Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, July 30, 1857, Image 1

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Second Street, tut. 2ain and Water,
j (lake's Block,)
I BliOWXVII.LE, X. T. -i
j f.r.iTiPVcarif pii in advance, - - $2.00
j f.. 44 44 at the end of 0 months, 2,50
! "C!ul5 df 12 or ru'.ro will he furnished at $1,5U per
rented itiC can acccmjiames tno order,
u,t clLcrwise.
"o'nt r,'""" ' 1 2 4inCS '.r I') 0DC illSCrtion
i;-h Additional insertion,
. t
ux r mare. : iuuuiu
three months,
fix month?,
one vear.
r,a;nv Cards of sis lines cr less one year,
One C'himn, one rear,
Oi-l.alf Col a inn, one year,
- f,.urth 44 44
Onc-ei-htli 44 " "
C ilumn, six mnnthf.
44 ha'.f Column, six months,
fourth 44 44 "
-ihth " " "
CiV.aian. throe month?,
half Column, three ni nths,
fourth 44 "
a '. ..;. .nli.J:'te tor w,, )
Cai in a ranee will le re i'iire.l f .r all advertise-
t.,i. r,rr i-i-nt f,ir each change
be added to the
f h.-e rsto.
.tstii: Ra.-iDcss Carls-of Cre lines orlcss,for
, enc jear. ii,''J.
: No lvert'--','E"nts will c'! considered by the year,
i tnW s!-c;!i;.-J n the rcanu-cript, or previously
a-r-cl ; n between the parties.
I "A.lverti'iient.s not marked on thceopy for a speci
! Eel.iiuiu'icr of "uv-crtion?, will be eontinucd until or-
,kroJ out, an 1 chared accordingly,
i All alvertimrnts from slrancrs or transient pcr-
(in, t he yn'tl in advance.
j The oriri!.:e of yearly advertiser? will be confined
f ii;i.i'v to th Tr own business ; an l all advertisements
B'"t prrUinir? thereto, to be paid for extra.
Yearly advertisers have th privilege of changing
I their advertisements quarterly.
; All leaded a lvertisemcnts charged double the above
' lats. .
! A.l'erti-eTn"nts on the inside exclusively will be
charged extra.
Having ai led to the Advertiser Office Card and
Job 1'resses, New Types of the latest styles, Inks of
all colors., Fine Taper, Envelopes, A.c. ; we
arc now prepared to execute Job Work of every de
scription in a Style unsurpassed by any other office
in the W.tod Stat s.
Particular attention will be given to orders from a
distance in having them promptly attended to.
The I'roprijtor. who, having had an extensive ex
p 'rien-'e, will give hi? personal attention to thisbranch
of, and hop?s, in his endeavors to please,
otb in tho excellence of his work, and reasonable
barges, to receive a share of the public patronage.
-cl Obstetrician.
Solicit? a shar? of public patronage, in the variou8
f 'ranches of his ,r , fusion, from the citizens of Rrown
v.lle and vii-inify.
Quccnswarc, Hardware,
Stoves, PurrLitixro.
-cl Dress Maltor.
Tirst Street, tet-weea Main and "Water,
Br,tds anl Tmnmings altcays on liand.
TIZ'J rjVj'J. ZTiliil A-33 ITAT-SS SSS.
BrownviUo, X. T.
Second Street, between Main and Nebraska,
. G. W. IIUltN.
TI7ILL attend promptly to all business in his pro
' feion when called on : su h as 8ubdivin
Claims, laying out Town Lots, Drafting City i'M?
ete.. etc. 37-tf
WM. li. G AKUIT.
Manufacturers and Whalesale Dealers in
Jewelry, Plated Ware, Cutlery, Sp.ns, &c, ic.
f Xclratl-a C7y, N T.
r7Esr.iuvi.-o and Repairing done on short
tloe, ud ALL VOUK WA-CA.NTi;i).
1 fa aL
Brownville,N. T.
JJrownville and Nebraska City,
BEIXG permanently located in the Territory, we
will give our entire time and attention to the
practice of our profession, in all its branches. Mat
ters in Litigation, Collections of Debts, Sales end
rureha-?os of Real Estate, Selections of Lands, Lca-tin-r
of Land Warrants, and all other business en-tra.-te-i
to oar management, will receive protnptsind
faithful attention.
S. F. Nuckolls,
Richard Rrown,
V.'m. Hoblitzell k Co.,
Hon. James Craig,
lion. James M. Hughes,
Hon. John R. Sheoley,
Messrs. Crow, MeCrearyt Co.
