Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, October 18, 1856, Image 3

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IT." YT. rURNAS, Editor.
. Pavtj. Genera Advertising A rest, in rear
- York. Ladies' and Children's hLoe Store,
t rourtn street, Lmcimati.
". Fkttesgiu. A Co. New York.
5. SwTiraxs., No. U Chestnut street, Saint
'. JlrLrxo, Trey, Ohio.
II. II. Dak?t, Tippocanoc, Ohio.
JjrvcrK, Ccrirtcn, Ky. "
Kinx, Archer, Nebraska. :
". Fetes, Oregon, Mo. ;
v & Hawk, I lock port, Mo.
1 White, Nebraska City, X. T. -
- W. Tatk, Linden, Mo.
arm.", Three Grove, N. T. -horized
Areata to solicit Subscriptions and
meats for the Advertiser, and rcciere and
r monies thereon. - i -
i resident in this Territory, coming from of the State3, often suggest to 03
s of persons in their old neighborhoods, who
ubtle;a become subscribers if tbey could see
. the Advertiser." We always send a speci
T, and persons recieving, will consider it a
on to become & regular sub-briber. Pol
and others, feeling sufficient interest to make
canrtt&in the usual per cent for their
recent extensive additions of. rev
;is, colored Inks, Bronzes, Cards, &c,
the "Advertiser" OHIce, we claim to
5 turn but Job Work in a manner un
1 by any oice. The proprietor being
:al printer himself, and having in his
Job 'Printer, is determined not to be,
ae in the execution of Job Work." Cards !
5 onc'of Tester's latent improved Card j
5, Blanks, Y'ork in Colors, Bronze
fcc'vill meet vith particular atten-
rs from a distance will be promptly at
to, nd warranted to give satisfaction or
we" left the town at the issue of the
' vertiser" und cot returned until cow,
U scarcely hare known the place, such
n the amount of improvement witain
er- ilucli .has been done in grading
'.reet and' the work yet progresses.
.Mings have gone up here and there
commenced have been finished
fast approaching, has caused all who
erecting houses, either residences or
s'hotises. to nut in their best licks
v I ,
Lake .although he thrust us out of
asa two 'weeks .ago has finished up
'.ca building in good style, and now we
rselvss ;seatei in a good comfertable
n and our boys of the ciQice in the
room," snug and warm all. ready
1 and 'primed"- for a winters campaign.
usual- h umber, cf strangers have been
:oYwg at our town and surround
nearly all of whom have located
i town or on claims.- There will be
I rush for Brown ville and Nemaha
in the spring. Yet there. is room for
Fcuxd DEAD.--Oa Thursday last, a nan
was fonnd dead in the cornfield of !ir. Haws,
near Brownville. lie was ' apparently about
23 or SO years of age, quits a small man, had
on gaiter shoes, grey pant?, check shirt, and
white wool hat. Nothing about his person cf
value. On a small slip of paper, in one cf
his pockets, was written, "T. B. TiHanj, lit
Pleasant, Iowa," and "S. B. Stanton, Cincin
nati, , Iowa." From the evidence given the
Coroner's jury, wc learn that he came to Dr
IIooveb's, in Nemaha City, on last Thursday
week, stated hd had joined Lane's company
sometime ago, gone into Kansas ar.d had been
bick there, and was endeavoring to get back
into Iowa; that he was from Connecticut, and
owned land in Iowa. The evidence' showed
him, quite feeble, hcrvous and at times de
ranged, lie left Dr. Hoover's e'arW' K
morning, evidently in a deranged state of
mind, wandered into the cornfield .and there
died from exposure. No ono learned his
name. '.- '
Juryjeturced--"Camo to his death byes
posure." '. .... r
friend making a remittance the past week,
closes with: - " !'.- '77 1
"1 assure you your paper has been anxiously
looked for, by Eomo who neglected to notice
will bring our papers with more than the usual
quantity of good things in it, as you have had
much timo to collect in store. "Ah,", but I
hear some one say, "he has been spending his
time electioneering." ,
One would naturally suppose we have made
unusual preparations for the present cumber of
the "Advertiser." But tha fact ii we have
never had less time for editing been more
pressed with business, than during the past two
weeks; in which timo we have moved the of
fice out of the building wo have been occupy
ing and back agaiD, put it in order assisted
in .erecting a dwelling for the wife and babies
to winter in played hauling sand, brick, lum
ber, digging cellar, &c. spent much time in
showing friends from the States the beauties
of Brownville, and surrounding country.' As
to electioneering; we have made one "stump
speech," and "talked with the people," when
"opportunity ofiercd." Our exchanges have
accummulated in heaps, unread local items
unattended to. - We hope the necessary al
lowance will be mado for us, under existing
circumstances. Wc will have matters risrhied
up shortly. . ' ; . - I
c'.i appears" to le sandbars at thp mouth' of the
Etiearn, formed by the washing -of the Mis
'; 'A ,'walk on tho peaks of the blufTa east cf
the b:oux, enab'cs the observer to overlook
the iiurrennding country as far as the vi.-ion
can extend, and afTords an opportunity of to
holding the rno3t lovely and delightfal scen
ery, that can be desired by any true lover of
the beauties -of Nature.. The 'surroundiug
prairie cast of those bluffs, is very broken for
several miles nortn, whon all at once the coun
try assumes a level on the high lands, having
a surface as handsome as any farmer could de
sire.. Ou the west side-of the Missouri the
Ijills arid ?al!eys alternate, and there can be
feund rich tillable lands, and anl'abundanco of
good timber of both, soft and hard wood.': Oc
casionally a tributary of the Mistouri Is to be
found,' which' extends into the interior, offer
ing a sufficient supply of timber -for ordinary
purposes.- V '''.' ' -
The r Indians are' somewhat ; troublesome,
and . will retard the settlement of the cottntrv
nntib the question' cf difference '.between, the
Purcas and Omabis,or the Government, set
tled.1' The Omahis sold to ths Lococo river,
. .. i ii 1 - . . .
ana tne runcas cUum that the land as 'low
down the Missouri-asT the ' Aoway creek, be
long? to them; and, therefore, the whites have
? r-oi 'as jet, 'OCClinv .Lhak'-MnAL.lm'i'A
Pine is represented to have been found in
the northwestern porteon of Nebraska. "
tho river on the ferry tncV' Nebraska, and, " New Boats: Three cew. stsamors have
somewhat to . our asinm en t, found Flor- been-added-to the boats of this trade Ben
en-: whir's W nX been called a "one Bolt. Si. Mary "and Tv'm Caropbe'.l. The
, -,i V Correspondence of tho Adrertiacr.
