Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, January 12, 1860, Image 4

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Frnsixrnc, ixaiidwaiie,
Having established fcimself' at tie old stand repeat
ly occupied by
. . joiin Mcpherson,
Es 1 bow eCering kni receiving for tale ote cf &
Ever Brought xn this Territory
St-.ttf aa xten:re and arted assortment cf
A Large Stock of Choice Family
cox3imo or
Han, ..
. Tea,
. . . Candles,
etc., etc.,
' And a fine assortment of
Such as
- Peppers,
. . Soda,
. . Allspice,
: ' etc., etc.
He has also cn hand a large lot of
' TABLES, chairs,
A well selected Stock cf
Soots and Shoes.
' ;lle pledges his customers to sell
.as cheap cs any other house in the
'city, and tint Vis goods in quality
.and style shall be unsurpassed. -
y 371x1 rrvdolTpliix.
A Benevolent ln'titution established by special En
dowment, for therclitfcf the tick and dttresnd,
cfl;ctcd with Yiruieni and Epedemic Ditto.
tionof huuian life caused by Sexual (lisf-ascs, and the
deceptions practiced n;on the uiifort una te victim of such
disPki-e by Quacks, several year ago directed their Con-
V1J.HU. 1- ' . 1. ' ' H . f B III HI 4 'II V . . ' 1 . . . , .......
name, to open a disji'mtary fur the treatment of this
el of diseases, in !I their forms, and to give Medical
Advicr fJratis to all who apply hv letter, with adescrip
turn of tleir tnmdilion (g( occnpatn;n, habit of life,
Ke ) and In Cieef extreme ioverty, to furnish medicine
f ree of charge. II in needless to add that the Associa
tion commands tlicliigliCt Medical skill of the age, aud
will furnish the uit approved modern treatment.
The Director of the Association in their Annua! Re
nual Report up ui the treatment of Sexual Diseases, ex
press the highest satisfaction with the -uccc whi ;h has
attended the labors of their Surgeons in the cure of Siier-mtorrh;-ea
; Seminal Weakness; Gonorrhoea; Gleet;
Syphilis ; the rice ol Onanism or self-abuse, el scase of
the Kidney aid Bladder, fee., and order a continuance
' of the ame plan tor the nsning year.
; The Directors, ca 4 review of the past, feel assured
thai their labors In this sphere of benevolent c.Trt have
tern of .great benefit to the aflb.tvd, especially to the
. y.iuiig. aud they have resolved to devote themselves,
with renewed real, lo this very Important and much le
iisel cause.
A aJmlrb!c Report on Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal
Wealne, the vi.-e i-f Onanis-ra, Mturbtion or seif
abue. and othr di:.eshC of the Sexual organs, by the
rsut:inp Sarf iT, t-111 te sent by mail (in a sealed
nvrlopc; FUKK OK CHARGE, on the receipt of TWO
fcTAJIFSf'T fx;stFe. Other reports and Tracts on the
' iisturc and treatment of Sexual litteafe, diet, fee, are
constantly beuiR published fur gratuitous dixtributicn.
. and will be ent to the afllicted. Some of the new re
nedica nnd methods of treatmnetsdiscuTered daring the
last year are of ieat value.
Adlrep-sf.T Keport or treatment, 1)11. J. SKILI.TS
ItOfGUTOX, Acting Suristvn, H -ward Association, Ho.
3, South N'inth Street, rniladtlphia.
Ty order of the lireiors,
KRA 1. ITARTWELL, President.
Y.o. Fairchild, Secretary.
Jtly It. lSo8-Iy
OiTice of American Bank Note Company.
' Copper Plate & Lithographic Printer
toriw of nsi dolph and Dearborn streets,
1 VTed-lincand Vi"Utinp Cards, loor Plates, Offlce Seals,
J?otary Public's l'ies and Preese, Drafts, Invoices, and
Labels of every kind promptly executed and cnt by
Bxnrei-s. fj"j4 Pac k cf the very Vett glazed or Bru
toit'artewilh pent for tvo dollar t, by c new end
beautiful proves without cost cf plate, equal to thr
very choicest enrrrannn, lamplc when required o
reception foil : 9-JJGly
Double-Threaded Sewing Machine,
Warranted Hie best In Hie IVorld.
Vill stitch aitd hem. tuck and tell, rtber and em
beuider vith jrftctioii, and -iilvw every kind of
goot'.s. rvca leather, and especially adapted tot family
Any r?rsoncf ordinary iutclligenco can learn in cue
fcour to ufIt sccex-'fully.
We have a great number of references, but will give
pdW the riatucis of a few, who are among the firfct latu
t wit :
"Wc. t1;c un.lersicncd dtirens cf St. Lonis.bavirg ls
tely purchaceil one of Raymond's latest Improved Pa
teu .Scing Machiiien, and use It F-j.vt":fi;I!y on ditfpr
cat kinds of woi k, in our families' service, do rtieerf ul
ly rectmiiiii'iid i to all persons as a Family ilai hinc:
Mrs J Jowett Wiicox
Jontc Cvfl'raa
I. Mary Liver more
n k wiici f
H R Williams
II il iiiuf kom
ilra. P A Slefrett
i Clemeiia
Jas A U Limpton
I) 8 Gale
l BTeruiiSon
J A Hate
V TiMnun
K J btetcttt
Machines without tab-ley, as hand Machines, wi'.h one
reelleaid twurpoola of thread ou the machine, are
-'ith tables, blf d..ivu, twls, &.c, $33.
Xeedlcs $1 per t .
CoiLi IcieiciK'"! dire'ioTis will Ve senfwi'.h every
luachiue. Thse macLiiies take the same tstitcn- as the
Gr'Praid Baker.
No iMturs vf iti:rj auswereJ except as extra post
sge stamp i enclosed.
' alanines warraaied, and may te returned in thirty
ly if not ratisfMC.-rj-.
. X machines delivered nr.til pcid for.
All order ty nitil or cxmeas, itu the cit'h, will re
ceive riiupi attention.
B. Atreuts wanted for e-ery town in the South
and wct, to whom a liberal discount will be given.
Address ftUWIX CLAKal, Xo. SiKoria Tot-rtti street
St. Ltiii,Mo. iU0-3a
7 717T T77 f T T 777 7 G
The onJorsijnil LviDg bongbt tho Mi'.Is for
tncrly owned Lj Dr. Hoover of Neuia'ia City, is now
j-rewad" to prind Co: n,, and ?" vr Lumtar oe
the mt roajKiaab!i terms. I'cijj'efsinjr tic lest wa
ter privilege in Xrmuh, he can at all times
icec.UiinAji.tebi? customers on abort notice with the
Vet qmtlitj of jriist. I'lour,Corn Meal and lumbir
e yriiUntlr on band.
Ju'.Tli'ib tltf J. G. 11ELVIN.
pan tiS' niMOB!
Wholesale aiid Ec'ail.
V IMain Street, 17,
BroTmvillc, Ilebraska,
Has just received per steamers Sioux
City, Ryland, Asa Hiius, and
Ilesperian, their :
r aa "J w
r !
