Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 24, 1859, Image 2

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J? ' l
' - Of the United States.
Of Tennessee.
. - New Arrangement.
I'tiave deposed of riiy interest in the
material of the Advatiser office to L. E.
Lyanka, Ilsq-i who will hereafter take
charge of the mechanical department, I
still retaining the position as Editor. We
form a co-partnership, for the future
transaction of business, under the name
of FenNAs Si. Lyassa. Mr. Lyanna
is a practical printer, nnd is vell
known in this community where he has
resided for the last three years. This
arranTpmpnt will enable me to devote
my lime exclusively to the editorial "and
oat-door department; thus making a more
useful paper ; extending its circulation,
ahd increasing the business of the con
cern, . We shall renew our efforts to make
the Advertiser worthy the increased sup
port, not only of the citizens of this city
and .county, but the whole Territory. We
expect of the citizens of Brownville, for
whosi particular interests we have, and
will continue unceasingly to labor, to ex
tend .to us all the patronage they possibly
can command even to make extra ef
forts. There has not been, nor will there
be a period in our progress as a city,
when a united, energetic effort, on the
i . i-.j
pan oi every resiueni, is more neeueu
and will accomplish more than now. We
see and feel such to be the fact, and shall
act accordingly, and trust every well
wisher of our growing and prosperous
young city will do the same.
. ... Will some people ran mad?
-ue nau great nopes icai me narper s
Ferry treasonable affair would ultimately
re'suit in great good to the country, by
demonstrating to Northern and Southern
. "interfering" fanatics, the suicidal ten
!pnrip rf fboir fp.irful dnrtrinps. Whilp
this outbreak may be the legitimate fruits
of ".irrepressible conflict" and "all slave
or all free" doctrines; the "slave protect
ing code", policy cannot fail to produce
like fruit. It is a happy reflection, how
ever, to know that such Union destroying
doctrines are promulgated only by extre
mists of the two sections of country, and
- : . u r c .1, f ii
iirct'i wiiu nu iuvui iiuuj uie musses vi uii
parties of the. country, who recognize
only the true principle calculated to
We hope every man, black or white,
in the North or the South, East or West,
who has been connected with the Har
per's Ferry outbreak, may be dealt with
"according to law in such cases made and
provided" and suffer a like penalty with
Brown. Cook and others. While we ex-
press such a hope, we assert our belief
that the writer of such inflammatory arti
cles as the following, which we copy
from the Richmond (Va.) Whig, should
fchare a like fate. The sooner the. country
is rid of all such., hail from what quarter
. they may, the better off it will be:
$10,000 Reward. Jose c a R. Gid
dings having openly declared himself a
the 2Sthof October, and there being no
process, strange to say. by which he can
be brought to justice, 1 propose to be one
-of a hundred to raise $10,000 for his de
livery in Richmond, or $-3,000 for the
production of his head. I do not regard
this proposition, extraordinary as it may
. .t..i
til 1 IM ! I. r III Ir I 7II11I.VI 1 1 1171 I ri f'7 n till.
- - w , . ...... . w j iv v w ...-. . x. m j ui
The lawr of God and the Constitution of
his country both condemn him to death.
For satisfactory reasons I withhold my
namo from the public, but it is in the hands
of the editor of the Richmond Whig.
'There will be no difficulty I am sure in
raising the 810,000 upon a reasonable
prospect of getting the said Giddings to
this city. . " '
Richmond, Nov. 1, 1659.
The Official Vote or the Territory.
"Why don't you publish the official vote
fince the Canvassing Board met. We
have only tQ say that ue have looked for
it in our Omaha exchanges with as much
anxiety as any cne else could ; we hare
written to friends at the capital to procure
it for us, and the answer i?, "I endeavor
ed to procure the official vote for you,
but failed!" There, now, reader, you
have all we know, or can obtain in regard
to the official rote of the Territory. It
is the invariable custom in all other States
and Territories has heretofore been in
this--to publish' the official vote, and, for
the life of us, we can't see the particular
object in making a "new regulation" in
regard to ' that matter in Nebraska, "al
though there is a precedent for such a
movement in the controling of the public
printing last year. It may be that "Dou
glas great measure" is not yet fully
"exemplified" at Ft. Kearney, Ft. Ran
dall, and in Calhoun and Izard counties !
Roll on silver mocn ;
fin!.! th trnvflpr nn his WBT."
- - - - -
Sir. La Mountain's balloon, the Atlan
tic; which was abandoned by him in the
Canada woods, has been secured and re
turned to Watcrtown, somewhat torn, but
St. Joseph & Hannibal R. 11.
The past week we were favored with a
visit from II. G. Pease, Esq., Agent for
the St. J. c II. R. R. Mr. Pease is
canvassing this upper country on business
connected with the read. He informs us
that the company are making arrange
ments to put on, early in the spring, three
number one packets to run regularly
from St. Joseph to Council Bluffs the
popular steamer Omaha will most likely
be in the line and as the business in
creases, boats will be added. The bene
fits our business men. and the traveling
community received the past year through
the efforts of this company, places them
under renewed obligations to extend a
prefered patronage the coming season.
