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Extracts from akntcr Sated Fort v ancouver,
Wasliington Territory, April 1st 1836. St.
Louis Republican.
For the past six rr.orjtbs tho clouds have
Leon thickening around us and in almost all our
attempts to brighten matters, our enemies have
come ol Gr&t best. From JJaller's defeat up
to the last masterly strokes, enacted a few miles
above this post, the Indians certainly have
Lad the better of us.
It became necessary, a few months since, to
apply to the authorities at Washington for ad
ditional troops and they, were promptly grant
ed. The Oth Infantry came to this post, when
Cnl. Wright was invested with full powers to
conduct the campaign
t the Indians.'
Fc'.'tv Utiles above this place the river cavita
tion ceases, and over frve miles, the falls and
rapids of tharlrtr, all stores have to be trans
ported, in part, ly small boats, cordelled, and
the balance cf the way, about a mile and a
half, by a woolen Railway; tho small cars
carving about a ton of freight: b :r :r drawn by
mule und hand rower. At the lower end of
this Railroad a I) lock constructed
in October hist, which has, pro identially been
Ihe means vf saving many valuable lives.
This portage of five miles is one of the strong
est places that I have ever seen, once in pos
f . :.on of the enemy and all supplies to the
r.rcr country, Fort Dallas, Walla Wa'la, &c,
c, must cease, Uesides this, trom tne Eature
cf the srou'd, the party having possession
must have advantage over those at
tempting to dislodge them. In a military point
.of view it, therefore, is necessary to hold thi3
place, or of what use are our river steamers to
. tn on either tide, or how is the army, about to
t-V- t' ? cld, i j be supplied with tb-ir JalJy
"1. , : . Rumor , upon rumor ,1.3 1 reached us
thai Ue Indians intended to h:Id this place,
so soon as the troops all got pa? and n route
for the Walla Walla country, and that they
intended to burn the steamers, after which they
would make a descent upon 1 ort Vancouver,
the great depot of ammunition and supplies of
li kinds. . All these were laughed 'at by the
knowing ones. ."The idea of these miserable
' half clad, half fed . creatures' attacking the
jxDrtage is preposterous ! Have we not a Block i
IIousheld by a Serjeant and einJit men about
rnid way on this formidable bug-bear ?" .
.As before remarked, Col. Wright was 5ri
tjusted with the management of affairs in .this
rt;ion. Lieut. Col. Casey, with two companies
or. theOtb, having been ordered bv Gen, Wool,
to Tcget Sound, The Colonel went to .work
.with a will and got things in readiness, in the
shortest possible time, to take the field. Hia
disposition of the forces was as follows :
One company of the 9th and one of the 4th
Infantry at Fort Vancouver. One of the 9th
at the portage, ilie Cascades of t?ie Colunibia.
One company of the 4th at Fort Dallas. One
at the Indian reservation, sixty miles South of
the Dallas and the balance six companies of
the 9th, one cf Artillery and one of Dragoons
disposable for service in the field, with himself
' at their head.- In the meantime the mail
steamer arrives, having on board the General
commanding, and it was necessary and proper
to take the company of the 9th, destined for
the Btror ghold at the Cascades and the one
ordered to remain here with him, to Puget
Sound. What are the" consequences? CoL
Wright leaves the Dallas with his command ;
the Indians wait until they think that he has a
clever start and then make a simultaneous de
Rtvnt UDon this unprotected five miles of port
Ae and upon one of the steamers at the upper
ianding, blow up the houses and Government
property and murder on3 soldier, out lrom tne
Block Llouse getting wood, shoo; two others,
vtmndin,T them badlv, and kill thirteen women
and' children. The little steamer at the upper
3i' -d:r"T mukes a gallant defence until thev can
-et an steam and ruts back to Dallas with the
'c'lrninf intelligence mat me line oi com
i is latcrmpted; tnat the portage
another, and oin company, seventy fV"o
protect it, the necessity existed to a4?ttlFt the
relief of those poor -fellows beoed in the
Block House. Attachment p'ty-one from
the beventpxrttt ine Drf?0ns under Lieut.)
Sheridas sent off.,,-)13 Vancouver1
Av;. twenty-nine xnvt0T protection. The
, -tndians cognizant'' these facts, as they are
in daily comnxv,:catl'on with those who have
disarmed ai pretend to be friendly, con
iemplatc an attack upon this place that bight,
but we detered, we hear, by the timely arri
val tf the Columbia, mail steamer, about 8
c;och, r. wua eiguty recruits.
Lieut. Sheridan repaired to the relief of
those men in the4JIock house, on. Thursday,
the 27th, and fought all day, and at night were
obliged to withdraw to the opposite side of the
river, and send tne steamer down for addition
al force. He reported the Indians five to his
one, ana they in position disputing every foot
cu ground, xie aiso reported tne steamer Mary
had been captured, and no chance, in conse
quence, for reinforcements from the Dallas.
The timely arrival of the recruits, per Columbia,
enabled the commanding officer to spare twenty-nine
men- to the assistance of Lieut. Sheri
dan. They started at 2 o'clock, p. m., and
reached his camp at 10 r. m., the night exceed
ingly dark and rainy. The men were loaded
and ready to jump on shore the instant the
boat touched the land. We reared the bank
slowly, hailing and received "for answer that
the Cascades had been re-taken from the
Indians by a large command under Colonel
Wright, and the detachment under Lieutenant
Sheridan. Those of us who were about to
jump ashoro and hold the bank, were not dis
appointed at this news.
What the plan of campaign now will be, is
more than I can tell you. It would seem that
the settlement of new posts above Fort Dallas
Jc v;":lrr fntorfl consideration, when more:
'troops get into the country.
pAK Astoxio, Texas, April 15, 56.
Thesis no use disputing the matter. Texas
is a great State. We mean the soil, the "bound
less plains, the beautiful oak forests, the luxu
rious grass, and just at this time its soft, I'.lny
,b"cezei and its beautiful nights. Don't undui
'standus that e admire everything in Texas.
