Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, May 05, 1859, Image 3

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1 I
,,.vear. If paid ia advance, $2.CO
" "12 " 200
" i f 1 or ,nor ,ri11 tc furnished at $1,50 per
',provided U0 CaiU accompanies the order, Dot
...,:qrl &. uiwriiT, rrorncior
the Heal
Ke-a Letter, Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111.
' ft-PARVis, General Advertising Agent, in rear of
' Tors, fcaUi' and Children'a fchoe Store, 80 West
'.v street, Cincinnati.
sscBtRjOwxs&Co, No 346 and 343, Broadway,
nEW Wikd, American Canadean and European
f-tiiii'g and.Bub&cripliyn office, No 133 Nassau street
Vcddikipoe, Northwest corner of Olive, and
tt'ecu, Sai,lt Louis,
n i scsivdv63' Dearborn street, Chicago,
fathomed Ascntsto solicit subscriptioas and ad
BCais for tbe Advertiser, and receive and receipt
'icaics therefor. .
M r-.sident in this Territory, coming from various
tof the Slates, offa sucgestto us the names of
iatifeirold.neighborho.-di, who would doubtless
. iubscribers if tbey could see a copy of the "Ad-
" H vt always send a specimen copy, and persons
: vios will consider it a solicitation tobecomsaregu-,'aUcrier-
',hrwnl extensive additions of New Type. Cute,
' inks JJronieb, Cards, &.C., made to the "Adver-
Aftce we claun to be able to turn out Job Work in
unsurpassed by any office. The proprietor being
Vinter himself, and having In his employ aa
Wished, and experienced Fancy Job Printer, ii de
not to be oat-done in the execution of Job Work.
ftaTing one of Foster'. Uteat improved Card
'iL.t Blanks, Work in Colors, Bronte Work, &c; will
;,.-tro a stance promptly attended to.
run- - . ,,..i,. - n
wrauted to p"u",v -
. m
5- The "Eebraslta Advertiser". haTing.
Ich tie largest -circulation of any paper in
$ Territory, Wholesale Hercnants in St.
Miis, fit. Joseph, Cincinnati and other East
i markets where Ifehrslta merchants psir-.
ue.Vill find no better advertising medium
j tbe Western country .C3
Gountybrders Taken.
, We will take, at their face, Ne
kabaOtoe, Cass, "Richardson,; Paw
nee' arid Johnson county orders in
:ivment'of subscription, job work
tnd adycrtisiEg, where - bills -have
; cen due six months previous, to this
late; provided the orders have been
resented ' to the Ireasurer ana are.
drawing interest, and not of less de
nomination than $5. Now- we here
present a chance for all indebted to
(is to pay- up. We very much desire
cur Books closed in someway and
Vope, subscribers in the counties
pined will - avail themselves of this
rpportunity of liquidating the amount
:f their indebtedness to us. The
reason we decline, taking the orders
of other counties, they are too far
off for us to look after, them.
. Doings of the CitrConncII.
W e are unable for tne want
01 space
to give this week the doings of the City
Cojncil in detail. The regular meeting
en londay evening was protracted and
much business was transacted. An en
tire, new code of ordinances were passed,
r.akrng every needed provision. ;
Lurense was granted lo Hudson George
to. retail spirituous liquors, six months, at
350 fee.- .-.
The committee to.;, procure subscrip
tions, in addipon to regular tax, to im
prove Main street, reported six hundred
. dollars raised.
-All nicessary . resolutions and instruc
tions we're passed and given to put the
; work on Main street immediately in pro
gress, and the Street Commissioner is
; coWat work.
? As there has been much said and no
thing done, heretofore, in regard to im
proving Main Street, the present Coun
? cil instructed the City Engineer to make
I a .thorough examination and report. We
j here give his .report in full. It will be
j seen -that the entire cost of this work is
J far below what many have supposed.'
