Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, April 12, 1860, Image 2

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It. V. 1'UllNAS. 1SDITOR.
- '. " Of the United States.
Of Tennewee.
, Jacob SxHicKittt's Annual Menage
'uVea up a large portion of our paper to
4zy. .Hereafter it will appear in the
form of a suf-plcment, so that our reg
t clar advertisements may not be interfered
Wfcats The News
Teally we scarcely Know; we have
been so busily engaged since our last issue
.that we have not attempted to.keep up
nih it. The Charleston Cortvei.tion, how
'ever, cones otT on the 23rd ol this month ;
'at which time and place Douglas and J ohn-
lon "will be nominattd as candidates for
FresideKt and Vice President of the
United States; elected next November,
nd in'a-ugurattd' on the 4;h of March,
"lSG.1. '
Heenan, a New York bully, a:;d Sayers,
an lirglUh fchoulder-hitter, propose O
.pouad t'ath oiher en the lGih of this
uionth, on a l et of 5,000 or 810,000,
and to gratify the hyena in a lot of other
. pecplri' no better than they are themselves.
, Hope the thing may turnout to be a second
'Kil'lkenriy cat fight both used up.
. .Gov. Steward, of Missouri, has vetoed
. a bill granting State aid to Railroads in
thet Stale. -Ho' convened an extra ses
sion of the Legislature for that express
purpose ; then vetoed the bill. Great in
"tligr.ntion is manifested in many portions
of the Siato towards him. lie has called
to nether extra session.
Tli3 Homestead Bill has not yet passed
. Congress; and the probabilities are, should
U ih3 so; it will bo in a mixed up unintel
ligible shape,- something like the Ntbras
' La .Homestead Bill.
Kansas has not been admitted; most
likely will, however, the present session;
South Tlatte will net be '.attached.
The Senate Territorial Committee has
' reported Hills to organize the Territories
of Jefferson, Arizoniaand ColoraJo, also
' a Bill to suppress polygamy in Utah.
MediiJ, ". Comptroller of .the United
- States Treasury, has got himself into
hot water in settling the Post Office ac
" coams. Senator . Green, of Missouri,
offered a'preiambleand resolution, setting
forth, .that his conduct renders it improper
foe h"nn longer to continue in office.
. Tha Connecticut election has resulted
in the success of .'the Republican ticket,
whjca secures to them a U. S. Senator,
More of 'the fruits of "soft delusion."
The Carstang vs Shiw breach of promise
case, St- Louis, after a loag and tedious
trial has been decided in favor of the de
fendant,. .It will be recollected this is a
new .trial.; ' the first look place about a
year ago, .when $ 00,000 was awarded
the plaintiff. The jury ought to have
done the same again. Any man vtho will
lire a tag life to the the age of old Shaw;
accumulate as much of this world's goods
as he has; court a young confiding girl ;
making' a thousand and one presents,
ranging in value from a basket of fruit to
a Sr)00. Piano, and then, in one of his
old bachelor freaks, throw ofT, and to
justify-himself in the eyes of the com
muniiy endeavor" to blacken the character
of the girl. .be made pay the
..'round, sum" of SluO.000.
On Wednesday April 4th, the first
Courier of the Pony . Express left St.
4 Joseph,- Mo'., for California. It 13 the in
tention -to make the trip in Sdays. This
' 'is undolibtediy the- commencement of a
.'great enterprise an overland Express
it "cheaper to build jails than to educate
our children in good morals;" and still
others who desire to besurrcunded by the
walls of a dungeon, rather than those of
an Academy, we are forced to admit the
necessity for jails.
But seriously, Brownville, don't you
think that a good educational system, and
a high standard of morals would greatly
decrease the necessity for jails, and be far
cheaper, too? We do.
As to the sensitiveness cf 'Browk
ville," in regard to children being "ed
ucated with money dsrived f rem licenses;'
it is far-fetched. By the same reasoning,
or rather over-sensitiveness, the poor
boy, unable to educate himself, would re
fuse an education under the common free
school system, now prevalent in almost
every State and Territory in this Union,
because among the many tax-payers there
should be a few men who had grown
rich in the manufacture or traffic in in
toxicating liquors! Or the christian
would refuse to read his Bible because it
might have been printed by an immoral,
unregenerated printer. To paraphraze
a medly quotation we believe in in all
your getting?, get education honestly if
you can but get education.
