Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, July 15, 1858, Image 3

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F.roneycar.if r' risJvanco. - $2 00
.. at itic eiiJ of 6 months, i smj
tt 12 3 00
Club cf 15 or Ki .re will be furnished at $1 60 per
inom, provide!1 tie ca.-.u accompanies the order, not
With rernt extensive additions of New Type. Cuts,
coioerf Inks, Bronrcs, Cards, &.C., m.i.le to the "Adver
tiser" Ofiice.weclaim to be able to turnout Job w'k m
matincr tmur:akse'i lt an o:n e. ju
O'ders fr. n. a d-.tanco will l.e promptly attended to,
ul afruioJ to sue satisfaction or no pay.
We have jut completed a nc M fcof Rlat.ks of every
description, neatly exc t.tcl fine siifstantial paper;
a:vl arc prepared to till orders at a moment s nojicc and
Wcbive :- a plate "l a small map I S oith Platte,
Nrl ra-ka. for pniitin? common sired envelope, with any
i:red t-usines card atta bod. orders Mlicite-1.
Nebraska Territory.
Uml'-r the above heading our coieinpo
rary "The Wi-i," rmUiihed at Saint
Joseph, Missouri, pays the annexed trib-u'.-i
to the advantages of the Territory of
In record to the allusion to our sister
territory, we may s:iy that we have hut
lilt'e faith in the ability of one communi
ty t- B ill it-elf rp, by cnstj::i!
rrTi.' r 2 i:s nf-i;ii.'rs. Mr.
!...: ft '"' .-.! .i.;.',y
s :is a. nr.j nictated by a srirr
fair ar. 1 !
lionar.-tL! rivalry.
There is one point upon which '"The
Wft" i- in error. Itsavs: As rcarJs
waf r, tiiiiher, and soil, Kansas and Ne
1 ra-'a arc jual." We Loliove that Xe
l -.i-Ka is almost uiiivT:a!lv acknowlcd-
. J t. bo th.- best wat. r.-d prairie country j
on tne lace ot t;;e riic
B;it here is the article:
'It ha ik-w 1 n f"iir years since the
organization of Kansas and Nebraska
Teinten'.'s. In that time volumes upon
vohiiii'-s have been written upon the soil,
products and climate of the former, while
noilii:ir. c mparaiively, has been said or
writt' ii in favor of the latter. While
the on"
sure, by
has 1 -en peopled, in a great mea
tlie wnr.-t class of men in the
L niteil Mates, l.rouirht into the country
by th" prwspiTt of war and plunder the
'ther by a totally diiien-nt ( lass, seeking
homes f"r themselves, and cheap lands by
the cultivation of which their families
niiirht be supported, has been :radually
populated and irives promise of becoming
one .f the very ! est States in the coiifed
traey. Ia Kansas there is no social ele
ment in those parts of it where the dif
ficulties have I..'u rif", and where, conse
quently, is a greater congregation of bad
m"n, the citizen m.-wr gets so well ac
quainted with his neighbor as to feel as
sured of safety. While the ditlicuties of
Nebra-ka have been confined to her Leg-i-Iat.ire.
those of Kansas have not been
confined to the Territory, but have created
excitement throughout the length and
breadth ..f th" I ni. ;i. Th
' consequence
is visible. Nebraska is b.
up by a thrifty and working population,
w hile Kansas wi'h greater numbers, ap
plying for adi!ii-ion into the Union as a
state, is ra. ke.l l y internal dissensions
and evin. es all the indications of a phys
ical and moral tmthrift. The found ition
of this state of affairs mar be foun.l in
hi:!if:tl(itin pictures given of the soil and
c' of Kansas to induce emigration.
A e remember ourselves, to have heard
it averted, before Kansas Territory had
a white inhabitant, and before there was
a pound of hemp raised within her bor
der, that th" average of hemp w as 2.000
pounds per acre and, with equal coufi-b-n,
e, later, by Eastern men whose in
formation was obtained from published
arr.nmts. that all tropical fruits might be
crown there, and that strawberries might
be grr.hered from the prairies at Christ
tin. I n l.-r these representations thou
sands i-ame, who otherwise would have
remained at home and made useful mem
bers of society, but having been trans
planted to Kan-as were embittered, dis
satisfied and desperate. As to the set
tlement of Nebraska, there was no po
litical excitement and consequently no
deception but what arose from the" bad
judgment of the first visitors, and the hab
it of over or greatly underrating all new
ll. r s.'V.Vr. lifore th-y rull-
M OP HI ho 1. 1st L-nou- tint thorn
vor, dnii.-:,!-,.-. to cui'.eihl with, ami th-y
cuiiif Lrcj).iri',l to :ra-p ami oviTO'iiif
t!..-iti M-. w n-Milis. It is trin the
fruit !;-! rot vrt rii.-n.ll--jtevervl.r:ini-h
is l'ii
i;u with pronii
lri'.'ii.-ntly now hear Nel raskr
.!'' '.vcn ci as a JiiniUe place of reti-th-iice,
wh-Toas a short time ao Kan
sa i:i -a p..hz'.d tho attention of all migra
tory, lis t iiiiiato is s-aid to he remarka
My o l f.r the latitude, and its soil is
uii.'vc .l.'d 1 y any country on the irlohe.
As n-jards water and timber. Kansas Nel.ra-ka are c-iual but Nehraka
is jTt'fcraMe as to every uiher conidera
ation. Her mineral resources cannot le
computed; tlure having heen no itooIot
ical feurivy. tut we have little doubt that
time will develop vast mineral wealth in
Nebraska. The rapidly increasinT in.
terest in that
st in that country induces this notice,
to supply the demand for iufonna-
tl"!l 'UC. riil! :-r n T..rrit.-vr- i'i.
are u-. ply interested, we "will do all in
our power,
Prcb)tery of Nebraska.
The following was ad
adopted ly the
C.eneral Assembly cf the Presbyterian
Church, whu h has just closed its "session
at New Orleans:
Certain papers which have a necessa
ry connection with each other, viz. Pa
pT No. 1, which is the petition of cer
tain ministers of Nebraska Territory,
asking to be set ofTinrn.-i tipw Pmsi,,-
- - l. L-
ry. Paper No. 2, which is the petitition
cf the Presbytery of Council Bluffs, ask
ng that the ministers in Nebraska Ter-r-,
with the Rev. D. L. Hughes of
Huntingdon Presbytery, be attached to
: the I resl.yiery of Council Bluffs ; and
1 apers No. 3 and 4, w hich are petitions of
; the Presbyteries of Des Moines and Iawa,
m favcr of strenatheniu? the Presbytery
r't Col::,, jl Wfe, anj arjainst the ofgan-izati.-m
of a Presbytery iu the Territory
? ct .At bra ska.