Tt'tke ITavor ed Aldermen of the City of rovc-
i GkVTLEXEX:' In compliance witb a rcsolulioa
1 . paascd kj tbe City Council, I bare made an exarui-
nation of the grading of that portion of Main btreet
1 between the bridge on. the town branca ana tne
weiten boundarj line of the corporation ; and on
j mnnibga Tne-of lerels, find that the opening of
I that'part of Main Street, by easy grades, U not only
practicable, but that it can be done without any
very prea expense. In establishing the grades and
j sCompleUn the estimate from the river to the town
; branch, f.have fxed the road bed at fifty -six feet,
leaving three feet for tbe gutter, and nine feet for
toe lide-walks. The tides of the street being de.
pressed one foot below the center, and the side
walks of (he same elevation as the eentcr of the
trect, as is fhowh by the cross-section herewith
tiirnUhed. "On that part of Main street lying west
ef the bridge' I,have used thirty feet as the rondbed.j
lo order to m-ako the hill beyond the branch of easy
ajcrnt, the bridge, should bo raised about twelre
fcetabove its present elevation, which can be accora
. ped with but little UboT -and expense. I hate
.txsmined the abutment already e nstructed, and con
,.B'3r it 'perfectly safe to extend it at the ends suf-
ficiently to sutain the extra amount of earth that"
the raising tf the bridge would require. And in
rpeaUng of .the "bridge, allow me to say here, that
U widih iheuld be iucreased to at least 20 feet, aad
shouM be furnished with railing, as there willneces-
nrily be a gret deal of traveling over it.
, . The ravine'at Mr. Dneer's w ill require no bridgo
or culvert, but can be Uei with earth, there being
ao water at any season of the roar which will be
iiecessary to provide against. The ravino at Mr.
Marlott's will require a bridge or a culvert. I would
recomaeni a pood log culvert, which if properly
constructed "and good sound timber made use of, will
w sufficiently substantial till the city shall find itjelf
oie to supply its place wi h something more aara
Ue. The number of cubic yards required to bo cx
Jated in the grading from the levee to the hotel is
220P.. . The number of cubic vards to be excavated
ffoni the Hotel to the bridgo'is 3S00. The amount
f excavation required from the bridge to the eastern
ue of the town is 4200 cubic yards. The grading
f'oai the levee to the bridge I think can be done at
Wteiualcost.of 15 cts per yard. The excavation
est of the bridge will be more expensive from the
. ct thait will be necessary to haul the earth far-w't-jnakethe
embankments, which together with
extra eirrnse for'grabbiDg would probably in-
. create the cost of grading ;o twenty cents per yard.
Assuming thce rates, ttea, aa the tcaximam, and
. would b-?afe in the conclusion that thegrad-
lag of ilain Street from the levee to Ihe Hotel can
, the Hotel to the bridge ean Ve done at a cost of
; ; ted that the grading from tie bridge to the
: esi; kounAvy line cf the city caa be done at a
2!t'a4ft. Changing the construction of the bridge
wfeetijwn bracts should not exceed a cost of ?j0
V1' xPnof costracting a iQg eurvert ia the
. .tlt!a MarJotfs should not exceed $25 ; which
" ia.ko am total for grtwling ind superstruc
a9 fwthe entire length of Main street of $1785.
.-'f hiding the grade for ilain street, while I
, 7re endearored t br ns eooiviaicalas possible, and
iiT0ld a'1 unB3CCi;iry cjjtase.'yet I have bad in
rthe requirements tf a inach larger town. I
frTOMbe grades that I kave adopted mi rht Lo
Jtoatfied so as to meet the present fee 1 est i ties, and
.qsuace the amount of expenditures. But I very
S"n oult P0' of aiakiDg tuch 'an alt'era-
of which is mst respectfully "submitted.
. . T. W. LEDFOSD, City EDgincor.
St eaaersi J"-1 .
Since our last the Steamers,. Ryland,
patella Omaha, and Carter .have
- cr.d thi port from St Louis.
Bayard Tnylor Writes Exclcslrely
Tor the Ker Tori: Mercury.
The proprietors cf the New York
-Mercury have made" and exclusive ar
rangement with the talented American
tourist Bayard Taylor. This, arrange
ment cannot fail to be greeted with ad
miration by the thousands of ardent lovers
of the writings of Taylor. Who that
has read his "Journey to Central Africa,"
"India China and Japan," and "The
Lands of the Saracen," will not be de
lighted to follow his "Stray Chapters of.
Life and Travel" in the Columns of the
Mercury. The first chapter is entitled
"The first journey I ever made," which
appears in the Mercury of the 30 April.
Somebody make up a club ; terms S200J
Address Cauldwell, Southworth &, Whit
ney, New York. ' -
Cnba Parcliased.
