Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, April 28, 1859, Image 2

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: . Laud Sales. 1 ' .
. Heretofore we have announced iLe fact
.'ihautiie President had issued his "procla
mation for Lind Sales in Nebraska. We
below five 'the Lands proclaimed in the
Nemaha Land District, "and say to the
.settlers there is no probability whatever,
and scarce a possibility, that the sales will
te further postponed." Therefore it be
hooves all mteVcst'e J" lq fail abt in making
t all necessary arrangements to secure lands
yet -unprotected. If you. have, friends
' thinking c coming to -Nebraska, have
them come immediately, while they can
.-terare lands s.t 1.25 rcr acre.
The jaadi offered will be commenced on
..... v, . .
the days appointed and proceed in 'the
order in which they are advertised, "and
-continue untH' the whole shall have been
t offered.- No'sale, however, will continue
longer than Iwo' week's, and no private'
'entry of lands will be admitted uc't-i.aftcr
the c-piration of two' weeks'. .
Sales. take place at "Nebraska City. or
Avg. 1st and 29th. -At Omaha -on the
'5th' and 2Jih"of. Jlyi and at Dakota on
.'the 10th of July. "
. .Vtthe Land Office at Broivnvill.e, com
. in'encing on Monday the Sth day of Au
gust next for the disposal of the public
lands within the following " named town-
. Ships, XVll . - . . ; '
'North cf iL 'Pes: Linear. J East ofthz
siiih Ptir.circl S&redicz. ' .
The part of 'township.!, outside the Sac
and Fox and luilf-brted Nemaha reserya
,tioR..of range 17. ' . .
; " The r'arts cf townships .1; 2, 3, and 4
'outside of the Sac and Fox and half-breed
' Nemaha reservation ; and fractional town
tlWpsa and G,"cf ia'!;g 1G..
The part'of -township .1 outside of the
Sac and Fox reservation; township 2; the
parts' cf 'townships 3, 4, and 5 outside of
the. half -treed Nem-aha reservation ; and
.fractional. township 6, of range 15. .
The part 'of township 1 outside of the
Sac and Fox reservation ; townships 2, 3,
and 4; the part or township. 5 outside of
the 'half-breed Nemaha reservation; and
. township 6, of range 14.
. .Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and6, of range
13:.-:. .
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, of range
Townships 1, 2,3, 4, 5, and G, of ransre
; n.
. Townships .1,2,3, 4," 5, and G, of range
..At the Land Office at I3rownvilIe, com
mencing on Monday, the Oth' day of Scp-
. tember next, for the disposal of the public
lands within tho following named town-
. ships, viz: -
J "orth of the East Line and East of the
sixtc Principal .Meredian.
Townships 1,2,3, 4,5, and G, of range 9.
'- The pans cf townships 1 and 2 outside
cf the Indian reservation; and townships
3, 1, 5, and 6, cf range 8.
The part of township 2 outside cf the
.- Indian reservation; aiid townships 3, 4,
5, and G, of range 7.
. The part of tuwnship 2 outside of the
Indian reservation ; and townships 3, 4, 5,
G, of range G.
The part. of to7T.ship 2 outside cf the
Indian reservation ; and townships 3, 4,
. 6, and 6, of range 5.
' "Th? pirts cf townships 1 and 2 outside
cf the Indian reservation ; and townships
3 4, 5, and G, of ranje 4.
.The Route from Brownville to the
Gold iiines.
The following letter, voluntarily' fur
.tiished us by Mr. S. B. Wright, who left
this city for the gold mines on Tnesday
last, we. take pleasure in placing before
our readers. Mr. W. is an old and re
liable adventurer "has grown gray , in
the service." Was for 15 years a resi
dent of Adair Co., Mo.
Bkow-villi, N. T.,
' April 22, 1559.
R. W. Fcrxas, Esq.,
Editor drcriiscr Sir: Having select
ed your city as the point from which to
. start for the geld m;n?s ; . and being under
.promise to numerous friends in Adair,
. Putnam and Schuyler coun'.ies, Missouri,
to write them tho point I might select
' from which to start, I take this method of
informing my friends and giving testi
mony in favor cf Brownville.
I . have been across the plains four
different times, starting each time from
different places, and tun free to say I
greatly prefer Brownville as a starting
point to that of any ether on the river.
If my friends in Adair, Putnam and
Schujler counties, Missouri, are disposed
to govern themselves by my advice and
experience, they will start from Brown
ville. On this route, the road is better,
shorter, better supplied with wood and
water, and you can travel farther through
settlements than any ether I have travel
led. :
'' - As to supplies and prices in Brownville.
The merchants have every desirable or
". needed article, and at prices, to say the
least," as low as at any other point. A
' friend cf mine who purchased supplies at
St. Joseph and came cn to this place in
forms me that prices are evea lower here
than st St. Joseph.
'. If you ihinlc this brief note will prove
' beneficial to your readers who are con-
' teraplating going to the mines, you will
. please give it a place iu your paper.
. Respectfully yours,
. . . : Scott B. Wright.
' " I ... . : U
The Iowa State Gazette says that in
seven days, from Friday April 1st, 109
' teams have crossed Court Avenus Bridge,
09 thf ir way to Pike's Teak, making a
total cf 357 since February 23d. - -
: Egotism.
The editors of the --crib fed" organs at
Omaha and Nebraska City are just now'
playing extensively the interesting little
game : "you tickle me .and I'll tickle you;"
and at the same time -indulging in an
amount of egotism never witnessed in
practical newspaper men; and ' misrepre
sentations towards other newspapers in
the Territory,- quite unbecoming. One
produces, and the other copies, an article
"Nebraska Newspapers," in which is at-'
tempted to convey the idea that there are
really but'two papers iu Nebraska, "the
J t braskian and A'etcs ; " the others ail be-.
ing "kiting'affairs." The article wasun-1
doubtedly - not written-' for 4home ' con
sumption," where the papers are known.