, The committer, after consultation with
: the partes interested, rerommended the
.toiUnvu action as the best under all the
; circi.nis;;itlf.s .
Rctotted, 1. That a new Presbytery
practical pri.iter himself. anl ....
a.C. rushed a:.J CM erie-d la.KyJ.t, Printer, i oe-te-m.i.od
not to be ou.-l-.e 'c ec.;t!ou 'f J"V? i
Cirds fUavm- one f l-os'.or's laio.-t improved ta.d
P roB 'a";: W. - ..!.., BrouM Work, kc. will
be erected out of the Territory of Ne
braska, to be called the Presbytery of
Omaha, which shall consist of the follow
ing ministers and churches, viz.: Rev.
William Hamilton of the Upper Missou
ri Frcsbytery, Rev. George P. Bergen
of the Presbytery of Cincinnati, Rev. S.
Pock of the Presbytery of Findley. Rev.
William Young Brown of the Presbyte
ry of New Lisbon, Rev. Charles Sturges
of the Presbytery of Long Island, Rev.
William B. Hall of the Presbytery of
, together with all the churches in
Nebraska Territory.
Resolved, 2. That the Presbytery of
Omaha be connected with the Synod of
Southern Iowa; and that it meet for or
ganization on the second Wednesday of
July next, at eleven o'clock, A. M.. at
Omaha city ; and that the Reverend Wil
liam Hamilton preach the opening ser
mon, and preside until a Moderator Le
appointed, and that Rev. G. P. Bergen
be his alternate.
Resolved, 3. That Rev. D. L. Hughes
of the Presbytery of Huntington be trans
ferred to the Presbytery of Council Bluffs,
and the latter Presbytery be directed to
meet at Pacific City, Iowa, on the third
Tuesday in July next, at eight o'clock,
P. M., and that Rev. John Hancock
preach the opening sermon, and preside
until a Moderator be appointed, and
that Rev. D. L. Hughes be his alter
nate. . . ...
V- Fro m Salt X?.L:c.
The United States Mail, reached St.
Joseph on the Gthinst., direct from Salt
Lake :
Gov. dimming and the peace Com
missioners were in the City. Young and
the Mormons were at Provost f!itv Hp
haJ ra;j a visit t0 Sah Lake Cj tQ con
iVr with Gov. dimming and the Com
missionrrs, the result of which was un-
known. Nothing of importance, howev-
'r, had transpired. Salt Lake City had
i been almost totally abandoned. Not
I more than fifty Mormons remained in the
, city. It will be remembered that the
j population of the City was about fifteen
l thousand. Mr. Clayton says it now pre-
tents a most ioriorn ana ueserteu spec
tacle. Gen. Johnston was met about 50 miles
this side of the City, moving on through
Echo Canon. No opposition whatever
would be ollered to his entry into the val
ley and city. Col. Hoffman's command
was still at Bridger. Capt. Marcy had
j"ined General Johnston, and was mov
ing on with the army to the city. The
universal opinion was that there would be
no lighting. This may now be regarded
as a fact ui-11 otaLlilied.
Mr. Clayton reports the roads good,
but South Platte still very high. He re
ports a vast number or trains on the road
and all getting along well. The Indians
are quiet and offer no obstacle to emi
grants and trains. The news generally
is otherwise unimportant. Saint Joseph
Starratlon in Iowa.
A party of some two hundred laborers
who were out of employment, formed in
a procession in Davenport, on the 2nd,
and marched to the
residence of several ;
of the wealthiest citizens and to the office
of Mayor Cook, demanding work, decla
ring that they must either become a
charge upon the country or starve, unless
they can get work immediately. Those
addressed promised to do their best to
devise some relief.
R. W. Furnas, editor of the Brown
ville Advertiser, .i a candidate for re
election as Councih.iaa t.' the I.'jislature.
Durin'jf the late session, M I'tuis dia
tinrruished himself as a rirm friend and
supporter of the people's interests, and
in resisting the aggressive, domineering
spirit of a facetious minority. We hope
he maybe re-elected it certainly would
be a cood choice. Florence Cuvricr,
Steamer Galena Burned.
A few days ago the steamer Galena
took fire and was burned to the water's
edge at Bed Wing on the Upper Missis
sippi. The Galena was bound from Ga
lena to St. Paul, and was at the landinir
at Red Wing discharging freight at the !
time the fire broke out. Her passen
gers all escaped, but lost their baggage.
No lives were lost. The United States
Mail which was onboard was lost. We
have no information regarding the origin
of the fire. The Galena was worth S'JO.
000, and .owned by the Galena and Min
nesota Packet Company. Rij.ublican.
War Feeling inFurone.
The whole of Europe, and we might
add, the whole of America, is on the tip
toe of expectation to know what Louis
! ' 1 11 YWl
napoleon means oy nis armaments, nail
a million of soldiers, seventy thousand
sailors, and a steam fleet as large as Eng
land's were never got ready for a mere
show. That somebody is to undergo a
thrashing seems pretty certain, and when
is it to be is the question of the day. Iu
the meantime, while we are trying to
find out, and before a blow has been struck
the mere sound of his preparations is
arming all Europe. England is furnish
ing up her fleets and calling out the mil
itia. Austria and Prussia are fortifying
their frontiers, and Belgium and Sardin
ia, their little hosts already in the field,
await the future with that mure resigna
tion which only the weak can wear. Any
mail at all may now bring the news that MaiostV has let slin thf
j . i
of war. St. Louis Dim.
Laws of Nebraska.
We have often been asked why the
Laws of the last session of the Legisla
ture have not been published ? We are
unalle to fjive any definite answer to the
inquiries, but understood that at the close
of the last session the copy of the Laws
and Journals was given to the ' Nebras
kian office; and that thev have been trans
ferred to Cleveland, Ohio, to be printed
at the office of the Tlain Dealer; and
, .,. iii-i e
they will probably, in the course of time
rnmo hxrl' tn nur TVrritnrtsil I.iKrnrv
bearing ou the title-pace the imprint:!
"Printed at Omaha, by E. S. Chapman."!
Here we would ask, if OOtl policy re
..;o .1,,. Uo ,,ll-: ,Wl.l
done out of the State, when it could have .
been done equally as well at home, and
home industry enrouratd thereby ? The:
i lines othce nas plenty oi material ot tne
right sort for Uiis work, and we should
have had the laws of the last session prin
ted long before this-date, and distributed,
had the copy been given to us. One rea
son which induced us to establish the of
fice cf the Times, was the great com
plaint that there was no printing office in
the Territory prepared to do the Terri
torial work a large surplus of type was
purchased, over and above what was ne
cessary for the use of the paper, for that
purpose but still the work is sent abroad
to be executed.