Those who growl at talk of thirty mil
lions as the purchase money of Cuba,
think that half that amount judiciously
expended in agricultural . implements,
Gaiden and field Seeds, fruit trees and
Shrubery would make our country much
more prosperous and jbappy. Sof Send
to John Gaknett & Co., St. Louis, Mo.
Trade Fromfesonrl.
A ffentleij'aajffoja'' the Missouri side
of .the- riveTjsspcpt a day in our City last
week. -"We ver6. in company with him at
the Vferry lanling, when a. full .. load of
farmers, their; wves and daughters, came
over to. trade'; some with teams, ocrsj
with buckets and - baskets of buttefjttwl'
eggs -and Uke. . V. Why" saii 'cur
friend "I JblCpea joiir place received
so mucii trade ftera the other jide of the
river." . While speaking thus a farmr
acquaintance spproached him, to whonli
addressed himself: "Do you trade in
Brownville ! I thought you were, much
nearer itocic rort." "so we are" -re
plied the farmer, "but .we can do our
trading in Brownville on much better
terms." Sound' doctrine thought-we.
The Eoutc East.
We call attention to the advertisements
of the Hannibal and .St. Joseph Hailroad,
Steamers Wm. Campbell and St. Mary.
The road, we are informed, by those of
our citizens who have travelled oa it, is in
good order, has good-rolling iaihinery,
comfortable passenger tars; and withal a
most excellent and accommodating set of
conductors, superintendents, &c.
The Steamers Wm. Campbell, and St.
Mary run in connection with H. &.' St.
Joe. R. R. from St. Joseph to this place
and as far up the river as Council. Bluff
and Omaha. Capt. Joe Holland com
mands the former, and Morrison the.
latter. : Of these veteran river men. we
need, not say a word in this region of
country; they are to well and '. favorably
known as popular and experienced com
manders. Those going east will not fail
to take this route, if for a moment they
consult their interest and convenience
Another Sickles Tragedy.
Dr. Johnson terms good humor . Vthe
balm of being." Our-own observation
has taught us the truth of this sentiment;
it matters not to, what applied. There is
nothing so pleasant as dealing with thos$Jl
good humored. Therefore call around aft'
McPherson's Store, and procure a sup
ply of those fresh groceries received by
Steamer Omaha.
Big Iuddy has beeri; oti quite a high
the' past 5eek.-' A rise i of jsome' four oi
five 'feet. " Is in. ektellenr -boating con
dition. Compels ascending : steamers to
$0 the shore' closely. f .,
' Lpk out for high waters.this Sprihgfy
snow"- in the mountainshas teetf
avier than ever known.
Tbe --Atlantic Montlilj. :
This most excellent perioIcali for May,
is again upon our table. . It is ever a wel
come visitcr "The Gymnasium," "Why
did the Governess pairf?". "Two years
after," "A Bundle of old letters," rln
the pines," "The last Bird,". "The whale
expedition," and A trip jtq Cuba,"' are
among the leading articles;. . "
Religions Sleeting,
; Quite an interesting series of religious
meetings have been in progress the past
week ia this city, under the immediate
superintendence of Rev." Mr. White a
noted revivalist of tie Christian denomi
nation. We trust gteat good may be the
result. - . .
Come up to tlie Rack
We have been publishing the Adver
tiser now nearly three years. There are
those who have read cur paper all this
time and have never paid us a red cent.
There are others who have owed us for
job , work, and advertising nearly that
long. Most of such delinquents have
promised us time and again that : they
would hi ng us wood, -corn potatoes, or
something cf that kind. But they have
not done so. Now we want all this class
of delinquents to understand that we in
tend they-shall pay up in some shape or
other;, wto bound our books shall be
''squared-' up,' If the accounts are not
settled shortly, we shall do unto' others
as others' are doincr unto
Ui !- 'give
Iodine and Sarsaparllla
Will cure all diseases ariaicg f row aa liapure state of
the blood, or adepraved conditionof the'fluids of the'
aystem, via: cancers, swelling of the glands, rheumat
ism, white swellings, chronic sore eyes, piles ooils,
erysipelas, goitres, rain ia the bones and joints, ul
cers ia th inouta and throat, and all chronic constltu-
tiocal disexses. This medicine searches out the very
roots of the disease by rmrifying theblood, and changing
the secretions la the system, thus removing the cause, -which
renders the ewe certain and permanent. '
Dr. Eatttrbft Iodine and SartaparilltnrM cure the
wont mercurial dtieate, and drive out and destroy ev
ery particle oi mercury which is in the system, and cure
Its bad effects. i ' . , ,
It will cure secondary tijphilit or veneral diteate,
and will drive the syphilitic virus and all hereditary
taints and poUonous matter out of the system through
tbe pores of the skin, and restore the patient to a per
fect state of health and purity. It Is- a positive cure-
for liver complaint and dyspepsia, If used a- proper
length of time. I challenge the world to produce' Its
equal in these complaints. The afflicted will bear In
mind that Dr. Easterly's Iodine and. Sarsaparilla will
cure all nervous diseases, female comploiuts, droppy,
graveo, diseases of the kidney's, bladder, and urinary
organs, In a few days'.
