Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, April 09, 1857, Image 3

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i tlUYi Aviate Editor.
rTfncral Adrti""; 3 rent, in nsar
I Udl' 'i Childrws fL-j Store,
, ,fw v. ? Cincinnati.
; y L American, Canadian and Ecror-
LcS-- v- TrtT. Ohio.
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r-p Kra. Arrber,NbrAka.
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i UaTX, Itoekp-irt. Ie.
A " t r the A Jveruser. and
ens and
recieve and
! job:
l - rccc'- "terfire auditions of new Type,
I-bsfcro-ixes. Cards Ac, made to the
, Css-P. -(j weelaim to beable to turn oat
' iJ2in m n.mW ncmrpisied by any cfiiee.
; J1" . . . i .vwt'iea! winter hiinlf.aDd
nor icii-c - i ... .
. ia bis etc
Y an "OimT'Ushd d eiperi-
Vw:t Job J'riatcr. ernvned not to
rt in the ntion ff Job Work. Crd
'Foyer's latest ".nowred Ura
KinVs criLin Color?, Broma Wort, Ac.
JSd -arratteJ give aatUfream r bo pay.
this Territory, eomin- from
often so rrest to n
i"1 s : . , - V raTsecn.iaspeci-
rrMTes:JeBt in Aim It
Prions ef the ut,-
S'SmV? Btbe
"PCV ni r-a rccieriH-, will eon,ider it a
, .u f;n-uf3.ricnt interest tomake
ttrelTe niuntiiS. "
r?- Tectorial VarrwiU and Xemab County
TuHT a Tj C? Z. I.I, IT ?
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Tbe tins sever has Leen wlica re felt mere
like rejoicing than row, also more certain
of cut t-Lusate raccesa ia Luilli'r .pp. ct.f
the largest wd nest Important cilLis ' iu Ut5
braska. 0ur"ciil2CLs are o:tz to work, in the right
. ; ( ' ' r- - .
It- isa prlijciinr.t custom aracrg eiitors t
ana theosiWes with -scissors and clip from
exchoneif readr-raade. articles frhich thcy
serve ar.ew lo their readers. We have rolling
in its Dvor. ' A i&x c. sensors, far aa editor,
is ind ecd se.xind to a pec, and it tr crald socie-
var, and r'e ma j conIentT jlodk for a won- le jueU for Lira to decide which of
uerlul cnanre in tne sr'erance ci our cry in - f-, T,.-rrii v
- ctrres;-aaeace of U r-iii"-it ; .riLT,
rcsnbrixLE, Dorcs Co., X. T.)
il arch 8th, 1S57.
Sometime ia Acjns a-Colony was
formed in Q-.iiney, Illinois entitled ths 3Te-
to say asi5rittha psct'-; tod conii say muchj Color.lzatica Company, fcaticg for their
IsTTke JVcbrasta Adrertier" havin?
prncli thp larset circclation of any paper
ia the Territory; Wholesale .Uerckants in
St, Louis St. Jofpt, Cincinuatl aad
other ta.ter marttts where Xefcra&ka
B-rcbant parcaae, will fiad no better
aircrtinaj xaedinm in the Testern Conn-
t T - hTe a few baslicli of extra Piax Sed to
iua in limited quantities, to each of tar
I araidTs in tLis Cuunty who wLsa to git a start in
a very short time. - Vi'e haTe many reasons to
congratulate our citizens on our approaching
prospeHty.- " , : f,., .
It is a fact that 31a in .street is to he graded
from the levee to the township liiie; Isehraska
and First streets to be cut through and graded
to the Hiver ; and Atlantic street to be opened
to present steamboat landing. Tbe who's f
this vitally important work will bs completed
at an early day.
This is the fpirit of the age, and the only
thin; called for bvthe citv cf Brownville. -We
have all the advantages eter "bestowed
upon any point, and with the stimulus of tn
terprisc the brightness cf otrr future is plainly
to be seen. . ( -
An cUortls now being maJe t3 build aTew
Hotel bv donating a number- of vslttiUe city
lots to any one who w ill build it. This .is a
rare chance fur a profitable in vchtraent. " - Tbe
hotel is to cost $10,000 ai.d completed by the
first dsy of October. Over four thous.U)d'dr.
lars worth .of lots will be donated at the com
pletion of the building. Could there be any
Letter opportunity for m;di.irg money than
this 1 . We aiwer,. no, not in ihe West nor
any where else in the United States. We call
the attention cf our eastern capitalists and
speculators to the aforesaid proposition; feeling
satisSed that they cannot find a more profit
able investment. . ; - r
It thonlJ always be heme ia mir.d that ! :
"Tbe darkest eky to-day
"'Hay wear a sunny face tinorrow.M ;
It has been our lotto have dark .clouds and fu
rious storms along with them, cat we noivhkil
the dawning cf brighter days, and urclond
ed skies there is a "goal timczJieadJ' aad we
feel it as almostiere. The Chy of Brownville
is marching onward to. the meridian of her
glory and prosperity, and ere jang will ; stand
unrivalled and unaj proached, How can it be
otherwise when nature herself has marked this
point as the proper outlet for the whole of
Nebraska, and surrounded it on every tide for
miles and 'miles with the richest and most
lovely country In the wcrld. ..With such
advantages we bolilv assert j-hafc "bar fate is
destined to transcend -the anticipations' of the
avowed cl-c
Is cow read v for xlelivcry to Agents,
' or ciilin to order ca the reception
r ci . ....
Criers now ia, and those hereafter
received will le filled in the order in
LlcH tLev are received.
The Gaide can be had at the Lad
Orncr'aad of PwOOT k Cozzexs in
'aaha City, and of Awisthoxg &
iCyKiXj Xebrnhka Citv.