Not by considerable. . Its nasty little rivers, its
bu" and snakes and varmints of all kinds, in
cluding a smart sprinkling of the natives, we
do beg leave most respectfully to despise. We
have just returned from a trip up among the
' Camanches and the Sogers on the Clear Fork
of the Brazos River, and if we are not almost
scared out of our senses, we don't know our
eelf. The warm weather for the last month
ha3 made everything look like midsummer,
"and all sorts of creeping and stinging things
. have emerged from their winter lodgings in
such quantities that I fear I shall never get
home sfa. It was only a few rights since.
that I pitched my tent on the banks of the
Colorado. 1 thought I had selected a good
clean spot for my humble blankets, and I was
about to turn in, when I heard a rattle that
nearly made me jump out of my skin. There
he was, not three feet from my tent, taking a
good lock at my dog, which had come a little
too close to the reptile. Where the critter camo
from the Lord may know; I'll swear he was'nt
there a half hour before. WelL we "killed the
snake, and being weakly, I took one-half pint
of toddy, concocted of the meanest whisky
that , ever was seen. They don't have any
other sort here. Well, the men of my party
went otf to bed, leaving only your correspon
dent, "Dick," my dog, aid Ben, my nigger
J himself up in
. . t., ...w . TV.'r hiroagb- th djaeeiit citieC thousandsifrpm
i..s r-ould be the next place attacked. WijhBdck0 Wand and Daveuport stoodthe
a sea tiered garmoa of a quarter of a shores i vatchi ng the sublime spec; 161.
one direction and more than a half miV 1Q 1
e-cre'.T):ck took tf siim!Brr3-TCrt
mv blankets, at mv feet inside of the tent, and
I thought I would read myself to steep, x caa
scarcely finished 2 pages whea, I saw crawlx
slowly up the side of my tent what looked to
me like the father of all Fpiders. I- was sure
at first that only that one drink of whisky had
rrPif rT O fit fl f "the monkevs:" and I had
UlUUlui w" " - ' .... i
no doubt that 1 should crown myseu ueiwo
morning. Meanwhile, with remarkable pres
ence ofmind. I called to Ben to convince my
self that I was cot really ont of my proper
mind. To my delight, that n:;;:;er camj into
the tent, at! I pointed out to rny visitor.r
u Why, dat's a trontulum," says he; "jes wait
a minute till I slosh him on de kqe." You see
the darkie has been living near the Dutch
settlements a!; Frs3ricksburg, and he iikes to
show off bis knowledge cf the Germsa vernac
ular. After tilling the "trantulum " he calmed
my telling me that there was only one
thin that eo aid cure the bite of lias insect, and
nf whiskv. As I hadn't
mere than three drinks left, aad it wa3
r res to the nearest sememem, i vuw w.r oiim;4"W6'""' vw i.w a
a roor comforter; and I vras about to remark i to be tendered to the remaining civilized Powers
that much to hirn, when I saw something thtt of Europe and the rest of mankind for accopt
looked like . little "fiddler," (tiuch as you s?o . Gnce, with the added understanding that they
on the sea shore in these parts,) wita a tail to it,
crawling over my shirt bosom. My first ira- j
pulse was to brush the thing away with my1
hand, which I did, bvit in a moment I felt as
though a needle had beers run into the end of
my finger ai d shoved up to my elbow. The
pain made me start to my feet, but Ben only
laughed, "Yaw, yaw, mass Jeemes dat's a
scorripin-2 ou musn't tech 'em." bo, between
the rattle-snakes, the tarantulas and the scor
pions, you may be sure that I shall never for
get the night I spent on the Colorado, lly
finger swelled up to the size of a good-sized
sausage, and I have no doubt it would have
mined me a jrood deal had I not fancied that it
was going to go hard with me, all of which
induced me to take mv remaining three drinks
of bad whisky, and from the efiect3 ot wmcn
I have no doutt 1 was at nrsc lovingly, senu
mentallv: then loariog drunk, and then-
don't recollect how it was I slept until 10
o'clock the next day, and then I was aroused
by the melodious voices of twelve hungry
mules tied to the wagons in front of my tent.
Correspondent of the N. Y. Daily Times.
A' correspondent of the Chicago Press, writ-
tin from the Kock Island House on tne i tn
insL, gives a graphic description of the des.
truction of the Erfie Afton , of which he says
"She was acknowledged to be the finest boat
that has appeared in these waters." We quote
from this write:
The river is now higher than it has been
known to be for years past. Of course tne
current here 'at the foot of the rapids is now
R'mn-T Passtne through the draw of the
"o" a o -
hride. the steamer had almost cleared every
tHug, when, as is alleged, by the lorce oi tne
curnt, the stern ol tne boat was earned against
the pis; cn the right. Thw tnrew tue bow
toward the Illinois shore above the bridge,
and the cuent carried the boat around against
the outer spai of the bridge.
Ihe unr voiks of the boat struck against
the bridge Jitb. so much violence as to knock
all in piece$:smoke pipes, stoves and the like
were tnrowndn. The boat was set on'nre
in two or three places. The hull of the boat
by theforceof theWent. The deck stood
nearly at an angle o fortv-five degrees. Boat
and bridge were locWl together. All was
confusion and yet seral attempts were made
to extinguish the fires. Vphese were supposed
for a time to be successf and yet soon after
the flames broke out with such violence as to
baffle all effort; but the connection with the
bridge enabled the passera to escape. They
got themselves and their baggage on shore.
The flames, however, were soon communicated
Tho outer end burned ou and
burnin, sterner:' the.oth.r j
stcaviei tuateJ down-t .lera sheet cfilame.
tr.r. j the cir. ient had spread
New3 feom Salt Lake. Mr. G. W.
Hood, and six others have j ost got in from SaJt
Lake, 47 days out. Mr. Hood states there haf
been irreat sufiferinf? in S:ilf Tit mi nfw.rmt
r m m m
of the severity of the winter, and shorfnessTTi'ith the happiness of her, future." "You are
crop3 occasion
isioned bv the Grasshoppers. The
Ledslature met at Film ore. 160 miles South
of Salt Lake, Gth December, had aquht time,
and Delegates had been appointed to present a
State Constitution to Cor.'Tess, asking admis
sion into the Union as a Slate. Mr Babbitt,
Secretary of the Territory, and Judge Kinney
and family, along with Missionaries for differ
ent parts of the world are cow on their way
in. Alout ten thousand head of stock per
ished daring the winter, in. the Northern val
leys. A posse of men, under a Deputy TJ. S.
Marshal, went out in February, to take some
prisoners among the Pah Utah Indians, who
it is charged murdered Lieut Gunnison. They
arrested three and killed two ono of the Ind
ians cut his throat after being arrested. This
tribe of I jdians, in Cedar Valley, stole 150
head of stock. They were pursued into the
mountains, 50 head of stock was captured
eight Mormons were killed, and two or three
Business has been very dull on account of
the scarcity and high prices of provisions.
'1 his party left bait Lake with the small
party seven in all on the 11th March. Had
great difficulty in getting through the Moun
tains, on account of the great quantity of snow.
After passins the Mountains, had rleasant
weather and good trip. Saw a number Siouxs
at Fort Laramie, all peaceable. It was under
stood that peace would be made. Kansas
Herald, May 8.
Shipv,t:eck and Awful suffeeings at
Sea Ten Lives lostNabbative ofCapt.
ltuDOLra. We have by a 'private nand news
from,, bk. Joans to the Utu ulL The seal
fishery had so far been pretty good. About
forty one-fourth of the whole fiaet had ar
rived, with about 100,000 seals. It was feared,
however, that the remainder would meet with
but indifferent fortune. A dieadful shipwreck
had occurred to a vessel commanded by Capt
Piudolf, well known among us. -
The British bark Blake, of SOO tons, Ed
ward Rudolf, master, belonging to Messrs.