It will remove pimples and blotches from Ihe face,
and make tbe skia clear, white and beautiful as ala
baster. It does this by purify ing'the blood, and by its
prompt action on the liver, kidneys, and secretory or
gans, producing vigorous health.
Persons who have long been afflicied with scrofula, old
sores, tetter, ringworm, scald head, blotches, eruptions
of the skin, and all cutaneous diseases, are advised to
procure Gridley's Salt Rhoum and Tetter Ointment to
apply-on the sores and diseased parts,' when using. Dr.
Easterly's Iodine and. Sarsaparilla. The Iodine arid
Sarssparilla purines the blood, and causes the sores to
discharge their, putrid matter, and the ointment heals
them. When both are used (which I always recommend)
a permanent and radxal cure is always effected.. They
are the b.cst and most powerful curatives known to man;
A fair trial is all I ask I do not fear the result.
Price cf the Iodine and Sarsaparilla, $1 per bottle, or.
bottles for $5. Gridley's Salt Rheum. Ointment 75
cents per bottle. Both are prepared by Dr. Easterly,
comef of Third anp Chestnut streets, St'. Louis, Mo
sole proprietor, to whom all orders must be aJdrcsed.
53-Sold by I. n. MAUN & CO., Druggist, BrOTFil"
VlUe, U". T., and by Druggists generally.
; Quack Nostrums.
The majority of hair Washos hair dyes, hair tonics oils, and tbe uuruerovrs preparations which -are
before the public under such extravagant, byper-
Va$e1 t?a fsutaKtic titles as we see paraded in show.
Vf$ffl4ow qSrtj- newspaper beadfrtgs, as hair prepara
taftatsg, se;ai :'6ausi of the first -water; andtheif
ral merit, w4m -Bwy--88ess anyj is that they do no
taa Hog's lord, djhasfroil, lard oil s-ireetoil, scented
ad colored, mafcff pMrtien in beafttft?tgy'frs, and
.white Cinl glass botii, tbe. costliest t$tfaefr3f of ton
ics, adfcen thnaeot-tSr, are.bapiryidt'gme trl
syliawa frn, ft.:ij.iX.rat by veraantyoajyt einaoia o
both sexes. ' ftudi Js not the .chara?)r ef Frf. Wood's
Sair Restoratir. This gentleman r4it 9;fore tbe
fttrid w.itbouV"aiy: t-igb tflntie' Xllilrtwiiij or any
Qt3se.r astouadi.9g -and staftliirg catc peisj term;. he
singly adveytiscs a Hair .estoratiraf&&t it express
es, -precisey and as a liestorauve aela. 13uy rror.
Wood'sHai Restorative, -and as ymvftie your scalp,
aj-f, yeai. Vrgr brain's, "apply nothb Ce ; for - it may
t4 at yen VBf get'WiWpn s-t&awsihan perfum-
MUrdoU e your ctM&M.. Befeift " Wood's Re-
slfaUv6r- the hair latoieHartit-le tant.-
JSTDr. Carters ConsU Balsam
will cure Coughs, Colds, Aiiima, CaaHrnptlon, Bron
chitis, Spitting of fclooA, lMa J Vm Se3e and Breast,
Pleurisy, Whooplts. CaSn, lfero5 Liver Complaint,
Palpitation of the Heartiaftdill dieewesof the Throat)'
Chest, and Lungs. Ne e stwid tefloct a .Cough or
Cold a single day. JfllUpriadi aua'ttaHy by neglecting
a Commos Cold.- .cugU a4C;!M ead to coksvmb-
jiok, and then't'o l! arV &9$i'.- Reader,ave you -a
a cough, cold, or any,6lses&''cic b Itrngs? ' Procure at
once that celebrated rmQ$, Cahter's CotJGH
Balsam, which ntver fails J Relieve a cough in twen-
ty-four'hours, and always tssTfrj'tlw worst' cases of
ooldsj coughs, ans all difss',6f e throat and lungs in
a few days. Price TtTSl 4 cents large bot
tles'. SI rer bottle. or t-!ata for S5. .