LxNrt Omcr, osim. X. T. I
Ftbruary, 17th, ISiT.
isforaied tat Mr. It. W. Furnas is sbout
pcfelijif ynpM f the I'fw-Emption Law, tt-
fziLtrmhh Ute decision?, cunneettd with that ?ub-
jff,r.d -Town Twites." We thiLk such a puLIL-a-
:iuc is -re:!y needed, and cop? ehuulJ be ia the
kii of evtT- fran in Ue Territory, S-S it will
tt;.art t-jaAhle icf.ra:a!ion.
JOHN A.rARKER,P.esirtnr.
A. K.tilLLMOltE, Ucceivcr. "
. . '
z . ' "
dn every land iiluminitti by the rays cf
c;viLzaUoa . cr enveopea ty lmjteuetraLie
. -darkness there exists to some degree what is
. "known aa party strife. Where is the commu
nity, however small, entirely free from it?
Even in the family circle it sometimes prevails
to a painfully alarming extent, bringing sad
r.ess ar.d iormw to mary a hearth-stone. "
Cut f the political, strife .which exists in
" enr land we design writirg. We are no parti
. ran, yet we feel an interest, a deep interest in
any measure fraught wi;h good to the people
of the Led, mat:eri:ig not who advocates or
who opposes':! Wiicr-y party, combination
or society teach a doctrine or doctrines iuimi-
Cil to the '-suj-reme jiu tra" that rule "cur
country, we thall not dei;y ourself of the pri-
-THeg- cf dennrciation. V"e believe we have
' tifc right and intend tsirg it. On ' the other
lar.V we'sh ilw-ys defend, uphold 'and
' insuia the party which abides by and respects
the hvr. .
' . eriacaa be insensible of the result which
. ciust follow if partystrife is allowed full svrsy.
- it most be restrained,-or we may -witness a
"epiia:ioa cf our Union an event to be la-
ceutei as the saddest in the annals cf nations.
Let all who feel a devotion for this Uidcn of
Stares" put down, quell political rgitaitonand
strife, and we then vill have to fears of dis-
There is a certain p-arty, ret worth naming,
which ia a reproach to our country, - from the
fact its members are led on by nothing else in
God'. Tvorld but the wildest kind of delusion.
They care cot for the good of the ration
their idolized, worth ipTuI hobby isjcre sacred
than the peace and happiness of ten thoasand
. worlds, ilay he time hasten when ' all "such
parties will be frowned down by the people of
tie Utited States and the last one xf them
E:ade tosnfTer the tortures of eternal infamy.
Those who were conversant with the strife
atading the late national election could not
have Le'ncd T.otiftirv th rrrVl Hlwnl frr
i o
most sanguine.
ih. . - ,
Whvhave ro step, been fetiaken in regard
w w
to procuring a suitable piece cf land as a
cemetery? It is high time that some mea
sure of that "kind ha taken. - It is true that so
far wehave had but little reed fora burial
place, "bat '.however small the amount mny
have been, still we have had somt burials, and
cannot hope to escape any great length of
time without having farther use for a place of
sepulture. " "The groundhow used for this pur
pose is laid out in cify lots, and ali owned -by
persons who have bought them at private sale
and mostly for speculation ; and scarcely any
of them feel like yielding their right to Und
taken and occupied without their having been
consulted in regard to the matter; while a
anmber of the lots are soli aod resold .almost
everv day by g"wners at a distance,whodo not
even know they are used for this purpose.
Independently of this, the legation is not a
''ood one. In a shorttime tbe inhabited por
tiou of out growing city w ill extend fir beyond
that pointy and the busy din of every day. life
ring a sad Contrast to the quiet slumbers of the
dead.' '
Before" it shall have become a matter of a
moment to remove those already placed there,
let U3 go earnestly to work and select and pur
chase some suitable sprt far away from "tb'5
heartless clash of busy life, where soft summer
winds murmur a sweet requiem fur the loved
and lost, and the golden sunlight fafls gently
on the" preen covering of thtir eternal heme,
any newsiKper
publishers - g2t alo::g very well without a pea."
but it wcul l be hard for any one cf them to
do withoal icissors." However, ilthough. we
profess the high est regard for tbs important
editorial accessory, we propose . to suppress it
ia one mere department of this paper, and
subsltute a weekly revievr cf all. the events
worthy uf note which may occur in the world.
Such a giving much more informa
tion in the same ordinary amount of matter,
wil', we bpe, prore profitabla to the readers
of the "Advertiser, and contribute to' main
ta'.n'it as t'ae best paper in Nebraska;
Before starting on enr reviewal. trip, it mav
be right to jaase for a momcntand cast a rapid
glance ntthe present situation of the. family
of ratiota. ' ' ".
In the United States, to the deep agitation
of the U:e jKjlitical campaign, a fTofound suite
of quietU'sss has sncceeded. Public opinion
waits the first acts of the new Administration
to prononrce itself for or against '"
In Central America, after a series of vie-
tories and defeats, Walker, lor the present, is
in araiher critical petition. , The Central Am
ericans and climate, even tba elements, seems
to unite tc stop his fortune. ' '
All is quiet in S-auth Arxierica. .:
In , Europe, the new difacultics . between
Franco, England and Unssia, hiivebeen settled;
the Swiss question -is iu; course- of arrange
ment ; - the-Steilian insnrrettion has been
repressed ; all k qoiet there, too. -BrA, while
iu tho United States quietness isjrodnced by
iheteitise of freedom and-hope for-the-fu-
ture,tht: quietness of Europe is "the result of
violent compression and fear of coming events.