Iron and Nails,
IBoots and Shoes,
3? L O W S. r
B1B1SIES feflllOl.
Outfitting Goods
for Tnr
Camp Kit,
Ox Yokes,
etc etc
Call and Examko his
Ladies' Dress :' So oils
Of the Very
The experience he have had in trade in
thii city warrants him in saying he is
confident we can give
To his old Customers in
x - ' 1
He returns thanks for past, and hope for,
not only a continuance, but increased pa
April 1st. n40 ,
And will pR-duoeniore gold thiaany other tiigsiegs yet
discovered, and
23 353 IST
City Boot & Shoe Store,
Will mnkeyou a superior pair of b ots or Fhes if you
Ciil r lcve yourmeanre. or hewill seMynn a cheaper
gsiter, a neter shoe, or prairie lols. arid lady's hue
gaiter or slippers, chopper th;in any other hotiso Vett
of 51. Louis i:mploj inegot.d workmen, utid keeping a
variety of material ar.d tnmmitcs UT liotiie muti alau
ture. 1 hope to receive that liberal pjt.ronace heretordre
bestowed on me. Give me a call.' W.T. DKX.
fcrowuvilleJu!yC7, TS53 .' 1:3
i '
Iltts? I-atciit Ulaclilne.
The S-ibscriber Is the Invetiter an l patentee of the
above celebrated machine, and h:is m juufj.-turel them
f.'-r over twenty years, ami is propa-ed this seanon to
fun.iah either eifhtor ten-horse omcLinci. thiriy-two-iuch
cylinder, with all liisnow improvements, gearrd In
foui distinct ways, viz. bevel gear -icw improvement,
spur gear short belt, loT.g' bcit. This celebrated ma
chine, in i rdinary grain wfcet. oats, harloy, rv. wiil
thresh and clean ready ft-r Tuirkct from 300 to 5'JO tush
e!s of wheat a d.y. on from ISi tnsbeli of oats or bar
ley, and i without a rival in the c-.nintry. This Eorse
Povcr, known as the Ioub".c Pinion Power, is the only
one in the country or the kind, an J Or strength, dura
bility ud ease of draught cannot he surpassed in the
The track wa' tt for hauling the ir actlnes arc rased
to run on toe wide track witli larce heel and can be
used for farm purpose if required. Tie Equalizer for
thoroughly regulating the draupbt of the horses so that
one horse cannot do any more than another, nor any
Jes, and saves all t train on the machinery. The bag
ging api a'atiis Is a rew invention, attached to the ma
chine for bagging the grain as it come front the cleiwer,
and saes one hand; iides avoiai all disputes between
threshers ami farmer.
The Straw S'aoker made by me for piling the Bt.raw,
are rude of any length and are the Jlcst known for that
AH repairs for Separator or Eorse Powers furnished
at the thortest notice.
Kor prices, terms, &c, address H1EA.X A. PITTS,
lIZ'.iAilA LftliD AGEtIT,
, Willselect Unds, Investigate titles, p;iytaxes, &.c,
either la Kant as or KcbrasVa; buy, sell, and enter
landson comiiission; invest in town property, hey or
tell the same, and will always have on hand correct
piata of townships, counties. showing alllsn lssub-k-ct
to entry, and where desired will furnish par;, e liv
ing in the taU with thesame.
Beicg the oldest settler in the county will in all
cases be able to give foil and reliable Information.
Address A. L. Coat e. either at Brownvilleor Nemaha
City.NebraskaTerritory. 6m-42-v2
Main ' Street,' BroimviUe, Nclrasjca
Ilae Jaat received pcrslcanier TThite CIcnd a
Complete Stock ;
Which ttey will sell for cash a shade cheaper ttaa baa
ever before beci offered in this mat ket. ' '
March 3I,J8o9 n40 .'
ylre an unequalled Tonic and Stomach;e positeiv
and palatable Remedy for central Debility Dy
pejitia, lou of Appetite and atlducattt of tli -Digestive
-These Blfters are a nre Preventive of -
They are prepared from the purest materials by an old
and experienced Druggist, and thereforecan be relied
on. .'
Pygeatly exciting the system into ahealthy action; are
pleasant tothe taste, and also give that victor to
the system taatis so essential toheUa.
- 5j"A wineglass fuli maybe taken two or three times
a day before eating.
Prepared oniy by W, L.M'WUTT, " '
Oct. 2$. '69 is-iy " - '
( Talented ) MET TL1C UN DIALS, manu
factured at Pittsburgh, Pa., and sold by W. W.
Wilson, Agent.
For All EatitutSes.
In adJiti H to the hour eirJe, subdivilod to show
the true time to minutes, these iiiala have engrared
Equation Tables, showing the difference between ap
parent ai d true time every day in the year : a mii
ror inserted, which reflects the cloud., showing their
exactcourse, and the consequent direction of tho
wind; a compaw, circle, &c I5ei ng made with great
accuracy, of beautiful and durtblo workmanship,
and very ornamental and useful, thi. valuable work
of art should have a place on the grounds of all im
proved country residences, plantations, garden?,
lawn, Ac. A cast iron column of Doric Order, three
feet high, is furntched at $5 each. Tbc diaisareh"
to 9 inches diameter, Prica of No. 4, $15 ; No. 3.
i 10; Mo. 2, ?7; Nr. 1, f 5. The No. 4 Dial and col
umn, $20, is generally preferred. Direction? accom
pany by whi'jh they are easilyset up and adjusted
to the true meridian. Order promptly filled.
Aug. 13. 1859. - - nO-tf
Patent Portable Mill,
nnUE subscribers have entered into a partnership
I under the firm of Reed, Holabird & Co.. to
manufacture tho J. C. Ueed, Patent Tortable (Irist
Mill and are now prepared to furnish all those m
want of a ?ood Lorn or neat .Mill that lor aura
bilitv.simnlictvand economy : excel any Mill in the
world. On the late exhibition of the Mechanics
iutitato in Cinfirwiti,!! Gold Medal waSUWardcd
themfor it. i
It is adapted to all Grain grindingpurposes; it is
superiorto all other? forthemostextensive Merchant
Mill, as it isforgrinding the Farmerffccd by Horse
Thcabore Mills are manufactured by the under
signed at thoirshop. in Cincinnati, O., where they
:on be furnishedin anyquantity atshort notice.
. The above Mill? warranted to perform as follows
tn. diam.. per hour 50 Ii. Cora, 25 Wheat, $ oOfl
SQ " " " 30 " 15 - 250
24 u t( . k 20 " 13 " 200
20 " " " " 16 " , 8 " 150
As this Mill tells its i unnecessary t
efrom pernumerousrecommendations received.
box &
isJiiiiii imu u
Made by Kin?Iand & Ferguson,
TIIE above named machines are unquestionably the
tmst simple, cheap ;ind durable offereu fr sale. They
T!uesh HiidCieun the Grain ready for Mai ket andean be
managed by the most unskillful farmer.
This m.tchit e received the first premium at the last
Pair ol the St. LouiH Agricultural and Mechanical Aso-
nation, for being tho HEST FOL'ii DORSU TIlREsilK
AND CLKAXKK exhibition.