5j-DR. EASTERLY er Thiriafti Chestnut' Str'sj
St. Louis', Mo., sole flrcpTietor, te wjiorn sliprders must
be addressed to get t guine. Sold by .
.-, U. MAUX & Co., Agents,' ,
. o Brownville,. U". T.-
Dr. Ma&!$ Ague Balsam.
This .wpnderful C9fjun5 having an extensive sale
in all parts of the Cfiif a, irbcre.- ague exists. It is one
of the Tew medicines which are now sold over the eoun
try, that are really what their inventors claim for them.
And, unlike all other remedies that, are recommended
' by proprietors to cure- all the his that fiesh is tie
to tnii remedy is only recommended lor. chills, fever
& ague, or that particular class of (Dscasos growing out
of or the Jesuit of miasma, so'common in.the westerti
country-.. ;The numerous evidences of .its great curative j
properties, and tbe'bigh estimation placed ubon it, ren-
( the greatest discovery of the age, and it deserves
the entire approbation of all classes of men. Those
having occasion to .use a medicine of this kind, are urged
U .spare vo pains to give thi's'a trial if they wish to be
wnndly -cured. See advertisement in soother column
lef this paper.-
McLean's Cordial. .
The-following complimentary-notice of McLean's
Cordial is taken from the Missouri Democrat: - . -
- Sinceahe last two weeks tho following cases have
bee reported cured : : .
I0 persons have been cured of Genera Ability. .
c3 V; " Nervous Debility.
23 ' "' . " Diseased Kidneys.'
1B0 f' . . who have been afflicted with "various-
complaints, X.hl Sweats, Dyspepsia, and Weakness pf 1
this Digestive Organs, have been cured, besides a large
number from hom we have not yet heard.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier is
a.'rehiedy required by every one in the Western and
Southern eountry. It is very pleasant and agreeable to
take, and" it can be taken by maa woman, or child. ,
As a diuretic, it will cure any disease, of the kidneys
or bladder,' and as an alterative,. It. will purity the blood
and remove all pimples, sores or blotches from the' skin.
Try it. One drachm is sufacient to convince the most
skeptical of its wonderful strengthening and invigorat
ing properties.
See the advertisement in another column.
EDr. Baker's Specific will cure
gonorrhea, gleet, stricture, seminal weakness, chordee,
diseases of the kidneys, bladder; and all diseases of tbe
genital organs. Header, have you. a private disease 7
Do not neglect it. Delay is dangerous. Dr. Baker's
Specific Is a 6afe, speedy, and radical enre. With Dr.'
Baker's Specific yon can cure yourself and prevent
exposure, as plain directions for use accompany the
medicine. Price $1 60 per bottle.
Jd"Dr. EASTERLY, corner Third and Chestnut strets
St Louis, Missouri, sole proprietor, to whom all orders
must be addressed, to get the genuine. Sold by
. J. n. MAUN & CO., Druggists,
Brownville, K". T.
Dr.. Easterly's
ESTFeier ana Agne Killer -wm
cure ague and fever, chills and fever, dnmb agxe, inter
mittent andremitteut fevers, and all the various forms
of fevers incident to bilious climates. If there -Is a
man, voma or child suffering with ague and fiver,
they are advised to procure Dr. Easterly's Fever and
Ague Killer, It is a positive curespetdy and perma
nent. Try it.
Plice $1 per bottle, or 6 bot. les for $5.
Dr. Easterly, corner of Third and Chestnut streets
St Louis, sole proprietor, to whom all orders must be
addressep to get the genuine.
Sold by J. n. MAUN & CO, Agents, Brownville.
ET"Dr. Hooper's Female Cordial
will cure all female complaints, such as excessive,
suppressed, or painful menstruation, Fluor albus or
wnitesf barrenness, sallow complexion, headache, dii
siness, weak nerves, frightful dreams, and all diseases
caused by colds, checked perspiration, excesses,' over-excitemc-nt.
