Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 12, 1857, Image 2

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S II. Pakvin, General Advertising Agent, in rear of
-Ner York, Indies' tad Chlldrcu't Shoe Store, 60 West
Fourth Street, Cincinnati. ,., V
Visscher,Owe&Co., No. 346 an 843. Broadway,
Wnw Tnrk. -
'AKorew. Wikd, American. Canadian and European
. :.!... omoa Kn 133 KlMHIl Stl..
Advertising ana suuscripuou umi -
jTedVdderidge, X. W. corner Oiivo and Mai
tm?rs, St. Louis, Mo. .
B. F. McLvko, Troy, Ohio.
Da. R. n. Darst, Tippecanoe. Ohie. -: ,
A..P. ArchcT, Nebraska.
M. W. TETER, Oregon. Mo. r-
Dillox &niwx, Rock Port, Mo: .
Rides fc White, Nebraska City, Ji . T. j. 1
Dwl. U. W. Tate. Linden, Mo.
T. J. BARsrar, Three Grove, K. T.
ire ,uor7ed Agent, to elicit Subscrlp ions and Ad
Trtitementn tor tho Advertiser, nI reccleve and re
ceipt for monies therefor, i ;
'- ' ' -
i-"..,.-i.iI!.t ?n thii Territory, coming frotnwr-'.rms
'pertkHM! UniSUUi, often ntet ta.w then.os'tf
Mnoas in their old neighborhouds.who would doubtless
become snHrs It they could copy ot thq "Ad
ertlrer W al nti tend a specJ""0 copy, and reruns
receiving, will cemuderit a solicitation to oecome a rcgu
Postmaster, and othera, feeling sufficient Men to
tnake u atlub, can retain the usual per cent tor their
trouble. '
rfrUnle! notinedat the close of the.Volurao to dis
inn. th Advirtir." we shall take it for granted
that subscriber wish tbcif paper continued, and shall
accordingly continue to send as beretofore..3
f-The Nebraka Advertiser" having
much the largest circulation of any paper
in the Territory, "Wholesale Merchants in
St. Louis St Joseph, . Cincinnati and
other Eastern markets where Nebraska
merchants purchase, will find no better
advertising mediamn the Western Coun
OsrLeglsIatare What will 1T 1-
.Wliat siioula it co.
I.Three weeks from next Tuesday, '- Dec.
8th, ihe fourth, session of the General
Assembly of Nebraska, will convene at
Ofaaha.. -We have heard much .said, and
'. been often asked "what are you
fo .'this winter ?" "Will vou ajrain
-squander the session 'fightingtm the capi
tal q-llcm!? These are all questions
however, that the Legislature will coure
together, having the best interests of J c-
the minds of members
that the governing impulses will not be
individual interests of members or their
particular ii iciij
of public or local policy are introduced,
other questions will be asked than "will
it pay vuV "is there any money in it?."
"will it build up my locality, and tear
down that of my opponent or rival ?" .We
think, enough, in all conscience, of such
legislating has been seen and felt in Ne
braska thus far. Have we not been curs
ed long enough by the wire pulling,
scheming dictation of a set of non-resident
speculators, who throng our lobbies every
winter who, to use some of their own
expressions, "come here to make for
tunesand don't care a d-4 ri what be
comes of the Territory !" We have heard
just such language from some of these
worthies; and we confess that to one who,
in- good faith, has come . to Nebraska to
make' it his home :who is willing to strug
gle through, the privations ' incident to the
soling cf a new country, in order to lav
' a foundation for the future prosperity of
the country; bring about a state of affairs
under which his children and those of his
neighbors and ; friends who have come
hither prompted by similar impulses, can
live, in peace, quiet and comfort, such
remarks grated heavily upon our ear. We
say we hope the end of such a state of af
fairs has come. ,
"We hope the., capitol question will be
allowed ; to sleep during one session.
There are matters of vastly more import
ance to the people commanding our atten
tion. Such has been the class of legislative
enactments heretofore that no attention
scarcely has been paid to securing a whole
some code of laws, or passing other bills of
a'genefal nature. The time of the As
sembly has been consumed up to almost
the very last day of the session in quarrel
. ing over the "Nebraska vexed ' question,"
together with granting mill,' mill-dam,
. MOI OMT ymiArM r n A -- s-k 1!l-i
, J f 0 ' X.. . J' i
eges. . These are well enough, and need
iu w iuuh.uu aner. t e are oi me cpmion,
however, that a general act relative to
such enterprises, placing the whole matter
in the hands of the county courts should be
, . passed. ( We needlL ubslltute for ouF
school law. Our present one is lame and
t"prW inrt fTVxr tll-ft in mAnn tAinta X T
. had occasion the past year to work with it
trinll 1 (S vfin mti we Avis) 1
. lit .t. to utoiuio, u.iiu. aic tuie a iiiucu
better pne can be gotten up, and ought to
bepassed.: , , ' .. .-. . ,
From what we have learned, of late
. from, various ;parts of the. Territory, we
1 rvnlr fnr n ctrnnrr offi-r tnVio moda n
a general bankrupt law for the benefit of
those who' have, unfottunately, -debts
." Hanging over them ih.the States. . To be
short .and to the point, .passing a law
. 'shielding one who has been a resident of
the Territory a specified time say 60, 90
OT'120 cays, from the usual course of the
law in collection of debts contracted out of
tie Territory, and before removing to the
aine..-. Many reasons. are offered by the.
r ' i - r v. . v : i
: the "inostprominent is, 'that', it' will induce
emigration by offering to those who' have
truly beeir unfortunate during the present
hard times, ;and who have-not enough left
frcta the" ruins to go again into. b'usiness
' in the States, but could come west- ancl on
, ra.ecbnormcal scale make a start here;
trJ 'that such ought to be protected. Such
ft law vrzs ' introduced last winter. We
could cot, -nor did net give ' it our. vote.
We hare yer to hear the argument suffi-
. cientto convince us of the propriety of
parsing such a law. We are; willing and
anxious at all times to render .all the ;pro-
.'tcctioa'and 'relief in our' por t0 lhe
truly unfortunate. We are yet to be con-
vinced that such, who manifest a -willingness
to do the best they can, will be unne
- mi
cessarily harrassed by their creditors,
should they come here -or. go. elfewnere
ad labor 'manfully and energetically Jfr
?gain a footing on a business . platform:
True it' is, that such a lav' woa d protect
tLa class of inen spoken ct ;yet ve very
much fear that where one , honest
man would avail himself of its provisions
ten scamps would take advantage oi u.