We have just been told that Bird B.
Chapman expects to visit his constituen
cy in a few days, and he will bring with
him the laws all "on the square," of
course. Omaha Times.
The heavy rains which have prevailed
during the present Spring, has swept
away the millions of grasshoppers which
hatched out in the early part of the sea
son; and so far but little damage has
been done by the insects.
We have noticed that for the last few
days they were disappearing very fast ;
but cannot tell whither they goeth. But
few can fly at this time, and we hardly
think that they are hopping away from
this parr of the country. It must he that
the extremely hot weather that has pre
vailed for the last few days, is rather un
healthy for this kind of hopping insect.
One thing is certain, they are fast, dis
appearing, and there are not enough now'
to do nny serious damage. -Conn. Blvff
Wheat Crop.
We have from time to time alluded to
the prospects of the harvest in the North
west, and a few weeks since, predicted
that the damage from rust would not be
so serious as had been apprehended by
the farmers. In this instance our pre
diction was at fault. The damage to the
crop has been very heavy; and, as we
learn from a variety of sources, very gen
eral. We know of some fields near here
which, a few weeks since, promised an
extraordinary yield, have not been deem
ed worth cutting, and have been left upon
the ground.
Spring wheat has not and will not, suf
fer to the same extent that fall wheat has.
With the product of this crop and that of
the fall crop which has not been lost,
there will however, be a great sufficien
cy for all the consumption of this imme
diate region, with perhaps a fair over
plus. 57. Jo. Gaz., Ji lt bih.
AVatclimaker & Goldsmith,
PEGS leave to inform the public Ih3t he his located
in the aluve ii-iined town and ulieri for sal.; a cLuice
stock of
and other articles n-iully kept in surh pstablisdimeuts at
prices wl.ich cannot bpromplaiiic 1 of. Hein an exper
ience 1 watchmaker he Matters himself that in repairing
watches, clocks and jewelry be can give periect satisfac
tion. 19 6tn.
Brownville. A". T.
Respectfully inf-.rms the puMic that lie lias just re-
i-iiiOii liic tlHU' Ti.lL ilf Unit Mint Kl..n T.iililr-il in, I
no prepare Ho furnish any doMie.l article in his hue
at as low prices as any other establishnieut in the Ter
ritory. All w uk warranted.
He hopes ly strict attention to business, ard keeping
constant ly i'ii hand a superior as-. rtuieiit of Leather,
Trimmings, &.o., for home manufacture, to Mill merit
that lilioiu! patronage which he has heretofore received.
fj"R(pjiring done on the shortest notice.,
All work to lie paid lor ou delivery.
April 22. v.Jnl "
Civ. Knc., Sjur. &. Uraft'D. (Jeueral Land A-ei l-
General Land' Agents
A RK eornectid with, afeacies in Whinjrton City by
hi:htliv ure cnaMed to prosecute claims .uraiuxt the
Cured States ioverninent. or attend to ar Business he
fore the Land rillcc uiih fli.patcti and to the
satisfaction (f theircustomers.
O le of the firm bein? a practical Euineeran't Survey
or (havinn been for many years connected with the I'nited
S:aies (''i: Surveys engaged on works of.ltitorMl Im-prmemont-)
we are prepared to make Surveys of Towns,
Farm, kc, in any part of the Territory; and having
Mumped tie t'Ot Urattsman In the Territory, can rxo:me
Maps, Town Tiats, and .li if ail kinds (imvhanlca 1.
architt-ctvral. kc.;) to the perfect satisfacti-jn our cus
tomors. CMo'ier S2-1. lS.j. nolvg
ED. IV. 3iooi:c,
General Steamboat Agent,
Coot's sold on Commission ami prompt retutns made.
Particular attent on ttiven to receiving. Storing and For
warding all km is of freight and produce.
Oaiceon the Levee.
1 jrek iu. e in ihe same block with Kearney Hotel.
Hcfcr to the Merchants of Nebra-ka City;
Kife &. Mid ael St Louis Mo? I Harper &. Sender St. Louis;
Ji hi. A . Warden " Joseph .Mclntyrc "
Si al.eU.ird. Kmnev&Ca" Barcklay, HiukleSi. Co "
April.?.', 1S'S v2-44-ly
Brownville Steam Ferry !
311 SS 01 III RIVER.
The Koute from Brownville to Ft. Kearney,
aua trom tneiif-e to auiorma, is tne
nearest and most practicable.
ANNOUNCE to the Traveling l'ulilic thai tliey are
now running as a Ferry aorv.-is the Missouri aivcr
,4 rntirrt't new. ih?!,intinl and commoiiout
Vhich airaiiiiemeiit will secure a certain avd
safe ras;a:rc at, all times and in all kinds of
weather. The Proprietor do not assert boastinj;!y
or for the purpose of gaining cus-totn merely, but are
soverned by facts, when thev say this is the best
crossinz of the Missouri River in Nebraska, and
when they say the route from Brownville t3 Fort
Kearney and from thence to California is the nearest
for evidence thev refer the reader to the map of the
Country: and are warranted in saying it is the
practicable route bv personal experience, aj well as
that of hundreds of others who have traveled it.
We claim therefor that this crossing and route holds
out peculiarly favorable inducements, to jiersons
g lir.g to Ca'.it" rnia, and solicit their patronage. Not
withstanding our superior arrangements lor a sale
and speedy crossing, ourcharges are the same as other
I I-wricsm -Nebraska, all bcir.g regmatoa by nogtsla-
tive enactment.
-e?"Kect llect that with our facilities cf Power,
no kinds of weather will xrevcnt our LoaU from
making regular trips at all hours.
JriA skiff and hani will be in readiness tocross
foot passcn ers at all times if nijjht.
n20 Ncvembcr 11th, 1So7.
Is hereby cicen thatWlTlLET TT. HORK has obtained
from the Prtbate Court of Pawnee county letters, testa
ta.noutary on the estate of Roddick Horn, late of said
coiiEty, (ieceascd.beurins date January Uth. A D IS5S.
All persons bavin? claims aitain said estate are
hereby required to exhibit iheui for allowance to the
Prolate Court of said county onor before the 9th day of
Aua-jst. 18oS. or they may be precluded from ar.T benef t
! 'fs.nd estate, mid if not presented within sit" montts
1 from tLe date last above niout.oned they will be forever
' n G. I.ORF. Jndeeof pr -bate.