Messrs. S. G. Hubbard & Co.,
lion. J. M. Love,
Nebraska Cirj,
, St. Joseph, Mo.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
U .11
( It
Cincinnati ().
Keokuk. Iowa.
June 7, 1856.
Meal Estate Affeut
Agent for West Division of Brovsnville,
Ilrownville, N.T.
PARTICULAR attention jaid to the pun;hase
and sale of Real Estate on commission iuTown
or elsewhere.
A. Kountie, Omaha City, N. T.
A. Chapel. " "
A. J. Henedict, Brownville, N. T.
Browcvil'.cj June 4th, '57. 51-ly
Notice to Pre-Emptors !
WILL give particular attention to preparing all
the necessary papers for Pre-emptions, and
rendering any assistance which maybe required by
Tre-einptorsin proving up their Fro-emption rights
at the U. S. Laud OCiee. 45-rtm
R. FEERY, M. D.,
RESPECTFULLY tenders hi3 professional ser
viees to the citizens of Nemaha county and ad
joining counties, both in .Nebraska and .Missouri,
Uth. 1S57.
5 1 (i m
A. J.
rOPr-LETON'. wx. N. iiyeks.
D T T 0 II N E Y S AT LA Y7 .
- Antl General Land Agents ,
" ' OMAHA,
Land Warrants E ought and Sold.
SPECIAL "attention given to the selection and en
try of Lands for Settlers, and all others desiring
choice locations. .
Land Claims. Town Lets and all kinds of Real Es
tate, bought and sold and investments made for dis-
ant Dealers.
mm k
Oregon, llolt County, Missouri.
Keepconstantlv on hand all description of Harness,
Saddles, Rridles, &c, Ac.
N. li. Every article in our shop ;s manufactured
by ourselvc,and warranted to give satisfaction.
1TTM11Y AT lit.
B. R. PEGRAM 8c CO.,
Importer of , and Wholesale Dtxdert in
Fancy Goods.
Manufacturers of all kinds of Brushes.
33 Xorth Main Street. (Up Stairs,)
ST. LOUIS, Mo. 32-1 y
MiHnftctHrer and Wholnalc Drnhr in
No 4S Kain street, let. Olive and Pine,
fcl. lAJUIS, MO.
Tartieula- attention paid to manufacturing our
finest Mole lists.
Land Agent and Notary Public,
Archer, Richardson couuty, Jf. T.
Will practice in the Court of Nebraska, agisted
by Harding and ltennett, Nebraska City.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
And Notary Public.
Nebraska City, Nebraska Territory.
WILL attend promptly to 11 buisness entrusted
to his care, in Nebraska Territory and West
ern Iowa.
September 12, l?3fi. Tlnl3-lv
And General Commission Merchants,
No. 4.G, Public Landing.
Attorney ami Counsellor at Law,
General Land Agent
Gov. Ii;ard, Owah ; 11. 1. iknaet, NebraAa City
An act to amen J an act entitled "an act to pro
vide for the better organization of the Trea
sury, and for the Collection, safe-keeping,
transfer, and' Disbursement of the Public
lie it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That the act to pro
vide for the better organization of the treasury,
and for the collection, safe-keeping,' transfer
and diabtiroemeut of the public revenue, apr
proved August sixth, eighteen hundred and
forty-six, be and the same is hereby so amen
ded that each and every disbursing officer or
agent of the United States, having any money
of the Uuited States entrusted to him for dis
bursement, shall bo and he i3 hereby required
to deposit the Bame with the Treasurer of the
United States, or with some one of the assis
tant treasurers or public depositaries, and draw
for the same only in favor of the persons to
to whom payment is to be made in pursuance
of lav ami instructions; except when payments
are to be made in sums under twenty dollars,
in which cases such disbursing agent may
check in his own name, stating that it is to pay
small claims. .
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the
Treasurer of the United States, assistant treas
urers, and public depositaries shall safely keep
all moneys deposited by any disbursing officer
or disbursing airent of the U uited fetates, as wen
as any moneys deposited by any receiver, col
lector, or other person which shall be the mou
eys of or due or owing to tho United Suites,
and for a failure so to do shall be held guilty
of the crime of embezzlement of said moneys,
and subject to the punishment provided for
embezzlement in the act to which this is an
Sec. 3. Aud be it further enacted, That it
shall be the duty of each and every person who
shall have moneys of the United States in his
hands or possession to pay the. same to the
treasurer, the assistant treasurer, or public de
positary of the United States, and take his re
ceipt for the same, in duplicate, and forward
one of them forthwith to the Secretary of the
Trcasurj, and for a failure to make such de
posits, when required by the Secretary of the
Treasury, or any other department, or the ac
counting officers of the treasury, the peisunso
failing shall be held guilty of the crime of em
bezzlement, and subject to the punishment for
that offence provided in tho act to which this
is an amendment.
