Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, January 12, 1860, Image 2

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TniT.DAV MORNING, JAN. 12, 1800.
Of the United Slates.
- - Of Tennessee:
We gave last n abstract of the
Message of the President, and quoted the
most'ir.portant pan relative to slavery in
the Territories. It is hardly necessary to
eay that the positions taken by Mr. Buch
anan "totally differ from what u considered
ns'th'c true doctrine ly the Democracy of
the North and West, and will be repudi
ated by the great majority of the party.
In order to show the fallacy of the Pres
ident's argument, it will do no harm to
. . t ' . i
put again betore ine eyes oi oar reauers
the .most extraordinary passages of that
extraordinary paragraph in the Message
concerning the territories. It cpens thus :
I cordially congratulate you upon the
final settlement Ly the Supreme Court of
the United States, cf the question of sla-
...... " V, n Torrilnrlo tvKirfl hr.t f!rS-
cnted cn aspect so truly formidable at the
-commencement of my administration."
If it is true that the Supreme Court,
ly the Drcd Scott decUion, "finally settl
ed the question of slavery in the Territo
ries," then Mr. Buchanan is singularly
behind his time in congratulating Con
gress upon an event which had occurred
three years, previous the delivery of his
Message, a document supposed to con
tain new information. Bat he knew very
well that such was not the case, and in
writing those Jiri2S, he evinced a degree
of coolness unsurpassed by anything we
have heard of for a long time. The truth
is, the question of tslavery was not settled
by the Supreme Court; it lias perhaps
never been so far from being settled as it
'is now ; it is the prominent topic now at
'issue in all parts of the Union; and
UCYCr UClUIU YY&3 UUilllUU UU 11113 cdlllC
"settled question more violent than it is
at the present time. Everybody knows!
that, "and no one is better acquainted with 1
these facts than the President.
Mr. Buchanan proceeds as follows :
'The right has been established of cv-
ery citizen to take his property of any kind,
including slaves, into the common Terri
tories belonging equally to all the States
of the Confederacy, and to have it pro
tected there under the Federal Constitu
tion. Neither Congress, nor a Territorial
Legislature, nor any human power has
any authority to annul or impair tnia ves
ted right. The supreme judicial tribunal
of the country, which is a co-ordinate
branch of the government, has sanctioned
and affirmed these principles of consti
tutional law, .o manifestly just in them
selves, and so well calculated to promote
peace and harmony among the States."
Now, there area great many men of
high standing, Mr. Djugla3 among them,
who, we suppose, are as good readers and
. as good lawyers as Mr. Buchanan, and
who deny that the Supreme Court ever
decided any such thing. The attorney of
the slaveholders in the Dred Scott case,
Hon. Reverdy Johnson, and even mem
bers of the Court itself, have repeatedly
declared that no such decision was given.
. The only point really decided was, that
Dred Scoit, being a negro, was not a cit
izen of the United Slates, and, therefore,
right to property in slaves, J.ic evil would
be intolerable."
"The evil would be intolerable!" In
deed! When did Mr. made
this discovery ? No dU it u since he
wrote his letter of acce;tauc8 cf the Pre
sidential nomination; for, i;f w: "re...e
Icr right, he then sai l thru' '',:.$ r.ecple
of a Territory, like ihos cf' a Side,
should determine the slavery question for
The ?.z quotation we will make, reads
as follows : V- ,L..' .'. '
"Thus his the stilus of: a Territory,
during the intermediate period frou
its first settlement until it shall become a
State, been irrevocably Hied by the final
decision cf the Supreme Court.".
This is cool, too! "There's ice in it."
Irrevocably filed ! Are the decisions cf
courts never reversed ? In the language
Mr. Buvhansn himself used when speak
ing in the Senate of the United States on
a decision of the Supreme Court, "eyen
these decisions, like all other human
things, are modified and changed by the of time and the lights of
knowledge." But far from "irrevocably"
fixing the ttatus of a Territory, the
Slavery Prohibitory Bill.
, The Bill prrhibiting Slavery in the ter
nary cf Nebraska, passed the House,
with seme crnendment3, on the 3d, by tho
fc!'. iving vote :
Ayes 3.iin, ILker, Bo wen, Bur! ink.
Campbell, Collier, Crowe, Davis, Ilan:
com, Lake, Latta, Marquette, Ma ell,
Myers, Rogers, Reck, Stevenson, L.w
art and Taffe 19.
Nays Adams, Arnott, Barnard, Bel
den, Brodh:ad, Goshen, Hinsdale Jon
son, Keeling, Kennedy Malcolm, Noel,
Nuckolls of btoe, Nuckolls of Richard
ardson; Reynolds, Shields, Tufft, 17.! :
Absent Bates and McCasland.
On the same day the bill went to the Coun
cil, end the amendments were concurred
in. The vote stood as follows :
Ayes Boykin, Cheever, Doane, Dun
dy, Furnas, Porter and Reeves 7. '
Nays Collier, Little and Scott 3.
The bill reads as follows:
Whereas. Some of cur citizens seem
to fear that Slavery or involuntary servi
tude may be a fruitful source cf discord
an! disunion in the Territory, and in or
der that we may not have any further
agitation upon this unpleasant subject and
that the same may be rorever settled,
Sec. 1. Therefore be it 'enacted by the
Council and House of Representatives of
Supreme Court did not "fix" it at all, for e jerruory oj ,turuu, ua. j
S k M W V'i uiitui j - - -
punishment of crime, be, and the same is
the very simple and very plausible reason
that the question was net before that
body for adjudication.
