Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, July 28, 1859, Image 3

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$2 00
t r. if baid in advance.
' .. ' " " at the end of fi months, 2 6f)
',, ' . . "12 " -' 3 W
,-, -..f 15 r nre will be furnished at $T 60 per
.nf pr-vdd tfce caih accompanies tbe order, Uot
J-- Tbe "Nebraska AdvertiBer" having
cj he lamest circulation of any paper in
Territory, V noiesaie laercnants in t.
fjt- Joserb, Cjn'jinnati and other East
nii '''',:r' Nebraska merchants pur
.,. w ;i UtJ ro btttc-r advei t;?ing medium
; T;.(r oKE Hill is. clearing away the
,-'1 preparatory to erecting -a new bu
.s' h.-iu.v1 adjoining, the one he now
;( V on Main Street. vQo-ahf-ad"
I Ifui's motto. . .
JvA'z? W hitney has nearly or qujte all
ni iu-rial on the ground for . the erec
t in. of a new business house on Main
Strt-t, near Carson's Banking House. It
ro le compltned in short order.
Dr. ITollada y is tearing but the old
front in his Drug Store, putting in a
i'urieWtmerit, an(J nev sh0w windows:
'?.hJ pavjn the side-walk with a good
iuUtaiitial stone paVernent.
Col. Nixo.x has entered ioto a contract
v.ith IHmel Smith, Esq., for cutting
'j3vn the lots on the .hill in. front of the
;..Vfp, to Atlantic Street. The dirt will
.laood upon the '-levee, Which, when
'fMiDpleteJ, will add very greatly to the
cparance and. convenience. Mr. Smith
uiil drive the woik right along.
; The workmen are putting down a stone
jitvement in front of McLaughlin's &,
!)oRrv's offrce r.rxl the ' Barber Shop.
Lot the work go on.
Ulanks, Blanks.
i v chi on hand, printed in superior style, and tor
sic cheap for tA, a frrsh supply of
i Warranty Deods, Mortgage Deeds,
'Trust Deeds, Bonds for Deeds,
, ' Justice, sheriff and Constable Blanks,
13 lank; Preemption Payers,
' Township Plats, Bills Lading,
Drafts, Notes, etc, etc., etc.
,7u which we call flic especial attention f those in ueed.
' J.. Pri itiiia of any Nd every description executed to
.Tiler in a ty fe inferior to none, produce iu auy of
te.u-untry. ""c cvrept no offi -e in the W?st, or eUe
lere, and oflir sicitueus of our work as evidence. .
Loeal Items
This week are as scarce as cash pur
chases of public lands. Nobody drowned,
vjti oiT, or committed suicide; 'nary fight
even .dog fight. Several attempts
Lave been made by the canine race; as-
ji'U'd by their allies the street loafin
cfnus homo; but owing to the exercise
: .-;f too much "liollerin" by the latter, and
-Uj.crior flatness oil the part of a portion
' tL? oilier, and a 'want of accelerated
nC''jn or pluck by ihe other, the scheoes
t"5"A few iiHTf roj :es of the ErotTLvillc Directory on
!:;. and f.T sale. Ilicy slumlJ ail tc (-out off. We
j e sent over 100 on our own account. Whoelbe wili
.1 A ... f... I. 1 1. i.i,i,.l.r-r 9 r
; will take Produce
We have been asked by several if, in
i "turning that new leaf you read about,1"
we mean that we will no longer take
country produce on subscription, &c. By
. n means ! We will still take, at market
' prJces, every thing we can eat, dxick, or
wear, or feed pig, cow, or horse with ;
but we vairf than , mere promises we are
riot willing to take we want the article.
o again we say bring in your corn,
wheat, oats, potatoes, chickens, buuer,
'if, iiacoli, lard, Sec, Sec.
J-Jperoon to mlioi this, and the prccedias rmniher
J tte JSrertisrr i Mnt, will consider so doing a solici
ltim to become recular suniicrilers, and if they like
j:ir Pr.d terms, we will tie pleased to place tbeir
names upon our 8iu?ci'iit;n books. JJ
Washington States. A. Tkyor, Esq., retires from
this valuable paper. He returns to his
r.ative home in the "Old Dominion," to
engage in his profession, the law. Mr.
Htiss will continue the paper under the
name of "Tkt States and ihe Union."
Nr. II. is the old original Union man,
and new that the administration paper ha?
cast aside the name Union and substituted
" Const U id ion" he takes up again the fa
vorite name. Success to the new arran
penient. .
tj-!"Wri;itinii received for any length of time,
rrunjtoe mutch U twelve
Slcaracr Dmaha.
Tbe steamer, Omaha, fea-ched our
'Wf fn Friday last. To 3Ir. Wilcox
"e are under renewed obligations for fa
vors. Frn hitn we are always sure of
receivin full files of .St.. Louis and way
lepers. We are not alone the recipient
tucn onremitting attentions. , lie is
thus attentive . to all with whom he has
intercourse, either in a friendly or busi
cess relation. :
t" Advertiser tbe commencement of tlwe volume.
inend wto have already interested themselves
D fXtfndinc the nt nv.r runer will nloiim
H oar thanks. OLbit ia ttaia county and otber por
Jimi of the Territory, who have promised ua clul, we
Pf,li to tear friu aoon. Our -subsciiption list is increas
!' ery hindsomely, aod we trust we will have the list
VP Uauoo before the expiration of the first three nioutha.
Godey's Lady's Book, for August, is
on hand, beautifully arranged and filled
with engravings and matter. How do
ladies get along without the Lady's Book?
Arthur's Home Magazine. The
August number we have. "Crossing the
Brook" is a beautiful and life like engrav
ing. "Wait and See," by Virginia Town
send, is yet in progress and very interest
ing. Ballot's Dollar Monthly, for Aug
ust, is upon our table. The leader, "New
England Celebrities," rewards a perusal.
"Tea Culture and the Chinese," freely
illustrated, is good.
The Romancist. The number for
August is received, and is filled with in
teresting and useful matter.
Cosmopolitan Art Journal. Vol.
3, Number 3 of this valuable quarterly
periodical, devoted to the diffusion of Li
terature and Art, is upon our table.
Principal steel engraving : "The Ameri
can Eagle guarding the Spirit of Wash
ington." "Hagarin the Wilderness," an
illustrated poem, is interesting.
5j"Tho best advertisement of our town and county,
properly holder, business men and othem can send to
their friendiiin the Slates, i the Advertiser. Send it
repularly and tbercbypet those looking westward inter
ested in thin particular lcality. There is nothiDg liLo
"keeping it before the people. 3J
Large Tomato.
We plucked from a vine in our own
garden, this week, a tomato weighing two
and one-half pounds, and measuring in
circumference twenty and three-quarters
inches Can anybody in Nebraska or
elsewhere beat it ? .
Since our last issue this locality has
been blessed with abundant showers,
which, by the way, was just in time;
worth thousands of dollars to our farmers.
Land Warrants on Liberal Terms.