- ! Tie undorsisnr-t havins entered into a co-partr.ersliip
I mM ,mm sy-H2Ht -..te licnts enm-ct.!) Uaenerrean
i.auery mi corner of Main and h irt streets in the city
J B owaviile. v,.,uld respectfully anii iiiiKe to the public
that we are now prepared to t ike pictures 4ih all the
beav ties ot the art. and at red:::ed prices. Pictures iu
sert.vl in l.nkets. ; ir.s. &.c. in the neatest style.
1 .
) Wat-t
goud piciures canie piea;td. tvu and ee.
j BrWBVij,e,My e, mSiKn USnioa
Boot Ik Sh
BroAvnville, Xcnaaka Co., T.,
Office Corner main and First Streets.
Will select Government Lamls; locate Land Warrants
in Nebraska, Kansas, Western Missouri and
Iowa; collect debts; pay taxes for non
residents; bny and sell property ca
Land Warrants Bought and Sold.
Pre-emption papers prepared, 4c.
Lands near Table Rock, Pawnee county.
In Nemaha county, improved property for sale or rent.
Imeius TIopVin.,rrs't Importers & Trnders'IJank N.Y.
LUvpI lioadtov i rs t i'aiiama Kailroad,
GcmC. T.llulrer... -Charter Oak Hank, Hartford,
Lee, Du tier & C. llnrtford. Conn.,
(Vilhns, kV.Me fc KLrty St. Louis, My.,
ThomM W. Phelps - - M.4ile, A!.,
C. Wilson J.- Co. Eutaw, Ala.
Win. P. Wubb.At'y " ii Co., - R.iek Island, 111.
Ja's H.ArchibalJ, Gen'l Ag'lD.I-. AW.K.U. Scranton
Gillespie. Pearee k Co., Bankers Carbondale, Pa.
Itev. T. S. Ward " "
Lathorp & Jones Scranton, Pa,
11. (J. Morse Red Falls X. V.
William Frothingbam, Att'y Albany, X. Y.
Rev. R. Nelson, Principal Wyoming Seminary, X.Y.
J. A.Parker ( Co., "- ..Washington, 1). C.
A. T, Gilmer, Receiver Land Office Omaha
Horace Everett, Council Bluffs, Ia.
ltrownvillo, April 1, 1S58.
Notice to Contractors.
The County Commissioners of Nemaha couuty hereby
give notice that they will let to the lowest responsible
Liilder. on the sixth day of July next, at the court-house
door in the city of Brownville, the contract for erecting
astoueor log Jail in the said city of Brownville, Ne
maha county. Specifications of both plans can be seen at
theclerk's office in Brownville The commissioners re
serving the right to refuse any or all bids. Terms of
payment made known qn day of sale.
By order of the Board,
K HASH'S K. PARKER, Countv clerk.
June 1, '53 49-5w
All perjiis are hereby uotnied that 1 will take the
necessary steps to the re-opening of the contested case
or James Ferguson, for the purpose of more fully in
vestigating his right to enter the outh west quarter
(I I Jot s tilll vest quarter (li4) and lot number four (4)
of section eighteen (lri) in township Ave (5) range six
teen (lb) east, 1 hereby warn all persons not to pur
chase, trade for, or in a uy way to negotiate for any por
tion of the above described property.
ilayT, :oii v2n46tf AUGUSTUS KOUXTZE.
I caution all persons whomsoever against buying from
Augustus Kouutze and Wm Kuth certain t(.wu lots
known as 'Kcuedict's Addition' to Brownville. Nebraska.
Honey Creek Mills.
The undersigned respectfully announce that they arc
prepared to till all orders in their line promptly at their
nulls four miles northwest of Urownville, near the
mouth of Honey creek. They have on hand the largest
and best assortment of lumber, shingles and lathe ever
iift'ered in the county or Territory, cum-isting of
40.000 feet seasoned sulimt;
40 000 " cotton-wood flooring;
20.000 " Bvcamore ;"
10.000 " cat and ah
25,000 " cotton-wood, sift maple, lynu and
walnut tiuishing lumber;
50.000 " fencin?:
100,000 " joists? sills, stnddins ard scantlinjt of al
most every size both hard anil soft wood;
20,000 " ronsh and sipiare edced sheathiii;;s; also
200,000 suierior sawed shingles, oak, walnut and cotton
wood; also
150,000 lath, a superior article, of uniform length,
thicknes and width
Their mills are under the charge of experienced and
efllcient men, and the undersigned flatter themselves
that the quality of their luinhcrwill compare favorably
with any other made in the Territory, all of which win
be sold to suit the times.
Honey creek Mlls, May 20 'M 1 . . 43tf
jBagic Mills.
MANUFACTURES and keeps constantly
on band for sale, all kinds of Flour, Meal,
and Feed stuffs. Orders solicited and promptly filled
on most favorable terms. paid constantly for
v heat, ror character of flour refer to everybody
that ever used it.
St. Joseph, Mo., Aug. 30, 1S50. vln!3- y
Fashionable Tailor.
Ttespectfullyannounces to the public that he has on
hand a iarge stock of
Cloths, Vestings, &c,
Also a lari-'e assortment of
AVhii h he will sell at cost prices.
He tiatters Pim-elf that he understands business
thoroughly aud all voile warranted coming from his es
tablishment, and charges as low as any other competitor
in this place or the West.
A eat Fit Guaranteed.
Forwarding & Commission
No. North Levee, St. Louis, Mo.
Orders for tiroceries and Manufactured Articles accu
rately tilled at lowest possible rates. Consignment for
saie and re-.-hipment respect ully solicited. Shipments
tt all kinds will be faithfully attended to.
Beferrences :
Messrs. G n Rea &l Co St. Louis
K irtlett. McComh & C do
'Gilbert. Miles & Siannard do
TTnn. W II l!ufTin!;ton, Auditor S'ate of Missouri
J Q Harmon, Esq, Cairo City, 111.
-Messrs Molony, liro's it Co' Xew Orleans, Louisiana
J u JacKson, Ksq.,
Messrs Hinkle. Guild & Co,
F H.iuiniar & Co
Bratidell it Crawford
Wucdruff & Huntington,
n. IVillincs.,
-M iv 12, ISoS 45-3m
do do
Cincinnati, O.
Louisville, Ky.
Mobile, Ala.
Beardstowu, 111.
75,000 lbs. Bacon.