Ac, of tho sexual organs.- - Dr. Hooper's
Female Cordial is universally acknowledged by tbe la
dies the best remedy ever invented. Jj"1'0.' Per
bottle, or 5 bottles for .$5. !
Br. Easterly, corner of Third and Chestnut streets,
St. Louis, Mo, sole proprietor and to whom all orders
must be addressed.'
Sold by J. U. MATTX & CO., Asats, Brownville,
IT. and by Druggists generally.
. Fresh Seeds for Sale
.At the' Ofnce.
WEa7jFIBEI ::;
McAllister & ponh,
Having established themselves at tbe old stand recent
ly occupied by . . .
They are now offering and receivinn for sale one of the
Ever Brought in this Territory
They have an extensive and varied assortment
A- Large Stock of Choice Family
consisting; or
T16TX, '
' Biacon
: . ; Molasses,
:.Salt, ' '
- . CJieess, .
' "; 1 "-'? Candles,
. ' And a assortment of
Such as
Spice, -. -':.-'
j Sodt ) ;? . :'
Sal$ratus, .
.Allspice,.' .
. etc, etc.
They have also on hand a large lot of
tables, chairs,
desks,' bureaus, sc.,
.. . also',
A well selected Stock of
Boots and Shoes.
We pledge bur customers to sel
as cheap as any other house ia the
city, and that" bur goods in quality.
and. style shall be. unsurpassed.
U fc3 LW If
Cortier of Second and Frauds. Streets,
The Senior partner of this Qouie
is now below, mak-
ing heavy shipments of
Flour,-; &c.-
A large portion of which will arrive in a few days-on
Steamers Carrier and Asa Wilgus.
Having made, arrangements with one of the best all) is
of St. Louis for weekly supplies of
Choice Brands of Flour,
Tbcy will be able to offer to retailers and consTamerfr
at all times, tbe ' ' .
very nest i
At the very lowest prices,
Etcit Bushel arid Sack Warranted
They have also on the way from the Eastern Clt es a
large and choice selection ttt
' -'.TEAS.; .
Fresli Oysters,
And every Article appertaining to the
Grocery line.
All cf which has been bought at the .
: Lowest Cash Prices,
And they j?edg themselves to sell them as low as any
House in North Missouri. They Tespcttfuliy solicit a
continuance, of the patronage of their customers and
tne community generally. .
. St. Joseph, Feb. 15, '69 85-ln .
Office of American Bank Note Company.
Copper Plate & Licjraphic Printer.-
Comer of RsMnlph and Dearborn streets,
xrAMin and Visitinc Cards. Door Plates. OlSce Seals.
Notary Public's Dies and Tresses, Drafts, Invoites, and
Labels of every kind promptly executed and sent by
Express. tT?J Pack of the very best alaztd or Brit-
tol Cards with name for tteo dollar, by a- ntv and
beautiful-process without cost of plate, ecucl to the
very choicest engraving, sempict. vnen required. on
rteeptie ef pesi stamps.
m niLLioni
Wholesale and Retail.
Main Street, 17,
Brovnville, ITebraslia,
Have just received per steamers Sioux
City, Ryland, Asi Wilgus, and
Hesperian, their
cowsistino or
'sry 'el
a L A. S S W A R E,
. ' - - , .
Iron and Nails,
IBoots and Shoes,
Outfitting Goods
Camp Kit,
Ox Yokes,
etc. etc.
Call and Examine our
Ladies' Dress Soods
Of the Very
The experience we have had in trade in
this city warrants us in saying we are
conjideni we can give
: To our old Customers in
We return thanVs for past, and hop for,
not only a continuance, but increased pa"
tronage.- .
April lit. clO
O. 1. AlAtTl.f, &. XVCXSLU, ft. r. StCHOlXi.
Wlolesale & Retail
foreign and domestic
Caps, :
Farming Implements,
At the Old Stand of
L T. W H Y T E
Corner of Main and First Streets,
per steamers Sioux City, E. M. Ryland ,1
and Asa iV iigus, our -
k -i Ari ! I gT -v t?w
Which is LARGE and COMPLETE.
t woclo sat to to those gotug on the alains
well as those who remain at home
Give us a all,
And satisfy yourselves that we have the
Gr.O.O 3D
And are selling them
O ' JtzL 2ES Jr
We are prepared to fit out those going to the
Ilebraska Gold IIiiie3,
With LVZRYTIIISO they may desire, f
W extend an invitation to continue their natronaie
We shall spare no pains to satisfy, and give bargains to
mem, ana six otners wno may be pleassd to
Hence we shall adopt tbe motto . ;
Quid: Sales and Small Profits.