Here is the silence of happiness, there a silence
of In the dark nhrht which envelops
liberty, we can but see the lights of' the bril
liant fites given at Paris by the nephew of
his uncle, and hear from Baples the groans of
the vktims tcrtnred by His -Most Catholic
ilajwty, King Bomba. .. - - . . .;
In Asia, whila Persia is about to conclude a
treaty of peace- with England, China adds to
her internal disturbances a new element of
destruction by hostilities with the three great
maritime pajvers of the world. ' " . ":,
Having thus from ocr point of view exam
ined the present scenery, we will sketch," at
eaeh .weekly station, the changes ' happening
on the road of time.
........ C0TJ3TY ETJILDIircS.
- We alluded to this subject last week, hoping
it might elicit the attention of our citizens;
whic'i cfect wehelijve it has had, and. that
we' are to have-at"EO very distant" day a
Cjnrt House and Jail. ; -
, These baiidirgs are to leput up by private
sahscrrptiorj, thereby avoiding direct', taxation.
This we have always thought to b3 the plan
for u to pursue, and do hope that it may not
be dropped hut pushed forward with that zeal
and encrgj' which should characterize a move
rr er t of such ovetvrhulmiri" importance. We
might write line afur line and paragraphs
without number oa the-grcmng tiecei-ity-of'a
judl or calaboose, if we wera not convinced
tha eur citizens have tne matter already under
consideration. The evil passions of man ge:
tha upper hand iu Nebraska as well as else
where, conse quently we need a slight restraint
in the shape cf calaboose recreaticms.-
A queer story is going the round o! the
papers in regard to an attempt-i to poison
President Buchanan. It appears that while
sojourning at the National Hotel, Washington
City, he was suddenly taken sick, togatherwith
a number of others,md one death subsequently
orcurred. A post-partem examination was
made and sufficient asseuic discovered in the
brii ging it forth in fragrance and It-auty eui-j stomach to produce death. " .". ,
blematic of the "Sun of UighteousueHs" whose j it was first stated thar. the water tanks had
iove shed abroad'!, in the heartsof the sleejeri, j been poisoned by rats who had -find to thcrd
thrsettlement cf some favored
portion of Nebraska, where they could erect
and make 'hemes for themselves and their fam
ilies, stiirt a villagf, open farm?, aad advance
the pros perity of those with whom they might
be associated ia the settlement cf the TerrL
tcry. Pecuniary prcfi and self 'cggriridlze
m;nt were of cotcse the principal proclivities
of the leaders. . Abourthe middle of lbs fol
io R-icgra ,rth, the pioneers of the Cokey en
tered the Territory oa a : tour of observation
and to make a selection of such a loa.tua as
they saw fit. ,
The Company or Colony were guid ed by a
Constitution and By-laws drawa up with but
littis tree knowledge of Sife oo the frontier,"
and, of course, lamanyTespects,'-visionary.
The country tben wi -comparatively speak
ing, unhabited. ' It is-true, along the Missouri
river the residents cf Iowa and upper Missouri
had staked .and blazed their claims, and a
few houses had been erected, and occasionally
romping children and busy , wives and mothers
gave evidence that a bona fide, settler had
pitched his tent' and united his interest with
that of tbe niwTy opened 'Territor. After
some days spent in examining the inland por
tion of the Territory, they selected the present
site of rontenile, (named after, the chief cf
the Omaha Indians at that time.) Alter . tak
irg proper measures to secure the claim made
in the nam a of the Company or Colony, the
pioneers mostly returned to Illinois to report
their proceedings to the colonists.
. Ia Hay of ih&Tollowingyear 135i- some
fourteen famine?, with -their household goods,
and some twenty-fire men ; came on and
settled. A town site had been laid out, and
the Company, numbering some 50. stockhold
ers, procteded to divide the lands, lots, &c,
bj lot ilerabers as their names wero . cidled,
selected their lots "claims," and timber, until
each had selected eighteen -lots in-: the town;
(the remainder,, about &X)r were rcservcij for
a future divistoh-T"' 7; T "
Since that time, the population-has been
continually added to by- fresh .arrivals, and
with but ths Indian troubles ia the . summer
pf. 1555, priginaticg in themurder offvqpf
bar citizens by the "Sioux- Iudiatsj-Ho -retard
the settlement" eo inland town "has progressed
more rapidly than Tontenella. ' . The inhabi
tants here and. around here are mostly ! farm
ers, who have brought with them those habits
cf industry; and pleasant": social fselicg which
characterlrcs the' Eastern States. . s: , -
Fontenelle nowxontainirga popultrttoa oT
about SCO is situated "'about 23 .miles, west
and IS miles north of Omaha City, upon- t&e
Elk Horn "river. The "scenery' surrounding
the beautiful and elevated town site is unsur
passed ia the Territory. ! Far away to the
westward extends the great PUtte valley dot
ted with groves of "fine timber upon its islands
and borders, Avhilst away from the north ar d
northwestward comes the meandering Elk
Horn river, skirted with . groves of oak, elm,
walnut, and cotton wood, and extending down
. to the southward until it empties itself in the
Platte rivr. : Upon the east, ths broad level
and fertilis prairie extends until it reaches the
broken lands whieh skirt the Missouri river.
Thq vallits of the Elk Horn arid. Platte, but
more pardcularly the former, not only in point
of beauty but fertility cannot be surpassed by
any ujwu which the sun shines, and yet only
a portion of it is claimed; indeed good, rich,
and beautiful claims can still be made within
.1 r . .
but a few miles from this thrmrg town. ?, ;.