LTFOItn & nonx, Sonora, Mo , have for sale, cheap
ioi fjuviu pounds excellent Dacon.
v2n3t-ly March 1, '58
County Surveyor
Notary Public
ittu tt - 1L.1-J5 teitAcfca.
Office on Main Street.
TVII.I- attend promptly to all business entrusted to
them in the line of their profession. Will buy and sell
Land warrants, make time entries, attend to the selec
tion and location of Government Lands, Survey Town
sites, subdivide Lands, make out City Plats, tc, ftc
Having been located in the Territory fur the past year,
we are prepared to make the most choice selections t
actual settlers. Win pay taxes, investieate title, and
render assistance iu contested cases at the C. S. Laud
Letters of inquiry promptly answered.
non. W C Reynolds. Kingston. Perm.
John J Pendleton, Esq. Cincinnati, Ohio
HonGalutiaA Grow Washington City, D. C.
Hon Joseph It. Crane Iayton. Ohio
Ryall & Charles, Land Apents, Sioux City, Iowa,
i K tsterit Hedires. Bankers do do
I Lushtwich Car..n, Bankers Brownville, X. T.
i R. W. Furnas. Esq. do do
! 1). W. r. Cleaver, ideological Encineer. Scranton, Pa.
' Rufu R Edwards, Esq. St. Joseph Mo.
Col. J. tm G. Fell Waverley Pa.
. W. G. Georee, Real Etate Ageat, Daytua Ohio
Apri! 8. 1S.VJ v2:iil-yly
, tt C" ? r i t-
. HoUSe, OlJTn, Cv UnTllTlPntal Painter.
' O ' ' J
CT" Orders can be left at the City Drug Store. 3
Number G02.
By tlic President of United States.
In pursuance of law, I, James Buchanan, Presi
dent of the United States of America, do hereby de
clare and make known that public sales will beheld
at the undermentioned land offices in the Territory
of Nebraska, at tho periods hereinafter designated'
At the land cCice at BROWNVILLE, commencing
on Monday the uixth day of S pt rmber next, for the
disposal of the public lands within the fallowing
named townshin, viz:
North' of the Base Line, and cast of the 6t'i priac;
That part of township One outside of the Sac and
Fox and Half-Breed Nemaha Reservation, jf range
The parts of townships 1, 2, 3, and four, outside
of the tfac and Fox and ILtlf-Breed Nemaha Rerer
vation, and fractional townships 5 and 6, of range
Tbat part of township one outside of the Sac and
Fox Reservation; township 2, the parts of townships
3, 4, and 5, outside of the Half-Breed Nemaha res
ervation, amLractioniil towuship 6 of range 1J.
That part of township 1 outside the tiac and Fox
Reservation, townships 2, 3. and 4, and that part of
township 5 outside of the Half-Breed Nemaha lies-
crvation, and township 6. of ranirc 14
Townships 1,2, 3, 4. 5 and 6 of range 13.
Townships 1,2, 3, 4,5 and 6 of range 12.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and G of range 11.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of raugo 10.
Townships 1,2, 3, 4, 5 and (5 of range 9.
At the Land Office at
mcLeing on Monday the sixth day of September
next, for the disposal of the public iands within the
following named townships, viz :
North of the Base Lino and East of the sixth
Principal Meridian. '!
Fractional townships 7 and 8 of range 15.
Tawnship 7, and fractional townships 8, 9, 10, 11,
an 1 12 of rarge 14. . ,
Twnhips 7, S, 9.1ft, 11 and"l3, an-! fractional
tow )tup 13, of range 13.
I jwusbips J, 8, v, lo,ll, and fractional townships
12 and 13. of range 12.
Townships 7,8, 9, 10,and 11, and fractional town
ship 12, of range 1 1.
Townships 7,8, 9, 10, and 11. and fractional toivn
shijs 12, 13 and 14, of range 19.
Townships 7, 8, and 13, aud fractional townships
14, 15 and 16, of range 9.
At tiie Land Office at OMAHA CITY, commenc
ing on Monday, the sixth day of September next,
for the disposal of the public lands within the fol
lowing named townships, viz:
North of the Base Line and east of the sixth Prin
cipal Meridian.
Fractional townships 13, 14, 15, and 10 cf range
Fractional townships 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, of
range 13.
Fractional townshipsli and 13, townships 14, 15,
and IB, and fractional townships 17, 18, 19 and 20,
of range 12.
Fractional township 12, townships 13, 14", 15,16,
17, and 18, and fractional townships 19 and 20 of
range 11.
Fractional townships 12 13, and 14, and town
ships 10, 17, 13, 19, 20, of range 1.0
Fractional townships 14, 15 and 16, and townships
17, 18, 19, and 20, of range 9.
Lr.nds appropriated by law for the nso of sc'iools,
military, and other purposes will bs excluded from
the sales.
The offerings of the abowlands will be eomtaenc
cd cn the day npointed, and will proceed in the
order in which they arc ntcrtised, until the 'vhole
shall have been offered, and the sales thus elosed:but
no sale to be kept open longer than two weeks, and
no private entry of the lands will be admitted until
after the expiration of the two weeks.
Given under my hand at the city of Washington,
this thirtieth day of March . D.ouc thousand eight
hundred and fifty-eight.
By the President :
Thomas A. IIf.ndkicks,
Commissioner of the General Land Oificc.
Every person entitled -to Ihe right of pre-emption
to any of the lands within the townships and parts
of townships: above enumerated is required to es
tablish the same to the satisfaction of the Register
and Receiver of the proper land office, and make
payment therefor as soon as practicable after seeing
this notice, and before the day appointed for tho
commencement of the public sale of the lands em
bracing the tract claimed, otherwise such claim will
bo forfeited. THUS. A. HENDRICKS,
Commissioner of General Land Office.
Anril 22. 18,"8 no 43
No. 163 Vine St., bet. Fourth and Fifth,
Cincinnati, 0.
C. F. fTimiSCOLL &. CO.
MirjufiMtarcrs and dealers in News, Book ana Job
Type, Printing Presses, Case?, Gallies, Ac, &c.
Inks, and Printing Material of Every Description,
STIM? KVTVMf J ef U Uooks.
Putent Medicine Directions, Jobs, Vood Engrcvin j,
sc.. arc.
Brand and Pattern Letters, various .styles,
W. W. II A L'KVE Y .
Land Warrants Bought and Sold. ' Land entered on Time.
Claims and Town Lots Bought ami Sold. Loan Money,
Make Investments and Innate Warrants on time, for
Distant Iiealcrs.
Prr-i'JiiptJOii Iapcrs Prepared.
Ut t n.t -ext uoor to l . b. Land Otticc
Geo. II. Xixm. Register L. O.,
Brownville, X. T.
