Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, October 06, 1859, Image 3

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tToO AL.
T F.UMS: insdvauc. - - $2 00
f.f"-" '. .. ..ibeendof montbi. S 60
" " f U r -iore will be furnished t $1 60 jer
Cl'-i oVlllcd the ocompEit;i the rdcr, not
y"r'The -Nebraska Advertiser" having
h the Urgent circulation of any paper in
ff0 Territory, Wholesale Merchants in St.
. 5t .josepb. Cincinnati and other Eaat-
A,0U'arket where Nebraska merchants pur-
frC T will f.nd no better advertising medium
Western country -C3
waha "countfTgrlcultaral Fair
' Qjr paper has been delayed until this,
Sll.jr(jay, because of cur time being
iollv occupied, Thursday and Friday,
Dub our County Fair. We have not now
ime nr fFace t0 Pcak of llie Fair as
merits deserve. Next week we will
"ublish the award of premiums, and give
r detail the matters connected with
Vcmafca County's first effort. Suffice it
totay: ihe Fair just closed was a suc
ceJ5 beyond the expectations of the
post sac?uine.
Qui'.e a number were in attendance
frwn other counties and from Missouri.
Cor. Hues, we were pleased to meet,
ladfind participating in the capacity of
co.T-mittcman, &x..
luslibaush & Carson.
This enterprising Banking firm of this
ci.v Ure just moved into their new build
ing cn Main street, erected expressly for
their purpose. The building is without
cojlt the most admirably arranged Bank
ing House in Nebraska, or perhaps in
ibis western country; open front of the
latest style; circular counter, over which is
s Lamlsome and artistically executed arch.
The main business room is large and con
veniently arranged. In the rear are
vcreral consultation rooms. In short the
shole interior arrangements of the house
sre most admirably adapted to the pur
poses for which they are used.
( In regard to Messrs. LrsiiBArcn cc
Cahsox, we take pleasure in saying that
their course as business men evincing
of fine business qualifications, gentle
manly arid accommodating in their inter
course since locating in this city, has
ken such as to secure for them the confi
dence and respect of all with whom they
Lave transacted business in fact all who
Iiavd formed their acquaintance. We
wiih them a continuance of such success
n's they have thus far met with; and
further feel that we are doing no more
linn justice, when we say to those at a
distance,- having business here in their
line, that they need have no hesitancy in
ciitrustiugit with LrsnnAucii c Carsox.
James W. Coleman.
It is not our intention, through the
columns cf the Advertiser, to say a single
word for cr against any of our county
candidates. What we here say is in de
fence of Mr. Coleman as a citizen mere-
intimate acquaintance with Mr. Coleman;
tnowing him to be an honest and upright
man in every respect, we feel it to be our
duty when his character is assailed, to
present a statement of facts.
We learn that reports arc in circulation
in some parts of this county, that Mr.
Coleman improperly used funds taken
from the counterfeiter Hess, who was ar
rested in this vicinity some weeks ago;
5 and further, that Hess was foully dealt
with at the suggestion and by aid of Mr.
Now the facts are, that about the Sth of
July last, a counterfeiter by the name of
Wm. Hess came into this city, and passed
S10 counterfeit money on euch of six of
. our linslnpso finiiSPS. Thp discowrv be-
--. " - J
' ir.j made, J. W. Coleman and Wm.
Hays, as special deputies by Esquire
John, were sent in pursuit of Hess. They
found and arrested him at Nebraska City.
Very prudently, and as is always done,
tlipy searched him, finding upon his person
S132 30, all of which afterward proved
to be genuine, except $10. Coleman and
Hays brought Hess to this city, and deli
Tered him in charge of the Sheriff, after
vhich they had no more to do with him.
The enly apology for a jail in this county
leing an indifferent thrown aside log
cabin, the fellow Hess made his escape
tie night after his arrest, stole the ferry
inland made for St. Joseph, where he
ta$ been since seen, and, in fact, from
which poii.t he wrote to Mr. Coleman in
reeard to some letters left in his charge.
After the escape of Hess, Mr. Cole
man look legal advice as to what course
to pursue with the funds in his hands. It
as unanimously agreed that the money
Loul4 be used tirt to redeem the coun
: ffeit money passed to various individu-
ls in this city, and then pay off costs
which otherwise would have been to be
r faid ly the county. Mr. Coleman did so
as tar as the money went it lacked SO
Paying off all costs and redeeming the
cunterfeit money and he now has the
i receipis fqr every dollar paid out.'
5 As to Hess being foully dealt with
.to ary serious extent at least that is all
1 1 fabrication from beginning to end. From
t uat we can learn, a few of our citizens,
j kiting this fellow to be one of a gang
j f ruffians infesting this country, went to
j t cabin where he was confined at night,
1 ,0 cain what information they could as
confedeiates. Failing to obtain any-
definite, they gave him perhaps the
j rU end .of a brush pretty freely until
j hd confess. With this, even, Mr. C
had nothing whatever to do; knew noth
ing about it. Hess, in a letter to Mr.
Coleman, fully exhonerates him from any
connection with his ill-treatment.
So far as Mr. Coleman was concerned
in this matter, we have given the facts;
by which, we repeat, we think we are
doing him but justice as a citizen.
We regret to announce than an acci
dent occurred on the fair ground track,
which resulted in the quite severe injuring
of our young friends T. W. Bedford and
H. M. Atkinson. They were driving a
spirited pair of horses on the track that
took fright from some cause, ran away,
dashing the carriage to pieces against a
tree, and severely injuring the occupants
above named. We learn from Dr. Hol
laday tliat no fears are entertained but
what both will very shortly recover the
Go to Selgel & Greenbanm's.
If you want the finest and cheapes
fall or winter coat you ever saw.
and purchase a supply of those extra
fine woollen gents' under clothes.
can be found a supply of pants of every
grade and price.
can furnish you with hats, caps, boots,
shoes, &c, at remarkably low figures.
on Main street, can fit you out from head
to foot for a smaller sum of money than
you have any idea.
Agricultural Ball
After the Fair closed, the Floral Hall
was cleared out, and an impromptu dance
for the benefit of the County Society,
gotten up. We venture to say a more
pleasant and sociable gathering never
was known in this county.