It having threshed aud cleaned more Uheat,
In a better style, in a given time,
than any other four horse
Machine on the ground.. .
Oar Lever Cabin Horse Power wh- awarded at the
same tair the Grand Gold Medal of Honor
Vve are this season prepared loi ariu-h inese macnines
with several late improvements, and weguarrantee the
workniamhip and material shall not be excelled by any
other m ade. W e sell them with lover or endless chain
horse power, as preferred. Orders tilled promptly.
J. II. 31 ASSY'S
: " MADE BY ;
Kingslands c Ferguson,
VTE are this season prepared to furnish this widely
known and jtstly p-jpnlar Manhine with all the new
and valuable imprv mewts- au4. made in a style certain
to place it in advance of all others.
It pant success, buth as a Rcaier and Mower, warrant
us in recommending it to purchasers as a machine that
will give perfect satisfaction in every particular.
Our facilities for manufacturing will enable us to fl'l
all orders promptly, but would be pleased to receive
order, so that we may fill them on the day they are
wanted. ' .
t3"r(Jcrs respectfully solicited. '
Cor. 2d and Cherry Sis. St. Louis, .Vo.
79 no47-tf
That Remedy,
This remedy, claimed by thij medical proiessioa and
the multiplied thousands that have osed it and tested
its wonderful curative properties, to be the greatest
discovery in medical science, ar.d nature's own remedy,
is tho result of yearaof to;l and study, by one of Ohio's
favorite physicians, in order to produce somethini: that
would meet the wtehcsof suffering humanity, atid thou
sands from the princely palace and bumbiest cottage
can testify tothe immediate relie found by its use.
For want of space we oniy t-ffer a few of the many evi
deuces in its favor. . ' . '
JIOLirE, 1L., Feb. 19, 11357.
lIESSns. S. K. MAXii te CO H e nud your Ague
balsam superior to any remedy iu ocr market for the
permanent cure of all maiarioas di&eases. Vecheer
fully recommend it as worthy that gieat came it has
wherever sola and uted.
To the suCerers from Chills, Keverand Ague, I cheer
fully submit the following: Having observed closely
the effects of Dr. Mann's Ague Balsam in this vicinity
for the past three years, 1 am well pleased with its re
medial virtues a an antidote to- malaria, l have f re-
ocentlr used it in my practice, and with entire satu
faction. From my intimateknowledgeof this compound
I recommend it as safe, promt and enicient.
Gallon, Ohio, April 1st, 1833.
Bluftom. Ind., May 17, 1S53.
MESSES. S. K MANX it CO. -Having sold your Bal
sam for the past three years to scares of persons in tnU
vicinity, and closely observing its effects, we do not
hesitate in saying.jvc believe it the best remedy ever
sold in Indiana, and will effectually cure chills fever and
will effectually cure chills, fever and ague without fail.
Truly Tours, P1I1LL1MAX &. KEAHXS, Drafts.
LOGANSPORT, Ind., Sep. 13.1556.
ER.MAXX Please send me one half gross more of
your Aue Ualsam immediately. It 1 in great demand.
and may he truly styled the King of Fever aitrt Auue.
ST. I.OCIS, March 1st. 1S8.
MESSRS. S t MANX & CO We have sold a large
amount of your Ague Balsam the past three years, and
find that where Introduced and sold it has n euual in
the history of asic remedies, and from all parts of the
west we hear the satrl cheering news it never fails i
to cure its paMent aua is looked upon in this country
as the best medicicine for cluits, lever and agus ever
in our market. O. J. V'OOD&CU.
S. K. MANN & CO.,, Proprietors, Gal
lon Ohio. Sold by J. II. MAUN & Co.
no37 " Brownville, N. T.
Two Hundred
The Ivlissouri Republican
Published Daily," Tri-Weeily Weekly
' By
. pasciiall, ; Proprietors.
Uo. 11, Chestnut Street, St. Ixiuis, Mo.
Terms of the Republican.
Daily, (in advance) ' $10 CO
Tri-week!y, ( n advance) . 6 wl
Weekly, (m advance) ' 2 Ci
"Weekly, not paid ia advance, iavariai: ' : 3 CO
Sunday Republican " t
To clubs of five Dailies iu W
To clubs of six Tri-Week!ie 25 W
To c:uls of fourteen Week lie 14 H)
3rWauis, It aud Fouul. Boardlsg, for Rent, ai d
Removal, will be charged uriy cents per square ol
eiKt lines or less, for firt inse' tioa. and tmeuiy-ate
cents for each additional oue without alteration.
OXE SQUARE, eiht lines or less $
three times on first cr fourth pace 1
" one week " . . "
. " two weeks
' three weeks
' one mouth
" two months "
" three months '
" six mouths "
" twelve months '
3A1 1 advertisements required t be ke; t on secor. 1
pat:e. charged as new each day, and on third page an ad
vance over stated rates. "
Jrj-Advertisenienfs required to he displayed, or set in
laK type, charged double rates.
5rj-Traaieni advertisement mnet be pail for in ad
vance. FL0URI1IG MILL!
8 no
12 00
Brownviile Steam icrry!
ki is sou u i aivjtiii.
The ltoute. fiom Uvo auvHj.o lo i ,. '.earxiej.
O r! . 1 Ii-nm LliSIiVO . ..... . . VMW
nLircst iiitl most piactictbic.
TFIE undersigned laving leased the Steam Flour
and Corn Mills lately erected on the Missouri Kiv:r
at Nemaha City, are now prepared to grind
Having one cf
Clark's Celebrated Flonring 31111s,
Manufactured at Philadelphia, we can manufac
ture 100 ("neks of Superfine- Flour aud grind 600
bushels of Oorn daily.
Our building for storing and shipping grain or
produce is unsurpassed on the River.
uE3 0 3H3 S
IlrowuvIIlc, Scbiaska.
A NNOUNCES Ui the public that he has just re-
ii. ceived, per Steamer Kyland, a very large and
well assorted stock of Parlor and Cook Stoves, of
new and improved follows:
vick'3 Pattern,
Plymouth Hock,
Elevated. Oven, Ifew Ef ,
olden Era. and every vai isty o -Parlor
and Office Stores.
Also, -
Japaned VFarc, Brass Metllcs,
laaiitlierim, Copper Wai e.Jsli o
vels and Tonjrs.
All of which I pledge mysell to sell at a? fair rates
and on as accommodating terms as any otner estab
lishment in this region ol country.
I have also now on hand uvery requisite variety
of Tin, Copper and ishcet I ron ware, and am prepared
to put tin gutterinand spouting and all other work
in my line, at short notice, and in a workmxnlike
manner, which 1 warrant to give satisfaction.
I pledge myself not to ho undersold in the upper
Brownville September 2, 1SC3. ulO-ly
.Y5 ITII IJiriDEl) SVEIala
The Scut-Toned llfed Ltxtrttment in the tcoriJ.
