nsa wite. -
4:h And if you know anything else that will pro
mote Justice between tho parties you are required
to'tate it, in accordance with the rule of evidence.
The llaintilTis also hcrety notified that a com
mission will bo applied for to take said deposition
before Judge Kdtnunson, at the Clerk 3 office of said
District Court, on tho 31st day of July A. I), l&ol).
' S. LELDEN, rrffs Att'y.
July 25th, 1850,-3t$3
The Dankof tho Union 1 -Nemaha County Dis
Tcnnessee, I trict Court, of.the Sec-
V3. ond Judicial district,
Gurdon H. Wilcox. j Nebraska Territory.
The above named defendant, Gurdon II Wilcox, of
the Territory of Kansas, will take notice that the
above named plaintiff, The Dank of the Union, a
corporation duly organized, under tbe mine of the
State of Tennessee, did, on the 23d day of July,
A. D. I3G0, file a petition in the above named
Nemaha County District Court against him the said
defendant, settingforth that the said defendant was
on tho 5th day of August, 1S5S. indebted to the
said Plaintiff in the sum of $231 60; and. also that
on the 20th day of July, A. D. 185S, said defendant
was indebted to the said plaintiff in tbe furtherand
ndditional sum of $73 60: both said amounts being
for a balancadue for six bounty Land Warrants is
sued by the United States Government, sold and de
livered by said plaintiff to said defeudar at his spec
ial instance and reque?t. Plaintiff aks judinent
against said defendant, for the said amounts with
interests thereon, at the rate cf ten per cent per an
num, from tho time aforesaid at which they became
The i(I defendant wilt nt-?o therefore, take
notice that the said plaintiff by filing the necessary
affidavit, has caused a writ of attachment to be is
sued against the property of said defendant.
You, thesaid defendant are hereby further no
tified, that he is required to appear and answer said
petiton on or before the third .Monday after the 16th
day of August next, or judgment by default will bo
rendered against him,
July23,I3G0. 4t$10 At'y for Pln'ff.
Joseph F. Mitchell, plff.
Russel Pccry,Administrator of the Nemaha Coun
estate of William Giluiore, dec.and ty DistrictCourt
said estateand Kliia Corking, Chs. cf the Second
Gilm re, Jas. Gilmore, John Gil- Juicial district,
more, Peery Gilmore, Nathaniel Nebraska Terri
Gilmore, Elizabeth Gilmore, and tory
Missouri Gilmore, heirs of William I In equity.
Gilmore dcccased,and Irene Hunu- j
well, late widow of 6aid William To Septem
Gilmcre dee. defendants. J ber term, 1KG0.
To the above named defendants, Eliza Cork
ing, Charles Gilmore, James Gilmore, John Gilmore,
Peery Gilmore, Nathaniel Gilmore, Elizabeth Gil
more, and Missouri Gilmore, heirs of Wil
liam Gilmore, dec, and Irene Ilunnewell, late wid
ow of said William Gilmore dec. You are hereby
notified that the above named plaintiff, Joseph F.
Mitchell, haa filed his petition in the above named
Neman" County district Court on the chancery
side thereof, and commenced a suit against you, to
st ther with the above named Russel Perrv. admini
strator of the estate of William Gilmore, deceased,
which suit is for the purpose of obtaining judgment
against the estate of William Gilmore, deceased, for
the sum of one hundred and fortyfour dollars togeth
er with the interest thereon, at the rata of five rwr
cent per month, from the tenth day of August, a.
u. 100 j, upon a certain promissory note, given by the
said William Gilmure, deceased, to tho .said plain
tiff Joseph F.Mitchell, on the the 10th day of An rust
A.D. ISjifor said suinx.f STllliiPnnn rtr
date, with a penalty forfeit aro of five per cent rer
Leml Notice.
Martha" Meek, ) ' "
vs ? Divorce. -
Samuel II. Mock. ) - . '
XcmnJia county Dixtriet Crt, nt t'lti Srcond J.
dkial District, Xelratxa Territory.
