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The Commoner
Attention, Nebraska Voters!
For the information of the voters of Nebraska
publish below a list of the candidates both.
lemocrats ana repuuuuo -" UJftU,;ua
.t thn Nebraska legislature whd have pledged
themselves, if elected at the November election,
.. .. i.n i.nt IfinnHnn nf tho imtinnn.1 nrn-
10 VOIC J-ui me -- --"
. i.l.... ..mnnflmPllf
IlllHUUU auiouw.-. ..,., ,
In the list or canuiuaies tor me uuc senate
Mil hp found all of the democratic candidates
fexcept six and all of the republican candidates
Without exception, in me umana district, me
five democratic candidates have not yet pledged
themselves to vote ror ratincauon. xneir live
rpnublicaii opponents have pledged themselves
to vote for ratification if elected. Outside of the
Omaha district there is only one democratic
candidate for the state senate in the state of
NfihraBka who is not yet publicly pledged to vote
for ratification. That is the democratic candidate
in the fifteenth senatorial district, comprising
refforson and Thayer counties.
It is to be hoped that these six democratic
candidates will publicly pledge themselves be
fore election day to carry out the will of the
leonle as expressed in Nebraska two years ago;
If not, the democratic voters of Nebraska can
ie of more service to their country at this time
jy voting for the republican members of the
legislature, who are pledged to ratification, than
thoy can by voting for the democratic candidates
for the legislature who would vote to defeat the
tmendment and retain the saloons.
A largo majority of the candidate i to the
Nebraska house of representatives are pledged
to ratification, and more of them are making
iledges each day.
Nebraska voters should exaniine this list of
candidates, and if their candidates are not in
cluded in this list, the candidates should be im
mediately called upon to express themselves
upon this important quostion, and if they do
lot pledge themselves to ratification, every pos
sible offort should Tie made to defeat them at the
lolls regardlessof what party they are affiliated
The Nebraska legislature will ratify "the na7
tional prohibition amendment as one of the
first orders of business when the legislature
leets m January. It is gratifying to the dry
forces of Nebraska who have been waging the
contest against the distillers, brewers' and saloon
keepers to know that their fight ha.S been prac
tically won. The 'vote in the Nebraska legis
lature for ratification should be unanimous in
ioth houses, and if the voters do their dutv on
the Gth day of November, the vote for ratifica
tion of the national prohibition amendment in
the Nebraska legislature will be unanimous "in
lotii houses. ,t
The candidates for the senate and house
Pledging themselves to vote for ratification are
is follows: .
MM Name and Address , Partv
1 UU'hard F. Nonl Anhnwi-' " lnr
., ValTP Clark r Dcm.
- -A. T . Sturm. Nehawka. . v fRcp.
.. ;'.liIni'T8 p- Baker, Dunbar ; , . Dom.
" II. Weston. Ashlanil Ron.
i WS- Parmanter, Yutan . : Dcm.
'"-(LlOCtS I H. T. SnnndnKa Hmnlin - Tt nn
i w" 'ears' Omaha .Ren.
v V 50bbI"S. Omaha :.... Hep.
I tiV iroacl, Omaha '. . : Rep.
",ul,fVh Weaverllner, North Bend-. V .Rop.
fi ip ; Yan"?U8en Kennartl ...... .Dcjn.
, ''' f Houston 'PMrn truili- . ' TtAn
vv.v .wa - lAVVIf
in, tai
-H. E. Siman, Winsldc ncn
Chas. Graff, Dancrot Dom'
-C. H. Randall, Randolph Rep
"W. II. Mullen, liloomncld '. Dom.
-B. J. Alnlay, Belgrade Hop.
Kd. U Iloutz, Albion Dom.
-James BroolcH. Stanton Rep.
Ferdinand U Crowley, Meadow Grove Dom.
-John Swanson, St. Edward Rep.
I. Li. Albert. Columbus Dem.
-II. J. Hall, David City Rep.
Chaa. M. Sklleg, David City Dem.
-(ElectH 2) C. Potrua Peterson, Lincoln Rep.
Chas. J Warner, Waverly Rep.
W. F. Dale. Lincoln Dom.
L. C. Oberlles, Lincoln Dem,
-John D. Barr. Liberty Rop.
.T. W. McKlBslck, Beatrice Dcm.
-R. C. Harrlsa, Falrbury Rop.
-C. J. Wataon, Fairmont Hep.
-Perry Reod, Henderson Hop.
A. R. Noyes, Bradahaiv Dom.
-T. E. Bradstreet, Grand Inland ltep.
C. Thco. KrouKh, Dannobrog Dom.
-Fred G. Johnson, Hustings. , Rep.
Walter E. Hager, Hastings Dem.
-Andrew Erlkson, Campbell Rop.
Goo. Jackson, Nelson Dem.
-J. W. Hammond, Cambridge Rop.
J. W. Kelly, Beaver City Dcm.
-Chas. H. Gregg, Kearney ..Rop.
Chas. A. Chappell, Mlnden Dem.
-J. A. Rcncatt, Broken Bow.....' Rep.