Such a perversion of facts, and such a
doctrine, coming from a Democratic Pre
sident, would be perfectly unaccountable
without lijrht thrown on the antecedents
of Mr. Buchanan, and the motives which
prompted him to utter sentiments so con
trary to the popular sovereignty principle
to which he owes his election. ' The Cle
veland Plaindcalcr says:
"Mr. Buchanan has undertaken to de
cide by his ipse dixit a question which the
Supreme Lcurt has not decided, and to
forever prohibited in this Territory.
w ... .
Sec 2. This act shall take enect and
be in force from and after the first day
of July, 1SC0. .
As the above bill passed both branches
cf the Legislature after the Message of
the President had been received at Oma
ha, the prompt action of the Represent
atives of the people cannot be considered
otherwise than as a rebuke to, and a re
pudiation of, the "new and dangerous
doctrine" enunciated by Mr. Buchanan.
It shows that the Democratic party in
this Territory, are, not disposed to sub-
dictate the Democratic party what it shall mit tamely to the 'dictates of any man,
do at the Charleston Convention in refer
ence to the slavery question. Mr. Buch
anan will find out that he is not yet king
of this country nor dictator to the Demo
cratic party. His opinions in regard to
political matters are cf very little account.'
He is often and most grossly mistaken in
regard to what constitutes Democracy,
and his reading of party platforms and
court decisions amazingly defective. He
commenced life a Federalist. All his
and are resolved to maintain
rights of the people.
intact the
Gov. Black returned to the House the
bill to repeal the ferry charter of John
B. Boulware with his objections to its be-
coming a taw.
Lt Wuoh
a treaty with 1:
Bay hlandi are cc
There now reman,
less important que;'
cf the Mosquito
Slierman not Elected.
The report of the election of Speaker
early impressions and associations were Was false. It grew out of a hoax perpe-
Federal. He lived to middle ee an un
compromising Federalist so much so that
he declared 4if he thought he had one
drop of Democratic, blood in his veins he
would open them and let it out.' He ne
ver had occasion to make the incision.
He has been a Federal in disguise all his
life, playing possum with the Democratic
party, holding its offices and enjoying its
honors. In his extreme old age and sec-
trated upon the Illinois Democratic State
Convention which met at bpnngneld cn
the 4th inst. Somebody at Washington
telegraphed to that bedy the election of J
Sherman, and the dispatch was received!
and read: in the Convention. From
Springfield it went to Chicago, we sup
pose; for we read in the St. Louis pa-
ond childhood, his early impressions rC- pers of the 5th, that the Republican As
galn possession of his impulses, and plac- socjation of that city fired one hundred
eu in power, lie atis om uis real tnurui;- , r .v nlnMn
r guns in honor of the supposed election.
, . Our dates from Washington are to the
iu uie auu,B 6th. On that day, after much rambling
remark, which we chp from the Philadel- debate he House proccedeJ l0 vcle for . .. Speaker with lne- following result
"Uhile, on the question of slavery in Sherman 109. McClernand 35. Bocock
tne icrntories, tne rresiaent enaeavors
to create the impression that he is anima
ted by an extreme and almost unprece
dented degree of regard for the inciden
tal expressions of opinion made by the
Supreme Court of the United States, in
another Dart of the message he is free to
30, Quarles 13, Davis 9, the rest scatter-
Necessary to a choice 112.
,?!and has conclu-
ndurasby which the
d to that Republic,
to be adjusted the
:n cf the surrender
rotectorate by Great
Britain to Nicaragua, to compel the set
tlement of the dir. -ulties between Eng
land and the, United States, growing out
of the Bulwer-Clayton treaty, on the ba
sis to which both governments have here
tofore agreed. That Mr. Whyke will
succeed in concluding the pending trea
ty with Nicaragua does not admit of a
Helper has sent a splendidly bound
copy of the unabridged edition of his
"Impending . Crisis" to Missouri Clark,
with a letter, returning that gentleman
Lis sincere thanks for the magaificen: ad
vertisements he has bestowed, free, of
charge, upon his book. He ought also to
send one, bound in gilt-edged tnorrorco,
to old Bennett, for his services in extend
ing the sale of the volume.
The Delegate from Utah will, after
the organization of the House, present
the application of that Territory for ad
mission into the Union. They adopted a
constitution seval years ago, and he
represents thatt&h ha a population of
100,000, and thartf the Mormons were
allowed to elect their own officers nhey
would be almost as ivell satisfied with a
Territorial as a State organization, and
probably be willing tn pay the expenses
of their government besides.
The steamship Indianola arrived at N.
Orleans, Jan. C, with Brownsville dates of
the 2d inst.. Cortinas, with 500 men, took
the city of Rio Grande on the 21th ult.,
killing a number of citizens. Subsequent
ly a body of troops and rangers, from
Brownsville, attacked Cortinas and re-took
the city after a hard fight, capturing the
guns of Cortinas and sixty Mexicans.
Nine Americans were killed and sixteen
. i
wounded. Among the latter was Capt. j
Ford who led theattack. Cortinas fled
across the river.
A fire broke out on the 3d inst., in a
tenant house, in New York, occupied by
V m "
seven Jew iamiiies. bix persons were
burned to death, viz: Marcus Nalthancy
and two children, Emily Burns and child,
Lewis Grofender and child, and a woman
named Mary Day.
The Captain of the yatch Wanderer,
with four of her crew, have arrived from
Teneriff. In his protest to the Ameri
can Consul at Teneriff, he swore that
he sailed from Savannah for Smyrna , with
a crew of thirteen men and two females:
that his cargo consisted of silks in bales,
and $27,000, and that his vessel was pi
ratically run away with by his mate.
