Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 29, 1856, Image 3

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yy. rL'AS Editor.
50VEMBER 2?, -18SC.
- TTiTv General Adrcr1srig Agent, in rear
? d Children's Otoe Store,
rSSh street, Cincinnati .
' S- M: tES ' Chcstnat stredj'fcalnt
ai5i- v'rLrsG.Trcj,Ohio.
i P- ir H I)at Tippecanoe, Ohio.- . . .
KiM, Archer, Nebraska
V V rW&. Oregon, Mo.
H. V rrllkrt. Kockport, Me.
I 4 VinTE.Vera-ska City, NT. "
1 ,:;P f V Tatk. Linden, Mo.
' 1ki it ixT jr. Three Grove, N. T. ' ;
f T-J- Agents to solicit Subscriptions and
. Xrtu ;i!r,j.rihe AdvertUcr. and rccieve and
i - -iticnt in this Territory, coming irom
. pcrs .r the .States, wften suggest to
ntcV 1 y jn, in tbeir old neighborhoods, who
: e "'Tle- iwiM nukwiberi if they could iee
' ,ul Vdrerti?ir." We always send a speci-
'T ' J. lwvome a
i iiK rwievin!r. will consider it
11 J ,v V.k. lcf.
' -1 others, leciingiuuicicui. win.c
trtB retain the usual per t for their
,., CiS': . - ....
... infl
I " JOB W02Z.
I ' .v- jecetit extensive .additions of new
t ruts. -colored Inks, Bronzes, Cards, &c,
rf' .Jgi.Qvertiscr'' Office, we claim to
; 77 Ant Job' Work in a manner un
file wi"4-- r TL.nmnr;AFu;n.
'v an
.Ordess from a
The proprietor being
"printer himself, and having in his
accomplished and experienced
Teh Frister, is 'Ceiermineu noi io ue
ri5 jLn-Jn the execution of J ob Work. Cards
t d one o Ftefi latest improved Card
fatkl Work in Colors, Bronze
Pressed, ij.MN ' , ... t,-at--
distance wUe promptly at-
i , --a ;r-ontpA to nve satisiaction or
j' -joira'isnfM wanted.
I A -ood pur tritter of sder and steady
1 vfbits( totbef wed V$h) wn find a Pcr"
Lwt situatloa at thii office, at good prices.
. .
' Our out door engagements have been such
Ai that wo hare been unable scarcely
: tiite . . . .
(o jfp into our efScc, let alone payin
u3B to the editorial department.
' grerrrlKHWESfESTS. Ibecontracs nas
;keii H and th wort, will commence on
I May next, to grade and bridge Main street
! ttLe'corioratior: line.-. The men who have
cd to do the -work, Williams 3s Uacojt,
ed to jush it through before the
i 1 r,.n,fl Thi"? is work mucn ncedea,
' rrofnii freezes.
33 IdU art bdr Improved and fenced up, so
.that -"the roads heretofore used are now
Hocked 'up. When completed this will give
an eifcHcLt-road out to the Prairie. .
Xebraska ELcTi6ys. Ve; hoped that by
our present !ssu we- could give our readers
cLtlre' rt'urr.s fro the'Xebraska elections, but
vt oily able to add.the following, from Dab.
kota yiity.
Council: '
.'. A. 7. TuetL " '
HfpTentatives: . .
E. C. Jcnc" :..
j. F. Watts.
DtMlsp rou Voods. a he demand upon
the jEfJcantilc men o( this region is far beyond
t!i!r most sanguine expectation?. IIoblitzell,
Co. of Uiis p!ice, although they brought on
j a jaamtaoth stock,, axe' now cut, and' Capt.
VHyte-has gone below to St. Joseph to re
! .Tcr.yij McAllister, . Doziee, & Co. are
.J.oina fine business. Thev got under way
. la!e m tie Sea son with a large stock, but are
j out and ceropelled to go below also.
The past week quite a number of teams
cae passed here from Nebraska City on
. their way to St. Joseph, for new supplies of
gwJs. This' .peaks rolurans for the rapid
filing -up pf tliis" prfion of ITebrasksL'
- ebcaeka Farmer. The Prospectus of
.Jie'-Farmer" i now-out, and being sent to
Various porlicnsof the Territory and. also to
the States,' Already, names are coming in
rapier: Those Farmers in the States who
re rooking-ft 3slward can find nothing better
ly which-to keep posted than the. "Farmer."
metope, cut Eastern friends will respond to
tae call for rhscribers.-
.Tie weather has been quite sharp again,
a few days past slush ice running in
tae nnr to. such an extent that the ferry boa
has crossed with difficulty
Akotheb. The small stern wheel steamer
Castle Oarcten went up this week. We are
. informed that this boat and the Lacon will con-t-nce
to run' this trade as long as water and
.father will permit. .They are making a
tfccthiag" at the present rates of freight. S2
1t hundred from St. Joseph-$5 from SL
. JsniAs Tatuest. Quite a number of our
fciizens mace atrip to the -Otoe Settlement
the Blue River last week, expecting a pay
Jaet to be made." . The Indians mostly were
... ou. oas br.nt," consequently no payment.
.-utnAXA uall.-- The Democracy of
-'en. Mo, gave an erttDsive Ball on Tues-
: evening last, in honor cf the election of
Back&Brcck." . We had not foe pleasure
.bfisg-present, but arc informed it wa5 a
Sd." afiair. Sixty couple took snrpex. All
toffia'arrilr. ' ' '
.tficul Vote, We have neglected to
. rh.tth the official vote of this county until
It Vill be found in another col
4 D0
eeeasea Molasses. Mr. G. B. Tunison,
aslass rniintr Vo1roci.- v
acnrips molasses, out of the Chinese Su-ar
.an, which the Omaha Democrat says he has
ccsstully cultivated on his.fana this season,
"e thiiese .Sugar Cane, can be cultivated
. n'Sckmate,- which we. doubt not from the
renrneni made, We can have the domestic
we ot molasses, manufactured in our own
" jut i i hi a i . , . rn r t ti i i i . i t c er-r M .
encI'cn on the night of the 23tault
e thieves blew open the safe b putting
jder in tLe key-hole, and carrieJ ofT $1,000
fconey and land warrants calling for 1,300
f?cf lad, .