The defendant in this cao Sam IUMuok, will take
notice that on the lltii day cf August, A 1. 1330,
the plaintiff filed a petitiou against hi tu praying for
a divorce and alleged among other things for said
divorce, gross neglect of duty and total abandon
ment: and that said petition will bo for hearing
at the next term of the District Court cf the 2nd
Judicial District in Nemaha county cf Nebraska,
Territory, to be begun and held in Brownville da the
2-lthdayof September, 133a.
By J. D. N. Thompson, Lex Atj.
Brownville. Aug. lS,-it.
' follERIFF'S SALE. .
S.J. Ilollard ) - ,
Joseph TI. Gould, II M Kirkham J
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an exe
cution issued from the office of the Clerk of the
DistrictCourt for Otoo County, Nebraska Terri
tory, against Joseph K.Gould and Kobort M. Kirk
ham. and infavorof S. J. Holland, fur the sum of
two hundred and eighty dollars and directed totno
sheriff of Nemaha county, I, J. 13. Welb, Sheriff cf
said Ncmtha County, Nerba.-ka, have levied upon
and will sell at public auction, fioin thedooroftbe
housa where the last term of the said court was
held, at Hrownville in said county, on" Monday,
th 17th day of September, A D lSuO.'to the high-'
estbiddcr for eash in band, the'dj -cri-btd
property, to wit: the lots six and seven in sec
tion HI. townrhit) 7. ranze If. east, containing ll7
acres, with all the appurtenances thereunto attatEl
cd, as the proporty cf said Joseph It. Gould, and
, Robert M. Kirkham, in satisfaction- of said execu
tion. . . .
Sheriffof Nemaha Connfv, N. T.,
Brownville.Aug. 15th, 1SJ0. 49-6i-7. 50
Stock Wintered.
The subscriber wishes to announce to the public,
that he is prepared to winter one to two hundred
head of cat: le, and would respectfully request thoa
desiring cattle kept the coming winter, to nddress
him at Brownvillt, Ncbra.-ka. H- O.MINICK.
Brownville, Aug. 15fh, 1330. 4t- ' . . .
-r- 1 1 TI mr
Young lNeDrasiiaiYiorgan
j5y serve a limited number of maes the present
' eeason, at my farm In Kemaha county, N. T ,
near Brownville. -
Pedigree. &C Is a bright bay, three yer old thla
Spring; about U 1-2 hands high; wa sirel bythec'ele
brated Grey Ilawlt Morsran, of 4 llonois ; lie by Tiilahoej
and he hy the original Justin Morgan
April, 1SS0 yly . D. C. SaNDERS.
Seed Store.
Engines. Saw and Grist Mills,
"VTith all kinds of Machinery and Implements. .
Ho. 53, liorth Second Street.
ST. LOCI3, ilO.
KEEPS always on hand a tsree stock of Garden anil
Grass Seeds, all warranted rresh and pnre-
Onr of Agricultural and Horticultural
Implements and Macbinei is also large and selected
with (Treat care.. - -
We invite an examination, and know that we- are of
fering as good stock as aDy house in the w est, and at aa
low prices.
TEItlvrS " CASH.
Catalogues furnished gratis to applicants. 4J-t
taimng from said court an order of sale, to satis
fy said judgment, of tbe following described prop
crtv' to-wit: the southbalf of the north wc?t minr-
tcrand the northwtst quarter cf the south westjof
se-tion yi, town. 0, north of range 14 east of the sixth
principal meridian, in Nemaha County, Nebraska
Territory, tho said property having been Mortgaged
by trust deed to the said plaintiff for the purpose
of securing the payment of tho money due upon the
said note, andj-ou are hereby further notified that
on or before the tenth day of September, A. n. 1S50
you are hereby required to answer to the said peti
tion of the plaintiff, in the said case filed or the pc
tion will be taken as true, and judgment and de
cree rendered accordingly.
Attest, Attorneys for P'iT.
Allen Blacker, District Clerks
Ordered that the above be published for four con
secutive weeks in the Nebraska Advertiser.
AIjLEN BLACKER. District Cierk,
By T.W. Bedford, Deputy.
Brownville, July 23, I860. 4t$l5.
Sheriff Sale.
I. T. Whyte & Co., .
vrvrr T. n. Edwards.