In defence of our own paper, the "Ad
vertiser" we have only to say, we have
published it now near three jTears,' during
which has in no instance failed to
appear regularly oh publication day,' and
has issued a half sheet but once, and that'
on account of an accident just as going to
press. . uan eitner or "tie two papers in
JWbrdska" say. as much? Not by a long
As to standing,, and patronage
bestowed ly thz people we will go a small
wager pf S50j to go into the Sch'ooFfund
of the Coarity or district of the winning
party, that the "Advertiser?' can show a
larger iubs'cn'ption list; a better advertis
ing and job patronage than either "one of
the saH&-"i'J:o'.papers in Nebraska."' Vill
you come to the scratch?" ' . .
Could- there-te 'a possibility cf.acccmi
plishing any good by so doing, we -feel
like complaining ,lloud and long" in regard
to mail irregularities, and failures. But
while those having charge of the mail
services axe ct responsible to the people
for tktir ccs" we need hope for nothing
b'etter.. Although 'we have mail lines to
this city and county sufficient to aceom-.
modate our wants if faiihf ully and honest
ly served, we can place no dependence'
whatever in them, and they have been
growing worse and worse, cf late, until
our accommodations amount to just nothing
at all at present. . In fact were we with
out any mail facility, we -would' expect
nothing, and consequently escape a huge
amount of disappointment and vexation.
We are confident the principal cause of
mail failure at this point is at 'Reck Port
and Nebraska City. Instead cf cur mail
matter being stopped at Rock Port and.
sent to this place daily, as it should be, it
is permitted to pass on to Council Bluff,
then across to Omaha and -f rem thence
down on this side cf the river to this
place. At Nebraska City mail matter is
permitted to accumulate, because of a
failure on the part of the contractors to
carry it. It is the duty of the Post
Master at Nebraska City in such case to
employ the mail carried according to con
tract, at the expense of the regular con
tractor. No Laws Yet.
Notwithstanding it was announced some
time ago, by the pseudo Territorial Print
ers through their respective sheets, that
the laws of the last session were out; and
the "pets" talked much of the "typogra-r
phical appearancs of the work executed
by us," which was, however, really
printed in New York the people of ' the
Territory are in blissful ignorance of the
contents of said Books, except as procur
ed on the payment cf two dollars for a
copy !
We notice quite a nice dodge practiced
in getting up their present edition, "on
sale at the Book Stores," viz: the names
of "C. C. Si C. D. Woolworth" are insert
ed as publishers in place of the Territorial
Jlap of Nebraska and Dakota.
Hon. S. A. Douglas will accept our
thanks for a copy cf the New Military
Map cf Nebraska and Dakota, by Lieut.
Wahrex from the explorations made by
him in 'cG-7, while attachee to the staff
cf Gen. Harxev, commanding Sicux ex
pedition in 'o7, under the direction of the
cfHce cf Explorations and Surveys, War
Half-Breed Lands.
Commissioner Stark has received all
the plats of the half-breed lands, situated
in Nemaha and Richardson counties, and
is now allotting to the Half-Breeds en
titled. His head quarters is at Aspin
wall. The Aspinwall Town Company, which
is strong and reliable, are now making
renewed, and we doubt not successful
efforts to push ahead this famous town
New Lands Open to Pre-emption.
We understand that the Land Office at
this place is in receipt of plats of town
ships 3 and 4 north cf ranges 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, and 8, west of the sixth principal
meridian, containing 3 1S.000 acres, and
embracing some of the finest lands and
timber that found in Nebraska
Territory. These lands are traversed by
the Big and Little Blue rivers, and are
not included in the tract of country that
will be offered for sale in August and
September next.
These lands are situated alonrr and
contiguous to the great thoroughfare lead
ing from Leavenworth, St. Joseph and
Brownville, on the Missouri river, to the
gold mines of Kansas and Nebraska.
Conference .Appointments for Ne
braska, for 1859.
We are indebted to the. Rev. Philo
Gorton for a list,, entire, of the appoint
ments made by the Kansas and Nebraska
Conference, M. E.. Church, recently held
at Omaha. We have room only for the
Nebraska appointments, which are as fol
lows": ' ; '.
. Omaha District.
Wii. 111. SkiTH, P. E.
. Bellvue, ;
. DeSotp,
Tekama, . '
' Platte Valley,
Ft. Kearny,
H, F. Davis.
Jerome Spillmari. .
Hiram Burch.
. T. M. McHunhall.
to be supplied.' .
do' . do
Zenos B. Turman.
.Lorenzo- Smith.
,to be supplied.
Nebraska City .District.
J. M. Chivingtox, P. E.
Nebraska City,
Kearny City, .
Rock Bluffs,-'
Table" Rock, . ',
Beatrice, .
Peru, . .
.Fails City,'
' : Oreaopoliis,
Isaac Chivington.
to be supplied. .
J. T. Cannon and
Philo Gorton.
J. W. Taylor. .
J. W. Poster.
David Ilart. .
M. Prichard.
' to be supplied.