Man Honored, Township Not.
The County Commissioners cf this coun
ty, at their last session, perpetrated a
hugh joke on a f raciional township in the
extreme Southwest corner of the county,
range 12, Township four named it Bu
chanan! We entertain serious doubts as
to the future of that township. Don't
believe the soil hereafter will produce
even white beans; fear the inhabitants,
if any are in it, or dare remove there,
will tormented with ague, apparitions,
and all manner of similar afHictions ; the
same disease that ran a lot of swine into
the sea, of olden time, will visit the
neighbor's hogs; sheep will be killed off
by the wolves ; and horses and tattle die
with the "sick stomach."
Seriously ; we think the naming of the
townships should have been left to the
inhabitants of each.
Death ok' Rev. Geo. C. Light.
"Rev. George C. Light, of the Mis
sissippi Conference," says the Nashvi41e
Advocate, "died very suddenly in Vicks
burgh, on the S2Sth hit., at the residence
ef . Rev. D. C. K. Marshall. He died on
his seventy-fifth birthday. He first en
tered the ministry in Clermont county,
Ohio, iifty-six years ago, and after resi
ding for a while in Kentucky and Mis
souri, removed to Mississippi." We re
member "Father Light" as one of the
great, Methodist Camp-metting preach
ers, iu the days of our boyhood. He was
a great, good and useful man.
r In a Bad Shape.
An exchange says:
"There appears to be a new Mrs.
Heenan turn d up. Mr.. Menken, the
repudiaied Spouse of Ada, has received
a letter from New Orleans, signed "Jo
sephene Heenan," wherein the lady
claims the exclusive right to the hand of
the redoubiuble John C, to whom she
avers she was married in the Crescr
Qcery : How came the "new Mrs. He
nan" in such a novel position; and is she
likely lo ren.a n so any length of tune
seem to be hurrying along with more speed
than discretion.
The Leavenworth and Denver Express,
extra, passed yesterday soon after we ar
rived. It stopped a moment and we had
an interview with your old friend Gen.
Larriruer, who was aboard with six other
passengers bourn! for Denver.
We supposed when we left the Beatrice
settlement that we had passed the Rubi
con of civilization, and that we . should
not again meet with any signof settle
ment, only occasionally a ranch on the
route to Ft. Kearney till we arrived at
Denver. In this, however, we were disap
pointed. After crossing Cub Creek, about
six miles this side of Beatrice, we passed
over aa open prairie, for about twenty
miles lo the Little Sandy and thence to
the Big Sanday, (near to where it meets
the Little Blue, about three miles, at
Patterson's Ranch, where we camped
Friday r.ight.
The pioneer has made his way tathese
streams, and from the Little Sandy to the
place where we strike IS mile Ridge, all
the timber claims seems to be occupied.
Here are settlements directly west from
Brownville for a distance of about one
hundred miles, which naturally would
make Brownville their point for trade.
There is not a better natural road any
where to the Missouri river, from the
Little Sandy via Beatrice and Tecumseh
to Brownville. and a few days work upon
the crossings would make it all that could
be desired. Yours,
O. B. H.
The above letter is somewhat out cf
date was received just after our last issue
but as it contains some matters of in
terest we yet give it a place. We have
sincp heard of "O. B. II." and party, 120
miles beyond Ft. Kearny. They are now
at the mines, undoubtedly.
'exposed to public view?"
Jalls vs. School Houses.
."Bao w.n ville," the Brownville cor
rcypowdn of the Nemaha City Herald, it
seems prefers Jails :o School Houses. So
we 'infer from he following:
' "Jhe Advertiser, in an article asks:
'Is it cheaper to build jails than it is to
' 'educate our .children in good morals, and
. thus prevent their becoming . inmates of
bur prisons ?'.. - .
."Furnas' hobby is education for the peo
ple" or rather the children of the people
-and right here allow me thank him for
hts'ngble devotion to the cause of Educa-
. "Furnas also framed, and was instru
mental in the passage of our present li-
cense law, and in his zeal for education.
appropriates the revenue arising from li
censes, to the school fund.