W. .J. Taylor, Mcrna Dem.
-Dennis II. Cronln, O'Neill , Rop.
John A. Robertson, Joy. . .' Dem.
-W. V. Hoagland North Platte Rop.
A. R. Lcavltt, North Platte.. - Dem.
-John F Cord cal. McCook Rep.
W. II. Sommorvlllp. McCook Dom.
-B. K. Bushee, Kimball Rop.
CJ. J. Osborn, Sidney Dom.
-J. W. Good, Chadron ." Rep.
Wm. Coleman, liny Springs Dom.
Dl&t. Name and Address Party
1 W. P. Rieschick,- Falls City Dcm.
2 Ellis E. Good, Peru Rop.
"3 Gcorgo" H. Christy, Johnson Rep.
4 Alden E. Henry, Pawnee City Dcm.
E. II. aiffdrd, Lowiston Rop,
5 Phillip F. Hcstor, Tocumsah Dcm.
A. B. Downing, Vesta. . .' , . . , Rep.
G ntsnry C McK'oe, Palmyra '. '. . . . ., Rep.
7 John Murty. Palmyra". ... .'.'. . . .,v. ..... .'. . .Dom.
II. K. Frant', Eugle .' .7 Rop.
8 L. G. Todd. Union , Dem.
Robert F, Windham, Plattsmouth. Rop.
10 (Elects 12) Gerald M. Drew, Omaha Dem.
James Allen. Omaha Rop.
Harry A. Foster, Omaha Rep.
Lewis Bel ka, Omaha , Rep.
.1. Frank Burgess, Omaha Rep.
George B. Dyball, Omaha Rep.
Victor D. Reynolds, Omaha Rep.
Robert C. Druesdow, Omaha Rep.
George C. Porter, Omuhu , Rop.
Nels A. Lundgren, Omaha. . Rep.
John Larson, Omaha Rop.
A. L. Bergqulst, Omaha . . '. Rop.
A. C. Harte, Omaha .". Rep.
1 It John Fitch , Dem.
Albert H. Miller , Rep.
,31 W. R. Bcum, Tekamah Dem.
Oscar F. Johnson, Oa It hind .' Rep.
13 II. D. Hlxen. Ponder Dem.
Walter Sandquist, Wa! thill Rop.
3 4-W. F. Filley Ucp.
IS H. A. McCtfrmlclc. Wynot " Doilj.
W. II. Burney, Hartlngton , I top.
3 0 P. B. Neff, Bloomflvld , Dem.
A. A. Baker, Winnetoon Hop.
3 7F. L. Bollen, Crofton Dom.
F. E. Andorson. Wausa '. . . .Rop.
19 N. M. Nelson, Pierce - IfoP-
22 Henry Bchrens, Beemer Rep.
2:5 James Auten, Albion ...Dom.
24 Andrew Dahlsten, Newman Grove Dem.
E. II. Gerhart, Newman Grove Rop.
25 "Charlcs F. Segelko, Columbus Dem.
28 (Elects 2) J. R. Rolin, Fremont Dem.
Andrew Frost, Fremont Rop.
George F. Staats, Fremont .Hep.
09 (Elects 2) W. II. Dcoh, Ithaca Dom.
John O. Schmidt. Wahoo Dem.
J. M. Lampert, Wahoo Rep.
Robert H. Parks, Yutan ....:....-. .Rop.
30 (Elects C) Frank Mills, Lincoln Dem.
John Loder. Lincoln Rcm'
Harry W. Hedges, Lincoln Dom.
James Gray, Lincoln Dem.
J. F. Egger. Lincoln. Dem.
Peter Hanson, Lincoln Jjem.
Cyrus Black. HSclcman. -Rep.
James F. Thompson, Lincoln uem.
J. Reid Green, Lincoln .,""
C. M. Parker, Lincoln t .Kop.
Barton Green. Lincoln " pom.
Clark Jeary. Lincoln .v.", ' ' iiSll'
ji(Elects 2) D. S. Dalbey. Beatrice Rep.
George W. Maurer, Beatrice Rep.
32 J. A. Axtell, Falrbury "op.
n txt if Qlin irrt Tm.IU'OII ..... ......... ...... vl'.
Ill Charles' V. Alien, Beatrice. . . . "rwMiY"
42 II. A. Swanson. Clay Ccntcj., .....,, Dem.
A. J. Jonison, Harvard ,,.jl...Rep.
43 Con McCarthy, York . i)$. . . Dem,
44 C. M. CroHvenor, Aurora . .'. f,it ..Dem.
Frank Anderson, Aurora Hep.
4C Daniel Livingston, Luwrcnco Dcm.
H. E. Goodrich Rep,
4G J. L. Boobo, Red Cloud Dem.
M. F. Richard, Guldo Rock ...Rep.
47 (Elects 2) David B. Marti, HniiUtigii cni.
N. H. Jones, Hastings .Dym.
C. 1. Van Patten, Hastings ,w.Hop.
R. R. Vance, Hastings ...Rop.
48 (Elects 2) Charles E. Taylor, Wood River. Dem.