Another . argument :.. We are . pjinted . to
Texas as an . example cf the wcrking of
such allaw, and told ' that ; to-day she I is;
financially in the best condition cf any
other State, in th Union. This , may
all he so, and if true we are glad to hear
it. .Jfet,; God, save," Nebraska, from the
stigma Texas" received. She was consi
dered' the refuge cfeveiy scape-goat in
Christendom." and although seventeen
years have elapsed, she is not yet fairly
over the effects. . . . ;
: No, no, such a law won't do. ; Wre have
a character at stake; ar reputation to' pre
serve unsullied if possible." WTe will have
an extensive emigration in the spring.-,
Don't be alarmed about that. Let Us this
winter rather pass such laws as that these
new comers will not only fall in love with
our climate, soil and country, but be forced
to admire, the ! machinery by which we
workJ ' :-
"Tiic Crisis.,, fBanfes." .
' As little else is written or talked about
now-a-days ialf the matter in all the
papers in the country is "Suspensions,"
"Banks," "the Crisis" the first and last
words, almost, that passes between neigh
bors when they meet or part, is ;hard
times," "what are we , coming to," and
such like expressions no further apology
need be necessary for our referring to the
subject again this week, and perhaps yet
Everybody is talking of the "probable
causes, ana tne
. ...
in a short article last week on "currency,
we still are of the opinion that "better
times" are close at hand. The work of
"bank suspensions," 1 however, has still
gone "on, until we should not be at all sur-'
prised, if at the present time, every bank
in the United States has suspended specie
payment. Recent conferences of banking
men from the various parts of the '' Union
warrant this conclusion. ' The State Bank
of Missouri even ; an institution we have
been told was so securely founded and:
guarded that it was impossible for it to
suspend, has gone the way of similar ins
titutions, and now stands , on the list of
suspended specie paying banks. " "We re
peat what we have said in a former article,
when the country is f orceddown to a coin
currency, such a state of affairs as at pre
sent exists in the business world is the in
evitable resulCiWe cxrHtend that the; gold
and silver to carry on the imrnens-3 trade
of the day, is not in the country; and we
aouot very mucn wnexner we mignt not
say with propriety, in the ' world. -1 Not
withstanding the draining of coin from our
country, we see that the suspension of the
lianUs ot .Lnglancl, t ranee, and in fact
all the banks of the old world is confi
dently looked for. In support of our po
sition as to our own country, we present
the following table of exports of specie
from the port of New York for six years
For the present year from Jan. 1; 1857,
to Oct. 24, 1857,
S3331 6,777
Same date in 1856,
do 1855,
do , .1854,
do 1853,
do 1852,
We have not before us the table of im
ports for the same years ; but this much
we know, if statistics are to be relied ion.
We have exported, since 1S50, no less
than $272,000,000, on an aggregate, or
834,000,000, annually, on an average, as
excess of exports over imports of coin and
bullion. "We have, at that, increased our
foreign liabilities greatly during the same,
period, so that the London Times estim
ates our indebtedness to England alone at
100,000,000, or 8500,000,000, which at
7 lp2 per cent, obliges us to pay, if called
for, annually, a sum of not less, than 837,-
000,000 interest, nearly absorbing all the
gold proceeds from California, which are
thus virtually lost to us. Here then, is in
our humble opinion', the great reason' of
our distress in, the financial world, when
we are forced. to rely solely on gold and.
silver as a circulating medium. . -
The Albany Transcript, in speaking of
our financial embarrassments, very appro
priately remark's : V ' ' ' ' ' '
""We several days since called attention to the fact
that owing to. the extravagance nd folly of our
people, the yields, of the California mines had been
continually drained through us to 11 tho coffers of
European tradesmen and manufacturers. Our neigh
bors on the other side of lh6 water know too much
for us. We are mere children beside them, and
spoiled children at that. They know how to get up
gew-gaws, and they know we will covet them. They
know that we will boy every-pretty toy that is ex
posed to our view, and they are not slow in their in
ventions of such toys. ' In short, they know that the
'fool acd his money are soon marted." -But don't
let us despair. The lessons we are learning ore
whclesome ones. If we are ''paying dearly for tho
whistle," our experience will be worth something to
us by-and-by. . Wo' are young nnd vigorous, and
will manage to live through our present vicissitudes,
when we hope to see tbe-epoiled child renounce his
or ejjrn playthings and turn to som-thing mora sub
stantial." , '
" It seems that we may look even for our
national. treafurytofeel sensibly fe ef
fects of the money panic. The. receipts
for the past month has been ; $3,600,000;
payments 810,600,000; being an excess
of 87,000,000., The Washington corres
pondent of the St. Louis Republican, vox
derdale of Octl 24, in speaking in rela
tion to this subject, says ; , , . 1
"The Secretary of the Treasury was visited this
morning by a number of New York merehwits, for
the purpose of consulting on tho commercial affairs
of the country, and axertaining, as fax as possible,
how tho public revenue is to bo affected bj the finan
cial crissid. The returns from flio Custom llouso ex
hibit the fact that the entrios during the past-week
were as heavy as at any pa?t period the goods, how-,
crer, being sLorod instead ot being thrown npua the
market. The Department was anxious to have -4?iis
extraordinary fact accounted for, and why ho should
a&ticipato a lulling olf in tho current revenue so loDg
as importation iontinua to ilow in. Tho merchants
iswa solved the problem. These goods now feeing
entercd'weret-liippcd to fill orders issued ! threo Vnd
four months ego befpro. the general disruption of
tra.le. These orders will soon be exhausted, and
the nthe revenue from imports will literally dry up
s there had not been an order, to the best of their
judgment, sent Irom New York to Europe foe a dol
lars worth of rood., during tho last forty days, lhe
falling off in tho receipts will bo apparent in l)ec
eciber and January, when the Secretary will find
hiouelf withont a nrrecne. Such are tho views-of
the gentlemen who visited Mr. Cobb this morning.