Gen. Lamar, late minister to Nicara-
ragua,died in Texas, on the 16th of December.
The President has removed Jas. Mills,
associate editor of the Pioneer and Dem
ocrat, from the office of U.' S. Collector,
and appointed E. A. C. Hatch. Cause
the Pioneer and Democrat was a Doug
las journal, but it can't be killed off in
that way.
Nebraska Legislate rc.
Tceseay, Jan. 3.
The following bills wnre passed :
Bill to air. ud art act to incorporate Ft.
Calhoun. -
To incorporate the Peru Hydraulic and
Manufacturing company.
To authorize Jam 23 II. McCardb to
erect a mill dam on Papillicn Creek.
To allow certain parties to keep a fer
ry cn the Missouri at Rock Bluff.
To incorporate Platte City in Morton
To establish a Territorial road from
Iona to Fontenelle.
Mr. Furnas submitted a report from
the Territorial Board of Agriculture.
On motion, 500 copies were ordered to
be printed.
A bill to prevent ito;l: from running at
large was lost.
The bill to bridge Blackbird creek, and
the two reports the minority report by
Mr. Furnas, and the majority report by
Mr. Doane were taken up.
On motion of Mr. Furnas the majority
reporTws rejected.
On motion of Mr. Doane the minority
report was rejected.
Mr. Little moved to postpone the bill
until the first of February, 1S60. Car
ried. ...
The following bills were passed :
C. B. to incorporate the county of Mor
ton, define its boundaries and locate its
county seat.
C. B. to organize Wilson County.
Amended by striking out the section pro
viding for the location of the County
The committee to which was recom
mitted the bill to organize Shorter coun
ty reported, recommended to strike out
the section providing for the location of
the county seat. On motion faid amend
ment was made and the bill passed.
C. B. to organize D.iwson county.
Mr. Campbell inquired if it was Ja
cob Dawson.
Mr. Tufts replied that it was John L.
Dawson, author of the Cincinnati Plat
form. Mr. Hanscom moved to amend by in
serting "John L." before Dawson.
Mr. Bowen moved to insert "Nancy."
Mr. Nuckolls, of Otoe, moved to strike
out "Dawson," and insert Campbell."
A motion to amend by substituting i
Brcdhead, and another to substitute Nuck-1
oils, were lost, when the question occur
ring on the motion to strike out "Daw
son," and insert "Campbell," it was car-;
C. B. relative to the transfer of taxes
paid previous to 1859 to the respective
counties by which paid, passed.
TIic News.
The Illinois Democratic Convention
met at Springfield on the 4th inst., and Queen Victoria is reported to be in a
announce, practically, his disregard for instructed the Delegates to the Charles- "peculiarly interesting situation," for the
the opinions of that tribunal, for he reit- Convention to vote for Doudas for twelfth time. Prince Albert is as well
erates his request for power from Con
gress to seize and to hold certain military
posts in Mexico, notwithstanding the de
cision for which he professes so much re
gard pronounces the grant of such power
to be clearly unconstitutional."
State Organization.
The Leavenworth Herald of the Gth
inst. says : The Denver City Express ar
rived yesterday, seven days out from Den
ver, and brought S22:000 in -gold. Mr.
had no right to institute a suit in our
tional courts; and the opinions indirectly
expressed by the court, or by the different
members of it in the case, have no legal
.and binding authority. The doctrine
laid lown by the President in his Mes
fnge, being divested of the mantle of
sanctity he would cover it with a decision
of the Supreme Court, rests then on its
. merits or rather demerits alone; and
it nover will be indorsed by the people of
the North. His opinions that slavery ex
ist mall the Territories by virtue of the
Constitution; that although the people of
a Territory were unanimous in their de
sire to prohibit slavery, they could not do
it; that Congress and the people of the
Territories through the Territorial Le
gislature have the power to protect but
not to prohibit slavery ; that no human
yoirer can stop its extension ; are Views
which the Democratic party in the great
Northwest are not vet. and likely will
never be, prepared to adopt.
The closing remark that such a princi-
pie is "well calculated to promote peace
and harmony," is another cool assurop
. tion. If slavery exists in the Territories
under the Federal Constitution, it is the
. duty of Congress to pass laws for its pro
tection, the Territorial Legulature fail
ing to do it. Then, instead of being
localized, the slavery question becomes a
subject cf national politics; "the agitation
would thus be rendered incessant;" ma
terial would be afforded "to keep alive a
dangerous excitement among the people
of the several States;" and sectional
strife and struggles, which would con-
.vulse the country, would be the result.
The only way to have peace and harmony
is to adhere to the doctrine of Congres
sional non-intervention, and let the peo-
ii i .-i
as coma De expeciea.
A letter from Perth of the 12th ult.,
says the die is cast. The Government is
resolved to adopt a rigorous policy to
wards Hungary. One hundred and eigh
ty Protestant noblemen and gentlemen
have been imprisoned for taking part in
the assemblages which protested against
Wiley, the messenger, reports six inches
A bill providing for the organization of snow on the South Platte. The Rocky
the State of Nebraska nassed the House Mountain News says "there appears to be
on the 3d inst.. bv a vote of 22 to 14. a determined effort on the part of some the Imperial Patent iu December
' I . !.- TT "It I
ti. t.:n r - .Jtnu,!r ,U-r. the PmtfK rnns r,nppm. Austrian army in Hungary win soon ce
1 ... I r-n rrr . Tl TT?
tnkn nlnrfi on the first Mondav in March ment." The miners m the mountains ou.uuu sirong. iue Mcmiatonw.