'Last week, not having room for all
the notices of candidates, we left out, or
excluded that which had advertised our
dear self for the Probate Judgeship, and
we did so because S. Belden has not paid
nor never will pay for any favors that he
has, or may expect in and through the
Journal, and others will, we suppose."
Thompson's Colt.
If you desire Nebraska to be admitted as
a State at the coming session of Congress.
Which ras It ?
Recently we have noticed the name
Henry Clay Bean announced both as a po
litical speaker, and a trotting stud horse.
Which was it here on Wednesday last ?
Election Tickets.
We have printed, and on hand, tickets
of all kinds to furnish candidates or their
friends, or can print to order any desired
ticket on ten minutes notice.
Examine jour Tickets.
Look out for scullduggery on election
day. These Estabrook supporters are
playing desperate games! "Drowning
men grasp at straws !"
For the Advertiser.
Chronicles or Jonathan.
Now, in the Land of Jonathan, in the province
calkd Nebraska, the people had buitded a City ; and
they called it Omaha, after the name of the heathtn
who had been driven therefrom.
2 And the people of Nebraska, every year for the
space of four jcjis, pent men from the City of Oma
ha, or that side of the river, to t&e Sanhedrim, at
Washing on.
3 And they did get fur Omaha and for tho Coun
try round about, iiiUch gold and silver, yea, even
lucre than a niiiliou of shekels.
4 For a road, running to the west country from
Omaha, they got a hundred thousand shekel; and to
coutinue the tame road, eight hundred thousand she
kels. 5 And for a road running noith from the River
Platte, they got fixty thousand shekels, aijd to bt.i d
the Ureat Temple for the Sanhedrim, one hundred
thousand bhekels.
6 but the country south of tho River they neglec
ted. 7 Now the people who lived in Omaha were very
crafty, yea, even ruorc than all the children of Jona
than. 8 And they made many presents to the Chief Ru
ler of Nebraska, and did bribe and corrupt him with
many pieces of silver, an J with parcels of ground,
otherwise called Corner Lots.
9 And the chief Kulcr barkened unto their voice,
and granted their request, and said the Sanhedrim
should meet in Omana, and tho Temple should bo
built there.
10 And the children of Jonathan, living in Oma
ha, said a hundred thousand shekels of silver is not
enough, wo will go in debt, and build a Tempie
whoso top shall reach up to Heaven, and we will get
us a name, and become great; and our Ci'y shall bo
the largest in all the lund of Jonathan ; and the
Railroad that tho people :f Jonathan will build,
from the gret Sea n tne Last, to the great Sea on
the West, even Lota Dan to lie-erheba, shall pais
through our City.
11 Moreover, the Children of Jonathan shall pay
us fr the niney we spent building our Templo.
12 And it came to pass at one of the Hirelings of
the Sanhedrim, certain of the men of Omaha, being
vinlfiit, and under the influence ( win, hich bo
in interpreted ineaueth Itol-Uut created a tumult,
mid fought with the men of ho Sanhedrim.
13 Then waj? the wrath of the people of Nebraska
kindled agaiutt Omaha.
14 Hut tho pooplff of Omaha said, behold, is not
all Nebraska angry withua? Go t", let us devise
some means to turn thtir attention from us, lest
tbey rcmuve the Sanhedrim from our City, and re
fu to send one of our number every year to Wash
ington, and will not let us do just as we please.
15 Is there not in Nebraska divers tribes, chief
am-'iig which is the Democratic tribe and the Re
publican tribe. (Jo to, let us agitate the people, and
bavc the (arty lines drawn, and when the candidates
are chosen from the different tribes ono will always
be from our side of the river.
16 And then we can always have a counsellor in
the Sauhcdriui at Washington. For we will cast
our lots for our own man.
17 So meeting! were held at Omaha to organiee
the Democratic tribe : and it was also propose4o
organize the Republican Tribe.
IS liut the people of Nebraska aid i is not good
that party lines should be drawn. Il will act
brother against brother, and son against father, and
son-in-law against father-in-law; it will engender
strife, and heart-burning, and tumult.
It So the people would not at that time harken
to their voice.
20 liut tho next year the crafty men of Omaha,
other-wiso called the wire-workers, were more wary,
and succeeded ia pulling wih.I over tho eyes ot the
Kxiple, and they induced tho Tribes to tnot in con
vention, and to choose, each tribe a candidate from
aun ng its own men.
21 1 he Democratic Tribe chose one of the Children
of Ouiithn, aud the Republican Tribe choose one of
the Children of the land on the South of the River
22 Then was Robert the printer, arid also many
others of both the tribes, sorely displeased, and tbcy.
said, organizing the Tribes was all folly there was
no difference in politics that could possibly affect
the people of Nebraska at thxt time either fvr good
or for evil.
23 And they ?a id, as for u wc will cast cur lots,
with one accrd, for our tieigbbor, even fr Samuel.
24 Then Were the people in Omaha, and the peo
ple in the Provinse of Iowa, in a very great strait.
25 And they said j Is it not necessary to our in
terests that Experience sent to the Sanhedrim,
and that the rop!e of Omaha shall receive mora
talents r.f gold and shekels of silver for their Tem
ple, and that roads thould made, and that appro
priations for Asylums and for Colleges, and for In
stitution ;f learning should bo granted north of
the River Platte, and thatcountry receive every en
couragement ar.d stimuioas to become populr-us and
wealthy; s'i that when the children of Jonathan
make the Great Railroad from Dan to Be-ersheba,
onetimes called the Pacific, it will go through Oma
ha and Council bluffs and Central Iowa.
26 For they feared if the Counsellor was ecnt
from south Platte, that he would nse his influence
to get appropriations for his own section to counter
balance those given to the North, and the great rail
road Wiull be located In its natural channel, on the
south of the River.
27 And the Chief Rulers oTer the land of Jonathan
who were called the Administration, were exceed
ingly anxious that Experience should tt chosen, for
he was their friend.