There are many, very' m my lovely and
beautiful portions of Nebraska : 1 have found fTTl
during my cimpmg expeditions ia the earner
history of our Territory, bo:h south and north
of the ! Platte, yet none in my humble estima
tion where daturels God seeatj Xa have!"al-
We dd tha fL--3Cf. zactiiag tviilr - the
cocductcri cf the C --uvlcra :e foaal to
be Jiistthe gentlemen salted to their calling,
being ret only editors, but practical printers,
lot jobbers, tova "tropr:.i.rrs, and jiclt of" all
trades gencrclly, I Ciid-js the controllers cf ex-
' fx
XJ r' U.
'O i 'J o o
tensive farrr. ia the riclnity of Crescent
I shall be c I soon, aad some time during:
the sias:a visit the pleosaat Cig- cf Etowa-
vill.-. ' : ' - - - .
V w -
: rr i
1) lid C: cf Ztz.i Co.."
- list cr ixrrm3 . - .
rcKainlc ia the Post CiTies at ErowxrHIc. X.T
on tie 1st day cf April, 1S.57, which if not called
for tX the expiration of thrve months will be sent to
tie Dead Letter Oflje, Wafhinstoa City, I). C.r
A2aiE, Hiss L
I!axtonf H P
Ikzark, Jacob
Laner. John
llreut, F E
Clark, Sirs E
Kiliott. AsaE
i ox, lietcy A . .
Fremac. Oliver.
Grsjot, 2 ......
uid in, licary
Hire,JasK .
II ill, Theodor .
IluL Willis .
II;.ut,.J7 .
lia lace, lira F
Ilsrinron, II
Fltntir. 51 T
Hunter, V.'mW
Helton. Ssmtl
Jones, Jamti
"Ka-perj, ' J '
lavrrence," Tiica
niithe::, o t
3::iIcr,SD . ;
illller, Joshca
Martin, (1 TT
IJcFaddc-n, 3Ia-y J'
JlilloE, Jcseph
Price, Hubert
Itenard, XI F
Scott, John '
Scott, II 2
. Saylfca, Mr . . " ,
Fands, L D ,
,'Eherpy, -
Sherpy, A . .
Teare, Kobt
. True, Pulaski 2
Titos. X G
Taylor, Miss 11
Per feam?r "SHvcr Heds" '
- - . ' . ' '
:. . -" ',1. -. i 0?
. . . Calico axt'l "Crown Sajr, .. ' ' 1
'Giacatrasanl, " . .
Steci F-cru and YTa-h U rl, at
;;IitcT? cf SVirxslta atthcir
-"tci th IlVn-2 Lar cf -
i lews, TTiica jcaiis it th3crat7cf tie re&5ur of.
tie Cjastr to colls :t til taie, 1I20, Ue daty ci
r . 9 T"h " z." 11 j 1 7 r' Ui'- txr ji n -ty
scat. (Urowrvi-Jfi a:. I - 'J cveriald tax. T'l h
law Is: ej ia force 11 has own : its pasts j
Iitdiaa.aeai tis jar;r? will 5k3 cra:8forws;J; "j,
tav over to Vu',:aaa HoblitzeJ. th Tma.:crcr of 2e-
rjiha Countr, etherwise rca w. t tczS fjr at ;
. yoar
X. L.'SA.N'Dir, Pr-. cf Cc;jrt
TrDwcvir!;, April 7, 1 37. " ' '
Tedder, EF
Tenable, TV M
PeiHons eallin? foranv of the above LeUers will
please say 'Advertisedl,' and also coma prepared
with the sun cf cue sens to pv for the adverti?ia
oftLeiame. A.S.UOLLADAlj P. M-
" In Nemaha Co., on 'Tedneyday the St'ji, instcf
I'uerperal xcver, lLLALLTli, consort of David
lias' ers.
A. Hall Air, Cash'r. S.JL Rmi, Prea't.
OFrEUIXG DAYS, Mondays andThoridaya
DISCOUNT DAVS, Taesiysand rriiayi.
BANKING HOURS, from 1st Xovemberto
1st March, 10 A. M.t t-3 P. 11.; from Ist'liarch to
1st November, 9 A. 11., toSr. ii. Cm
roBo'sals '" ' i
rOH thecrTap'.st.'oa tt tl 2 - ctt-iIa XV.-Ivalj
fcr the erection anl cctsj I.-.ka . a E.-iJ- inW
the T-rr?T branch -on i- Oat-q iaJf Uree- tlr
west of liro'SXvUIe, vl be rjcc.rcd at tla o-Lje t
D. L. il'Uary, 5-q., There spec .xnacj, ic t &o ..
seen, cr I j tae unaerifriicd.
J. s.:l
April 7 4V:t -
Salt and T.rass Eettle?,
" Tar aid Fine Combs, at -
Lairxsii and Oi Yikc5, ' ;';
TLa A'"aje and Crushed S crar, at - r
Eleatlsed Muslin and Bed Cords,
Shirt UulIiTi and Fiddle Strings, at
McAllister, doziee & cos.
l)eni :ai draTrinz tniTCSy
I)e Luiiuard dried, at
! ' McAllister, dozie:
r '
- V-.i
& CO's.
Silk haadkerthicfi acd luind Saws,
Elackinj and pain killer, at
. .' ; McAllister, dozier co?.
ilaur ata irisb linen, : - ' "
Elak pepper and bsr lead, at
: ; . .McAllister, eozier ccs. .
Plows and ponder, - .
Pocket knives and percussion caps, at
McAllister, dozier & coy.
. Tersons Wisuips to psruhase, propcjrty in Sonth
Erownville, will be ieeiHninodated by calling on Wjt.
Fkeccsos on the p?f n-.i.ies, or E. T. Mna at the
Advertiser OSce, . . '.. - ..7
To All YThatx It 1 Jay . Concern.