List of Prices:
Pour Octave Jtrlodecn
Four-aud-hair ctave Melodeon -Five
Octave Ale lodeon
Five Octave le!len Fiano Case, Fonr ftops
FivectaveMelodCoU l i b'e reed, prtahlecase
Six Octave ileiodeon, Pisno Cae
Five Octave XeUideuu, Piano Ca?e. double reed
Five Octave Xelodeon. Double tanks, fwir stops 200 OC
The Orcan Melodeon. ftveets Reeds, two Banks
Keys and Pedal Ra - - 350 00
First Pi emiuru awarded wherever exhibited. Illus
trated price circulars sent by mail.
Orders hTerarjtly i'lilen xsj
GEO. A PRINCE &. CO.. Buffalo. X. T.
GEO. A.PniXCE&CO.. IlOLakest-.Chicflo.tM.
GEO. A. PR1XCE & CO., S7 Fulton st. X.y. City.
July "th. ltu9.
15 CO
60 00
75 00
iTOC 00
130 00
150 00
Douglass Sugar. JIHls.
Douglass Brothers have made arrangements for man
ufacturing to an uuliuiited extent their Sorghoor Far
mers' Portab.e Sucar Mills, wilt bo prepared to supply
the demand however large'and wiii a!s ) prepared
to P.ll all orders for Douglass and Cooper's Porta'lefur.
nace cd Sugar Evajijrator.
our Mills took tho first Premium (a Silver
thel'niteil states AgTicultural Pair at Sandusky, conten
ding with the MilHt of Hedt-es, Free&. Co. of Cincinnati
and II. X. Cox. of riamiitoa county. Ohio, also the first
Premium at the Xorthwestcrn Virginia Agricultural
Fair held at Wheeling, Ya., aud at numerous county
Fairs in OUi.-
PltlCES $W. $93. $100. ?)125 and upwards. Priceof
Furcaws and Evaimrators, f 00 to $100.
Circe lars and Pamphlets furnished ou application.
All orders addressed to the undersi ? neI will be prompt
ly attended U. DOCGLAS BROTHERS.
Zanesville. Ohio.
- HUGH TU0XA5 DOUGLAS, General Agent,
To Drnggists and Physicians.
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to convey an nIecua :e idea
of the immense good now being dona by Dr. Smith.'
"Electric Vu"ni 1'biIadclpLia. 1 is important to
rlace it in the hands of oil turd teal men ?.s sion as
mav be, to save pain and suffering, in all cases ol
accideut Ac. Nothing has ever done what this arti
cle is doing tn same time.
Files 3Icre Wonderful Cures
Electrical Oil.
Phtlapelfcia, June 6, 135S.
Dr. Smith : I was suffering intensely from Intern
al Piles : was sriven up by tw physicians. 1 was ad
vised to trv Dr. Smith's Electric Oil, by injections.
Tho first application relieved tho pain, and alter four
applies- ions I was relieved the pain, and after four
applications! was entirely cured.
Yours, gratefully
Mks. Makv CmmcK.
271 J uniper St., two doers above South.
fFrom the N. V. times, 13.1
TnE Rrsil. Yesterday more than twenty Indies
visited Dr. Galutia D.Smiih,at the Trot' House
ome coming five to ten miles, suffering from Asthma.
Nervous Pains, KhcuniHtieiu and general derange
ments. Ihe "tleetnc Oil" is already luaiule-'tin':
tranquilizing and curative powers upon tho alHictd
of Iroy and vi linty. tail early.
Will It Stkike Is? Yes, a pimple, an incipient
gathering which loratimo appears ou tuo t urla je
and by a tnaing change in the absorbents is taken
on and carried out thougu the circuiaiion "stt t ve
Justsodoes this (genuine) Oil act on the alor
Offif of the human being.
J3T1T iMILD,itdocs NO HARM
Greatest Cure In The World!
For Toothache or any other Pain,
DR. SMITH, of Philadelphia will forfeit S1C0 if
the Kk-ctrio Oil fails to cure a single case of Kheu-
matism. or pains in thw back or limbs. Piles, Fever
Sores, Ulcers, Soro Nipple, Swelled Glands, Ptlou?,
stiffnes in the Joints or eek.
Dr. Smith's L'kctric Oil eur s Rheumati.-m.
Smith's Lloctric Oil a cure tor Pain.
Smith's Electric Oil a cure for Toothache.
Smith' KlectricOil a cure for Deafness.'
Smith's Kleutriu Oil a cure for Neuralgia
Smith's Klectriii Oil a cure for Swelling.
Smith's r.lcctrie Oil a cure ior stiff Joints.
Smith's KlectricOil a cure fur Felons.
Smith's Electric Oil a cure for Urokeii Breast.
Smith'jj Electric Oil a cure for Soro Throat.
Smith's Electt ie Oil a cure for liurns.
Smith's Eleofric Oil a cure for Paralysis.
' It is soothing aud pleasant ; it gives mure perma
nent as well as instant relief than anything ever b -fore
used, and its sedative inllucm-e over u-.tvous
pnin is highly appreciated by modica) nuu. many of
whom have uvu it. Kcad this lroin Or. Likiutou.
a physician who has practictd sinue 1S38 (too well
known for comment):
At intervals during thirty years past, my wife
ha3 been suMevt to rheumatism .f the most iolcut
cast say fourtitnes a year soinetim -a so severe as
to make it necessary to administer l.ityrc doses of the
tincture of guiacuman l mcrp'iia.aLd rock her like
on infant in a large rocking chair, to induce any re
pose. H.iviiig fr-'quent correspondence wi:li iny sou
H02 Chesiitit stroetof yturcity) ( iulorm.d liim .
an attack she had about the middle of List n. nth.
(January), which was of fuch severity as to coiu-
pletely pamlvze the svs etn. lie, in his anxo-ty lor
his mother's welfare, seui uioahottleot' your E etr.c
Oil, but as I am one of tliw pnwtiontrs of m.-dieiue
in our pl-.icc.and not a proselyte to any kind of patent
me Heine. I d d hesitate to give ita trial: hweer.
on reQoctioti, I coiulud'd t try it which I did. and
after the third ami fourth application she becutti"
rather passive, aiid bt U re one-third of the -bottle w is
Wit-a not a rc-stag? vf ti:e disease remained, and she
s'i!! contiunes well. though she n-de out adi -tan e
of fourteen in K-s without a renewal of any of the
s itiptr ms. I thero'ore felt it my duty, for the sake
uuj;it:g humanity, to forward this testimonial.
I m v'urs truiy,
Wo will provide the public with a Free Ferry at
all times.- - , , -. . , - , .
August 11th, '59. n5-3m
Spear's Patent Com Iluskcr.
A machine capable of Husking as much Corn iu a day
as ten hand.-!
S,eare's Pi tent Corn Ilusker wa introduced to the
uoticeof Eastern agiiculturisis, in Jauuay U.-t, and
the immeiJtate recugnition of its great merits, -and he
apt roba.ivn it has met with fruiu the fai miug commu
nity i tuiiy teied by the tact Uui siuce i a iutrodui
tioii to the notice ot Uie agricultural pub.u in the east
ana sou-ii, ( .uly six mouths silt ) 2oo0 huskers nave
been sold. .