Finnie, Brothers & Co., of Liverpool, England,
sailed from Ship Island Harbor, State of Mis
sissippi, United States, with a cargo of pitch
pine deals, bound to Cork for orders, in fine
trim ana beautiful order, on the 8th ot x eoru
ary last, with a fine fair wind and weather,
with every hope of making a good and pros
perous passage.
On the 13th, during a snow-storm, she was
capsized; seven were washed overboard, the
decks burst open, all the hatches washed off,
and every morsel of provisions carried away.
The remaiuder of those on board were without
food or drink for five days; on the eighth day
a sms.ll cask of water was got at, and a half-
drowaed rat was caught and devoured; after
wards a man died and his body was reserved
to be eaten, and was actually eaten in part,
when on the ninth day after the disaster, tho
aschconer Pigeon, of St. Johns, N. F hove in
iht and rescued the sufferers. Eight persons
were washed overbdard, two died of cold and
starvation, and seven were saved.
The celebratsd banking-housa of the Roths
childs loaned during the past year, $515,000,-
UOO, as follows: England, $50,000,000; Tur
key, $ 10,000,000 ; Sardinia, $10,000,000 ;
Austria, $120,000,000; Eussia, first loan, $130,
000,000; Eussia, second loan,' $100,000,000;
! England, on Exciter bills, $3"OOOl,X"0.
ItHeems scarceTossiteffatnC'bcr.ent, "to-
yon d peace itself, was to bo secured ;to tns
world at large by the Fr.-isian Ccafercnces.
We are happy to recog:. ;:e the contrary fact.
Anions the documents attending the treaty as
specific conventions, we have published one
determining three highly important principles
of narirlmelaw, long disputed, only partially
admitted even in theory by the majority of
Christian Powers, and lor g insisted upon by the
Go vernment of the unitea estates, xney run
thu3: ' " . ;l .
"1. rrivateering is and remains abolished.
. ' 2. Tho neutral flag covers enemy's goods,
wi'.h tb exception of contraband of war.
"3. Neutral goods, with the exception of con
traband of war, are not liable to capture under
enemy's flag.
4 , Blockades, in order to be binding, must
be effective that is to 6ay, mabtained by a
force sufficient really to prevent access to the
coasts bv the enemy."
.At ted upon and unanimously signed by the
shall not. accrue to tne advantage ol any
Power declining to become a party. There is
ltue fear that any commercial community will
hesitate about that. Our own Government
will naturally be among the first to consent,
having labored the last forty years to introduce
these very doctrines into the international code
of all maratime countries, and failing in that,
have embodied them in separate treaties with
as many friendly States as could be persuaded
to accept them. Theso evangel cal labors are
now ended; the necessary guarantees of pacific
commerce in war times are secured as far as
the solemn faith of nations cansstablish them.
Mew York Tines.
Who Owss 'em ? We notice a large num
ber of boys wandering about the city, who we
suppose must be lost. They are lor tne most
part very well dressed, wearing long coats, tight
pantaloons, shiny nats and boots, and generally
carry small canes in their kid gloved hands.
From the manner in which they stare at the
ladies who pass them, we infer that they are
trying to find their mothers. Why don't our
charitable citizens get up an asylum for these
poor children ? It is a shame to allow them
to be wandering about the city by themselves
in this manner. Thev are to be
in the nursery. The kind-hearted keepers of
taverns and billiard saloons, allow them i
refuge in their establishment, and most charit
ably supply them with segars and adulterated
liquors. At all houre of tho day and eight
these unfortunates crowd beneath their hospit
able roofs. Parents in search of their sons wil
hear of them by paying these places a visit.
Phila. Evening Journal.
The wat to get a Claim. Horace Greeley
writes to the Tribune, from Washington, the
way "claims" are sometimes obtained. It is
" "I have been told that a man who had
claim on the government for four or five thou
sand dollars, danced &tteDdoc acxne capicoi
fnr twrt or thrpA sessions to no purpose. At
leroth an old Tn'ember, who knew the rope
and wbpuwas struct oy ms pertinacity, cauea
hlmjas'ide, and gave him the benefit of some
O . . 11 Il l
r" V i ' na vnn'h, Win
see you are green, long as voir have beenin
Washington. U ust witnaraw your paper, ana
increase your claim to twenty or thirty thou
sand. Then promise a thousand to this one,
and two thousand to that one, and so on
through a list of half a dozen who can help
you, all of course on the contingency of your
gaining your, claim. ; If you should be cut
down a little;you can afford iL"; The claimant
thankfully took the' advice,- acted on it, and
in'duo time, carried home his honest due and
.litlarnnTe. .j. ,
. . ., ...
Popping the Question. "What a strange
thing is acquaintance!" said a beautiful girl,
the other day, to a friend of ours. "A year
ago we had not; seen each other many a
season had rolled its 'course, bringing hope,
happiness, and perchance sorrow to each, with
out the cognizance of the"other, and noio we
are so intimate." Our friend says she looked
so lovely he could not help pressing her deli
cate cheek he asked her, "if he aught to do
in all my dreams of the coming days," replied
she. ; They are to be married next month.
We consider this one of tie neatest "popping"
cspeciallasit happens in leap year Portland
TranscripL JL .... XI
A Faithful Wife. A young man who
was convicted of bigamy at Xewburyport last
spring, upon serving out hh term of punish
ment, was met at the railroad station by his
first wife, who took him to a clothing store,
gave him a new rig, then presented to him
$300 she had earned since he deserted her,
and they departed together for their former
home in New Hampshire. Such an act of
forgiveness should bring the runaway to his
senses. Cleveland Herald.
If he deserts her again, he desirves to be
vuited by the devil every night until Beelze
bub makes him his own.
Where are the Heirs? The public ad
ministrator of Nevada county, California, has
published a statement of the funds belonging
to various estates, as follows:
Lbenezer Reeves, Sl.845; John Wingate,
$36; Thos. Hockland, $102; W. P. Brown,
$127; Michael Reynolds, $222; Michael Mc
Laughlin, appraised value of estate, $829; S.
Hutchings, $27,60; C. Hanson, $217; W. II.
Harrison, $247; A. A. Carle, $92; G. H.Rus-
sell, $98; Hugh Grant, $812; John Boyce,
$84, and Israel. Joiner, appraised value of
estate, $920.
The publication is official, having been made
by order of the county judge.
The Curctjlio. A reward of $500 was
offered by the Kentucky Horticultural Society
at its meeting in Louisville, last week, to the
discoverers of a certain and effectual remsdy
against the curexdio. Said remedy not to be so
costly or ' troublesome as to prevent general
application. jv
That's So.The folio
)wia answer was
madelcffFyoung Ipdy who had sent her lover
aki!sin aletter:!
Thanks to my absent friend
Akisayouiny ? letter send.