J0TICE is hereby pivew, that I will, n the 17ib
iN day of April,' lHiT, proceed U tho Land OSce
at Omaha and provs np my Pre-!npkri Kirht to
the Soath Eist frac.iona! qnarter and the tsonth
West auarter cf the SontbEAct qaartcr of Sec. Xo.
13 in Township No. 8, in Kan re No. 16, in Ne
traskaTerritoTT. - ; JAMES FEliGUSON.
ErownviKe, April Sth, 1SS7. " : ; . 43-1 w
d"k illk cravats and cod fLi, . ,.
"Lace mitts and wall paper, at
Cof-ce aad ne shirts," .
Eci tad white fhiend and tcotacio, at ' ' " T
McAllister, dozier n- co-a. ;
Ttice aad ladies nndcrileaves, " .
i'utmej; grateta and Qaeenswaru, it . , '
'McAllister, dozier & co:s:
13,000 lbs. of Uacon. Per ja!; rhesv Ur
Ca?h. by LTFCmJii
i :' H..A.-TETJIY, -
. . .. , .... .. . .,
a j.n ana x tower becdi, i nut Xrs, ira ?,
T Grap-o ViaeSr etc, etc. .
a Loin cJ aasortad Uanten ssecus cenvtaauy
April 2J,lci3:. ...
C-lass a.nd'Ayeri' cherry rectcril,
Carpet sacks and hardware, at
:: McAllister, dozier & co.
whilst npon eanh warmed them into a bright
and jTiOrious immortality.
idost ol orrr cxcnanires especiaiiv oi .toe
Wet weekly deal "out a measure" of abuse
upon tbe beads 'of those engaged" in the
transportation, either directly or indirectly, of
the mails, but, so far a3 we can see, with little
effect. Encased in : the harness of stupidity
and insensibility, alike impervious to the
stings of conscience and the sense of ridicule,
they slowly trend their tedious ymj. Oa this
invulnerable armor the. pointed shafts of wit
and the heavy stroke cflwell-naarited rebuke,
fall equally harmless. -Whether car not it is an
evil resulting from President Pierce's admin
istration we shall rot step to enquire, but cer
tain it is that never before has the country bxn
o annovea by lazy, tnfiing, incacable and in-'
eScient post cHce ofjtrlals.- - We do, mo-st po
sitively, denounce the ; entire'-.'organization,
particularly, individually, aad collectively, as
the most worthless set of unmitigated knaves
it has ever bee a xur tnis fortune. 'to bavp th
- i
siizttest connection with. Tn -"M:--r,'
.a is. nasi nze,
"-" "i nci..uie, every tnng possesses; I.
mpid progressive movement ml the mnils tnsi
the cnieir.pss nf the r ilLin rsT)iom' it
:u2d v-- !'i.";,.;B;Jr-.i mail -carrier?, who cviace'au 'iitiiose pnaclintir
Hare, and' the. H- 'eral authority aad powers
anu atea aittrcaung arsenic, uui nu aa.-vsLs ui
the water proved this to be uatruej but still
the distemper contrnt.-ed. Further analyses
irere made analyses cow cf milk, soap, veg
etables, in short, everything that was eaten or
drank -ye c it is eow jKiitively asserted taat
up to this time ao clue has been disaorered to
the rrtTsterious poison.
The rat theory,, thea being rejected, and the
deleterious material havirgnot been discovered
in the food, there are some who beliete that
the poison was secretly administered by human
hands, to accomplish, some infernal scheme,
which the imagination can only guess at
The whole transaction is one surzestive of a
species of crime whica is happily new iu this
country, ba a species which we may be im
! porting, with other crimes, from Continenta
Europe, where secret marder . by ; poison
whoIesaleTsnd ratal l-isunf for centuries has
been?or.e-of the 'Unest cf the Fir.earts. We
have all. real- of tha poisoners , of Venice, of
lh;me, aid Padna,but joisoners in Washington
Is something entire! v he w... J
i : ' i ' i ;.,V.V :
. Silves Heels. rhis r-plendid new steamer
made its appearance at our wharf Tuesday
evening, heavily -freighted, and crowded from
HATING made arraneroants by whkh we receive
acenrate copies of all the Townships, aa fitst as
surveyed, in the Territory, we are now- prepared -to
offer our serricta to the citiiens of the Territory,
'" L. J .:rX FT1IXG. i I :-
Seeming Pre-emptions, -
Ladies hosiery and log chains, - . ."';
. 3eedles and shovct?,- as ' ' .
McAllister, dozier & co-s.
, ..Ladies collars and stripitd shirtirr, "" J
puff eonibss and. saddlery, at
McAllister, dozier & co-s.
Broad cloth and l&r soap,' - '''"" - ' i
Curry combs and dress trimnicrj, at
' McAllister, dozier & ccs.
temptedj a.qpre closer approximjtion to the
ideal seen err fir 'the ejstcrn linds than the
of "the Elk' Horn aad Fltte rivers.
- -" : E. W. J.'
Lmd . TVarrants Bought and Sold,
I. . Iiand entered on tiiriQf ctc-T,-"
PAEnCTLAR attention paU ; te bnyin and
selling on. Corrimiiott, Also in; Col1
lection in aJ iirts of tie TEItRITOIir and
April 7 13-tf r, - ; . ; f -..