-;, SostaisnsET, Iowa, '! i
-: . . , September ISth, 1856.
- R. Avubsas, Esq.: .. .;. : ' '
, Dr. Aa Sir: In . my rambling3 about
Iowa, since I left Council. Bluffs, it has been
my, lot to pass through this place, which is
the county seat of Adair county. , its location
is one of the most beautiful and picturesque to
be found iri the central portion of this State,
and is situated on the main" summit," between
the waters of the Mississippi and Missouri riv
ers. There are several fine mill streams in the
vicirT.ty of , town well skirted. with bard wood
timber, in sufficient qnanty to supply the ad-
horsa" to.m, convaleb having been tinder
the influence of imprpnt3, as prescribed
by Dr. J. a Mitchel, eld resident of that
place, and its crHnalxdcr. It 13 a bcauti
ful location for a towm'd 1 find cthera, also,
think so; for there arjout e?ghty respectable
and substantial buildil, on the ground The
Florence Bankir" II? is nearly complete,
and make3 a nc-.t ariiranco. . A water and
steam sawmill are corar.tlyj.5pperation,'and
a third one n short 'distce above, anjtyet the
cry is for more lumbei -The -river there, is
said to have a rock boom all the way across.
Stores, doctors, mechacs, laborers, brickma
kers, loggers &c.; &q all nd enough to do,
although I think the ctors'. prospects .are ra
ther lean; and the onl;way the most of. them
live, in this country, tby turning their atten
tion occasionally to suae more lucrative em
ployment, and evcntully get so rich they en
tirely, quit the . practie. . Rather reluctantly
we left for Saratoga, nicV forms a link, in the
"City of Extension, Is a 'eutlemah in Flor
ence termed it. ' ''" 1", ' !
There the proprietors ard moving with great
energy, to accomplish, tbcirdesinsjnbuilding
tip an intermediate connection between". Fior-
ctner iiiipiovcucGus,if the weather wul per
mit. That company' is also endeavoring to
draw the terminus of. the railroad, opposito to
their point, by holding out heavy inducements
Tho railroad company, through their agents,
have been making propositions to a gentleman
who holds a tract of land opposite Omaha, for
the same purpose; but I understand the main
Depot is to bo established itf the south addi
tion to Council Bluffs. " . ; ;.; '7 , ,''77'.
The agent, Gen. Eobinson, bas just left here,
for Blackbird Hills, to pay off the Omaha an-;
cuily, which will take 'place, about Mopday
text. The Indians have just returned from
their summer hunt on the plains,, after buffalo.
Boot & Henry's ' three-story, brick; block,
which was blown down a. few days since, has
again been laid up; to the joico of the third
story, with prospects of a-speedy completion,
Utter takes' the 'plac5 of tho Edinhurg which
has rone into the New OrUn-s trade. , . .: ;
Many rcrscr.s have located in Brcwn ville,
and many ithers taken ciaims in mn coua.y
the rast week. More, failing to hni accom
modations for the winter, have purchased prop
erty and will make arrangements , to belere
early in the Spring
11. W. Fi-bnas,"EsJ.:-
Pirl-Bj nernuttiVs yourself to become acandi-
date f)rCouD5iitnanfrora jcmiaicuuui;
ritorial Legislature, you. mil obligY ;
merons citisena of tliis conntyj I hare consented to
v,m r,,j-.intn f,,r th Council, and shall taka
the earliest opportunity to sne; converse and conduit
with tie peoplo of the Datrict. 7
11 iU
A!v'D -
HcAIiLISTER, DOZll-li a tu.
IJrowr-Tillc, 7
?it- r,';,. 'it tLe N
I5rC"-.'tb9iul.ii t . u tLe;r -w '
ts r.-'-Cfi"iiit:l, tbeir Cooii :
ar i be.::?- CT'ened.
Further rt:c
.rs nca-t wee.
... . I .I.J
, :-, C? III-
ST. iu - Ij AJ . 'XTCtTT
'' Corner of Olive and I'.iln Sit3n over thaEani
.... in 5 House of Jots J. Asierscn & Co. . ."-
I, XAi:.:; V.'. IZAUD. Cjverr ortha iw
Te--i'. -y,iar-r3aance of an act of tha lz
c, ri'.iv, "to prorida for taiir-; the cen.iij, tna.i-J
appok:c nr:o holdir j tlectioc &c r- roTed Jn-
r. We are au:hori7ed ti announce I. L. KNIGHT as
a candidate for County Commissioner at the ap
proaching election. 1 - - "
... v nntV.nrii.vl tit aiinoulice Vi. H. HOKN, as
a candidate for Representative, at thQ approaching
election.., ... . ' t.;'t
t wa hrA anilir.rie.l ta annoujiee II.'S.' THOUPE,
as a candidate for Representative at the approach
ing election.'
i .