Approved, Match 3, 1337.
An act to cx:cnd tha Ttovu-ions tf the act n
. ti.led.'.i"ctin additiou tvc-.rti.:u nci : .
ing bounty land to certain officers and so! .'dors
'who have been engaged in the 'Military Ser
vices of the United 'States," to the officers
and soldiers of Major David Bailey's Bat-
talion of Cock County (Illinois) Volunteers.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled. That all those of
ficers and soldiers of Major David Bailey's
batalion of Cook countj- (Illinois) volunteers
stationed at Fort Dearborn, in the Black Hawk
war of eighteen hundred and thirty-two, who
have nevtir received warrants for bounty land
for services iu said war, shall be entitled to re
ceive a certificate or warraut from the Depart
ment of the interior for one huudred and sixty
acres of land, upon making proof either by re
cord evidence or such parol evidence as the
commissioner of pensions may require of hav
ing served in said war for tho term of at least
fourteen days; the provisions of this act to ex
tend to the "widows and minor children of said
officers and soldiers who have died or may die
before receiving such warrant or certificate.
Approved, March 3, 1857.
Public 11G.J
An act in addition to an act more effectually to
provide forthe Punishment cf certain crimes
against the Uuited Suites, and for other pur-iiose-.
Be it enacted by'the Senate and House of
Representatives of the united btatcs ot Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That if any person
or persons upon the high seas, or in any arm
of the sea, or in any river, haven, creek, basin,
or bav. within the a'dmiralty jurisdiction of the
United States, and out of the jurisdiction of
any particular State,i;hall unlawfully and wil
fufly, but without malice fiforethought, strike,
stab, wound, or shoot at any ether person, ot
which striking, stabing, wounding, or shooting1
such person shall sifterwards die upon laud,
within or without the United States, every per
son so olTcnding, his or her counsellors, aiders,
and abettojs, hhall bo deemed guilty of the
crime of manslaughter; and upon conviction
thereof shall be punished as is hereinafter pro
vided. '
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That if
any person upon the high seas, or in any arm
of the sea, or in anv river, haven, creek, basin
cr bay, within the admiralty jurisdiction of the
United States, and out of the jurisdiction of
any particulaj State, shall attempt to commit
the tnma of murder or manslaughter, by pois
oning, drowning, or strangling anotner person,
or by any means not constituting the offence of
an as-au!t with a dangerous wea)on, such of
fender, upon convictiou thereof, shall bo pun
ished by imprisonment, with or without hard
labor, for a period not exceeding three years,
and a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars,
at the discretion of the court.
Sjc, 3. And Lo it further enacted, That the
crime of manslaughter, as provided for by this
act, and all other acts heretofore passed, shall
be punished by imprisonment, with or without
hard labor, fir a period not exceeding three
vcars. and a fine tint exceeding one thousand
dollars, at the discretion of the court
Sor. 4. Aud be it further enacted. That all
acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the pro
visions of this act, are hereby repealed: Pro
vided, however, That this repeal shall not af
fect any act done before, or any prosecution
pending at the time of the passage of this act;
but all such nets shall bo indictable and pun
ishuble, and all such prosecutions shall be jro
ceeded with as the same would have been in
dictable and punishable, and proceeded with
if tlm act had not bcon passed.
S'jc. 5. And be it further enacted, That in
all cases where any oath, affirmation, or affida
v it thai! be made or taken before and
or receiver or either or both of them of any lo
cal land-office in the United States or any ter
ritory thereof, or where any oath, affirmation,
or affidavit shall bo made or taen before any
person authorized by the laws of any State or
territory of the. United States to administer
oaths or affirmations, or take affidavits, and such
oaths, affirmateons, or affidavits are made, nsed,
or filed in any of said lo:al land-offices, cr in
the General Land-Office, as well in cases aris
ing under any or either of the orders, regula
tions, or instructions, concerning any of the
public lands of the United States, issued by
the Commissioner of the General Land-Office,
or other properofficerof the government of the
United States, as under the laws of the United
States, in any wise relating to or effecting any
right, claim,, or title, or any contest?" therefor,
to auy of the public Iads of lire United States,
and any person or persons shall, taking such
oaths, affirmation or affidavit, knowingly, wil
fully, or corruptly swear or affirm falsely, the
same shall l deemed and taken to be per
jury, and the person or persons guilty thereof
shallj upon conviction, be liable to the pnnish
msnt prescribed for that offence by the laws of
the United States.
Approved, March 3, 1S57.
TAtblic 32.