The machine is now upon exhibition at our tClce n
St Loi is aud we respectfully invite the l.irnier an i
agicuUurists of thi- aii'i the Counties and
States to call and satioiv theme.ves by pe.soiu. nt ) c
tinii of the machine or the simlici.y of its coiisiiuc
liuli. the ea.-y and pei feet mil. her in which t performs
itswoik, and the immense saving ol time ana labr it
etlects. ' -
Dealers aud accntshave now a chance of niure ample
rftiiiuneratioii, by purchasing this machine thau will
agaiu occur tor yca.-s in this" section ot the West; Let
themai once cviiiitninicate with lit and tl.iy i . 1 S. d
our ie ms (o bo the most liberal kiid encom aing. Vie
alsootrer for sale county rictus at a very low liu.e aiid
up n e isy terms.
Tiie Ha.-ker wni be on exhibition at the next Siate
Fair in St Louis, aud we wis I guarantee to the piircL-
a.-er the t'ol thatiis performanco niMs'ive them eioire
saiisr.iciiou, otherwise the purchase mt.Dey wilt to le-loinK-d.
I'.ice twelve d.dlars each.
LUAGU it BURP.0 S, St. Louis, ilo.
ANNOUNCE to the T ravtlitg Public liatthey a re
now runo ir,' as a Ferry r..s.- tite Missouri nver at
An enlist! i neio. sui.ila.Uial ar.d commodious
Wh;ca tir'-angement will secure a ortaiu una
safe pvssa-ca at, all times and in all kinda of
weather. The ProprieU rs do not assert boasting! j,
or for 'be purpose of g'iniiig custom merely, but ara
governed by facts, when thty say this u the best
crossing of theMissiun River in Nebraska, aud
when they say the route from Drownville to Fort
Kearney and from thence to California is tha nearest
for evidencethey refer the reader to the loapol the
Country; and are warranted in saying it is tho moet
practicable route by personal experience,as well as
that of hundreds of others who rare traveled it.
We claim therefor that this crossing and route bold
out peculiarly favorable imiuceoients. t jtrs'ins
goingto California, and solicit theii pa: r.age. Not
withstandiag our superior arracgemeut lor a safo
and pocdy crossing, our barges are tlio -arneas ther
Ferries in Nebraska, ail being regulated oy Legisla
tive enactment. . ..
SJfRewooect that with ourfacilitics of Power,
no kinds of weather -will prevent our Coats from
making regular trips at all hour.
jA skiff and hand will be in readiness tocross
foot passergers at all timc3 of night.
t20 ovember llth,1657. .
Capital Stock i)50,0uo.
A - w IT
It(trt'. J
'"""J. A Hit-...
, - T . . .
t ... , ..
" ucmj sun iiijrj iii tic la.
ceirid fi ui r i glaJ. Irtlai 1,
.i t. -.-..
. uiiur.i i Li3ai:;joii ju ci.rj Irt(,f (Jja
HIiJ dirottd to T,lit:cj. 1. fi rm ii- :. . .
, '-I r.K.v,. fr' I
Ury, 4c. Ac. ' . , -sfci.
T2ic ".'tew! frcm Il0rue-,
W ill be r. rwrd-d poa-'ae tree upyU te .
labscnpiit.u, til : . . t -pt jf
$- for ow) )car; Iter six cuntha Si.
tuite m'-nth. ' r
Fostuustcra atd newpapers oT;?rrt)
to ait as agent.-, A liUr.! allonauto ms,i. "-''r,'l
rp clubs. ,
TOWNDIiOW I ':,i.'
Bally 3IornIns ana lie"
Indq.ev.daU in FUitics.
Its columns afford a cm pi eta ri-u-r
ties gottir
ryiniS Companymder a liberal charter, is now
L fully organized, and theirentirecapitai stock cf
rifty Tit oumiHd Dollars: paid in atidsecured. lliey
are prepared, from thisilate, to grant open policies
and take risks, upon- equal terms, with the most
arored Insurance Company any where. Having
adopted the mutual principle, its patrons, without
incurring any liability, will share in the profits of
the company. ,
The operations of the Company, will be confined
forthe present, to SfARtXK, or caiigo risks, with a
maximum liability of ? 1 2,500 on any one bottom.
Doing theonly Insurance Office, on theabore pop
ular plan, West of the .Missouri, it confidently ex
pects a generous nupport Iroin W esterti .Merchants
We respectfully invite the Missouri Rivei pu-
S.F.Nuckolls, . Chas. F.noliy,
H. P. Rennet, J. L. Armstrong;
W. N. Hinchman, ' Miles W. Urown,
A. A. Bradford.
CnAS.F.IIOLLY, President.
St. Louis Agent Col. W. P. Howard.
April 2.1. IfAS. 4'Jl-
TESTIMONIALS. J. hn A. Clark, one t f the Kditors
of the Kvouaig Dispatch, Augusta, Geoigia, wriies as
follows :
N'EW TOBK June 17 1859.
Messrs N. T. Spears 4" Ct Sirs Ait r bavmg at-
ten'.iveiy watch .i the operation ol your Corn uusker
ii is a privilege to bear tesiiuiony to the great meiit it
the iuvcmiuii. Vou havecluiiued for it nothing whi.-h
it has not iu my presence proved itt-eif tvpabe. Our
fa' ners will apieciate your labors, aud it is not uceil
ed thai 1 shouid wi?h you a succesa is already iu
your grasp
Respectfully, &x., JOHN A. CLARK.
F.bizabeth Town, N. J., Jan 22 lS;r.
Messrs X. T. Spears 4 Co Kims Vour C rn
Iluiker was received this un-ming. 1 stanetliU imme
diately wiib uiy horses aud wg.ii to try my hand at
shelling. 1 traveled only a few miles, as every fai mer
wished to see the Hunker work. I got back about eight
o'clock, makiuga circuit of about four miles 1 sold iei..
That will do for hnira day's wotk. Icanscll&CU. Tour
fortune u made. Yours, respectfully.
It has also received strong expressions ot O'turjcnda-
tion from lloti. C.S Flint Secietary of the llas -achu-
setts Board of Agi icuiture, lion. J. V C. Smith ex-
May r ot Bslou Hoilis Bowman, of Bangor. Ate lloo.
Jainei Alii n, of Massachusetts, 11-m ilaisbail P Wilder
of Massachusetts, Prof. Mapes. of New Tork, and nu
merous others.
Iu addition to the above, wc have certificates from a
large number of distinguished men who are interested
in 4iur as-' industiy. whi' etulor.e the mciusof
this machine in the strougest terms.
Among ihctu, the Hon. Henry W. Benchley, of Mass.,
who guys :
1 have hail repeated opportunities f witnessing the
practical oi-eratioii of Mr. Spear's Corn liiisker, anl
have tested it thoroughly, aud uuhcsitaiiugiy pronoiinie
it beyond cumparisoii the best, il not the only practical
without injury to the corn, and with astoiii-hir.g rapid
ity. Its simplicity of Construction, rapid and ett1;ient
working and low price, will, ia my judgments command
for It an un.imited sale.