"Bah! Only think of it ! Educating our
children with money derived from such a
source ! Who wants to have their chil
dren, as they grow to be men and women
taunted with the fact, that they were edu
cated with money derived from license to
manufacture drunkards?
"I hope our next Legislature will so
emend the license law, as will devote the
revenue arising therefrom to its proper
object the- building and sup-jrt of coun
ty and State prisons. Then it would not
be many years before we would hare a
strong and durable jail in
JVcll, there is said to be "no accounting
for differences of taste." If there were
no advocates for jails, either by word or
conduct, there would be no need for them.
Ileilce, while we have among us, those
who prefer"strong and durable jails-," to
r;ood --chcKil house?; and ethers who think ;
From the Brownville IJoj s Brwii
vllle Route.
We are permitted to make the follow
ing extracts from a letter to G. W. Brat-
ton, of this place, from J. M. Cotton, of
the first company leaving here this Spring
for the gold mines. It-is dated Denver
City, March 25th, 1SG0. He says:
"We made the trip in thirteen days
from 'Brownville, and can say the route
from Brown ille is the best to Ft. Kear
ny we have traveled. Mr. Cotton has
traveled the St. Joseph, Nebraska City
and Omaha routes. The roads have
been excellent ; not a drop of rain or
snow'since we left. We are all iu good
spirits, and health. Our mules are in
better condition than when we left. Times
are good, money plenty, aod produce not
scarce; American flour 21 per 100;
Mexican do S1G, and other things in pro-
Fcr Sle Low to Close a Concern.
The Goddess of Liberty, being about
to retire from business, begs leave to of
fer the entire ctock in trade of her estab
lishment for sale.
The G. of L. would ofTer, at the same
time, the "good will" of the concern, but
unhapily it is a long while since her ex
cellent supporters and customers have ex
hibited any good will towards her. The
attention of distant nationalities, who
may be thinking about 'a revolution, Hun
garians, Poles, or Irishmen, is specially
invited to the great tale.
Among the articles for which she has
no further use, and which will be di.-pos( d
of, without reserve to the highest bidder,
are the following materials in a slightly
damaged condition :
Lot No. 1 Will comprise that most
respectable fowl, the American Eagle,
of the single-headed species, with his
claws lull of sheet lightning and thun
der belts. Warranted genuine. Any
nation in need of an emblem will be
treated with on the most libt-ral term?.
Lot No. 2 A fine assortment. of Lib
erty Poles, with caps to match. The at
tention of L. N., who is said lo have a
curious collection of similar articles in his
private cabinet in the Tuileries. is partic
ularly requested to these worthless com
modities. Lot No 3 The beautiful motto "Eplu
rilvs Unum" which rendered important
J. M. Cotton.
tetter From the rialus.
Huchicy's Rsnich, J". T.
March 2oth, 1SG0.
FaitM) Ft f.n as : You will percieve by
the date of this that we are fairly on our
way, and have made pretty good time so
far, having traveled five days and made
about one hundred and twenty-five
miles, and that, tco, over the worst
part of our journey. iu reacnea
here vesterdav (Saturday about two
o'clock a. m. where we are now comfort
ably housed up for Sunday. Our friend
Hackney is a pioneer in his way of enter
taining his friends and guests. He is
located about one days travel from the
Little Sandy, near, the point, where the
Brownville road intersects the road from
Leavenworth to Fort Kearney, and al
though he has been here but about one
year, has things put up in better style
than any other establishment we have
seen between this point and Brownville,
when he completes the improvements he
is now making he will doubtless make
good a show as any other Ranch keeper
on the road.
We have not yet seen much of the life
and excitement of travel on this road.
Rush has not yet commenced. The Pike's
Prater?, however, hav started, and some
services in tunes past, tut is no longer
available for national-purposes. The at
tention of the Argentine Confederation
and the Mexican people i) respectfully
invited to :his very excellent article.
The G. of L. is sorry to part w.ith what
she has heretofore regarded as one of
the most precious jewels in her rega.ia,
but the change in her circumstances com
pels the sacrifice.
Lot No. 4 The Stars and Stripes,
which she would prefer to wrap around
her, like the late Mr. Kirby of the Na
tional Theater, and die as would become
a Goddess retiring from business; but
she hopes, after the next Presidential
election, to be on her feet again, and
therefore she will not entertain the idea
of dying just now.