An act to authorize the President of the ni
ted States to cause to be ptocured, by pur
chase or otherwise, a suitable Steamer as a
Revenue Cutter. ;
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the nited States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That tho President
of the nited States be and i3 hereby author
ized to cause to be procured, by purchase or
otherwise,- a suitable steamer as a revenue cut
ter: and that the sum of one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars bo and is hereby approdriated
for that purpose, out of any moneys now in tho
treasury of the nited States, and not other
wise apppropriated.
Approved, February 5' 1837.
Public 30.
xVn act supplementary to an act to organize an
Institution for the Insane of the Army and
Navy, and of the District of Columbia, in
the said District, approved March third,
eighteen hundred and fifty-five.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representative ot the nited States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That no insane per
son not charged with any breach of the peace
shall ever hereafter be confined in tho : nited
States j;u"i,or in the nited States penitentiary,
in this District.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the
Secretary of the Interior shall have power to
grant his order for the admission into the gov
ernment hospital for the insane, any insane per
son unable to support himself or herself and
family, (or himself, orlienjr'f if ho er.shejiave
no famHy,) tinder tho 'vis- iat'Ion cf insanity,
who ro:;i,!od in the. District at! ho time he cr
.-l:e became Insane, a:.d vho" rot
with anv breoch of the peace,' v.t)oa the certifi
cate of any judge of the-circuit or criminal
court, or any justice of the peace of the Dis
trict, stating that two respectable physicians
appeared before said judge or justice and certi
fied under oath, and under their hands, that
they knew the party alleged to be insane, and
that they believed him or her to be a fit sub
ject for treatment in such hospital; also stating
that two respectable householders, residents of
the District, appeared before him and certified
under oath, and under their hands, that they
knew the party alleged to be insane and in
digent, !Lat he or she was a resident of the
District at the time he or 6ho was seized with
the mental disorder under which he or she
then labored, and that he or she was unable to
pay his or her board and other expenses there
in; and the certificate of such physician, and
the certificate of such householders shall ac-
companv the certificate of such judge or jus
tice. 1 he application of to the Secretary of
the Interior lor his order for the admission of
said indigent insane person into the said hos
pital must be made within five days after the
examination of the witnesses before the said
judge or justice of the peace, before such pro
ceedings shall be had before euch judge or jus
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the
order Of the Secretary of the Interior, granted
under the authority of the second section of
this act, shall euthorize any police officer or
constable to assist in carryin such indigent in
sane person to the hospital, whenever such as
sistance is represented to be necessary by the
person holding the order; but all tho expenses
of witnesses before said judge or justice of the
peace, and of carrving such patient to the hos-
pital, snail no Dome ny nis or ner inenas, or
by the local authorities of the District.
,'Sec. 4. And be it further erased, That any
indigent insane person whr did not reside in
the District at the time he or she became in
sane, may in like manner as provided in the
second section of this act, be admitted into the
said hospital upon the application of tho cor
porate authorities of the city of Washington,
or of Georgetown, and at the expense of either
of the said cities during the continuance of said
insane person therein, it being hereby design
ed to nve the superintendent thereof author
ity to "take charge of such insane person until
the authorities aforesaid can discover who his
or her friends are, or whence he or fihe came,
with a view to the return of such person to
such friends, or to the place of his or her resi
dence and thus relieve said corporate author
ities of the expense and charge of said indigent
insane non-resident
Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That if
anv ncrson. charged With enme, l found, in
the court before which he or she is w charged,
to ba an insane person, such court shall certify
the same to the Secretary of the Interior, who
mav order such person to lie confined in said
hospital, and if he or she be not iadigent, he
or she and bis or lier esuie snail oe cnargea
with expenses of his or hcrsupport in said hos
pital. . ;
Sec. G. And be it further enacted, That anv
person becoming insane during the continuance
of his or her sentenco in tho United States
penitentiary, shall have the same privilege of
treatment m the hospital during the contin
uance of his or her mcnUl disorder as is grant
ed in section five to persons who escape the
consc'iuences of criminal actsbv reason of in
sanity, unless it be tho opinion, both of the
ph;ssciau to the penitentiary and the superin
tendent of tho hospital, that such insane con
vict is so depraved and furious in his or her
character as to reuder his or her custody in the
hospital insecure, aud his or her example pcr-
hospital in respect to payment of board, and
in all other respects. 1 The request for admis
sion must be made within five days of the date
of the certificate of insanity.