We era authorized t announce R.J. WHITNEY,
as a candidate for Jiepresentative at tho approach
Tlin, ., .
a? A.candidato rot.....?1"-
ing election.") " : "
.... tacii-s r.vii"."i
Portablo Circular Cr.r-Uill,
THE icost useful and uece-aary r hlnory iiitn
erati n: is simple ia con.;tnictio;i e:t3.!y -ip
in order, and can be moved n a wagon as rer-Cuy as
iirncVit.T narhine. and tut ia eixjratioa at a imi.
m .u.w,..8 7---r . v ., i f...
expense.. It will eaw from tne to iwo i;ouaat-i
Of lumber a dav, with one team of six hones, a3 aa
averag9 -busiatsA. and ia abetter style than oUcr
mills cow in use.' It is equally well adapted to;
.Steain, Water or Horso Power.. '
Th ii nderij-ned. amenta for the ratantec, woit 1
announce to tho public that they are no prepared
toTarnioli Mills, with or witaout tiorso pjwer, ,i su
perior uility and. worknanbip, with the riht to
use the same, upon tae most iavoraiie torun, ua
manufactory, No. 202, Second street, St.' Louis, Mo.
s We also the right lor .tae manuiacrere ci
ChildsV Patent. Double : Sarr'i Mills.
The eucccssfal practical operation of these mills
through the country has been the mcan3 of establish
ing their great reputation and with improvements
in construction and increased facilities in minufAc-
All orders ad.1rcs.5ed lo"uf .will to promrUv execu-
4. J J 1. - . 1 - .
leu, ana any liuorm.tiion in rctrara 10 ji..;s cueenui
e authorised to announce W.. Af t LNLY, jj pVen,', 1
lidate lor ucpresentauve, at pe approacn- Persons1 ordering Mills will rJcao raontion the
State and Coucty in which they wish to use them,
T- ll TT
7. S -;-i v.-'f'Iin the eren1 coaici m
this Terri: :ry on ths Crst Tuey ia Norcn at, ...
, .etc -...;,..,- n,Kr t.t the CcUfiCl'., th.rtT
l-en cf t-e i jui3 n i.oim. .-
ncrs for taca coan;y, iiyc-
-ent hereunto ?v.Vj-ir.O'.:; w-ica
76 11 iz7.
three County C
rJan r-iih t-.e rrovUicps cf aa a;t u7'
PoCccatyCcr.:u:iiic2or5 yet cl.-cUd, t-
aadreiairdtoprc-eei at enca to la J .c- t-e..r re-iDc-Uive
counties into convenient c.oauod preca...
jrj?r3 wuca i-ey s.l. - v
asl traniiid
W . . r : r.t one
and tw.) Representatives; the conr.t;:s of r;xr. , .
Curaicg joiVly will eleot or. Kcpre.envauve,
couniyf WwhintoneUCc
three RepTser.tatives; tb.ecof.hem u.iJ cl
las county will elect farce Co?.i..mcu ar-i ,
RcTi-escn(ative: tho southeni dl -tr;ct of aa.d cttntj
LA wt rw- and fo-r r.r??-ntatics
II ill A v u vuv X. - -
"We are
as a candi
as a candidate for Representative, at the approachi
ng election. s -.. -( 1 ,
' Extension of Page's Patent,
1VT0TICE is berebv oiven tn t.Ji TmV.'ir tSul
We are authorized to announce J. S. MINICK as 1M patent of PAGE'S rOfiTARf.M Cl Rf!TT, Ml
a candidate for Councilmen, at the approaching SAW MILL has been extended frr seven years from
election;'' ' ' " -'" . Jclv 16th. 1S53. AH
Td font" fil in Tri nnn n (V Vi a cn n 1- ! v
V a are authorized to announce J. "ft . HALL, as ... vpn.irn- ;n 1. : '..i
m nm1)Huta -r" ; I Mint I VWi m eat Annt a f tha a w. I ... . . . . -3
a wti;. vmivau, , wita Uio Uws in such ease mnda and -provided
proaching eleotion.
We are authorized to announce LAWR2NCE
KINNISON ts a . candidate for County Commis
sioner, at the approachiag election.
GEORGE PAGE, Patentee.
'We are authorized to-announce ISAAC C. LAW
RENCE as a candidate for Representative at theap-
' proaching election.. -, 1 .... - : .. ;, . . ; t; .
z our last issue "the Cre starting .from the
, .Settlements have swept across the
, towards. the ilisaouri. River, leaping
courses, sweeps? .everything ju. its
. Dame nature caruet, butashortvvhi'e
3 e beautiful ."waving green," is now a
zj blackened, desolate looking waste.
. damage has been the result. : The grass
1 would have been of great service, much
r, is consumed tiuch too that was cut
'.a:ked up for winter use; other serious
t nonces have followed,' fences and in
instances houses have been consumed,
others '"barely saved. Capt Thurber
is shop-building, tooLs, and a considerable
zt. ef ready male work.. Many from
in the, interior a-iU be compelled to come
the "bottoms" .to winter their stock.
jacent excellent prairio for a dense and popu
lous settlement. .; In one of the groves nearby, and when finished, will be decidedly the best
is an excellent steam mm, owneu oy viwter block in the city.