H. A. Atkinson, General Land Agent,
corner Main and First Streets, Brown
ville, is offering land warrants to settlers
on the most liberal terms. Call on him
before making your arrangements.
II. S. Express Co.
We are again under obligations to the
U. S. Express Co. for late papers.
The St, Mary, on her last trip down,
had on board 12,000 in gold dust.
Minor Dead Letters.
In addition to money letters, the num
ber of letters registered and sent from the
dead letter office for delivery to the own
ers during June, 1SJ9, was 1,026, con
taining in bills of exchange, drafts,
checks, notes, Sec, 933 Ms. 20d.,S219,-
010.76, and 9,637 francs. Also, 120
deeds and land titles, 32 articles of agree
ment and powers of attorney, 10 certifi
cates of stock, 15 pension papers and
land warrants, 7 court papers, and 96
miscellaneous articles.
Of the above, 323 letters were evident
ly returned to the dead letter office for
want of care and attention on the part of
the writers, 268 of thetn being misdirect
ed and 60 held for postage. Many more
were apparently misdirected, but, not
bearing the address inside as well as out
side, the fact could not be fully deter
mined without other evidence than that
furnished by the letter.
These 32S letters contained in drafts,
notes, Sec, $107,211.93,11 deeds, 3 pow
ers of attorney, 7 pension papers, and 17
miscellaneous articles. Wash. Star
Espinassc Shot by own Soldiers.
It would seem by the subjoined para
graph that Espinasse was taken off by an
expedient which was said to have proved
fatal to some unpopular officers in our
own army during the Mexican war:
"It is said that General Espinasse met
his death by unfair means in the melee,
and that his untiaiely end was anticipated
and talked of in the army before going
into action. The story of the cannon ball
and the horse's head being carried off by
the same stroke, is all an invention. Gen.
Espinasse was shot own by a stray bul
let in the back of the neck while giving
an order to his aide-de-camp, who, placed
immediately in front of the (general was
shot dead likewise at the same moment.
The two shots came so quickly one upon
another that it is thought they were both
fired from the same revolver. This is the
rumor ; I leave its responsibility to those
who are spreading it with great assiduity.
It is well known that Espinasse was hated
most intensely in the army. His behavior
in the coup d'etat, of which he was foolish
and vain-glorious enough to beast, had
rendered him a marked man, and for a
long time he had shared in those secret
threats, received in anonymous communi
cations, which have tended during the last
few months to dispirit the Emperor's mind
and made him fly to this war with Austria
as a relief from remorse and the Carbon
The ball opens, as will be seen by re
ference to the proper column. We are
ftow prepared to receive patronage m that
tae: provided, always, that the "rocks"
r "spondulicks" "accompanies the ot
.for.". From this rule we will in no in
?'a;n.( deviate, and. hope no 'usMrani.'or
cs friend, will, by asking cr.-dit, place us
u the unpleasant posit km of refining.
.liave noT upon our Wis charges of
lhis kind of one. two, and three yrars
Ending. ' . ' ' - . .
A gentleman ef this city inquires the
position of Mr. Douglas in regard to the
duty of our government to protect natur
alized citizens traveling in European
countries. We can assure our correspon
dent, from the words of Mr. Douglas him
self, that he is distinctly opposed to the
doctrine enunciated in the letter of Gen.
Cass; that he is in favor of protecting in
every land the adopted as well as the
native citizen. In support of his opinion
he instanced several remarkable cases in
which the most powerful nations of Eu
rope have asserted and recognized, among
themselves, the absolute right of expatri-ation.-r-Cm.
The Boston Traveler noticing the ap
pointment of- Douglas delegates to Char
leston, from Vermont, says:
: The indications from Maine are that
Douglas delegates will be sent from that
State, 'and we should not be surprised if
'he ..1 lained the vote of all the delegates
; frem the New Enjhind States.
: AXD XVvrrantt Located by
' . - J, KcCOXIHE, Omaha.
Iodine and Sarsaparilla
Will cure all diseases arising from an impure stale of
the blood, or a deprared condition ol tbe fluids of the
system, viz: cancers, swelling o the elands, rheamat
isra, white swellings, chronic aore eyes, piles, ooils,
erysipelas, goitres, pains in the bones and Joint, ul
cers in th taouth and throat, and all chronic constitu
tional diseases. This medicine searcte out tbe very
roots of the disease by purifying the blood, and changing
the secretions in the system, thus removing the cass
tich renders the cure certain and ftrmanent .
Dr. Eatterlift Iodine and Stirtaparilla will cure the
worst mercurial diteate, and drive out and destroy ev
ery particle of mercury which is in the system, anl cure
Ha bad effect.
It will cure secondary typhilis or veneral diteate,
and will d.ive the syphilitic virus and all hereditary
taints and pouonous matter out of the system through
the pores of the tkin, and restore the patient to ft per
fect Btate of health and purity. It is a positive cure
for licer complaint and dyspepsia, if used a proper
length of time. I challenge the world to produce its
equal in these complaints. The afflicted will heir in
mini that Dr. Easterly's Iodine and Sarsaparilla will
cure all nervous diseases, female comploiuts, dropsy,
grareo, diseases of the kidney's, bladder, and urinary
orgaiiH, in a few days.
It will remove pimples and blotches from ihe face,
and make the skin clear, white and beautiful as ala
baster. It does this by purifying'the blood, and by its
prompt action on the liver, kidneys, and secretory or
gan, producing vigorous health.
Persons who have long been afflicted with scrofula, old
sores, tetter, ringworm, scald head, blotches, eruptions
of the skin, and s 11 cutaneous diseases, are advised to
procure Gridley's Salt Rhaum and Tetter Ointment to
apply on the sores and diseased parts, when using Dr.
Easterly's Iodine and Sarsaparilla. The Iodine and
Sarsaparilla purifies the blood, and causes the sores to
discharge their putrid matter, and the ointment heals
them.. When both are used (which I always recommend)
a permanent and rad cal cure is always effected. They
are the bct and most powerful curatives known to man.
A fair trial is all I ask I do not fear the result.
Price of the Iodine and Sarsaparilla, $1 per bottle, or
6 bottles for $5. Gridley's Salt Rheum Ointment 75
cents per bottle. Both are prepared by Dr. Easterly,
corner of Third anp Chestnut streets, St. Louis, Mo.,
sole proprietor, to whom all orders must be adlresed.
Jj-Sold by J. n. MAUN' it CO., Dru?gists, Brown
viile, N. T-, and by Druggists generally.
iiTDr. Carter's Cougli ISalsam
will cure Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Consumption, Bron
chitis, Spitting of Blood, Pain in the Side and Breast,
Pleurisy, Whooping Cough, Croup, Liver Complaint,
Palpitation of the Heart, and all discasesof the Throat,
Chest, and Lungs. No one should neglect a Cough or
Cold a single day. Miilionsdie annually by neglecting
aCoMHON Cold. Coughs and Colds lead to
tion, and then to an early death. Reader, have you a
a cough, cold, or any disease of the lungs? Procure at
once that celebrated remedy, Dr. Carter's Cough
Balsam, which never fails to relieve a cough in twenty-four
hours; and always cures the worst cases of
aolds, coughs, ans alf diseases of the throat and lungs in
a few days. Trice Trial bottles, 25 cents; large bot.
ties, $1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for $5.