U. li. Smith, receiver,
Sni.ick it Williams,
Lexington, Mo.
Omaha City. N". T.
Council Bluffs, ljwa.
Warren, Pe:m.
St. Louis, Mo.
St. Joseph, "
L. It. Turtle.
B. R. Peirram & Ci., Bankers,
Hon, (i. W. Sc-lield,
K. L. McGhcc it Co.,
Tootle it Fairlcigh,
Oct. 1. '57
A. W. Pl ETT.
Will attend to all business entrusted to their care
Col. Jesc Williams,
liuv. Jus. A. Wright,
Mr. F. N. lioock,
Hon. John li. Davis,
Hon. Geo. L. Miller,
FairDc'.d, Iowa.
Indianapolis, Ind,
Washington City.
Kockville. Ind.
Omaha City, X. T.
33husk Mattrasscs just received at tliesfore of
Aug. 6, 1S57. nS I. T. WHTTK.
Land Warrants.
17,000 Acres of Land" Warrants for sale nni to
loan to pre-emr,tors, 1-y T YSOX k HACKXEY.
Main street, one door West of Post-Office,
Brownville, N". T.
The 5uhscribers respectfully inform the public that
they have opened, the above saloon, where the best 'jua
lity of
Wines, Liquors, Eegtrs, Oysters, Sardines,
and every refreshment for ihe inner man, usually kept
at such estahlli-hments, will be found and served rp in
first style. GOFF&EBF.E.
Brownville April 15:h. 1S5.3. 42-6:n
Wagon for Sale.
I have a lijtht two-hurse wagon which I will dispose of
cheap for cash. C. S. LAXtiDON",
Persons indebted to the undersigned will come for
ward and settle as loncer indulgence will not be given.
Uotci scrip taken at par.
Brownville April lorh, 1S5S. 12-tf
Lumber ! Lumber ! !
We are prepared to furnish at our Steain Sa w Mill,
opposite trownville in "Prairie Forest,", all kinds of
lumber usually found in the West, and some choie
lumber suitable for w.i:p;d?, furniture, and for build-
in? purposes, d o., such a$ Hickory, Oak, Ash. ll'.ack
Walnut, Sycamore, Linn and Cottonwood, which we
have constantly on hand. or will prepare at short no
tice, at the lowest market prices, bills sawed to or
der, for steamboats. Will saw logs on the shares,
or by the hundred. Bills for lumber can be left at
our office, in Brownville. We will also furnish 1am
bor saw upon the shares, or by the hundred at our
mil! at Table Ruck. JJOADLEYi ML'lIt.
Brownville. April I.
Attorney at Law,
reumi nis pmressKnai f isiness. ar.a will prac-
ti,?e in n ,h,? Courts of Nebraska, and the Court in
I 1 t, l.o.-.,r, r-
nis reum-M his professional business, and will prac-
Atchinson c mnty, Mo
tiffii-e one door west of I. T. Whyte's Store, Brownville
BrowcviI, April 22, 1513. 13 ly
tr3 iT
Mclaughlin & Dorset,
Main Street, Brownville, N.T.,
Buy and sell Land "Warrants, make out and file declar
atory statements; make out pre-emption paper; pay
taxes, investigate titles ;
Buy and sell property on commission ; furnUh land
warrants for time entries, and attend to all other busi
ness connected with a general land gency business.
Particular attention paid to the selection of Govern
ment land and the location of laud warrants for parties
residing at a distance.
McLAl'GlILIN &. ORSEV respectfully refer to
Gorge II. Xixou, Ksq.., Register Brownville Land
fairies B. Smith, Esq., Receiver of Public Moneys
Nemaha Unl District.
Robert W. Furnas, Esq., Editor Advertiser Brownville
Messrs. T.'ishbaugb & Carson, Bankers, Brownville,
lion. W. 31. T. Hamilton, llagerstown. Marylaud.
Lewis R. Newcomer Esq. Baltimore, Md.
O II Bamet, Esq , Dayton, Utiio.
Hon. Fenner Eurguson, Delegate in Congress from
Nebraska Terrritory, Wahiugtou, I. C.
John A. Beal, Esq.. Attorney at Law, Peru, Ind.
Brownville, April 22. nol3tf
This mill commands the universal admiration of saw
mill men everywhere. As its merits become known, the
demand for it increases. Orders arc coming f roui every
section of this country, Canada, Cuba, and Sou!h Anier.
ft It i c cinf ml f t'firv ccutiin rf t rt n-,.p'H nhoraoap
there is timber to be saw'ed, no matter of what character
how hard, how larceor how small. Two cxteiisave ma
nufactories arenuw en? ged in buildmn these mil Is, yet
it is almost impossible to turn them out as fast as they
are wanted. They embrace several valuable patents
and improvements, and combine all of the following ad-
bun illicit y liuth the mill and power are so simple in
their construction that anyone of ordinary mechanical
ability can comprehend them, put them up and ruu them
without danirer or difficulty.
Portability The whole establishment can be very
quickly taken apart and put together, thus rendering it
easy to be movj from place to place aadcired. and sav
in; the necessity cf drawing the logs a lung distance to
JurabuttyH U constructed in the mot solid and
substantial manner, runt perfectly still, is rot lutble to
get cut of order, and will last for years witb-tit repair.
Rapidity It will tcrv f:ister than any other upright
uprinut m.ll. The sr:el of tin saw U about three hun
dred strikes per minu e, and the letil from one-eihtk to
t'u w-!iiiirier of an inch per stroke. Thus, at a medium
speed the saw will cut through a log twenty-four feet
long in about three minutes. From this data any one
knowing the character of the timber can calculate how
much it will do.
F-Jfiiciencj It d cs its work well, cuts smoother and
straighter than the ordinary mills, and the arrangement
jf the saw is such as to render it utterly impossible lor
it to run out of line.
Ckcapntts The entire iost of the mill, with fifteen
horse pjwer and everything all complete and ready for
running, boxed aud ready for shipment ia St. Louis, is
only $1,750.
Tins mill requires" less power to drive than any other
mill, ami the power furnished is suftk-ieut to drive extra
A circular containing full particulars will be sent to
any one desiring it. All ordert should be addressed to
Corner Third and Market streets. St. Louis, Mo.,
sole agents for the Western and Southern States.
March 25, '5S 4S-ly
JOHN' A. PARKER, late Register of the Land Ollke,
Omaha, X. T., having resigned his office will hereafter.
n ionnec;ion with one of the best Land Lawgivers m the
country, attend to all business confided to him; and es
Which he has uale himalf tbomrtaly acquainted with
by study and practice for years.