Lot No 5 Will consist of a lot of fine
sentiments, not at all the worse for wear,
among which will be found. "The Mem
ory of Wasmgton," the "Declaration of
Independence," the "Rights of" Man."
"United we stand, divided we fall," "Sic
Semper Tyraunis," "Give me Liberty,
or give me death," ami Governor Wife's
beautiful sentiment, "The Union of the
Whicrs for the sake of the Union." A
large lot cf Fourth of July orations and
Bunkum speeches will be thrown in, c rut-
is, if the purchaser of this lot should de
sire them.
Lot No. 6 A lare lot of national
melodies, songs, anthems and choruses
an entire invoice, consisting of "Hail Co
lumbia." "Yankee Doodle," "Adams and
Liberty." "The Siar Spangled Banner.
Lot No. ? That lovely ei lolon call
ed Uncle Sam, or Brother Jonathan,
which his been found so very valuable
for the purposes of burlesque and comic
The Gtddess of Liberty begs lave to
refer to the following named gentlemen.
for further particulars, who have been
appointed the assignees for her estate:
Refekenclc Robert Toombs, of Ga,
Jeff. Davis, of Miss., James Gordon
Bennett, of New York, William L!-yd
Garrison, of Boston, Horace Greeley, late
of Vermont. .
Terms Indefinite credit."
.The above we clip from the . Van ity
Fair, and it is about the best take ofTon
the state of national affairs we have read.
The author might have added to the list
of references the names of Seward,
Bright, Fitth ; and Wigfall cf Texas in
particular, who. on the Senate floor the
other day, uttered the following:
"These Northern people, of all parties,
are a mean, despicable set of starvelings,
unable to see beyond a dollar, and car
ing for no consideration except money.
Threaten them, and they wiil crouch to
your feet like k many hounds. Only
swear that you are going to dissolve the
Union, and the timid creatures will get
down on all fours, bite the dust, and kiss
the red raierd to chastise thrro."
Wigfall is the man who left his native
State in a hurry, for" murdering one of
his fellow-citizens, and went to Texas,
when that country tas considered a ref
uge for cut-throats from all the world.
How he ever managed to get into the U.
S. Senate, even from Texas, is a mys
tery. Complimentary.
We find in the Cincinnati Daily Times
of the 21th, nit., under the head "West
ern Towns," the following complimentary
notice of city, and of our enterprising
Bankers, Lusiicaucu & Caksojt.
"While many embryo cities in the
promised lands of the West, laid out
along the shores of the Missouri a year
or two ago, iu the full expectation of
rising in a season or so to metropolitan
dimensions, have now as wholly disap
peared from the surface of terra firma as
Herculaneurn or Pompeii, there are a
few well selected positions in which, ever
since the first building was erected, the
growth of population has been very rapid.
Brownville. in Nebraska Territory, has
attained a large population, and is the
emporium of quite a considerable
the very well improved agricultural dis
trict back of it, is undoubtedly helping to
build it up and nurture its present pros
perous condition. A first-class real estate
agency has been established iiv Brown
ville by Messrs. Lushbaugh c Carson,
whose references to eastern houses, bank
ers and merchants, &c, include some of
the rr.ost reliable firms in the country ;
and to these on recommendation of Mr.
T. Shinkwin, Law Reporter for the As
sociated Press of this city, (who is well
acquainted with the standing of, Messrs.
L. &, C.,Y the lion. Wm. S. Groesbeck,
late Representative for the Second Con
gressional District of this State, Judge
Siorer of the Superior Court of Cintin
tjati, and Henry Kessler, Ejq., Sheriff of
Hamilton County, have addyd their
Doings of the County Court.
To T. W. Bedford, Esq., County Clerk,
we are indebted for the use of the Record
Book, from which we extract the follow
ii;g proceedings of the last County Court.
As the Session was an important one and
mc- business transacted, we copy libe
rally, believing it will prove interesting
to our readers in this cuunty :
commissioner's district.