& .Marry; which only, partially supplies the The Methodist and Presbyterian houses are
ETeat demand dor lumber. ..... nroirresain? steadilv. and ara intended tr ba
, - - -1- 1 o c j r
It is astonishing with what rapiditythe cen- completed this 'fall.
tral portion of Iowa has settled, and more es- ' But of. all the. fast towns,' this one' excels:
pecially as. it was supposed, but a few years and the oldest inhabitant has already become
since, that it was nothing but a blank, and un- about as much of a stranger aa any other, for
inhabitable. by ad save the roting savage.; But he says it is-impossible for him' t6 "keep pest-
the tune has been turned, and now western ed" even as to the owner of the improve-
lowa lands and lots are sought for with great ments,
avidity, and the country extolledeven seme- . I notice that IL D. Johnson is aain on
times beyond what it will bear. I was sur- hand with his printing apparatus, his house
prised, as favorably as my mind had been im- up, and he reports that he will be again in full
pressed with the country, to hear of lots sel- blast in a few weeks, and continue,' probably,
hng here for seventy-five dollars at this early atleast fora season. ;' ; -
day, when the town had, as it were, just been . Two more horse theives caught, from Mon
located. : Wild prairie 'lands, -five and six miles roe county, Iowa, and sent back, ; besides two
from town, are worth five dollars per acre, and here in the charge of the Sheriff.-..! should
and timber per acre, ten to twenty. The post think this rathtr a hard place for such appli
omce nero 13 cauea f onteneiie instead or bora- cants for employment. They fall, into rather
merset, as u snouid Have been, with a daily active hands when they come this far.' -
brownville when selling goods was considered ; mal! '.roM Oscaloosa to Council Bluffs. A There appears to be considerable castiri"
an experiment here, now its a "fixed fact,'" and j .frame Court house, twenty-six by thirty-six, is about, these times, in reference to candidates',
they are reaping their reward. Success to them.-belt, bui,t and ? the contract is to be com- and I would not be surprised to hear of an ex
, pitted by the 1st of October. I notice a very citing canvass before they get througV th,
Baxk Safe. The big safe for the "Nema-! S0&a quality of-limestone; here, wnich is a election in November next Those who were
BroT7nvillc Ilarkct '
' 1 And E card of Education, -
Ilave'orderol the following Desirable Works for the
' Tovraship Libraries of Indiana.
Some of them have been, put into everu Library.
others only into the. more populous townships. The
niTrrrTTv ririrTT-.-TT?T tt i rrt rvvvrr -nv I careful attention given to the examination of works
lur mc5D ju.-i,. 13 a guarantee ti me mcni. 01 lao
books chosen, ilany families, will desire to own the
BaowNviLLEN. T. v
' KEW GOODS. " ,
A number f strangers in town the past
week, when Hoblitzell & Co. received and
opened their extensive stock of Goods, aston
ished, exclaimed, "what on earth do they in
tend to do with all those goods." Why, sirs,
they mean to sell them, and they will have
no trouble to do so. . Capt. White ; aware of
the increasing demand for goods, has ' taken
unusual pains this fall to select a stock, both
in extent And variety, particularly adapted to
this market, and judging from the loads we see
leaving the store hourly, we conclude they
jnot, cuii, x ii.o j'iwiiwci ..'uusc vfpciitrta lii
FLora, sack of 100 Es--
toax Meal,. f bushel..
Corn, in the car, old ? bushel-
Oats, j? bushel,
Sugar, To---
: Hams,
' . S-'hjulders,
' .Sides,
Chickens, ) doi.,--
Eggs, .do, ..............
FBEStf Beep, Ib
Potatoes, bushel, new
BCTTEll, i.
."$4,50 '
... 50o
:. 30o.
... 40c
.16o '
. 100 i
the southern district cf Douglas. t
and Camirg cc-untieiici'y will elect cneUu.c
man; the counties cf Dodra tv.i Platte -7 w
elect cce Kerre3entate; the counts c. Cass, La a--
caster and CUy jointly will elect Cr
and four Hepeutatives; th eouuty or U '.o
elect two Gouncilaca and six livurct. U
county if Nemaha will elect ona Ccuncuaa
and Puwnee j iaily will elect oaa Couaeiiman ajl
three Heprcs:ntative5; the counties' cf Cod.XJ,. Cal
and Otoe jointly -Till elect one Councilman. ...
Witness my hand and tho gre-it seal of tl
Territory, this S-ih- day of September,
A. D 1333,
By the Governor, JfALlC W. IZARD.'-''
T. B. CmiNO, Secretary of. Nebraska.. ,- r 1
ILnniber! ILuiiibor!:
THE undersigned ba3 on hand nd for sala at L. r
mill, Hush Uottorn, 21oM Ono hundred anl"
Twenty-fiye Thousand foet of various kinds of Luci
ber, wliioh he ofTers for ealo at the following prices.
Square edged lumber, -' - .$1,51
Hhvetfnr, - - .; - . - . - 1
Black Walnut, . - - - - .210
There is a ferry across the Jlissourl rirer, oppdte
the mill. Lumber will ba dclircred en the Nebraska,
shore, at 50 cents in addition to the above pric-v?.
September 20, 135S; Tlal5-Cinp.J : . '
iAlO Of ilOtZJ"
j. ......
...... 10c
...... 80
....... 9o
,. 15c
..... 57
.. ...1. .... . i,0o
....... .... 15c
ha Valley Bank," arrived per btearacr St Ma-
Its size may bo indeed of when we sav i I
- t..
great, advantage in a praiiie country, where in, do not appear ' to be anxious to go again,
building material is generally sc.trce. ;' and the law requires that others shall have
it was "ti?ht pulling" for 8 yoke of oxen to I Tho Davenport and Council Bluffs railroad been in the Territory six months, so by that
take it from the rircr to the Bajik building. will probably be located through the northern arrangement, there are not many here who are
It is capations enough to hold plenty of the! portion of Adair county, about one' days drive legally qualified to fill the offices. -"spondulicks;"
but 'we hope that article wUH from this place to the road and back., - , It was reported here, quite currently, .that
not be confined in the iron prison. Leitl Lojoh out! the country is moving. I do your Governor Was removed, and the'Mavor
-"have, free course run" and if it doesn't; not mean, the Union, but the hard-fisted and cf Chicago appointed; but from what I can
"glorify" itself, it will the people. "II urry j industrious yeomanry just the people you learn, I do not believe it to be a fact ,; -
..ersin Kansas have remained quiet-
t of. Free State men have been arrested
s civil authorities for murder, alledged to
;en committed during the fighting times,
.rn the Grand Jury'have found indict-
sgairist them. We had hoped that the
ling parties would havo retired from
rritory, and. let the past be forgotten,
nee anew, and thus peace and harrnonj'
red. -What the present state of affairs
.d to, the future alone will reveal. The
1 in -Kansas has taken place, Whitfield
I to Congress without any opposition
iat6 men taking no pari in the election.
rox of the "Nebraska City New" got
"mass'' with some of Lane's men, for
- them a" Scabby Sett of Fellows." lie
retreat, procured "arms" and then march
'soli'd column" with his "Editor Saver"
on his shoulder to give, battle. - Gen.