Sec. 9. And be it further enacted. That if
any person will give bond, with sufficient se
curity, to bo adproved by the criminal court,
or ciacuit court, or any judge thereof in vaca
tion, puyable to the United States, with con
dition to restrain and take care of any inde
pendent or indigent insane person not charged
with a breach of tho peace, whether in the hos
pital or not, until the iusane person is restored
to sanity, such court or judge thereof may, in
its discretion, deliver such insane person to the
party giving such bond.
Approved, February 7, 18o7.
An act for regulating" the Terms of the Circuit
Court of the District of Columbia, and for
other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the nited States of Amer
ica in Congress a3mb!e. That the circuit
comtof the District of Columbia shall have
power, by rule of court, to regulate the periods
of holding the terms of said court, and to fix
the number of such terms, and the same, from
time to time, to alter, as public convenience
may require: Provided, That at least three
terms shall be held annually. And all suits,
or actions at law, shall stand for judgment or
trial at the term next after that to which pro
cess shall be returned executed, unless good
cause for further continuance be shown.
Approved, February 7, 1857.
An act making Appropriations for the Consu
lar and Diplomatic Expenses of the Gov
ernment for the year ending the thirtieth of
Juri, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the Anited States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That the following
sums be and the same are hereby appropriated
out of any money in the treasury not otherwise
appropriated, for the objects hereafter express
ed, for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of
June, eighteen huudred and fifty-eight, name-
Forsalaries of envoys extraordinary, minis
ters, and commissioners of tho nited States
at Great Britian, France, Russia, Spain, Aastria,
Prussia, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, Rome,
Naples, Sardinia, Belgium, Holland, Portugal,
Deumaik, Swoden, Turkey, Peru, Chili, Buenos
Avrcs, New Grenada, Bolivia, Ecuador, Ven
ezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua, China and
Sandwich Islands, two hundred and seventy
one thousand dollars.
For salaries of the secretaries of legation of
the li'rd Ft: les at Great Britian, France,
Russia, Spain, Austria, Prussia, Brazil, Mex
ico, Peru, Chili, and Buenos Ay res, twenty
thousand fi ve hundred and. fifty dollar..
For F;djrie; of assistant secretaries of lega
tion at Loudon and Paris, thras thousand g-jI
, Tor salary of the "secretrry of legation to
China', acting as interpreter, live thousand doi
lars. ' - - '
For salary of the secretary of legation to
Turkey, acting as dragoman, three thousand
For contingent expenses of all the missions
abroad, seventy-five thousand dollars.
For contingent expenses of foreign inter
course, fcixty thousand dollars.
For expenses of intercourse with the Bar
ban' powers, six thousand dollars.
For expenses of the consulates in the Turk
ish dominions, viz : interpreters, guards, and
other expenses of the consulates at Constantin
ople, Smyrna, Candia, Alexandria, and Bey
rout, two thousand five hundred dollars.
Forthe relief and protection of American
seamen in foreign countries, one hundred and
twenty-five thousand dollars.
For expenses which may be incurr.d in
acknowledging the services of the masters aud
crews of foreign vessels in rescuing citizens and
vessels of the United . States from shipwreck,
three thousand dollars, to bo expended under
the directiou of the President of the United
For the purchase of blank bcoks, stationery
arms of tho United States, seals, presses, and
flags, and for the paymeut of postages for the
consuls of the nited States, fifty thousand
For compensation of the commissioner pro
vided in the first article of the reciprocity treaty
with Great Britain, two thousand dollars.
lor per diem of commissioner and compen
sation of surveyor, four thousand nine hundred
and twetv dollars.
For payment of all expenses attending the
employment of steamer or sailing vessel; and
for surveys and umpirage, fifteen thousaud sev
en hundred and fifty dollars.
i or travelling expenses, transportation, re
pairs of instruments, and all other expenses,
seven hundred dollars.
FOr compensation of the commissioner, se
cretary, chief astronomer and surveyor, assis
tant astronomer and surveyor, clerk, and for
provision, transportation and contingencies of
the commission to run and mark the boundory
line between th e nited States and the British
possessions bounding on Washington Territory,
seventy-one thousand dollars. Provided, That
the annual compensation of said officers snail
not exceed the rates provided in the third sec
tion of the act of eleventh August, eighteen
hundred and fifty-six, entitled "An act to pro
vide for carrying into effect the first article of
the treaty between the n te 1 S ates and her
Majesty the Queen of the nited King dom of
Great Britain aud Ireland, of the fifteenth day
of June, eighteen hundred and forty-six."