Ordered ly Iks Board: That Commis'
sioners District No. 1 shall be ii-chidc-d
within the following bounds, viz: Com
mencing at the S. V. corner of the S
W. 1-4 vf Sec 15, town 5, range 14,
thence due south to the S V cor of the
S W 1-4 of Sec 34, town 4, range 14,
thence due east on the coupty linn r
point where said line intersects the; river,
aliens northerly up sara 'river tu a point
where the'dividingr linn between sections
IS and 19, in town 5, range 1G intersects
the river, thence due west to the p oiut of
Ordered ly lie Board : That Commis
sioners District iNo. 2 shall be included
within the following bounds, viz : Com
mencing at the S W corner of -the S W
1-4 of Sec lo town 5 ranire 14, thence
due north to the N W corner of the N
W 1-4 of s.ectiou 3 town G range 11,
thence due east along the county line to
a point where said line intersects the
river, thence following down said river to
a point where the dividing line between
sections IS and 19 in town 5 range 16 in
tersects the river, thence due west to the
point of beginning.
Ordered ly Ike Board: That Commis
sioners District No. 3 shall be included
within the following bjtmds, viz : Com
mencing at the S W rorner of the S W
1-4 of section 31 town 4 range 14, thence
due west along the county line to the S
VV corner of the S W 1-4 of section 2S
town 4 ringe 12, thence due north along
the west boundary line of the county to
the N VV corner of the N W 1-4 of sec
tion 3 town G range 12, thence due east
ilon-j the north boumlarv line
of the county to the N W corner of the
N W 1-4 of section 3 town G range 14,
thence due south following the section line
to point of beginning.
Ordered ly the. Board ; That the Elec
tion Precincis cf ihis county shall be es
tablished as follows, viz:
No. 1. Shall comprise town G ranges
13 and 1G, and fractional towns 7 of ranges
l, and 1G; and it is ordered thai
Peru shall lie the place for holding elec
tions for siid district.
No. 2. Shall comprise town 6 range 14;
and it is ordered that Glen Rock shall be
the place for holding elections lor said
No. 3. Shall comprise town G range
13 and the north halt of town 5 range 13
and the north half of town 5
range 12; and east half of township G
range 12; and it is ordered that Daniel
Hotiehius' residence shall be the place of
holding the elections for said precinct.
No. 4. Shall comprise town 4 range 13
and south half cf town 5 range 13 and
the south half of fractional town 5 rane
12 and the cast half of town 4 range 12 ;
and it is ordertd that Charles Botcher's
residence shall be the place of hJdiug
the elections for said precinct.
No. G. Shall comprise town 5 range 14
and town 4 range 14; and it is ordered
that Re?. S. L. Collin's residence shall
be the place of hold the elections cf uxd
No. 6. Shall comprise town 5 range 13
and frac town 5 range 16: and it is or
dered that Brownville thall be the place
of holding the elections for said precinct.
No. 7. Shall comprise tow n l lange 15
and the north half of frac town 4 range
16 ; and it is ordered that Nemaha City
shull be the place of holding the elections
for said precinct.
No. 8. Shall comprise the south half
of town 4 of ranges 16 and 17; and it is
ordered that St.' Deroin- shall be the
holding the elections for mud
No. 2. Shall be included within the
following bounds, viz: Commencing at a
point where the north boundary line of
the county in range 15 intersects the river,
ihence following along sai l river to the
north end of the Shute, thence following
down said Shute to its intersection with
the river, thence following down said river
to a point where the line running north
and south through the centre of section
3 and 10 in town 6 range 15 intersects
the river thence due north to point of be
ginning. No. 3. To be included within the fol
lowing bounds, viz: Commencing at a
point where the north boundary line of
the county intersects the river, thence due
south to the river, thence following down
said river to a point where the north line
of sections 21 aud 22 in town 6 range 15
intersects the river, thence due west to
the town line between ranges 14 and 15,
thence due north alot;g said town line to
the point of its inters etionwith the north
boundary line of the county, thence east
on the county line to place of beginning;
with the exception of the incorporated
town of Peru. .
No. 4. Shall be includfd within the
following bounds, viz: Commencing at a
point where the centreline of sections 22
and 27 intersects the river, thence due
south to the town line, thence due west
alon the town line to the town line be
tween ranges 14 and 15,'. thence north
along said town line t( the north west
corner of seclien 19. thence due east to
the river.