We need reliable shippir.g and travel
ing facilities, and should not fail to en
courage and patronize every effort to es
tablish such an accommodation. Our
people understand their true interests,
and will act accordingly.
TiiroEoaE Hill, of this place, is
Ticket and Freight Agent. The inter
ests of the company will be cared for by
Hill, who has experience and accommodation.'
From the Gold Mines-
Our townsman A. C. Edwards arrived
here on Saturday last, direct from the
Gold Mines. This is the second trip Mr.
Edwards made to the mines. He gives
encouraging accounts of the success and
prospects of the Nebraska Gold Mines.
He returns in the spring, and 7? ill be c
compankd by quite a number from this
place and vicinity.
Mr. Fields who also went fron this
place, and has just returned, called at our
office yesterday. He looks hearty, and
gives cheering accounts from the mines.
He, too, will return in the spring.
Death of Hon. Fenner Ferguson.
We learn from the last Omaha Repu
blican that Hon. Fenner Ferguson, late
Delegate in Congress from this Territory,
died at his residence in Bellevue on Fri
day the 16th inst.
"Judge Ferguson was, we believe, a
native of the State of New York. In
early life he removed to Michigan and
settled in the town of Albion, in the
practice of his profession. While a resi
dent there, he was chosen to the Legisla
ture for one term. In 1S54, upon the
passage of the Nebraska Bill, he received
from President Pierce the appointment
of Chief Justice of Nebraska, and remo
ved thither with his family in the autumn
of that year, locating at Bellevue. He
discharged the duties of Judge with abi
lity and impartiality, and to the satisfac
tion of the people of his District.
"He was the Delegate from this Ter
ritory during the last Congress, having
been chosen in August, 1S57. His seat
was contested by B. B. Chapman, but
without success, the House deciding in
favor of Judge Ferguson.
"He was a man of superior abilities,
and possessed many fine social qualities.
He-was a good citizen, and his presence
among us will long be missed. He has
been cut down in the full prime and vigor
of his life, leaving a wife and three chil
dren to mourn their irreparable bss.
May they have that consolation which
alone can bring solace and comfort to the
deeply afflicted."
Congress The Next House.
The elections being all over, we are at
last, says the St. Louis Republican, able
to announce the exact political standing of
the next National House of Representa
tives. According to our reckoning the
various parties will be represented there
in as stated in the following table:
Rep. Deal. A.L.I). Opp. Total
Maine 6 0
New Hampshire 3 3
Vermont 3 3
Massachusetts 11 H
Rhode Island 2 2
Connecticut 4 4
New York 26 4 3 33
New Jersey 3 2 5
Pennsylvania 20 2 3 25
Delaware 1 1
Maryland 3 3.6
Virginia 12 1 13
North Carolina - 4 4 8
South Carolina 6 6
Georgia 6 2 8
Louisiana 3 14
Alabama 7 7
Mississippi 5 '5
Arkansas 2 2
Tennessee 3 6 9
Kentucky 5 5 10
Ohio 15 6 21
Michigan 3 1 4
Illinois 4 5 9
Indiana 7 3 1 11
Missouri 7 7
Florida 1 1
Texas . 2 2
Iowa 2 2
Wisconsin 2 1 3
California 2 2
Oregon 1 . 1
Minnesota 2 2
113 93 9 22 237
Time too Short.
A good ftory is told by a Lancaster
paper of an incident which occurred du
ring Mr. Buchanan's recent visit to
Wheatland. J. B., it seems, took a fancy
to a brakesman on the train between Co
lumbia and Lancaster, and thus accosted
Mr. B. Young man', are you employ
ed on this train ?
Brakesman. Yes, sir.
,Mr. B. (patronizingly) How would
you like to have a situation at the White
House ?
Brakesman (mischievously) Old man,
5'our time is too short.
Mr. B. made tracks for the Iridge.
Rail Road Meeting at BrowuTille,
Brcumrille, N. T., Nov. 18, 1S59.
Pursuant to notice, a large and enthu
siastic meeting of the citizens of Brown
rille was held at the office of C. G. Dor
soy, Esq., in Brownville, for the purpose
of making an expression in regard to the
construction of the St. Joseph and Coun
cil Bluffs Rail Road.
On motion, C. B. Smith was elected
Chairman, and JohnL. Carson Secretary.
After some time being spent in the
interchange of opinions, the following
resolution. was offered by R. W Furnas,
and unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That the President of this
meeting appoint a Committee of five,
whose duty it shall be to prepare, for the
consideration of a meeting to be held on
Tuesday next, a report showing the
amount of patronage annually bestowed
by Brownville upon the great natural
thoroughfare now extending into this
upper country, and also resolutions ex
pressive of the feelings of our citizens in
regard to the construction of the St. Jo
seph and Council Bluffs Railroad.
Messrs. R. W. Furnas, D. J. Martin,
J. McPherson, E. W. Thomas, and S.
Belden, were appointed said Committee.
Adjourned to meet on Tuesday next at
2 o'clock.