J3-DH. EASTERLY, corner Third and Chestnut Strs,
St. Louis, Mo., sole proprietor, te whom all orders must
be addressed to get the genuine. Sold by
J. H. MAUX & Co.r Agents,
Brown ville, N. T.
BFcvcr and Ague Killer Will
cure iigue and fever, chilis and fever, dumb ague, inter
mittent ami remittent fevers, and all the various forms
of fevers incident to bilious climates. If there is a
man, woman or child suffering with ague andj'.ver,
they arc advised to procure Dr. Easterly's Fever and
Ague Kil ler, It is a positive cure speedy and perma
nent. Try it.
Plice $1 per bottle, or 6 bot.lesfor $5.
Dr. Easterly, corner of Third and Chestnut streets
St Louis, sole proprietor, to whom all orders must be
addresser to get the genuine.
S.ld by J. n. M.UX & CO, Agents, Brownville.
j&rDr. Baker's Specific will cure
gonorrhea, gleet, stricture, seminal weakness, chordee,
diseases of the kidneys, bladder, and all diseases of tbe
genital organs. Rejder, have you a private disease 7
Do not neglect it. Delay is dangerous. Dr. Baker's
Specific is a 6afe, speedy, and radical enre. With Dr.
Baker's Specific yon can cure yourself, and prevent
exposure, s plain directions for use accompany the
medicine. Price $1 60 per bottle.
5l3Dr. EASTERLY, corner Third and Chestnut strets
St Louis, Missouri, sole proprietor, to whom all orders
must be addressed, to get the genuine. Sold by
J. II. MAUX &. CO., Druggists,
Brownville, N. T.
Advice. As the hot season Is approaching, every
person should prepare their system for the change, and
there is no remedy so applicable as "McLean's Strength
ening Cord. al and Blood Purifier." It will purify the
blood thoroiiRhly, and at the same time strengthen and
invigorate the whole organization. The immense quan
tity of it that is sold daily, is pronf cnortgi of its great
virtues in thoroughly removing all the impure matter
from the blood. We say to all, try it I It is delicious
to take. See the advertisement in another column.
For Sale at this Ofiice.
Two Bay Mares in Charge
ON Monday the 27th of June, 1S59, two men
paEsinsr. by the names of Jamea Hamilton and W'm.
John.nn, stopped at Ihe I'rownv'tlle IIourcin Hrown
vil'e, N. T. having tvith them two large dark hay
mares. On the 2'Jth the ;nen left Brownville leaving
the nnimals at the City Livery Stable. They stated
before leaving that they had taken up the bore? on
Salt Creek between the two Blues, tDinking them to
be estrays. The mares are yet at the City Livery
Stable iu Brownville, whore the owners can get them
by calling proving property and pay ing all charges
connected with their keeping ; unless called for
within sixty days from this date, they will be held
ut auction to the highest bidder.
nr. iiossell.
Double-Threaded Sewing Machine,
Warranted the best in the World.
Will stitch and hem, tuck and fell, gather and em
broider with perfection, and will sew every kind of
g'Kls. even leather, and especially adapted tor family
Any person of ordinary intelligence can learn in one
hour to useit successfully.
We have a great number of references, but will give
only the name of lew, who are among the lirst fam
ilies, to wit :
We, the undersigned citizens of St. Louis, having la
tely purchased one of Raymond's Latest Improved Pa
tent Sewing Machiucs, and use it successful ly on differ
ent kinds of work, in our familie:i' f-ervice, do ciieerful
iy rcotumenl ir to all persons us a Family M:ichiuo :
Airs. P A Meflett. Airs J Jcwcti Wilcox
J Clemens Jos-e Coffran
Jas A II Lampton J. Mary Livermore
I) Htiale It R VVhorf
M BTennison MR Williams
J A Ualo DR Arbuckle
E Tillman II M Blossom
E J Slecns
Machiues without tables, as hand Machines, with one
needle and two spools of thread on the machine, are S25
With tables, half dozen extra needles, tools, &c, $33.
Xeedles $1 per dozen.
Completeprinted directions will be sent with every
tnuchiue. These machines take the same stitch as the
Grover and Baker.
Xo letters of inquiry answered except an extra post
age stamp is enclosed.
1 Machines warranted, and may be returned in thirty
' cays if not satisfactory.
! Trt m irhinaa ila'ji-arAjl unit 1 mij. f r .r
AH orders by mail or express, with the cash, will re
ceive prompt attention.
K. B Agents wanted for every twn in the South
and west, to whom a liberal discount will be given.
Address EDW1X CLARK, Xo. 62 Xorth Fourth street
St. Louts, Mo. n40-3m
To Lot Holders in Glen Rock, N. T.
Lot holders in Glen Ilock, Nemaha eounty, N. T..
are hereby notified that unless they come forward
within six months from this date and pay up their
respective proportions of entrance money and all
expenses nttending the entry of said town site, lots
uncalled for at the expiration of said six months
will be sold to the highest bidder, for the benefit of
said town, as piovided for in an act entitled "an act
regulating the disposal of lands purchased in trust
for town sites," passed July 10th, 1S57,
K.J. WHITNEY, Probate Judge.
June SCth' 1850. DI-4t
Land Warrants,
3?or Caolt and on Tlmo
We are prepared to loan Land Warrants of all sizes to
sot tiers on such time as they may desire long or short
at the uxnal rates.
A constant supply of Warrants will be kept on hand
for sale as cheap as they can be bought elsewhere iu
Buy of regular dealers and beware of hocus warrants.
All warrants sold by us will be gns-mtecd to be
genuine iu every respect and will be exchanged if de
fe".ive. Being permanently located in Brownville. we can ali
! wnys be found at the old stand a few doors east of the
Brownville House.
Bankers, and Dealers in Land Warrants.
Of the Receipts and Expcnditu es ,f f.. County,
Nebraska Territory, from thi ,t t; (J 4 -aS- A;p.
1S57 to the Us Bay of July, A D l:;3. .
J une term of the District Court, 1;;t '.
Xovember term do do , f
June term ' c- do I .
Xovember term do do ,
April term do do i j
County Court including County r.r-j r
Expenses of holding Coroner' j s u f
Printing for the county
County and Territorial Reads ' ' , . 4 "
Sheriff's fees t t
House rent, for use of counnty :,-.s
Kces allowed justices in Crimn "ilC
Fees of the Countr Treasurer ' " ,.