Other partie ire1 here; and others still are expected;
frr theAdmim.Wroabeliovethat"in multitude
of counsellors there is wisdom," and Mr. Cobb is df
tanninedtoaVuilhtuwlfof tillthe light possible m
thes dark times, and to call to his. arpnee the
pra:1ical cxperioaco of intelligent merchtoi. j ,
' jjlgain'we say, ifthe' wheels oTbusufess
continue - to move,- oauic noies must
used as a circulating medium. ; We do not
mean to say thaUhe notes of every wild
cat bank in the land must be. taken. ; We
refer to the notes of genuine banks those
properly secured by stocks or other reli
able securities. ' v -u ''
i m a , '
Still at Ms Dirtr Work.
THvo weeks ago we noticed an article
f rbni the Washington correspondent of the
St.' Louis' Republican, in which charges
were made- airainst Juds:e r erguson
that - he i had perjured himself inpre
empting a tract of land near ' Bellevue
in this Terrirorv. Ve have since noticed
the samt charges, under the - same dale,
written in almost the samt language near
enough to satisfy any one that they origi
nated in the 'same revengeful unscrupul
ous brain in the Washington correspond
ence or tnree , or iour . ptner papers in
different parts of the States. We strong
ly suspected when 'first reading this; silly
charge that Chapman himself, the pseudo
Nebraska Delegate, was the author. We
now have no doubt on that point. W
have reliable authority for believing that
Chapman asserted, before he left here
that such was his intimacy with, his in
fluence over, and facilities of operating
with the Wasiunston ' pennv-a-liners-
that he "could and would" through these
very channels "raise a storm over Jer
guson's head." His letter to the N. Y.
Herald lets the "cat out of the bag'
entirely.' Read a short extract as fol
lows : '
"Another interesting feature of tho matter is tho
gentleman's seat i3 contested, and the investigation
may involve an examination into this charge, as tho
Uouse,bcing the judge of the qualifications of its
own members, niy reject him in advanco for corrup
tion, ana thus avoid the necessity of an expulsion
alter wards. ,
There you have it. Chapman would
rather get rid of Judge Ferguson in any
way than to run the' risk of the result
from a fair and full exhibition of facts in
regular- contest before the House of
" i : .
Representatives assembled. Therefore,
if he could he would bring charges against
tne Jadge" and r have him ousted or set
aside without ever allowing the contest
to come , up. If Chapman is not very
careful, he will overstep himself, and the
charges he fain would make against the
... i -
character of such a- man as Judge fer
guson may rebound and fall upon his
own head.;
; The more we learn of this man Chap
man, the more astonished we are. Did
we believe there was any connection be
tween the two beings; did we not fear
the charge of sacrilege, we would be
tempted to say we are surprised that the
Good Being, who governs all things, tol
erates as much high handed, unblushing-
assurance and impudence, and as few o
the ingredients to make up a man "form
de after his own image."
The Bellevue Gazelle, published a
Bellevue, the home of Judge Ferguson, in
speaking of. this matter, says:
"We do not know what malignity and bit'er ani
mositics, working in hearts blackened with the dark
est of lnldnightcriines, led on by a deram like Chap
man, would do; but we shall be slow to beli-ivc, that
lives there one man, in Sarpy county, who would say
much .lass swear, with tho knowledge of the facts
before him, that Judge Ferguson had not occupied
l l: , .i r- l. .
luiu cuiuvn eu mo iana ue pre-empica. rrom per
sonai Knowledge, we Know, and have heard at least
thirty men say that tney are willing to make an affi
davit that they had seen, on many diffcrcntoccasions
me wuugB, m mo luimmui ci3 court terms, person
ally employed on his land in question, cultivating,
and improving, to say nothing of two hired men, one
tf whom worked exclusively, on the quarter section
that he pra-enlpted.j A crop of corn, potatoes, &e.
is not yet gathered, raised by the Judge. The fenc
ing is not of tnrf, thrown tip 'two feet high, but of
rails, all now to be seen. : His houso is a much better
one than many now li,ra in. All those improvements,
which amount to fifteen or twenty acres of actual
cultivation, for the' first six months, on a new farm,
is more than manj' of our farmers in Nebraska made
tk firet two j-cor.!. "Facts aro etubbor things, Snd
no man, no matter how hlnck his heart may bo
with" malice, or how devilish his purposes could be,
however much ho might desire it, cannot swear
away Judge Ferguson's improvements. Facts can
be misrepresented and falsehoods can be told,' but
the truth is still tho same; and should an army of
one thousand maligncrs of human character, make
oath that the imrrovements are not there and were
not made by Judgo Ferguson,it would not convince
one man whose optical sense is his own. Should
there be any truth in the statement, that any man
or set of men have sworn a3 stated above, there will
be some more swearing, that the truth may be told;
but we gay, in all candor, we do not believe one maa
can be found in this county, so utterly lost to ail
sense of propriety and self respect, or so blind and
madenedbya fcrling of bitter hatred, as to make
such charges, and that, too, under oath, and all for
political effect."
" The Nebraska City J "ews, in speaking
of this cowardly, sneaking attack upon
bur Delegate elect, ; Judge Feegusojt,
says : ' rrtA' , . ' -' I ;' ' :V :-
Now is'nt'this a pretty little pronunciamento for
Chapman to proptl against one whose honesty has
never been questioned against one who has never
been out of tho Territory since its organization, ex
cept when ho left for Washington as its Delegate,
that he has perjured himself ia pro empting a quar
ter section of land!!! . '
And instigated and set on foot too, by one who his
never resided in the Territory long enough topre-cmt
a quarter section, and . who to-day doesn't own a
foot of land in Nebraska that wasn't obtained by
grossly prostituting and fanning out the high oflico
of Delegate ! Evt ry honest man in Nebraska as well
as this vagabond Chapman knows that this matter
trumped up is n willful, malicious, and hellish lis.
They know that Ferguson has complied with the
pre-empMon law, that ho is a bona fide resident
squatter upon his land.