CcrresponiJcaca of lbs jJebraska A&reTtiscrT
' Florence, X. T.
; . ' :. .'" :. ' November 14th; 18
it. w. trausn sq: --i ..;
Deas SrR-One of the stockholders in the
Bank of Florence lias arrived, and brings glad
tidings in reference to the Railroad in the di
rection to this places He assures our citizens
that there is but little doubt of the road being
located down the Pigeon Valley to its inter
section with the Missouri valley at Crescent
City, Iowa.
The roads are tow in good condition for
traveling, end our ride over the level bottom
to Crescent was very, pleasant. There we
fou jd the improvements, and busineus far be
yond our most sanguine expectations. , Mr.
Steele, of Florence, has already ; added an
extensive addition to Crescent, and made sale
of a large number of lots, some of which run
as high as $150 each, and land shares in town
sold a few" days since at three hundred dollars
per acre. ' . -.
Our road to Council Bluffs was more an?;
dulatiig; leading up and down the several
Kanycns between the towns, nevertheless a
pleasat t road, with, varying scenery, which
assists much in intercepting the dull monotony
of the travel.
At Ellisdale we drove up, expecting to wit
ness Jo. Johnson up to his eyes in exchanges
preparatory, of course, for the next issue of
the Bugle,' but instead of that he was elbow
deep in brick and mortar and laying up a wall
of a shingle furnace, and expecting to furnish
Crescent with roofing material for the year to
come. He carries on a large farm, and is build
ing largely in Crescent, besides being a partner
in a mercantile establishment there which is
doinz -an extensive and profitable trade. He
turns bis hands to any kind of labor that coin es
in his way, with much ease and judgement.
This is something of the life of an editor in
the West. -
In Council Bluffs we found considerable
anxiety in reference to the general result cf the
Presidential election, also the desire to learn
the vote cf some of the more doubtful North-
em States. Bets had been running high, and
no doubt many felt as if the purse strings were
to be considerably effected by the minority and
majority. reports. The Iiepublican party, ac
knowledged whipped, but nevertheles s claimed
that they had gained much by the campaign ,
A railroad survey had just been completed
at Council Bluff which appeared to be a mat
ter of rejoicing among the inhabitants, and
those more deeply interested in the way of
corner lots. I noticed the city limits had been
extended two miles South of the Pacific House
and over a mile West, making the extremes
of its boundaries about three" miles distant
from each other and judging from what we
could hear that the town wll exterd its limits
rapidly towards the Missouri river. Advance
ment in prices among real estate dealers is very
perceptible and many , are found desirous of
At Glen wood we found the citizens rejoic
ing over the news recently received that the
M. &.M. Ptailroad would be extended through
Mills county to terminate opposite Plattsmouth
in the Territory of Nebraska. Nebraska City,
St Mary, Bellevue and La Piatt are alj
endeavoring to draw the terminous of the road;
and are bidding high in the way of stock and
donations, but they all appear from the surveys
to be too far froH a direct line. Since it has
been ascertained, by an actual survey of a line
for a rail road up the Platte, that the route is
practicable aud expedient, and that no diffi-
culty exists in reference to getting in and oa
of Plattsmouth, that town has taken a new
start in the way of improvement, and it is now
no more a matter of doubt as to the building
of a town at that point. Holders are now
asking a thousand dollars a snare, and lots are
selling at great advances above the prices a few
months since. ; ; . . j .
The reports of the election in Cass county
had not been sufficiently received, to give you
the result. " ' ; :, !
. In St. Mary we were shown a plat of the
town; which drew the premium medal in St.
Louis over all similar competition.' Of course
it is a superior piece of penmanship, and shows
the extraordinary skill of the draftsmen Messrs.
Seegar and Skemonnski, of St. Mary, Iowa.
On the border was placed views of Council
Bluff, Omaha, Belview, St. Mary, Glenwood
and surrounding scenery; also, the united
plats of the counties of Cass, Douglass and
Washington, in Nebraska; and , Mills and
Pottawattamie counties, Iowa. . It is useless
for me to undertake a description of the plat
for it is only, to be seen to be known and ap
preciated.- From the .level taken, it appears
from notes that St. Mary is nine feet above the
highest water CV.rk known.
The town is inhabited with Germans, and
we were informed that there was only one
American residing within the limits. We had
about arrived at that conclusion from the fact
that during our sojourn at one of the public
houses we heard nothing but the German
dialect, except a faint effort occasionally to
show that they were not entirely destitute of
the English language.
We noticed there a very simply constructed
wind mill for the purpose cf manufacturing
shingles, which performed well and with much
profit to' the proprietors. The entire mill only
cost about two liundred dollars. I think sim
ilar machinery erected in many of our Ne1
braska towns would be a profitable investment,
and a great convenience to the citizens.
Bellnre is also spreading its limits by ad
ditions,- probably with the expectation of divid
ing Douglass county and locating a county
seat at that place, which question is already
agitated, and will be urged during the Session
next Winter. , .
On arriving at Omaha we ascertained that
difficulties existed somewhere in the ncigh-bor
hood in reference to the claim of a young man
who had recently died in town, and had been
jumped up some unprincipled man on the day
of the burial. The citizens took it in ban
and on further investigation it was ascertained
that the miscreant was a Dutch pettifoger wh
resides here in town. He appeared1 determined
to hold it right or wrong,- and did net field his
claim tcrit nntil the people met in mass, end
passed resolutions c'ondemnitcry cf his course,
and resolved to" put him sccross the river if he
did not comply. Thieves 6"nly submit, when
overtaken in their evil deeds, and are compell
ed to surrender. "Claim jumpers" have poor
encourage m set
in tVis country, as. very few
are successful, tad always get off with listing
diegraccu u' .i'A' -Y, -J '.i ::';.
By the following figures you will seo that
Douglass county, Nebraska, has three hundred
and seventeen more voters than Pcttawa4.tarnie
county, Iowa, andOma'aa Precinct twenty-five
more than Council Blu X Precinct. U - -!
Omaha, Douglass county, N. T. ' 5,35.
Council Bluff, Pottawattamie Co., Ia. 5,10.