Cjrrcspandcnce of thi Nehraika AdvcrtL-cr.t t
-- - Cbescectt Crrr, Iotr:i,. I
7 ";;.. :-Apriri4 1S5T. - :;
On ray upward trip I have been stopping a
few days at this place, and on my arrival here
was considerably, astonished to see the spirit
of enterprise which is exhibited by the enter
prising proprietors of the tctfo.:,. They.' have
an excellent steam saw mill ia active opera-
tion,-'irhlch is turning "thousands of feet-of
lamb:r per day, and all cohsuhie'd withLa the
pimits of Crescent City. ... :;-,t -
There are some commoctloas ' store rooms
which would do credit'tJ any of our yrestem
towns," and thoe well filled .with merchandiise
suitable 'to the wants of the dense seitkraeuts
with which they are sarrcaaile 1.
The Crescent City Grade U published here,
TO .
Eoc'ts, shoes and1 star candle - - '
Lace edging and SalaAtn?; at
McAllister, dozier & cca.
Ccttmades and spectacles,
llroomd ani Tiokin?, at 'it,
McAllister, dozier & cos.
. Seeing silk and buckets, . . -
Envelopes acd Kentucky jeanr, at
McAllister, dozier & cos.
Elue drilling, knives and forks,
Tea and white lead, at
- McAllister, dozier
nnd Valuable
SEEDS. ;-:;,
TIE snljscrlhers -?. f jrwarl by call prrt'd
any address a pckaje cf any cf tho f.jHowis
seeds, at t'ae price annixed to tst, or the wbolelts
fcr three cedars. ILirirg teen n.s-J ntl-r our
own personal sapcrvisioa, ws will voach JVrt'acir
Chinesj facr-.r Cane--
Ice Cream Witcnnelna----
Orange YV"atermcli,n..-. ....
South Ss VTatorm-jhin- - ......
Syrian V.'atcnx.ka-- '
Honey Dew Waten-clca . '-'-;
Wkiia Spuivsa Vatoraclon (very H&j)--
Mexican, cr five foul Cacu2slr-
"West IadiaCuconilK .... .... ...
GUss Mclun(far preserves------
Iloo-sonr, cr annu;d A?paragB3 '
True Maauanth. Tnuito---
Fig Tomato (nsrwiidne) -- ." .....: ....
(j t3 Tomato
Str-AwLrrrj Toriat "
Uhhe Errlliiit oesnt-run--""
EarlyDwarf, er Msy Cabbajs .-. ....." 2?
Mixican Siuar1! .j 13.
AJlres, ' ' ' j ' ' . - t
' - u. A. TnnrtY. CO. '
"' -'-- CvaacilDIIowajv
.ITotico to thc'Pn'blifj. V-Ti
TITrirG icrcrJJ thateerti'-a parties er;t:I:it
y igfer5rts may. with vat bc:R?esatrlktjl,
operate i;jariusly to th Town cf Ntctshx city.
vu : I em ci.t th5 ewair c-t tte towni
tbat I Lad cn a lora-sr oc:a.r.0! s-.I-l it U tiOr
parties art am now n rrcem?at takt l
bare been entered lato catweco irtKil aail'Ua
partle?, referred to end further, that iit huhMii
tr is abutt binr bnc-ht to r.t'jvcr hitcrsstj lali
tob cU:t3 'd by these partiSv - ' : a
The wacle aJiir is without any ivtralatson "viiat-
ercr. Ji'o 3rrccia?nt ho ever bx-a ctcrsd into' b-
twecn nvse:ra.tJ acr rartr cr prats b-Jt what I ani
prepared faitLfuIly f alUL Tie artario refem-d to
abev, ii sold to Lavo b?en eaU.-red.ii;. srsctinieia .
theSpringof 12jo, between cry f a.l.iIL
a 3Ir. EalUiL a ilr. lioaavan, a Hi.iVjatt, a Jlr.
EjIZy atid others, f whom I know no;l.ii?a4liever
saw but tTD cr t!;r:c cf the r;r.tlcntcr.,'cr hca;-J tf
them exeert ta eonnKted with thej Jyirg ramtrs.
If my slgnatare arrears as a p-rtr ia the article tf
airrvmntiAid to exist it iifurgvdraa it was i&iti
claced there witn rav rwvU ir-i or eJisnt.
If U-tac centieitc, kav.ta they zzy tiAtJ
to property in 2cncaha city, cr di--r?U'-- w;ta an;
whyuytir-y rot call enrms ia f3rxs Inai o?n
icf.-nsed taat pwwon iftiJ to i?pvent tL";a k3
been ia thi3 county on several ciLsions anl f ''ca in
thcTcwcf .Nrmihacitj acakirg tat L3ertloiA, re
ferred to, bnt ha n:vcr rtade Lls ttuinea ki;own t
ma, although I wi3 in n:J reidencc arid he but a few
rxii disUnt. It u pUin, I thinlc, fr any ati erery
one to see tiiVtfea whJe aff.'ir his La. gotten uj
to injure the TaTrac 2 .: city , :i a rso tosecur
an interest therein.
Tbtu craeh I jxr: thonght rrrprr to . ry f a 4i.U
public rrann:r,and farther ro nno-vrc", that sSculi
ths parties itfjrredto bring suit, Pan. ppw ta
Wash tubs" an ' toofh rick, -
Euek comb and knit needles,-at .' ;
McAllister, dozier tz cts.
Cassiraers and resting?,
iSaoe brushes and Uoat'rey's ecrdial, at
. McAllister, dozier tcos.
Lace veils and cologne, .
lress combs and scissors, at
( . Thimbles ana razor straps,
Pearl buttons and jews harps, at
- ' - McAllister, dozier & co-s.
I SaVpenders and rltibcirs, r , - ' '. A
Erown, green and blue barcg?, at
A -McAllister, dozier. & cos.
mset theta.