The undersigned have the pleasure of Informing the
farming coinmuni'y that they have this day. Augus. 2i),
IS69, purchased from the patentee the right ot man.
utiiCturlim and selling "Spear's Corn Ilusker." aud ato
prepared to fill orders with promptness and dispatch
Farmers and all others ititcresiec, dfsiiiu furlhtr
information will please write tor circular.
All orders and letters shon Id I e addressed to .
BKAliG &. BrUlt . YVES SL Louis, Vo.
OfSce, corner of Third and Market streets,
no Ivl
b f. LrsiiBAron. jr. L. carso
Dealers ia Cin.
Cncurrent M inev. Fxehmreat'd Land 'vrjrrants,
Rspecial aaeuti. n will le given to Bnyinir and Sellins
Kxch.oie. n the priucipai wifo.i tlie I'tu-ed Slates
Gold. Silver, and uncunent l'..nk Note. A c nstnnt sup
ply of Land YA'arrautson liMiid fur s ile for cash or en
teied on time for Pi e-emptors Ail W inanis soM by ns
gu irantced in eve.y re. pecf. riil fl'e DH;l.iratoryS a:e
ments of inrentiuii to p. e'-'mpf . and pi .p ire Ire-mprit.i:
Papers at short n-iticc. Money loaned up--n test secui i
tics at western r.tte-i of interest and Investment- m de
in Liu.; r ri;y pn.periy fur distant c ipita.i.-.;s. C-A c -tions
upon all convenient p inis will be pioio.)tiy attend
ed loand pneet remitted in exchutige. atenrrent ra'e.
Hills of Kxchatige on Knulafit l. eiaiid aud FiiUicc b
tained at Usual rates, wllh c.-t vf Kxcbane " the Ea-t
added. Peposits reci ived .n Cur. eat account and iu teres
ilowNi.n special deposits
OFFICE Main St.. near V. S Land Offlce.
Lind Brother t C., .viert-liants,
McNaugh'on Carson &. Co., "
11 ier & White. -
Tour.K Carson St Bryant. "
Jno. Thompson .Mason Col'rof Port,
E. M. Punderson &C. Alcvrchanta,
M. At. Yeai; & Co. Xo. 17 Broadway,
Win. T. Sinith.-on Emj., Biaker,
J. T. S even, ksq , Att'y t Law.
Jno. S. tlall.iher. Lnt-3Mul. V. 3. T
T.iylor & K.: iouh, Bankers,
JlcCIelland S.Yiiggs&.Co. Merchants,
Hon. Tho. G. Pratt.
Hon. J. W. Ueary. Ex-Got. Kansas,
lion. Jas. O. Carson.
P. B. Small Esq.. Pies't S. Bank,
Col. Geo. Schley Att'yat Law,
Charles Parsons & Co. Bankers,
H. C. Nuitit Co. "
Greene Weare it Bice, '
PuUktlass &. Watson, "
Col. 3. "ci liambletou, Att'y at Law,
Judge Tbf s. Perry,
Prof. n. Tntwiler,
, Oct. 8. '57-v2-nl5-tf
W ..r!.t' iliLin.ri ti-.Lm il . . ... . . - ,
potiduce, Kept-rj. Lttensry cuuti'ovtiou,' ', , ."
g.-ge public stttnfiot!.
C-zf I'rice ly mail, Six DcIIa.-j a jn.u.
The SeiaMYctlil)' Times .
U issued on the morning of ertry Tue$i,6l(j
day, aud coutaini, ia ai lid a to taa lu.' kr' ;
ligence given ia the Dail Paper,
A Literary. Department,
Embracing Standard Novels and Talcs a J Jj-
nevus Selections of the highest interest. '
The Agricultural Department
Ij compiled from a rariety of sources, n.aay oftii,
iaaoccfrsibio to the Aaiericaa rter.
Three Dollars a jcar: Two Cn. ;,. .
Addresa, Five Dollars; Fire Ccple to ot a AJi
511.3; Tea copies to ose AJJress, 2). '
The WccJilj Times.
Appearing every Saturday laorniiij.taihtn injjae,-.
prcbensive digest of the news of the pru-eidii!. ,e,.k
with attractive Literary features, and o hir tb-.trt
reading. It a.'sw coutiuue t. furuiji iu tiiu.
ble iuformatiou K r the
Farmer ana Garden cr.
A department which has becoms 'tlWar
Prree $2 a year: three cnwii.J,'
dross, Fire dollars; five copies to one myu, j; it
dollars ten colics to one address. tia d, lul.
twenty copies toone addnsstor twenty d.ilUrj.
person sending us acfub of twenty or Kore wiU ji
entitled to an extra cojy.
For all our i Jcs ca-ia must invariably be paU ,a'
advanco. . . ' ....
Specimen numbers f irwarded upon ap ficatioa.
All letters to b addressed to tho -New YLrtTiaifj
New York Citj. "'
Dollar Weekly Enquirer,'
DetcUd tojuu. Politics, Literature,'.! g.
ricullure, .Monetary and Centner-
rial Ihteiiig'-.nre. . .
A' COMtlMNfl l KAt.'I M 34S :a
Tljirtj-Six Colnnjns cf Kcadlrz!
up ot esekj'.ik
Philadelphia. Pa
Baltinsore, M l.
Xew Fork.
Chicago. IU.
St. Ims Mo.
AniiHjoils Md.
Mercersburg, Pa
IiagorsUjwii, Md
it 4
Keoknk Iwa.
Council Biufl "
Viuttti, "
K-istoii Md.
Cuniber'aod Mi
II a vain Alabama
c CO.
til. Tcrucn, Olia.
Believe and Avoid I'ain.
Pain iitho ppnaltv forrblated law. veLin Otxl's
Providcnrr 'pfiin is a fricn llyvdmonition instf-ad of
&v;iidirtire cruelty. Were there no pain f otn a
burn wo would bo k.iL.e U lose ocr limbs and not
know it, die and not cognixnitof our situation.
Thank Cod frr pain if m.t well, that you mar dis
cover a remedy tosrtt SPEEDY RELIEF, ad be
ctrcful in the future. Faetsarrstuhhorn. and if you
have a limb swohen frm GOUT. INFLAMATOIiY
growing and PAINFUL AlCESS, you wtiulisiwu
know it if relieved, without the aid of im.igication.
tfThff public are rc-ftifeipiliy ctiutioncd to be
ware cf SPUMOUS OIL. ami to uotiee the name
of "A K. SMITH." and "CALUTIA L SMITH, on
the label. "A. E. SMITH" is also blown ia the g!a
of 3 siies. The largest bottles may bo bad at $5 for
six bottles.
ry""Larg.T bottles are ten times the cheapest.
Western Depot and Mai.ufactory at the Ware
house cf
Wholesale Druj-ist and Chemists, St. Joseph, Mo.
To whom all crder must be addressed. n-13-tf
-Wlililr A tat j, Nebraska CJf.
THE undersigned desiring to start about thelOiliof
Septumberfor Texas, wliisell either for c.ish in hand c-r
upon a short time to good men : One Dwelling House in
the City of B.'ownville with Two Lots enclosed, a good
gtrden and outhouses upon the pi cmiscs.