No. 5. Commencing at a point where
the centre line running north through
sections 22. 27and 34 iu town G range 15
river to the north end of the Shute. thence
following down iaid Shute to the town
line between towns 5 and G, thence due
west on the town line to its intersection
with the line running north through the
centre of sections 31, 27 r.ud 22 to point
of beginning.
No. G. Shall comprise the Sonora Island
No. 7. Shall comprise the N E 1-4 of
township G range 14, including sectious 1
2,3, 10. 11, 12, 13, 11, and 15.
No. 8. Shall comprise the north west
1-4 of town G rang1 14, including sections
4, 5.G, 7, 8. 9. 16, 17 and 18
No. 9. Shall comprise the south cast
1-4 of town 0 range 14, including sections
22. 23, 21. 25, 20, 27. 34, 35. 36
No. 10. Shall comprise the south west
1-4 of town 6 range 1.4 including sections
19. 20, 21, 2d, 29,30. all of section 31
except the east half ol the south east 1
all of section o2 except the west half of
No. 41. Comprises town 4 range 13.
No. 42. Comprises the east half of
town 4 range 12.
Be it ordered by the Couri: That the
following persons be appointed Supervisors
of the several Road Districts, viz:
Road Dis't No. 1. William Uilson.
2. W. H. Denman.
3. David Slites.
v 4. John W. Hall.
5. George Swan.
6. Lewis Lawrence.
7. Henry Redfern.
S. Henry B. Roberts.
9. Robert Shelly.
10. A. K. Farnham..
11. Wm. Graham.
12. Philip Starr.
13. B. S. Keeck.
19. Jacob Dustan.
20. Bernard Otttns.
21. W. A. Englke.
22. G. R. Reeder.
23. J. J Ltach.
24. M. L. Gates.
ojih west 1-4. allot section 33, also
the south east 1-4 of town G range 13
including sections 22, 23, 21, 25, 26, 27,
34, 35, 36.
No. 11. Shall comprise the north east
1-4 of town 6 range 13 including section
1, 2, 3, 10. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
No. 12. Shall comprise ihe north west
1-4 nf town 6 range 13, including section
4, 5. 6, 7, 8.9, 16, 17, IS.
No. 13. Shall comprise the southwest
1-4 of town G range 13, including sections
19. 20. 21, 28. 29. 30. 31, 32, 33.
No. 14.' Shall comprise the north half
of lractioual town 6 range 12, including
sections 1. 2, 3, 10. 11, 12. 13, 14, 15.
No. 15 Shall comprise south half of
fractional town 6 range; 12', including sec
tions 22, 23. 24. 25, 2G.27, 34,35. 36.
No. 16. Shall comprise the north half
of fractional town 5 range 12 including
sections 1 2 3 10 11 12 13 14 15.
No. 17. Shall comprise the south half
of fractional town 5 range 12 including
22 23 24 25 26 27 34 35 36.
No. IS. Shall comprise the north west
1-4 of town 5 range 13 including sections
4 5 6 7 89 16 17 IS.
No. 19. Shall comprise the north east
1-4 of toun5 range 13 including sections
1 2 3 10 11 12 13 14 15.
No. 20. Shall comprise the south east
1-4 of town 5 range 13 including sections
22 23 24 25 26 27 34 35 36.
No. 2L' Shall comprise the southwest
1-4 of town 5 range 13 including sections
19 20 21 28 -29 30 31 32 33.
No. 22.'"Shail comprise the north west
1-4 of town 5 range 14 including sections
4 5 G 7 8 9-16 17 TS-.-aUo, the east half
of souih east 1-4 of sec 31 and the west
half of the south west 1-4 cf section 32.
No. 23. Shall comprise the north east
1-4 of town 5 range 14 including sections
123 10 11 12 13 14 i5.'
No. 21. Shall con.-ist of the south east
1-4 of town 5 range 14 including sections
22 23 24 25 '26 27 34 35 3G.
place of
No. 1.
McKissock's Isl ncL
No. 25. Shall co'.nrrise the south west
1-4 of town 5 range 11 including sections
19 20 21 28 29 3U 31 32 33.
No. 26. ISI.all comprise the north west
1-4 of town 5 range 15 including section
1 5 G 78 9 16 17 18.
No. 27. Shall comprise the north cast
1-4 of town 5 range 15 including section
1 2 3 10 11 12 1314 15; also, fractional
sections 6 7 13 in town 5 range 1G.