J. L. Toart.
W. H. Good.
Important Opinion of 'the Attorney
The Pittsburg - rest, of the" 9tli inst.,
says ''We have received from.' Washi
ton City, a copy cf an itnportabt opinion
x)f Attorney General Black, in relation t.o
the persons legally 'qualified to take the
titles' for town sites in the new Territories
The. cases' submitted,' which called forth
the opinion, were from the Territory' of
Nebraska; but the same rule." applies to
Kansas and all the new Territories:'- The
decision :of the Attorney General is-one
of interest, not only to tha-cltizens of th
Territories, . but' . to all owners of .land : in
iliem, resideh'i' or non-resident, and . to
those who contemplate emigrating." and
settling in them... . '
. We give below the' letter of the Secre
tary of the Interior to the. Attorney Gene
ral, stating the cases, and his reply there
to : . ' ' . ';..
Departmext-of. THE iN'TirHlO-Kj ) .
Washington',' March 21, '59.
air : cmnnssjoner crtne ueneral
Land Office has .suspended two entries at
the La.ndOffice at Omaha, Nebraska,, .as
follows, to-wit':' No. So,. dated March 31st,
1S57, for 294 '70-100. acre's; -No.'210,-dated
May 13th, lSo7, fdr-300 40-100-acres,
as having been made in due form
as required by the act' 23d May, 1S44.-
Three entries have been -made. by. the
Mayor of Kearney City- and .Nebraska
City. Were they, the trustees legally qual
ified, to take the titles at the date at which
the entries were effected? : To tai3 ques
tion I invite your attention, and request
your opinion upon the same.
The certificates or. entry are herewith''
enclosed for your examination in connec-.
tion with the case. Very respectfully,'
. Your cbt. serv'i,
J; THOMPSON, Sec'y.'
.. Hon.. J. S. Black, Att'y .Gen'l. :
ATTonxEY General's Office,
March 21, . ',59.
Sir: .In . compliance, with the request
contained in your letter of this date, rela
tive to the suspended entry of the town
site, I have to- say that I can see nothing
on the face of the .entry which ought to
prevent a patent from-issuing. It was
made by the Mayor. The Commissioner
of the General Land Office thought' at.
first that it-should have been made by the
City Council: The act of - 1S44, which
governs the subject, -does not say it must
be done by either Jmt by "the Corporate
Authorities," Now,. the Mayor is no'less
a portion .'of the ' Corporate ' Authorities
than the Council; besides, I -do not know,
(and I suppose you do not,') whether there
is . any Council under the charter cf Kear
ney City, . At. all events, it appears that
the Mayor, being an.ofiicial organ ef the
City Corporation, has made the entry with
the assent of all other parties;. The pre
sumption is a fair orie that he was author
ized to do. so, if he was, then he -is the'
proper Corporate Authority. '. It is v-ory
clear, that the Mayor, in the execution 'of
his official dbt-y, entered the land on which
the city stands, acknowledging, all the
proper obligations, and trusts .which he
could and would have assumed for the
benefit of the inhabitants.- Their .title
(that of the inhabitants,) became per
fectly good, and it must be enforced in
any court cf law or equity. The object
of the law was to give the owners of .'lots
a good title to their property. When the
patent issues under this entry, they will
have a good title, and I do not. see the
practical use, nor the legal necessity, of
requiring another entry to be made. This
opinion applies also to Nebraska City.
I am most respectfully, yours, &c,
signed. J. S. BLACK.
Hon. J. Thompson.
Br. A. S. Knnekel.
A person by the name of Goemlat,
writes us from Brownville to ascertain
the "real character" of Dr. Kunckel. So
far as we know the Doctor has no parti
cular character that we can describe for
the benefit cf our correspondent. ' In. an
swer to his query we will state that he has
a wife (no children), who is at . present
in Ohio, we believe. The Dr. left here
last fall for the mines; returned . this
spring, and left again in a few days. He
never did either much good or much harm
hereabout, so far as we are adviSed ; ap
pears to be clever, sociable and very .talk
ative. If he has done you any harm, Mr.
G., no doubt he will make it "all right"
when he next meets you. No more at
present. Sioux City Eagte.
A horrible rumor prevails in the Rep
ublican circles in New Jersey, says the
N. Y. Day Book, that their, newly elected
Senator, Mr. Ten Eych has been discov
ered to be a slaveholder, as he married in
a well stocked plantation down South.
"Sorn? body in de house wid Dinah."
Territorial Agricultural Fair.
It is hereby announced to the Farmers,
Mechanics and Artists. of Nebraska, that
in accordance with a resolution of ' the
Territorial Board of Agriculture, and the
authority thereby vested in me, 1 have
decided that the First-Territorial Fair
shall be held at Nebraska City, on the.
days fixed upon by the . Board, viz? 21st,
22d, and 23d of September next."
.. The following is the proposition upon
which the Fair was awarded to Nebraska
City. R;W. FURNAS,
' PresH Terr. Board of JgYe: '
' ' Nebraska city., March 5, 1.559.'-
To the President of the Territorial Board
of Agriculture for the. Territory of Nebraska-.
- . .
Sir: To secure. the holding of' the
Territorial Fair at Nebraska ' City in the
ensuing fall, the Board of Managers for
the Otoe County Agricultural Society, ' in
accordance with a resolution passed by
the Board, at its session held on the -22d
ult., offer to. the Territorial Board for the
use of the said Beard at its First Annual
Fair : Fair grounds, . ten acres in extent,
having water and shade' in. abundance
the whole to be enclosed with a 'substan
tial bcard-fenp3 eight: -feqt- high, the
boards being placed- upright aad close to
gether; and-to contain all the necessary
stalls for stock a floral hall sheds for
agricultural,' mechanical,- and other im
plements -and- mechanism', and a first
class' show ground for ;exhibititig horses,
There will be provided hay, '.corn, and
other feed for stock-at the fair grounds..
' Our position, it being-central and con
venient to all parts' of the Territory,-
ought, to be ari important consideration m
the selection of the place at which the.