Brownville, Nov. 22.
Pursuant to adjournment, the meeting
assembled at Bank Hall this day, Mr.
Smith in the Chair, and Mr. Carson,
Mr. Furnas, from the Committee to
prepare Report and Resolutions, submit
ted the following which was unanimously
adopted, and ordered to be published in
the Nebraska, St. Joseph and Council
Bluffs papers, and a manuscript copy fur
nished the Directors of the Road.
C. B. SMITH, Pres't.
Johx L. Carson, Sec'y.
hepout or committee.
The Committee appointed at a meeting
of the citizens of Brownville to ascertain
the encouragement in the way of patron
age our town could afford a Railroad run
ning through or near it, beg leave to sub
mit the following :
Your Committee are of the opinion
that the city of Brownville presents un
doubtedly the most advantageous point on
the Missouri river to command the trade
of the Southern counties of Nebraska.
Since the settlement of the Territory it
has been the principal business point of a
lare extent of country ; and at the
present time occupies a conspicuous posi
tion as one of the most promising towns
north of St. Joseph. Possessing a levee
unsurpassed by that of any otherplace on
the upper Missouri, and being by good
and practicable reads connected with the
fertile country WTest and South of it, -its
business is rapidly increasing, and has
evidently attracted the attention of capi
talists abroad.
Since Kansas has ceased to occupy an
undue prominence in the mind of the
country, to the almost total exclusion of
all other portions of the West, our fertile
prairies have commanded tho considera
tion and attention they so richly deserve,
and now amply reward the labors of the
husbandman with abundant crops of every
kind of produce raised in any State of the
same latitude East of us. Already hun
dreds of fine farms are to be seen, ex
tending from the river West fifty and
sixty miles, and our surplus products are
far more than the most fervid imagina
tion, a few years since, could have anti
cipated. The great mass of this surplus
finds its way to market through Brown
ville, which now is and must continue to
be the emporium for the business of the
immense region West of it and North of
the Kansas line. Our most excellent
steam ferry boat would give us an almost
immediate connection with a Railroad
running North and South through the
Missouri and Nebraska Valley.
Being the starting point from the Mis
souri River on one of the most direct and
practicable route: to the Gold Regions,
Brownville presents advantages to the
gold seeker unsurpassed, to say the very
least, by any of our sister cities. Even
during the past year, when so many rival
routes were heralded to the public, and
every possible means used to attract tra
vel to them, Brownville, by its geogra
phical position, commanded a large por
tion of the outgoing, and still a greater
portion of the returning travel, which
was unanimous in favorable expressions
as to the Brownville route, all of which
especially that the returning, travel, dou
bles that going out lead us to reasonably
expect in the future an increased travel
from this point." Travel, like commerce,
invariably seeks the shortest and most
feasible route, and no fictitious means can
draw away from us that to which the po
sition of our city and the geography of the
country declare us entitled.
Your Committee, from the very brief
lime allowed them, must necessarily fall
short of securing figures showing the full
amount of business done at this point,
and which would be bestowed as patron
age upon a Railroad running as near our
city as contemplated by the St. Joseph
and Council Bluffs Road one and one-
quarter miles. Our report is made upon
information derived from our merchants,
Produce Dealers, Forwarding and Com
mission Merchants, Ticket and Express
Ajrcnts. We find that there has been
paid out at this pcint, the past year, for
freights imports and ' exports nearly
one hundred thousand dollars. Taking
the increase of business last year over
the one preceding as a basis, and your
Committee feel safe in putting down the
freight and passage patronage of this
point for the coming year at from one
hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred
thousand dollars, and which cunnot fail to
increase, in a like ratio, from year to year
in the future.
Your Committee would add. to this
hastily- gotten up report, the following
resolutions for the favorable consideration
of the meeting :
Resolved, That the citizens of Brown
ville and Nemaha County, rejoice at the
prospect of the speedy construction of the
St. Joseph and Council Bluffs Rail Road ;
and that they will pledge every encoura
gement in their power in the construction
of said road. .
Resolved, That the Company may.
when said road is completed, if located
upon the route we understand is now pro
posed, rely upon a paying patronage f rom
this point, and that no effort on our part
shall be lacking to secure for the road
all the travel and shipping at our com
mand. Respectfully submitted,
. - R. W. Furxas,
- ;' E. W. TlIOMAS,
. D. J. Martin,
S. Belden,
John McPuerson.
Mr. Daily's Protest.
To His Excellency Samuel W. Black,
Governor; the Honorable Augustus
Hall, Chief Justice; and Leavitt L.
Bowen, Esquire, District JIUorney of
the Territory of Nebraska:
The undersigned, Samuel G. Daily,
respectfully represents
That at the late election, held in the
said Territory, he was one of the persons
voted for a Delegate to the 36th Con
gress of the United States; and, although,
as he is informed, according to the re
turns of votes cast at the said election,
transmitted to his Excellency the Gover
nor, Experience Estabrook, Esquire, the
candidate for Delegate nominated in op
position to the undersigned, appears to
have received the highest number of
votes; yet, for the reasons hereinafter
stated, the undersigned believes, and
therefore insists, that he is entitled to re
ceive the certificate of his Excellency the
Governor, as such Delegate.