No. 23. Shall comprise the south east
i-i-or town o range to including sections
22 23 2 1 25 t:0 27 34 35 3G.
io. 29. Shall comprise the south west
1-1 of town 5 range 15 im ludiog sections
19 20 21 28 29 30 31 32 33.
No. 30. Shall comprise the south half
ot traciional town o range 16 including
sections 19 30 31 and fractional sections
20 29 32. " ; -
No. 31. Shall comprise the north east
1-4 of iown4 rang1 15 including sections
1 2 3 10 11 1213 1415; also, fractional
sections 5 6 7 IS town 4 range 16.
No. 32. Shall comprise the north west
1-4 of town 4 range 15 including sections
4 5 G 7 8 9 16 17 IS. :
No. 33. Shall comprise the south west
1-4 of town 4 range 15 iitcludin -sections
19 20 2 1 -23 29 3031 32 33.
No. 34. Shall comprise the south cast
1-4 of town 4 range 15 H.ehuling sectious
22 23 24 25 26 27 34 35 06.
No. 35. Comprises the sou'h wst 1-3
of town 4 rane 16 including sections 19
2021 282930 31 3233.
No. 3G. Comprises the S E frac. 1-4
of town 4 range 16 including sections 26
27 34 35 36 and fractional sections 22 23
also, fractional sections 31 32 33 in
No. 37. Comprises the north east 1-4
of town 4 range 14 including sections 1 2
3 10 1112 13 1115.
No. 33. Comprises the north w:est 1-4
of town 4 range 14 including sections 4
56 7S9 16 17 IS.. -
No. 39. Comprises the south west 1-4
of town 4 range 14 including sections 19
20 21 2S 29 30 31 32 33.
No. 40. Comprises the south east 1-4
of town 4 range 14 including sections 22
23 24 25 26 27 31 35 36.
- riL
vmmm 11,
26. F. Ellis.
27. Daniel Cogdil.
2S. Davidson Planters.
29. William Weddle,
30. Wm. Townsend.
31. T. B. Skeen.
33. E. M. McComas.
35. D. Thillips.
37. A. S. D. Hughes.
38. John Dirks,
39. John Hanna.
40. Goolsberry Pavy.
41. Wt:i. Faxharm.
42. Dan'l McCIure.
7o the Supervisors of JVr.maha Co.,
JV". T. : You are hereby instructed by the
B ard of County Commissioners that in
giving receipts for r,ad service you will
specify the quarter, section, township,
aud range for which said work was per
formed; and it is ordertd that theSuer
visor of each District shall work the asi
end of the road running east and west
along the north boundary line of the dis
tnct; the west end ot the road running
east and west along the south boundary ;
the south end of the road running north
and sou:h along the east boundary line;
ana the norm end or the road running
north aud south along the west boundary
line of said di-trict.
Ordered by the Board: That the town
ships of this county be designated and
named as follows, viz:
Township 6 Range 15 Danube.
WTiIcb i tba oldest, mb?t extensiy' tzi
ilerchantile IIoujo ia tno Upper Cunt.-j?
ere re the lest t.u;ainj to bo Ln l ia ti "psj.
ctukie cf jl kii)Jj of gjotJ?
TTLo IIsgooJ4 at tie Lw;st r?
Who outfifa Tike's Poflker wlh any m! trtrj.
thin ihi-y want at prices eUiil at lcimrwiih Siaf
Lhjuu and til. Joseph?
do 6 do 14
do 6 do 13
do 6 do 12
do 5 do 12
do 5 do 13
do 5 do 14
do 5 do 15
do 5 do 16-
do 4 do 17
do 4 do 16-
do 4 do 15
dn 4 do 11
-do- v4 do 13-
do 4 do 12-
"Who keep the choicest quali: of gocdj T
1 iillAJDUKli; HILL. .
here Era tho latest stj'cs anil Crct (jualitfff of
Who pays the highest niarket price for iUkiadi of
tuuutiy produce.
Who does tie exclusive r.mmi-'jon Businesa in th
Cirj.f Iruwuvillc I .
Public Opinionbas declared .nat Curtis' C"mpouiil
Syrup of Sassafras stand unequalled among the rem
edies offered for speedily curing diseases of tbe luogs,
cbest and throat.