The London Times says it will cost
five hundred millions of dollars' to put
down the insurrection in India.
rttrTrocemS at Washington confirm
the statements in relatin to . Ex-Minister
Crampton's rude treatment or iur. jjauas,
United States Ministej af London. --It
appears.that Mr: Crampton ;repeateaiy,
and in the most public aau mauicu man
ner, has avoided Mr Pallas, notwith
standing the best efforts of the latter to
evince the kindest and inost cordial feel
ing on his own part. On one occasion,
recently, while Mr. Dillas was walking
trip, street in comnanv with a British no-
hleman, Jilr. Crampton jvas , observed ap
proaching from tha opposite airecuon, cut
upon'seefng our iJinisjerO he suddenly
passed up an alley-way mu iim
him. -Conduct like- thw, frequently re
nMtd. nnsatiraritpr attention and elicited
, - , . , , , j
C, who would seem to nave no excuse ior
it,' except hTs genefathalred to Americans
since his forced retirement from the Em
bassy here.'; V'; . .. V,- ' '
Gov. Ferry, of ' Florila, was inaugur-
ed on the 5th inst,. .TheinauguraL.Avas.
short and contained pledgee-T)f : official in
fluence for ,the advancement .'of the cause
of education, and the completion or rail
roads inaugurated by th3 State.'
A race came off at- Hartford, mile
heats, best three in five. between 'Flora,
Temple and Lancet, for b purse of 8.1,000.
Lancet won the firsti' third and fourth
heats. Time 2:34, 2:25,'and-2:2S. i'Fra
took the second heat m 2:29. . lne; track
is half a mile one, and the time made by
Lancet is'said to he the best ever made.
Flora was in harness and Lancet under
saddle. " :;: '; ' .
A 3Iormon Conference, composed of
delegates from JJelaware, rennsyivania,
Maryland, and New Jersey, was held at
Philadelphia, when it was announced that
the Saints would strike their flags and
give up all hopes of converting the stiff
necked Gentiles. Their publications have
ceasetl and their conventicles are closed. .
Pearl-muscles have been discovered in
the Dano river in Texas. One gentle
man, living near Fort Marion, has cm
ployed ten men to dig for these muscles,
and has obtained ten thousand pearls", one
of . the size of. a rifle-ball. Specimens
have been sent to New . York and New
Orleans to ascertain their real value. .
The. cotton crops have been seriously
injured in Texas by the hollow-worm, and
an early frost, and they have also suffered
in Alabama and Louisiana by either the
worm pr the weather. ; . . ;
Advices from Galveston are to the2Sth
ult. General Twiggs was compelled to
detail a force of 23 men to guard the
Government train from the attacks of per
sons in disguise. .
A' Tennessee paper records the manu
facture of a wine' expressed from the
juice of the tomato. ; Its ingredients are
the pure juice of the tomato and sugar,
and it much resembles champagne.
The taxable property of Tennessee, by
a late return, is 8300,000,000. Shelby
county, the richest m the State, has more
slaves than any other, and is taxed on
84,000,000. . ' . .
The New Mexico mail, which left San
ta Fe on the 15th ult,, reached Indepen
deuce on"tnenii trEJcrTne Indians were
quiet. The Cheye;mes were anxious to
make peace. . . . ,
A gold medal for , the best sugar made
from the Chinese Sorghum is offered by
the Cook County (III.) "Agricultural So
ciety. V, ,
! In Havard College, this term, there are
734 students. . The undergraduates num
ber 409, the Scientific School 61. and the
Law School 121- The College had never
so large a number of students and under
Mortimer Thompson (Doesticks) was
married last week at New Haven,' Ct., to
Miss Ann H. Van- Cleve, of Minnesota,
niece of Professor, Gibbs, of NeW Haven.
Hon. James B. King, a prominent citi
zen of Ohio, of Virginia birth, died a few
days ago. lie was a member of the State
Constitutional Convention and of . the
State Board of Equalization, and a Trustee
of Miami University. :'.
The New York Tribune is opposed to
Illinois merchants obtaining credit for
goods in New York, and proposes a mutual
termination of crenit. The. Chicago Times
suggests that the people ' of Illinois take
this felknv at his word; credit the New
York Tribune no longer, and in six months
they will be wiser, better, honester men,
better christians and more faithful citizens.
A fire occurred last Friday, in the
north end of the Ohio Penitentiary, con.
suming all the workshops located at that
end. The loss is very great, amounting
to about 830,000 on stock alone, exclusive
the buildings.
It is confidently predicted that a change
of some importance is about to be' made
in -the Cabinet- It a consist in the
transfer of Mr. Toucey from the Secreta
ryship m the Navy, to the seat on the Su
preme Bench, made vacant by.the resig
nation of Judge Curtis; nnd the appoint
ment of some other gentleman some say
Charles Anderson of Cincinnati to Mr.
Toucey's present position. , .
. , O. II. , P. Nicholson, ot Tennessee, has
been elected U.' S. Senator to succeed
Jno.? Bell, whose term expires in 1S59.
T . . . . ' i '
Connecticut has gene Democratic by a
triumphant majority, i '
; Last year the Democracy of Vermont
polled .71,747 votes for Governor. This
year 72,869 Democratic gain 1,112. ,
-Last year the majority against us was
23,284. .' This year 14,fl2. Democratic
net gain 10,2SL? ., j ' .
: Last year our streugfl in the house was
16, this year 30.' So much for 1 one year.
Another year will tell abetter story, still.
- The amount in the UiS. Treasury sub
ject to drafts now 812,000,000. Unless
a revival of tVade ind imports occur
soon, there Avill be in January next,
barely, enough for the 'economical admi
nistration of the Government. .: .". . ' : ,
A widow of Mr. Seird, killed at the
Des Jardin's brido-e acc dent on the Great
Western R. R., has received 812,000 for
herself and three children. -
' Bayard Taylor is about to publish a
new volume of travels! in Norway, Swe
den and Lapland.
The Question Settled.
Tho question whether Kansas will be a free or
slave State is now definitively and absolutely sattlod
There is no longer a pro-slavery party in the Terri
tory. Whatever hope tho South may have indulged
pf extending slavery to Kansas, must now be given
up. And with this result in Kansas all hopo of ox
tending slavery beyond its present, limits is cut off.
