The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 01, 1920, Page 14, Image 14

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TChe Commoner
Vt .w v
5 GOOD $1
American Woman, (aw) lYr.
God Storjiei, (weathly) 1 Yr.
Gentkwcwta, (nwiiiiy) i yff.
HoShId, (wwwstUr) . .lYr,
Fara & Home (mstMy) 1 Yr.
A Dollar Bill will cto-We take tl riA
Send H erder t
XS North Dmuehovn 5fcrt, Chicag .
Oir Prict
A Year To Pay! $!$&
rhftsMgrapk, Balance p0
Oit Easy MefctMy Fnywentf
Ji-lnoh rothoenyrintsh4MARipK
Phanetfraph. Doukln sprln maUr.
Wentfarfui ton Nualltls. Hays all
makes t rwaerWs. TWe Double rsesrrf
The MARION raS designed to id! for 175.
Larue produttion In our own pUnt enables
us to make this wonderful Introductory otter
lor a limited time ojiiy.
Wo will send the MAKIOM to any re
aponstbte rxnon on approval for ftte days for
Si fill iMithtjieprivUexeoltrylnKit
9AW)i qui, U ym decide to keep R
at the end ol that time pay us 94.00 per month
for twelve (12) months and the MARION U
your property. Total price f9.W) f. o. b.
Cincinnati. Send ono dollar with your name
and shipping: address to
Maiiofl rkwttpripi Co., cRcfflNATuwa
MRomembor that the eye of this
taunlry fs on to you," wrote Bill' Nye
in a letter of advico and Warning to
drover 'Cleveland, whbn,'thelatter bo-
came President tho first time. To
Natibnal Petroleum Association.
American Patent Law Association.
- - Tho various farmers' associations
that havejjomo Into being during, the
last few years -are powerfully repre
sented,, but perhaps the most thor
oughly looked after industry is rail
roading Aa we - read:
Chief of the bureaus under; this
Write audi a thin 'to a Preqideut td- 'beading is the American Railways As
Wrlto sucu a, tiling to a president to tBOoiafw , which oper.ateB thG cdr-
aay would oiuyracuonauy staje i.ueorvIco bu-reau m cjoBd cooperation
case, rne couniryaDipregent not. uu- -vvitu tne interstate commerce uom
ly lias its compoSitOytK.''onto" tKo mission and which also conducts, a
President, .but a good part of it is ' vigorous and constant propaganda in
tight Inrtho midst of things at Wash- bohalf of -private ownership of the
ington with both composite feet, so railways. - - -
io spoaK. xnis is accompAiHiieu uy AttneWort to thi huroum am
A Real Geniune
Victor Victrola wA Only
V -
lEvfil'y -WOmKltl lias n1wnJVHwrLTifrri n
; real for.purq VJctrpla like they record-
i.K .t..i. i -i i-l- M?l .J1 ,.! i " - " "". T" t
lEII 1II3LI II I Mil 1LII ITI4 HT I.IIH 1 1 31.1. 1 1 I I1SL 1 IWLIIJ" .i .v. J. 1 . 1 .iX iJ l X. imiridafl IM tW rirSi tn M l-rt -.. Mnl
;. V r. . , ; rrr oral oi me most capaoie oiausucians' y r " ? "'vt v. llu
w or more man a uunareu joddito and lawyer8 fn tho countryr who fire iT the familyTnibyB koJSi? it
Chief Executive but the Whole WOrkS, AiflnwtmrA ntf i , hfl rniiffMr1. Tim It comoletoly satlafiea their -desire for
Rupture Kills
7,000 Annually
l4vtt thoand pron oh year r 114
way th burial ertifioi beinf marked
'Rupture." Why? BCum tho. unfortHBtt
n hud neglpctsd thruWe or hud ben
HMrty tnkinir can of th aljn fwlling) of tb
fllietwa and paying no ntUt&tlon 16 the wum.
"Wkt sir yo doing? Are you ulfltiiic
jroitrt)! by wteriaic tritwi, Appllunc. or
w)usUvtr p$mm you phoone to cull it? At hMt,
ttM7trM, Uoniy mMlll flw prop
Afftioat oollnpslns; wall nd cannot bo cx
ptd to. Act m ntoro than iar rufrchanlcal
ripport. Tho bindiua; preMtire retards blood
irculation, thns rooblnir the wcaWned
jwacl of that which they need moat
' Kourishmeut.
But Bcleaoo has found a way. and every truas
ufieror in tho lahd is incited to mako a FREE
of the government, and jar ,iood whoiesomo Jioe?nt.