His Manialuke Liniment has become one of the sta
ples articles of trade. Merchant mihl as well be
without sugar and coffee. Every family should keep a
constant snvply of ibee medicines in hand. n23
To Ladies of Brownville,
Announce that "ho b t just reecircil frcm the
Kivt a mosrnifieent stock of
ConixMnsr of
Frtfrtch Flower. Straw Trimming, n!bn, etc.
To hi.-h ?hc invifps the attention f the Ijtdicfi cf
Hrovrnville un'l vicinity, feeling assure! hey cannot
ub ueiicrfiiiion in ?ti8, qiianry or price.
April ,I8t;0
Who wholesales jr-w-la to 'he back country on tie
exoit uavautaevjUi leriual
Who purchac8 and ships nire cod ntryprc-laes than
any on-j ;Isj iu tho upper country ?
Who keeps constantly on hand and fora!e tleUrj
est aud bc;t auUu.i:jt of Hardware, f
Where do the Iadie. find the best a-iwrtattnt cf tl
Utcst fylc JLop?
Where do reojlj 51 to find a ecraplete stock of
lootr, Sjuc., LUis and C;.
Sonnra Ixittnil Jthfml nf 1hi lYnrhl ! !
town 4 rane
Thn nndcrsijnrd fnk-- thi method of informing
thccitizcii of Nt-iiiiihit Ci.iintv. and tiiorestif man-
k:idih-it he l!.fliid will keep n hind a upriT
lot of CotN'tiwoi d MuiieN'.. wliirhlic will fell cheap
His Murin e M whine U on the $nnr Kurd, near
the M;md Sw Mill, whf re he m y b f.u nd when he
N n t ni--nt on jrr.,fiwi nal bu.-ineM. Oive b:m a
C'lll si nd h' will jjive v:ii snifisficHon.
A r,l 12,130. (6m MKIUDIl IT IIELVY.
SivcDi Potato Plants,
Of .ciirf-rir qualify l ?f v.iriily f. r lhe!?irt!i
pakel to pi afrlv. I'-nj; iintnrvn hr Ki-rv!
I'ri? 100 ! : 1.0.V) $2: 5.000 S9: lO.lWOilS.
Our jilmf have pn.davi'd f.n" fr.-pj in Ihe north
i;r many year?, even as !ni sw 4 I .
fate O. S. Murray 011 Fosier's Crossing',
Order lef. at f he iLdrertL-cr cGoc will meet with
ppin;i' attrrfion.
April 12.
Merchant Taller,
WJiprw w!?l ri.n ffn-1 nit ;,w1j i,t Taned Fraitr.
Oyler, Haiku Liquors of thetboieiS. IrauJi, e
Where will tier S'irSfo tSe Coli Jfinr f.n J
bly i f IVk. J jich, h?,rl', Siuice fork.. Ux l
How. Chiin. iu-..n, ileau.-. Suir. (iand'
Kotker, tffee, ft: d everything they want?
, er 2
Where will Firmer rn tn ran hfl'O FV,w,
WUat. Corn, OiU llji, Larky, 1'uUtos, lk-ni Bel
ter, t-s, A c.
Adpts this m?lhxl f rettirninz thanV to the
ffenf'e.nen i f tin vicinity, f- r the l)h'r:u patron-
b'lsti.wfd un'n h'm heretofore, ami to 'nnnoonce
tLat he has just returned fnia St. ax'm with
Of erery article cf
Consisting of
fxden. Cotton, and Silk Undrhirt.. drawer.
r FT 1 1 . . .. F I
veMin'Miaii iim, Mi.prn!ert te. In chort, er
ery tiling a gentleman cu:d to array hiuielf
in the eayest attire. IIo wilt sell thezvrfl. or make
s-uiis to order in a r tylo equal tn any 0er House
anywhere, lie aska but an eumiaatiun of
and work. . ' 0
Correspond ivith the Present Hard
April 12, 1350.
If Farmers wih to hip thrJr prrdaee theraselreJ,"
where do they jo 7
If yj wish to deal with acemimcda'Jnjj sad pol.i
In short : For anythiDj to ca,dnuk or wear.
nn m m
!!.! II fin
n ri
Brownvil'.(y.T., April 1J, Is- 1