Xemaha Cltr. K. T. )
ilarch Slat. A
WHITE, KUSSELL.; -fit-pil lf
rS0n3 AJ.E A.XD &STJLU. tz 1
i'X m mm,
Hi ii':
i4 . UWu,
' ; Hcdicincs,:D7C.StD?.;;
Sa'dlery, loots & S!:Kats&.2js,
AL Famitara of aHiinTJt.:Wia.:v iaiht Ab
- m
HAVT5G taken ths contract -for 'carryiBg the
.HaiLletweentho above pc.ints,taies this method
of informing the public gensraHT that he has. made
preparations tor running a liick oa tne aoove nameu
route : ,. ,
- L-avIug-Ejck Pcrt 'erery Tusd.iy. Friday and 12 t-'clock arriTinir at lirownvii'e at
2 ocIotk.T.II.: leaviEgTTOwnTirra Tur Eock-rtrt;
same evenirrg it 3 o'clock P. M. r- i -
Th:3 route conncrtsnt Rock Tcrf withr-the St.7o
sei;h and Coom-illtlnffs Stare l ee. and at Brown
ville with tho Stare lineleading fruraToteka Kansas,
- Tincgar andlinca' thread,' - , - u ,
Jasoaet muiiin tnl shavLrg scap, at .. . -
McAllister, dozier a-co'sl
.Lir.en ta'e spreads eloe laets. ... . ,f
. i ' lniig- aa J medicLa-sS,. at '; ,'
McAllister, dozier co-s.
. t - 1..: i.
and llreauy nas a larger c:r:uiauua j 5L JJcIndepcnaenee, Kansas City and "ctner
other paper issaed ia Western Iowa, and is a points Wo; and to Nebraska City. Omah-City
f , , - '" 1 land other points above; and New Fort Kearney,
spicy little sheet, giving informations urespjet- i , The imcribcr hope by diligent attention
' EroTrn linen and ni3",' ' r, .'.'
. - ....1 . . . .J.
. V.' - McAllister, dDzler l. cos.
a. Colored eamhrie aal ink, shoes, " T
Thread and cot ten bl.ttinff- at
TTJS sub'TTibcr wi:i to! ZZ h-4,r-V3iiticf
fiwer iii bma;!. r.t2s ea'.l. ( 4t.i-.iir
f - :-' ' Jiursefynl'ia :.& Pl. riitl.
''-" -; ' -rfwinjSetv' . !Uh!i
' 'Ifareh 15:!i. 13T." ' - . 1r 4;)-tf
fcgalljortrqns .of JWest ?rnIo wa aadXe-.
baaska. -?
The prrrri-rtars ;are
gT-visg vata
a liberal
hand,- Ictstt). 'all' 'those who-are de?iroalrof
L.maiing homes for tSirnif elves in tLUportior
of the great West; and frora the rinmber 7of i
lots "already" given, and the rapiliiy with
which applications are 'made, there ,can be but
little dotibt. of the;..erecti:ca -cfsi!e2St'-ae
hundred Trd fifty" tosses darinlhs rreseat.
ita buria?ss and accommodation to customers, to
ment a siiare oi tnc puo.ic ptronage. .
Particular attentiiin p-ail to the conveyance cf
Packages or parcels; - Charges moderate; but no -cbuata&ilitrfjr
ncaroidable accidents. ; ; .7"
Atri! 7 H6. vC-tf-,
A- iiFcacv - '.' ., '
t - - , - .
"erB impotent.' And thi,the solej-roduct of
political aspiration to cil-e.; lilt the mcrbid
rigs after the honors and emoluments ef
ciace that is to cause the pillars cf the Lappi
t catkin cn he earth to fa!!, ar.d the God
lss r. liberty to . tale her "ght. through
fcJ.devastaaon aad wee mingled with the
jrans and thritiks of dying millions cf once i
Lappy freemen. Mav the G
'-"ert snch a dirtf ul calrnhv.
' If there is
for. slow horses,
-stem to staraVith passengirW' Most of (hemTesr.-- -cthiDgbnt sabstiititlal licroses are pcr
pvere cmigraa; to Kebaska.- "- -' " . ined ta te-.brfdt 'oa' the dcnrlted lots, and
Any number -of good carpenters', eia En i
constant cmplcymeat and at the best of wr-w
n't. T t ir rt
4 uc cuucuni.M ii as. uiU jiLa., nas tacre is not a
car .thanks for St. Louis papers.':"!-" J.
log house aa town which' has
beoa erected since the town W2S laid out.
SeveraiceraTn!s of - iaiiueacrar?! in rail-
"Dealers tn
i U
j r it
rcc oi neavrn
anytatrg more 'assplcable than
in tl :i t!"- r.ra r. ' -
and more would be erected ctmld 1 1 -TJorrtt Co.; ave jast ; road connection, tare .rcreaty becems largely
helplrrocureA ButsacVu'the Kartro117 steamer Silver Eeels, a. xevr aad I interested iae fiz. ... , , . - j : j
workmea in that line that orders "fiow ia far 1 -me3k:cf crlptl6nCr Dry U -Is-Iim excellent ,nver: landing at- trhicuj
more rapidlvahaa 'they can' be Xlled. wJf0 29 Cct" zzcts laa3 witlr ease: ; j
. - 1 ltrv. &-.. if m-ki?i a fml - r.rt-.Ai.Tinfjf V.&t I C.T tT.-t-f water S.lsf ?n rsr.. rrxai.