nPTt. fnr TJpWaip- tn n Convention to have held meetings and unanimously re- dent, writing on the 1st, says the danger
frame a Constitution, which shall be solved to resist every process claiming of a conflict between the Imperial au
submitted to a vote cf the people for their anthority from the late Legislature, and thority and the Hungarian Protestants
anDroval or reiection. repudiate any connection or fellowship uany increase
J I .. . 1 -v ii. - 1 -t.rrt
At said election a vote "For Slate with the movement. The principal rea- une aay last weeic, says me 1 uscagee
Government" or "Acainst State" Govern- sou for hostility is said to be the tax to (Ala.) KepuDiican, a couple or organ-
mpnt" shall be taken, and if a majority be levied upon the miners; other causes grinders, whose conduct
- w m i -
of the votes is not in favor of a State or- are complained of among them the ac
ganization, then no further proceedings tion of the Legislature in voting them
shall be had. If, on the contrary, a ma- selves ten dollars per day for their servic
- . m rs . . r I J . t . ' "e .1 I-
jority pronounces "tor btate uovern- es during me terra 01 me session.
ment," then the Delegates elect shall It seems, says the St. Jo. Vv est, that
meet in Convention, at Omaha, on the there is a personal difficulty between Mr.
second Monday in April, aud proceed to Drake, of St. Louis and Frank Blair,
frame a Constitution. '. crowing out of some abusive language
The Convention shall be composed of used bv the latter in a speech made at a the South cant be saved, without being
fifty-two members, apportioned as fol- meeting held in the Hall at Jefferson saved DemocraticalIy,they both maybe
lows: Richardson county shall elect four City. The particulars are not given, but damned, ana aamnea 10 an eternity, so
dp Wales: Nemaha county, five: Otoe. Mr. Drake, the next day, offered a bill tar as we, ana me oouinern opposition
o . - - - .
eiht: Cass, six; Sarpv, four; Douglas, which seemed to have some reference to generally, are concerneu.
eight; Washington, three ; Bart, Cuming the matter, and which was spoken of by
b.3s been such
as to excite the suspicions or. the slave
holders of that locality, were severely
whipped by the citizens of Warrior Stand
Thev received about two hundred lashes
each. When released they beat a hasty
retreat for a more congenial clime.
The Richmond Whig is becoming fas
tidious. Just hear it: "If Virginia and
and Izard, two ? Dakota, three ; i Dixon,
Cedar and L'Eau-qui-court, two ; Dodge,
one; Platte, Monroe and Hall, two;
Kearney, one ; Pawnee, one ; Johnson,
Gage and Jones, one ; Clay, Saline, Lan-
caster.'ureen. Calhoun and Uutler, one.
some of the members as being most vio
lent and improper.
Information has been received at Wash
ington, from Madrid by. which it appears
that our Minister to that Court is encour
aged to believe that our claims against
Out for DoDglas.
The last number of the Baltimore Dis
patch, comes with the name of Stephen
A. Douglas at its mast head, in flaming
letters. The Dispatch is one of the most
extensively circulated papers in Mary
land, and the able ana vigorous manner
in which its editor is battling in behalf of
Three thousand dollars are appropriated Spam are now in position for adjustment, the "Little Giant" cannot fail to have
tn rav the members of the Convention. The official correspondence seems to ius- telling effect throughout the whole South
t- v.:. Bt,n,.B i;r it,;. MnflMlrm PrnmmPntmrmV.erJ At the Charleston Convention Douglas
, J , , , . i , .u will need -but-the. assistance of three or
age of twenty-one years, who at the time of Congress are privately discussing.the f5ur Soulhera States to give him a two
of the election shall be a resident cf this propriety and justice of amending the ex- tn;r(i vole oa the first ballot; these he
Territory, shall be a qualified voter; and isting laws which authorize the President will get as certain as the sun risis on the
nrPTTr cnrTt nprsnn. n resirlfht far siv f rpnpl Indian incursion? nr.d foreign in- rooming oc me ua). iiitrtiort, lei
- - - j 1 - i-.--r , j i .
as patriot, rejoice
for fnrtv msinns and to simnress armed expeditions . X .
... . . . . ' . . . . r . . hail the coming man
Shout !
Shout ! !
appropriation to build a bridge in the Half
Breed Reservation, and also, to build a
bridge across Pawnee Creek ia Cass
Mr. Dundy gave notice cf a bill for an
appropriation to bridge Nearaha river ia
Richardson county.
" .
Fm DAT, Jan. G.
The following bilU were pissed :
Bill to incorporate North Platte Bridge
and Ferry Company,
Bill to allow a toll bridge cn great Ne
maha River in Richardson county.
Bill to incorporate the city of Arago.
Bill for a Homestead exemption.
. The following bills were passed:
Bill lo amend the Ferry Charter on the
Missouri river at Peru.
To relocate the county seat of Jchnscn
Joint Resolution to build a Penitentiary
Bill relative to the changing and locat
ing of Roads.
The Revenue bill. ' v
Bill to protect game in thb Territory.
Public Opinion has declared ihat CfittU' Compound
Syrup cf Saasafre ?tin1 rncqnallcd among the rem
edies offered for speedily caring c"ii eases of the iun-s,
chest and throat.
Uis llama! ukc Liniment has become one cf the sta
ples articles of trado. . Merchant might as well be
without sngar and coffee. Every family should keep a
constant supply of these medicities on haul. n23 -
List of Letters
RcmalniDj at the Drownrille 1'ot.t OSce December
months in the Territory and
days in the delegate district, shell be eli- in this country against ioreign Mates witn Democratic journal the West
gible as a dtlegate. which we are at peace, so as to mase the Tennessee Democrat of the 10th instant,
The bill also provides for the returns principle applicable to our own 'Slates has at its column head the name of Steph
i - -
of elections, the manner in
shall be transmitted, the is
Wednesday, Jan. 4.