.Douglass county, K.T; -;.!'-'-i
Pottawattamie county, Iowa, -zz-
By this you will see that there is already as
many voters out of Omaha as in it, but it is not
so with Council Bluff, as there you perceive
but few outside the City. Outside of Omaha
there arc four hundred and seventy-nine Voters,
and outside of Council Bluff one hundred and
eighty seven voters; making , a difference out
side of the two cities of two hundred and
ninety-two in favor of Douglass county,
The District Court is in Session at Omaha,
Judge Fergason presiding, but I am not able
to report what has been done since the Session"
commenced. P.
; 25
. 697
For Central OHo aid all around!
"UR Stock of Fralt Treesiic, Tor Kile tha' pres-
J ent Full and next Sprin is very larj and, fine,
including all the most npprorid varieties cf Apples,
Pear3, Peaches, Cherriea, Apriiots, Nectarines, Plums
Quinces, Grapes. Corrants; GJsberries, Raspberries,'
fctirwberries, etc. Especial (ore has b?en taken to
pro:ur and prcpagata mostly Vucb. varieties of each
clas ac are foand best suited b the soil and climate
of -.he West and Sou;h, wh-e most of the winter
traits, especially of the Lastra, are of no
value. 5
Our stock cf Peaclt Trcts is remarkably fine,
ami tho trice so low that all those who lost their
tress the past winter, should nw replace them. Of
Cherry .Trees also we have a fine supply, mostly
grown on Mahaleb stocl: whiii secures greater har
diness to the tree, and if trahed rather low. so as
to eause the tops to tihade the stem from the hot
sun, it is beleired no duacalty o lound in grow
ing fine cherries in the South and West. Of Pears
we have a splendid lot, especially on dwarf trees, on
str sng Anger Quince toclc$, th best for speedy and
abundant productivenras. . y
Catalogues, with tirices. etc., will be sent to all
applicants. Nurserymen and Dealers in Fruit Trees
am invited to call and examine our stock of Peaches
Pears and Cherries, especially, before sending East,
as we believe they can save expense as well as risk
oy purchasing of us. Wholesale catalogues now
rendy.. M. B. BATEJIAM & CO,
. .: . ; ST. LOUIS, MO. -JOim
SIGZRS017 $ :BRO.j
user ior saie uxe coining spring:, . -;t'
, 5-3,003 Ap-,!o Trees, 2 and 4 years old, cm-
4 bracing lilt varieties. , Trice 15 to 43 cents.
25,00 Teiich Trees, from 6 to H feet high, 63
' vareitie-, frcri 25 to 30c. "
'2s503 standard Pear3, embracing 43 varieties,
price from .'50 to 73 o;it3. '
5,0 C 3 Dwarf P-ears, embracing 33 varieties, price
$1 each.
5,C03 Cherry Trees, 31 varieties; 50 to 75 cents
each. .
' 503 Apricots, Early Golden, Buda, Peach Apri
cots. Lanre Early, price 50 cents.
14200 Quince, assorted, 25 to 50 cents.
500 Dwarf Apples, ou
500 White Grapo Currants" 25
500 Black Naples 25
500 Cherrv Currant .25
500 Red Dutch Currant- .....12"
500 Victoria Currants 15
500 White Dutch Currants 12f
500 Large Rwl Dutch Currants-"... ... 12
500 English Black-- W
2,000 Prolific Green - Y "
. Sad CAscAi.iTT.The Council TftvSUBugU
of the 11th stys: On Saturday the 3d inst, a
Mr. Smith suffered a most horrible death at
Southland, in Woodbuty county. He was
engaged as sawyer in the new steam mill at
that place, and whilst gigging back . the car
riage,' got his foot caught by the 6aw, which
split his leg nearly the whole length before
he could withdraw it, then "by an uncontrolla
ble destiny hr.s body fell across the log before
the saw and was severed near the middle, most
horribly mutilating,- in fact, cutting the body
into numerous pieces, which were gathered and
decently interred. - ' ' ' : ' '
The deceased left a wife and two children.
' The Editor of the Keokuk Times congrat
ulates his readears upon the sound of the
steam whistle, "for the first time in the Valley
of the Des Moines."
It is reported that Manypenny has been re
moved, and the land sales, in Kansas, past-
poned. But it needs confirmation, and we
place no reliance in the rumor. ' t-
Of Votes cast in NemaJia County.
... w
. p.
J. S-Mlnick 73..
R. W. Furnas 126
- S. A. Chambers 94'
R. J. Whitney- 82
. W. S. Horn .:. ; ; 53
E. Reid C3
W. A. Finney. 128
I. C. Lawrence 104
J. T. Edwards 11
County Commissioners:
Jesse Cole 72
yj. W. Hall 121
vL. Kinnison ' 22
TD. C.Sanders 159
. vR.W. Frame 44
7L L. Knight 110
J. Long 15
Justice of the Peace:
J. Lvons .
. KReid
A. Medley
J. S. Reeken
L. Kinnison
J. Bishop
D. McCluro
S. Holmes
J. Melloch .
J. Blare s .
J. Delay .
- A. W. Burns
N, U Hallock
Re-elected. ;
Syracnso Ifurseries.;
"PROPRIETORS Befides a general and
AL I extensive assortment of articles usually
kept by Nurseymen, we have on hand for the Spring
trade, - - . ' .
200,000 Apple Trees, from 6 to v teet.
100,000 Dwarf Pear Trees, 2 years old.
50.000 Standard do from 2 to 4year
100,000 Cherry Trees, 1 to 2 years old, Dwarf and
Standard. .- . ' . -.
Peach, Plum, Apricot, and Nectarine Trees, in
large numbers. - .
100,000 Raspberries, embracing every kind of any
value. All the popular as well as rarer, kinds of
otner small iruit. -. -
Foreign and Natire Evergreens Norwav Spruce,
Pines, Cryptomerias, Cedars,- Black ani White
bpruce, Balsams, Hemlocks, etc., large, medium or
snail. .
Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubbery, Climbers,
Hedge Plants, etc. :
Bulbous Roots, native and imported; Ualilias, Car
nations, Poenies, Chrysanthemums', Phloxes, all in
great abundance, and of the most beautiful varie
ties. , ... -
While wo confidently claim for our productions in
general an excellence not surpassed by any other
3 ursey, we particularly ana emphatically designate
our stock of Pear tree3, both Dwarf and Standard,
as nnparalelled either in extent or quality, by any
existing stock in America. .The following notices
refer to trees taken from the same lot a3 those now
offered, when they were but one year old:
From Thomas W. Field, Esq., an extensive dealer
in and importer of. Pear trees in New York: "The
fpecimens are really splendid; the finest I believe I
ever saw."
: From Robert Harwell, Esq., Mobile: "I have nev
er seen finer trees.'.' : ; ' . .U ;
From Mesrs. Neally &, Brothers, Burlington, Iowa:
"They are really tho finest trees of their age we ev
er saw, and we have purchased a great many in the
few past years.'. ; . :
' As suggestive to persons about to purchase, we
would remark that our trees were not subjected to
the extreme cold during the last winter, which effec
tod so extensive injury to Nurseries at the West,
and that we have had no drought during the present
summer by which the growth of our trees has been
retarded. They may be relied upon, therefore, to be
in prime health and vigor. ' . :
Will be sent post-paid to all who enclose for No. 1 a
letter stamp, and for the others a one cent stamp
each. ' '
No. 1 A general descriptive Catalogue of all our
productions. - '
No. 2 A later edition of the Fruit Department of
No. 1.
No.. 3 A descriptive Catalogue of Ornamental
Trees. Shrubs, Koses, etc. - , -' '
No. 4 A descriptive vatalogae or Dahlias, Green
1,000 Houghton's Seedling 2a
500 Warrington clo 25
1,000 Sulpher do .....25
1,000 Ashton ', do .'-25
500 Crown Eob do 2j
500 Ri3emen do ........25
2,000 Yellow Antwarp Raspberries W
1,000 Ohio Everbearing . do .....25
2,000 Large German Antwarp do
1,000 Red Antwarp. . ......'-10
t,000 English Filberts 50
1.000 Horse Chestnuts-. 50
5.000 Grape Tines, 2 to 3 years old 25 to 50,
150,000 GrapeYines, 1 year old --$5 $ 100
5.000 Dahlias assorted, each Z5
500 Pernias, do 50
10.000 Giant Asparagus Roots-. .$5 $ 100
6,000 Tube Koses 10
2,000 Yards Pink 50cts yard.
2,000 Plants Victoria Rhubarb
8.000 Wilmot's Early Red Rhubarb --12o
50,000 Strawberry Plants. 12 varieties ..
- $5 to 10 per 2,0000
10,000 Shade and Ornamental Trees, embracing
Uatalpa, liiacK Locust, t alionia lmponallis,
Lmbirdv Poplar, Silver Leaved Poplar,
Iiindcn Wood, Sweet Gum, Elm. Balsam
Poplar. AUianthus, Tulip Trees, Upland Cy
' prssa. Sycamore, Paper Mulberry, American
Larch. V ceping lllow. Buckeye. Monn
tain Aih, White Birch, Red Maples, varyin"
in price from 25 cents to $1,50, according to
size. .-, i . .
15,000 Evergreens, embracing
Kea jeaars, price eacn ouc to 52
White Fine do 50o to $1
Yellow Pino .do . 50c to $2
Balsam Fir, , do 50c to $1
American Arborvitas 25c, 50c, 75c, $1,50
Chinese Arborvitas, 5fc, $1,50,
European Savin 50c, Tree box 50o
Norway Spruce, 50c, 75c, 100,
White Spruce, $1.
bii Aivwi-J Alt
mon rma rnvsrAPEn ADVEaTisrira agenct or
Corner of Olive and Main Sts over the Bank
ing House cf John J. Anderson & Co. . ,
Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste.
J. JAT EHITII,- Editor !7orth Anericaa SjUL'
Tns IIosTtcrLTrRisT, as its name implies, is de
voted to Horticulture aul its kindred arts Rum?
Architecture and Landscape Gardening, Knd will
keep its rea l rs advised of tie new things on tha
Portablo Circular Saw-Hill,
rpHE most ueful and necessary michinery ia op-
eration; is simple in construc tion and easily kept subject, either ia Europe or America. It ij a Montt-
w order, and can be moved on a wagon as readily as ly Journal of forty-eight pages, bcautifuHy printed
a mresjiingmacnine, ana puj in opcrauon ai a Fmaii on ne paper, and elegantly illustrated. , Jn addititn
exrxmse. It will saw from one to two thonsacd feet to numerous wool cuts in tho first stvlo of the art,
ol lumber a day, with one team of six horses, as an earh number contains a full-T2e enrravirr. fro n
average business, and in a better stylo, thaa other stone, of some new, rare, and valuable fruit, tree, ot
luiua now ia use. iiia eqna.iy wcu aaipiea to Bower, and is on ol the most Itautijuf, as well as
: Bttam, Water or Horse PoTver. th0 nKst ndCful xaontljl7 """w puwiica in u.e
7 world. . ,
.The undersigned, agents for the patantee, would Terhs 52 per year,' in aJvar.ce. The vc-laaie
announce o inepuouc mat tncy are now prepared commenced on the 1st of January last, and we cm
to furnish Mills, with or without horso power, of su- supply back numbers from that time. Thoso who
penor quality and workmanship, with the right to prefer can commence with th-i current number,
use the same, upon the most favorable terms, at their . Colored Plates. fc'tii! further to add to the val
manufactory,;. 202, Second street, St. Louis, Mo.
We have also the right for the manufacture of
Childa' Patent Double Saw Mills.
The successful practical operation of these mills
ue of the work, and meet the improving taste and
lnercaoini; wants of tho horticultural community, an
edition is published with Colored Hates, each ncra-
ber containing a full-rag? engraving of semft new,
1 i vi- r : . n ... . 3
H,,r,Vi,...v. u W r . . . t. , i rare, iia Yiiiuaoie iru u, or uewt-r, corriiMij ctuu.'.-Ji
ui i - . . . , ... . . . iiuui uaiuiu vj uciii iitji." a. i iias in mis mic.-
in construction and increased facilities in matiufac
turing, we offer them to the publio with full confi-
utuce vi weir a a vac lares
All orders addressed to U3 will be promptlv execu
ted, and any information in regard to Mills cheerful
ly given.