Tbetiouth has placed itsdeare3t interests in the
keeping 'of the Democratio party. What has it
gained or saved ? : At notimo since the formation of
the government has that interest been more hamper
ed or ill more danger from the encroachment of nor th
ern fanaticism. Under Democratic rulo it has been
settled irrevocably that slavery cannot be extended
one inch beyond its present limits. There is now no
room to hopo thataaother slave State will bo driven
from the ground it now occupies. Missouri, bounded
cast, north and west by free States, will sooner or
later te compelled to give up6laVery." There maybe
a question of time, but that gueh will be the final re
sult, thorecanfldtbea doubt. So iuuch for quattcr
Sovereignty and Democratic policy generally.--Kentucky
Paper.. ,
Dolour northern. Republican friends
ilynltit ipold rauch like - Democratic
predilections forthepeculiar .southern
institution." .
We have always held that to obtain the
benefit of the pre-emption provisions, a
man jyrth aTfamily: must reside thereon to
gether with his family. The following
decision, from !the 'Washington States,
shows our opinion to be-' correct :
"Tho question having frequently boen raised bo-
fore the General Load Office as to the necessity of
the residence of . the wife of a claimant under the
pre-emption laws, it has been decided that a man,
bein-rtho head of a family, must show a residence
with his family on the land claimed, in order to en
able him to obtain the benefit of tho statutory pro
visions." ; -''
The first overland mail from San An
tonia, Texas, to San Diego, Cal., has been
carried through in thirty-eight days.
Masonic Notice.
ALL Master Mascns in good standing residing!;
in r email a county, a . T., arc requested to
attend a meeting of Kenuha Valley Lodge at
tuo residence of Dr. Sioel, in Brownville.
this evening, Nov. 12, 1857. ' L C. JOHNSON,
Brownville, Nov. 0 '57. . . Secretary.'
Eeligious Notice.
The Rev. Jos. Cannon, of the Methodist Church, will
preach in Brownville, at the New School House, Sunday
Nov. 15. at 11 o'clock, and also in the evening, and there
after regularly every three weeks.
TfiTJB.SDAT', the26th day of November, is eereby fixed
astheday of Annual Thanksgiving, forth year lS57,,iu
"The pronrictyandrelidiocs duty of the observance of
such a day, in each year, ha a been recognized by nearly
every State in the Union. Our citizens should heartily
ancl devoutly conccr acknowledging their dependence up
on a Gracious and Bounteous Providence; expressing
thejr faith in His goiodness and justice; and supplicating
the continuance of His favor and mercy.
Wo may be thankful ror the prosperity of the country
at large, for the absence of Wars and Pcs.ilence; for the
security of ourrigets and liberties under a Republic, now
firmer and more powerful than ever; and for the certain
ty of the more rapid progress of our productive and pre
cising Territory. Whatever the embarrassment? of tho
times, all may rejfiee inthe privilege of "life, liberty
aud the pursuit of happiness" and should unite in
Prayer and Praise to Him who has so far sustained, us and
who controls our fortunes.
1, therefore recommend that onr citizens convene at
their usual places of public worship for the purposes
above mentioned on the 25th day of ibis month.
Given under my hand, and the Great Seal
L S. of the Territory at Oiaaha City, this 4th day
of November 1S57.
Act. Gov. of Nebraska.
Brownville Steam Ferry !
' OX THE ?,:
The Ecmte from Brownville to Ft. Kearney,
and from thence to California, is the
nearest and most practicable.
ANNOUNCE to the Traveling Public that they are
now running as a Ferry across the Missouri jiver at
ISroivnvillc, IVcmaSia Co., Hi. T.
An entirely new, ubtantial and commodious
Which arrangement will' securo a certain and
safe passage at, all ' times and in all kinds ( f
weather. The Proprietors , do not assert boastingly,
or for tho purpose of gaining custom merely, but are
governed by facts, when they say this is the best
crossing of the Missouri , River in Nebraska, and
when they say tho route from Brownville to Fort
Kearney and from thence to California is the nearest
for evidence they refer tho reader to the map of tho
Country; and are warranted in saying it is the most
practicable route by personal experience, as well as
that of hundreds of others who nave traveled it.
We claim therefor that this crossing and route holds
out peculiarly favorablo inducements, to persons
going to California, and solicit their patronage. Not
withstanding our superior arrangements for a safe
and speedy crossing, our charges are the same as other
Ferries in Nebraska, all being regulated by Legisla
tive enactment.
J5iF"RecolIcct that with our facilities of Power,
no kinds of weather wilt prevent our Boat3 from
making regular trip3 at all hours.
E3TA skiff and hanl will be in readiness to cross
foot passengers at all times of night. "
- n20 November llth,lS57.
To all whom it may concern. - Vou are hereby notified
that 1 will appear at the Land Office in Brownville, on
Friday Nov. 20th, 1857 at 2 o'clock p or, to prove up
niv right cf pre-emption to the north-west quarter of
section twentv-sit (26), In township 6, range fourteen (14)
Claim Notice.
TO all whom it may Concern. Ton are hereby noti
fied that I will nppear at the Land Office at Brownville,
Xemaha enaty Nebraska. Territory, n Thur.sday tho
20th day of November, 1857, to prove up my right of pre
emption to the south-west quarter of section No thirty
three (33) in Township No two (2)., North of Range No
fifteen (15) "East-
v2n20-2t Nov 11, '67. GQTLIEB STEKBY.
frowDville Saloon.
First st., between Main and Atlantic,
riAVK purchased the above named saloon, formerly
owned by Wm. Alderman, and now announce their readi
ness to tickle tho epicurian tastes of tho Brownvilliana
and others with every variety of good things usually kept
in such establishments. 'Tis here you can get your fine
oysters, sardines, lobsters, fresh venison, prairie chick
ens, and such like 'and some of that glorious good ale
with which to wash it down. Give us a call.
November 11, 1857. n20-ly
New Arrangement!
Dealers in Groceries, &c.,
Post Office BniWinpr, Main Street,
nereby inform the publi. that they have purchased the
stock of goods formerly belonging to J. II. Mai n & Co.,
of this city; have made additions thereto, and are now
offering for sale in the same room a very choice selec
tion of -. , . -
Groceries, Xotlons, Stotloncryi
Extra Fine Bottled Brandies
Wines, Cordials, Preserved
Fruits &. Confectionary.
Purchasers may rely upon obtaining from us nothirg but
pure and excellent articles. We solicit 'a share of pa
tronage. ....