Expenses of August election 1!-T
do do do lSi 1 .
do do do lS;t'ii
Stationery and Blank Books "
Fees of Probate Judge ' f
Support of paupers
Guarding rnd keeping George Jet t;,-r t- Xi
gro, charged wuh murder. ? , 712 85
Constables fees in guarding ;t sors and
all other expenses not her etj.ri e n urited 6T3 69
Deficit Juiy Is 1S37 265 W
$310 70
333 15
371 23
J I 42 42
436 97
600 73
211 51
S52 04
414 S6
C08 24
124 60
1M) 73
174 40
5 70
53 85
13 50
174 96
117 00
449 25
$6 633 43
Amount of Taxes collected iu the ynai.i I5j.'
and 1653 $2 620 87
Amount of Taxes collected In the jes- il "9 3,020 18
Delinquent Tax list tor 1S57 anu iv J? 270 63
Deiinquent Tax hat for 1553 and 51)
614 63
Total. $f,52o 42
Which deducted f rem the amount ;f expen
ditures leaves the am juut cf i.ilchteJ
at this date July lit 1S57 $112 01
Territory of Xebrasla, County of Nemaha.
I. Erastus E. Parker, County Clerk : Xeniaha Coun
ty, Xebrask Territory, do berety cettily that the fore
guUig is a true statement cf the condition of
, "- . suid county nt this datt. s witness my
L S hand aud the impress t the seal of said
1 ' ' county, at my it!k-ein Brownville, this
1 vy' Sth day of Jutf A. D. lifl.
E E., County Clerk.
Brownville, July 14. 1359.
ioiii Hand-
Tlie Complete UalZ-i
COXTAIXIXU upward of 300 d-.ica- Incladingall the
most fashionaLle Dunce, V'!, Polka, Mazourka,
Schottishe, Gallopade, Cjmnioii.tnd Polka Redowa,
Quadrille or Cotillions. Varovieune, Gorlitza,
Maariili.itiue. Eletczka. EspnMe. two, three and
five step Waltzes, ii.c, &.c. Aiw. cumnion Waltzes
aud Poika Contra Dancei ; 21 ij Wy, Christmas tnd
Xew Year's Dances. WUh, eijg:iut Illustrations,
and full expatriations, audeveiy- variety of the
latest and moot approve I r;'ur-, aod calls for the
ditverent changes, and R lie on Deport cieut and trie
Etiquette of Dancing. : -yire 3i certfj,- Seat free of
postage on receipt of th juice.
Hoyle'8 C.aines.
A XEW EDITION', edition e tbracir;; all the most moo
ern modes of play, and ttie rr. ti practiced at the
present time iu Chess, miliar.. WLt, Draughts,
and all other popular games, ni'L tixteen games
adapted to the new Tan :eo Xi-ll-.-n cards. Edited
by T. FRERE. Price it. paper "jver, 50cts, neatly
bound in cloth 75cts. S.-tu lre rf p jsUge on receipt
of tbe price.
Frcrc's dices Ilnml-'ftc'oK.
COXTAIN1XG eiemeatary intn -wwii, the Law3 of
Chess, City select game. by tht Jirst pUyers, ending
of games, and the defeat of "the Muzio Gambit."
Also, thirty-oneof thechoicest problems. By Thos.
Frere. Piice 50 cents. A Jiberal discount to the
trade. 1 1
Xciv Chess ISooli!
lem Tournament, containing all of Murphy's most
interesting games of Chess, played in Europe and
America. Also, forty original chess problems,
never before published, composed by the most cele
brated masters Price 50ci. j Sent free of postage,
on receipt of the price. A liberal discount to the
trade. Address
T. W. STRONG, Publisher,
83 Xa.-Sau St., Xew York.
July, 14, 1853.
A Benevolent Institution established by special En
dowment for the relief of the sick and d stressed,
ojflicted with Virulent and Epedemic Disease.
TIIE Howard Association, in view of the awful di-truc-tionof
human lite caused by Sexual dit-ea.-es. and tbe
deceptions practiced upon the unfortunate victims of such
disease by Quacks, several years ago directed their Con
sulting Surgeon, as a charitable act worthy of their
name, to -open a dispensary for the treatment of this
class of diseases, in all their form.-:, and to give Medical
Advice Gratis to all who apply by letter, with adescrip
tion of their condition (avre, occupation, habits of life,
ice ) and in caseof extreme poverty, to furnish medicines
free of charge. It is needless to add that the Associa
tion commauds the highest Medical skill of the age, and
will furnish the most approved modern treatment.
Tbe Directors of the Association, in their Annual Re
nual Rep rt upon the treatment of Sexual Diseases, ex
press the highest satisfacri. n with tbe ucces which has
attended the la'oors of their Surgeons in the cure of Sper
matorrhoea; Seminal Weakness; Gonorrhoea: Gleet;
Syphilis ; the vice of Onanism or self-abuse, disease of
ihe Kidneys and Bladder, &c, an-l order a continuance
cf tbe same plan for the ensning year.
The Directors, on a review of tbe past, feel assured
that their labors in this sphere of benevolent effort have
been cf great benefit to the afflicted, especially to the
young, hnd they have resolved to devote themselves,
with renewed zeal, to this very important aud much de
spised cue.
An admirable Report on Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal
Weakness, the vire of Onanism, Masturbation or self
abuse and other diseases of the Sexual organs, by the
Consulting S irsemi, will be sent by mail (in a sealed
envelo: e) FREE OF CHARGE on the receipt of TWO
STAM1SX r postage. Other reports and Tracts on the
nature and treatment of Sexual diseases, diet, &.C., are
constantly being published for gratuitous distribution,
and wjlUhesent to the afflicted. Some of the new re
medies and methods of ireatinnets discovered during the
last year are of great value.
Address for Report or treatment, DR. J. SKILLTX
noCGIITOX, Acting Surgeon, Howard Assciation, Xo.
2, South Xinth Street. Philadelphia.
By order of the Directors,
EZRA D. HARTWELL, President.
Eo. FAiRCiriLD, Secretary.
July 14. 1 653-1 y
Mclaughlin & dorsey,
Inane! Agents,
Main Street, Brov,nviIIe,X.T.,
Buy and sell Land Warrants, make out and file declar
atory statements; make out pre-emption papers; pay
taxes, investigate titles ;
Buy and sell property on commission ; furnish land
warrants for time entries, and attend to all other busi
ness connected with a general land agency busiuess.
Particular attention paid to the selection of Govern
ment land and the location of land warrants for parties
residina at a distance.
McLAl GnLIX & DORSEY respectfully refer to
George II. Xix.iu, Esq., Register Brownville Land
Clurle B. Smith, Esq., Receiver of Public Moneys'
Xemriha Land District.
Robert W. Furnas, Esq.. Editor Advertiser Brownville
Messrs. Lushbjugb &. Carson, Bankers, Brownville,
Hon. W. M T. Hamilton, Higerstown. Maryland.
Lewis R. Xewcomer Esq. Baltimore, Md.
O H Barnet, Esq , Dayton. Ohio.
H .n. Fenner Furgnson. Delegate in Congress from
Xebraska Terrritory, Washington, D. C.
John A. Beat, Esq.. Attorney at Law, Peru, Ind.