Persons ordering Mills will please mention the
istaw ana bounty in wnieh they wish to use them.
Extension of Page's Patent.
ATOTICE is hereby given to the public, that the
11 patent of PAGE'S PORTABLE CIRCULAR work
JlilV ITIT 1 1 , I ...
: This is new and important feature in this country.
Price $3 a year in advance. Address
17 and 19 Minor street, Ilhilad:!phi.,
For 1S3T.'
The Forty-ninth Volume of tho Knickfrbockeu
MaOAZIXK will comm(neo with the number for Jan
uary, 1857; and it is tho intention of lhe Publi-der
to make great additions to tho literary merits of tbV
SA" MILL has been extended for seren rear frnm
Jcly 16th, 1355. All persons found violating this
patent, or infringing on the same, in making, using
or vending, will be proceeded against in accordance
with the laws in such case made and provided.
' GEORGE PAGE, Patentee.
By Authority!
And Board of Education,
Have ordered the following Desirable Works for the
Township Libraries of Indiana.
Some of them have been put into every Library,
others finlv i n tli a mnrn nAmiTnitj fnnmV:.. rr i
careful attention given to the examination of works Knickerbocker and Home Journal, one year for Four
tor these libraries, is a guarantee of the merit of tho
We take it for granted, there aro but few M.;a-
line readers in the country who are not familiar with
the cithora of hr. Legkk, and tho F.VRRow-ljaA?aw
both old contributors to tho KsiCKEr.bucKEB. Wo
aro pleased to be able to annouuee that they ill
both write for our magaxino the coming year. ;lr.
Cozzsxs will contribute a new and really original
Story, which will appear ia every number; on-i Mr.
Kimball will furnish a Sketch or a Story as often as
hii other duiies will permit. . .
lERMS: three Uol:rs a year, in advance. l wo
copies l ive Dollars. Five copies aud upwards, Ten
Dollars, lho .Magazine is sold by all jci'iodical
dealers. Specimen numbers tent free of charge.'
The Knickerbocker and any other Three Do'lar
Magazine, sent ono year fur Five Dollars. Th
books chosen. Many families will desire to own the
books, and read at their leisure, rather than wait
their turn to get them from a library. . The works
may be purchased of Booksellers, or will be sent by
iuj.n,irue wi postage, upon payment ol prices annex
ed to each. . . .
Fart's Ancient Ilistorv Much
Rollin, because more concise, accurate, and up with
modern resejirehj - 4, ti1 . P!wii -i ci,
1 Khh Vln-nt, nf Opnampntal RhrnMion, 1 i:k.. rn ' ' b " r
in part as ioiiows: . .
Snow Balls, each 37 M to $1. .
Lylac, each 50c; Spiras, assorted, each 25c:
102 ; house and Bedding plants.
JS'o. 5 A wholesale Catalogue for Nurserymen and
Dealers, v.:.
AI30 a Supplementary Catalogue of the Ornamen
tal and Greenhouse department.
Also a circular on the Agusta Rose.
Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 2 1856. .
GRAPE ROOTS. 20,000 Catawba Grape Roots,
two years old, for sale. Price $5 per hundred
$40 per thousand. - 4 J. M. BlcCULLOUGH,
Nov. 29tf
I'o. 200 Midn St., Cincinnati.
Hardv Roses, each 50c;
. ' Monthly Roses, each 50e
Honey Suekles, asorted, 25c, 50o $1;
TyriDga Philadelphus 25c to 50c;
-"Rosa Acasia, 25o to 50cj - -
f Privet for Hedges 25c;
Bladdacina 25c: Corcorus Japonica 25c;
Ellagnns 25c; Liburnum 50c;
- A Tamarix Africana 25 to 50c;
- - - Ribea Gordoni 25c to 50c:
Weeping Mountain Ash 1,50;
Whith Fringe Tree 1,50;
" Forsvthea 50c to 1.00;
. Cornice Dogwood Silver Striped 50c to 1,00
Deutxabcabia xdcDeutza Gracalis 50c;
Weeping Birch 50c;" ; ;
Magnolia Acuminctta 50q ' ' '
- Weeping Linden 1,50;
Dwarf Box 50c per yard;
Eauonimus 50c; - '
- Althcas, assorted, 25c to 50c. . -
ESJ In offering the above Stock to our customers
we beg to say it is superior in growth and quality to
any heretofore offered, and persons wishing a supply
can avail themselves of further information, by ad
dressing the undersigned at St. Louis. Catalogues
furnished to all post-paid applications.
Respectfully, JOHiN SIGEKSO & BUU.
Oct. 25, 1856. ... vln!9-ly
A. C. Goddin and Wm. Campbell, and now
opening, the most extensive stock of Goods ever of
fered in this market. After the experience they
have in Nebraska, they flatter themselves that they
know what Kuit3 the people, and have purchased such
a stock of Good3 as cannot fail to please. We will
not pretend to enumerate, but say come and see; and
you will not fail to bo suited. - , . . :
Oct. lo, lSo5.-ly
Remaining in tae Post Office at Brownville, N. T
October 1st. 1850, which if nit taken out within
three months will bo sont to Ihfe Dead Letter Office,
Washington, D. C. f '
Bradley lion Jaa Uurch KeviX
Duby Geo 2 Uorithy Mrs S :
Hale David - - i Jones James
MedlevA ' Neal Mrs S
Neilson Tason Keeaer luesaaie
Persons calling for the above letters, will please
say they are advertise. ' -
THE undersigned will offer for sale a fine Improv
J. ed Claim, situated one mile west of Brownville,
. Vl , waaH lanIin in th ii ri i rnst inn I Ka
Claim is pretty equally divided between Prairie and H , V , r f'. ' K ' j P
TimW. . The improvements consist of a irood double t- v.i..ii,g,ju3i .uu
A tiront rM f n.r fpnc A for sale cheap, by IIOBLITZELL A CO.
llllllUU. W BClt Ail VIUCI LJ VJ JUllli;iUia 111 bil J -. - m W W VW . WAAV
Ready Made Clothing,
spring. . r or particulars cau upon mm at nis resi- j'
dence on the above claim. , J. W. BENNETT. J. a
Brownville, Nov. 22, 1856.-4 w
Brownville" Market '
CAREFULLY CORRECTED. EACH' WEEK BY rpHE Copartnership heretofore existing between
Ti.Ant. sack of 100 5)3? ...-.. -$4,50
Corn Mkal, ) bushel-- -
Coax, in the ear, old bushel
Oats, 3 bushel, v
Sugar, ? Ib
Chickens, doi.,
Logs, do,
r kksh Beef, g la
Potatoes, bushel, new
unusually large stock of fine and coarse Boots
and Shoes both Gentlemen and Ladies can
be seen, and purchased low, at "
Hats and Caps.