But, ah! thetli'r, charm is lost
In kiasea that arriFeV :' '
That fruit can only ta? ' -1 be
When gathered, mclti ! -"rom ihe treef
The editor of the UlT herald says that he
once knew a wild wido cut out her own
daughter in the good g- ces of her lover and
married him herself! obtain revenge for
this mean unmotherly iVk, the daughter set
her cap for the young yian's rich father (of
whom he was the ocy heir,) and actually
married him, and had1 to Q infinite
annoyance of the other?arty. This occurred
Onandago county. $
A Psoyckutq Ez-jtz. In the second para
graph of theadver,j;;,eme':it of Millwood Acad
emy, as publish for several weeks pest, the
following jiofltencs occurred : "Though sub
ject to ague, you could tot find a more desira
ble place." It should have read "Those sub
ject to ague could net find a more desirable
place," and we have accordingly corrected it
tnis weeK. anaae uap, where the Academy
is located, is entirely free from asue. and ia al
together one of the most healthv valleys in te
oiatc. irm uevocnt Ltictsioicn, Fa.
Alettter from Genoa, Italy, "says: "the dis
patch announcing thit. Eussia accepts the pre
liminaries of peace, las naturally rot produced
the same effect in the different Italian states &s
in the rest of Europe. There had always been
a lingering idea thit Italy ,, would find some
aleviatioucf itslmtery in the results of the
war: tho .xonclusioi of peace takes away all
hope. T.iz datu, qjfy will be maintained, and
foreign domination ponsolidated."
- The Sugar crop hn the Island of Jamaca
this season is 50,00 hhds., greater than ever
before. This is attlbuted to "Yankees" hav
ing taken the man gement of several of the
largest sugar estates In working they employ
the negroes at so mlch per day, paying in cash
every week. The' cash wakes up the best
energies of the sabli laborers, and gives a life
never before seen pr heard of to the sugar-
making business. '!'"!
The passege by congress of a bill granting
large quantities of jands to the State of Iowa
for the constructionbf four railroads has had
the effect to create j panic in the market for
land warrants. Aithis measure win almost
close the land oSick in that State, warrants
are expected to falllbelow one dollar per acre.
Purchasers are relultant to go much beyond
that rate at present! f
The Sidney (IT. 8. W.) Mercantile Journal,
States that the expop of gold dnst from that
port during the yeai 1855, amounted to l.y-U,-589
ounces, which at 65a. per ounce, is equal
to 7,202,211, or 236,000,000. The value of
imports during theyear w&a 2,900,122, against
5.9SL063 in the rrevict.s year. The '.".value
of - "merchandise " exported during"T855 v as
2,354,530against $1,010,126.
' An' omciaVreturrf of the Spanish debt has
just been putlished The total amount of in
debtedness h 13,5bO,4bb,lIO reals. Among
the items isone of "inscription m favor of the
United Stales, 12,000,000 reals." The total
sum of redeemable debt, purchased from 1851
to the eniof June, 1855, was 931,935,271
reals, and cost the state 67,108,131 reals.
The Philadelphia papers estimate the total
loss at tie recent terrible fire in that city at
$607,200,- upon which was an insurance of
Araotg the slain in the engagement at Mo
hdumdpore, (Oude) says the Calcutta English
man, was found the body of a woman, dress
ed in a' garment dyed black; she was armed
like the rest ot her tribe, with a pair of pistols
and a swordi and must have been killed by a
grape-shot 1 It i3 said she was a very religious
woman, an was much venerated in conse
quence of hiving made a pilgrimage to Mecca.
The intellgence is confirmed that the great
city of Jeddv, in Japan, has been destroyed
by an earthquake, with the loss of thirty thous
and lives and a hundred thousand houses.' It
is by far the rreatest calamity of the kind that
has occurred n a century,' even exceeding, in
the magnitute of the disaster, the destruction
-of, and Lisbon, in Portugal, by
earthquakes,jWhicH Iiappened many years ago.
We learn, vith deep regret, tWiWintahi.
tants of Jer salem, and . more especially the
Jews, are sujfering severely from the lack of
water and the high price of food. The funds
sent from Europe by the Jews for the relief
of "their distressed brethern are equally divided
lamong all living in the four holy cities, so that
"but little falls to the share of each. The mass
of the people have no means of subsistence.
The Anthracite Coal mined in Pennsylvania1
last year, equalled in value half the gold taken
from California. J
The loss by . the fall in brcadstuffs on the)
Liverpool stock alone is estimated to be 300,-
Several of the insurance companies in Rhode
Island have resoled not to insure building any
parts of which ard occupied for the sale of in
toxicating liquors or for gambling purposes. ":
The Judiciary Committee in the House of
Jlerjresentatives, have under consideration the
propnefylof making the office of Postmaster
an elective one.
The Lapwing has returned to New Bedford,
from her first whaling cruise of thirty months,
with a cargo worth $135,000.
The 93d redment, that distinguished itself
so nobly at Ballaklava, was the same that got
so awfully whipped at New Orleans.
The Tobacco Market. The actual cash
sales of leaf tobacco in this market during the
past week amounted to 939 hogsheads.
Prices ranged from $4 40 to $5 for scraps and
iDferior lugs, $5 50 to $10 for fair lug3 to choice,
and $10 90 to $11 25, $11 75 to $18, and
$15 50 for extra manufacturing leaf. These
were about the largest sales and highest prices
ever obtained in this market in one week.
The aggregate cash price paid to farmers by the
tobaccobuyers of Louisville during tho week,
at a moderate average, amounted to the sum
of $155,100. Louisville Courier, 19th.
Clear writers, like clear fountains, do not
seem so deep as they are; the turbid look the
most profound.
Extraordinary Hail Stobil An unusual
hail storm occurred at Auburn, Ala., on tho
14th inst, ' A writer in the Montgomery Mail,
"The size of the stones varied from as small
as a pea to as large as a lemon. The large
ones were mostly of the shape of an oblate
spheroid. I measured one of ordinary size,
and found it eight inches latitudinally, and
seven inches longitudinally. The prevailing
size was that of a guinea egg, w hile tho shape
varied greatly. I -found plenty that would
weigh four ounces."
Belgians at Grtes Bat. The Green
Bay Advocate 'notices the arrival of 900 Bel
gians that point QlsTSpnng, "and states that
there are from 3000 to 4000 more on the way
there. They settle' principally on the Peninsula,-between
Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay,
and are described as strong and healthy looking
settlers. ; "
An Australian Legislator. Mr. Daniel
Cameron, who was selected representative for
the digging district of Woolshed, Australia,
had the compliment paid to him by his sup
porters of having the horse'Jhe rode on at the
time of the contest, shod with shoes of solid
gold. ' He was also presented with a sum of
1,500. S .
i -' "
Arrival op the Camels. By a letter re
ceived in this city from Maj. Wayne, we learn
that the U. S. storeship Supply, which was dis
patched last year by the government to the
East for the purpose of procuring a cargo of
camels, has arrived at lialveston, Texas. The
Supply,' left Smyrna on the 15th of February,
and during the long. journey lost but a single
camel. Under the order for their importation,
these animals are to be kept one year in Texas
after they are landed, for the purpose of acch
mation and breeding, after which they are to
be placed on the overland route to the Pacific,
for the purpose of carrying the mails, and, per
haps, small packages of freight. Savannah
Republican, 6th.