Fair should be. held. . Besides . the ac
commodations for boarding and. lodging,
afforded in our city, are equal, if not su those to he obtained in any oth
er place in' the' Territory there being
in the - city two first-class hotels!' ind
about ten second class hotels, besides . a
large number of' boarding houses. .
.Believing that the- Territorial. .Board
wrillda what, under all the circumstances,
will' most advance the. agricultural inters
ests of the. Terr:tory, and entertaining the
highest regard for yourself and for- the
Board of which you are. the distinguished
We are, sir, respectfully, &c,
Co'r.resp. Sec'y of-Otoe Co. Ag. Soc.
Attest:' ': ,
J: L. Armstrong, Fres't. ' " '
II.- II. Harding, Rec. Sec'j.
. ',
.In. the old' times, ..when slavery was
sanctioned in Massachusetts, a wealthy
lady-residing in Gloucester was in the
habit of giving away the. infants of her
female slaves a few days after they were
born,.as people " are . accustomed - to dis
pose of - a litter of kittens. One of her
neighbors begged an infant, which-in
those. days of comparative simplicity, she
nourished with her own milk, and reared
among her children. The woman had an
earn'esi desire for a brocade gown, and
her husband not feeling able, to purchase
one, she sent her little nursling to- Vir
ginia, and sold her when sne was about
seven yeara clu
of JVomsn.
Child's History
Kews Steins.
A. report comes to' us from Augusta,
Georgia, that, the bark E. A. Rawiin has
landed G00 Africans on the. coast' of Flo
rida'.. A woman in- New York recently com
plained against a Chatham street merch
ant for' selling her a horse-hair, mattrass
line 'with rat-tails.
A colored man' in Cincinnati has begun
to turn white his back., one cf hi's shoul:
ders, and one arm having completely lost
their color. '.
Miss Maria Mitchell the astronomer,
is preparing to establish an observatory
at a suitable position within the .limits cf
Nantucket,' her native town. .
The wife of Gen. Miramon, who has
recently become President of Mexico, is
said, to be a 'regular trump card. -She
notified her husband a young man of 27
yetrs that he must fight his way into
thePresidential chair or she would not
live with him.
Washington Irving has completed his
fifth volume cf the Life of Washington.
. The Richmond Enquirer threatens that
"if Mr. Letcher does not repudiate. Mr.
Buchanan" it will repudiate Mr.' Letcher.
The editor, of the Michigan Farmer is
informed by a gentleman who has had
extensive observations in different parts
cf that State, that the prospect for the
growing wheat crop is better than at any
corresponding period for ten years.
The latest style cf hoop-skirt, is the
self-adjusting double-back-action bustle,
etruscan lace expansion, Piccclomini at
tachment, . gossamer indestructableV It is
a very sweet thing.
' The following premiums are offered by
the St. LouisAgricuItural Association, for
their fourth Fair, to be. held on the 2-5th
of September next :
Best. thoroughbred Stallion, SI 000
Best thoroughbred Bull, - .1000
Best Roadster Stallion, . 1G00
The ; democracy cf Kansas have put
forth a call for a Territorial Convention.
We have, not learned its object nor at
what point it is to meet;'
The London Morning Star, of March
2Sth, says there is every probability that
Mr. Spurgeon (notwithstanding he has
once declined to do so,) 'wiH visit Ameri
ca during the coming summer. He is to
lay the foundatxon.of his new Tabernacle
in May, and as it will require a year to
complete it, he will, it is thought, take
advantage of that interval to cross the
Next week we will publish the premium
list of the. Nemaha- Countv Agricultural
Society. - , .
In this city, very suddcttly, April 3J, Ceot-GE. V.
Blakely, of New' York, 'more recently ct Heatrice,
K. T. .
' ALT. and A. I.L
Grand Lodge of. Nebraska.
A. The Grand Lcdje of A. F. and A. Macn3,
of the Territory of Nebraska, will hold it3
.jk ncir Annual Commucicatic n iu the City
rof BelleVui, cjinoicnciiig on the 2nd Tues
day ia June. 1359.
It is earnestly hoped that tho comtnlttee on ''Col
lection cf historical facts, as to the introduction of
ilasonryin this Territory," wiil not fail to inako f ull
repcrt3 from their respective Lodges. .TheComrcit
tee consists cf Keller, Bellevua ; Lindly, Nebraska
City; Clarke. Omaha; Bratton, Brownville; Will
kicson, Omadi ; and Wheeler, lJuttsmsath.
R. C. JORDAN, Or. Master.
R. Y. Fcrxas, Gr. Sec'y.
2Wiil Territorial papers please copy or notice.
KemaJia Tallej Insurance Company.
NOTICE is hereby given that Books are now open'
at tho oine'e of Luihbaugh & Cnr-on in the City of
Bro-wnviUe, and, will remain' open, for tho.purpose
of roeeivics subscriptions cf stock until a least
Five Thousand Dollars Capitol Stock-is s.ulnoribed.
Masonic .bodge Meeting
Neman' Valley Lodge JTo. 4. raeois at Ma
son.ic llatl ii'Allister H Pona'a Store on
first and Uiird Saturday evenrnBd ofr each
. . " b. y. tuii'AS, vr. ii.
T. VT. Bedfoed, Sec'y- . ' - ' ... '
Crane Hill,
Bkotnvilij:, Apni 25, 1S59 saelt
Bfckwukat FlOL'E, tl'SACK
Cur.v 3Ikal, ) bushel
Coi::j, y bushel' -.
(jxts, y bushel,
Sugnr, 9 lb '"
CoiTEE, ;
40 45
2,00 10
'. ICc
3.0 (g-10c
. 75
2,50 -10
' FX.
EgCp. . do.