JL G. W. Crow and J. M. Patterson, as Attorneys at T ATEST styles of Hats and Caps, and of every
The Teacfier's Miscellanv is anew and ex
cellent collection of articles" on Education, written by
uuugo Lr3. &TOWE, JJlGGS, ileGCFFET,
Aydelott, Pickett, Lvkd, Post, and other distin
guished members of the "College of Teachers." 1
vol., IZmo., Llota, $1,25. '
History of the Turitans and Pilfrrim
Fathers. By Stowell and Wilson, 1 vol., 12mo
MofTat's Life of Dr. Chalmers. 1 vcl.
The Ladies of the Covenant: Memoirs of
distinguished Scottish Female Characters; Embra
cing the Period of the Covenant and the Persecu
tion. By Rev. James Anderson.
Moffat's South Africa. . One volume. 12mo.
iweutn edition, si.
Sixa ears in India. By Mrs. Colix Maxen
zie. 2 vols- 12mo., Cloth, 2.00
with 22 plans and Illustrations. Third edition. $1,50
- xvian-oi-war ijiie.
A Boy's Experience m the U. S. Navv.
1 volume, 16mo.; Illustrated. 75 cents.
The Merchant Vessel,
A Sailor-Boy's Voyages to see the World.
(SIXTH thocs and.)
1 volume, 16mo.: Illustrated. 75 cents.
Nokdhoff'3 admiral series of volumes. "Man-of-
War Life," "Merchant Vessel," and the new volume
toappcar in heptember, under the titlo of "Whaling
and Wishing, must be received witn great favor, as
the first two have been, wherever circulated. Thev
aro the faithful limnings of nine years experienco
at sea, oi a common sailor, a native -.buckeye, re
cognized as inferior to no writer of the present day,
in me-iiKe aeuneauona oi aa venture Dy sea. . w
cry striking and graphic pictures of life at Sea,
evidently authentic and very instructive.
lias ad venturo enough to please and truth
enough to dissipate the charm of a sailor's life.
' ewXork Evangelist.
There is in them a vast amount of iuformation
respecting the commerce of the world. Presbyterian
Witness. -
Will take captive the young. Journal and Mes
senger. . .
A Buckeye Abroad, or Wandering in Europe
and the Orient. By Samtel S. Cox. Third edi
tion, Llustratcd.- 1 vol., 12mo., muslin, 1,25.
The Three Great Temptations of Young
Men. Sajtcel W. Fisbeu. Fourth edition. 1
vol. 12mo- muslin, 1,00.
These are capital works for family libraries. Pub
- 25 West Fourth St, Cincinnati.
M- W., K. & CO. aro the publishers of Bayard
Taylor's Cyclopedia of Modern Travel, which is sold
entirely by agents. .
Letters containing remittances and evcrythingcon-
neeted with the buisness department, should be d- '
dressed to SAMUEL Ilt'ESTON, Pcblishe?..
3 IS Broadway, New York. -
Close of the Thirteenth Volume.
Subscribers to IIartek's M.tGAZixn, wheso sub
scriptions expire with the JNovembcr number, aro .
respectfully requested ti renew them without
a 'year, or iwenty-nvo
Terms: Threo Dollars
Ccnti a Wumbcr. lbe bemi-annual Volumes, as
completed, neatly bound in cloth, are sold at 'Vo '
Doa;irs each, and muslin covers are turnishcd to
thoso who wish to hive their backriumnrrsnniK-rra-
ly bound, at Twnety-fiTe cents eoeh. ThirU-en vol- -,
umcj aro now ready, bound in c kth, tnl alio la
half calf; . ' ' : i
Clubs of two rcr3ons at Five Dollrrs a year, five .
persons at Ten Dollars, or eleven person at Twenty ;
Dollars. .
Tho coT.mcnccmrnt of a volume aiTurds a favora
ble occasion for tho opening of new subscriptions.;
The December number will commence a new, vol- .
ume. . v'-' ' . .
Tho Magai'.no weigh3 over Ecven and not over .
eight ounces. The postage upon each number is
Throe Cents.
Each number of the Magazino wwlcontaia Vi oc-
tavo pages, in double column?, each year thai com
prising nearly two thousand pages of tho choicest ,
Miscellaneous Literature cf the day. Every num- '
bcr will contain numerous L'ietorial illustrAtio' '
curate Plates of t'ao Fashions, a copious Chrouiclj".
of Current Events, and impartial Notiees of the im- '
portant Book3 of tho month. The Volume 'com. ;
menco with the numbers for JUNE and DECE.U-:;
DElt; but subscriptions may conmeneo with any .
number. HARPER & BRO'ri., PaWshcrs. '
Franklin Square, New York.'
D. JL HITCHCOCK $ CO.; . ...
Bet. Olive and Locust streets, St Louis, ilo:.!
MANUFACTUREItS of Cooking, Heating, and .
Parlor Stoves and Grates.
Also Manufacturers of four si2c3 of Jcweti'sTat- '"
ent Ciry Plough, one and two horss, right and loft i
hand. ,
- 30c
. 40e '
Law, in the 12th Judicial Circuit, in the State of
Missouri, was dissolved on the 23d day of July, by
mutual con sent. Those who havo business entrusted
to tho i irri, will have the joint attention of former
firm to its completion, and those indebted to said
firm will please call upon and settle the same witn
G. W. Crow,' at his Law Office, west side of the pub
j lio square, Oregon, Holt county, Missouri.
jr. W. UUUtY.
