The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, June 01, 1919, Page 13, Image 13

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JUNE, 1919
1 ,, , like the power of -gravity. It
aoveu nafflnn. There is
tons over im i' rn(rrooa.
lathing time cuu otu-jr x"o
rhero is no human power that can
Sd it halt and he obeyed. In the
novinff column Oi muu uuu nvuivu.
n,: " . Bnnnr(.inir it wo hear the
Kmp of the people - of all the , peo-
nlca on the marcu. u uwoui uo.o
Jauscd It to halt. Not a banner lias
r f nf Hnv not a column lias
Uvered. The march is resumed; the
defeat of yesterday is uiu u-juiuuu ul
...i.. mimnannfis loin it daily: none
t 'if sfntfis and nations, month
bv month, swell its moving advance.
nrunn thn vnnncr Bonanarto sicrned
t.t infnrniio t.reatv of neace with
Austria at Leohen the Austrian com
missioners UIOUBUU tu jjiwuou mux uy
putting in a recognition of the new
French republic. The young con
queror proudly said: "Strike that
t f Tim ranubllc is like - the sun.
None but the blind can fail to see
The Commoner
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Letters From Com
moner Readers
(Continued from page 10.)
Geo. W. Holloway, Kansas. I
am a groat admirer of Mr. Bryan
and have read Tho Commoner since
its beginning with, pleasure and
much benefit to mo. I am opposed
to government ownership of rail
roads. I. find, as a shipper of live
stock, that tho servico is not so good
and the rate increased, and I also
find that tho telephone service Is not
so good as before federal control.
Win, Lee Plnlcston, Missouri. I
have read The Commoner since its
birth, and bavo watched every move
made by Mr. Bryan. He has been
right in .every case, and is now. As
a politician, viewed through political
eyes, he is a failure and is no doubt
proud of it, as ho ought to bo. "H6
saved others, himself he could not
save," because the greatness of the
man never could stoop to selfishness.
I have been a mourner on many sad
occasions when Mr. Bryan has been
tenderly (?) buried, but never as
those who had no hope. "Truth
crushed to earth will rise acain ."
and Mr. Bryan will live a thousand
years after his executioners have
been .dead and fonrotten. In 1920.
Bryan aplenty; 192.4, Bryan forever-
W. L. Shrabel and seven otLers,
Arkansas. We, the un'dersigned,
stand for the fifteen principles set
forth in 'The Commoner, and will
thankfully receive any information
you wish to give.
Prank Collins, Delaware. I ,note
your ambitious plans for reforms,
but" do riot think you are getting at
tho. root of tho matter in this coun
try. Now that the syndicated liquor
tra'flic has received its knock-out
blow, I think tlio three most pressing
reforms are as follows: 1. Robber
tariff duties, uder the guise of pro
tecting labor. Abolish the . 2. Stock
watering by so-calling investment
bankers. 3. The taking' of community
created values in lands and natural
resources by private and corporate
investors. Educate the voters to ef
fect those three great and needed re
forms and most of our political and
social ills will then disappear.
N. A. Darling, New York. I for
one am profoundly thankful for what
Mr. Bryan and The Commoner, have
done in carrying the United States
for temperance. Yours for other
victories in righteousness.
SHaron C. Lamberson, Ohio. I
am in hearty accord with Mr. Bryan
in every particular except as to gov
ernment ownership and operation of
railroads, telephones, cables and
merchant marine.
W. B. Lawson, New York. I
want The Commoner sent to me as
long as W. J. Bryan lives and writes
for it.
Li. B. Cowan, Idaho. I am in full
accord with Mr. Bryan's "Construc
tive Program".
James W. Bowman, West Virgi
nia. i have taken The Commoner
ever since its first publication, with
the intention of taking it until Mr.
Bryan shall be elected president of
our country. Please say to him if
he will not accept the nomination
again, I will cease taking it after
my present subscription expires in
1920. I am aware that Tho Com
moner has done moro good than any
other publication in our country,
and wish it continued success.
A. Wheeler, Illinois. I certainly
appreciate The Commoner, and I
could not think of words to express
rPi!iUnn. cood wishes and
thanks for tlfe great work Mr. Bryan j
H Coca-Cola quality, recorded in jj
IH the public taste, is what holds ml
Wvt kiIh nicknames encourago substitution II nil
nsw imiiimrm i i i n m i ' ' ' "
has accomplished the last twenty
years. I congratulate him on his
rrroot vlnJnrv nvnr Klncr Alcohol. I
think it is the greatest victory of all
flio arma if wn flfin kCGO It down
here . and keep it going until It
reaches arounu tne worm, .tiope you
will be as successful in the construc
tive work as wo nave oeen in gain
ing victories.
H. M. Swan, New York. I can
agree with all tho issues named in
your letter except the government
ownership of. railroads and tele
W. L. Walton, North Dakota.
May I extend congratulations to Mr.
n-m-n nn thn mirPARRf 111 Outcome Of
tho prohibition amendment. It sure
ly is a great victory for the right.
t-v. f wa nnnlrl -(tint make Mr.
1NUVY " w ww.-- rf-
Bryan president of tho United States
for the coming ierm wo yuEcnmo
democrats would make sure of
proper enforcement of the Prohibi
tion amendment and at the same
time round out Mr. Bryan's noble
i, fnv fl nnuntrv. Success to
vou in your splendid work through
Tho Commoner.
G H. Rhodes, Tennessee. Permit
me to say that I enjoy reading The
Commoner very much and that I
t.,. aiwavD hn.p.n an admirer of Hon.
William J. Bryan. It was my good
pleasure to bring mm iu our uuw
i - . n lontnrA some two years
ago and to meet him personally. I
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