Brownville, April 22. no43tf
B :el s :fl
Main Street,
With Corn.
Those indebted to me are hereby notified that
they can liquidate their indebtedness with corn at
the highest market price, delivered at the store of
I. T. AVhyte in Brownville. This request is made
only becaus'e I am in debt myself, and cannot raise
the money, but can make use of corn. Such an ar
rangement will be taken as a great accommodation
under present circumstances. JESSE XOEL.
Brownville, Dec., 2, 1S5S.
Ague! Ague!!
A JVciv Chemical Discovery.
Foremost among pll the different remedies offered
to the public for the cure f this diseaso stands
Wards Telegraph Tonic' Being entirely vegetable,
free from the use of quinine and arsenic, of which
most of the ague prepara tions are composed, it is en
tirely harmles in its effects, and haves the patient
strong aud healthy. If taken according to directions,
it will not fail to cure the worst cases. Just try
it once and satisfy yourselTes that the Ague can be
For sale, Wholesale and Befail, by Crane & Hill,
Brownville, N. T., and by dealers everywhere.
All orders must be addressed to W . W. Ward,
Leavenworth, Kansas, General Agent for Kansas
and the Western States.'
July 14, 1859. L3"J
Main Stmt, Brownville, Nebraska,
nas iust received a fresh supply of
Consisting ft Xew Style
Ribbons, Laces, Flowers,
And the finest and best materials for mauuracturing
anythinc in the millinery line.
April 1st, '53 n40-ly
A MEMORANDUM BOOK, which theewnerenn
have by calling at this o(5ce, describing and paying
ofr this aj vertiicmea t.
No. 637.
By the President ofthe United States
la pursuance of la- 1, JAME3 BCCHAXAX, Presi
dent of tbe raited St-lcs cf America, do heret.y declare
and make knewn that public saies will bo held at tbe
undermentioMHl land unices in the Territory of Xebraska,
at the period hereinafter Ue;iguated, to wit :
At the land tfHce at Brownville, commencing on
Monday, tbe t"gtth day of August next, tor lb disposal
of tbe public laDds within the following nauied town
ships, viz :
North of the Base Line and East of the Sixth cf the
The part of township I, uuuide of the Sac and Fox aud
reservation, of ran 17.
The parts t f townships 1, 2, 3, and 4 outside of fie Sac
aud Fox and balf-breed Xemaha reservation; auil frac
tional townships 5 and 6, of range lb.
The part of township 1 outside of the Sac and Fox re
servation ; township 2 ; the parts cf towuships 3, 4, and
5 outside of the half-breed Xemaha reservation; and
fractional township (j, cf range 15.
The part of township 1 outside of the Sac and Fos
reservation; townships 2, 3, and 4; the part of township
5 outside 01 the ha:f-bre.d Xemaha reservation; and
towusbip 6, of range 13.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, of range 13.
Townships 1, 2. 3, 4, 5 and 6, of ranga 12.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, of range 11.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, of rar ge 10.
At thp land office at Brownville, cemmencingoa Mon
day, the fifth day of September next, Tor the disposal of
tbe public lands within the Tollowiug named tow usfcips,
viz :
North of the Base Line and East of the Sixth Principal
Townships T, 2, 3, 4, 5, and t, of range 9.
Tbe part a of townships 1 and 2 outside of the Indian
reservation; nnd townships 3. 4. 5 aud 6, of range 3.
The part of township 2 outside of the Indian reserva
tion; and townships 3,4, 5. ml 6, of rango7
Tbe part of township 2 outsi.le of the Indian reserva
tion; and townships 3, 4, 5 and 6, of ranee 6
The part of township 2 outside of the Indian reserva
tion; and townships 3, 4, 5 and 6, of rungo 5
The parts tf township 1 and 2 outside of the Indian
reservation; and townships 3, 4, 5 aiul 6 of range
At the land office at Xebraska City, commencing on
Monday the first day of August, for tbe disposal of the
public lands within the following named townships, viz:
North of the Base Line and East of the Sixth Principal
Fractional township 7 of range 15
Fractional towhshins7and 8 of range 15
Township 7; and fractional townships 8, 9, 10, 11 and
12 of range 14
Townships 7, 8. 9, 10, 11 and 12; and fractional town
shi13 of ransel3 . -
Townships 7, S, 9, 10 and 11; and fractional townships
12 and 13 of ranse rl
Tow'iships 7, 8, ?, 10 and 11 and fractional township
12 of mnpe 11
Townships 7, 8, 9, 10 aud 11 and fractional town-hip
12, 13 and 11 of ratine 10
Townships 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13; aud fractional
townships 14, 15 and 16 of range 9
At tbe land cfH:e at Xebraski City, commencing on
Monday the twenty-ninth day of August next, for the
disposal of the putiic lauds within the followiug named
townships, viz :
North of the Base Line and East of the Sixth Principa
Townsbips 7. 8, P, 10, II, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16; nd frac
tional towtship 17 of ranges
Townships 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13, 14,15 and IG; fraction
al township 17 of range 7
Townships 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 of range G.
At the land offe at Omaha City, commencing on Tues
day the firth day of July next, for the disposal of the
public lands within the following named townships viz:
North of the Base Line and East of the Sixth Principal
Fractional townships 13, 14, 15 and 16 of range 1 1
Fractional townships 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 of range 13
Fractional ownships 12 and 13; townships 11, 15. 16
and 17; and fractional townships 13, 19, 20, 21 aud 22 of
ransc 12
Fractional township 12; townships 13. 14,15. 16. 17 and
IS; and fractional townships 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 of range
Fractional townships 12. 13 and 14; townships 15, 16,
17, 18, 19, 20, 21,22 and 23 of ran;e 10
At the land onVe at Omaha City, commencing on Mon
day the twenty-fifth day of July next, for the disposal of
the public lands within the followi-.ig named townships,
viz :
North of the Base Line and Easi of the Sixth Principa
Fractional townships 14, 15 and 1C; townships 17, 18
19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 of range 9
Fractional townships 16 and 17; and townships 18, 19,
20, and 21 of rar.-,'b S
Fractional township 17; aud townships 18, 19, 20 and
21 of range 7
Fractional towns-hip 17; and townships 13, 13, 20 and
21 of range 6
Fractional township 17; and townships 13, 19, 20 and
21 of range 5
Fractional township 17: and townships 18, 19, 20 and
21 of range 4
At the land office at Dakota, commencing on Monday
the eighteenth day of Jiily next, for the disposal 1 of the
pi;blic lands within the following named townships viz :
North ofthe Base Line and East of the Sixth Principal
Fractional township27 of ranye 10
The parts of townshipsil and 27 outside of the Indian
reservation; andfractional townships 23 and 29 of range9
TSe part of to-nship 27 outshfe of the Indian reserva
tion; towns-hip 25; and fractional townships 29 and 30, of
raTitre '3
The part of to"'n-hip27 onlsidc of the Indian reserva
tion; townships 23 and 29; and fractional towm hips 23
and 29; and fractional town-hip 20 cf range 7
The part of township 27 otitiddc of tbe Indijn reserva
tion; townships 28 and 29; andfractional townships 30
and 31 of range G
Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, In
dian, military and other purposes, will becxcluc.cdfrom
the sale-.