Elections for Delegates in the Terri
tory, except as to the time of holding
them, are regulated exclusively by the
act entitled "Elections, approved Janu
ary 26th, 1856, p. 49 and the act am
endatory thereof, approved February 13,
1857 p. 1371.
These laws were designed to secure a
full, fair, and genuine expression of the
popular will, m the choice of public ser
vants, and, to that end, to guard against
fraud and imposition; and no votes, not
given, certified, and returned in accord
ance with these laws, can be received and
"cast up" in the final canvass.
Conceding that, under' the existing
state of the law, the final canvassers
ought not to receive evidence of fraud
perpetrated by individual voters, or of
frauds or errors committed by the judges
of election, at lawfully constituted polls
of election, it must at least appear, prima
facie, before the votes transmitted in an
"abstract" transmitted to . the Governor
can be lawfully allowed, that such votes
were, or might have been, lawfully cast
and certified. If, for example, an ab
stract of votes given in one of the coun
ties of the Territory of Kansas should be
transmitted by the clerk of such county to
the Governor of this Territory, it would,
of course, be treated by the canvassers as
altogether nugatory ; and so, an abstract
of votes cast in an unorganized county of
this Territory, though transmitted by a
person styling himself clerk of such
county, would, for yie same reason, be
equally nugatory. " The organization of a
county by the due" election of county of
ficers, is matter of law' and public notori
ety, and the final canvassers are to be
presumed to know, because they are
bound to know in order to be enabled to
perform their duty, what counties in the
Territory have been so organized, and
because they are by law forbidden to
count votes ccmingfrom any other.
But the undersigned has been informed
that, among the abstracts of votes trans
mitted to his Excellency the Governor,
there is one purporting to come from the
clerk of Buffalo county, whereby it is
made to apper that no less than 292 votes
were there cast for Mr. Estabrook, and
not one for the undersigned. Buffalo
county was" declared such by an act defin
ing its limits, approved March 14, 1S55
p. 340. But it has never been organ
ized as a county, no election for county
officers ever having been held therein ;
and it is accordingly not enumerated
among the counties in the act passed last
year p. 251, "To apportion the mem
bers of the House of Representatives."
Had the small number, of its inhabit
ants desired its organization, there is a
simple and easy process provided by a
general law of the Territory entitled
"An act in relation to new counties,"
approved March 10, 1S55, p. 222, by
which their desire might have been rra
tified at any time, but of which they have
not yet seen fit to avail themselves; their
number being, it may be presumed, in
their opinion, too inconsiderable to re
quire such organization, or to warrant the
expenses to which it would subject them.
The undersigned has, however, been
informed that, some time during the last
summer, county officers for the county of
Buffalo were appointed by his Excellency
the Governor.' If his Excellency was
not by law empowered to make these ap
pointments, they were, of course, invalid,
and no lawful election , could be held in
the county, for the want of proper per
sons to conduct it. No phces could be
designated for holding the polls; the per
sons so appointed commissioners could
not give the required notices nor appoint
the judges of election, nor could the per
sons appointed judges act as such ; the
person so appointed clerk of the county
was not authorized to receive the returns
of the judges of election, nor could he
certify the votes given, to his Excellency
the Governor. In short, 'the whole pro
ceeding must have been irregular, base
less and void.
The undersigned has faithfully search
ed the organic act and the statutes of the
Territory, in vain, for any law conferring
on the Governor of this Territory even
the semblance of such power of appoint
ment, and is therefore constrained to be
lieve tnat, in assuming this power, his
Excellency must have acted under some
illusion. The undersigned, accordingly,
insists that the abstract of votes purport
ing to be certified by the clerk of Buffalo
county, must unavoidably, be altogether
The objection already stated to the
Buffalo county abstract beiLg, in the opi
nion of the undersigned, of itself, per
fectly conclusive, it is not strictly necessa
ry for him to adduce any other. But he
deecs it proper, nevertheless, to show
that to receive and count these votes,
would be no less unjust and immoral than
it would be illegal.
Within the bounds of Buffalo county
two pretended polls of election were op
ened. At these polls fifty-four ballots
were taken or counted. The remainder
of the above mentioned 292 votes, viz:
233 votes were taken or counted at Fort
Kearney, a place notoriously not within
the limits of Buffalo county, and in a pre
tended precinct containing, in all, less
than twenty-five inhabitants having the
qualifications of voters prescribed by law.
The undersigned, preferring to restrict
himself to a simple statement of facts
and the legal deductions therefrom, re
frains from any commentary on the facts
last stated, except to say that, if your
honorable body entertain any doubt of
their truth, he stauds ready mcontestatly
to prove them by sworn and unimpeach
able evidence.
In conclusion, the undersigned, having
as he is informed and believes received
the highest number of the legal votes of
the people of this Territory, respectfully
demands, ia their behalf as well as in his
own, a certificate of his election as the
Territorial Delegate to the 36th Con
Omaha, N. T , Oct. 27, 1859.