For salaries of consuls-general at Quebec,
Ca cutta, Alexandria, Simoda, Havana, Con
stantinople, Frankfort-on-the-Main; consuls at
Liverpool, London, Melbourne, Hong-Kong,
Glasgow, Mauritius, Singapore, Belfast, Cork,
Dundee, Demarara, Halifax, Kingston, (Jamai
ca,) Leeds, Manchester, Fassau, (New Provi
dence,) Southampton, Turk's Island, Prince
Edward's Island, Havre, Pars, Marseilles,
Bordeaux, La Rocheile, Lyons, Moscow, Odes
sa, Revel, Saint Petersburgh, Matanzas, Triu
idod de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, San Juan,
(Borto Rico,) Cadiz, Malaga. Ponce, (Porto
Rico,) Trieste, Vienna, Aix-Ia-Chapetle, Can
ton, Shanghai, Foucho-u, Amoy, Ningjo, Bey
rout, Smyrna, Jerusalem, Rotterdam, Amster
dim, Antwerp, Funchal, Oporto, St. Thorn is,
Elsiiuuir, Genoa, Basle, Geneva, Messina, Na
ples, Palermo, Leipsie, Munich, Leghom.Stutt
gardr, Bremen, Hamburg, Tangier.-;, Tripoli,
Tunis. Rio de Janeiro, Permambuco," Vera,
Cruz, Acapulco, Lallan, Y uiparisn, Buenos Ay
res, San Juan del Sur, Aspinwall, Panama,
Laguayra, Honolulu, L.ihaiu.,tlipetown, Falii-
land IslandsYenice, Stettin, Candin, Cyprus,
Batavia, Fayal, Santiago, (Cape do Verdes,)
Saint, Croix, Spezzia, Athens, Zanzibar, Bahia,
Maranbam Island, Para, Rio Grande, Mata,
moras, Mexico, (city,) Tampico, Ta3o del,
Norte, Tabasco, Paita, Tumbez, Talcahuano,
Carthagena, Sabanillo, Omoa, Guayaquil, Co
bija, Montevideo, Tahiti, Bay of Island Apia,
Lauthala; commercial agents at San Juan del
Norte, Port-au- Prince, San Domingo, (city,)
St. Paul de Loarda, (Angola,) Monrovia, Ga
boon, Cape Haytien, Aux Caycs, and Amoor
River, two hundred and seventy-three thou
sand, seven hundred and fifty dollars.
For interpreters to tho consulates in China,
four thousand five hundred dollars.
For estimated loss by exchange on drafts of
consuls, and interpreters, for salary; forty-five
thousand dollars.
For the preservation of the archives of the
several consulates of tho United States and the
commercial agencies, eleven thousand nice
hundred dollars.
For office rent for those consuls, and com
mcrcial agents, who are not allowed to trade,
not ti exceed ten per centum on the amount of
their compensation, a3 fixed by the act of eigh
teenth August, eighteen hundred and fifty-six,
twenty-three thousand five hundred dollars.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That t'ne
seventh section of "An act to regulate the Di
plomatic and Consular Systems of the Uuited
States," approved eighteenth August, eighteen
hundred and fifty-six be and tho same is here
by repealed.
ppr ved, I; ebruary 7, 18 j7.
Public 43.
An act making appropriations for the support
of the Military Academy for tho year end
ing the thirtieth of Juue, eighteen hundred
and fifty-eight.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the uited States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That the following
sums be and the sarao are hereby appropriated,
out of any money m tho treasury not other
wise appropriated for the support of the Mili
tary Academy, for the year ending the thirtieth
of J unc, eighteen hundred aud hftv-cight
For pay of officers, instructors, cadets, and
musicians, ninety-ono thousand one hundred
and six dollars.
For commutation of subsistence, two thou
sand and fortv-four dollars.
For forage for officer's horses, eight hundred
and sixty-four dollars.
For current and ordinary expenses, as fol
lows: repairs and improvements, fuel and ap
paratus, forage postage, stationary, transporta
tion, printing, clerks, miscellaneous and inci
dental expenses, and departments of instruc
tion, tbirrj'-five thousand two hundred and
seventy-five dollars.
For gradual increase and expense of library,
one thousand five hundred dollars.
For expenses of board of visitors, threo
thousand dollars.-
For supplying horses for cavalry and artillery
rvractice, one thuxiim uobiir.
For furuiture for hospital Tr iv'el3, two
hundred and fifty dollars.
For barracks for dragoons detachment, five
thousand dollars.
For purchase of bell, and mounting liesame
with the clock on one of the public buildings,
eight hundred dollars.
To procure the balistic apparatus for gun
pendulum, five hundred dollars.
To repairs to officers' quarters, five hundred
For models for the department of cavalry,
one thousaud dollars.
For extension of water pipes and increase
of reservoir, t.vo thousand dollars.
For targets and batteries for artilcry exercise,
two hundred dollars.