Ice as an Allayer of Patn. The French
discovery of the use of ice as an anassthetic
agent m surgery. Las been applied by Dr. Wol
cott.of Utica. He has repeatedly made the
application of ice, and found it to be better
than chloroform , or ether, as its effects are
local, and the result is attained without injury
to the system. By applying snow and salt,
he was enabled to remove a large tumor with
out pain to tho patient ..
Havana and Domestic Cigars & Tobacco.
f3T. XjiOXJXO, MO.
WE have in store, and to arrive, a very br m
assortment of the very best brands of la'f j,
Cigars. Wo desire to call the special attention v:
cash buyers to oar lare stock, which w0 are da xt
Biined to sell very low fcr cash. They consist, in
iiext, of the following brands :
Prer.tituda Ecgalias; Diana Millars:
Mi Disstiiio , - do
Aiii'uedad ' do
Ljstamanto do
Caraelia do
Delirante do
Salaadora do
Staffanoni do
Meridianas , do
Washington do
El Sol do
Empero Nichalis d
Mensagero do
Carventns do
Newton do
Victoria do
Iberia do
Espenola do
BegAdera do
LaAlonna do
Nensagero do
Emalacion do -La
Voj do
Fortuno Londress;
Fidelidad do ' -Granadina
Pocahonta do
La Flora do
Keinas Sultana do
' ElSoldelaDrimea do Doce Meses do
Figaro Cillindradosi D. B. Castanon do
Prensado D. D. do J. Y. P. Fama do
V de la Kama do Vignera Plantations;
P.L. do Vellegas do
Mensagero Trabucasj De la Oruj Principcs;
Victoria do Barrios do
Leght Guarfl Opera, Star do
J. L. Panetclas: Des'gnio Prest.
DIc3Iechan & Eallentlne,
WHOLESALE Grocer3 and Commission Mer
chants, No., 3t Levee, St. Louis, Mo., between
Olive and Locust sts, hare now in store and receiv
ing the, largest and most general jstock of Groceries
;hey have ever offered, which they intend to sell at
the lowest market rates. Their stock consists in
part of ;
375 hhds N. 0. suar; 400 bbls clarified;
.. 225 bbls loaf, crashed and powdered sugar;
300 do and hf do plantation molasses: . , .
'., 400. ptg Belcher's ay. molacs; 15Q tlsr XOSH;
150 hf chestj X 11 tea; 'U j do imp. u r ana
x Black do: ' . r
150 casks S. Carb soda; 25 do saleratas; "
200 boxes Babbitt's Baleratus;
275 do Va and Mo tobacco:
75,000 Spanish cigars; 200,000 Ilav and Cuba sixes;
300 bxs star candles; 111 casks currant"?;
1000 bbls, bf do and kits 1 and 2, makerel;
'50 pkgs No. 1 salmon; 3000 bxs ass'd tumblers;
200 qtand pt flasks; 3000 nests tubs, 3 and 8;
500 dozen assorted pails;
1500 sks prime Rio coffee; 300 packets Java;
75 sacks Mocha do;
2500 kgs Wheeling and Boston nails and brads
assorted 3d to 40d;
75 bxs Bait Cove oysters; 275 bales batting;
200 sks Eagle cotton yarn assorted;
400 coila Man. and Jute rope;
100 bxs peperand pimento; 75 bbls almonds;
100 drnms figs; 600 bxs hf and qr M It raisins;
5 drums coil fish; 125 bxs do;
15 cases sardines hf and qr;
350 boxes assorted pickles, ketchup;
300 bxs palm and fam. soap: 30 do mould c'dls;
500 do asst window glass: 50 bgs carpet chain;
100 doz zino washboards; 50 gross yeast pow'ds;
60 nests willow baskets;
Together with a general and full stock of for
ein and domestic Wines brandies, ic. 1
WHOLESALE GROCER, No. 130 Second street,
St. Louis, has in store a large and well select
ed stock, which is offered af the market rates, con
tisting in part as follows:
370 hhds N. O. sugar; 200 bbls loaf, crushed
powdered do;
1500 bags Rio coffee; 100 do Java do;
150 bbls S. II. syrup molasses; 850 do S. II.
250 bbls plantation molasses; 100 pkgs mackerel
100 boxes codfish: 100 bbls Wilmington tar;
tr Kegs Boston ana nttsburgn
65 kegs fine 3d nails; 75 bags cottoa yarn;
50 bales carpet chain: 150 do cotton twine;
100 bales wicking; 450 els Manilla and Jute
100 do plow and clothes lines;
400 boxes window class, assorted sizes:
2000 Tbs W. chalk; 300 do alum; 1500 do s'tpcter;
20000 osnaburg sacks; 10 kegs sup. corb. soda;
200 half cheats Imp., V. H. and G. P. teas;
300 boxes Imp., Y. H. and G. P. teas;
450 boxes Virginia and Missouri tobacco;
100 bx. smoking tobacco; 50 do cut chewing do;
150 bx. star candles; 70 do sperm ao;
300 caudle moulds;
250 boxes soap; 350 pkgssaleratus:
3 cases Ma. indico: B eoroons S. F. do: ,
80 bsrs np-nerr i dO pii,onto; 200 bxs g'd s'ices;
pPf rap., A'. rtrtr J- I 1 pttj
v.300 doz com. and fancy pvils, 100 no 3-booldo;
800 nests 2 and 8 qt tubs; 250 mats cassia; )
25 cases prunes; 40 cks currants; 3 do madier;
5 bbls whiting; 400 rms wrapping paper;
50 bales osnaburgs; brooms, zino wabboards.
churns, tc, &c June 7, '56
Levee, have in store and to arrive the following
Gaods, which they offcr for sale at the lowest prices,
vi .