Notice to Premium Holders Ne
maha County Fair.
Persons who drew Diploma premiums at the late Ke
nvibaCouuty Fair can obtain them by ca lima tipon the
undersigned. Persons entitled to Periodical Premiums
are desired to confer with the Secretary,
KW FURXAS, Secretary.
J3"We have no pity for people who go about companil
log of their aches and pains. "Why do they not forthwith
procure a hottleof Curtis Mim.iluic Liniment, and re
invigorate their deceased muscles? It is a pain killer,
and no mistake. And remember also, that his Compound
Syrnpof Sassafras is a sure remedy for coughs, colds,
and the thousand and one dieafcsof the respiratory or
gans. No medicines are more afllcacious and none more
popular. See advertisement 3 4t
The Flacc for the Ladies.
Since thegreat upper-ten wedding in New York
Miss Bartlett an! Don Oviedi-the ladies are deter
mined to have the finest and latest styles Dress Goods,
consequently they go to HILL'S.
A Burning Shame-
Wht is? Whj, that our merchants heretofore have
failed to brir.g n a supply of Ladies Winter Walking
Boots! Well, HILL has finally brought on a cato or
two of very line ones. Vou might get a pair by going
Millinery Notice..
MRS. HEWETT, ( formerly Miss Turner, ) informs
her old friends and customers that she has on hand at
her old stand on main street, a general assortment of
Goods in her line, which she proposes to sell at unpre
cedented low prices.
They do Say .
HEXDO'PK sells Groceries cheaper than any other
house, and his goods are No. 1.
No Mistake.
SEIGLE & GREEXBACM can fit out a suit of clothes
for less money than any other houf e in the uppc coun
try. Tiythem.
Sure as Shootin'.
That tremendous stock of goods recently brought on
by niLL, is going off rapidly. Few mere bargains on
hand. Call soon.
On theeven'ng of the twentj'-second inst., atthereK
Mence of C1. O, B. Smith, by Rev. A S. Billingsly,
Walter AV. Hacknet, aud Jtiss Mary E. Lovitt,
both nl this City. .. ..
The Bride forgot not the printer. "Thi3 efflec" ac
knowledges the recept of a bountiful supply of the
"good things to eat" usual upon rnch cccasins, and for
which "all hands" return a unanimous 'vote of thanks.'
May Life's journey in the future, le full of sunshine
and prosperity to this newly married couple.
On the 2Cd of October, at Troy, Ohio, b Rev J. F.
Marlay, Alexander Peterson, Ei-q., andMissMAltY
C. Gahacan, all of that town.
On the 25th o October, at Keokuk, Iowa, non. Geo.
W. Poane, member of the Nebraska Council, and Miss
Emily R. Greeniiow, of Vincer nes, Indiana.
ai tne ACDrasna noue, in mis vny, on Jionaay, jcv.
2lst, of Typhoid Feve", Henry Geuker, supposed to
be aged about 23 years.
The deceased was a Gorman laborer in this vicinity
for several months past, and is supposed to have rel.
tions in Iowa. Should this notice meet the eye of
friends or relations, furiher information can be had ty
add essing "T. II. Edwards, Nebraska House, Brown
vil lie, Nebraska."
Interesting Lectures.
A Course of Lectures will he delivered
Presbyterian Church in Brownville,
Who wns professor of Belles Lettres in France, and
a member of the Academy of Sciences. lie is well
known as one of the most popular Lecturers in the
country. First Lecture will commence at 7 o'clock,
Saturday Evening, Jyovember 2G.
In bis first Lecture ho will cive the definition of
Civi'izetion, pass in review tho principal nations cf
the world, and show what kind of Civilization they
may bo3st of, whether Intellectual. Moral, or I'liyri-
cal, terminate with a review f f our United States,
ind examine the moral standing of a few clas of
Society among us, such as Youth, Professional men,
Divines, La wyorp.DoctcH,
Admieaion : 2G CcntEi:
7e will receive Pike's Peak Gold, and advance
money upon the same, and pay ver balance of proceeds
as soon as Mint returns are had. In all rases, we wil
exhibit the printed returns of the United States Miiit,
or Easay.cflice.
1859. 1859.
3fornir.g Train leaves St. Joseyih at - - 6:00
Evening Train leaves Co uo - 6:40
St. Joseph is i each ed by the Western Sta?e Line.
Passengers savetime and tirescme staging by thi route.
Daily crnnecik.ns made it n.iiinibal with ai;Kaitern
and Southern Railroads and Packets.
J T D Haywood, Sup't., Hannibal.
D C Sawix. General Aent. St. Joe.
P B Gkoat, G. Ticket Agent, Han'tal !
Tiieo. Hill, G. T. Ag't, Brownville
November 21,
Peru Chair Factory,
OlDi23.0"t SIIOP.