He refers to the Heads of Departments aud Members
of Congress of both Houses.
All applications for services must be accompanied with
a fee to insure attention.
January 23, ISoS. no31-ly
ALHil lMt l 11T1,A. X.
Will practice in the Courts of this Terntrv. Collec
tion and criminal buMiiess attended to throughout Ne
braska, Western Iowa aud Missouri. Will attend the
Courts at BrownvUle. 2n33-6m
People's Independent Line.
Season Arrangement of the new Mis
souri River Passenger Steamer
JT" fc. Regular Council B lulls, Omaha City, Flor-i1-Il-TrVi-'1100
;"'d Sioux City Packet, for Sioux Cily,
1 l'rciice, itiiialia, Council Blutls, Bellevue, St. Mary's,
l'lattsmoutli. Wyouiius City, Xcbraka City, Liraien,
Brownville. Rockport. IIouiTiiioV Landin, Saint Steph
ens, While Cloud, Forret Cily, Oregon, Iowa Point. Sa
vannah, St. Ji.seph. Uoiiiphan, Atchison, Weston, Fort
Leavenworth. Leavenworth City. Kansas City. 4.c.
Thene. swirt, and majrnilicent passenger and freight
steamer AI.ON.O CHI I.D. Joe HuLLAND MaMer, w ill,
up'in the opening of navigation, resuineher regular tris,
in the above trade, and to all the intermediate p"i:itseii
the Missouri river. Her patrons can rely not miy np.n
her continuing in the trade diirmt! Uiemitir nnating m i--.11.
! .utof rinding tins season, as during the past, that
f .r ciuirknera and regularity of trip, as well ag superi
ority of pasinrer accommodations, snd general arraree
mcnts, teat thry are not ex'Iled by .liu.e .f any othr
b.iat ruunina on lue river; bavin receDtlr been placi
in the miat tmexceptionshte cunditk n throughmtt., pre
paratory so euaasutK iu ihe approving feosoii's busi
ness. The steamer Alonzu Child, is new, having run but a
portion of one season, and f .r the very liberal patron
age she has received, Capt. Holland desires to pree:it
his th inks to his friends, and to .iy to them thnt they will
lind his boat and i tit ers fully up to the st.imi.ird of a
lirst class, we1 1 oflKered Missouri River p.issinser steam
er, and as su-h hopes to receive a reasonable share of
ihe patronage of the shij'peirs and tl.e public scnerallv.
March 25 v2l:39
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Dry Oouds, (Jrocerics
Hardware, Oueensware. Furuitwe, stove?,
Flour, Bacon, N.c,,
sept. 21, '57 Brownville. N T,
Wholesale Clothing: Warehouse,
Ao fi2, ITain S'reet, S't. Lonim,
Have just received a full and complete stock of Spring
and Summer clothing; whiih is unsurpassed in extent,
qualify, and workmanship, in any ,ther house in tl.e
linon. All our clothing is made by us expre-s!v
for this matket, at our Manufactory, Simmons block
Boston. '
Large and close buyers will find it for their interest
ta give us a call, as v. c pledge ourselves to sell for cash,
or to prompt men at prices that will defy all compe
tition. A full stock for Sutlers and Santa Fe trade.
Wm. F. EXDKRS, St. Louis, Jjhn W. B1GKLOW,
Boston. nu42
Reaper & Mower for 1858
C. HYATT & Co., Agents,
St . J nrji1t , AUhko a ri,
Is ai.iin offered tothe farmers of Missouri, and Xebra-ka.
a the be-t Rvaoer in the vtl., ami the best combined
Reaper and Mower, and is so warranted. For Ave years
past I have avoided attending the various State and
County Fairs, for the p'.rpoe of seckins premiums, re
eardinit my machine as too well known to need that sort
of commendation. In July l,it the Cnited States Ag
ricultural society, at their Fair at Syracu!e, New York,
awarded to me a
For the best reaper, after a severe test, in heavy fan
cied rye over hilly and uneven ground. ANo tho 'Great
Council Medal' was awarded by the exhibition of all na
tions in London in ISol to C. McCormick. on the cronnd
of the orioinjllity and value of his AMERICAN REAP.
KR. and also at theeieit French Exhibition at Paris, in
lSoo. was awarded the iirand Gold Medal of Honor. Also
thehiSuet prize awarded to any reapins machine by the
Royal Agricultural Society of Encland in l-io7. and till
more clorious, the richest satisfaction and approval of
over lOO.OtiO farmer of my own country.
Farmers desiring the McCormick Reaper and Mower for
the pre-erit year will secure by leavin? their orders
should be sent on before the 1st aay of March next.
April 15, 1S59 no43
Oregon, TAvTo.,
TAKES pleasure in announcing thecitizensof Or
gon and the public in general, that he has on
hand the most extensive stock of Stoves and Tin
ware, ever offered in this market. My stock of Tin
ware is of my own manufacture, and is for sale at
Wholesale and Itet: il at St. Louis Driees.
I would call particular attention to my stock of
tuuMJU "51UY r.?, comprising the most improved
patterns both Air-Tight and Premium. Amonj them
maybe found Filly's Charter Oak, the best stove now
in use, the Asiatic Air-Tight, Pioneer and prize Pre
mium. Also
Parlor & Box Stoves
Of various Siicsand Patterns, which I will
Particular attention paid to making and putting
up Tin Clutters, in the town arid cuntry. Also, re
pairing done on short notice nn l on reasonable term.
Old crpper. Brass and Pewter taken in exchange
for work or ware. W. W. WILLIAMS,
vl-ni Oregon. Mo-, July 5, 1S56.
A siprrior st-ckof Millinery and Dress Gords at try
new M; ilitiery etabli-hmei!t. un door atn re Lushbacgh
Sl Carsou's Backing IIoUe, Brcwnville, X. T.
est& a1 ILK 0t
Buchanan Life and General
Zzisuranoe Oo
Office cor 2d and Jul stt.t
Authorized Capitol $3,000,000.
J.TJ.Jennin-j, I. K. Howard, J. A. Owes. Mirtoa
ooth, John Colhoun, John II. Likens, W.H.Paaaik,
James Kay, N.J. McAshan, A. C. Manafieer.
.K. McAsfiAX, Sec y.
IS no ready to receive application fo Life, Fire,
Marine and River risks. A caab return f 2&p
cent, will be allowed on cargo prerxJumi. Loasar
promptly adjusted, and the tuual facihtiei jiti U
the patrons of the office.