-"i tr . - , t will be found :n aacther ecluran.- This" wrd' ara doir-a "ood bus;ae3-ia the vicinity, in I
carpenters wul be oomrkct-j tho 1 . - . . . . ; --- , " oJ f j
! . . . - i be a matter ot reucan2 to our citizers who ' tr : Vr.t d th inwn. ... , ... -
wo it cr.r
coiner ia the character cf
have" "so lofg toodjn heed cf many conve-i -Ji is situated -at -the janctioncf the Sio?:x
poi.ttc-aas, t v! These who have not yet pud thctr taxes j cteaces cf I.-fa Eat.-jp say necessaries,- and who ' Cirr sail Pi'eoa Tadey reads, oa wLtcu laere-
s lue Honors 'aadiwul find a Card ta tha ct the rrtrKrr deili- ia tow nave aa orroituaitv - c-f KWltin? I is a constant trnreh" teeT'in ur a rranertil mo-
It. is a. constant aad "Baceas-1 catel e5podal!y to them, and penned for .their j daEcleacI jS.L'01 coariacir.stara will vEmer.tof-all maacer of.-ccaveyance .thrcngh-!
their lives to m:n - iheiri ir.diri;'rf-il Kr.rrF Br a timelr disbarspm-ant' b thronged. ' '" '' - ''.-:".- i tum tT- ' a diilv ria"I
. though the whc.c wuld bo inundated Un their part funhsr csrer.c will be "saved
C v . a P t r
ote auvcTiiaimciii, ci ick?j cc vx)ZZEK3 it
irr GrOOc
TX. mjf... .'. . ... i . -
:.'..:. 'xsr'- ' '- ; "- '"
....- - - , --.-It - - i... f 5 .
Nails, Stovc, llovrs Turn itcre, etc,
Table, tea rron3 anl Willing,
Coat'a thread and jack plAiLS, at . , ' , ,'
McAllister. Cozier 'i.eos.
Cball de lainvazul w :n-I;.w sash, - ; L
Dixirs-uid shaaibray g-'iigas3,-at -;; --""
"Straw p;"'V'T, and sununerclithlzgp
Elarvt ftJHi
"-McAllister; dozief:;-& CO's. . .
JBonnets Elhairl2.' .:i.". ) -' 7 !J! J. X.
Laconaadartii;ial--jwp, at r ,
; McAllister, dozier Vco's.,
' A thousand cue articles not xnentifned, call
round at " - ' : ' - . -
, ..-McAllister, dozter &. co-s.
I'tAS b;ii:.In l x.kinsjover taeTjul uzaJt ci-r.f yinr
pnper &vti; .attRw-tcJ, ny. atksh'io' iui;aei ty
Jerome II.v(rr, L.Tin whua fc taJej Uj1 ecr a;a
siofiel are in clr .aititu tLat.ii ft.leri);i'd!ir3
j-elreit in Njrj.khaCity f .r' ths pariow rf in
juring it4 irc-;per;tyr-'Ji ras JiJ V-;i il tocir
fu!at4 a r?(r'r.f ilt i:.;ur? irt t!-t;f-rtiro
ct,knwo, L-wt U t-.o iaii.a t jjtiti 4 a
tatesient is merely i, , -j -.
And f.r t:xe purpo i giving afIr frfr-.snlty
to persons U aiccr.ain the tv:u t, j t r.-ij-wsri a.t
perHjr.3 fn.ra pnrcha? a:g acy prc.-ku c j:;; or
interest ia tae said town cf i,..i.A Cipj :'r.-iiith-a
sail Jerom-3 Culver, as he ha .1 u-ri rr-i -X- ry
KT in-twir:hcf aad U t,al um. m. 4 4 a a -toptic
tht ur.dersirned in yvxeukziBt itereai
bythsm ar:!' ! tn the 8am?i aniphnr not
aaihcrized tac sail Uwcver to wll or i.yie of any
I' ltioa of- their bI tllxectid suit Uk- b
" ' -'- " JA.DniAN,
. ni.":"-::u;i.j:ALLAi:D.
, T - t ?" 1
... ... : " A!i.yi;u'TAr.r5.
- -. ; - . t-: y. yrrcKf'.'.L.
z " Fcr Prv C x-h &f every descr'-l:3 : ' 1
GrMriej arrd roxl br-jir.s g- to
! . "McAllister, dozieri- coi.
,2 rushes: xrusiies:
- - - ; ........... . v
Tf yen want to gt that whi:'a is tf the best g 1
t-e ces; crate ravines . tft:
.lCts cf edea.-.
Ir- aim through
7 bloody conflict.
, s -1 "S0'0RAi M
, .--. . - - -
Apr. 4 " .a. - w -
1 ji.
datid ric:iri;4:Av,"rrs, :
, ; he in it t'aat alirayj f vi.a-?'
nms acik-itj to jica-j tia las: an! eapurAtitie
yet .. .... ; i . r, . ....
- McAllister, dozier co-s. ,
." - -
3 1 . . . .
02e interested v.-;il do 7
tot;-? r r y-
cli to rid
Bc-tu-ranx Sz Co., sold 110 dcrcrf ergs
arrlv;-j h.;r-j
ox m to
H T'" -r
: i-rc:au:rg for t:
Li a uc
;ng c.'tr?r-i c
csk. '.-Rather aiiw their line lo
loth fibra the north" and south. --. - ' 1 .. .' ' - - V
- . . - ' m
. . .-.: .... - . ... ft - --11 - J - - - -v., .-v .. i-r,
aota.-r coiarna.,.i 2roL5 narirg Lu;n-s m rence, wb;ca ts also.ta i-itourii:.;si3- torrt.c, - J. Ciirp
Cvai-saeifj joa iLo-ilpat-caira i
transtct will do wU fa ecrrnst
'; to their rare'
' end is destined to beccme the great rroai
i tress:?-cf the MLscu'ri river.
PHtr :r, 10 u ;u the test m:?3 will b;
tvcii. Api-ty t j : .
C. -r-r tr-f-r-r-T T r
P-r-wirf ill April ?, -. --.. ,
It.,! i , I 1 . I " I . t - .