The undersigned, having purchased tie Chair and
Cabinet hop lately owned by S. H. Marshal, take Ihis
method of inM-ming: the public that t&ey ;ire now pre
pared to till orders tor all kinds of niriituie, such as
Chairs, tables, stsnds, bed.-tejd, bu -ejus, safes, cribs,
cradles, lounges, etc., et:., (Cribs a', wholesale or re
tail) as cheap as can le bought at at y other establish
ment in the west. The best of coffin lumber and trim
mings constantly on hand, which w ill le us to fill
orders for coftlns at short notice.
We have attached to our shop a sood rrorse Power and
Turning Lathe, and we are prepared to do any descrip
tion of turning from a Chair leg up to a Supar Mill.
Chairs and Furniture of all kinds repaired in th best
X. B. Corn, Theat, Flo'ir, Dry Goods, Groceries, Lum
ber and produce of all kinds, iloney not excepted, ta
ken in exchange for work or goods. We hop by strict
attention to business to merit a share of public patron
Peru, Nebraska, November 21, 1S69.
Desnaed Adams & Co.
E. M.McComa3, J
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of an ex
ecution issued from the oEeo of the Clerk of the
District Court for Nemaha County, Nebraska Ter
ritory, aaiuft E. M. McComaj and in favor of Ber
nard, Adams & Co., for tho sum of dollars
snd cents: I, J. 13. Wells, bheriff of said county,
have levied upon, aud on Tuesday, tha 1 9th day of
December, A. D. ISoO, between the hoursof ten
o'clock. A. sr. and four o'clock, r. x., from the door
of the houso in which the last term of aaid Court
was held at 13rownvi"a in said county, will sell, at
public sale, to the highest bidder, for cash in hand,
as the property of said E. M. JlcComas, to satisfy
said execution the following described Real-estate,
to-wit. let 3 block 21 lot 6 block 22 lot 3 block 23
lot 15 block 25 lot 5 block 27 lot 15 block 23 lot 9
block 37 lot 2 block 30 lots 6 and 8 block fifty lot 9
block 70, all lying and being in Nemaha Cty, Nebras
ka Territory, as designated on tho original plat of
said town, situated in said county of Nemaha, togeth
er with ail tho improvements thereunto belongint.
Sheriff of Nemaha Co.,N. T.
Brownville, Not. 21, 1859.-15 lt-$7,5i)
Henry I. Lcring, 1
Phoenix Insurance Company,
Hartford, Connecticut "V
fire i;;sunAt:cE exclusively
Charter Perpetual
Casli Capital, 100,000 CO Dollars.
Cash Assctis, $3ivri2
S.II. I.OOMK, President.
II KELLOGG, .Secretary.
Branch Office, 31 33 Zd St. Cincinr
Agents in the principal Cities nnd towns in w
Union. Losses promptly paid. Application recur i
and policies issued and renewed. M
C 71 lTrMVT-"Tvn i
J. XI. IJLKIil 1 Arrar
Brownville, Nov. 17
At BrornrJIt.N j
A Dally Morning ana EtchI
in Pclilks.
John It. Davis.
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of an ex
ecution issued from tho office of tho Clerk of tho
District Court of Nemaha County Nebraska Terri
tory, adainst John It. Davis, and in favor of Henry
I. IiC'riag,for the sum of one hundred and fifty-five
dollars and mnety-nme cent, and costs J. J. is,
Wells. Sheriff of said county, have levied upon on
me lam uay oi ovemDcr,anu on lonuay tne twenty-sixth
day of December, JA, D. 18j9, it one o'
clock, p.m., of said day at the door of the house in
wnien the last termor tne saul Uourt was neld at
Brownville in said county, will offer for sale, and
sell at public auction, to the nignest bidder, for cash
in hand as the property of said John It. Davis to
satisfy said execution, tho following dewribed real
estate to-wit.: the undivided half of twenty feet off
tlie west end of lot no. ten, m bloci no. twenty in the
city of Brownville,in said county, in Nebraska Ter
ritory, adjoining, and lying east of tho first fifty
lect in tne west end ot said lot, as designated on the
original plat of said city, said twenty feet fronting
on main street, and running back, north, fifty-eight
lect, together witD tno undivided half ot the band
ing and improvement; situat d on said twenty feet.
Sheriff of Nimaha Countv.
Brownville. Nov. 24, lSj9, 4wF$7,50
lie A liistcr Broomback
Elijah Hiatt.
NOTICE is hereby given, that by virtue of an ex
ecution issued from the office of the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court for Nemaha county, Nebraska Te-ritory,
against and in favor of fur the sum of dolla-s
and cents: I, J. D. Wells, Sheriff cf raid county,
have levied upon and will, on the 24th day of Dec.
A. D. 1S59, between tho hours of ten o'clock, a. m.
and four o'clork r. M., of said day at the door of the
house in which the last terra of said Court of said
county was held in Brownville, in said county, will
proceed to sen at public sale, to tne highest bidder
fur cash in hand, as tho property of said Elijah Hiatt
in satisl'act:on of said execution, the following de
scribed real-estate to-wit : lot No. 7. in Block No.
09, situate in Nemaha City, in said Nemaha county,
nccording to the original plat of said Nemaha City,
nr,d together with all the improvements to said lot
Sheriff of Nemaha co., N. T.