. Fk::sh Beef,- $ lb--- '
" 1'orK, per -10 E3.
Potatoes, bushel, .
ti-LX, .
Li'JiBER, Cottonwood, per 100 ft.,
Yellow Fine,--
. Chelse, !!, . t
'. Lard, .
Nails, por kc-g,
Wheat, none in market."
VvniSKV, per gallou, .-
. Salt, i sack,
Molassks, -
'.Beans, bu'h, f'- .......
i p . . .
DHY 11IDE3, 1 U,
St. Loci3,'A'pril 22 ,1S50.
."VTiiat. "i bsh,
. ' IOC.145
Co.KNn y bufh, 1
O.vtp,' bush,
"Flolt.,. y Lbl, .
Buckwheat, Flock, per cwt;
Beans, porbu'sh,
Potatoes, per t.ushel,
Dr.Y Hipf.3,
45 O 87j
. . 100(77115
3;5 (4 :ic
2"' -" (Ji 25
St. JosErn, April 23 1S59.
V,'nEAT..";3 .bush,
Co:i.s,y.buh, .......
Flock, y cwt,
lUcsiviiEAT Flock, y cwt,
Fkhsh L'or.K. V ;
Potatoes, y bush,
AVCITE 13EAVS, ) bush,'-.--
Pcttett, y iu,
Ecgs, y doz ..... ...i
CnicXENS, y'doz, ..
Dkv Hides' y 1,
Coffee, y lb, , .. .
'Sl"G AR, 7? lb, .... ....
IuiED ArFLE3 y bushel, .-f.
Green, uo. '
. Leek Cattle--
o.vTs- :
1 . 15(250
lW.t 20c
. ec-123
' ro
4. .0
60 .75
BroTTiiTiile Mail Arrr.ngemcats,
. rASTEHN .MAIL.' . '.
Arrives Daily (Sundays exceptcdni Cvc r. jj. '
Depart Daily (Sundays' excepted) at h-lf past
ciht, a. n.
Arrives T.i-Treehiy, ca Uondiry's, IVednOcdaysand
Departs On .Tucadari, Thursdays and Saturdays
Arrive On Tu-esJayv, Thursday-i nn-i Saturdays
Dfjarta OnMonda.y?, Wednesdays and.Fridays. "'.
Zcaie Brownvil'o co tho first of every mouth
. . reaching Ft. ' Kearney in st-Teu days; lca
. ring Ft, Kenrroy on "the 10th
Arrives At Brewnviilc ia T.days. '
Leaves 'Rrownviue. on Slonday?, Wednesdays anp
Fridays at 8 o'clock, a. si.
Arrives rAt Tir.iiTTnviile'.'n Tuesday?, Thursdays and
: Saturdays at 8 o'clock, a. m.
OFTiCE nouns.
From 7, o'clock, a. ii., to 12, M: and fr'm 1, r. y.
to 6, P. ii. . C. G.'LOItSEY V. M.
Adrcrtire your bininess. Do'r.ot bide your lisbi
urder a busbd: Whatever your calling occupa
tion may to, if it necd3 support fr; :g the f ulbc. ad
vertise it thoroiiTbly.'anl ctl'cctually fn souio shape
or ot.hc.rj that wiiLarrest public attention. I freely
cenfoad that what succe-i I have had in li.V nay
fairly bo attributed more to the pul'.i.; than Cj
nearly all ciiuss combined. There iiy .pcs
sib'y be occupations that do not require- a-U-rti?!Dr,
but I cannot well conceivo waat they are.. -P. T.
11 AKN'CIi.
. 1 have always considered advertising liberally
and long to be the great medium of siu-c-csa in bu
nes?, prelude to wcaltli. And I .have made'
it an invariable rule; tco, to a Ivertida in th ? dullest
times, a long csprrier.c-e having taught xac that no
ney thus spent is well laid out; and by keeping ray
business coiit nua'ly beforo tho public, has secured
mo innny sales that I otherwise would Lavo lost.
Stephen Giua-1'.p. . '
Whatever success I mny .have tad in business I
otto iiiaialy to continuous Advertising, and I deem
It good policy to advertise long . in the same papers.
From a ciosa observation, I am fully that
it w impossible) to make much headway in anv branch
of commerce, without the facilities which the Press
alone can give. Jac b Hipge'vay.
ily motto through life ha? been work and Adver
tise. In business, Advertising is th true Philoso
pher's stone, that turn's whatever it touches to gold,
i ha-e advertised much, both in the weekly aud tho
daily papers; r have I found that thoso o tho
largest cicculation cf filter class benefitted me
the most. John J. Astoii.
Advertise ! advertise ! advertise ! This is the life
of trade.anl standing advertisements, you wi'd find
will prove the most remu crative, at least I hav
found it so, daring rr.y business-career thus far: t-jr
should you withdraw but a single week fr(,ni the
paper in which you.are accustomed to advertise, ten
ehanc?3 to one that would be the time whan seme
would-be-customers will lo;.kinto the ruier lV.ryour
business, and not Endir.g it you wili k-ose several
profitable sales. William Guay.
On Monday, June Qlh,- 15-59.
TIIERK will bf sr.1.1 fA tSo V-t-s .;.- rv t. :
Pawiiec City; Pawnee C., 2 T., cn iiona iy. J ;:ic 6-h,
fc-r tie erecucn cf public builijicss. Pav.-uoc i-t
sitnaicd-ncar tne of Pawnee county, uv.l ii'tle
pcrrnaiicittly lrcatc l county seat Oi sai.l -county. Tee.a
are anions the public and business houses. tLc f: lew it
2 S.'csin Saw, anu 1 Grist MUI; 2 Dry Goi-d St-rw; 1
Drus Store. aaU a Hotel and Store in process at erecsi jn.