23 Now Old buck and his friends sent epistles to
their friends, and to the officials in Nebraska, and ad
vised them what to do. Then did all the officials
suddenly profess to be friends to Stephen, whose
snr-name was Douglas ; and they went to and fro
through the land, and spke to the people, and per
suaded thtm to cast their lots for Experience.
29 And the Administration had delivered much
money into the bands of the Official at the City uf
30 And the OuchIs Lircd men who had ready
tongues, men who scrupled not to lie and to slander,
as well as those who were upright and honorable
men who were well skilled in ail the artscf sophis
try, shrewd lawyers and buffoon priests, who with
sounding brafs and tinkling cvmbal, could deceive
the simple and unwary, aod make them think right
was wrong and wrong was right who could distort
beauty till it appeared hideous, and enibelish loath
some deformity till it seemed altogether lovely.
31 And thejr traveled to atdlro and upanddown
through tho land, and with much eloquence did they
glorify and exmWt Thomas Jefferson and the democ
racy of his time ; and some of them did invent scores
of falsehoods and slanders against Samuel and his
tribe, and perverted the histoiy ol their counTy, and
resorted to every trick by which they thought they
could deceive the people.
32 Rut about the present Dcmoerat'c Parly of
James buihanan, and his fire-eating-disunion advi
sors, and his corrupt oCfi;ia Is, his extravagant squan
dering of millions cf pieces of silver, his beheading
officers who could not pronounce Lecompton ; his
trifling and radiation with the Mormons, und bis
violation of pledges about tho public land, few of
them opened their oouthes.
33 forth y knew that these things had caused
want, and poverty, and suffering throught tho land.
34 Rut ia all Nebraska there was not found men
enough to speak for Experience, so they did send to
the province of Iowa lor a High Priest, who wanted
railroads fem foica to exttnd on west in Nebraska;
saying come over and help us.
35 This Priest was a man of much belly, and also
waswiseacd powerful. He could make men be
lieve whatever bo pleased, so that his famo spread
over all the land. And it came to pass that his ad
vice was asked as a Lawgiver, and when men were
charged with crimes and defalcations cf thousands
of pu-ces of silver, they would'scnd for him, and
give him gold, and he would make a speech unto the
piople and "get tip a furor," and the people would
say, as with one voice, the man is innocent, and they
would lot him go.
35 Toevil doers he was as terrible as an army with
banners; and timid women in the village whero he
lived did saj they feared to meet him on the high
way mere than a wild boar of the forest. On the
Sabbath he preached the everlasting Gospel; neither
did ho ccaso doing good when the day ended, and
the night came on, but would go with the young men
of the City, and slone the habitations of baric ts, and
trample the wicked under his feet.
37 There was a certain Son of belial, living nigh
unto the homerf Samuel who had gained much
m jney by taking horses that belonged to other men,
and he hated Samuel, and he swure he would be
revenged upon him, even if he had to destroy his
life. And n hen it was told unto him that money
would be given to those who would persuade the
people not to cast their lots Icr Samuel, be girded
up his loins, and got him up to Omaha, and bargain
ed with the Elders of the City, and they gave him
thirty pieces of silver, and bo went to the uttermost
parts of Nebraska, wbere the people knew him not,
and with smooth words he talked slander, and he
was cheertdand applauded by Old buck's Tribe, but
the Republic -ns would not harken to his voice.
33 At Omaha every man was u.gcd to go for Ex-
ferience, on sectional grounds; l ut south of the
'latte, all the agents of Omaha strjve to make the
people believe that local inuttors had nothing to do
in the election.
39 And it came to pass that in Brownville, there
were divers who wero deceived by the crafty cun
ning cf the men of Omaha, and of the servants of
Old buck. And they closed their ears lest they
should hear, and shut their eyes, lest they should
40 There were also other.:, who, though not de
ceived yet were numbered for Experience. They
were influenced by various motives some, bceaus!
they were the servant and friends of James, the
Chief Ruler, and semo because they owned parcel.
of ground in Omaha, and some because they were
to be paid three hundred iiii-sJ i;f silver, and soma
because they hated nvu were jealous of Robert the
Printer, and som because they loved slavery with
all its evils better than freedom, for divers of them
had saiJ, on the corners of the streets and in the
Market Places, tbey "would vote to introduce iSh
rery here, to-day, if they could thereby bring it here,"
but others, more cantinu.-, hod answeied them say
ing, Hold your peace andbo-juiet, or ye will pro
duce confusien among us. Do not all our Orator"
tell the people every day, from every stump, that
not one man in all Nebraska wants slavery here?
41 And some of the tribe, whi were the mo.-t
Tiolent said. If there is not as many on our side as
there is on the side of Samuel, wo can make more
noise than they can, wo can appear on thecorners of
the street while the Mud Sills are laboring, and
passers by will think we exist in great number.
42 Arid we will make many of tho candidates who
are not of the Dera rntic Tribe o."t with us to get
our votes, fur they are afraid of us, but they know
the Republicans are more moierat--, and wg can get
their votes without our being reekond amongst them
43 Now David the M rehant, and David tho He
brew, and Eli iho Scrib. and Siym iur th jr'n
ter, and John, and Gerdon the Mney lender, and
Wjilter, and Thompson's Colt, and Daniel, sur-named
the Rash, an l (Huts and divers others were constant
ly stirring up the people.
41 Their principal month-piece was Daniel, who
was a very clever little man ready of speech, and
.-killed in the uso of those weapons kown by the
names of irony and sarcasm, but he was yowig and
lacked understanding.
45 His memory, also, was poor. He soon forgot
that Samuel had been opposed to annexing South
Platte to Kan?s, though all other men remember
ed it. H3 also forgot that all talk about "the glori
ous o'd Democratic Pat ty, of the dajs of Polk, was
in his opinion, contemptablc deaK goguisin." But
in his speeches for the man whoso sur-name was
Experience, he did glorify and magnify the old par
ty, and tho roan Polk.
Administrator's Sale.
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of an
order cf the Probate Court of Nemaha county, N. T.,
granted on the 10th day of Septembco, 15, the
undersigned wiil offer at public sales to the highest
bid ler. on Saturday tho 22d day of October, A. I).
1Sj9. between the hours of 9 o'clock, A. M. and the
setting of sun, at the door of tho office of R.J.