NOTICE Is hereby given, that by virtue of an
execution issued by the Clerk of the "District Court
of the Nemaha county, Nebraska Territory against
T. II. Edwards, and in favor of 1 T Whyte & Co.
for the sum of seventy-eight dollars and eighty-one
cents, I.J. B.Well., Sheriff of Nemaha County,
Nebraska Territory, have levied upon, and will offer
for sale, at public auction, at the door of the house
in which the last term of tho District Court for
Nemaha county, Nebraska Territory, was held in said county, on Saturday, the 11th
day of August, A. D. 1360, at one o'cl.n-k r. 21., of
said day, and will sell, to the highest bidder for cash
in hand the following described property, to-wit
the south -east quarter of the southheasf quarter of
the southeast quarter f section eleven, town fiv
north of Range fifteen, cast of the sixth principal
meridian, containing ten acres, in satisfaction of
said execution.
Sheriff of Nemahacounty.
by B. B. THOMPSON, Deputy.
Brownville, July, 12, 1SG0. $9
Legal Notice.
Richard Crown ) Nemaha County District Court of the
- .T8 Second Judicial District, Nebraska
D. L. McfJary. ) Territory.
To September Term A. D. 1S60.
ToD L. ilcGary of the State of Texas, the above
named defendant, you are hereby notified that the above
named DlaintifT. Richard r
ha Nebraska Territory, has on, to wit, the 9d day
. iyu.uiu! loou.uieu nii petition in theabove
.... 'uuuijr uiMricii court asainst yoti
wherein he claims of yoa the sum of one hundred and
twenty and 67-100 dollars together with the interert
thereon from the 9th dav of Snt nirAr k T ICRS A
rateof two per cent per month upon a certain promisso
ry note gtven the 9th dav nt SKsmhsr 1 r ,or.o .w
dated payable one day after date and given by you to the
.. .rw.uu.ustuu uoie canm? tor -the sum of 120
dollars and Hfty-seven cents together with interest there
on, from date, at tharateof two per r ent, per month.
aU, hereby furt"er notified that ji proper
affidavit being made a writ cf attachment in the said
case has been issued against you and that you are re
quires to demur, answor rr r.i-.i .:.
before the 27th day of August A D ISWor the iaW
petition wxll be taken as confessed and Judgment be
.t..a, juu iur ine num cemanoefl.
JtllTVnv lpnrr.r
Attest: itv.r..n-fl.
Allen Blacker, Clerk, J'
Dy T. W. Bedford, Deputy.
ros ail the rusrosrs or a
' Thhr-e lrt? existed a pnbllc demand for a
effective purrative pill whiih emild 'e reliM en as
-srrrw and pcraxHy safe In Ks opcra;lO!l. TTi'S T.r.i
been prepared to rnret that demand, and an exten
sive trial of it 9 virtues has conclusively shown with
w-hnf success" It" accomplices the purpose designed.
It is easy to make a physical il, but not eny tn
make the best of all pills one which should have
none of the objections, bxit all the advantagesof
every other. This has been attempted here, and
with what snccess we would respectfully submit to
the public decision. It has been unfortunate for.
the patient hitherto that almost every purgative
medicine is acrimonious and irritating to the bow
els. This is not. Many of them produce so much
griping pain and revulsion in the system as to more
than counterbalance the good to be derived front
them. These pills produce no irritation or pain,"
unless it arise from a preiously existing obstruc
tion or derangement in the lowels. Being purely
vegetable, no harm can arise from their use in art
quantity ; but it is better that any medicine shoul-j
be taken judiciously." Minute directions for their
use in the several diseases to which they are ap
plicable are piven on the box. Among the com
plaints which have been speedily cured by them, we
may mention Liver Complaint, in its various form
of Jaundice, Indigestion, Languor and I-oss, of Ap
petite, Listlcssr.ess, Irritability, Bilious Headache,
Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, Fain in the Sid
and Loins; for, in truth, all tlrese are but the con
sequence of diseased action in the liver. As an
aperient they afford prompt and sure relief in Co
tiveness, Tiles, Colic, Dysentery, Humors, Scrofula
and Scurvy, Colds with soreness of tbe body, Ulcers
and impurity of the blood, Irregularities; in short,
ny and every case where a purgative i3 requited.