November 11, 1857. " 'i ' n20-ly
Scott city Steam Saw-Mill
: ' Scott City, Mo.,
(Immediately opposite Brownville, N. T.)' "
Announces to the public that he baa leased the new
steam saw-mill recently erected by Mr. Meek,-located
as above, and is now prepared to furnish the citizens of
Missouri and Nebraska with an extra quality of Lumber
of every description and
of an excellent quality. A share ot patronage is solicited.
November 11, 1S57. ' . n20-ly
To J. M. Hunter, Win. Turnbull, N. naywood and all
others whom it may concern. Tou are hereby notified
that I will appear at the Land Office In Brownville,
Nemaha comity, Nebraska Territory, on Friday the 10th
day of November, 1367, at 10 e!clck A M to prove up
lily right of Pre-emptfon to the west half of S. "W, quar
ter of sect urn thirty-four (34), Township threo (3),ttanjre
twelve (12) east; aud west ealf f nrth-wet qnanter
of section olireo (3) town; hip two (2) ranee tweive (12)
Mt B. V. MC1R.
Navemljll, 'S7 to-0t
. '" , .. JOHN McPHEItSON.
" I have just received an entirely new and largo
assortment of '. i
TVT.J.-h T will sell at as reasonabla prices as any
establishment in tho West, . ' ' , , ,
Ihavo now in store a great variety of th fal
lowing, articled, which were pureh:isod for CASH
and consequently, can sell choap on the samo terms :
r ..,,. 4HiM - . J.' -
And a fine assortment of
Sach as "- -
Spice, ' fV'. "" ' '
Peppers, ,: '; (;
Soda, -Salaratns,
Ginger .
19Noveraber '5th.
etc., etc.
Watchmaker & , Goldsmith,
A. GY S,
BEGS leave to Inform the pubflc that he has located
in the above named town and offers for sale a choice
stock of ' f. i .
and other articles usually kept in such establishment at
prices which cannot be complained of. Being an exper
ienced watchmaker he flatters himself that in repairing
watches, clocks and Jewelry he can give perfect satisfac
tion. ; 19 6m.
. George Hughs and all whom it may concern. .Tou are
hereby notified that 1 will appear at the Land Ofiice in
Brownville, on Friday November 13, 1857, at 10 o'clock
A. M. to prove upmy right of pre emption to the north
west quarter of section twenty-eight in township five
north cf range fifteen.
19-2t.- J. B. WELLS.
Remaining in Browuvillo Pot Oflice, for quarter end
ing September 30th, 1S57.
Brcwn, Jhn
Bell, A. X
Blanden, Sam'l L. '
Burlick, Gotlieb
Butler, J n
Barkalow, B B 2
Campbell, Jeremiah
Campbell, SW
Cochran, John
Chandler, G A
Darlington, Stephen P
Dobhicr, Johu
Friebcrg, C A
Fitzerald, Maurice
Goodrich, Charles M 9
Gates, Mrs E A
Goodcll, A -2
Hale, Alexander 2
Hubbard, M Y , t
llibbard. S E "
Iluitt, Elijah
Helley, James N
Holland, Wm
Uaun, Dr A J 1
Kirkham Bolcmon
KingsburjV Walter E.
M ney, Cyrus
MoNeely, A
Metier, Wm 2
M click, Audrew
Pcnticott, Edwin
Pcnsennen, Mrs S S
Philips, 11 M
Randal, Cephas- 2
Rife, Georgo
Rooh, Samuel
Kagtidale, G L
Bays, AiiJwijOl 1.. .
Springman & Brown,
Strong, II B
Smith, Wm
SI e mans, James 2
Waters, Silas Z
Walters, James .
Walters, Maria 2
Williams, Benjamin
Bates, J
B.iriis John
P.lar Thompson
Baylej-, John i
Butler, Stephen F
Chi.lsey, LB
1 Cannou, Kev T V 2
Cochran, James
Corns, John
Ueant Joseph
Fitch, Julian R 3
Fitch, Charles 11
Griffith, Malcom
Giddings, C W
. n "
Ilercll, AD
- Ilolcviub II -Hall,
llolbrook, Geirgc AV
Hackett, W G
llerrinston Ilenry
Halbert, Ansel
Kinder, Christian
KUgore, David
McNulty, John 3
Medley, A
Miller, Anna 2
Piumb, G W
Pctl'en Klaas
Qninby, Johnson D
Root, Jacob n 6
Ross, Samuel
Rusxell, Charles -Ru:ill,
Mr -.
Raaaoui, W C 2 . .
Scheer, Pred V 2 '
Stowell. Martjn
Scott, II M
Wells, Eri
Williams, T C
Williams, Samuel
Waters, Stepheu 2
Woodruff, Amos
Persons callinS for the letters will please say
they arc advertise. A. S. HOTXADAY,
. By J. 11. MAUN, D. P.. M.
Notice to Tax Payers. ; ;
The Tax payers of Nemaha county are hereby notified
that taxes are now due, and that I am prepared at all
times receive and receipt for the same. Taxes not paid
on or before tho first day of January, 1853, will be sub
ject to a penalty of twenty-five per cent, per annum ad
ditional, according to our Revenue Law.
R. T. RA1NEY, Tres. Nemaha co.. '
'Team For Sale.
I have two good young horses in good condition and well
broke, which I desire to sell, and will do o on favorable
terms. I will also sell a good two horse waggon and
harness. . . - .
Apply to the Subscriber or B. "VV. Furnas at the Adver
tiser oflice. - JER. MABLATT. '
Brownville Oct. 29, '57. ' v2nl3-tf
Clairo IMotice.
James M. Hinton, Nathan Haywood and all whom it
may concern you are hereby notified that I will appear at
the Land Office in Brownvi lie on Saturday, the 14ih day
of November, 1857, at 3 o'clock P. if., to prove up my
right of pre-emption tithe west half of the north-east
quarter of section number three in township number two
and the south-west quarter of the south-east quarter of
section number thirty-four in township number three
north of range number twelve eatt.
19"2t- ' Wm. J. BROCK.
Rare Chance for Investments.