Whitney, in brownville, Nemaha county, N. T., the
following described land, to-wit : the north-west Y
of section number 15, in township number 4, north
or range nnmbcr 15, cast of the 6th principle merc
dian in Nebraska and county of Nemaha, as a part
of the Estatoof the late William Welsh. deceased.
O. b. HEW ETT, Administrator.
Brownville, Sept. 15th, IS59. ' 10 6t $7
Territory of Nebraska.)
County of Nomaha, f "
Notice is hereby given that there will be an elec
tion held at the several Precincts in said county on
Tuesday the llth of October next, for the purpose rf
electing 4 member to the House of Representatives
of the Territorial Assembly of Nebraska, and 1 Pro
bate County Judge : 1 County Commissioner f.T the
1st Commissioner's District in said County; I Sheriff;
1 Register of Deeds; 1 County Treasurer and Col
lector ; 1 County Clerk ; 1 County Survejor, and
2 Justices of tho Peace, and 2 Constables in each
In TcstimoET Whereof I hare hereto
(. e . set my hand and aQxcd the Seal of said
i '"' "f county at my office in Brownville, this
27th day of August. A.D. 135'J.
ERASTUS E. PARKER, County Clerk.
Of every description, for sale at
South-east corner Main and Second,
Brownville, X. T,
Scrpt, 22J, 1S59, U-tf
Dwelling House for Rent.
THE EnUersimed will rent on liberal tmn?, to
prompt and rrcul tenant, tbe most commodious, elle
gant and clliitlj situated dwelling fcoue in tbe city of
Brownville aa excellent cistern, all necessary oat
bouses, and a ne garden with all tbe vegetables of tbe
season in an advanced state of cultivaiioa, cpon tbe
premises. D. L. McGART.
May 1. no47-tf
lllti .Mercantue firm of Crane & Lhii as hereto
fore existing is this day dissolved by mutual con
S3nt. Theodore Hill having purchased the entire
interest cf Merchandise, Notes and Account of Jonas
Crane, the books and account of the firm remain at
the old stand, N 17 Main Street, in charge of Mr.
Theodore Hill who will adjust all unsettled business
of said rta.
BrowBTilie, June 13th, 185. 5l-t
A XOTE of fcarM, calling for over one bnn lrcd dollirs,
which owner can have by calling at tbi office and paying
fur tbis advertisement.
TnE Copartnership heretofore existing between
noadley &. Muir has this day been dissolved by
mutual consent.
Those having accounts against the aaid firm witl
please present them for payment, and those indebted
will please make payment to either of the late firm.
June 1st, 50. 49-tf
Dwelling House For Rent.
Apply to
June 1st '59
I wish to employ a good, steady hand, to labor as
a farm hand for tho term of ono year.
CURRAN HUTCHIN3. . - n5-tf
1 lUti
A Benevolent Institution ettalhshed by special En
dowment for the relief of the tick and distressed,
XHcted with Virulent and Epedcmic Disease.
TIT E Iloward Association, in vie of tbeawiul distruc
tinnof buoian lire caused by Sexnal diseases, and ifce
deception? practiced npon the unfortunate victims of such
disease by Quacks, several years go directed their Con
sulting Surgeon, as a charitable act worthy of their
name, t? open a dispensary for the treatment of this
class of diseases, in all their forms, and to give Medical
Advice Gratis to all who apply by letter, with adescrip
Hon of their condition (age, occupation, habits of lire,
&.c Jand in caseof extreme poverty, to famish medicines
free of charpo. It is needless to add that the Associa
tion commands thebigbest Medical skill cf the age, and
will furnirh tbe most approved modern treatment.
Tbe Directors of tbe Association, in their Annual Rc
nuil Rep rt upon the treatment of Sexual Diseases, ex
press the highest satisfaction with the success which has
attended ihe labors of their Surgeons in the cure of Sper
matorrhoea; Seminal Mreakness; Gonorrhoea; Gleet;
Syphilis; the vice of Onanism or self-abuse, disease of
ihe Kidneys and Bladder, &c, and order a continuance
of the same plan for tbe ensuing year.
The Directors, on a review of tbe past, feel assured
that their labors in tbis sphere of benevolent effort have
been of (rreat benefit to the affiixted, especially to tbe
young, and tbey have resolved to devote themselves,
with renewed zeal, to this very important and much de
spised ciuse.
An admirable Report on Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal
Weakness, tbo vice of Onanism, Masturbation or self
abuse and other diseases of the Sexual organs, by tbe
Cocsuliin? Surgeon, will be sent by mail (in a sealed
envelope) FREE OF CHARGE, on the receipt of TW O
STAMPSf r postage. Other reports and Tracts on the
nature and treatment of Sexnal diseases, diet, fee, are
constantly being published for gratuitous distribution,
and will be sent to the afflicted. Some of the new re
medics and methods of treatinnets discovered during the
last year are of great value.
Address for Report or treatment, DR. J. SKILLTK
nOL'GHTON. Acting Surgecn, nward Association, Xo.
2, South Ninth Street. Philadelphia.
By order of the Directors,
Eo. Fairciiild, Secretary.
July 14. 1858-ly
Mclaughlin & dorsey,
laand Agents
Main Street, Brownville, N.T-,
Buy and sell Land Warrants, make out and file declar
atory statements; make out pre-emption papers; pay
taxes, investigate titles ;
Buy and sell property on commission; furnish land
warrants for time entries, and attend to all other busi
ness connected wi'.h a general laud agency business.
Particular attention raid to the selection of Govern
ment land and the location ot land warrants for parties
residing at a distance.
McLAUGIILIX &. DORSET respectfully refer to
George II. Xtxou, Esq., Register Brownville Land
Chrlcs B. Smith, Esq., Receiver of Public Moneys'
Nemaha Land Di'trict.
Robert W". Furna?. Esq., Editor Advertiser Brownville
Messrs. Lushbaugh 5t Carson, Bankers, Brownville,
Hon. W. M T. Hamilton, Hagerstown, Maryland.
Lewis R. Newcomer Esq. Baltimore, Md.
O H Barnet, Esq , Dayton. Ohio.