Country rrodticc, at Ularket
Prices, taken In Cxcbaago
for Goofij.
BrowaviTle April 1st n40-ly
"We wish to btly 50,000 bushels cf COBN
delivered ia this City or at Peru, for which we will
pay the highest market price in cash.
BrownTiUa,reb.litVS3. 3ttAp.l?t
Main Street, Broicnville, Xclrailca.
Have Juit receded per steamer White Cloud a
Complete Stoc
o r
TThich they will jell for art a ihale O.eaper thaa a
ever berore bon offered la tils market,-
Jirch 11,1359 Ei3
The unlcrs!ned bavicg had considerably expert 14
ra plsntin? an J culUvaUau Osage Orange Kei?t, Isert- :
by inform tfte public that they art now prepared to cob- '
tract ei:her planting, setting them out, or gro-rtr. atl
cultivating the fence complete. Growing fce1se ef
their planting can be sees on tie farms cf S. W Xtn- ,
nedy, G. Crow, j. Skeea and oOers ia tl.isi ouat y ...
D. C. & T. .3AX0E?3.
Sept. 2, lotf
All persons ara hereby notified that I wilt take th '
necessary steps to the re-ooeninz bf tL conttd iu '
cf James Perguscn, for the purpose of mre fully ta- .
vestigating his riyht to enter the soula west jr.rter
(l4)of southwest quarter (lit) and lot nnmber fur Hi '
of section eighteen (13) in townsbip live (5 rarge si-.:
teen tie; east, i Hereby wart all person not to pur
chase, trade for, or in any wy to negotiate for any por
uon or me anove aercTibea property.
Jlay37. 'C3 v2a45tt- AL'GiSTUS tCUXTzZ.
Land Warrants,
We are prepared to loan Land Warrant of all stsaato
settlers on such time as they may desire long or tVrl '
at the uaual rates.
A constant supply of Warrants will be kept on baal-
for sale as cheap as they eaa be bought elsewhere ia '
Buy of regular dealers and beware of bogus warrant.
All warrants sold ly us will be guaranteed t be '
genuine in every respect and will te ejecuansed IX de ¬
Being permanently located la Brownville, we caa al
ways be found at the old stand a few doors east of ts
Brownville House.
Bankers, and Sealers ia Land WarraaU.
Send Four Stamps for a Specimen, cf "';
A Weekly summary of tbe latest intelligence r- ,
ceived from England, IrcUad, Scotland, Wales aci
the Untish Fosies3ion3 in every part of the wortJ,
and devoted to politics, literature, science art, hi- -
tory, dc, ac.
Tlic 'exxs from Eonle,,
Will bo rorwarded'VJstaxe free npoa receBt ef
subscription, tii:
?2 for one year : II tor iix mentis: 5Jcatfor
three months.
Fostmasters and newspapers cScers areanticlxed
to act as agents. A liberal allowance made to pax
ties getting vp clubs. ... ,
Address TOWDTIOTT fc Dai
Editcn and Proprietory, Jer York.
AprU I4,'W-Iy . . ,;,,'
Double-Threaded Seeing Machine, .
Warranted tlic best In the Worl J.'
WUl stitch and hem, tuck ai.d fell, gather aa ea
brolder with perfectiou, and will hi every kino of
goods, evea leather, and especially adapted for fami'y
Any person ci ordinary Intelligence caa leans In eae
hour to use It succesbfully.
We have a great number of references, but will gtre
only the names of a few, who are among the first fa-i '
Hies, to wit . t
, We, the undersigned citizens of St. Louis, having la
tely purchased one of Raymond's Latest Ia.prov4 Fa-,
tent Sewing Machines, and use It successfully cn diiTer
ent kinds of work, la our families' service, do cheerful-'
ly recommend it to all persons as a Family Machine : "'
Mrs. P AMelctt
Hn JJewett Wilcox
; . J Clemens
;i r JasAHLamptoa
, D BGale
MB Tennison
. J. i A llala
, E Tillman
! E J Stevens '
Jos-ie Coffraa
L. itary Ltvtrmera
R R Whorf .
MR Williams
H H Blossom'
: ar.VilrtA. wUVAnl t.V . r ..Lt ... -
needle and two spools of thread on the machine, are 13
Wita tables, half dozen extra needles, tools, Jtc., $13.1
Needles $ I per dcxea.
