The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, December 01, 1916, Page 19, Image 19

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    The Commoner
Throw Away Your Truss!
For Many Years We Have Been Telling You That No Truss Will Ever Help You We Have Told You the Harm That Trusses Are Doing.
We Have Told You That the Only Truly Comfortable and Scientific Device for Holding Rupturo is the
Brooks Rupture Appliance and That It Is
Sent on Trial to Prove It
If you have tried most everything
else come to me. Where others fail is
where I have my greatest success. Send
attached coupon today and I will send
vou free my illustrated book on Rup
ture and its cure, showing my Appli
ance and giving you prices and names
of many people who have tried it and
wore cured. It is instant relief when
all others fall. Remember, I use no
salves, no harness, no lies.
I send on trial to prove what I say is
true. You are tho judge and once hav-inc-
seen my Illustrated book and read
t vou will bo as enthusiastic as my
hundreds of patients whose letters you
can also read. Fill out free coupon be
fow and mail today. It's well worth
your time whether you try my Appli
ance or not.
"Cured by the Brooks Discovery
At the Age of 70
Mr. C. E. Brooks,
Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir:
I began using
your Appllanco for
the cure of rupture
(I had a pretty bad
case) I think In
May, 1905. On No
vember 20, 1905, I
milt usintr it. .Since
0wffiPvm not needed or used
It. X am wui .
rupture and rank
myself among those
cured by tho Brooks
Discovery, which,
considering my ago,
76 years, I regard
as remarkable.
Vnrv slnnnrnlv vours.
High Point, N. C. SAM A. HOOVER.
Cured Without Operation
The above 1 O. E. Brooks, Inventor of the Appliance, who cured himself and
who In now striving otlicrM the benefit of IiIn experience.
If ruptured, write Iilm to lny, at Marshall, Mich.
"Wns Sure He Would. Be a Cripple"
Brooks, Marshall, Mich.
.Cured iu Three Months
Mr. C. E
Dear Sir:
Enclosed is a
picture of my
children, and thtf
Uttlo man you
see seated on tho
chair is tho one
who was cured
by your Appli
ance. Ha had been
ruptured quite a
while before we
wrote you, and I
was sure that he
would be a crip-
l'v btiu ;ob wj. y ' -- -'""' -.-.--1-.
his life. However, some helping nana
showed me an ad. in a newspaper, with
the result that he was in perfect health J
ih rough the wearing of a Brooks Ap
pliance for just three months.
The doctor advised an operation,
which I would not consent to. Your
ii ! vice was to put an Air Cushion Ap
pllanco on him, and I must say that it
is worth ten times what it cost.
I wish you could havo seen him be
fore we used tho Appliance and now,
when ho is fully as sound as anyone
could be.
T can not thank you too much for
what you have done for my bCy.
Yours respectfully,
Child Cured in Four Months
21 Jansen St., Dubuque, Iowa.
Mr. C. E. Brooks, Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir: The baby's rupture is al
together cured, thanks to your Appli
ance, and we are so thankful to you.
If we could only have known of it
sooner, our little boy would not havo
had to suffer near as much as he did.
He wore your brace a little over four
months. Yours very truly,
430 Cleveland Ave, Salem, Ohio.
Mr. C. E'. Brooks, Marshall, Mich.
Dear Mr. Brooks:
I am sending
you a small pic
ture of my son,
who is now five
years old.
We ordered your
appliance for him
when howas only
two months old,
and yet want to
say in about three
months all signs
of rupturo were
gone, and he is
some boy today.
I shall be very
glad to say a good
word for you
whenever the op
portunity presents
Yours very truly,
T. A. McLAlN.
Veteran Cured
Commerce, Ga., R. F. D. No. 11.
Mr. C. E. Brooks.
Dear Sir: I am glad to tell you that
1 am now sounu unu
well and can plow or
do any heavy work. I
can say your Appllanco
has effected a perma
nent cure. Before get
ting your Appliance I
was in a terrible con
dition and had given
up all hope or ever Be
ing any better. If it
hadn't been for your
V.W....! '!,V.V,.., iyWtej. .
.& 'xflBHW
TTronn cured. I am sixiy-
. rtii nrtn 4ii i
."" -'" . v;i,r nn
Eckle's Artillery, wb """y. -
never na.v ".v" -,- , tUror vnars
oitrht years oti anu i- "'"".. " A' T
Saro doln.Kr suffering, humanity,
Doctor Pronounces Him Cured
119 Towlo Avenue,
Mlshawaka, Ind.
Mr. C. E. Brooks,
Marshall, Mich.
Dear "Mr. Brooks:
Answering your letter,
will say we need no moro
Appliances, as our son has
been completely cured by
wearing your Appliance.
Wo recently had him
examined, and the doctor
said the opening was en
tirely closed and that it
wasn't necessary to wear
it longer.
Thanking you for your
kindness. I am,
Yours very truly,
I send my Appllanco on trial to prove
what I say Is true. You are to bo tho
judge. Fill out frco coupon below and
mail today.
You' Should Send fur Ilrook Ituplure
1. It is absolutely tho only Appllanco
of the kind on tho markot today, and
n It aro embodied tho principles that
Inventors havo sought after for yearn.
.'.In a Appllanco for retaining tho
rupturo can not bo thrown out of posi
tion. 8. Being an air cufthlon of soft rub
ber It clings closely to tho body, yet
never blisters or causes irritation.
A. Unlike the ordinary so-called pads,
used In other trussos, it is not cumber
some or ungainly.
G. It Is small, soft and pllablu, and
positively can not be detocted through
tho olothlng.
0. The soft, pliable hands holding tho
Appllanco do not glvo ono tho unpleas
ant sensation of wearing a harness.
7. Thore in nothing about It to got
foul, and when It becomes soiled It can
bb washed without Injuring It in tho
8. Thoro aro no metal springs In tho
Appliance to torturo ono by cutting and
bruising tho flesh.
0. All of the material of which tho
Appliances aro made is of tho very best
that money can buy, making it a dur
able and safe Appllanco to wear.
10. My reputation for honesty and
fair dealing Is so thoroughly estab
lished by an experience of over thirty
years of dealing with tho public, and
my prices are so reasonable, my terms
so fair, that there certainly should be
no Jiesituncy in sending free coupon to
day. Pennsylvania Man Thankful
Mr. C. E. Brooks, Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir: Perhaps it will Interest
you to know that I have been ruptured
six years and havo always had troublo
with It till I got your Appliance. It Is
very easy to wear, fits neat and snug,
and Jh not In the way at any time, day
or night. In fact,
at times I did not
know I had it on;
it Just adapted it
self to tho fthnpo
of tho body and
seemed to bo a
part of tho body,
us It clung to the
spot, no matter
what position I
was in.
It would bo a
veritable God-send
to the unfortunate
who suffer from
runture if all could
procure the Brooks Rupture Appliance
and wear It. They would certainly
never regret it.
My rupturo Is now all healed up and
nothing ever did It but your Appliance.
Whenever tho opportunity presents It
self I will say a good word for your
Appliance, and also tho honorable way
In which you deal with ruptured peo
ple. It IS a pleasure to recommend a
good thing among your frlonds or
strangers. I am, yours very tinccrol,
80 Spring St., Bethlehem, Va.
Free Information Coupon
Mr. . C. E. BROOKS,
193 State St., Marshall Michigan
Please send me by mall In plain wrapper your illustrated book and
full information about your Appliance for the cure of rapture. ., ,
5 Namo
... i
i "
R. F. D.
.city ;..".... ; i, . . ". . . stat
Yours sincerely,