THE subscriber intending to change his present business
offers for sale his Store andflxture with the Lot it stands
on In R.k Port, Mo,; and, also, will close out the Stock
of Goods on hand at very nduced prices. Call soon as
bargains may be expected. This is an opportunity not
often to be met with for persons wishing to commence
business on to change their location:
Enquire of the subscriber on the premises.
He also offers for sale hi Household Furniture, which
can be seen athis dwelling ouemile north of Ruck port.
Rock Port, Mo., Oct 9, 1857. r2nl7
General Orders No. 5.
Nebraska City, N. T. )
tt - Oct. 16th, 1257. i
Tlead Quarters Brigade .V. F., '
Commanders of Companies will report by letter the
names of all officer or their respective companies; also
total and aggregate ot their commands, so as to enable
the Brigade Commander to cause an erection of a Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel, Major, and Adjutant, of tho 3d Regi
ment of Nebraska Volunteers immediately.
By order of
Brig. Gen. DOWNS,. Com. 2d Brig.
f3. 3333Xj3D233NT?
Will write deeds of every kind and contracts for everr
purpose, with warranted legal accuracy. .
OtUce, ia the Bauking Houso of Lushbaugh h Carson
Hon. John A. Bingham, Cadij, Ohio '
K Carter, Cleveland, "
RP Spalding, " te
B F Leiter, Canton,
S Lahm, tt
Wm R Sapp, Mt. VernnL "
S P Chase. Columbus tt
. " Tho. Ford, Mansrteld,
I tt T ib r..: o. . -
Brownville, Oct. 22d, '57.
The Steam Ferry Beat
' ' ; And -ERASTUS
13 now prepared to prepare and make out Preemption pa.
;cr and warrant them to be correct. I have takco the
troublo to post myself up in regard to the Pre-emption
Laws aud coutested Claims, and will always feel plcasnrc
in giving advice, gratis, to those who may call on me. Hav
ing desire bi remain icrmaneut:y settltnt in Nemaha'
comity, I will exert my time and talent to the advance
ment of our new and prosperous county and the Territory
at large.. . :
. Land Warrants Bought and Sold.
OFFICE, one door West cf Crane & nm',ra Brown it
nallam'a new Oflice, where he can be found at all times
during business hour.
1 bave some good claims to sell of the first choice, tim
bered and prairie.
ALSO Several good and eligible lots in Brownville,
which I will dispose of cheap for cash or on time, purchas
er paying ten per cent interest.
Brownville, N. T. Oct. 13, !Ss7. 2ul5iy
Kspecial atteu
Goiduvev; rz
Ply of Land W4rrinu,m k rl . i!'- O
- - 'a"M'iu-run(l f
tereloB Ume for Pr,. . 1
. . '-"wiors.
Papers at short n.,ti.., T ' "ns!
ties, at wegte,u rates of in0',
n Lands cr city prort, faTda?. b"CX
tiona up,.n all convenient
raiea, with ct ,.,
added. ldsita r eceircd on Currlf '"
allows .,n special depu 1 "w Z
OmC-MainSt..near-C.S.Li;, '
...ucu usnai ratea, with ot t -
una, Brother 4 Co., Merchaut
McN anghtn, Carson U C '
lltser &. Whit i
Yonn','. Carson A. R
Jno .. Thompson Masou, CorrofPoiL
' M. Punderson Afo. M
M. M. Yeakle .t Pa it " vt .
Wm. T. Smithson.
n. T. Smithson 7; 'Tr To '
u.iiduci, J'UieaaAud l"
McClelland, Serous i Co. Mcroiiant, il
Hon. Tho. ri -i-rwiaata, M. t, ' "
iioh. w.r i . uoarv, Kx-Got
Hon. Jas. 0. Carson, -
P. B. Small. Esi.. Prit
Col. lieo. Schley, Att'y at Law
ChaTlesParsM.,. AO. BaLkera,'
Greene, Weare & Rice,
Douglass fit Watnoo.
CjI. Sam Hambleton, Atl'y at Law
Judge Thi. Perry, '
Prof. n. Tntwiler, ' --. , :
Oct. 8. '57-v2-nl5-tf
Civ. Eiie.. Sur. & Drart'n
General XanflAgei
innfunl w : 1 . - . . . &
which they are enabled to prosecut cuin'""
Initexl State Govrnneiit, or atund to
fore the General Land oftke with dLotA -satisfaction
of their customers.
One of the firm beinjr a practical EnfinpfrW
or (having been for many yearKcoiiiitrtedwt h,.''"
States Coast Survey engaged ou wrk(n,f !. l":H
provement-) we are prepared to make Sorve'."!1 ltr
Farms, &.c, ia any part .of the Tewfr,
engaged the best lraft.sman in the Territorr t
Maps.Town Piata, and Jraing of ajl kiii.jT
architectural, &c.,) to the perfect ntutMy
tomers. w c-
October 221. 1S57. . . . - " '
TYS0H & EACKllfi
B It O rt X V 1 L I JE , X E J LH I v o i V I
Land Warrants Bought and Sold. L.m, ontorti'
Claim and Town Lots Bought an.1 SM
Make Investments an-1 Locate Warraui'i uU' .,,
- listaut lea!ors. . H
Pre-niplion Papera Frc?anr-
OFF1CE Next door to V. s. Land OlWe 4
Geo. II. Nixon, Register L
C. B. Smith, Receiver,
Smock 4t Williams,"
L. R. Tuttle,
B. R. regram & Co., Bankers,
Hon, G. W. Scoueld,
R. L. McGbee &. Co.,
Totdle & Fairlcigh, -Oct.
1. '57
" -1.
u..-ili:) citt 5 r
Barron, p,
St, Luii, jh t;
St. Jwaei'
rricc?2aycar; five copiesor $5; twenty
for $20. - ' f
The NEW TORE WEEKLY TIM ES "ia prftuArt i. '
ert Saturday, at N. 13H Naswt sl-w crc '
Bookman, New York City. It is ptinted up, , rer,
large quarto sheet, containing tight p iges uf 5;x c la 1
each, in clear type and up:n gixd ps))cr. It
all the matter of general intere;-t iu tlio Pailt Timu
including News from every quarter of thewurlbOrm
pondence froin all the principle point i.fiiu-rw
in Europe and America, and Editorial ai.u ji u',;ivu
of interest that may arise. - Besides ti,(iWpKerr,
week will be devoted tocholceseleciiinsftrmtr irw
Literature of the day, in order to niaie 1 1 t paf?: ,
acceptabla for family perusal. Every poit irrirt t J
be made, by Proprietors and E.litrn, hi nuke tii Xm
York Weekly Times the best weekiv .3'cw Muwr'a
the United States. .