The oiTering of the above lands will be commenced on
thedays appointed, and will proceed in tbeorder in which
they are advertised until the whole shall have been
ottered, and tbe sales thus closed; but no sale shall be
kept open longer than two weeks, and no p. ware entry
of any of tbe lands will be aHuiitted r.util alter the ex
piration of the two weeks.
Given inder lay hand, at the City of Washington, this
22d day of .March, Anno Domini, one thousand eight
hundred and flfty-nine.
By tbe President:
Thos. A. Hendsick,
Commissioner or the General Land Offlce.
TH2 endersijned, devirine t st.vt aVt theirb of
September for Texas, will sell either for cash ia hnoft.r
upon 1 short time to p.od men : One Dwelling House In
the City of Brownville with Two Lots ct closed, a gjc-a
garden and outhouses upon tbe premises.
Two G. od Vacant L"ts in Erownvil le situated near tie
levee snd convenient for business piiriK-.
120 Acres of Land in Nemaha county near the Missouri
river; well timbered and watered.
One half of an Original Shire (equal to 60 lots) ia the
Town tf AspinwaM.
Xino Loum ".McLennaa's additijn"toXeiraskaCity,
neir Xebraska City wharf.
TLe u-.rJersigtiet rinds the fiscal d-'partment cf his
atT.iirs in a very embarrassing condition. If those who
are indebted to him will please to cr me forward and pay
their little notes and accounts, he will take it as a greit
kindness npon their part, and will be happy to pre sent
each of them wiita a slight tokeuof his huti resard. iu
the form of a small receipt, neatly written, witb fci
autcgrai h apj-euded thereto.
May 19 n47-tf
C. If." "WIT-COX.
Xoticc to Pre-Emplion Claimants
Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to
any of tbe lands within the townships and partsof town
ships above enumerated, is requireutoesfablih the same
to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the
proper land office, and make payment therei'or as soon
as practioable after seeing this no'ice, and before the
day appointed for the commencement of tbe public sale
of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise
such claim will be forfeited.
Tiros. A. Hendricks,
Commissioner of the Gen'l Land Office.
Xote. Under the regulations of the department, as
heretofore and now existing, no payment can he made
for advertising proclamations except to such publishers
as are siecially authorized to publish by the Commis
sioner of tbe General Land office.
Cor. DroatUvav and WaIi Street.
n.iving purchased the entire Nursery stock of John
Siggerson& Bro., I am prepared to offer to tbe public
the largest and best selected stock of Fruit Shade, and
Ornamental taeas, shrubs and plants ever oliered for
sale in the West. We are determined to offer such in
ducements to tree planters and the trade as will ensure
the most, entire satisfaction. Descriptive catalogues will
be furnished, and any information given, by addressing.
Saint Louis, Mo.
Xovember 35, '53-Iy.
iknd Four Stamps for a Specimen of
A Weeklv summary ofthe latest intelligence re
ceived from Hngland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and
the British Fosses-ions in every part of the world,
and devoted to politics, literature, science, art, his
tory, Ac., &c.
Tlie ".'Yews from Blome"
Will be rorwarded postage free upon receipt cf
subscription, viz :
$2 for one year ; $1 tor six months ; 00 cent3 for
threo months.
Fost masters and ne-w.'pnpers otTuers are authorized
to act as ngents. A liberal allowance made to par
ties cretting vp club3.
Address T0WNDR0W A DAT
Editors and Froprictors, Xew Tork.
April 14,'c'J-ly
A. i. BEKEY.
Froprietor3 of the
TI1IS HOTEL has lately been entirely re5tted
and the proprietors can now assure the public that
they will meet with every convenience and comfort
usually found at. a first class hotel.
Mr. Berry, the Jr., par nt-r was formerly conn-ctcd
with the sane h"ise, and h-is h id large experience
in the hotel business in the Fast.
Brownville. June 16th ljy. 51-6in
Sheriff's Sale.
"C'TICL is hereby given that by virtue of an ex
ecution issued from the otTue of th Clerk of the
District Cort for Memaha County, Nebraska Ter
ritory, against Alexander Hallam in favor of Robert
Linford, for the sum of fourteen hundred and twelve
dollar and twenty cents: I, Davidson Plasters,
hc-riiT of said county, have levied upon, and from
the door of the house in which the last term of said
Court was hcjd at Brownville in said county, will
on the 3;li day Aug., A. D. ISj'.1, between tbe
hours of nine o'clock a. ji. atd threo o'clock, P. m.,
sell, at public sale, to the highest bidder, for cash in
hand, the following described Real-estate together
with all the Mill property, Machinery and im-.nve-meu".
thereunto belonging or in anywise pertainihg:
To-vit : Blocks number thirty-four and thirty-tve
in Glea Ro;-k in said county, as numbered nd desig
nated upon the original plat of said (lien Rook, said
property to be sold as property of said Hallam to
satisfy said execution.
Sher.ff of Nemaha Co., N. T.
Brownville, June 15th, 1S59. 5l-4t-$7,50
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of an ex
ecution issued from the cfTteo of the Clerk ofthe
District Court of Nemaha county, Nebraska Terri
tory, against Medly and Compton in favor of Solo
mon Wyatt for the sum of four hundred and tbifty
five dollars and sixty cents; I, Davidson Blasters,
Sheriff of said county, have levied upon and oq Sat
urday the 30th day of July, A. D. 1S59, between the
hours of ten o'clock a. ir. and three e'clock p. f..
at the door of the hous-o in which the Iat term of
the said District Court was held at Brownville in
said county, will sell at publio sale to the highest
bidder for cash in hand as the property of Alfred
Medly to f.Uisiy said execution, tho following de-sr-iibed
real estate, to-wifc: Lots number one, two,
three nnd ten, in block number one hundred and
forty-four, as designated on the original plat of the
town of Peru end situato in Peru in said Nemaha
county, together with all the improvement?, tene
ments and appurtenances to said lots belonging or
in fenywioo f.ppertainin?.
Sheriff of Nemaha ecuofy, N. T.
June 20th, lSjO. cl-4t--?rj0
NOTICE is hereby given tnatby virtueof an ex
ecution issued fmm the office of the Clerk of the
Di. trict Court of Nemaha county, Nebraska Terri
tory, again t T.J. Favorite and in favor of Green.
Sp-ingle t Co., for the sum of onehundred and four
dollars and eighty cents; T, Davidson Plasters, Sheriff
of said county have levied up ;n and on Saturday
the 30th day of July, A. D. 139, between the hours
of ten o:W-k A. u. and threo o'clock P. at the
door of the house in which the la.t term of the. said
Court was held at Brownville in said eounty will
sell at i.ubiicsale to the highest b'.dder for cash in
hand as property of said T. J. Favorite to satisfy
fca'd execution, the following dejc ibed real estate,
to-wit:The south-east quarter of the north east
fltia'ter, of section number fourteen, in township
number live, in range number fourteen, east of the
sixth principal mercdiun, according to the govern
mcnt survey, nnd situate in said Nemaha county, to
gether with all the improvements to said land be
A 5 D
Srowxivillo, XC. I". .