Mr. Furnas introduced a bill to amend
the act incorporating the Brownvillc Li
ceum, Library and Literary Association.
On motion, the bill was read a second
and third time and passed.
Mr. Reeves moved a third reading of
the usury bill, and upon this Mr. Doane
called the previous question. Carried.
Question on the passage of the bill
Ayes 6, Nays 4.
.bill to organize Lager County passed.
Bill to prevent trespass oh timber, re
Bill to protect game in the Territory,
Bill to authorize Otoe county to take
stock in any Railroad in Fremont coun
ty, Iowa, passed.
C. B. for a Homestead exemption law,
being a substitute reported back by the
Judiciary Committee.
Mr. Furnas moved to recommit. Lost.
Mr. Dundy moved to lay on the table.
Mr. Dundy moved to reconsider the
vote by which the motion to recommit was
Mr. Doane moved to lay the motion to
reconsider on the table. Carried.
Question cn the passage of the bill.
Ayes Mossrs. Boykin, Doane, Porter,
Reeves, Scott and Mr. President 6.
Nays Messrs. . Cheever, Dundy, Fur
nas and Little 4. "
Mr. Doane moved to reconsider, for
the purpose of recommitting for certain
amendments. Carried, and, on motion of
Mr. Reeves, the bill was recommitted to
the Judiciary Committee with instruc
tions. The bill to organize Shorter and Wil
son counties returned from the House
amended so as to allow the people of the
said counties to locate their county seats,
were taken up and the amendments con
curred in.
A bill to fix the time of holding the
District Court in the first Judicial Dis
trict was taken up read third lime, and
put upon its passage. Lost. "
On motion of Mr. Burbank, a bill for
the re-location of the county-seat of Rich
ardson county, from Salem to Falls City,
was taken up.
Mr. Myers rffered a substitute, and
moved its aJoption.
Mr. . ueynoias ottered a remonstrance
from 16o citizens of Richardson county,
relative to the location of the county seat
Objeciions being made to the reinon
strance, vote was taken on its reception,
which stood, Ayes 20, Noes 13. A two
thirds vote ,being required to suspend the
rules, the question, "shall the remon
strance be receiued," was lost.
Mr. Collier moved to amena so as to
have the bill go into effect on the 20th of
January next. Adopted.
Several amendatory motions were lost,
and an animated discussion was had upon
the subject by Messrs. Burbank, Hans
corj and others.
The question occurring upon the adop
tion of the substitute, it was carried, and
the substitute adopted.
- The question occurring on the passage
of the bill, the vote resulted, Ayes, 2a,
IS ays S, so the bill passed.
Amos J B
Alley H J
AlleyJ II
Amders D C & S A
Atnsdua Kathaa C
Adiunon X 11
Adams Thompson
Butter D
Brown Miss MaMnda
Border Missouri A 2
Burns MisM A
Behrnds Hcrmaa
Belden S
Barns Elizabeth
Bcckworth A C
Barry John
Bank R J
Baldwin Mr.
Ball S-imuel
Burns C S
Burns Thomas n
Col low Francis
Cimpton VFn
J.ami Gaspart
Coat A LI
C m' iliis M
Crawford K
Campbell II
Dixon Mr.
Dickey J II
Dal.y, SO
Downs J G
Banks Miss a A
Leonard G E
Elvia T R
Filson Xancy
Florence Miss
Fetton S O
Grover CL
Gene J:Jn
Gercd John
nanning, P
IIirrringtnn SB 2
II ey wood T. P
llorton D J
Hayes V'm
UefileiiTin Dorr
Hutcbins D P
Hill H L
Hamilton Joseph
U ,bc n v
Harriatt E
Jewell CW3
Johnson M
Eel!un' W
Xuney DC,
Klone G
Kellog J C
Keller J Jf
Lowendao J Otto
Lauk'blia Miss C At
Lftnkast Elias
Lowrinir AD
Minick Mrs E S
Me.d A
MunfnrdM J
McWhirt A 3 2
Wadkin K Mc
More I and Hannah
Mcgrow Levi
Parker Sarah
Pemt-erton George
Ritbardsan Soiiio
Rodger James
Roper JokcpU B 4
RtissTP J
Roberts James
R..8S J A
Stevens Mr ,
Stuss Ruben '
Shertnin U
Scott J D
Smitb John
Stcirs Sam L
Smith Warren
Stone L
Thompson E E
Sanders DC
Stins John B
Simp-ion MissM J
Tow W HR
Taylor A II
Thurmnn Wm
Comfort & Ti-o
Wlnfe Mrs J E
Williams MrsT -Cllimborgin
Wi!n Mark
Williams F.J
Wats J D
Wooti Joel ii
T. J. Wbttk. P. IL
STRATKD from the Nebraska City bottom, on Wed
nesday, January 4th. 18(30. one bay horse, glazed ace,
harness marked. Also a large bay mare mule, about
eighteen bands hiph, rx yoke brand supposed to be on
left fore thoulder. A liberal reward will be given for
their delivery to the cwners, Majors fit Russell, or for
information leading to their recovery.
Administrator's Sale.
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue df an
order cf the Probate Court of Nemaha county, N. T.,
granted on the 5th day of January, a. v. 1360, I.