Snbscriptiv.ns, on the terms given alve, ir r4
fully solicited, .
The Postage on the Weekly Times to try part of Hi
United States, it only 25 cents per yitr, yaii f..
vance. , . . " . , v
THE SEllI-TI'KKIir.Y Tnirs.''
1 published every Tutwlay aud Fri-iir, t 1 p
payable invariably in advance This riper it m!eiij
expressly for the m.iils, and contains the a-imtipl nuiw
of the Daily. Two I'miiw win w - -- r , '
ie for $ri "60; Ten Copie for $2i. .
1 Published at the same oflice, Eve 7 Suming, Sun
days excepted. Jt will be scut by tnil to laj pui nl tin .
United States, at $6 per annum.
The pontage on, the Daily Timet, Id iif placr in tit '
United States, is 33 cents per qxiarttr,mitmci.
Is published every evening, S.imd ir j f wptrt. One
edition will be issued at one, aud t it uUwr A, tkf
o'clock P. M. It will ho sent by niai; tt Ui9iaaic.Mj .
as the Daily Times. '
'Is published 011 the departure f every aw "a
Pri. e. in wrappers, S cents for sing e coj ic.
- Terms, invariably cash in Advance.
Publication Oflice, No. liSXassar. st., cor. ofBortan.
Oct. 1, '57 . ' .
THE Co-partnership heretofore eVisMnj hciween 1
McAllister, Jonas Crane &.J..rm L. llTier, Emlert!'-'
of McAllister, Dozier &. Co., is tliis day IL-..lvf!tiy t
tual consent. - Joua Crane has'pun h.ti'l te enfif
terest in said concern, to whom or to hitaJtU riieJ A'
al 1 claims due tho said concern are tube pi! J.
All claim due by the said c.iicern re t le prwfntMt
thenewUrmtCraneaiUiiiforpvni'!it. - .
J. B. Mc.W.UfTEV
. , -' .-s .V , 'JONA3LMN8 ' .
. - JOHN 1L BOZiO.
Brownville, N. T., sept." IS, 1357.- .
. (deputy county si kvi:yor)
Main Stre et '-
. ni:owynLiJv5.
WILL attend promptly and, faithfully t the
and hjcation of Gov'erumcut Lanes in :Iie Xem;i!i
District. Surveying Town sites, suWividing 1 ,' Vrd''
ing City Plat, ani al I'other business ( a reiftal ar'r
or. Will buy and sell Land warrant. piyt''S"1
gate title, File Declaratory Staiements 'w'''
pre-empt, and make out Pre'-eniptit n y.ij ersit rfnrt
tice, andalwayson hand t r.iok ourcla.rus t-r ftt -tier.
Investment made r-ar distaut i!eJc-. WM'm
of inquiry answered promptly, .
Daniel Beckel, Bariker,
John Mill, Cah. Dayton Bank,
P. P. Lowe.
Gunklei Strong,
Wood & Xead, '
Moees Smith,
Ryal! & Charles, Lan.f Arenfs,
Geo. II. Nixon. Land Register, '
Lushbaugh St Carson, Batikeca
Brown & Hal'.am, ... ' d
R. W. Furnas, Xditor Advertiser,
rvbn, 01ii
' !
, do
do & ...
' tu .'',.
artpwMvilie, V ''
'' iU.
do to
Notice U hereby Kivcn to all persons in:e-ested a "
TOWN OF PERU, Xemah couuty, N. T., th d a
was, on the ninth day of' September, A. V. 1S57. "
t the Iind Office at Brownville, for tbe use and W- (
ofthe holder of Lot and prjrty tlierein. ' 1
the uwlcrsigncd, M.ryor. of said Town, is n-w reati) ;
ecute lee-simple Deels to all person lawful IT
to the same. Application for DeMs nu.-f t)C ,,'-,.t
the underxignetl, athis ofTxeat said Tjwh, rA Uu
not applied for withiq six mutatis fi m the dte
entry aforesaid, will be s.!d to the bihet M-tfrtf ,
lie safe in accordance wifhthe provi.tiins tt a
Territorial Legislature, entitle van A :t Ro?uiati;;
disposal of Lands narchascl in Trust for t!ic Ti. "
u ti tuM V. BALL.
Fern, sept. 17,57-12-3w JLwxoiJ
nARPER's Weekly will contain Sixteen 1
i of th Landoa IlhutritleA 'ibm. e;ah Xi"-'"-'
prising a mnch matter as an ordinary dnl,'il,,jlB.
ume. It will be printed ia a form and wn Vife ,r.L
aoie ior oinuing , anu as me page
ihe back'X amber can alway be 1
scriberswill be able at any time I
At tne close of each volume, net ami pi "k
era will t prepared for ae convenirt tB
wish to bind the paper. '
. .TERMS: " V,TW
- IlARPER'a Weekly will appear everr . it
Morkiko, and will be oM at rtvi Cet pv
will bo mailed to SuI,crilKr at the fo!'.i'::!S ri '
meut being invariably required: in advtn- :
$1 DC
4 00
One Copy for Twenty Week - - "
oue Copy for One Tear "'
Oue Copy for Two Year - - : "
Five Copies for One Year - ' -Twelve
Copies-for On Verrr
Twenty-rlve Opics for Oi;6 Yeiir
0 Postaiaters getting up a Club sf Telv u iyivm
, a Copy wil be seut gratis. Siib-T!faj": Tatuit
ice with any Number. Speciiuou S w-'er
ously supplied
isty supplied. . 141 Ct"
Clergymen and Teachers surtlitJ at the K" ,
Prices. (;. s.
XVllaiOt - g
Frarkliji SavARe;
dealer, V AL
Tncurrent Monfy IS J11 Cla, J
uppiie. " .'"" u fK.
to cu plCie i'-- n.
Land Warrants
53"Eaiui: of R. W. Fuita, 'AJvcruid -