Hon. Fenncr Furguson, Delegate in Congress from
Nebraska Terrritory, Washington, D. C.
John A. Bcal, Esq.. Attorney at Law, Peru, Ind.
Brownville, April 22. no43tf
1'robatc Notice ami Sale.
NOTICE notice is lercby given to all persons interest
Cd that Avery Carter has been appointed Administrator
of the estate of Hugh Gerld. late of Nemaha county,
Nebraska Territory. Persons having claims against said
estate are hereby notified to present them to the Probate
Judge of said county, at Brownville, on or before the
12tb day of Septe mbcr 1S59, or they will forever be de
barred collection ; and tbe said Avery Carter is further
authorized to sell the poreonal property belonging to
s.-iid estate, or sufficient to satisfy all demands, at pub
lic auction or at private sale as may seem best, on the
13th day of September lSf.9.
R. J. WniTNET, Probate Judge.
Brownville, August 24th, 1S59 7-3t.$4.
And will produce more gold than any other diggings yet
discovered, and
33 ESKT,
City Boot & Shoe Store,
Will makeyou a superior pair of boots or shoes if you
call or leave your measure, or he will sell you a cheaper
caiter, a neater shoe, or prairie boots, and lady's fine
gaiters or slippers, cheaper than any other house West
of St. Louis. Employinggood workmen, and keeping a
variety of material and trimmings for home manufac
ture, I hope to receive that liberal patronace heretofore
bestowed on me. Give nre a call. W.T. DEN.
Brownville July 27, 1S59 ti3
T. 31. TALB0TT,
Having located himself in Brownville, N. T ten
ders his professional services to the community.
All jobs warranted.
OffP'or Texas.
TnE undersigned, desiring to start about thcIOIh of
September for Texas, will sell either for cash in hind or
ujon a short time to good men : One Dwelling Honse in
the City of Brownville with Two Lots enclosed, a good
garden and outhouses npon the premises.
Two Good Vacant Lots in Brownville situated bear the
levee and convenient for business purposes.
120 Acres of Land in Nemaha county near the Missouri
river; well timbered and watered.
One half of an Original Stare (equal to 50 lots) in the
Town of Aspinwall.'
Nine Lots in "McLennan's addition" to Nebraska City,
near Nebraska City wharf.
The undersigned finds the fiscal department cf his
affairs in a very embarrassing condition. If those who
are Indebted to him will please to come forward and pny
their littlenotes and accounts, he will take it as a great
kindness upon their part, and will be hapfy to pment
each of them with a slight token of bis high recard. ia
the form of a small receipt, neatly written, with bis
autograph appended thereto.
May 19 n47-tf
XIEREBT informs tbe public that he
located himself in this City, and is prepared
to serve those in want of anytbingin his line.
He has selected his stock rith care and will mannfactnre
a No. 1 article of ftvervthine i ffered. He deems It u;i-
recessarv to enumerate; butwill keep on hand eveyarti
cie usual ly obtained In Saddle and Harness shop.
Brownville May 12. i.o46-em
Frobate Notice.
NOTICE is hereby giren to all persons Interested
that Russell Pccry has been appointed Adminis
trator of the Estate of William Gilmrre, late of
Nomaha county, Nebraska Territory. Persons hav
ing claims ajajnst -aid Estate are hereby notified to
present them to the Probate Judge of said cor.nty.
nt RrowviIle, on or before the 2d ilonday of Ocn
tobcr 1S59, or they will forever be debarred collec
tion. R.J. WniTNEY, Trohate Judge.
Sept. 23d, 1S59, . " nll-3t-$i
- " c -? -r t!
- w - I - i- -r -
a e
5 ? .2 .
x a x
; c T
2. 5?-
SB 5 i
P s a
5 - 2
ft. y
c -
. --"52
c s crtr
3 -S C i-
- 5 - r c
kr5 its!
e s
x -
k a a
C !
o - tt b
Z 4 a.
t . 5 e 31
s 3
Si I ---.3
2 - - '
e it a
c 5 3
2 J h
1 - w
2 s.
2- 5-5 i
js t 5
- -5 5
r s - H
o Hill 25 l
it - . 7 j z
5 X
a S ? 5
Jf a . a
2 3 . -
e - 3
u c t. c
c - 5
0 (S
9r i
E 2-5
W :M
e & 1
g- 3
SI m fc- U
si 5!
. - - a.
" -
r." t
e c 2
-1 . -
c t r - Si m
w- - k c -
7; 0 5 5
56 r5s :;s
feo S - cc? .Sk--6J-5
a m .i ar Z 2 entire
.-555? etc? . 2
W v ki 1 at " af fl
or sale by J. It. M AtS & CO , Brownvii
oyau cruggists generally.
x C B
vT 2 k
? S m
!e, X. T
(Patented) MET .TL1C SUN DIALS, manu
factured at Pittsburgh, Pa.f and sold by W. W.
Wilson, A sent.
For AH Latitudes.
In additii n to the hour circle, subdivided to show
the true time to minutes, these Dials have engraved
Equation Tables, showing thediffererce between ap
parent a i.d true time every day in the year ; a mii
ror inserted, which reflects the clouds, showing their
exact course, and the consequent direction of the
wind ; a com pas j, circle, Ac Reins made with great
accuracy, of beautiful and durable workmanship,
and very ornamental and useful, this valuable work
of art should have a place on tbe groundsof all im
proved country residences, plantations, gardens,
lawns, Ac. A cast ircn column of Doric Order, three
feet high, is furnished nt $3 each. Tbe dials are 3
to 9 inche diameter, Prica of No. 4, $15; No. 3,
$10; Mo. 2, $7; Nr. 1, $5. The No. 4 Dial andcol
uran, $20, is generally preferred. Directions accom
pany by which they are easily set up and adjusted
to the true meridian. Order promptly filled.
Aug. 13, 1Sj9. n6-tf
Arnold's Combined Grinding 31111
Corn and Cob Crusher, and
Corn Slicller.