Complete printed directions will be sent wtta every
inachiae. These machines take tae same sUtca aa the -Grover
and Baker.
No letters of inquiry answered except an- extra oet
age stamp is enclosed. u
Machines warranted, and may be returned In thirty
days if not satisfactory.
. No machioes delivered until paid" for. ' '
All ors-ers by mail or express, with the cava, will re
ceive prompt attention.
N. B.Ageuts wanted for every town la the Sodta '
end west, to wbom a liberal dutcvunt will be glvea.
Address EDWIN CLAJtt, No. 62 North Jourth street
St. Louis, Mo. - -,a40-avi(
J. W. BLISS,...
Collecting Agent,
Particular attention paid to making ColtectToat icr
non-residents. Charges reasonably.
K. W. Frame, PDstmaiter, Pera
Wm. E. Pardee. Probate Judae. Net. fYrt 1
E H Parker
County Clerk, Brownn.'e
Lyford & Horn,
Sunora, Mo.
Onion Seed and Sett!
nave a very large stock of Onion seeds sn4 set:s for ,
saie. Also a general assortmen of garden seeds. Those
la want of garden seeds raised ia this climate and soil
caa be supplied by making immediate appilatton.' 1 :
MarcaH, 18C9.
Attorney at Lmr,
lias resumed his professional business, and wilt prac
tice in all tbe Courts ef Nebraska, aad the Court ia
Atcliineon county. Mo.
omce one door west of I, T.Wayte's Store, Brownville
Nebrasxa. .
Brownville, April 22, ISM. - vUlf
to rin.l-ciis
ASD ' w
Printer's Warehouse.
o 29, Prsrcs Stbest.
The subscriber will be hapry to furnisb pttrcaas--
ersof Printing Materials with Plain and Ornamea-'
til Types, Uordcr?,!?., raada from combination ef
all tbe bard metals so extensively pa led by found
ers. Alio Uermans, UrecB:, Hebrews, and m 2 etr
and elegant Font ol Agate Musi Typ, from which
Lie Musical KevieW aoj 1 nena are now prntea ;
witb Presses, and every articfe required for Print tie f ery lowest prfco, for eaab, or approred pa-
per pound. X. ,: - : "
Second band PreSsc an! Materials,' end torn-'
plcte Stereotype Foundry, with two Sharing lla-'
chines for rale cheap. Printers of Newspapers pub
lishing this advertiseraent (including this note)
three times bci'uro tb irat of ieptentber, I860,
and aendiD his one of tbe paper, will be paid for it
in Printing Types, when they ptxreha-w foor timee
the amount of their bill. r.U.COSTLETOU. -April
14, lSj.-t : ; , .-,);.
, ;; Puttie Notice.
To Viz-emptai Claimants claitxinglcrJt.
" betoecn the JlcCoy Line mnd Treaty
Line,-lying, between the tro .ft'emaha
Rivers on (he Half Breed Reservation
JftLr'aska I Territory- J -. L
By'tfiP sixth section of aa -Act ef Congress, eatiifed
"Aa Act making approprUfions for the eurTetit an4
contingent txptaitt of tho Indian Department," he.;
approved 2Sth February, 1359, provision ia made for te
saie of the Undj fyin between the line surveyed by
John C- McCy in 1J31 snalSCSt and the western boun
dary of the HaJiBVeed Reserve, as specifle la the icth
artitie of the rreaty of Prairie da Chten ol 15:h Jcly.
lS30,and the proceed of the sale are-directed to l pi4,
to the extent of $1,23 per acre, to the Secretary of t.-ie
Interior, for tbe uia of the Kail Breeds entitled to tne
aame. Therefore, ail persons interested are dc sired t
take notice that pre-emt ka claimants who had r
perfected their claims prucr to the tSib February, l :',
will be required to pay for their claim in lawful mowy
of the Cnued States', and that Bounty Land Warrant
will not be received ia satisfactioa of cUlm to Isui
lying between said lines, or any cf the smallest ;1
subdiviatons telonjtirg t any claim, which may exUad
beyond or te cut by thesaid westernmost lica.
S. TI. Nlxo:. Be-ister.
C. B SMITH, Rcce;vsr.
Brcwnville, Marcb 31, 1S a0-3w ,
I. .- C-