Lasd War?. axis Loaned on Tl:3 -
From On? Month to Ten Years,
Land Wjrrsnts Lorncd To Pre-p-np-'-rs TixtJ Pa d :
Collecti. n made; Real tstai? Bv-at and .Sid ; I. irv) ,
located ; ana afo Investments tnO? f i'astern. Cap
italists. All Land "iVarranti sold by us r juarerAsi pertt
iu all rejpe-:-i, ...
Rticnrcr. . . . .
Register and r.ecelvcr of Ln1 OfVc at rwnv.r.c : TV
Register and Receiver cf L.r.-1 ottfe at XeVask CV
Register anl Receiver of Lxui ViT, e at Oa;.ib. X. V .
Saarue! W. Iiijik," GovcrL-r of Xcbra4a, Einse:!
Majors Jt Wadetl. Government Tran-porurs. Kinu
and Xebraska; E. K. Willarl & Toui.j. U-irker, Ch.a
ro; F. Granger Adam. Banker. CbiCatj; Taylor lire's.
78 wall street X. V. City. Thompson Bro'a. X ? Will
street X T City, nn Alfred Gilmer, Philadelphia,
Pa.; V. S Grant. President G-rrj.ner Ear.k, if ainet l.V
M. Conker, President Banker Ccrianso, X. T ; Crsa-
HU1 Brownville, Xebraska. . " . '
The Land Saies tko place 11 Xehr4ki i July, A-'
gust and September, when u.P of tin ch t lunis iu.
tbe rnited6tate will beefier?-! for s 1 irui sfterwaraJr
subiect to private eiitry wi;b Zyi or Lar.a Varrants.
Brovrnviile, X. T., July 1 1. lsoJv no 1 6ni
First 'Street opposite Recorder's
June 29th, 135Q.
Sheriff of Nemaha county, N.T.
nl-lt 750
Sheriff's Sale.
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of an ex
ecution issued from the office of the Clerk of the
District Court of Nemaha county, Nebraska 'lerri
Urv, against Daniel Convert A Joseph Rogers and in
favor of AliVcd Cary, Jones & Co., for the gum of
thirty-four dollars and forty-one ccms ; I, Davidson
Plasters. Sheriff of said county, having levied upon
and on Monday the first day of August, a. P. ISjO,
between the hour of ten o clock A. M.and four o clock
P. M., at the door of the house in w'hich the last term
of the said Court was held at Brownviilo in ?aid
county, aud will sell at public sate to the highest
bidder, for cash in hand as propeity of said Rogers
to satisfy said execution, the .following described
real estate to-wit: Lot number thirteen in block
number eighty-five as designated upon said plat of
said Nemaha City in Nemaha county, and all the
buildings and appurtenances there to belonging.
Sheriff of Nemaha county, N. T.
June 30th, lSj'J. nf-lt $7i0
Probate Notice.
NOTICE i3 hereby given to all persons interested
in the Estate of the late Oliver P. Kelly late of Ne
maha county, Nebraska Territory, dteeased, to ap
pear at the office of the Probate Judge of said eounty
at Brownville, on Tuesday the Oth day of August,
1S.V.', at ten o'clock, A. Ji., to .show cause why James
N. Kelly, Administrator of aid Estate, should not
be authorized to sell the following described real
property of said estate, to-wit: the south-east quar
ter of seci ion 2:5, in townchip 5, north, in range 15,
east, of land situate in said Nemaha county, or so
much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy such
debts ag.iin.-t. aid Estate as still remains unpaid.
Ordered that the above notice be published four
successive weeks in the A .- AUceriirr. .
Giver, under my hand this 25th da y of June, 1850.
li.J. WUITNEY, Probate Judge.
June 30th, IS50. nl-lt j
Probate Notice.
WHEREAS it appears that therearo claims exist
ing againsf the Estate of George W. Blakely, de
ceased; I have appointed Monday th-3 tfi of Sep
tember next as the final day for hearing all claims
against said Estate, and all persons having claims
against said estate are hereby notified to lili the
same at my office, or with tho Administrator of said
Estate ou or before that day, or they will be forever
barred from recovering such claims and from setting
off the same ia any action whatever.
Given under my haod this 27th day of Jun, 13.39.
R. J. WHITNEY, Probate Judge.
Ordered that the abovo notice be published for six
successive weeks in tho Nebraska Advertiser.
Beatrice. Gage county, N. T.
June 30th, ISo'J. nolvl-6t $7
Probate Notice.
WHEREAS application has been made to the
Probate Court-of Nemaha eottn'y, Nebraska Terri
tory. fo tho appointment of n General Administra
tor of the Estate of Charles. M. Greevcr, late of said
county, doc-eased, notice i hereby given that Satur
day theCth day rf August, is tho day appointedfor
hearing taid applications, at my office in Brownville,
in said county, when and where all persons interest
ed in said Estate may appear and show cause why
Heath Nuckolls shall not be appointed said adminis
trator. Given under my hand this 20th day of June.lSjO.
. R. J. WHITNEY, Probate Judge.
June 30th, ISCO. n2-Gt-$7
WHEREAS application has been made tc the
.Probate Court of Nemaha eourty, Nebraska Terri
tory, for the appointment nf a Ganeral Administra
tor to the Estata of Mary Simpson, late of said coun
ty, deceased, notice i3 hereby'given to all whom it
may concern, that Thursday the 4th day of August,
A. D. ISj'j, is the day set for the hearing of said ap
plication at my office in Brownville, in said county,
when and where all persons interested are required
to appear and show cause why William Hobiitzell
should not beappointcd as said Administrator.
Given under my hand at office this 23d day of June,
1959. R. J. WIIITNEY,
. . Probate Jud?e.
Juno 23d, 1359. 52-6't-$7
TnE subHcriber would respectfully inform the ciritem
of Brownville, and vicinity, th it he Eos located here-f-jr
tbe purpose f maaufirturicjr Bot ud Shoe to order.
All persons in want of a superior article wiii Uj wc.i tv
call and leave tbeir measure-
Repairing promptly and neatly dne.
' K. GltSUN".
Brownville, July 7, 1S33. . vtal-tf
THE co-partnershji) heretof'Tj existing between
Thos. M. Green, Jno. P. Baker, S. A. Chamber anl
John Martin, under the style Gr-.-en, Chambers
I ' 1 . v . J . ... ! J k ...... T . r .'11
VI)., UiU i' wit uia.sonca ujf 1uaLa.11 luus-rni, iiw"
binint' will here.tfter be con.lujtiJ by The. XI.