Conrad F. Harms, as Administrator of the Estate of
Joshua Randall, late cf said county, deceased, will,
on Saturday the 25th diy of February, A. 1). 1330,
between the hours of 9 o'clock, A. 51. and the setting
of sun of that day, before the cEke of the Probate
Judge of said county, in Drownville, oiler for sale to
the highest bidder, the following described real es
tate, to-wit: the cast half ( 1-4 ) of the south-west
quarter () and tho west hall (J) of the southeast
quarter (J)of section number thirty-two (32), in
township nujswcr sue (6;, nortuor range number
fourteen (14), east of the 6ta principal meridian in
Nebraska nid counfy Of Nemaha, together with the
improvements and appurtenances thereto belonirinz.
consisting cf a log house about fourteen feet square
ana twelve acres oi breaking inclosed by a lawful
Terms of sals: ono third ea?h in hand, one third to
bo paid in six months from th time of sale, and one
third in one year from d;iv of ssle.
CON'UAD F. HARMS, Administrator.
Erownville, Jan. 12tL, I8U0. 27 6t $ 1 0.50
"Good News for the Ladies."
ANT LADT that will send her address to Mrs. Z.
Cbe Acer, Baltimore City, Maryland, with three cent
postage stamps enclosed, ittiall receive by return uiaii
something of importance to her. "Woxain know thy
self and be hapj y."
The Great Female Pilla
DR. J. P. CREAGER U the General Agent, Whole
sale and retail, for Dr. Wheating's celebrated Female
Pills. These Pill are truly valuable for laditt : for
thty will rettore the monthly court ct when they may
ttop from any cause whatever. They never have fail
ed in any case where the directions around the box con
taining the Pills have been strictly followed ; indeed,
there is no ca.enf failure ever xrue to our knowledge,
Being purely vegetable they are perfectly safe.
Single boxes, mailed to order postpaid upon receipt
of one dollar, by J. P. CREAGER,
Baltimore City, Maryland.
A liberal diconnt to druggista. S cent postage stamps
as good as money.
Honey the best of Honey.
I have a valuable receipefor making honey that I will
send to any person upon receipt of Co cents We make
and use it in our family at half the cast, and consider
it as good as the best article of gencioettee mado Uouey
" from which it cannot be told." Any person who will
make and sell it, can eaeily cler frciu tJJ to $3 a day; it
only requires four articles to make it, aud they can be
bad at any store for fifty cents.
Every family may have this delightful luxury, for
any lad can make it in IC minutes at aay time.
If you really want something nice, ao not miss toe
noney or Washing recipes, fur they are all I claim for
them, and should be iu every family Address
Baltimore City, Hi.
pie of the Territories regulate their own ! Cates of election, &c. .
or the returns principle 1 applicable to our own States has at its column neaa me name ot aiepn-
in which they with'ew to protect them from, invasion, A. Douglass .for PrcdJent, hnd John
.J t! . , t i e u rr R. Tonpkiiis, of Alabama, fot v ice Pres-
ue of certifi. and to punish the abettors of such offen- ffa bemoorat is an old and iaflu-
nffairs in their own way
Jlr. Diichanan further says :
"Had it been decided that either Con
rress or the territorial legislature pos
me the power
ces. Legislation cn this subject has been er tia j r3per anj no doubt speaks the sen
There are some objectionable features suggested by the recent Harper's Ferry tirnent of the party in West Tennessee,
bill for die rmrnose will rrob- where it advocates tne nomination oi me
a t a uiia a J a j o o. 14 hj tiv la-i. m iuv t j j .
ir. ! ably be introduced in the Senate at ania,n01 s-
early day.
to njitiul or impair
i portionment, for instance, is no: very fa
! But as we do not think it will be amended,
we will hare to inao the most of it.
The eastern mail did not bring u ar.y-
OiTichil information has been received ' thin; the lat twedsv.
Thursday, Jan. 5.
Aftfr a long debate the bill appropri
ating $1000 for bridging the Blackbird
Creek passed by the following vote :
Ayes Boykin, Collier, Doane, Dundy,
Porter and Scctt 6.
Kays Cheever, Furnas, Little, Reeve
and President 5...
yir. Furnas gave nficf of bill for' an
"Why Labor so hard to Wash "
I have a Chemical process for cleaninirclothes. by the
ue of which they can be washed in one half cf the utt
al time, without being boiled, and with carce any rub-
bine; thus saving much labor; and the cloths are verr
white and cican, and tl.ey last m uc'j longer than if
washed in the oM way or rubbing by board, or with wah
In? machine, by which the clothes are mnch worn. The
articles nscd cost very little and are easy to obtain. I
mail this very useful recipe to order, post pjid, apon
receipt of 60 cents. Three cent postage stamps got) t
If you really w ish something nice, do nut miss the
Honey or WasUins reciptt, for they are all I claim for
them, and hhuld be in every family.
27 Bal:i more Ciiy, Md.
DR. CREAGER U sole scent fir Pr. Winder's
celebrated MatrinK-nial Serie. 3 books : Xo. 1. a nk
for TouiuMen, detuned U prepare them for the society
of Ladief; Xo. 2, 'Errors in Courlfbij';' Xo. 3, "Bepro
ductive Control;' any one of which wii be mailed to or
der, pngtace paid, upon receipt of 25 cents. Three cent
postage stamps as good as mney.
' Fine Honey.
Dr. R. C. Smith, of this connty, pre.cnls os with a
beautiful article cf honey, eiual, if not superior to any
thing we eve saw. This hebey was rnannfactnred y
Mrs. Smith' according to Ihe directions iven in receipt
wliichshe purchased f Dr. J. p. Creager, ISaltimort
City, Hi. Any person can Ret this re-ipt for making
boney, and be independent of the honey-bee, by writing
to Dr. Creaeer, No. 668, West Baltimore street, Balti
more City Md , enclosing SOceuts IlawkinrrUle (Ga)
Pulatky Timet.