T-o C.iod Vacant L ts In Browiivillc sitnatedncar the
levee and convenient for bn;ineas purposes. -!
120 Acres of land in Nemaha county near the Missouri
river; well timbered ami watered.
One halt of an Original Stare (equal to 60 lots) in the
Town ot Aspinwa'.l.
Xine Lotsin -'McLennan's addition" to Nebraska City,
near Nebraska City wharf.
The undersigned finds the fiscal department cf his
affairs in a very embarrassing condition. It the who
are indebted to him will please to come forward and py
their little note and accounts, he will take it a a rrest
kindness upon their part, and will bo happy to present
each of them wih a sli-ht token of his hinh reeard in
the form cf a small receipt, neatly written, with, Li
autograph appended toercto.
!fiy 19 ' 7-i4)'
This mill cjium nuls toe universnl udmir.i'i n of saw
mill men eve. ywhere. A its me: its bee. me km wn ihe
demand tor it inci esve Orders are o.ming ttx ui evbri
-"ecti-Ji ol this ouutiy. Cauatia Cuhl and i nth A uteri-
ca. u is sui .cu ior cveij secjoo oi iae w..r.i wiieiever
thee is timber to be sawed no matter I what character
how had ht-w large or li-w -mali. Two ex'cu-ive ma
nufactories are now engaged in buiMic the.-e rnltls vet
it is aliiiupt imrxissible to turn ilu-m out a.- f i.-t as they
are wanted. They embrace veial valuable patents
and improvements and coml.iue all of the fioluwine ad-
Simp'City ll-'Mi the mill and pnwe' are so simple in
thei- .ns'.riic.lou lhat any opa of ordinary
al.i.i-y can comirrl.'eid tlicni put them up and ruu them
wi ll- 'tt d infer or diffl I'ity.
Portability TUe estab'iihiient can be very
ii:L-k':y t .ten apart and pnT toge har thu renderit:g ii
eay to be moved frm place to place asde.- i'Cd. and sav
ing the nece-siiy of drawing the lgs a long di. tance tf
Durability -It is const nwicd in the most solid and
substantial manner, runs perfectly still Is not li ib'e to
get rut of order, and will la.t for years wi:hut repair.
Rapidity It will saw faster th in any other uprichl
uprifht mm. nie speeu or the saw is ats.r.t three hun strokes per minute and the feed frm on?-ci.2b-k li
three-quarters of au inch per stroke. Thus, at a mcdicn
speed the s.w will cut through a log twenfy-fonr feet
l,.ng in abojt three minutes. From tfcis data anyone
knowintf-.the character of the timber cu calculate how
much i! will do.
EJ' It does its work well, cnts smooiber and
strun-'htcr than the ordinary mills, and thearranyement
of the s?w ia such as to reader it utterly impossible for
it t' run out of lire.
Chcapnets The entire lost of the milt, wirh fifteen
hors power and everything all complete and rea?y for
running, b -xed and ready for shipment lo St. Louis, is
only $1 750.
This mill requires less power to drive than anyo'her
mill, and thepower furni.-bel is aufSuent to drive extra
A circular containing full particulars will be serf t.
any one desiring it. All ordert should be addre'sed t
Corner Tfiird and Market streets. St. Louis, Mo.,
sole agcuts for the Western and Southern States.
Important to Farmers.
Me"'. Jauie Challen K Son, Publiaber Philadel
phia, will eud any Agricultural Work published lu
Amciica, postpaid, o:i receipt cf the retail price.
Iaaivton BlacJiberry.
To obtain ti.o original variety for gxrdcu or field cul
ture, or circular wita directions, address.
lnl - Vav toctuile. X T
EXt li:mveey
Vholesale Grocers,
Cor. '2nd and Frances sts, St. Joseph JIo.
HAVE just recievedl.y late arrival, at much be
low the regular r;ites of freight, a heavy ol
Groceries. hich having been purchased at extreme
y low prices, will be sold unusuallr cheap for cash
U c rt'sjctf ully icrile buyers to an examination of
our stirf-k.
60 hbds new crop Sugar, fair to prime, at reduced
lOOOsa.jks G A and Kana-a salt
501 bis superfine, extra and extra fine Flour
600 sacks " " "
20 tierces new Rice
400 hf and tjrboxea Star Candles
lot) boxes family Soap
500 boxes Iiio Coffee, goid fair to prima
tt i , ...
oo nis crusneu ana txwaerea ru ';ir
200 bl? and hf bis butter, ada, sugar and wiiie
400 kegs assorted Nails ,
150 coils mannilla rojie, frcm to ljj inches
75 boxes pearl Starch
50 boxes 8X10 aud 10Xl?GIass
500dozSXl0and I2and 12X14 window sash
100 sacks new dried Apples
100 boxes imperial. gunpowder, young byson and
black Tea
150 boxes aj'nrted and fancy Candy
50 bxt' sugar Toys and uin drops
100 whole and hf drum Figs
50 boxes layer Raisen.i
200 lxixes Glasgow and Virginia Tobacco
00,000 S ?gars. rarinu - bra mis
150 IxiXt-s. ind 25 bis Smoking To acco
6l)0dogcu Field's eelebnited Oysters
1 AO boxes W U. P F nd E D Cheeso
Wooden waro in every variety: Cotton batting.
C-'ndle wick, wrapping yum, hemp twiuo, white Est
I otomae herring, fresh Goshen butt-r. cranberries,
range ,frc?h and pre.errd fruits. jel!i-s, picklwa
lolrsfcr. pepper sauce, tat.ii. jaippcr. aM-fdce. gin
ger, currants, prunes, vermaciili. m icaroui, nuts of
ll kimls. t; etc.
-J3?Hide!i. pelf rie. beeswax nnd all otb-rhi;-'"
of pri Jucc take n in exchange for good- by
J. D. JiiNMXGS & &..
Jany 20 lS530yly
Re-pectfuKyaMU'iince to th gt-ntlemeu of B-own-
vi 1 le ai.d v iciniiy tmI he has ji;sr re"eive! fruin tie
East a large tjk of very npeiior icvA and latest
Cloths, Ve stings, &c.,
Which be wili m.inuf.:ci ure on ve y favorable termh.
lie flatters him-rlf that he nnde--tiir,ds hi huiness
thoroiichly and all work warranted coming from hi es
tablishment, andchareesas low us any other comnctitor
in thia place or the Wwt.
A Aeat Tit ti a ran f eeI.
ts owffiio? m
Informs the public tint be iunw ; repnml with
all the necessary appur:i:us such as heavy iron jaok
i-crtwsfor tnoviug, rais;ngor I.itiering building .f
every description, without injury to Ihe plasterin.
His faeilifiea arc sue. in this, lir.c that, bo cannot
fail to satisfaction.
Sing' copy ...
Ten coiiiea
Tarcr.ty copici
An additional copy fr the getter
1 ten sub-cn bt-rs.
Subscrit tioii. iiiall case p.-.ynl!-! in
n paper will bi-toiitinucd afur the limn paid U.
Sj'ecim-n copies scut rjti.