Oregon, Nov. 22, 1856.-5w
.Li grade and price, are offered at
BEDSTEADS, Tables, Stands, Bureaus in short,
everything in the Furniture line, can be had at
. We wish to purchase
Eight Hundred Corn-fed Hogs,
For which we will pay the highest market price.
Brownville, N. T. Nov. 15, 1856.
Stoves and Tinware.
a v v Alvy UllVI U tAVA V UAW KJ ) T v. J VI V 6 A A V UU
W terns; and I in ware, at
Hardware, Cutlery and Iron.
- f t . rA 1
TRAILING to foo several persons Deiore i ien, woo
F had made bills at my auction, their accounts
ft with R. W. Furnas, who advanced lhe
amount?. - - - JOHN McPHERSON.
Brownville, Nov. 29, 1856. i
ZUO fine Flnnr inst received and for sale by
Nov. 29,1856. - M'ALLISTER, DOZIER & UU.
Attoraey and Counsellor at Law.
Will practice ia the Third Judicial District in Ne
braska Territory, and in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit
in the State of Missouri. . '
Ri;hard Brown, Brownville, N. T.
- R.W. Furnas, ,. " " ,
Dr. John McPherson Tippecanoe, Ohio.
James Foster, . - Oregoc, Mo.
. Goorge N. Miller, .. . : Archer, N. T. .
Chinese Sugar Cane 7
I HAVE a supply of this seed on sale. Price per
lb, $2; per o., 20 cents.-- Persons remitting me
25 cents, shall have one ounce sent them postage
pa d. -.,'..-'.
I bis exotic plant, known as &orghtm ibaccharatum,
recently introduced into this country by the Patent
Oface, may,be cultivated to advantage in even part
of the United btates, . it will matti a good crop on
the foret soil. From experiment. already cuide in
syrup making from the juice of this plant, I fully
believe that sugar can be profitably made; t.t any
rate, it is. worth & trial by every farmer. ;
j - . . ' - J. M. McCCLLOUGU,
Nov. 29tf , No. 200 Main st-Cincinnati.
Morgan Horses , 7
A ITIEJUUM ESSAY on the Origin; History and
f A characteristics of this remar&iujle
TracinT the rtediarree from the orieinal Justin Mor
gan, lUrough the most noted of his progeny- down
to tho present tiro o. With numerous portraits. To
which are addtd Hints for Breeding, Breaking, and
general Use and Management of Jiorse3, with Prac
tical Directions for Training them for Exhibitions at
Agrfcmltaral Fair's.- By D. C LiNSLr?, Middielnry,
Vt. , Price ?l. Sent free ,of postage. . : - . t .
Agricultural Book PAlisi'ow, 140 Fulton , N. Y
The subscribers would inform the citizens of Brown
ville, and surrounding country that their
Is completed, and they are now receiving
and opening an extensive stock of
Hardware, and Tinware,
To which they invite the attention of customers
Their Goods are selected witn reference to the
' wants c-f tho town and urrounding conn
- . i try, and will be sold as
Low as any House ahove St.; Joseph
And examine our Stock for yourselves . 7
Respectfully. ; -
McAllister, dozler & co.
Bkffnville, October 25, 1855. vlnl9tf ;
' - - -;ireDraska lemtory.''
Bricli! Briclui
-TtE ITAVE now readyforsale 100,000 good mer
VV chantebiaBrick. WESTFALL ck MARLOTT
BrownviUe'August2,1859. vl-aOtf r
LANR3 cf every description, for sals at this
LARGE assortment at
Wood and Willow ware.
T3UCKETS, Tubf, Churns, and an endless variety
JLf of Willow ware, is for sale at
The only Exclusive Wholesale Grocery
House in bt. Joseph.
Wliolosalo Grooors,
Comer Second and Frances Sts.
T ESPECTFULLY call the attention of Uountry
JLL Merchants to their large and vaned stock ot
Groceries, which ha3 been increased by late arrivals
at the lowest rates of freight, and will receive daily
additions through the season. Having purchased for
cash, they present more than ordinary inducements
to buyers, and will satisfy all that iavor them wuti
a call, that they can and will compete with St. Louis
prices. 1 hey have in store:
tiOO bags Rio Coffee 50 boxes starch
40 O G Java Coffee 70 do lemon syrup
100 chest and hf che3ts 250 whole and of boxci
assorted Teas oandy
180 bblreboiled and S H 300 doz cans Field,s cclc
. Provisions7
WE keep constantly on hand, Flonr, Corn Meal,
Bacon, Butter, and every variety of Groceries.
100 half bbls do
50 kg3 Belcher's Syrup
150 Hhds NO Sugar (
60 bbls crushed -'
80 bbls Tar
100 stands do
300 bbls A hf blli crack
. ers of various kinds
200 bxs ass'd Tobacco
100,000 ass'd Cigars
1000 sacks G A Salt
1500 sks Dairy
10 bales 4-4 Domestics
O ADDLES, Bridles, Martingales, Checks, and cv-
O ery variety of goods in this line can be had at 1 1 oo do cotton battin
urDr TT'rt i tr rrt' I .
OF all the latest styles, and in endless variety,
j ust opened at HOBLITZELL fc CO'S.
120 do do yarn
500 kegs nails
80 do SCSoda
brated Baltimore ovsters
100 bbls half and qr bbls
mac km
6CfO doxen 8x10 and 10x12
- window sash
100 hf bxs ass'd glass
300 doz bed cords
80 coils manilla and jute
rpe :
400 b dies wrapping paper
500 bbls S F and extra
Hour i
1200 qr and half bxs sar
80 dozer zinc washboard
50 nests tubs
75' dozen Wooden buckets
250 bxs star candles
G. & C. TODD & CO.,
No. 212, Forth First or Main Street, Lomi$.
EMU Materials
INCLUDING Dutch Bolting Cloths, Mill Stones,
Saws, Screens, Damsels, Jtc. Also: .
Both Upper and Lower Stone Runners.
Of Stretched Leather arad Rubber. ,
SL Louis, October 18, 1856. vlnlS-ly ...