, by. a timely dispatch, interfered, and
"hostilities ceased." The number of
i and wounded on both sides" we have
- Steamer Ouaiia laid over on her down
trip at pur landing, and the Boys had a
lirao in general. Being-Sunday night
-nee 'didn't go off."
:l Eoad SrEEcii. On Tuesday last we
a regular Bail Boad Speech from
;ins cf Indiana." He is going to build
-loads all over the Territory especially
rowLtown and Nimehaw City forks at
-er one to each town, and a Switch to
up the cakes," gentlemen, and
rency in circulation; it is needed.
get your cur-
New Saw Mill. The steamer St. Mary,
put off at our landing this week, the machine
ry for another saw mill. It is much needed.
Such is the demand for building material, that
the saw mill of Noel, Lake & Emeksox al
though the best in the Territory cannot be
gin to supply tho wants of the community.
-rs' Mill." After giving advice to pres
.udidatcs, be announced himself as a
-te. for the Legislature nrxf year
king of Bail Eoal reminds us of an
t on the "down L-in" of tho Noel,
Emerscn E. B. one day last week.
; to sae iniufScieney or wearing out,
ck jave way, pcrcipitating the Locomo-
lowc an embankment some 15 feet. The
eet Emerson and fireman Pagan made
passenger cars" re-
ed on the track no one hurt. All things
;ain ia running order."
steamer Gexoa, one of our regubir
on .bet downward trip, Sept. 30th,
and sunk, between Wyoming ani
No lives kt. Boat a total lo.
Correspondence of the Nebraska Advertiser!
Ceesext Citv, Iowa,
September 23d, 1856.
Mb. Editor: I notice in a communication
written while in Souix City, that I say that
Sioux City lost the county seat That asser
tion is not true, and must be either a mistake
of yours or mine. The county seat was estab
lished atLoyd'a Bluff, or old Sergeant's Bluff,
and then it was claimed that by a vote of the
county it wa3 located at Sergeant -Bluff Citj
At their last election the question wa3 regular
ly brought before tho voters of Woodbury
county, and tho question of the seat of justice
I was decided in favor of Sioux City, - r
I also notice another mistake of my own in
saying the steamer Emma was above on a sand
bar. It was the Clara.
Our trip to upper Nebraska and the Terri
tory of Minnesota, was very pleasant The
river there is very crooked and undergoing' a
constant change of channel, creating extensive
sand bars, cultirg off landings, and leaving
town sites where it was least expected. In
deed, there appears to be no security or cer
tainty in old muddy, whatever one day pro
ducing smiles and another frowns. The coun
try in Minnesota, and now in the possession of
tho Yanktons, is beautifully diversified with
timber and prairie, proportionate to the wants
of the agriculturist The bluffs bound the
Missouri on the southwest, and the Sioux river
on the east, leaving an extensive fertile valley
between them, h terspersed with hard and
cotton wood groves, as pretty as can bo found
in the neighborhood of Brownville, and I
know that is hard to beat The citizens of
Sioux City and vicinity, already have their
point selected, claims made, and protected
as they think tho groves and streams named
the oiijts of timber designated and all ready
to "pilch in" when the time arrives for their
jKTmti&ion to locate. But I think there is one
great drawback to that region of country, mid
want to settle the rich lands back, ; and ; in the
vicinity of Brownville.
that is the overflow of the va'lies, which the
a Farmers who want to "trade for the! French and Indians report to be the case occa
sionally. Nevertheless, tho timber will bo of
User," now is your time we are full of
want wood or coal to keep from "frizin"'
winter Hay oats and corn for our Bob-
Mr. Morton, of the "News," we're after
with a pair 2 -JO sorrel nags "g'lang."
Correspondence of the Advertiser,
OM.vriA City, N. T., )
September 26th, 1856. $
JL W. Furn-as.-'Esq.: '; ' :
Dear Sia: After leaving Sommerset, I
endeavored to follow the line of the Daven
port and Council bluffs railroad survey, as
much as practicable, but encountered many ob
stacles on the way, in consequence of crossing
streams, &c, and, therefore, was compelled to
1 i ft .t . 1
leave iuo route, ana ionow inc roaas. uemg
snxions to learn something more definitely as
to tho point of its intersection with the Mis
souri valley, I pnssed over to the Pigeon val
ley, which, by the way, includes some large
and -well cultivated farms, and entered the
Missouri bottom at Crescent City. There, rath
er Unexpectedly, I; found a very convenient
store hotist?, 20 by 40, well supplied with mer
chandise; together with a crowd of wagons
and customers in waiting, which led ine to en
qnire where they came from, and was informed
that thero was a heavy settlement to the east
and north pf them and, indeed, all around
them which had heretofore been supplied by
Council Bluffs as their place of trade. I no
ticed the lumber on the ground for another
store house. Horo for an eating housa. Ths
materials for the Hotel, and the 'dwelling of
the editor c f a rew paper to .be issued there
this fall; the printing material already having
been sent for, and the mency remitted., . Their
steam saw mill was nearly ready to commence
operations.' ' Several families are residing in
the town, and everything denotes life and en
ergy on the part of tho proprietors of the
town. Thijy are refusing to sell some lots at
one hundred dollars, although they wilUdo-
nate a lot to any person who will erect a suita
ble house thereon. There are two water mills
near by, and in sight. A company is
tivelj engaged in the brick business, and are
making rapid progress although they com
menced late. . The mail passes there, six times
a week, to and from Council Bluffs and Sioux
City. The? have an excellent river landing
not to be excelled on the Missouri.