Green and John Martin, under the nrimo oC"lirjn A
Martin, to whom all accouuts ia'jst b presented and '
all debts paid. ' .
llii.'S. y. t.tiHL.N,
c , (ill 1 mrnn .
r-. a. ..ita viri.i,j,
June 23-,lS39. . 52-tf
A NOTIJnf hand, calliuK for over one hundred d-dlfs,
which wner can luve by calling at this oOIceaud paying
for this advertuoaect.
she a
BROTt"SV!I.Li:, X. T. '
nERJ!BT inf.irra Ihe pr.V.Ic that he ha
J-1inTlT - VST I TVTffflJriwv
We wish tohur 50.000 busheLi cf CORN
drhvercil m this (?itv i.r jtiVrii. lor which W9 will
pay the highest market price in cash.
- . J, MAiai.'S ct Co.
BrownT;Ho,.reb.l5th,':9. 3lLp.lst-
GOULEY i5- co':;
(Late Randall, Coi lt y, y Co.,) .'
Commission Merchants,
JVumler 51, Levee,
St. Ioiiii., 32Iicxui,
-"Patent Ietiliic Jv'.-;r" Airtucv fr
DuPout's Guei'OVlUt.
AtS- V
1gentiJor Cropper m Co's Ur.cdullzraicd
S UPPLIED with Land Tarrants by
Omahi,.'- T.
J a-:C0XI3S.
Shrubs, Hoses, ' Vines, Flar.ts,' tic.
Agents fjr
A. Falincstock. "& Soils.;
AttE auv canvassing Xemaha in I P ich t'dst cc 'it!e,
Xebraska; arid AtcbU'-n ccunty Mis-ottri ; rcreivlnn
orders for Fru.t Tree ;, S'iruhs, Vijus. Evcr'Cen, ate,
&c. They call the attentr '. cf f and di
sireitn? anything in tbeir line to the a-lvnitaes of F'-r
Chasinp supplies at thrtr Xurery. T:. st(.cS Iscoru
plete ai.4 prices as fuvoraMe as tiiat of tr.y oihe.- Nur
sery anywhere, and all warranted tr be a r prsent-d.
Orders cuii also be left at tbe Adecrhitr or5l;rowu
ville, X. T.
July 7th, lb3.
PIUSCE &, co-.'.s .
with iivii:i syvLiLL
Tim Lesl'Tone'l 1!'-1 In t fitment inhe tr.drll.
I4st of Price : .
Four Octave Hi-Tode. n $UICi
Four-atid-balf O :tave JleloJe; n ' .
FiveO:t:ive Melodeon 71 t'
Five K-tavc Melo'k'o, Pian.i Cat-, f.-r i !"C W
Five (:tave MelKleon. d oiiblfvret; 1, i-.rtaMcca.-e 'M (
Six Octave If elodeoii, Ti-ino C-.-e 1.1) i"
Five Octave Mptodeon, Fi in C i-e. i.m! 'r rrf i l."v) C
Five Octavo lC-!-leon. Double .Hi". s. f ur atf.p 2W
The Orjtan Melodeon. five s ts P.ced.., two Uanlii
K rys and I' 15 " 3"0 0
First Hreii.iai.'i awar b-d wbe. pTiir Pfhlhited.
trated price circ'Uajs sent b uwil.
Orders Prorrtptiv J'il!c'l ' I3y
GKO. A. PItlN'CE CO.. i;'u;f.t; X. T..
OKi. A. PKIXCK . CO., 110 'I.j'xt.,Cli:r:iso, fll.
(;KO. A. PItIC'K it. Ct.yb7 Ful'oii . X. X.C1I7.
Julv 7fi, 1S..9..
. : JLaOS h
ON the 3d of Jupe, in tho vlcjnity or within tw k
or three miles of Brownvilli, on ti e N bras' a Ci'y
road, a Clasp Pocket Bjo'x; cont iii,i g about twenty
dollars. Any person tf.-ihrg ari l V'aviiig tiie satn-i
at the Advertiser Office sLa:l bo libfra'ly r?r;ard:d.
For further description inouire at tLis Tr:?.
Browavillfr, June t'th, I -sO'J. 5'i-it
Dwelling House For Kent.
Juno 1st 'yy.
- Apply to
l to se- ve ttiose in want of anything itllus
lv,i b.-catt-d himself in this CVv. and i i.reoared
. - . ... -
He has sele- ted his st.k vitb care and will nianuf acture
a Xo. 1- article of everything t fered. He .feenis it un.
necessaiy toenume but will kep"uhand evey arti
cle cfua-liy obtain j ia dtIe and Harness si.j,s.
Brownville Uaj 1?. iS-6m
Dwelling House for Rent.
TOE uruiersl;:r;i.d will rent on H-cn! t.jin, . t
prompt and careful tenant, tbe on.tif-d.-. is; eiie
pant aad eliiyibly situated dweliirg ho :.-e ia i'cp c;ty ot
Drowryllle an excellr-nt ci'era. r1 r.ere-sury onf
houses, and a fine jrarden with all the v?uM ij tt e
fceasoa in an advanced stafe oi cuitn.-tu-n. i tin h
premises.- It. L. Airt.AKT.
May 13. - 00 17-1
THE Copartnership hcretof-irj cxistinj lrt. n
noadicy & Mair Lasfhi.i day ben diss-'7.vtH by
mutnal consent. -
I'ah'i bivin; weoaots agrJnst th siii firm will
plea33 present them fr payiaect,nl those indebted
will please aake payaaeiit to fithec rT the lit? ririn.
- ROBT. V. M'Jil:.
Juae Ui, '59. i3-f
liib Mercantile tirm ot Crane Ii;;f maaot'i
fore existing is this day dissdv-i ty nn'-aal e n
gent. .The'Ioro Hill having purl-hast I thj eniire
inter-jst of Merchandise Notes and A-.tnt "f J.S
Crane, tho books and a,:rTJrTt of the ar'n raiain. at
the old stand. No. 17 Main Street, in char;? of Mr.
Tbecdor Hill wh will adjust all ui settled businesi
01 ?jiu urui.
Brownville, June 13th, 1S5'J. .6t-tf
UCIU-U my aD3enea, ior a ?Ti'-ri t.'a.', cut, m rt..
H Hoover, Esrr., will attend ! arrr usine3' r f r:r..
Jane 1st, '59.
THE Copartnership iwrr tofyri? btAeen t.
undsrsitrned fn tbe nrc.nfiie bustrie j: the CV
Brownville, has thi? day bec- ils;,,i,.. 1 y'nrft et.c-
srii. r .-i .ll.l 1 - i Lift,
' . ' - JNO. A P.Jli.N.
'tt : . i- .. ....... 1
1.11-1- i . a ;i ., 1 - h. ' r l "i.
or trusting Max B-iurij-itrtrir. fv a !-.- ai. uir:v
aeconn, as he has rrmir.v.V-.J '::a I ? tu. withvat
cau.-e, and I wrll-ptv t '- T hi- . r.t:-tie'i.-,g.
t ! V T 1 ! ViM!''l'VLI.'
Uj. 30th, '53. . . 4pJ,