TtiS tf.wn f-itt! Lolur.z tn th'n r.r x .A i.
x, Pjoxtl! tMs 3ie e- c far tfce ercr.i.,n of y-i-!ic
bui'.ii'.r::?. A Court House is rjw erectrd on tho
public Kiua.-e; v.-l will bo cm:!etca tLis so..i..n. Many
in Ibis place Lave been .:.ld t!r three sr.4 iur times
JOUX C. PKAYT. i Co- (-om-Attest
' .
T.. vr. Tt.'y Co Ci'lt.
r--nec Cny, S". T., April S7:h. 1S.53. . 44-it
AXXOCXCE to the public taat they have opened a
Billiard Eoom and Saloon
in the old Nemaha Valley Bank EciMin?. Brownvi!Ie,
Xcbrasta, where lovers of the interesting game or Bil
liards caa be accemmodated in a style, they trut wilite
satisfactory to ali who may patronize them.
Our Liquors,
Areall pure and cf the choicest brands. The famous
Tippecanoe Ale
The best rade is kept contant!r on hanl at this es
tablishment. It. ilORHlSON'.
no44-jy. J. Q. A. SJUITII.
First St.,' feet. Main and Atlanlic,
ANNOUNCE to the citizen of Brownville and vicinity
that they have rented the bakery tormerly owned by E."
Vr'orthinj:. anii 3reaow prepared to furnish Bread, Cakes,
Pies, CoafictioLery, Ice Cream, Lemonade. &c. &c.
Brownville, April 23, '53. . M4-tf
. KTotice.
Exccnter't; bale cf -persoaar Pxoperty..
XOTICS is hereby given," that :l, neath Xucknlis,
executor 0! the personal prcperty of C.'ias. M. Greever,
deceftsed, in pursuance of sn order of th'o Probate Court
ef Kema.ha elinty, Xebrasfe3 Territory, will on the 21st
day c f iliy, A. D." 1S53, between tho hours' of eisht
o'e!ck A :l, an I sir o'clock P M, of said day, and at tiie
town of Siut -Ueroiu, in Xcmaia county. Nebraska Ter
ritory, fell atpnbUc sale to the hi-best. bidder, allof the
rerscnal estate of the estate of said Greever, deceased-,'
consUtini: in.part of horse, catUe, furniture, one gold
warch and chain, a bujsy; farming inipleme-nts. the un
divided third cf a steam Baw mill; lathing au'd thlugie
tnaclrir.e ic, &.c. . .
TEItilS All SUT-IS Un.!.-1 1f) ("l ;Ti !n V-n . ,i
$10 on six months time, arproved sccurrty 'to to "iven
by purhsser. .
. Saixt 1Ep.oi.x. X. t., )
it April 18;h 5 .
n . .
To Wi.iiacx I'cii, and ail others whom it may COn-
;Dr ;-a, nr- hJeby nrttiScd tiiatI will appear at
tho Lata OUioe Prownv,!ie,4:T., on Monday, the
second day of .May, 1859, at 10 o'clock, to prove up
my right of pre-emption to the north west tftiarter
oi section seventeen, TowEshijrve, range fourteen
thereto1' uC-r0i'cu c" a?P-ir to-contest my right
t, . ; ' W1I.SKILLIX. '-
Hrownville, -April 21,1?j0. 2t
. ' VXVX
A j;i
have by calhn- at tnis office, describing and rayih
far tins auvcrtisomcnt. 0
jlOO Acres of
Fpk SALS. "
The tract of land kr4own ns tfco '-Co.,k Farm," one
and a half imlcs sctrthof the cityx f, will
be sod on easy terms, if applkation bo made scrn
If not disposed rf before ho 13th, first dav .f tho
ltrict Conrt,-it will be'sold tu the hi-heat' bidder.
1 erm'3 made known on the day o slo.
Urowcvilb, y. J. April?, 1S59. r. U2t
Land Watjiants Loaned o. Tiiie
And located after the Land 'S 1 es for d'stant rarties.
All land warrants sold by i:;e will be guaranteed perfect
in all. respects, and exchanged if lumd defective
Brownville, N. T., April 1, no 41
itiui hiinh.
n-.vir. rented the interest of Like and Emtncrsonin
the "Brownville Stccm Saw and G rist Atiil, aimnur.cos to
to the public that he is proparcd ti;..djte the
citizens of Brownville and Xem 3 hi County with a hu
perior onaii-y of lumber of all kinds. Also with the
GrUt .Mill, to serve al! in that liai.
The market prue at all times paid for Lf cr.d Cjrn.
The o'd tubiiiCss of N'. el, Lake & Kmnierson will bo
settled iy Henry Late. 'All future ha.-iooss c -nduc'ed
by the undersigned. ' JE533 XOKL.
Brownviile, April 7th, I SG), jy
And Country Produce
Front Street, BronnvlUe, Kclrashd.
rownvilie House.
v7EE2L2.n & HAINES,
Announce to tho n!iti:i flint tvi-1,.- .
ch;iPed p:id rctittc-;! Hie KI:V. POPTjIjAt? A NTi
ww4Uij.u U J JlO i Z1.XJ 111
known as the Brownville i:.i'-.o, .md are n,w prrrarcd
to ei.tertain ami accin'.ii.Hl.ito tr..vf.iio-:
and day boarder in a sty 1 second to n other il-tVe in
1U " l- c v y eiuri win 00 r.i iie to entert3ia r i,
...... . v. uiiu. lauie fin oo may lavor the Urownviiie
K'jUC wiih their patruau.
will at a'.l times be yu?',Upd r-iti, the snt starfi.
dehcucies of the seasons, dy, nod coui.try ia whi.h we
I.i well fitted up, and supplied with the choicest Ji.; a.jr8
to be found.