Congress, so that nothing is sllpt over , rIval for the -Interstate Commerce v10" " AWJnS&: ' Jo"
Commission in the scope of its pub-1, Plays every record .$3000.00 and
Up nnortttionB i $400.00 machines will play. Oakr cabinet
nc operauona. ? inches high. 13 Inches wide. 14
In the past, local public utilities, ' inches deep. Nickel-plated "exhibition
such as street-railways, electric iight- J?0 Victor tapering tona arm- and
Ine and feaBTlantri Wflro llttlfl in tfooao-neok" sound top tube, brake
mg ana gas plants, were mtie m and speed-regulator. Nowly, designed
touch with, the Federal Government, patented and improved single sprinff
JJUnng tne War, UOWever, tnese com- spirat anvo moior t,can no.wouna wnue
TinnloR worA hrmiP-hf tottrxra 'flio Wnv playing). Improved floating wood hprn
that might imperil the real or fancied
interosts of the aggregations who pay
the salarios of these lobby wMcn
dogs. There is nowhere a complote
list of the organizations that are rep
resented, in Washington lobbies, but
wo are told that practically every sort
of -American business fs so jepre
sented to say nothing xf social, ra-
, niiH VrTn nlHnwr.
Finance Corporation in the mattei i sen3 for it now. Wind it" up and
teat right in the privacy of their own home
The PLAPAO method is unquestionably the
moat scientific, topical and snccesulul aclf
treatnient for rupturo tho world has ever
Tho PLAPAO-PAD -when adhering oloaeiy
to tho body cannot possibly ulip or shift out
of, therefore, cannot ohufe or pinch.
Soft as velveteasy to.apply inexpensive. To
be used whilst you work and whilst you sleep.
Jtfo straps, buckles or rprhiitc attached.
Loam how to close tho hernial open
ing as nature intended s.0 the rupturo
CAN'T como down Send your namo to
day to PLAPAO CO., Block 4040, St.
Louis, Mo for FJRI3M trial. Plapao and
tho Information necessary.
A Jifmarkaiile Hwie . Trwstment
Slve by One Whs Had Xt
In tho Snrincr of 1893 I was attack
ed by Muscular and Sub-acute
Rheumatism, I suffered aB only those
who have it know, for oyer three
years. I tried remedy. after remedy,
and doctor after Cietor, but such re
lief as I received was only temporary.
Finally, I found a treatment that ajjisd.
mo completely, and it has never re
turned. I havo glvent to a number
who wero terribly afflidted and oVon
bedridden with rheumatism, some of
them 70,-io 80 years old, and result
Were the same as in my own case.
t want every sufferer from such
forms ot rheumatic trouble to, try this
marvelous healing power. Don't send
a cent; simply mail your name and
address and I will send it free to
try. After you have used Ifc and it
has proven itself to bo tbM lortg-looke5-for
moans of.-getth,..- 13 of
your rheumatism, you may send the,
price of it, ono dollar, put Under
stand, I lo not watt your money un
less you are perfectly satisfied to
and it, Isn't that fair? Why suffer1
any longer when relief Is thus of
fered you free. Don't delay. Writ
today -
Mark H, Jackson, No. 1106 G Dur
ston rildg., Syracuse, Y,
o 1 h. 1 . voliffmifl. nnrl orlnnnHnnnl
crounR in i ropnt rrHrin in thft ' oi security issues and before the War play it to your heart's content. v sit
groups, an a recent article in ino,Tajor Board for settlement of their down in your easy chair in. your own
Detroit News, Jay G. Hayden gives a,Y,, ,,Vi settlement or iaeix,h fl u t t th sacrd and won.
list of 120 such lobbies, compiled i U4D1'u,-ca "" "iujro. derful old molodlps q? yesteryear. Play
More recently the passage of the e vlctE,otaJ4r.r you,71.TT.-?our
r.QW W TOr. in,,,it, friends. See for yourself that i.t is a
ne water-power law which places guaranteed Victor Victrola. Then if
the development of new hydroelectric you aren't satisfies? simplybOxl up tho
enterprises under direction of
board composed of the Secretaries
the Interior. Aitriculture. aad War'.n'nn. av
hfks given these companies another j -:! ftff-.. But 1f fyo wantto
reason for keen interest in the doings "P4-11 "" keep , itt and pay all
of th srovrirnmenr V 1 at one time, send- 'jia a .balance of
or tae government, J32.8S and the machlneana: records are
Among the '.utilities organisations youra forever. If you pcffeif.topay by
from Washington directories and the
examination of the ton ant lists of a
number of the best-known., omce
buildlngs jn tbe city. .The list ib
headed by the National Chamber of
Commerce, which leads the business
organizations, Manufacturers4 asso
ciations are given first, as follows 1
National Association of Manufact-
urers. v - -
American Manufacturers' Export
Association. "' J "v
Institute of American Meat Pack
ers. American Automobile Association.
National Cannors' Association.
Council of American Cottdn IVIanu
facturers. Founders' Association. . -
Lumber Manufacturers'. Associa
tion, Manufacturing Chemists' Associa
tion pf America.
Highway Industries Association
Interstate Cottonseed- 'Cnishers?
Association. . . T
Merchants an,d Manufacturers' As
sociation. ,
Southern Industrial Education-Society.
(T T "
United ,, States Sugfcr-. Manufact
urers' Association. ' .
. Western rPetroleum Refiners' Asso
ciation, Attached to nearly all these bur
eaus are exports on tax lawB, lie tajr
iffi labor conditions, and every other
machine and records and return at our
f expense. When Wo receive the. machine
111 JUUA UU14A4 GUiiU. UU lUUO-
in Washingtoxt
already established
are the t oilo win g i
American Electric
National Association of Railway
and Public Utilities Commissions.