Address, FARANd M.-ESAN,
""' Ciin inn.ifi. 0.
WU ij , J
an. j , -
ry bark j 9
d iiidie- I
IU tid. . V
Carpenter and Builder,
In which bnsinc. ho trusts his experience and
qualifications are such as to secure fc h:a a jjjC-aj
rrn E e'treme
' dy ia the w..i it!.
This co. u i I is di.-ni it d
fn ni a acrty ku. :
to uiyfccl, r.
micxlly tvuibii'i-
itb M.ijje f the m.
valuable mcdica I ria,"
hetbsai.d 'ia k.- knowu
to the u.iud ,t man.
via i blotj n.t, bi'-k
iwl wi;l cherrv I
yellow dmk
loins sarsaparii
er flowers rb others,
pr-atbcilig the most in
fallible rt me:y fi r the
riM tur;itti ii 1,1 tealt
OH'X REMEDY, coiug diear by r.ataul law
When liken its heaiinz itir.neticels fell rourinr thro-'th
every vein of the tady, puriiymg and accelerstiur itt
circulation of the bix!. It iieutrshxes ny tlii'ts
matier iu the stomach, and streiiKthens the irh'u.'e '
nixation. McLean's Strenthm-vr; Cordial will tJfve.'vsVy rari
Liver Complain 't Dyapejsia Jaundtct ( Lrunie
or Xervou Debility Utsensesof the Kidneys,
and all DUei.ies arising from'a DuvraereJ
Liver or Stomach,
nearthurn, ina-il piles, acidity or sitkaets of the gt..rt
ach. rolliie.-sof b!o. d to the he.-d, dull pain i r s itumu
in the head, palpitations or the heart, cto k nt or .fT .
aiiuir feefings when laj ing d- n dryneso." 7el!i'tis
of the skin and eyes, sudden flushes of beat, depre.s
of spiiits Ac.
There is no mistake alovt ii.
This cordial will never fail to cure any c'tha sbon
diease. if taken as per directum oo fti tvttla, ia
German, Englmh and French. . .
Over half a million of lctVe3
. ITave been sold durinu the past ix montLs md in
instance has it fai!4 in giving entire ssfinfaciiorj Wi
ihtnwill snfler f-om weakness r dtbiiltj Ltn Hi
Lean's Strengthening Cordial will cure you?
To the Ladies.
Do you wish to be healthy aud strong? Then go it
onte and get some of McLean's Cordial? It ill tre"l
then and invigorate your blix d to flow tkri uab 1
vein and the rich rosy biimni of health to mount tyi'r
checkagain, Erery bottle warranted to gne satuue-
For Children.
We say t. parents, if your childreg are si. klv pnnr
afflicted with c-niplainls prevalent among ttiildifn
itiem a small quantity of McLean's Cord a I. !''
rapidly, becaasest alwBy cures. Delay a I a moaitnt.
Every Country .Mere ha t ' ,
Should not leave th city until behad procirn" ' .
ply of McLean's Strenst henine cordial. A ill''!
disennt win be made to thos who bar to se. I sgit
CA UTIOX Beware of drmritlst or dea:e-t B1,r
try to palm upon you some Killer or far-a;iaril a traifl
bich they can buy cheap by saying il is jii.-t as go"l
av.mi such men. Ask for McLean'- Streugi jei-ic"'-
dial and take iiothina else. It in the tiiilv renirUf tnl
will purify the blood ihroBshout, mi at the iai
strengiben thefystem
One tt!( sjmxh.I al taken every mnminf is a f
p ereniive fori-h-dera chil.. ihI fever ye f twt'i v
any p evalen di'ease.
Piice niy $1 per battle, or 6 botf !e. f-.r f.r.
J 11 Mcl.KA.
S-de proprietor oi i he c i;l
Also McLcat.'s Volcanif i: l.i!im.i"it
dPrincipai-P'ti ihe corner ,f Thl'd ai d
ee' St l..,ni M,.
.HeLcair Volrnnlc Cil Uninicnl.
The test Liniment in the l ortd for nian o' t a-t
AnoiUr liui aikaH. i'v.r
Performed by Mi Lean's Volcauic Oil Limni' tt- rj"J
ii for ymirseives
Thomas P'nrd, a Mat k-miib living near Ciss-
Tt-iith -treet had horail.le i um iup oe hi'
JJC tried v-'i ,us LiiHon i.r Snn it hii:l.n d
nog.H.d. lie desji.t.-i edi.r eer Lei;;(t ahie tc -i k
trat.'e a?:iili brt'in- he -slol not bear miy fivbt i P '
foot; and ty ot.e U-ttiei I MoLeau's Voicau.c t.u bia;
meiit be is nw pert ectiy cured.
Kheuma:i.-m Mtiraltij. pjralv?! lrtl?f nr'i3f
aiitTia in the j .int. r tuuctds swe :r g. "J
throat. erache or t oihaol e c yic.d tu ttr iafic '
tluence -t this mie. iul iicimer.t
- Kor hor.e ard cattle it i-t an infaWibl tenifl' fuf
chafe scratches cracked heels lanietics spivm 6-f'
la. brnise swelhnrs. woiin'ts. rattl mike bite' uther diseases which urnmals are lialleto fi'D
Uiiciics or accident.
Every country merchant shouhl obtain a "f P "c
Le.i's Volcanic Oil Liniment. It sells r;:dij bf caw
I it alwaysciircs.
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to ei agjin.
5ZjF'T sale ly J II Mi-LEAN proprietor, ccJCf e'
T.nrd and Pine stre t?, St Loci. Mo.
ri.cnrKiis, rni'iT. &r.
JOHN A KEXNiCOTT. at the Or-r .VcrsOT. "Mt
Nor'brte;d, III.. harcaJy lor delivery: -
B.r.&s, sptialiir Tulip, at tit low raip ef
l&'i ami $20 per M for large 'wts:
Strawberries of all the nu t approved Trirt:e.
f r. ni Sito$4per.M for m.'; ifrwtn ts, like ':
A. baity, hinder Rvercreens 20 t40cenr per Lt, .
curditig to variety and form average 25 emu.
Fruit Trees, iu gl rarie y. Appie t $3 to$i3rfJ
100 and the smaller the cua;er aud tetter for iiistai .
Small Fruits Currants. Iloneht Goo.efc'-yt J1
berries, Blackbernea, 6lc, muci, lower than ".'r
berore. , v '
Ornamenta! Trfs. R.e and other II ar-h .trc.i. . .
in arreat variety and abnn t.ince; n.l Iff tt" smi.i
larre plants of 1'pricln II .neys.Kk ;e Lilac f,rr '
Leut2.a Sc..bra, Pr:m. &.c. r fr.m 4 ! $;0 P' 'B""
dred. Andthebeaotif"! Ditbytra Specab.
tr choice perennial at t 60 to $.2 per ten aciwu
m- n thins. all nesiratle at afc""1 '!',!, fnt- ,v.B.
CU!cgrfs byn il on app.'icatir.D ; and rfry
safely paccl for distant tracsrtation ; aud ksswj.
rr'.t tSin ic:j at iht-: t cent.. 2e .a