The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 01, 1917, Page 2, Image 2

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An Appeal f gh: Pea
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ttntfe, not Joint, fwfate, jwa rttetlrhS
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hunfizd t tUn vsKreUzy of izz, tf vith z.
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"Titr. imptfteX Yrtttmaunt therefore &ra
rtol doubt that the gorraaeot ot thts Vnited
ZUtUtK will nudtv.:id thfi zitnziion thnx forced
npon Germany ty thi envmUi Mw? timtal
Muthodz ot yt-K.r &ud by their dztermlttztirm to
dtttroy the tntrl ierx znd thzt the trtem
ment of thn United Hl&ua Trill fnrther r&Mvi
tb'At the now openly dlxtAofsA tntznlitmx ot the
ffttUmU! zllUa ire nufr to Germany the free
dtin of utAion which ix reterved In it note ad
drewA to the r.oierumenl ot the United States
on Mscy 4, in5,
'"Under thexe Arnm&rujb Geriazny will
meet the Illegal wrdnre ot her tmetn'e by
forcibly preventing alter Yebru&ry 1, 1917, In
mine zrtmnd Great Britain, France and Italy
and In th aXutern Mediterranean, all naviga
tion, that of neutral included, trom and to Eng
land and trum and to France, etc., etc. All shlpa
wet within the 'Mine will he mink
"1 think that yon will agree with me that, in
yfewr of thin deelaratfon, which uddenly and
without prior Intimation ot any kind, deliber
ately withdraw the solemn aurance given in
the imperial governments note ot the 4th of
May, I'JIO, thi'A government had no alternative
conxfaUint with the dignity and honor of the
United 8tate, hut to take the counje which, in
ltn note ot the igth of April, in C, It announced
that It would take In the event that the German
government did not declare and effect an aban
donment of the method of ubmarine warfare
which It wa then employing and to which It now
purpoitbH again to remrtJ '
"1 have, therefore, directed the secretary of
wlftte -to announce to Ills excellency, the German
urnhaKHftdor, that nil diplomatic relations be
tween the United Htatesi and the German owr
pJrc are severed, and that the American am-
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Wa met ae. sire 227- oa5 cmaiSlts: -srfti.
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time:: fsrieo&e mi &&. Gvrz&a &&& ss ezz7-
Sfafest tx&i i5sis ior tieesz 17 z 2&2B. soc b&-
Hrr tstt tfcer are bcasSs to ee ti y j.
ill ve are &cdfe? to l&?re it; zsS. -e &&&
BtK'efag V2fnt thzn the rz&&-jzz&ia gtzless? &z zs&
terre bo xti&ite vote- We ssei mszty to zzzea
true zXfrp fz tho&zZi a.r-4 1 202 o tbs fcs
22ccil sriBi5is onr roste- ttM? t .t
o&ly tvo tbt&Szs; zgo sfc rssrsir t3 TisdSeaie
ocr rJg&t to liberty fisstS&z acd aa ss-eo-Vzsz&l
life, Tae& are b& &es of peses, set
urarv God grast tfeat -jre jnay sfot be eaallfeked
to dfeskd t&em by acts of Tsillfel lajastice on
tfe& part of the goreTEment of nprTjr"
A Washington dispztzh, dated Feb. 4, s&ts
The Treddevi'z inritation to uentrzls to loi
lov his action fn breaking off relations irlth
Germany jzs contained in instructions to
American diplomats to announce the break with
Germany to the goremments to vhich they axe.
accredited. It was contained in the following
Ji,T?irlL!i?BIedltel7B0tlfj' tbe screm
roent to wWcfa you are accredited that the
United States, because of the German gorera-
ments recent annonncement of its intention to
renew unrestricted Eubmarine warfare, has no
choice but to follow the course laid don in
itenote of April 18, ISIS (the Su-ex note).
It haS, therefore, recalled the American am-
haEKador from Berlin and has delivered pass-
sL German ambassador to the United
''Say alflo that the President is reluctant to
believe Germany actually will carry out her
threat against neutral commerce, but if it be
done the President will ask congress to author
ze ue of the national, power to protect Tmer
iflfrii citizens engaged In their peaceful and
lawful cYrandH en the seas. peac.eruI and
"The course taken is, In the President's
view, entirely In conformity with the principles
peace) " I)roposlDS world league W
"He believes It will make for the peace of
the world if other neutral powers iannd ft
POBslble to taVe similar action d !t
M.7or; f"y and immediatefr on the re
ception of this 'announcement 4d upon the
suggestidn as to airailar action "
-yigffi Mfcgigafe aamrcie aseitffiaoi. -iny
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anna; 32zasf in Me aifisis, ian 5n iaaum
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hihs. act 5ar Sse 312558 Sn gm tagH. ieBr
to carrr ms. ta T?r3l cC 5Sa5r ffisaaaena: 3
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z. &-3X&. ssnassS, sasS iKi siaaE feel rDKrfel
is resscifes 2s "srMci. - rscLrt "i ri-
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&k; tie IsJcTBas TriSgri sre ss5r trrs. zirl
siSsE xre iscsdeai to thzsz kt k S
e&exi c4Ler as ane 5a. so case iacaf: ?jr-nrr
t. "We csa snsr 3ecg Eiscr-. a f ja
sfez. 233 forcariEg firy Tire cscM if rjiej
Its Pnesafest, in cii EaSte zsctl - v-
i--. lfgers2, as asied tat tbej fesr ta i
rc rsSISoss ot acEsa lypfsgs xae sh ajeaf
ire of rsoore lhaa fifty QBoes s- siej. n;
cose together ia aa BcnHESce se&es. vi
can expect szich. 2a eihiiats. c tttk 17
tfeeia, are -ye zkjc in dsty bE2e s seatr tj
to tae ssasda.rd TrMca "are bare f- uset"
Tsere are sereral alterEstrrss fnas ijii
to choose. First, ve can. pcsyt3&e 3z.r2 Oi
-arar is orer tfee settleneat oC zz? izszrx
"wbica eai uot now be settled sy jnsifxl
means. Second, ire caifSreep JLssici cn2
oS belligerent snips. Tliird. -we ctr rf2rc
clearance to ships of the United Scues iri
other neatral coantries carrjic KL:nini
and passengers on the same ship. Fcirt, v
can "withdraw protection frozn Aseri-fi- ctf
zeas irho- are trilling to jeopsreiie tie ra
tion's peace by traveling as searses "sriii ccr.
traband on American or neutral Teasels- Fifti.
we can, if necessary, "keep all Arsericir: tsscIs
ont of the danger zone for the presest,-jiit
as the mayor of a city keeps dtiies is tcir
homes Trhen a mob is in possession of ie street
Sixth, congress, which has exclusiTe pc-er 10
declare war, can submit tbe declaration :o
referendnm , rote, making exception ia cise cf
actual inTasion.
Other alternatves are likely to be sgst2
We can not depend nporu.precedent to iscc 12
unprecedented situation. The most inporurt
thing is that the officials at "Washinstos siiu
know that the people at home protest arairit
entering this war on .either side, snUs tts
frightful expenditure of blood and treasure:
that they are not willing to send Acerican
soldiers across the Atlantic to march nnder t-e
banner of any European monarch or to die on
European soil in settlement of European qcr
rels; and that they are not willing to ssrres
der the opportunity" to render a supreme 5r
to the world as a friend of all and peacemaker
when peace is possible.
wire immediately to tne i-reiuc, .
senators and yonr congressmen. A few c j
now may save many dollars m i-
possibly a son.
(Signed) w. x brTAX.
&f wr' -"k.!)