Arrangements have been made with tVrn. r.-5sc;i pro
prietor of the City Livery stable. h i prep irell with
as got id accouunotiiitiuuii h cm be f..r.nil anywhere-
Mr. It. also keeps a excellent Livery fciiLic for the
April It, ISoD, 40-ly lJt 1 '
To the Ladies.
Maiu Street, Brownville, .Xclrasla,
Has just rcceivsj a fre.-h Inppljof
Coasisticg of New Style
Eibbcns, Lacos, Flowers,
And the finest and best materials for manufacturing
aiijthins in the Uiillinerr line.
April 1st, '53 n40-ly
mi mu jJ
Main Street, Broicnvilk W
LT-Te just received per steamer "Vnli c.
Complete Stcc
Which they will gel! for cash a shade ch)C.
ever before beeu offered in this market
March 31,1353 n40 '
Sena Four Stamps for oiV?
A Wecklj siirr.raary of tha late3t icfp"-
ceivei from Ecglaud, Ireland, Scotlaad, "V '
tho British Possessions in every tartr' ,-4,-t
and devoted to politics", literature, 8cknl'"!,
J r .
The 'STcits from Hq'ti
Will bo rorwarded pestao fr.o tsp.ja
subscription, vis : : ""
$2 for ona year; $1 tor six nicn'iu3- j
three months. . . '
Postmasters and newspapers o5'ersa-eri'
ties eettid? vd clubs. ' " l,y
Adiresi ' . TOWNDHOTT
Editors ac-d Froprietcrs-. Nr.,1
April L4, 5j-ly . . . r
Doable-Threaded Sewing
Warranted the host in the Vio, '
11 in S-..1U1 sua lieu:, met anu ieii, Cithtrj-i
hroi'ier with periectimi. and will sew ero'T . '
poods, even leather, and especially adaptea t'r - i
ait. - '. .' '
Asy person cf ordinary inteUIsence can Icatn
iiour to use it successfully. .
AVe have a great nutuher r references, ht
only the names of a few, who are. amonstliC nri"-"
ilies, to wit :
We, the ur;ie'rsicrr.c-d citizens.' bf St. Lenis.hws
tely purchajed one of Raymond's L;et l-nprov
rent Scu'ina Afachiues, aud use it aucceisfaliy cn 1
ect kinds cf work, id our families' service, tt .jcbe.
1 V rfifi FT t Til .' n.t if'f.. nnr.... ... t.".. :i ... .
Atrs. 1J A AleSett
Ati J Jewtt Wikui
J Cien.enn
Jas A. II Laaptoa
D Utia.:e
ETill-m:n .
E J S;evenj
. Jvi'e C fr.'an
I. iTary Liveraw
Ji 11 VT i.urf
.M Jt W ilii inn
,UU Arbnckle
"ilachine without tah'cv as hand MacfOnej iii?' 1
r.eedleatid twucp-jol of on the m.Khiao, are 1
Mtli tables, half d. zea extra needles, tools, ic. .
Needle $f per U. z'en. . ''
Complete printed directions will be cent "with n
machine. These machines take the same stiitou
Gn.ver and Baker.
No letters'of in.'iniry answered except an eiira p;
'a?e sta-jip i cnclu.-cd.
Machines warranted, and may. be returnea ia v.:
days If not rati.stictory. " .
No machineii delivered until paid far.
All order by mail or express, with the tasa, wi;;
ceive prompt attention. " . .
X. B. AgcnU waiteI f jr every town in tin" j;
p;rqeij, i. w.ionia nocai ci-couni wi,; !io-f:vj-Ad.lrcs.-i
EDW1X CLAT.Z, Xj. 82 North Fuu;t:i it-
St.. LOU!a, Mo. ... . IltjJ.
. . Public Kotico .
To Prc-emjiion Cfaimants'c'aiminghr,.
Utn-'een the .VjCuy Line, cr.d 7,'cj
Line, lying bttireen the. tiro Xi.jr.Xi
Rivers cn the Half Breed Rcserz:i
JWbrasha Territory. . .
Ey the sixth "section cf an Act cf frr.;re. -:
f An Act makin? appropriations for tho curw. t.
continpent expense of the Indian Dep.vtnic:." i
approved SSih Fcbrn.ry, lSi. pro. i.-ion is nu t! :.
t-aleof the l.mdi lyins between the lite su:tcjp.1:
Jnhn C. JlcO.-y in 1C7 and 1SS3, and the western"
d.iryofthe Hair Breed Reserve, asspeciiel ia t:,e X
articieof the treaty ,f Hrairte du Chieu X loh.'-
lbuOjaad the p--cee-i3 of the 5aic are dirrvted tu It
to tho extent of $l,5f5 reracre, t.t the Secretary gi?..
Interior, for tho ue or the Half Breeds cnt.'.jiJ 'in !
same. Therefore, all person interested are dm:',
taie notice that pre-emption c'ami.ints who tai r
perfected their cluicis prior to the 2;h I'etr-ujry. r;
will he required to pay for their oia:ni in in-;-,! c. :r
of the United Stat.s and that Bvunty l-.V. i.--:.
will n:t he receive d ?.i satiafactioa or c;i:;.n't l.-.l
lyin? between s. iid lines, cr any of the smallest '.t.
sulid.viii ;ns teiotiinsj it uny claim, which nujert
ocyond or be cut fcy the said weterTim -st lino.
O. II. NIXON. ItcKl tT.
C. B. SMITH, Becener.
Brownville, Slarch 51, IiS-J nJO-3'V.