Probate Notice.
Territory of Nebraska, )....
Cunt of Neman. bate Cort
Whereas application has been made to said Court for
Generaf Letters of Administration upon the estate of
Jacob Driliincer, deceased. Iat cf said county, hy G.
JT. Walters, notice is hereby given tall whom it may
concern. tht Saturday the 13th dny of February. A. Ii.
IStiO. a 10 o'clock A.M. of said day, is the time ret for
the hearing of said application at iny i 5ice i:i Erownville
iu said county, when and where all versons iutercnteii
arc requestci to apprar anl show c-,mo why Letters
should not te grsntcd to ssit G. W. Walters
w itne my hand and the seil of laid cenrt this 9U
day cf January. A. V. lf60.
r. vr. W L-Jtrt.rp.. rr rare j-e.
"Petition' for iJivorr
Francis C. Butler In the r i,..rla c 7!,
Xathan But:er I Term I ':, " ' ltTi""ry. j .
To Kaihau Biitlet. ihoN. r.Jm.t .. .
Ton are hereby uun'.ed Tutk r a ',
abovenamed p!aUJr ia this cau.c, a. V.! V'"'
Oct of the clerk f the District Cuurt tf .Ivit6
uv shu icukiu in puimu mil for a ji h fc
farther relief as Jnstice aurt e-iuitv m y rtiii n u
yoa are further hereby u,t;;1j iiat aa-osio "1
before the said ct urt oa or bcf .re the cir lir. n'T
second day vf t!.i next term thereof to be k!I " ,J
held at the court hop-e ir Js,hn4,n conatr s1.
Territory; cn tha Cit ifenday being tie 2d CiT t4
l6f, and answer ail and singular the a! lonT
petition, the saare v. Ui te tken aj tru aj thl?'5-4
prayed for wil I be granted bv the court.
J. B WF-T(1V u..i.. .
It Is hereby ordered tht t tbe shove noii h I
fd la the Nebraska Adviser for f, eVaf'4
weeks as the Us require
I'r Ptt., r, ...
NOTICE is herebj given thatlv iriUl
Act of sal issued from tbe oiSja of the eVrV V w
ritnry, on the daj of December A n 1.
Jaj.tho K5ihdj cf January, a.d. lsSa"'', "
mj oStlv-o cn Firt street in Lrownri! jn' 1-"t8tt'
tj, at one o'clutk P. sell at public B"ii, V'
fgiiowing descr.bed rx;ronal pr..r-rt7
oxen and one ot m.i roa : said prr,ptrtJ tj ' 1
under attachrut nt at tbe sail ci Jleath .V ivV 7 ,
ministratcr cf the esUte of J.J4oj h .roir(J
Tennsof sale: jnefunrth in hard.oae fourth',
tj days from tb day cf sale, we fourth ia 3iz,l?lt'
Irodi the day cf sale, and on fourU ia n!ne 5 11
from tbo day of sale. B,nev ijt
e, . ,VJ- B.WKI.L3,
DrownTiIle.Jan. 3, 1369. 2 2t-Jug
, Scientific ArtisanT
This JournaL is devoted to the adfocarr m n.. .
gation of all inr rmati. u wbU.h U nion urt-nt ,mU
scientific character, atfl emra wit,iu " '
cussion opo art. Science. InveD-.ioo, D(v
';cSAKtKBlm,',,ii ,a tu
It is published weekly. In the most apprd 1- , .
binding, and is illustrated profusely w,:a totwu.I'T
engravings. It lontains a wekiy JlHt of tB, J'1
Claims, oJieaUy reported frvm. the V. S Pa'ninr
Jicc. It also contains a weetiy nt 0f KocUh p.t,,.
and reviews of Patent operati c, la Eur, '"'
other Foreigr. muter as way be :a;eretiBg u its rlT
ers. n is specially devoted to tiie inirwi of tr.TT
Urs, if echauics, Mantifacturers, Artmat,. lsrlc.V,"
ists, ts.c, aud is in every respect avery vlab:t Joarui
for families and general readers. 1
TE!t.I3. $1 for eight months; $I.S0 for 1J mo-ts.
$2 OO for 13 muMhs.
Subtcribe early that yoa may yet thelatk aum-ri
Cincinaati, Ohio.
L. LI JOHirSOIT, iiaT"
. Oncii at U. C. Johnson's Law Office,
First Stree t, between Main and Water,
krotvnyilXjE, SEimisai.
Mrs. Hentlgen & Hiss LusL;
First Street, bet. Main and Water,
Bonnets, Head-Drtttti and Trirr.mingfeiitonkind
Taxes! Taxes!! Taxes!! H
To Dclinq-uent Tax Payers of mai
TOr are rcqueded to af tend at my i fflee (ia the Ur-
untile House r Theodore Hili, Brm nvi ic) ,nj pr
your Taies. Thse neglecting to do so until after tu
20th day of January, 1860. are hereby no'ifisd that 1 I
shall proceed as by Law directed (Se. 33, P. 2aj, Geo--oral
Laws of Nebraska,) and collect thesama by dls'.rm
and sale ot personal property.
JACOB STaiCKLEIt. Tre.isurer ef
Dec. 29th, 1329. 25-4t Ii'emaba County
Sheriff's Sale.
Charles F. Uolly.)
Tl (
Sfoore k lirownlee.)