On Finndrei Extra Lots. la us lo-sra oi
T5e. proprietors of the town of Archer knowing
that they have one of the iaost beautiful To wp Sites
: vv.aiV!i. Tprritnrv. fwl; as.snred that the place
needs but to be Been to be :idmired, and they have,
therefore, concluded to offer One Hundred Los, m
the, hnve named Town, tit Public Auction, on ed
e'esday, November 6th, 1856, it being the first day
of the District t-ourr.
ArchCr is situated on a high prairie,' nine iailc3
from the Missouri river, on the most direct route from
Nebraska City to Topeki, in Kansas,- and is the
County Seat of Richardson county; The Lot3 to be
sold aadco mistako. Terms made known on day of
Sale. A. D. KIRK.
m - - Secretary Archer Towa Company.
, Oct.' 24th; 1853; . . '. 2)-2t
; And a general assortment of sundries too numcr
ous to mention in an advertisement.
Our consignment, 5,000 bbls Kanawha salt, at St
Leu is rates, freights added.
Orders are respectfully solicited and snail receive
prompt attention, and every effort made to give en
tire satisfaction.
September, 27, 1S53 vlnlC-ly
Steam Hill Lumber.
WE take this method of informing (he Fubllft
that we have, just put in operation on what is
known as aonora Inland, four miles above Lrown
ville, a first quality steam Sawmill, and are now pre
pared to saw all kinds of Lumber on short notice,
and in a manner, we are confident will gir? satiKfac
tion. We will keep a Ferry boat to run to the main
shore, for free use of our customers.
W. S. HALL & CO.
Second rresident of the United States. .
10 vols 8vo. $22,50 vols, 1 & 10 just pullisbod '
Of the writings of our" Revolutionary worthbs,'
none have been presented" to thft public with as much"
ability, care and good faith, as those of John Adams. .
Themain portion of the labor devolved on ("bar ci
"raneis Adams, who has devoted to it several years;:
and has set an example of thorough r'senn h aad
sound judgement, whi ;h cannot tu to highly co:c-
mended. -Kxfa W. Gritioolll .
It is a work tor tne statesoian to rea l and study
a work especially suited to young men a work with
which we can well afford to identify our national
reputation. -Puritan. Recorder.
Every student of American" history, American
aws, uaaages. and institutions, Fhould make nimfe.i
acquainted with these papers, containing aj they do
the reflections of a mind of great comprehension,'
deep sagacity and extensive learning oa the fun la-
mental principles ci government. attontt x-ra.
One of tho most valuable conf ributior.s yctraada
to American hi'tory, Philadtlphic Bulletin.
Such a contribution to Americas history wo h.tve
not had before, except in th collection of tho Writ-'"
ings of Washington and Jefferson. Probably ia lit,-.
erary value and intcrcs2 this will surpats tLcm b til.
Boston Tran.crijjt.
112 Washingbn SL'ect, BoBtorr."
Shakespeare and hh Conteraporarie3;
333 Broadway, ;
Have pleasure in announcing that they have at
length received a finished Proof of tho Ecj;ravin,jby
James Faed, from the above painting. . -
it is without exception one of tho moss brilliant;
Engravings of otfr timo.
Prints, 10 dolls; Proofs, 20 doI; Trfi with Au
tographs, 30 dolb: Artist l'roof. 40 'Kill.
A few choice mpressions of "Lv AMiLLL 'tra '
still to fe hal.' .
Printo, 5 doll: Proofs, 1 0 dolls; Proofs before 1 ?t-
tcr, 15 dolls: Artist Proofs, 25 dolls. '
Ncv. 15,18j5. . -
FasliionaMc Tailor,
INFORMS tho public that he is now j rcpnnd to
serve them in the above named CBpieilr. H.iing
had long and extensive experience',' h flatters hlm
se f ho can please all who favnr him witii tacir pat
ronage. Good fits warranted in ail ca.sej.
Given to cutting out garments for henio makinr.
Brownville, Aug. 2:5, 1S55. ' vl-nlHy '
2. A. WBITBIDGE. . R; J. lt'KIN'XIY.
31US. E. A. WIIITRIDGE t CO. '. ,
Masonic Clothing and Odd Felloes
Alxo Eegalii for Teraperance'and other BocId-Je
' Ab. 123 Walnut Street, vp Stairs,
ZIAME into my inclosure about the 1st of Agust
w laoa, i yoke cf oxen; maris, color ana age as fo.
One ox, a blue roan, smooth crop and under bit
in the right ear; smooth crop from the left, and five
yeari old; One red roan, same marks end age. One
yoke oxen, palo red and white pie-J. Same marks
and age a3 above. One red ox, with bush of tail off,
and smooth crop off left ear. Oue yoka oxen one
wtme, upper tit in left ear, under bit m rignt, and
locks as though it had been split and he upper part
forcxl off; age sanio as above.- One biack brown ox,
cropoff right car, and smooth crop arfd under.bit off
right and a small nptcarance of a brand oa left hip
age smae as above. "
The owner can have them by proving Prorcry
and paying charges, within sixty days 1 rem trm date.
Given under my hand, this 8th day of October.
Xcnaha ., Tn Tcsrara . . . vla!3-w.
mason's. References.' cxty rzutivs.'
W.B.Dodd !,GMof Ohio O. P. MorU-n, P G )I la,?.'
C. Moore Ed Masonic Rev; Turner 4 Gray, pub Cxk9T.
F. J. Philips, H. P. City W.G.NciW, P G.a Ohio
The Edi:or of the Advertiser will have specimen
of Regalia from, the abore Manufactory, a.nd rcciive
orders frm Lrlges or private neail-ers for Bej-aiin..
August 2, l5ii. vl-n9!f - - .
. LOOK out:
LL pprsoiis are hereby f.i-wvn;nl from t lying
i theSt)-th West fourth ol" Section 25, T vmhip
6, North" Bacga I5, cf tho lx 1'rincipt.I.Meri-
d;an, in eiu.iha county, N. T., nr.w occupied by
Thos. Hod iv; u.i I have a right to said claim r,hat is
Indisputable. -- ' )!. B. TH'.f.MPSiJN. .
. -Brownvi'lo, Jcly 5th, IS." vi-.": ! , .
Country Produce -
WANTED, and for which we allow tha tighsit
..Market pri9. UOBLITI .L h XK ,
" - ' ' 4.-. :-