II. J. Mclaughlln, Doniphan Hop.
John McLellan. Grand Island . Hep.
49 Thoodoro M. Osterman, Central City Dem.
CO M. A, Oftborne. Genoa Hop.
51 Sorcn M. Fries, Dannebrog Dom.
G& John C. Harris, Greeley Contor.. Dom.
C3 Charles M. Daly, O'NoIll Pom.
Wm. W. Botha, Ewlng Hop.
C4 Christ Anderson, Brlstow '. Dem.
B. E Sturdovant, Atkinson ;..Ru.
0G A. O. Smith, Basnott Dom.
A. L. Moyor, Alnsworth Hep.
GO P. K. Pocock, Ord Dem.
D. E. Strong, Ord Hop.
57 H. W. Lang, Lltchdold Dom.
G8 (Elects 2) 13. R. Purcell, Broken Bow.... Dom. -
W. S. Wells, Morna Dym.
Florlan Jacobs, Broken Bow Hop.
W. J. Rico, Broken Bow ....Hep.
G9 (Elects 2) Charles L. Walker, Gibbon Dem.
W. G. Nyo, Kearney .T Dcm.
J. E. Harris. Amherst ,W Hep.
M. A. Hostctlcr, Sholton Rop.
GO John Borgaard, Mlndon .Hop.
Gl Albert II. Ryrum, Bloomlngton Hop.
G2-L. W. Olson, Orleans Dem,
D. S. Hardin, Alma. ; Hop.
G3 Hurry Johnson, Hoidrcgc. Hop.
G4 Hilary W. McFadden. Ilolhrook Dom.
J.'F. Fults, Beaver City Hop.
OS D. F. Schwab, Lebanon Dom.
Charles A. Hedges, Indiunola Rop.
CG S. E. Burke, Arapahoe Dem.
L. O. Taylor, Stockvllle Rep.
G7 John E. Jacobsonj Lexington Dem.
Peter Olssou, "Lexington ...Hep.
f8 E. S. Davis. North Platte Hep.
G9S. M. Ewlhg. Parks Dem.
Charles T. Jenkins, Halgler .....Hep.
70 w. J. Watklns, Vornango Dem.
C. M. McGrath. Wauneta Hop.
71 S. E. Milroy, Thedford Hop.
72 G. E. Tracewell, Valentine Rep.
73 Lloyd C. Thomas, Alliance Dem.
Thomas 1 Briggs, Autioch ,.Rop.
74 Charles Naylor, Chadron Dom.
George C. Snow, Chadron Roj.
7G Guy Roberts, Oshkosh Dem.
. James A. Rodman Rep.
77 Eugene Benl ,. Dem.
L 'Carroll ........... i. ... f0P
) No opposition.
The Gorman array Is headed for the Rhine
auout as fast as the allies will lot it go, but it
is suspected that it is not so much a case of
horaes'cknesB as a desire to find something in
which to drown their grief.
This ought to be a good time for all those
chaps who have been saying for a good many
years that they proposed to retire to a farm
some day and go to raising things to perform
their patriotic duty. '
The Louisville Courier-Journal is now an open
advocate of woman's suffrage, but there Is a
strong suspicion that Marse Henry Isn't writing
the editorials giving the reasons why the women
should have the ballot.
The big German blow In the west that we
heard so much about last February seems to'
have been confined largely to the kind of a
blow that boasters usually'malcc manifest.
" .. . II1I11I I I I'll'. . . "
3C A. F. Luhe. Seward "em.
David P. Kenagy. Mllfon 1. gop.
37W. J. Andorson. David City "?!.
m A J - l TBkaKA.Aa W W V
vv - ms &kAva w " -
MO flnni'frA
gOW. F. Cozior. Osceola....
Fred Lino, umvn.. .
40 M. M. Wildman, York
a A. uarr. xoijw. ...
..' XvP
., iJcni
List of States That Have Ratified
National Prohibition Constitu
tional Amendment
1 MISSISSIPPI, Jan. 8, 1918.
2 VIRGINIA, Jan. 11, 1918.
5 KENTUCKY, Jan. 14, 1918.
4 SOUTH CAROLINA, Jan. 25, 1918.
5 NORTH DAKOTA, Jan. 25, 1918.
G MARYLAND, Feb. 13, 1918,.
7 MONTANA, Feb. 19, 1918.
8 -TEXAS, March 4, 1915.
9 DELAWARE, March 18, 1918.
10 SOUTH DAKOTA, March 20, 19-18.
11 MASSACHUSETTS, April 2, 1918,
12 ARIZONA, May 24, 1918.
13 GEORGIA, June 2G, 1918.
14 LOUISIANA, August 8, 1918.
Orr, in Chlcagro'-Tultotini;.
4 1 Robert II. Lowclcn. Fal IrtnontT. . . , Dcm. 0jS .C -. V
Georg-eA. Williams, Fairmont "d. . w v
tf'i .
Vf fj
it vfl
i m
IT ",V
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