Three valuable machines in one! Tbis is anew in
vention, ami one that is well worthy tho attention of
the public, the (arming portion in particular; Combin
ation has beei: pronounced by those who have the Mill
in use to one ol the best ever male, and the great val
ue of this coaibination will be reailiiy seen when the
fact is considered that eich machine mikes a necessity
for the other. Thus: a Mil! nukes a necessl.y (or a
Sbeiler, ami Sheller rr a Mill, etc.
Boiiiij a.ljpted to the use of the firmer, by horse
power, as a farm implement itsca:ccly has aaequal in
It is also adapted to steam and water or wind power.
It is capable of grinding from five to ten bushels per
hour, requiring from two to three horse power, accord
ing to the quantity and quality or the work done.
It grinds sufficiently fine for family use, making a su
perior article of il-al, leaving it round and lively.
which is indispensable for lijrbt bread or puddings.
Everyone will be astonished at the difference in this
respect in favor of the meal male in this Mill compar
ed with that made in any stone mill. Tbey have only
to make tbe trial to be convinced.
It will shell fifty to sixty bushels per hour, and will
grind and shel 1 at the same time.
It will crush fifteen to twenty bushels of corn and
cob per hour, aud it will crus'u and grind at the same
It is light and portable, weighing thrc hundred pounds
and occupying a space of. lcs than tv:o feet by three
The grinding surfaces are very dnratle. being made of
iron as hard as hardened cast steel, and when worn ont
can be replaced without the aid of a mechanic., at the
trifliug cost of one dollar and fifty cents, thus overcom
ing entirely ihe grer.t objection to iron mills. Particu
lar attention is caUed to this feature in tbe Mill, as
the difficulty of replacing grinding surfaces in Iron
mills when worn out is an objection t them that has al
ways been urged with great farce, and has had the effect
:o prevent thousands from purchasing, who otherwise
would bp glal to do so. That objection is entirely done
awa; with this mill.
Miller will do well to examine this Mill, there be
ing no doubt that they will find it for their interest to
adopt it for a leed mill, as the grinding surraccs are re
placed at a much less cost than is required to keep a
Stone Mill in order, to say nothing ot the great saviog
i:i powtr and cost of Mill.
An examination of this mill is earnestly solicited, as
it must be seen in operatiou to be (ally understood and
Cards of direction are attached to eich mill, which
will enable any one to set up and operate them wlihout
further instructions.
State and county rights for sale on reasonable terms.
Price of mill complete $75. For particulars inquire
of E. RAUOX. No 13 Cm strcpt, or address G.
SHEPAFa), Postoflice, Uj. Chicajo, HI,
Spear's Patent Corn Ilusker.
A machine capable of flunking as much Corn in a day
as ten hands !
Speare's I'f tent Corn Ilusker was introduced to the
uoiice of La.oni agriculturists, in January ia-t, and
the immediate recognition .f its great merits, and the
approbation it has met with from the farming commu
nity is tnlly tested by the fact thst since is introduc
tion to the notice of the agricultural public in the east
ami south, (only six mouths sitce.) 20OO buskers cave
been sold.
The machine is now tipon exhibition at onr rffice in
St L.'""i'. and we respectful ly invite the farmers and
apiiculturists of thi- and tbe adjacent Counties and
States to call and satisty themselves by personal i:i.-pec-tiunof
the machir.e. of the simplicity of its construc
tion, tbe easy and jerfect manner in which it performs
its work, and the immense having ot time and labor it
lealcrs and arents have now a chance of more ample
remuneration, by purchasing this machine, than wiil
aci.-iin occur dr years in thi' section ot the West. Let
them at once communicate witb m and they will find
our terms to be the most liberal and encouiazing. We
also offer for sale county ribts at a very low tlure and
tip-iii easy teri.i.
The Ilusker will be on exhibition at the next State
Fair in St. I.ouis, and we will guarantee to tbe purch
aser thereof that, it performance will give them entire
satisfaction, otherwise the purchase ci-ney wiil be re
funded. Price twelve dollars each.
Bit AUG &. BURROWS, St. Louis, Mo.
TESTIMONIALS. J"hn A. Clark, one of tho Editors
of ihe Evening Dispatch, Augusta, Geoigia, writes as
follows :
New Tore June 17, 1S59.
Mcssrt X. T. Spearx 4 Co Sins Aft r bavin- at
tentively watched the operation of yon r Corn liut-ker
it is a privilege to bear testimony to the grp it merit of
the invention. You havedaimel for it nothing which
it has not iii my presence proved iteclf ej-pabie. Our
farmers will appreciate your Ubors, and it is not need
ed that I tdiould wi.-h you a success wticb is already in
your grasp.
r.5jpccirui:y, Sec, joiin a. clark.
Eeizabeth Tows, X. J.,'Jan ?2, 1S59.
Afmrj. -Y. T. JS cars 4- Co Gents. Your Corn
IT'isker was received this cioruin?. 1 stai ted off imme
diately with my b.: ses and wig iii to try n.y fcai.-il at
6helling. I traveled only a few milts., as every farmer
wished to tee the Hurker woi k. 1 z t back about eight
o'clock, ni.ikirga ciiti.i: of ab..utfuur miles. I sold ten.
That wilt do for half a day's woik. I can sell 530. Your
fortune is made. Yours, respectfully.
It has also received strong expressions of c mmer:da
tion from Hon. C.S. Flint, Secretary of tbe Massachu
setts Board of Agriculture, Hon. J. V C. Smith ex
Mjyor of B,stou. Hollis Bowman, if BaDgr. JIp. FIois.
James Allen, of Massachusetts, II. n Marshall P Wilder
o( Massachusetts, Prof. Mapes, of .ew York, and nu
merous others.
Ia addition to the abovo, we have certificates from a
large number of distinguished niea, who are interested
in vuragriculturaLindustry, who endorse the tueitscf
thu machine in the strongest terms.
Among them, the lion. Henry w. Benchley, of Mass.,
who aays :
I have had repeated opportunities of witnessing the
practical operation of Mr. Spear's Com Ucsker, and
have tested it thoroughly, and unbestUtingly pronounce
it beyond comparison the bett, ir not the only practical
without injury to the corn, and with astonishing rapid
ity. Its umpiicity f const ruction, rapid and efficient
working and low price, will, in my judgments command
for it an un.imited sale.