'National Committee on Gas ana
Electric Serviced
National Committee" on Public
Utilities Conditions. ;
Dixie Freight Traffic Association.
There is a growing activity of
farm organizations .looking to legis
lation addition, to the FarrhBureau,
which, with. 1,250 members, ia now
the leading farm organizations in
America The societies of farmers
month, send only J10.10 at the end of
;thc twelve day and then tho fcmall
v. vv.vv yixsL niunin iur' -iuui
months, could anything possibly be
more fair?, Simply, easy, inexpensive!
The Clifton Furniture ft Mfg.-Co,
881-i HCadlneM Ave., CIcvclttfl, Okie
Established 1908 ' - "
AIM called Tetter, SMi Rkem, Pih-
Yitva, Milk Craat, Water, P1ihm,
Weeping Sklst, etc,
I, believo eqz.erria can be. cured to stay,
t mean just what I ay C-U-.R-23-I
with offlepH in Wnqiiinp-rrm aro c fi , and NOT merely patched up ta return
witn omcesan wasnmgton are aafol-lagain. Kemomber, I make this state-
American Agricultural Association,
Eastern Agricultural Bureau.'
Farmers' Natiqnal Council.
Cane Growers Association.
National Board of Farm Organiza
thing-that may have, an immediate or iexas Association,
a remote bearing, "on the interests I The labor organizations maintain J
ment after handlina nearlv a 'half mil
lion cases of eczema and devoting 12
years of my life to it treatment, r
dpn't care what all yju' Tiave used nor
how. many doctors have told ou that
yduv could not b& cured, all I .ask is
Just a chance to prove my "claims. If
you write Jne TODAY, J will send you a
FREE TRIAL of mild. Soothing, guar
anteed treatment that 5vIIl surely con
vince you at it has mo. If you'are dis
gusted and discouraged, I dare you, to
give me a chance -to prove my claims.
By writing mo today I believo
terosted n the wolfaro of vromen. , &" tJ?Vuea"?uaWf .V.
During and since the war a number 6l,re you will agree with me.
Silt, J. W. CAiVTtfATiAY.
mo Coirrt BlU,, Serially Mo.
References. Third National -Bank.
Sedali,a. Mo. Send this notice to"somo
eczema sufferer. Advertisement; ' '
Cured His Rupture
thoy represent. Other bureaus close- i a strong lobby as do also those in- 7PH, Will enjoy more
a - r - , - . - - - - -'"' - rno n tt yriiv i-i.i,
., M-l- U -t . 1 1,.. Itavnofo in 1n n14 fl" ."'"
iy luiuLuii iu iuu iuitJuiuii urt5 IUU
American Association of 'Engin
eers. ,. .
American Bankers' Assjajion
American Beet Sugar, Association,
L American Bureau of Trade Exten
sion. v . .v, . .
American Chojnical. Society: v.
American Mining Congress. . ;
American Realty Exchange. J
- American Association "of Real
Estate Boards.
American Automobile Chamber of
Commerce '. " ..
JNfatioial Bureau o.i- Wholesale
Iumber Distributors. --. .
. National Industries Conferencq
Board. ' ' '
National Merchant Marine Associa
tion., "
League of Commission Merchants
of .the United -States.- ; - " " -t
. -.
real comfort
I .feel
of organizations were created In the
interest of various racial croups
Then there is a large group of mis-'
ceuaneous organizations ready to do
battle for all kinds of things, from
Christian Science to the promotion ot
'smokeless coal. Even Old John
Barleycorn, ostensibly defunct, has a
body Of watchers at the capital, ready
to apply restoratives in case anv
symptoms of the revival of their fav-
I was badly ruptured while lifting a
trunk several years p,gp. Doctors Bald
my "Only hone Of rlirr vnn nn nnnrntlnn
orite reveal themselves. Mr. Havden ?riU,sse.flJdJI ,mP n0 eooa, Finally I got
continues -aayuen l hold of something tnat quickly and com-
BAy Qurea nie a ears nave passed ana
Chief of the labor Organizations in rhe ruPHce has never returned, although
addition to-the Amriin ? i h&m dolns nard work aa a carpenter,
anauion to tne AmericanJ'ederation There was no operation, no I6st time.
of Labor, which occupies an entire no trouble, i have nothing to sell, but
building of its own. are the nrrn, wU1 ffiVQ ful1 information about 'how
tion nf iZnilil!,!; organlza. you may find a complete cure without
tions of federal employees and the operation, if you write to me, Eugene
railroad brotherhoods. M. Pullen, Carpenter, 88 G Matcollus
Labor orcanizai'lons in nm . Avenue, Manasqnan, N, J. .-Better cut
T, tm-v Vovt: f,li? ' itIon to ,"t this, notice and show it to apy others
the very large number affiliated xvhu who are matured von moV Va v nf
f the federation of Labor, which main-'?Kat lest stP the misery Ofruptu.reand
,tvj tA. unmici wt !', uf
" fl
frff. .