The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, January 01, 1921, Page 16, Image 17

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The Commoner
. h
VOL. 21, NO., 3
yn nnn
Toti joumU Ptt Afraid
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Bradbury BIdg:, Los Angeles; Calif.--
Pennsylvania, second state in popu
lation, was fourth In the total vote
cast on November 2. The New York
"World's" unofflcial tabulation from
reliable sources shows that two states
Illinois and Ohio which have mil
lions of citizens less than this com
monwealth, cast hundreds of thou
total presidential vote was 3,365,41!),
Illinois polled 2,12U,4U8; onio, z,
019,500; Pennsylvania, 1,849,992.
Tho discrepancy is even" more
astounding when reduced to percent
ages. Ohio's vote was 35 per cent of
thcpopluationj that of Illinois 33 per
cent; that of New York 32 per cent;
Indiana, eleventh in population,
polled 43 per cent of its citizens,
leading the procession easily. Only
21 per cent of Pennsylvania's citi
zens voted! Let citizenship workers
Of course" it is easy to account for
tho heavy vote in Indiana by the in
tense interest aroused by the battle
for the senatorship. The bitter fac
tional fight in Illinois, brought him
dreds of thousands of lethargic vot
ers to the booths. New York was ex
c ted by the stirring campaign for the
governorship. Ohio waxed warm be
cause the residence of the two lead
ing presidential ..spirants made it the
The New York "Herald" develops
the same theory in a more general
manner. Comparing the 1916 and
1920 vote in eleven states in which
women voted for Presidential elect
ors four years ago, it shows a marked
falling off in the total count. In these
states the vote of 1920 was less than
97 per cent of that of 1916. The
"Herald" fails to include' in its list
Illhfois, in which women voted in
loth years, but the loss of 72,229 in
votes cast in that state does not af
fect the percentage. In the 12 stateb
enumerated Arizona,
voted .33; ,New York voted 32; Penn
sylvania voted 21.
It is time for Pennsylvania to
Whether Pennsylvania votes Re
publican or Democratic in the long
run may be comparatively unimport
ant. It is desperately important that
Pennsylvania vote. The only surety
. , . .. i'onnsyivamu vote, xue uiuy aurety
sands more ballots. New York s of fl democracy isan intelligent and
awakened citizenship.
A Real Geniiine
Victor Victrola A Only
The report of the Chicago asso
ciation of commerce on the ques
tion of a waterway connecting the
Great Lakes with the Ohio -river
deserves careful attention. The prac
ticability of the scheme in general,
and the particular route to be chosen,
are both under investigation by .the
board of United States engineers.
The association of commerce com
mittee, after careful consideration,
leans strongly toward an advocacy
of the project known as the Cincinnati-Chicago-Toledo
Barge Canal.
From the Ohio at Cincinnati it runs
through Hamilton, Middleton, Day
ton and Defiance to Lake Erie at
Toledo. From Defiance another canal
strikes west through Fort Wayne to
Lake Michigan at Michigan City.
This canal would not only offer
cheap, direct transportation south for
Great Lakes shipments in general
permitting Detroit, for instance, to
ship on barges which could without
difficulty be taken throueh nrotfictArl
waters to Toledo, but it would- open
an avenue from Chicago to Cin
cinnati And Louisville of inestimable
value. Again, millions of tons of
eastern Kentucky and West Virginia
coal are used in Chicago annually,
which by this waterwav nmiirt ha
Drougnt nere. much more
nnnpn!n .,"". . iwwio ucuuiy
Colorado, Idaho. Kansas. Montana: tD.'n ? "2n- . - -
Noveada, Oregon, Utah, Washington ' Ship Canal creaUv 7 , ,
Wyoming end Illinois, 191,883 fewer Sm-tanl nf ,?! 5 lncr,eases the im
votes were oast .n 1020 than in 10!,,, rlaSon "a's S to ?
Those who have patience to carry .upper southern border. The routP
the inquiry one sten farther mnv ro-mnfiina.1 ,.i,i ui. ,,-r. .AUUte
veal for themselves that Pennsyl- Detroit and Toledo 0!
portant election is not peculiar -tb' of ether ImDorttnltfpf .1 SP?f
this year. , In the 'four states which ' way, anu by s Stafi S,t nirth1
have been'an.lvzed for 1920 nnH in JL- --.:i? aJn? gieatl.y r6lieve-
which women did not vote inldlQamnthoWn 1 ?W
Pennsylvania Ltood fourth nin iT l5!5?! tne whole qentral western.
that year in percentage of . vote toiimtaer ' " g d
population ,and Indiana, to her cred-l '
it, stood first. Indiana's male votersimmDc. ' ;
A sxaidl ymn JAUJKSS PROFw
Indiana's male votfim
tour years ago constituted 24 pei
cent of her population. Ohio voted
20 per cent of her citizens. New York
voted 16.4 per cent. Pennsylvania
voted only 14.8 cent.
The curious mind that would go
over many past elections doubtless
would find the Fame story repeated.
11 . is useless to disguise the facta.
Pennsylvania is difficult to move on
election clay.
A Washington, D. C, dispatch
dated Dec. 23, says"; Notice was
served by the National Grange on
Senator McCumber, acting chairman
of the senate finance committee, and
Representative Fordney, chairman of
SLv0Uf8h'Ways ai!d means committee
today, the organization would fight
the imposition of a sales tax as a sub-
omuiB "" cue excess profits tax.
the issue. Pennsylvania's nivin n,i
sciousness is one of the most dormant rr " i"
in the union. The exorcise by citizens I10 WA'S DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR
A Des Moines, la., dispatch, dated
Dec 13, says: Horace Boies Demo-
1894 wJf??5 f l0Wa fr0m 1890 to
l!?J' VI years old la8t week. He
celebrated his birthday with his chil-
d?e a5d a few friends at the home
of his daughter, Mrs. N. B Carson
Long Beach, Cal. Mr. Boies Is ta ex
cellent health. His property in Iowa
Nebraska and Canada still take up hta
time andja his main interest
9qAQJleW m0rk disPach, dated Dec
23, says: Transfer of two stock e
chance Routs f -7fr tA otLlt ex"
.w (t. 0X j. i) I... nrtAh ,.
rV !. , j.. - ... UV,UU'J
Ul lu piorogauves or citizenship is
one of the mosi trustworthy evi
dences or their inter Adf i VQ,.
Some are always quick to protest
that Pennsylvania's light vote is due
to -the fact that the result has usual
ly been a foregone conclusion. That
is a dangerous and false premise. Tlie
truth is that tho result is often a
foregone conclusion because the vote
is always certain to be light. Civic
consciousness is not dead because
people stay away 'from the polls. Peo
ple stay away from the polls because
civic consciousness is dead. That the
vote is light is the superficial, visible
symptom of the ailment; it is not the
root and cause.
Let Pennsvlvnnin ,! .. x...
Indiana voted 43 per-cent of her citil
PKSK! Sea wwt
uuiuuu voi;ea 43 per cent of her citi- n. rph a tu v ,pJ;o'V,, Pafld fp
. tu 1020: Ohio voted Ms mt ?i fl6 oflsil
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