Any person who has once traveled over this
section f country which could not poswibly
have beeri many years since and thi.s year
take another trip, bo could come to no other
conclision than that "this'-, was decidedly the
fast country,- and tho fast age." It matters not,
rtpjK-jrectlr, what" injjediments throw I. he ni
sei res in the way; the conclusion is,, they
must and iball ba overcome. --.
At Crcsmit City I cet with a friend, and
The Douglas House is again in full blast,
and the town appears more like homo to " a
stranger, than wheu men were compelled' to
seek boarding and shelter in the saloons and
sometimes fail even there.
A few more days; and -1 ; am ou3nd shall
haul up again at Brownville, I think; before
cold weather I mean winter for it is cold
enough now. and particularly mornings and
" . -".- n.
I have acheived a tower of fame,
More durable than gold . ' i i j
And loftier than the royal frame
Of pyramids of old, ; s " r
Which no inclemencies of clime,
vNor fierciest winds that blow . -
Nor endless hane,Tior lapstS .of. time,"
Shall ever overthrow
I cannot perish utterly ' ' ; ' -'
The brighter part of me V
Must liver-and live aad-f-never. diej
But baffle Death's decree; r
For I shall alwayi grow, and spread
My new-blown honors still,
Long as the priest and vestal, tread
The Capitolian hill.., 1
.1 shall be sung where tby rough waves, .
My native river, foam; ; .j -i
And where old Dannus scantly laves", '
And rules her rustic borne." ' ' ....
As chief and first, I shall bo sung
Thou lowly great in might-:
To tune my country's heart and tongue,
And tune them aright. . . ..
Thou, then, tay soul, assume thy state, I
And take thy honors due; , - , p
Be proud, as tby deserts are great
To thine own praise be true. . .
Thou, too,celestial muse, como down, . -
And with kind haste, prepare- i . i
Thy laurel for a Delphic crown, ; "'
To weave thy Toet's hair. ',; . '
Nemaha City, Oct. 10,1815. '.
' ? ;; ,;: . . OF
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their turn to get them from a library. The works
may be -purchased of Booksellers, or will be sent by
maiijiree 01 postage, upon payment of prices annex
ed to each.
Fan's Ancient llistOTV Much FUDcriwr to
Roilin, because more concise, accurate, and up with
mooern rescarcn. 4 vo'S., lotn, gilt, 5a. Saecp,
library style, $3,50. -
The Teacher's Miscellany is anew nnl ex
cellent collection of articles on Education, written by
Judgo McLean, Drs. Stowe, Biggs, McGcitv,
Avdelott, llcxETT, Lyni, Post, and other distin
guished members of tho "College of Teachers." 1
vol., 12mo., Cloth, ?1,2j. V,
History of the Puritan and Pilirrim
Fathers. By Stowell and Wilsox. 1 vol.. l2mo
Moffat's Life of Dr. Chalmers. 1 vel..
12mo., $,25.
The Ladies of the Covenant: Memoirs of
distinguished Scottish Female Characters; Embra
cing the Period of the Covenant and the Persecu
tion. By Iiev. James Anderson. .
Moffat's South' Africa. One volume. 12rao.
Twelfth edition. $1.
Six Years in India. By Mrs. Colin Makex-
ZIE. 2 vols, 12mo., Cloth. S2.
TrmS Prflrtipfl! f.9nilcnnnali.lim:.rf
with 22 plans and Illustrations. Third edition. 5 1,50
xaan-oi-w ar Iiiio.
A. C. Uoddia and Win. Campbell, and now
ODeninsr. the most extensive stock of Goods ever of-
ferol in this. markets After the experience tbey A Uoy's l.vperieuce 111 the U. S. Xavv.
hare in Nebraska, they Hatter ticmsclves that they " (sixth thousand.)
know wuat suits tne necnej and bare purchased such
a stock of Goods as' caniiot fail U please. : We will
1 volume, lGmo.; Illustrated. 73 cents.
; The XSerchant Vessel,
A Sailor-Boy's Yoya;es to see the World.
1 volume. lCow Illustrated. 73 cents
Nobdhoff's admiral series of volumes. "Man-of-
W I :r . ry ..',f 1. i. xr ., . - . .
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H- I . k A , .li.ll. . , IV, U..ll yLly flUU I I f . J ..... v. II UUilUg
1 -r V? ..... f.,.I PIH.:..- ?...-. : I I I llnti Fi-ihinT." mniat Ka rnnnltra,! .-;tk
.'lieu tuiu I - - " . ... . v ,vuvu iriiu xi vau lay ur, ad
not nretend to imurapntii. hut inmi and sea- anil
you wul not tail to be suited.
Uet. 15, ISoo.-iy . '
Ready Made Clothing,
m-m f f ' 1 r
I A tern of Ready Mado Clothing, just rece
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in lifo-like delineations cf adventure by sea.
Very striking and trophic pictures of life at Sea.
evidently authentic and very instructive.
' 7 ; : lliW adventuro enough to please and truth
enougn 10 tussipate tue cnartn of a sailor's life. -
: " ' - Aew Aork Evangelist.
Ihere is in them a vast amount of information
respecting the commerce of the world. Brcibyterian
uness. . .1
-Will take captive the young. Journal and Mes
scnger.: -. : - - . i. ;r i
A Bnckeye Abroad, or Waudorinss ia Earone
The Three Great Temntations ofYonn?
cv . nr 1- . . ...
lueii. dajicei. v. rianEB. jt ourtn edition.
vol. 12mo, muslin, 1,00.