"in nae aiso produced some singularly suc-
ressrm cures in Kheumatim, Gout, Dropsy, Gravel,
Erysipelas, Palpitation of the Heart, Pains in the
Back, Stomach, and Side. Thcv should ,e freely
taken in the spring of the year, to purify the blood
and prepare the system for the change "of beasons.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
Dowels into healthy action, and restores the appe
tite and vigor. They purify the blood, and, by their
stimulant action on the circulatory svsiem. reno
vate the strength of the body, and restore th
wasted or diseased encrcies of the whole organism.
Hence an occasional dose ia advantageous even
though no serious derangement exists ;' but un
necessary dosins: should never be carried, too far,
as every purgative medicine reduces the srrpngth,
when taken to excess. The thousand cases in which
a physic i3 required cannot be enumerated here, but
they suggest themselves to the reason of every
oody; and it is confidently believed this piU will
answer a better purpose thr.n any thing which ha
hitherto been available to mankind. When their
virtues are once known, the public will no loneer
doubt what renirdy to employ when in need cf a
cathartic medicine. Bern;; sugar-wrapped, they ar
pleasant to take, and being purely testable, no
harm can arise from their use in any quantity.
For minute directions, see wrapper on the Box
Practical ami Analytical Chcajis?,
Pric 25 Cents par Pox. FiT Boxes for 51.
Straved or .tftlri fmm tt ...1 ... .. . .
. T . vuc euuscrioer on tne ath
nLtC I" :a. .arAba7 3 years bid; no white
siz Vt o 7 lQCOUa:on t0P r,f neck;small
Size, OU t not a Oonfv :ii.l tr. .j '
1 jj .v, a iiisou near rre-
lh72"h' have returned.
tnnT-Jn m a . x. I- wiaDeS'morinformatioa
tnat Will lead rn br H;a-m nr m i-.r.-
J"'yl9,2,tf, 2?rQwnTill0. v.w.
Douglas' Improved
Muskingum Works. Zanesville, Ohio.
A e are now r.rinrrii tn rnr,. . ...
Swar-Uano Mills ei yiZ "eour 1?
win be able to supply the"dem WeverTa'rge
orator, and also Douzhis .Tm ...J- x.lrTOve" Er"P"
are prepared ,0 funds eve urUcTe of t Veiiali
Furnaces KwrZZi"- Cet"
-Circulars and mPhleis turnid on mpU-.m-p
AH orders addressed to the nr.derMcncd will $ tl f.'
ly attended to. F 0 U J L A S 1 1 T I IV u '
"P1"1 Zanesville, Ohio.
For the rapid Care of
COlfillS, COLDS, Ii0.UiSTCS5
DiioAciiiiis, uiiooriAG-torGru
ThT3 remedy has won fcr itself such notorita
from its cures of every variety of pu'monary disease,
that it is entirely-unnecesMiry ti recount the eu-.
dences of its virtues in any citnniunity where it
has been employed. So wide is the field of its use
fulness, and so numerous the cases of its cures."
that almost every section cf the country abound
bi persons publicly known, who have been restored
from alarm in pj and even desperate disease of the
lungs by it use. When ccce tried its superiority
over every ether meiiiir.e of its kind is too ar pa
rent to escape ol-ten ation, and whero its virtues are
known, the public no lortr hesitate what antidote
to employ for the di.strcssir and darjerous auc
tions of the pulmonary ora.s whiih are incidert
to our clhncte. Not only in formidable attack
upon the lunjrs, but for "the milder varieties t
Colts, Corr.H.-i, Uoahisknks. 4c. ; and fcr Ch.'L
deex it i the pleasantcst aid t-aTest medkine tliit
can be obtained. ", r)
As it Lr.s kn tcen in constant nse throughout
this section, wo riecd tk t do niore than assure the
people its quality Is kept up to the t est that it ever
has li-cu, n;:d that the eenuin artirVi sold bv
Clioloe Xjii
THK nndersiippd kit r cr n ,rrr, n.f i-hr.;.- 1 nJs le
ca'.i J in this Territory m Lit h l e will seil
tucap lor Cas!i or on Tlnjc.
I For further infortnatioa apply tn my fee oa-Mia
Stree, cf tiispljxe. M. V iTKLSSOi-