1000 hhds fair to prime N. 500 boxes Yeast powdrs;
O. Sugar; 100 kegs sup Carb Soda;
1000 bbls clfd sugar; 100 boxes saleratus;
bOO do If and crush'd do; 500 els .Manilla Lordage;
500 do S. H. molassos;
300 do Jute do;
8du do plantation do; ,
100 tcs prime Rice;
500 dos Manilla L Grass
Bed Cords;
500 boxes Raisins;
25 bbls Almonds;
100 boxes Lem. Syrup,
300 do ass'd Candles;
100 Preserved Fruits;
100 do Meats;
100 do Pickles:
100 do ' Ketchups;
100 do Olive Oil;
75 do Brand'd Cher.;
50 do do Peaches;
30 cases Cariaccas
1000 pks G, and B. Teas;
lOOObags Rio coffee;
100 do prime old Gov
ernment Ja. coffee:
1000 kegs Nails;
1000 box?a I'm, Oleino &
family Soap;
100 boxes Fancy Soap;
800 do Star Candles;
250 do Mould do;
50 do Castile Soap;
100 do Starch;
300 do Va. mafd To
bacco; 200 do Mo. do;
800 do Smoking do;
40 do Wood bx match's;
50 do Sardines, quarter
and half boxes;
5 cases Citron;
10 bbls Mason's Blk'ing;
5 cases Nutmeg3;
5 do Indigo;
50 sdo B. C. Oysters;
1100 do Cuba Cigars;
00,000 Reg. Cig. Imp.;
100 bags Pepper;
25 do Abpice;
300 bbls & hf do Ma'cl.;
500 boxes Glass;
100 brJes Batting;
200 doz Painted BuTcts;
1500 reams Wrop. Letter
and Lap Paper;
300 nests Tubs, 3's-S's
10 half pipes pure old 58 bbls Malaga Wine;
100 bkts Dennis Champ.
100 do Heidsick do;
100 cases do do do;
100 bbls Monon. Whis'y;
100 do old Rye Whisky,
very superior;
June 7th, 1856.
50 cases old Md. Wine;
200 boxes Llaret Wine,
St. Louis, Mo.
Walieia'gAHand Corn-Planter.
rpHE Western Corn Planter Company, havinsrcom
X plcted their arrangements for Manufacturing
valuable Labor-Saving Imrdcmo&t-
them to the Farmers of the West, in the full confi
dence that IJiey will at once supply a want long felt
by all, for a irabstitute to the old laborious, alow, and
expensive methods of planting with a hoe. Tho ob
jections heretofore made to Corn Planters, are, in
akefield invention, entirely obviated: their sim
plicity, accuracy, cheapness, and durability, wilKal
once recommend them toall Farmers. It is carried
and used as a cane or walking stick, requirinff no de
lay or additional motion or effort is. adapted for
planting in rocKy ana uneven ground, ana in all kinds
of soil is easily adjusted to plant at any desired
depth, and to drop any required number of seees in a
The method hy which the seed is planted with this
Planter is new, and, it is believed, possesses advan
tages over every other, not only! in facility of use,but
in hastening germination. The seed is forced, by
pressure, obliquely 'from the surface of the ground
to the required depth, thus insuring the immediate
absorbtiou f moisture, by bringing it into perfect
and hard contact with the soil, under and around it,
while the earth faffing loosely over, cannot abstract
the coming up and growth of the blade.
The economy of using this Planter, that will more
than pay for itself if only wanted to plant in a com
mon garden is apparent to all
"Persons wishing to purchase Planters or
Righta, may obtain further information by address
ing Western Corn Planter's Co. office, No. 84 Main
street, between Olive and Locust streets, St. Louis,
Missouri. T. SMITH, Agent.
and Bolting or Merchant Flouring Mill. This
highly ingenious and much needed invention forms
an entirely new feature in the manufacture of
WHEAT and FLOUR, by the superior manner in
which it performs its work GRINDING and BOLT
ING the Grain at a single operation into Seven
different kinds of flour and feed.
This mill possesses advantages to numerous to be
enumerated in any advertisement. The prope? way
to folly appreciate its great merit is to seet it run.
It is in operation daily at
No. 313 Broadway, Corner Court St., St. Louis, Mo.
State and Country Rights and Mills For Sale.
Broad way and Court, 2d Story.
rpiIE Shortest acJ Quickest all Route to
J Cincinnati, Louisville, Baltimore, rhiIudo.'phi;i,
New York, Boston, and all Eastern Cities.
O'n to Tcrro Ilaote, di:
of cars 22 miles sh.,r
ctt'iroujrh, vithouti.1.
..- than by a:v
l ther liail-
.. Louis at
rivLo'r at ijine, ana one less cnarge I c i
7so T' r: :tj?i Trains Daily, Si:'.:
8.D0 a. if, and IUinois'.ovva tt &.30 A. :
Terr ILiu teatS. 45 pm.
2J. EVENING EXI'ItESS Leaves St. Louis at 5
p. if.
and IllSnristown at G T. M. an .1 arrivinir at
Tcrro II sute t 7.15 a.m., one hoar aai ten minutes
quicker ;" n axr other route.
One Sunday Train at 6 p. jr.
- Coniiectinj at Indianapolis with Indianapolis it
Cine innati Railroad, ar.i Indianapolis and LeUcfon.
tain Railroad, for Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo,
Niagara Fall?. Albany, lnton, Xer York, Cr:?tlin3,
I'ittdbursh, II : : r! '-uvn-h, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Washington :', y'l-'htnoiiJ, Cincinnati, Louisville,
Dayton, Coluu- i.Zrjiesville, Wheeling, Lexington
JTer York Fassenf.T3 'have a choice of four gord
route from Indianapolis; via N. Y. Central, N. Y.
& Erie, Pennsylvania Central, and Baltimore A; Ohi j
RrPawengew taking the ST. L0CI3, ALTON
& TERRE HAUTE RAILROAD make close and aura
connections for all the above-named points.
Passengers for Dwatur, Ebomington, La.a!lo,
Mendota, Rock Island, Burlington, Golena, Dunleith
and Chicago, connect at Pan; with Blinois Central
R. R., direct through, makin? this the shortost and
most reliablo route to tho Northern points above
named. .
Also connecting at Matoon with the Chicago Branch
of the Blinois Central, for all pcints on that Road.
Passengers are rcquo-fed to s:uro their Through
Tickets by this most reliable route.
B.rsno handled and checked free of charge.
ISl'hrou-h tickets can he procured at thy Com
pany's OSice, l',o. 22 Fourth sreet, urder tho Plant
ers House; 'wofra ' su inionjijt,ioa rtptwung tno
different routes will be chcerfuL'y furnished.
ii. It. SARGENT, Sup't.
WM. O. HUNT, Ass't Sap'd.
B. F. Fifteld, General Ticket Ag't.
ffOmnibus es will call for pessengers in any
part of tho city, by leaving their aldres3 at this
ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12th, this road was
put in operation for transportation of Passengers
and freight, through without change of cars.
Until further notice, the Passenger trains will run
daily, ( Sundays excepted ) as follows
Leave St. Louis at 10 a.m. Arrive at Jef. City, 5 P.M.
u Jefferson at 8.30 a. sr. " St. Lcuis, 3.30 r. M.
" Franklin at 6.00 a.m. u St. Louis, S.00 A.M.
" St. Louis at 5.50 p. m. " Franklin, 7.00 P. M.
Leave St. Louis at 7 A. M. Arrive at Jeff, at 4.12 P. M.