Brownville, Nov. 24th 1839. 4t-$7,50
Probate Notice.
AThereas application has been made to the Probate
Court or Nemaha County, Nebraska Territory, by Con
rad Herni, Administrator ot the estate cf Jo'jtia Kan-
ilal, lute of NcuKi'ua county, deceascil, for au order of
sale, of certain real properly of said Estate, in order to
tbtain means to defray the expenses of administering
said estate, notice ishereby given to all concerned, that
Thursday the 6th day of January. I860, Is the day appoint
ed for heanr.psaid application before the l'robate Court
of Nemaha County, Nebraska Territory, at 10 o'clock A.
at the rrobate Judge's office in Brownville in said
county, when and where all persons interested may at
tend anu snow cause why authority should not be grant
ed to said administrator for tb3 sale of so much of the
real property of said estate, as may be necessary to pay
the debts aud charges against tho same.
C W. wriEKLKR, Probate Jndjre.
Brownville, November 24th, 1309. 6w-r$7
Probate Xoticc.
NOTICE Is lereby given to all persons interested that
as it appears that there are claims ajinst the etite of
Andrew J. Dair, lata of Johnson county, Nebraska Ter
ritorr.dpcpascd, 1 have appointed Monday, the 6th davuf
March, lSt0, as the final day for hearing clainia against
Buii estate. Persons havlnR claims against said t state
arc hereby notified to filethem at my ottitc on or he
re the said day, or they will forever be debarred col
lection; and from setting off ibe same in any action
whatever. C. A. GOSriKN.
Actinsr Judiie ot Probate.
Ordered that the above notice be published for twelve
successive wccks in the Nebraska Advertiser.
G. A. GOSHEN, A. J. P.
Abraham Man, Administrator.
Johnson County, November 15, 1309. v4n20-12tf$13
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World's doiDgH from day to day; while in Cmtw!
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and leadingartieles, represent all topic likely ta V'
gage public attention.
lT I'rice by mail, Six Dollars a yox-.'
The Semi-lVeeklj Tines
Is issued on tho morning of every Tuesday mj p,-.
day, nnd contains, in addition to the bulk of iaici
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A Literary Department,
Embracing Standard Novels and Talcs ami Mjcc'.'a
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Farmer and Gardener.
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Specimen copies sent grain. ..
Address, FARAN k Me LEAN,
nolS Cincinnati, O.
Who Wants a No-1 Farm?
One can be had for a small-sum of
The undersigned is authorized to sell cn fjvcrible
terms a most excellent piece of land, situate 10 mile
West of Brownville on the great route to Ft. Koarroy.
Gold Mines, &c. The tract contain 320 acres, iti irrn
of which Is Due timber through which run a living
stream of stock water, and on which Is several aVeliefit
springs. 0 acres under cultivation, two guoc comfort
able log houses 3Ld ordinary out bniiJinpi.
r. y, ri.'BNAS,
Nov 17, 'E3 At Adverl.wrO.Tee.
An Improved Farm
A very valnable and desirable improved fa-m sitsa'e
4 1-2 miles from Brownville and 2 1-2 from Neimlu
City, can be had on very favorable terms. .t cimit
of lbl acres; A) acres under cultivation; CI acrei In tim
ber; good well; stock water, and g.iod f-ann house.
The stock 2 yoke of oxen, 7 cow, and 7 yenrg cattle,'
the farm implements, and household furniture will be
sold with it if desired, a rare opportunity U here pre
sented. Etiqaire of R. W. i urnai, at ihe Advertiser
cilice, BrnwpviJIc, N. T.
Xov. 17, '69 n!3
in juMice-s i.ouri coram, j. f. Jliller, Ksi.. on the
ai.naayor iecemter, is&a, justice of the Peace, in
ana for the County of Richardson, Territory of Xe-
Dr. J. n. Davis, 1
s, Action of Debt
Teter Richards. )
lo reter Kieharas, defendant above named : You are
hereby notified that a summons in debt, with a cUuse
' ' attachment, has been issued against yon by saii jus
tice oi me peace, at the sut of Dr. J. II. Davis, and
that the same has been rem-ned, proper taken, but dc-
icnoani is a non-resi.ient or the Territory, and cannot
oe rouni in the county of Richardson. That in conse
quence of your beinjt a non-resident, as aforesaid, pub-
uidiiun nureor is oroereu Dy said justice, and unless vou
apiear heftre said justice at bis ome in the city of Ru-
, iooraKKa, on tne iMtnjuay or December, I3o!, at one
o'clock, P. Jt., to answer to the petition of said Davi,
wherein he claims of you the sum of $6 CO, doe on ac-
loum ror mcuicine ana mei'cal services, bud and ren
uereijn April and May, 1359, the allegation in sa d pe
tition will be taken as true, ami judgment rendered
against you accordingly, for sa?d sum of $3 60, with
cos.soi suit. a. AI. ACTOX,
. , Attorney for Plaintiff.
uruerca mat. me above notice be published In the
urownvme Advertiser for Tour consecutive weeks.