The undersigned have the pleasure rf informing the
f riniua community Uiat they have tLU day August 2!i,
1S59, purchased rroia the patentee the right of man
ufacturing and telling '-Spear's Coru Dusker." and are
prepdied to fill orders with promptness and tli-p.i ch
Farmers atid all others iutcri'Med, desiring farther
informal i.n will pleae write for circular.
All orders and letters should bo addressed ta
BRAGG- & BL'P.RjWES Sr. Louis Vo.
OSce, corner of Third aud Market streets-
nolvl .
Carpentry Made Easy.
Thirty-eight pla'e-, two hundred 5u e-. The most
practic3l and valuable bxk for farmer ext. int. Tells
how to bni'.d Birtis, and Houses, Bridges &c. ice.
Price $3; sample copy $2 by mail. iMistpanl by JAMES.
CHALLEN & SUN. Philadelphia. Ageota wanted
isuy Your Warrants
OF J. McCOSiEE, Farnbam-stroot, Omaha, Nebraska.
Pitts' Patent Machine. ,
TTic SubsTiber is tb iavecter and pitente el ite
above celebrated itacbiae, and hit ta aiotiAtare-l them.
fir cvrr twenty years, aad Is prepared tins season to
furnish either eight or ten-horse machines, tairty-two-lnca
cylinder, with all ill now improvements, geared la
four distinct ways, vis. Ifmi gear new isprevemeat,
pur gear short telt, !ot.g be't. This ce ebrated ma
cbiae"in erdinsnr grtiit wheat, osts, barley, ryrwlil
thresh and clean ready for market f . 01a 300 to COO besb
els of wheat a doy. ou (rem 2M bushels cr oats or bar
ley, and is without a rival la the ocntry. Tbis Horse
Power, known as the Doub'.e Pinion Power, Is the only
one iu tbe oountry ol tbe kind, aud for strength, dura
bi'iry and case ol dracgat cuut be surpassed ia the
The truck wagon for bsuUrg tte machircs sre gased
to run on tbe wido track with lar?o wheel i, and can be
used for farm purpose 1( required. Tbe iqiialirer for
thjrocjhly regulating the draught cf thp horses so that
one hcrse Cannot do any more than another, nor acy
less, atd saves all straia on the machinery. The bag
ging apparatus Is a new invention, attached to th ma
chine for bagging the grain as it come rroui the clearer,
atd saves one hand; tesides avoldi all Uisjutes betweeo
threshers and farmers.
Tbe Straw Stacker made by me far piling the strsw.
sre made of any length and are the teat koowa for that
Ail repairs far Separator or Eorse Puwurt furnished
at the shortest notice.
For prices, terms, tc, address IIIRAM A. PITT3.
DelaTrare Grape Tines.
A very fine stock of th True Delaware Tines, in
pots, or transplanted from open ground; a!so layer
from lirge bearing vines, all strong and well rooted,
redy for delivery ia the fall. Price $2 to $3. Also.
Logan Rebecca, Diana, Trslon YllliaKP, Concord Hartford
Prolific, and other new varieties, selected vines, $1 to
$2. The present season has Ween very favorable to the
growth of the vine aud with increased far: Utie for pro
pagation, ray vines are much flaer than I have ever be
fore ctTered. Mr J)elawares are wreppyated dirtctl
frontke 9figinal rias and bearing dctcetiaantt. aud
are of course genmue. It U wall known that purkuj
vines have been sold for the genuine, in various parts
of tbe country, aud it is also believed these vines have
been prcpaga'ed from (or sale, and purchasers cannot
exercise too much caution ia obtaining tbe r-elawirt
from a rel.ab'.e source. GEC. W CAMPBELL.
1-1 Delaware, Ohio.
Jiomt's Patent Ohio Thresher.
The subscribers have now ready several hundred of the
above excellent machines. Wherever these Mofili's
Threshers have been Introduced, it Is well known that
they sre altogether unequalled; and. therefore, as ma
ny first class references can be furnished as may be re
quired. They are built of 4, 6. 8, and 10 horse capaci
ty, and every machino is run several hours, and thor
oughly tested iu all its parts, bofor tearing our facto
ries. We hnve sNo now resdy for delivery SORGHUM SU
GAR CAXE MILLS, cf tbe most approved patterns, and
also all tbe necessary apparatus for the Domestic Man
ufacture of Suearand Syrup We are ne w prepared to
surply our customers with Mills of the most efficient
operation, at prices in St. Louis as low as in Cincinnati.
Descriptions of these Mills and Apparam.s. also a Trea
tise on Soruhum Susar Cane, and on Sti;ar and Syrnp
making, wl.l be cheerfully forwarded to all applicants.
As our farmers are fast learning the easy and la-ge
profits of raising hay for market, we are now making
ready to supply the demand far a 1 irge number of those
well established Dederick's Paralel Lever Horse pow
er n.iy Presses.
We manufacture and have constantly (or sale the fol
lowing hisnly approved Machines:
Selby's Pateined Premium Grain Drill ; the celebra
ted Kentucky Harvester ; Atkln's Seif-raklng Reaper;
Pape's St Child's Portaole Saw Mills, Portable Flour
Grist Mills; Mill Machinery, and stationary Steam En
gines, and Boilers and fixtures
Orders respectfully soli-itcd; and pamphlets with
prices, terms and full descriptions cheerfully furuUbed
St. Louis Agricultural Works, Corter Maine Bid
die streets, St. Louis, Mo.
nolvl Proprietors.
L,awton Blackberry.
to obtain tbe original variety for gardeu or field cnl.
tare, or circulars witb directions, address,
Ylnl Xew Rochelle. JT Y
Summer and Fall Planting.
JOHN A. KEKKICOTT. at the Grove Nursery, West
North fie. d. 111., will have ready (or delivery at the
rizht time :
Br.lbs. e-pcclaliy Tulips, at the low rate of $3 per
10!). and S20 per M for large rools:
Strawberries, of all the most approved varieties.
from $2 to SI per M for most; a fewsorts. like Wilson's
Albany, higher, to 40 cents per foot, accordins to vane
ty an l form average 23 cents, and are safe, to plant la
Aueust and September.