April loth, 1357. 4i-Im
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers
Ready Made Clothing,
S-3, Main St., St. Louis, Mo.
XT-XJ 1333 13 GOOBO.
an. I all kind.4 of
Which we offer an low as anv lbmse in the City.
j. w. Mcdonald & co..
No. 79, Fourth street, St. Louis, Mo.
Are taking the place of all other machine ta
Families, Dress-Makers.
They arc the Simplest, Speediest, Cheapest and moat
durabie Ma tiiiics existant.
Agents Wanted in Every Town In
the West.
Forwarding and Commission
And Steamboat Agent,
Will he at the Levee at all hours upon,tb arrival of
teauiboats. and attend to the Collection ul Btllt an4
Business left wi:h him with prompt U-pa'c&i alM atten4
to the Receiving of goods for boats, either lor St. Lom or
upper Musouri.
Will be found In the office of Dolraoa it Yait fteat
Estate. gent. Market Siuare.
Importers of Frencti aMtGermaa
Short, Sky-I.I slit, and Floor Glasv,
IS, Second St., St. Lonl, Mo.
Manufacturer of Ornamental LooKing-Olaa FT met.
Stained Glass in all its Various Branches,
fcr Churches, Public and Private
Ornamental Work for Steamboats.
Importers and Manufacturers of
Coach Hardware,
Carriage Trimmings, Sidtllc Trees,
Ilames, Springs ami Axles,
Patent aud Enameled Leather,
Xo. 11, Main Street. St. Louis, )Io
Are prepared to ciTer to their customers and the trida
an assortment of articles unsurpassed, in quality ami
cheapness, Ly any House in their line, Kast or West.
185 a 1858.
Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers of
Furniture and Upholstery.
Washington Avenue, between
Ia our Wareronms will be found the latst and bt
styles, made ly thebest workmen and of superWr male
r ai Hiid tinish.
ItKHSTKADS Fine Rosewood ami Mahoganr, Walnut.
O ik ami Cherry, with hih pjsts and Canopy.
SIDF.BOAUHS lb sewoud, Mahogany, Oak and Wal
nut with Shelves aud Marbie Tops.
WARUROBKS and HCRETARIES. Rosewood, Xa, O ik and Walnut.
S(F.s M ibosany and Walnut, covered in hair Cloth.
Li'-tuo: and 15.oca"''l'.e.
BCUEAl'S Fi ie R tCwooiI, Mahopiny, Oak andWal-
nut, wi'li side c.i.-es. Marble Top and Oval Glasse.
R i sow . .', M.ih pauy. Oak and Walnut Wasustandi,
Center and Side Tables with Marble Tops.
II AT RACKS Itosewwd, Mahogany, Oak and Walnut
of many styles.
Also: Fine Rscwmd, Mahogany, Oak arl Walnut
Parb.r, K.i-y anJ Eti:i; Chair; every variety of Cush
ion, Rush ainl Cine Scat Reception and Cottaue Chairs
Recumbent Chairs. 1'i.inn Sto,ds, Ottoman. Footstool,
Corner and Side Whatnot. Externum Tables, Sbowet
R itUs.I e Iixes, Wire and Tin Safes, ScarriU'n Patent
Lounge lijdste.ils.
GILT LootLiXG GLASSES SpletnIiJ Pier Glasses
Ovals. Mantle and Square; Wood Frames iu lare a
1SEUDIXG Sprine. Hair. Moss, Excelsior and Husk
Matrasses; Feather Beds, Fillows, Bolsters, Comforts,
Sheets. Xc., all of tl.e let material, and warranted to
oe fresh, sweet and new.
Every article warranted as represented, and at prices
as low as any other house in the city for corresponding
Orders solicited and f.iitbfully filled.
We cordially invite every one who wishes to call and
examine and pri e our goods, as we are pleased to show
our Cooi's, and civeyou all the information in our power.
All articles s-.ld l y us carefully packed an-1 delivered
on B at or at the house.
Very Respectfully, SCARRITT 4. MASON".
Importers and Jobbers.
I'iecc CJoods for 5IenS ITear,
-Vo. 5. If-1 in utrrrt, St. Louis
We are now in receipt of a lar?e and complete stock
of CiM,ds suitable for the Spring and Summer trade whidk
we offer on the most fatorable terms. Tba stock con
sists in part of the follow ma goods, viz:
Cassimers; I.eskiti; Satinets; Tweeds; Cashmeretts;
Jeans; Corduroys; .M .lekin; Linens; Cottonades; Al
pacas; Drap R'F.ttes ; Farmer's S.ilin; Vesting ; Vel
vets Si-ru'es &c; every descriptijii of tailors' and clothier.-'
trimmings. A complete stipek of Blankets. A full
as-ortiuont of wd .-Lirt.s and drawers.
-Merchants, Cb tliiers and Tulors visitin the city for
the purpose of buying their Spring Stmk will find it to
their interest to eximltic our stock lefore making their
selections. All orders will receive prompt attention.
April 15. 1S.-.S no43
New Spring Goods,
.o. tS, 3Iaiu Street Saint Loafs,
Invite Merchants vi-:irs St. Louis to their immen
stock of New Spans G o!s,
Black Gro de Rhine Silks; Black and Colored Satins;
Printed Jjcoi.ets; Chailie?; Dubagcs; White God;
Embroideries; Lace Goods; Gloves; Hosiery; Lac
Mitts, 4.c.
Brown k Co., have rei.y for exhibition the latest
European and American styles of hoop and hoop skirts I
French Skirt reeds; ribbons cf all styles, siik cravat.,
dress triiamines brushes, cotnhs, buttons, tcgether with
Ave cases Parasols, of the latest and most fashionable
Cash buyers, close purchasers, and prompt men, !
it in? this market, are invited to examirie our stock and
BROWN', k CO., 73 Main Street Saint Looia.
April 15, lbtA no 42.
Potter Wanted.
I will give employment to a good, industrious Frjtttf,
well acquainted with the busines.
Brownville. Pec 5. 1337. ni-3tr
Will wTi'e dee-ls cf every kind anl contracts for every
purpose, wi:n warrante-i leia: accuracy.
U;M e, in the Banking House of Lushbaugh k Carson.
U :n. J. hn A. BiCKbam, Cad:x, Cbla.
" W K Cirter, Clevelaad,
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" B F Letter, Canton,
" S Lahm. " "
" Wm R s.ipp. Mt. Vemn, "
" S PCht-e. Columbus. "
" Thos. Ford, MansSe! I,
" Jas. Craiff. St. Joseph, Mo.
3.-wnv:'.:e, Oct. 2M, "67. rtnl7-ty