NOTICE is hereby rrven that Ly virtue of an ex
ecution i.-sne4 from the office of the Clerk cf !b
District Court of emaha counfy, 'lrasVaTTh
tcry, against George llr'iwnlce, 'l'biimai Moore and i
W. W. Moore, and in favor of Obar!es K. llc!!ry
for tba sum cf five hundred and seventy-two du- :
lars and svventyninecents,and twenty-sevet dolLri i
and Cvo cents eosts , I, J. 13. Wells, ShuriffcrXcw-
ba county, Nebraska Territory, bare levied uprs, '
and will sell at public sale, frmu tlie door of tti !
house wbtre the last term cf Court was held, ia ?
Brownvillc, in said county co Tacsd.iy tho It.h !
cay of January. D. A. 1660, U one o'clock, r. .
to the highest bidder, for ca.'h in hand, as tbe prq-
crty of V i Lain .Moore, the f-iKowin prory.rt, tu- i
wit: tho tho Southwest quarter cf stetica twenty, -town
foar, north of Uange Cf:een, east of th sixth .
principal meridian, containing one id
sixty acres, also lot four, in Llock H8, ia 'tna! ;
City, Nebraska Territory, in latisfactiua cf tidti-1
ecu lion. ,
Sher?3" of Nemaha Coun"y.
hj n. C. HERULR, D.-faty Shul. i
Brownrille, Dee. 22, I3i3. nr2i 4t7 i
Legal Notice.
1 N'emabact.tinty, Nrtrrtv
Terriurr, b?.'ore ajon
Maun, Ea. a Justict rf
ieace for laid couarr, i
aid TsrriUry.
Evan 'Worthing, pre
Chester 3. Lanxdon and
the Arm of M F Clark h. Co.
composed of M. K. Ciark
and John It. Davis.
The said detendants, the firm tf U . T Clark k Cs
ccmpoed it U r. Clark at.d Jihn K. I-avit. i.ei'"4
by notified that Evan Worthii.f. tbe aboie k'
plaint iff", has this f!sy filed hipeiit:cn teloif
itaun, Ei., a Justice of the Peae in ard for tbe
tyof Nemaha. Nebraska Territory, sg;uact.Ci.'s'
LanKdon and the flria of M. T. Clark a. Co., cinf
of M. F. Clark and John K. Davis, claiu inguf thf;-
said defendants tbe sum of tbirty-thice !oi;r vt
seventy cents with Interest thereon at t je reolt' ,
ty per cent per annum, from the 30th dny ot Juo f
1S68, aa money duo to the said plaiutil fr-jin its '
defendants, on a prcmissorv note drawa by Chest"
Laugdon In favor of X. Y. CIsrk St Co., iattd Jsnef
A V 1S53, and payable one djy aftprditf, and by t
sold and assigned by enJorft ment totb?!a;9 pi""
and that aniens yon the said ii. '. Cl.u I sb.i a" '
Davis appear at the f!Ue of the ssid Juti e' :JrL
on tbe 13th day of January IStiO, at ore o't''k. 1
and answer said petition, the iame will e tjk'B :
and judgment rendered for the amount clamed
costs ot suit. -.
J. B.WESTON. Alt'y "f'1'
Ordered thst the ahove notice be published io tb
bra.ka AdvettUer for foutciDterutive wi-rki stii
provide. JOHN It 3t
ju0i;ceef ref!: i
Brownvllle, December 12, 1S9 t23-4H
. All Kinds cf licultura! j
Publi.bcd and for sale ly " j
C. 31. SAXTOX, B lRIaKH & co,
Wo. 25. Park Kow, Ztw Ycrk.
rd Fanciers, Rabbit Fanciers, Flh CnI,Bf''r ,l
per'a Manual. D.mesttc Towls, rme.tic aiT"
le Doclor, IIore D.ctcr. Barn li-A-'l, s,,t"e (
n Implements, Treatises on Gra-, Gri'D.
..,nk Di.,,,. l r l ,i . V J . ii iiu ' . 11""
verijreens. Farm Drainace. Letter t" Karaisr. -Jlfnral.
Cheniiftry. Rural Han.:vks, Lao"'
mini;. Rural Dwelling, Raral Es . fcar.len.
vafciic vwvuf, -uorr i'cior, umiu . W(f '
Farm Implements, Treatises on Gra-, Gri'D.
and nwftil Plant: llanarr. iliict Aiausan. .
sistant, Flower Garden Directory. Culture f it " m
Grape Culture. Strawberry Culture. CraaSe"?
tore. Pear Culture, Fruit BoUi, Rc civt B
Ck Books, &.c.,&.c, lie.
B-ck ent ty mail t any part of ti e e'.rs f
eeipt of price. Catalcgrues furnlybed t n ' ,
JUrKiiUuraJ Book.cUcrs aad Pat IW-er ft ;
n22-Sm .
ffllffl Jam.
Devoted io Agriculture.
Horticulture, Jlcc Act nisei, Edvca.'.o
Pilllishcd at BrazriSiKc, A- i j
On the f rt cf every mnnth at SI J'r. lot
pie copies; Six efPics, $j; TLirlc.-n
Twenty copies. $15. .. 5
The Toluro ben Oct. 1-f. 1S53. 5pio '
bers furni.-'bci gratis on application. L'acku
can ba furnisLtd. r
Will every friend, of Aricultar and tf
in Nebraska. Northern Kan, rioaikernlJ
Northern Jlisnri. lend helping luad. to .
and maintain a joarnal oVvoted ex-.-.'n . f
Interest alxve named. There is i;o r , ,
within tb region nimed bus can ..
furni.b a club of at least 14 laU-nW.
alon; withent delay.