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W Jl ft i.l S3 T I Tol,,.'. ..e nr. i m , L ! . -
' ' I entirely by agents. .
Ai.'Wyomisirr,', d J.-
ATOriCE is hsreby given to the "world and the!
lN rest of mankind," that there will be a sale of
Lots in Wyoming, Otoo county, Nebraska Territory
on tho ' ' ' . ,
' Twenty-fifth day of October, it j.
. " - A. D.r I80G. .... ; ; :j
To those who have hni the pl?;tsuro of secirjf tni . ,
beautiful site, and surrounding country, it ii useless
to say anything in commendation, t3 thJ reality id
superior to any description thut can bo given; but ttr
thoso who have not, we would say, that Wyoming u.
hx'atcd at tho mouth of Weeping Vater nvar, and
has th-s very best rock landing on the Missouri river,
without any exception whatever, ihe boach. Fronx,
tho mouth of Weeping Water for a distance of threw
fourths of a mile down, is nearly in a straight line.
and is a perfect rock base; in some places already
graded. Tho bluff is low, and full of the best Iimw
and sandstone rock in the Territory, and abundant
enough to supply a Iarg) city for til future agog, fur
building, paving, fcc. There are extensive bodies of
timber in the imiaouiate vicinity, ert both sdcy of
the River; stona-coal, lima and sand-stone abound:
throughout the wholo valley of the Weeping Water,
The bluff, from a- few feet above bigh watf mark,"
slopes up at an angle of about six degrees, far a dis-T
tance ot one-fonrta of a mue, ticn spreads ont lato
tho most DcaQUiuI taMe lanas, presenting to view
the most romantic and magniScient Ianclare ever-
beheld by the eye of man. The surrounding eotii-;
try is watered by the almost innumerable tributaries
of the Weeping Water, (so celebrated iri rosiance
and Indifln tradition,) and is the finest f irming re
gion in the Western country. Wyoming lies duw
West of Sidney, Clarinda, Bedford, ftoornflold.;
Kcosauqua and Burlington, and is thobost tcrminTi i
for a railroad on the Missouri river, and the best
point for a western extension, being due Eswt of Nw
Fort Kearney, and the nearest point on the Missoari,
to the great bait Spring in ebrask.i. ' -
rom tho great natural advantages tin pont hi
over every other place on the river, it U detirx?d o
become the Great Corairtercial Metropolis of tho Tor- ""
ritories West f the Missouri. : !
Them is the machinery for a steam saw mill 3uit .
laaded at our Levee, which will be erected forth
with." Thero is another expected in a short time.-
There will be a Printing OHlce set up, and weekly
newspaper issued in a few days. ' Merchants and Me;
ehamcs are sehfctiog lots ia Wyotn;rg for tba iavmo-T
diate erection ot buildings suitable for theirbnsinM.
The cormtry back alrealy prewnts a thriving aspect;
being dotted over with fields and houses 0? iniistri-1
oua farmers. There is no humbug about the matcr. ;
Justcorno and eo for yourselves, and get you a good "
homo while you can get it cheap. At th5 salo ja 1
the day above named, you can buy for a few dollars,
what wonld cost you thousands in a short time heno.
By order of tho Wyoming Town Comracv.N.T.
. JACOB DAWSON, Secretary.
Wyoming, N. T. Sept. 20, 1353. . rlnltitf ;
Stoves and Tinware.
""lOOK, Parlor and OfEce Stoves of various pat-
V terns; and im ware, at
Wood and Willow ware.
"nUCKETS, Tubs, Churns, and an endless variety
XJ or lllow ware, Is for sale at . :
).,. : - . . IIOBLITZELL & CO'S.
Discouraged. One of our carpenters re
marked the other day, r that such j was the
press of business in his line, that h s Lad bo-
como almost discouraged! It can't bb helped
will bo so. "'
The only Exclusive Wholesale Grocery
Mouse iti ' St. Joseph.
wholoanlo Grocora
Corner Second and Frances S!s.
F)ESPECTFULLY call the attention of Country
X, Merchants to their large and varied .stock of
, Groceries, which has been increased by late arrivals
at the lowest rate3 of freight, and will receive dnilv
T7ANTED, and for which we allow the highest audlons US "cason. nanng purchased for
jITZELL A CO I psjvuv in-jio iuiu viuiuiirjf miiuccnicnLj
to buyers, and will satisfy all that favor them wiih
a call, that they can and will compete with St. Louis
... fT-1 1
prices, x ney nave m store: ,. , I . .
600 bags Itio Coffee ' 50 boxes starch -40
"OO Java CoiTco 70 do lemon syrup'
100 chest and hf chests 253 whole and cf boxes
assorted Teas candy -
ISO bbl reboilcd and S IT 300 doz cans FielLs cele
Molasses brated Baltimore oysters
100 half bbls da 100 bbls half and or bbls
Zf 1 1.1 1 1- c .
ou-j aoxen 8xll and 10x12
window sash
100 hf bxs as3'd glasf
auu aoi ted cord
! -Provisions.
"T7E kecp constantly cn hand, Flonr, Corn MeaL
V Bacon, Butter, and every variety of Groceries.
.. .;, , UOBLliZELL CO.
Country Produco
V V Market price. -. IIOBLITZELL A CO.
' I , r Saddlery.
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177. G. & C. TODD t CO.,
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bt A 1.1 1 ,'hl ate r i a I s
INCLUDING Dutch Bolting Cloths, Mill Stones,
Saws, Screen?, Damsels, he. Also:
'.Both Upper and Lower Stone Bunvera. .
Of Stretched Leather amd Ilubber.
St. Louis, October IS, 135t. vlnl8-ly
great value to use on the wide prairie on either
side of either of those streams.