November H, 1359. 4t-$7 60
r- 7 i. i 7
e - 2
u . t o s
or. c - . - - - ji si - : i
r2. ; ajciuj.r'(!,:5jf-
H s 3 - -2 " ? '" A 2 -
C Si 3 4!
t . - : - : i 2 i a i-
For sale by T. J. WHITE, &. CO , Urownviiie, X. T.,
ana Dy au arngsists generally.
Auction! Auction!
T. G. SJScTroosc
OUcrs his services to the citizens of Nemaha 3nd
the adjoining counties as general auctioneer for the
s;ile of real and personal property, Ac., &a. He may
be found at Judge 'Whitney's office.
L'n. wnvillo, November id, 1S5U. No 17
JessbJoiix, I
Notice is hereby given that by virtue f an exe
cution issued from tLe f!ico of the Clerk of th I'i
trict Court for 'cmah County,Nebra-'k Territory,
against Jesse John, and in favor of E. Vbito, i
the sum of seventy-three dollars and costt, I, J. P
Wells, SheriT of said County of Nemaha, Lave lev
ied upon, and on Thursday, the 221 of December, A.
D. ISia, at cue o'clock, I. JI.; from the door of tt
house in which the last term of sai 1 Court wa. held
st Brownville, in snid county, will sell, at puM.c
aale, to tho highest bidder, for cash in haad, as tL
property of said Jesse- Jolm, to sntisfy said fixa
tion the following described real-e?tate, tif-wit: Ms
no. nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, f jurtecn, Ef
teen and sixteen, ia Block No. nineteen, in Mi'lJ.s
Brownville, in Nemaha county, Nebraska Territo
ry, a is evidenced ly the recorded plat it the sa:n?,
in ths Recorder's o&eo of the said county.
J. u. vi;ua -
Sheriff of Nemab-t C..
7Jrownvillc,Nov.l7. 1359-noH-tt I'lVTbO
Trust Sale.
GageCoenly, X. T.
Joseph Proud
fharlM W. fro
V ,(!. ia hrv uion M.rtt -, a Crt t
deedoftrnst tome executed on ihe tSird day ' S'T'
pmho. ISM n,l iln!iriil h rharlp W. Cf
Gat?e County, Xebrak Terriiory, as party f b ar
part, for the use of J'stpb Proud, party of he 'ce't'
part, and to secure the payment of the afircid Chafie
W.Crosa' proraisory note of two hundre'l dolors, be:ir:n
date Sept. third, lf38, and drawing infercst it tea p'
cent, per annum, executed and delivered to ttie.'
Joseph Proud, I shall proceed to sell at public s.i.e
the highest bidder, for Ciih, the said real et' r")'P;,r
cd by the said ded of trnt, twit; theeal ha-' (''-'
of thenorth-eastquartcr(J4) of section nnberelvf
(11), and the north west quarter (14) of :he nfb vn
quarfer of section nnmber twelve (12), tovw.nv
iiuuiocr iuur j, miriu m ranfxc nuju-nri w v v -
the sixth principal meridian, iniinge eocnty Sil'fl
Territory, at theoP.lce door of the county I ?rk f
eowofy, on Monday December 12th, at 1 u'c i
M. of said day.
Nov. 8 1353 IS-it $7,50 for fee
i. Cunessew )
i )
In Justice's Court, coram E. Ii. Jvanao.i, lH- 011 lh9
11th day of November, !So9.
John Bts.
- r.
Timothv Conne'.lr. Garnishee.
To Francois XondelT, defendant : Ton are leref"'
fined tht a petition in attachment has been t;lH -J ,n'
p'aintifT in this case, nnainst the .If-feD't nit ,n "
case, in theeffico of E. If. Johnvm, Kmj., justice "i
peace in and for the county it Richardson, ci -
Territory, wherem be c1ii;ti of yon the sum ?
tho amount together with damages w6i:h on ciam
you for money paid yoi f -t !3 acres of 1j vi in
connfy, which y:u wronire f him eat of by convey-
said land by warrantee ceed to another party, i
therefore hereby notirteilthat nn'esr"i anp-'ar
said ju.-icc at Ids efnee in the town of Rio, rn"n'
aforesaid, and snswer to the said petition on or fi.
the 17th day of December, 18.03, the petition vi!!
ken aj true and jndzement rendered you w lJ
said gum of $99 together with costs of smt.
A. JI. .UIW. Ai'- J
ft the above be pnblisbed ia the Nebraska AJver"
ser for four consecutive week.
k. n. jc,ii.-'-,
i,t,.a rr ttut Pea '-
Nov. 17, '59 n!3 $7.S
the "Z J-1Jof
Taltnn hr the subscriber on
October, lS.?,necheslnut eolor?d horse ur'
and a half hands hi i, wrren yrsoM. wnte - npj
in face, and tnre wnuo recu - , C uhitrl
mare, white ranin arnt tail, fourteen and a 'l
high, seven ycrs o'd. white strife . f-c. ;sa
ro tho left f re ipaovw w u. .w-
bave them I J paving prt txrty ana pj -
es conucc'id tjcrcwua.