Fruit Trees, especially Peaches, in good variety.
Small Fruits. Currants, nought n G wseberry, Rasp.
berries. Blackberries, fitc, much lower than ever offered
Ornamental Trees, Pcs and other Hardy Shrubbery,
in great variety and abundance; and 10 000 small to
large plants Unrizht Honeysuckles. Lilies. Splreav
Dent2ia Scabra, Prim. &c, at from $1 to $10 per hun
dred. by mall on application ; and every thing
safely packed for distant transportation; and as a rule
most things sold at about tea per ecnt., less In autumn
than Spring. n lvl
Dousrjass Sugrar Mills.
Docgljss Brothers have made arrangements for man
ufacturing to an unlimited extent their Sorgho or Far
mers' Portab.e Sugar Mills, will be prepared to supply
tbe demand however large, and will also be prepared
to fill all orders for Douglass and Cooper's Pirtaile fur
nace and Sugar Evaporator.
on' Mills took the first Pretnlrrri (a Silver Medal) at
the United states Agricultural Fair at Sandtky, conten
ding with the Mills of Hedges, Free it Co. of Cincinnati
and H. J. Cox of Hamilton county. Ohio, also tbe first
Premium at tho Northwestern Virginia Agricultural
K.iir held at Wheeling, Va., and at numerous county
Fai'S in Ohio.
PRICES $G0, $S9, $100- $t25andnpwards. Price of
F irnaces and Evaporators, $30 to $100.
Circulars and Pamphlets furnished on app'iiea'i:n.
All orders addressed to the undersiened will be prompt
ly attended to. DOUGLAS BROTnER3,
ZDevil!e, Ohio.
vlnl Mt. Vernon, OZo.
Important to Farmers.
Messrs. James Challen 4c Son, Puhllahers PhUidel
phia. will send any Agricultural pnb'isbed in
America, postpaid, on receipt cf the retail price.
With Corn.
Those indebted to me are hercbj notified that
they can liquidate their indebtedness with corn at
the highest market price, deli verod at the store of
I. T. Whjrte in Brownville. This request is made
only because I am in dpbt myselt.Bn'l cannot raise
the ni'incy, but can make use of corn. Such an ar
rangement will be taken as a groat accommodation
under present circumstances. JESSE "0EL.
Ijrownville, Dee., 2, 16o3.
Ague ! Ague ! !
A Xcw Chemical Discovery.
Foremost amon pll the ditft-rcnt remedies offered
to the puMio for the cure of tbis disease stands
'Wards Telegraph Tonii?.' Il.-irg entirely vegetable,
free from the use of quinine and arsenic, of which
most of theaguo prepar.iti ns are composed, it is en
tirely harmless in its elects, and leaves the patient
strong ami healthy. If taken atcording to directions,
it will not fail to cure tho worst cases. Just try
it once and satisfy yourselves that the Ague can be
For sale, Wholeialo and Ketail, by Crftno & ill
Brownvill-, N. T., and by dealers everywhere.
Ail orders must be addressed toW. W. Ward,
Loavenworth, Kansas, General Agent fcr Kansas
and the Western States.
JulylJ, lSoS. 3m
est Fever and A?ne Killer Will
cure ague and fever, chilis and tever, dumb sgce, Inter
mittent and remittent fevers, and all the various forms
of revers incident to bilious climates. If there is a
man, woman or child sufferins wjtQ ague and J veer,
they areadvUed to procure Dr. Easterly's Fever and
Ague Killer, It is positive curt speedy and permt
nent. Try it.
Plice sjl per bottle, or C bot.lefor &5.
I'r. Easterly, corner of Third and Chestnut streets
St Louis, sole proprietor, to whom all orders must be
addrc'sei1 'o pot tha genuine.
Sold by J. H.. MAUN &. CO, Agents, Brownville.
rDr. Baker's Specific will cure
ronorrhea. gleet. trlctnre, eminal weakness, chordee,
dieaieof the kidney, bladder, and all disease of the
genital organ. Reader, have you a private ditetuel
Po nor neglect it. Delay U ianqerou. Dr. Baker
Specific i a sire, speedy, and radical enre. With Dr.
Baker's Specific yon can cure yourself, and prevent
exposure, as plain directions for tso accompany the
medicine. Prirp .l 60 per bottle.
rcymX)r. F. A9TEHLT. corner Third and Chestnut strets
St Loni. Mionri. sole proprietor, to whom all orders
mnst be addressed, to get thegcnr.ine. Sold by
Land Warrants,
a?or Casli on Tlxno
Wft sre prepared to loan Lind Warrants of all sizes to
settlers on such time as they may desire long or short
at the usual rates.
A constant supply of Warrants will be kept on hand
for sale as cheap as tbey can be bought elsewhere in
Buy of rernlar dealers and bewjre of ty.gns warrants
AH warrants sold by ns will be gnaranteed to be
genninein every respect and win be exchanged if de
fective. Ecinrt permanently located In Brownville. we can al
ray tie found at the old stand a few doors cast of tbe
Brcwnville House.
Bankers, and Dealers in I-acd Warrants.
Main Street,
Great ISush for
lVloIesale k 'Betail
X S3 -l U S3 IFL Sr
Announce to the Citizens of tbo
In 3!lT lac; oixzrl,
that rnrr have
Just Received,
Per Steamer Emigrant,
Xa 3Z3 "E5.
Glassware, .
if w k m a ir w K i ,
Readjllade Clothing,.
Cap3, etc.
Needed or EDesired
Can It had at our Store, and on term f at
faxoralh as thost of any cihtr .
Jfause in ihe West.
TTo Do a Cash, op TtthApe tot
Produce Trade, ana nre Hetcr
mined thereby to Give onr Cus
tomers BARGAINS.
We solicit a continued and increased
patronage, pledging ourselves li spare
no pains to gi'e entire satisfaction ia
prices and quality.
Our Atchison County Frlemls
Will find very mxc i their adrardagt ty
deal with us.
Give us a Call,
And SiXUf7 yH,r-'!-': 'hatwc hivsj
Or O O 33
Aid are seT'.in? iera
Brownville, 'Angnst lt IS-9.