For gas pipes, gasometers, and retorts, seven
thousand five hundred dollars.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacteJ, That
there shall be appointed at tho Military Aca
demy, in addition to the professors authorized
by the existing laws, a professor of Spanish, at
a salary of two thousand dollars per annum.
Sic. 3. And be it further enacted, That
the compensation of the master of the sword
be fiftoen hundred dollais per annum with
fuel. and quarters.
Approved, Feb. 1G, 1357.
Public 40.
AN ACT to incorporate the Columbian Insti
tution for tho Instructicn of the Doaf and
anil Dumb, and the Blind.
Be it erutcted by th Senate and House nf
Representatives of the United ff America
in Congress assembled. That Byron Sunder
land, J. C. McGuire, David A. Hall, and Geo.
YV. Riggs, of Washington city, William Edes,
and Judsoti Mitchell, of Georgetown, and
Amos Kendall and William Stickucy, of the
county of Washington, and tucH persons as
mav hereafter be associated with them, by
contributions for the instruction of the Deaf
and Dumb, and the Blind, are hereby created 1
a body Tx)iitic and corjorate nnder the name
of the "Columbian Institution for the Instruc
tion of the Deaf aud Dumb, and the Blind,"
to have pe.peiual succession and be capable to
tike, hold and enjoy lands, tenements, heredit
aments and personal property, to use a common
seal, and the same to alter at pleasure: Pro
vided, That no roal or personal property shall
be helc by said corpora'ion, except such as
may be necessary to the maintenance and
efficient management of said institution.
Sec 2. And be it further enacted. That
the Institution shall be managed as provided
for in its present Constitution, and such addi
tional regulations as may from time to lime
be found necessary; but as soon as sufficient
contributions shall have been paid in to auth
orize an election according to the provisions of
said Constitution, the provisional officers
therein named shall give notice of a general
meeting to the contributors for the election of
officers, and the officers elected at such general
meeting shall hold their offices fur one year
and until their successors shall be elected at
in said Constitution provided: Provided, That
ssid Constitution may be altered in the manner
therein provided, but not in such manner as to
violate the Constitution or any law of the
United S?;ites or of the Distsiet of Columbia.
Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That
it shall bii the dutv of the Justices of the
Peace in the sever! wards of the c ties of
Washington and Georgetown and of the
county of Washington, to ascertain the names
of all Deaf and Dumb and Blind persons
within their respective wards and districts;
who of them are of a teachable age, and also
who of them are ia indigent cirrumsU':ci's,
' and rcpoit tin? same to the President of the
Institution hereby iucoipxrated
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted. That
whenever the Secretary of the Interior shall
be satisfied by evidence produced by the Pres-
dent of the Institution hereby incorporated.
that any Deaf and Dumb or Blind person cf
teachable age properly belonging to this Dis
trict, is in indigent circumstances and cannot
command the means to secure an education,
it shall be his duty to authorize the said person
to enter the said Institution for instruction, and
to p;iy for his maintenance and tuition therein
at tho rate of one hundred and fifty dollar
per annum, for such Deaf and Dumb pup.I,
and at the rate of one hundred and fifty dollare
per annum for such Blind pupil, payabhi
quarterly out of the Treasury of the mteisd
States. . ' j
Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That
it shall bo lawful for said Institution to receive
and instruct Doaf and Dumb and Pdind par
sons from anv of the States and Territories of
tho n ited States on such terms a. may bo
agreed upon by themselves, their parert
guarJians, or trustees, and tho proper authori
ties of said Institution.
Soc. 6. And be it further enacted,, That
it shall be the dutv of the President and direc
tors of said Institution to report to the Secre
tary of the Interior tho condition of said Ins
titution on the first day of J uly in oach year,
embracing in said report the number cf puvil
of each description received and discharged
during the preceedmg year, and the number
remaining in the Institution; also the branches
of knowledge and industry taught and tha
progress made therein; also a statement shew
ing tho receipts of the Institution and fi'ora
what sources, and its disbursements and for
what objects. 4 ' '
Approved I eb. 1G, 1So7.
Public 50.