" Jefferson at 11.20 AJT. ' St. Louis at 6.30 P.M.
Passengers can go out by the 10 o'clock, A. M.,
Train as far as Washington, have 15 minutes there,
and return to St. Louis at 3.30, p. m. Persons frcm
Franklin and points East of it, by taking the morn
ing train in, can have two hours at St. Liuis, and
return home on the train which starts out at 10, A. M.,
or, those who come in at 3.30, p. m., can go out on
tho 5, p. ar. train, having an hour and a half in tho
Passengers aro requested to procure Tickets be
fore taking seats in the cars.
Extra charye for tickets purchased in the Cars.
I"Kimball, Moore & Co's., Daily Lino of four
horse Post Coaches will connect at Jefferson City
with the traiiwan.1 run regularly to West to Boon
ville, Lexington, Independence and St.-JompK. Ai,
North to FultoD, Columbia, Glasgow and Brunswick:
and South to Versailles and Springfield, 3Io, anl
VanBurcn and Fort Smith, Arkans:is.
For through tickets, including Railroad fare, apply
at. the Stage Company's Oflico, under tho llanter's
House, cornerof Chestnut and Fourth .ts, St. Lcuis.
C2F"F. Bartold will run his lin-j of Express Hacks
between Barrett's and 3Ianchester, in connection
with each Passenger Train. Tickets procured at the
Railroad Depot on 7th street.
This extension of the Road to Jefferson City gives
great advantages to tho travelling public, enabling
them to avoid many hours of tedious river convey
ance; and merchandize is conveyed speedily to ar.d
from market on reasonable terms.
FREIGHT will bo received for transportion at the
fourteenth street Station, (Suadays excepted,) be-
te the hnra-( 8. a xr .
Freight to those Stations where the Com pan y hare
no Agents, must be pre-paid.
EMIGKAXIS and SHIPPERS, and ot'-aers inte
rested, are invited to call for further information at
the office of Master of Transportation, corner of
Third and Chestnut streets, and at tho ticket ofE'ie,
oevenm street, near pruce.
Engineer and Superintendent.
Season Arrangements for 1856.
THE entirely new and fine passenger packet,
OMAHA, J. B. Ildland. Commander. F. B.
Kercheval, Clerk;) having been built expressly for
the trade, is now running as a regular weekly packet
between tho cities of i't. Joseph and Council Bluffs.
Leaving St. Joseph every Monday at 12 o'clock M.
And returning will leave Council Bluffs and Om?,ha
City every Friday morning f.t 8 o'clock,
a connection with tho live packets leaving St. Louis
on Mondays and Tuesdays, which arrire hero on
Saturday and Sunday evening?, by which arrange
ment passengers or freight will not be detained at
St. Joseph: but to prepare against all contingencies,
the owners ot the Omiha have a large V are-liouse
to store all goods not meeting them promptly, and
without charge to the owners, which we deem the
most perrect arrangement to passenger or shipper
tnat can or will be maUe the present season, and
they therefore hope by promptness and strict atten
tion of her officers and agents to receive a large
thare of public patronage.
. ' PACKET. .
THE steamer ADMIRAL, having beeii thoroughly
repaired and refitted, will ply rejrul irlv between
St. Louis and Council Bluffs, during tho season of
1&55, touching at Jefferson City, Boonville, Leaven
worth, St. Joseph, Savannah, Brownville, Sonora,
Nebraska City, St. Mary,andatl intermediate points.
Thankful for the patronage extended to the AD
MIRAL during the past season, the oQiers hope, by
punctuality and dispatch, to merit thd 'continuance
of the favors conferred by shippers, and passengers
-;n n i.
CUAS. K. BAKER, Master.
R. A. DARST, Clerk.
alHEjnew, elegant anl fast running passenrer
packet and freight steamer, E. A. OGDEN,
Baldwin, Upmmander, is now running her regular
trips between St. Louis and Council Bluffs. She is
one of the best freight steamers on tha river, having
been built expressly for this trade.
THE fine passenger steamer GENOA, Throckmor
ton, Master, will run regularly during the season,
between St. Louis and Council Bluffs. Her officers
hope by regularly and strict attention to business to
merit a share ol tne puono patronage.
J.E.GORMAN, Clerk. 1
TH03. J.
late PEiir
THANKFUL for the very liberal patronage that
we have heretofore received from our numerous
friends and customers, and while respectfully solicit
ing a continuance of tho same, pledging ourselves to
spare neither pains r.or expense to merit the patron
age of the public, we beg -leave to announce that
William J. Lewis h&a withdrawn from our firm, and
Thos. J. Bartholow is admitted a partner from this
date, the style of the firm remaining unchanged, and
that we have secured the services of Capt. George
G. Davis who will hereafter act in the capacity of
tbatelinq Salesman in connection with our Mr.
Bartholow and will during the coming Season per
sonally wait upon our customers lor tho purpose cf
soliciting their orders. Our stock hell over from last
year of all descriptions is unanimously large, the
quality of which caanot fail to give fmtire latinfac
tion to consumers. B. W. LEWIS 4 Eros.
Glasgow, Mo., January 6, 1S55.
AY & MATLACK, Wholesale Dealers in
Dry Goods Eo. 57 Tcarl street, between 'Wal
nut and Vjno, Cincinnati, Ohio. ,
rillir. SUBSCRIBER is now prcparl
X niih Farmers and others 'with his ,
ifcr the present season. It is nnneccs?er 1 .
particularly of the mcriJs of these 31 Jch'i" ;
ani too well known thrr.uglu.ut the cou tiy i.
extolling ;'but the fact that they have hrra .- :'
are continuing to receive tha preuiiuiu, t t!
ind Countv Fairs where thev hve hm e.rbi
iuEcicnt to induce all thos in want of stsfc u J
chine, to purchaso ono of the. ;
At a practical test of this Separator in ? y.y t !
with the best of those made m hnguna, ia I
reecived the highest commendations cf the a A f, (. 1 i
of the leading . grigulturali.its of that m.ft-y,
I have a large number or t.P.eni on oana.rf j
the coming crop, made of t!
lest materia!, a a I us
ranted to do good work
i I. (
1 have
in warrantin;
I am also preparm-r. a large
Improvrd Clev er llullert,
pa'.enteil in 1S5J, which aro greatly 8up,r:
rantnf 1S44. beict ia itsdf feeder, an :
ihead or it la otQer rt-iwia. mc; nuiii av-
. - . ' .. i . TV : lL
fa:tured under tSa im7nLdiate siipcrvif.i
patentee, who has pennanently located in t
The above cut represent?, mv four hor""1
tor, ana is Ucsignia etpt iur r.t
use."- . '
lm also agent for MeCormicVs cclebrr.te.l'i!'.r'. '.I i
Elt and 1IO WING JIACUINE.combire
d. Q ;
J. R
MOFFITT, Piqua, Hiami couniy ,r:
Boots Shoes Sc. Brogarii . .