Probate Notice.
TThereas It has been r.uIi to nnwir tn mr niuv
tion. that thera are claims existm air.ii'n-t the e-vt 1 j
Joe:n icroin. i&te r Xcmaba CVubty, XM.-aIil
ritury, deceased; notice is hereby given, tfc.t It.
app:;iniea jdorniay, the Ertecntn day of Auar, A D !
as a day for the hoarius cf said claim?, ar-l V! ;r
havli:;: cUluii against the s.iid estate r h.rr n..t.
they will he forever ocrred from Tccoverlrj 'jift-.'..
an i from setting c ft the same ia any actio si wh.vr.
uiven umter ciy handen this lt;h iy of i H-.:T,
A D 13. n. J. wniTXt.T Proha-rJe.
Ordered tint the above t.oticc to puta-n? f-r il
successive weeks in the Nebraska Advertiser.
Brownville, Feo. 17, liS3. . Sr..
Probate !Vofirp.
Trhercas ; it has been made to a; pear to try
1 ' 1 f i n . ihflFd r 1 . ' . . . . . . . I . .
..v.., ."viv .lc kiai:u.i cilllll,; ';a;fl l.f f
Charles II. Greever, "uto of Xemaha Comdv. -N,
ka Terrilorv. drroitfi! ! r...ti.-. 1 -mm
bare appointe At-wday, the l.'th dav' f A:n. '
s iue uay lur ine tfarir: cf pa. J c;:uli-,
persona havi:i(? claims thcM e--ta;ea:'
notitlrd to flie the same at n-y (fTu-etii or U'
dav. r thev wi! I h '..rover ir. m r-,..-i.
1 '
claims, and from tettits effthe same in arv act.i.a
V r 1 . , .
Given under my hand, t!i$ lit h ,Uv -of Fr' '"an-, AB
lj- R. J. V.Ii;T'7.V -ft ,t J :' '
Orderpd that t..e above notice t e ,,Mi-l--l f
successive wesksia tha Xet,rau Aiiiv:i:,rr
BrcwnviUe; Feh. 17, IS.
Special Election.
Tcritory ot N'ehrahka, J
t coi.o.y 1 .cm.iiij, .
NOTICE is hereby sivcu Jli,it.tlirra will to j't?-'1
e!f-t-i,n l.eM in Nenir.ha cotmry at the a n.l P J 1
holdins clcctiuiis, on the 2V.h day of April, A. U
t,x t!ie piirpr,e of e!f-irtirs one (o;r.ty t'olnaii "'
f.r tl.o 2nd C .mr.iis!,;J!jeiV UUtrict. ia.tdace uf Jfr--
Cle, rcsiznc-d. . ,
Bj!,e by order of the Board of Comm'isi.ic.-?.
la e-tiiu,ny where, f I h.'ivfl.o-"'
Ji- 'J' ot !"7 hanu and arnxo l tl J sc-ii -f
. ?'f; county, at my cffl.-e i.'i Br-,
lY:i2Z April, a. i..j5.
'orTt CurrtjC'.s--
Equilization Board. '
Territory cf Nbri-ka, ?
C.iunty of Xem..La, s' ' ' .
XOTICK is herchTCiven th.i? f- 1 .-r l'rf r.-.nilin'"
of XiMiuiwi county will p1ief
io? t'onm-.issionprs' Court of y.ifd c .no'y. on tV:
Ji-.nd.iy ( t next June, or the pnrrxr e.f cx imin;r.:.i
A. sestmen: Tax Ruil of Xeroaba Coonty f r lie ens
year. Dne by order of the B ;ar1 cf CommiMK-ner.
In tvs irii.riT ihnriv f I h ivC iC'f"-" '
.'i.'i, !. set my band and aCixvd the C;,: ' ' " ,
- V " J -....J ....... ... ;
V .' Cthday of April, A. I. Ic?.
Field, GAnrcx and 'lower 5rrr?-
Vt'earo now fU'.y st;p:ird with one cf the y'
and nust complete stock of G.irdfn, Flower ni
Seeds ever t tiered to tho L'Vsteru people. O k
has been made up with much cure fr..:.i Hie i-esi ,rl
Kardens cf Arnctica atid Europe. A Ure si.are."
borne scc.'s.bcin g.-uu i: under our cu :--"'"j
li'.n.and which we can recmaieud as tri;e laMa;
cr the best quality. ' ' '
Anions our assortment sf seeds may bo fouud ovfcf
tr-r varieties of Flov. er eeis:
SfO Co Garden secdi:
Iltir.rtarian Grass sj-. e : :
Ciiineese Siunr Cat.e and Imphee seed, ic., if
From a lonpac iiianitaricp wirh Trade, we c'"''m
dent no one cau oei better inducement to thUe lcf
ii s see Is. r.
Those who dcisn to emiprare fa Cherry Crf r
P.kt's Peak would d-j well to take with thew a tr
ircsn itarorn swt.s,
we also!nf!y on hind a full nort
i.'irj.f.;it.r, .m JI.U1II.M?, ,,
r-.itPd to the Field. Garden. Orchard and -foo''.-
V.'e ar- fliy prepared tj supply the trade on tic ot--'
liheral terms. .'.
Full Cataiocruss fnrn:.hed gratis cn arp'
mail iucluse aNtamp. Address
rr u FMT"!Trr,nnt'. '
2"! Lake street, Chka2.,
Tcbruary 17, IfC.
Cash for Produce.
TTc are now ra jin- eas'i for corn and vltit v
on the return of ilr. IIlLh, now ea :t, we' P
CASH for ail kinJj of country produce. .
TJrowTiTilX March W.1S!5.
1 a-
1 1