AN ACT for tho construction of a YVugon
Road from Fort Kearney via tho South t .
of the Rocky Mountains and Great Sdt
Lake YTalley, to the eastern portion ot t a
State of California, and for other purpiscs.
lie it enacted by Cue Sxnate ani Hoitie r p.
resevtatives of the United (States cf Anviriax
in Congress assembled, That tho sum of threo
hundred thousand dollars, or so much threof
as may be necessary, be and tho sarao is hereby
appropriated, out of any moneys in th 3 treas
ury not otherwise appropriated, for the .coo- "
struction of a wagon road from Fort Kearney,
in tho Territory of Nebraska, via the. Soath
Pass of the Rocky Mountains, to the'erstcru
boundary of the State of California near Honey
Lake, to bo expended under tha direction of
the Secretary of the Interior, pursuant to ton-
tracts to be made by him 3a;d road to connect
with and form an extension of the road already
authorized from Fort Ridgcly to the aforesaid
South Pass. i
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That tho
sum of two hundred thousand dollars, or as
much thereof as may be necessary, bo and the
same is hereby appropriated out of any inoiti?;,
in tho treasury not o' ra a ? propria 1. fJr
the cor,tru-tion of n w-n r -fr --rt JJU':V'
o.-j t.'ie IV- t-ira.'id-, to Fork Vurat, at UtUnoUU
of the Cul l River, to be expended v.i-dittha
direction of the Secretarj' tf tl.e Interior pur
suant tc contracts to bo made by him.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, Tint a
sum of fifty thousand dollars be and the tamo
is hereby appropriated eut of any money in
the treasury not otherwise appropriat e, for tho
construction of a wagon road from Futt !)-.
fiance in the Territory of New Mexico, to tho
Colorado River, near the mouth of thu Iloha
va River.
Approved, February 17,18o7. . ' ,
An act making Appropriations for the corn ph?-.
tion of Military Roads in Oregon Territory.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Uc-usc of
Representatives ot the nited Statcacf Amer
ica in Congress assembled. That the flowing
sums of money be and the samo arj hereby
appropriated, for the completion-cf military
roads now in the course of construction iu ihj
Territory of Oregon, to wit : for the ami pic- .
tion of tho road from Astoria to Sulcm, th t
sum of ten thousand dollars; for the comple- .
tion of the road from Myrtle Creek to Camp
Stewart, the sum of thirty thousand dollars;"
and for the completion of tho road from Myr- .
tie Creek to Scottsburg, tho sum of thirty thoh- t .
sand dollars; the same to hi done umltrthd
direction of the Secretary of War.
Approved, March 2, la7. . '
An act to establish Augusta, in the .State, of i
Georgia, a Port of Delivery.
Be it enacted by the Sct.a'e and House of.
Representatives of the nited State, of A ruer-
ica in Congress assembled, That Au.'ii.-.U, in
the State of Georgia, within the collection dis
trict of Savannah, be and the carne U hereby .
declared to be a port of delivery, w:.thin tho
said collection district, and thero shall bd aj
pointed a surveyor of customs, to resides at said
iort of Augusta, who shall perform similar du
ties towards, and in connection vilh, the col- .
lector at the port of entry, as are pr.':ri!t for
surveyors of the ports of Pittsburg, YV heeling,
C;uci:inaM, Louisvin, St. Louis, a'ic 2.asuville, .
by the act of Congress approved, tigh-
teen hundred and thirty-one, being entitled
"An act allowing the on foruign mer
chandize imported into Pittsburg. Wheeling,
Cincinnati, Lo'lisville, St. Louis, Nashville,
and Natchez, to be secured and faid at thosij
places," the duties of the collector at Savannah
ii reference io all foreign merchandize enter
ed for the port of Angusta, and to Ui shipped
from Savannah to Augusta, either by the river .
or railroad, shall bo the same a tac-e priori-
bed for the collector at New Orlears, ia refer
ence to merchandize entered, ty a: i importer
or his agent there for the jiorts t ,bove mention
ed in said act. And isnportatqaj cf foreign "
merchandize to Angnsta may Kr.iaue thnvjgh
the port of Savannah in the same way, .and.':"
under like instructions, nistrietiotw, penalties,
and forfeitures, as by the said !ol they are al- .
lowed to be made to the places aloj meutioi.-
cd through the port of New Orleans.
Approved, March, 2, 1S37." " -
An act to amend the twety-cighth Section of
the act of Congress approved the thirtieth of.
August one thousand eight hundred and
forty-two, entitled "An act to ;rovide Rev- .
enue from Imports and to changu and nunlify "
existing l.iwsimposiag Duties on Import
and for other purposes," prohibiting tho
Importation of o) -scene and indrccntacticleV.
so as more effectually to accompli!) tho pur
jxses for which that Provision -jseu;;.tedf
Sec. 7. And bo it further enacted, Tlui
when any person confined iusaid hospital, char
g'd with crime and subject toixt tried therefor,
or con viced of crime and undcignirg
iherefor, shall b.) restored to notify, t!ie-oivr-io!e:id.-.-.t
of the li.n?pita! thorll jrivi: u-tku'tiue-t
ic i r.-pc i pujipt.
r I