The Sioux river is said to be navigable ; proposed t hia to come to this place bv the
j about twentj-five miles, and the only ofeta-jvrajr f Florence, and Saratoga; ' We crossed
Mr. A. Skees has left at our ofuce a huge
pumpkin of . the fiuest species wo have -ever
como across. It is called the Sweet Potatoo
Pumpkin, and when cooked comes as near a
sweet potatoe as possible, not to bo one.
Mr. Glzss, Builder, from Oregon, ;Mo.,
has about completed the new store building of
McAllister, Dozier & Co., on Main street.
The goods to fill it arp arriving by every boat.
150 ilhds NO Sugar
60 bbls crushed "
80 bbls Tar -100
stands do
300 bbls & hf bib crack- 80 coils taaniila- and jut
. - 1 . j . -
ers of various kinds
200 bxs ass'd Tobacco .
100,000 ass'd Cigars i
1000 sacks G A Salt
1500 sks Dairy "
10 bales 4-4 Domestics'
100 do cotton batting
125 do do yarn .
500 kegs nails
80 do S C Soda
4 ju D U133 wrapping paper
500 bbls S F and extra
12:0 qr and half "bxs sar
80 dozen zinc washboards
50 nests tubs
75 dozen wooden buckets
-Dissolution of Partnership. -
NOTICE is hereby given, thai the co-partnership '
heretofore existinj between J. D. N. Thonirsoa
and H. 1. Baxton, is this day dissolved by mutual
consent.. Thebus:.ncs cftho firm will b f.aiihcA,.
with consent of partici concerned, by ILP-Buxtos.
, . I 11. Y. BUXTON,- ' '
..... - . J. D. N. THOMPSON
Browtville, Sept. 8,lSi5.- vlnlStf . -
1A.ME into mv inclosura abont the 1st of Anst
last, 3 yoke of oxca; marks, color and age as fol
lows: -
One ox, a blue roan, swarth crop and under bit
in the right ear; swarth crop from the left, and five
years old. One red roan, same marks and age. One
yoke exeft, pale red and white pied. Same marks
and age as above. Ono red ox, with bush of tail off,
and swarth crop fif left ear. Ono yoke oxen one
white, upfier bit ia left car, under bit in right, and I
looks as tliouga it had been split and tne upper part
forced off; age same as above. One black brown ox.
crop off right ear, and swarth crop and under tit off
left and a small a-rpearanco of a brand on left hip
age smae as above-
The owner can have tht-m by proving property,
and paying chargts, within sixty days 1 rom this date.
Given under my hand, this inh d;iy of October,
1851.. . - WM. WEPDLE.
N.-mnhae:.., N.'T., Town-nip 5. . vlnl3-3-.
250 bxs star candle
And a general assortment of sundries too numer
ous to mention in an advertisement.
Our consignment, 5.009 bbls Kanawla salt, at St.
Louis rates, freights added.
Orders are respectfully gtilicited and shall receive
prompt attention, and every effort made to give en
tiro satisfaction.
September, 27, 1S53 vlnlo-ly
Steam Hill Lumber.
WE take this method of informing the Public
that we havo just put in operation on what is
known as Sonora Island, four miles above Brown
ville, a first auality steam Sawmill, and arc now pre
pared to saw all kinds of Lumber on short totiee,
and in a manrer, wo-are confident ill giv satisfac
tion. We m ill keep a Ferry teat ma t the main
snore, tor tree use of our cutnrn?rs.
W. S. HALL & CO.
' L
.ILOOIi OUT! ; ';
ALL persons are hereby forwarncd from buying
the South West fourth of Section 2o.fowrihi '
6, North Range 15, East of tho sixth Principal Meri
dian, in Nemaha county, N. T., n-w oconpicd
Thos. HodJy; as I have a right to said claim that is
indisputable. B. B. THOMPSON. 1 -'
Brownville, July 5th, 13j3. vl-nitf ? .,,.-)
v riiERciiiAFJTS. ::
Steamboat Landing, St. Joseph, Io." ...
C Consignments of Goods and ProducV;
rc?Tiectfully solicited, and all business eatruit-"
cd to us will be promptly and carefully attended to
at the lowest rai?s. .'- ..,,--
References. ' . ..
Tavlor 5: Shepherd, . St. Louis, '
, Tt. L. McGheo Co' ' . j!
Livennorc, Cooley & Co., ".,",,,. '
Merchants Generally, ' St. Joseph.!
. BOBBINS h POMEItOY,-r. -i: '
Nos. O, Pearl and TI, Jlaia Street, '
' CEOBGC CtATXS. : - . 1. W LEE.
Real Estate and General .Acchcv,1
OilAIIA CITY, N. T. .' . . J
References. . ' - - .
James Wright, Broker, - New York - -
Wm. A, Woodward. Esq." ' ..,..r
Hon. H. Wood, Ex-Gov. of Ghl"' . Clev..-lanf. "
Wicks, Oiiu and Browntll, Bankers,' - n , . '.'
Aleott ic Ilorton, - . ' . ,
Col. Robert Campbell, ." - St. Louis,' "'
James llidgway, - r . . ' ;",
Crawforn and Pickett' : Chica.-
Omaha City, Aug. Zt, 1S5J. vlulMy , " 7' '
BLANKS of every description, for sala at this
OfSco. . . . . - - 7" - '
T 7ii HA"
Tb HA ii no", r-r, ly t-.-r "a!'- 1 '.' J.(:.-0 j-,, ,1 r T.
tibiO Brick.' VVLSTFALL& MAltf.OTT.
"Wholesale and Retiil - Grocer "
East side Marlat &pnare op'site Market Ilnro- f
1'tJS leave to ijif -rTU the eijis?n of Sr. J ,?-r,h.
BliUS leave to
and th-j -.nkM
r--T.i J K; - Mi ? -
tors an i t ie public jenrrally. . Botsi.r e r. tint- r
lj n band. - - ' " ' - '