4 RE NOW IN RECEIPT of a complete as? . , a-4
"V. of goods from their own and other n ii i
tories, adapted especially to the Wtstera tr -J.
Purchasers are invited to examine the;- . ,!
manufactured and selected with great e,iC(i
warranted of superior quality. Orders will a
prompt and careful attention.
IVIfraiTxlixc turcrs
No. 40 and 42 Washington Avenue, St. L( ui.-. . . ,
HAVING completed our arrangements fx i ij
stock of Good- in our line, and having f i
assortment in the West, we take pleasure ia o ' r.f j
to pursha-ers both WHOLESALE aad RET.i' . : ,
3000 Bedsteads, 500 dozen wod sea' l.'L.".
1000 Bureaus.
200 do car seat c ,
100 do 'rocktag 1 ii , '
100 do chill.-cns'-- ;c i
500 tin safes, 't ' j
200 Cribs, averted :; ':
200 L: unges. j
100 d jz. Rush and : -.t ',.;.
toniChsirj. I
500 Dining Tables,
500 Breakfast do,
200 Work Stands,
'200 Wash do,
100 Wardrobes,
1000 Looking Glasses,
;-7To wbich v. e add mahogany and wall at, pr
ior and roc kin; CliUlra, f-a. cntr. idc air '-
sion Tables: Secretaries and B.ok taits. -
Upholstery in great variety, Euch as rpnn; ...-,
cotton, moss and huk Matressos, Comfrts, u:
and Blankets. h-
Our work is all "Warrantel as represent I o i:
Prfees as Low as the Lowo-'t.
Orders promptly and laitluuuy executed a t I r
spetfully solicited. Sar.L?fju-ti.)n gua-f.utoeJ. I
Please call and sansiy yourselves. .
made many valuable improvement ?t .
within tho I.iit year, ana nave n- tx i: ' 4
; them surt-nur to any m ue. I . ' !
; , M r.
mUE MILLS being now in good reftiiia; i
. 1... rinj order, I nni i re
r.tnu order. 1 am iTPrnircj lv?:'i"j ' I
ers with the very tnri.jst iiimKit yn:o
I can irriiid all I can K"t anJ r.kY ltr MI i k 1
Come and see me you tbat waat to but F:
L'ran, Shorts, or anything c;;j uppuiiiM
my farming friend do not want
have plenty of Flour for .then. If they
cash and want to sell thslf Wl-cat, cal'. at
Bran, Shorts, or anything cli8 kopt i:i the
I t.
and it will be a trade. ' ' i
Remember the plai-e, the Brick M.ll, cij
Charles and Second streets.
THE undersigned, sola agents for the Suit
West, for the sale of the aboro .Tamps,! "
respectfully call the attention i! miurs, a ,
turcrs. railroad companies, and itentn'at JsesJ
superior advantages thes? pumt-j pa-wt-s r
others hercroforo brought before th a .tublic.
their chief recommendations mr.y be ru,;n:iv0:
following: " ; . s W
They are less liatl-a to get ont f order t'ja ?
other. ','. k
They have les3 friction and arecor.iiciacp i"y
durable. . . . i ,1
They are not aToctod hy mx.Ior eand,ai
force water to almost any height. . I
Thty will raiso more water pTrtinute 4
same-j'ower, and samo priced piuapthan inl
ever invented. These are f.icta. j
They are sold by the undera-ru'd at the uai
turer's New York prices, withj'.ho :st o? trs.
tation a.lded. They are waifmeJ to give
satisfaction. All sues on bant, .liters pnj j
answered ai..l information criven ll
N.i. 252 North
rt., St. L
EDWARD 3ir.4f)cj-
OUext Jlomt cfthe l ind . '.'--2'a WiVj
-0. 50 MAIN 8TBEET, CnKXIJ ,e pr. T. H'f ;
TuPi 1K.TKK.S A T) W IIOLI 'ii'is Cl .
1 Jewelry and Fancy G-.x W1,t:hmnker'
and Materials, Silver and 1".
d Ware, Shot LU.'
Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers.
If..,: l T. . TV-i
reofype, Aral.':!
Ilot.'l and Si.a . 0
&c, Chrystalotype Material
Tablo Ware.
Dayton, Xenia q
Eejpre E.
Direct Throngh.
1i th Ea?
TCEW yOSz an. tha wtr 3iALjl,V T
Yia..Dunkiik, Buffalof) U;rara alJ. f
Connections Direct and'wirfut detention W 1
York,Eoston,Baltimore.I' d;lphia, ashi -ton
City, Albany, Buffalo iararaFalKDul
ling, Zanesviile, Nefrk; Columbus, :
Springfield l ienia. '
ON and after Wednft-dsyJ)ec. 27, trains ww
from Depot at junction If Th-r l street an
nal as follows : ( I ' ' 'I r
Express Train,- - " 4 : "i rk
Accommodation Tr-jin-f T
Mail Train, i-if 6:03 V-
( T . 1... (IM T,nTr. trrm T)n
(Am,iv.t flk T:. --,tK tn.ift? ExDrtS of L.
C. i. X. I'ailroad t.lewVk,lt)nura l ii .
Buffalo, Dunkirk, Ovelaf, Cresvhne, Pitts r.- ;
and Philadelphia. Also f i Baltimore, anhid zt ..
City,Wheelin-tZ3.isvin-lNe'ttrk-nd sPn :; u"
JPaascngcrs by the lU'.oL M. Train from Dai
connect at Xtr.ia wih the) ftcn k.c train fori- a s
hm. -.,. ;n 'hisclmz. Baltimore. l!
F - 7 -
bonuect at XenUwih tve-n;n? Kxiirc.-s, fjr n
falo, New York, BgsSbj Ilphurgh, and
Tnxtii-hL Tickets. .
To all the a.ove pia i ry wa.r of CrI ambus, 1
be obtained ot the DjX-& B- i'- D.;pot.
All trains wiH tp'.-t Harbire, and at ulie.
Shor.p's and Frosl't iaj.tieo or signal toConl .:
Ii ; A. W. RlCii, Ticket A
JOS. CLEQG,piit.
PERSONS a cut iomed toproc ire fcSoriV s1
Boohs, Mgnl!9 Ae or get up eiubs t-r i ?
dress, tut ire forward thira. frttfof c. t
specimen r.un-1 ft if a pul.tinfor which t ;
find ready sa'o: and we will allr. w them a cou: ; ,;
cf 50 per ecu'. their services.
No. 3 CounLiud ,t., Nw V.-; .
also with the' downwird-tfain f r Cincinnati, U i
lu, tfiWilUffj 1 UIW'!"! O
an 1 Lancaster. ;' . , T;
t Passenr bv th(;6:0C P. M. Ti-ain from U 13
r.ati :'
f,;r :.
on :
be t
L '!
H T.'
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